Black Cobra (2013) Script


Sizwe Biko? Yes.

You need to come to Pollsmore Prison... Tonight.

Who is this? That is irrelevant.

Come now.

No exchange of... Fuck off.

You need to get him out.

Find a way.


Andre, hold him fast.

It always makes me laugh to see a kaffir think he's beaten the odds.

Look what you've fucking done to him.

I'll fix it.

You think we don't know what you are up to, huh?

Who's gonna buy diamonds from you, huh?

They're going to want to know where they came from.

And you know where they came from.

They're fucking stolen.

From my people by your people.

We tried to give him an opportunity, to give him work.

You know how he thanked us? Huh?

By stealing diamonds from their rightful owner.

When I worked security at the mines, the kaffirs would do anything to steal stones.

They would stick them up their ass, wedge them in their gums.

Heh, one of them even cut the heel of his foot open from front to back and lined it with small stones.

But we always caught them.

You can't sell those stones to anyone.

You can't prove they're yours.

Who do you think a court would believe, huh?

A decorated cop or a filthy colored half-caste.


You may have killed apartheid, but you didn't get it all.

Oh no.

We gave you the vote, but we kept the money.

Get him.

Get him.

Rudy, get up.


Oh, my boy.

Hey! You've killed my son, you eggar.

You don't even fucking understand.

There's nothing you can do to save your father.

He's not a hero.

He's a fucking criminal.

You know nothing about my father.

Oh, I know.

He's about to lose his son.

Your father will keep his son.

And he will be buried with his.

Thank you.

You do not have to thank me.

Just go and do what you must.

I will deal with them.

You must go.

Nicholas? Yeah, who's this?

This is Sizwe. Sizwe?

Wow. Long time no talk. I have a problem.

I need to get rid of several quality diamonds.

Perhaps you have these kind of contacts in Los Angeles.

Go no further, my friend. You know what? I got you covered.

I know just the people out here that can take care of you.

Oh my God, Sizwe Biko.

I'm coming to LA. Can I stay with you for a few days?

Of course! I cannot believe this.

I haven't seen you since San Diego State.

Yes. It has been too long.

So you're telling me that you're going to Los Angeles, but you can't tell me what for and you can't tell me exactly when you'll be back?

Yes. I will explain everything when I return.

Well, you might not have me here to explain it to.

I love you and I will be back soon. I promise.

Does this have to do with your father?

So this nigger's a martial arts champion?

Don't be using that word in front of him, man.

Uh, he won't understand, man.

He's not used to people saying, "Nigger this, nigger that."

Yeah, with your ignorant ass. He's from South Africa, dude.

They don't get down with the racial slurs like that.

Man, this ain't no racial slur.

And I hope he ain't all uptight and shit like you two bitches.

I ain't no bitch. He's not. Just show some respect.

" Get it how you can, son, be the man, son. "

" Hold that money tight, like it's ransom. "

" Stacking grands, son, for the fam, son. "

" Trying to spend on the nieces and the grandsons. "

" Life's a struggle so I do it big... "

There he is. All right.

Yo, Sizwe! Hey, Mpho.

Hurry up, man. Get in the car. There's cops over here.

Okay, he's in the van.

Just let me grab the plate number.

Mpho, bro.

Hey, man. How's it going?

Good, man. Good.

It's good to be off of that plane, I'll tell you that.

I bet, man. I hate them long flights.

Nigger, you ain't never been on a long flight.

Shut your broke ass up!

Anyway, how's it going?

I'm good. I'm good.

It's been a long time. What is it, 10 years?

Yeah. Ahem!

You ain't gonna introduce us or... Oh, sorry.

These are my boys. That's Gerald and that's, uh, Gilroy.

What's up, man? How you doing, bro? Okay.

Sizwe Biko. It is an honor to meet you.

Hey, so, uh, Mpho say you like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or some shit.

He is exaggerating.

Don't be so humble, man.

I won a couple of titles.

Hey, man, now that's tight. How you say your name?

Sizwe. Seize-ay?

Sizwe. Gosh.

Now that's a tough one, dog. You gonna need a nickname.

I've been called the Cobra.

The Cobra? Oh, that's kinda cool, man, but ever since Stallone made that fucked-up-ass movie, that shit ain't been hip.

Those Cobra Kai queers didn't help matters either.

"Get him a body bag. Yeah!"

No, that's all right, man. I'll come up with a nickname for you.

Okay. Let me ask you, you like ultimate fighting? Nigga, I love that shit!

I love it! Bam! Yeah! Take that, bitch.

Don't mind him. He hasn't taken his medication yet.

No problem. Your friend Nicholas called this morning. He said to expect him tomorrow night at 8:00.

It's supposed to be tonight.

Tonight I've got some plans already.

Well, what are we doing tonight?

It's a surprise, fool. Just keep driving.

" So tall that the clouds might fall "

" 'Cause there's no room in the sky. "

" Now, homie, get it how you can. "

" Get it how you can, homie. "

" Get it how you can, get it how you can, homie. "

" Get it how you can, get it how you can, homie. "

So this is it, Sizwe.

So this is it, Sizwe.

Nice... nice place.


Let me show you your room. Um, where is the toilet?

Around the corner. I'll be right back.

Yeah. He all right?

Maybe he got Zulu fever.

Man, you're full of crap, you know that?

What? I saw it on Discovery Channel.

I saw it too, man. He... he telling the truth.

So we've located the subject. Now we just sit on him.

Okay, cool.

Can we listen to the radio?

How long you've been engaged, man?

Three months.

Three months? You must be excited?

Yes, I suppose.

What do you mean?

I don't know. If women came with an instruction manual, life would be such simpler.

Yeah, "Relationship for Dummies."

True that, Suzy Q.

That's why I'm not with nobody right now, man.

I sh... I just don't know how to deal with 'em.

You sucka booty-ass nigger. You ain't with nobody right now

'cause you ain't got no game.

Bitch, I don't see your country ass with no number.

Nigger, I already got my stable. Yeah, stable full'a hos and skanks and skeezers...

Will you two shut up, please?

Hello? Ooh, come on in.

Who was that?

You'll see. How we doing with the... how we doing on the drinks? We good. Why?

What's going on? Don't worry.

Hmm, it must be the pizza man.

Pizza man? We just had In-N-Out.

Gentlemen, allow me to introduce these fine ladies.

Actually, ladies, why don't you go ahead and introduce yourselves?

Hi. I'm Sabrina.

I'm Maggie. Crystal.

Rosemary, but you can call me Rose.

Now, ladies, who... who of you wants a drink?

Me, me. I do!

Listen to me, when you walked in that door, I knew I had to have you in my life.

You know Snoop? That's my boy.

I originated the term "Dogg."

Really? Nicholas is coming tonight?

No. He's meeting with some big investor about his movie.

But he said he'd see you tomorrow night.

Um, why don't we get out of this place?

Go somewhere.

I am engaged.


Excuse me. I've got some blow.

Okay, just one more. Okay.

Could I borrow him for a moment, please?

Hey, what's up?

Where'd you get these?

They are my family's diamonds.

The truth is I need the money badly.


" Just let go, lose control. "

" When we rock the party, make the crowd say, "Oh!". "

" We don't know self-control. "

" Just lean back and let it go, let it go. "

" Just let go, lose control. "

" When we rock the party, make the crowd say, "Oh!." "


Hey, cutie. " We don't know self-control. "

" Just lean back and let it go, let it go. "

" Aw yeah, come on. "

" Aw yeah, come on. "

" Uh-oh, time to let it go. "

" Let loose and get the juices flowing, y'all. "

" Rock the beat, okay, hands up up. "

" Stick 'em sky high, 40 Watts is in the house. "

" And we want to see you bounce. "

" Pump the bass and let the highs rock "

" 'Cause we gonna let it ride like it's a blast... "

Hey, Sizwe. What up, baby?

How you doing, my African head thumper?

Come here, I need to talk to you real quick.

I'll be right back, baby, okay? Everything cool?

How the party treating you? Very good, bro.

Good? That's cool, that's cool. That's what's up.

Carter, what up with it, baby? What up with it?

How you doing, man? I'm good.

This Sizwe. Sizwe, Carter.

What's up, man? Hold on. What's your name?

Sizwe... Like, he's a martial arts master.

See, my friend here is a martial arts master too.

He's awesome.

Now what do you study?

I... I study several styles of martial arts.

Right now it is cobra-style kung fu.

Cobra-style kung fu?

I'm just playing. I'm playing.

It's all good, man. Hold on... Back up.

All right, all right. Let me show what I do.

Let me show you my stuff, all right?

Pull your pants up, man. That was totally cool.

One more thing. Give me that frickin' beer.

Man! Shut up. Give it to me.

He ain't getting my beer.

Now in America, this is what you have to do to pass your black belt test.

Okay? Trust me.

You're gonna look awesome.

Hey, Sizwe.

Hey hey. Okay okay.

You ready? You might want to move.

All right.

Aw, I missed! Again? What the hell is wrong with you?

I'm too drunk. Okay.

Sorry about the spillage. One more question.

In cobra-style kung fu, what do you when someone comes at you with one of these?

Holy shit. Motherfucker's for real.

I would do that.

How that water feel, baby? You know we friends, right?

We are best of friends. You know what?

I got a couple people I need you to take care of.

I got smacked in my face the other day by this bitch...

Hey, Sizwe? Sizwe?

Have something to eat, man.

Oh, thanks, Mpho.

I didn't sleep so well last night.

My body is still on Johannesburg time, you know?

Mmm. Try and get some more rest, okay?

Yeah. Thanks, man.

Very good, son. Again.

Always do everything with intention. If you throw a strike, throw it with intention. Like this. Hah!

Very good, son.


Always do what you need to do to achieve your goal.

But remember, always be good to your parents.

Hmm? Yes, Father.

Good boy.

What has happened?

They're trying to kill me.


Whoa. Easy, man.


Nicholas is at the door.


You okay, man? Yeah.

What time is it? 8:00 p.m.

What? You've been sleeping all day.

Oh, jeez.

Nicholas. Oh, so good to see you, man.

You too, man. You too.

It's been too long. It has been too long.

How is your life? Never better, never better.

I got a movie going on, a lot of stuff.

Let me introduce you to my friends. This is Mpho.

Yeah yeah, we met. Mpho, cool.

And this is Gilroy and Gerald. Gerald, nice.

I like that 'fro. That's a... it's a good look.

Thanks, baby. I appreciate it.

We should get going. Yeah, cool.

I shall see you in a bit. When are you gonna be back, man?

Oh, don't worry. I got him covered. Take care of him. Let's go.


Man, that dude was higher than a motherfucker.

Yeah, I caught that.

What do you know about this buyer?

His name is Goro Tanaka.

Goro? Yeah.

How do you know him?

I'm friends with his son Satoshi.

The guy is loaded. All right?

He's got his hands in everything from imports to nightclubs.

He's gonna help me with the financing for the movie too.

I told him what you were looking to do and he jumped.

I guess Mr. Tanaka is looking to get into the jewelry business.

And just so you know, the guy's got a few bodyguards and a really hot ninja chick.

You trust him? Yeah.

Yeah, I trust him.

All right, if you think he is the right buyer.

Just know that I will not sell them unless I feel good about the deal.

I understand. They're your family diamonds.

I mean, nobody messes with the family jewels, right?

" Can I get a "hell yes"? Hell yes. "

" Up in this dance hall 'cause it's more than a distress call. "

" Can I get an SOS 'cause I'm SOL? "

" Don't think, don't blink, just follow the spell. "

Gentlemen, come in.

What's up, Satoshi?

Hey, Nick.

What's this? Excuse the formalities.

This must be Mr. Sizwe Biko.


Goro Tanaka.

The diamonds, please.

What is that?

What is that, dough?

I thought it best not to go through customs, so I used dough as a packing material.


You gotta be kidding. No way.

That's a fair price for black market.

These diamonds have been in my family for over 100 years.

The offer is still 300,000.

Thank you for your time, gentlemen.

This is total bullshit.

Hold on.

All right. 400.

With all due respect, Mr. Tanaka, we can't possibly let these go for less than 600,000.

That is right. I've done the research.

They can easily be sold for a million and a half.

So stoic.

All right, 550,000.

Consider it a big favor.

Is that fair, Sizwe?

I'm glad that we could do this, gentlemen.

Me too.

It has been a pleasure, sir... and lady.

There go the guys.

The transaction's complete. Get paid tomorrow.

You ready to go home? Hey, who's this guy?

That's Marty, their diamond appraiser. Kind of a weasel.

Hello, girls.

That's weird. That was Satoshi's car.

Give me two seconds. My friend's got a loft here.

I just gotta grab a script.

Hey, wait wait wait. Where are you going?

I'm getting some air.

What, you don't got enough?

Go get your script.


Oh my God.

Damn. What should we do? I don't know.

What happened? What should we do?

I don't know. Take him to a hospital?

Which way did those people go?

Th... they drove away.

I've got to get my money back.

Money? Can you take me to my friend's house?

420 Walton Street.

We should call the police.

No! Please, no.

Maybe we should take him. What? Are you crazy?

This guy could be a serial rapist for all we know.

Just help me, okay? God, you need to get laid.

Come on.

You take him in your car. He's not bleeding in my Buick.

So he smacked me in front of my chick, so I thought my chick had my back, right?

Man, you crack baby. I'm tired of hearing your damn war stories.

You know what, man? I'm... There he is.

Oh, shit. Man, you all right?

He's far from all right. Who are you?

I'm Vicky. I found him.

Sizwe, what the hell happened, man?

It's bad, man. It's bad.

We should have gone with you, man.

So Nicholas set you up. I knew that bitch was no good.

I don't understand.

This is not like Nicholas.

Man, you want me to take that bitch out?


We must find another way.

You ready to learn something, little brother?

Frick yeah.

Wait wait wait.

Uh, so, tell me about the client.

Uh, I just gather whatever information he needs, he pays me well.

Okay, so what does he do?

I think he made most of his money in imports.

You think?

Yes. That's what he made his money in.

Importing little fucking trinkets and shit.

Okay. So he sold a lot of trinkets.

Yes. I mean, he's got other businesses too, but, you know, things have gotten a little weird with them.

You know, it's a family business.

I'm sensing there's some internal struggle.

Oh yeah? Like what? His son Satoshi wants to take over, but Tanaka won't have it.

He loves his protégé Koji though.

He just couldn't give a shit about his own son.

Tanaka is a very honorable guy.

But his son Satoshi is a dipshit.

So that's the story. We gotta get downtown.

What are you doing, man?

Callusing them.

Cobra style has a lot of finger strikes.

Well, it looked like it hurt.

It is just something I do while I'm thinking.

Yeah well, think about this, swizzle stick.

We need to find Nick the dick before his monkey ass skip town.

We could take him back to my cousin's house.

There we damn sure can make him talk.

Okay, but where do we start looking? I do not know.

I only have his cellphone number.

He is not listed anywhere.

Still he does not answer the phone.

Oh, put that shit on speaker, man.

Hey, ho-cake, when we find you, you's a dead motherfucker now.

Yeah, you punk bitch!

I'm a thug. I got house shoes on, nigger!

What was the name on that card?

I saw the name on Tanaka's card, but I cannot remember the name of the company.

Damn. How bad you hurt, man?

I'm fine.

We need to get you to a doctor, man.

I know someone who can help us. Who?

My old shihan.

Yoshi who? Shihan.

Like a sensei, only better.

Sizwe traveled here for some special boot camp about five years ago.

Man, they did crazy stuff, like attack in the middle of the night while he was sleeping.

Stuff like that. Right?

Yes. Sound like some ninja shit to me.

I think this is it.


I got shotgun now.


Yeah, this what I'm talking about.


You have not changed a bit.

A simple "hello" would have sufficed.

Anyone can do that. What are you doing here?


There is much to tell.

I am hoping you can help me find him.

Sizwe, revenge is so unnecessary.

I know.

But I need my diamonds back.

Drink this.

I know, but it will help you heal quicker.

After this, we have someplace to visit.

We're going to see Nicholas's father.

Hello, Frank. Satoshi.

It's Mr. Tanaka.

Okay. I thought I was meeting with your father.

He asked me to handle this.

That's never happened before. Well, it's happening now.

All right. Well, my invoices haven't been paid.

I'm wondering when I can expect payment.

You got balls, Frank, I'll give you that.

You'll get paid when the transaction's been finalized.

Yeah well, I thought it was last night.

Are you calling me a liar?

No. It's just I'm running a business. I have overhead.

You have overhead? What do you think we have?

Yeah, no offense, Satoshi, but that's not my problem. All right?

Per your father's request, he's my sole client.

That means he's my sole source of income.

Then you should have more in savings. This is bullshit, all right?

Where's your father? Kazu, help.

Get your fucking hands off me. Get your fucking hands off me.

You know what, Frank? You've been doing a lot of finger pointing lately.

Don't do it. Maybe I should end that right now.

No! No!

All right. For... forget it.

We will pay you when and if we're ready. Understand?

Yes. Yes, what?

Yes sir.

Thanks for stopping by, Frank.

They said it would take a little longer.

Well, did you speak to accounts payable?

Yeah, I spoke to accounts payable.

Good morning, Father. Morning.

I have a gift for you.

What is it?

I got your money back.


It was not your place.

You are security, nothing more.

Now get out!

Man, these guys are fucked up, you know?

So we're not getting paid?

Not unless we figure something out.

You provided the requested information. You should be compensated.

Yeah well, tell that to the lron Chef.

So what do we do?

I think we should do some more digging on this guy Sizwe.

Hey, Ane. Hit the bag.


Some diamonds are missing.


I'm a little embarrassed 'cause I don't have much in the house to offer. Uh, diet soda?

We're fine. All right.

So, uh, are we taken care of?

Does 400...

Frank, should we really be taking these guys on?

Probably not. But let's fuck with them a little bit.

Oh my God. Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey, stop!

Shihan, thank you.

Lives in Johannesburg with a woman...

Kiki Van Zyl.

Has a steady job... actually seems pretty normal.

Why would he be mixed up in this bullshit?

You know, why would a guy like this be smuggling diamonds?

Oh, there's an interesting thing about his father.

What's that?

Uh, he's been in jail for the last 15 years.

He kill somebody?

No. No, he just blew up an office building.

Oh, that's it? Well, no one was inside.

He was a freedom fighter with the PAC.

That's a radical group? Yeah.

Pan Africanist Congress.

So what, uh, what's his name again? Sipho Biko?

Yeah, him and his cronies used to blow up government office buildings in protest against apartheid.

This guy is a real hero.

Then why is he still in jail? Apartheid's over.

When apartheid ended in '94, all his father had to do was confess his crimes, but he refused.

Here's... here's a quote from an article I found:

"if I confess in front of the same men that murdered my father, I am slitting my own throat as they did his."

Damn. That's one tough bastard.

I couldn't do that.

He's been in jail since '92 for that?

I don't think he'd be involved in any of this if it wasn't for his father.

So what do you think?

I think he's trying to save his dad.

I could get behind that.

Well, so what can we do?

I don't know yet.

Kiki, where are you, babe?

I need to talk to you.

Things have gotten crazy here.

I need you to pick up the phone.

Yo, sizzlin' bacon. We need you, man.

Are you calling me swine? Come on, man.

You know me better than that. I ain't gonna disrespect you, my brethren.

Man, you all right?

I cannot get ahold of my fiancé.

Oh, I wouldn't worry about that, man. You will.

Nicholas. How are you?

I'm fine. How are you?

What can I do for you, Nicholas?

I came to get the money.

I thought that you and Satoshi had your own deal.

Yeah, that was just a little side, you know.

I'm gonna let this go because I am a man of my word.

But if there is a problem...

I understand.

There's not gonna be a problem.

I have your word?

Yes sir.

Guess your friend had your word too.

That was a long story behind that. That's...


All right.

Thank you.

This includes the financing for my movie too?


That's great.


He got a little greedy.

I don't know, guys.

This sounds very dangerous.

I understand.

I don't want you to do anything that you do not want to do.

But... it's just it's illegal.

Illegal doesn't mean it's wrong.

That's true.

Sizwe, I haven't said anything, but I'm a little concerned about this myself.

These people are dangerous, man.

I don't have a choice.

This is a matter of life and death.

Hello, son.

Hello, Father.

How are things?

Very good. I am engaged.

I will be married in three months.


Congratulations, my son.

I like Kiki.

Father, what has happened?

They're trying to kill me.

Apartheid may have crumbled, but its relics still remain, my son.

What can be done?

Oh, nothing, my son.

It is my time.

Don't talk like that.

Father, I've been without you for 15 years.

I will not lose you now. Shh shh shh.

Come... come close.

I want you to go to your grandmother's home.

In the backyard, at the base of the marula tree...

I want you to start digging about two feet down.

You'll find a pouch.

A pouch? What are you talking about?


There are diamonds in that pouch.

They belong to us.

They've been in my family for over 100 years.

Why are you telling me this now?

In the past the boss would have killed us and taken those diamonds.

You... you're the first generation that can put them to use. They're your inheritance.


We have many children.

It's time, Sipho.

What? I just got here.

That siren means there's an emergency. You've got to get out of here.

You make sure they take care of you. I will get you help.

Goodbye, my son.

It's only goodbye for now. Come come come.

Let's go. Let's go.

Come on. Father, I will be back for you.

I love you, my son.

They need you in "D" block.

I'll take care of him!

Listen to me.

My name is Zweli Kamalo.

I am a supporter of your father.

I don't want to see him die this way.

Your father refused to stand in front of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

He is a hero to the millions of voices that cry for justice.

You need to get him out. How?

Find Judge Pritchard. He lives in Sandton.

You will have to pay him.

I don't know how much, but I am sure it won't be cheap.

Find the money and he will pardon your father.

You must do this immediately.

I will protect him for as long as I can, but there is only so much I can do.

You must go now.

Find a way.

I will. Thank you.

I'm sorry I said what I said.

Of course I'll help. You know that.

Hey, bro, count me in.

I got you, bro.

Vicky, please know that whatever you choose, I understand.

I'll do it.

Are you gonna take a swim? In a bit.

Hi, can I help you? Delivery.


Ooh la la.

Tell me where your boss is now.

Sir, please. This isn't necessary.

I'll cooperate. He's in the backyard.

Guys, go inside quickly and quietly. Have a look around.

See if there's anyone left. Meet me in the back.

Stay with him. Okay.


If he does anything, just yell.


I'm getting tired of lounging around this place.

This won't take long.

Let's go to Vegas tonight.

Mmmm. As you wish.

Care if I join you?


Hey, bro.

It's not what it looks like. Don't even try!

Crystal! You was in on this from the start?

I thought we had something, baby.

Hey, we don't know what's going on... Don't play dumb, Rose, okay?

We said we don't know anything about this. Come on, girl.

Let's get out of here. Hey, ain't nobody doing...

Let go of her! Shut up, white boy.

Just cooperate and everything will work out.

Kick him in the mouth, man!

My cousin won't be back till tomorrow.

We could do whatever the fuck we want to do.

Man, let me 86 this nigger, cuz.

Fuck you, you fucking gangbanger fuck!

What, punk? Where is Tanaka?

And where are my diamonds?

It's not that simple, Sizwe.

Truly it is that simple.

You are going to tell me what I want to know or I am going to make you tell me.

That's what the fuck I'm talking about.

Don't. Hold on.

Would you please wait outside, Vicky?

Okay. Be careful.

You know if I talk I am a dead man.

I trusted you, man.

Why would you do this?

To make a movie?

To become famous?

Give me a few days, man.

I'll fix everything, all right? I swear.

Si... Sizwe, we know nothing about this.

Any misunderstanding is between you guys.

You know, I'm finding it hard to believe you.

Should I have Gilroy take you outside and take care of you?

He will, you know.

I say we kill 'em all.

Yeah, I'm with you.

Gilroy, finish them.

No. Okay, we'll tell you everything. Crystal!

We know where Tanaka lives. Shut the fuck up!

You shut the fuck up, white boy. Fuck you, Q-tip!

It's Kiki. I...

I've got to take this.

Don't do anything.

Don't worry. We'll watch them.

Tell her I said hi.

Hello? Hello? Hell...

Hello? Hello?

I'm right in the middle of something. I cannot talk right now.

What's all that noise? Is that a girl?

It is just a friend. He's...

Sizwe, I'm coming to L.A.

No no no no no. It is too dangerous!

You think you a tough motherfucker, don't you?

That's right.

You think you could just take our boy's shit and leave him for dead?

You know what?

I think we should play a game.

My boy Gerald here, he's from the old school.

Hey, homey, let me have your heat.

What are you gonna do with that? You'll find out.

We're gonna play a game called "Where are the Diamonds?"

You gonna tell me what the fuck I want to know or I'm gonna air condition your brain. Fuck you.

Fuck me? Yeah well, you got to the count of three.

One, two, three.

You are a fucking dead man!

I'd be more concerned about my own mortality.

Got lucky. Shit don't happen twice.

Fuck these games. Nigga... one, two...

Okay okay okay. I'll fucking tell you!

I'll tell you. I'll let Sizwe know.

Man, you don't know how bad I want to put a bullet in your head.

You lucky my boy got love for you.

I don't. Oh oh, you got some? I'll tell... ahh!

All right, fellas...

Look, man, I'm sorry about the white-boy joke.

What are you? Italian?


I promise I will explain everything when...






Come on. Come on!

No! How about this, huh?

What the... Vanilla lce-looking mother...

Oh, you got your ass beat, huh?

Where you get your black belt from?

Goodwill? Bitch.

Leave me the fuck alone, all right? I told you everything I know.

Shut the fuck up, man.

I'm sorry.

Vicky, thank you.

I did not know it was going to be so crazy.

It got out of hand today.

It's okay.

You're worth it.

Thank you.

Vi... Vicky, I can't. I... I'm sorry.


Don't you like me?

No, I do like you.


I am involved with someone.

I see.

I am sorry, Vicky.

I haven't had a chance to tell you and it's been on my mind.

I did not want to lead you on.

Well, I feel better for having known you anyway.

We could still be friends, right?

Of course.

May I help you?

Uh, is this the residence of Mpho Masilela?

Who's asking?

A friend. Is that a problem?

Yeah. A lot's been going on lately.

Does Mpho live here or not?

Yeah, he does, but I think he's still sleeping.

You can come in and wait for him if you want.

Thank you.

Actually, the person I am really looking for is my fiancé Sizwe Biko.

Your what?

My fiancé. Why?

Your fiancé? What's it to you?

He didn't say he was engaged.

And why should he? Because we...

Where is he? I need to speak to him now.

He's in the shower.

Huh. I knew it.

What? I knew he came here to meet up with a little fucking whore like you!

You bitch!

God! What the fuck is wrong with you?

You fucking whore. Ow!

God... what's wrong with... ow!

I'll fucking kill you, you American bitch!

Get... ow!

Get... ow!

Hey! Listen here!

Let 'em fight. Shut up. Sizwe!

Let go! Nappy whore! You're a nappy whore.

Sizwe! Sizwe!

What? Siz...

Kiki! What are you doing here?

Apparently catching you in the act.

What are you talking about? Vicky is my friend.

Oh, your friend? I've heard that story before.

Guys, I need to speak with Kiki. Man, put a shirt on.

You shouldn't be alone with that psycho bitch.

You better watch who you're calling a fucking bitch, bitch!

Guys, guys, excuse us. Let 'em fight.


Are you okay?

How's your face?

You're tough. I like that.

You a fool.

I tried to call you and you didn't even bother to pick up the phone.

I thought it was over between us.

Let's just go back home, babe, and we'll sort out whatever problems we have.

We will. But this is very dangerous.

I'm sending you back to South Africa first thing tomorrow morning.

Sizwe, I just got here. I can't turn around and go back.

You've got to trust me on this.

Trust you?

What about that girl?

She is just a friend.

You can ask anyone. I swear.

There was a reason I didn't want you to go.

Are you happy?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Why... why didn't you tell me sooner?

Because I was angry and I didn't want you to find out that way.

Hello? Sizwe Biko?

Yes? Do you want your diamonds back?

Who is this? They're at the Tokyo Club.

11245 Lankershim Boulevard.

If they're not there, they're at the warehouse next door.

Wait, who... hello?

Father, I will ask you one last time:

Let me handle this deal.

Make me your partner. I won't disappoint you.

Don't you think it's a little late for that?

Mr. Tanaka.

How you doin'?

Nice club. No karaoke?


This is disrespectful.

Just business.

You'll get them back when we're finished.

Or not.

Where's Sizwe?

We have a deal.

What are you doing?

You should have believed in me, Father.

Don't move!

This is how you prove yourself?

Betray your family?

You made your choice.

South African.

You'd better get going.


You know why I am here.

I just want my money.

You see, Father?

You do need me.


" Every time they see me, they think of you "

" I'm the one with the heart just like you "

" I'm the one with the fight just like you. "

" Can't stop, won't stop just like you. "

" Every time they see me, they think of you "

" I'm the one with the ears just like you. "

" Music pumping through my veins just like you. "

" Anytime we hit a track, man, it's brand new. "

" Every time they see me, they think of you "

" I'm the one with the heart just like you "

" I'm the one with the fight just like you. "

" Can't stop, won't stop just like you. "

" Every time they see me, they think of you. "

Guys? Guys!

Why are you yelling?

Look. Told you.

Let me see. Yeah!

Man, this shit bigger than I don't know what.

" Get it how you can, son, be the man, son. "

" Hold that money tight, like it's ransom. "

" Stacking grands, son, for the fam, son. "

" Trying to spend on the nieces and the grandsons. "

" Life's a struggle so I do it big. "

" Since I was a kid, I knew that twice was double. "

" So I been seen in the nicest bubble. "

" With the chick with the nicest bubble. "

" And it's all for the grind, all for the shine. "

" But I ball with my mind, never fall for the shine. "

" Yeah, I'll crawl from behind if I have to. "

" But when you see me, I can talk but we laugh too "

" 'Cause I'm-a be gigglin'. "

" Honey, I know you'll be listening. "

" And if you haven't yet you know you should listen in. "

" Comin' at the plate, T is still pitching 'em. "

" We bait crowds with the tracks like fishermen. "

" Any time, anyplace, any day, any night. "

" Keep that money right till it's way outta sight. "

" House so tall that the clouds might fall "

" 'Cause there's no room in the sky. "

" And, homie, get it how you can, get it how you can, homie. "

" Get it how you can, get it how you can, homie. "

" Get it how you can, get it how you can, homie. "

" Get it how you can, get it how you can. "

" Black rover, smooth like a black cobra. "

" Young dude, but my stack's older. "

" When I ball, I don't make them want to catch me on a replay. "

" They say the swagger more kick than T.J. "

" I'm storming out the gate, if not in LA "

" I might be on a Florida estate, man, I'm more than just great. "

" Wonder if I should put some more on my plate. "

" And we can bet that I'm-a move along, no setback "

" I don't run this green like Jet backs. "

" Fly like I wear a jet pack. "

" The chick forgot where her nest at. "

" And now she laying with me, like a relative, she staying with me. "

" Honeys being what they claimin' to be "

" I wish for two, I'm aiming for three. "

" And if they aiming for the top, then they aiming for me. "

" And if they claim I'm a flop, still I land on a hill. "

" Get it how I live, yes, I can and I will. "

" And, homie, get it how you can, get it how you can, homie... "

And cut!

" Get it how you can, homie, get it how you can. "

" Get it, get it, get it, get it how you can. "

" Get it how you can, homie, get it how you can. "

" Get it how you can, homie, get it how you can. "

" Get it how you can, homie, get it how you can. "

" Get it how you can. "

" Any time, anyplace, any day, any night. "

" Keep that money right till it's way outta sight. "

" House so tall that the clouds might fall "

" 'Cause there's no room in the sky. "

" And, homie, get it how you can, get it how you can, homie. "

" Get it how you can, get it how you can, homie. "

" Get it how you can, get it how you can, homie. "

" Get it how you can, get it how you can. "

" Get it how you can, homie, get it how you can. "

" Get it how you can, homie, get it how you can. "

" Get it how you can, homie, get it how you can. "

" Get it how you can, get it, get it, get it, get it. "

" Get it how you can, homie, get it how you can. "

Get it how you can, get it how you can, homie.

" Get it how you can, get it how you can, homie. "

" Get it how you can, get it, get it, get it, get it. "

" Get it how you can, get it how you can, homie. "

" Get it how you can, get it how you can, homie. "

" Get it how you can, get it how you can, homie. "

" Get it how you can. "

" Go down, Moses. "

" Tell ol' pharaoh. "

" Let my people go. "

" Go down, Moses. "

" Tell ol' pharaoh. "