Black Dog (1998) Script

All right, people. This is Agent Ford.

We're almost there. Let's make it count.

This is a surveillance op. We do not want this guy.

I repeat, do not let him I.D. you. He's just the driver.

Eagle One. Gimme a heads-up.

Eagle One has target in sight.

Target moving east on Third. Over.

Roger, Eagle One.

C.P. is following. Packages are right there in the back.

Eagle One, you copy the black Mustang?

Roger, C.P. There's a second one closing in also.


He's made us. Maintain pursuit.

Repeat, maintain pursuit.

Get the plates on those Mustangs!

Do not lose that driver. He's our only link to the buyers.

FBI! Freeze! Freeze!

Don't shoot! ATF!

Agent McClaren, ATF.

What the hell's ATF doing' on an FBI operation?

And you are?

Allen Ford.

You know, I'm sensing a lot of hostility here, Allen.

There's no reason to get defensive.

You've got yourself a dead driver and a cute little shipment of guns!

But you don't have the seller, and you don't have the buyer!

All you've done is shown the man we're onto him.

ATF! What does that stand for, anyway?

Alcohol, Tobacco and Fuckups?

Definitely a lot of hostility.

Change your nozzle!

Hey, Tommy, you're taking' a little longer than you should with that!

Let's go! Let's go!

Come on. Come on!

Come on! Let's go!

Find out what that problem was?

Supposed to be 3/16ths!

Jeff, do I have to remind you what happened last week?

Come on, Billy. Get a mop and clean that up.

Crews! Yeah.

I need this one today.

Manuel, main-end rod bearing!

Mr. Cutler said tomorrow.

I don't give a shit what Mr. Cutler said.

I got a bunch of loads going out. I need this one today.

Is that a problem?

Uh, no, sir...

It's just I told my wife I'd pick my daughter up from school and...

Well, that's real fatherly of you, but if you want to keep this job, you're gonna stay here till it's finished.

Hey, Greg, can you give me a hand over here?

If you need it, it'll be done.

Mr. Cutler wanted to see me?

He's expecting you, Jack.

Come in!

Yes, sir. You wanted to see me?

Sit down, Crews.

You've been with me, what, Crews, three weeks now?

Yes, sir.

Says here, you used to drive a truck.

I think, uh, "used to drive" is the operative phrase.

Come on, Jack. Don't be so modest.

Your parole officer says you could drive an ice truck through hell on the 4th of July.

Bet you miss that life, don't you?

Being your own boss and nobody telling' you what to do.

Sometimes, I guess.

I bet you miss the money all the time.

How'd you like a chance to earn some extra cash?

I got a load I need brought up from Atlanta.

Off the books, you know what I mean?

Sir, if you know I can drive, you also know that I lost my license permanently when I went to prison.

The way I see it, you only need a license if you get pulled over.

You've made that Georgia run before, right?

You know how easy it is.

It's 15 hours. Nobody even has to know you're out of town.

Not even your parole officer. Nobody.

I don't think so.

I'll tell you what I'll do, Jack.

I know some people. Do this for me, I might be able to get your license back.

Job pays 10 grand.

I can't do it.

Why don't you sleep on it, Jack?

Seein' how much you like your job, I'd hate to see you make the wrong decision.

Why don't you check with me tomorrow?

Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I know some people. Do this for me, One moment, I'll check.

Today! Today.

Excuse me, Holly, is this the file? Yes. That's it. Yeah.

From now on you'll be working with ATF on this.

With all due respect, I know we've had our setbacks, but the ATF directly interfered with our operation.

What happened was their fault.

I'm hearing your defensive voice again.

I am not being defensive!

You say that whenever you're getting defensive, Allen.

You want me to be defensive? All right.

You might see yourself as all over the 6:00 news on this thing, but the reality is, you're putting a serious operation at risk.

Now, I'm hearing some very real masculinity issues.

What the hell's the matter with you?

Look, we've got a lead on another shipment.

We don't need this interference.

Allen, this is hardly my call, okay?

Coordinate your efforts with Agent McClaren, and you'll both report to me.

That's the way it's gonna be!

I agree with you. Very little I can do.

Tracy, dinner!

Tracy, dinner!

Hi. What are we having?

Only the absolute best, homemade.

Did you wash your hands? Yep.

How's practice? Good!

Yeah? Yeah.

Hey, Dad, can you help me with my foul shots tomorrow?

We have a game on Friday.

Yeah. You bet.

I'm not missing' this one.

You truly are gorgeous. You know that?

Do you remember... Hmm?

...that night at Grover's Point?


The thunder and the lightning...

And the candles.

Be right back.


I wanted to tell you, but I thought you should have some breathing room first.


After they cut my hours, I just couldn't make ends meet.

Oh, my God! Melanie, why didn't you say something? I could've...

You could've what, Jack? You were inside.

Look, we'll rent a place back in Newark till we can get back on our feet.

We'll make it work.

No. No.

We moved out of Newark so Tracy could have a yard and go to a school without metal detectors in the halls.

Thought you should have some breathing room first.

I worked my ass off for this. I'm not gonna let us lose this house.

Jack, even with what we both make, we are too far behind.

I was offered a job today, driving.

One load. Atlanta to here.


Melanie, I'll make enough money to get us out of this.

The last time you said one more load then we'd be okay, we weren't.

I can't go through that again.

Tryin' to make a livin'

That's the bottom line It ain't easy tryin' to stretch a nickel into a dime Appreciate it. Y'all take care.

Sweatin' for a dollar Workin' for the man Half goes to the landlord and half to Uncle Sam I can't get no consolation I don't get no faith again I can't get no satisfaction and my tractor...

King me. King me.

Earl back yet? No.

I need them damn Sunday throwaways.

You gonna play, or you gonna do something' else?

You the driver from New Jersey?

That's me.

You got a name?

Jack Crews.

"And they shall beat their swords into plowshares."

Isaiah 2:4.

You read your Bible?

Probably not as much as I should.

You try and lead a good life?

When I can.

That's the most important thing.

Excuse me, Mr. Crews.

Where have you been?

Putting' her through her paces.

This ain't a damn NASCAR rally.

Did you get my Sunday throwaways?

You know, it slipped my mind.

It slipped your mind?

Did you know there's coupons for 50 cents off luncheon meats at Winn-Dixie?

I ask you to do one simple thing.

Mr. Cutler sent us a driver.

Earl. Jack Crews.

You'll have to forgive Earl's manners.

He was hoping' he'd get to drive.

Uh, I'm not taking' that. What?

It's brand-spankin' new.

I don't need that kind of attention.

Junior, come down here and show Jack Crews a tractor that's more to his liking'.

Come on.

I think Mr. Cutler suspects something. He sent down a new driver.

It don't make a damn bit of difference, Red. Our deal's with you.

I know that.

Things are gettin' more complicated now. I'm gonna need some more cash.

You listen to me. 6:00 tonight with that truck or cash 'II be the last thing you need.

So, what's it got in it?

Junior, come down here and show Jack Crews a tractor Fuller-Eaton 10-speed, pro-shift.

Got a Jake brake?


How are the brakes?

New. Put 'em on myself.

And the rubber?

Almost new. Ain't no recaps.

All right. Fire her up.

Earl's gonna be riding with ya.

What do you mean, he's gonna be riding with me?

Somebody has to drive that tractor home.

Right as rain.

Sonny's here. I guess we can hit it.

You're late.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I may be late, but I'm always on time.

Hey, Wes. Hey, Earl.

Who's that?

He's driving'.

Since when? Since an hour ago.

Came down from the top.

From the top of what?

You make him seem like he's goddamned Moses.

Don't you take the Lord's name in vain.

Well, I'm goddamned sorry.

Well, you gonna be sorry. If you don't like it, Sonny, you can get out right now.

What I don't like is you, him or anybody else changing the plans every time I turn around. That's what I don't like.

I'm Sonny.

And I'm Wes.

And I'm Jack Crews.

We'll be cruising' right behind you. Cruising' behind the Crews.

What do ya mean, you'll be right behind me?


Protection from what?

It's policy. We send a car with every truck.

Come on. Let's do it.

This your dog?

Tiny ain't nobody's dog but his own.

Easy, boy.

Toilets. Can you believe it? Five-gallon flush.

Wanna look any closer?

I'm just here to drive.

I was born on a bus they say going' south Left at a truck stop I never knew my mother And ever since the highway's been my home Like a restless wind I keep moving' on and I Can't seem to stay in one place too long I'm a road man Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Over there, you have your starter.

Down there's your clutch, brake, go pedal.

Thanks for reminding me.

Let's see what ya got.

I thought you could drive.

First time.

This driver comin' down, does that change things?

You're not planning' on having' kids, are ya, Junior?

I don't know. Find the right woman, maybe.


'Cause you suffer from a sorry-ass lack of balls.

Well, the midnight headlights blinds you on a rainy night Steep grade up ahead Slow me down, making' no time But I gotta keep rollin'

Those windshield wipers slapping' out a tempo Keepin' perfect rhythm with the song on the radio Yeah, I gotta keep rolling'

Ooh, I'm driving' my life away Lookin' for a better way For me

"Virgo. Today's the day to begin

"a business relationship with a new friend."

Guess you're my new friend.

Well, the truck stop cutie comin' on to me Tried to talk me into a ride Said I wouldn't be sorry We in the middle of committing a felony.

That's what you want to do, litter?

We're not committing anything.

We're just following a truck.

Yeah, right.

You wanna play Pididdle? Pi... What?

Pididdle... You see a car with one headlight, you yell "Pididdle."

First one to yell wins.

It's daylight, Wes.

Ya got a point.

I got it. Yes.

This is what I do. This is my passion.

I'm a... I'm a songwriter.

That's what I do.

Listen to this.

Do you still read my horoscope in the paper every mornin'

To see exactly what I'm gonna do Do you still read my horoscope in the paper every morning'

To see if I'll be comin' home to you What do you think?

Uh, I... I don't listen to very much country music.

Well, I do. Take my word for it.

This is the beginning of a good song.

See, a good song has to have a good hook.

That's what it's all about.

You reach out and you grab 'em with "horoscope."

See, you give 'em the twist...

Pull over, would you? I gotta take a leak.


I got a bladder the size of a pea.

Breaker 1-9 from 10-36.

What do you want?

Wes has to drain his lily.

Think I'll hit the head too.

I'm gonna see if they got any books on tape.

All that stuff about Moses and all that.

That wasn't personal, you understand.

No problem.

I just wish for once these clowns would stick to the plan, you know what I'm saying'?

I hear you.


Hello. Come to Papa!

In your dreams, Wes.

He's been gone for 10 long days Burnin' up that interstate He's got a run from coast to coast I got one more night to go See, I told you we could play Pididdle in the day.


Pididdle, right behind us.


What the...


That's D.W. and Leroy from Red's place.

What the hell are they doing'?

Now, we got ya.

That Red's truck?

He's tryin' to hijack the load.

Good ol' Southern hospitality.


Huh? Jeez!

What are ya doing'?


Son of a bitch!

What the hell you waiting' on? Move it! Move it!

Let's go! Let's go! Get out of that truck! Come on!

I should've seen this comin'. For all that talk of Jesus, Red is a greedy man.

Sonny, next time he backs off, floor it. Can you do that?

Okay, I'm gonna try!

Watch out!

Sonny, now!

Go! Go! Go!

Yeah. You can drive.

It's comin' back to me.

Damn! Look what he did to my car, man!

Can't believe this!

Will you look at this?

If people are willing to kill me to get this load, I ought to know exactly what they want.

"The gates of Babylon shall not be shut."

That son of a bitch can drive.

We're gonna have to work a little harder to get that load.

Maybe we ought to give up.

Junior, never underestimate the power of prayer.

Hey, Tiny. Rough ride, wasn't it, boy?

What a surprise.

AK-47, Chinese assault rifles.

Twelve rounds per second.

One tug on this baby, and it'll cut you in half.

Box it up.

Yeah, Frank Cutler.

Yeah, it's Crews.

Hey, good to hear from ya, Jack. How's everything?

Well, I did have a little run-in with your friend, Red.

It seems he's tryin' to hijack your load.

Is the load okay?

You didn't tell me I'd be hauling illegal artillery.

Well, the truth is, Jack, if you wanted to know what was in the back of that truck, you would've asked.

The reason I hired you, Crews, is 'cause I knew you could get the job done.

But if you can't handle Red, you tell me now.

I want those guns tonight!

Now, you just go back and get in that truck and do the job I'm paying you to do, because I don't think your parole officer is gonna be nearly as understanding as I am.

Do you understand what I'm saying', Jack?

I'll do what I have to.

This guy's gonna be trouble.

All right, Tiny.

They hit us once, they might try it again.

You know, I was thinking', we could switch to I-85.

There's a turnoff about 20 miles up.

That way, if Red comes back, we won't be where he thinks we'll be.

Sonny, you ride with me.

Let's do it.

Crews? Wait a minute! You think I was in on this?

Crossed my mind. Yeah.

I wasn't. I swear.

Red never tells me anything. You can ask anybody.

Earl, you got that right.

Hey, man, they were shooting' at me too!

You ever thought about being' a professional singer?


Did I miss something?

Get in the car, Wes.

Tried to sing you songs?


Well, no wonder you want the pleasure of my company.

Okay, they're on the move again.

First sign of trouble, I'm bringing them in.

There's over $3 million in automatic weapons on that truck.

I know that.

Then you know the array of tragedy those guns are going to inflict when they hit the streets of Jersey?

I want the man who puts them on the streets.

We don't take him out, he'll have $3 million in automatic weapons Comin' up from Georgia this time next week.

I mean, that might keep you in a job, but it's not the solution.

Guy driving is Jack Philip Crews. Did two years in Bayside.

That sounds like just the kind of man you want hauling a load of artillery.

No priors. He was released three weeks ago, early parole for good behavior.

Looks like he's just the driver.

What'd he do his time for?

Vehicular manslaughter.

Thank you.

Crews residence. Hey, little one.

Dam So, how was school?

Great. We had a half a day. Are you still gonna help me with my free throws tonight?

Well, I, uh... I can't tonight, honey.

If I wanna buy you those high-tops, I gotta work late.

But no way I'm missing your game.

So, can I speak to your mom?



Tracy, go get your homework started, okay?


Jack? Where are you?

North Carolina.

Look, I know you didn't want me to do this but, Melanie, I can't let us lose that house.

I think we both know this is about more than the house, Jack.

It's about you.

Well, I'll be home as soon as I can. I love you.

Be careful.

How long you been driving' trucks?

Since I was 18.

Not much for school, huh?

Had to make a living.

I was gonna be a football player before I screwed up my knee.

So, now you run guns instead of footballs.

I'm gonna make me some serious money.

Buy a house on the lake.

Hell, I might even buy me a lake.

Find a nice little honey, settle down.

How about you? You got big dreams?

I'm workin' on it.

Oh, shi...

What's wrong?

There's a weigh station on both of these roads.

One of 'em is bound to be open.

So, we got a 50-50 chance.

That's right.

Earl said take 85.

Where the hell is he going'? I told him not to take 26.

Okay, let's see your next set of axles.

Hold it there.

Pull forward, driver.

Next two.

Gonna go grab a smoke.

Pull forward, driver.

How are you, sir? All right. How are you?


You know you got a headlight out up there?

What'd ya do to your front end?

She was that way when I picked her up.

It's not my usual rig.

Pull up, driver. Next two.

Hold it there.

Hey, uh... Bobby Lewis still work here?

Big guy. Wrestler.

You talkin' about Pooh Bear.

Pooh Bear... Yeah.

No. He took a private job down in Orlando about a year ago now.

So, you haven't made this run in a while, have you?

No, sir, not in a couple of years.

Pull forward, driver.

You're right at the limit.

Aw, you know these guys.

They try to wring every dollar from a load.

You pull for this outfit often?

Not when I can help it.

Got a load of bathroom fixtures, huh?

Yeah. Toilets.

I tell you what. Why don't you pull up right over there, and I'm just gonna take a quick look in the back.

All right. Will do.

Yeah. Yeah.

I'll get back with you later.

Who you talkin' to?

My mother.

Your mother, my ass.

She's in a cancer ward at Good Samaritan in Philly.

You wanna give 'em a call? Ask for Nadine Boxer.

Don't keep her on the phone too long.

She doesn't have a lot of strength left.

Here. Good Samaritan.

What's going' on?

They wanted to take a look.

I've hauled a lot of things, but this is a first for a truckload of shitters.

Yeah, it smells like somebody's already been using' some of 'em.

Highway Patrol.

Does that dog belong to you?

No. He came with the load.


Hey, Jim! Yeah!

I need to talk to you for a minute.

You put a leash on that dog.

Something is...


I get the feeling somebody wanted us to get through here.

That was too close. You played this thing with no margin for error.

You should always leave a margin. You've got to have margins.

Do me a favor, huh, therapy boy?

Work your unresolved stress out later in group.

This is a control issue for you, isn't it, Allen?

This is a surveillance operation, McClaren.

There are layers.

Oh... Layers.

What else do we know about the driver?

He works the Jersey docks.

He's got a wife and kid in Millburn.

That phone call you made before, that was your wife?

Didn't tell her you was comin', did you?

Let's just say, uh, she doesn't like it when I drive.

Yeah, well, it must be nice to be missed.

You got any pictures?

Yeah, I know you got some pictures.

Come on. Come with the pictures.


Little girl too.

Nice-looking family.

Can't be mad at you for that.

So, let me ask you a question, man.

How come you doing' this? I mean, you know, you got a nice family.

Must make good money driving'.

Know that dream you were talkin' about?

I'm about to lose mine.

Tracy, you ready to go to the store?

Who is it?

Department of Corrections.

Hi. Hi.

I'm Grady Cooper, your husband's parole officer.

Could I see some I.D., please?




Where are you?


Tracy! Oh!

Let's go. Come on!

Go! Go! Go! Go!


Ladies. Let's step back inside, shall we?

Come here. Come on.

We gonna make it up this grade with a load this heavy?

It's not the gettin' up. It's the gettin' down.

Now, check him out. He's cocky because he's got a light load.

But over on the back side, if he misses a gear or doesn't brake just right, he's gonna lose it.

Can't you just hit the brakes?

Load this heavy, we'd fry 'em.

What if something jumps out in front and you have to stop?

You don't.

What was that?

A Mazda.

I shouldn't drink apple juice. It gives me gas.

You listen to me, Wes.

One fart and you're walkin'.

This guy can't drive. Now he's slowing down.

Maybe there's a cop.


What is he doing'?

That was no Mazda.

Pull over!

I got your game, sucker!

Red's put us in a box. They're gonna try to pull us over at the top of the hill.

We'll see about that.

Junior, he's pushing' me up the damn hill!

Ride your brakes. Ride your brakes.

Ain't nothin' like a Caterpillar engine.

Ease up, Crews. You're gonna burn it up.

All right. Watch this.

Look out!

All right. He's gonna ram us.

All right. We'll make it hurt a little more.


No... No!


You know what I told you about gearing down and braking just right?

Yeah. Yeah.

Tsk, tsk.

Man, do you put on a show! I nearly pissed my pants!

We are all gonna die. One of you is telling' Red every move we make.

Sonny made a call back at the scales.

I called my mother.

Yeah, right. What about you?

You had plenty of time to make a call.

If I wanted the guns, I'd have killed you as soon as we pulled out.

What about Wes?

What am I supposed to do about it?

Son of a bitch. What?

What did I do?

What did I do, man? What'd I do?

You piss too much, Wes.

I got shot two years ago.

Had to carry a catheter bag for a year and a half.

So when I say I gotta take a piss, you can believe that I gotta take a piss.

Who were you talkin' to?

I was checking' my messages.

I got a life.

What about Crews?

You tell him to take 85. He takes 26.

Drives right up to that weigh station.

Man's got a point.

Believe what you want.

All I know is, Red keeps finding' us, and it ain't me telling' him where to look!

Gotta believe me. I'm on his side!

I don't believe a damn word you say and if you ever want to take another piss, you better convince me now.

Okay! Red paid me to call him.

Aw, shit!

I told him where we were before.

But this time I told him the wrong way.

He tried to kill me too.

So the hell with him. Please!

Please! Please, don't kill me! Please!


Get off me!

Get the hell off of me!

Back off!

Don't do it! I'll kill him. I'll kill him!

Put it down, man!

I'll do it! I'll kill him.

And in the one second it takes you to turn that gun to me, I'll blow your ass away.

Go ahead. Shoot him.

Crews, tell him to put the gun down.

You're gonna die, son. Put it away.

Not me, man. Them!

What! Hello!

It's for you.



Jack, just checking' in.

How's the merchandise?

Still here.

And your friend, Red, is hanging on like a pit bull.

Three of his men are dead.

Look, the Highway Patrol are gonna be all over this.

You do what you want, but I am out!

I'm real disappointed to hear that, Jack.

And there are a couple of people here are gonna be real disappointed too.



We're okay, Jack...

You got a real pretty daughter, Jack.

I believe she's got your eyes.

You touch them, I'll kill you.

You just call when you get close, and I'll tell you where to go.

What the hell was that about?

I'm gonna deliver that truck, and nothing is gonna get in my way.

Pull your pants up, Wes.

When you want the job done right, you just got to do it yourself.

The boy never could drive.

Now, the large mouth bass cannot be coaxed.

He must be aggravated to strike.

The trick is to irritate him so much that he'll take the bait.

Now, two things work real well.

The first is this here rubber worm...

We're gonna stay off the freeways for a while.

The cops will be everywhere.

Who was that on the phone back there in the bathroom, Crews?

They've got my wife and daughter.

We are shutting this truck down.

There's no confirmation our vehicle was even involved.

Tennessee Highway Patrol has eyewitness accounts of four tractor-trailers slamming' the hell out of each other down seven miles of interstate.

Three of those trucks are destroyed, and their drivers are dead.

We cannot keep pulling state cops off of this every time they wanna play bumper cars.

You're not stopping our truck until she's positively I.D.'d.

I have tried to create a dialogue with you, Allen.

Oh, spare us the psycho-babble, will you?

If you screw this up, shithead, I am not going' down with you!

There! Didn't that feel better?

All right. Enough!

And their drivers are dead.

We don't blow that cover unless we absolutely have to.

I'm tryin' to watch the show here, if you don't mind.

What? You gotta piss again?

Let me take this off, but you better not bug me.

I didn't lie to Red.

I told him where we'd be. He's comin'.

He's coming!

No, I think he's already here.

No! Hey!

LOOK out!

We got trouble on the right.

I got him.

Will somebody shoot back?

Oh, roadkill.

Come on, man. Untie me.

You can use the extra help. Shut up!

Come on, man! Untie me!

Come on. Come on. Oh!

Ow! Ow! Damn!

Come on! Let me up there.

Come on!

Untie Wes. I think we're gonna need him.

Thanks, Crews.

It's Red!

Hang on!

Get him in the back and check him out!

Son of a...

I gotta get this guy off the back of the truck.

Earl, get up here.

I got it.

I didn't mean for this to happen.

I didn't want this to happen.

Wes! Get a gun and get up here.

Shoot that son of a bitch!

I can't see him!

Stay back!

Damn! Damn! Damn! You're finished, Crews!

Your ass is mine! God!

Sonny, can you hear me? Sonny! Hang in there!

Stay with us, Sonny! Come on! Come on!

How's he doing'?

He's bad!

I'm cold.

You just hang in.

I'm gonna take care of you, Crews.

I'm gonna take care of you, man.

You just stick with me when this goes down, okay?

When what goes down?

They know where we are.

I'm FBI.

I know they got your wife and kid, but you got a truck full of death here, man.

And this shit has got to stop.

I know that, Sonny.

I'm gonna take care of you, Crews.

Box it up.

When this goes down, you just stick with me, okay?

They know where we are.

I'm FBI.

Please believe you're all I ever wanted If you should leave I don't know what I'd do I'd be like a child afraid of darkness The greatest fear I have is losing you

Hey, Earl, you know that thing I said back there about you being a singer?

I'm really sorry. I didn't mean it.


Hey, where'd you learn the gunpowder trick?

I heard about it in prison.

You were in prison?

Yes, sir, two years.

For what?

Vehicular manslaughter.

That's comforting to know.

You saw the dog, didn't you?

What dog?

The black dog.

You mean like the Led Zeppelin song?

No, Crews knows what I'm talkin' about, don't ya?

I've heard truckers talk about it on the yard.

They say it comes when you've been on the road too long and pushing' too hard, when you get greedy.

They say it comes to take everything away from ya.

And it did.

I was, uh, hauling a load up from Atlanta on my sixth straight Georgia run.

It was my daughter's birthday, and I thought I could make it home in time.

I was on this long, dark stretch of I-75 with nothin' to look at but the white line when I saw it.

It was in the middle of the road, comin' straight at me with his teeth bared and red eyes staring.

So I swerved to miss him.

Look out!

And I lost control.

Where do you come up with this shit?

It's for real, Wes.

Yeah? And I bet you seen UFOs and aliens with big eyes.

No, just the black dog.

Uh, yeah, is this the FBI?

Okay, listen, I need to talk to an agent about a gunrunning investigation, Atlanta to New Jersey.

I'd rather not say. Just let me talk to the agent in charge.

Look, your undercover agent is dead, and I have information about the shipment he was with.

Sonny. I don't know! He didn't say.

Look, just let me talk to the agent in charge of the investigation, please.

Oh, forget it!

Then maybe you don't understand Oh, we might never be Well, it's only gonna get tougher from here on.

So if anyone wants out, now is the time.

If I stick with you, am I gonna get my money?

Probably not.

I got nowhere else to go.

I'm out.

Okay, but there's one thing I'd like you to do for me.

Appreciate this, you guys letting' me leave and all.

Eat shit, Wes.

Crews, good luck!

I gotta tell her I was wrong Did you ever play Pididdle?

I've been driving' all night long

They're heading south out of Richmond, back the way they came.


Well, unless you, in your infinite wisdom, know something which I don't know, I think now is the time.

I agree with Agent McClaren.

We haven't heard from Sonny, and for all we know, they've already made the damn drop.

All right then! Let's go.

Damn it.

This is the FBI!

Stop your vehicle immediately!

Get 'em up! Get out of the cab!

Out of the cab! Get out!

Don't shoot! Get down! Get down!

Get down! Hands up! Get down!

Hands up.

It's for you.

This is Ford.

You the FBI?

Yeah, that's right.

Okay, if you want your guns, you listen carefully, and I'm gonna tell you exactly what I want you to do.

Punched it, and I punched out "B."


Where's my family?

They're right here, they're watching TV.

You know, Jack, everybody's always complaining about violence on television.

Violence, violence, violence. Violence is not the problem.

It's these damn sitcoms. They lie to everybody.

They tell everyone that life is nice and easy.

And we both know that's not true, don't we?

Just let me talk to my wife.


Honey, you all right?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Tracy? She's fine.

Listen, Melanie, you gotta trust me.

I'm gonna get you out of this, okay?

How you gonna do that, Jack?

I got your guns. You want 'em, you're gonna have to come get 'em.

Don't you fool with me, Jack!

You do what I tell you to do.

I don't wanna say this in front of your wife, but if I do not have my guns by midnight, lam gonna kill her and the kid, and I am gonna do it ugly.

No, you're not gonna do that, Cutler, because you want your little guns too bad.

So I'm gonna tell you where to bring Melanie and Tracy, and we will trade my family for your guns.

Well, there's always room for negotiation, Jack.

I'm listening.

Port Authority dock, south end.

I'm about, uh, two hours out, maybe a little more.

You be there.

You better hope that your daddy knows what he's doing'.

Ready for this?

Let's do it.


Come on.


Don't move, honey. It's gonna be okay.

Where are my goods?


I give you a job.

I offer to get your operator's license back, and this is how you say thank you?

You let them go, or the whole load goes in the water.

I can always get more guns. Can you get a new family?

Dad! Keep still!

Leave her alone! Get your hands off my daughter!

Shut up! Everybody! Shut up!

I want my guns.

I told you not to touch them.

Earl, give Mr. Cutler some of his goods.

Damn it!

All right, here's the deal.

I'm gonna give you the kid. Let her go, Vince.

Let her go!

You tell that monkey to straighten out that load and put it onto the dock, and I'll give you your wife.

Let's go! Come on!

Honey, come on. Come on. Jack!

Move, move, move!

Up. UP, UP, UP-

Help! Move! Come on! Go up!

Stay here. Keep your head down. I'm gonna go get your mom.

Keep going'!

Come on! Let's go!

Grab the other side!

Come on. Keep moving'. Come on!


Come on. Move, move, move! Let go! Oh!

Move, move, move. Come on!



Crews, freeze! FBI! Put that gun down!

Put it down!

Crews. Come on, Crews. Let him go.

It's over.


Oh, my God. Are you okay?

I'm okay.

Where's Tracy?

She's okay. Kid's okay.

Thank God.

I love you.


Crews. Thanks for bringing Sonny's body back.

I know it'll mean a lot to his family.

He was a good man.

I was in contact with him on the truck, and we would have done all right by you, even if we hadn't had our little discussion.

What discussion?

Your husband told us where to find Cutler, and he brought us the guns.

With the testimony and the extenuating circumstances, I think you'll do fine on this.

I also think we can find a way to save your house.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Mr. Crews, we were wondering if you wouldn't mind driving the truck cab to the impound yard.

Can we, please? Can we? Can we, Dad?

I don't have a license.

The way I understand it from Agent Ford, you do.

Thank you.

He drew first and I shot faster Easy, boys.

Hold this. I'll be back. I'm a songwriter.

That's what I really do when I'm not driving'.

Hey, could you get my book out of my vest?

All this shooting' and such, I got an idea for a new song.

Well, you know what? I bet it'll go platinum.

I hope so.

Thanks for staying', Earl.

Don't mention it. I reckon it was worth it.

Hey, Dad, look at this. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Good doggy. Hey, Crews.

You mind looking' after Tiny till we get all this sorted out?

You got it. Good luck.

You take care.

Oh, oh, yeah.

So let's go for a ride.

You're such a good dog.

We've got a lot to talk about, you know.

I know.

I'm sorry, Melanie.

I love you, Jack.

I love you too.

Does this mean we can all go to my game tonight?

As long as you think we have time to stop and pick up a pair of high-top tennis shoes.

Welcome to the Garden State, Crews!

What was that? The hound from hell.

Brace yourselves. I'm gonna get us out of this.

What does he want? Me.

You wanna play games, do ya? You wanna play?

He's comin'.

Come on!

Witness the resurrection, brothers and sisters!

Witness Jack Crews, you miserable, low-life son of a...

Hang on, sweetie!

Hold on!

Mine is the kingdom and the power and the glory!

Come on! You wanna play? I'll play! You wanna play? Let's play!

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death!

"I Will fear no evil!"

Jesus, Jack.

You all right?

Yeah, Dad, I'm all right.

Sometimes many miles may lay between us But only for the job I choose to do And one thought helps me through my darkest hours Each mile brings me closer to you Please believe you're all I ever wanted If you should leave I don't know what I'd do I'd be like a child afraid of darkness And the greatest fear I have is losing you

Alone I wandered through this world No meaning in my life Then I found you and finally saw the light So please believe you're all I ever wanted If you should leave I don't know what I'd do I'd be like a child afraid of darkness The greatest fear I have is losing you The greatest fear I have Is losing you

It's the kind of night that dreams are made of Not a cloud in the sky and the full moon above I could swear the stars have all been aligned To be leading to this moment in time

Summer winds breathing' down our necks It's too early to go home yet I lay my head down on your chest And our hearts are pounding' together It won't never be to last forever Hold me until We find a way of making' time stand still Don't waste one kiss Oh, I wanna remember this Oh, I wanna remember This

Well, the midnight headlights blinds you on a rainy night Steep grade up ahead Slow me down, making' no time But I gotta keep rolling'

Those windshield wipers slapping' out a tempo Keeping' perfect rhythm with the song on the radio Yeah, I gotta keep rolling'

Ooh, I'm driving' my life away Looking' for a better way For me Ooh, I'm driving' my life away I'm looking' for a sunny day-ay-ay

Well, the truck stop cutie comin' on to me Tried to talk me into a ride Said I wouldn't be sorry Oh, but she was just a baby Hey, waitress, pour me another cup of coffee Pop it down, jack me up Shoot me out, flying' down the highway I'm looking' for the morning'

Ooh, I'm driving' my life away I'm looking' for a sunny day-ay-ay