Black Sunday (1977) Script

[ boat horns honking intermittently]

[ seagull screeches]

[ indistinct conversation]

[ man on P.A. speaking in foreign language]

MAN [ on P.A.]: Your attention, please.

Passengers for flight 8207, you may board now at gate four.

[ jet taking off]

[ man on P.A. speaking in foreign language]

[ soldier barking cadence in foreign language]

[ car horns honking]

[ car horns honking]

[ Middle Eastern music playing]

[ music playing loudly]

[ no audio]

[ Middle Eastern music playing]

[ woman singing Middle Eastern melody]

[ children singing in foreign language]

[ indistinct conversation]

[ engine starts]

[ car horns honking]

[ gate latch clanking]

[ car engine turns off]

[ goat bleats]

[ film projector whirring]

[ camera shutter clicks on film]

I am Michael J. Lander, Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy.

I was... captured on February 10, 1967, while firebombing a civilian hospital near Ninh Binh.

[ sighs]

I, uh... am guilty of my war crimes, and although I'm guilty of my war crimes, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam hasn't punished me.

They have, uh, showed me the suffering that I have caused by my crimes.

I'm sorry for what I've done.

I am sorry that we killed children...

...and I call upon the American people to stop the war.

The Democratic Republic of Vietnam has no animosity...

...toward the American people.

It's the warmongers who are making the war.

What about Vietnam?

Forgive me.

[ speaking foreign language]

Well, Dahlia was, uh... was concerned about security.


I was concerned at the lack of trust.

I know 100 times more about that man than any piece of film.

I want that film destroyed.


As for the man Lander, you will have to take my word.

He lives for it.

After all, it was he who approached us.

Are you convinced about him?

Can you control him?

To a degree.

To the degree you can control your child.

A brilliant child-- he doubts, or he is dangerous.

He reminds me of you sometimes, Nageeb.

Don't bring personalities into this discussion, Dahlia.

Why not?

It's our personality which projects the image of our cause.

That's enough.

Now, tell him what projectiles the American is planning to use, and how many.

220,000 steel rifle dots.

Rifle dots.


With initial velocity of 600 meters per second.

That's right.

Striking where it hurts them most.

Where they feel most at home.

Dahlia, I think Nagawa would like to get down to technical requirements.

No. Please.

Go on.

Go on, comrade.

We are going to make a broadcast to the world on that day which you are going to let me record tomorrow.

I shall give the American people their state of the nation.

[ buoy bell clanging in distance]

We accomplished everything we set out to do.

It has been very fruitful for me.



Before I leave, I have two questions to ask of you.

This American of yours-- are you certain he is able to get all the rifle dots?



My Japanese comrades would have had a difficult time manufacturing that quantity and meet your January 9 deadline.

However, for the rest... rely upon me.

You'll have it within ten days.

Now, for my second question.

Why will the American do this?

I can tell you only that he will.

What is to stop him from weakening, giving you over to the police?


I'm there to stop him.

He depends upon me completely.

[ sighs]


I am going to make that recording now.

The American people have remained deaf to all of the cries of the Palestinian nation.

People of America, this situation is unbearable for us.

From now on, you will share our suffering.

The choice is yours.

Shalom aleichem.

[ stem clicks]

[ silenced gunshots]

[ silenced gunfire]

[ silenced gunfire]

[ clattering]

[ clock ticking]

[ button clicks]

In the van.

The van.

[ explosion]

[ people yelling]

He's dead!

Leave him!

[ shouting in foreign language]

[ explosion]

The film! You must get it!

It burned. The tape!

Tape?! I made the tape tonight, Fasil.

It was good, Major.

[ crowd roars]

ANNOUNCER [ over P.A.]: The Los Angeles Rams remind you that tickets for the next three Ram home games are available here at the Coliseum at Tunnels 11 and 19.

Third down and four for Los Angeles on the 49er 45-yard line.

[ crowd cheers]

Harris's pass, intended for Jackson, was incomplete.

However, there is a penalty on the 49ers: offsides.

It'll be first down, Rams.

[ crowd cheering]

[ blimp motor humming]

Hey, Mike, he wants us over the west side of the field.

Did you get that, Mike?

Sure he got it!

What the hell they think we're riding up here, rails?

Yes, well, we're trying for...

Hey, Mike!

I'm getting a lot of heat from down there.

Can't you push it a little?

Will you tell him we're bucking a 25- knot wind up here?!

He says we've blown the shot, Mike.

Oh, man, is he pissed off.

Well... why don't you tell him to try pissing off into this, uh, 25-knot wind we got up here?

[ laughing]

[ crowd cheering]

[ tractor engine thrumming]

Charles, my boy, I sure did the best I could.

Okay, thanks, Mike.

Take care, Mike.

The network wants to know what the hell happened up there.

Listen, nobody but Mike would even take it up in this kind of wind.

God sakes, this man flies the hurricane watches, you know that.

Yeah, and if Goodyear complains to your pilots' association, that's all he's going to be flying.

Good evening, sir.Good evening.

May I take your coat?

Thank you.Yes, sir.

Good evening, gentlemen.

Sam Corley, FBI.


Ambassador.How nice to see you.

DAHLIA: The American people have remained deaf to all the cries of the Palestinian nation.

But if a foreign people took over the states of Virginia, Georgia and New Jersey and forced the people of those states to leave their homes and lands, would they not feel bitter and betrayed?

Therefore, understand how we feel.

People of America, this situation is unbearable for us.

Until you understand that and stop helping the Israelis with arms and money, we of the Black September movement will make it unbearable for you.

From now on, you will share our suffering.

Today's horror is nothing to what will happen unless your government acts now.

We have begun the year for you with bloodshed.

I shall not rejoice over my part in this action and we hope it will not have to continue.

We want to be your brothers.

The choice is yours.

Shalom aleichem.

Major Kabakov?

This tape is not a threat.

It is to be used after the attack.

Probably January.

The quote:

"We have begun the year for you with bloodshed."

Any chance that your raid destroyed the plot, uh, as well as uncovering it?

No, sir. She's still alive.

Huh. Presumably scared as hell.

Black September does not scare.

You either kill or you get killed.

She was not killed because I did not kill her.

Of course I should.

[ taxicab drives off]

[ crickets chirping]

[ unlocks door]


[ gun cocking]

Just hold it right there.

Don't you move a step.

Turn the light on.

You're three days late.


What were you trying to do, set me up? Huh?

It's gonna take me ten seconds to find it out.

Now, you start very slowly and you tell me what the hell happened.



All is well.

All is normal.

Then what went wrong?

Nothing went wrong.



Why didn't you telephone, then?

Why didn't you put yourself in my place for five goddamn seconds, and call me up?

You could've done that.

I been here for three days!

Don't you understand that? Waiting for you!

You know me well enough to know what that can do to me.

Look at me!

Michael... there were reasons.

Please, listen.

Everything is arranged.

Everything is perfect.

I can show you.



Look what I brought for you.

All the way from Beirut.

What is it?

It better be a goddamn plastic explosive.

You're mighty lucky that's what it is.

That's the same stuff the Cong was using.

It's more powerful than ours but not as stable.

It doesn't matter.

I mean, is this the only thing you got?

Where the hell's the rest of it?

This isn't going to do it.

On its way.

How much?

How much did you ask for? 500 kilos?

As a minimum, yeah.

600 kilos will be coming in a week.


By ship.

From Hong Kong.

Into Long Beach Harbor.

No record of her in Beirut either before or after the raids.

An analysis of her voice by our experts concludes she probably learned English either in Switzerland or Germany, and spent the last year with Americans or in the United States itself.

I'll put our Lebanon people on it tonight.

You know, Sam, I really think the ball is more in your court than in mine.

The Israeli government will, of course, do everything to help.

Thanks, Mr. Ambassador, but, uh, until we get photos, dossiers, at least some background, all we can do is put out a general alert to Customs, Immigration, Coast Guard, based on the description you gave us.

Which was very inadequate, I must admit.

Well, that's all we have, that's all we can do, Major.

I think we have to accept that for now, Mr. Corley.

That's fantastic, Michael.

You didn't tell me you finished the mold.


Want some coffee?


What is this?

It's for the test.

Michael, do we need to make that test?

Absolutely. And I'm not going to discuss it with you again.

There's going to be a test.

When the stuff comes, I'll take my vacation-- come in here and work 16 hours a day.

How we going to know?

From the importer, a Turk called Muzi.

He has been paid $100,000.

Michael, you are supposed to be at the rehabilitation center in two hours.

I know you hate going there but, if you don't, they will send someone around here-- a caseworker-- poking about.

You told me that.

Listen, they have only to make one bad report, and it's no more flying, so please.


How are you feeling today?

You mean, am I crazy today?

Oh, of course, I don't.


I'm sorry, Dahlia.

I'll go.

[ sighing heavily]: I'll go.

And not only that, I'll be good.

After all...

I was a hero.

Michael... you don't have to kill them one at a time.


My name's Lander.

I have an appointment with Mr. Pugh at 10:30.

Take a number.

Well, haven't you been here before?

Yes, I've been here before.

Well, take a number.

[ into P.A.]: Twenty-three.

WOMAN: You're welcome.

I'll see you next month.


[ quiet knock on door]

Mr. Muzi?

Come in.

I have come about the shipment of Madonna statues from Hong Kong.




Ah, Captain Lander.

How are you?

Harold Pugh.

Sit down, Captain.

Let's see what we've got here.

I must say, you're looking well, Captain.

Thank you, sir.

Bounced back nicely, I'd say.

Well... tried.


Good to be back with the family, I'm sure.

The family's fine, I understand.

Uh, they're not with you?

No, sir. Uh... I'm divorced.

I think you'll find it there in the folder.

Uh, you get to see the children, though.

No, sir.

I don't get to see my children.

But you have, uh, visitation rights.

Mr. Pugh, my children are very small.

They don't know much about my rights.

Uh... look, I-I'm sorry.

Uh, sit down, Captain, will you? Uh...

My predecessor, Gorman, left very few notes, I'm afraid.

I'm, uh, curious as to why you resigned your commission.

To save the Navy distress.

Look at me, sir.

I, uh... look like an upstanding person, don't I?

You know that I was four times decorated?

Four times. It's right--

Yes, I read it. Very distinguished.

Well, you wouldn't think that a man-- a distinguished man like that-- would cause a big Navy like ours any distress, would you?


Mr. Pugh, you'd be surprised.

Well, listen, let me get some of this down. Um...

When were you divorced, Captain?

She filed... one month after my release.

Don't be dismayed, sir.

The government did everything that they could.

Yes, I'm sure. Still, it must've been--

A Naval officer came around several times after my capture and had tea with Margaret and counseled her... and he told her that the life expectancy of a released P.O.W. is about one-half the average.

He also told her about the high rate of homosexuality and impotence among released P.O.W.s, and stressed the impotence.

Captain, that's, uh, standard procedure in the Navy.

I understand that, sir.

He felt he was doing his job.

He was preparing her for what it was she was going to have to go through.

Shewas going to have to go through.

Sometimes it's better to let this out, you know.

I know, sir. But it's all... water under the bridge now, you know...

'cause I don't have that problem anymore.

Uh, surely, Captain, there were other factors involved, right?


She was getting a little dick on the side, if that's what you mean.

CORLEY: Yeah, I got that.

What else do you got?

What kind?

Yeah? The number on it? Any registration?


David, come back here.

CORLEY: Where was it?

Yeah, Texas. Right.

Mm-hmm. Got that.

And what else?

Four Black September women.

CORLEY: Thirty-two.

No. Next.

Oh-- Students outside American University of Beirut, August '73.

Yeah, I will. Anything?

Ditto, January '74.

I will.

We will never find this woman through photographs.

Well, then let's continue to go on, anyway.

I got a case containing a dozen Armalite rifles found abandoned on a pier: Wilmington, Delaware.

Hmm?Coast Guard intercepted a private launch outside Galveston, Texas-- 32 sticks of delignite.

Treasure hunters.

Moshe-- next.

It's him.

[ winch motor whirring]

OFFICER [ on P.A.]: This is the Coast Guard to the vessel alongside the Suma Maru.

Get the hell out of here.

Stand by to be boarded.

Cover me.

[ siren wailing in distance]

MAN [ over radio]: Rescue Coordination Center, we read you.

MAN 2: This is cutter Point Camp, in pursuit of small craft, white with dark trim, two people on board.

Entering harbor at excessive speed.

Unable to continue pursuit at this speed without damaging pleasure craft in area.

Request smaller boats from base take up pursuit.

MAN: We roger that, Point Camp.

MAN 3: Base, this is Coast Guard Oh-Three taking up pursuit of subject vessel with Coast Guard One-Two en route to enter harbor.

[ siren wailing]

MAN 3: Base, this is Oh-Three.

Subject has taken evasive action and entered main ship channel.

MAN: This is 12.

Will continue in pursuit, main channel.

[ engine throttles down]

[ sirens wailing in distance]

[ sirens blaring]

[ over radio]: Base, this is 12.

Have lost visual contact.

Continue up channel to B basin.

[ sirens fading]

[ boat horn blows]

[ laughs]

She's right on time.

[ engine revving]

[ over radio]: Okay, we got him.

Subject vessel spotted making high-speed run for inner basin.

We're in pursuit.

This is base.

We roger that.

Drawbridge operator, this is the Coast Guard.

Emergency. Raise the bridge.

Repeat. Raise that bridge!

Bridge operator to Coast Guard.

I can't help you. Negative.

Hey, I'm committed to a freight train.

Jesus, man! There's nothing I can do!

[ sirens blaring]

[ sirens blaring]

[ bells clanging]

[ bells clanging and sirens blaring]

[ train horn blaring]

[ over radio]: Base, this is Oh-Three.

Have completed search.

Good, Mike.

Negative results.

Looks like they made it.

[ both laughing]

You can damn well believe that.

Oh-Three and 12, return to base.


Notify civilian authorities...

Let me ask you something.

That little nipper that helped us out there-- that captain-- how much does he know about the overall plan?

I think nothing.

Well, he knows that other Jap, the one you met in Beirut.

And he does know.


Anyway, he won't talk.


He won't.

[ brakes squeaking]

This is Mr. Kabakov, Mr. Moshevsky.

Working with me on the case.

Jim Radner of our Los Angeles office.

Nice work, Jim.

Well, I didn't know whether you wanted to come out now or later.

Took the first plane when you told us the ship was under Libyan charter.

Well, I...Can we go up now, Mr. Corley?

Okay. We're coming aboard.

Up the ladder on the left, Sam.

[ whistling]

I sure appreciate that, Officer.

There's such a heavy seasonal depreciation in this type of merchandise.

Any other business, you know...

Pardon me, gentlemen.

CAPTAIN: Ah, no! I don't want any more people on my ship!

Who are these men? Who are you?

Don't think we'll bother too much with introductions.

Corley, FBI headquarters.

I'm Lieutenant Doyle, Mr. Corley.

And this Bill Dockert of U.S. Customs...

Mr. Dockert.Mr. Corley, how are you?

I don't think we got very much here.

We did a routine search.

Checked cargo against manifest...

Look, I don't want to say this again, but I got $200,000 worth of Christmas novelties out there waiting to unload.

Now, if they're not in my shop by Wednesday, I'm-I'm a little mad.

Uh, I am the Assistant Libyan Consul.

The captain has permitted a search, but if he had refused, he would've been in his right.

This ship is Japanese territory.

MOSHEVSKY: Captain, what was that speedboat doing alongside your ship?

We questioned the captain on that point, and everything's perfectly satisfactory.

And what about his answer was so convincing?

Law of sea.

Speedboat was out of fuel.

I obeyed law of sea.

Why did he run away then?

Not my business.

Maybe he was smuggler for all I know, huh?

Oh, we are wasting our time.


You are wasting my time.

Now, I go ashore now.

Against law to stop me.

You stay.

Search ship second time, third time.

I go ashore.

Now, this is my ship, my cabin.

Everybody get out!

I get my release.

Oh, you sure do, Mr. Muzi.

There's no further basis for an impound.

Okay with you, Lieutenant?

Aye, sir.All right, let's go.

It's wonderful to see the FBI step in, Mr. Corley.


Don't be so rude to everybody.

[ phone ringing]

[ ringing continues]

[ ringing continues]

[ grunts]

You didn't answer my question this morning.

Why did the boat run away?

[ phone stops ringing]

You can forget about the law-- land or sea, Captain-- we are the law.

Captain Ogawa, I really don't want to have you killed.

I really don't.

But we have very little time left.

Perhaps one minute.

I don't know why boat turn away.

Not my business.

[ groaning]

I'm going to slit your artery now.

[ groaning]

Oh, the police are on the dock.

I must remember not to get blood on my clothing.

[ whimpering]: No!



I will talk.

Robert, let him sit himself up.

Robert, just go outside.

[ boat horn blows in distance]

Just make yourself comfortable, Captain.

Who paid you?

Bank of Tripoli on Hong Kong.

How many were on the speedboat?


Men or women?



What did they look like?

I don't know.


Wore masks.

What nationality?

Man, American.

Woman... silent.

What did they take off your ship and put in the speedboat?

They take off 12 crates.

Weigh each maybe 100...

200 pounds.

[ phone ringing]


This is Captain Ogawa.

[ explosion]

ANCHORMAN: The President is expected back in Washington tomorrow morning.

Locally, Long Beach fire and police officials have been unsuccessful in their attempts to find the cause in last night's explosion aboard the Japanese freighter, Suma Maru.

Captain Tekiaki Ogawa was instantly killed when the explosion occurred in his cabin.

An Israel national identified as David Kabakov was taken to Queen of Angels Hospital for treatment of shock and possible internal injuries.

His condition is listed as satisfactory.

Also, here at home, controversy continues with citizens' groups appearing before the city...

WOMAN: Your father's name?


Living or dead, Mr. Kabakov?

Dead, nurse.

Your mother's maiden name?

Raquel née Rabinovich.


Married or single?

I was married.

Divorced or widowed?


Do we have to go through all this?

I'm sorry, but we do require these particulars.


Yes, three.

Are they presently in this country, Mr. Kabakov?

No. My two boys are dead, but I have a daughter who lives in Jerusalem.

In Jerusalem, Israel.

Thank you, Mr. Kabakov.

Gentlemen, we would very much appreciate it if you would leave as quickly as possible.

Thank you, nurse.

You, um...

I'd be interested to know how the bomb was set off.

The, uh, explosive charge was in the receiver itself, activated by a specific sound frequency on the other end when the victim identified himself.

Yes, we have used that technique very often ourselves.

I-I should have guessed that one moment earlier.

Yes. Well, I'm going to have to give you a warning.

In your own operational circle in Israel, I understand behind your back they call you "The Final Solution."

A man who takes things to their ultimate conclusion and beyond.

Some of them say that to my face.

Yes. Well, you're not going to do it here.

Whatever you may think of our methods, you'll play by our rules or leave.

In fact, you'll be lucky to be allowed to leave.

I mean it.

It applies to both of you.

[ phone buzzes]


Be right down.

They checked the fingerprints from the cabin.


See you later.

Major, I think you're lucky to be alive.


I should've asked that captain if they wore gloves as well as masks.

I should've made sure of that.

[ indistinct conversation]

[ siren wailing]

WOMAN [ on P.A.]: Dr. Koker, emergency entrance, please.

Dr. Koker, emergency entrance, please.


Do you remember, once you said to me if... peace, if real peace ever comes to Israel...

you won't know how to live anymore.

They'll have to put you down like an old war dog.


I do want to be put down like an old dog.

I am... what the Americans call "beat."

I'm washed up, I'm through.

Don't tell that to me.

To other people... but not to me.

No. You're the only person I can tell it to.

You know for 30 years, I have been killing and murdering.

What have I achieved?

Same world... same wars, same enemies, same friends... and same victims.

[ switch clicks]

I should've killed the girl.

You would have.

At your age, I would have.

What you do not know is that if I had the chance to pull the trigger tomorrow...

I am not sure if I could.

Doubt has entered in.

That's no good.

So, uh...

Listen, uh...

[ stubbing cigarette]

"Old Dog..."

I'm going to talk to Corley and give him a bit of... Israeli advice.

The trouble is, David...

You've come to see both sides of the question.

That is never good.


My, uh...

My mother... once said, "Anybody who has a nervous breakdown has got something wrong with them."



WOMAN [ on P.A.]: Father Mathers, report to administration, please.

Repeat: Father Mathers to administration, please.

Mr. Robert Moshevsky, the telephone, please.

Mr. Robert Moshevksy...

Can I take it here?



Yes, it is.

Would you try again in two hours, please?

Thank you.

Sister Mary Rose, room 4201, please.

Repeat. Sister Mary Rose to room 4201.

Excuse me.

You're not supposed to go in there.

And you aren't supposed to be here.

Visiting hours are over.

I'm his night sister.

I'm taking the patient his pill.

If you don't mind, first we go down and check with security.

When I have given him his pill, I will be more than happy to do that, but first...

No, no, no, no, no.

First, we go downstairs.

You'll only make extra work for me, but if you insist.

You can leave your tray here, if you like.

I wouldn't dream of leaving it here, Mister...


Dr. Treman, please report to surgery.

Fourth floor, please.

All security guards, fourth floor, please.

Hey. David...

David, you all right?



[ panting]

I've got to tell you something, Major Kabakov.

Your friend Moshevsky's been killed.

Potassium chloride injected into the carotid artery.

A woman disguised as one of... the hospital sisters...

Just found him.

Elevator in the hospital.

I've got an all points bulletin out on the woman.

[ panting]

I just don't know what to say to you, Major.

Leave me alone, will you please, Mr. Corley?

[ door closing]

[ inhaling]

[ gunshots]

That ship's manifest... was phony.

[ door closes]

I don't know what you're talking about.

That manifest you gave to the Customs was phony.

Now, either you're going to tell me all about that and a lot more, or you are going... to die.

Now... just blink for yes, or die for no.

There were 12 crates on that ship.

12 that came off.

What were they?

They were just statuettes.

What were they?


Plastic explosives.

Tell me about the girl.

What was she like?

[ quietly whimpering]

She wore dark glasses.

I never saw her eyes.

I haveseen her eyes.

Where does she live?

I swear...

I don't know.

What did she call herself?


Who introduced you to her?

I mean, who was the contact?

Who... who is the man who paid you the money?

Oh, well, Mr. Muzi...

[ gun hammer cocks] you are going to die, unless you tell me who was the man who paid you.

Where does he live?

How did she know him?

Mamud! Mamud Al Bernadi.

He's an Egyptian!

He lives now in Tripoli!

[clicks gun]

Mamud Al Bernadi?

Lives in Tripoli.


I don't know why... I think I'm going to let you live.

[ vehicle approaching]

[ engine sputtering]

[ engine revs back up]

[ engine stops]

[ chickens clucking]

Oh, we're caught.

Hey, what are you folks doing here?

This is private property.

That's absolutely right, and that's why we're here.

We represent a big Los Angeles syndicate that's interested in spending quite a bit of money on this place.

Syndicate, huh?

Consortium, yeah.

Plug that into the battery there, darling.

Thank you.

So if you don't mind, uh, we'd sure like to take a few pictures.

Yeah, consortium, huh?

You know, I told them they should hold out for something like that.

You know, there's a charge for landing.



You got it.

Oh... my fault. Excuse me.

It's really rude.

There you go, 25.

And, uh, here's another 25.

Buy yourself a drink.

Thank you.

Of course, just between us, they been letting this place go to hell.

Why, if I hadn't spent all them extra hours up there shoring up that roof, this place...

The place would look a hell of a lot worse than it does right now, right?

[ chuckles]

Say, you know what I'd like to do?

Uh, we'd sure appreciate it if we could start shooting, uh, inside.

Sure. Come right in here.

Oh, that'd be just great. Go ahead, darlin'.

You know, the, uh, the group that we work for...

[ sighs]

...they'd sure want to keep you on here.

Would you like that?Yeah, yeah.

Oh, that's swell.

You know, there's been a lot of hackers and kidsRight there. and picnics this summer, but I've kept them all off.

Ah, you're a good man.

Then when you get through inside...Set it right here.

...I know some good places outside where you can get some pictures.

Oh, that'd be swell.

Boy, you sure got a lot of good equipment there.

Say, that's a pretty fancy camera.

Yeah, it sure is, isn't it?

It's brand-new.

Ah... okay.

Listen, can I give you a hand?

No, we've got it here. Just hang on.

Oh, okay, let it down.

Slow, slow, there you go.

You got it.

It's a panoramic, you know.

Is that right?


Well, you know, it's pretty dark in here.

Has that thing got a flash on it?

Sure does.

Hey, if you like, you know, I-I could, uh, stand over here like this.

Give it some scale.

Hey, that'd really be terrific.

I tell you what... why don't you, uh, here, put your hand up like that.

Put the pipe in the mouth.

Oh, darling, doesn't he look great?

Now, I'll just... adjust these little guys.

Just hold that pose for one second, and get these little doohickeys in here, and we'll be right with you.

There we go.

Now, here... now, darling, here.

Now, we're going to be right back.

You just hold up one second.


Geez, you look just great.

I'm ready!

When are you gonna to shoot?

[ explosion, piercing screech]

[ ricocheting]

It's completely symmetrical!


On both sides!

Michael, Michael, please, let's not stay around here too long, please?

Look at this. It works.

Look, darling, look at this!

Michael, please, let's go.

No, goddamn it, you're going to look at this!

We're not going anyplace! Now, look.

Now study that. Look at that.

That's brilliance, darling.

What are you talking about going?

Look at that!

We deserve this moment, sweetheart.

Don't you understand something?

When we set off the big one, we're both going with it.

Look at this.

Absolute goddamn brilliance.

Oh, God, there's absolutely no bunching together at the darts.

They're all dispersed evenly.

I mean, natural art. Look here.

Look, look here.

Look at the light on your face.

Oh, you look beautiful.

All those little holes make a pattern on your face.

And you know what that means?

That means that every single dart came down in exactly the perfect arc it was supposed to.

[ chuckles]

And I was worried, you know, that back there maybe I set 'em too close to the charge, and they'd disintegrate.

That way all I'd have done is, uh, fill up 25 Institutes for the Deaf to commit suicide.

Why so long a face?

We're champions!

Look at that.

Goddamn champions.

Don't you understand?

Darling, don't you realize something?

The day we set the big one off, we're only going to be a hundred feet off the ground.

Right over the 50-yard line.

Now, look at this.

That means 222,000 darts in a kill zone for 80,000 people.

That ought to do the job pretty well.

Yeah... pretty goddamn well.


Colonel Riaf.

We have known a lot about each other.

I listened to the tape that you sent me.

It was quite brave of you to take this step on your own.

If it was... on your own.

Well, I can assure you, Colonel, that no one on my side knows that I am here with you or that I have communicated with you in any way.

You want us to do your work for you?


Because if this happens, it will be very bad for my cause.

But it will also be very bad for yours, and in the end, you know, it might be worse for yours.

You have a reputation for ruthlessness, Major.

What happened to it?

If this thing is indeed going to be so bad for us, why don't you go home, have some sleep?

Colonel, we have fought many battles on opposite sides.

We've had some victories; we've had some defeats.

If this happens, for both of us it is a defeat.

Your government has outlawed Black September, hasn't it?

[ mumbles]

I agree.

What is it you want from us?

Well, I want one photograph of the girl on the tape... some dossier.

How you get that-- I don't know how... possibly from the man in... in Tripoli.

He was Egyptian; you expelled him.

You have 100 sources of information, of access denied to me, but you must cooperate with me right now.

[ chuckling softly]

Just because you did not consult your embassy superiors does not mean that you have to expect me to be rash... or foolhardy.

The word you used before was "brave."

I didn't particularly want to have to say this.

I think I will.

Five minutes ago, you had a choice.

Now you've no choice.

If you do not help me, you may have on your hands the blood of a great many innocent Americans.

And so, if you do not help me...

I am going to make this conversation very widely known.

Good day... Kabakov.

Her name is Dahlia Iyad.

Of Arab-German extraction.

Born on a farm near Haifa, formerly Palestine, in 1948.

Her father, brother killed by Israeli commandos in war of same year.

She, sister, mother expelled-- '49.

Lived in a tent in desert refugee camp, Gaza-- '49.

'57, her mother died of typhus-- 51.

Sister raped in war of '56.

Refugee camp, Jordan-- '57.

Sent by Arab League to Beirut University-- '66.

Geneva-- '70.

Black September: joined in 1973.

Here is her face.

Look at it.

After all... in a way, she's your creation, Major Kabakov.




No, I'm fine.

I will time the route to the airport tomorrow.

Then I will take the first available flight.

Can't wait.


They know who you are-- the Americans.

They found out yesterday.

They have your name, your photograph.

It will be in every police station, bank, and post office.

How did this happen?

Once they'd found the tape which you insisted on making, it was only a matter of time... but they were quicker than we anticipated.

I've come to get you out of the country.

[ knock at door]Put that away.

Who is it?

Bellhop. ! [ urgent whisper]: Put that away.


Happy New Year.

What you are really saying is... the operation is canceled.


For your own safety and the whole organization.

That's very easy.

As easy as pulling out a gun, [ whispering]: and as stupid.

[ car horn honks outside]

Look, Fasil, I have already faced far greater risks and dangers than this new one.

Risks... you know nothing about, and I overcame all of them, and now, at the very point of success, you want to cancel, when the bomb is here, ready to go off.

Ah, no.

I have been through too much for that.

We know what you've been through, and you've done well.

It would have been difficult even with a perfectly normal man.

We give you credit for that.

I don't want credit.

I want to win!

And it shows how little you know.

A normal man wouldn't have approached us in the first place, and this one is very gifted.

That's why it's going to work, and I'm going to stay and see it through.

You go back to Beirut.Listen!

I am your superior in the organization, and you will obey orders.

You may be my superior in the organization, but you are not a woman.

In case you had any idea of taking over, he doesn't give a damn about Black September politics.

Help me!

I don't need protection, I need help.

[ teletype clacking]


We've found Dahlia Iyad.

You're sure?

Positively identified in a Miami hotel last night.

I got a plane waiting. Let's go.

Thank God.

The girl had already gone by the time we got there, but the man is still there-- the man who was with her.

Yeah.That's his room up there, the fourth floor, third window.

Who is this man?

He's registered as Alex Stephanos.


Mohammad Fasil.

She's with him, all right.Who is he?

Organized the attack on the Olympic village in Munich, Black September.Ah, yes.

We've got the hotel staked out, sir: men in the lobby, that worker over across the street, and we've got a marksman up in that...

No, I don't want any marksmen.

No firing, not while she's free.

You tell your men. Be very careful, be very alert.

Very dangerous, very professional.

He watches everything, everything.

[ horn honks]

Here he comes.

Yes, it's Fasil.

Any messages for 39?


[ gasps]

[ gasping]

[ grunts]

[ screaming]

Tell your men not to shoot, even if they get him in the clear.

Get him on the radio.

Hold your fire!Hold your fire!

Hold your fire!

Put your hands up now!

Get down!

Put your heads down!

You over there, keep down!

Put your hands...[ gunshot]

[ screaming]

[ tires screeching]

[ whimpers]

Down, down!

Put your heads down!

[ girl sobbing]

Don't fire! Repeat, don't fire!

Don't shoot.

Keep your heads down. Keep your heads down!

Hold it right there.

Hold your fire. Get down.

Keep down!

[ dog barking]

[ crying]

[ gunshot]

[ woman screams]

No, get back! Back to the right!

Round the other alley!

[ sirens blaring]

[ whimpering]



If you drop your gun, we don't shoot!



[ shouts in foreign language]

[ woman sobbing, siren blaring]

You're all right.

It's all right. It's all right.

Turn here.

Parties on line-- seal off the alley at the other end.

I see the suspect.

There he is.

Coming toward us.

We've got him.

[ siren blaring]

Go on in to seal off the end of that street.

[ tires screech]

[ woman screams]

[ shouting, clamoring]

[ tires screeching]

Go back through the alley!

[ tires screeching]

[ crowd murmuring]

[ singing]

[ tires screech]

[ gunshot]

All units-- stop at the beach.

Seal off the beach area.

[ distant siren wailing]

[ gunshot]

Fasil, drop the gun!

Drop it!

We're not going to shoot!

Drop it!

[ clicking]

[ gunshots]

I told you about that man, Mr. Corley.

Should've let him shoot you.

British passport, American passport...

Mr. Corley?


What exactly is this Super Bowl?

[ quietly]: Oh, my God.

[ wind blowing]

CORLEY: Now, what other precautions can you take, Captain?

Well, as you know, all underground passageways will be checked and secured.

CORLEY: All right.

CAPTAIN: We'll place 24-hour guards on every entrance and on every exit.


The staff is being double-checked for security.

We're going to take every possible precaution in the business.

Mr. Robbie, could I speak to you for a moment, please?


I'd like to tell you, sir, that with Black September there's no way you can take "every possible precaution."

They know exactly what they're going to do, why, and when.

The only way we can take every possible precaution is to cancel the game.

Cancel the Super Bowl?

That's the most ridiculous suggestion I've ever heard.

That's like canceling Christmas.

If you do it, you might as well cancel every athletic contest in this country.

No, he's absolutely right.

They can't cancel the Super Bowl.

Mr. Robbie, you do realize there could be

80,000 people killed in your stadium.

All right, so you don't want to cancel the game.

Well, then, you have to stop every private plane within 300 miles.

You have to cancel every commercial flight over Southern Florida that day.

Don't worry about it, Major.

It's already been taken care of.

What else, Mr. Robbie?

Well, there's the Goodyear blimp.

That's got to fly.

Why? What is this blimp?

What does it got... supposed to do?

It'll take the picture for television.

KABAKOV: Officer, what else has got to fly that day?

Well, a police helicopter has to fly.

ROBBIE: And hishelicopter.If it comes.

Whose?He'll come.

Who?The President.

What? The President of the United States?

Well, who the hell else?

He's a great football fan.

Wait a minute, wait a minute-- are you telling me the President of the United States is coming here?

That's exactly what I'm saying.

I talked to him this morning.

Well, that's just too bad, because this is one game he's going to watch on television.


What's happened?

[ sighing]

What's happened, Michael?

It's finished.

They took it away.

Took what away? Who?

I've been waiting to tell you.

[ sniffles]

Uh... I was waiting for you to come home.

You remember that other guy... Farley.

They want him for the Super Bowl.

He's been flying all of the playoff games while I've been down in here on vacation.

Don't look at me like that, Dahlia.

There's nothing I could do about it.

They like him better.

His work.

One time I didn't get their shots for them in a high wind.

And I was the best blimp pilot this Navy ever had.

And then they phased out blimps.

They put me in helicopters.

I thought you'd like to see me in my uniform.

I don't want to see that, Michael.

You don't have to show me that.

Well, I...

I don't want to see it!

But this is what I was.

I wasn't kidding you when I said I was a hero.

[ huffs]

See these?

They don't give you these for nothing, you know.

Look at this one.

And you see this one here?

It has one little star.

That means two times.

This is the Silver Star...

This really means something in this country.

This is the Silver Star.

When they give you this and they give you these, and then they take them away from you, they're really asking for it!

And Farley knows that.

He came over here, and he was ashamed that he was having to replace me.

He even said, why didn't I go with him down to Florida and-and gave me two tickets for the game.

Dahlia...Don't touch me!


We can try again next year.

[ whispers]: No.

No-- yes, we can.

We can come back next season and set it up again.


That's it.

It's now or never, so it's never.

We can't wait.

Well, I could've done it...

You couldn't!

You couldn't!

I see that now.

I-I was too full of myself.

"I can handle it."

Even Fasil could have done better.

I unload this whole operation to depend on a man who is incapable of going through with anything.

Let alone, a project like this, but how could I have thought it?

A man without any political convictions Don't say that I couldn't have gone through with it.

I could've gone through with it.

Except for an accident, I...

There are no accidents!

Why do you talk to me like that?

That's that same psychological bullshit that I was getting from all those psychs at the V.A.

Expect you did.

It's probably them who reported you, after that last time when you behaved yourself like a sick child.

You're talking just exactly like they were!

Every one of them!

Who loved these medals, and then they chaired my court-martial.

Do you understand what I went through?

Huh? Do you know that I was months a prisoner of war?

Do you know that I was months in solitary confinement in a little 4 x 4 bamboo cell?

367 days, six years they held me!

As a prisoner of war!

And then I came back here, and my life was hell back here because she took it away from me, they... every single one of them took it away from me.

All those guys, too.

Yeah, I see them every Sunday.

I see them from up there, down in the mass.

Their little upturned faces and their two little weenies and a Coke, watching the big game, cheering the big game, because they cheer all the good things.

They cheer the big game, and they cheer court-martials, and they love the big event because it makes them feel big, and I was going to give it to them big!

They'd have been talking about that goddamned game for the next 5,000 years!

And so would Margaret, and so would the kids.

Margaret and the kids.

I don't give a damn about Margaret and the kids!


Don't leave me, don't leave me.

I loved her.

My last...

Christmas in captivity, they allowed me one letter... from Margaret.

And in it was a photograph of Margaret and the kids standing in front of the house.

And the shadow of the person that took the picture was in the foreground.

And it was wide.

And it fell on their legs, and all I could think about was, "Who took the picture?"

I spent more time looking at the shadow than I did at my own wife or kids.

I was just going to give Margaret and the kids something to remember me by.

I was just going to give the guy that took the picture something to remember me by.

I was just going to give this whole son-of-a-bitching country

[ sobbing]: something to remember me by.

If they can do it to me, why shouldn't I be able to do it to them?

You will.

[ sobbing]: I won't!

You will.

Michael, I need you.

I really need you.

Mr. Vickers.Yes, sir.

Dick, take her around, will you?

Tell me exactly where you get these pilots from?

Yeah, they come, uh, from an outfit called "A.N.P.A."

It's a pool of ex-service pilots that are engaged on a freelance basis to cover, oh, TV sporting events, advertising agency campaigns.

These A.N.P.A. pilots will be the same people flying the blimp for the Super Bowl?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

The flight crew is assembled with the camera team at the beginning of the football season.

They've all known each other for years, anyhow.

What about the ground crew?

Well, the ground crew is permanently employed by Goodyear.Yeah.

Uh, would you like to see the flight crew people now?


Alrightey, are you ready for your test?


Which one is Ron Simmons?


And which one is Jack Farley?

CORLEY: You must be a pretty well-traveled man for your age, Captain.

I guess I've flown in most of the states.

Uh, never been overseas.

Mr. Farley, I understand, uh, that you not only pilot blimps, but you drive speedboats.

Where in the world did you get an idea like that?

You've never driven a speedboat off Long Beach?

Vickers, is that what those eggheads have been saying about me?

They've been pulling your leg.

I'm not a speedboat freak.

I don't even swim.

What's this all about, anyhow?

It's, um, what is known as a security procedure, Captain.

Sorry to have taken up your time.

Nice talking to you gentlemen.

Bye, Mr. Farley.

[ band playing "I've been Working on the Railroad" ]

TV ANNOUNCER: You can see the Steelers' plane coming to the wall.

ANNOUNCER #2: Pittsburgh Steelers-- the American Conference champions, last year's Super Bowl...

Coach Noll, do you feel ready for the game?

We see Rocky Bleir, and there's Terry Bradshaw...

[ sirens wailing]

MAN: Your keys, sir.

Enjoy your stay.

Two on the 45, a hundred dollars each.

[ band playing "When the Saints Go Marching In"]

CORLEY: Damn it, Tom, I really think it's important that I speak to him.

Yes, personally!

I-I understand perfectly what's going on, but this isn't the time for that.

80,000 people in the stadium tomorrow.

Well, tell him.

Don't write a report about it, tell him face-to-face.

[ slams phone]

The President isn't persuaded that attending the Super Bowl will pose a threat to his life.

I suppose there's a more important threat on his mind: he's slipping in the polls.

82,528, to be exact.

Sir! Sir, I would like my room now!I've never seen this lady, I've taken a good look at her.

Take another look.

Officer, I've got a Super Bowl game going on here.

I'll be happy to call the police if I see this lady.

I've been waiting 15 minutes now--

Yes, I will.May I have my room, sir?!

Thank you.Thank you very much.

May I have my room now!You'll have it, sir.

DAHLIA: Hello.

Please, has Captain Farley remembered to place his wake-up call?

Farley. Yes.

Oh, good.

And could we have his room number?

We are sending something.

Thank you. Good night.


Room 401.

I love you.

[ sobbing]

[ tapping on podium]

All right, this is the final briefing, so pay special attention.

We'll cover our procedures for tomorrow, Sunday.

The stadium will be swept for explosives again at 4:00 a.m.

I wish to emphasize that this must be a very thorough operation.

Special Forces teams will also be searching every area under and around the stadium that could possibly conceal one or a series of bombs.

Our information is that there could be up to a thousand pounds of explosives.

At 1215 hours, the President's box will be searched.

From that time on, there will be six men continuously on duty.

At 0800 hours tomorrow, the series of snap-checks at airports for hidden ordnance will be doubled.

A final identity check will be made at all hotels, motels, and lodging houses.

Roadblocks will be prepared at all sides of the stadium.

At 1200 hours, the roadblocks close tight, and no vehicles will be allowed to pass through.

Green street, 16th Avenue.


Q&R. Main Ramp.

At 0500 hours, the Miami Police officers guarding the President's box will be replaced by the White House Secret Service detail, which incidentally has been doubled.

At 0600 hours, the police helicopter will be on duty, patrolling the entire stadium area.

At 0700 hours, the ground crew arrives.

They've all been cleared.

At 0730 hours, every available Miami Police officer, plus a special detachment of 250 FBI agents, will be on duty at the stadium.


Rows 27, Grant.


Rows 29--

Okay, I want magazines full.

Chambers empty and safeties on.

[ crowd shouting]

[ whistling]

[ knocking on door]Okay, yeah.

Yes?DAHLIA: Breakfast.


Room service.

Uh, just a minute, sugar.

Hiya, cutie.

Just a minute, sweetie.

I got something for you.

♪ And we'll all go out to meet her when she comes ♪

♪ Yes, we'll all go out to meet her when she comes ♪

♪ Oh, we'll go out to meet her ♪

♪ Yes, we'll all got out to meet her ♪

♪ We'll all go out to meet her when she comes. ♪

[ marching band drumming]

[ band playing upbeat tune]

ANNOUNCER: Your attention, please: three, nine, five, seven.

That's three, nine, five, seven.

[ marching band plays "I've been Working on the Railroad" ]

[ crowd cheering]

MAN: Hey, Cowboys!


[ crowd cheering players]

[ crowd chanting "Defense"]

[ marching band plays "I've been Working on the Railroad" ]

Hundred bucks now, right?The ball game's...

Okay, man, you haven't got a prayer.

You know that, don't ya?

Hey, hey, hey, hey.Hey, Mike Lander.

When'd you get in, good buddy?

Last night.Hey, what are you doing in uniform, Mike?

I thought you were on vacation, man.

Well, I thought I was on vacation, I thought I was going to get to come down here and see the game.

Last night, the middle of the night, I get a call from this jerk-off Farley, completely shit-faced some broad stuck her finger right in his eye.

[ laughter]

You putting me on?The poor guy.

Well, is he going to make it, or isn't he?

Hey, pal, I got the suit on. What do you think?

Man is with the doctor right now, so the less the four of us say about it, the better.

Now let's go.All right.

[ marching band playing lively tune]

ANNOUNCER: 30 to gate 7.

[ band playing John Philip Sousa march]

CROWD [ chanting]: Let's go, Pittsburgh, let's go!

You all got to show me your passes today.

We're going to show you our passes today.

All right, let me see 'em now.

Get 'em up. Get 'em up.

Don't you recognize me?

Oh, yeah, you're looking good.

Now where's your pass?

You got it. All right.

Okay, let it roll, men. Thank you.

[ laughing]: Oh, thanks.

Captain Lander.

Vickers, how are you?

Yeah, wh-where's Farley?

Out on the town last night.

Got a little shit-faced.

The less said about it, the better.

I'm glad you're back.

How's the weather?

Intermittent clouds.

Hey, let's finish stripping the ship.

Sam, you do a crew check? Okay.

Clear aft?


Clear right?

Clear right.

Stand by.


Take it aft.

[ cheering]

ANNOUNCER: Good afternoon, football fans.

The National Football League welcomes you to Miami's Orange Bowl and the championship of professional football between the American Conference Champion Pittsburgh Steelers and their coach, Chuck Noll. and the National Conference champion Dallas Cowboys and their coach, Tom Landry.

[ loud cheering]

[ engine revving]

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the starting defensive lineup for the AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers for the Super Bowl.

Defensive front four, the famed Steel Curtain.

[ crowd roars]

Now the Steeler linebackers.

On the outside, number 59 is Jack Ham.

On the other side, 34, the captain, Andy Russell.

In the middle linebacker position, number 58 is Jack Lambert.

Left cornerback, number 24...

Bring in the man.

REPORTER: The President's helicopter can be seen coming over the stadium now.

It'll only be a matter of seconds before it touches down.

CBS will try to get you as close as possible.

ANNOUNCER: And now coach Chuck Noll and the rest of the AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now the Super Bowl starting offensive lineup for the Dallas Cowboys.

[ cheering]

REPORTER: This is the first Super Bowl attended by the President.

Right guard, number 61...

And number 70, right tackle, Rayfield Wright.

Now to the Cowboys' three receivers.

Number 84 is the tight end, Jean Fugett.

And wide receiver, number 83, Golden Richards.

[ applause]

...Drew Pearson.

Now the Dallas backfield.

And quarterback, number 12, Roger Staubach.

Number 26...

Go Cowboys! Go! Go! Go!

Number 44, Robert Newhouse.

And coach Tom Landry and the rest of the NFC Champion Dallas Cowboys.

[ cheering and whistling]

Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.

[ "Hail to The Chief" plays]

And now ladies and gentlemen, to honor America, we proudly present our national anthem as sung by Mr. Tom Sullivan and the cast of Up With People.

[ trumpet intro playing]

♪ Oh, say, can you see

♪ By the dawn's early light

♪ What so proudly we hailed

♪ At the twilight's last gleaming ♪

♪ Whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪

♪ Through the perilous...

♪ glare

♪ The bombs bursting in air...

♪ For the land of the free

♪ And the home of the brave.

[ cheering]

ANNOUNCER: Right now, Dallas has won the toss.

Deep for Dallas...

Front, please.

Santos, take this up to 401.

...with a very strong wind at his back, Roy Gerela of the Pittsburgh Steelers ready to kick off in the biggest football game there is, the Super Bowl.

Pat Summerall with Tom Brookshier, and Tom, you could feel the pressure building up all week.

[ whistle blows] So here we go.

Super Bowl is underway.

[ whistle blows]

Knocked out of bounds at the 44.

First and ten, Dallas.

Gerela with the tackle.

Roy Gerela finally got him out of bounds as Dallas breaks in Pittsburgh territory.

They are in good shape, Tom.

[ whistles blows]

A gain of about two yards.

Five-yard loss.

Third down and 13.

[ game announcing continues]

Say, Ron?

Can you go back and get me a Coke, please?

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

While I'm back there, I think I'll pull an envelope inspection.

Watch the mic wire.


Hey, Mike, what the hell's going on?

What's the matter?

The port engine's trailing smoke.

MAN: Hey, Lander, we got fire!

Hey, hey, hey, just everybody relax.

It's nothing Vickers can't take care of.

Yeah, but Vickers can't take care of it.

Vickers ain't up here.

Did you call him yet?

Yes, I called him, and I told him we were coming in.

ANNOUNCER: ...back to the 25, Henderson on the tackle.

First and ten, Pittsburgh.

Why do they keep all these lights on?

Television wants them.

Remember how they set off that telephone in the ship's cabin?


How long do you think it would take enough heat from these lights to generate a thermostatically-controlled bomb in here?

I don't know.

I did that once, you know, in Tel Aviv.

We checked the junction boxes.

There's a guard on the main bus panel.

Well, I think these people could enjoy this game well enough in the sunshine, don't you, Mr. Corley?

Bradshaw to Grossman for the TD.

[ applause and cheering]

I think it's getting worse.

You think too much.

We have some banquet rooms on this side over here.

Santos, turn that down.

And I thought I told you to take that to 401.

I did. There was a "do not disturb" sign on the door.

It's for Captain Farley, but he's flying the Goodyear blimp in the game today.

Put it up there, and don't forget to bring back the passkey.

ANNOUNCER: Time-out, Cowboys.

Agent Franco, come in, please. Agent Franco, come in, please.

Franco here.

This is Corley. Give me Kabakov.

Kabakov here.

Major? Major, it's the blimp.

We have a confirmed report that Farley the pilot has been found murdered in his hotel room.

[ whistling]

[ game announcing continues]


Slo-mo A...Excuse me.

Excuse me, could any of you gentlemen please tell me where the blimp is?

Who let this man get in here?

Would you tell me what happened to the blimp?

Would you mind leaving, please?

Sir, I just want to know what has happened to the blimp.

Bob, will you get the guy out of here?

Would you mind?

Ready, set. Take it. Set.

We've got 75 million people...

Is this man in control of it?

Get him out of here!

We've got 75 million people...

Let me tell you that there are 85,000 Americans who will be murdered if I don't know where this blimp is!

The blimp has a mechanical problem.

It's gone back to its base.

Would you mind leaving?Thank you, sir, thank you.

90 seconds. Okay, thank you, Terry.

And one.

[ crowd roaring]

[ whistle blowing]

[ applause and cheering]

[ game announcing continues]

[ all talking at once]

[ low rumbling]

Hey, the blimp!


Hello, ma'am.

What have you got?

Television equipment.

Okay, Mike.

Why didn't you call in?

I didcall in.

But what happened?

What do you mean, what happened?

Can't you see the goddamn thing smoking?

Yes, I can see that, but what happened?

Two air lines broken.

What does the panel indicate?

The panel indicates it's in the red.

MAN: Vickers?


Network. Urgent!

Take over.

Get to the blimp!

Get out there now!

Vickers here.



Jenkins, have your crew help unhook the trailer and get that onto the gondola.

Come back, everybody.

And help him unhook the trailer.

What is that?You won't believe this.

They want this new thing underneath here, and they want it now.

The network wants it. Vickers is in there arguing with them.

How much weight is that thing?

It weighs 1200 pounds, so get all those sandbags off.

Come on.

All right, all right!


This is costing 175,000 bucks a minute.

Hold this.

Get it under there.

[ all shouting]

Get those sandbags off.It'll never fly.

All right, the locks are on-- come on, come on!

[ shouting]

I refuse to...

Get rid of all that television stuff.

We're on our way.

What are you doing?!

Are you out of your mind?

[ grunting]

[ crowd roaring]

[ whistle blowing]

Touchdown Dallas.

[ siren blaring]

[ tires squealing]

[ siren blaring]

Cover me, cover me.

[ siren blaring]

[ thudding]

[ sirens blaring]

[ machine gunfire]


[ glass breaking]

[ engine revving]

My God, here it comes.

[ siren blaring]

[ gunshots]

[ glass breaking]

[ gunshot]

We're still too heavy!

Get him out of here.

We'll never get it off.

Keep firing.

[ helicopter whirring]

The helicopter!

Get him out.

[ engine starting]

Got a high-powered rifle and a submachine gun in the trunk.

[ helicopter whirring]

The backup fuse.

Take it, run it through those two doors, and tie it to the dome snap.

[ engine roaring]

All right. We're going to shoot the goddamn thing down.

Can't shoot it down.

It's filled with helium.

We are going to kill the pilot.

[ whistle blows]

[ grunting]

[ crowd roaring]

[ whistle blowing]

If anything happens to me or happens to this, you use this on the backup fuse.

Here comes the police copter.


MAN: This is the police.

This is the police.

Return to base immediately.

Return to base immediately!

[ machine gunfire]

[ applause and cheering]

[ engine humming]

[ crowd cheering and chanting]

Bring this in on the left side of it!

Get us some more time.

Cover me.

[ yells]


[ crowd cheering, whistling]

ANNOUNCER: Touchdown, Pittsburgh.

Take her down, now!

[ engine sputtering]

I think I got both of them!

But it's still going on!

[ groaning]

[ cheering]

What about this cargo hook?!

Can we hook it up?

We sure in the hell can try.

[ grunting]

[ crowd cheering]


[ groaning]


[ grunting]

Go, Dallas!

[ shouting]

[ crashing, screaming]

[ screaming]

[ shouting]

[ pandemonium]

Pull her up.

[ shouting]

[ hissing]

[ hissing]

Try to hold it!


[ booming]