Birth of the Dragon (2016) Script







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Kung Fu is not a game, gentlemen.

It is not a religion.

It's about who lives and who dies.

You dig?

Now, in the street, you're not gonna have swords or spears.

If it's a brick, we use a brick.

If it's broken glass, we use broken glass.

The idea is to put the other guy away fast.

That is the Wing Chun style.

If you master it... you'll command respect... wherever you go.

Hey, what was that for? (CHUCKLES)

I heard you've been gambling again.

Everybody gambles in Chinatown.

Not my students.

How much you lose this time?

(SIGHS) Not... not much.

How much?

Couple hundred.

You gamble the way you fight, no brains.

When the Chenghu town boys come to collect, you think they're just gonna waltz into your punches?

Probably not.

Yeah, probably not.

All right, everybody, get back to work.







We ran out of film, Bruce.

Again, Frankie? This is the big finish.

I know, we're using short ends.

Okay. Reload, but make it quick.


What was the last ass I kicked?

Uh, gangster number four.

Okay. Steve, Vinnie, you guys reset.

Okay. The rest of you... get back on the ground.

(PANTS) Hey, Sifu, I think you got me in the nuts on that one.

Well, how many times do I have to tell you?

You have to step back when I kick at you.

Yeah, well, I'm not gonna be on camera. DIRECTOR: Roll's out.

It's not about you, dipshit. It's about me.





STUDENTS: One, two...

One, two. One, two. One, two. One, two.


I just wanted to say thank you for letting me be in the movie.

No problem. You're a natural.

You look great getting your ass beat.

Thanks. Can I ask you a question?

How am I doing in class?

You work hard.

You're even beginning to develop your own style.

What kind of style?

A bad one. Come, I'll show you.




It's good for the kune, what about the street?


You think you're tough?

You think you're street?

Come on, show me where your street is!


Relax, Mac. Mac. Mac?

That's what you got to overcome.

Kung Fu is about discipline, about channeling what's in here.

In here, out here.

Now, tell me. Tell you what?

Where's all this anger coming from?

It's nothing. I'm just frustrated, that's all.

Hey, Mac.

Didn't mean to embarrass you in there.

It's fine. I embarrassed myself.

You know, if any one of those punches would've connected, you would've knocked me down.

You must've studied boxing before.


Somebody taught you how to throw a punch.

Your Dad?

You could say that.

You know what I was doing in there?

Getting inside your head.

If you can psych the other guy out, before you even throw the first punch, you already won.

You're good at doing that.


Look, I'm your Sifu, I'm not here to tell you how to live your life.

But I can tell you this... in a fight, a chip on your shoulder is just extra weight.

BRUCE LEE: Hands on the outside.


Looking good though, right?

Not really.

(CHUCKLES) But keep at it.

Now get your stuff, get out of here. I got to start locking up.




Vinnie, Vinnie, Vinnie, my man.

Tony Yu.

Long time no see.

I saw you yesterday.

The Giants lost, again.

You owe Auntie Blossom money.




VINNIE: Get off me!

You don't mess with the Chengu town, Vinnie.




You boys done playing?




Clean your boys up, go back to the north end.

Vinnie will pay you back tomorrow, unless you want to deal with our unfinished business right here and right now.


STEVE: I just hope you learned your lesson. VINNIE: Damn right.

Next time I'm going with the Dodgers.

Vinnie, you're gonna get yourself hurt one of these days.

McKee, China get order ready. You drop off.

Mm-hmm. Sure thing, Miss Wei.

You still don't use chopsticks.

He's a barbarian, Ma.

You the barbarian.

Fight in alley. Get your feet off of my desk.

I love you, Ma.


Wong Jack Man, he's leaving the Shaolin temple.

Really? See, that's a guy who gives Sifu Lee a run for his money.

VINNIE: I don't know, I think Sifu still beats him.

What's it say?

He's on a pilgrimage... to check out Kung Fu in America.

He is? Yeah.

Where's he gonna be?

San Francisco.

Hey. Here.

Twenty busboy uniform, eight dozen napkins.

Mm-hmm. Where are my 60 tablecloth?

Calm down, they're still in the truck.

I need tablecloth now, every table dirty.

Okay. Okay, I got two hands. Give me someone to help.


Thank you, for helping me.

You're new around here, right?

I'm Steve.

Do you speak any English?



That was wrong, I should've, um...


That's still wrong.

That sounds like English.

I'm not supposed to speak to anyone outside the restaurant.

What's your name?

I am Quan Xiulan.



May I have those?

Baseball Digest?

Yeah, sure.

That's how you learned English.

I use what I can get.

Hand me the tablecloth.


Thank you.

VINNIE: That's dangerous, Mac.

You don't want to mess with a Bi Nu girl who belongs to Auntie Blossom.

STEVE: Who's Auntie Blossom?

Auntie Blossom owns the China Gate but her real job is running rackets for the Chengu town triad out of the restaurant, I mean, your girl belongs to them.

At least until she can pay them back for smuggling her into the country.

That's messed up.

Hey, you want some?

What is it? Barbecued seaworms.


Hey, one man's disgusting is another man's delicacy.


Oh, you know what the manager of the Jackson cafe told me?

What? Wong Jack Man is coming in on the Jeremiah O'Brien tomorrow.

How do you know that? 'Cause he's Wong's cousin.

Let's go meet him.

What are you gonna say to him? We're gonna look like idiots.

I don't know. I just want to shake his hand.

You're gonna tell Sifu Lee? Probably not.




Excuse me.

Ni Hao.




Thank you.

Perhaps another time.

I'm... I beg your pardon.

You just asked me to shine your shoes.

Vinnie! Um...

A friend of mine was playing a joke. A joke, do you...

Yes, I understand.

What may I do for you, Mr. McKee?

Master Wong, I just want to welcome you to America.

Did someone send a car for you?

I hardly merit such luxury.

You are Master Wong Jack Man, aren't you, from the Shaolin temple?


Well, can I give you a lift?


Thanks for the lift. Yeah, no problem.

Master Wong, I'm...

I'm just wondering, it would be an honor if you would perhaps give me a lesson one day or...

You do not have a master?

I belong to the kune of Sifu Bruce Lee.

Yes. I have heard of Lee Jun-fan.


If you are a student of Sifu Lee, I doubt there is anything I can teach you.


See you, man. You prick.

I finally meet a living legend and I ask him to shine my shoes?

(LAUGHS) Could have been worse.

Really? How?

I could have taught you to say, "I hear you have a tiny dick."

BRUCE LEE: Hey, wait. Watch your mouth in here.

And what do you mean, you finally met a living legend?

You see me every day.

(CHUCKLING) I'm sorry, Sifu.

I was talking about Wong Jack Man.

What the hell are you talking about? Sifu, mouth!

Shut up, Vinnie! How did you meet him?

I heard he was coming to San Francisco.

And I went to, you know, meet him to shake his hand.

Did he say what he is doing here?

He said he came to observe.

Observe what?

He didn't say, Sifu, but he did tell me he heard of you.

So, the Shaolin sent Wong Jack Man to spy on me.

Why would they do that?

When I was a toadae of Sifu Yip Man in Hong Kong.

Shaolin found out my Grandmother was white.

You know what they did? They made him stop teaching.

So when I come to America, I open up my kune for everybody.

Maybe Shaolin don't forgive me for that.

You really think Master Wong came because you teach whites?

Why else would he be here?


Where they heck did you learn that?

I'm learning it now.

But trust me...

I will get better.

Hey! You're going out the back.

We got reservations, Fung. Dig the threads.

And no joyriding. My mom checks the mileage.

STEVE: Thank you. VINNIE: Thanks.

(SCOFFS) Can't afford this.

Just order some rice.

Yeah, but they charge by the grain.

(SIGHS) I just want to get this message to her.

It's in English.

Yeah, she speaks English.

But she don't read English, give me that.

Don't. What are you doing?

I'm gonna write this in Chinese.

There she is.

Excuse me. Excuse me.


Yes, sir?

Do you think I could get a clean napkin, please?


(SOFTLY) Shut up. Shut up.

Slick. Really slick.


STEVE: That's Auntie Blossom? She doesn't look like a gangster.

She doesn't even look like an aunt.

Well, she shakes down half the shops in Chinatown.

And that scary guy behind her... that's Bobby Chen, her bodyguard.

Nobody messes with that guy.

Do you see those two tree stumps behind me?

STEVE: Mm-hmm.

That's Wai Fu and King Lau, they run collections for her.

Word is Aunt B is gonna raise the street tax again and guess what?

Bruce Lee don't pay, Vinnie Wei don't pay either.

Vinnie, you're no Bruce Lee. Come on, let's go.

I ain't eat nothin' yet.

I can't afford this stuff.

FRANKIE: What's bugging you?

Wong Jack Man.

Just ignore him. I can't, Frankie.

He may be the only person in this world who can tear down everything I've been working so hard to build up.

Has he challenged you?

Not yet.

So it doesn't matter then.

It does matter, Frankie.

A lot of people in Chinatown don't like the fact that I teach whites, that I married one.

And if Wong establishes himself as a top dog here, everything could change for me.

Sooner or later... gonna have to fight him.


You cannot do this. They will see us.

I got you something.

It's an English grammar book.

Thank you.


I was tired this morning.


You were tired this morning.


He was tired this morning.


We were tired this morning.


AUNTIE BLOSSOM: Quan Xiulan, do not speak to any outsiders.

Not as long as you're under my roof.

Please, Furen, when will my service end?

When I say that it ends.


So, if King Lau ever sees you teaching English to other Bi Nu again...




Master Wong!

Mr. McKee.

Where you headed?

I have always wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

Well, hop on.

Really? Yeah, come on.

Thank you.


WONG: It is truly magnificent.

STEVE: Yeah, it's pretty cool.

The bridge is the first thing I saw when I moved here.

You're not from San Francisco?

I'm from Indiana.

What wonders do you have in Indiana?

A big car race in Indianapolis once a year, and corn. Lots and lots of corn.

Do they have Kung Fu there?

I never heard of it until I came here.

Really? Mm-hmm.

Tell me about Sifu Lee.

He has big plans for Kung Fu.

He's making a movie, and he wants to get into TV.

Kung Fu on television?

For what purpose?

To make more people aware of the importance of Kung Fu.

Even in everyday life.


What is the value of Kung Fu to you?

The tougher you are, the more people respect you?

Is that why you took Kung Fu, to be tough?

Stand up for myself.

In northern Shaolin, Kung Fu is about self discipline and self discovery.

For us, Kung Fu does not reside in the fists, it resides in the soul.

Let me give you a lift back into town.


I think I will do my Wang Shu here.

Wang Shu?

Sunset exercises.

Thank you, Mr. McKee.

Thank you.


What's that supposed to be?

I was just warming up.

By turning yourself into a swan?

I never taught you that.

I just sort of picked it up.

From who?

Wong Jack Man.

Wong taught you that?

Sifu, I ran into him and I showed him around town.

Well, you're such good buddies now.

Why don't you do this?

You let him know I want to see him after the tournament, so we can talk, man to man.



Master Wong.

Your cousin at the Jackson cafe told me you were living here.

Come in, Mr. McKee.

Thank you.

I was just about to make tea. Please join me.


Master Wong, Sifu Lee wants to see you.

For what reason?

He thinks you're here because he teaches Kung Fu to Americans.

What do you think, Mr. McKee?

Well, that would explain why you don't want to teach me.

Kung Fu is not just a way of fighting, it is a way of living and thinking.

It was born among the Chinese people... and it belongs to the Chinese people.

What's the problem with sharing it with us?

Do you share your atomic bomb secrets?

Well, Kung Fu isn't an atomic bomb.


It is more powerful.

The bomb comes from the death force.

Kung Fu comes from chi, the life force.

Life is stronger than death.

Master Wong, nothing about you is what I expected.

What did you expect?

I guess, at the boat, I thought you'd be greeted by a whole delegation.

I am a monk.

Not a television star.

Thank you.

But then I heard you were working at the cafe.

Please. Nah.

Thank you.

You seem perturbed, Mr. McKee.

Well, I'm just trying to understand why... why'd you come to San Francisco?

I came to wash dishes.

That doesn't make any sense, it's a terrible job.

It is honest labor and it is necessary.

Yeah, but you're a great Kung Fu master.

What I truly am... is ashamed.


I allowed my pride to overcome my discipline.

I hurt someone badly, someone I respected.

It is a great sin.

Now, I must do penance.

I must humble myself to restore the balance in my soul.

The balance in your soul?

Tell me, what does Sifu Lee teach you?

He teaches us to kick ass.

Kick ass?

To take on a student of such a man, that would be a humbling experience.

Please, let me think about it.

What should I tell Sifu Lee?

Tell him...

I will speak with him.

You see this?

You see this? This is the karate guy...

I'm doing the exhibition with.

A North American champion.

Very big shot.

But I got a little surprise in store for this guy.

The one-inch punch.




By the time I'm done with this karate cat, all his toadae will be standing here with you.

Get up!


Well, hey, Mac. Did you see the crowd outside?

Yeah, a lot of people.

Well, after today, Kung Fu is gonna be big.

Bigger than the hula hoop. Bigger than Coca Cola.

And I'm gonna be the CEO.

I don't doubt that.


you talked to Wong? Yes.

Did he say what he's doing here?

He said he's here to restore the balance to his soul.

How's he gonna do that?

By washing dishes at the Jackson Cafe.

So, the great Wong Jack Man screwed up.

That's what they do, the old heads at the Shaolin.

They make you humble yourself when you screw up.

He says he's gonna be here? Yes.


Then it starts and ends today.

ANNOUNCER: And please welcome.

Wing Chun master, Bruce Lee!


MAN: Come on, Bruce Lee!


How you doing, Vince? I'm good.

How long have been knowing karate?

Twenty-two years.

Almost as long as I've been alive.

Try not to hurt me. All right.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be a contest between Kung Fu and Karate.

Now, Vince here is a world champion.

So, I'm gonna have to ask him not to be so tough on me.




That was just a lucky shot.

I'll go a little bit slower this time.




How about this, Vince?

I tell you when it's coming, so you can show your boys how to block it.


You ready?

Here it comes.

It's coming.


two, three.


That's not working.

How about this, Vince?

Now, you show me what you got.



Ladies and gentlemen, this is the famous Wong Jack Man, master of the Shaolin temple.

He's come all the way to San Francisco to see what I can do.

Well, Master Wong, are you satisfied?


Thank you.

Aren't you gonna share some Shaolin wisdom with us?

I have seen what you can do.

I have also seen what you cannot do.

What is that supposed to mean?

Whatever you choose it to mean.

Don't give me your Shaolin navel-gazing, say what you mean.

Your technique is impressive.

Indeed, it is almost perfect.

But it has one limitation.

Oh, really?



You fight from ambition and pride.

But you do not fight from your soul.

And no matter how great the skill you possess, nothing will make up for that.

You want to show me what you mean.

How do you suggest I do that?

Fight me.

Right here and right now, so everyone can see who has the limits.

No. Thank you.

That is not why I came here.

Then why did you come?

Because your student invited me.

And now, with your permission, I will leave.

I told him to invite you.

I didn't think you'd turn down a challenge in front of all these people.

There's no need to fight.

You have made your limitation clear in front of all these people.

You don't settle things with words, Wong, you settle them with your fists.

You're irrelevant, Wong.

I'm the future, you're the past and you know it.

Why didn't you fight him?

I came here to subdue my pride, not to indulge it.

But you can't walk away from a public challenge.

You must know when it is necessary to fight and when it is not.

And how... how do you know when it's necessary?


When you find something so important, you would give your life for it.

Then you must fight to protect it.

When you have found that, then perhaps, I would teach you.

So this is where you pray?


For my family and my ancestors... that they'll all be safe.

Do you pray? No.

Not even for your family?

I don't have a family.

No one?

Well, my Mom died six months ago... and my Dad's been in prison for... twelve years.

I'm sorry.

So, what do you do for fun?

You know, something for fun?


What would I do for fun?


Come on.

Come on. Come on, come here.


CHILD 1: I got it. CHILD 2: No, I got it.

I got it.

Okay. Yeah, good. Then you watch the ball.

Swing through it just like this. All right, good. Good, good.

Yep. That was good. That was good.


Like that? Yeah.

Okay, I'm gonna toss a couple to you, ready?


Okay, you ready?


Well, too bad. Here it comes.


It's okay, it's your first time ever.


I cannot do this.

Look, just focus. Just watch the ball all the way into the bat.


And keep your feet on the ground when you swing.

Ready? Yes!



Oh, my God.

Is that better?

(LAUGHS) Um...

Yeah, it is. It's amazing.

How do you do that?

This is the pressure point for... that area.


When the ball hit you, your chi...

(INHALES AND EXHALES) was disturbed.

My chi? Yes.

This brings it back into balance.

You will feel better now.

How do you know how to do that?

I studied Chinese medicine at home.

I came here, hoping to learn western medicine at a great university.

It's my dream.


Wait, wait, wait!


You changed, didn't you? Where is the money?






BRUCE LEE: How bad?

He's in bad shape but they said he'll live.

They busted up his Mom's business.


Because he didn't want to pay any boss any street tax.

This is Chenghu town, that was dumb.

He did it because of you, because you don't pay.

Well, that's different, they don't bug me for it.

Why not?

When I was a kid in Hong Kong, I got in fights all the time.

That's why my Dad started me in Kung Fu.

When I was 16, I got in a fight with this bad-ass kid at school.

I beat the crap out of him, I broke his leg.

Turns out he's the son of a Chenghu town boss.

They tried to put a contract on me, so my Dad had to make a deal with them.

Sent me to America.

If they leave me alone, I leave them alone.

Auntie Blossom has these girls at China Gate.

Her Bi Nus they're called. Yeah, I know.

The triads trick 'em into coming to America, they never let 'em go.

I met one of them.

And I don't want that happening to her, can you help me?

You want my advice?

Leave her alone.

STEVE: What do you think I should do?

You should speak about this with your Sifu.

Yeah, Sifu Lee said she's not his problem.

Master Wong, I know this is not your fight.

But, maybe they'll listen to someone like you.

I'm sorry, Mr. McKee.

I told you...

I came to wash dishes.

Yeah, how long you gonna do that?

Until they're all done.

But they're never gonna be done.

Precisely, like your Bi Nu.

My debt will never be repaid.

Every dirty dish reminds me of my sin.

But I must wash them until my soul is clean.

You know, Sifu Lee was right, you are irrelevant.

You're supposed to be some great teacher but all you care about is yourself... and penance.


WONG: Once... in China,

there was a demonstration match between myself... and a Tai Chi master.

I knew I was losing... in front of all the monks.

My pride overcame my discipline.

I used a very lethal kick called the Mong Shan.



I nearly killed him.

He will never fight again.

You were just defending yourself.

It was a demonstration!

Full contact was prohibited.

But I could not bear to be humiliated.

You were just following your style, using your technique.

Technique is a trap.

Style is a prison.

That is what I tried to tell Lee Jun-fan.

Kung Fu is meant to liberate.

If it's meant to liberate, help me liberate Xiulan.

Are you prepared to risk your life to help her?

Show me your attacks.



Attack me.




You are expending a great deal of energy, I'm expending none.

Because you keep moving.

Because I don't want to be hit.

Now, I will stand still, you punch me in the face.

I can't. Why not?

'Cause you're Wong Jack Man, I won't be able to hit you.

Lesson number one:

Know your opponent.

I promise I will not defend myself.

Now, hit me.

No. Why not?

'Cause it won't be fair.

Lesson number two:

Know yourself.

If you know yourself and then you know your opponent, you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles.

In those two principles you have the whole of Kung Fu.

And the rest is just... eternity.



Haven't seen you in a while.

You've been training with Wong.


Are you tired of my method?

Master Wong is helping me with Xiulan.

I'll be back.

A man can't have two masters, Steve.

Good luck.

Good luck with the movie.


We're getting some pretty good buzz on it.

There's even talk about me doing Kung Fu for a new TV show, The Green Hornet.


Master Wong thinks Kung Fu doesn't belong on television.

Of course not.

He wants to keep it bottled up in the monasteries in China.

That's why he doesn't want to fight me.

He says it isn't necessary.

Face it, Mac.

Wong's afraid of me.


Sifu, thank you for everything you taught me.

Don't mention it.

Oh, and Mac, tell Wong... if he ever works up the courage I'll take him on anywhere, anytime.



I told him to Kung Fu no more.

Send him back to school.

He accountant.

Do something useful for a change.


I believe you are friend of Wong Jack Man.

Mr. McKee.

What is it?

Auntie Blossom said if you fight Sifu Lee she'll release Xiulan Quan.


I wish I could help.

Xiulan's being held prisoner.

Look, I know you came here to do your penance.

But she's being punished and she hasn't done anything wrong.

You said you didn't want to be baited into a fight with no purpose, now you have the power to free a completely innocent person.

Isn't that more important than washing dishes?


This is not karate, ladies. This is Kung Fu.

You're not training for the Olympics, you're training for the street.

So what are you gonna do when a badass comes at you in an alley?

ALL: Kick ass. Kick ass.


Master Wong.

So what do you do when a badass comes at you in an alley?

You must ask yourself... why is he doing that.

He's fighting against the world.

He's on the wrong path.

But what you do?

The role of a Sifu is to bring him into harmony with the world... and with himself.

Suppose he's trying to kill you.

Then I suppose... you kick his ass.

But having done that, you offer him the possibility of enlightenment.

If he refuses?

You have failed him.

And yourself.

Have you come to offer me enlightenment?

I have come... to accept your challenge.



I have been given permission to speak with you.

Auntie Blossom is gonna let you go.


I gave her something she wanted.

But what about the other girls?

They're like my sisters now.

BRUCE LEE: Oh, hey, Mac. Come on in.

I figure you're training with Wong full time.

I am.

Well, a teacher doesn't give you the truth, he only points you to a truth that you have to find out for yourself.

If I pointed you to Wong Jack Man, that's okay.

Is he ready for the fight?

I think so.

Well, he better be.

Chinatown made me the heavy favorite, they're like Wong in Hong Kong, but he sets even money.

You gonna bet on the fight?

I don't know yet.

Wong's a saint, I'm the street.

Never bet against the street.

Master Wong wanted me to speak to you about the terms of the fight.

You're his second now?


What does he want?

No kicks to the face or groin, no eye-jabs.

Does he want to play a Strauss Waltz, too?

In return he agrees not to use his kicks.

I finally get it.

He must've used his Mon Shan on some old head at the Shaolin.

No, not at the Shaolin.

At a demonstration against a Tai Chi master.

Did he kill him?


That'll get you washing dishes at the Jackson Cafe.

You tell Wong this... no rules, no holds barred.

No limits, you guys'd kill each other.

Then he'll have to concede before that.

You know, I was thinking San Francisco Civic. Sell tickets, pack the house, press, TV...

You said anywhere, anytime.

Where does he want to fight?

He's been training at a warehouse down by the docks, he wants it up there.

Maybe I'll open a noodle stand, make a few bucks on the side.

No more than a dozen witnesses.

Fair enough.


We'll do it his way.

But you let him know...

I want the results published for the whole world to see.



We're so pleased how you set this all up, Marge.

A promise is a promise.

How about a drink for my Dad?

Of course, please.

The handle in Hong Kong just cracked 12 million.

You did a good job, Margie.

Thank you. What would you like?

I am far from Shaolin... except for that word.

Fight's tomorrow, Master Wong. You should get some sleep.

Whatever happens, your Xiulan will be free.

She doesn't want to leave unless the other Bi Nu are freed as well.

She's a very noble person.

You have chosen well.

But I must tell you, Mr. McKee, I am not fighting for her, or for you, or for myself, Lee Jun-fan was correct.

He is the future.

He will bring Kung Fu to the world.

I can see that now.

He has talent. Great talent.

And ambition.

But what sort of Kung Fu will he bring to the world, an angry thing? A hurtful thing?

A thing to be bought... and sold?


Unless what?


he's willing to be reborn.


You worried?

About tomorrow? Aren't you?

Bruce, just protect yourself.


Wong's the one who better protect himself.



I heard you nearly killed Wang Biao.

You think you can kill me?

I have no desire to do so.

Then you just killed yourself.






Why don't you stand and fight?

Because that is what you want me to do.









These stairs go nowhere.

Like your style.


You've reached the end.

So have you.



Now you begin to exceed your limits.

What limits?






It's over.

Not unless you kill me.






Who won?

Which of you won?



MAN: We're holding $ 15,000,000 in bets and we cannot pay off.

You force one of them to admit he lost.

You got 24 hours.

At least your face is okay.

We can still get you on TV.

It took too long.

But you beat him.

When he had me in a headlock... he could've killed me.

What'd he say to you?

"Do you understand?"

Understand what?



Your soul belongs to others.

You better hope I get my winner.

Or your body will belong to others.


There's no winner.

I know. I'll find the money to help Xiulan buy her way out.

Too late. There's more at stake now.

If you don't get me a winner by midnight tonight...

Quan Xiulan will be sold to one of the houses.




Mr. McKee.

I'm sorry... if I have caused you trouble.

It seems I have caused a great deal of trouble.

I came here in a spirit of humility... in an effort to disappear.

And now... could I have failed more completely?

You won that fight.

It is not that simple.

My intentions was to teach Lee Jun-fan that his attitude is irreverent and his style is inadequate.

If, in defeating him, I drive him further in that direction, then I have lost.

If, in losing to him, I change his direction, then I have won.

Do you understand?

We're not in a monastery in China.

This is America.

And in America we have winners and losers, and right now we need a winner and a loser.

Life is not always that easy.

You know whose life is not gonna be easy?

Xiulan. Let me declare that you won, please.

It would make no difference.

Bruce Lee will never accept that.

Then will you say that you lost?

I cannot.

Not until I know I have won.

What about Xiulan?

That is a matter for you to decide.

Mac, I'm sorry, I just... I don't think there's anything you can do.

I'm gonna go down there and get her out myself.

Just right before lunch, she'll be setting up the dining room...

What happens if those triads guys see you first?

Well, do you have any idea... Yeah, wait a few days, I...

She's not gonna be there in a few days. Steve!

Steve! What?

You're gonna get yourself killed.




I thought you were a dishwasher.

I was promoted.

Why are we at war?

You are at war.

I am not.

Certainly seemed like we were yesterday.

How may I help you?

I just got a call from one of my students, Vinnie Wei, Steve McKee's friend.

McKee's over at the China Gate, taking on the Chenghu town by himself.

Over a girl.

He'll get killed.

Then, he has found something he's willing to die for.

Wong Sifu, whatever went down between us... he's your toadae and he's my toadae.

He's our responsibility.

Meaning what?

Meaning we shouldn't be just standing here.

But you said... it is not your problem.

What has changed?



Hey, who won the fight?

Got an answer, asshole?

Yeah, I got an answer.






You're great advertisement for our training.

(WEAKLY) I'm fine.

Please... just stay here.

No, no, no. No more trouble.


Beat it.

What do you say, Master Wong?

Shall we beat it?













Now we settle unfinished business.

I'll make it quick.







Did I ever show you my one-inch punch, Tony?

One-inch punch?

You must teach me that one.



This is a scene you don't see in the chopsocky.

The one where the Kung Fu cats get their heads blown off.


Hey, guys.


You really need an elevator in this dump.

Where's Xiulan?

She's not here.

Do you think I would leave my trump card lying on the table?

You want the girl, I want a decision.

Now, who won?

If we answer... you will set Quan Xiulan free?

That was the arrangement.

Then I admit that I lost.

Lee Jun-fan is the winner.

Do you accept that?


Are you kidding me?

You release all the girls.

No more Bi Nu in Chinatown.

All right. Deal.

Sonny, put the word out that Bruce Lee is the winner.

And release the girls.


Do you remember me, asshole?

I remember breaking your leg.

So do I.




Was that the Mon Shan?

I don't know, you tell me.




Hey, I got these for you.

You steal 'em from next door?

Two doors down.


What are you so happy about?

Well, I bet a thousand bucks on Sifu and I cleaned up.

Who'd you bet on?

Master Wong. (BOTH LAUGHING)

I told you, never bet against the street.


Take it easy, Mac.

I can imagine how you feel.

Actually I can't, I never had my ass kicked before.

What is it like? It hurts.

But all the girls were let go.

Thank you, both of you.

Hey, I took a grand off of my Mom's bank account to bet on you, and I better put it back before she finds out.

Glad you're not dead.


Do you need anything?

No, I'm good.

But I do have to ask.

Do you really think you won that fight?



Wong showed me...

I had reached a limit of my style.

I was only fighting myself.

He made me realize I had to create a whole new style.

You know how water takes the shape of anything you put it in, but it stays strong and pure?

Now that's gonna be my style.


I was planning on being a star, but I think I'd rather be a legend instead.

Like Wong Jack Man.

Will you be back, Master Wong?

Yes, I think so.

There's much to learn here and perhaps some to teach.

Will you still be here when I return?


I guess we'll have to see how things go.

Mr. McKee... thank you.

Without you, I think I may never have finished washing dishes.

Master Wong, Sifu Lee understood what you wanted to teach him.

So you did win that fight.

Kung Fu must be given to the world.

Bruce Lee will do that.

And if he does not...

I may have to come back and kick his ass again.



Hold on I'm coming.

I'm on my way your lover.

If you get cold Yeah, I will be your cover.

Don't have to worry 'cause I'm here.

No need to suffer, baby 'cause I'm here.

Yeah, just hold on.

I'm coming.

Hold on I'm coming.

Lookie here.

Reach out to me.

For satisfaction Yeah.

Lookie here, baby, that's all she got to do.

Call my name Yeah.

For quick reaction Hey, hey, hey.


Now don't you ever be sad.

Lean on me when the times are bad.

When the day comes and you're in doubt, baby.

In a river of trouble about to drown.

Hold on.

I'm coming.

Hold on.

I'm coming.

Hold on Don't you worry I'm coming Here we come.

Hold on We're about to save you I'm coming Yeah.

Hold on Don't you worry I'm coming