Black Caesar (1973) Script

Say, man, how's about a shine, mister?


Come on, put your foot up there. I'll shine it up good.

OK, make it snappy.

Gonna shine 'em up good so you can see your face in 'em.

Hurry up, kid. Come on, hurry up.

No shit, man. Takes time to shine 'em up bright.

You little bastard! You little black bastard, let go of my leg! Let go!

Let go! Let go of my leg!

I was born in New York City on a Monday It seems I was out shinin' shoes by Tuesday noon All the fat cats in their bad hats doin' me a real big favour I got the fat cats in their bad hats playin' it on real good Here's a dime, boy Give me a shine, boy Down and out in New York City Got nowhere to be, but where can you go When you're down and out in New York City I'm never, never, never gonna get that way again Down and out in New York City Got nowhere to be, but where can you go When you're down and out in New York City I'm never, never, never gonna get that way again

No No, no No, no, not me

When you need a break You need an angle When you want a friend Gonna get myself together in the morning Gonna leave it all as one bad dream All the fat cats in their bad hats are doin' me a real big favour They've got the fat cats in their bad hats playin' it on real good Here's a dime, boy Give me a shine


Niggers aren't allowed in this building.

They never are.

I been sent with this.

You ever see me before? No.

You're lyin', blackbird.

WOMAN: Who's at the door, Jack? The janitor.

We'll be back in a minute.

Where's the fella who usually brings me this envelope?

How should I know?

You don't know a lot of things.

You and me better take us a little walk.

Remember, nigger, you've never seen me, you've never been here.

You got more to be afraid of from me than anybody.

I'll cut your black balls off. You hear me?

I hear ya.

Oh, just a minute. There's not enough here.

Enough what? It's $50 short. Now, where is it?

I don't know. I don't have it.

You're lyin', boy.

I don't have it.

Listen, nigger, they wouldn't dare short-change me. So cough it up.

They did it, didn't they?

I don't have it!

I'll take it off of you.

I could put a bullet through you for carrying a switchblade.

Do you want to be put away or are you gonna give me that 50 bucks?

Look, you fuckin' ass! I ain't got your money. You don't get pissed at me!

Get out!


Yeah, come in.

Why aren't you with the other guys? Why are you always by yourself?

Well, the, uh, the other guys, they... they don't want me around.

Oh. Well, you're the one I wanna see.

See, I'm gonna be gone for a few years under this rap.

I'm gonna learn a lot. I want you to learn a lot too.

What are you talkin' about? I mean, you're the big brain.

I take good care of you. I'll be all right.

Just shut up and listen! I want you to finish school - high school.

I was figurin' on CCNY someday. It's for free.

I want you to learn where to put money so you end up with more than you started with.

Then when I get out, and I've started my business, you'll be with me.

Sure. Anything you say.

Now get out before you start cryin'. I ain't cryin'.

OK, so you're not cryin'! Get out. Fuck off.

And Joe, before I see you again, I want you to get laid.

Make it snappy. I gotta catch a four o'clock flight to Vegas.

Yes, sir.

You ever been to Vegas? No.

Figures. I never seen any coloured fellas around the tables at Vegas.

I oughta tell the boys to let 'em in.

Christ's sakes. For Christ's sakes, nobody likes to lose... like the Negroes.


They're born losers. You know what I oughta do?

I oughta build a casino right out in the desert.

Just for the nigger trade.

I bet they'd hitchhike, ride the rails, even steal cars to get there.

Be right with you, sir. That's OK.

Take your time. I want Mr Grossfield to look his best for his friends and relatives.

Who the hell are you? Did you know that a man's beard keeps right on growin' even after he's... dead?

Now, you get it real close, Sammy. We want it to last Mr Grossfield.

You're full of shit. You ain't got no gun.

Keep right on workin', boys.

This doesn't make any sense. I don't know who sent you, but we can work it out.

Nobody sent me. I thought it up all by myself.

Sorry, sir. Sammy, don't disfigure the man!

I was plannin' on givin' it to him where it didn't show. You're makin' a mess.

Look, can't we talk this out? What do we say?

I'm just as nervous as you are. This is the first time for both of us.

I ain't never killed anybody before.

I'm just tryin' to break into the business. At the top.

Look, I haven't got a gun. It's in my coat. Now, come on, give me a chance.

Sorry, sir. My hand's shakin' too.

Will you be careful?! Sorry.

The organisation is not gonna let you get away with it.

There's already a contract out on you. Cardoza wrote it.

That's right. Your friend Cardoza.

I'm just... savin' him time.

By volunteerin'.

Oh, say, you did a sloppy job, Sammy.

I ain't gonna let you shave me.

Jesus Christ! Sauce looked like it needed more meat.

What are you doin'? Who are you?

Just a jig who heard Grossfield needed killing.

That contract was only for professionals.

Don't I qualify? I spent eight years in some of your best private institutions.

It was a clean job. You call that a clean job?

In the afternoon, in a barbershop, with witnesses?

That's why I did it in front of everybody.

Everybody knows your... organisation don't employ no niggers.

Sit down.


Want somethin' to eat?

Peppe in un piatto di rigatoni.

E per me un piatto di spaghetti.

Where did you learn to speak our language?

One of my cellmates was a Sicilian kid.


I ain't never heard no dinge speak Italian before.

How many of us do you know?

You get your 200. Since when did the price go down?

Since when do spades make as much as whites?

Listen, shadow, you're lucky I'm even talkin' to you.

Look, you may wanna use me again. Don't screw it up.

No, I don't use the same man in the same city twice. They can be easily identified.

I got a built-in disguise.

They never look at me. They never look at my face, my nose, my lame foot.

All they know is that I'm black. Your kind has no guts.

If you get picked up, right away they start to talk.

You know what the other families'd do if I hired you? They'd scream bloody murder.


You can't work for me. The other families won't let me do it.

I don't want a job. I want one full block to call my territory.

127th Street and Edgecomb Avenue.

Why do you want that? It's shit. I'll make it work.

Hey. Who says spooks don't have any ambition?

You don't know what you're gettin' into.

There might be a whole load of people I wanna get rid of.

You might not have a good deal after all.

So I put in a little overtime.


Paid the cost to be the boss

Paid the cost to be the boss I've paid the cost to be the boss Look at me You know what you see You see a bad mother

Look at me You know what you see You see a bad mother

Paid the cost to be the boss

Paid the cost to be the boss

Look at me You know what you see You see a bad mother

Told you so

Told you so Havin' fun, I got money for it Havin' fun, I got mighty fun Havin' fun, I got mighty fun Havin' fun, I got mighty fun

Never fear, brother, I'm always here to save the souls and heal the ills.

And cash the cheques.

You see, uh, religious organisations is tax-exempt. Privilege, you know?

When we shake folks down, they're not payin' Tommy, they're supportin' my religious organisation. And it all goes into a fund.

And we don't even have to hide the moneys that we make from hookers and the numbers.

And we report it and use it tax-free to buy filling stations, supermarkets, apartment houses - everything, anything Joe the brain can think up.

We intend to do more than just organise the rackets in Harlem, we're going to see that black people get a fair shake. A chance to live better.

Isn't that right, Tommy?

I understand you're well-connected at the city hall, Mr Coleman.

Have you ever heard of a man called Gusick?

He's been the bagman... for certain... public servants... since I was a snot-nosed kid.

What happened is the families that had been making the payoff have finally demanded an accounting. An audit, you might say.

Don't tell me this... Gusick was foolish enough to keep ledgers?

I'm afraid so. I saw these ledgers once when I was a little boy.

Just a couple of ordinary books with a lot of facts and names.

But... oh, what names.

Cops, councilmen, congressmen.

They must be carefully hidden. In a safe-deposit box.

But... to show that he's clean, he has to take the books out and deliver them for examination periodically.

That's what you were waiting for? I thought you'd understand.

Once you've acquired possession of this material, you wish me to represent your interests.

I don't think we should discuss social reform until after you've acquired control of these celebrated ledgers.

How are you, huh? Oh, I'm good.

Inspire me. Pick me up. Oh, honey, no.

What? This place has been crowded all night.

I've had it up to here. They're pinching my ass and thinking I'm a prostitute.

I'll talk to 'em. Come on.

Oh, baby, please. Come on.

Just play a couple of tunes for me? I'm not askin' much, just play a couple of tunes.

What do you wanna hear? Doesn't matter, just make it loud.


What are you doing?

Just play.


Whatever you do, don't stop playin'.

He was big, he was bad, just as bad as he could be

He was the baddest man these eyes of mine could ever hope to see He was mine, all mine, a big daddy just for me Come back home, big daddy Your little girl is waitin' for you Come on home, big daddy And do me the way you used to do Make me laugh, make me cry, how you satisfied Big daddy Big daddy

Come on, baby, let's go home now. No more workin' for those two-bit tips.

You know what this is? Huh? Power. Political power.

Come on.

As of today, we're branchin' out into new fields.

Instead of just shaking down the white landlords, we're going to work with them.

Isn't that right, Tommy? Oh, yeah, Joe. That's great.

We'll see that those apartments got heat in the winter.

That ought to convince those black people we got their welfare at heart.

We'll make sure their garbage is dropped off in them white neighbourhoods.

Yeah. Right on. It's nearly time.

Everything's blue chip, growth potential.

Well, it's too good for that mick bastard.

Craw! Here y'are.


And, Mr Coleman, here's something for your lovely wife, straight from Tiffany's.

All right, vanish. I got business to take care of.

Uh, I'd advise they use the freight elevator.

Shall I lock the ledgers away? Leave 'em there. I want him to see 'em.

You just sit tight.

Have him come in.

Captain McKinney, I believe you know Mr Gibbs.

Somebody call down for a shine?

It's time you two forgot your past differences.

It was Mr Gibbs' experts that assembled this stock portfolio for you in your name.

All blue-chip companies. Preferred stocks, bonds, mutual funds.

Better than that envelope under the table, McKinney.

Security. An investment in the future... for your family.

Oh, uh, I've started a new collection.

I'm collecting old books now. Those date back to 1955.

A lot of very interesting characters. Sort of a... success story, you might say.

I could pin murder one on you for possession of those books.

I'm talking facts, McKinney.

And you are mouthing make-believe garbage.

Naturally, we'll be adding to this portfolio regularly.

Looking after your interests... as you'll look after ours.

Right now you're high as a junkie with a hundred-dollar habit.

But everybody crashes... limpy.

And I'll be around.

Well, that's, uh, fine, McKinney.

You gave me my education. I'm gonna put your kids through college.

Best of luck with the Dow Jones, and good afternoon, Captain.

Nothing to be gained by antagonising him.

Runs the most important precinct in Manhattan.

He'll be commissioner. I want him nice and fat... before I kill him.

Now... partner... let's, uh, lock up those books... and then you can introduce me to that family of yours you promised I could meet.

All right.

TOMMY: Nice view of the East Side. Shame, I understand it ain't safe no more.

You never know when someone might be hiding in the elevator, or in the lobby, or even in your own pad.

I've always wanted me a pad like this.

But seein' as how you're my number-one man, I'm gonna do you a favour.

I'm gonna buy your apartment.

We weren't selling. I thought everybody was leavin'.

The whole city is dangerous.

It's all made out. Signed and certified.

That's for everything.

The furniture. All the clothes in the closet.

Well, that's... that's an awful lot of money, but we don't need money at the moment.

Thanks to you.

I'll have Abi help me pack. The maid stays with me.

Help is a bitch to find these days.

I can't imagine why you want our things. I grew up wearing your things, mister.

Everything you wore out, got dirty, or you outgrew.

I even ate your leftovers.

Who the hell are you?

Alfred, I think we better go before you get hurt.

Our, uh, our partnership, that still continues?

If you want it. You're a good lawyer.

I trust you, uh, have my interests at heart.


Sleep well, Mr Gibbs.

I hope you like the mattress.

It's very hard.

Time to get up!

And don't you fret, Mr Albert.

Old Abi gonna take care of you just like always.

Come on, now.

Come on, now. Get your... Get your tomato juice.

You sure treats me good!


Mom, I don't think you served me breakfast in bed since I had chicken pox.

What you doin' in the Colemans' bed? How you get in here?

Let's see. I think I'll have me a couple of eggs - scrambled, the way you used to make 'em for me. Then some sausage.

And some of that nice burnt toast.

You've been takin' dope.

I knew it.

I knew you were gonna end up a dope fiend.

Yeah. Yeah. I'm on a high, Momma.

Cos this is all mine. I bought it.

Done bought it? Right down to his pyjamas, Momma.

Well, I ain't workin' for you.

You're an ungrateful bum.

I would work for just about anybody... but you.

I quit.

You can't quit, Momma.

You don't work here. It's your place. I'm giving it to you.

In this building?

Why, they'd hang me off that terrace.

Jewish folk ain't even allowed in here!

Ain't nobody gonna bother Tommy Gibbs' momma.

Come on, sit down, relax.

You can sleep till noon.

Then all you have to do is push the buzzer and they'll bring your breakfast.

Come on, be comfortable.

I'm fixin' to get married.

She's a nice girl, too. She's a singer. Her name's Helen.

I'll get a couple of white girls to do your cleaning.

I'll get you a snooty chauffeur to drive you around Saks Fifth Avenue.

Anything you want. All you gotta do is ask.

I wouldn't know how.

I wouldn't know what to say to them.

I'm a maid, Tommy.

You never could see that.


I can't stand it when you hold my hand, and, uh I can't stand it when you call me a natural-born lover man I can't love it when you say "Baby, please don't go"

I don't need to, baby, cos I want some more I said love me baby, love me like you never, never, never did before Kiss me, squeeze me, huh, make me want some more Cos I know that I need you I know that I need you You know that I need you You know that I, and that I, and that I, I said I need you And I need you Now, babe, can I make you dirty Can I make you join the band Can I make you boogie Can I, can I

Come on, darlin'

I've got it bad, come on, do it


Tell me, can I make you Do you believe my hands can heal? Heal the mind, heal the body, heal the soul.

Say "I believe!" Let me hear you. Say "I believe", children. Say "I believe."

(SOBBING WOMAN) I believe. Jesus.

Jesus Christ, Momma. Momma, what are you doin' here?

You're a good boy, Rufus.

You always was... a good boy.

Momma... Tommy know you're here?

Pray for him, Rufus.

Pray for my boy. Yes, Lord.

Amen, Lord.

Yes, ma'am. OK.

Do you believe my hands can heal?!

Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, God!

Say "I believe!" Say "I believe my hands can heal!"

Ehi, Tommaso, come stai? How are you?

How you doin'? Fantastic.

You order for me. It's been taken care of.

Those coloured boys you ordered from Philadelphia and Detroit are great.

They're wonderful and they work cheap.

Hey! Who says Lincoln freed the slaves?

Who, uh... Who Lincoln?

He's some creep who didn't have enough sense to sit facing the door. No, sit here.

Sit down, Tommy. Sit down.

Come vanno gli affari?

Hey, you knock me out every time you talk Sicilian. It's like a dubbed-in movie.

Hey, you know, Mr Cardoza, you built up a great business.

Garbage trucks, Shylocks, policy.

But, like all big companies, the founder gets kicked upstairs.

Becomes chairman of the board or somethin'. Kinda gets pensioned off.

Nah. Not in my family.

In Sicily, my father ran his village until he was 84 years old. He and his brothers.

It's no problem! As far as the national organisation is concerned, we want them to think you're still in charge.

You will be the white face so everybody will make it easier to swallow.

What do you call it? What do you call it? Uh...

Token white, huh?

Hey, come on, Tommy, it's not funny any more.


You black bastard! Hey, Nino!


Nino! Nino!

You forget, huh?

You let niggers into your operation, you make fools of your people.

You shame 'em.

They kill you. (LAUGHS)

You do this to me after I gave you your chance?

Who else I'm gonna do it to, huh?

No, please, don't. Huh?

Hey, Jesus Christ, don't shit. Do you think I'd kill my best friend? Huh?

Present. Engraved from Tiffany's.

First-class merchandise.

Now, who says I'm ungrateful, huh?

Open it.

Go on.


You can do this to me?

You can take everything away from me and give me this?

A present? You black bastard! Hey.

You still get your cut every week.

Of course, uh, being Italian, it's not the same as if you were Negro.


You black son of a bitch, you won't live that long.

My brothers on the coast'll see to that. They warned me. I should've listened.

They'll look out for me now. You wait, you son of a bitch! You wait! You wait!

I heard California was a nice place to visit this time of year, huh? That right?



Looks like I missed one hell of a party.

I just picked him up at JFK.

Just off a flight from Mexico City.

Did you check on his whereabouts? Yeah. He was in jail on a traffic violation.

He's clean.

That was some botched job you pulled out in California.

I don't read the paper.

All three Cardoza brothers.

You don't expect the national organisation to sit still for that?

It don't matter.

They're giving me all of Cardoza's territory and the South Bronx thrown in.

Bullshit. They'd never accept a nigger into the syndicate.

Everybody's a liberal nowadays, McKinney. Get with it.

I guarantee it.

You're one dead coon by the end of the week.


Gentlemen, good evening. Won't you sit down?

Now, let's take a look at Harlem.

You tell me who's gonna control these people.

But... those goddamn Puerto Ricans and those niggers, they're too stupid to be afraid. They'll stick a chiv in anybody.

It's a jungle.

And it takes a jungle bunny to run it.

I'll keep my hands off the docks. I'll keep my hands off the unions.

I'll keep my hands off the narcotics.

And I promise you this - that things will be quiet in the ghetto.

Not only here, but in Philly, Chicago, Detroit, LA.

I'll keep 'em in line.

And now, may I wish you gentlemen... a merry... merry Christmas.

Woke up this morning Booze all around my bed Didn't have nobody to cool my achin' head But deal with it That's the key What is this cold routine you're giving me, huh? You don't have to be afraid of me.

Everybody else does, but you don't have to be afraid of me, Helen.

Stop it, please.

Don't do that.

Please, give me time.

I gotta think about it.

I got a lot to think about, OK?

Tommy, stop it, please.

This is the only way you like it, huh? You have to be raped. I got no objections.

Stop it!

Don't you do this to me.

Agh! Stop it!


No. Let me go.

Let me go. Let me go!

Stop it, you bastard!

You dirty bastard! You killer! You murderer!

You're no good! Let me go!

Let me go! Stop it!

Oh! No.

No. No. No.

Let me hear you say "Amen".

Let me hear you say "Hallelujah".

Lord have mercy on my soul, am I glad to see such beautiful young people here.

What's your name, brother? Beverly.

My name's Reverend Rufus. Come to my congregation.

Rufus' Convent Avenue Baptist Church, on 145th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

Yeah, we need some young strong men like you there.

And go with God, huh? Thank you, Jesus.

Hallelujah. Excuse me.

How you doin', sister? What's your name? What's your name, young lady?

Excuse me. Thank you, Jesus.

Is that Mr Gibbs' car? Yes, it is.

I'd like to see him. Call his office.

My name is Gibbs too. You should have been a relative.

Well, I am. I'm his father.

Well, I was just across... just comin' into the bar for a drink.

I sell, you know. Cosmetics.

Mainly for coloured folks in the south.

I only been in town for a few days, and it was a coincidence to be seein' you across the street.

It'd have been wrong if I didn't take advantage of that.

You wanna go up and see Mom?

Well, your mom and I didn't get along.

You do recollect me, son?

Look at me.

Hey, you remember Rufus? He used to live next door to us. He's a preacher now.

Young Rufus.

He was always a bad boy.

Never thought he'd take up religion.

Hey, Pop, uh, like to take a ride, look at the old neighbourhood?

We want Tommy! We want Tommy!

We want Tommy!

We want Tommy!

We want Tommy!

We want Tommy!

Take my advice.

Get out. Go home.

Well, now, I... I can understand my son sayin' that, but why should you feel that way towards me?

Please. Listen to me.

We want Tommy!

We want Tommy! We want Tommy!

Pull over.

That used to be home sweet home, Pa. Top window. Rear.

Always seemed to me like a much bigger building.

You must know what I do for a livin'.

I'm not gonna lecture you.

I don't have the right.

Did it ever occur to you... that I've been waitin' 25 years just to kill you?


No, wait. Listen. Please. It was the Depression.

You don't know what it was like to... Then the war, and my chance to get away.

You never had those responsibilities. You've never been trapped.

Or not knowin' where to run or-or who to hate.

I was 20 years old - 20 years old - when I enlisted.

And-and I was a cook all through the war. I was a cook!

You never sent home one allotment cheque.

My ma had to scrub floors on her hands and knees for pennies!

I'm gonna kill you!

She couldn't get no allotment. We wasn't married legal!

Folks didn't bother much in those days.

She never told me. I... I could've sent you somethin'.

Go on. Start walkin'.

I didn't mean to break it to you that way.

I wouldn't have said it... It don't matter.

Just... move on before I change my mind.


I don't ever wanna see you again.

I understand, son.

What are you gonna do now?

Kill your momma?

Bullshit. No cuts, no rake-offs, no palefaces in my territory.

Send your boys in, I'll send them back in a paper bag!


How'd you like that, huh? I did pretty good, huh?

Hey, hey. Wait, wait. I got something to take to California with you, huh?

All the way from Bergdorf Goodman, Fifth Avenue.

Open it! Open it!

Every time I give somebody something, they don't appreciate it.

Maybe now we can relax a little, get those youth centres built.

Help the people a little.


Some genius you are!

They're gettin' ready to hit us. Hard.

I'm gonna import some muscle from Detroit and Philly.

We've gotta tighten up on our security.

Things are gonna get a little messy around here.

I don't want Helen to get hurt.

You either.

So what I want you to do is take Helen to California.

Buy one of those, uh, big houses. You know, out in Beverly Hills someplace.

Get a record company for her. Set her up in the recording business.

If her records don't sell, you buy 'em. OK?

I'll be out when I can.

Momma's dead

Never again will she hold my hand I gave her the best.

I never really made her happy, Rufus.

I'd like to pray for her.

I really would.

I kinda feel... I could pray for her.

Go ahead.

She always said you were a good kid, Rufus.

If it means that much to you.

My momma's dead

Oh, Lord, have mercy on this poor black woman's soul.

For all she ever wanted to do was to bring her baby into this world, and work for him, love him, raise him like every other black woman on this earth.

Please, Lord, let her rest in peace.

No more waitin' on tables, no more cleanin' other people's houses.

Let this strong black woman... rest in heaven in peace.

What are you doin' here?

Came by to pay my respects to your momma.

Didn't anybody else come?

Your girl? Or anybody?


They weren't invited.

Invited or not, I come to say goodbye to that woman.

She was my wife, son.


How's everything?


I said...

"You need anything?"

I'm fine.


Would you like to come stay with me, Pa?


I travel a lot.

No one to cry No one to sit by the bedside

No one to watch the light in my window No one, no one to come in Come in and pull the cover over my head at night

Who invited you?

I kinda missed my old bed. And besides, I thought you might be lonesome tonight.

Not tonight. Not any night.

Oh, you think my husband wouldn't like it?

I don't think I'd like it.

Why don't you find out what your girl is doing in California with your friend Joe?

Everybody else knows.

I want my clothes back!

Momma's dead

Never again will she hold my hand

Never again to hear her call my name

How long, Helen?

Tell me. I asked you a question, Helen.

Don't be silly. Nothing's happened.

Come on down, Joe.

Come on down. Let's play.

Tell me about it, Helen.

I wanna hear all the details.

Was he as good as me, Helen?

Tell me about it, Helen. Tell me.

Everybody used to wipe up the street with him. I protected him.

He was fag bait and I saved his black ass.

I can take care of myself now.


HELEN: Don't. Stop it.

Oh, no. No.

You shit on me. You shit on me.

No! Don't do it!

He was the only person you could leave me for who you thought I wouldn't kill!

Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

Don't kill him! Please, Tommy, don't.

Tommy, please. Don't kill him, Tommy. Please don't kill him. Tommy, wait.


JOE: Get it over with!

Stop it! Get it over with!

Stop it! Don't you do that to him!


Tommy, stop it. Stop it! Stop it!

Stop it!

Oh, Tommy, just...

I can't let you get away with this. Make me lose respect.

Cost me plenty - two of my own people.

I'm not one of your people! You white nigger!

All you wanted was money! Cash!

To live in whitey's house. And run with his women.




If you knew how to fight, Joe, you coulda owned the town and everybody in it.

I never wanted to own anybody.

Oh, baby!

Oh, babe!


I hate him! I hate him for hurting you!

I hate him. I hate him.



Seems like our little coloured friend has lost his charm.

Where's the key to the safe-deposit box?

Keeps it with him all the time.

Long as he has those ledgers... we can't touch him.

What's to stop us from touching his associates? One by one.

He has the best bodyguards money can buy.

How's he gonna react when you start killing his people?

He's not gonna know who's doing it.


Uh, you got any suggestions?

We would like to ask you some questions about your husband Joseph Washington, about his association with Thomas Gibbs.

Joe doesn't work for Tommy any more.

Mrs Washington, we have enough evidence to put your husband behind bars for at least five years.

Why are you telling me about it? Because we don't want your husband.

You know damn well that Tommy and I have been in business.

He's had his way long enough.

Now it's my turn.

But I need a friend.

Somebody close to Tommy.

I haven't seen Tommy in two years.

Tommy hasn't had a steady woman since you left.

He'd be glad to see you.

I can't do this to him. Look what he did to you.

From Beverly Hills to a shitty furnished apartment.

You can't get a job as a singer. Your husband can't get a job as a lawyer.

You just had another nice little baby, didn't you?

You've got responsibilities.

I don't think Tommy would lift a finger to help you.

I know he wouldn't.


The ledgers again, right?

That's how I first met Tommy.

He used me.

This time it'll be for myself.

You can't go in there! (BABY CRIES)

Just take it easy. You better do what he says.

Let me go! Take it easy.

Do what he says and everything'll be all right.

I just want to remind you - don't make any mistakes.


Who's there?

Hello, Helen.

Honey, what you doin', huh? Nothing. Just seeing what time it is.

Come back. Come on. It's 2.30.

Joe'll be worried about me.

I'll see you Monday afternoon.

Commissioner? Coleman.

I'm at Gibbs' office right now.

Everything went fine. They're in front of me.

My connections at the bank and $5,000 to the intendant were quite an investment, since there was $50,000 in cash in addition to the books.

No, that won't be necessary. I'll be keeping them with me.

Oh, here's, uh... I've just seen something.

"1 pm tomorrow, Tiffany's. Pick up gift for Helen."

Probably went to look for a parking space. I'll go get him.

Paid the cost to be the boss

Paid the cost to be the boss

I've paid the cost to be the boss Look at me You know what you see You see a bad mother

Look at me You know what you see You see a bad mother

Paid the cost to be the boss

Paid the cost to be the boss

Look at me You know what you see You see a bad mother

How bad was he hit?

If the ambulance reaches him, they'll finish him before he gets to the hospital.


Get your ass after him, and don't fuck it up this time.


Keep movin'. Keep drivin'. Across town, I'll tell you where.

Get on his tail. Step on it.

What are you slowin' down for? Get past that garbage truck!

Hey, get that garbage truck outta the way!


Up on the sidewalk! I'll give you $500. Get up on the sidewalk! Come on, man.


He's not goin' anywhere. It's causin' traffic. He'll never make it to Broadway.

Run that light. Run that light!

Step on it, man. Step on it! Jesus Christ, man, they got guns!

No! Don't stop!

Look out! Look out! They're gonna shoot!


Hey! He killed that guy.


I wanna thank you, Lord, for sendin' me all... No, not "sendin' me".

For the multitude of sinners you have sent me here tonight.

Yes, Lord, I wanna-a-a-a...

Oh, no, I got it.

Look, uh...

I'll see you next to the podium in a little while, OK?

You came at a most inopportune ti...

Tried to put me outta the way, Rufus.

Good Lord, let me seat you down.

Now, let me take a look at that.

You can't go to the hospital with that.

Never would have tried this without an OK from McKinney.

I don't understand. Why'd they all run out on me, Rufus?

I'm glad you came to me.

I gotta get this.38 slug outta me, Rufus.

Hear me, Lord!

Heal this man!

Heal this sinner!

Forgive him for his transgressions as you have forgiven me for mine!

Yes, Lord!

Forgive him for his transgressions... Rufus! Rufus! I need your help!

Heal him, Lord! Rufus!

Oh, listen to me! You gotta go to the bank for me!

Give yourself to the Lord!

You gotta get the ledgers outta the safe-deposit box!

I'm gonna blow the lid off of this town!

Leave the punishment to the Almighty. Vengeance is his!

Rufus! Rufus! Vengeance is his, sayeth the Lord.

Rufus, I got $50,000 in that vault!

Without the love of God all of us are lost!

Jesus' money now! My money!

It's Jesus' money now. It's Jesus' money now.

Hey, Lord!

Save his soul!


Save this sinner! Save another soul!

Oh, Lord!

Oh, Jesus, Lord.

Please, Lord. One more time, sir.

Give Momma a kiss. Give Momma a kiss. Give the baby a kiss.


Hello? Hello, Joe?

Helen? Helen?

I got trouble.

Who was it? Nobody.

What's the matter?

Nothing. (PHONE RINGS)

Hello? Joe?

Thought you'd hung the phone up. Joe, McKinney's makin' his move.

His organisation tried to hit me.

The only cards you still hold are those books. As long as they're safe...

They're locked in the bank vault. OK. I'll meet you at Coleman's office.


Come on, you black bastard.

Don't get back into this. Please.

Honey, Tommy is finished.

I'm only trying to save his life.

You can't save his life.


Why do you say that?

Nothing. Nothing.



Push the 20th floor.

So... the great brain decided to show up after all.

I came to talk business.

If you're not satisfied with your split, we can make other arrangements.

No bullshit. No negotiations.

You know why? Because I've got him by the short hair.

And you know who set him up? That sweet little wife of yours.

Oh, sure, she had to ball your best friend in order to pull it off, but she didn't mind.


You killed your partner. Then you resisted arrest.

How many of my people did you pay off? You oughta know everyone's on the take.

I was readin' them ledgers of yours. Lot of important names in there.

You just shut your fat mouth, McKinney!

I brought you a present.

My shoes are all scuffed.

You shine 'em up for me, boy, like you used to do.

Pick it up.

Bring it over here.

Now, you kneel down here.

Shine 'em real good.

I wanna see my face in 'em.

I'm in a real hurry, so you shine them up fast.

Don't be afraid to get your fingers dirty.

That's right.

You missed your calling. You know that?

That's it.


Do it, nigger. Do it.

You're the dumb nigger, McKinney! You're gonna die like a field nigger!

I's gonna make you real pretty, McKinney.


You look good blackfaced, McKinney.

Your momma wouldn't even recognise you now, McKinney.


Now... I wanna hear you sing.

Sing me one of them good old minstrel tunes, McKinney.

I bet you even like Jolson, huh?

Come on, give me one of them tunes - "Mammy". Sing "Mammy" for me. Sing!

"Mammy"? Sing it!

"Mammy"? Sing it right!

"Alabammy, Alamam..." Sing it!

"Alabammy" - sing it! Alabammy!

Sing! Sing! Sing!

Alabammy! Sing it!

Alabammy! Mammy! Sing it right! Sing it! Sing it! Sing it!

Alabammy! Sing it right! Sing! Sing! Sing!

Sing! Sing! I wanna hear you sing!

Boy! Sing! Boy! Nigger!

Sing! Sing!

I shoulda took better care of you, Joe.

But I wanna go home

Let me tell you I wanna go home

Is it all right if a man needs to go home

I don't believe you understand me I wanna go home

Let me be proud of where I came from when I go home

I know I wanna go home

I know I wanna go home

Oh, let me go home

Let me go home

Let me go home