Birkebeinerne (2016) Script

Are you Inga from Varteig? Yes.

We are Birkebeiner. Is that Haakon Haakonsson?


You must join us. The King commands.

Come. It's okay, Haakon.

Is everything okay with him? Yes.

Hey. We are almost there, then you are completely safe.

That's good.

You live dangerously. She has children with the King, Torstein.

I'm only maKing sure that the kid is fine, Skjervald. The kid.

Now our paths separate, my friend. Are you sure of this?

Yes. I know that the King's son is in good hands.

Can you milk cows?

No, Ylva does that.

If you change your mind, you know where we are.

Well home. Thanks.

Take care of the kid. The kid.

There is never gonna be enough farmer in you, Skjervald

Who is it? It's me, Skjervald.

There you are, finally.

Yes, we had to go all the way to Borg. So...

You should have been here long ago. It took longer than we thought.

This was my last assignment. I promise, Ylva.

You said you were going to finish the house, and the storehouse should be done.

I know. It will be completed.

For next winter?

This summer.

This summer? You promise?

I promise, Ylva.

Not more with Birkebeiner. I'll just be here with you and Eirik.

I promise.

Is he sleeping?

No, you do not sleep.

Look here.

Look there.

And there.


Oh. No.


It's only you who can get close to him, so you must do it.

For God's sake, Gisle, Haakon is my stepson.

He is King, Margrete.

He is so young that he does not understand that the Birkebeiner's is the past.

Baglers win the war, and I will exploit that.

You meet him alone. He trusts you. It's fine.

Think if something... Think about if it doesn't go as we planned?

Of course it will go as planned. Everyone will believe it is Inge.

When he stands first in line to the throne, no one will suspect us.


Soon you will be queen again.


You can not do it.


I heard what he said.

You've never heard anything.

Do you understand what I'm saying? Nothing.

Can you promise me that?

If this gets out, -

We die.

My beloved, beloved daughter. Forgive me. Forgive me.

I have to go back to Sweden, but when we meet again -

I stand as bride in the Nidaros Cathedral and become queen again.

And you... You shall be my... princess.

I know it's a big task. You have a long journey ahead of you.

But Sweden is important and you are the only one who can win their trust.

You have to get them to break with the church and support us in the fight against the Baglers.

My father is watching us, Margrete. Let's make him proud.

Cheers, my friend.

For Norway.

I want to thank you, Margaret.

You stood faithfully by my father's side every day of his life.

I have seen your sorrow since father died, -

And I know you miss him as much as I do.

I have lost all my loved ones.

I have only you and Christina again.

To all your love. Toast.

Goodbye, my son.

Goodbye, Margrete.

Get... get me Inge Baardsson!

Gisle, where is Inge?


In Borg I shared bed with a woman, Inga from Varteig.

She gave birth to my son, Haakon Haakonsson. He will inherit the throne.

Birkebeiners in Eastern Norway leads him north.

Meet them with an army in the Oesterdalen!

We have a traitor among us.

Here in this room.

Widow Queen Margrete poisoned King, but she was not alone.

She was a pawn in a game.

The traitor thinks that Rome has won the battle for Norway.

That he will not have to pay for his sins, but believe me, Birkebeiner...

I'll find him. No one get out. The gate is locked.

So we send an army southward to find the King's son.

No one leaves the royal estate before the traitor is taken.

My brother is under strong pressure.

If not he sees an opportunity to become King himself.

What do you mean?

Inge is quick to accuse us, the King's closest men, -

And his kinsman, his own brother. Gisle and Inge are not royal sons.

But if Sverres heritage dies with Haakon Haakonsson, one of them will inherit the throne.

And Inge is the oldest. It is Inge standing first in line.

Inge Baardsson is the one who has the most to gain from the King's death.

Then he will accuse us faithful Birkebeiner, -

Which has served the Norwegian King's since before he was born.

Not Inge, but Haakon Haakonsson is the rightful heir to the throne of Norway, -

And the boy's life is in danger. If the King's son dies -

We become a puppet state under Denmark. The Pope will rule us.

So... what will you do, Gisle?

Anyone trying to get out, should be locked up. Ravn.

Collect your men and bring the King's son here.

A Birkebeiner from Nidaros.

It is from Earl Gisle.

We have just received news from Nidaros.

King Haakon is dead.

Birkebeiners have lost its unifying force.

The King's time is over. But the church will always remain.

When a man falls, another will take his place.

And he accountable only to God.

We reign Eastern Norway. Western Norway's next.

Soon the church have power throughout the Kingdom of Norway.

But one thing remains.

King Haakon has left a son.

Today an innocent boy.


Our most powerful enemy.

The boy is kept hidden on a farm here in our area.

Whoever finds the King's son shall live in prosperity the rest of his life.

And do not be merciful in your search for the child, -

Thy Lord is forever merciful, but he also requires sacrifice.

Let law and order depart on your way.

And bring me the boy's head.

So, so, Eirik, it's okay.


It's a tough wife you have.

Very strong.

What have you done with Ylva?

Everything is good. All is well.

Ylva? Ylva!

Skjervald, we are here.

There is a boy of royal blood. Where is the boy hidden?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Are you really so indifferent with your family -

You will sacrifice their lives for a dead King?

Get it over with.

Skjervald! No, wait! Wait!

The King's son is in Borg.

He was Borg.

You and Thorstein led him away. I saw you.

Just tell where the boy is, then he lets Ylva and your son live.

The King is dead, Skjervald.

Tell where the boy is.

Okay, I'll show the way. I will join you.

In which direction?



Where river runs into Mjoesa.

I know where. I will show you the way. Damn traitor.

You broke right away.

There is no fight in you.

Your wife did not say a word.

No matter what we did to her.


Get him out.

After him!

Where is the boy?

Is it for me?

Thanks. Thanks.

You, Haakon Haakonsson, now you have to sleep a little.

Are you hungry?

No thanks.


I can take one.

You know, if you give me a little bit, I eat the whole dish.

Can I try it? Yes, yes.

No, no, no. You have to keep it that way.

If a Bagle come towards you, do this.


That's it. Good. Like that. Bulk down the legs.

Down in the legs.

When your father was young, Egil, he was the baddest warrior.

Was he a Birkebeiner? Have you not told about it?

Glory to the Birkebeiners and all that you are fighting for.

But being a farmer and putting food on the table, -

It is the grandest thing a man can do.

Just wait. We'll make a Birkebeiner of your boy.

Trym, you can go.

Your father has experienced a lot of pain, Egil. Many of us have.

But we are free. So keep your eyes open.

I will.

And ears. Yes.

Someone's coming! Torstein, someone comes.

Where? There.



It's Baglers. Get the King's son out of here!

Get people ready and bring Erlend. Now!

Skjervald. What's happened? What's happened?

Ylva. Come.

The horse is ready. Get more food. Yes.

Get the boy away from here.

We together to Auduns farm and we take Oesterdalen.

You go. I am staying here.

Erlend, we are ready to go.

Where did you see the Baglers?

They can be here anytime. Where?

They attacked my farm. How many?

Around 12 men.

Only 12?

They brought with them one of ours. A Birkebeiner.

Staale. Yes, there could be more.

We must get Haakon away from here before it's too late. I'll stay and delay the Baglers.

The boy is safe. We have guards and scouts everywhere.

No, we go north now.

The boy stays.

It is the King's order.

The King is dead.

The Baglers know that Haakon is here.

How the hell do they know that?

I told them that.

We go, but first you will see -

What we do with the who betrays our right.



Our rights and our blood is in all times met with resistance.

Shoulder to shoulder, we have fought and bled for each other.

Gard? But what happened?

Torstein, we go now. Someone has betrayed us.

We... who drink side by side.

Skjervald, you have betrayed the King.


Skjervald is one of us. He has always been.

Show that you are faithful to the King.

Do it, Torstein, and get the King's son out of here.


I... I will not.

Then you become the next.

Here we cut down those who betray us.

You will see what awaits those who betray us!

We will defend our right!

Baglers! Attack!

Run to the sled and get out of here.



Take the fastest route to the Eastern Valleys. I'll take the kid.

No! Betrayer!

Inga, listen! We will take care of him.

You have my word. Come on. Get out!


To the horses!

Baglers! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!

Come on. In here. Here.

Give them a choice.

Fight alongside us or die.

Your word is my law, my lord.

Those of you who will live must fight for church. The choice is yours.

Skjervald! We have shaken them off. Shh. He is asleep.

He sleeps. Is he sleeping?

Help me to get him up on my back.

Good. Come.


Get me out of here.

You can not do this alone.

Not without me.

It seems like you've been wrong about me, Inge.

A long time.

I know it was not you who killed the King.

Because it was I who did it.

You should know...

That King Sverre's line, -

It ends here.

Forgive me, brother.

I have never let you prove yourself.

Everything you wanted to do I have stood in the way of, -

But now it's your turn.

Show what goodness which lies within you.

Save the King's son.

You have never known me, brother.

You do not know who I am.

Do you sleep here, too? No.


Has there been anyone here at night lately?



I saw no one.


I realize that this is very difficult.

But now you have to trust me.

You do not speak with anyone, do nothing.

I am the only one who can protect you now. Do you understand?




How is he?

He's very good. Hi! Hello, good day.

Hello, hello, hello. Hello.

Shall we move on?

We have to get him to Auduns farm before dark.

It's okay. It's okay, Egil.

Is there something wrong with him? What?

He's crying. He's going to freeze to death!

It is going well. Look here.

We have to find shelter! There are some buildings there.



Come on. He's freezing.

Take him out. We are safe here while the storm last.


Look here. Look.

His hands are warm.

It's royal blood.

He's a tough bastard.


Do we have any food?


So, so, so. So, so, so...

Haakon, Haakon. Look here. Look.

Look. Look.

Look here.

Look. Look.

Look here. Look, Haakon. Look.

Look at that. Look.

Gallop gallop galloping. Once upon a time there was a little...

King horse.

No, an ordinary horse. And the horse... wanted to be King.

Haakon. But to become King he had to ride through a mountain of fire.

But it was too hot so every timer he stopped.

But one day...

He found the fire within himself.

And then he rode through the fire. Ouch.

And therefore he has come all the way here to you.


King's horse.

Oh look...

Look here. Haakon. Here you have some water.


Do you want some water?


Right. Good.

Can I get the horse? Look.


Torstein, I have to go.


It's not far to Auduns farm. He will help you further.

Baglers will not expect me in the storm. They do not realize until it's too late.

Will you leave me with the King's son in the middle of the mountains, in a snowstorm?

I do not know up from down with the boy. Torstein, I must do this.

We do this together, dammit!

Norway's future lies there, and it is your fault that we're here.

My fault? Yes, it is.

Ylva said nothing. Nothing. Do you understand that?

Do you understand how strong she must have been?

She fought to the last. And what did I do?


I have to kill him.

You'll have your revenge, Skjervald. It is your right, and it is your duty.

But it does not help the defenseless little boy there.

This is the only thing that proves - that Haakon is our next King.

And now I give it to you.


We will all die, Skjervald. But our legacy lives on.

There are rumors that King Haakon has a son.

The rumors are true.

We have done everything to get the heir to Nidaros.


Winter can be ruthless. We all know that.

And it hurts me having to tell -

That the boy died in a storm in the mountains.

The King's son is dead.

It is with great humility-

That I have accepted the appointment to become the new King of Norway.

In order to ensure the country an heir -

I will marry with King Sverre's daughter Christina.

Together we will make peace in our country.

Those who once were our enemies, will be our friends.

Swords will be laid down, and the battle with the church will be buried for good.

You will see a new Norway.

Torstein. Torstein. The storm has subsided.

Take Haakon.

Torstein! Torstein! They are here.

They've seen us.

So, so, so, so.

Come. You go first.


Take them, dammit!

Skjervald! Watch out!

Torstein! Are you okay? He's alive! So. Come!


There is more of them.

Continue! I'll take them!





Torstein! Torstein! Are you okay? No, dammit!

Give me the kid. No, we must continue!

Come. Come on!


Welcome to the farm. Did you find a child?

Oh, my boy! You're alive!

My baby.

Thanks, Torstein.

So, so. Mommy's here. Torstein!

Torstein! Take him inside. We must get out the arrow.


Calm. Stay calm. Get that bottle there.

No, not that. There is fish oil. The next one.

Take it easy. This I have done before. On reindeer.

Stay here. Stay. Stay.

That... it helps nothing.

If I die, I will kill you. Yes, yes, yes.

Frikk, hold him down.

Are you ready? No!

Calm now.

I'll take it. Never.

Remember what happened last time.

We have to gather an army, Audun. We must get Haakon to Nidaros.

An army? Can not you go and collect an army, Frikk?

The only thing you'll find here are ordinary people.

Hunters, farmers, tenant farmers and a fair maiden or two.

We need warriors, Audun. Send for the King's men.

The King, yes.

Yes, he didn't lasted long.

Fenrir is loose. Rumors says that Nidaros is completely out of control.

No one knows who has the power. It could be us. It could be the Baglers.

Right. Let's get him into the sauna.

I know how you feel.

I have also lost my family.


Can I trust you? Yes.

Go up the mountain there. Up there?

Yes. And then you find a place with great views south.

It's okay. Then you pay attention all the time.

Do not sleep on duty. Do not be afraid. Do you understand that?

If you see someone, you find the quickest way back here.

Lord, heal his wound, and free him from all suffering.

Give him health, and let him resume his task.

You who lives and reigns from everlasting to everlasting. Amen.

You have a visitor.

What is it? I'm afraid.

I can not stand being alone in that room.

Now you get the Chancellor to follow you up the room.

Now I'll look after you.


Come on. Come on.

Gisle! Let me out!

No! Gisle!


Welcome to the farm! Hello.

Welcome to the farm.

We must continue. We must continue. Torstein. Torstein.

Relax. Calm down.

Where's Haakon? He is asleep.


I'm here.

Drink this.


What is it? Fish oil.

You need nourishment, Torstein. Yes, yes, yes.

Then it's your turn.

Can I have some more? You want some more?

Thank you.

What is this? You think people go willingly to war?

So you invited to blot? Yes.

Do they know they are going to war? No.

And it was all you could get? Yes.

This is not working. They do not know that they are going to war.

Shut up!


We have Birkebeiner in the house!

I'm not Birkebeiner.

I'm just like you. I am a poor farmer.

I try to cultivate the rock pile we call land, -

And pray to God that the family will get through the winter.

Birkebeiners are the King's men. But have they met him?

He that hides in Nidaros while Baglers burn down our country.

He who sits on a golden chair, sleeping in a silk bed and sucks his thumb.

We are farmers, not warriors. But we fight for what we love.

For our families. For them to survive.

Baglers killed my wife.

They killed my boy. Eirik.

He was not even two years old.

And for what?

For what?

The King in Nidaros is dead. But Norway has a new King.

And he is here today.

This is the new King. Haakon Haakonsson.

It is he the Baglers is coming to kill.

Help me stop the Baglers -

So we can gather us under this King, -

And send these fuckers back to hell.

Help me. Help us.

Not as farmers , but as this King's men. Genuine Birkebeiner.

Our new King.

Here, Frikk. No, I don't need one.

What? I'll take one of the Baglers.

There is only one road through the valley.

The King's son and Inga have to go first, and they continue through the valley here.

Audun is here, and I'm here.

Here are the archers. Then Torstein leads the Baglers through here.

When they have come far enough, the archers start shooting.

They're coming! What?

There comes an army from the south.

It's the Baglers. All get ready!

Come on! All together!


Where's Haakon? Inga! Haakon is in the sled.

Audun, you know what to do? Yes.

If they come through, the boy dies.

It will be okay. Trust me.

So, so, it's okay, Haakon. Mom is here. Mommy will watch over you.

Quiet now, my dear.

They are coming!



A little further. A little further.

Wait here. Wait here.


Now they are through.


Now we are safe. So, so. Now we are safe.

Now they come. Stay, stay.


Get off the horses! Attack, dammit!


Here. Drink.

Welcome to Ragnarok!

They came through! Stop the horses!

Skjervald, come on!

We'll catch up to them.

What did you say?

Skjervald! Hang on! We are going!

Egil! Calm. We're through. Now it's up to Skjervald.

They came through, dammit! Go! Egil, come on!

It's just loose horses.

Come on, faster!

They are right behind us. Come on!

Come on! Faster, Egil!

Continue! We will stop them.

Skjervald! He came through!


For God's sake, Egil, faster!


Please! He's just a child. Let him go.

Egil! Get up! We must go!



Skjervald. Skjervald.

You did it. You made it.

We will all die.

But our legacy lives on.

That's fine. Away, away.

It's okay. There will be no wedding.

But do not show that you are afraid, Christina.

There are some who have started rebelling and have surrounded Nidaros Cathedral.

So, we will be holding the wedding here at the palace.

We're getting married here. No guests.

Do you know anything about this?

No. Come here.

I know nothing.


I have to talk to Inge.

Let me talk to Inge Baardsson. Now.

Wait! This is Haakon Haakonsson. He is Norway's rightful King.

No! Let me go!

He is the King's son! I swear by the boy's life!

In the absence of your father, King Sverre, -

I give you, Christina Sverresdatter, -

-to Earl Gisle, to honor and to be his wife, to half bed and half property.

Now I know who you are.

It was God's will that you and Skjervald would rescue the King's son.

Therefore I appoint you to Haakon Haakonssons protector.

With Birkebeiners consent I shall guard the throne -

-to Haakon becomes old enough to govern himself.

You shall bring peace to our country.