Black Creek (2017) Script

As children, we are told stories of monsters under the bed, in the walls, trees,

and inside of people.

But sometimes the monsters we create aren't just stories.

This is my warning.

An early group of settlers were attacked at a camp one night.

Only one survived.

He said a large skeleton-like figure came for them at night, dressed in the hides of men.

They tried to shoot it.

Cut it.

Burn it.

But nothing could stop it.

It simply vanished into the forest.

What was that?

Sure it's just a jay.

It didn't sound like a jay.

Wait here, I'll be right back.

Take this.

What if it's a bear? They're hibernating, Buddy.

Wolves aren't.

No wolf is coming, Peter.

Adam, I picked up a stag trail.



Help me.

What happened to you?

A man, he took me from school.

I don't know, he's out here somewhere still.

You're gonna be okay.



The other men who had all seen it and died had stakes impaled into their eyes.

People say the Wisconsin Skinwalker passes on to the last person it kills, and now forever walks among the settlers who took the land.

Our forefathers.



Help me!


Who's there?


Help me!

Don't worry, Peter, it's me.


What are you doing?



Thank you, Mike.

Maria, would you like to give your talk on our forefathers next?

I really liked your story in class today.

Where'd you hear it from?

I used to go to my dad's old hunting cabin.

He would tell me stories like that all the time.

I'm sorry, I heard about the accident.

Things must be hard at home.

Well, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime?

I have this story in English class I really need to work on.

What's it about? Jenna.

What're you doing with this weirdo?

God, I heard the freak's got actual Indian blood in him.

Leave him alone.

Shouldn't you be at a meeting with your parole officer?


You better watch your freak boy, otherwise he might have a worse accident than his dad.

Hey, don't worry about them.

Whatever, they're dicks.

Well, do you wanna hang out after school sometime?


I'd like that.

Come on, Jenna, we're gonna be late.

Mike, turn your music down!


Because it's shit.

I'm trying to drown out yours.

It's not funny, Mike, you're gonna wake up Mom.

Your wining couldn't even wake her up after the pills she's on.

Hey, what's up?

Gettin' high and watching serial killer documentaries.

You're so messed up.

Jeffrey Dahmer, he would have been one fucked up contestant in Hell's Kitchen.

And he's from Wisconsin too, man.

Probably went to our school.

Anyway, what're you doing?

Just wondering who's having the biggest mental breakdown in this house.

Oh, your mom still going psycho?

Nah, she doesn't even know I'm on probation.

Doesn't she have to like sign things?

Dude, she might as well be as high as you right now.

Anyways, my tag comes off tomorrow.

Wanna hang out after school?

Bro, as soon as that tag comes off, we're going.

Mom, you're supposed to knock!

What're you thinking, Sheriff?

There goes my weekend.

These injuries are consistent with the Jimmy Winter murders.

I thought that case was closed out.

No, it's not.

They never found the body of that Mary girl.

Think we should go public with it?

Could be a copycat killing.

I don't wanna give whoever's doing this any undue publicity or attention right now.

Those murders have done enough damage around here.

This is definitely that Cathy White girl that disappeared a few weeks ago.

Boys must have stumbled across her being murdered or something.

Where's the other boy?

I thought there was two of them out here.

Hopefully somewhere nearby.

Get onto State Patrol, get me a full search team out here.


Whatever happened to you out here, Mary Monette?

I know your folks are rich and everything, but how did they afford a house like this?

Probably because of what happened here.

Stop messing around, dude.

No, seriously.

A man murdered his cheating wife in this very pool.

He watched them making out from behind that very waterfall.

Just letting the hate build inside him.

Then he pounced out on them with the very knife he used to cut their wedding cake with.

The police found their dismembered bodies floating in the bloody pool.

The motor had stopped working, though, because the intestines got all caught up in it.

What happened to him?

He bled to death in his own bath.

Some people around here say, you can still see his shadow peering out, from behind that very waterfall.

You guys, help me!

Mike, do something.

Relax, relax, relax, it's just Lloyd!


What're you doing?

Scaring the shit outta you.

Wait, Jenna!

Jenna, come back.


You found it funny.

Mike? Grow up, dude.

These racists because I'm driving a girl car and I'm a Pilipino, he probably thinks I have drugs!

Fuckin' hillbilly town, they're fuckin' just racist as shit.

When he comes over I'm gonna be like, "Look, bitch, "You better back off 'cause I didn't do shit wrong."

Hello, Officer.

That's Sheriff to you, not officer.

Oh sorry, Sheriff.

Driving a little fast, weren't we?

We've got a lot of accidents around here.

Of course, we weren't speeding, were we?

Pop the trunk for me please, Sir.

Yes, Sir. Step out of the car.

Show me your license.

We have a kid gone missing in the woods, doing some routine stops.

Okay, well uh, I can assure you I wouldn't put a dead body in the trunk with my girlfriend in the car.

That would be weird.

We get all sorts around here, Sir, where are you headed?

Oh, we're just heading to Illinois.

Through the woods?

Highway's that way.

We thought we'd take the scenic route.

Be careful, son.

We had a couple like you round here last year, who drove too fast, skidded off the road, hit a tree.

By the time we found them, well, the wolves hadn't left much for us to examine.

Have a nice day.

Thanks, Sheriff, you too.

I told him off, Baby, I was like, "Little Bitch."


You didn't. I did, I told him off.

Sheriff Wanner? Go ahead, Williams.

Nothing out here except city kids looking for a highway to sex.

I think we have an ID on the dead male.

Looks like he's Paul Jones.

Well, that's something.

I remember that name.

Yeah, recently released by the DOC.

Multiple state sex offender, but it gets worse.

What do you mean?

Apparently he teamed up inside with some psycho with serious mental issues.

We have security surveillance on the two of them together shortly before the disappearance of Cathy.

Do you have any idea where they're staying?

Yeah, I'm just getting that address now.

I'm putting some officers together to go over there.

Get me the address, I'll meet you there.

Where you goin', huh?

Where you goin'?

Yeah? Yeah.

Todd, wait! What?

I saw a kid.

Lorna, you're just being spacey because of the sheriff, come on.

No, I saw something.

Go look.


Here, kid.

Kiddie, kiddie, kiddie.

You know, your mom and dad miss you, I think.

This is ridiculous, Lorna, there's no kid.


Lorna, where are you?

I'm over here.

What're you doing over there?


That's a shit-ton of dream catchers.

Okay, so what?

Someone hung up a bunch of dream catchers.

Let's go back and do it in the car.

I don't like it out here.


What's taking Mike so long?

Give him a break.

He's getting his dad's ashes to bring with.


I don't want the remains of some dead guy in the car.

That's the whole reason we're going out there.

It's not the only reason.


Hey, guys, wait for me!

No, what is she doing coming along?

She is so welcome to come.

Dude, that's my sister.

I thought you said you didn't wanna come?

Well, I did, but I changed my mind.

I wanted to say goodbye to Dad properly, too.

It's bigger than what I expected.

That's what they all say.

That's not what I've heard.

So, Mike, did you ever wonder if your dad was getting up to something out here?

Come on, man, he just liked hunting.

Let's go inside, it looks like it's gonna rain again.

Sick gun.

Hey, stop, what if it's loaded?

It's not loaded.

All of the bullets are in the animals.

It should be alright.

I'm gonna go check and see if the generator still runs, and see if there's any food left in the freezer.

This place is pretty awesome.

Gotta hand it to you, Mike.

Hey, be careful, that's still my dad's gun.

Thank god I did come with.

I'm probably a better shot than all of you put together.

Mike never said he had such a cool sister.

Well, somebody has to look out for him.

It's gonna be a good weekend.

Do we know how long this guy's been squatting here?

I don't, Sheriff.

It's been abandoned for a couple of months.

I suppose he's been here for a little while.

Nice place. Yeah.

Yeah, what a shit-hole.

Looks like someone had quite the obsession, huh?

Yeah, his shrink said that he believed that Mary Monette was calling to him from her grave.

I guess he thought he was some kind of fuckin' angel of death or somethin'.

What'd he think she was saying?

I don't know, the usual perverted sicko stuff.

File wasn't real clear.

Why can't these people ever just hear Jesus, huh?

This mark here is right next to Black Creek.

Did you hear that?

I heard a scream. What?

It sounded like a child.

Oh, it's just some wolves, Baby.

That was not a wolf.

Please, help me!

What the fuck?

The man, he took me! Are you okay?


Relax a little bit.

Fuckin' hillbillies.

Where is he at?

Behind the trees over there.

Oh, yeah?

Hey, come out!


What the fuck?


Fuckin' raccoons.

I think it's back.

There you are. Thank you, Cindy.

You're welcome, can I get you anything else?

How about a new job?

You and me both.

Sorry, I hope I'm not disturbing you, Sheriff, but I think I got something you'd like to hear.

I was just about to tuck into my steak.

Crime scene team is digging up a grave right now.

I think we've found Mary Monette.

There's something down in the grave.

Looks like an old Indian Soul Catcher.

Cindy, I think you're gonna have to keep this warm for me.

So now we head into the dark woods of Wisconsin, where the remains of two children were recently discovered.

Nothing's too low for a couple hits online, is it, Harry?

This is our spirit guide, and had real Indian blood in his veins.

For the last time, dude, it's nothing.

It was just like my great-great-grandpa or something.

He had now taken up the name Mike Hawk for his online show.

The real place of the infamous Jimmy murders.

A crazed teen who killed several local people in the woods, and buried his best friend, never to be found to this day.

And this is Mike Hawk's hot sister, Heather Hawk, who once saved him from the terrifying Beowulf with her magical tomahawk.

Were you adopted from a psychotic insane asylum in England?

And this here's our security, Lloyd.

When he isn't banging up ghosts, he's banging up girls.

It's too early for your shit, Harry.

And this is Rachel.

Shit for brains, but a great butt.

Give me that.

Hey, Mike, if he carries on with that fuckin' camera, I'm gonna throw him in the lake while you film it.

Sounds good to me.

This is like, the ultimate hideaway for people having affairs.

Yeah, the ones who can't afford a decent hotel.

I'll be right back, guys.

Just follow the trail, I'll catch up with you guys later.

Where is he going?

Probably something to do with his dad.

Morning, Dan.

Morning, Sheriff.

Gonna be a cold one, you need any extra firewood?

Thanks, Dan, I'm all stocked up.

What can I do for ya?

We found another body.

Damn, sorry to hear that.

Nah, it's not the boys, strangely.

It's another suspected attacker.

Have you seen anything on your rounds, anything out of the ordinary?

Sorry, no, I can't say that I have.

I couldn't get hold of you, so I just thought I'd drop by.

They're putting a booster up in a week.

It's completely dead up here right now.

Tell me about it.

Well, if you do hear of anything on your travels, you be sure to let me know.

Yeah, have a good one. Oh, ah, one more thing.

This object mean anything to you?

You've lived here all your life.

Where'd you find that?

It's a soul catcher.

Native Americans used to use 'em.

I know what it is, but what's it got to do with these murders?

We're not sure yet.

Found one up near the crime scene.

Along with a skeleton.

I think it might be Mary Monette.

Mary Monette?

You and Hale from the bar used to know Mary, didn't you?

And Jimmy Winter.

Vaguely, yeah.

Yeah, we all went to the same school together.

I'm sorry, Sheriff, I...

I don't know anything about those soul catchers.

I've never seen one around here.

It's almost as though someone was tryin' to trap something inside her.


Like I say, if you hear of anything, you be sure to let me know.

I'm sure we'll speak again.

Certainly if the skeleton turns out to be Mary Monette.

Hey, you okay?

I'm alright.

This is where I shot my first deer with my dad.

We marked that rock to remember it.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you.

Harry and Rachel were just kinda driving me crazy.

It's okay.

I'm glad I don't have to be out here alone anyways.


That's Harry, we need to go check it out.

What is it?

I tried to calm them down.

This is making me hungry, can we get some food?

There's a restaurant nearby, come on.

Today's hungry wolf special.

Prime steak with extra red blood sauce.

Hey, Mike, go get us a round of beers, I'm driving.

He's only joking.

No, I'm not.

You're only having two beers.

You can get wasted at the cabin.

Come on, three, at least.

And a tequila.

What can I get you, kid?

Six beers, please, and orange juice.

Got any ID?


Where the hell did you get this fake ID from?

I got this one, Eva.

You're Jack Carpenter's son, aren't ya?

That's right.

You look just like your old man.

Heading up to his cabin this weekend?

Yeah, I'm going up there one last time.

You can put the ID away.

I'll get some drinks for ya.

You kids gonna have some fun, huh?

Could say that. That's great.

That's great.

Do me a favor, son.

Go up to the cabin and have yourself a real good time, but don't wander around too much up there.

There's been a pack of wolves up there, and it could be dangerous, alright?

How much do I owe you?

Drinks are on me.

Your dad was a really good friend of mine.

A lot of the mounts on the wall back here came from him.

He was one hell of a hunter.

You gonna do any hunting this weekend?

Sort of.

You might just end up like your old man yet.

You have a good one.

Thank you.

Am I dead yet?

'Cause I think I just met an angel with one heavenly ass.

You must be from out of town.

Of course I'm from out of town, don't you think you'd remember someone this good looking walking around?

I think I'd remember sending your ass back to the city.

Lloyd let's get out of here. Hey, come on.

Come on, I got this.

Is this city meat bothering you?

Hey, relax.

I'm just having a friendly chat with your daughter.

Don't worry, my parents are loaded.

You can go check my car out back.

That's not my dad, that's my man.

You sure he's not both?

He had that coming.

That kid's been askin' for that, he's just a smart ass.

You call that a fight?

Hell, my grandma could have kicked the crap outta both of 'em.

What the fuck did you say that for?

Did you see the guy?

It was a fair comment.

I thought you were watching him, Harry.

I was, bruv, it's not my fault he's a dick.

Let's just get to the cabin before you offend any more of the locals, god!

Fuck sake, man, fuck you!


You told me to call if anything suspicious turned up.

Well, guess who just walked through here.

Jack's son.

What if he starts fishing around up there?

When we buried her up there, you said it could never come back on us.

Jack's dead, Dan.

And for some damn reason, I think that thing is back.

This always happens to me in bars.

I mean, she could have been his daughter.

I'll wash my face.

Wait, I heard knocking.

Yeah, I heard it too.

Do you think it's a bear?

I'm gonna go check it out.

Go be a hero.

It's just a stupid wind chime, bruv.

It's a dream catcher.

They were never here when I was a kid.

You said yourself, you haven't been back here since you were like 12?

Yeah, I don't remember Dad being into dream catchers.

I guess there are things we didn't know about him after all.

Come on, stop messing around, Mike.

Let's load up the firewood.

You guys are having a bonfire?

So, has anyone got any stories from around here?

Did you dad ever tell you about the Jimmy murders, Mike?

No, everybody knows about those stories around here.

He must have been around the same age as Jimmy Winter when it happened.

What were the Jimmy murders?

I watched this TV documentary, a teen went off his head, killed a load of locals.

One of his best friends, Mary Monette, was never found.

But Jimmy Winter was found dead.

Suspected suicide.

Although conspiracy theorists believe it was a coverup, Jimmy Winter seemed to have no motive, and seemed totally happy with his girlfriend.

So, come on, why'd you stop coming out here, Mike?

Did you and your dad have a fight or something?

No, it's nothing like that.

Come on, Heather.

You have to know why he stopped coming out here.

I don't, Mike never really talks about this place.

You can tell us, man.

Just got scared one night.


Did you think you saw one of those Indian spirits out here?

Or maybe even the ghost of Jimmy Winter.

Fuck off, dude.

What were you really scared of?

It's stupid. Come on, man.

You've gotta tell us now.

I was up in that deer stand with my dad one night.

I was awake and he was asleep.

I was looking out into the forest, and I saw this figure standing there.

It has these glowing eyes and seemed to look right at me.

I woke up my dad and when he looked, it was gone.

He said it was nothing, just an animal, but I had never seen an animal with eyes like that before.

When we got back to the cabin, he tucked me in, told me not to worry.

Indian magic protected the cabin, and no monster could get in.

That night, I woke up to a knocking at the window.

When I looked up, I saw it.

It was those eyes again.

My dad came in, tried to calm me down.

That morning as we were leaving, we noticed some footprints on the way to my bedroom window.

My dad never asked me to come back, and I never asked to join him.

So, you're saying that thing might still be out here, and it might still have your scent?

No, of course not.

The Wisconsin Skinwalker isn't real, and the Jimmy murders happened way before any of us were born.

You alright, Eva?

You left me for dead, there in the dark.

Where are you?

Where are you?

Jesus, I was just here last night.

I ordered a beer from her.

Yeah, you're not gonna be ordering anything more from her, that's for sure.

What do you think, a robbery?

Doesn't look like a robbery.

Hale's wife opened up this morning, said he didn't come home last night.

Get onto the State Police, set up some roadblocks.

Let's see if we can't find him.

You don't think Hale had somethin' to do with this do you?

A pretty young thing like that?

I wonder if he stayed late after closing, tried to fool around with her and things got outta hand.

I'll get a hold of State Patrol.



Can you keep it down?

You can come in my room.

The only way that I'm coming in your room, is with my dad's loaded gun.

A daddy's girl, you're so hot.

Dude, my dad just died!


What the fuck?

Sorry, didn't mean to scare you.

Oh my god, it's okay, I just thought you were that monster you were talking about earlier.

I'm not that ugly, am I?

So, you couldn't stand the sound of them either?

No, not really.

Well, it really sucks that your family has to sell this place, 'cause I actually really like it here.

I think I like it out here even more now.

Me too.

What was that?

I don't know.


What're you doing?

Sucking your mom's cock, what does it look like?

He's up early after that beating he took last night isn't he? He had it coming.

You know where my sister's at?

Went off to scatter the last of your dad's ashes.

Summer camp wasn't a total waste of time.

So come on, guys, what're we doing today?

I've gotta go see one of my dad's old friends.

I'm gonna go get changed, I'll see you guys later.

Your turn, Harry.

I'm Dirty Harry, bruv.

Goodbye, Dad.

Well, shoot me down with a 30 ought six.

If it ain't Jack's son.

Seems like this whole forest has went insane since your dad's accident.

I was told it was you who found him.


Do you think he suffered much out there?

From what I can tell, it must have been quick from when he hit his head on the rocks.

Your dad was a good man.

Your sister come out with ya?

Yeah, she's just out spreading the last of his ashes.

The last time I was here, I over heard you talking about some deaths, you and Dad seemed worried.

Yeah, they reopened the Jimmy murders temporarily.

What do you mean?

Well, you know, your dad and I, me knew Jimmy and Mary.

You knew Mary Monette?

Yeah, yeah, we all used to hang out together.

If it was such an old case, why were you worried?

Isn't Jimmy Winter dead?

Jimmy had Indian blood in him, like your dad.

He was obsessed with legends and Indian culture.

You know how people around here can be, Mike.

Your dad didn't want a witch hunt.

A body showed up, sticks in its eyes.

Turned out to be a biker gang in the woods, trying to bury their own murder and pin it to the Jimmy murders.

I could use some more sugar in my coffee, how about you?

Did Dad really believe in any of that stuff?

I don't know, you would have had to have asked him.

Do you?

Forests are a mysterious place.

No one will ever know what's buried beneath all of it.


Hey, where were you?


You don't regret last night, do you?

No, how could I regret last night?

You know, you never told me that story you were having trouble writing in English class.

That's 'cause it's not as good as the stories out here.

Tell me about it, I wanna hear it.

Okay, so there are these two teenagers, living in an apocalyptic world.

And the girl, she becomes mutated by radiation.

So, slowly she becomes more and more lost, but no matter how much she turns to an undead monster, the boy still loves her.

What's it called?

I don't have a name for it yet.

I think you're so beautiful.

No matter how much of an undead, diseased, mutilated monster you become, I could never stop loving you.

Well that's the most romantic thing I've ever heard.

I found something.

What's going on?

I found something freaky in the woods.

Where have you two been?

Just enjoying the view from the deer stand.

Heather, what is it?

Follow me.

I'll be seeing you, Jack and Mary, in hell real soon.

Dan, I need to talk with you, open up!



These are just like the ones we found at the cabin.

This is such a weird place to have dream catchers.

That's so freaky.

Guys, I really don't like it out here.

Why would anybody do something like this?

Guys, it's just some poachers messing around.

Maybe Mary Monette finally came back.

I really think we should get back to the cabin.

We've been out here way too long.


It's like the most interesting thing we've seen all weekend.

Come on.

Jesus Christ, Hale, you look like shit.

I had a really rough night last night.

I just had Jack's boy around here asking questions.

What did you tell him?

Did you tell him about that night?

No, of course not!

We was just kids, Hale.

How were we to ever know we'd really awaken that thing?

But this isn't like the last time.

This time that thing's back.

That you'd bury one of your best friends alive in the woods that night.

Jesus Christ, she was your friend, too!

And you saw her for yourself.

Whatever she was, she was no longer alive.

None of 'em were.

Can you still here her, Dan?

When you poured the mud down that hole, into her open mouth.

Where did you get that blood on your hand there, Hale?

A glass cleaning up the bar.

Cut myself real bad.

Don't bother, Dan.

Did you really think you could stop me?

I've seen the dream catchers you've put around here.

You don't know how, but it is me.


How are you back?

The same way I always come back.

White settlers like you always find a way to awaken me.

Harry, come on!

You either get in the car now or we're leaving without you.

I can't find the last of my weed.

Harry, just leave it.

Hey, did you guys hear that?

I didn't hear anything.

I heard it, too.

Come on, guys, let's just go.

This place is really freaking me out.

What if someone's hurt? I'll go.

Where the fuck you goin' now?

To get my dad's gun. You can't just go alone.


I'll come with you. No.

You stay with the others.

Give me that. No, I can handle it.

Come on, you know I'm the better shot, and Dad always said we didn't do enough together anyways.

I'll be right back.

Hey, guys.

Try to get some signal and call the sheriff.

Take Jenna with you.

Wait up, I'll come.

Drive, Lloyd, get us the fuck out of here.

We can't just leave them.

Well, that's what's happening.

What the hell is that noise?

I don't know, but we're getting out of here.

Stop the car, there's something wrong with it.


We ran over a stick.

It's not a stick, it's an arrow.

I'll go warn the others.

Who's out there?

Dan, what're you doing?

Let her go!

Are you crazy, man?

Dan, what're you doing?

Please, shoot me first, please!

What? Please!

Oh, Jesus Christ. No!

Oh my god.

Where's the car?

Someone slit the tires.



She's still alive.

That's impossible, she's had her throat slit.

Why's there a fucking nail in him?

Well there's a fuckin' bullet in him now.

What do you mean some guy in the woods just fucking did this?

There was this guy, Mike knew him.

You knew who did this, Mike?

It was one of my dad's old friends.

I think he had something to do with the Jimmy murders.

I can't believe it, he was always such a nice guy.

Yeah, bruv, such a great guy.

Guys, she's gone.

This is so messed up.

I can't believe I've actually seen a girl die.


Get this bitch off me.

What is she doing?

The bitch has come back to life.

Mike, help me!

Oh my god.

Harry, you blew her brains out!

I'm English, bruv, I don't know how to aim.

He had to do it, that bitch was crazy.


I think he's still alive. What if he's not?

What if he's like she was?

That girl, she said to shoot her first.

Like that guy in the woods.

He had a nail through his heart.

What if a soul catcher's real?

They're just stories.

What's going on?

We've gotta restrain him.

What are you doing? We're sorry, Lloyd.

You guys, we need to figure out what to do.

We all saw what happened.

Mike, how did you say that soul catcher thing worked?

It passes onto the next person it kills.

Takes them over.

Does it still have their memories?

I don't know.

Well what are we gonna do now?

We shot a girl, for god's sake.

We all saw what she was doing.

Well, I'm not taking the blame for anyone, I don't even know if what you guys said happened in the woods was true.

It was. Rachel, I saw it happen.

That guy was dead before he slit that girl's throat.

So are we really saying that Lloyd is possessed by a demon?

You guys saw it yourselves.

That girl was not normal.

Maybe it's what killed our dad.

Do you know from the legends if there's any way to kill this thing?

I found out my dad knew Mary Monette.

I think she was buried in the woods, trapped with the demon.

You mean, bury her alive?

They must have been sure she was the demon.

But what if she was still in there, just trapped with the demon?

Is that what you're saying we should do to Lloyd, bury him alive?

No, of course not.

But we have to do something.

I knew that guy, he lived in the cabin next door.

Maybe there's something there that can help us.

I'll come with you. Okay.


Are you sure you wanna go in?

How much worse can it get?

How far away did they say the cabin was?

15 minutes if they're fast.

I'm gonna go check on Lloyd and bring him some water, and make sure he's okay.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

He could be dying in there.

Okay, careful.


I'm getting weak.

You've gotta get me out of here.

I haven't got much longer.

I want you to know this wasn't my idea keeping you like this.

If the cops ask anything, please let them know.

I know, I've seen the way you look at me.

I know you like me more than Harry.

What are you talking about? He knows and he hates it.

Of course he's gonna go along with this.

That way I'm out of the picture.

That's insane. Listen to me.

We're the only two people who didn't touch that girl.

What if they're setting us up to take the fall for something we had nothing to do?

They were running around the woods with a loaded gun, for fuck sake.

You heard Mike, they even knew who did that to that girl.

Oh, come on, Rachel, you've gotta untie me.

I may be weak, but I can still walk fast if you help me.

Once we make it to those woods, they'll never catch us.

Jenna, look at this.

What is it?

It looks like an old journal.

I think it belonged to a soldier.

There's blood on the last page.

What does it say?

"May God have mercy on my soul

"For the terrible acts we did last night, "As the native women and children of this land burned.

"How can this be God's work?

"We have an order to bury the 200-strong bodies

"In a mass grave never to be found.

"As we burnt the village elder, he let out a chant and in

"The flames we saw the horrid vision of a monster with a

"Face of an animal look out at us with a face of death.

"If anyone finds this journal, "Please forgive our souls for what we have done.

"May the murdered souls rest

"In the land we have taken from them."

Doesn't the forest look so beautiful?

Lloyd's not breathing.

If Lloyd does have a demon inside him, we can't save him.

Stop thinking about that, there's gotta be something inside the cabin that can help us.



What's going on?

I'm fine, it's Rachel.

She freed Lloyd and now she's possessed.

Where is she now?


Do you think Mike wants to die by the hand of his girlfriend, or his sister?

Your blood will spill on the earth soon enough.

It's time to get back to our true American heritage, Mike.


Our dead family is calling us from the ground.

It's time to dig them up.

Sheriff's Department, show yourself!


Mike, show yourself to me!


Are you in here?

Sheriff, you better get over here and take a look at that.

What the fuck is goin' on around here?

Black Creek becomin' the murder capital of the world?

What the fuck is that?

It's the old Native American symbol for death.

You wait here until backup arrives.

Well where are you goin'?

Something I've gotta check out.

That's great, leave me alone in fuckin' death creek, all by myself.


Wake up, please!

Get her to stop, she's your sister!

This is where it happened.

The white settlers.

Beneath our feet are the murdered bodies of countless women and children of my people.

Your scalps will raise four more skinwalkers, and our scalps will raise the two most powerful skinwalkers ever, because of our Indian blood.

Sheriff's Department, put the weapon down!

You know what happened here.

That was a long time ago, these kids are innocent!

Your great-grandfather, he was one of them, wasn't he?

What our forefathers did has nothing to do with them!

Now put the weapon down!

Tell that to the dead children that you stand on.

You will pay for the children of my land with children.


You're safe now, son.

Don't worry, sweetheart, I'm gonna get you out of here.

Behind you!

The sheriff!


What the fuck happened to you?

Mike we're never gonna make it out of these woods.

Yes, we are, I promise.

Wait, do you hear that?

I think it's a car.


Stop, please!

We've been attacked, please, we need to get out of here.

Don't worry, kids, I'm here.

You're safe now.


Mike, you have to burn my body.

No. Don't let it take me.

I won't let it take you.

You have to.

My ancestors created this monster.

And now, my friends are dead.

I feel responsible for not stopping it in time.

But, I think I've found a way to contain it.

I love you.

Rest in peace, Heather, with Dad and our forefathers, on both sides of the land.

♪ Well I walked up to the devil ♪

♪ And I asked him for a dance

♪ Either was glad to see me

♪ Or he had his socks rolled in his pants ♪

♪ In a way he was gonna fuck me ♪

♪ You know the devil always does ♪

♪ I wanna be on top for once

♪ I'm sick of being on the bottom ♪

♪ I wanna walk out in the sun

♪ And leave a trail that's not forgotten ♪

♪ It's not forgotten

♪ You know I've always been a rebel ♪

♪ At least in my own mind

♪ But I have no reputation

♪ To let on the line

♪ Well maybe that way it's better ♪

♪ 'Cause if they look they just might find ♪

♪ I wanna be on top for once

♪ I'm sick of being on the bottom ♪

♪ I wanna walk out in the sun

♪ And leave a trail that's not forgotten ♪

♪ I wanna be on top for once

♪ I'm sick of being on the bottom ♪

♪ I wanna walk out in the sun

♪ And leave a trail that's not forgotten ♪

♪ I wanna walk out in the sun

♪ I wanna walk out in the sun

♪ I wanna walk out in the sun

♪ I wanna walk out in the sun

♪ I wanna walk out in the sun

♪ I wanna walk out in the sun