Black (2005) Script

My name is Michelle McNally The older child of an Anglo lndian family based in Shimla

This story is about me and my teacher A story about two people left incomplete by god... who have fought a battle with fate... and made the impossible, possible The world in my story is different... where sound transcends into silence...

and light into darkness This is my world Where nothing can be seen nor heard There is only one name for my world...

How long can you live in this darkness?

A few moments... hours... days?

For 40 years I've lived in this darkness... for 4 years I've given my final B.A. exam... and for twelve years, I've gone to this church, every Sunday But that Sunday was special I felt God would answer my prayers...

my only prayer was... that my teacher would come back to me

My prayers take long to reach God... and he takes long in granting them Even that Sunday I didn't find my teacher That evening Sara and I were returning home... when suddenly...


Michelle, just wait for me, ok?

Oh my God!


MlCHELLE! Your prayers have been answered... it's Debraj... he's there near the fountain.

It's true, I promise, yes promise! Come! Yes. Yes

That day my teacher came back to me... after 1 2 years I recognized him... but he had forgotten everything... even me I am writing this story for him... to my teacher - Debraj Sahai

He doesn't remember anything?

Surely there must be something we can do.

Sara, Mr.Sahai has Alzheimer's disease.

He has forgotten everything. It's a very scary void.

Mr. Sahai has even forgotten his bed.

He has forgotten words, even forgotten how to speak.

No doctor. I refuse to believe this... he must remember something... otherwise, after all these years, to find him at our house... and Mr. Sahai can never forget Michelle.

Like a duster wipes the words of a blackboard... the disease has slowly wiped out all his memories.

A few words or instances might spark some memory... but Alzheimer's has no cure.

What is Michelle doing?

She wants to read to him her life story, in Braille.

Maybe by touching those words he might remember something...

Michelle believes that this miracle will happen.

Science doesn't believe in miracles.

It is impossible for him to remember anything....

Impossible is one word that Mr. Sahai never taught Michelle And what you call impossible... she will make possible.

You were written in my destiny... when I was 2 years old That night suddenly all happiness left us.... when my life entered a black vaccuum Michelle.... my beautiful baby.

You're not sick anymore... now you can play in water.

Look who has come! Papa!

What has the doctor told papa?

The doctor has said that Michelle can't see or hear.

What did you say?

Our Michelle has gone blind and deaf.

Look at me! Michelle!

I was like an animal Children loved playing pranks on me.

So did God.

Mrs. Gomes! Who has tied these cans on Michelle?

Shh... calm down Michelle, calm down, baby calm down.

Fire! Fire! Mrs. McNally. Fire!

Help Mrs.McNally Help. Mrs.McNally

For eight years... every day a new accident Hurting someone with a knife, or breaking her own head!

She could have burnt the whole house down.

With Michelle, We can never be happy.

What are you trying to say?

We will send her to an institution.

You mean a mental asylum?

How can you think that?

Cathy, I love her just as much.

But I still want to send her away.

She could cause irreparable damage.

No. I 'm sorry. I don't agree.

There is no other solution.

I have no more patience left.

Sara! Oh my God!

Enough of this...! This child will be the death of us.

Paul, leave her!

She will not stay her another moment. She almost... killed Sara.

Let her go!

It's not her fault.

For God's sake!

Try and understand her.

You, l, everyone... can see, listen and speak!

She is suffocating in her own darkness.

My baby is suffering

There's this school in Dehradun... where children like Michelle are given special training.

If you let me, I can write for a teacher...

We do not need a teacher...

We need a magician.

I don't want to hear anymore that there is no cure for our Michelle.

One Last time Paul.

Maybe this is the teacher who is the magician... who will bring light into our Michelle's life.


Ah, Ms. Nair.

Come into the light.

What are you doing, Debraj? You've just had your eyes operated.

And now what are you doing holding a dying bulb?

This bulb is dying, Ms. Nair.

I need to stand by it Am I right?

It's.... it's dying.

You've been drinking again all day. Haven't you, Debraj?

No, no...

Trying to find a sign for light. For my deaf and blind children...

Whose light has been taken away from them.

Light... LlGHT!

Just spell it, Debraj. L.I.G.H.T. Light Ah! The difference between a teacher... and a magician.

You make me so angry sometimes Debraj.

Angry... Angry Stop this bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bull. Bull..Bull..shit Bull..shit I do not have time for your talks.

I have some very important news for you.

Three guesses....

If it's my termination letter, put it in the third drawer.

If it's my last salary, then it goes here in my pocket... and if it's a notice to vacate this room then throw it in the dustbin.

And, on your way to any of these Ms Nair... could you please fetch me my...

Eye-drops...from that table over there. Thank you.

You may have three guesses Debraj... but you have only one choice. This letter.

An eight-year girl, in Shimla, Michelle.

She can't see, she can't hear and her parents don't understand her.

You are their last hope Debraj.

Otherwise they will put her in the asylum.

You are the best teacher I know. She needs a teacher, you need a job.

Look up

What do you see in this eye, Ms. Nair?

A great love for me.

You need to get your eyes checked.

And this one? Nothing Her name is Michelle, isn't it?

I can see everything clearly.

A beautiful morning...

Snow covered streets...

And that little girl...

A lost soul, directionless.

I will give her wings made of words, Ms. Nair.

I will teach her how to fly.

You couldn't do anything for yourself and you're out to change others' lives What happened, do your eyes hurt?

No, not my eyes...

My heart hurts...

listening to your cruel words...

It hurts... it hurts!

that after spending thirty years in this school...

I 'm just an unseen unheard entity.

When I saw the school for the last time... my students were waving to me in the wrong direction.

Waving to me in the wrong direction Ms. Nair.

Oh! It... it...

It... hurts...

It hurts.

Destiny had put together two strange soul- mates.

I was left incomplete by god... and you were a battle-weary warrior.

I was waiting in my darkness... and you were bringing the flickering light.

Right. Where's the girl?

This is all we needed. An alcoholic teacher.

Mmmm... Interesting.

Playful, bit of a brat.

And very pretty....

Yes. Yes... someone new... a new buddy.

You like my glasses, don't you?

Well... you can have them... here... there you go.


Teacher... Tea... cher

Mr. Sahai, she understands?

No, she's just imitating me.

Good... good girl

What is she doing?

That's her sign for me. Her mother Oh, she's strong. I 'm really sorry, Mr. Sahai It's alright.

What's this!

What is this bell for?

This is her identity If she is lost. we find her through its sound.

Take it off!

When you think, that your child is an animal...

What do you expect of others? It's your job to make her human.

How do you plan to do this?

These Fingers, Mr. McNally.

They're eyes of the blind...

Voice of the mute... poetry of the deaf.

Raise it to a sword... clench it for strength.

They can feed you and slap you, They can point you towards God and sometimes... even the door.

It isn't as easy as you make it seem.

My daughter is like me...

Stubborn... lnsolent.

Not you. Your daughter Lunch... will be served shortly, Mr. Sahai.

Thank you. Mrs. McNally, I 'm so hungry.

Thank you Lord, for the bread on our plate for the air we breathe, so fresh and pure.

For kindness and faith, we are thankful to Thee.

Life's treasures and loved ones, we hold and cherish.


Leave her, Mr. Sahai.

No. She has to learn how to behave.

Leave her hand Mr. Sahai!

This is the only reason she hasn't learnt anything.

I will not tolerate this in front of my guests.

Michelle eats like this.

Either she eats from her plate or stays hungry.

Am I understood?

Let her eat, you will get another plate.

I... don't have a problem with the plate, Mr. McNally.

The plate... is fine.

Let her go. This is no way to teach.

Don't you feel pity for this handicapped child?

Pity? And on this devil...? so she can do as she pleases?

No Mr. McNally, I have pity on you... and don't you dare call her handicapped.

That's enough!

Do not forget that you are a paid servant in this house.

A Teacher! Mr. McNally... not a paid servant... A paid teacher.

Leave her, right now.

No! You leave. All of you.

Mr. Sahai, handling Michelle like this...

Mrs. McNally... you had said that you'd cooperate.

All right. there's no point in going on like this.

Let's give him a chance. Let him do his job Paul.


Martha, I 'm really sorry, for today's lunch Don't worry Cathy.

He's a new teacher, that's why. Isn't it, Paul?

Martha, I 'll drop you home.

Paul, I will speak to Mr.Sahai...

I am very hungry I am going to eat...

And if you behave then you can eat too.


No. You will not use your hands to eat your food.

Open it, open it, open, and open your hands.

Leave, leave it. Leave it.

Sit. sit. sit. Sit down.

You will not touch the food with your hands.

Sit down... sit.

Stop it... stop it.

Just stop it, just stop it. Stop it. Just stop it, Just just stop it. STOP lT.

Spoon. Spoon.

There is going to be no mother. Your mother's not here.

Just your teacher.

Your teacher... just me Where you going?

Where do you think you are going... you are not going to go out... don't...

Wait... where do you think you are running from?

You are not going out...

come along... with me... come on.

Come here... Sit.

You are going to eat your food with a spoon. Come on.

You are going to eat your food with a spoon, come on, Open your mouth... Open it...

Open your mouth...

Open, Open it... open it. Open it, open it.

Yes. yes. yes... very good.

You little brat....

That should cool you down.

This is no way to teach...

We thank you Lord

For the food on this plate...

For the air we breathe.

So pure and clear.

For good health and peace. For beauty and love.

Please don't make a hasty decision Paul I know that his way of teaching is eccentric...

He's rude, he's arrogant, and he's an alcoholic.

He's not fit to be a teacher.

But, you didn't see what he did today...

Michelle actually ate today with... What do you want Cathy?

Get insulted in my own house?

No. Then he's got to go.

I hope you understand.

The woods are lovely... dark and deep But I have promises to keep... Mr. Sahai...

And miles to go before I can find the damn envelope. Ah, yes!

I need to talk to you, Mr. Sahai. Are you busy?

No. Not at all. I was just writing to my friend, about Michelle.

She has learnt her first lesson today... etiquette, behavior.

That you do not possess.

Anyway I 'll skip the pleasantries.

I want you to leave this house.

I will not leave without completing my job.

I 've only just started. Still a long way to go. You know.

I don't like the way you teach.

And I don't like your interference.

This is your train ticket... Cheque. And your termination letter.

We don't need you anymore. You're taking the first train tomorrow.

And Michelle takes the next to the mental asylum?

Now she's deaf blind and also mentally retarded.

My daughter... is my responsibility.

And mine too, Mr. McNally.

You do understand that this will... destroy her completely.

Train will leave exactly at seven.

And please... put this back where it belongs. Good night.



Mr. Sahai must have left by now.

We'll talk about Michelle after I return.

What is happening in this house? Mrs. Gomes!

What is going on here?

This is ridiculous.

Mrs. Gomes, I don't understand what is going on in this house today.

Good morning, Mrs. McNally. And how are you today?

Mr Sahai...?

We thought you would have left.

Just shifting rooms Mrs. McNally. I never leave my work incomplete.

What do you want?

Same thing you want... that Michelle becomes independent.

And for that, I need time.

You know that Paul...

Has gone out for twenty days.

And those twenty days belong to Michelle and me.

Now, don't say No, Mrs. McNally.

No! It's not possible. You won't take advantage of Paul's absence.

Oh my God! Oh my God!... I don't believe this!

This is ridiculous.

I don't believe this! What have you done?

This is Paul's study... Now this will be Michelle's study.

Mrs. Gomes! Put that back! No, Ma'am, he's right!

Oh ho! So the servants also listen to you now!

Who are you to take over my house?

Michelle's teacher.

Were... were Mr. Sahai, not anymore.

I am your last hope.

If I leave today then after a few days...

Michelle will reach the asylum.

Mr Sahai... Mr Sahai!

Mr Sahai!


As long as I live, my daughter will never enter the asylum.

Do you understand?

My mother always... said the same thing.

That as long as I live... my daughter will never leave me.

But one day, she herself...

Dragged her to the asylum.

And she got lost behind the asylum's iron doors.

Michelle is deaf and blind, Mrs McNally!

She is not mentally retarded!

She need to recognize words...

Every thing that she touches, that she eats...

Has a name, which has a meaning.

I will teach her to speak... through signs.

Till she is secure in her house, this can't happen.

That's why!


I will have to change this part of the house.

Everything should be new for her.

No papers, no books... Only empty walls.

I 'll even change the smell of this room.

Secondly, only I will have a right over Michelle.

She will rely only on me!

Third thing, no one including you will be allowed here.

No, no no... don't shake your head! Look at me... look!

It's difficult but it will have to be done for Michelle.

Fourth thing, all I want is time and trust.

No salary, no allowances, nothing and... no alcohol And the fifth thing...

So, when do I get charge of my student?

This evening.

You know. Mrs. McNally, I wish I could sing... but my singing is so... pathetic.

Dear Ms. Nair, I have good news.

You will be unhappy to know that the magician is at work Today is Michelle's first day...

Mr. Sahai... In school.

Your student.

You kept your promise, Mrs. McNally

School has started, and parents are not allowed. So you should leave.

I have never left her alone.

Please take care of her. Don't be harsh on her No.

She is looking for me. Yes I know.

She's going to come to you now. Leave, Mrs. McNally.

Please leave. Get back.

No, I can't take this... 20 days!

You cannot touch her for 20 days. But its time for her to eat.

Yes I know Mrs. McNally. You must leave now.

Please. Please. Can l...? I said leave.

NO! No. No more mother. No more father. Just me.

Me, your friend. Your Friend. Look see see ya ya, your teacher.

Friend. Friend!

The magic has begun, Ms. Nair! The magic!

I will change her life.

The magic has begun! Magic!

Wake up, Miss... Michelle McNally. We all pass through this darkness Once in which you are living.

So don't remain in the dark.

Come into the light! Light. Light.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Light!

The alphabets for the world start with A, B, C, D, E but yours...

Start with B, L, A, C, K...

Black, black, black

Your alphabets, your world are different Michelle.

You are different, you are, you are, and you are different...

And are proud that you're different.

Here. This is cake. Yes cake, C.cake, C.A.K.E.

Cake. C.A.K.E. Cake. Cake.

C.A.K.E. spell it. Spell it spell... cake cake on my hands. Spell it. Spell it.

Cake. Cake.

Don't you dare touch the cake!

Mrs. McNally, could you...

Mrs, Mrs McNally, could you get some light?

I 'm coming! I 'm coming.

Oh God! Is Michelle all right?

Can you get some light? Oh. Oh!

Mr. Sahai! Mr. Sahai Good evening Mrs. McNally Do you need any help?

Do I look... as though I need some help?

Well, that looked like a knockout to me.

Knockout, Knockout yes.

Eyes are not important as compared to light.

I have learnt this, while teaching Michelle.

In darkness, even eyes are of no use.

The first round was a knock out. But the next round will be mine.

Good luck to you, Mr. Sahai.

Good luck.

Come along, yes, come along... Here!

This is water. No, no... don't be afraid. don't be afraid.

Mr. Sahai.. Yes?

Michelle is scared of water.

And I want to take this fear out of her mind.

In five days, she will be swimming.

Round Two has begun.

Hey! Where are you going? Come here.

Where are you going? Come back... careful, careful. Careful now. Watch it! Watch it!

Watch out! I told you to be careful.

Calm down. Calm down, calm down. This is a thorn.



To soothe the pain.

Your first handshake, Mr. Sahai.

Yes, we're friends now.

And... my first flying kiss.

She needs to learn that she is destined to thorns.

Those very thorns that adorned Jesus's crown.

Right Mrs. McNally?


I was slowly understanding relationships...

Between a thorn and pain... between water and thirst...


But one relationship was still strange to me...

Of names and meanings.


Ball. B.A.L.L. ball. ball.. ball..


Water. water... water

This is... Napkin...

SPOON No. no. This is not spoon This is... napkin, Napkin.. Say ' Napkin' .

Ah! I am fed up.

No, Mrs. McNally, I will not allow you to take Michelle yet She hasn't learnt anything yet.

She knows words, but not the meanings.

She still calls napkin, spoon.

It's still a long way to go, you know How much longer Mr. Sahai?

Nineteen days have passed The promise was for 20 days, I still have a few hours What can happen in a few hours?

Knowledge can come in a flash Mrs.McNally.

It's like lighting a candle....

Once this candle is lit, the whole house will be filled with light.

Believe me, this miracle can happen any time...

And Paul can come at any moment. I 'm really very sorry.

I will come to get Michelle tomorrow. At sunrise And I shall pray there is no sunrise tomorrow, Mrs McNally Good night


You've made a fine young lady out of my Michelle!

Thank you.


Try and understand Michelle, every word has a meaning.

And without words, you will never come out of darkness.

You will never be able to see the light!

You will you will never be able to see the light.

They will put this bell around you and call you a cow.

C.O.W... cow.

You will become an animal Michelle. Just an animal Michelle...

They will put you in an asylum.

And this time I won't let this happen.

You will have to learn Michelle. Are you listening?

You are my last hope. Michelle, Michelle...

Michelle, are you listening? You'll have to leave now Mr. Sahai.

No, I am not going to leave Mrs. McNally I will not give up so easily.

I have kept my promise. Now it's your turn.

But it's not yet over Mrs. McNally. There are still a few minutes left.

Paul can come at any moment. Mr. Sahai. I 'm helpless Yes. Mrs. McNally. But she has to learn.

Mr. Sahai... She has to learn... that the hand she is holding has a name. That you are mother, mother... M.O.T.H.E.R... mother.

and that is FATHER.

Paul, I was just... Leave, Mr. Sahai.

Dear Ms. Nair, you will be delighted to know... that after having spent 20 days with little Michelle, I have failed.

However, if you're smiling at the thought of looking into my eyes again... you are terribly mistaken.

Mrs.Gomes, will you stop her?

Let her be Mr. Sahai. She's very happy today

No! Stop it Michelle. You little brat.

I am not going to allow you to do this to me.

I might have been asked to leave... but I am not going to leave you to behave like this.

Stop it Michelle. Stop it!

You won't forget what I 've taught you in 20 days... sit down Please leave her Mr. Sahai... Sit... sit down.

You will use this napkin on your neck and use a spoon... to eat.

No, you are not going to throw...

Come on, Come here...

You brat... you want to throw water at me!

Let me teach you what water is! Come here! What water is, come on!

This is water... water... water...

Give me your hand.. This is woah... Water... water...

Understand? Water!


Water... it's water...


Mrs. McNally!

Yes... this is 'Grass' . G.R.A.S.S. spell it..

Very good... Very good.. Mrs. McNally!

That's 'FLOWER' flower... flower... F.L.O.W.E.R... flower.

Mrs. McNally! Mr. McNally! Mr. McNally! Mr. McNally!

What's wrong Mr. Sahai? Is Michelle all right?

Michelle. Michelle she... Mrs. McNally. She knows.

She knows, She knows the meaning of words.

She actually. actually knows the meaning of words.

Look. Look!

Yes, Michelle...

Mother. Mother...


Once more. Mother


Pa... Pa...


This is 'Teacher' . 'Tea..cher'



Yes, he's your Tee

Dear Ms. Nair...

You'll be happy to know....

That I have...

I have...

That day you had won your first battle over my darkness.

But today you don't remember anything.

Now I will fight against your darkness.

I'll teach you everything you taught me

Water. The first word that you taught me... and after that...

You typed every little detail on my hand.... like a maestro playing a symphony



When did you return from London? Oh! It's so good to see you.

Merry Christmas.

Mr. McNally... Coming, Mr Sahai. Just a moment I 'd like you to meet Mr. Fernandez, principal of the King Edward University.

I want Michelle to study in their college It's an honor to meet you, Mr. Fernandez.

I don't believe how time has passed, Martha Let me prove it to you...

Hello... Come

Did you recognize her?

My younger daughter Sara Sara, this is aunt Martha, an old friend of mine Oh! Hello, aunt Martha... But where is my dear Michelle?

I can't wait to see her Ah Michelle.

Have you seen Michelle?

Yes... I think she's inside, excuse me.

Come... we'll go look for her.

Ah! There she is

Mr. Sahai. Look at that girl.

She can't hear or see, and still... just look at her, it's wonderful.

That's Michelle McNally...

The girl I was talking about. That's impossible Mr. Sahai.

Impossible is a word that I have never taught her Mr. Fernandez.

There are special schools for such children... where they are taught many things.

To make baskets, weave carpets...

Have you heard of a girl like Michelle getting admission in a normal college?


But I would love to.

How will she understand the lectures?

I will sit with her in the classroom.

She will learn everything through signs Every word, every letter.

Michelle... meet your Principal

Yes yes... I 've told him... you want admission in arts, not science Mr. Sahai I will have to consult the trustees on this.

You get few chances for good deeds.

And I hope that you will not lose this opportunity.


Mr. Sahai, you know this university is for normal students.

But because of your faith in Michelle... and because we believe you are a good teacher...

We will interview Michelle. Thank you.

But today, you cannot interpret for Michelle.

We have called a special teacher, who doesn't know either of you.

She will interpret. They will interview you.

Another interpreter, not me, ok?

Ah, there she is.

Mrs Nair...?

Welcome Ms.Nair, meet Mr. Sahai.

Hello, Ms. Nair. Hello.


Are you ready for the interview?

We're ready, Sir.

Why does she want to study?

Why do you want to study?

I want to study... and learn... so that I may live with dignity, with independence... and to be alive.

How many oceans are there in the world?

For me every drop of water is an ocean She is not answering my question.

How many oceans are there in the world?

They want a straight answer to their question

If we are in lndia, on which side will America be?

If you are in lndia, which side is America?

The world is round. So America can be on any side.

What does knowledge mean to her? What does knowledge mean to you?

Knowledge... is everything Knowledge is spirit, wisdom, courage, light, sound.

Knowledge is my Bible, God...

Tee! knowledge is my teacher Bravo! Excellent.

Congratulations, Mr. Sahai.

Your student is now a part of our university.

Thank you... Thank you

I answered every question they asked.

Michelle looks so happy today Paul.

Can't stop talking about the interview She hasn't stopped smiling all day.

Why not?

A girl who couldn't sit at the dining table... has a seat in the university today. Unbelievable.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine the day when we see Michelle as a graduate?

Ah, it's going to be such a special day, isn't it Sara?

Yes, of course, mama.

Whatever Michelle does is always special. Isn't it?

Excuse me, I need to finish my sketch.

Good evening Sara. Good evening.

Mr. Sahai, congratulations.

You have performed yet... another miracle.

Still a long way to go, Mr. McNally The journey has just begun.


She's been waiting for her gift for so long.

What is this?

Your friend, for... life.

I don't need. I don't want to be dependent on this.

This will not make you dependent.

It will make you independent.

Do you understand?

It was the beginning of a new life...

A new feeling, a new horizon...

You had faith in me... and I had faith in my wings.

Remember how happy I was that day?

Is it wise to let Michelle live alone?

She is not alone, Mrs. Gomes will also live here. I will also live next door.

University is close by, she will meet new people.

Besides, we can't protect her all her life.

Don't worry. She'll be fine!

What's wrong with you, Sara?

We were all just laughing now suddenly you're fighting.

It's very irritating, mama. Anything that I put anywhere...

She picks it up and puts it somewhere else.

Ma, I love her very much, I really do.

But... Please... leave me out of this. Ok?

She's very excited, sweetie.

Please understand I understand everything.

It's always about her, right?

Her excitement, her happiness, She's the one who means everything to you But what about me?

Should I speak to you in sign language?

Paul, I can't believe what she's saying. Oh My God...


Michelle! No, Mrs. McNally. Leave her alone.

With every fall, she'll rise higher.

I fell.

That's the spirit.

I want you to walk alone, without any help.

50 steps. Straight, and then right. Understood?

JoJo... go slow... I 'm getting old.

Oh! I 'm so sorry.

Where is she going?

Where... are you going?

No no no... This is the wrong way... it's this way.

No... it's... tch! We're getting late...

Come on...

Hurry up

Yes, come on...

Run, run, run! Yes!

38 Present.

39 Present

40 Present

41 Present

42 Present.

There was so much to learn and there was such little time.

24 hours without tiring... Your fingers would speak to me.

Whether life starts from the womb or from the earth...

Its journey starts from darkness and ends in darkness.

One day we will all have to pass through this darkness... and reach into the light.

New doors opened up for me... new friends, new stories, new poetry... a new way of looking at the world

'What you see is what you dream'

No. She, she... she disagrees with the poet Eyes don't see dreams but the mind does.

I can't see with my eyes, yet I dream.

Our dream is that one-day I would graduate.

Are you ready? Ready...

Tree... Tree...

Burr... Butterfly...

Bir... Bird...

Fish... Fish...

Bee.. Bee..

The best years of my life...

Memories of which bring joy even today

It's ok....

It's all right!

What...? Tickly...?

It's not going to snow.

Please concentrate on your studies No, no... you wont need the umbrella at all, concentrate.

Give me the umbrella.

Hey stop it... Give me the umbrella...

Can't you see I 'm sorry sir

Hey... no... no. no.

It's alright... it's alright.

No, no...

You are too slow! How will you pass?

You'll try?

Let's watch it

This is ten words in one minute

You're going to try and do thirty. Thirty words, my foot!

Pass? No fail.

No, not in one or two subjects, you have failed in all of them.


People celebrate success but we celebrated failure While eating ice cream you told me the story of the spider Who after a lot of tries made her home.

After all, failure is the first step towards success... but for me these steps were never-ending.

Hello. Hello.

Mr. Sahai, how are you? How is Michelle?

She's all right, her results have come out.

And what happened?

She has failed again.

But she said that her papers were easy.

She lied, so she could enjoy her holidays

But you said that only after falling can a person rise higher.

Before I fall, I want her to learn how to fly.

I 'm getting old, you know?

Oh no...

What happened? Michelle has failed again?

Yes Paul. I 'm worried.

I think Mr Sahai...


I want to come home.

Ma, I failed.

Teacher... shouted at me.

I love you, my baby, I love you.

I was told you were looking for me Mr. Fernandez Ah Mr. Sahai, please come in.

I have been waiting for you all day...

I want to share my biggest achievement with you.

Please have a seat.

Mr. Sahai, Michelle has been studying in the same class for 2 years.

So I thought I would do something to... help her.

First year Arts, entirely in Braille.

You had once said very few chances are given for doing good deeds.

I 'm happy that you haven't wasted this chance.

Now no one can stop Michelle from going ahead. Thank you.

Not at all... It's my duty, my pleasure, my pride.

I trust that was all right?

Is anything the matter?

Then the books, Mr. Sahai. Please take them to Michelle.

How do I go out?

How... how do I go out?

I beg your pardon?

The way to go out?

The door, Mr. Sahai... it's right behind you.

Exactly the way you came in.


Mr. Sahai, is everything all right?

Tee... cher...

New feelings were arising with age... something that I couldn't understand I knew no one besides you teacher That's why I thought of another relationship with you teacher Was it wrong for me to think this way?

A lot was changing...

But my failure was constant

Time up, Michelle... time up.

Michelle, you've already had extra time.

Michelle... I 'll take the paper out then. Please....

Leave it... Please......

Knowing the answers is not enough... You have let me down completely.

I am angry... I am very angry....

No... knowing the answers is not enough... you need to put them down on paper too, understand?

Don't just stand there like a failure!

It's all right. No. It's not all right, Mrs. McNally.

It's not only her failure, it's mine too.

This is the third year in a row that she's failed.

For three years we have been doing those same lessons.

She's just too slow at typing. 1 0 words in 2 minutes. I mean...

Hey, Michelle... Michelle...

Where do you think you are going? Leave this bag...

Leave it, leave it... Leave this bag!

Enough! I want to go home.

No. No... you're not going anywhere.

I don't want to stay. I don't want to study.

No... no... You will stay... you will study. You understand?

You will study. In three years even the Braille letters have worn out...

But nothing has entered your brain. Let her be, Mr. Sahai!

Mrs. McNally, I haven't spent 1 8 years of my life for this!

I 'm not going to allow her to be a failure.

Hey... come here... you... come here...

Listen, you will... you will not... you will not run away from failure.

Understand? Not run away from failure!

Michelle... what is this?

Don't you dare disrespect a book!

Pick it up... Come on. Pick it up., pick up the book...

Pick up the book... Michelle.. Michelle....

Pick up the book... Stop it

As long as I am alive, you will study.

I don't want to learn.

Yes! You will learn. You will graduate.

The black robe. Our dream...

I don't want a robe.

My world is black No. Your world... your world is not black.

It is full of light!

My world is black, black, black!

Black... black...

62 words... in less than 2 minutes.

She's not slow anymore Mrs McNally

Time for celebration.

Time for... an icecream, my dear lce-cream? Yes...

Mrs. McNally. Life is an ice-cream.

Enjoy it before it melts.

Can I have two...?

Ice creams, of course...

Sir... ice-cream...

Ice-cream sir.

What happened? Tee...

What's wrong with you?

Your change, sir.

Sir, your change?

Are you alright...? Call for a doctor!

Mr. Sahai?

You are here... I 've been looking for you.


Don't you recognize me? It's me... Fernandez

Michelle's Principal.

Oh... yes. of course. I 'll get Michelle for you.

Michelle! Michelle can't hear, Mr. Sahai.

I 'll just call her.

Mrs. Gomes! Michelle is not at home.

She's here.

To forget my name, to forget the door... all this is fine...

But to forget Michelle like this...

Something is seriously wrong, Mr. Sahai.

I really think you should get some help and see a doctor...

Good night. Mr. Sahai.

I 'm... sorry.

It's ok.

Don't ever forget me...

I promise...

I will never forget... you

You worry about me?

No. Don't... worry about me...

Just... getting old.

No... Don't worry.

Go to... sleep.

Sing you... a lullaby...

No, I can't sing...

# Hush, my baby. On the treetop.

# When the wind blows, # the cradle will rock...

# hush my baby...

A storm had scattered my dreams All those dreams those were most dear to me

That day was the first time I felt fear...

How would I live if you forget me?

What happened now? She doesn't want to come downstairs.

She is feeling awkward to come in front of your in-laws.

She thinks she'll spoil the evening.

Then why did she bother coming till here?

Stop it Sara..!

She's worried about Mr. Sahai's health, please...

It really hurts me to see the two of you fight like this....

Now you get her ready and you bring her down.

I have a lot of work to finish...

Michelle, I 'm requesting you... till now whatever you did was special.

But today is a very special day for me.

I 'm in love and I am getting engaged before you.

I know this could upset you.

Maybe this evening will never come in your life And you may be feeling that you will never fall in love.

I hope you will. I really do...

But, until then...

Please don't... Ok?

I am very happy today Because all the people I care about in the world... Are in this room.

On this occasion, I 'd love to say a few words.

I 'm a very lucky girl that I got parents like you.

And a sister like Michelle.

I haven't been the best daughter or the best sister.

But I want to tell you all I that really love you very much.

And I love this house.

There are so many memories here.

I remember one time Michelle and I were playing outside.

We were running through the grass holding hands.

And while running, both of us fell down and both of us started crying.

Mama and Papa came running outside and picked up Michelle and left me outside... and there I was... with my arms stretched out.


I 'm still waiting.

As a child, l... I used to be so angry with her The amount I loved her the same amount I was jealous of her...

Whatever food I didn't like, I 'd feed her.

I used to wake Michelle in the middle of the night and ask her...

Do you want to drink water?

Michelle used to nod her head and say yes... and I used to turn my head and go back to sleep.

She would wait for me all night long.

I can't believe I did that.

Can you Marc?

For all those things that I did, and all the misplaced... anger...

I 'd like to say I 'm sorry.

Did I say something wrong?

Then please let me finish. I don't want to listen, It's important to me. Michelle.

Michelle.... Enough!

Sit down.

SlT... DOWN.

For this joyous and eventful evening...

Michelle had prepared a speech for Sara, I would read and Michelle would sign...

But I don't think that Michelle is in any mood for signs.

It's important however, that we should all hear what she said.

I was eight years old, wild, violent always angry at life.

I felt that I would never experience the beautiful moments of life.

Then mother put Sara in my arms for the first time...

I touched little eyes...

And then I knew that I 'd see the world through Sara's eyes.

Ma says, that I couldn't stop smiling all day.

Sara shared all her happiness with me...

She would hold my hand and take me everywhere.

When Ma wasn't around she would feed me...

She would wake me at night and ask me if I wanted water.

You were the voice to my silent fingers.

I am so looking forward to your wedding day.

I 'll dress up beautifully that day.

I may never be the bride, but I will still be the bridesmaid.

Do teach Marc how to sign, I have lots to complain about you.

Thank you for allowing me to be your bridesmaid, Sara.

I promise I will not cry... as you walk with Marc towards a new life.

So on this happy note...

A toast....

For Sara and Marc

Do you, Marc Philip Bragger, take Sara Maria McNally...

To be you're lawfully wedded wife? I do.

Marc... says yes.

Do you, Sara Maria McNally... Now the priest is asking Sara...

I do.

Sara says... 'Yes' .

I declare you to be man and wife

Now they are exchanging rings.

You may now kiss the bride.

The priest has asked them to kiss as man and wife.

On the cheek?

No, no, not on the cheek. On the lips.


What are you doing here?

Wanted... to talk.

Do you love... me?

I 'm suffering...

I understand that you are suffering...

I may never know...

What it is to... love... a man

Maybe you will never experience physical love


Will you kiss me once...




In giving me dignity as a woman...

You lost all dignity as a teacher.

I realized that I had asked too much.

I made a mistake.

You didn't even give me a chance to ask for your forgiveness.

I'm leaving Like your walking-stick, never forget one thing Darkness is desperately trying to engulf you But you must always walk towards light Every step of yours, filled with hope, Will keep me alive, Michelle

Once again light transcended into darkness... and sound into silence.

For twelve years I walked the path you showed me...

Alone in the darkness.

When after twelve years I had found you near the same fountain... and today after 1 2 days this mark sheet.

I'm now a graduate in the arts.

I want you to be the first one to hear the good news Mr. Sahai this is your bed, please lie down.

Please... that's it Mr. Sahai... This is your bed, Mr. Sahai!



Please lie down... Mr. Sahai





Amidst us today there is a student... who has set an example of grit and strength...

And has proved that nothing is impossible.

She is the pride of our university.

And on this rare achievement, I would want her to say a few words.

Ladies and Gentleman, Michelle McNally

That's my daughter.

After many attempts...

The spider, in spite of falling several times...

Has finally made her home.

The ant has climbed her mountain.

A tortoise has crossed the dessert...

And today Michelle McNally, has finally become a graduate.

But there is a difference between you and me.

What took you 20 years has taken me 40.

But I finally did it!

As a child, I always lagged behind others.

My parents were always ashamed of me.

Every year I would call home and say, 'Ma, I failed.'

But today I can say...

Ma, I passed.

I know that my parents are very proud of me.

Telling the world proudly that I am their daughter Thank you Mama, Papa...

As a child, I was always searching for something.

But in the end, I would only find darkness One day, my mother put me in those unknown arms.

He was different from every one. He was a magician.

For years he dragged me from darkness into the light.

When it comes to God, we are all blind.

None of you have ever seen Him or heard Him.

But I have touched God. I have felt his presence.

I call him 'Tee' .

For me everything was BLACK

But my teacher taught me the new meaning of Black

Black is not only darkness and suffocation.

It is the colour of achievement. The colour of knowledge.

The colour of the graduation robe.

The colour that we all share today.

But there is a difference between you and me.

Today you all wear this to celebrate graduation.

But not me.

Because I want my teacher to be the first one to see me...

Wear this black robe.

Every graduation day, he brought me here.

Every year, we would stand near that door... and every year he would write in my hand...

One day I want to see you on that stage Michelle

It has taken me 40 years... to fulfill his dream.

And today, for the first time, I feel my lack of sight.

Because I want to see my teacher standing at the door...

Watching me fulfill our dream with pride


Our dream


Woah... Woah...

Dear Ms. Nair, You'll be happy to know that we have come into the light:

Today my teacher has remembered his first word - Water.

He is the greatest teacher in the world...

Who has proved again that There is nothing impossible in this world.

Who has taught me that there is so much happiness in living for someone else Today is my teacher's first day at school Miss Nair.

And his alphabets, just like mine, will not start with A, B, C, D, and E.

But with B, L, A, C, K BLACK