Black Friday (2004) Script

It's the truth, sir. Truth, really?

It was just me in the riots. Not my brothers. Let them go.

Believe me, it was only me.. I'm not lying sir. I'm not lying sir.

Lock him up.

Please let my brothers go.. they haven't done anything.

Sir I have information. What?

I have information. What?

The city is about to be bombed.

Tell me. What? I'm telling the truth. Bombs. Mantralaya, Stock Exchange..

..Sena Bhavan, they want to blow them all up.

That's bull shit. Who will blow up Mantralaya, Sena Bhavan?

I'm not lying. No, it's the truth.

They're using RDX.

We smuggled it in. You know Tiger bhai..?

Who? Tiger Memon.

Who's that? Sir Tiger.. Yes, who is he?

He sent us for training..

They showed how to make bombs and ..

..throw grenades, pull the pin and throw.

We learnt it all.

Now the Stock Exchange, Mantralaya, they're going to blow the city up.

Stock Exchange, Mantralaya, Sena Bhavan..

Blown up by an army of pricks like you?

I'm not making this up.

Look at yourself, you little runt.

Mantralaya, Stock Exchange, they'll blow them up?

You think it's a piece of cake?

You think it's a piece of cake?

It's the truth, sir.

Shut up.

Say another word, and I'll throw your whole family into jail..

You can rot together forever.

You think we're morons?

You think we're morons?

Lock him up!

"Oh my Khwaja.."

"There is a carnival today.."

"At the home of the Khwaja.."

"He is blessed.."

"At the home of the Khwaja.." "He is blessed.."

"He is blessed.."

"He is blessed.."

"Salutations to Mohammed.."

"It is my Maula's wedding..

You know Gullu sold us out..

But I swear that's not going to stop us.

The police think they still have time.

Like Napoleon we'll be done and gone before they know it.

On Friday, the 12th, the 17th day of Ramadan..

The day the Prophet fought the holy war and won,

that day.

What's this? T-shirts You sell T-shirts too? Of course. one sandwich.

Tomorrow's Saturday. The Stock Exchange is closed.

So I sell T-shirts. Come Monday, it's back to sandwiches.

What is it? Yes, tell me.

Tell me.


O Ramesh, Ramesh, I'm going to take a leak.

The Bank of Baroda office about the basement was blown to slytherin.

The impact of the explosion was so strong.

That is even shattered the window of surrounding building.

The explosive device placed in the car in the basement parking area of the stock exchange.

And activated by timer device claimed atleast 70 lives.

And injured about 200 people.

Leaving behind more than 300 people dead.

And more than 1500 people injured.

And a trail of groosen destruction.

At 1:36 P.M. a truck exploded in the green shading area in the Nathha street. is trying near by building and vehicles.

The early 50 minutes later a car bomb exploded in the parking lot of Air India building.

Killing atleast 20 people and injuring several others.

The massacre resume apart from car bomb went up to bus stop opposite Centuary bazar shopping center in Worli.

The impact of the blast left 5 buses and their passengers Completely chart.

The bomb was so powerful.

There it form the deep cretle on the road.

Destinating 3 near by apartment building.

Hey move! The rest of you clear out of here.

Ask the police to clear the area.

Hey clear away everyone from here. Clear everyone.

Move back! Come on!

Just check him out!

Sir.. Century Bazaar is Completely destroyed.

There's glass shattered over two kilometers..

You checked all the cars in the area? - We didn't find a thing sir.

The jeep, there wasn't much left..

Seems at least 80 kilos of RDX was used here..

And another 50 at the Stock Exchange.

Control, come in! Yeah Sawant speaking.

Crime asks Bomb squad to proceed to Worli.. Siemens factory..

Suspicious Maruti Van.. over..

More bombs went off.

2:41 P.M. in a petrol pump at just near the Shivsena headquarter at Dadar.

At 2:48 PM the third floor of the Centaur hotel at Juhu.

3:05 PM in a scooter at Zaveri Bazar.

3:16 PM in the car standing in the compound of Plaza cinema.

3:50 PM 18th floor in the Sea Rock hotel in Bandra.

3:55 PM the last one at other Centaur hotel at Santacruz airport.

Car bombs used at Stock Exchange, Plaza Cinema, Air India building Scooter bombs in the market areas Bombs were also planted in the rooms of three major hotels..

We have the names of the three guests.

The death toll has crossed 300..

1600 injured are being treated in the city's hospitals.

Brother is this scooter yours?

Watchman.. Yes sir?

Whose scooter is that? I don't know, sir.

Did you hear about the Bombay blasts on BBC?

Who do you think did it?

You said, the Muslims have bled, you wanted to take revenge.

We are talking. We'll call you. You go.


what did you do?

Those blasts that was me.

I got the boys together. I. I put my money in it.

I got the others in as well.

The whole plan..

You were still planning your trip..

And I'd already reached the moon.

You won't get away.

What do you mean? The police..

..found a Maruti van at Worli It was filled with weapons..

..and they tracked down the owner.

Something wrong?

Watchman! - Yes sir. Whose scooter is that?

I don't know.. You've asked all the residents?

No.. - This is no place to park a scooter.

Ask everyone.

Sir, it might explode if you open it.

So the moment I saw the scooter there..

I knew something was wrong.

It doesn't belong to anyone in the area.

Sir, Shut all the shops. we'll have to evacuate the area.

The moment I saw the scooter I knew something..

Thank you. Please leave now. It's dangerous here.

When did you realise..?

The moment I saw the scooter.. I knew something was wrong.

I immediately asked my watchman. I asked the neighbours..


Why didn't it explode?

When it was assembled.. RDX must have gotten into the detonator..

It blocked the movement of the striker..


Whoever made it wasn't being very careful.

Dangle, get me details on the scooter.


Get me something to eat.

I want to speak to Dangle We're working on it, but I Don't think it was stolen.

Have you send anyone?

I sent Kambli to track down the registration.

And the Maruti van..?

It's registered in the name of one Rubina Suleiman Memon..

Resident of Al Husseini building, Durgah Road, Mahim.

You know the Memons?

Fifth floor. Come on.

Every one's gone away somewhere..?

They've not been here for a while.

Mushtaq bhai was here till Day before. - Mushtaq bhai?

Mushtaq, Tiger.

Tiger Memon. A well known smuggler with a long record..

Who's Rubina? Suleiman bhai's wife Who is Suleiman bhai? Suleiman bhai lives here What does he do? I don't know He's Mushtaq bhai's older brother.. they're all in business.

Did they own a Maruti van?

They had two three cars. Did they file a report?

Report? Can't say.. they had several cars. - Any of them reported missing?

I don't know. Mushtaq bhai was a very busy man.

All kinds of people have been coming and going the last ten-fifteen days Rubina was saying that they were going home soon.

Where? Dubai.

Here in Mahim, Dubai's home for most of us.

Break the door. What happened?

Nothing. Go.

Patil, break the door.

Shinde, open it.

Patil. - Coming sir. Take a look inside

Check the lockers and shelves Look under the sofa

Hathgowda. Yes sir?

Hathgowda. Yes sir?

Telephone diary, check-book. Keep it carefully.

What's this?

Didn't I ask for something to eat?

I got you some thing sir, but by then we were all leaving

Did you eat? No.

There's more. Tell everyone to get some.

Scooter keys

Where's that scooter? Matunga Police Station Go and try it. See if it fits.

There was a manager, he came by often A manager? Yes.

What's his name? Where does he stay?

What happened?

Sir, it's time to break our fast. Do join us.

Sir, Dangle sir's back.

That telephone diary has some Dubai and Islamabad numbers.. mostly..

Is Maria sir aware?

Yes Dangle? Sir, It's the same scooter's key.

That manager. What's his name?

Asghar Muqadam. Look for the rascal.

Asghar Muqadam.

Yes. - Sit straight.

How long have you been working for Tiger?

One year What do you know about him? I was only his manager sir One year is a long time.

Long enough to learn enough.

I only kept accounts - You just said you were his manager. - Yes.

Look, I haven't eaten since the morning..

My head hurts, I'm hungry.

So if you don't cooperate, I'll have to make you.

He smuggled silver

and what else?

How much do you earn? Four thousand.

If I lay my hands on you, you'll have to spend forty-thousand..

..just to fix yourself.

What else does Tiger do? Hawala Money laundering?

Yes In the last year, how many silver shipments came in?

Last year.. Six landings.

All silver?


Where do you people work from?

Our office was burnt in the riots.

January riots? December If the office was burnt then where did you work from?

We were going to open another office..

..but then there were the second riots.

Now Tiger bhai just calls..

..or sends someone. To tell us when the landing will happen.

When do you get informed?

Before the landing or after? Before.

When was the last landing?

Who else did you deal with? Ayub and Yakub Memon.

And what do they do?

Ayub is a Chartered Accountant..


Ayub lives in Dubai. Yakub is a Chartered Accountant, here.


You want tea?



What? Nothing Is it cold? No.

Not sweet enough? No.

Then drink up. Yes sir.

What's wrong? You tell me.


These blasts that happened, you know anything about them?

I swear I don't..

Move back! Move back! Sit! Sit!

You're his father?

Make him understand.

He's lying to me! Just tell him the truth.

I am telling you the truth, nothing else.

Dangle. Sir.

Put the old man in a taxi.

We'll serve the rest some tea.

Come on old man, you have money for the taxi? Okay, then go.

You all wait.

You go home.

Shut the door

Tell me.

Tell me quickly.

I didn't know what was going to happen..

Everything was in place by the time I was brought in on it.

Start from the beginning On February 11..

Tiger bhai and Javed Chikna went to Dubai Who is Javed Chikna? Tiger bhai's man Why did they go to Dubai? I have no idea.

I got a call instructing me..

To get half a million from Chauksi and give it to Dawood Phanse..

Who is Chauksi?

Tiger bhai has three Hawala accounts with him Who else? Javed Chikna You said that already Anwar Theba, Shafi, Abdul Gani..

Imtiaz Ghavate, Parvez Sheikh..

Parvez Sheikh, Salim..

Mohammed Rafique.. Mohammed Hussain..

Salim Rafique Mohammed Hussain?

Salim Rafique Madi and Mohammed Hussain.

Sir, I had no idea.

My father was ill.

I wanted to leave, get another job.

I told Tiger bhai but he got so angry..

..and the terrible things he said..

..he told me to wait for him.

Then? Did he come?

The first week of the month.

Then he disappeared again.

Suddenly I got a call..

It was Holi, March 8..

He told me to get tickets done for Dubai..

His father, Ayub bhai, Yakub bhai..

Suleiman bhai.. all of them left.

A day before the blast there was a call.

They said they want tickets for Dubai.

This is time he asked for a ticket only for himself.

I tried to talk about quitting my job.

He hadn't paid me since the riots.

Tiger bhai, I need to talk to you.. Ticket's done?

Yes of course.

Tiger Bhai. I really need to talk to you.

Get my suitcases. Yes.

Ramzan has begun and my father is ill..

Get the bags, will you?

I have to quit.

Just one more day. - One more, one more, it goes on. Tiger bhai..

..this one more day has taken a long time.

Look there's a lot of work. I'm going to Dubai.

Do something..

Go to Al Hussaini. You'll find Theba and Chikna there.

I've spoken to them.

You just have to drop a car off somewhere.

Do that then you can leave.

When I reached there I couldn't find anybody.

I met Sardar, who was going out for a smoke.

There was work going on in the garage.

Maruti vans, scooters, it was all there.

They were packing some sticky black paste into the.. scooters and the cars.

Hey idiot!

That's not bathing soap. Keep it separately.

What is that?

RDX, sir. They call it 'black soap'.

Nails, glass, scrap iron.. God knows what else was put in.

Where's Sardar? Somewhere around.


He went for a smoke.

Don't think he'll be back.

Nazir and Parvez? They have not come.

Iqbal.. it's time.

Yes sir.

Whatever happens, don't fuck this up.

We're doing this for our brothers. Go on. Khuda Hafiz.

Where do you think you're going? Get out of there!

Are you deaf? Move it! - I want go there. - Move it!

Mohammed Iqbal is from my village.

I introduced him to Tiger bhai. He was an electrician.

He assembled most of the bombs.

Somehow, the scooter he abandoned at Naigaon didn't explode.

Asghar. Come.

Here you are. Room 3078. There are papers in that.

Take this. Here, this. What? - This.


You're booked as Alvani.

Listen, don't screw up and say Advani ok?

Press it.

The button is pressed. Press it again.

This is taking forever.

Mushtaq Tarani and Anwer Theba went to the hotels..

Theba to the Airport Centaur..

And Mushtaq to the Juhu Centaur.

Theba is from Navpada.

Until three years ago he worked for Tiger bhai..

Our landings used to take place under the supervision of Chikna.

He brought Imtiaz Ghavate in. He's a very short-tempered man.

Hello Sir.

Which floor..? Thirty. You mean 3rd floor.

I'll press it sir.

Mushtaq is distantly related to Tiger.

He owns a garment store on the harbour line.

He's a school dropout.

A true Muslim. Prays five times a day.

He lived near Tiger's office.

He planted the bomb at Juhu Centaur.

He then left a wired scooter at Dhanji Marg.

Parvez Sheikh is a druggie. He dropped out of college.

He is Abdul Ghani's elder brother, Rehman's friend.

My sister is married to Abdul Rehman, Abdul Ghani's brother.

Abdul Ghani asked Tiger to let Parvez join.

He was sent to Sea rock hotel, and Katha Bazar.

Shahnawaz and I left a red Maruti van at the Plaza cinema.

The movie was sold out, so we had to buy tickets in the black-market.

We watched half an hour of the film and left.

Abdul Ghani Turk took the jeep to the Passport office at Worli.

Back when Tiger was Mohammed Dossa's driver...

...he was just a street vendor.

Later when Dossa fled to Dubai, Tiger took over.

Ghani became his driver, and also handled Tiger's Hawala business.

He left the jeep outside Passport Office.

Bhendi Bazar? Hop in.

We blow one up here... get the biggest bastards of them all.

We'll get them. After the Municipal buildings...

Chikna will get them.

Tainur and Irfan Chougle left a blue Maruti car...

...outside the Stock Exchange.

Farooq Pawle is from a well to do family.

He's a high flyer, you often see him at the Taj hotel.

He left the white Ambassador car at the Air India Building.

And then accompanied Badshah to the Shiv Sena Bhavan, in Dadar.

Badshah Khan almost didn't show up that morning.

A real estate broker from Vile Parle...

...he lost his business in the riots.

You know what time it is? I just dozed off...

Of all the days, today? I know... it's late but... What do you mean?

Everyone's gone already? No, you were the chief guest.

Get your ass into the car.


Right outside their fortress.

So much for the might of the Marathas!

Hey this chimp is standing here. Hey stop!

You can't park here. It belongs to the HQ.

I'm the boss' man The boss himself won't park here.

Don't you understand what I am saying?

Farooq! - You do what you want. I will park here.

Go ahead and book me asshole.

Hey come inside. - He's talking about a ticket. - Come in.

Go ahead and park.

How can I help you?

We're fine. You want to service the car?


Then please don't park it here.

We'll take a minute. - Sir, my boss will kill me. Please...

Hey, who is your boss?

Farooq, come on. Who is your boss?

We'll leave it outside Mohammed Ali's But our people live there.

It's right next to Sena Bhavan.

Do one thing. Get down. Okay. - Get a taxi.

Mushtaq, you and Imtiaz go... Zaveri Bazaar, Dhanji Marg... leave it at the mouth of the lane. - Okay. - Go.

Imtiaz Ghavate, a close friend of Theba's, was also from Navpada.

They are neighbors.

Why so much traffic here? Has something happened?

Can't you see? There's a jam ahead.

They're saying that there was a bomb blast at the Stock Exchange

Cut through the traffic. There's no time.

Time up.

You want to go see it? Sena Bhavan... all the flying pieces...

That's not funny.

Tainur, Pawle, Bashir and Abdul Akhar Yakub were sent to...

...the Macchimar colony at Mahim.

They were ordered to hurl grenades amidst the resident houses.

During the riots all the timber markets at Mahim were burnt...

...where Tiger used to have a huge stake.

Chikna, Badshah and Sheikh Ali left last.

As they drove past the Passport Office, Chikna noticed...

...that one of the detonators was blinking.

Mushtaq, stop the car.

Stop the car.

Badshah. What is it? Why is it blinking?

No idea.

What do we do? How do I know?

Throw it! Throw it! Throw it! Fast! Throw it!

Somehow at that very moment the Passport office bomb exploded too.

And they got trapped in the chaos. Chikna was shit scared.

He cancelled the rest of the plan, then and there.

Mushtaq, ditch the car somewhere.

Mushtaq left the car outside the Siemens factory.

In the night all the boys met at Theba's place... hear the blast news on TV.

According to latest reports there have been twelve bomb blasts... quick succession in different parts of the city...

...Stock Exchange, Zaveri bazaar, the Air India building...

...Macchimar colony, Hotel Juhu Centaur, Hotel Sea Rock...

...Plaza Cinema, and Lucky Petrol Pump.

Who had gone there? - Shut up fool.

I had planted it. But if it didn't explode...

You... - Shut up! Listen!

Relief work is on in full swing.

Chief Minister Mr. Sharad Pawar has gone on record to say that...

Why did you put it off? Let us see. Shut up.

Whoever can get out of Bombay, overnight, should get out.

...Tiger bhai's orders, none of you should be seen in the city.

Go into hiding.

Stay in touch with Tiger bhai. You have the Dubai number?

Stay in touch. Okay? Come on get lost.


Your progress so far has been commendable.

And we have got great expectation from you.

Thank you.

So, make your team, choose your own people and crack tha case.

All we know is that Tiger Memon planned and executed the blasts.

He has fled.

There was not much at his house. His properties have been sealed.

We have the names of those who were involved in the conspiracy with him.

But they won't be waiting for us at their homes.

So here's what we do...

Most of them are from Navpada, Behrampada and Dongri... the places worst hit by the communal riots.

Pick up everyone we grilled during the riots.

Tap your informers.

Find out where these fellows eat, sleep, walk, talk... everything.

Put together a list, give it to your informers.

No one goes home till we've got these people.

It's the holy month of Ramadan. So be careful Whatever you do, make sure you don't hurt their religious sentiments Okay.

Dangle you'll handle this location.

Vani, Nadgouda and you, form your team.

Tap everybody you know.

Be ruthless, be aggressive, but be tactful.

Do whatever is necessary.


Get down here.

See these names? You know any of them?

One or two. But not that well. Okay, sir.

Think about it. Keep your eyes and ears open. - Okay, sir.

Let me know if you get something. Okay, sir.

Who is it? Where is Parvez? He must be in the loo.

Parvez? Come on out.

Go to the next one.

It's occupied. Come on I can't hold it much longer.

Can't a man crap in peace?

Get out of there!

What the hell...? Come on, to the police station.

My boss wants to see you.

Open the door. What's the point in hiding now?

I'm telling you. We break the damn door.

Parvez whenever, you open the door, you'll find us.

Go and come through the door.

Are you a monkey that you are coming through the window?

Sir, you'll find Shoaib Ghansari in the slums behind Sahara Airport.

Listen where's Shoaib Ghansari?

Do you know Shoaib Ghansari?

Shoaib Are you deaf? We're talking to you.

Hey who will put water? You are always asleep. No work. You just eat.

Hey Shoaib... - Wait there! Wait!

Where are you going? Come on!

Come on.

Come here.

Mother! Mother!

What's your name?

Help me! Help me!

Leave us sir. We haven't done anything sir.

Why are these people here? Clear them out. - Come please.

Clear them. Take them away.

One day... we were playing cricket... and our ball smashed Tiger uncle's windscreen.

He came over and whacked Bablu really hard.

We don't play cricket anymore if we see his car parked here.

He gets so angry!

Where is Imtiaz Ghavate?

I told you! I know nothing.

I really know nothing.

Mushtaq Tarani is still in Bombay.

Some of the others went to Dubai, some to Rajasthan.

You can pick him up tomorrow.

Sir, I'm thinking...

Hey you, hang on a minute!

Catch him!

If he's innocent you have nothing to worry about.

He might even be home right now.

No sir. I've been back and forth for three days, you keep saying that.

What more can I do? What?

If he's innocent he'll be let off.

Look, this doesn't have to end With your neck in a noose.

I don't know.

Where does Imtiaz Ghavate live?

Sir I don't know. Go ask over there You look there.

Add it to my account Hi Sharief. - Imtiaz. - Imtiaz Ghavate stays here? - There he is.

Where's Imtiaz Ghavate?

I don't know We've got him Vani, grab him!

Come on fast.

Start the car. Come on fast. Move the car.

No sign of him here. Will check the station.

Water. Tea.

Get in you filthy animal. Come on, get behind. Hey Nahadi sit ahead.

Nahadi? Where are you? Found him?

It's Nahadi. He's right in front of me. On the pipeline.

Keep him there. I am coming.

Sir... - Don't move from there, we're reaching there.

Wait Imtiaz...

Wait Imtiaz...

Wait Imtiaz... don't move, or I'll shoot.

The men run like this only in two condition.

Either in Olympic or in police case. Imtiaz, wait.


Wait Imtiaz...

Wait Imtiaz...

Where did he go?

You didn't do anything?

Get me the hammer.

Hold him down. Hold him down.

Come on speak up.

Speak up!

You did nothing?



You did nothing?

Tell us. Tell us. You did nothing?

Stand straight. Straight!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Sign on the paper Sign here! Hold the pen upright I will make sure you sign!

Stand straight.

Give me your finger print! It pains or what?

Take him away.

Come on move, you nut! Come on get up or I'll break the other leg too.

Come on. Yes.

Walk proper. Remove the red.

Badshah Khan and Bashir Khan are together.

Badshah is from Rampur and Bashir is from Gorakhpur.

You'll find them in one of these places.

Bashir... What happened?

That cop's looking at us.

Maybe he just looks like that.

Let's go.

What happened? Let's call Tiger.

The cop's gone.

We should still call Tiger.

What the hell are you doing in Delhi? What were my instructions?

I told you people to go underground... and you're bloody sightseeing in the capital!

You think Delhi's any safer than Bombay?

Before the police catches you, get out of there.

And listen.

Wherever you go next, call me.

Why does Asghar talk like this? Even I was angry.

Where do we go now?

To my village.



Greetings uncle. Greetings.

How are you? All well.

And your mother? Very well.

Why the decorations?

Sultana's wedding.

Really? Yes.

This is my friend Bashir.

Make yourselves at home. Come.

If you sit around here who's going to get me tea?

Where are you?

You said you'd be gone for two days.

I'm in Rampur.

What are you doing there?

Sultana's getting married.

You remembered?


Wasik will join you.


Know what? Shahnawaz keeps coming round.

Asking for you.

For what?

I don't know. What does he want from me?

Any message for him?

Send him along with Wasik.

What's he going to do there? Just send him.

I'll hang up now. It's long distance. I'll call you back.


What happened?

Shahnawaz is looking for me.

I heard that in Bombay some 5000 Hindus... were killed in bomb blasts.

Around 300.

The count hardly matters. Spilling blood isn't right.

Where are you? Rampur?

Yes, bhai.

Okay, get to Jaipur.

I'll bring you to Dubai from there.

Go to Tonk.

To my friend Salim Durani's place.

I've spoken to him. Theba, Yeda, everyone is there.

Things are still hot in Bombay.

Imtiaz Ghavate, Asgar Muqadam... they've all been caught.

The cops know about us. They're hunting for us.

Tiger bhai called.

We need to get out of here. Go to Jaipur.

But we've just come from there. Don't argue.

What's going on? Back and forth, back and forth You're arguing with me? We were better off in Rampur.

You're arguing with me?

What's this shit? - Easy, Badshah. You're arguing with me?

Shut up!

Let's go

Who says this is the Pink City? Everything's red here.

Who are they trying to fool? Anwer bhai... when are we going to Dubai?

What's so funny?

No one's going to Dubai. Tiger bhai had promised... he'd get us to Dubai. He had promised all of us.

He asked me to give you 10,000 each. I want to go to Dubai. Got it?

Without a passport? Answer has them.

You have our passports, right?

I don't have anything.

No? Why? You kept all the passport...

..asshole after we returned from Islamabad Badshah! Don't you abuse me! Where are the passports?

Watch your tongue! Why the fuck?

You had all the passports. Behave yourself!

Behave yourself. Where is my passport?

It's with Tiger bhai. They were all burnt.


Passports Burnt them?

My passport was burnt...? All our passports.

How could you do that? Tiger bhai did it.

Burnt my passport! And I wasn't even told.

It was Tiger bhai's idea. You have a problem, talk to me.

How could you burn my passport? Tiger bhai did it.

Why would he do it? Behave yourself.

He's made other arrangements. Arrangements, my foot!

You're fooling with us. Again! Watch it!

You won't abuse me, Badshah.

They told me go to Jaipur...

They told me to go to Jaipur. I came to Jaipur...

...they are telling me to go there. To hell with you, rascal.

They are fooling me.

Coming here to Jaipur, he says...

Look Badshah...

You get out of here Badshah! To hell with you.


Enough. Everything will be all right.

Look Badshah.

I'm sure Tiger bhai knows what he's doing.

He's probably got some plan to get us across the border.

That's why he sent us to Rajasthan.

Theba was saying that new passports are waiting for us in Pakistan.

Just calm down.

Look Badshah... forgive me if I'm at fault.

I'm just following Tiger bhai's orders.

We are all as worried as you are.

Tiger wouldn't abandon us.

You have no idea how much Tiger bhai feels for you.

Look. Relax. Don't get so emotional. Remember, you are one of us.

It's too dangerous for all of us to stay together.

Why? - There's danger.

So then what's to be done?

We split up. But stay in touch with Tiger bhai.

What next?

Another man came looking for you.

Who? What did he want?

He asked why you'd shut shop and left.

I hope you are all right?

Who was he?

I didn't ask.

He behaved very strangely.

He walked right into Wasik's room.

Opened all the cupboards, turned everything upside down.

That thug even stepped on our food mat!

If he comes back, don't say you spoke to me.

Are you into...? Say nothing!


The police came to my house.

You spoke to Tiger? They're trying to connect me.

Sir, I'm not getting through. No?

Come on.

The guys might've made it to Pakistan.

We should try Anwar then. Where?

There's no one left. We don't Know where anyone is.

We can't get through to Tiger. My mother's going hysterical.

I can't stay under such stress.

You think too much.

What else can I do? What?

You know the scene in Bombay.

And we've run out of ideas.

Just go to sleep. I wonder...

..if I should just give myself up.

Have you seen Bashir? He went out.



Uncle, have you seen Bashir?

He went off this morning. He left a note for you.

I am going to Gorakhpur.

Call Tiger bhai at this new number.

I took some money.

Greetings. Greetings.

I need a room. Name?

Nasir Khan. From?

Jaipur. Where can I make a long distance call?

Across the street.

Tiger bhai, I'm in Delhi. Outside the Jama Masjid.

As you had told me. What now, Tiger bhai?

I'll send you some money.

The moment you get it, leave for Calcutta.

Did anyone...

...ask for me? - No one. For Nasir Khan or Badshah Khan?

No. No calls either?

"It became a garland..." Badshah Khan.

What is it? It is for you?

Tiger bhai has sent it.

I told him I'm staying here as Nasir Khan.

I'll leave. Good bye.

"I put my life in trouble..."



I'm at the Natraj Hotel. Outside Howrah Station, bhai.

I'm staying here as Nasir Khan A man will come for you... Go with him.

"I thought the war's color was golden..."

"I thought the war's color was golden..."

"But later I understood it later..."

"I thought the war's color was golden..."

"I thought the war's color was golden.

But later I understood it later..."

"It was black...

It's been four days and no one's turned up.

I can't get through to Tiger bhai.


What am I supposed to do now? I'm running out of money.

I can't take it anymore!

"Oh Ali..."

Yes, what do you want?

A room. Cheap. Single, Double?

Even if there's no bed it'll do. But cheap. Understand? Cheap.

Badshah Khan?

Uncuff him.

Were you in Bombay on March 12?

Where was the plan made?

You realize how many people died that day... how much the city suffered?

Oh but it's a big world, and for you there are plenty of places to hide.

I didn't do anything Shut up!

Don't you dare lie to me.

See that file there?

It has all their statements...

...Imtiaz Ghavate, Asgar Muqadam, Shoaib, Mushtaq...

So who begins? You? Or me?

You? Or me?

I worked for Tiger bhai... No one's a bhai here!

Give me his fucking name!

Tiger Memon.

They destroyed the Babri Masjid... slaughtered us Muslims...

raped our women... it was inevitable, someone needed to avenge us...

That person was Tiger. He made a plan, he brought us together... we all wanted revenge, it was jihad.

Had we not carried out the blasts... life would've become miserable for Muslims in this country.

The Babri Masjid wasn't made of straw.

They said "No bulldozers, no bombs...

...we tore it down with our bare hands".

You might believe that. I don't.

And then you beat us up.

Burnt us alive on the streets?

Murder our children?

Where was the plan made?

I don't know.

Who made this plan? Whose money was behind it?

Who were the people involved? I did it! All by myself!

Shoot me.

I didn't do it for money. Allah was with us.

That's why we won this Holy war. We had His blessings.

Actually, this time Allah was on our side.

You are joking sir...

Look at how many we killed. We got our revenge.

That's bull shit.

Allah would never harm the innocent.

Every true man has Allah on his side.

We all have the same God.

Who doesn't see us as different.

But idiots like you do.

This time Allah was with us.

Allah was with us, that's why you had to abandon that Maruti van.

That's why we made 200 arrests within two months.

Had Allah been with you, you wouldn't be here right now.

And we would have no evidence.

On your side was Tiger Memon.

He saw your rage and manipulated you.

He was gone before the first bomb was even planted.

He took his family, and left you behind... so that you could be caught and beaten like this.

He fucked you over. Know why?

Because you were begging for it.

All in the name of religion.

You're a fucking idiot... and so is every Hindu, who murders one of you.

Everyone who has nothing better to do... but fight in the name of religion is a fucking idiot.

Because of bastards like you, along the way...

...we also crush innocent lives.

We work ourselves to madness night after night... We.

We, rascal!

Get him out of here.

Sir, one man also involved. Yakub Khan.

Yakub Khan? They call him Yeda Yakub.

Majid Khan owns M.K. Builders. Yakub is his brother.

Let's go.

Where did Yeda plant a bomb?

I don't know, but he put in a lot of money.

Hey, stop the song.

He had all the RDX smuggled into Bombay.

He's close to Tiger and Dawood.

You know the gangster Piloo Khan? Piloo Khan?

The guy in the shootout at National College?

He deals in cocaine.

He and Yeda were at loggerheads.

Dawood tried to settle it, but there are still problems, I hear.

Piloo Khan was in it too? He knew about it, yeah.

Stop it at the side.

The cops are looking for you.

Did they come here?

Not here.

Did you have anything to do with this?

Am I mad? So why are they looking for you?

Don't they, always?

Go to the police station. Tell them... you were out of town. Why?

I really wasn't here on March 12. All right, but go anyway.

What is the stuff you stashed in the warehouse?

Your brother is in construction, right?

He owns M.K. Builders.

How many buildings are being made? Why? Wanna buy an apartment?

We need a place to hide some soap.


Black soap.

I'm moving the soap.


I don't want to involve my brother. Where will you take it?

Some to Shahid's warehouse in Mumbra, and some to Jindran.

This stuff have a name?

It's just stuff. I haven't christened it as yet.

Don't you trust me? Damn trust. I need to know.

It's not a bomb.

The warehouse won't blow up. Okay.

I just need to use it for a while. I'll move the goods soon.

You owe me for this. Anyone asks, I know nothing.

Seal it off.

It's really heavy.

What? It's really heavy.

I can kick your ass and make it lighter.

I don't pay you for your company, move it!

Spread it on the sacks.

Where does the rest go? Kashimira. Near Thane.

Hey, come here.

What's this? I don't know, sir.

They told me it belongs to Jindran sir.

Jindran? Yes.

But there's no work going on right now.

Uncle. - What's in it? No idea.

I don't know.

One ton of this stuff? Excellent.

It'll be half a million? Half a million? Are you nuts?

Why so much? You just have to get rid of it.

Do you know what this is?

You're getting off easy.

But I didn't know... Yeda asked me to stash it for a while.

I couldn't refuse. We do major business with Majid.

Then check it out yourself! Or ask Majid directly.

Where do we find Yeda?

I'd tell you if I knew. You should ask his brother.

Where's Yeda?

I don't know.

Does that jog your memory...? He wasn't here on March 12.

You think we're fucking idiots?

You're married Majid, what's her name...?

What? Nafisa?

You're wanted at the police station. - I'm not well.

No one asked if you were. Get moving. I'll show you.

I'm not well.

She's not well?

Tell me where Yeda is.

I don't know anything.

Doesn't know anything?

We didn't do anything, honestly.

Every person we arrest says they're innocent.

Being kind and patient doesn't help us learn the truth.

So we use other methods.

People say there's been a violation of Human rights?

Human rights? - Yes.

Tell those people to try solving this case.

More than 400 innocent people were blown to shreds in the blasts.

There was no criminal among them. What about their human rights?

For every ten guilty, we may bring in someone who's innocent.

I'm not perfect, nobody is.

They aren't small time criminals. They think this is jihad.

They're the worst kind, they work like terrorists.

Chop off their fingers and they still wouldn't say a word.

They won't open their mouths until you strip them of their dignity.

They can't bear to see their women, children and near ones humiliated.

Hello Sir, Yeda Yakub here.

The police have taken Majid and Nafisa.

I didn't pick them up. They're being tortured.

The police think I have something to do with the blasts.

That's not true. Please get them out, sir.

I'm not on the case.

There is some Naik, sir. I'm being set up by my enemies.

I wasn't even here on March 12.

Neither was Tiger. Why don't you come in and sort this out?

I can't, I'll never be let out again.

Then I can't help you.




Tiger bhai, it's Yeda.

The cops have picked up Majid and Nafisa.

This is jihad. Sacrifice is inevitable.

True, bhai.

Something. Please do something, bhai.

Please talk to Dawood bhai.

Sure, I'll see what I can do.

Bloody lying son of a bitch!

Tell me... -Boss knows you handled the RDX.

What? You're telling me now! I just found out.

I told you.

Sir, Majid and Nafisa are in bad shape.

It's a jail cell Yeda, not a hospital.

Please, I'll do whatever you want me to.

I'll do, sir.

It's a trick, you fool. You can go in, but they won't set Majid free.

Piloo Khan has a hand in this. I know for sure.


I won't spare the fucker.

Hang on, listen. I'm not going to spare the bastard You will repent. You stay out of it.

Sir, I'll give you a solid piece of information.

On one condition. You let my brother go.

I'll speak to my superiors. It's genuine.

What is it? Let Majid go.

I'll try. Tell me.

Tiger has stashed the RDX... in a warehouse near Amrut Nagar.

Black soap.

Zanjeer, good boy.

All you can smell is fish!

It's all just dried fish.

I think he conned us.

Double check it all. Yes sir.

Why would he lie?

Get me a knife.

Wait! There is something.

There is something.

What is this?

58 sacks in all. - 58?

All marked with blue circles, like the ones we found in Mumbra.

Yes Dangle. - Sir, the RDX came in these cartons.

They're marked with a blue circle.

Hello. - Sir, Piloo Khan was also Involved with the blasts.

Who is this?

He is Dawood's hitman. He's still in Bombay.

Who's speaking? A well wisher.

Don't you want to take revenge?

I don't have a problem. Piloo here has the problem.

He comes on my turf and messes with my operations.

There won't be problems anymore.

Forget you ever had any. Shake hands.

Shake hands.

C'mon, for Dawood bhai.

He's asking you to forget the past.

Shake hands.

Please take off your shoes before you come in.

Piloo Khan?

He's not here. Where has he gone?

I don't know. When's he expected?

I don't know.

There's a Chinese joint in Bandra...

'Stomach'. That's where they usually sit.

Who all?

Sir, the cops want you.

Calling me? Yes.

Rajkumar Khurana is here. Shall we interrogate him?

Sit the rascal down outside the lock-up.

You go. - Dangle? - Yes sir? Sir, madam on the line.

Go, make Noor Mohammed talk. I'll join you.

Kadam, open it up.

Yes, sir.

Said anything yet? Not yet.



Hold my gun. - Yes sir. You, get up!

Tell me. Who else was with you?

Go there!

Why have I been brought here?

What have I done?

Take your shoes off! This is a police station.

Sleeping? You think you own this place?

Take off your socks! Take off your socks!

I'll trample those feet! You won't stand again!

Speak up! Who else was with you?

No... no one. Show me your hand.

Take the watch off!

Why are you shouting?

Shut up!

Keep it in Kadam. Lock it. I'll lock it sir.

Are you thirsty?

No. Thanks.

Dangle sir. - Yes.

Has he said anything? Nothing.

What's your name?

Rakesh Khurana. Who's Rajkumar Khurana?

I am.

Can't you tell us your full name? What do you do?

I own a restaurant in Bandra. Stomach.

Big deal! Do you know Piloo Khan?

He's a friend. Where is he?

What has he done?

Answer to the point! Where the is he?

I don't know.

Kadam. Yes sir?

Lock him up. Yes sir?

Sir. Sit.

I'm going to rest for a while, you don't need me, right?


Whose lawyer is that? Khurana's.

The Court has ordered his release.

Come on.

Prepare the documents. Yes sir.

You're Khurana's lawyer? Yes.

The formalities will be done by morning. Then we'll let him go.

Where's Kadam? Downstairs.

Get him here. - Sir that... Sit here.

Open the door. Get up!

Get in! I said get in! Sit down! Sit!

Wait! Wait there I said.

Don't talk rubbish I said.

Quiet! No noise.

What is your name? Rajkumar Khurana.

Get up! He got up!

You will become old.

Show me his face.

Are you sisters? She is my daughter.


If you don't tell me about Khan till tommorrow, then you will...

We hadn't arrested Khurana. We had only interrogated him.

We didn't suspect him. We knew that he didn't know...

...what Piloo Khan does.

Samra says there's no smoke without fire.

He says this man wouldn't have killed himself...

..if he hadn't felt really guilty.

Olga Tellis writes in the Sunday Observer The police have tended to preen they congratulate themselves...

...on the completion of their task, when in actual fact... all that they have accomplished is the arrest of a bunch of coolies.

Rakesh Maria is right. It's been two weeks since we last met... but I still remember his words.

If Allah had been with us, our plan would have succeeded.

Mantralaya, Sena Bhavan, Bal Thackeray... all destroyed.

That did not happen because Allah willed otherwise.

"It swung..."

"A cradle of gypsies swung..."

Some water please?

Get him some water.

"I have read the Quran, but..."


I want to meet Maria sir. Why?

I have something to tell him.

He'll send for you if he needs to. It's important.

It's important. Just mention it, Tell him it's Badshah Khan.

I now realize it. Tiger used us.

He bore heavy losses during the riots.

His office was torched.

He betrayed us.

He escaped and left us behind.

He burnt our passports.

From Delhi to Jaipur, back to Delhi... Rampur to Tonk to Calcutta to Rampur...

I was kicked around.

Finally he stopped taking my phone calls.

I want to become a state witness. Make an official request.

Mr. M.N. Singh... My name is Badshah Khan.

I met Javed Chikna, resident of Mahim, two years ago.

Writing a letter?

It was at a business meeting at Chikna's place...

...where I first met Tiger.

I've known about him ever since.

In the December 1992 riots...

Javed was wounded by a police bullet.

Mother I'm going.

Where are you going? To the station.

Stay here! I'll be back soon.

Who's there? Shahnawaz.

Shall I go? Greetings.


Yes, what is it?

The police shot Chikna. - What? He's at National hospital.

Javed Chikna?

It's Tailor. Sorry, Javed Dawood Tailor.

This lot's already dead. Ask over there.

Check inside.


Javed. Greetings. Greetings.


Even the police! They're all a part of this.

They opened fire on us! Now they are watching our backs.

A few weeks later, my friend Aziz's son died.

He'd poisoned himself. I went for the funeral.

There I ran into Javed again.

We were sitting at Aziz's place, then Tiger's man Shafi came.

He took Javed aside, they spoke.

Javed bhai, he's calling you.

You're free tonight?


Tiger bhai's expecting a shipment. Come along.

But where are you going?

I told you, I don't know.

Who's going with you?

Shahnawaz will be there.

Money has to come from somewhere.

I can't go to work anymore, can I? We need to eat, don't we?

Take him along, too.

He stays here! With you.

Every time I have to call and ask whose number is what.

You have come.

I thought you had been killed on the way.

What news? Come in.

Look at the hotel. Superb.

It will soon become a 5-star.

It's great.

Badshah, he had come out 30 years ago.

Like me.

I'll hit him. Come. - Okay.

Come on.

He's been landing Tiger's consignments of silver... for the last two years.

Tiger paid him 1 .5 million to get in the RDX.

He used to pay the locals of Raigad a...

...few hundred bucks to work for him.

They never sold him out once, out of fear.

He had the police, the customs... all eating out of his hand.

Meet me in the morning. Okay I'll come.

Dawood Phanse? Yes.

Bombay Police. - Leave me!

Greetings. Greetings sir.

I'm Dawood Phanse.

I have two partners. Dadabhai Parker and Rahim Laundrywala.

We have been doing this for the last five years.


We've been working for Tiger Memon for more than a year now.

Till date, we've handled six landings for him.

The first four were silver bars, and the other two...

Stop that banging!

You think it's the radio? Can't you pick up the phone?

Who did you get... - Hello. Baldie... - Yes, Tiger bhai?

The landing's at Mhasla.

Whose stuff is it? Dawood bhai's.

And what if it isn't?

Take my guarantee. Dawood Bhai is sending it himself.

He never said anything to me. My word isn't good enough?

Fine, what will convince you?

A guarantee of profit... not like the last time.

Tell Dawood bhai if he calls me personally...

Look Phanse get the goods, I'll do it.

You want to talk to Dawood bha?

Why on the phone?

Why not in person?

One silver bar weighs about 30 kilos.

For every landing we have to pay off officials...

...customs, police, revenue department.

So that the goods are unloaded and reach the city safely.

We get 7000 for each bar.

But the last shipment was less. We ran into a loss.

Why? Everyone's cut is fixed.

The more the bars, the more the profit.

Only 65 bars came in last time. We fell out over that.

If he hadn't mentioned Dawood bhai, I would never have agreed.

Not Phaanse. Phanse.

Yes... yes I am Dawood Phanse.


They called my name... The plane's waiting for you sir.

Dawood lives here?

Take it easy.

Baldie, sit.



Elder sister.

Salaam, Dawood.

I don't want tea. No, thanks.

Can he pull it off?

Tiger thought I should come, I asked to see, I wanted to see...

Why are you here?

I wanted to see you. Tiger bhai said he'll fix a meeting for me.

What? No tea. Thank you.

A meeting?

It was my desire to see you, so I asked Tiger bhai...

Give him whatever he wants. His concerns are my concerns.

I just wanted to know what stuff is being shipped this time...



Any doubts?

None. Forgive me. You can count on me.


Make a parallel team.

Something goes wrong with one, we can fall back on the other.

Who's sending it, where it's coming from, I have no idea.

Another thing: make a list of those we have to pay off.

100,000, right Mr. Navalkar?

You'll get it.

But you've got to cooperate hundred percent.

Don't worry.

Sub-inspector Rane and Kadam sa'ab... have already accepted the offer. Everybody does it, it's cool.

He's come.

It's the usual stuff, but I don't know when it's arriving.

You must have some idea.

I'm sure that there's a time, but I don't know it as yet.

One of Tiger Memon's shipments?

Or maybe the ISI?

This one will really cost you.

He already knew what the stuff was and who was sending it.

Thapa. Tell him the names of the officers involved.

Answer to the point. Don't get too excited.

No Badshah.

Come on.

Greetings. Greetings.

So you're Badshah Khan...?

Yes, bhai.


What is it?

Didn't sleep last night?

I did.

Your eyes are bloodshot.

The drive, the wind...

Badshah, the king. The king of what exactly?

Do you pray? Yes, bhai.

All five times?



Sometimes it's a little difficult but mostly, yes Where were you when the riots broke out?

I was there, in Bombay.

How many Hindus did you kill?


Lost someone dear to you?


I lost my livelihood.

Doesn't it make your blood boil?

In the last riots... in Pratiksha Nagar... those Hindu pimps posed as housing officials...

...went to every Muslim home... and marked it with white chalk.

Then on the 8th, or the 9th, they came back...

...destroyed those houses... everything. Fine.

They killed the people who lived there. Even that's ok.

But they dragged our womenfolk out into the streets... and raped them!

My man Hanif Qureishi... was butchered.

Over there, they stoned the mosque.

They set four people aflame in a Maruti car.

Just 400 feet away was the police station.

Did any help come from there? Never.

You read the Quran?

Yes, bhai.

Have you been there, to Pakistan?

No, never had the chance.

Where are you from? Bombay, bhai.


Rampur You didn't kill even one Hindu?

It's time to pay them back.


If you breathe a word to anyone about this...

to your parents, brothers, sisters...

...wife, kids, friends, anyone at all...

I'll bury you...

...after I bury your whole fucking family!


I don't see Phanse.

You know how it is. He's taking care of some loose ends.

He had said something else. He's saying this is not acceptable.

Talking about society!

Greetings Mushtaq. Come.

God willing, we'll go down in history for this.

This one is packed with grenades.

Shift. Carefully boys!

Easy, easy... Watch your feet.

The foot is touching it. Do you want to go or not?

Oh! What things!

What the... what is this?

AK 56.

The Pakistani army's stuff.

What things! - Bombay's going to burn like one big firecracker.

RDX and AK 56... it was all new to us.

Tiger said we would be sent for training...


Pakistan? Yes.

But how will we get there?

Dawood bha's 'Khancha'.

Khancha? An arrangement.

I don't know how...

But all the big mob bosses in Dubai have it.

It allows them entry into Pakistan without a visa.

On February 11, 1993 seven of us... flew to Dubai on Cathay Pacific.

There we met Ayub, who put us up in an apartment.

On the 13th we were taken on Paled Ibis to Islamabad...

Paled Ibis? PIA. Pakistan Airlines.

When we reached Pakistan we didn't have any visas.

There was this man there called Jaafar.

He took us through quietly. No one stopped us or asked anything.

They gave us new names. I was called Nasir.

The next night we were sent to a training camp... two or three hours away in the mountains.

Two men were waiting for us, they looked like real soldiers.

We were shivering in the cold... whereas they could have been standing in a desert.

Move on.

Greetings. Greetings.

How have you been? Allah is kind.

Boys, this is Babaji. From here, he takes charge.

Get up, move. Everyone!

Had enough sleep.


What time is it? It's only 8:30.

Not even two hours of sleep.

Three more boys joined us on the 17th. That made us 19 in all.

Yusuf Aslam Akram Your real names...?

One of them was Gullu. He was wanted for the Behrampada riots.

Later, just before the blast he gave himself up Navpada police station.

No more of this vegetarian shit.

You want to be solid men, you eat beef.





December 6 was a fateful day for us Muslims.

Accursed are those politicians who martyred our sacred mosque.

They wrought great suffering upon us.

Reduced our houses and shops to ashes.

Our brothers were needlessly drawn and quartered.

Our women were...

...endlessly violated.

Allah comforts us.

But how long can we resign ourselves to this suffering?

It looks just like a pencil.

It's called a detonator, what is it...?


But we can call it a Pencil.

The red one sets the bomb off in fifteen minutes... the white one takes an hour, the green one, two and a half hours.

There are two kinds of hand grenades.

Pin mechanism and string.

Was that a dummy?

This is RDX...

Research Developed Explosive.

It was manufactured after the Second World War.

Use it to make bombs...

Hit him!

Come on!

Train hard, okay boys?

Dawood bha says that you're good boys... if you pull this off, he'll reward you.

We'll give it everything.

After that we went back to Dubai.

Back to the same apartment.

In the evening Tiger sent a car for us.

We were taken to AI Rashidiya bungalow.

It was the first time we were all together under the same roof.

We swear...

We swear... never breathe a word to anyone about our mission. to never breathe a word to anyone about our mission.

That we ever came to Dubai or to Islamabad... or that we received training.

That we ever came to Dubai or to Islamabad... or that we received training.

And if caught, we will not give up or betray our brothers...

We will take this to the grave.

We swear it the Holy Quran We swear it the Holy Quran On the fourth I returned to Bombay... all of us.

We must get the Airport.

If we take down even one international flight... the whole world will take notice.

And if Chembur oil refinery blows, they'll shit in their pants.

What about the Municipal Corporation? Mushtaq has a contact there.

Then we made a list...

...of all the places we would bomb and where we'd throw grenades.

Badshah bhai, this will be a piece of cake.

Then Gullu's brothers were arrested.

They had been hunting for Gullu since the riots.

Gullu freaked and turned himself in.

Tiger bhai was livid.

Shoot him...

He's having a hard time. I told you! Knock him out!

Let me talk to him.

It won't help.

Let me at least try.

Take Chikna with you. Come on, let's go.

And tell him to keep his mouth shut.

Tell him to remember what I said. If he blows this for me...

I'll wipe his entire family before I knock him out.

Okay bhai. Go.

Let's go.

Why does Tiger bhai talk like that? Shut up!

Do as you're told. You're no one to question him.

No, I was just saying.

Chikna! Yes.

Wait, I'm coming as well.

This way, bhai.

"There is a fair..."

This is his place.

Go on, find him.

Search every inch.

"May you be blessed..."


"Today my beloved is going to wed..."

"The Saint is going to wed today..."

Gullu sold us out you know.

He turned out to be a fool.

This is a little problem.

This shouldn't have happened.

He could make trouble for us.

But I swear that's not going to stop us.

That night we met at the garage...

...and assembled bombs all night.

Before dawn Tiger bhai left for Dubai Sir. Sir.

We have filed a charge sheet. How long is the charge sheet?

A total of 189 people have been named in the charge-sheet.

Public prosecutor? Ujwal Nikam.

Has anyone from the Memon family been arrested?

No, but we are hopeful. It's just a matter of time.

Yakub Memon.

No one else from the Memon family

...was involved in the blasts. Only Tiger.

Taufiq Jaliawala and Tiger engineered everything.

The ISI used Tiger. On their behalf, Jaliawala coordinated from Dubai.

For the ISI?

For the ISI. For Pakistan.

You're saying that no one from the Memon family was involved... but you all knew about it?

We didn't.

Then why did you leave Bombay exactly three days before the blasts?

Tiger got us tickets to Dubai... we went. We did that all the time.

You went for Jaliawala's daughter's wedding?

None of us went for it, we were told not to.

By whom? Jaliawala.

Why? At the time... it seemed odd. But I think now we all know why.

Why did you come back?

We were living like second class citizens there.


Then I met a lawyer in Dubai who said that if I cooperated...

I would get some special considerations, a lighter sentence.

What were you doing at New Delhi railway station?

The CBI left me there. - You're saying the CBI arrested you?

The first time I was arrested at Katmandu Airport.

Then the CBI took me to New Delhi railway station.

There they released me, and arrested me once again.

One last question.

Where is Tiger Memon?

You have to ask the ISI that.

He's your brother, you must know something.

I've had no contact with him for the past year.

I have absolutely no idea where he is right now.

It is reported that the Memon family has sought shelter in Pakistan.

Will Pakistan assist in anyway to extradite them?

I can assure you the Memon family has not sought asylum in Pakistan.

We have not issued a visa to them.

We don't know the Memon family at all.

Unless these visas have been issued by the Indian government.

That's a little far-fetched, that the very people we want...

...we will issue visas to them. Well, you never know...

...because these are people who have nexuses right across the board.

If it is true and it turns out the Memon family are in Pakistan...

...and your government agrees that they are there and...

...there's no denying that, would you then extradite them?

First of all as I said, and I repeat with authority at my command.

...that these people are not there in Pakistan.

They are definitely not there.

They may not be there right now, but maybe later...

...and I can assure you will not allow them.

I'm telling you. Besides Tiger...

Not a single member of the Memon family was involved with the blasts.

And Dawood Ibrahim?

Hello. Hello.

Mr. Ram Jethmalani? Yes, who's that?

Sir, Dawood Ibrahim here. How did you get this number?

I want to surrender.

I have done nothing, but they're blaming me for the blasts.

What can I do for you?

I want to give myself up.

On two conditions.

All pending cases against me... besides this one, are to be dropped.

I want bail as soon as I am arrested.

I can stay under house arrest until the trial.

Tell him that he might be the king of Dubai.

But he's not getting any special Treatment from us.

I made a mistake!

Hey stop your boat. Don't move.

Hand's up or I will shoot!


Give me your hand. Give me your hand.

Very good.


Don't kill him. He'll be the messenger.

Get all the cargo on the boat.

Don't you move.

Keep absolutely still.

Lie back.

Hands to yourself.


Okay fine.

Aslam and Jaat hijacked the entire cargo.


How much did you lose this time?

Who is this?

We can get it back for you.

Think about it.

And we'll make sure that Aslam Bhatti and Dawood Jaat...

...don't ever get in your way again.

What do you say to that?

What will I have to do in return?

Help us land our stuff at Shekadi beach.

Our stuff? ISI.

Will you do it?

What is it?

Remember December 6th? Tehreek-e-inteqam.

I'll have to think about it.

Bhai, this just came from home.

For a brother, who did nothing to protect his sister's chastity.

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskkar! Down with you!

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskkar! Down with you!

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskkar! Down with you!

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskkar! Down with you!

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskkar! Down with you!

With the cries of 'Jai Shri Ram' thousands of karsevaks...

Wielding spears, hammers and with bare hands...

Stormed the 450 year old Babri Masjid...

...and brought it down.

They clambered over the barricades.

They pulled down obstacles on their way.

They stoned the walls and tombs of a structure that...

...has stood for four and a half centuries.

Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram!

464 year-old Babri Masjid in Ayodhya crumbled down...

...crumbles under the blows of thousands of Kar Sevaks.

It is very sad for all of us. A matter of great shame...

For the entire Nation. That is all I have to say.

Come on! Shut up!

24 hours after the Babri Masjid demolition its effect was felt in...

...various parts of the country. Electricity wires were cut.

Riots spread all around.

Men were burnt and butchered inside their homes... front of their families.

Tell me.

There are riots all over the city. Please come home.

I know. Fucking bastards.

Just come back fast.

Yes love, I have to finish a few things first...

Then I'll come home.

All of Mahim will burn for this!

Who the fuck had the balls to touch my office?

Show yourselves if you dare! I'm no Tiger unless I make you pay!

You dare burn MY office!

Bombay was rocked by two spells of riots.

The first in December started at Mahim with the hoisting of...

...a black flag and took on inhuman proportions.

The second round in January were not spontaneous...

But organized and politically motivated.

The week-long violence that was unleashed in Bombay...

...from January 6th, was both chilling and mind-numbing.

In an orgy of murder and blood-letting...

...over 600 people lost their lives, thousands were injured...

...lakhs were rendered homeless.

Hindus thirsting for Muslim blood Muslims thirsting for Hindu blood.

Revenge begets revenge, begets revenge.

In both communities, strident fascism...

...has risen to the surface.

The communal polarization is so deep...

...that it seems irreversible.

They killed my father, my mother and my little brother.

And I can't find my grandpa and grandma.

Thousands of minorities, the main target...

...jammed the railway stations while attempting to flee.

We are scared.

The police is the reason.

We wouldn't run if the cops are amicable.

But the cops are hostile towards us.

They shoot us on sight. We're leaving Bombay for good.

We try to contain the fact that... much human life and so much property has...

...been saved in Bombay, that itself is a testimony to the kind of effort.

...which we have put in. - So that means many more lives and...

...much more property could have been destroyed. - Obviously.

You think 500 is a less... - No, no that is because of the dedicated... of the law and order machinery that...

...the damage has been contained to this figure.

I don't say 500 is a small number. It is too big a number.

The savagery of the violence drove away sections of the Hindus as well.

In pursuit of the single-minded aim communities were systematically...

Hounded out of their homes.

People are asking us to leave.

They say there is no place for Muslims here.


We shouldn't waste any time.

It would be wise to leave immediately.

I'm not going to spare anyone.

I'll burn all of Bombay if I have to.

Our army and our intelligence are at your disposal.

You just need to round up the men.

We'll give you the arms, grenades and explosives that our army uses.

The ISI will train your men in using all of it.

We should first take out Thackeray and Advani... that no one will dare take us for granted ever again.

Thackeray is easy to get to.

We could take him out tomorrow.

A handshake, a garland of flowers, and boom.

Send Thackeray and Advani on a one way ticket to hell.

You guys think it's that simple?

This is no plaything. You're setting me a challenge?

We'll never even get within sniffing distance of them.

There are lots of ways. I don't need to get into details.

If nothing else works we buy off the security guy.

And if even that doesn't work, wire up a truck... and set it off at his home.

Like those terrorists in Lebanon.

Bha, can I say something?


Knocking off their leaders won't serve our purpose.

It won't do our jihad any good.

You kill them and the Hindus will turn them into Gods.

They'll build temples for them.

It'll become worse for us.

But we must do something, bring the whole Hindu race to its knees.

Why should Muslims always cower in fear?

We must do something to make every Hindu wish that he wasn't one.

Exactly. Otherwise not a single Muslim in India will be spared.

600 million Hindus! We can't get them all.

Bha, Bombay. What's the idea?

Bha, Bombay, India's financial nerve center.

Attack Bombay, and the whole world feels it.

International leaders, the UN, it'll shake them up.

The entire system will be fucked. It'll rattle them.

And bha, most important thing...

Show the entire world...

the strength of Islam.

I tell you, take down the Chief Minister's Office...

Municipal Corporation, the airport... knock out all the ministers.

If Bombay burns...

...the system gets fucked and they'll crumble...

...the whole economy will crash.

If we can pull this off bha...

no one ever again will have the guts to stare a Muslim in the eye.

The very thought of a Muslim... will make him piss in his dhoti.

But the whole thing will take a hell lot of money.

You are right.

But where's the money...

...going to come from?

You'll get the money.

But what do you propose?