Black Book (2006) Script

You're disrupting my class. No pictures please.


What are you doing here? I live here.

You're Jewish? What brings you to Israel?

I'm with my husband. That's him over there. George.

He suddenly got religion. Because of the war, the doctor says.

A lot of Jesus and no sins. Nights are nice and quiet now.

The last guy I saw you with was a Canadian.

That's him, silly. That is my Canadian.

How did you end up here?

Goodbye, sweetie. I'll send you the pictures.

Goodbye, Ellis. Rachel! Rachel Rosenthal. I'm married.

Write down Rachel Rosenthal. The address?

Kibbutz Stein.

Shalom. That's how you say it, isn't it?

"Then spake Jesus ..."

"Light of life."

Jantje, Stientje. Your turn to serve.

Good morning, Mrs. Tjepkema.

Good morning, children. Good morning, Miss.

Good morning, Rachel. We mustn't call her Rachel, remember?

The weather's clearing. I want the barn mucked out before nightfall.

Take your seats.

Will you read from the Gospel, Father?

I'm sure our guest has learned a new verse.

Good. Now close your eyes.

Then spake Jesus again, saying:

"I am the light of the world."

"He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness ..."

"but shall have the light of life."

Amen. Amen.

Nicely said and no mistakes.

She may have her cereal too, Stientje.

If the Jews had listened to Jesus, they wouldn't be in such a mess now.

Go ahead and eat.

Hey, you there ...

English music is forbidden.

But not for sexy girls.

That's not funny.

You scared me to death. I thought you were a Kraut.

How can I make it up to you? You can take me sailing.

And I sure could use a cigarette. Jawohl!

What's that idiot doing? Dumping his bombs, so he can climb.

Get down!

What are you doing? That's my hiding place.



You can't go back there. Come with me.

Enjoy your meal, son.

Turn it down.

I'll be damned. The voice on the record ... that's you.

That was me ... years ago.

Before the war.

One day you're singing, the next day you're silenced.

Here, Dad caught it for us. That's nice of him.

Would you light the stove for me?

This is nice.

Then keep it. You mean that?

A reminder of the woman whose life you saved.

That's sweet of you.


Actually, it's a blessing in disguise. What is?

I won't have to rattle off a silly Bible verse to get some grub.

A car.

Running on gasoline.

Miss Stein?

Rachel Stein?

Miss Stein, I know you're here.

The Germans found your ID in the farmhouse that burned down.

Mr. Maalderink?

They know you were in the area. They wrote down the number of your sail.

Says who?

Even the Krauts can put two and two together.

A Jewish woman in hiding disappears and the only boat on the lake was yours.

So why are you here? I've come to warn you.

The Germans will be here soon.

They'll send Miss Stein to Poland and arrest you and your family ... for harboring Jews.

How did you hear about this?

The police in The Hague passed the German report on to us.

Who's "us"?

"Us" is just "us". You're lucky there are a lot of good cops in Holland.

I just came to tell you this:

Go into hiding. Now.

Good night.

Wasn't I clear enough? You have to help us find a hiding place.

"Us" is the Resistance. You're one of them.

So you can help, right?

Maybe. But it's dangerous. We're willing to take the risk.

You can't leave us in the lurch.


There's a route through the marshes into liberated territory.

Smuggle us across the lines? Now? That's insane.

The Tommies are going to liberate us any day.

Your Tommies sure took a beating in Arnhem.

Either come along or deal with it yourself.

Wait. We'll come.

Be ready to leave tomorrow. I'll pick you up at 2:00.

Pack lightly, but bring enough money to last you a while.

This is it.

I'll wait on the corner.

W. B. Smaal, Attorney-at-Law

Rachel Stein to see Mr. Smaal.

Come on up, I'll see if he's available.

My husband can see you now.

Smaal. Rachel Stein.

My father told me to see you if I was in a jam.

Any young woman can call herself Rachel Stein.

My parents and my brother.

What can I do for you?

My hiding place got bombed.

I don't have an ID, or anything.

I have a chance to cross into liberated territory.

So I'll need some money. How much?

Enough to live on for a year. A hundred thousand?

No, that's impossible.

Half, then?

In dollars and jewels, please.

It can't take up too much space.

You'll have to sign for them.

Later, I'll need to show your father that the accounts are in order.

Do you know where my parents are hiding?

I don't know and I don't want to know.

Where do I sign?

Hold on.

Don't you want to count it first? No, I trust you.

Rachel ....

.you shouldn't be so trusting.

Not in times like these.

Routine check! ID papers!

Van Gein, Gestapo. With a shipment of captured Jews.

Ten of them.

Right. Go ahead.

And have a good trip. Heil Hitler.

Come on out.

Time to go ... Rachel!

Max! It's my brother.

We're here too.

My child ...

Quiet ... Come.

How did you get here?

That man came and told us you were going to make the crossing.

So we wanted to come too.

This is Rob. He's been helping me.

Don't push. Be careful.

Move to the front and sit down.

You're holding everyone up. He had an operation.

Four days ago. The scar hasn't healed. Sorry, I didn't know.

Would you unhook the gangplank? Aren't you coming?

The captain will take it from here.

Have a safe trip.

Take it off, lady. It'll shine in the dark.

But I sleep with it on! Then turn up your collar.

The Krauts see everything.

Let's go!

Look, gingerbread. I saved it for a special occasion.

What did you have?

Acute appendicitis. He nearly couldn't come.

Our trusty lawyer found a doctor to operate on him in secret.

On the kitchen table. Just in time. Mr. Smaal knew where you were?

Of course. He helped us find our hiding place.

He swore up and down he didn't know. That's odd.

No. He was playing it safe.

So where were you hiding? In the attic of some grocer.

A Socialist, but a good man.

But Brussels is better.

We'll never split up again, will we? No.

Why are we sailing east? How would you know?

I was a helmsman in the Merchant Marines before the war.

I sailed with the Holland-America Line. We're zigzagging.


Get out!

Show me what's inside.

Open it! But Corporal, she died ... of a terrible disease. Typhus.

Open it!

Close it!

I could hardly breathe. First time we've had complaints.

A good half inch. Any bigger and you'd see it.

I meant in the rain. I could barely keep my face still.

You can clean yourself up over there.

Here, you can use this.

How can I ever thank you?

You could slip these off. Cut it out, Joop.

You can write the man who found you and thank him for alerting us ... instead of the Germans.

It's got to be dyed.

Hi, Dad.


Ellis de Vries.

You'll get used to the name. Is your ID all right?

It's A-OK, Dad. Better than the real thing.

Have you ever done any cooking? In the old days.

Kosher. Not much demand for that these days.

Sorry. You can stay here ... but you'll have to work.

The more work, the better. Her family was gunned down by the SS.

One day we'll get those bastards, Ellis.


Ellis, come here.

One woman has dropped out.

Do you want to take her place? Work is work.

Even when it's dangerous? What have I got to lose?

Your life.

Is she traveling with me tomorrow? Yes. Our new courier, Ellis.

I'm Hans. Have a seat.

As usual, the Kuipers group will handle the technical stuff.

My Fight Squad provides cover.

When is it due? 7:30.

Wind? North-Northwest.

You do South-Southeast, Joop. Red.

At 500 feet, Kees. But no further. I'm no Jesse Owens.

Blue, Kees. I'll signal.


Then bring on the booze. What's my role in this boy's club?

To be my fiancée tomorrow. A few hugs and kisses ...

The Krauts leave couples alone.

A few kisses? Is that all?


To the Queen. Cheers.

To Queen Wilhelmina, Tim, you old commie.

One minute to go. We're on.

Here, take this.

Chocolate! I haven't had any for years.

You'll be carrying this tomorrow. Careful, it's radio equipment.

Music? Are we going to dance?

It's a transmitter. We're going to bug Gestapo headquarters.

Isn't that guarded?

I have easy access. I'm a telephone repairman. They often need me.

I've already installed the wiring. I was just waiting for this.

Is my stuff in there too?

Damn it. I can't be seen with that. In English for God's sake.

We've got suitcases in the office.

Start loading the truck, guys.

Hands up! Don't move! Hands up!

We've taken five lives. What have we done?

It was them or us.

Get the weapons on the truck. I'll check outside.

Hans is one cool customer. And an excellent marksman.

What if he'd missed? He never does.

He was the best marksman in Pro Patria. What's that?

Some dumb student rifle club. The best student rifle club.

Hans, Maarten and I were in it. We've been helping Jews since the war began.

Hans is great. He'll get you through anything.

Not a Kraut in sight. Those assholes were operating on their own.

Strip off the uniforms. We can put them to good use.

We have to give them a Christian burial.

Dump them in a pit. Just the job for you, Theo.

It's my gun. What did you think?

What did you think I thought?

Security check! Have your IDs ready!

We're in love, aren't we?

Well then, here goes.

Open your bags, everyone!

I'll shoot. You pull the emergency brake, then make a run for it.

Keep your filthy hands off me, you pervert!

Good afternoon.

Can I help you? Thank you.

Heavy, aren't they?

Pretty women shouldn't carry heavy suitcases.

My phonograph and records are in there.

Thank you. Are you so fond of music?

It's my job.

I used to be a singer, before the war. Ellis de Vries ...

Ludwig Müntze.

Security Check. Open your bags.


Very exciting. At least to me.

Stamps ...

I was crazy about them as a kid. All those faraway countries.

I started collecting them when I was six.

Maybe that's why I studied geography.

Can't you see I'm busy?

Move on. Yes, Hauptsturmführer.

May I have a look? I promise to be careful.

Polski ... France ...

I collect the stamps of the countries I'm stationed in.

First Poland, then France ... and now here.

It stops in the middle of our queen.

The Wilhelmina stamps from the Dutch East Indies.

I'm not sure I'll ever get my hands on those.

No, those belong to me ... They're mine.

You want a ride, so you don't have to lug those bags?

That won't be necessary. Someone is picking me up.

But thanks for the offer.

Maybe we can see each other again? That'd be nice.


Your feminine charms worked wonders. Yes. Men!

His name is Müntze. Seems like a nice guy.

He's head of the Gestapo. Thanks to him, a lot of Resistance people are dead.

And such a man collects stamps ...

When they line him up against the wall after the war, I'll gladly shout "fire".

Look, he found something!

Mr. Kuipers, it's our truck.

Open it. It's blocked.

Jesus ...

They found the guns. Get out!


Go back!

Goddamn it!

Gerben ...

They'll arrest you. I don't care. It's my son.

You know too much. They'll beat it out of you.

Mr. Kuipers, there's nothing we can do.

Take everything to Silentium for safekeeping.

Ellis, you take the suitcases from the parachute drop.

Tell everyone our cover's been blown.

Thanks to that bastard Müntze, they've got Tim.

Wait a minute ...

The soup kitchen has been shut down. Pass it on.

You met Müntze in the train, didn't you?

And he seemed to like you ...

He was drooling all over her. Don't exaggerate.

He showed me his stamp collection. He collects Queen Wilhelminas.

The soup kitchen has been shut down.

How far are you prepared to go? How far?

You mean, would I screw him? That's rather crude.

I like things to be clear. Is that what you mean?

How far are you prepared to go to save Tim, and the others?

As far as Müntze wants to go. Okay?

Wasting a good suit on a stiff.

That's taking it with you.

Where'd she put my suitcase? In the office.

You think of everything. All for that Nazi bastard.

It's none of your business.

It kind of has been since the train ... You wish.

I'm here to pick up my suitcase.


Damn it. It's soaking wet.

Something broken? It better not be. It's insulin.

There's a shortage. If diabetics don't get their shots, they die.

You're telling me.

Are you a diabetic? I had no idea. No, I'm in perfect health.

Stop peeking!

I used to work in a cabaret, with a diabetic comedian.

If he overdosed on insulin, he'd stuff himself with chocolate.

It beats dying.

Fucking Brits. At least half of them are broken.

The hospital won't be too pleased. Are you a doctor?

Don't ask. You can't blab what you don't know.

Doctor, it stings.

It stings, it stings ...

Shall the doctor take a look?

At least I get you first.


Wim, it's that girl again.

She looks like Jean Harlow now.

Rachel? You're back? We never got farther than the marshes.

Your parents and Max ... Weren't they crossing, too?

All of a sudden there was a German patrol boat ...

It was pure bad luck.

Strange ...

They're all dead and I can't seem to cry.

Who was supposed to take you across? The captain. Also killed, I think.

But someone must have brought you to the river.

A man from the Resistance. What was his name?

Van Gein, or something like that.

A terrible tragedy.

Please accept my condolences.

For queen and country I'm supposed ... to cozy up to a German officer ...

.to sleep with him.

I can't help you with that.

No ...

But there's something in here that can.

I've come to see Hauptsturmführer Müntze.

You don't say. What for?

It's about the Royal Family, Queen Wilhelmina herself.

Hauptsturmführer Müntze ...

You've been announced. Please wait there.

Miss de Vries ...

What a surprise. To what do I owe the honor?

My relatives in the Dutch East Indies used to write to us a lot.

My mother kept the letters, so I took all these off for you.

With steam.


Beautiful. Very beautiful.

Good afternoon.

Over there, Ronnie. We mustn't damage the stamps.

Shall I pour? No, I'll do it.

Try the chocolate. British.

A shipment just dropped into our laps.

Go ahead, eat it.

What will you do with the stamps?

Nothing, really. They were tucked away in a drawer.

It's all the Wilhelmina stamps I don't have.

If you see anything you like, you can take it.

Thank you.

I appreciate that.

Shut the door.

I've brought the car around. What, already?

Get my coat and cap.

A pity. Duty calls.

And I haven't made a choice yet. I'll leave them all here.

Thank you.

I think I've eaten too much chocolate. I haven't had any for ages.

I have to go to a party. There's lots of good food there.

Why not get your phonograph and records and come along?

Or I could sing. Even better.

Without the help of the Dutch Gestapo ... our success would be impossible.

Your fight against the terrorists is our fight.

Together with our Führer we fight for a free Europe.

Heil Hitler!

And now for some music. Franken.

Miss de Vries?



Are you all right? Yes.

I shouldn't have had the champagne. I'm not used to alcohol.

But I'm okay now.

Shall I sing now?

Obergruppenführer, ladies and gentlemen ...

I am honored to introduce Ellis de Vries. She will sing for us.

Any requests?

Lola. Naughty Lola.

They call me naughty Lola ... The season's hottest star I've got a pianola at home in my boudoir The men all love my music I can't keep them away But my little pianola is for me alone to play

They call me naughty Lola the season's hottest star I've got a pianola at home in my boudoir But tickling my ivories is definitely taboo And any man who tries it will get kicked in the kazoo



Well, what?

I'd love to see your stamp collection.

But it's enormous.

I'm not in any rush.

I have no toothbrush for you.


Not bad.

It's from the capitalists we threw out.

Winner takes all.


You sing well. Where have you performed?

In Berlin. A bit of cabaret ...

You shouldn't have stopped.

There was no longer a demand.

You have black hair.

Blond is all the rage these days.

Maybe blond hair helps you survive, if you happen to be Jewish.


So what?

Are these Jewish?

Are these Jewish?

Also blond.

You're a perfectionist.

Come on in. It's just us girls.

Do you also have to pee after you've made love?

You were great tonight.

Did Müntze hire you? You came for a job, didn't you?

No, but I would like one, though I'm not a Nazi or anything.

Neither am I.

Still, they do have a point. Holland is like a piece of Germany.

We speak a kind of German dialect. Göring said so himself.

Real soap.

Plus good food and drink. What more could you want?

Just keep your big-time Kraut satisfied.

In here, Günther.

What's going on? Some Lesbian hanky-panky?

We were talking about a job. Ellis wants to work for us.

Anyone who can sing so nicely in German is hired.

Provided ...

you pass the physical.

Now that's what I call healthy ...

No, no. Reserved for Hauptsturmführer Müntze.

Where were you?

Having a pee.

Franken came in and offered me a job.

That's a good idea.

You can help with the party for the Führer's birthday.

You're married, I see.

With two lovely children.


I was married.

Not anymore?

No, not anymore.

Göring swore that no British bomb would ever fall on German soil.

During the raids on Hamburg, Christina and the children were in a bomb shelter.

I wasn't there.

It took a direct hit.

It's hard, Ellis ... not having anyone.

Yes ...

I know.

That must be music to your ears.

You've told us nothing.

I know nothing. Someone else hid the weapons in the truck.

You are a pile of shit on the road to German victory.

Soon the Russians will drive you into the sea.

You and your henchmen.

One for you ... and one for Comrade Stalin.


Such foul language.

Rinse his mouth.

He's holding his breath.


You'll be talking in an hour.

Are we the only ones here? All the other girls have fled to Germany.

Why don't you sit next to me. That'll be fun.

Type these up and stencil off 15 copies.

What are these stains?

Don't worry, it's just water.

Get started. There's lots more to come.

Read it out loud, I'll type.

Let me take these off. I can't type with them on.

Are they real? What do you think?

A present from Günther. Aren't they beautiful?

His safe is like Aladdin's cave.

Just say "Open Sesame." Right.

There's a chest full of diamonds inside.

Let's see ...

1945 ... the 19th ...

Okay. Here we go.


Come on.

The terrorist Timotheus Kuipers ...

You can speed it up a bit. made the following statement:

I am a member of a Communist cell, led by my father, Gerben Kuipers.

Boring, isn't it?

What are you doing here? Talking to the Germans about justice.

Justice? Here?

Resistance fighters have no rights, but as a lawyer I try to help them.

With a man like Franken? A waste of time.

Tim's microphone.

How did you know I was here? I don't underestimate you.

Müntze is a nice man, don't you think?

Can you give me a hand? We're decorating for the Führer's birthday.

Mr. Smaal, you're already here. Come in.

No. The piano has to go over there.

Here's a few more.

Thank you. Goodbye.

It looks great.

Don't forget to light up the Führer.

Get me a spotlight. Hauptsturmführer?

The execution order for the three terrorists. We'll shoot them tomorrow.

No one's going to be shot.

But they've confessed. Our orders are to shoot terrorists, as you know.

I'm in charge. If I say they won't be executed, they won't be.

You're dismissed.

Jesus, now they're turning on each other.

This must really be the end.

Over here. Follow me.

I'll be right there.

What are you doing in here? This ought to sweeten his temper.

The prettiest one is for you.

Very thoughtful ... Are you coming?

I was planning on going home.

Aren't you coming over tonight? Of course I am.

I'll just pick up some clothes.

Günther, darling.

Ronnie, my little tiger ...

It works like a charm.

Günther, give it to me, baby.

She's sure horny.

She's a Nazi whore. We'll deal with her after the war.

Shave their heads. Line them up against the wall.

Don't be so primitive. That's not what we're fighting for.

Shit. The phone.

Don't stop. Keep going.

I nearly came.

Watch out, you're dripping.


Okay, send him up.

We'll finish this tonight. Now, scoot.

Come in.

Good afternoon. How are you? Fine.

Take a seat. I'll get your money from last time.

What was that? I think he's opening the safe.

The new list just came in. It's on my desk.

There aren't that many left. Is it worth it?

We can rake in half a million.

I think this will be my last run.

I know that voice. What?

The man who arranged the crossing. Shut up.

The generator's going dead. I'll fix it.

When can you have the new group ready?

They live pretty close together. Three days?

It's him.

It's van Gein!

Those rich Jews of yours all move in the same circles. Who's your informer?

None of your damn business.

It would only take me a day to find out who he is.

It could cost you your life.

Or save my life, after the war.

I'll be long gone by then. Let's have a drink.

To the next bunch of stupid kikes.

That German patrol boat wasn't just bad luck. It was a trap.

They're working their way down a list. What kind of list?

Of wealthy Jews. They promise to take them to Belgium, then kill them.

How do you know? Because I fell for it myself.

My entire family was mowed down before my eyes.

Jesus, Ellis ... That's terrible.

Who's this van Gein?

He pretends to be part of the Resistance.

He helps Jews in hiding to escape and tells them to bring money.

Franken lies in wait, then kills them and robs the corpses.

So now they have another list of potential victims.

We can't let that happen.

We can't help. We don't know who they are or where they live.

Let's knock off Franken. Yes, stop the bastard.

If you kill Franken, 20 or 30 hostages will be shot.

If we don't kill him, 20 or 30 Jews will die.

Is the life of a Jew worth more than that of a good Dutchman?

Franken is not to be liquidated.

Van Gein. If we take him out ... We're not taking out anyone.

Tell them, Mr. Smaal.

I'm negotiating a truce. No attacks by us, no reprisals from Müntze.

It seems to be working. Oh, I see ...

That's why Franken and Müntze were fighting.

Congratulations, Gerben. At least you've saved your Tim.

Him and lots more. Any objections? Me? No.

As long as they're good Dutchmen. Gerben's the boss. It's his call.

Then good afternoon. Ellis!

Things are the way they are.

The mike you planted ... That was a first-rate job.

I agree, we can't let those Jews be slaughtered.

Gerben is right. Killing van Gein is not the answer.

What if we kidnap him? Franken would still shoot the hostages.

No, he'd think van Gein had bolted. Just after he promised him a new list?

Van Gein is trying to hedge his bets, for after the war.

If he disappears, Franken will think he's skipped.

Kuipers and Smaal forget one thing.

Someone's fingering rich Jews. Van Gein thinks he knows who.

I'll beat it out of him if I have to.

Come along. I'll round up my men.

I can't.

I've got a date with Müntze.

You're the only one who knows what van Gein looks like.

You've got to come.

That's him.

Let's go.

Your scarf.


It's empty.

Theo ...


Shoot! I can't.

Goddamn it!

Goddamn fucking bitch! Goddamn you!

You swore.


You cursed God!

That's enough, Theo.

Come on, Theo.

A flesh wound, Kees. You're lucky.

But the bullet's got to come out.

Can you get the chloroform in my coat?

Take a deep breath, Kees.

Stop, you prick.

That stuff isn't working, prick.

Expiration date: 1941.

It expired years ago. That's why van Gein wasn't knocked out.

What works after 5 years under the Krauts?

You choose: either the mallet or the gin.

The gin, prick.


Kees, think of something nice. Here goes.

Got it.

Thanks. Prick. To a happy ending. Cheers.

Van Gein's raked in thousands for the Krauts.

You mean millions.

Come on, Theo.

Those damn Dutchmen ...

They shot my best soldier.

This brave warrior earned us millions.

And now he's dead. Shot by those damn terrorists.

I killed a man. I'm doomed. It was justice, Theo.

He's the murderer, not you. No, I'm as bad as the Nazis.

I've committed murder. I'm doomed.

I said no, didn't I? Damn it, I said no!

That bastard deserved to die. Who cares?

Now they'll shoot Tim, you asshole.

And forty others. Forty hostages.

Because you had to play the hero and shoot that worthless shit van Gein.

Jesus ... Forty? Who told you that?

I overheard it, you idiots. Through the mike in Franken's office.

His top agent was shot. He's out for blood.

But you're negotiating with Müntze. Müntze hasn't got any clout after this.

Tim is as good as dead.

But your Jews are safe now.

No, Ellis. I'm responsible. No one else.

I'll turn myself in. Then they'll execute me instead of the others.

I'll go with you. I killed him. Then I'll go too.

Then we'll all go.

Stop it.

This is ridiculous. You're all drunk.

One bottle of gin and the entire Resistance is ready to die.

Turning yourself in is no solution.

Then what is? Getting them out.

What makes you think you can get out of that basement alive?

The blueprints of the Gestapo building, from when it was still a bank.

I got it from a friend at City Hall.

I'm back.

I thought I'd never see you again. Silly me.

I realized too late it was past curfew. I had a heck of a time getting here.

What have we got here?

Do you think I'm stupid?

Suddenly I meet this beautiful woman.

A few days later she shows up with the stamps I've been looking for.

Then that same woman turns out to be Jewish.

Right after she starts working for us, Franken's top agent gets shot.

A lot of coincidence, don't you think?

You have a choice:

You play dumb, and I'll turn you over to Franken.

Or you tell me everything.

If you'd put away your gun ...

and kiss me.

Okay, I've kissed you.

Now talk.

Take off your coats, ladies, and get to work.

A list of prisons. Call and ask how many hostages they've got.

Stop when you reach forty.

Have them shipped here. The execution is tomorrow at 6:00 A.M.

Forget the calls, ladies.

Obersturmführer, open your safe. Of course.

Which files would you like to see? None.

You're suspected of killing rich Jews. There's nothing wrong with that.

But you've been looting the bodies and keeping the valuables for yourself.

Failure to turn Jewish property over to the Reich is punishable by death.

Open that safe.

As you wish, Obergruppenführer.

Empty it.

And in there?

Open it.

Here you are, gentlemen. From 1939, the year our military campaign began.

I've kept it to celebrate Germany's final victory.

Your informer seems to have been mistaken.

This person has always been reliable. Not this time.

My apologies, Franken.

Hauptsturmführer, you'll hear from me.

Obergruppenführer ...

Müntze is negotiating with terrorists.

He's promised them there won't be any more reprisals.

Not even for the murder of van Gein.

You're negotiating with terrorists?

The Resistance will cease all attacks and hand over their weapons if we stop the reprisals.

That's in violation of the Führer's order of September 4th. It's still in force.

Why should we shed more blood?

The Russians are already in Berlin. We've lost the war.

That's defeatism, Hauptsturmführer.

And negotiating with the enemy is high treason.

Police. Arrest this man.

For that, you will be executed, Mr. Müntze.

I will personally give the order to fire.


Here are the papers you need to get inside.

And the keys?

Copies of the spares, from the man who built the cells for the Krauts.

I gave him a choice: a bullet now or a medal after the war.

He was happy to oblige.

What are you up to? I can't let you go without me.

You're staying here. I can't just do nothing.

My job is to free 40 hostages.

Yours is to take care of them. The keys.

Gerben ...

I'll bring Tim back to you.

Why aren't you at your post? They've arrested Müntze.

We heard it over the mike. Let the Krauts kill each other.

I want you to get Müntze out too. Over my dead body.

Müntze too, or I'm out.

We don't have a choice, do we?

Does that prick mean that much to you? Yes, do you mind?

All right. Bring him too.

Party time!

Don't you care that Müntze is going to die?

While there's life, there's hope.

What hope is there for us? The Tommies are coming.

Ellis, we're done for. We've worked for the Krauts.

The families of Franken's victims will want revenge, or the Resistance will kill us.

They won't kill anyone. You don't know that.

As a matter of fact, I do.

You have connections?

Ellis ... you mean ...

Are you a spy? Holy smoke.

I'd never have guessed.

A real Mata Hari. Greta Garbo in the flesh.

Ladies, they're waiting for you.

Go ahead. I'll be there in a minute.

But Garbo got it in the end.


Hostages and terrorists from Utrecht.

Six men for tomorrow's execution.



Go on through.

Open the gate.

Follow me.

Müntze too? We promised Ellis.


Come ...

It's me, Maarten.

Hey, Tim, old buddy.

Everyone. The refrain.


What's going on down there, Obersturmführer?

Nothing we can't handle.




What happened? Get out. Go!

Not yet.


Ronnie, you're assigned to Käutner.

Ellis, come with me. I've got a report to write.


A trap ... We failed.

And Tim?

Have a seat.

Ellis ...

You've done an excellent job.

I'm very pleased.

Of course I do whatever I can for the Führer.

Yes, but the result exceeded our expectations.

It can't be true, can it? Goddamn it.

You set them up splendidly by unlocking the boiler-room door.

Like mice in a trap.

You sure earned your money.

That bitch betrayed us.

And for money too. What a sneaky Jewish trick.

You can never trust them. Quiet!

Darling, you can take down Himmler's picture now.

We're done with this British gadget.

Dear Mr. Kuipers, Obersturmführer Franken ... now bids you farewell.

Ellis, would you like to add anything?

That bitch is laughing at us.

Good night.

Be brave and take care, Kuipers. Thanks for your cooperation.

Stay out of things that are over your head, honeybun.

Tomorrow we'll shoot you and your precious Müntze.

We'll hunt that girl down ... and kill her.

How could she? She's Jewish.

Maybe they pressured her. Even so ...

You must be strong when the choice is to collaborate or get shot.

An explanation is not an excuse. We'll get that girl ...

No matter where ...

No matter when.

Come on, keep moving.


Here we go.

My beautiful dress.

Anybody got a handkerchief? Quick.

That tickles!

Give me the gun.

Franken will never take us alive. Never.

Go on through.

Everything under control, Siegfried? Yes.

Go on through.

If there's anything I can do ... Quit yakking. Drive!

No need to be rude.

You're such a busy bee.

Here, lazybones. Start drying.

Cozy, isn't it?

I wish it could always be like this. It can. If we stay together.


But not in Holland.

They think I betrayed them. They'll be looking for me.

We'll set the record straight.

We know who the real traitor is, don't we?

You optimist.

You really think they'll listen to an SS officer?

What other choice do we have?

It's over, darling. The war is over.

But for us it's only just begun.

I never thought I'd dread liberation day.

Obersturmführer Franken.

Cast off.

Have you plotted the course? We'll be in Hamburg in six hours.

Very good.

Go down and see what's wrong.

Joseph, what's going on?

Did you think we'd let you get away?

What do you want? You ... and your loot.

Over here, on the jeep.

Ronnie! Come join us.

How did you wind up here? By standing in front, smiling and shoving.

Do you want a ride? I can't. No time.

See you soon.




Come, Wim. The Canadians are here.

You? You're still alive?

Strange, isn't it? When so many want us dead.

I thought Franken had you executed. He didn't tell you we escaped?

Franken? Tell me anything?

We've been hiding these last weeks. We just got home.

Aren't you about to cut and run? Whatever do you mean?

Canadian Field Security is picking me up any moment.

Good ... then we'll go with you.

We'll wait in the office.

Move. Ludwig, what's come over you?

Sit down.

I said, sit down.

You think I'm responsible for that disastrous rescue attempt?

And for double-crossing your Jewish clients.

How dare you. My husband has known them for years.

They were friends of ours ... What's my motive?

To steal the things in your safekeeping together with Franken.

You told Franken about the mike. The rescue attempt was your idea.

You led Hans and his men to slaughter. Hold on a moment.

I wasn't the only one. Kuipers was also in on the plan.

Nobody would have his own son killed.

Everyone has unknown depths, Hauptsturmführer.

May I show you something?

When my wife and I were in hiding, we discussed this.

We went through my notebook.

We arrived at a very different conclusion. Didn't we, darling?

And that is?

I can only tell you in the presence of the Canadians.

Tell us now. As a lawyer, I can't do that.

You need to be impartial.

That must be the Canadians.

Every suspect has the right to a fair trial.

Even the biggest bastard? Yes.


Look. Shit, it's Müntze. Get him!

We've got Müntze.

Shit, it's Ellis de Vries. Come on.

Gotcha, you bitch.

Get up!

You're going to Bible class. Come on!

Bring your shit buckets.

Church is upstairs.

Come on.

Move. Keep moving.

Hey, you. Dump your shit in there.

Haul it up. Hurry up.

Listen to the voice of God. This is your chance to repent.

Eyes front.


We're here to look at traitors. Show us your faces.

Heads up!

Look at those faces. What ugly mugs.

Maybe the rest is more interesting.

Take off your clothes.

Men, pants off. Bare asses.

Broads, topless.

I wanna see tits.

This too.

Don't let those animals hump each other.


She used to sing for the Germans, so she can sing for us.

For you? Never. Of course you will. We'll all sing.


You fucking cunt. You think you can mess with me?

I'll show you, you Nazi bitch.

Move away from her. Get out of the way.

God, that stinks.

Anyone got perfume?

Move. Here comes the fire brigade.

Let go!

Rewind it.

Soldiers don't have any say here. I call the shots.

I'm Colonel Akkermans, from the Prince's staff.

This is a goddamn disgrace.

You filthy Fascists, you'll all be fired within 24 hours.

Get the hell out of here, you scum.

Ellis, it's over. It's over.

Take me out of here.

One moment, Miss de Vries.

Your personal belongings.

Check it, please.

Is this Smaal's?

Look. It's the doctor. It's Dr. Akkermans.

The doctor was in the Resistance.

Long live the doctor.


Don't give it all away. It's not the land of plenty yet.

I want to show you something.

Where did you get all this? Franken tried to flee with it.

I didn't let him.

It's the loot he took from the murdered Jews.

I got this from my father.

For my first stage performance.

That bastard Franken. He tried to pin the blame on you.

I'll take it up with Kuipers. Or even with the Prince.

I'll explain.

They'll never believe you. It'll work out.

All's well that ends well ... Want a drink?

One more thing ...

Müntze has been arrested, and I want to see him.

Haven't you heard? What?

It's crazy, really. What happened?

Some Canadian asshole ...

allowed the Krauts to carry out the death sentence on Müntze.

Will it never end?

This will calm you down.

Come lie down.

Are you okay?

Yes, insulin.

Lots of insulin.

It'll make you sleep.


The "hero" must take his bow.

Lie there quietly. In a few minutes you'll be reunited with your family.

And maybe even Müntze.

Stop her.

She's a patient. She's sick. Stop her.

Stop her.

Stop her, she's dangerous.

Let me down, damn it.

I'll get you, you whore!

Gold ring, number 23.

We found him.

Gerben ...

It's better if you leave for a moment.

Can our people do it? Don't let the Krauts touch him.

You there ... Stop.

Take over, guys. It's for Gerben.

You know who this is?

What have you got to say about that? This.

It's all in here.

Since 1942 Hans and his college buddies have been helping Jews go into hiding.

Mostly his patients, or clients of Maarten and Kees, a banker and a lawyer.

Look, Smaal wrote down the names:

"Weissman, Goud, van Witze."

They got their money from Smaal, so they could flee to Belgium.

They were lured into the marshes, then killed and robbed.

Here are my parents.

Was Hans their doctor? No, my brother had appendicitis.

They needed a doctor, and Smaal sent Hans. Look: "Dr. A. sent to Stein."

He then called Franken and turned them in.

Franken sent van Gein, and two days later they were dead.

I can't believe it ... Hans!

Did you know he'd been arrested last year?


Three weeks later Smaal wrote: "Dr. A. released due to lack of evidence."

The bastard.

Kees, Maarten, all of them.

So they wouldn't ask about their Jewish clients after the war.

Look ... It's Hans' jeep.

The hearse is gone.

He's using the same trick to escape. Where can he go?

Belgium, I suppose. But the captain said they're checking all the roadblocks.

You drive.

I'll call Field Security.

A hearse passed through a roadblock near Hollands Diep.

Turn here.

Security check. I just passed a checkpoint.



Quick, the back.

What's going on? Damn it.

Ellis, is that you?

Don't do it, Ellis. Let me out.

Ellis, look. For you ...


There's lots more. Gems, gold ...

And dollars. Take it. It's all yours.

Open the coffin. Please.

What are you doing?

Goddamn it.

Ellis, what are you doing?

What are you doing, Ellis?

Don't do it, Ellis. Goddamn it.

I had nothing to do with it. Open the lid.

Let me out. Goddamn it.

Don't do it.

Goddamn it.

Don't, Ellis. Don't.

Please let me explain, sweetheart, darling.

Goddamn it.

Filthy cunt. I'll get you, bitch.

Goddamn fucking Nazi whore. I'll get you, bitch. I'll kill you!

We should open the coffin.

Yes ... we should ...

What shall we do with all the money?

It doesn't belong to us.

Not to anyone.

Except the dead.

He's quiet now.


It seemed to take forever.


Hello, my darlings.

Where were you?