Bitter Melon (2018) Script


[woman] Ersatz

[water splashing]

[oom-pah music]

[phone ringing]

-Hi, Mina. -[Mina] Mom, Lola says, "Don't forget the toilet paper."

It's the only thing I'm buying, why would I forget it?

I'm just telling you what Lola said.

Tell your Lola that I have it and I'm already on the bus.

Can you get me some Green Tea Kit Kats?

[Shelly] I already told you I'm on the bus, Mina.

There's gonna be a lot of sweets tonight.

Tell your Lola not to put any sweets out until I get home.

[Mina] Okay. Dad said to get his cigarettes too.

-Okay, I'll get his cigarettes. -So can you get me the Kit Kats, then?

Yes, Mina, I'll get your Kit Kats.

-Green Tea Kit Kats, okay? -Yes, Mina.

-Thanks, mom. -[Lola] It's Troy's favorite.

Wait a minute. Did you tell your mom?

Yeah, Mom said to put out all the sweets before she gets home.

Are you sure your mom is bringing the mango cake?

[Tiva] Yes, Auntie. My mom is bringing the mango cake.

I saw her making it from scratch.

Scratch? Why? She can buy it from Red Ribbon.

Well, it'll be better than Red Ribbon.

Yeah, okay, because it's Troy's favorite.

Whoa, it's Troy's favorite. So basically, it'll piss Troy off, right?

-[Lola] Tiva. -I don't know how you could even live with Troy.

-I'd be so depressed. -Depression is for white people.

Depression is for white people. Okay, Auntie. I've gotta go. I'm almost at the airport now.

-Tiva's almost at the airport and you're in Denver?

Only for a little while. I'm literally running to catch my connecting flight.

-You could've texted me, Moe. -How was I gonna do that, Declan, huh?

By the time I realized I was late, I was already up in the air.

-You could've messaged, emailed. -I am not paying for Wi-Fi on a plane.

-It's way too expensive. -You are so cheap.

I gotta get off. You're racking up my minutes.

Alright. I'll let everybody know you'll be late, but can you at least text Tiva to let her know?

Fine, I'll text her. Fuckin A, man. Pull the stick out of your ass.

-Excuse me? -You know I didn't mean it like that. I'll call you when I land.

[car honking]

-What's up, cuz? -What up, cuz?


People who hear us will think we're Mexican.

People always think we're Mexican.

Pack of Newports.

-Do you have Green Tea Kit Kats? -Green Tea Kit Kats? What is that? A thing?

It doesn't matter.

Wow, you have been keeping busy.

That's why I spent four months in Mali.

-Wow, Mali, Africa? -No, Molly Ringwald.

-Wow, sobra. -[chuckles]

[voice mail] Just got a text from Moe.

"Fuckin a man. Gonna be a few hours late, sorry."

[chuckles] He's not fucking a man.

He's saying, "Fuckin A, man."

-Julie, I'm not stressed. I just hate my family, you know. -You don't hate your family.

I do and Declan was one person who I thought was on my side.

Just because he wants you to be on time, you think that he's not on your side?

I should shut this down. We're racking up limits.

This isn't about Declan at all, is it?

You think I'm stressed about you?

-Uh, I didn't say you're stressed about me. -You just did.

-No, I said-- -Julie, I heard what you said.

Moe, calm down. Just answer me this, did you tell your family about us yet?

-[Tiva] Oh, no, you didn't. -[Declan] I just feel more at home in New York.

-[Tiva] Not my thing. -Well, you should come visit and experience my New York.

What's so great about your New York?

Well, for one, [chuckles] there's actual black people.

[Tiva] We have black folk in Oakland.

Yeah, but the train stops running after midnight.

-We have better produce here. -But the food choice is better in New York.

-[Tiva] Even Filipino food? -[Declan] It actually has amazing Filipino food.

[Tiva] So what's the number one reason why you love New York?

[Declan] My family is not there.


[doorbell rings]

Tiva, what are you doing? Troy gets pissed if you ring the doorbell more than once.

Who the fuck is ringing the doorbell?

Sorry, we didn't know if anybody was home, uh...

I'm just fucking with you, man, what's up, Dec?

I got the surround sound all calibrated, man.

-It sounds like a movie theatre in here now. -Nice.

Yeah, I'll put on the, uh, Lion Kinglater, you'll see.

-Declan. [laughs] -Hi, mom.

-Merry Christmas, Anak. -Hi, Auntie Tiva.

-Hi, Mina. Where can I put this? -I'll take it.

-Hi, uncle Declan. -Hi, Mina. Gosh, you're getting so tall.

-Look what I made. -Oh, wow, what's that?

-It's an ornament. -Oh, is that you?

-Yeah. -And is that your dad?

-No, that's you. -Oh, I love it, Mina. Uh, what is that?

-It's the birth of Christ. -Oh.

-See? Jesus. -Huh?

Uh, you know, when you were really small, you used to draw a lot of monsters.

-I did? -Yeah, they were scary.

You don't actually believe in monsters, do you?

I like your drawings, Mina. You're a really good drawer.

-Mina, what do you say? -Yeah, Mina, don't be rude. -Thank you.

-What the fuck took you so long? -Hi, Shelly.

Merry Christmas, Declan.

Hey, Dec you're hugging my wife a little passionately, man.

-Beginning to didn't think this whole gay thing's fake. -Yeah, right.

Mom, I asked for Green Tea Kit Kats. This is a Cliff Bar.

What are all the sweets doing out?

[Lola] Oh, Mina told me to put all the sweets out.

I told her don't put it out, not until I get home.

-Okay, I'm just doing what I was told. -It doesn't matter.

I'm home now. I just didn't want Mina eating a bunch of sweets before I got home.

No rest for the weary, Shelly.

-[Mina] Pikachu... -[Tiva] Merry Christmas

-Merry Christmas, Tiva. -[Declan] All I know is Pikachu.

-How are you doing? -Where's Moe?

Uh, he's running late. He's still on the plane.

-What? -He promises to be home, but doesn't make it.

Looks like we know which one of us took after dad.

Uh, anybody heard from dad?

Nobody's heard from him in years. Right, babe?

-[sighs] Dec, you want a beer? Yeah. -Um, sure, why not.

It's a shame. Mina's never met her Lolo.

She doesn't need her Lolo as long as she has her Lola.

-Right, Mina? -Yeah.

-Mm, remember that. -Now why are you putting all the sweets away?

-Huh? -Your mother's deaf.

-What? -Nothing. I'll get it myself.

Hey, Dec, you wanna see my man cave?

Check that shit out, man. Xbox 1, PS4 Pro, we'll play Karate Champlater.

-You have a disk playing. -I probably forgot to turn it off.

[Declan] Oh, straight porn.

You're funny, man. Who calls it straight porn?

[Declan] Damn, that's a barbecue.

When the whole family comes over, I don't want them anywhere near this thing.

Ah, why not?

Because I don't like bitches all up on my grill. [laughs]

[Troy] This is where you'll be sleeping.

[Declan] Oh, I'm not sleeping in my room?

-No, we gave that to Mina. -Oh, she has her own room now?

-She's not a baby anymore, Dec. -Karaoke?

Shelly actually asked me why I bought that. She keeps forgetting.

-Forgetting what? -Don't tell me you forgot?

Um, man, I-I think I know what you're talking about, but I'm not sure.

-That I was gonna be a part of Kai? -Kai?

-Yeah. -The Boy Band?

-See? You remember. -Yeah.

I can't wait to finish city college so I can transfer.

-Transfer? -Yeah, I wanna transfer SF State.

Hey, Shelly, can we turn the TV down a little bit?

You have to ask Troy if that's okay.

-I have to ask Troy if it's okay to turn the TV down? -Here's your beer.

-Mom, what time is everybody getting here? -Six.

Okay, cool, that gives me some time. I'm gonna smoke.

-Shelly, you got my smokes? -Yeah, they're on the table.

-Hey, Troy, can I turn the TV down a little bit? -What for?

You got matches?

Oh, I thought you had your lighter.

-You know my lighter died. -Oh, I-- I thought you had your lighter.

So, did you or did you not get matches?

No, sorry, babe.

-Oh, what about the thing for barbecue? -What?

That thing for barbecue.

I heard you. You're just saying the same thing twice.

Yeah, the barbecue thing.

You mean the lighter? Yeah, I'm gonna have to use that now.

Troy, I actually have to go to the store. Do you want me to get you a lighter?

Dude, hold on. I can hardly hear you.

I said I'm heading down to the store anyway. You want me to get you a lighter?

No, man. Just relax, finish your beer. What do you need at the store?

I have to get some gin for the cocktails I'm making tonight.

-What? You don't think we got gin? -Oh, you have gin?

Dude, we have everything. This is a Santos house, man.

You think we're not gonna be fully stocked? [laughs]

Shelly, show Dec the booze.

Shelly, you're always forgetting something.

[glasses clanking]

[festive music]

-Who wants mango cake? -Ooh-wee. You brought my favorite.

-Hi, Troy. -Auntie Divi, I heard you made this cake for me.

Well, I made it, yeah.

Shelly, get over here.

Look at that. Looks even better than Red Ribbon.

-Of course it does. -Is that the mango cake?

-Declan, oh, my goodness. -Been a while, right? -Oh, cool.

-How's New York? -It's good.

Declan came back from New York to judge us.

Merry Christmas, Uncle Boy.

[festive music]

That's a huge grill.

Yeah, I haven't seen a grill that big since Madonna's mom.

[chuckles] Why doesn't Troy barbecue if he's so proud of it?

I think tonight's his night to prove that he's a real singer.

Oh, yeah. Wasn't he supposed to join Jodeci or some shit?

-Kai. -Kai?

He says he was supposed to be a part of Kai?

You know how many people in San Francisco actually know Kai?

Yeah, but don't burst his bubble.

He'll probably bash your head in.

Is that what happened at his last job?

No one knows what happened at his last job.

All I know is he called his mom to pick him up saying he quit, but when she got there, -she said two security guards were escorting him out. -Lovely.

-I can't imagine what it's like living with him. -I can't either.

Blocked it from my mind.

But didn't he actually bash some guys head in, though?

-That was the job before that. -Jesus.

Yeah, he went to jail for a while for that.

There you are.

-What are you guys doing? -Smoking.

-Yeah, you want some? -No, I got my own.

-Oh, this is the good stuff. -Oh, I see what you're smoking.

It's not meat.



Shelly, does Troy hit you?

Oh, my god. What a question?

Yeah, well, it's a real question.

Hi, Shelly. Merry Christmas.

Can I have a beer? Does Troy hit you?

Thank you.

-Ah, very nice. -I'll be right back.

Let me get another beer.

Troy, why don't you sing one of the Kai songs?

I know right. I wish they had karaoke tracks of Kai.

Well, didn't you audition for them?

-Didn't you audition with one of their songs? -Ahem.

-You want to see the audition tape? -Oh, uh.

Babe, get everyone to check out my audition tape.

Okay, babe. I should get back to Troy.

Wait, Shelly. I volunteer at this place called Alway.

If you have time tomorrow, can we chat?


-Shh, it's starting. -Looks like VHS.

Shut up.

Hi. My name is Troy Santos.

Slide right, slide left.

♪ Goodbye, Saturday morning. Morning ♪

♪ The one day, I could stretch forever ♪

♪ Up until Monday morning Morning Saturday morning ♪ Nice, Troy. Good video.

Sit down. It's not done yet.

[continues singing]

[in Spanish] What's happening?

-Moe, Anak. -Mom. -Hi.

-Kinda late, man. -Kinda late, man. -Where's Julie?

-Oh, it's just me. Julie couldn't make it. -Why not?

-Hey, good to see you. -Hi, Moe.

-What's up, Moe? -Good to see you.


Why not, Moe?

Here, bro.

[Christmas music]

-Oh, what is this? -It's a digital keychain.

I asked everyone to email me pictures of themselves.

So now, you can carry them with you everywhere you go.

-Merry Christmas to Inang. -Merry Christmas.

-Merry Christmas, Inang. -You all look fat.


It's because of the camera. It just makes us look fat, Inang.

No, it's you're fat that make you look fat.


Okay, you speak English. My English enough.

[clears throat] We just want to say how contented we are of our togetherness in the day of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

And it heartens me to the arrival of Moe and Declan visiting from the East Coast of the United States of America.

Talking to you, Inang, via the Internet with the help of this new technology called Skype.

So that we can be all together again with the veritable cornucopia of, uh, food.

-Especially mango cake. [laughs] -Hold on, Troy.

Let someone else do the talking for a moment.

And we are blessed of these wonderful blessings bestowed upon us.

With that, we'll just segue to this.

[somber music]


The trick is to have self-control and to know how far your arms extend.

See my arms?

Okay, we have to go.

-Thank you, Manang. -Okay.

-Come on, we're going to be late. -Where's Aria?

Be careful, honey.

What? There's no danger.

You underestimate my precision.

-Do something. -What do you want me to do?

-Boy, please. -She likes it.

[making kung-fu noises]

-Troy. -Oh, so sweet.




[sound of hot fire]

Look, Auntie Divi left her casserole dish.

Oh, that's her veggie dish.

I think it's supposed to taste like meat.

-Where are the boys? -They left the mess for us girls to clean.

-Let me get one of those. -Yeah, sure.

So, how's it going man?

Where are you working at now?

-No job? -I'm in between.

Still got that wind chime, huh?

Of course.

It doesn't sound the same like it did when we were kids.

One of the, uh, ahem...

One of the, uh, chimes doesn't, uh, ring anymore.

That sound would drive me crazy.

Like someone ringing the doorbell over and over again.

[fog horn]

There's a fog horn.

-Cold, huh? -Yeah.

You don't know cold till you've been shoving snow off your stoop in Philadelphia.

Declan probably has to deal with that shit all the time in New York.

It sounds like hell.

-It can be, man. -So why did you guys leave then?

Seriously? You mean instead of staying here?

-Yeah. -Shit, you're serious.

No, I'm not serious.

-You heard from dad? -You're getting all serious, man.

-Pft, it's Christmas. I'm just asking. -You're just drunk.

-Christmas always makes me think of dad. -Yeah, me too.

Reminds me of that one Christmas where dad kicked me out of the house.

Or about the time he took me and slammed my head into the stone fireplace over and over again.

Yeah, I don't remember that.

But it did happen.

No, I'm sure it did. It's just--

-I'm going to sleep, man. -Yeah.

-Coming in? -Yeah, I'm just going to finish my smoke.

[ominous music]

-[Shelly] Did you get drunk last night? -[Tiva] No, not really.

I just had a couple of drinks, but that's about it.

-Troy got drunk. -Yeah, I saw.

I guess that's why we're here talking, right?

To talk about Troy?

This is hard.

I guess to answer your question from last night.

Yeah, yeah, he hits me.

One time I filed a temporary restraining order against him.

-What happened? -He came back. He just made sure that we kept the blinds closed

-so the police wouldn't see him there. -Huh, what?

Yeah, it's like nothing ever happened. He just acted like we were all on his side.

-What did Auntie Prisca do? -She just took him back in.

Didn't even ask how I felt about it.

Shelly, I can take you to Alway.

They help women like you. You do know you have options, right?

Does he hit Mina?

I don't know.

If you need a place to stay, you can stay with me, or if Mina needs a place to stay

or if you decide that you want to stay with Troy, I'll respect that too.

-You will? -Yes.

-Really? -Of course.

Because when I filed a temporary restraining order against him no one seemed to respect me, like I'd done something against family or something.

Prisca would ask me how I was doing physically, but she just kept talking about how worried she was about Troy.

Your mom wouldn't even talk to her about it.

-My mom's the "no drama" kind of woman. -Her own sister?

I didn't know. I'm sorry.

And then when it would come up, it was this annoyance like I was some whiny bitch with thin skin and you know what?

They convinced me that I was and nothing was the same for me.

Like I had done something wrong and everybody wanted me to know it.

You didn't do anything wrong.

So when he came back, everybody acted like it was normal.

"Hey, Troy. How's the going, Troy? Have you eaten, Troy?"

The only person I could talk to about it was my daughter and she didn't even know what was going on. So you want to respect me?

When I turn Troy in to the police and he comes back and kills me, will your respect-save me?

What good will your respectdo me?

What good is anything in this fucked up world?

Here's your casserole dish. I tried to wash it, but it just crusted up all over.

You just have to let it soak overnight in hot water.

This isn't even mine.

-Has anybody heard from dad at all? -No.

Any ideas where he might be?

Most likely in the Philippines, gambling.

Ugh, dad made his bet I guess.

-Slow down, Declan, my knees. -What's happening with your knees?

Mom, what's going on with your knees?

I heard you. My hearing is fine.

-Okay, so what's wrong with your knees? -Oh, where's the bitter melon.

Oh, mom.

I know, it's the end of the season, but it might still be good.

-Bitter melon is never good. -I need it for my high blood pressure.

Besides, you should probably go to an Asian market for bitter melon.

-This farmer's market got pretty gentrified. -What word is that, Declan?

-What? Gentrified? -Yes, your Auntie Divi uses that on Facebook.


Okay, gentrification is when you try to turn an old neighborhood into a new neighborhood by bringing in newer people with more money.

-Like here in The Mission. -Exactly.

The Filipinos really gentrified The Mission.

What? No, no, no. You're not getting it.

No, because when your Lolo and Lola first moved here, it was an Irish neighborhood.

Your Lola had a coworker, Irish woman and she always said, "This is not The Mission anymore."

And now she's dead.


Boom bitch. Sent your immigrant ass back to where it came from.

-[laughs] -All right, all right.

Let me pick a different character.

Yeah, pick a real character, not some fake ass bitch.

Damn, dude. Oh, hold up.

What's happening, hot stuff?

[laughs] Sweet, see you at 7:00. Late.

-Who was that? -That was Marcus. -Oh.

Yeah, I haven't see the guys in at least 10 years. We're going out tonight.

I was gonna barbecue tonight. I got the meat marinating.

Shit, I didn't know you were barbecuing.

Just bring the guys over. I got plenty of meat for everybody. [laughs]

Yeah, let me see what their plans are.

-Call him. -What?

-Call Marcus. -Oh, um, he's busy.

-I'll call him later. -All right, text him.

Dude, don't be weird. [laughs]

I'm gonna hang out with the guys and I'll see if we can come back here later.

All right?

Who's ready for barbecue?

I've been meaning to tell you, I'm not going to be here, Mom.

-Where are you going? -Out with friends.

But Troy is going to barbecue.

Mom, I love you, but when I come to San Francisco, I'm not just visiting family.

Hmpf. Well, you're here for dinner, Dec?

I'm going out with friends, too.

-Friends? -Yeah.

I thought you said you didn't have any friends left in San Francisco, Dec.

That's why you left.

-No, I have friends here, still. -Who?

You don't know them.

Fine, make your own fucking dinners then.

And get the fuck out of my life.

Hey, Shelly. It's Tiva.

Look, I'm really sorry about earlier today.

I intended to offer you support and instead I said something that pissed you off and I'm so sorry about that.

I really hope you know that was not my intention at all and I would never force you to do anything that you wouldn't wanna do.

All I want you to know is that I'm a safe space, okay?

So, uh, I really don't know how to end these messages.

That wasn't my mom's casserole dish.

I'll talk to you later.

[clock ticking]

This place is nice.

Yeah, it's pretty nice, huh? Homey.

Homey, yeah.

I mean the dark wood is a little oppressive, but--

I have to say, I was pretty surprised to hear from you.

I mean, I thought you pretty much cut off all ties with everyone.

Yeah, I don't know, I just felt like it's Christmas, you know?

I wanted to see people.

-Hey, you guys. -Here's Johnny.

-It's showtime. -Just get in the car, man.

Oh, man. I wanted to do my Scar Face quote.

What? "Say hello to my little friend"? That doesn't even fit in here.

-What up, ninja? -Lisa.

Oh, shit. Is that Troy?

-[Lisa] Oh, that's some horror movie shit. -Fuck.

He's been calling me nonstop and wants to hang out and shit.

So, have you guys been hanging out?


-So, are you still like that? -Like what?

-Self-hating. -I was never self-hating.

You hate effeminate men.

First of all, that is a flat out lie. Second, I dated you, didn't I?

Yeah, until you didn't.

I love effeminate men.

It's not the femininity that I hate, it's this kind of adopted persona that comes with gay pride. You know?

-No, educate me. Fill me with your wisdom. -See, that right there.

If anybody has a differing opinion, you make it sound like that person is an erudite snob.

An erudite snob?

-Yeah, I'm still there. -Still there? -Yeah.

Dude, how can you afford to be living in the same neighborhood if you have no job?

-Well, I mean I live with my parents. -Cool.

-So Declan's gay, huh? -Yeah, crazy, huh?

-Uh, is he all faggy now? -No, he's the same old Declan.

-Can I call him "Dicklan" now? [laughter] -Humor.

Yo, Moe. Tell Lisa about that video we did about how to talk with a Filipino accent.

-Oh, shit. That's rad. -I probably still have that.

What? Dude, you need to upload it.

Seriously, that shit could go viral.

Moe, do you still have that video we took of Benjie pissing on the electric fence?

Oh, god. I had criminal taste in men.

Fuck yeah, you did.

Moe, I hope you don't have any videos of that.

You know? Actually, I do.


I saved all that shit.

You have to send those to us. That was some funny shit, man.

Yeah, Benjie was like fucking crying like a little girl.

No offense. [laughs]

What? I'm not offended. I'm not a little girl.


All I'm saying is that when I worked in The Castro, I met a ton of effeminate men who were sweet, compassionate, lovely, sexy people, and then years down the road, they become catty, mean, misogynous, racist, you know.

Okay, I hear you. So, look, the gay community may not be perfect, but it's all we have.

I mean, all I've ever wanted my entire life is to belong and when I moved to San Francisco, I felt like I did.

Okay, and all I'm saying is that as a native San Franciscan, I never experienced racism until I came out of the closet. So there's that.

For all the talk of equality and getting rid of hate speech and eradicating stereotypes, the gay community has an awesome way of making people of color feel like they're second class citizens.

And if anyone tries to call out their racism, "Girl, relax. It's a fucking joke."

Okay, and are you saying none of that exists in New York?

I don't know.

-Fundamental differences. -What are you saying?

-Isn't that what you said when you dumped me? -I did not say that.

-Yeah, you did. -I wouldn't.

I mean it sounds like something I would say, but--

Okay, well, I may not be quoting you verbatim or whatever, but you pretty much made that sentiment clear.

Why is it so hard for you to accept the fact that not everybody thinks or lives like you do?

-That's a fair question. -I need to find the bathroom.

-I'm sorry. -Can't you just be normal?


[theatrical music]

[phone vibrates]

[Lisa] So, how the fuck are you, Moe?

[Moe] Kinda good. I mean, good.

Yeah. Philly, right?

Yeah, Philly. Lived there for almost, uh, 10 years.

-Married? -Yeah. Yeah, I'm married.

Mm, not me.

I can't even imagine being married. That's some adulting right there.

Lisa, you do know that I've been drug free for over 10 years, right?

I'm not ready to act my age yet. Do you act your age?


You know what? I don't know.

I mean it's like I turned 25 and-- and then I had a birthday party and everyone's all like, "Surprise, you're 40."

-I look at my mom and then... You know she's retiring soon? -Mm hmm.

My mom comes to Philly once a year to visit, right?

I'll probably see my mom 10 more times.

That's sobering.

And I just wanna look back at all the things I have in my life and see all this adds up, but I can't.

You know? Not yet.

Then, when? When will it all add up?

That's just it. I don't know.


Okay, so, Moe, you know I love you

-and I've always been one of the guys, right? -Mm hmm.

It's a thing. Like I'm a thing.

I'm one of those women that's always been one of the guys and has trouble making female friends, so I understand men.

Like, I do, but I have to say, what you're going through right now is some male shit.

Seriously, I'm not one to call myself feminist, like, but I gotta be honest.

I've had so many of my male friends tell me how they don't know where the time went, what they've done with their lives, how their kids got so big without them knowing and I'm always like, what have you done with your lives?

Well, your mom who you've been living with, she knows. Ask her.

What have you done with your life? Ask your wife, she's been there at your side.

How did your kids get so big without you knowing?

I'll tell you how, their mother raised them. See?

Women don't go through this kind of mid-life crisis because they're too fucking busy

-getting shit done. -Hmm.

Men feel like there's this legacy they have to leave behind as if the future gives a shit about Marcus and Lionel over there.

Do you know how many civilizations have had their whole history swept away by some cataclysm?

I wonder how many men thought that their recorded histories were so damn important that they needed to preserve them.

You think those videos you uploaded from your camera are safe?

Your computer isn't safe. Your hard drive isn't safe.

The Cloud isn't safe.

And you think everything is forever.

It's not.

All we have is now.

All we have is us.

And until we get wiped away as a civilization and all our records and proof of existence are obliterated, all we have left are the men who fear not leaving a mark in this world and the women who actually run it.

Of course, that's not my style.

I'm just one of the guys.

[clock ticking]

-Matias? -Yeah, Declan?

-That's me. -Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.




[phone vibrates]

-Hey, Tiva. What's up? -Hey, I got Moe in my car.

We're thinking of getting a drink. What are you up to?

-Fucking a man. -That's stupid.

Whatever, I'm coming to get you.

[TV sport commentator]

Troy, are you going to eat more? I'm going to put the food in the fridge.

Yeah, leave it out. I'm gonna have more after this.

Okay, I'll just cover it.

Don't forget to leave enough leftovers for Moe and Declan.

-Fuck them. -I'm going to sleep.

You know, we let them stay here for Christmas and they don't even have the decency to consider us when they make plans.

-Good night, Anak. -They don't care about family.

To family!

-I can't believe we're all here. -You mean in a sports bar?

[crowd cheering]

That too, but I mean us, in San Francisco.

Then you guys leave.

-I know. -We're not leaving until Tuesday morning.

-What are your plans until then? -Honestly, nothing.

-Yeah, me neither. -Okay, let's do something.

-Yes, let's do something. -Like what?

Whatever you guys want.

I wanna take a trip down memory lane.

You know, Anna's Danish Cookies.

Moe, that place has been closed forever.

-What? -What?

-G-O-D. -Damn.

Well, there must be some other cookies around there.

Oh hell, yeah. I'll take you to some places you haven't been.

We could go for pupusas at that Colombian place.

Oh, at [indistinct].

-Yeah. -Yeah. -Closed.

-What? -What? -Yup.

Well, let's take Moe to that place we used to go for food and drinks down at Embarcadero.

Oh, you mean that waterfront place you guys used to love?

Oh yeah, Sinbad's.

-Yeah. -Yeah.


-What? -What?

[video game sounds]

[Troy muffled] What the fuck?

[door slamming]

-What? -What?

I'm serious. You guys have been gone a long time.

-Man, look at all those cranes. -I know, what's up with that?

It's a city. They're building it.

I like it. It kinda looks like New York.

You would say that, Mr. New York.

That's not even clever, Mr. Not clever.


Hey, hey, have you guys ever, uh, had Filipino cocktails?

Yeah, there's a place in Manhattan that makes a cocktail with Tang.

-Oh, you mean Tang? -Yeah, Tang.

What do they call that, Tang Ina?


It's stupid. [laughter]

It's stupid. [laughs]

-You know what we're gonna do? -What?

We're gonna have, uh, Filipino food.

We're gonna go to Pampalasafor Kamayan.

-What? -What is that?


-[Shelly] What are you doing? -Just listening to some music.

-It's dark in here. -Leave the light off.

-Why? -Remember how this used to be our song?

-It still is our song, right? -It was our first slow dance.

-I'm gonna put the groceries away. -What-- what did you do today?

Well, I went to work to see if I could get extra hours, and then I went shopping.

-For what? -For these, the groceries.

So you stopped by work? Did you get the extra hours?

No, they went to someone else.

So that couldn't have taken more than 30 minutes, right?

-Well... -It didn't.

And then you went grocery shopping and you're only coming home now.

-Yeah. -And what time did you leave this morning?

I don't remember.

Where was the first place you went this morning?

-I don't remember. -Are you sure?


[muffled voices]


-[Shelly cries] -[Troy] What the fuck?

-Mom! -Mina, close that fucking door.

I swear to God. What the fuck would you do without me?

-What are you doing? -Shh. Stay here, Anak.

-You'll be safe here. Shh. -Call the police.

-[Troy] What the fuck are you gonna do without me, huh? -[Shelly cries]

-What the fuck are you gonna do without me? -Troy, easy, man.

-Fuck you, Moe. -That's enough.

-You hittin' Shelly, man? -Mind your own business, Moe.

-[Shelly cries] -Shelly, are you okay?

Shelly, do you need a hospital?

-I can call Tiva and have her come right back. -No, no.

Seriously, she's probably just around the corner.

-I can have her come back. -Don't call her.

-Mom. -Shh, it's all right, Mina.

Want me to get you a hotel? Shelly, I can do it right now.

It's fine, Declan. Thank you.

Shelly, you can stay in my room tonight. I'll sleep on the couch.

Why didn't you just call the police?

Mina, do you really want to lose your father?

Think of what you're asking for.

Shelly, I won't call Tiva, but we can take the car if you want to go to the hospital.

-It's fine, Moe, thank you. -Mom, you need ice for your lip.

I'm fine, Mina.

-Come on. Come on, take my room. -Thank you, ma.

Mom, can I sleep in your room? I don't wanna be alone tonight.

Of course, you can, sweetie.


-You guys, go to sleep now. -What's going to happen now?

You're going to sleep now. That's what's going to happen.

Come on.

-All right. -Yeah, let's go to bed.

-Mom, are you all right? -I'm fine.

I just need to sleep. I'll see you in the morning.

Mom, why don't you sleep in my room? I'll take the couch.

No, no, no. I'm okay, Anak.

Come on, why don't you get situated?

Yeah, okay. Night, mom.

-Night, mom. -Good night, guys.

[somber music]


[birds chirping]


I seriously didn't even know what she was asking.

Alway, what a lame name. Can I buy an S?

-[laughing] -Totally, totally.

Good morning.

Fuckin' bitch, man. Check this shit out.

Tiva forced Shelly to talk to her yesterday about "domestic abuse".


Tiva and her mom are so nosy.

Always trying to save the world and shit. Save the rainforest.

"That goes in recycling. Don't hit women."


So you guys are cool now?

I don't know. Are we cool, babe?

-Yeah, we're cool. -Just like that, huh?

No, not just like that. We had awesome make up sex.

-Pig. [laughs] -Pig?

-Ow, careful. -What about Tiva?

She's just meddling in other people's business just like her mom.

Fuckin' bitch made me hurt Shelly.

Don't worry, though. She's getting what's coming to her.

If I ever see her in the street, she's dead.

Like I always say, I may have two strikes against me, but if I'm gonna break the law for my third strike, I'm gonna make it count.

Okay, guys. I'm going to McDonald's to get breakfast.

Stop it. [laughing]

-Moe, what do you want? -Whatever.

[somber music]

-[Declan] Mom? -What?

Why do you keep Troy in the house?

What do you mean?

I mean, if he's so bad, why do you keep him in the house?

Believe me, Declan. If it weren't for Mina, I would have kicked him out of the house.

Oh, really?

Don't give me that, "Oh really?" Of course, I would.

And why would you kick him out of the house?

Because he's mean. He's violent and he scares everybody.

But Mina's stopping you from kicking him out?

No, she's not stopping me, but she needs a dad.

I didn't have a dad and look at how well I turned out.

-And I feel so guilty. -About what?

-Guilty about what, mom? -I don't know.

Stop asking. [sighs]

-Does anybody like him? -No, everybody's scared of him.

-Even his own daughter. -Yeah.

You don't like him either.

Declan, why do you keep on asking all of these things?

Mom, you can love someone and not like them.

Yeah, okay. I don't like your brother.

Is there anything Troy can do to make people's lives better?

No. He makes everybody's life worse.

So, as he makes everyone's life worse and nobody will miss him, and the world would be a better place without him.

Why don't we kill Troy?

[laughs] Declan, that's sick.

How would we do it?


It's just really intense around here, Julie. I haven't had time to bring it up.

What happened?

Julie, look, I'll tell you when I get back.

I'm always scared somebody can hear me.

Okay. How are you holding up?

Julie, you ever think that everyone ends up just like their parents?

I don't know.

[wind chimes sounding]

What's that sound? -What sound?

-Are you smoking? -No.

-It sounds like you're smoking. -No, it's just me breathing.

Okay. Well, do what you gotta do.

-But let them know? -Yeah.

-At least tell your mom. -I will.

Okay. I have to go.

Okay. Hey Julie?

-Yeah? -I love you.

I love you, too, Moe.

[wind chimes sounding]

[tense music]

Oh, holy shit. It smells like McDonald's in here.

-Is that a bad thing? -Uh, hell no.

♪ One day for me

♪ Another day for you is Enough for us to go on now ♪

-[Prisca] They can really sing. -[Troy] I should go on this show.

You know what I'm saying? Half of these motherfuckers can't even sing.

I know. What about that one guy?

He looks Filipino but he's black. Oh, he sings beautifully.

I just said people on the show can't sing.

Now you're saying someone on the show can sing beautifully?

Are you even a part of this conversation? Clean your fucking ears.

I think his name is Lorenzo. He even has a Filipino sounding name.

I can't hear it.

-[Tiva] Hello? -Oh, shit.

-I thought you told her? -I thought you were gonna tell her.

That's why I give you this look like this.

How am I supposed to know what that means?

So, you automatically assume I meant I got this?

Hi, I came to get my mom's casserole dish.

You got some nerve coming up in here unannounced like you live here.

-I have keys. -Don't fucking give me that attitude.

What's going on?

You're a fucking bitch. That's what's going on.

I'm just gonna leave this dish here. You can keep my mom's dish.

Where the fuck do you think you're going? I ain't done with you.

No, I ain't even started. Not by a damn sight.

[glass breaking]

-Why did you do that? -Fuck.

Why did you do that for?

-Stay back, Troy. -Oh, you're gonna hurt me?

You're gonna hurt me, is that it?

Come on. Bring it. Hurt me.

Is this part of that whole cycle of violence you keep going on about?

What are you gonna do? End it? Show me how you're gonna end it. Show me, Declan.

Do it. Do it!

Plastic? Dude, you are so fucking cheap.

I wasn't gonna buy a real nunchucks.

Have you met Troy?

Moe did.

You little shit. You think you could take me on?

You come into my house, you talk to me that way?

Stop it!

[fighting noises]

-Calm down! -It's all right. It's all right, Mina.

Mommy, I don't wanna be here. I don't wanna be here.

It's okay, Mina. I'm gonna take you to Madison's house.

I don't know if Madison's home or not.

It's okay. Let's go.

-Daddy? -[indistinct]


Wake the fuck up.

[wind chimes sounding]

-[Troy] What the fuck are you doing? -I want to talk to you, Troy.

What the fuck did you do to my bench?

[Declan] We want to talk to you, but you never make it easy.

[Troy] What the fuck are you doing to me?

So now you can't hurt us.

-We want to ask you a few questions. -Where's Mina?

I took her to Madison's. Her parents are letting her spend the night.

-What'd you tell them? -I told them you got violent in the house again.

Again? You talk about me with Madison's parents?

Yeah. Yeah.

I talk to everybody about how violent you are. Everybody knows about it.

-Bullshit. -Yeah, it's true.

-Tell him, Tiva. -Hey, I don't want to be a part of this.

I talk to my friends at work about it. I talk to the girls at school about it.

I talk to Prisca about it.

-You talk to my mom about it? -Of course I do.

-Psh, unbelievable. -I talk to Mina about it.

You're both backstabbing bitches.

Mina talks to me about it. What do you expect me to do?

You pretend that you're on my side and you talk shit about me behind my back?

-You'd hit me! -Fucking traitors. You're fucking traitors!

No, I'm the fucking traitor!

Stop it, Troy! This is not your house.

This is my house.

You haven't had a job for years and what do you plan to do when I retire, huh?

So, when you say we are disrespecting you in your own house?

Remember whose house it really is.

Well, if you want to get technical, this isn't your house either.

-It's the landlord's house. -Shut the fuck up.

Make me.


You have no idea how many people you've terrorized, do you?

Living with you was hell.

I spent my childhood afraid to say anything against you because you'd hit me.

Fuckin' one time you kicked me in the face because I ate the last piece of chicken.

-Why are you bringing that up? We patched that. -We didn't patch shit.

You just started acting like nothing ever happened.

That's how everything gets resolved with you. You never apologize.

-It's why you don't have any friends. -Uh, I do have friends.

-Who are your friends? -Uh, you don't know them.

Who? The parents of the kids at school? They don't like you.

-They are all afraid of you. -I wasn't talking about them.

Your old coworkers? They haven't called since you were fired.

-Who the fuck are you friends, Troy? -Uh, Marcus, Lionel.

Oh, bullshit, Troy. Bullshit!

I hung out with them last night and they told me that they try to avoid you, because you're drama. You're always drama.

Oh, I'm drama? Look at those guys. -What about them?

Fucking druggies. It's what they are.

[laughs] Oh, my god. you don't get it, do you?

They're not what's wrong with this equation. You're the bad guy here.

Then why did they hang out with me in high school?

They were afraid of you.

Good. I'm glad they were afraid of me.

That's what I wanted.

Maybe I should be proud I was abused more than you, Moe.

Maybe I should just accept the fact that I was abused because I was a disappointment.

I was a child protege who could program computers and got first place in the spelling bee in the first grade. Smart.

So smart that they had me skip a grade and that's when it all went downhill.

I went from all A's to all F's. I was the disappointment because mom and dad didn't think that I was living up to my potential.

I'm sorry, Moe. I'm sorry they didn't have as high expectations for you, but let's face it. You were the dumb one.

Do it, goofy, you goofy ass punk, corny joke telling motherfucker.

You think that guys didn't talk shit about you?

I got to hear it all. I want you to invite them over and get fucked up.

You passed out and I'd hang out with them.

Oh yeah, you got on their fucking nerves.

Oh, yeah? But why did they hang out with me, then?

-I don't know, man. -You're lying.

They called you Moe-ron.

They fucking hated how you always quoted movies and shit.

Always coming into a party, "Orale vato. What's happening?"

Come on, man. You didn't think that shit was actually cool, did you?

Not as cool as you being the sixth member of Kai.


Oh, this should be good. Okay, Tiva, what've you got?

What you got to say, you fucking homewrecker?

I asked her one question, Troy. I asked if you hit her.

One question? Bitch, you try to get her to turn me in.

Tell him, Shelly. Tell him I supported your decision no matter what.

What the fuck does it matter anyway?

You all fucked yourselves. What next? You're gonna release me?

How do you know I'm not going to beat the shit out of each of you?

Maybe we're gonna call the police.

[laughs] Yeah, right, and tell them what?

That I attacked you? If I recall, Declan hit me first.

-No, he didn't. -Yes, he did.

-No, he didn't. -Yes, I did.

It doesn't matter. We'll all just say that you attacked first.

And how are you gonna present me to them?

Like this? You know this looks bad, right?

They're not gonna believe you.

-Moe, fucking, ex-junkie? -Fuck you!

Shelly, who violated the temporary restraining order by letting me back in the house in the first place?

"Oh, crying wolf again, sweetie? Oh, okay.

This time it's serious? Oh, we believe you thistime."

-We're not going to call the police. -Yeah.

-We're gonna kill you. -Yeah.

-You know we were gonna kill him? -No, I was just playing along.

-I'm actually pretty shocked right now. -Yeah.

I'm gonna go to the root of all our pain and kill it.

-Auntie? -[Prisca moaning]

-Oh, shit, Auntie Prisca! -Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

-She fainted. -What the fuck is she doing?

-My mom faints like this too. -What the hell is happening?

-This is what I do with my mom. -What the fuck is happening?

[alarm going off]

She's not moving.

[alarm continues]

-Mom! -Mom. Ow.

-[Troy] Mom! -Can you hear me?

[Troy] Mom. Mom.

Yeah. I'm listening, Troy.

I'm interested, really.

We need to take her upstairs.

I just need to sit down. I just need to sit down.

[Troy] So, my family's been secretly conspiring to kill me.

You all think I've abused you for so long even though I'm the one who was abused the most.

I'm just tripping off the fact that this is what I always wanted to do to dad.

Get him in a room and let him know exactly what he did to me.

I'd tie him up too so he couldn't hit me.

Funny how you're the one in this position now, huh?

But you? You never got beat by dad.

-Now, that's funny. -Why is that funny?

Because me and Moe got the shit kicked out of us and you somehow escaped it.

-Yeah, but you and Mom beat me. -We did not beat you.

-Yes, you did. -Okay, but not as bad as dad beat me.

This is stupid. Now we're competing over who got beat the worst.

You're right. This is stupid especially since you're just gonna kill me.

-Look, I just said that. -So, you're not going to kill me?

Now, hold on.

I'm just saying there wasn't some consensus in the family.

I just said that in the moment.

So, you might kill me?

Man, you are fucking pussy.

Shut the fuck up.

Well, I might as well let you know something.

-What? -Dad's still around.

-Yeah, right. -I'm serious.

-Dad's still around. -Oh, okay.

Dad's still around. I guess I should untie you now.

I'm not trying to get you to do anything.

I figured since this is a big confessional, I might as well let you know that dad's still around.

Driving the same bus, doing the same shit, drinking in the same bars.

Okay, let's say you're telling the truth and that dad's still a part of your life.

I'm not saying he's a part of my life. I'm just saying he's still around.

Okay. Well, whatever.

Why tell me now?

Well, I just thought that you should know what it's like to have a family hide something from you.

-Hm, family? -Yeah.

The whole family knows that dad's still around and they kept it a secret for me?

Kinda kills, doesn't it?

You all knew that I was trying to get in contact with him.


-Why didn't you guys tell me? -Because dad doesn't want to talk to you.

What? Why doesn't he wanna talk to me?

Why does anyone in the family not wanna talk to you?

What are you saying?

What are you saying, Troy? Why won't dad talk to me?

Call me a monster all you want, Declan, but I stand by what I told you over a decade ago.

I'm the only person in this family who actually accepts you being gay.

Hmm. Do it slower.

-How's that? -Do it stronger.

-How's that? -[moaning] Do it better.

-So, dad's still in San Francisco? -What?

-My dad is still in San Francisco. -No, Declan.

Come on, Mom. Troy obviously told him.

-Wait, what? -Everyone knows.

-Except me and Mina. -And me.

-And me. -Mom, come on, give it up.

This, all of this, this is a dream.

-Declan, just forget about your dad. -I feel like I'm going crazy.

You don't need your father. He's gone.

God, isn't any wonder I suffer from depression?

-Depression? Depression is for white-- -Mom, don't!

Tiva, this is exactly what I'm talking about.

Are you seeing this? This is how fucked up my family is.

Tiva, you're not throwing us under the bus.

If we're going down, you're coming with us.

The fuck is that supposed to mean?

-Dec, I'm so sorry. -Aw! Of course, you knew!

Fucking two timing bitch.

-Don't call me a bitch, bitch. -You and your mom.

A couple of snobby bitches talking about making the world a better place, but you don't even know how to fix the problems in your own home, the problems in your own head.

You're fucked up, Tiva! You're all fucked up.

-That's enough-- -Fuck you!

This entire time he's been in San Francisco?

Mina's own grandfather, and you kept him a secret?

-Shelly, it's kinder than you think. -Kinder than you think?

What can be kind about keeping Mina's grandfather a secret?

Our dad only comes around every once in a while to ask for money.

He doesn't want to be a part of our lives.

He's just a drunk that gambles too much.

But why would you lie to me and Mina?

Because he doesn't want to meet you.

When Troy told him about you, he doesn't want to meet you and Mina.

So, what am I supposed to say?

"Hey, Mina, your Lolo is still here, but you can't meet him because he doesn't want to meet you."

-At least it would've been honest. -How dare you?

I was just looking out for your feelings.

-I have sacrificed so much for this family! -I know!

-We never hear the end of it! -Tell me about it.

Declan, the way you to talk to me is like you're forgetting I'm your mother.

Oh, really? So, you want me to talk to you more like Troy?

You want me to call you names? You want me to call you a bitch? You want me to call you a cunt?

-He doesn't say those words. -Oh, okay. He doesn't say those words.

[in Tagalog] You have no respect.

The kids back home, they know how to respect their parents, but you, you're like a typical American.

Probably shouldn't have given birth to me here then, huh?

-You're just my son! -Oh, shut the fuck up, you manipulative self-pitying bitch!

-Stop! -[Troy sings] ♪ You never know What there could be ♪

♪ Someday I hope that my love will find me ♪ Auntie, where are you going?

You're not going down there, are you?

♪ I know it's true

♪ Someday I hope That my love will find you ♪

♪ I've never known What love could be ♪ Troy? I just want to check on you.


-Does your wrist hurt? -Fuck you, bitch, cunt!

Of course it fucking hurts. What are you going to do?

Loosen them up? Yeah, come over here, loosen them up, see what happens.

-Don't talk to me like that, Anako. -Fucking FOB.

-How dare you? -You know what, Troy?

If you promise to be nicer, maybe Declan will let you go.

Fuck you! Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!

I wish dad did kill you. I wish he'd fucking killed you.

-You're pathetic piece of shit. -I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!

[Troy sobs]

Mom! Mom!

[ominous music]

[Run Away Before It Gets Too Good by H.P. Mendoza plays]

-Hey, Jesse. -[bartender] Hey, Rogelio.

-You know it's, uh, last call. -Oh.

-You started early tonight, huh? -Just shut up.

-Give me some double. -Damn, coming right up.

I didn't know you were still in town.

Who the fuck are you?

It's me.

-Declan? -Hi, dad.

Declan. Declan.

Jesse, this is my son. This is my son.

Get him a whiskey too. Why are you here?

Uh, I thought you were-- Where were you?

New York. I'm in town for Christmas.

How long has it been since you were away from Frisco?

-It's been a minute. -Oh, Frisco has changed.

People say you're not supposed to call it Frisco.

Fuck people. You know, I've lived here for 30 years and everyone in the Mission called it Frisco.

Especially since we all grew up in the Mish.

-Oh, what's the-- the Mission? -Yeah, the Mish.

That's annoying. Don't call it that.

[bartender] Rogelio.


[bar music]

What's up, Declan?

I just heard that you're still around.

Oh, yeah? Who told you?

-Troy told me. -Oh, thank you, Jesse.

How's your mom?

When was the last time you saw mom?

A long time.

It's been a while.

She's fine.

Do you still remember when she left me?

Of course I do.

She let Troy hit me.

She actually let Troy hit me.

"You will never touch my mom again."

He turned everyone against me.

I may not be the perfect father, but I protected my family and I built character in my kids.


You're mad at me, aren't you?

You know, the last time we talked, we were both in phone booths.

Nobody even had cellphones yet.

That's how long it's been.

And I was trying to get in touch with you so we could catch up, but you hung up on me.

I-- I remember that. My time ran out on my phone and I didn't have any more quarters.

And before that, I saw you at a family party and you promised you'd come back.

[bar music]

-Do you remember that? -Yeah.

You promised you'd come back.

And you didn't.

I'm sorry.

Doesn't that mean anything?

I'm sorry.

When people say they want apologies, they don't want apologies.

They want blood.

How's the family?

Honestly? It's fucked up.

[sighs] Everything is all fucked up.

Mom is a wreck.

Troy is abusive.

What's happening?

Tsk, you wouldn't believe.

This was the worst Christmas ever.

-[sobs] -Dec.

Finish your drink and I'll order-- order another round.

I'm good.

Okay. Jesse, one more double, please.

Dad, are you sure you need another shot?

I wanna hear all about what's happening to you, to the family, to your mom, and I want to know how can I help.

Of course I need another shot.


You know about me, right?

Oh, hold on, hold on, son.

Stay here while I go to the restroom. I can't listen with a full bladder.

[bar music]

-It's your dad, huh? -[laughs] Yeah.

Here. This one's on me.

Wow. Thanks.

No way. You've actually shot that back.


Yeah, well.

I wish people sipped their whiskeys.

Yeah, well, I would've, but looks like I got my work cut out for me.

["Run Away Before It Gets Too Good" still playing]

Dad, you piece of shit.


Mom, why don't you go lay down in your room?

-I can't sleep. -It's quieter in your room, mom.

Get some sleep.

Well, I won't be able to sleep until I see Declan.

Shit, I think he's home.


-So? -So?

-I saw dad. -Yeah?

-Yeah. -And?

And he was drunk.

-Did you kiss and make up? -Fuck you, all right?

Are we one big happy family now?

You got some nerve being sarcastic with me especially since I have you trapped here.

Trapped? You think I give a fuck about being trapped?

I've been trapped in this house for years.

-You've been trapped? -Yes, me. -How are you trapped?

First, Moe leaves, then you leave.

-I was alone with mom. -You could've left.

-Who was gonna take care of mom? -Bullshit, Troy.

She didn't need taking care of then, she doesn't need it now.

Don't make it sound like you were trapped because of me and Moe.

And I got Shelly pregnant.

-What the fuck was I gonna do? -All right, Troy, I get it.

You feel trapped by your wife and daughter.

That-- You're twisting my words, Dec.

I'm sure no man has ever felt that before.

Fuck you! Why can't you just listen to me?

Well, what do you mean?

Moe got real bad with the drugs.

He used people.

He stole from people and he got arrested and then he went to rehab and look at him now.

Living his second chance.

And you, I mean, dad didn't beat you, but we all pretty much treated you like shit.

What did you do? You left.

You brought yourself somewhere far, far away from the things that hurt you.

And here you are, Declan's life, take two.

And I've been here... scared.

You're trying to make a point?

No point to be made.

People air their grievances, apologies are made, second chances are given, but not to monsters.

Everything is forever.

Patterns repeat themselves and no one learns anything.

I'm tired, Dec.

I'm tired of this life.

So, if you're gonna kill me, kill me now before you get all soft.

♪ I've never known What love could be ♪

♪ One day I hope that My love will find me ♪

♪ Deep in my heart I know the truth ♪

♪ One day I hope that Nothing will find you ♪

♪ I've never known

[ominous music]


Oh my god.

[ominous music]

-[Moe] I can't. -[Declan] What do you mean you can't?

-[Moe] I can't. -[Prisca] Like you just can't?

-[Prisca] Like you can't even? -[Moe] We've been up for almost 24 hours.

[Prisca] You should have had coffee, Anak.Oh.

-[Moe] This is too heavy. -[Tiva] Oh, let's change bags.

[Moe] Oh, it's okay.

[Prisca] That bag contains his head, that's why it's too heavy.

-Let me carry it for you. -[Declan] Pretty sure I have a bag with his head.


-Moe, are you okay? -No, I'm not okay.

What are you feeling?

-We created this monster! -Shhh.

-People might hear us. -There's no one here.

That's the point. That's why we came here.

Why are you complaining now?

Now that he's cut into pieces? Why are you complaining?

-Mom, there's something I've been meaning to tell you. -What?

[sighs] You wanna know the real reason why Julie wasn't with us at Christmas?

Yeah, why?

-She's pregnant. -Huh?

-Yeah. -Oh.


-You'll be a dad, Anak. -Yeah.

[laughs] I'm so happy for you.

Dude, why now?

Couldn't you wait until after we dumped our bags in the lake to tell us?

I just wanted to tell you just in case something happened to us.

-Like what? -I don't know.

This is some fucked up shit here.

I mean, this is crazy. This is murder!

Yes, it is. This is murder and you're an accomplice.

Not me. I didn't kill him.

You just said that we all created this monster.

You're his older brother. You knew he was being abused and you did nothing to stop it.

Whenever he had his small moments of victory, did you help raise him up?

Whenever he needed carrying, did you help carry him?

This motherfucker had a heavy fucking life and now you want to say it's too heavy?


I wanna go back. I wanna go back and tell him I'm sorry.

Me too.

I wanna tell him that he didn't deserve to be abused by dad.

-Yeah. -I want to tell him he was talented.

Yeah, well.

I wanna go back. I wanna go back.

You can't go back. You wanna fix things?

You wanna make up for what you've done? This is your brother.

He needs carrying. For once in your life, carry your brother.

[underwater music]

♪ Our father

♪ Who art in heaven

♪ Hallowed be

♪ Thy Name

♪ Thy Kingdom come

♪ Thy will be done

♪ On earth

♪ As it is

♪ In heaven

♪ Give us this day Our daily bread ♪

♪ And forgive us Our trespasses ♪

♪ As we forgive those Who trespass against us ♪

♪ And lead us not Into temptation ♪

♪ But deliver us from evil

♪ And lead us not Into temptation ♪

♪ But deliver us

♪ From evil

♪ Ame-e-e-en

♪ A-a-a-amen

-Hey, is that everything? -Yup.

Wanna do an idiot check on the car before I leave?

Yup, think I have everything.

-Have a safe flight to Philly, Moe. -You too--

I mean, thanks.

All right, well.

Yeah, I hate to break this up, but I gotta run and catch my flight.

Yeah, I'm sorry, I--

-Have a good flight. -You too.

-Oh, Moe. -Well.



♪ And lead us not Into temptation ♪

♪ But deliver us

♪ From evil


♪ Ame-e-e-en

♪ A-a-a-amen

Okay, I'm only asking because I wanna make sure we did everything right, everything clean.

-Are you sure nobody saw you? -Yeah, I'm sure.

Moe didn't see you? His flight wasn't that long ago.

The cab literally just dropped me off.

There's no way Tiva or Moe could've seen me.

This isn't a trap, you're not gonna go sickin' the cops on me, are you?

I don't even know where you're flying to, Troy.

-Well, I'm flying to-- -I don't want to know where you're flying to.

All right.

Bye, Troy.

[Wind Chime by H.P. Mendoza plays]

♪ Hey, what's that sound?

♪ Hear the chime, time to go

♪ Hey, you're in pain

♪ I am down too, time to go

♪ Which way will you turn?

♪ Which road?

♪ Which track?

♪ When the winds of change

♪ Are at your back Hey--

[Mina] Dad hasn't come home yet.

Really? What time is it?

-It's eight o'clock. -Hmm.

-Maybe he's with his friends. -Daddy doesn't have friends--

Mina, I swear to God--

[Wind Chime continues playing]