Black Rain (1989) Script

Hey, buddy. What's happening, babe? What's up, Nick?

We've got a young fop here, man. Yeah?

Nice bike. Fast, huh?

Yeah. Oh, yeah?

Wanna bet?

Ain't you got nothing better to do with your Sundays?

Yeah, I got 50 on Nick, man.

What do you say?

Yeah, sure. I'll take your Social Security.

Take him, Nick.

You're a real fucking wacko, you know that, pal?

Nicky, it's me.

The school called again.

We're another month behind. That makes three.

I told them we'd send a check, okay?

Oh, I'm taking the kids to Mom's on Saturday.

You could have them the next Saturday.

Listen, good luck today. Bye.

Hi. Nick Conklin? Barney Yudell, attorney.

Do yourself a favor. Wear a jacket and tie today.

See you at 10:00.

Hey. How are you, pal, huh? Dad!

Hi, Dad. Come here. Hi, buddy. Give me a kiss.

He got in trouble. He called Sister Elizabeth a name and she heard. What did you call Elizabeth?

"A" U9ly goose. 'Ugly goose, huh?

I've heard you say worse things than that.

Listen, honey, I want you to give this money to Mommy, okay?

Okay. I'm gonna see you in about two days.

Have a good day at school. Okay.

All right, pal, you hanging on tight? Yeah.

You still want to go in the rain? Yeah? Yeah.

All right.

Dale, Nicky. Okay?

Right here. Right here.

What do you see, baby?

Baby, I hope somebody's paying you to wear that goddamn suit.

Almost. Come on. Get on.

I don't want anybody seeing you walk around like that.

Take me for a ride? Let's go.

Look out, Nicky.

Got some new Bostonians. 85 bucks a pop, babe.

Let's hope they threw in some socks with them.

Ladies of the '80s are going for shoes.

Yeah? Where did you hear that? I read it in a magazine.

They say it's the second place they're looking.

Listen, I was thinking.

I hear that when Internal Affairs comes to see you, it's not as bad as when you go to see them.

I don't know. I'll let you know when it's over.

Here's the idea. Yeah?

You dazzle the bastards. You go in uniform, you show them your breast bars.

I'm serious. A detective like you, you got commendations up the ying-yang.

They should be naming a wing in Attica after you.

Go ahead.

Hey, Farentino, you ugly mug!

Hey, Vincent. Off and on. Let's go. Come on, huh?

Grab your dick and count to infinity, babe.

Fuck you.

Where we meeting? Scalari's? Lunch on me.

We'll see how it goes, babe.

What do you mean, "We'll see how it goes"?

We'll see how it goes. Conklin, if you don't show up, you're going to be in real trouble, Conklin, okay?

1300. Do or die. You got it.

Hey, you watch your tail, cowboy. All right?


You guys ready? Yeah, baby.

You'll walk, Nick, if you tell the truth and you keep your wits.

Run your mouth and they'll screw you, man.

I got nothing to hide.

I hope not, for my sake.

Conklin. Hey, Bobby. How you doing?

Hey, Nick. Hey, listen, good luck tonight.

Thanks, babe.

How's your lawyer? Hardly know him.

Let me tell you something, Nicky.

If these people get their way, you'll get to know him real well.

Hell, you'll probably be sending his kids through college.

Well, you're...

It's quite an impressive record.

A regular hero.

Tell me about Monty Ronan.

Good cop. He's... He's the kind of guy you want backing you up when the shit goes down.

That's what you think? Yeah. Yeah, that's what I think.

He's dirt and you know it. Oh, yeah?

Well, you worked the streets with him, huh?

Hey, pal, we got 30 homicides a week, you know.

Tell us about Patrick Donleavy.

All right, my client has no knowledge of any malfeasance on the part of that officer.

Your client's in a good position to know.

28 June, '88, your unit arrested three suspects.

Cash was logged in at $65,000 and change.

We have reason to believe there was over $73,000 in the vehicle you impounded.

Says who? There are sources.

Well, now we're listening to the suspects instead of the cops, huh?

It depends on the cop.

I don't like heroes, Conklin. They think the rules don't apply.

Hey, look, I try to do my job, okay? It ain't easy out there.

And I'm clean.

Well, Detective, you have, what? A couple of kids at St. John's, house payments, alimony, apartment.

That's a king-sized nut. I admire your thrift.

Well, life's a bitch.

We did the math, hero.

You're at least 1,000 a month in the hole.

You're into the shylocks. You're taking.

Hey, you want to Charge me, okay, you Charge me.

You want to jerk off, you go back to your office.

We'll charge you. Someone will help us out.

Nobody's got a softer center than a dirty cop.

You want dirt, huh? You go to City Hall, huh? Police Plaza.

I mean, the whole goddamn system's falling apart and you're busting my ass?

Suits, man. Come on.

You okay? Yeah.


How's the girls in Japan?

What is the most important control exercised by the sergeant as a first-line supervisor?

A, cost control, B, manpower... B, manpower control.

Manpower control, my ass.

What are we going here for, sergeant or Supreme Court Justice?

If you want the braid, you gotta know the stuff. How'd it go?

How you doing, Joe? Good, good.

Give me a Scotch, will you? Scotch?

Thatbad, huh?

They didn't know whether to shit or go blind.

Thanks, Joe.

Joe, I think you'd better melt a little cheese on that Scotch.

He's gonna be drinking his lunch.

To those gallant crime fighters, Internal Affairs Division.

Fuck them. Fuck them.

You ought to think about that, pal. What's that? IAD?

Ambitious guy like you, fast way to get to headquarters.

You never know, babe. That's right. You never know.

You see Abolofia on the way in? Yeah, I saw him.

He's importing Subarus now.

Wise guys gotta eat, too, you know.

Just my luck. I'm under investigation. I'm having lunch with the mob.

Intelligence probably got this place wired.

Yeah? Well, if you got a beef, all you got to do is talk into my left titty here.

Joe, what do you got for a special?

I got a special for you that's so hot, it's probably illegal.

Look out!

What's going on?

Don't even think about it.

It's done, babe.

What? What did you say? What?

Sit down. Sit down.

Relax. Relax.

It's all right. Let's eat. Mind our business over here.

Just eat. Relax. Mind your business.

Joey, 911, babe. 911.

Police! Everybody down!

Police! Hold it there!

Hold it!

Get out of the way!

What's going on?


Watch it!

Police! Get out of here!

Get the fuck out of there! All of you!

Police, guys.

Guy came through here, where'd he go?


All right, get out of here, all of you! Get out!

Out! Out! Out!

Go! Get out!


Where are you, Nicky?

Here, Charlie!

You see me? You okay?

You're getting up.

I got him. Up!

Okay. Here we go. Nice and easy.

Come on. Come on.

You little fuck. Come here!

Come here, you little shit.

All right. I got him.

Take him out of here. Get him out.

Settle down, pal. Get him out of here.

Yeah, yeah, just a second.

We got him. Come on.

You Okay?

Japanese mob.

Well, our victims are certainly yakuza.

Yeah. The Bureau's sending down a guy to find out what the Jap mob and the mafia were doing sharing a bottle of Chianti.

So that means nobody knows nothing.

Nobody knows dick.

What's that? The paper the box was in?


The famous box.

I'm gonna go down the stairs and give our little darling a talk.

I gotta make some calls.

Mr. Terauchi, thank you for coming. This is Mr. lzawa.

He's my interpreter during this interrogation.

Our boy doesn't speak any English.

He ain't talking too much Japanese either.

Who's this guy?

It's the Japanese embassy.

They want him first.

My collar, my case.

Hey, Captain, I got two clean homicides in there, right?

I almost bought it.

Now, if they want him, they can have him after 20 years to life.

What's this?

Japanese embassy talks to the State Department, State to Police Plaza, they to me and me to you.

Shit rolls downhill. What can I tell you?

They want somebody to take him back. That's you and Vincent.

This is bullshit, man.

Do you want them to keep hammering you, Nick, huh?

From what I hear, you already went off in their faces, which is exactly what they want.

Take a breather, Nicky. Relax. Get a geisha. Do us both a favor.


You give that to Internal Affairs.

As long as they're going to be in my apartment, they can water the fucking plants.

I'll stand behind you 100%, Nick, as long as you're right.

As long as you're right.

May I ask him a few questions?

Fine, be my guest.

So what do you think it's costing the city to ship this asshole home, huh?

I don't know, but it ain't worth the cost of the dirt to bury him.

You know Ronan, right? Ronan?

Yeah. Yeah, I know Ronan.

Good cop. Yeah, he's a good cop.

He's a good cop.

He is a good cop. All right.

Busts his ass 14 hours a day, so he can end up in debt for the rest of his life.

I look at this asshole here.

Man is wearing my house payments.

Listen, just because Ronan was desperate and he got tempted doesn't make him less wrong, Nick.

That's bullshit, okay. You take something off the top of some dealer you looked up, you don't get crucified.

You wait till you get a family, pal.

Start there with the private schools, the braces...

The man is just trying to get by.

What the fuck are you looking at?

Madam, please fasten your seat belt.

Excuse me, sir. Is your seat belt fastened?

What happened, Nick?

I don't know, man. I think he got a...

He bit his lip or something.

Your seat belt tight, babe?

Here we go, babe. We got the local heat.

You're looking for us.

Detective Sergeant Conklin, New York.

Welcome to Japan, gentlemen. Thank you.

I am Inspector Nashida, Osaka Prefectural Police.

This is my partner, Detective Vincent.

Hey, do you got some paperwork for us?

Oh, yes.

Would you sign here and here, please?

Thank you.

This is all for you. Thanks.

Key, please. He's got the key.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Come on, Nicky.

Off duty, Nicky. Off duty.

We're gonna be in and out of geishas like a Times Square pickpocket.

I wanna go to sleep.

Remember, ladies, if you get bored, Hotel Meiji, Hotel Meiji. In your dreams.

Detective Conklin, I am InspectorYamato, Osaka Prefectural Police.

Son of a bitch!

They were dressed as officers.

It was in Japanese.

All right?


Captain, look. They were wearing the uniforms, okay?

They got the paperwork. It's not like I'm giving them cab fare.

Definite maybe. Definite maybes.

Unseen. Definite no's.

Yeah, it ain't a hell of a lot of fun over here either, all right.

Now, look, Iwent by the book, okay.

There's just no way to verify the ID. Nicky.

Maybe. I don't know. Nine definite maybes.

Chief, can I score some coffee? Coffee.

Coffee. One?

No, two. The papenNork's in Japanese.

What do you want me to do? A strip search?

I'm sitting here two hours, Captain.

Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey! How much more time?

No. We've got another no.

He does that one more time, I'm gonna cut it off.

Nothing, Cap. Nicky, look at this.

Unbelievable. Identical strangers.

All right, all right, okay. But, listen, Captain, this is still an NYPD collar, right?

Noodles? You're gonna hurt yourself.

Let me just salvage the situation. I'll take care of it.

Now, what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Why don't you tell the fucking IAD suits to go kiss my ass.

Enough of this bullshit.

We on?

Nicky? What?

Game time.

All right, we're on, we're on, Cap. I'll call you later.


Now, what did Ollie have to say? You don't wanna know, Charlie.

This is bullshit having to wait this long.

You're gonna be nice?

Yeah. I'm gonna be nice. I'm gonna be nice, all right?

I just hope they've got a Nip in this building that speaks fucking English.

Assistant Inspector Matsumoto Masahiro, Criminal Investigation Section, Osaka Prefectural Police.

And I do speak fucking English.

Would you ask the superintendent were there any witnesses at the airport, please?

The superintendent said it's possible.

Yeah, it's possible. Manned space flight's possible.

"Manned space" what?

Am I missing something here? Everything, kid.

He says he's tired from the flying. Jet lag.

Can I get some coffee, please? You want...

Two coffees. Coffee it is.

We are wasting valuable time here, okay?

Now, if you tell us who this Sayto guy is, what the meet was about in New York, then maybe we can help you with this airport thing.

Did you translate every word? I want every word translated.

You understand? Yes, I understand.

Because of your negligence, a man we've wanted for a long time has been lost.

You do not have to drink tea, but you should apologize.

Our negligence, huh?

Did we let the people carrying your documents, wearing your uniforms, waltz into a secure area?

Look, we'll take some of the heat for this, but we're not taking the rap.

Rap? The...

The bite, the fall. Come on, Charlie. Try blame.

Blame, blame, blame.

This document is an insurance policy.

The guy speaks English.

The police will find you a...

Superintendent Ohashi... Hey, we are the police, Charlie.

You are foreigners, nothing more than interested observers.

Go home, Detective.

You know, I'm about an uptown minute of throwing you an international incident that's gonna make your head spin.

Until you sign off on this dickhead, his ass is mine.

So we either work on this thing together or I'm going to the press, I'm going to the embassy... I'm gonna fire up such a shit storm you're gonna wish you never heard my name!

All right, gentlemen. You can stay. Thank you.

By the way, you have to leave your guns.

Hey, Superintendent, we are police officers.

You are civilians here.

It is illegal for you to carry a gun.

That's bullshit. What are you... We understand.

Nicky, the gun.

HaPPY? All your guns, gentlemen.

The wise guy.

All right, you assign us a cop who speaks English, knows his way around the streets and can find his ass with two hands.


He wants to say he wants a tough motherfucker.

Of course, Detective. Good.

You will have one of our top officers. Thank you.

We're in good shape here. Either that or he's working on the dinner menu.

It's been a gas, chief. Sayonara.

Hey, where's our cop?

It is my honor.

Stay close, please, Detectives.

Can we take... Can we take a look at him?

Just a moment.

Yes, please.

This is one of the phony cops at the airport.

Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.

He's got no defensive wounds.

Nice, clean, right-handed cut.

And he's a fresh puppy.

Perpetrator could be wet.

Look at this.

Nice. Maybe he's got two fives for a ten.

Superintendent thanks you very much. We should go.

Wait, wait. Wait a minute. Wait.

You wanna tell us what's going on? I mean, fill us in.

Sato doing his own guy or what? Please, don't interfere.

I've been ordered to take you to your hotel.

I am not interfering. This is what I do for a job.

What do I look like, chopped liver?

Nicky, we're gonna get more from a quiet look around than a fight.

You are just observers.

I usually get kissed before I get fucked.

What did he say?

Foreplay. He likes a little foreplay.

Detective! Mas, relax.

He's not gonna break anything he can't pay for.

You gotta put peroxide on that. That'll get rid of the bloodstain.

What are you? Detective Sergeant Conklin, Homicide, New York.

So, how'd you get that blood?

The girls wanna know if you're the guy that lost Sato at the airport.

Just off the plane, you make the evening news.

Very impressive.

Americans who are less than perfect, it's very amusing to them.

Could I talk to you for a minute, please?

You still didn't tell me how you got the blood.

The girl who found the body was just a little bit upset.

So I put my arms around her.

Wouldn't you? Yeah.

You got a Cigarette? Sure.

Where you from? You from Boston? Chicago.

Where'd you learn how to speak Japanese?


So, did you know the victim?

A couple guys came in here for a drink and this is how it turned out.

How about the killer? Did you see the killer leave?

Yeah, sure, and he wrote his name and address down on the back of my dress and he asked me to give it to you.

Anything else?

What are you busting my ass for?

'Cause you could get me killed, Detective.

You see, there's a war going on here and they don't take prisoners.

What are you talking about?

Between Sato and an old-time boss, a guy named Sugai.

Who knows about this?

Counting you and me? Yeah.

Eleven million.

Did that woman tell you anything, Detective Conklin?

Why the hell would she tell me anything?

I'm an observer.

You tell Ohashi I'll report to him when he's ready to report to me.

I'm a police officer just like you, Detective.

Bullshit. You're a suit.

Go tell Ohashi one good hand job deserves another.

I don't understand.


Hey, Charlie, get your map out, will you, babe? Find the directions to the hotel.

Don't you want a ride? We'll walk.

What I want is a complete file on Sato, all right?

A full report on what the hell happened here tonight and all other relevant information to this case translated by 0900 tomorrow.

You got that, Matsumoto? Very well.

Well, thank you.

Let's go, Charlie. Come on.

You'll have a long walk home.

Fine. If I get lost, we'll call a cop.


I mean, I like the guy. I mean, I don't know why they wouldn't fill us in on a simple gang war, but I like the guy.

So, what's happening, baby?

Tell me in four blocks, we're walking 20 minutes here.

Now, wait a second, Mr. We'll-Walk-Home-To-The-Hotel.

What do I look like? I work at the fucking UN?

You got no idea where the goddamn hotel is.

Mr. Conklin, is this an appropriate time to ask you what's going down with Oliver?

Yeah, some suits back home think I cut a deal with Sato.

They're full of shit.

Hey, they're gonna believe what they wanna believe.

Well, don't worry about it. I'll back you up.

What the hell's going on here?

What? What?

What's your problem?

I don't know, Nicky.

Something tells me we should cut our losses and let the locals handle it around here.

I can't go back without him, Charlie.

Sato Koji.

He started young and rose quickly, from street enforcer to minor boss.

He controlled some of the docks and some construction in Hawaii.

Okay. Victim last night was one of Sayto's guys, right?

Right. Sato's.

Sato, right.

And six hours earlier, he's suspected of putting a hit on this guy...

Okada Genkuro, damascene maker. An artist.

He's an engraver.

Forty-eight hours later, he's snapping caps at Scalari's.

Masa, Who's the monkey here with Sayto?


Sato, Sayto.

Sugai Kunio, top oyabun.

Like your mafia bosses.

Construction, gambling, extortion.

What's Sugai doing with Sayto?

I don't know. I don't believe...

Wait, wait. Mas, wait one second.

Look, even I know that Sayto used to be the lieutenant for Sugai.

Now there's a war going on between the two of them.

I mean, they're knocking each other off left and right.

Oh, these goddamn suits, man.

Mas, what's with the SWATs out here?



Training, perhaps. Come on, Mas.

You're gonna have to start cutting us in here.

The thing is, Charlie, I can't figure out what's in that box at Scalari's, you know?

This guy Sugai into drugs? No drugs.

Steel. Liquor. Nicky.

Horses. He owns part of Club Miyako.

Matsumoto. Yes.

What's going on outside?

They have a tip about Sato's last hide-out.

Oh, they have a tip. They got a tip.

It's only a tip. It's only a tip, Nick.

I promise I will keep you informed, okay?

You promise? Yes.

That's good enough. All right.

You got that file on Sato's guy...

Sekimitsu? Yes, sir. Sekimitsu. Yes.

Yeah. Good.

Police observers!

It's okay! It's okay!

Please. I need authorization.

No. It's only a tip, Mas. It's only a tip. Come on.

Let's go! Let's all tip!

Training exercise.

Observers! You got it.

Observers! Okay, okay.

Isn't that the guy from the airport?

That's one of the guys, right? Yeah, it's him.

Easy, Nicky.

Hi, sweetheart.

You remember me, don't you?

So where's your boss?

Nicky, what are you doing?

I only wanna talk to the man... What are you doing?

For five minutes. That's all I wanna do.

It's not proper. It's not proper. You're a foreigner.

This isn't New York. We have rules here.

You have rules here, huh? Hey, look, pal, I've seen Sato's work, okay? He ain't following your program.

You must learn patience. Oh, fuck patience.

He was here.

I know it.

Gentlemen, we have to go.

We're observing, Mas. Just observing.

Can I take a quick look?


You get something? Yeah, I got something.

We gotta share it with Mas. He's in deep shit with his boss.


You don't want to eat that shit, do you?

Put it there. Hand me that stick.

Son of a bitch.

Always said you're the best.

I owe you lunch, babe. Okay, babe.

Where's Mas?

Hey! Mas!

We got good news for you, babe.

What the fuck's his problem?

I will have no more to do with you.

Please get out.

Look, what are you talking about? I know you took a little heat for taking us on the raid...

Superintendent Ohashi is waiting for you.

We understand. We're gonna square you with Ohashi, Mas.

Let us explain what happened.

You've dishonored me and our department.

You are a thief.

I saw you take the money.

You saw me take the money, huh?

You know what it's like trying to get something done around here.

I've informed Ohashi of your crime.

He has spoken to your Captain in New York.

We know the kind of man you are.

You dumb fuck! You don't know one thing about me, all right? Listen!

It's you and your self-righteous bullshit, man, it's gonna cost me my goddamn job.

Hey! Hey! I'm talking to you!

If you pull it, you better use it.

All right. Watch this, okay?

I only want to do this once.

All right. Look at this. Come here. Look.

See how the impression part leaves the ashes?

It's because there wasn't enough pressure.

It should be higher.

Now, this is good. This is as good as it comes, but this ain't money.

I don't know about the box at the club.

Could've been samples, Could've been plates, but you guys got a counterfeiting war going on.

And you, pal, should talk to your partner before you go to the suits, okay?

So, fuck you very much.

We were gonna cut you in on the deal, Mas.

Don't say you never had a good time.

Don't say you never had a good time with Charlie Vincent.

All right! Kanpai, guys!

Where's that American girl?

You know, the American girl that was here, you know, the one that was here. Is she around tonight? You know, the...


Come here, baby.

Join us! Come on!

Oh, baby, what is it? It's still moving in my mouth.

Good evening.

Matsumoto the Mountie, huh?

I haven't taken the silvenNare, babe, all right?

So why don't you just go take a hike.

Come on, Nicky, what are you doing? Mas, sit down. Join us.

Superintendent Ohashi would like to see you in the morning.

Superintendent Ohashi would like to see me.

Give me a break.

Mas, can you smoke a little peace pipe here, guys?

Everybody was doing the right thing, right?

We're all partners now. Mas, please join us.

Relax and have a good time. Please, sit down.

Come on, Mas.

Thank you.

Masahiro Matsumoto, a famous detective!

Famous detective!

Conklin, I did my duty.

These are the men I work for.

Like I told you, pal, you talk to your partners first before you go to the suits.

Okay? Come on, Nicky.

Perhaps you should think less of yourself and more of your group.

Try to work like a Japanese.

Listen. I grew up with your soldiers. You were wise then.

Now, music and movies are all America is good for!

Right? We make the machines.

We built the future. We won the peace.

And if there was one of you guys who had an original idea, you'd be so tight you couldn't even pull it out of your ass!

What the hell's going on here? What are you guys?

You got to argue all the time?

See you later. Come on, Nicky.

What is this? A conspiracy to fuck up my evening?

What the hell's the problem here?

Mas, what are you doing?

This is good-time time, Mas. Okay?

You know, kanpai time?

Up and down, huh? Up and down! In and out!

Okay, kanpai.

Joyce. Can I talk to you, please?


All right, Chicago, look, I need some help, all right?

My tit's in the ringer. I don't speak the goddamn language.

So give me a couple minutes.

You see that woman down there?

You give her $50 and you go where she takes you.

Then I'll find you.

Hey, babe!

Can we get a little mercy here?

Some people are trying to eat. Thank you very much.

You like this stuff, huh, Mas?

Yes. Yes?

- That's Amore. That's Amore!

I was a teenager when it was new.

And I was a teenager when it was old, Mas.

If you're gonna hang around with the NYPD, Mas, there's one thing you gotta do for me. What?

You're gonna have to lose the Kmart tie, babe. It's a fire hazard.

I'm gonna give you a little gift, straight from the Big Apple.

From Charlie Vincent to you.

Thanks. It's my honor.

I like you.

Top-drawer, yes!

Top-drawer, yes. Top-drawer, no?

Hey, meatball! What are you doing?

If you can't hit the note, throw your hat on it, babe.

You could do better? I cannot tell a lie.

Yes, I could do better.

Then put it up or shut it up.

For you, from me.

Thank you.

Don't quit your day job.

That quick?

What you talkin' 'bout?


Hey, What'd I Say, babe!

Look at me, Mas.

Ray Charles! Yes!

You and me!

Detective, wait!

Masahiro Matsumoto, ladies and gentlemen!

You and me, baby.

Masahiro Matsumoto, ladies and gentlemen!

Osaka Prefectural Police Department!

If you're looking for Sato, I can't help you.

He hasn't been here in over a year.

Who would he do regularly?

And what makes you think I pay attention?

Honey, I think you'd recognize if one of your customers had a different tie on.

He had a different girl every time and I don't know who he's doing regularly.

If that's where you're heading. Is that Sugai, the one going at it with Sato? Right.

And the girl with sequins had blood on her hands.

You did your homework. All right. How do I get to him?

Look, I've been living in this country for seven years and I still can't read the headlines.

Yes means no, maybe means never.

You didn't answer my question. How do I get to him?

Let the police handle it.

- No one's gonna help a gaijin. Gaijin?

Yeah, a stranger, a barbarian, a foreigner.

Me and you.

More you.

Gotta go. Chicago, wait. Hold on.

You know, they got lights out there, Wrigley Field now, you know?

Yeah. Mom told me.

Did she?

She say it's not stupid to be scared?

But you just can't stand still, and sometimes you got to choose a side.

I did.

I'm on my side.

All right, drinks cost $125. 125 bucks.

How about the fish? 200 bucks.

200 bucks! Holy shit!

How much do you think it'd cost if it was cooked?

Did you pay for it? No.

Assistant Inspector Masahiro Matsumoto signed it over to the Osaka Prefectural Police Department.

Best thing they've done for us since we've been here.

We was owed.

You like this guy, huh?

Mas? Yeah.

He's okay.

What the hell's this?

Come on, baby.

I don't know, Charlie. I can't figure this place out.

Come out, babe. You want to play? You and me. Come on.

Come on. Right here. Come on. Come on.

That's it. That's it. Come on. Right here.

Hey! Fuck!

Good, Charlie. Fuck me.

Good move, babe. Hey! Hey!

Real good, Charlie. Okay, good. Come on.

Bring it back. We'll go again.

You, bring it back.

Did you see that? Don't get fucking personal, all right?

Hey, fuck you! Hey!

Hey, Charlie. Fuck!

Hey, Charlie, come on, it's only a goddamn coat!

He's got my fucking passport!

Come here, you little fuck! Come here! Oh, Jesus Christ.

Come here, you fuck. Come here! Come here!

Hey, Charlie! Charlie!


You little shit!

Hey, Charlie!

Come here! Come here!



Oh, you little shit!

Stay there, you little shit! Right there!

Stay right there!

Oh, you little shit!

Oh, oh, you fuck. All right.

Come on, babe! Let's go!


Come on! Come on! Come on!

Come on.

Come on! Who's first?

Come on!


Get out of there, Charlie!

Get out of there! Get away!


Oh, Jesus Christ!

You fuck!


Get out of there!


You better come with me. Come on.

He should have known better. He...

He was raised in the city and...

See, my job...

You kind of see things the way they really are.

You don't have to see a person whole one minute and...

He was 28 years old.

May I speak to Nick-san alone?


I'm very sorry for your loss.

I thought maybe you should know.

I made all arrangements for Charlie.

Thank you.

I feel... I feel that if I had been with you, Charlie-san would...

It would not have happened.

I'm very sorry.

Charlie's things...

We have a tradition.

When someone close to us dies, we keep something personal of his.

Can we do this another time?

Please, Nick-san.

This is for you.

I can take anything I want?


I wanna go back to Sato's hide-out, okay?

Just you and me.

There's always something, Mas.

Always something.


He had himself a real nice party.

You feel safe?

Well, feel safe!

I'm here!

Let's get this thing...

Nick-san, there's nothing here.

We should go.



Okay, here we go.

How can you be so sure? It could be any girl's dress.

Sometimes you gotta forget your head and grab your balls.


Balls. Balls.

Come on, hot dog. You're going to lose her. Come on.

All right. Let's keep in touch.

All right. Masa, Masa, come in. Rogen I got her. She's on the other side of the market.

I want you to bring the wheels around.

Good? Oh, yeah. This is great. Yeah.


Oh, yeah. Thanks, yeah.

Oh, yeah?

Oh, yeah?


Big shot from New York, huh?

- Nick-san. Yeah?

There's something...

Maybe I should not ask.

What? What? You can ask me anything you want, Masa.

What do you wanna know?

These disturbing things I hear about you in New York.

A couple of guys I used to work with in the department took some money from some drug dealers.

It's no big deal.

They stole?

They... They liberated funds.

Theft is theft. There is no gray area.

Hey, Masa, New York is one big gray area, okay?

Did you take money?

Yeah, I took money.

I'm not proud of it, okay? You know, I...

I had a divorce, I got kids, bills...

Did Charlie-san know?


He was a policeman, Nick.

If you steal, you disgrace him and yourself and me.


Masa, rise and shine, babe.

We got action.

She just went into the store over there.

There she goes.

Just a little morning walk.

Is that her? Yeah.

She's getting a cab. Mas, grab a taxi.


Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

That's the guy that set up Charlie.

That's the switch.

Let's go. Okay.

You each have one plate.

One for the front of the bill and one for the back.

Sato, have you brought the plate with you?

It is my only insurance.

If I had brought the plate, I would be a dead man.

Better get your cops.

I sent one of the plates to America... to prove the quality of my engraver's work.

This traitor took it from my representatives and then murdered them.

Look at him!

He knows nothing of loyalty and respect.

My men respect me, Sugai-san.

I want my own territory.

Your methods are crude and disgraceful.

You liked my methods well enough when they served you.

You must return the plate, then we can discuss your future.

I want to be an Oyabun... of equal standing to others... and I want my own territory far away from you.

Not one Oyabun in all Japan would listen to such absurd demands.

How old are you, Sato?

Do you want to live a little longer?

Not as long as you, old man!

Hold it!

Here I am, Nick!


Almost as near as when you let Charlie die, huh?

He's getting away!

He's getting away!

Jesus! I told you, no guns.

I thought we were working together, god damn it!

He went right past you!

Right past you, he went! Jesus Christ!

Look! The guy's getting away!

Wait. What's going on?

We are going to put you on a plane.

Should you return, you'll be arrested.

On behalf of Northwest Airlines, I would like to welcome you on board.

We anticipate an on time departure for this flight.

Masahiro Matsumoto?

Thank you.

Hey, Masa.


Excuse me. Shoes.

Shoes. Oh.

It's not possible. You are gone.

You know me. I don't go quietly, Masa.


I need your help.

I'm sorry, but you should not have come.

You have done enough to him.

Please pardon my son.

He came to comfort me, but all he does is show his disappointment.

You never even told me you had a son, Mas.

It doesn't matter.

I have been suspended, Nick-san.

I am no longer an assistant inspector.


Jesus Christ.

I'm sorry, man. I... Nol I knew what I was doing.

Well, it's not over yet.

We can get him, Mas, you and me.

I cannot help you.

Nick-san, look at me. We can fix it, Mas.

You cannot fix everything.

I am not like you.

For a moment, I thought I could be.

You can, all right. You didn't do anything wrong, okay?

We kicked ass. It was for nothing.

Oh, come on, Masa. Come... Nick-san.

I belong to a group.

They will not have me anymore.

You're digging a hole for yourself, Mas.

Sometimes you got to go for it.

Get out.


Yeah. Joyce. I want to speak to... Joyce. Joyce-san. Yeah.

Where's Sugai, Joyce?

Can I find him in the bar?

Here's your food. Here's some cash.

What about Sugai?

You wanna find Sugai, this is where you'll find him.

He loves golf. He's here three times a week.

You always try and get rid of me, you know, yet you're...

You're always there.

I think sometime we're going to have to try to figure that one out.

You said you wouldn't give me any more trouble, remember?


I know you took a risk.

Good luck, Nick.

How you doing, pal?

I want to talk to your friend Mr. Sugai.

Ask him to give Sugai this.

What, are we going in there?

You should be Somewhere over the Pacific now, Conklin.

We should be rid of you.

Do you have any idea who I am?

Yeah, I know who you are.


If you did, you wouldn't have given me this.

Good stuff.

This is an old bill, a prototype.

The new ones will be like everything we make...


Perfect, huh?

So, Who's going to get the profits? You?

Or Sato?

See, I know he's got the other plate.

That means you've got nothing.

He might as well be an American.

His kind respectjust one thing, money.

So what are you into it for? Love?

Iwaslo when the B-29 came.

My family lived underground for three days.

When we came up, the city was gone.

Then the heat brought rain, black rain.

You made the rain black and shoved your Values down our throat.

We forgot who we were.

You created Sato and the thousands like him.

"M loaying you back."

Hey, you want the plate? You get me close to him.

You have no part in this.

I promised the other oyabuns there would be peace.

They don't have to know.

I'm bound by duty and honor.

If you had time, I would explain what that means.


I am the solution to your problems.

I can take him out. Okay?

I'm nothing but a worthless gaijin and everybody knows he killed my partner.


Right in front of you.

I'm not impressed.

You get me close, I'll hit the mark and you're going to be clean.

Why should I trust you?

Because you got nothing to lose.

Four oyabuns will arrive here shortly with their bodyguards.

Sato will also have a lieutenant.

But sometimes you have to go for it.

Thanks, pal.

This is not a farmer.


This is one of Sato's men.

He's got his own double cross going on.

Wonder how many of these other guys are his men.

Okay, I'm going in. What?

I'm going in. You cover the front, all right?

You can do it. Okay, Mas? You can do it.

Sato, sit here.

You must learn to value our Yakuza code over your individual desires.

If I am granted the recognition I deserve... my loyalty will set a new standard.

Where's the plate?

Where's the other plate?

In a safe place.


First you must accept responsibility for your past deeds... by making amends in the traditional manner.

If you refuse, there will be no truce!

Now come sit beside me.

We will toast our truce.

Take the cup.

I got him!


Congratulations. Thank you.

So you made the news again. Yeah.

You're a regular hero.

So, what did you decide? Are you going to stay here?

I don't know.

A love-hate relationship can last a very long time.


I want to thank you.

For what? For choosing a side.

You're welcome.

Hot pepper? No, thanks.

Flight 159 for Tokyo and Washington, D. C., now boarding at Gate 4.

Come on, don't give me that sad look.

You know, they never found the plates.

Not in the house, not in the road.

Well, some lucky bastard, he's probably set for life.

I don't think I understand.

If you got the two plates and you know the right people, then all your problems are solved.

I mean, Who's ever going to know?

This is final boarding announcement for Northwest...

I'm getting good at this, huh?

Flight 26, service to Detroit and New York, please proceed to Gate 5.

I don't want you coming to the gate, okay?


Because I know you. You're gonna... You're going to get sentimental.

It's embarrassing.


What did you get me? A bento box?

I can eat it on the airplane instead of that American shit.

No. It's for your kids.


Oh, I got something here for you.

No, Nick-san.

Good friends do this.

You watch your tail, cowboy.