Birdshot (2016) Script

Take a deep breath.

Adjust with every breath.

Choose your target.

And stay on it.

Find an angle...


Steady yourself.

Breathe as it breathes.

Your last breath as you pull the trigger will be its dying breath.

Now do it!

Maya! Do it now! Maya!

Maya, give me that!

Get up!

You're still tense.

It will take a while before you learn this.

Maya, do you know why...

I'm teaching this to you?

When I'm gone, who will take care of you?

Bala won't leave me. Right, Bala?

And... there's grandma.

That old woman? She probably won't even outlive Bala.

You need to learn how to take care of yourself.

But, unlike you, I don't plan on being a caretaker my whole life, father.

Did you ever hear the story of Ruel, a villager from town?

-The one who left his mute son alone? -Yes!

Ruel left his son because he had to pick up supplies from a nearby town, and when he came back, the boy was gone.


No one could find him, they searched and found nothing.

Father, you've told me that story so many times now.

Both you and grandmother. That's an old tale told by old people.

To this day no one knows what happened.

That's why you should never wander off.

Especially near the border.

It's dangerous.

Is it true that the boy was taken?

I mean, who knows? Maybe he just left on his own?

The point is, you need to learn to be by yourself.

To stand on your own and fend for yourself.

Hey, that looks good! You sure can make a meal out of leftovers.

I just finished what my father gave us. It's not like I could leave the house.

I can't leave the baby alone.

We are running a bit short. I might ask father for more.

Don’t ask from him. I'll handle it myself.

You want to come with me?

Come here.

I'm here now, it's okay...

What's keeping you awake?

I'm good.

You're looking proper.

Is that wrong? This is a police uniform.

-Aren't we heading to the station? -I just got a call earlier.

Finally, we may have information on the missing bus.

Good. Now we have something to go on.


But for now, just let me do the talking Domi--

What's your name again? Domingo?

Yes, sir!

Just let me do the talking.

But stay alert.

I'll handle this.

Yes, sir!

Police! Run!

Hurry, run!


Hey! Not so fast! Where's Benny?

-Where's Benny? -Sir!

Sir, I didn't do anything wrong!

I said where's Benny?

I'm Benny.

It must be my lucky day.

-You know something about the missing bus? -Sir?

My boss already paid you guys for three months now.

We don't owe you anything, we've settled with you.

We gave it to your friend last week.

You'll always be in debt because your work here is illegal.

Sir, sir!


Now listen.

There is a bus that left from San Jose on Monday at 10 p.m.

It was headed to Manila, which takes two hours at most.

So it had to be at the station by morning.

No bus came, no driver came, not a single passenger arrived.

I heard the bus changed routes and passed your place of "business".

Now, you didn't happen to hear or see anything?

This isn't my business, I just work here...

That's not what I'm asking!

So, you don't know anything?

If I were to hide...

a bus...

Why the hell would I hide a bus?

Maybe it isn't registered, or perhaps a crime happened inside.

Or maybe some drunk asshole drove the bus straight off a cliff.

But for whatever reason, something doesn't seem right.

Surely someone has to answer for this.

Am I right? And if I wanted something hidden, I'd ask help from someone who knows dirty work.

That is why I am asking you.

Do you know anyone who does this kind of work?

Maybe a friend, or your boss perhaps?

I don't know, I'm just a worker--

You already said that!

Come on, Benny...

We're going in circles. Do you think I'm a fool?

You really don't know anything?

No, sir...

-You don't know anyone? -No, sir. I swear.

Okay. Thanks.

Hold him down.

Wait, what?


I beg you!

Please don't!

That's not what my friend said! Are you calling him a liar!?

-You're the liar! -No sir, please don't!

-Maybe he's telling the truth! -Do your job!

-Tell me... -Sir, I don't know anything!

-Are you a liar? -Sir...

-Benny! -No! Stop!

One. Two...

Where is the bus?


Why was I partnered up with a lunatic captain?

Not just a high-ranking officer, but a lunatic?

What am I going to do? Can I even report him?

I can't go against a captain.

What will I do?

I'm a policeman.

I'm a policeman.

I can't hurt a fellow citizen.

I should uphold the law in my country. I'm a policeman!

That's right.

I have my principles, I should wear my uniform.

I do my duties responsibly.

Did we do our duty?

Did we get the information we need?

Do we have a problem with that? No? Then no.


The engine was left running.

And it looks like they ran out of gas.

Someone might hear us.

Just stay here. I can handle myself.

Stay put.

I'll come back.

I saw this near the trees.

Is there a wallet or an ID in the pocket?


I haven't heard of any rebels... or any terrorists in the area...

This town is too quiet.

There is no plate number, no ID, no footprints, no witnesses.

Where do we start when all we have is nothing?

Everything starts from nothing.




Where did you find this?

Just beyond the border...

Didn't I tell you not to go near that place?

I just happened to pass by...

-I heard something, and-- -Pass by?

How many times have I told you?

Never go beyond the border!

Never go inside!

You told me that I should learn to survive on my own.

Do you even realize what you've done? Do you!? Do you know what situation you've put us in?

No! Because you know nothing!


How did you shoot the eagle? Did you remember what I taught you?

I breathed just as it breathed...

Steady until its last breath.

Breaking news:

The missing bus headed to Manila has finally been found.

Since its disappearance no testimonies have been made regarding the bus's whereabouts...

Father, what does Manila look like?

Too crowded.

It's a filthy place. You wouldn't like it there.

Then why does everybody want to go there?

Family members of the unionists have lost hope for their return.

The police themselves have yet to act.

It's everyone's own investigation for the meantime...


Don't say a word about what you did.

And the gun... Hide it.

I'll go and feed Bala.

Bury all the leftovers.

Sorry I left you earlier.

I know you're just looking after me, but I can handle myself.

You should've seen how I shot that eagle.


I came to say goodbye.

I'll be leaving in the morning.

Now look at this...

Do you even comb your hair, Maya?

Your hair is a tangled mess!

Do you want lice to live in there?

It is a woman's duty to have her hair well kept.

Once every night, before you sleep, comb your hair one hundred times.

That's what I told your mother. She would comb her long hair every night.

Your mother was very beautiful when she was your age.

Every young man in the village wanted to serenade her.

See, if you take care of your beauty, you would be as pretty as your mother.

There are a lot of things to learn besides being pretty.

What use is your beauty if you don't have anything to eat?

If you are pretty... you won't have to find food.

Someone will provide for you!

Look child, the moon is full again.

Do you know what happens during a full moon?

During the first night of a full moon... the restless spirits of the forest awaken.

These spirits speak to the living so you must listen.

Or else... they will haunt you for days just as the moon is full.

-I'm going home. -What? Why?

It's getting late. I have a family to go home to.

-So do I. -Then let's go.

We're stuck trying to find that "HDC" person.

We know that he's not a passenger.

We already have a list for that.

Those in the list had families to report for them.

What if he had no one to report him missing?

I don't know what else to do, Domingo.

I'm tired, and I'm going home.

You should know when to stop working.

They'll shut the power soon.

Look at the time.

Think of my family. And think of yours, too.

They don't even pay us enough to do this.

I'm looking for someone.

I need your help.

He hasn't returned for days.

That's the only picture I have.

It was taken by a journalist when he visited the Hacienda.

Is he a passenger on the missing bus?

I don't know where he's gone to.

Maybe he was on the bus. But I can't be sure.

All I know is some of his colleagues were planning to go to Manila for their case.

What case?

The dispute for our land.

Don't you know anything?

Haven't you heard of what's going on in the Hacienda?

Keep that picture.

Tell me if you find anything.

I need to know the truth.

Don't worry.

I won't stop until I find them.

The rain is gone.

They are all gone.

Did you get the sealant?


I told you this morning...

I forgot.

Don't worry. I'll take care of it tomorrow.

What are you doing?

I need you out here.

Stop that and tie your hair.

He's done this to me a lot of times.

I don't understand why he's doing this to me.

-We already did a police report on this. -Thank you.

No sleep last night?

Didn't they all come from San Jose?

What if someone...

...didn't want "HDC" to make it to Manila?

Maybe it was political. Or possibly personal.


You want to go to San Jose? I know what you're thinking.

We just need to check all the case files there.

Maybe there's a link between all the missing.

To check the cases in San Jose, you will have to go there.

So, you're planning a trip? Will the municipality pay for your trip?

Do you want to solve this case or not?

Put this in your naive head of yours, Domingo.

It's not about what I want, or what I don't want.

You should accept that there is a process in solving cases--

-Sir, the Chief asked for you. -Alright.


How is everything?

You've been reassigned. These are your case files. Study them.

But, sir... We've made progress on the bus case.

Something sinister is going on...

We believe that the answer is in San Jose.

-Only you do. -Do you have evidence to support that?

The answer lies in San Jose?

How about the missing people? Are they in San Jose... on vacation?

Come back to me when you have evidence.

Right now, that's just an empty bus left in the middle of the road.

You have a new case to solve. Work on that.

A Philippine Eagle is missing from the sanctuary.

The tracker was found removed from the Haribon.

I'm sorry, sir, but...

Are you saying that the bus was simply left on the road?

People have gone missing, sir.

What's your name again?

Domingo, sir.

I'm not downplaying the bus case, Domingo.

You should focus your efforts on the Haribon.

Top men from Manila will handle the bus case.

They'll take care of it.

It's no longer in our hands.

Let's work on these local cases first.

This is important, too.

It's our national animal!

Sir, isn't the water buffalo our national animal?

I have no fucking idea! National animal, national bird...

We can name every national thing all day!

They're all confusing. There's just too many!

I need to hear development on the Haribon case.

Sir, wait...

I haven't heard of anyone taking over the case from Manila?

And, sir... All the passengers are locals--

Not now, Domingo.

Let's just help each other here.

It's not just me who's fucked. It's all of us!

I have a boss too. Not just you guys.

-Sir! -Mendoza.

Muzzle your dog.

-Yes, sir! -And, Mandosa...

You can't make a fool out of me again.

You owe me plenty.


What the hell is wrong with you? What's happened to you?

Are you listening!?

I don't understand why you guys treat the case like that!

And we call ourselves policemen...

One week.

All it takes is one week before you...

-Before what? -Here. Read this.

-And then what? -You heard what Chief said.

A Philippine Eagle is missing in the sanctuary.

Open it.

They only found the tracker.

What tracker?

They tag the eagles to track their movement and numbers.

So a Haribon is missing.

-And we simply need to find it? -That's right.

Those are the kinds of cases we solve here.

We used to have 32 Haribons.

Now, only 30 are left.

One was electrocuted near the cables.

The other one...

Over there!

This is it...

This is where we found it.

Water, sir?

Where's the body?

There's no body.

Only the tracker was left.

Look, there are markings headed that direction.

You know...

The eagles can no longer survive outside the sanctuary.

The forests are vanishing because of timber poachers... illegal loggers and fire starters.

The eagles have nothing left to eat!

Even their prey have disappeared.

They are starving to death.

If not for the sanctuary, they would go extinct.

They no longer show themselves...

It's as if they are always asleep. Seeing one is like seeing a ghost.

They only show themselves to a chosen few.

-Sir! -Yes? Where do these markings lead to?

Over there.

Who lives over there?

Diego and his daughter.

He's the caretaker of the land below.

It's only them now after his wife died in childbirth.

Let's pay them a visit.

Anyone home?

Anyone home?

Good day. Is Diego here?

Someone wants to have a word with him.

He's not here. When is he coming back?

I don't know.

Young girl, shut your dog up!

He does not bite.

Have you sensed or heard anything strange lately?

A loud noise or a gun shot?

Do you know what this is?


Why were you in a hurry when you saw us coming?

I just thought...

Did you see something?

Do you know who this is?

Where did you get that?

What's going on here?

Good day, sir.

We're from the town precinct.

-We just need to ask you a few questions. -Maya, leave us.

Have you heard gunshots these past few days?

I don't recall.

Do you know anything about the missing eagle?

-The one that was electrocuted? -The one that was shot.

Obviously the one that was shot.

That's why we're asking if you heard gunshots.

You're the only ones living near the sanctuary.

Are you sure you haven't heard anything?

I'm just the caretaker here.

News like that never reaches me.

Do you know who this is?

No idea.

-But your daughter was-- -She knows nothing.

Stop that Domingo.

-But, sir-- -We're not here for that.

-He's one of the missing passengers! -Focus your attention here, Domingo.

We're not being paid for that.

Not in front of mister--

Diego, sir.

You're good with animals.

Have you ever been to the sanctuary?


Lots of kids your age go there.

Usually during school trips.

Do you go to school?

Come here, Bala.

Interesting necklace.

Where did you get that?

You told us you're a caretaker...

Do you own a gun? No, I don't.

I don't need one to do my job.

Why don't you come with us to the precinct?

So we can write down your testimony.

And leave my daughter here alone? It's going to get dark soon.

Your daughter is all grown up. She can handle herself.

Come with us, it'll be quick.


First thing in the morning.

I will be there.

Is there anything else I can help you with? I have work to do.


We'll be expecting you tomorrow.

Got me?

We'll be expecting you.


These cops will do anything and blame anyone just to say they're doing their jobs.

Did I do anything wrong?

It's not our fault.

We're not at fault.

Diego is a bad liar.

He's different.

-Different? -When you've been doing this long enough, you will learn to see people differently.

No matter how they may look like.

Everyone is hiding hatred inside of them.

Everyone is a ticking bomb.

And when triggered, we all go mad.

You see this?

This happened between Christmas and New Year.

Young kids would go caroling outside.

One night the doorbell rang as usual, so I opened the gate.

They were just kids, maybe five or six of them.

All of them just kids.

While they sang, I had no idea some of their accomplices were already climbing up the back of our house.

I finally stumbled upon those pesky thieves.

One of the devils jumped me.

And stabbed me here.

A kid stabbed you?

I was jumped and caught off guard.

Weren't you listening?

That's why you shouldn't underestimate anyone.

-Even the younger ones. -What the hell is that?

Who's there?

Hands in the air! Hands in the air!

Get on your knees. Get down now!

Where are you taking the bus?

We're just following orders.

Whose orders?

I have papers here.

It's in my back pocket.

Go get it.

-I'll reach for it. -Go ahead. Hurry.

Give it to me.

What does it say?

What's in it?

Leave them.

They're cleared. This has the Councilor's signature.

-It ends just like that? -Yes, just like that.

Domingo, if it's no longer in your hands... you need to back down.

I just need to find out.

I need to know what they plan to do.

I need to know if they give a damn.

Where are you taking the bus?


To the impound lot, sir.

If you're going through with this, then I'm leaving.

I need to submit the eagle reports to the station.

I'll take care of these guys. We'll see each other at the precinct.

You're on your own.

-Name? -Edgardo.




Where are you taking the bus?

To the impound lot.

After that... what happens to it?

I have no clue.

Maybe we'll bring it back to the Hacienda.


Which Hacienda? There are a lot of them.

Del Carmen.



Is this the office of Hacienda...


I told you he was lying. That fucker was lying.


Diego has a gun. It's even registered here.

That fool thought he could keep it a secret?

-What kind of gun? -It's not even indicated here!

Who handles these registrations anyway?

Everyone knows the people here are incapable and lazy.

But this evidence should be enough to bring him in.

And the necklace of his daughter, we need that too-- Sir! So how's the case going?

The Haribon is probably dead, sir. But we believe we know who is responsible.


Diego... Mariano.

We're planning to bring him in.

Is this the report?

What the fuck?!

What is this?

Didn't I tell you?

This case is out of your hands!


I guarantee that you won't last long here, if you don't get your fucking act together!

Now, arrest the suspect!


I told you to muzzle him!

Didn't I tell you to drop this?

There is a Hacienda in San Jose.

The farmers are fighting for the rights to their land.

Their documents are valid, but no one cares to listen.

Ten of them were headed to Manila to settle their case.

They left around 10 p.m., but then they never made it.


This is the last time I'll tell you this.

Stop what you're doing!

-I just need to know the truth. -Don't be naive.

It's not like you're doing this for their families.

This is just you.

Stop trying to be a fucking martyr!

I'm only doing my job.


This whole thing is bigger than you.

What if you find something you're not supposed to find?

When you face the truth, what then?

What will you do!?



Don't be stupid!

Father, how did you meet mother?

Am I like her?

Does she know how to shoot a gun?

Your mother is brave like you.

Grandma's stories about the spirits...

Was it all true?

I wonder where Mother's spirit is.

You and your mother are the same.

Too many questions about the world.

She dreamt of a better life.

Always looking ahead.

Always moving forward.

Moving forward?

She never wanted to die here.

What about you, father?

What do you dream of?



Are you listening?

Next time... we'll burn your corpses.

You should be careful.


I didn't want to wake you.

Are you okay?

What happened to you?

I saw your plants outside. What happened?



Look at me.

What's happening to you? Are you having trouble at work?

I can't be here.

Don't answer the phone, okay?

Don't go outside!

Avoid the windows.

Maybe it's best if you go to your father's for now.

Tell me what's happening? Why won't you answer me?

Take this, take it!

Don't call me at the station, okay?

-Wait, I don't understand-- -I'll call you, okay?

Just trust me.

I'll come back.

Didn't catch any sleep last night?

What happened to you?

You don't look so well. Are you alright?

Wake yourself up.

We'll be paying Diego a visit.

Take five cups of coffee if you have to.

If there's a problem, we can talk about it.

Come on, you know you can talk to me. Problem with the wife?

Let's drink our problems away.

I need to go to the station.

Right now?

-If I don't go, they will suspect us.

What's happening, father?

I'm coming back.

Wait for me.

Son of a bitch!

Where does Diego think he's going?

What are you up to, Diego? Hold him down, Domingo.

Where are you going?

-Where did you hide the gun? -I lost it a long time ago.

So, you do admit that you own a gun? Answer me. Answer me!

Diego, answer me.

Turn him over.



Look at me, Diego.

Diego, we know the gun is still with you. Did you tell your daughter to hide it?

Did you think we wouldn't come back? Where is the gun?


You're playing dumb? You think you're tough? Is that it?

Come with us. Bring him in!



Where's the gun?

We know you hid it.

Why are you so stubborn?

Diego thinks he's tough.

But everyone talks eventually. We always find a way.

-Everyone in this room has a ring, right? -Why, sir?

Are we going where I think we're going?

I'm being serious here. Give me your rings.

Sir, Carlo doesn't have one, the guy's a bachelor.

And you?

I'll just take this.

Give me your ring.

I can't take this off.

If you don't help, we'll be here until morning.

Do you want to keep your wife waiting?

Give them to me.

I'm in charge. Hand it over. That's an order!

Give them to me.


Diego, where's the gun?

Where's the gun?



Where's the eagle?

Where the fuck is it?

Where did they all go?



Where did they all go?

That's enough!

Stand him up.

Put him in his cell.

Take it easy.

Don't stress yourself.

This is just a job.

Don't forget our rings, champ.

Get some rest.

It's nothing.

It's just blood.


I need you with me always, okay?

Grandma said... growing your hair this long...

means you have to take care of it.

She said long hair was what girls used to attract boys back in the day.

So... if you have no use for it...

might as well cut it off.

I no longer need this.

Did you hear that?

It must be them...

the eagles.

Bala? Bala?




Where did they hide the gun? Look over there.

What are we going to tell Chief?

I don't know. Let me think.

We could... just get another gun.

Damn. I was wrong.

It didn't even take you a week to learn.

There's no gun here.

-How about the girl? -Who?

-His daughter. -Maybe she's with her mother.

Her mother's dead, remember?

Now what?

I told them to tie that mutt.

What should we do?

Diego's not here. His daughter's not here.

No one will take care of it.

You're right.

And the damn thing is not letting us through.


I was going to do it anyway.

Let's bury it.

Let's just do it later.

Diego's daughter isn't here.

We still need to find her.


You got a name?

Don't tell me you're mute like my friend here.

Two mute cellmates?

If you're feeling hungry, just take some from him.

He won't mind.

Am I right?

You know, this could be your lucky night.


Well, shit! He does talk!

Just wait and you'll see...

in the dark.

What time is it?

There's only one left.

They'll shut the power soon.

Are you getting comfortable here?

Or do you want to join us?


Two things will die tonight.

The lights... and one of us here.

What do you mean? Time's running out, old man.

What will it be?

Wake up, you fools!

Stop this!

Are you just gonna stand there?

Shut the fuck up, you animals!

The kid attacked me. He started this mess.

I said shut up!

Hands on the wall! Move!


Hurry up!

On your knees!

Let's go.

Run! Hurry! Let's go, old man.

-Father! -You made it... you're alive.

-Father, what did they do to you? -You're alive...

Run, Maya! Run!

I can't make it, Maya. You have to run.

Into the fields. Hurry!

-But, father... -Please listen! Obey me this once!

I'm not leaving you.

You taught me, remember? I can fight!


Forgive me, Maya.