Black Rainbow (1989) Script

(♪ Organ strikes up, gospel music playing)

♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ God's people we are

♪ We're God's somebody

♪ It matters not if rich or poor

♪ We're present in his sign

♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ God's somebody we are

♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ God's people we are

♪ We're God's somebody

♪ It matters not if rich or poor

♪ We're present in his sign

♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ God's somebody we are ♪


Goddamned kudzu.

You know, we can't get rid of that stuff.

Nothing known to man'll stop it.



They've even tried flamethrowers.

Now it's nerve gases.

Can you believe that?

It's moving north, you know.

Inch by inch.

Day by day.

One day, it's gonna reach New York.

Thank you for the ride, sir.

Faber's store is about, oh, ten miles along. You can't miss it.

(♪ Music playing)

I'm looking for Martha Travis.


I can't help you there. There's no one by that name in these parts.

She was seen in your store.

Maybe you might recognize her.

That's Emily Bowen.

She hasn't been in here in years.

Not one for company.

And she don't like, uh... intruders.

You want to talk to her?

I do. You're out of luck, fella.

Emily can't speak to nobody.

Go down the road, 'bout three and a half miles, then you take a right at the first turn.

(Engine starts)

(Dogs barking)

I'll be damned!

(Camera shutter clicks repeatedly)


(Door opens)

Your eyes, Martha...

They look like they've seen too much.

Don't you remember me?

Gary Wallace, "The Oakville Bee". I interviewed you... with your father before you disappeared.

Ten years I've been tracking you down.

The old fella at the store says you haven't spoken since you came here.

Folks round here they think you're dumb, but I know you're not.

I won't be leaving here until you tell me what happened that night your father was murdered.

(Man) Breakfast? Are we running late?

What time do you have, ma'am?

Ten after seven.

Six! You're just one hour ahead.


Breakfast? No.

(Knock on door)


I just had it.

Uh... medicinal. For your liver?

More metaphysical than that - for my soul.

(Train bell)

Where the hell's Eunice?

(Car horn) Hi!


Did you have breakfast, Daddy?


Well, I see the developers finally got to Oakville, Eunice.

(Eunice) Surely did, Mr. Travis. They are ripping our heart out.

Worse! It's a lobotomy!

Gobbling up your past like a plague of locusts. (Laughs)

A national lobotomy! Huh!

We'll do this alone, Eunice, OK?

It's a private moment, you understand?

We won't be long. Fine, Mr. Travis!


Alright. Let's hear it, baby!

It's beautiful over there on the other side.

Soft colors pervade everywhere.

It's like being at the end of a rainbow.

Fresh flowers adorn the vast halls of the hereafter, and the smells are fragrant and sweet.

There's no violence over there, and no work.

All... people, all animals are made whole again, complete.

All earthly injuries are healed, all diseases cured.

That's enough!

Won't happen again, will it?

Never! Promise?

I promise.

(Bell dings)

Travis. Good day, Mr. Travis.

Will that be two rooms?

Certainly it will.

Two rooms were reserved, weren't they?

They were, sir. I was merely confirming. You're new here, aren't you?

Twenty years I've been coming to this hotel... and never before has anybody ever, ever suggested...

Alright, Daddy. (Man talking on radio)

Rooms 11 and 14.

How will you be paying for that?

Like always. With cash.

Would you care to leave a deposit?


I'm going upstairs to rest.

I hope you weren't offended. No.

Would you like help with your bags?

Are you coming, Martha?

It's alright. I'm used to them.

(Man on radio laughs) 'I'll tell you...

'Me! Old Ted Silas.

(Interviewer) 'Mr. Silas, there's been some speculation

'that you won't be running for the Mayor's office next year.

'Would you like to comment?'

Let's have a little oxygen. Now, come on, OK?

Mm-hmm. Right, that's enough.

There, come on.

That's it. (Buzzing)

(Woman) 'Jack Callow on the line, Mr. Silas.'

Yeah? (Man) 'He's on his way.'

Where's he coming from?


(Sighs) Why is it always Chicago?

(Man coughing)

(Punch, groaning)

Members only.

(Knocking on door)

(Knocking continues)

(Martha) Daddy...

(Knocking continues)

Daddy? Yes?

What is it?

It's six o'clock. Time to go.


Are you crazy, girl? It's only four.

Oh, you sure? Yeah.

What are you trying to do to me, sugar? Your daddy needs his sleep.

It's my watch.

I'll buy you a new one.

That's not the point.

I set it right this morning, and it's already gained two hours.

Maybe you dropped it? I did not!

Some people can't wear watches.

Well, I can. You know I can!

Of course you can, sugar.

Now you get some rest.

You need your rest.

I'll call you in a couple of hours.

(♪ Gospel choir singing)

It's beautiful over there.

Soft colors pervade everywhere.

It's like being at the end of a rainbow.

Fresh flowers adorn the vast halls of the hereafter, and the smells are fragrant and sweet.

There's no violence over there, and no work!

Everybody's taken care of.

Every person, every animal has been made whole again.


All earthly injuries, all diseases are healed.

(♪ Gospel choir singing, organ playing)

It's not too clear. It's...

I'm trying to tune somebody in. It's...



Is there somebody that knows a little Johnny?

(Audience murmuring) (Woman) Yes.

(Applause) Who was it? Stand up, don't be shy.

You know a little Johnny who's passed over?


What's your name? Rachel Sachs.

Come to the microphone, Rachel. Don't be nervous.

Remember, I'm only God's instrument.

A telephone exchange for those spirits who want to connect with their folks here on earth.

Sometimes the connections aren't too good. Sometimes the... signals are weak.

I've... I've lost a Johnny.

A little Johnny?

A baby Johnny?

Yes, his voice is very small.

Was it little Johnny's birthday?

Yesterday. (Applause)

He's about three now?

Yes, he would be.

Yes, I can see him. He's got black hair.

Brown! Dark brown, almost black.

Yes. He's right here, he's looking at the flowers.

Yes, you can, Johnny, darling boy.

He said, "Can I pick some flowers for my mom?"

Oh... he wasn't my baby! (Audience) Aw...

Yes, but you know his mother!

I didn't say the flowers were for you.

(Audience chuckling)

He's... a handsome boy now over there, spirit side.

Did he have a defect?


In his heart.

I can feel it. I...

But he's all healed now, and he's...

He's very happy.

Very happy.

(Audience) Aw...


Another voice is coming through.


It's hard to understand.

Yes, his accent makes it hard to understand.

It's a Tom, though...

Tom. Does anybody know a Tom?



What's your name?

Mary Kuron.

Yes, Tom?

I... I can't quite hear.

Could you speak slower, Tom?

His voice is...

It's his accent. It's... He's Irish.

He's holding his hands out.

Big hands. Grained.

A working man's hands.

He worked at the Silas Chemical Plant.

(Audience murmuring)

He says, "You're not to worry, Mary."

He's alright.

What's he doing with hisself over there?

He says, "I'm doing great over here."

He's very happy.

Not playing the horses, is he?

(Audience laughing)

And drinking moonshine.

No, you can be sure he isn't doing that.

He says, "What's got into you, Mary?

"You know I was never one for gambling or hooch."

Well, Pappy never was strong with the truth!

(Audience laughing)

He says he learnt to play the guitar.

Did he want to play the guitar?

No, um...

You gotten it wrong, Martha.

It's my husband that's crazy to play the guitar.

You gotten it real wrong this time.

He's still alive.

No, he's not! (Audience gasping)

He was watching TV when I left home tonight!

Only an hour ago!

I thought it was my daddy you was talking to.

Is your daddy's name Tom?


Tom Murphy.

And my husband is Tom Kuron.

But it's my daddy that's dead.

It's not your daddy talking to me, Mary.

Did he die violently?


This man did.

I can feel the impact.

His chest has exploded.

Blood and bone on the wall.

Flock wallpaper.

Do you have a white carpet?


We had it laid last week.

I'll tell her, Tom.

How did you know?

He says...

"Don't worry about a thing, Mary."

His chest has healed.

His ribs are back in place, his organs.

But Tom's not dead!

I can hear him.

I can hear him playing his guitar He's very happy over there, Mary.

There's another man with him.

I can see him quite clearly.

Brown hair. Smiling.

What's his name, Tom?

You don't know his name?

I know it, though...

I can see his house in Chicago.

His wife, waving...

Martha, for God's sake!



dangling in his hand.

It's a gun...

(Audience member) What? No.

Black gloves.

Black gloves.

Black gun!

No! No! No!

(♪ Gospel playing in auditorium) ♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ God's people we are

♪ We're God's somebody

♪ It matters not if rich or poor... ♪

(♪ Song continues)

Just you wait here.

Martha will explain.

What the hell were you doing out there?

What's up with you? What got into you?

I don't know.

You wouldn't let go, would you? (Scoffs)

How many time have I told you that when you're following a wrong one, let go.

But no, your arrogance has to have its way.

It was not a wrong one.

I saw it. All of it.

You "saw it"?

You saw nothing!


I know, remember?

I know!

It's just what you said to Momma.

Your mother saw nothing.

You don't still believe that cock and bull story, do you?

You were with me in St. Louis, remember?

Hundreds of miles away.

You couldn't have appeared to her.

You know your mother's problem?

Religion. (Chuckles)

Yeah. Too much religion.

She never did see you like she said, baby.

It was all in her dreams.


You must apologize to that poor woman!

I have her waiting outside.

I'm not apologizing.

You will.

No, I can't!

I saw it!

I saw it, all of it!

You heard what the woman said. Her husband isn't dead.

She's wrong.

You heard what she said. He's at home watching TV.

In some households, that's considered being alive.

Now, now...

Yes, you must apologize, sweetheart.

You frightened the life out of her.

What about me, Daddy?

Why should you be frightened?

You've been doing this since you were a kid.

It was different this time. You have to believe me.


We'll talk about it on the train, hmm?


Right now... apologize.

Oh, look.

We have to keep them sweet.

We may want to come hack.

Only a few more years, you know, that's all.

Then we can retire to the land... of milk and honey.


One more time, sweetheart.

(TV blaring)

She knew about the carpet.

Weird that was.

And the wallpaper.

She knew about that.

(TV) 'Car A at 166 Western, 'bearing 138 degrees.'

'Hey, Cody, that guy's a copper!

'He's a T-man, I know him. His name is Fallon.'

'A copper!

'Maybe they're waiting to pin a medal on him.

'A nice gold medal for the copper.'


'Only maybe he's going to get it sooner than he thinks.'


'We've got your boy Fallon in here, and he'll be alright if you do as I say.'

'You haven't got a chance. Come out with your hands up.'

'Come out with your hands up, the man says.

'How do you like that, Ma? Huh...

'Here's my answer.'

'Fan out! Fan out! Give 'em the tear gas from both sides.'

And she said my chest had what?

(Mary) Exploded. 'That was Cody Jarrett talking!'

Blood and bones all over the carpet?

(Mary) Right.

(Gunfire on TV)

That's disgusting.

'Made it, Ma!

'Top of the world!'

People like that shouldn't be allowed...

(Gunfire on TV continues)

'Cody Jarrett!

'He finally got to the top of the world, and it blew right up in his face.'




(Siren wailing)

Can we take some shots inside, Lieutenant?

If you wanna make your viewers throw up, be my guest.

Thank you.

Alright. Ready? There you go!

Wait a sec.

Can you confirm that Kuron worked at Silas Chemical?

(Chuckles) Where else is there to work?

What did he do there? Uh, plant maintenance.

Is there a Ms. Kuron?

Yeah, Mary Kuron.

She was in the kitchen when it happened.

Didn't see anything.

Can we talk to her?

Sorry. She's sedated.

At the County Medical Center.

I didn't see an ambulance. We got here with you guys!

Listen, kid, when I say she's sedated, that's what she is.


(Man) Hey, why don't you pan from the blood on the wall across to the Christmas tree?

Say hi to your mother, Gary.

She's dead, Irving.

Oh, shit!

I saw Amy just last month up the State Fair.

She's been gone near two years.

How'd I miss that?

Sorry about that, Gary.

Could've sworn it was her.

(Police radio, indistinct)

(Siren wailing)

Yes? Gary Wallace, "Oakville Bee".

Can I ask you some questions?

You said you wouldn't, Jack! He's not gonna use our names.

Will you? Not if you don't want me to.

You see?

You know the Kuron's?


She's Mary's best friend. Enough, Jack.

I work down at Silas', where Tom did.

Any idea for motive?

All I'll say is this:

Safety and Health Administration was about to start an audit at the Oakville plant.

Did he have something to tell 'em?

That's all I'm gonna say.

Tom Kuron worked in maintenance, didn't he?

He was going to blow the whistle on them, wasn't he?

About Health and Safety violations?

I got ya.


Thanks for the tip.

That's not all! Don't you dare, Jack.

Eva, I've got to. Mary knows who did it.

She doesn't, you dumb idiot. She doesn't!

Eva was out with her some time tonight. They went to see some freaky medium.

What happened? Stop! Don't, Jack!

Please don't! Something terrible will happen.

Nothing is gonna happen.

Don't be scared, baby. Nothing is gonna happen.

Hit me.

(Train horn blares)

(Train horn blares)

(♪ Country music playing)

Thank you, Shelly.

Like to fuck her, Irving?

I'm a married man, sir.

Always knew you were a liar, but not a hypocrite.

You know what she does for me, Irving?

Always reckoned that was your affair, Mr. Silas.


Let me tell you, Irving.

I decided not only did I own chemical plants, I lived in one.

I decided to record exactly what goes into me and what comes out the other end.

Shelly is now taking my urine and stools from last night to be analyzed.

Isn't that interesting?

Certainly is. (Chuckles) You're full of shit, Irving.

Which brings me to your hysterical call.

I thought you should know.

Are you being serious? I am, sir.

Kuron's wife's gonna give me trouble?


It's the medium that could cause you a problem, Mr. Silas.

She knows what he looks like.

She even knows his name.

Where is she now?

On the train to Ironsboro.

She has another show there tonight.

So... she doesn't even know what happened.

But Gary Wallace does.

"The Bee" is running with the story.

I'll have to interview her.

Tread water for a while.

Enough for you to contact your man?

He may not take fortune tellers seriously.

Well, that's his business.

But she sure as shit predicted Tom Kuron's death.

Reckon Health and Safety'll wanna take a look at all the other plants, too.

Wouldn't think prison shit much worth analyzing myself, Ted.

Specially when 3,000 volts been passed through it.

I'll seek guidance from the Lord.

I'd telephone him right away if I were you.

(Train horn blares)

Do you read the good book every day, sir?

Every day.

I smell a preacher.

Is that the profession you follow?

It is.

So, uh... for you, this is work.

A salesman's manual.

More a source of inspiration.

But also a source of income.

You can't deny it.

I don't.

Tell me, preacher, what brings you on this journey?

I've been called to a new flock.

"Flock"? (Laughs)

Ironic, isn't it?

That word applies to both sheep and Christians.

Indeed it does.

Our Lord is our shepherd.

He teaches us... humility.

(Laughs) That's a word I don't trust.

Uh, the reason I'm pursuing the subject, preacher, is that you and my daughter, Martha... have something in common. Mm?

She, too, is interested...

in spiritual matters.

Martha is a medium. Lay off me, Walter.

Only, Martha has a distinct advantage over you in the, uh... spirit-stakes, so to speak.

Does she? Sure.

You, preacher, can only tell your flock what is written down in the Bible.

"The Word"!

Martha, on the other hand, is like television.

She has a direct line to the dead that transmits pictures to her.

She can offer proof that there is life after death.

Why, she can even describe what it's like over there.

Halls of music.

Of literature.

Pizza parlors. Hamburger hamlets.


Isn't that right, Martha?

Ignore him, Reverend. He's just mad at me.

I see.

But you are a medium?

Sure. I find that very interesting.

Do you also have the power of prophecy?

Funny you should ask that.


I can't foretell the future.

Be grateful.

Why do you say that, preacher?

That's dangerous territory.

We steal if we touch tomorrow.

It is God's.

(Train horn blares)

Do you really think she knows who did it? (Phone rings)

If she does, she kept it from Kuron's widow.

All she did was apologize and say it all had been a terrible mistake.

But it wasn't a mistake, was it?

Kuron died exactly as she predicted.

How do you account for that?

If she's trading in futures, it has to be insider dealing with God.

You're plain cynical, Gary.

I am when it comes to supernatural shit like this, Geoff.

Can't deny it.

You don't believe in God?

It's the way my mom and daddy brought me up.

So any concept of the soul or life after death is just bullshit?

Did you ask Weinberg if he's gonna question her?


Laughed at me. Oh... did he now?

He said he wasn't going to look a goddamn asshole interviewing a two-bit medium.

What time does a two-bit medium arrive in Ironsboro?


Vern'll kill me if I don't come home. It's bowling night. You know her.

Frank. (Frank) 'Yeah?'

We have to get Gary over to Ironsboro within two hours.

Geoff... (Frank) 'Well, I'll check.'

Get somebody else to cover it, will you? Like you said, I think it's all bullshit.

That's what makes you so right for this assignment, Gary.

Your qualifications are impeccable.


You're an agnostic and an asshole.

(Train bell)

(PA) 'The Oakville train arrives on track eight.

'We apologize for the fifteen-minute delay.

'Ironsboro Station. Ironsboro Station.

'This is Ironsboro Station. Ironsboro Station.'

Let's go, then.

Mm? We're here. Wake up.


Feeling alright?

Maybe it's something you ate.

I'd delay getting off if I were you. Who the hell are you?

Mr. Travis, I don't want to startle you...

I said... ...but I wouldn't get off just yet, sir.

There's two cops out there, waiting to interrogate your daughter.

What? I repeat, who the hell are you?

Gary Wallace. Reporter with "The Oakville Bee".

You obviously didn't see our headline this morning.

What's that got to do with my daughter?

She predicted it would happen.

My daughter, sir, is a renowned medium, not some cheap fortune teller.

Daddy, you know... Say not a word, Martha, not a word in front of the gutter press.

Alright, sir, now show me these cops.

(PA) '...five minutes for Raleigh, Wilmington, Hendersonville...'

Those aren't cops!

I can smell cops like I can smell Limburger cheese.

Those are funeral directors.

Trust me, sir, I'm being serious. So am I.

I tell you... they are funeral directors.

You don't seem to understand, sir.

It's possible that your daughter is in real danger.


(Chuckles) What did I tell you!

Common undertakers!


Your story, sir, is as dead as the occupant of that box.

Kindly leave us in peace.

(PA) 'All aboard. All aboard.'

What's the population of the world, Pops?

The population of the world is too many!

Ask your mother, she's the teacher.

Three billion plus.

That's three thousand million?

That's right. (Phone rings)

How many's too many, Pops?

Too many is one, two, three and four...

What's the population of America?

Too many, son, too many. Two hundred and fifty four million.

Hi. (Jack) 'It's Jack Callow.'

Now, I asked you not to call me here. 'Yeah, I know.'

I don't care what the reason is.

(Girl) Is Daddy going away again, Mommy? I don't know.

But he only just got back.

(Boy) What does Daddy do, Mom? (Girl) He works for the CIA.

(Mom) Wrong, dumb-dumb.

He runs a security company. (Boy) What's that?

What? You want me to do this job for nothing because some dumb bitch has visions?

'Gary Wallace knows!'

Well, then you finish the job yourself, shit-head.


What's up, honey?

Ah, some idiot client trying to get something for nothing.

Forget it.

What does "security" mean, Pops?

Well, security means having enough food and clothing for you and Cindy and Larry and Mike.

And for Mommy.

Which car are you taking today, dear?

The Mercedes?

Are you going out?

I may have to. (Phone rings)

What room is Mr. Travis in?

The house phone is over there, sir.

No, I need his room number.

It's a surprise.

Wally's an old friend.

Yes, can I speak to Lieutenant Irving Weinberg, please?

(Woman) 'He's engaged just now.'

I'll wait.

'I'm putting you through.'

God chose Martha to be a link with loved ones on the other side.

A spiritual telephone exchange.

Now, presumably there can be interference, maybe even crossed lines?


Is that what happened with Mary Kuron last night?

(Chuckles) Now... that's outta court, sir.

You have to realize that in a young girl, such powers bring with them a fertile imagination and the nervous disposition of a racehorse.

(Knocking on door)

(Martha) Daddy, I know you're awake.

Stop giving me a hard time.


I need to talk to you.

It's no good saying it's all in my dreams.

If you keep on with that, I'll go crazy, like Momma.

Why won't you open up?

I have to talk to somebody.

(Door opens)

I'm going for some air, OK?

It must be a strange life.

Always on the road, just the two of you?

It isn't a life, Gary.

It's a calling.

The precious gift bestowed upon Martha has a price.


You were telling me about her mother.

She left us when Martha was but twelve.

Does Martha have any friends?

Only in the spirit world.

Gate 18, sir.

Name is Davidson.

You have a pre-paid return to Ironsboro, first class.

There is a booking for you, but it's not first class.

First class was fully booked.

You got the last seat in coach, Mr. Davidson.

There is a delay, I'm afraid, Mr. Davidson. How long?

We're not sure. The equipment hasn't arrived yet.

What equipment?

The aircraft, sir.

Then why don't you just say that?

The aircraft is goddamn late! In plain English!

Do you have a club?

Are you a member? No.


First class and members only.

Gate 18.

(TV blaring)



What is it?

You could've woken Daddy.

Don't worry about your daddy.

He and I've been drinking all afternoon.


Daddy doesn't usually drink.

And you don't usually have strange men in your room.

Are you strange?

Not strange.

Just married.

Can we talk?


I have to bathe before the show.

Hot water puts me in the right mood.

The spirits must like me clean or something.

Can you believe that? Sorry.

I got a problem with all that spirit stuff.

You've never seen me work.

Oh, you can probably pick up people's thoughts, like in telepathy, that's possible, but that's all.

Your daddy says you got a fertile imagination.

I think he's probably right.

So you think I'm a charlatan?

If you wish to put it that way.

Hey, hey, hey, the light is not on.

Certainly not the green one!

Is this your idea of a deep and lasting relationship?

That's right.

This way men lie with me, not to me!

(Eunice) 'Hello?' Hello Eunice? This is Walter Travis.

'Oh, hi, Mr. Travis. How do you do?'

I need a little, uh... favor, Eunice. 'What do you need?'

There's a young reporter on "The Oakville Bee"...

'Oh, my sister purchases it. I'm going to their Christmas party tonight.'

Oh, then you'll probably know him. Gary Wallace?

'Yeah, I do!'

(Church bells ringing)

I need to know who killed Kuron.

My job depends on it, Martha.

I'm a charlatan, right?

A cheap performer.

A fraud.

A stage act. Hey!

No one's going to believe me. Or you.

It's as if it never happened.

Get outta here. Now!

♪ Just to behold my savior's face ♪ Just to behold his face

♪ Just to behold my savior's face ♪ Just to behold his face

♪ Just to behold my savior's face ♪ Just to behold his face

(♪ Choir continues singing chorus)

(Lead singer) ♪ Just to behold

♪ Just to behold

♪ To behold

♪ I just wanna behold him ♪


Ladies and gentlemen, would you please give a very, very warm welcome to Martha Travis,

the courier to your loved ones. (♪ Organ strikes up)

Thank you.

Thank you.

How many of you have not seen me before?

Did you expect me to float on?


Well, I'm not into levitation, not tonight anyway.

Did you expect me to have a radio antenna like R2-D2?

I'm just a normal person.

The woman next door.

So don't be afraid, alright?

(♪ Organ resumes)

We're going to chew the fat for a while, until the voices start coming through.

While we're waiting, has anybody any questions to ask me?

When we cross over to the spirit world, do we still have to work?


Oh, no!

We achieve spiritual rest.

We relax.

There's no more striving to keep your head above water.

No more cut-throat deals to make.

No more keeping up with the mortgage payments.

No more competing.

So does that mean Heaven's like a communist country?


If you donate a part of your body and when you die it's removed, does it affect you when you enter the spirit world?

Well, I hope not. I carry a kidney card!

Is the concept of time the same as we understand it here?

Time is only a human concept.

Something to make things real for us.

It's not too clear. (♪ Organ stops)

I'm trying to tune in, but...

Some days the signals are stronger than others. I...

In the third row, is there someone who knows the name of, uh, Butler?

I do.

(♪ Organ resumes)

Don't be afraid. What's your name? (♪ Organ stops)

My late sister-in-law's name is Butler. Was Butler.

Who... who is Susan?

Why, that's her. Susan Butler.

Who's Jackie?

Me. I'm Jackie Adams.

One moment.

I can hear you fine, Susan. Just be patient.

She's very excited.

Susan wants to know have you done any redecorating in your house recently?

I just painted my kitchen!

Only finished it last week.

She says you got in an awful mess, paint everywhere.


I did. Susan says, "Stick to cooking."

Who's Bill? My husband.

Susan says she's seen him.


She says...

She says he's alright now.

His face... blown completely away in some sort of explosion.

Bill's face...? (Whimpers)

She says he's alright now.

He keeps looking in the mirror, admiring himself.

His face is complete again.

She says, "Bill was always vain."

But Bill isn't dead!

(Walter) That's alright. Just don't worry.

In row eight, a lady in red, knowing the name of Louis?

Yes. He's my brother. (Man) Alright!

Yeah! Yeah!

Alright! Alright!

Who's Jimmy?

Uh, my older brother. They were twins.

It's alright.

They're together again.

They can't be. Jimmy isn't dead.

(Audience murmuring)

No one can tell who's Jimmy and who's Louis.

They're having so much fun over there.

Jimmy isn't dead!

You're wrong! He can't be "over there".

Bill Prior. ls there a Bill Prior?

Yes, he's my son.

Is he alive?


Mike Braddon?

Is there a Mike Braddon?

Me, uh... I'm Mike Braddon.

What's your job, Mike?

I'm a union official.

Well, K...

Karl Zwimmer.

Is there a Karl Zwimmer?

Karl's a friend of mine. He's... he's meeting me later.

(Audience murmuring)

Sometimes this happens.

The voices stop. The dead withdraw.

It's as if they become so disgusted with what we're doing, they can't speak to us anymore.

Tonight, they have turned their backs on us.

I'm sorry.

If you bring your tickets with you tomorrow, you'll be allowed in free.

(Audience murmuring)

God bless you.

(Gospel choir) ♪ My Lord, sweet Jesus

♪ No man can love you like me

♪ My Lord, sweet Jesus... ♪

(♪ Gospel song continues in auditorium)

Why is he in here?

Look at me, baby.

What's going on in there?

What kinda nightmare keeps exploding in your mind?

Why won't you believe me, Daddy?

Try to describe what you see, Martha. Stay away from me.

Only vultures like the dead!

He sits on Kuron's corpse.


I'm only trying to help, Walter.

Oh, uh... listen to what he's got to say.

He is a bright guy.

Just forget I'm a reporter.

After this afternoon...

Get him out, Walter.

Get that fucking hack outta here.

What happened this afternoon?

Nothing. He was with me.

See you, Walter.

I'm not family.


While we're talking ethics, Martha, I think your act is a scam.

That's the story I intend to file tomorrow.

Put that away, Walter.

I want you clear-headed, like you used to be before Mother left.

We're at the end of the road.

I can't go on.

We've got to.

Why have we?

There's something you're not telling me?

Something I ought to know?

The bank deposit's alright, isn't it?

The shares and everything?

My God!

You've lost it all, haven't you?

Where is it? Huh?

Have you been gambling again, huh?

Is it a woman this time? Who is she? Huh? Who is she?

My money!

You bastard!

You've cheated me all my life.

You cheated me of my life!


You son of a bitch!

You're laughing at me!

I can't help it.

I can't.

Here, look in the mirror.

See your mother's face.

Swollen with tears, confused, stupid, mean.

The bitch walked out on me, and now you.

You're full of the same sweet-smelling garbage, you and your mother.

Lynette! Even her name sounded like a cake decoration!


This is the real spirit world!

-(Laughs) God help me!

God help me!


I can't stop.

I can't go on! Yes, you can, Martha.

You can go on.

Yes... tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be different.

Tonight out there, you simply broke the rules, that's all.

(Chuckles) Yes.

It wasn't...


It wasn't...

show business.

(Both laughing)

I'm still at the airport.

Better tell your cop friend to keep treading water.


I'll be there tomorrow.


(Wind howling)

(Siren wailing)

(Helicopter approaching)

(Phone rings)

Sorry for bringing you out on a Sunday, Chief.

Thought you should see that.

Get me Gary.

(Sirens wailing)

This is fine. Wait here.

(Police radio, indistinct)

(Man) 'Stay clear of the area.

'Stay clear of the area.'

Excuse me.

Would you excuse me, please? Thank you.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, please.

(PA) 'All men must leave the plant. All men must leave the plant.'

(Hubbub of conversation)

(indistinct shouting)

Excuse me, but... are you Jackie Adams?

Yes. Did I see you last night at the Washington Hall where Martha Travis was working?

(Reporter) '...only know right now is that there are people trapped inside.' ls your husband in there?

'The flames are coming out of what looks to be the third floor.'


Don't know.

I'm waiting to find out.

Maybe she was right.

Maybe Bill is dead.

(Man) Everybody, stand over to the right!

Stand over to the right! I hope not.

So do I.

(PA announcement, indistinct)

They haven't told us anything.

(♪ Christmas music playing)

♪ My love

♪ I'll be with you this Christmas... ♪ I, uh...

I said such terrible things.

Forget it.

What I meant when I said it's not show business...

What did you mean?

I meant it, uh... wasn't entertainment any longer.

Why does everything serious have to be turned into entertainment?

Politics, wars... famines... space shuttles.

They're all just variety acts on TV.

I'm not a variety act, Walter.

What do you want?

There was an accident at a local nuclear fuel plant.

Bill Adams.

Jimmy Dupont.

Bill Prior, Mike Braddon, Karl Zwimmer.

All dead. Oh!

Don't pay any attention to him.

It's true, Martha.

I take back everything I said last night.

Are you hearing this, Daddy?

I... I can't take it, I'm sorry.

That's not good enough.

When I go on stage each night, I look at the audiences and feel their pain.

I see their mangled bodies, their faces drained of blood.


That's not show business, Daddy!

I don't see "over there" at the end of the rainbow any longer.

Instead, I see wasting diseases, cancers... symptoms of our own self-destruction.

It haunts me.

And it's getting worse!

We don't understand what we're doing.

That's the story you should be after.

But it isn't, is it?

You phoned your editor yet?

It's my job.

Sorry, but tomorrow this place'll be like a hornets' nest.

They're going to turn me into a variety act, Daddy.

Isn't that what you wanted?

I could keep them off your back, Martha.

You give me the name of Kuron's killer...

the story's dead.



(Phone rings)

Oh, God, to whom vengeance belongeth, show Thyself.

Lift up Thyself, Thou judge of the earth.

Render a reward to the proud.

Lord, how long shall the wicked triumph?

(♪ Organ playing)

Morning, Irving.

You know I don't like doing business so close to the Lord's house.

Well, it so happens I've come to talk about a crucification.


Have you read this?

Never did take "The Bee".

Well, maybe you should, Ted.

The Lord didn't spend all His time up the mountain, did he?

All buzz, no sting.

You think that because you're a dumb, arrogant wasp!

Well, as the only Jew in the area, I know where the nails are going, and the crown of thorns, and the vinegar!

No sting, huh?

They're asking why I haven't questioned her yet, and whilst they don't actually come out with it, imply negligence if not possible corruption!

And you don't come out smelling of ammonia.

You know, Irving, I don't believe we're in the Garden of Gethsemane yet.

I can't tread water any longer.

I have to go after her.

Just pray your man gets there before me.

(Phone rings)


She was right on the button. He exists alright.


Yes, yes, yes!

Hold on.

There is one flight a day from Chicago to Ironsboro.

Uh-huh. 'Yesterday it was delayed, then cancelled.

'It took off at eight o'clock this morning,' arrives at 11:37 local time.

His name was not on the passenger list, but I wouldn't expect it to be.

'I suggest you take Ms. Travis to the airport.

'The litmus test is whether she can recognize him.'

Do it right away.

Hope to see you in church next Sunday.

(Knocking on door)

(Gary) Come on, Walter, open up. It's urgent.

Walter, where's Martha? She's not in her room.

"A day of wrath, and a day of despair and anguish, "a day of ruin and devastation, "A day of darkness and gloom." Where's Martha, Walter?

"A day of trumpet blast and battle cry."


You foul and slimy creature.

You slid into... into my confidence...

Walter. I took you into the...

(Slurs) Yes, he laid hands on my little girl, yes.

Walter. No, man.

Listen to me, Walter.

Where is she? Walter!

(Siren wails)

(Man) "I'll bring distress on men

"that they walk like blind men.

"Hear me today, "because they have sinned against the Lord.

"Today is the day of salvation.

"Your blood shall be poured out as dust, "and your flesh as dung."

(Siren wailing)

(Man) 'Let the rescue services have a clear passage.'


You bloody witch!

Have you come to see your prophecy fulfilled?

Have you come to tell me that Billy's alright?

Alright in there?

Alright up there?

Answer me, witch!

You know, if we didn't believe in all that crap about the hereafter, maybe we'd pay some attention to what's going on down here.

But we only get one shot, don't we?

And that's the truth!

So tell me, what is my son doing over there?

Picking flowers?

Playing the guitar?

I'm sorry.


You're sorry?

You get the hell out of here!

You'll not stay here and gloat over us.


Hey, what are you doing, buddy?

I'm here to meet Martha Travis.

Nobody told me.

She's been and gone already.

Maybe you'd better wait out front, mister.

Maybe she meant me to meet her at her hotel?

Who are you, anyway?

Her brother.

Just in from New York,

Do you know where she's staying?

Are you giving me the runaround, kid? This is the third goddamn time!

(Man) 'Well, I'm afraid...' Well, what about Mr. Travis?

'He's not answering.' Irv, there's someone to see you.

'I'll get them to call you back.' They'd fucking better, kid!

(Woman) ...male Caucasian, approximately five foot eight, 200 pounds, short blonde hair.

You son of a bitch!

I come in peace, Irving.

Martha Travis has gone missing. She hasn't been seen since late this morning.

Well, that's great!

I'll be getting on home, then.

Not so fast, my friend.

Kuron's killer's in town.

You may have another murder on your hands.

You can forget all that shit about the hit man.

No, I can't.

I have his name.

Am I expected to believe all this hocus-pocus voodoo crap?

Irving, you're only on page one.

You haven't heard what happened last night.

Yes... Is Martha back yet?

Ah! Hold on a second. Shit!

Where the hell is she?

There's a message for you. "Call your editor."

Uh, how many nights will that be for?

I think we can do that. Excuse me.

Well, no, that'll be alright, sir. You have a reservation for me.


Uh, hold the phone. Be with you in a moment.

Uh, yes, Mr. Davidson, you called me half an hour ago.

Mr. Davidson...

(Alarm clock ringing)

(Thunder rumbling)

(Man) OK, up here, Chief. Want me to stay put?

Yeah, we'll close off the balcony, OK?

(Thunder rumbling)

Do you think she'll turn up?

If she does, will you let her go on? Sure I will.

But if I let her go on, will she want to?

Just leave her to me.

(Man) OK, over here, Sergeant.

"The trap is set." Period.

"But will the bait turn up?" Question Mark.

"She left her..." Hold on! Hold on! Here she is!


I have to change. It's important, for God's sake.

For God's sake?

Yours. That's better.

Make it fast.

Tom Kuron's killer is here. In town.

Where's Walter? In the hotel.

Couldn't wake him.


I'm sorry he won't be here tonight.

I could've told him why we turn everything into entertainment.

It's so obvious.

It's the only way we can make sense of the random stupidity of it all.

Martha, you could be killed out there tonight.


(Hubbub of conversation)

(♪ Gospel choir singing)

♪ Just to behold my savior's face

(Lead singer) ♪ Go on to behold ♪ Just to behold my savior's face

♪ Stay with Jesus forever ♪ Just to behold my savior's face ♪


Good evening, everyone. (Audience) Good evening!

(Thunder rumbling)

I look at your faces hungry for confirmation and could weep.

There you are, wanting, waiting, expecting me to provide something concrete to believe in.

You'd hate me if I told you that when we die, we return to nothing.

To the exact state we were in before we were born.

You'd hate me, wouldn't you?

(Audience) Yes!

But if you knew for certain that there was nothing after death, that you only had one shot, as someone said to me this morning, maybe if we didn't indulge in the arrogance of thinking we go on forever, we'd be better people while we were alive.

Think of that!

But you don't wanna think about that, do you?

(Woman) No. (Man) Not really.

Nor shall you.

It would mean my act was a fraud, wouldn't it?

(Audience) Yes!

But you know it isn't, don't you?

(Audience murmuring in agreement)

That's it.

You're rational, questioning people.

You're not like the others tonight, sitting in front of the television being told what to believe in.

No one pulls one over you, do they? (Woman) No.

(♪ Piano strikes up)

(♪ Gospel choir sings)

In the fourth row, is there somebody who knows the name Koestler?

Me. Yes.


Don't be nervous.

Is his name Art?


He's only just gone over, hasn't he?

He had a hard life.

He was a coal miner.

Art says...

"It's good to be out in the light at last.

"All those years in the dark. (Thunderclap)

"No more bosses.

"No more work.

"All those years in the dark."

Was his neck broken?

He was on a motorcycle.


(Martha) Yes.

He said he was on his way home and never got there.

Never got to see his mom again.

Who's Tony?

Who's John?

Doesn't mean anything to you? No.

Who's Walt?

Not so fast, Walt. There's a lot of interference.

I can't hear you properly.




Does anybody know a Walt?

I know a Walter.


My husband is... was Walt.

He's on the other side.


He says he's somebody's father.

Does anybody have a father named Walt?

Over here! My father was Walt.


Y-Yes, Walt. Walter.

My father was Walter.

He said not to worry.

It's alright.

He stopped drinking.

He had a drinking problem? No, he never drank.

He was a Salvationist. He never touched alcohol.

No! (Screams)



(Audience screaming)

(Martha) Daddy!

Hold it, Jake, it's Barry.

(Weinberg) Police! Move it!

Come on, move it!

Is she OK? Get over to the hotel.

I'll stay here. What?

Trust her, he'll be there.


You stole my life.

No, baby, no!

(Mumbles) No, baby, no!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. God!

Don't let me die!



How did you get in here?


It shouldn't be happening like that.

Your mother said that it's happening to me!

I didn't believe.

She was right. Why didn't I believe her?

He's here, is he?

Have you come to save me?

You have come to save me, haven't you?

Just one time, baby, that's all.

One more chance.

A trick?


(Martha, echoing) 'You stole my life.'



(Breathes heavily)

A dream?

(Siren wailing)

Police! Freeze!

Walter Travis? Uh, room 404.

Cover the back. I'll go in.

(Elevator bell clings)


You OK?

What about Walter?

Aren't you interested to know?

I stayed here with you.


Do your job.

I'm fine now.

You sure?


He never knew.

Knew what?

If it was a dream.





Mind if I use the phone? Sure.

Did you see her?

Yep. Sure it wasn't a ghost?

None of us has seen her for years. So you told me.

(Editor) 'Chatwin.' Jay. Gary. I found her, but she won't talk.

'So, it's a waste of time.'

Listen, I got some great photographs. I can still give you a terrific story.

'Oh, sure, I'll believe it when I see it.

'Why don't you take the next plane?'


(Phone rings)

You wanted to see me, Jay?

These just came in from the lab.

What is this shit?

Are you on mushrooms or something? Are you sick?

Are you drinking too much? Sniffing glue?

(Gary) Kudzu.

Goddamn kudzu.

You know... we can't kill this stuff, Jay.

Nothing can stop it.


You know, you're going to have to see the company doctor.

We'll need a drug test.



She's still out there, Jay.


And I'm going to find her.

Maybe not today.

Maybe not tomorrow.

But I'll find her.

Now you see me.

Now you don't.

♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ God's people we are

♪ We're God's somebody

♪ It matters not if rich or poor

♪ We're present in his sign

♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ God's somebody we are

♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ God's people we are

♪ We're God's somebody

♪ It matters not if rich or poor

♪ We're present in his sign

♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ God's somebody we are

♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ God's people we are

♪ We're God's somebody

♪ It matters not if rich or poor

♪ We're present in his sign

♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ Everybody is God's somebody

♪ God's somebody we are ♪