Birbal Trilogy (2019) Script

2010 Bengaluru

After one week March 10th 2010

Where is it stored, Phone or Memory Card?

Memory Card Sir.

OK Come to the Commissioner’s Office, by 11 am Ok Sir You should repeat everything you said to me.

Ok I will tell everything are you sure?

Now, I have to pickup someone.

I will call you tomorrow, at 11 am OK Sir

be careful..

Don't talk to anybody Don't receive any calls till I call you.

Switch off Your phone


Leave me I'm on the way Mom. Just 5 minutes away from home.

I'm almost there, but it's raining There was lot of work.That's why the delay You Don't worry. I'll reach safely.

Hello Dad. Dad, can you hear my voice?

Dad what happened? Talk to me Hello... Hello Dad...

Dad, Talk to me. What happened?

Hello... Hello Dad...

Hello Dad. I can't hear your voice Hello...

Hello Dad..

Mom, have your food and go to sleep.

I'll reach home soon Now you go to Sleep, I'll call you later..

OK Mom Mom did you take your pills?

You Bloody... Are you blind?

Bike's wasted

Sir, I work in the bar nearby..

I was going home after work A bike came opposite me and I skidded and fell down.

Note it down Then when I looked here he was murdered in the car He fell from there Sir. I was shocked and called you Sir

Hello Sir Did you Inform us about the incident? Yes Sir Murthy... Sir.

Are there any cases on him?

Nothing of that sort sir Just minor incidents in the Bar,that's it.


What were you doing here, so late?

I was going home, after work in the bar Then all this happened Sir..


After hearing all the arguments and inspecting all the evidence It is proven that Accused Vishnu of CC Number 139/2010 has killed Ram Das inhumanly near Maruthi Circle According to Sec 302 the court orders life term sentence to the accused

Accused Vishnu of Cab Driver Murder Case is getting parole Tomorrow there's an interview for hiring lawyers in your firm Whoever is appointed will get that case.

You know that right?

First, let's see who gets appointed Then we'll decide, OK?

Good Morning everyone, Welcome to Hegde Associates All of you are here to join our legal firm. but there's good news and bad news The good news is one of you will surely get the Job And the bad news is only one individual will get that job

I have an orange in my hand, I'll give this to you You should pass it to the person sitting next to you But I want to see, how you pass it as a lawyer Let me see how you'll give it as a lawyer I'm passing this fruit which is in my control to you.

According to me Sorry.

You shouldn't brag about giving I have already passed it sir I need Basic advantage is that it's good for the skin.

I have a lot of problems at home Before passing it to the next person, I'll take a photo of it Bigger advantage is that it is good for cancer treatment Give me 2 minutes I'll think and give you a perfect answer You can prepare juice with it and cook a dish with the peel According to IPC Sec 171E Give me 5 minutes sir. I'll answer My Mom is admitted in hospital Sir If someone gives me something without any reason, I'll prove it to be a bribe First, I want a declaration why you gave this fruit to me This orange, Your co-workers...

Then I'll pass it to next person after I get a declaration from them I want a Bond paper and...

What I intend to notify the people present here is...

This fruit is my interest and property Me having the complete rights of its peel, pulp, juice, seed to drink, eat or use it as I wish.

Would like to pass this fruit with or without the Peel, pulp, juice, seed To the person sitting next to me, to use it anytime anywhere, for any need with my complete permission

Ok, lets move to the second round An MLA takes funds from the Govt stating he'll construct 10 Buildings Later he constructs only 1 Building Then he blackmails the site engineer who visited the location And gets the NOC, stating 10 buildings are constructed But, there is no proof that he has blackmailed the site engineer.

After 5 Years A PIL is registered against the site engineer Now that site engineer is my client what sort of case can we register So that the MLA is punished and the site engineer is not punished Very simple Sir We should file a case asking him to show the 10 Buildings We should treat the construction workers as evidence We should contact the cement and sand suppliers Sir we request for raw material bills and send it for audit Sir let's calculate the time necessary for construction of 10 Buildings and compare it with the time they took for construction and then prove it Sir, we can treat the neighbours as witnesses If we do this, our client will also be punished.

He threatened me to sign the NOC What if we make the site engineer to speak the truth?

Sir, with all the call records of MLA & site engineer we can prove that he has threatened our client Sir let's file a case stating MLA had constructed all 10 Buildings But..

Within 3 Months of construction, due to poor quality the buildings have collapsed.


Now The MLA has to give the money even if he agrees or disagrees for the construction of the building What's your name?

Sir actually, he's my fiancé Really!? You never told me!

You better take care.He's too good.

Now Both of you work, in the same office Sir, he is intelligent but not mature enough

Boys & wine take time to mature.

Hello Sir Mister? Mahesh Das Your way of thinking was too good. Thank you so much I'm quite impressed Thank you Sir..

Actually, We have thought of giving him a new case right?

Our firm is thinking of starting a free legal service OK..

So that it helps the poor and backward class people I'll give you the details of it, Shastri..


Yes Sir What is it sir ?

Shastri, He is Mahesh Give him the details of..

That family Case sir? Yes.

Let him study and go through it..

You take that file & meet the family tomorrow Sure sir.. Then you let me know.

Sure Welcome to Hegde & Hegde Associates Good luck to you Thank you Sir.

See you later, bye

Office! - You said that you'll talk to your Dad, if I get the case Now that I got the case After you get a big case

What is happening here? what is it Sir?

I am asking about the thing that happened here now.

How can you lie so easily Lie!

Is this an office? Yes Sir!

Oh Shit. Is this a park?

No sir, this is an office !

I won't tolerate it, if I see such behaviour. Ok?

OK Sir..

I don't like it. I'm very strict.

Take the file. Thank you Sir Don't make me angry. Follow me.

He's confusing me Shastri, after the build up you gave me yesterday I thought you were my senior. Now I know that you are my junior.

How was my build up Sir?

Stop. this is the place, that's the home

Oh shit!

Sir, my mobile screen is shattered Shattered?

Its a bad omen, We'll surely lose the case..

Sir, do you believe in such things?

Sir, I'm here for your luck Shastri, you don't know about my luck yet.

I'm a very lucky guy in unlucky circumstances Sir... if it's lucky to see a fox's face, does anybody pet a fox?

No, but they pet a cat right? What do you say Madam?

Shastri.. to better my luck, if I pet a Fox.

At the end it say meow Like a cat Madam, he's very funny Have you finished?

Can we meet the client now please?

Why are you wasting time? Go check OK Sir, order me on everything Who is it? Madam Sumithramma I am Sumithramma, Who are you guys?

They said it's for sale, How much for an acre?

Madam, We are lawyers. From Bengaluru.

Oh, I was the one who wrote the letter Welcome. Come inside.


Please come and sit down

Sir the house looks good.

If it's cheap make a deal.

Don't talk, keep quiet!

House is filled with stars Take it Drawings are so nice My son drew them. Sit down.

Will you guys drink coffee or tea?

Anything Madam Ok, I'll bring Coffee

What are you doing?

She asked me and I said anything is OK For that...

What do you want?

We are lawyers from Bengaluru about the court case...

There is no case here, you guys can go..

Sir, please listen to what he has to say You don't have to say anything Didn't I say go out!

Sir, Sumithramma... I'm saying get out We don't want your help, please go..

Vishnu, stop it..

How can you say.. will you guys go or not?

Vishnu, what is wrong with you?

Sir, one minute..

Mom, be quiet. you don't understand You are wasting money, paying such people again and again Why are you looking at my face? Get out!

Vishnu shut up, where are your manners? enough of this Vishnu, go out now Go now!

Do as you wish Vishnu,go Please sit down.


Please don't feel bad.

My son is a very good kid.

He was not like this earlier.

Many lawyers have cheated us after taking money for this case That's the reason.

He neither believes nor respects any lawyers.

It's ok Madam..

For a guy who's seen only bad things in life Sees bad in good things If you don't mind can you please explain this case to me?

Can I talk to him once? Yes

Look Every person we meet in our life would have loved some things lost some things and feared some things If you want a wound to heal first, you should stop touching it anyways I'll come to the point about this case This is a "Right to Indemnity case"

In simple terms, "Compensation case"

You should give

7 Lakh to the cab driver's family.

We can get you more time stating Your financial status is poor.

If you don't give that money..

Your term in jail might increase Anyways, I'll try my level best.


Being just 20 years old What was the reason to kill that cab driver?

It's OK, if you don't like to talk about it I was just enquiring, so it might help me with the case anyways Don't lose hope.

I'm here for you, I'll do my level best.

Good things happen to good people Bad things happen to bad people If I ever meet the guy who said these words I'll kick the hell out of him Everything, I said till now was the truth But no one believed it But if you believe it...

That is the truth.

Mom, there was lot of work, That's why the delay You Don't worry, I'll reach home now.

Go to sleep Mom..

Mom I'll reach home soon.

The work load was high.

Mom did you take your pills?

Sir I work in a Bar nearby While I was going home A bike came opposite me, I Skidded and fell down Sir, thephone is switched off

Sir, What do we do now?

Let's see..

Come with me. Yes Sir.

Hello Sir.

Did you inform us about the incident?

Yes Sir.

What were you doing here, so late?

I was going home after work in the bar.

Then all this happened Sir.

Come on speak.

Tell me.

You said someone passed this way on a bike

Who is he?

How does he look?

He was wearing a helmet sir.

Tell me the truth.

Was he wearing a helmet?

His face was not visible sir.

How could you not see him.



Murthy? Sir.

Did he say anything? He's repeating the same thing Sir.

Once he says, I saw the face..

Now he says he was wearing a helmet

Listen to me..

Firstly, Tell us a lie that's believable else...

Accept the truth & confess that you are the culprit.

You failed in both of them.

Murthy, note this down.

Accused Vishnu Approximately between 12 to 12:15 AM. while driving too fast crashed into to a cab after losing control of the bike later following the cab He stopped the cab near Maruthi circle signal..


Then an argument took place Between the cab driver & Vishnu After a heated argument Vishnu killed the cab driver with the Knife, which was in his bike.

Sir, this is perfect. Sir...

Sir Please Sir, I'm not the culprit Sir.

Sir I'm innocent, please let me go.


Is everything ok Murthy? Sir everything's alright.

But, there's a minor problem..

I feel the knife we seized is a bit small.


The cuts on the body were a bit wide I'm thinking whether this knife matches with that?


We found the murder weapon..

It was in the bar, where he works.

Both have the same fingerprints


Ok, Perfect Sir..

What do you have to say now? Sir!

Sir please let me go sir, My life will be ruined Please let me go Sir...

Sir, do you think he'll confess?


Few people agree for words But wounds..

Wounds make everyone agree

So, after all this.

They produced Vishnu in the court Famous lawyer..

And your ex-boss Parthasarathy is a close friend of the Inspector He handled the case and he Proves in the court that Vishnu is the Murderer So according to the court Under Sec 302.

Culprit Vishnu is sentenced for life term in jail.

So this is the matter.

Shastri, keep the files aside.

As we did not eat anything since morning.

I'm very hungry Tell me, what will you eat?

Sir, Veg Biryani with ample Vegetables And to digest that, I'll have one Coke.

That's it Ok, what about you?

You always keep thinking about eating What about diet, gym? and weight loss?

Nothing about it...


Even I'm thinking about losing weight Jaanu But, as you already know. I hate losing Be it court case or body weight?

Dude! what a dialogue..

You speak very good dialogues Thank you Shastri..


Yes, Dude..

Oh, I think Madam doesn’t know why I say Dude?

It's ok, I'll explain.

Close friends...

They meet every morning...

Do you say, Hey buddy, Had Your breakfast?


Words like Dude, Macha, A**H**** comes very easily Because that's friendship.

And friendship is great Yes, Yes..

Sir Yes...

This is the last time.

From tomorrow, I'll call you Dude.

Do you have any objection? No objections Shastri..

Not Shastri..

Dude, Dude..

Have you finished? Very funny.

If you have anything else, please continue..

Do you have anything to add?

Nothing else Madam So now can we talk about this case?

Thank you.

What did that guy say, when you talked to him?

Can we take this case?

Yes, I talked to him.

I think he was framed, and I feel he's innocent Actually he was saying, he did not kill the cab driver But the guy was punished.

Yes, and now he's out on parole Sir, I think if we fight for the guy who's already sentenced its pointless, there's no use.

Shastri, the thing is...

Now if we take this Right to Indemnity case What can we do?

We can't make the court waive off the compensation amount The max we can do is, get him more time to pay the money Now, he has already finished his term in the jail.

Though he has not committed the murder And now paying the compensation is not the right thing Yes sir..

Boss is enquiring repeatedly for the updates on the case Yeah, I was thinking about that in the car..

We'll plan that tomorrow...

Sir any information about that? your orders Keep it here.

Anything else Do you want anything?

No, What about you?


You ruined my pant!

Sorry sir, I'll bring a new one.

Hey wait..

Repeat what you said..

You idiot.. Not you.

What did you say? I said, I'll bring a new one New one!?

So on that day, Our guy was riding, while talking to his mother on the phone A bike comes opposite him He skidded and fell down Later He himself informs the police about the murder.


The police who came to investigate, frames him as the murderer Ok but..

Why would the police frame him As the murderer, in a normal cab driver murder case?

Point lies there.

That cab driver was not just a normal cab driver He was also a police informer So that's the reason, I=='m telling you.

The boy has been framed Sir, how about this?

What if he's the culprit?

To avoid paying the compensation. he might have made a plan of re-opening the case so that it is re-investigated My point is, it might be planned Sir, He's just a bar Supplier.

Not a criminal Lawyer like you So...

What should we do?

Sir, according to me rather than fighting this compensation case let's open the real case.

Stating that the guy did not kill the driver.

Then this compensation case will be nullified Look.. the court has to accept this All the proof and evidence should be re-examined and reinvestigated.

More than that there will be lot of expenses and that's how the court works As it is an old case, it involves lot of money We have to juggle a lot and its not a joke.

Think about it. Sir, if you don't mind.

Why did you start this free legal service?

To help honest people Sir...

We are in a time where people stamp their names on a fan donated to a temple.

Nobody does anything for free Let's accept it. It's for branding.

If our company fights such cases, people will trust us.

Thus an increase in the client base.

Sir, think about this for a minute.

If we take up this case Questioning the sentence of an innocent guy...

The amount of media attention and publicity we will get.

After all this...

What if he's the murderer Sir, it doesn’t make any difference Because he has already finished his jail term.


Let's fight this case.

Thanks a lot Sir.

Call your Dad...

What's your problem?

You guys are like North and South pole How did love bloom?

Come, I'll explain it to you.

Fantastic dude Tell us how your love story started Even I'm thinking about it.

I was slowly going behind Ragini Madam enquiring about a doubt It was like winning a lottery As she called me, to the staff room.

In the midst of this I saw a drama scene from Ramayana I went in slow motion, Just when, Sita made her entry.

She is my Nominee Janavi Day and night, she haunts me like a fairy.

She is my Nominee Janavi Day and night, she haunts me like a fairy.

Give me way...

They are chasing Me!...

Who is she Dude?

Get details about them Put it in the notice board that she's my love What will I do, if she already has a boyfriend?

Don't say such inauspicious things What if she has Kuja Dosha?

I'll arrange some Homas & Havanas What if her dad is a Don?

I will study law, and get bail for him.

What if he is an encounter specialist?

I'll become the CM at once and transfer him.

In detail say what happened next, don't pause In the next scene...

I found a diary, And I opened it fast.

How is it?


Who's that? Even her name is Janavi Oh Shit!!

No conversations...

Just observation.

I knew she had feelings for me...

I hid from her..

She thought I was absent.

And she was missing me.

She is my Nominee Janavi...

Day and night, she haunts me like a fairy.

I want to ask her. Will you marry me?

If you have any ideas. please give it to me Take her to Paris and gift her a ring Dude, I don't have a passport as yet, Why don't you see videos on YouTube?

I might get rejected for being a copycat Propose to her by giving an iPhone For the money, give me your kidney Why don't you go directly to her home?

My in-law might have a licensed gun.


Is this Vishnu?

Who are you?

What I'm going to say now, is more important than who I am.

Do you know why your lawyer is defending your case?

You have already finished your term in the jail He can't get that back If this case is re-opened, police investigation will be started It does not affect him.

But, do you want to go through all that again?

Even you know, Nobody helps the poor without any intension.

While two royal families wage war only poor solders die.

Remember it...

Where is he? on his way Oh! He's here..

Come sit, we were waiting for you

Anything for You? No..

All the case details are ready.

Have brought everything? Yes.


We'd been to the that cab company This is their company details And this is your call record details Police never submitted this in court This is the post-mortem report None of these were tampered. And...

Does this new trail, case re-investigation work?

It will work for sure.

We Lawyers are here for that.

Though I don't have the money to pay you guys Why are you re-opening the case? Look An innocent has been punished If we get him justice, we’ll get a good reputation You'll get the justice.

What is it called? Barter deal Same as give and take policy So, I have served 8 years in jail.

Will your Dad get that back?

Case, trial, re-opening..

I don’t want your case or your trial.

Hello, excuse me

Do you guys know who this fellow here is?

8 Years ago A cab driver was murdered in Maruthi Circle That murder was committed

by him.

Do you know what all these people are thinking right now?

Why did they let him out of jail rather than hanging him to death.

And how many murders will he commit again while he is outside.

In this society, not just you, Your mother is a murderer's mom, And your future child is also a murderer’s child So, You are a murderer today, tomorrow and you are a murderer till you die So, if you want to lose the title of murderer

you should fight this case.

Lets go.

I feel, I made a huge mistake taking this case Why do you get tense? Dude, stop it..


Sir, please stop. I'm very sorry.

Please forgive me.. Just get lost.

Sorry Sir, I misunderstood you listening to others Just get lost, I'm not in the mood for this.

Get lost - Listen to what he has to say Sir, I'm poor. I believe anything people say.

Please forgive me, Sir let's fight this case again.

Sir I'll do as you say.

Let's re-open, re-investigate, and do anything that's necessary I'm sorry Sir OK.

Never do this again. No sir.

According to police F.I.R, our guy crashed into the car.

After having an argument he followed and stopped the cab After a heated argument he murdered the cab driver with the knife in his bike But, according to call records our guy was talking to his mom on the phone After ending the call within 90 seconds he informed the police So is there a possibility of all this happening in 90 seconds?

Are you ready?


You Idiot, do you know how to drive? go away What do you think of yourself stop the car..

I'll kick you, what do you think of yourself?

Come outside, How dare you scold me.. what can you do?

I'll kill you, first come outside.

You bloody son of a b**ch How dare you talk about my mom. I'll kill you Let's see who dies first What do you think of yourself? You don't know about me?

Come outside, lets see who dies first I will kill you now - how dare you... get down


How long is it?


This has the cab company details This includes the data of the cab's whereabouts OK..

And this is call record details of our client.

Police never submitted this to the court.

And this is a major evidence.

This has the details of him talking to his mother And our client was taking to his mom for 150 seconds After he ended the call exactly after 90 seconds, he himself informed the police.

Now the question is? is it possible to commit that murder in 90 seconds.

Sir we can compare both the call records And prove that our client was innocent.

The thing is... if we submit all these details to the court we can say that, the police did not investigate properly.


It's hard to say that our client did not commit the murder.

Sir, more than that there are fingerprints on the weapon.

What do we say about that? and how can we prove that it's not his fingerprints So...

I feel what we need for this case is a proper witness She's right because when the murder occurred there should have been an eye witness to the Murder or we need someone who says our client was not present at the crime scene So now we need one proper witness to prove that our client is innocent

Open the door.

Open it. Sir..

Come on. Open it. Sir, please Sir..

Sir, please let me go... I'm not what you think Do you think I'll let you go?

Open the door Sir, please... [crying]

Open the door.

Sir please Sir, don't..


Oh, a knife..

Please don't come near Will you stab?

Please Sir don't.

Please let me go Sir..

Throw that. Look nothing will happen.

Just 2 minutes, Please Sir, don't Everything will be finished.

Sir, please don't... Come don't waste any time.

Sir please stop it..

What are you doing!? Are you going to kill him?

Come out of here.

Though you know about these places, you comeback and then you say about being independent You can be independent only if you are alive Why are you still holding it? Can't you understand?

Give it..

First, I'll leave you to the bus stop. You go to your native place Call your friends. -I don't have any.

Sit down.

This place is very bad. Its risky.

They will surely comeback looking for you First, you should leave this city.

Do you have any friends or family in any other city?

Call them. I'll send you there

So that's the reason that bar owner did not become a witness in this case And now I know How the police got the knife with your fingerprints So now we just have to find that girl We'll find answers to all these questions But how do we find her?

These sketches are very beautiful My son drew them

You know sketching faces right?


Sir yes Isn't the lady very beautiful?

As soon as we find her we should enquire whether she's married.

Think about how to find the girl Sir, you don't worry about that.


We'll find her using technology I have a friend.

I once gave him my ex-lovers pic requesting him to search for her online He found her in just a week.

Sir, which idiot told you, that we can find people like this Did he say that?

Last time when I asked you to find my GF Didn't you find her in Facebook using the pic you basXXXX.. Don't scold I wasn’t I found her profile easily because the photo you gave and her FB profile pic were same If we search using this Sketch we'll just find similar sketches If it was so easy, wouldn’t the police upload all criminals sketches and catch them.

You are right? OK Now, what other options do we have?

Sir, give me one Photo?

Why just one, I'll give you ten Don't say that...

I was saying, donate your eyes He asked for that girls Photo not yours.

Nonsense Can you find her if you get a photo?

Yes Sir.

Good morning Sir Good morning Did you enquire about that girl in the hotel?

I enquired Sir. That girl is on leave now.

I gave them my number and requested them to contact me ASAP Did you get any other info about that girl?

Nothing much Sir..

Excuse me Sir, Boss is calling you.

Ok, I'll come in a minute.

He wants you there, right now.


Somebody's here to meet you.


Excuse me Sir.

You called me? yes Public prosecutor Parthasarathy is here.

To talk about Vishnu's case Because he was the one who handled that case 8 years ago.

So before we talk to him understand basic things like ABC What's ABC Always Be Careful Oh!

Hello, How are you?

First class Sir How are you? Fine Please sit down. Thank you

Good morning Sir.

Good morning Mahesh How are you? Fine sir What's the matter?

Nothing much, Just a casual visit Sir,lawyers,doctors and police don't meet anyone without any reason.

It's ok, What's the matter Mahesh Sir..

Sorry Sir.

I studied that case in detail.

He sent an innocent to jail Unfairly.

Sir it's OK.

I'm not here to fight about it.

A philosopher once said knowledge is like a river On the top the river's noise is high.

As we go deeper the noise Decreases I got info that you need a job and also that you are working here on temporary basis.

Sir, if you don't mind I have an offer for him.


Life gives just one opportunity to everyone.


I'm giving you a second chance.

I'm starting a construction company you can join it.

Keep winning the race with me aside just to see how far I have run.

You have to run a long way.

Sir It doesn’t matter who's ahead in the beginning of the race.

What matters is who is ahead while the race is being finished.

You have learnt to speak well.

Sir Sun gives us light And even the tube-light gives us light We worship the Sun But not the tube-light.

If a guy questions it we don't call him intelligent We call him an idiot.

The more you try to prove your intellect you become a gander.

You can't win a case just with enthusiasm.

You need a lot of homework.

Good luck.

See you Sir.

Firstly, I would like to ask forgiveness for all my mistakes As you said, jail environment has made me humane.

Without being hot-headed...

I wish to live as a good civilian in society.

And as I have to look after my mother in her old age please consider my age as the murder committed was not intentional.

I kindly request you to please give me another chance and allow me to lead life in a righteous way.

Yours faithfully, Vishnu.

Hello sir. Where are you?

I am picking up my cousin from bus stop Did you sign any letter to the judge?

Which letter are you talking about Sir?

Confession letter.

Did you sign a letter to the judge? Stating you committed the murder?

Sir the situation was such. That's the reason I did that.

What! Did you sign?

F*** the situation, Why didn't you say this to me?

Are you kidding with me?

On one end, you say I never murdered.

On the other end you gave a letter to the Judge.

Stating I committed the murder Are you guys playing...

Sir I don't care whether you believe me or not I did not commit the murder. And you know that.

Yes, Now I'm getting it.

You gave this confession letter..


Hello Sir..

Hello Sir..


What are you doing?

Dude Hi How are you? better I have some pain.

Pain! Doctor he's having pain Shhh. Why did you bring him here?

Always over reacts How are you?

Feeling better now Look what you have done for yourself idiot.


I don't think this was an accident.

I think it was plotted.

What do you think Shastri?

Even I feel the same.

Your madam started it again.

Your life is in danger.

Now, Do you want this case?


As it is tough to make children You shouldn’t marry a pregnant woman What timing! Even when you are hurt.

Please don't do it madam, it's painful.

Can you guys get serious?

Get serious man.

Sir, What she's saying is right.

Sir they fear punishment but not the law.

Think of it seriously


Do you guys have any shame?

We are lawyers How can you guys talk like this.

This is common in our profession And firstly I'm not sad about this.

Sad thing is...

I believed that guy but he lied to me.

That thing Even though he knew about the confession letter He kept it a secret from me.

That's hurting me.

Vishnu Every evidence is against us There is only one way to get you out of here Confession letter.

Give us a letter saying that you are the murderer Saying this was not a motivational murder but an accidental death.

It means, it was not pre-planned but an accident. Lets submit this to the court Then your term will be decreased And your financial status is weak Your mother's health is weak But Sir, if he signs that He's accepting that he committed the murder Sir he did not commit the murder.

Don't sign it.

I will get you out.

Son believe me If you don't Sign, You'll rot to death in jail Then who'll take care of your mother?

Think carefully That knife has your finger prints Sir why are you doing this.

They have the evidence Sir, you said you'll help!

Any lawyer can prove you are the murderer Sir, if he signs it he'll be convicted Mom, he's saying I can come out.

But you are asking me not to sign.

I can't stay here anymore I want to come outside at any cost.

I can't bear to see you like this Mom, please understand. I want to be with you.

I want to help you He's helping me get out of here He's giving me a life If I sign this letter, I can come out mom.

I will fight for you, at any cost, but don't sign it.


Hey Vishnu...

Come here, listen to me.

Shastri, go get him.

Vishnu listen to me Sir, please go away.

Vishnu listen to what I have to say.

I don't want to.

Your friend Sheela is on the call From Mysore. Please talk


Please don't mistake me For asking this.

My case has been re-opened Can you be my witness in the court?

Stating I was with you that night?

The thing is...

If you become my witness it will help me a lot Please.

This life is like...

It says there's a thorn with the rose Be happy Same way it says.. there's a rose with the thorn Be sad

I'm like that rose


I come to work at 9AM And go back home at 6PM.

Now I have a loving husband,

My own family...

In this situation...


I used to work in a pub.

Now, if I say...

rape was attempted on me

my life loses its meaning

You helped me a lot that day.

I Got a new life because of you.



I'm Sorry.

Hello. Where are you now?

In the bus stop I forgot to tell you something

9 months after you went to jail, there was an article in the paper about that murder, I have that paper.

I think, it will help you Can you come to the hotel fast? Yeah, I'm coming

Ok, this evidence is sufficient.


But why did you guys put a pen camera on him?

Sir actually that guy is out on parole now.

So we did that as a safety precaution.

Can I get a copy of the parole Sure Sir...

Here it is Sir.

Sir, I have a doubt Sir how did you know, someone was murdered there?

We got an anonymous call, and we followed the lead.

So Sir can we take that guy with us?


But, let me have a copy of this.

If necessary, you might have to bring him back Yeah, sure sir.

Nayak take this.

Make a copy of this.

Release that guy. Thank you Sir.

Thank You Sir.

Sir he escaped because of this camera pen Else he would have rotted in jail Shut up.

Keep it.

So, there was an article in the paper But...

Not much news came out about it Shastri call Prakash and enquire If he knows anything about this case or the article.

Good Idea Sir. take this.

It's true about the article.

But as Inspector Raghavan was on leave someone else handled that case But now he is retired.

So Prakash said if we enquire with him we'll get more details What's his name?


Pass it that side.

Don't stand pass it.

Yeah that was good, pass it.

Sir, Do you recognise me?

How can I forget you?

Your case was the last one in my service

Sir that day...

After I went to jail I got information that something happened

What happened Sir?

9 Months after you went to jail.

We received a call at our station

Raghavan was not present at the station So I attended that call.


Sir, nine months ago a taxi driver was murdered in Maruthi circle Sir I know who that murderer is It's not the guy you arrested I know exactly what happened there I will tell you everything.

Sir, Just tell me when I should come.

I'll explain everything to you Who are you?

So Sir, did you find that Killer?

This is the place.

Where I'm planning to start our new law firm.

How is it? Superb.

It's right next to a main road.

It must be very expensive?

Four lakhs per month.

Oh God! Shastri..

Four lakhs rent for a single floor each month?

Shastri, it is for the whole building Sir, you were saying my in-law is very stingy Gives missed call even in this Jio Sim era?

Then how did he arrange such a huge property?

Shastri, What are you saying?

Have I ever said anything like that?

Sir, you said it yourself You keep plotting fights between us What I told you was my in-Law is a very generous person Not just getting me a Loan he even Pays the EMIs.

He's a Godly human No. Golden hearted.

Can you guys shut up.

Why do you bring this monkey everywhere you go?

Sir, I heard it.

I heard everything. It's not for you Shastri..

In this era When A boy and a girl, In their prime are alone in an under construction building what will people think of it?

Madam.. Sir, You don't say anything I'm thinking about your well being and you are...

Who is it calling at this time? Who is that?

Is that our client?

Reject the call right now.

How long will you keep fighting such small cases?


To match your intelligence You shouldn’t be doing that.

You should be doing this.


But for such a huge place we need lot of investment.

Then, even after getting the investment Maintaining it at four lakhs per month Is very important.

Everything is possible.

We just have to decide.

What's your problem?

I'll get all the cases and investments.

You just fight the cases.


But still...


We should run with the times or else..

It will go far ahead of us.

Think about it.

Who is it calling again? Is that him again?

Look I don't mind taking small steps towards my goal.

But I'll never run towards what I don't like.

Excuse me, I'll come back Hello, what is it?

He found the killer.

Hello Sir, nice meeting you.

Thank you for choosing our company This is the car you are looking for, Volkswagen Vento Red We ordered it just for you.

It has crossed just 55000 KM And costs 5 Lakhs OK It has not had any accident And the insurance was not claimed even once.

It was under a single owner and it is a fully loaded model.

Owned by a doctor.

He's selling it, as he is going abroad.

Is it a petrol or diesel Car?

It's a Petrol Car..

With 1.2 litre engine capacity Even the exterior looks very good Yes sir. He wasn't using the car much.

Just house to car and back.

Other than that nothing much You can talk to the owner about the price. He's on the way.

Excuse me for a minute Sir.

Hello sir, how can I help you?

Give me Ten minutes, we'll talk You've got the right job for yourself.

Selling someone's car to the other Framing a murder committed by someone on others Am I right?

Hello Sir Where are you?

Sir, I'm in the parking lot. I'm coming






Sir, Please help me Sir, He's a murderer Why is he trying to kill you?

Sir, it's a long story.

Sir, I'll explain it to you later. Please save me.

Please Sir..

I'm here to listen to that long story.

Come this side Come, come here...

Properly, say who you are.

And what happened that night.

Else I'll...

I will tell you Sir..


I'm a petty thief

chain snatching robbery and small stuff When not many cases get registered in the station Raghavan would let us out to do some robbery

Even that day we went out to do a robbery Taxi service was just getting started in Bangalore It was too easy to rob those taxi drivers So, that day, I booked a taxi.


That taxi driver was adamant I was drunk and high.

I stabbed him as I was tense and took everything he had. and ran from there Then...

Oh! I asked him to rob And he committed murder!

How do I deal with it?

Where did he go?

Murthy Sir..

Are you trying? Yes Sir..

It's the bloody police.

I will switch off my phone.

Let me see what they can do.

Sir his phone is switched off.

Sir, a cab driver is dead If the cab driver's union gets this news it will be a huge controversy We should catch him fast You have murdered a guy If police finds out they will not let you go If they touch me I will reveal their secret Sir...

What if he came outside and said... police themselves led the thieves to rob people as there were not many cases registered This will become an huge news in the media Sir then all of us will be seized..

OK Give that knife phone and the items you robbed.

First remove that shirt and go shower I will think of a plan.

This is a lot of headache...


Nine months after that Just because my friend's sister loved me he called the police station. while Raghavan was not in the police station and informed them about the murder.


Where are the robbed items?

Phone, chain and the purse Sir that..

Sir, as we were afraid, I burnt everything.

Then what is the proof that he is the killer?

After committing the murder he directly came to my room I myself disposed the knife he used for the murder.

I will become a witness for this case You M****r f****r..

Playing dirty tricks with me..

Giving shelter to a killer is not a crime But letting your sister marry him is a crime Am I right?

Giving him shelter was a crime.

Do you know what punishment you'll get for that?

Sir, if you want to end someone's life you have to sacrifice a lot.

Rajesh record his statement and file an FIR After all this That case was re-opened.

An article was also published in the papers Officer Raghavan came back on duty and met Public prosecutor Parthasarathy.

Then they planned something and got us bail.

As we were out on bail They feared this case would become huge if they kill us...

So Raghavan made a plan Come here...

Come fast...

Will you guys go out on a 3 month vacation without falling on anybody's eyes?

Sir please let us go.

Not just three, we'll go for six Months Murthy Sir..

Get them treated in Nimhans for six months Sir, What are you saying?

Stay in Nimhans hospital for six months.

Doctor will give a certificate stating you were Mentally unstable, and now fit.

Then this case will be closed.


Killing you is not the best option I have.


that is one of the options.

But Sir, I'm sure about this I did not stab that cab driver to death I can assure you that.

You said you had a friend.

What happened to him?

Sir he...

Sir he went into depression in the mental Hospital He couldn’t bear the shock treatment.

He died in the hospital. Shit..

Sir, what if we make him surrender?

He himself is accepting it, and the case will be solved.

No, it's not possible.

A certificate has been issued stating that he is mentally ill.

Now if we submit him to court his statement will not work It will be proven that he is mentally unstable.

Sir, I will kill him. let him go.

What are you doing?

A criminal's punishment might get delayed but he will surely be punished.


Sir, I'll look after it.

So now...

The real game begins.

If Surya did not stab that cab driver so hard...

It means he was still alive.

Then how did he die?

Did someone else come there after that?

How come nobody saw this murder...

I need just one clue to solve this case How do I find that clue?

How Shastri...

It is such a huge main road How come not even a single guy saw that murder Sir, why are you scolding me for that?

Sir it is an 8 year old case Many would have vacated their houses.

Some would have demolished and a few would have constructed or renovated their house How can we go to each house and ask?

Madam 8 years ago a murder occurred here Did you see the killer?


Even if someone saw it while passing there how do can we know who that is?

Give me a five.

You constructed a house Why didn't you construct it there It would have helped the case. God!.

What timing Sir!

My Mom is calling me, Let me ask her.


Did you call me for that?

Don't disturb me while I'm at work Mom, I'm in a meeting.

Please end the call.

I'll call you later.

Sorry sir, my Mom...

She was enquiring about selling the old paper online So she was asking what was the Price So silly you see...

Selling old paper online...

Sir, I brought all the paper clippings you asked for.

Important events that occurred in that vicinity on March 10th and 11th are...

Sir there are 6 major events First point That day Bangalore saw untimely record-breaking rain And Maruthi circle was drenched heavily Ok. Point-2 In the vicinity an RTO officer's house was raided OK.

Point-3, In Vidya Nagar...

Shivanna, inaugurated a store named Raghavendra Garments In Vidya Nagar Yes Ok Point 4 In Maruthi circle 8th cross, a tree fell and 2 people died on the spot Note that down.

Point 5 In the same area a bookie's house was robbed.


Point 6 Midnight a truck had an Accident in M.R. layout And that driver lost his leg At midnight in M.R.Layout - Yes But...

The taxi driver was murdered in Maruthi circle right?

What's the connection?

Sir there's a connection as I told you earlier Shivanna inaugurated a garments shop.

In vidya Nagar Correct It was this truck, returning after unloading the shipment. it's brake failed here.

Had an accident in M.R.Layout And the driver lost his leg OK, so the accident occurred in M.R.Nagar after unloading the shipment in Vidya Nagar So... you mean... it was supposed to go through that road so, it has to cross Maruthi circle 100%


When did the accident occur?

Sir at 12:40.

12:40 Ok Janu...

When did Vishnu call the police?

12:31:20 seconds Shastri...

How much time does the truck need to travel from Vidya Nagar to M.R. Layout?

Sir maximum, 20 Minutes

20 minutes.


Janu From Vidya Nagar to Maruthi Circle how long does it take in a truck

10 minutes max

10 minutes.

So if the accident occurred at 12:40 he would have left Vidya Nagar

20 minutes ago.

So he left Vidya Nagar at 12:20pm If it takes 10 minutes he would have crossed Maruthi circle at 12:30 And Vishnu called the police at 12:31 So that truck driver was there when the murder...

I got it Sir..

Is that truck driver dead or alive.

If dead I'll get the info about what dish was served in his death ceremony Thanks Shastri.. Ok Sir.

But I have doubt What is it?

When it comes to taking decisions You ask Janu..

But when it comes to collecting evidence and witness why do you send me all the time?

It's not like that Shastri..

The thing is.. some people are in the game but not counted You are counted but not in the game.

Sir, Madam is on my side.

Yes Shastri..

Sir go back..

Madam did you just applaud me or was it criticism?

Shastri, it's getting late.

Go, you have a lot to do.

I feel, she criticised me.

Sir I don't know anything about the taxi driver's murder It was raining heavily After unloading the shipment, I was heading home Then a guy..


Sir please stop the truck.


What happened?

Sir please drop me to the next circle What happened? OK hop on.

Thanks a lot sir.

Dude, Where are you?

Did you come to the circle?

Dude I think I witnessed a murder You come fast. I'll explain everything Please come there fast.

What happened?

Why are you tense?

Sir, Did you see that cab parked there?- Yes I think someone was murdered there Sir that Killer saw me Sir please drop me bit further Please sir...

Is it...

Then go lodge a complaint in the police station Yes, I will.

My friend is on the way Just drop me bit further Please sir...

OK. Don't worry.

I will drop you Thanks a lot Sir.

Can you remember any other detail?

Like his name?

Or whom he was talking to?

His friend, his name, anything?

Try to remember Did he say anything about his friend? No Sir.

8 years have passed after that incident More than that I was unconscious for 3 days after the accident. as I was working under my employer for many years Now he has given me a small job in his outlet Oh!



Ok, Thank you Sir.

Thanks a lot. Ok Sir

Hot tea.. Thanks Shastri.


Why did you bring madam at this time?

We got an important clue That's the reason Ok now, what's the clue?


A guy has witnessed that murder.

He has also informed it to his brother Where did he come from and why?

Where did he go? Where is he now?

We don't know anything Now, we have to find him.

How to find him is the thing.


Our situation so bad that even if we play Candy Crush, we might get Diabetes.

If we collect info about the colleges in the vicinity We might get some clues?


There will be more than 5 thousand students.

It's impossible to back track them all No way I have an idea.

There is a program in TV about past life.

How about we go to killer's past life and ask him about the murder?

How about me throwing this tea on you now?

My head is like a tower.

I keep letting out signals You just have to catch it. What did you say!?

My head is like a tower I keep letting signals.

You just have catch the signal, that's it.

Are you thinking about the same thing that I'm thinking?

That guys was talking with his friend on the phone right?

So, those call records will be recorded in that area tower.


I will find the details.

All these are the number active in those 4 towers between 12 to 1PM that night.


518 Numbers How do we find it in this?

What if that guy had the SIM with a fake ID?

No way.

Only a determined killer Will get a SIM with a fake ID What does a common man like us do?

We would have submitted our DL or voter ID for the SIM So...

He was just present there When the murder occurred Then he's a guy.

Remove all the girls numbers Ok 448 What next?

How long do you think he conversed on the phone?

Between 90-180 seconds So let's remove All the call records with more than 180 Seconds Now its 298.


You were saying he's a guy.

Why do you need elders ?

Ok, How many active numbers?

16 Numbers I phoned all of them, nobody knew about the murder.

Still we have 196 numbers While travelling It would have passed 2-3 towers So lets remove all the multi tower numbers.

Still we have 106 numbers They will be in nooks and corners of Karnataka Some might have left the city.

Few would have left the country.

And some would have passed away We need minimum 3 Months to back track them all.

How do we do that?

Vishnu had called the police so remove that.

Oh! it was too helpful still we have 105.


I heard you guys talking.

We're talking about A guy and a murder.

It's very easy sir.

Next day after the murder a number that's switched off that's your guy.

Wait a minute, someone's here Sir, are you Amoghavarsha? Yes I found him, I'll call you back.

I want to talk with you.

Sir, it was around Midnight 12 - 12:15 and it was raining heavily..

I was coming back after watching a movie I thought of buying liquor before going home So I went to the wine store nearby.

The wine shop guy Was not receiving the call.

I was just about to leave Then...

I saw a cab shaking in the road.

As the road was empty I thought a couple was inside the car.

So thought of making a video Then...

Hey! Who are you?

Stop right there

So, this is the matter Now we are getting clarity about everything This is enough to prove that guy is innocent Sir...


Can you repeat everything you said to me, in the court?

Sir, why should I fear to Speak the truth Sir, I will say everything in court.

Yes! Thank you Sir.

Dude, I'll inform Jaanu about this OK, do it.

I have a doubt?

Why did you still keep that video in your phone?


I did not keep it intentionally In that phone...

I had many memories I couldn’t erase With those pics and videos I found this also It was your luck.


He is.. it's me.

A warrant has been issued on you Come, let's go Sir..

Can I know the reason for his arrest?

He has cheated a girl named Deepa after promising to marry her and he's harassed her too.

So, I'm taking him to the station for enquiry Sir...

We had a break-up a year ago That was just Break up.

Complaint was registered now.


Sir. you are re-opening a year-old case And creating a dispute...

This is not fair...

You can open an eight year old case.. but shouldn’t I open a year old case?


Don't think only lawyers trace the evidence Police...

Even police look for the evidence

Arrest him.

Sir I'm not guilty of anything.

Sir please let me go..

How did Raghavan get information about him?

Sir, I'm innocent please let me go.

Sir, I'm innocent.

He's arresting him now, knowing court hearing is tomorrow.

Sir, let me go.. Mahesh sir, Help me Sir...

So, he has a spy on our side.

Who is it?

I want to tell you something.

Hi Mahesh..

Hello sir.. Sit down How are you?

Good Sir..

What were you thinking about?

Nothing much.

I was just thinking about the case.

We had just one witness.

We tracked it with such hardship.

I can't understand how police got info about it If we had that witness today we could have proved that Vishnu was innocent Nowadays..

I feel law and justice are two different words.

With my experience as a clue to your case so that it might help your case.

That is people close to you.. will not always stay with you.


Keep this in mind.

Good night.

What is this?


Don't repeat, I'm asking, what is this?

Listen to me.

What is left to listen?

I'm struggling day and night to resolve that case How can you even think of doing this?

Mahesh Calm down, I did this for our future's sake Our sake?

Ms. Janavi can you please explain What good does it do for us?

Listen to me completely.


Sit down.

Tell me.

He is ready to fund our new law firm only on one condition And that is, we have to drop this case.


You did this for that?

I'm like seriously...

How can you be so selfish?


I am selfish.

Aren't you selfish If you win this case, you might get famous and become a hero, Isn't that the reason even you are selfish?

But you don't say it aloud Just once.

Go see your face in the mirror.

You'll understand, how much you have changed.

It's OK Change is inevitable.

There is nothing wrong in changing when the whole world is changing.

What do you get if you win this case?



When my father questions how will you take care of my daughter?

What will you say?

Will you say "Uncle we'll manage"

Ok, I am selfish.

But, I have thought about that guy's future also.

They are also ready to give him money.

He can start some business with that money A good lawyer always thinks about his client first.

I did the same thing.

You are thinking too emotionally.

Think of it practically Firstly...

Who told you that guy needed financial aid Did that guy ever come to you requesting Money?

How did you decide that guy needed money?

So, according to you... money is the solution for everything Yes.

Not just me, You ask anybody.

They give you the same answer.

Now, think that you are going to a hospital.

Even there only when you have the money doctors treat you.

If not they will ask you to pray to god

After all this.

Didn't you ever feel like asking sorry?

Actually I thought about it.

But as you said once lawyers should never ask for forgiveness.

Now think of it calmly.

You'll understand, why I did this.

Your honour...

Before I submit all the evidence I request you to call investigating Officer of this case, Raghavan to the box.


Raghavan, how long have you worked in the department?

25 years.

So can you please explain what happened on the day of murder?

That day around 12:30, we got a call at the police station stating that a murder has been committed at M.R. circle OK.

When we came to the spot a cab driver was murdered When we started the primary investigation we suspected him.

After investigation after his bike crashed into the cab he had an argument with the cab driver After an heated argument he lost his temper.

Took a knife from his bike and stabbed the cab driver.

Then... to stop police from suspecting him he informed about the murder to the police station


Didn't you find it surprising that he committed murder just because of a small accident?

Sir When a murder is committed it is more important to find the truth than be surprised.

You are right.

Finding the truth is very important On the day of the murder Vishnu ended the call with his mother at 12:30 At 12:31:33 he called the police to inform about the murder.

Your honour my question is how can he stop his bike, have an argument with driver, take the knife from the bike and kill the driver within 90 seconds?

I object your honour.

Mr. Mahesh Das Is it impossible to kill, while talking on the phone?

Call might have not ended.

Could've placed the call on hold.

He might be wearing a earphone or his mother would've given instructions to commit murder.

Anything is possible your honour.

How can a normal primary school teacher instruct her son to commit murder?

As the law is increasing, justice is decreasing.

Your honour, I think the young lawyer here watches a lot of movies.

That's the reason, he's Mixing Navarasas And getting emotional.

To re-open any old case you need strong evidence Just a Phone call not getting discounted does not become an evidence.

Even they do not accept it.

Yes, Mahesh. He's right.

Don't you have any other evidence?


Madam is asking for the evidence, do you have any?

Or will you say, I had one and the cops kidnapped him.

Your honour, There is evidence But I request the court to grant me some time to present it.

Mahesh Das do you think this is a village Panchayat? to request time as you wish?

Your honour Firstly, this case was not investigated properly.

As a result an innocent was punished.

And the investigating officer has destroyed evidences.

So... if you grant me a chance I will prove it to the court.

Ok. Take your seats Yes your honour.

After inspecting the evidences as this case has many flaws I feel the investigation was not done in a proper way.

So the court orders for the suspension of investigating officer Raghavan till the next hearing. and to provide proper evidences to the court.

Time till the 10th of next month is granted Manjula note it down Ok Madam.

Young boy...

You are dressed well?

I am a very good man.

But I don't know why, you always awaken my bad side.

You have an elderly mother.

Stay with them in their last days not in her memory.

Madam, talk some sense to him.

You lost this case long back.

Don't dare to make it a mess.

Listen You are safe only till you are out on parole.

Once you enter jail...

Mr. Raghavan My dad used to say..


You can change a bad person but you can never change a bad thing.

Today you lost just your power.

You still have a lot to lose.

Pray to god for blessings because I will not spare you.

Sir yesterday you taught him a lesson He somehow missed it

Look If a teacher, police or a thief hits you you can hear a sound.

If a lawyer or god hits you you can't hear anything.

But you cannot bear that pain Your Boss knows pretty well about it.

As time passes even you will understand What did you say?

Police traces the evidence Lawyer I trace opportunity Let's go.

Suri booked a cab Then he stabbed the cab driver robbed him and ran away

Amogha, records a video of it in his mobile Suri catches Amogha recording the video.

Then Suri chases Amogha.

Amogha takes a ride from a truck passing by.

When Suri was returning Vishnu's bike comes opposite to him.

Vishnu falls down.

But Suri escapes from there.

Oh! Something is missing Dude, I heard you had an argument in the office Why did you call?

I knew this would happen.

That's why I did not give you the video Which video?

Amogha's mobile recording I had a copy of the video he recorded I have mailed it to you If you had given it to me before we would have submitted it as evidence.

Oh! So that your love gives it to Parthasarathy?

I knew what was happening I kept a copy for safekeeping Watch it - OK Wait, I will check.

Suri is not in the video?

Someone else is here.

I stabbed him while I was high and ran from there So after Suri stabbed him and ran away someone else came in a bike.

Sir, I'm sure about one thing.

I did not stab that cab driver to death.

So it was not Suri, who stabbed the cab driver.

It was the guy on the bike.

Who was that guy on the bike?

He was the one who chased Amogha. and also the guy Vishnu saw.


Suri stabbed the cab driver robbed him and ran away.

Then another guy came there Amoghavarsha saw that guy He chased Amoghavarsha but...

Amoghavarsha escaped.

Took a ride in a truck and escaped.

While he was coming back Vishnu's bike came there and Vishnu fell down.

Who could that bike owner be?

Sir.. he Done Did you find the bike details?

I showed this video to all my co-workers number plate is not visible, else I would have given all the details Thanks a lot sir, we'll...

Why are you repeating the things we already knew Why would I come here if we knew the number.

Any other detail?

Thing is...

This is a Machismo model Only 150 bikes were sold in this edition.

This is part of it. Thanks a lot.

What do I do with the details of the bike being limited edition?

Say something that is very important Ok, so it's a limited edition bike

Can you get the details of the bike's owner?

We can do one thing.

Now, We know only 150 bikes were sold - Yes And this is a limited edition bike

What I will do is...

I will take the risk and send you the details of all those 150 bike owners if you can do something it's a very long process to find that guy with it It's impossible, Sir...

Sir it's very easy to find I will find the guy How? -Sir...

518 Mobiles Towers Call list.

Sir see clearly As he is coming out of the car He is talking to someone on the mobile If we tally that details with the address he gives us If it matches he is the bike owner Get me an orange juice This time around even I have solved it Dude, You have a bright future.

How much does that bike cost?

We wanted to meet Narayanappa.

My dad is Narayanappa.

Yeah, we came here to meet him.

It's been 2 months since he died.

Careful Sir, How did he die?

Heart attack sir Is he Narayanappa?

Yes sir, that is my father's Photo.

Dude, Police... How can I help you?

Sir, actually We are from LIC A policy in his name has matured Can you please confirm his mobile number Sure.

9845161213 No sir, my dad's number was...



Then i am very sorry sir, We are in the wrong address.

Does any other Narayanappa reside in the neighbourhood?

None that I know of.

Nobody No sir...

Actually the Narayanappa we are searching is still alive.

Oh! And he's a... civil contractor Sorry for the disturbing you No worries Thank you so much Sir.



I found all the details you asked me on the number March 10, 2010.

Between 12-12:30 AM This number has

3 incoming and 3 outgoing calls, to the same number.

Did you find the number details?

I found the number but, could not find details Access is denied Why!?

Access Denied?

According to me, it is some VIP's number VIP number...

Give me that number..

It has all the details, see if it helps you




Sir, Please let me go.

I haven't done anything.

No Sir, I did not do anything wrong.

Just say the truth...

I told him everything...

Guru, Go check what it is.

Yes Sir.

How dare you hit us..


Sir, Where is he?


Sir, go fast.

My fault was letting you alive Get up...

What are you doing? in here sir...

Sir, Please don't stop me. I will kill him.

Leave me Why..

Why, kill him?

Before you kill him Kill Me You should kill me Do You know why?

Because I brought an innocent guy to this situation For making an innocent guy ready to murder someone For that...

Before you kill him...

Kill me, Come on, stab...

You can't, right?

You can't stab, right.

Do You know why?


You are not a murderer.

You are exonerated.

What is the matter?

I thought about it a lot.

After you left.

Did I do the right thing or what you did was right.

I couldn’t find any answer I had a dream to own a bungalow, car and lot of money to travel the world There is nothing wrong in it right?

You were so submerged in courts and cases

You never remembered me.

I was so busy chasing status and money.

but I could not forget you.

I'm sorry.

I knew you'd come back.



According to Article 26 leaking an evidence to the third party...

Please.. do you want to do this now?

Yes, now I want you to be with me.

It's OK. It happens.

Come let's go.

Now we have that murderer's number.

When he receives the call say what we taught you.


10th March Midnight 12:30 Cab driver's murder.

Constable Narayanappa The evidence you need is with me.

Tomorrow come to Majestic Bus Stop with one crore rupees Platform number 14 at 7:30pm Or else...

Sorry wrong number.

Hello, Hello He said wrong number and ended the call!

What do we do now?

Jaanu Confirm, he's the guy Do you think he'll come?

He will come for sure.

But Sir, he said it's the wrong number.

What if he's not the guy?

He ended the call only after getting the necessary info.

Yes, or else...

He should have ended the call as soon as he received it.


Sir but...

What if instead of him, someone else comes there?

When he can arrange one crore in a single day what if he sends ten people?

What can we possibly do?

What he's saying is right.

Look, all these days you were thinking like a lawyer This time think like a criminal.

OK guys..

Today I've talked to the police commissioner about this case.

Since Raghavan and his team is directly involved in this case commissioner has sent a team to help us.

The plan is...

Memory card?


Oh shit...

You take him, to a safer place C'mon guys..

Activate the GPS tracker in the box and check where it is...

Sir, it's outside the bus stop.

Team one, come out of the Majestic bus stop.

Sir, now its in Gandhinagar 1st main Its near Gandhinagar 1st main Team 1 shift there.

Make it fast. Sir we have a movement Don't stop tracking He's heading towards 2nd main Team two, go to 2nd main

Sir, I have collected it.

Don't move.

One minute..

Where is the suitcase?


Look there...

Sir, We lost the signal...


What do we do now?

If a tiger takes 2 steps back It means, it is ready to hunt.

He might be good but not the best.

Welcome Mahesh..

Your smile is says everything about you winning this case already.

Do you know something?

You should never step out to cut a huge tree with a small knife You still a chance, think about it.

Will you die like a king waging war?

Or will you compromise with me and lead a happy life.

The decision is yours Sir.

Waging war at a time when striking a compromise is a better option.

Its as bad as compromising in a situation where a war needs to be declared.

Just asking for the sake of curiosity just with a single photo how will you prove that I was behind all this?

Not just the Photo.

I have other evidence.

The Memory card you were searching.

Are you ready?

What are you thinking about?

I never thought this day Would come in my life.

Sir, we'll win this right?

I'm not sure whether we'll win this. but we'll not lose it for sure.

Don't worry.

Sir, you had to face so many hardships because of me.

I am sorry Sir.


A fight never arises between good and bad people.

Fights arise between good and evil.

Sir, I have a request and a doubt Tell me Request is...

After this case is finished I want to meet the cab drivers family.

They think I am the murderer.

I want to tell them the truth.

And your doubt is?

How did you find that Memory card?

You see...

You can't find answers to some questions in life but... the answer to both your questions is

Hello, Dad, what's happening...

Hello, Please Dad...

Dad please talk to me Hello, Dad...

Hello dad, where are you? Please talk to me..

Hello Dad...

I knew from the beginning You did not kill my Dad.


I was not in a situation to doing anything.

I had to wait for 8 long years.

8 long years.


Me and my friend made a plan.

Why shouldn’t we reopen this case ourselves?

Impossible Why?

It's an 8 year old case.

We need money and manpower.

I have a plan for that.

What is it?

Hegde Associates.

Tomorrow there's an interview in your firm.

First let's see who'll get selected.

Then we'll decide.

Mahesh Das.

He is Shastri, case in charge.

They are planning to start a free legal service.

Our firm is planning to start a free legal service.

To re-open any old case we have to file a new case To state it simply, 'Compensation Case'

What do you think we should do?

Rather than fighting this compensation case, lets re-open the original case.

Stating our client did not commit the murder.

Then this compensation case will be nullified.

But unfortunately, I had no information about that memory card.

But he let the secret out in Majestic Memory card?

Then I remembered the words my Dad said.

I am not saying this as a father.

Being police informer, I'm saying this to a lawyer aspirant We should always keep our secret stuff as close as possible to us

Law says It's OK even if 100 criminals don't get punished.

But not a single innocent should be punished.

But no there is no info on what to do when an innocent is punished.

With the curiosity of what the law does I bring you the first convict of this case.

Retired police officer Vajramuni.

All his illegal activities were recorded in a video.

Nobody should get the info...

This body was encountered.

If you burn it normally it will become a political issue. and create public nuisance.

Nobody will know if it's here in the cemetery.

Burn it.

Sir, How can I burn it?

What if Sir finds out?

He himself ordered this.

He's inside.

Sir, I'm scared.

What if I'm blamed for it.

We'll take care.

You finish your job.

After taking bribes from politicians and businessmen killing their enemies in the name of encounters.

And then burning the body in the cemeteries.

To the outside world, you projected them as missing.

That cemetery guy made a video about this scam.

And informed police informer, and also my Dad Ram Das.

Constable Narayanappa followed my Dad.

But by then, Suri Stabs my Dad, and runs away after robbing him.

Just because he saw the video on your orders, constable Narayanappa killed My Dad, who was still alive.

But after 9 Months, a call is made to the station regarding the case.

Just because you were worried about that memory card with special interest you re-opened the case.

To divert us.

You gave information about Suri to Vishnu.

But the wrong thing you did was...

Believing we had the memory card.

My Dad used to say a Mighty guy wins only till he's strong.

But an intelligent can always win.

That's the reason, He named me Mahesh Das.

Because many years ago A Man called Mahesh Das believed in these words.

With love People called Mahesh Das as...