Black Mama White Mama (1973) Script

All right, line 'em up. Single file.

Everybody out.

Hey! Get back in line.

Did you hear me?

This chick needs a doctor.

Look, I won't say it again.


She'll be all right. You two, take care of this prisoner.

Come on, now. Move. Follow me.

Over to the desk.

These numbers are your new names. Make sure you don't lose them.

Go in that room.

Hey. I think I had this one the last time.

Shut up!

Karen Brent, there's no room for revolution in here. Remember that.

WARDEN: Okay, strip 'em and get 'em wet.

Ain't you been in the can before, honey? It don't warm up.










Hey! Cut it out.


Ohh! Ohh!

Ohh. Ooh.




That's enough. Now dry off, go across the hall, and get dressed. Hurry up.


It's the closest we're going to get to a man for a long time.

Enjoy it?


Keep it up, and you'll go blind.

Piss off!


Ooh! You work fast, don't you?

I like to make things comfortable.

If you know the right people in here, you can get anything you want.

How many times you been in the can, Ronda?

This makes four. I've got a bad eye for cops.

They look like any other trick to me.

Hey, what'd they bust you for?

I like expensive things.

And you got caught stealing them.

Let's drop the true confessions.

These people you know here. Can they get guns?

To get a gun, you need something to trade that's pretty damn valuable.

What you got, besides your ass?

Is there a way out? You mean breaking out?

Not one that's worked.

You in here for something heavy?

A parking ticket!

Just a question.

What about your guerrilla friends on the outside?

Can't they do something for you?



Daniels! Up!

What d'you want? Come with me.

What's this about? Come on!

Densmore must be feeling horny tonight.

She was drooling over Daniels this morning.

Seemed to dig you, too.

What's her scene?

She's got this thing going with Logan.

That's the other matron. But she likes a lot of side action.

If she digs you, things in here can be a hell of a lot easier.

RONDA: Too bad.

She got tired of me.

We started off badly this morning, Daniels.

That's unfortunate.

Having an inmate dislike me makes my job that much tougher.

But discipline is something that must be maintained.

And the more... intelligent prisoners, well, they realise that, and they cooperate with me.

In every way.

DANIELS: Oh, I'm all for cooperation.

Good. I'm glad.

And now that we're buddies, how about letting me get back to sleep?

What's your hurry?

I mean, it's... it's much more comfortable here.

Here, have a drink.

Have a drink.

It'll help you to relax.

What's the matter? Don't you indulge?

When I feel like it.

All right.

I won't force you, Daniels.

We'll just see how long it takes you before you come to me.

And not very long, I'll bet. Just as long as you don't force me.

Your attitude is gonna make it very tough for you in here.

DENSMORE: You can get your ass kicked in.

Or maybe that's it.

Maybe that's what you want.

I should have known by your attitude this morning.

Well, it's gonna be a pleasure.

How's that? Asshole!

You leave her alone. Get the hell outta here!

Get down. You've had too much to drink. Will you leave me alone?!

I've told you before, leave the prisoners alone!

My wrist! You're breaking my goddamn wrist!

LOGAN: Get her outta here.


Yeah. All she wanted was a piece of ass.

Next time we'll send you. All right.

I'll kill that bitch.

Why don't you just leave me alone?

Here, this'll make it feel better.

DENSMORE: Brent! You can rest if you like.




Hey, Brent. Did you have a good morning?

Beats working in a field.

The rest of us had to make up for you. That's not too cool.

Hey, bitch! I'm talkin' to you.

Look, you had your chance, you didn't want it.

So get off my ass.

Excuse me, Ronda.

Hey! Easy! I just washed my hair.


LOGAN: All right!


You've been asking for it. A day in the oven.

A terrorist and a hooker. You two should have lots to talk about.

DANIELS: Ow! These walls are on fire!

Shit! Keep your ass down!


This ridiculous box.

I really don't believe you, Daniels, giving me shit about going with Densmore.

I just don't like holding up somebody else's end.

Everybody shares everything. You're the revolutionary.

You should be able to dig on that.

I'm looking for a way out of this camp, and I'll do anything I have to.

That's cool. Just don't put any extra weight on me.

I need out just as much as you do.

Maybe more. Oh! Oh!

KAREN: Stop pushing!

Okay, come on. You're being transferred.

Where to? The city. Maximum security.

Some questions need answers.

Come on.

What makes Brent so important? She has contacts for guns and money.

And she's close to the top.

And her friends will try and get her back? We'll be ready.

What's this for? We have to take special care of you.

I'm sure you understand. Uh-uh.

Hook me up with somebody else. Why? I thought you two liked each other.

Come on, let's go.

You sure make a darling couple.

Get in.

Go sit down.

You're asking for it.

DENSMORE: I hope our police escort is on time.

They're expecting somebody. Your friends, maybe?

Maybe. Ooh.

How bad are you? You got somethin' to say with them?

What about you? I thought you were in for smack, sale and possession.

I was steam clean. They planted me because they know me.

They know my old man, too. He's the biggest dealer on this island.

I guess they wanna find out about the people we know.

Yeah. I can't handle the way those national cops ask questions.

MAN 1: What the hell is this? MAN 2: Get them off the road.


Easy on the bus! Karen's in there!

We're supposed to have help waiting. Where in the hell are they?

Dammit! Where's the help you promised me?


Get Karen!

Come on.


Look, there's Karen!

What about Karen? She'll have to handle it.

Fall back! Fall back!


What the hell are you doin'? I'm not going any further.

Don't start that again. It's been settled. I have till tomorrow. Time's running out.

Dig? We happen to be where we are, which is good for me, tough shit for you.

I can't help that.

We're turning around.

Listen, bitch. You can stick that up your ass.

Now let's go!

If I don't get there, my people don't get the guns they need.

Then everything we've been after is a bust.

We're trying to set this island free. You're black! You understand, don't you?

I understand about me, just like you did back at that prison.

This is different. My ass!

I've spent the last two years living with a prick I hate, so I could beat him out of enough cash to get me what I've been after all my life.

There's a boat waiting to get me and my money out of here for good, and some jive-ass revolution don't mean shit to me.

I've had money all my life. My heart bleeds for you.

It didn't get me anything, ever.

Is this two-bit hick island important to you?

If it is, maybe your good life back home got old, and this is the little rich chick's new toy.

How about it, little sister?


KAREN: Bitch!


Señor Galindo. Cruz.

A disappointing performance.

Three of the terrorists are dead.

The rest were lucky to... Three dead men are nothing.

The minister wanted to question the two women you let escape.

My responsibility was for the police escort.

Your responsibility is what I tell you it is. We want those women.

We've already set roadblocks. They'll be caught.

For your sake, I hope so.

Take that as a personal message from the minister.


Hey, Lee. I've got an idea. Quiet.


Hello, Sisters. Could I offer you a ride?

Where are you headed, Sisters? Uh, to town.

Oh, that's too far to walk.

Lucky I came along. Mm. We prayed that you would.

MAN: The black one.

Your friend, Juana.

She has escaped from prison.

Tell me where Lee is going, and there is no more pain.




No one betrays me, Juana.

No one runs away. Ever.

You know that.

I cannot afford to let her be captured again.

She knows too much.

What the two of you have going, I know about that.

And I know she told you her plans.



Out of all the girls that work for me, you're one of the ones I bring to this house.

You're lucky.

Your drugs are the best, and you don't have to sweat your ass off screwing drunks in one of the houses.

Tell me where she is, and nothing will change.

Oh, please, Vic.

I don't know.

You don't talk... you don't need this.


No! Tell me, Juana.

Oh, God, Vic! Please!

I swear I don't know!

I'd tell you, I swear it!

She's telling the truth.

Oh, God.


Vic, I'd never lie to you.


I'd do anything you say. I always have.

You believe me, don't you?

Of course I believe you.

Only I had to be sure. You understand, don't you?

You are still my baby.

I want to talk to Rocco. Everybody get out.

The black bitch. Find her.

Okay. And when I do, she's dead.

You bring her to me.

She has got $40,000 of my money.

I want it back. Is it the money, Vic?

I sell more junk than anybody on the islands, and I have more whores humping in my houses.

Should one bitch matter to me?

I was just asking.

Find her. Just find her.


Look out!

What's that? It's a charm bracelet.


Son of a bitch.

The one that killed Paris, I got him right in the neck.

It was beautiful! Yeah. I bet we killed six of them.

Maybe more. Yeah.

Only we lost three of our own. And we didn't get Karen.

Let's not jack off. Our asses got kicked today, because we have no firepower.

And we'll keep getting beat until we get the money and the guns.

If we don't find Karen by tomorrow night, we're not going to get them.

Her contacts would never turn them over to us.

She got away. That's good.

She's chained to another prisoner, and that's bad. We'll see what happens.

Why can't we look for her? Cops are all over the countryside.

No, we'll wait.

Maybe she'll be able to come here.

If not... she's smart enough to be in San Carlos.

I've got Amato watching Cruz and the other pigs.

When they know something, we'll hear.

Easy, huh?

Nasty little boy.

DANIELS: There'd better be two seats together.

Sister, what if this thing hits a roadblock?

I don't know. Do you feel like hiking?


We're going the wrong way. We've gotta get off.

It's the right way for me, baby.

You screw up this deal for me, I'll kill you.

That's some heavy talk for a woman of the cloth.

What would our friends over there say?

I'm as sick of dragging your ass as you are pulling mine.

But I ain't given' up this ride till we get somewhere we can snap loose.

So quit jivin' me.

You get this one.


Station one to Cruz, station one to Cruz. Come in, please. Over.

All right, Daniels, it's time to straighten out a couple of things.

My people broke me out cos they need me.

I've got to meet them in San Carlos by tomorrow night.

Until we can separate, you're comin' along.

Who put you in charge? San Carlos is all the way across this fucking island!

I've got friends in Los Robles. That's a hell of a lot closer.

They'll snap us loose and get me off this island. Then I don't care where you go.

You'd be in a cell right now if it wasn't for me.

Yeah, yeah. But what have you done for me lately?

All right. So we're stuck with each other. We've gotta get outta here.

Let's keep it together until we can find a way out of these.

Right on.


Yep. I swear it, Captain. You got a problem.

See, I don't like cops, and cops don't like me, so why should I help you?

Can you explain that?

For the same reason you do everything else, Ruben.


10,000 reward.

He's a smart man, Alfredo.

What kind of women are worth that much? These two are.

Dead or alive.

You want a drink, Captain? No, thank you.

Why don't you keep the reward and get the prisoners yourself?

(YELLS) Cut that shit!

We could do that, but it would take more time than we want to spend.

Bullshit! This guy is a cop. No cop would give you the sweat off his balls.

Now, we got big problems, mostly farmers.

That means no payoffs for the pigs, so the pigs stay out. How am I doin'?

He don't know the territory or the people, so he needs us.

Very sharp thinking, Ruben.

Now, what about it?



Ain't that beautiful?

Will you find them?

A reputation for helping cops is shit for my image, so keep out of my province.



You want a woman?

Lupe, go say hello to the captain.




I sure hope he can hold it!



If she comes, have her wait. I'll be talking to you.

The roadblock. She's going in the wrong direction.

All I know is she got away again.

And she needs help.

A reward for Ruben Rojas? He should be hanged.

You want the women. He can find them.

We have a police force to capture criminals, not to contract other criminals for the job.

I've got men watching Ruben.

Dare I tell that to the minister? I don't know.

It's a disgrace. That's true.

Is that all you have to say?

Your attitude will be included in my report.


I almost forgot. I met a friend of Ruben's today.

I'm not the least interested. Her name is Lupe.

She tells me she's a good friend of yours, too.

How about the minister?

Does he know her too?

When you give him the report, ask him.

Or if I see him, I will.

Yes, yes... Yes.

Keep up the fine work, Captain.

Let's get out of the captain's way. Come along.

Your desk is filthy!



Cruz has Ruben Rojas looking for them.

Ten big ones for a reward.

Where are they going?

Is she following the other one, or is she following Lee?

I don't know.

Stay close to it.

It's his territory. He warned us to stay out.

That greasy cowboy. He doesn't have the balls to pressure us.

He doesn't have the balls.

I don't see anybody. Do you?

No. Uh-uh.

Shall we?

That's gonna take too long.

Can you work that thing? I need a flame.

Get me one of those sticks.


We thought no one was home.

I was asleep.

Too much to drink, you know.

We were kidnapped. Bandits from the hills.

They took us from school.

Oh, that's too bad.

I like schoolgirls.


Good, huh?

Will you get us out of these chains?


Little students.

I'm not as stupid as I look.

I know who you are, and I'll get a piece of the reward.

And I'll make Ruben very happy.

Look, you don't wanna turn us in. We've got friends that can help you.

You could be our friend.

Don't you wanna be our friend?

Are you going to be nice to Luis?

Both of you?

Nicer than you'll ever know.

Luis don't have to make deals.

Luis takes what he wants... when he wants!


Lee, help me! Get something!

Is he dead?

Get that fucking thing lit.


Shit! Come on, come on! Cut us loose!

No, there's no time.

Get those rags.

Get that rag there.



Hey, boss, I think you're offbeat.


The body is Luis. You sure it ain't one of the girls?

Not unless they hung like horse.

Ah, well. That'd be Luis.

What do we do now, boss?

We gonna sleep. We'll get 'em in the morning. They ain't far.

We sleep in the house, boss? Alfredo!

Why don't you sleep out here and take care of the boys?


RUBEN: Somebody killed our man Carlos here and stole the dogs.

He's supposed to be watching the dogs.

Looks like old Carlos had one mother fucker of a night.

The dogs are gone. The women took them, boss?

I don't know. Maybe.

Somebody did. How are we gonna find 'em now?

Well, asshole, why don't you get down on all fours and we'll follow you!

I dunno how we gonna find 'em! They're headed for the river, so that's where we're going, if that's all right with everybody!

Get a shovel and cover that up.


Somebody's following us. No shit.

Haul ass.

You wanted to supervise from the field?

Here we are. They wouldn't harm us, would they?

Been workin' hard, babe?

You've covered a lot of ground today.

The deal was no cops.

It's only me. No others.

The car isn't marked.


You know Señor Galindo, of course. His office pays the reward.

That is absolutely correct, Rojas. We have definitely...


Which one of 'em's got the biggest pecker?

The captain. Eight.

Him? Four.

Maybe less.

Eight to four...

Drop 'em. This is an outrage. I'll see to it...

Drop 'em.


Four? No.

Three and a half.

Old buddy, I'm gonna do you a big favour.


Mamma mia!


I don't wanna see your rotten ass around here no more.

Sure. Anything you...

I'll see you again, when I come to pick up my money.

Come on, get up! (PANTING) I can't. I can't.

Get up!


DANIELS: Sounds close. Wait a second.

Here, puppy. Hello, doggy. Here, boy. Here, puppy.

What are you doing? Shut up! Here, puppy. Here, puppy.

Good puppy. Good puppy. Good doggy.

Oh, good dog. Good dog.

Here, hold him. Good dog.


Don't let him go.

Here, my little friend. Wear them in good health. Now go. Go on!

Run, you little bugger! Run! Go on! Go on!



I heard your music! Who else could it be?

Sorry, Manuel, old buddy. You just ain't my type.

But your daughters are. Oh, Manuel.

You've been keeping some secrets from me, old buddy.

My, my, my.

How you have grown.

No, Ruben! Put me down, Ruben! Put me down!

Hey, Manuel.

Get some men to watch the river. Those women are coming this way.



Grab him!

Go home, you little faker.

Karen. How can you tell? Sight, or smell?

By the way her mind works. They went the other way.

To the river.

Turn around.






These figures better be right.

Of course they're right. I always make Ruben happy.

Manuel Bagnio always makes him happy.

Your daughters make him happy all right.


Go, man!

Get off him! Get off him! Leave me alone!

Oh, come on! I told you to get off him!

Let's play it by ear.


Ruben! Come see the reports. The payoffs are good.



Come on, let's talk business.

(RUBEN LAUGHS) GIRL: Come on, man!


Get him, Lee!

Hit him! It's okay. I've got him.

Fuck that! Hit him! Shit!

Someone just drove in with the dogs. Who are they?

I don't know. Get the men together.


Boss! Boss!

What the hell is it?! Get dressed, boss. Quick!

What is it? Somebody's got our dogs.

Oh, shit!


Papa, would you please leave the room?

We've got to get dressed.

All right, fucker. Them's my dogs.

I guess they are. They look like you.

You gonna give me them dogs back?


They do look like you!

I wish I knew what all that shooting was.

You go look. I'll wait for you on the other side.

We've lost a lot of time. Get the dogs. See if they can pick up the scent.

In a couple of hours we'll be there.

My friend Leonardo will give you a ride to San Carlos.

I promise. You sure?

He owes me his life. Him and Vic had an argument.

Leonardo wanted out. Vic wanted him shot.

I like the guy, so I asked Vic not to do it, and he let him go.

He owes ya. Mm.

And he's a fisherman. We'll use his boat.

You wanna come? No. I can't.

We'd better go. Uh-uh.

Not until we've had our dessert.


It's Ernesto.


Ernesto! Here!


Hi, Karen. Hi, Bonito.

What are you doing here? We thought you'd try for San Carlos.

Too long a story. We had no other choice.

This is Lee Daniels, a friend of mine.

Hi. We have to take her to Los Robles.

All right. Oh, good.

How about bustin' these chains?

You'll have to wear those bracelets for a while.

Who cares?

How'd you find us?

We wanted to return these.

You mean you had the dogs we were runnin' from?

We stole them last night from the place you burnt down.

Come on. We've got a lot of travelling to do.

Leonardo's boat.

So that's why she's headed here.

I should have known.

You should have killed him when you had the chance.

It's not too late.

It's gonna take some work this time. I think he's got help.

Yes. Nothing comes easy.

Like shooting fish in a barrel. If they fall for it.

Why shouldn't they? Just keep the men out of sight.

We could do a lot with that money. I plan to.

Hey, why don't you go home to your silver spoon, and really get behind it?

Take Romeo with you.

Uh-uh. That's not revolutionary.

Look, I've been a revolutionary ever since I was 13, the first time I was paid to do it.

Now, baby, I've just won the war.

That's all there is? Yeah.

Where is everybody?

Maybe we should pick up our marbles and go home.

It's a little late for that.

What's the matter? It smells like an ambush.

Maybe I'm wrong. What are we gonna do?

Which one is your boat? The near one, on the right.

Get ready to board.


Nice to have met you.



Are you okay? Yeah.

Sure? I said yes. Now get your ass on that boat.

Lee! Come on, come on!

Shit! I left my spare clip in the truck.

It's all right!

She's getting away. The hell she is.

Cast off! Let's go!



Look out!



Have you called Galindo yet? Yes, sir. He's on his way.

Twelve years a captain.

I'll be a major before dinner.

Congratulations, sir. It's long overdue.

It's better to win, isn't it?