Black & White & Sex (2012) Script

Everyone nice and civil.

Thank you. And roll sound, please.

Ready? One, take one.

That's beautiful.

Two, two, two, two, two.

Good day, gentlemen. How are you, man?

Yeah, I mean, We'll just... See how long it takes her...

Just asking her questions and seeing where it ends up.


Where do you want me?

Angie. Hi. Uh, welcome.

Look, just... Over there. Thank you.

All right, folks. Let's lock it down.

Keep it quiet.

Here? Yep, that's fine.

And feel free to move around in the space.

All right, look, um.

We're already rolling, so, um... You ready?

Yep. Okay. Great.


And action.

Like... like I said, why don't you start by introducing yourself.

Now? All right.

I'm Angie, and I'm a sex worker.

Is that okay? Do you want more than that?

Um, where do you work?

Potts point, near the post office.

Okay, and... and how old are you?


How come you're all the way back there?

Oh, it just..Works better for the lights and the cameras.

Okay. Do you mind If I smoke?

Um, actually, I'd prefer If you didn't.


Uh, it just doesn't look very good on camera.

Well, it used to in the... Old movies.

They always did it before a sex scene.

Can I ask you a question?

If I make a mistake, can I do it again?

No. Why?

Because It's an interview.

Yeah, but don't you normally take, like, all the different bits and pieces and put them together later anyway'?

True, but I would like to do this in one take.

'Cause It's cheaper? Uh, It's kind of an experiment.

And you've got enough film to do it all in one go?

No, We'll have to... do I have to stick to the topic?

Can I talk about anything?

You don't think It's gonna get a bit boring?

It's about sex. It'll be fine.

What sort of people are gonna watch this movie?

All I can see is a guy in a raincoat.


Well, he's certainly not the target audience.

Then who ls?

Oh, people like me, I guess.

You'd... Make more money from porn, you know.

Well that's not what I want to do.

Make money? Make porn.

You know... Mr. Raincoats gonna feel pretty ripped off.

If It's all talk and no action.

What If I did a little strip for him... would that be okay?

Depend on the context. Context'?

Sex is sex, babe. It doesn't need a context.

Okay. Forget that.

Why are there so many cameras? Why so many questions?

It's all new to me.

Well, you could have asked them before we began.

How much do these sex films cost?

It's not a sex film. Would I get paid extra?

For what? For stripping.

Double my fee, I'll do it.

I don't have the budget.

Really? Well, these cameras look pretty expensive.

I bet you didn't get those from a garage sale, did ya?

How 'bout $500, then? - I don't...

What, yes, no? I'm not worth it?

Hey, I didn't say that.

Will you tell me... How much?

$300? $250? $200?

Okay. Come on. $200?

Is that a $200'?

You're a bit of a cheap Charlie, aren't ya?

I'll take my top off for that.

Could you get someone to turn up the heater?

So, what do you think?

It doesn't matter what I think.

What sort of an answers that?

I'm showing them off for you. Hey, not for me.

Well, for you, for them, whoever.

Don't be an asshole.

Okay. They're very nice.

Is this camera on?

They're all on.

So, what do you want to do now?

Can we get back to the interview, please?


My name's... Norma.

And my name's Jean.

We're gonna be in a movie. Wow!

All those boys looking at us. Hello, boys.

Hi, Mr. raincoat.

What do you think of the director?

Ooh, he's kind of cute.

He's staring at you.

No, not at me... at you, Jean.

Is he? I wonder If he's getting a hard-on.

You are. I'm just cold.

Ooh! Oooh!


So? So, what?

You don't have anything to say?

No, not really. Anyone?

Guess we've done breasts. What's next?

I'd just like you to answer my questions.

Well, why don't you fucking ask some?


What does sex mean to you?

Um... What does sex mean to me?

Multiplication and division.

Sorry? It's my answer.

Multiplication and division. I don't get it.

Well, If you prefer, I could talk about my pussy.

Actually, I'd rather you just explain what you mean.

Why don't we start on the surface and work our way in?

You mean... Figuratively speaking.

Do I?

Do I? I don't think so.

I think I mean, let's start with cunts and cocks and see where we end up.

See that?

Isn't that just one perfect ass for a good spanking?

Go on.

Gimme some sugar.

And I'll answer all your prayers.

Oh, for fuck's sake... could you just, like, try to work with me a little bit?

Oh, you... you don't get it, do you?

If you want me to get into this, then you're gonna have to give a little bit. I am.

I thought I asked for someone to turn up the heater.

Yeah, It's happening.

Still cold in here.

Well, It's a big space. Aw, no shit.

You're the intellectual type, aren't you?

I know your kind.

You have to think about everything, rationalize everything. Yeah.

Look, If you don't lighten up a little bit, not much is gonna happen here, yeah?

You with me? I think so.

I think so.

I don't think so.

Geez, you're so fucking monosyllabic.

Ah, that's a big word.

Yeah, I've got a lot of big words, honey.

I bet you're really dirty, aren't you?

You intellectual types are like that.

You hold back, but when you let go, you're fucking scary.

Am I right?

Yeah, see? There you go. You're thinking about it.

It's a simple question, but you've got to think about it from every different angle, like "Oh, should I say this", "or what will be the ramifications If I say that, or this, or"... fucking just... geez, just fucking do it!

When's the last time you said "cunt"?

I... Don't remember.

Bullshit. Say it.

Well, in what context?

Just say the word.


Was that so difficult? No.

Then say "smelly cunt." Ah, see that's derogatory.

It's a cunt. It smells. They all do. Say it.

I don't see why... Geez, just fucking say it, man.

Do it! Smelly cunt.

Thank you.

Would you like to do down on me?

It's a yes or a no.


What, not... Now?

Not here'? Not any time, anywhere?

You said it was a yes or a no question.

You married?

Is that it?

Playing Mr. faithful, but It's okay to talk about sex with other women'?

Sure. Why?

What ... If... If I'm... If I'm gonna talk about myself and reveal myself to... to you and them, then I've at least got to trust you.

You can.

Yeah, well, then start opening up to me.

I'm the director. And that's the point.

You know, If... If...

If we were making a film about racing-car drivers and... and I hooned up to you in my little red car, and I was like, "hey, get in. We'll go for a spin."

You would.

Even If you were scared shitless, you would 'cause that's how you'd win my trust.

So, sex is different, is it? Of course it is.

How? It's just bodies fucking.

My God, If we can't even get past the simple, basic mechanics of it, how the fuck are we gonna move on to anything interesting?

So, what's your wife's name'?

You won't even tell me your wife's name?



It's a very Australian name.

Is she named after the song? I suppose she is.

How patriotic. Hmm.

Hey, matilda.

What do you reckon?

His tongue, my clit, nothing emotional?

I get to find out If he's for real, and he gets to make his little film.

He any good at that?

Let's stick to the topic, shall we?

Is he'?

Sorry, I've just got to...

Hello? Hey.

Yep. No. No, I can't. I'm... Busy.

Um... Yeah, tomorrow. Yeah, 4:30.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, too.


Okay, bye-bye. Bye.

Sorry. Was that a client?

No. My daughter.

She's with her father.

Cut that bit out If you want. Now, uh...

Where were we? Um...

Start from the beginning.

Um... Tell us about yourself, you know, what you do.

Well, aren't you gonna use any of the stuff from before?

Yes, I am, I just think we should start again, get things going properly this time, okay'?

Okay. Got it.

Uh... Hi. My name's Angie.

I'm a scorpio with an Ares rising.

I was born in singleton, and now I live in Sydney.

I'm a sex worker. And I work in a parlor.

Single, never married.

I like music, especially hip-hop.

Um, I collect spiders and old playboy magazines.

I have a science degree.

You have a science degree?

Organic chemistry.

What, a hooker can't be educated?

You don't sound like someone with a science degree.

Well, you don't sound like a movie director.

What, I'm supposed to be some kind of...

Junkie with 10 kids and no way to support them?

It happens. Yeah, it does, but It's not me.

But you're part of it.

What... what about sex slavery? What about it?

Well, do you condone that?

Do you? Of course not.

Then why would I?

Jesus fucking...

Forced prostitution, pimps, and trafficking are wrong, okay?

They're illegal and they're wrong... You know?

But It's... It's not the whole story, you know.

It's like... It's like in the movies.

How many hookers have a happy ending?

They always get killed off in some...

Dark alley or cheap motel.

It's what they deserve, you know?

That's the fucking PR.

The... it... We've gotten a really bad rap, but some of us actually plan to grow old and have grandchildren.

Okay. Yeah.


So, how did you first get into it?

My legs wide open.

It was a serious question.

Ooh, I like it when you get serious.

Come on, Angie. Oh, I know.

Look, I was at uni. I needed a job.

I rang up a parlor and got an interview.

Why not some other job? The money.

Someone said I was sitting on a gold mine... May as well use it.

And that's w? Yep.

It's not that simple, though, is it?

I mean, It's not like working in the shop.

Why, 'cause I get to lie around all day?

No warranties, no guarantees.

No returns.

Other than that, It's pretty much the same.

Except I'm the merchandise. Exactly.

Exactly, what?

Well, you're selling yourself. So?

Well, that's a part of yourself you're giving away.

No, no. Not giving away, selling.

What about your emotional self?

Oh, my emotional self!

I'm not selling my emotional self.

I'm selling a commodity.

Yeah, but that commodity is you.

Yes, and your point being?

It's intimately you.

And If you're an accountant, you're selling your brain.

Shit, how intimate is that? It's simple. It's a job.

J-o-b. Job.

And the sooner everyone figures that out, the sooner We'll get proper occupational health and safety.

You know, everything else we should have.

Family courts still take our children away!

We're not aliens, you know, If you prick us we do bleed.

So you dismiss sex as being no different than anything else?

I don't dismiss it at all!

It's... It's an incredibly powerful instrument, but... but It's not some divine, godlike thing... not on It's own... and that's not a moral thing, either.

No moral dimension? No, absolutely not.

I don't believe you can say that!

If you make a cup of tea, that has no moral dimension.

If someone puts arsenic in it, then it does.

Come on, that's not a reasonable comparison.

Why not? Because tea isn't intimate!

It's not even personal.

A body is just a body. A word is just a word.

"Fuck" is not moral.

"Fuck you" might be.

It's the intent that is the morality.

Sex in itself is just sex.

It's in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out.

It's not fucking brain surgery.

But you're doing it for the money.

That is the intent. Oh, is that it?

It's the money! What about you?

You're making this film, and It's about sex.

You want to get paid.

And them... they're watching it.

And they're paying to watch it.

I think we're all in this together, don't you?

I liked sex before I was a sex worker, and most of the time, I like sex as a sex worker.

I love what I do!

Love what I do.

I love what I do. Do you really?

Yeah. Something wrong with that?

Oh, you don't believe me.

Well, you must get some pretty strange types.

Yeah, I get people like you, actually.

You know what I mean.

I've probably fucked your father.

Well, that's unlikely.

He's in a wheelchair. So?

What was it like the first time you did it?

You mean for money, as opposed to flowers and chocolates?

Yeah. Were you nervous?

Yeah, but not for the reason you think.

I was nervous because up until then, I'd been an amateur, and now I was a professional... a pro... and there's a difference.

There's expectations, responsibilities.

You got to deliver... do you know what I mean?

And did you?

Absolutely. I got right into it.

I bought a black wig and I went Spanish.

Management were looking for a marketing angle.

Apparently, organic chemistry isn't a turn-on.

You can't be too smart. The mugs don't like it.

So, that first time, the client asked If I did a "passionate" service.

What's that? Well, that's what I asked.

It means kisses and cuddles, and I thought, "that's okay."

I can do that."

I was so naive.

I thought it meant just kisses and cuddles... well, it doesn't, of course.

It means kisses, cuddles, and full service.

And when he went to spread my legs, I said, "what are you doing?!"

I didn't think prostitutes kissed.

Oh, really?

And what particular magazine did you get that from'?

We're not clones, you know. We... Do what we want.

Some do passionate, and some do G.F.E.

G.F.E.? What... what's that?

The girlfriend experience.

We pretend to be your girlfriend.

We sit around the kitchen table, we have a cup of tea and chat, we wash the dishes, we watch some TV, then we go to bed and fuck.

It's not for the fainthearted. Right.

So, It's not just all standard lovemaking, th en.

Lovemaking? Honey, you are so adorable.

I get all sorts of requests, and what they ask for and what they want are not necessarily the same thing.

Well... well, normally, they are, but sometimes...

You've just got to... Read between the lines... dig a bit deeper.

Like a therapist? I'm not a therapist.

No, but you have to be like one.

I'm not there to cure anybody of anything.

Some of them might be a bit weird, but there's nothing wrong with them.

If a guy comes in and asks for sex, I've got to work out, does he want an orgasm or company, or... Or flattery, or human touch, or a finger up the ass?

It's very confusing being a guy.

You walk around with that thing in your pants, controlling how you feel, and you don't know what to do about it.

And what about the consequences?

What consequences? Well, like diseases.

You never heard of safe sex?

Relationships, then.

Mine or theirs? Theirs.

Safe sex.

No, I didn't mean physical... I meant emotional.

Oh, so did I. Safe sex.

Sex with rules. Sex with boundaries.

Time limits.

They come and see me and blow out some steam and then they go home and play happy families.

It's a win-win. The wives should love us.

They don't, but they should. Do you get envious?

Of what? Of their family lives.

If family life was so good, I'd be broke, and I'm not.

I have an apartment in town and an investment property up the coast.

Business is thriving. Families aren't.

And what about your relationships?

Ooh, well, I've had boyfriends, like everyone else.

And what do they think about what you do?

Some of them are okay with it, and some of them aren't.

And If they don't like it?

Well, If they want me, they have to accept it.

Yeah, but don't they get jealous?

I like them to be jealous. Or just a bit.

That's a contradiction, isn't it'?

If you say so.

You ever dated a client? Maybe.

Tell us about him.

It's a she.

A female client? Most "shes" are.

Uh, do you see many women? No.

Do you like seeing them? Nope.

Why? Women are too hard to read.

A guy's got a fat dick or he hasn't.

Women aren't like that.

Tell me about her.

Nope. Why'?

It's personal.

But I'll tell you about Arthur. Not his real name.

Well, do they ever tell you their real name?

Probably not, but I wouldn't know... I don't ask.

It's not relevant. So, is Angie your real name?

What do you think, sweetie?

Do you think Angie's my real name? Do you?

So, what would you like to call me, then?

I can be anyone you want.

I could be Kylie, Lulu, francoise.

I can even be mistress Violet.

But she'll cost you more.

I'm not a client.

You're paying me by the hour and I'm giving you what you want.

Not the same.

Listen, honey.

I've got hundreds of guys who want to videotape me, so don't think you're anything special.

You've just got a bigger camera.

Big lens, big camera... that's why I'm charging you more.

Take it as a compliment.

I'm not doing it for gratification.

We're all doing it for gratification.

Oh, really? And what about the real you?

The real me?


If you prefer I talk about the structure properties, composition, reaction, and preparation of chemical compounds, I'll give you another name.

But what the hell are we talking about all this other stuff for?

This... Is the real me, and If you don't understand that, then what the fuck are we doing?

Do you want to continue, or not? It's up to you.

I thought it was... Oh, well don't.

Just ask the questions.

Okay. That, um, that guy... Arthur.

You want to tell us about him?

He was married. Two kids.

Had a thing for underwear. Loved used panties.

0:30, like clockwork.

Except one day, he didn't.

He didn't turn up.

His wife was there instead.


She'd found out about me.

Wanted to meet me.

Wanted to know what I had that she didn't.

She said she wanted to know what it felt like to buy someone.

I said, "I'm not for sale."

She took some money out and put it on the dresser...

And she told me to take off my panties.

So, did you do as she said?

As I was told.

I was doing my duty. Duty'?

My penance. You felt guilty.

I felt wet.

She lifted up my dress...

Then she gripped the fabric and just... Pulled it apart... tore it. Just like that?

Just like that.

I can't imagine you letting anyone do that to do.

Oh, didn't let her. She just did it.

Anyway, that wasn't what bothered me.

It was the way that she looked at me.

The way she... Examined me.

Then she took off her knickers and she... Sat on the bed, and then she just... Spread her legs...

And she told me to show her how good I was.

I knelt between her thighs and I...

I remember looking up and seeing her smile...

Like she had me exactly where she wanted me.

She grabbed me by the hair, and she just pushed me into her.

So deep, I... I couldn't breathe, you know?

It's funny, but I... I felt this urge to prove myself, you know, that I was good... That I was worth it.

And she came?

She came three times before she let me come up for air.

And then, when she recovered, she... She said I was okay...

And a lot better than her husband.

Then she held up her knickers and said he'd never get to smell them again.

And she dropped them on the carpet..And then she left.

Just like that?

Just like that.

It was the end of the session.


Well, did you... Ever see her again?

Wow, I don't believe it!

You said you don't believe it.

- W... I... It's just an expression.

Is it? What?

Is it real? Is what real?

The story. It was a fantasy, sweetie.

Oh, some of it was heal.

What? What's wrong?

Oh, come on. Don't be like that.

True? False? Does it matter?

Of course it matters! Why?

Does everything have to be fact to be valuable?

So, goodbye chaucer, goodbye Shakespeare.

But they were writing fiction.

They didn't pretend it was true. Yeah? So'?

When you read a book or you see a movie, you believe it, don't you? I mean, I do.

You know, when the monster jumps out from behind the door, you scream because you're there. You're right there.

Otherwise, it wouldn't mean anything.

Yeah, but this is different. This is supposed to be real.

It is real! It's as real as anything else.

Geez, the fact that I may or may not have made up a few things is just part of me.

It's who I am and how I work. It's what makes me me.

And I'm the person you're interviewing.

Do you have any other questions?


All right.

So, when you're making love with a client...

I don't make love. Having sex.

Fucking. Fine.

How do you separate love and sex?

With a condom.

But isn't sex a-an expression of love?

I assume you're being deliberately contentious rather than just plain stupid. I think It's a fair question.

Really? They're two completely different things.

Well, that's not what most people think.

Well, It's like blackberries and apples.

You put them together, they make great pie, but they're equally as good on their own.

Okay. Forget love.

Do even like your clients? Most of them.

What do you like about them?

I told you... their money.

That all'? It's a good start.

What about their personalities?

First money, then... Smell.

Then personality. You like their smell?

Some of them. What If you don't?

I hold my breath. It's that important?

Of course it is.

Penetrates deeper than a tongue or a penis.

It goes right inside you.

The only thing that can penetrate deeper is the truth.

That's why the best sex is always after an argument.

It's... When you're most vulnerable and honest.

Warts and all, everything's on the table, you know?

Yeah, but when you're working, It's different, isn't it?

In what way?

Well, you don't open up to them.

Oh, don't I? You tell me.

Of course I do, honey. I open up real wide.

I didn't mean it like that.

I'm more honest with them than most of their wives are.

And I can tell you for a fact, they're more honest with me.

Yeah, but only about sex.

Oh, about anything... everything!

You know, It's like a confession, except a real one.

I don't hold back... neither do they.

Then they fuck, they shower, they leave all clean.

What about you? What about me?

Do you leave all clean?

Depends. On what?

Don't know.

You must know. I don't.

How many clients have you slept with?

Next. You're not prepared to answer?

It's a dumb question. Why?

Because I don't count.

It's also got that moral undercurrent that you keep going back to. It's a simple question.

Yeah. What's interesting about it?

It's the kind of thing people like to know.

And why?

I guess because most of them haven't had as many partners as you.

They're not my partners. Sexual partners, th en.

0 years?

It's different.

Mm. Okay. All right. I'll work it out for you.

Let me see. Um...

Okay, on average, three per shift.

That's...5 shifts per week...

5 times, I don't know, 30 weeks per year...

5 times 30... that's 450.

Then 10 years, take a way 2 when I was in Europe... Oh.

Uh, 450 times 8. 3,600.

3,600 fucks! God, I hope you're impressed.

Should I be?

Oh, you try working that out in your head.

Sorry, I thought you meant...

Yeah, I know you did.

Okay, what else do you want to know... how many blowjobs, how many orgasms?

I know. How many toes... Fit in a foot fetish's mouth.

You like to manipulate, don't you?

Do you know the answer? What?

To how many toes fit in a foot fetish's mouth.

Six. Why six?

Well, 'cause that's the answer.

Come on, ask me something else.

How often do you orgasm with your clients?

Real or fake? I guess that's my question.

Yeah, thought it was.

What do you think? How would I know?

Men never do.

You've seen so many porn and Hollywood versions, you've got no idea what's real anymore.

Have you seen the film "when Harry met Sally..."?

Oh, yeah. God, wasn't it great?

She was so real!

Oh, my God!

Hmm. We don't even have to try.

You didn't find her convincing?

No. There wasn't enough pain.

Pain'? On her face.

So women feel pain when they have an orgasm?

Yeah, I do. So It's... Not pleasurable?

I didn't say that.

The more pleasure, the more pain.

It's, um, something you guys miss out on.

If you... If you didn't, you'd probably understand us better.

I'm... I'm sorry. You've lost me.

Yeah, of course I have. I don't know.

Look, It's not something you can put into words.

It's something you feel.

It's part of being a woman.

It's not just sex, It's... It's our whole being.

You think about, It's...

Childbirth... pleasure or pain?

Pain. Yeah. Of course.

And pleasure.

One of the greatest pleasures possible.

You just think we have mood swings, you know, we're full of contradictions... premenstrual, that sort of thing... but... We are the highs and the lows...

In the most minute detail.

When you shoot, that's it... straight, linear, relief, done.

It's not like that for us.

So, you do fake it?

You're so male!

Does it matter?

Yeah, of course it does.

It's very important, isn't it?

It's not just male ego, is it?

Well, It's not entirely male ego.

It's more than that. It's, um...

It's ownership... And power.

It's primal.

If you can give women that amount of intense pleasure and pain, then you've finally got something to offer.

Sticking your dick in her cunt may give you children, but it'll never give you the woman.

You've got to do more than that. You know it.

And she does, too.

Do you know what the most common fantasy is...

With all the guys that come to see me?

Uh, I don't know. Being with two women?

No. Oral?


You know, there's only one fantasy that they all have in common... every one of them.

And It's that I'm getting off on it... for real.

That even though I'm working and they're a customer, they're so fucking good at it that I can't help but get turned on.

Right, so you do fake it.

Of course. It's what I do. Right.

However, when I don't fake one, It's because I don't much like the man, or he hasn't been trying hard enough.

Well, he's paying you. Why should he have to?

You get what you pay for, you know?

Cash means you get a fuck.

Effort means you might get more.

Hmm. All right, what about when you're not working... do you still fake orgasms then?

Boyfriends are completely different.

Do you always tell them what you do?

No. Not always. Why not?

You mean, so, like, when a guy in a bar asks me If I'd like a drink, I should say, "yeah, yeah, thanks, "I'd love a Bundy and coke, and, by the way, did you know I'm a hooker?"

All right, then, what about later on, after you've been dating for awhile?

It's not always that simple.


Because it creates issues for some guys... like, first they want to know all the details, and then they become all funny about it.

It... it wouldn't matter If he'd slept with hundreds of women.

You know, he'd judge me for doing it for money, or only dirty drug addicts or hookers...

"Oh, she's a slut, and I can't be with a slut."


Why don't we get back t... um...


Do you have a favorite fantasy?

I might.

It's the casting couch.

I get to, um, you know, dress up, and put on my Marilyn wig.

Do you want to know how it goes? No, not really.

Of course you do.

All right, well, it starts off with me... me asking him questions about the script, so...

And then I read a few lines.

"Hi. My names Angie."

I-I start off all confused and uncertain, but I'm so desperate to get in the movie, do you know what I do?

I expose my breasts.

And at first, he resists. He's all... Professional.

He -— he tells me I'm being inappropriate, and...

Do you know what's next? I can guess.

It is pretty predictable. I do end up, you know, bent over the couch with him fucking me from behind.

So, whilst he's doing it, I start reading the lines again, and as I build up to this big crescendo, he starts coming on with all these, "Oh, yeah, baby. That's great, babe."

"Let's do it together, babe."

And then... That's it.

He's done.

So, are you trying to tell me something?

Tell you what?

Oh. I see.

Movie director, casting couch.

You, me, Marilyn.

That's just a coincidence, sweetie.

You wouldn't have the balls.

Do you know what you are? What?

You're a vagina man.

Vagina men... they're afraid of women.

Most men are vagina men.

Cunt men aren't, but you're no cunt man.

You don't even like saying the word.

It's just a word. Oh, don't worry about it.

There's nothing wrong with being a vagina man.

You just got to make sure you find yourself a penis girl.

Do you know what a cunt man wants in a woman'?

No, but I'm sure you're gonna tell me anyway.

A wet woman.


Means what it Says... a-a wet woman, a woman who gets wet.

Oh, when she's excited.

Maybe all the time.

I-It's not so much a statement about the woman...

It's more about the man.

So, a man who can take a wet woman is a man who likes women.

It's the biggest point of difference.

Most men aren't wet men. They're dry.

That's why the really dry men, they take a shower straight after sex... to get rid of the wet.

To get rid of her and all that nastiness.

But she... If she's a wet woman, she's wet everywhere.

The outside, inside, in her brain.

Female sex is wet.

Women are wet.

Men are dry.

Did you know that?

Can't say I'd ever thought about it, no.

That's because you're a vagina man.


I knew a woman once.

She used to like to strap on a dildo and penetrate men.

Did you? Yes, I did.

Was her name matilda?

My question is, what does that make her?

It makes her a woman who likes to fuck a man's bottom.

Yes, obviously, but I meant in the context of what we're talking about.

Something different again.

Sex isn't about pleasure.

You said sex was about pleasure and pain.

No, I said women are about pleasure and pain.

Sex is about procreation and power.

Anal sex has nothing to do with procreation, so...

That just leaves power.

So when she buggers him, who's in control?

She is.

And when she did it to you, what did you feel?

I never said she did it to me.

If she did it to you, what would you feel?

Vulnerable, I suppose.


Well, because... I would be at her mercy.

You would, wouldn't you?

On your knees, head down, taking it.

What, like a woman?

So women are at your mercy when you fuck them'?

Hang on, I didn't say that. Yes, you on).

When you fuck a woman, you know, spread her legs, penetrate her, she's at your mercy... vulnerable... isn't she?


Then you must be a really bad fuck.

You know what? Why both er?

D-do you ever find matilda, you know, watching TV while you're doing it?

Because that's what I'd be doing.

Geez, man, just go for it! For once, just take control.

Just fuck her... like no tomorrow, like she deserves it.

Christ, If I said that...

Oh, what... you'd be a misogynist?

Yes! You are a fucking misogynist.

I do not hate women! Oh, you are polite to them.

You respect them. You treat them courteously.

Isn't that all right? You're just gonna twist around whatever I say. Oh, but surely, that's all true. Yes, it is.

And you'd never want to hurt them, would you?


So, there you go. "There you go" what?

You're the perfect gentleman.

How can you not want to penetrate the woman you love?

I do!

Oh, yeah, with a little poke and a shower.

If you really loved her, you'd want to penetrate her so deeply, it would hurt.

I would never want to hurt her.

I'm talking about hurting her and you... at the same time.

Hurt till you can't bear it anymore, and then...

And at that moment... She'll possess you... equally.

You'll both have given up... To each other.

And that's when a man starts to love a woman.

That's when he starts to understand her.

I need a break. Well, we're not stopping now.

That's easy for you to say.

I'm the one doing all the work.

How much research did you do for this film?

Have you ever been to a hooker?

So, what did you do?

Not much. Oh, come on.

You must have got something for you money.

We had sex.

Oh, wow. Really?

Did you tell wifey?

It happened before we met.

That wasn't my question.

She never asked. You never thought to tell her.

I didn't think it was appropriate, no.

Oh, b-because good boys don't do that sort of thing?

I suppose so.

So, why tell her now?

She... she'll see this film when It's finished, won't she?

So... She's gonna find out.

What's she gonna think?

How the fuck should I know? Well, you should know.

And you should care, too. That's how it works.

Well, thank you for the free advice.

Hey, sweetie, I'm just trying to help.

What, w... now you're my therapist, eh?

I can be anyone you want.

I can be anyone you want.

Truth Oh dare'?

Truth Oh dare'?

Truth Oh dare'?

What? Choose it. You're such fucking hard work.

It's because you don't have a hard-on.

That's the problem.

What makes you hard? What?

You heard me. Foreplay.

Foreplay. What kind of foreplay?

Intimate foreplay.

Like what we're doing now? This isn't foreplay.

Are you sure?

Sometimes, foreplay can just sneak up behind you when you least expect it.

Do you know what I mean? Not really, no.

You're supposed to tell the truth.

I am. I don't think you are.

Well, that's your problem, isn't it?

Well, actually, you know what? It's your fucking problem.

Because now I get to give you a dare.

Take off your clothes. I'm sorry?

I know you are, but It's too late for that.

I didn't mean that kind of sorry.

I don't give a shit what sort of sorry you meant.

Can we get back to the interview, please?

This is the interview. Me interviewing you!

First, I've got to make sure that you're clean.

And don't think you're anything special.

I inspect all my clients. I am not a client.

Oh, no, of course you're not, honey.

You're a big movie director.

So, why don't you start getting your gear off, then we can get things rolling?

I haven't got all day, you know. Huh?

Okay. Fine.

If you don't want to play, that's your choice.

Where are you going?

Angie, we had a deal. Bye-bye. Ta-ta. Ta-ta.

Angie. Angie!

Fuck's sake.

Don't do anything. Just keep rolling.


Listen. Listen.

Can we just talk about it, please?

And what exactly didn't you understand?

Take your fucking clothes off, or I'm out of here.

It's really very simple.

I haven't got all day, you know. Hmm?

Come back inside.

You'll get undressed?

Yes. I... Finally! Thank you...


Okay, everyone else, out of the room.

You. You. Out.

Trust me, you don't want them to be here.

How long do you want them to go out for?

For as long as it takes.

And, uh, leave the cameras on.

What do you want to do?

Okay. Lock off the cameras.

To what? Just lock off the cameras.

Lock off the cameras. Just lock off the cameras.

Come on!

All right, jan. Get 'em out.

All right, everyone. You heard the director.

Let's... Clear the studio.

Thank you.

Thank you Mr. director.

Come on, come on, come on.

Don't worry. Everything's under control.

Thank you. That's everyone.

That's everyone.

If he's a good boy, you can all come back.

Wear a short skirt. It'd suit you, darling.

Thank you, thank you.

And close the door, yeah? Bye-bye.

Thank you. All clear.

All clear.


That's better, isn't it?

Just the two of us.

Oh, come on. What's with that sour face?

You made me take my top off, show my tit-ties to the world.

That's different. You volunteered that.

Yeah, now we negotiated a price, just like we're doing now.

Do people go and see unfinished films?

No. No. I didn't think so.

Before we started, I didn't have very much to bargain with, but I do now, don't I?

That was a question.

Yes. Yes.

So, there you go.

Do you remember the casting couch?

Well, this is the other version.

In this version, she gets to fuck him, and he gets to find out what It's like to be on the other side... ass up, head down. Do you know what I mean?

Are you with me?

You told me before we started that I could do or say anything I wanted... that you wanted to figure out what made me tick.

Well, I'm ticking.

Take off your clothes.

You've got till the count of three.



Can I at least leave my underwear on?

Yeah, right.

But you can leave your socks on.

Men look so ridiculous with just their socks on.

Don't you agree?

Was that a yes or a no?

Yes. "Yes" what?

What's my name? Angie.


What, your little fantasy girl from next door?

I don't think so.


Come on.


Now stand up straight.

Hands to your side.


Turn around.

Turn around!

That's your last warning.

The next time you don't follow my instructions, and I mean immediately, I'm out of here.

Is that clear? Yes.

Good. Then we understand each other.

Face me.

You know, they're waiting to find out what's gonna happen next.

They want to know how far you're prepared to go for this little film of yours.

So... How far will you go?

Not far.

Oh, you are such a fucking wimp!

Well, If that's what you think.

I'll tell you what. I will let you redeem yourself I'll give you one more instruction, and If you do it to my satisfaction, I'll let you put your clothes back on.


Depends. Depends?

Wrong answer, sweetie.

Play with yourself you must have seen that coming.

I haven't got all day. Huh?

How does this work? You shouldn't touch that.

No, no, no. Don't touch that!

I know, I know, I know, I shouldn't touch it, but look...

I'm touching it.

Uh-huh. So, where is that naked man?

He can't be too far.

I'll stop when you start, okay?

How much fun is this?

It's like a giant strap-on.

It's like a heat-seeking missile.

Are you hot, my dear?

Fuck you. Yeah, not me, sweetie.

Up, going down, and... Going up!

Oh, this is just like target practice, and you're my little Clay pigeon.

I hope you're having fun.


Okay, I'm doing it.

Sort of disappears in your hand, doesn't it?

It's such a precious little thing.

You got a name for it? Uh-huh?

Do you know, I have never understood why men give it a name.

And It's always a male one... one-eyed Fred, Pedro, Simon.

So gorgeously gay.

There's even a website where you can register the name.

Hope you're satisfied. What did you say?

I said, I hope you're satisfied.

Did you?

Oh, thank you, my sweet.

No, I'm not, but I'm getting there.

Are we done? Oh, look... concentrate!

You clearly can't do two things at the same time.

You said If I followed your instructions, that I... yes, yes, yes, yes, I know. Oh, God!

Don't quote me back on everything!

And keep going! Who told you to stop?

You don't even know how to wank properly.

Fuck! Fucking faster.

I shouldn't have to show you how It's done.

You're old enough to know better.



There you go.

You just needed a little encouragement.

You can stop.

I'm getting bored.

You know, you are boring.

Quite pathetic.

What are you?


I'm waiting.

I can't hear you.

I'm waiting.

I'm boring.




No, you're not.

You can get dressed now. We're done.

So, next Wednesday, same time?

Maybe not, eh?

I'll check my diary.

You okay? Sure.


Yeah. I wasn't too hard on you?

You had your moments.

I can be a lot stricter than that. Mm-hmm.

I wasn't sure you'd go through with it.

Well, If It's any consolation, I wasn't sure I'd go through with it, either.

I felt like giving you a big hug.

Fuck me, it didn't feel like it.

Of course not.

Wouldn't have meant anything If it had.

Do you get off on it?

Being the dominatrix?

Thought that was obvious.

And what about someone doing it do you?

Yeah. I can go there.



Why are you looking at me like that?

I just... Thought you'd like to be in control of everything.

I do, when I'm working.

So you don't do it for money.

Um... Others do. I don't.

For me, It's not like sex.

Sex can be work or play.

I can turn it on or off.

But submission... It's different.

It's got to be a lot of trust.

And you can't fake it.

At least, I can't fake it.

Can fake pleasure, but not pain.

Do you know what I mean?

It's hard to describe.

You know the feeling when you're so happy...

That you want to cry, or you're so sad that you want to laugh?

It's a bit like that.

The pleasure starts to build up until it hurts, and then the pain starts to feel good.

Can it do that?


And It's like, I want it to stop...

But I also want it to go on forever.

It's so confusing. Uh-huh.

Oh, I just got it.

It doesn't happen always, but... When it does, It's very... Very, very, very nice.

Should we ask them to come back in?

Yeah, I suppose we should.

You can come in now!

Just for the record, I'm so glad you told them to leave.

Oh, I wouldn't worry.

No one's gonna believe you did anything anyway.

They're gonna think it was all make believe.

If I asked you to do it in front of the cameras, would you have done it?

Absolutely not. Why?

Uh, for 100 obvious reasons... not the least of which, I wouldn't have been able to release the film.

What, be-because of a silly erection?

Some may find it repulsive.

But It's just genitals doing what genitals do.

It's not a big deal.

I mean, you make it sound so simple.

What, I... it is, isn't it?

It's not like they haven't seen one.

A cook's a cock.

They're all... Basically, pretty similar.

I mean, you can have a film... Where...

Someone's guts are ripped out by a knife or an alien or something and no one raises an eyebrow.

Or on the news, there's... Images of... Death and masochism.

That's okay, but... Show everyone a perfectly healthy erect penis and they get all over-the-top excited!

What is with that?

What If you'd come?

Straight into the lens?

Now, that's a film!

I don't think that was ever gonna happen.

If you had good aim, it'd be a great shot.


What If it was in slow-motion?

Like, really slow? Just...


All over the lens! Oh!

What If I had an orgasm now?

Could you? Easily.

And they probably wouldn't mind as much.

Women's orgasms aren't as much of a show.

You go out, we go in.

So I could just fake it.

But not like in that film.

I'd fake it for real.

You know what I mean. Might be real, might be fake.

Ahh. That'd just confuse the censors.

Why would they care?

Well, Real sex is classified differently to simulated sex.

You got to be joking.

So, If they actors do a really good job, then the film might get banned, but If they're bad actors or they do a bad job, then It's okay?

Yeah, something like that, yeah.

But in all seriousness, unless there is a close-up of a cock in a cunt or a mouth or an ass or something, then how can they... how can they tell?

They're paid to know.

I hope you're being facetious.


What about what we did before? Is that considered sex?

No, not in their minds.

So, they're only worried about the physical stuff?

Pretty much.

Um, we're still gonna get an adult rating.

Why? The "fucks" and "cunts".

What, but they won't worry about "penises" and "vaginas"?

No, not so much. What about scrotums?

You know, I actually don't know where they fit in.

Um... Probably down with the testicles.

Yeah, huh?

What If you could smell films?

What would they do then?

I mean, sex and smell.

The actors "simulating" sex, no actual penetration, but just... Lots of kissing, and... Touching, and... Rubbing.

It's still simulated, but what would happen If they started getting right into it?

You start to smell it.

And then... It starts wafting through the air in the cinema, up into our noses... Up into their noses.

Can see them getting... All excited, trying to figure out If It's real or not.

Oh! Yeah, that's, uh...

That's, uh, not special effects!

No, that's uh...

That's real.

I can smell vagina... a mile away.

So they ban it.

Because It's wet.

And what about this film?

Does it... Smell wet to you?

A bit. Not much, not yet.

Not yet? Yeah.

We've still got time.

What are you gonna call it?

The film? Yeah.

"Black and white and sex."

Oh! Oh! She doesn't like it!

Is it gonna be in black and white?


Don't think Mr. raincoat's gonna like it.

He's still there, isn't he?

Yeah. Not sure he's awake, though.


Mm. He is now. -

Um, anyway, I think It's a good title.

I mean, you know, It's sex!

It's... It's something that everyone has an opinion on, you know? -

There are those who believe that anything goes, and there are those who believe that It's just the devil's work.

I mean, there's no in between with sex.

There... It's either this or that, or good or bad, black or white, you know?

Can't be. Can't be what?

Devil's work. It's got to be God's work.

Why? Devil's work divides things.

Heaven and earth. Adam and Eve.

You and I. Us and them.

It's what creates divisions, conflicts.

God's the opposite.

God is... Everything that brings things together.

Connects us. Like sex.

That's why It's so compelling.

You with me?

The devil... Is black and white.

God is gray.

Devil is man and woman. God is sex.


Oh, I can just see them now.

Who? The christians.

What christians?

The ones who will be demonstrating outside the cinema, waving their placards, defending their faith.

Yes, but I wasn't talking about their God.

I was talking about mine.

And they're different? Yeah!

My God...

My God is...

A great, big, horny God!

A huge, metaphysical horny.

A giant cock. A massive cunt.

A big, wet, sticky, yin-Yang cosmic cuddle.

A fuck to end all fucks.

Big bang was just foreplay.

Did you know the Vatican is full of little dicks?

Vatican representative used to go around and cut off the dicks of the old Greek statues, but they kept them.

A weird thing.

So there's, like, drawers, just full of little stone dicks.

Saw a documentary on it.

Dicks of antiquity.

I think you should call your film "Mr. raincoat."

Okay, thanks. I'll think about it.

Or..." Love and tickle and happy ending."

Oh, but, you see, we don't know If It's gonna have a happy ending.

That's true.

You're like a butterfly, aren't you'?

What do you mean'?

You just... You're... Here, you're there, you're everywhere.

Sorry. It's just me, I guess.

Don't be. I like it.

Do you?

Yeah, I do.

Do you like me'?

Isn't it obvious?

Are you trying to come on to me?


I want to get inside you.

What do you think You'll find in there?


Just hot air, sweetie.

You know those blow-up dolls, just a surface with orifices?

That's me! I don't think so.

Mm-hmm. Scratch the surface, you might get a surprise...

I might blow up in your face! Come on, Angie.

What? Red lips and a shaved pussy?

A tight little anus?

A thousand fantasies.

I would have thought that was enough for any man.

Angie, stop talking crap. What? What?!

Oh, what It's all right for you, isn't it, standing there behind your camera, asking your questions?

How safe is that?

I've got as much at stake here as you.

Oh, that is fucking bullshit.

Well, who was the one over here masturbating before?

Well, you know what?

Apart from me, no one else could see you.

Angie, when this film comes out, I'm the one who's gonna be judged... not you.

Is that what you think?

Am I just the victim here, forced to do and say things?

God, you've got no idea, do you?

I am fully accountable!

I know it, they know it!

Women are always the ones who are judged... especially women like me.

You look me in the eye and you tell me that you see me like any other person.

You can't, can you?

That's 'cause you see me first as a whore, and then as a person.

They do, too.

We're either whores, mothers, or lovers.

Then I'm the whore... isn't that right?

Course it is.

But I'm a lot of other things, too.

I'm good.

And I'm bad.

But I'm not black and white.

I'm sorry.

You should be.

Do you want to stop th... the interview?

Do you? No.

You know, I wasn't bullshitting.

I am like a blow-up doll.

Inside me, there is hot air.

It's the breath of all the men who have entered me.

When they're lying on top of me, I watch their faces.

Strangers, with red faces all puffed up, panting like puppies.

I can feel their breath.

I can smell it.

Can't help but inhale it.

When it comes to blowjobs, I'm it.

Do you know what a lot of people don't get... what they don't want to get?

It's that I like it.

I'm not supposed to, but I do.

I like to... I like to draw these guys into me...

Deep inside me, so they can't escape.

It's where I find my strength.

It's also a weakness.

I'm trying to understand.

There was this one guy. He was in his 80s.

His wife was dead. He was on pension.

He wanted to give himself a treat... a massage with a happy ending.

Uh, problem was, he didn't think he had any happy endings left in him, so we decided to give him a double, you know, like, full treatment.

Rubbed our breasts all over him, got right into it.

We only got like $30 cash each.

We didn't care. We got such a buzz.

Especially when he came.

He was a dear old chap. He's probably dead now.

I was probably his last happy ending.

And we have special moments, too, where we can do a lot of good.

I don't expect you to understand.

It's who I am. We're all different.

They say that... Men love to have sex, but It's not true.

Women love to have sex.

Men have sex to love.

It's the only way they can love.

And doing what I do means that I get to see it more than just about anyone.

It's not there for very long, but when it is, It's real.

Maybe that's why the wives don't like us.

You know, I'm jealous of you, your, uh... Courage.

Your honesty.

I love the way your mind works... the way it just... Cuts through things.

I mean, fuck, the way you tell it as it is.

I wish I could do that.


You know, before, how I said you were like a butterfly.

You... You are.

But you're also... You're like a chameleon.

I never know who I'm gonna get.

And just when I think I've got you, you just slip through my fingers.

Makes you kind of... Unattainable.

Moi, unattainable? Oui.

Well, honey... All you got to do is hand over your amex.

Fantasy's extra.

How much extra?

Well, that depends on what you have in mind.

What If I wanted to seduce you?

Do you? It's my fantasy.


And who am I? You're a sex worker.

Hmm, that shouldn't be too difficult.

But you're off-duty.

Am I? And who are you, then?


Naughty boy. Mm.

What would matilda say about that?

There is no matilda.

There's no matilda?

No. There was, but... We split up.

You lied to me! No, I didn't.

Yes, you did.

No, I didn't!

I... I never said I was married now.

You just assumed that.

Fuck. You fuck!

Well, is there anyone else? No.

There's no wifey? No.


Well, is there anything else you want to tell me?

Yeah. What?

We have met before.

You know, I thought your face looked familiar.

Mm-hmm. I visited you once.

Long time ago.

At work? Mm-hmm.

How many times did you see me?

Just the once.

Ooh, I must have made quite an impression.

Yes, you did.

Well, why didn't you come back and see me again'?

I was in a relationship at the time, and you were, um...

Just a bit too tempting for safety.

In what way?

I don't remember the details, but... I just remember the feeling.

Did we fuck? Yes.

Did I come? I think so.

You telling me the truth?


Well, how did you track me down?

Spoke to, uh, Eddie, at your old place.

Eddie? Mm-hmm.

Aww, I haven't spoken to Eddie in ages!

How is he? He's good, he's good.


He said you still have his "top gun" movie.

Um, I think it was actually "top gun" the porn movie.

What do you think they're gonna think of all of this?

I have no idea.

They're probably as confused as I am.

I'm sorry I... I hope I didn't spook you.

No. Well, maybe a little bit, but...

It's okay.

Think I find it a little romantic.

Okay. So... In this fantasy of yours...

What happens next?

Um... I'm not sure. We talk.

You can do better than that.

You put on a blindfold.

Do I?


Well, do you have one with you?


What about this?

Will this do?

How's that?

Now, what am I gonna do with you?

Take off your dress.

Just like that?

Yes, just like that.

Well, don't you...

Wine me and dine me and give me flowers first?

No. Not even a kiss?

Well, maybe later, but, um...

Only If you're very good.

You do remember I'm not wearing any undies, right?

Yes, yes, I remember.

When do I do it?


And am I taking off my clothes because I want to...

Or because you're instructing me?


Right answer.

And, um... Leave your heels on.

Women look so good with just the heels on, don't you agree?


What do you think?

You already know what I think.

I need more than that.

Hey, that's the best compliment there is.

Finally, Mr. raincoat has his moment.

Mm. You okay with that?

Of course.

I like him. He's honest with me.

What now?

Put your hands behind your head.

Now you wait.

For what? For me.

For how long? As long as it takes.

For what?

I'm still here. Mm-hmm.

Spread your legs.

Come on, you can do better than that.

That's it.

Touch your nipples.

Squeeze them.



Like that? -

Are you wet? Yes.

Yeah'? I know.

How do you know?

I can smell you.

Is that a good thing?

Yes. Yes, it is.


Aren't you worried about the censors?

All they can see is nudity.

Are they that blind?

We are having sex, aren't we?

Of course we are.

Thank God.

I'd hate to think I was on my own.

Huh. It's not just with me, though.

It's with all of them.

I hadn't forgotten about them.

That's what makes this so exciting.

Take off the blindfold.


Look at them.

Tell me what you see.

My reflection.

I meant beyond that.

Well, Mr. raincoat, of course. Mm.

And some others... some men and some women.

How does that make you feel?





-'Cause I'm in control.

How's that?

I got the boys by their balls.


What about the girls?

It's a little more complicated.

Are they envious?

Maybe a few. Angry?

I hope not. Some will be.

I suppose so.

At me or you?

I don't know.

What do you think?

Don't know.

I suppose We'll find out soon enough.

I suppose so.

Can I get dressed now'?


You're staring at me.


I don't mind.


You think this is gonna ruin my reputation?

Oh, I needed that.

I always like one after sex.

I'd like to stop now. The interview?


I don't think I've got anything else to say.

Nothing else I want to say.

I do.


What? I'll tell you later.

Will you, now? Mm-hmm.

Does life exist after the credits?

I thought we just went poof! Poof!

And disappeared into the ether.

Will I be invited to the premiere?

It's your film.

Of course You'll be there.

On the screen or in the audience.


Tell me now. What?

What you want to tell me later.

Come on.

Come on.

Go on.

Mattie was a sex worker.


Matilda's a whore? She was... before we met.

Fuck! Fuck!

Fuck. I didn't know.

She didn't tell me until our first wedding anniversary.


I suppose we all have our little secrets.

Mm-hmm. Mm.

And when she told you, uh... How did you take it?

Not very well.

Oh, don't tell me that's why you left her.

Aw, you didn't, did you?

You didn't break up with her because she'd been a hooker?

So, you didn't love her.

I did. More than anything.

That's a funny way of showing it.

I just felt that she'd betrayed me.


Because she hadn't told you up front?

And If she had?

Would you have dated her?

I mean, would you have fallen in love with her, married her?

And then you wonder why she didn't say anything.

Maybe... maybe she didn't want to lose you.

"Till death do us part, for better or for worse."

She's better off without you.

Just that when I looked at her, I didn't see her anymore.

I...I only saw all the other men that she'd slept with.

Look, it wasn't rational, okay? I wasn't rational.

I... I wasn't thinking about her or us.

I was thinking about... How I was gonna explain this to our friends and colleagues and my family.

Oh, who gives a fuck? I did.

At the time, I did.

But then, after she left, I realized that...

Too late.

You never gave her a chance. No, I didn't.

Or myself... I never gave myself a chance to listen to her, to... To understand.

Did you ask her to come back?

Every day. I always got the same response.


Taken her all that time to trust me, and then I just... Rejected her like that.


Yeah, well, I don't blame her.

Know what I said to her?

I said I'd forgive her.

As If she needed my forgiveness.

She got remarried three months ago.

She's pregnant now.

I'm sorry.

Mm, fuck, babe. I'm sorry.

It's good to tell someone.

You haven't spoken about this to anyone?

Well... It's kind of hard to know who to tell.

And they might react like I did, and... Let's face it.

There's only one person that should be judged here.

It's not mat-fie. Eh.

You know, all I've wanted to do since she left is just...

Stand on top of a building and scream out at the top of my lungs that...

You know, "my wife was a whore...

I love her to bits."

Maybe that's what you're doing now.


Is that why you wanted to make this film?

It is, isn't it? This is therapy.

Well, it was mattie who said I should make a film about sex and sex workers.

She said I might even learn something.

And have you?

Yeah. I have.

What's she gonna say about all this shit you've been saying about her?

I don't know.

I'll speak to her and... See what she Says.

If she wants, I'll... I'll cut it out.

Otherwise, You'll leave it m. Mm.

You're braver than I thought.

Before, when you were seducing me, was that... Was that me, or was that her?

Ironic, isn't it?

You're the first woman I've wanted since she left.

And I'm a hooker.

I don't know what to say.

I don't know what else to say.

Maybe that's it.

Maybe I should just leave now.

Well, It's up to you.

It'll end however you want.

However I want? Really?

Well, then.

It's got to be something more dramatic.


We should have an argument, and I can say, "fuck you," and then I'll leave.

Storm off.

Not sure of that. Fuck you!

Okay. No.

No? Nah.

No? Nah.


No, I think you're right.

Well, maybe I could just look at my watch and say, "Oh, that's it. Time's up. Session's over."

Fuck, shower, leave all clean, eh?

I don't need a shower.

I could... Kiss you and say, "see you tonight."

That might work.

In your dreams.

If I took a bow...

And not fall over... would I get an applause?

Unfortunately, people generally don't clap at the end of a film.

Mm, that's a pity. Mm-hmm.

In that dress, however, you might get a couple.


It's been nice knowing you.

We should do it again sometime.

Love you.

Especially you, Mr. raincoat!

How much time do we have left?

A few minutes.

And you're not gonna cut anything out?

You're gonna use it right to the very end?


You sure? Really?

Really? Yeah.

Can you get the cameras to zoom in?


Have you done it? Uh, just about.

Just a minute.

Just my face.

You can talk.

Don't go any wider.

I'm warning you all.

Cash... Means you get a fuck.

Effort means you might get more.

This is for you.

A happy ending.

Fuck me.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, fuck!

Thank you.

♪ Hi, tiger ♪

♪ Teach me, tiger ♪

♪ How to kiss you ♪

♪ Mwah-wah-wah-wah-wah ♪

♪ Show me, tiger ♪

♪ How to kiss you ♪

♪ Mwah-wah-wah-wah-wah ♪

♪ Take my lips ♪

♪ That belong to you ♪

♪ But teach me first ♪

♪ Teach me what to do ♪

♪ Touch me, tiger ♪

♪ When I'm close to you ♪

♪ Mwah-wah-wah-wah-wah ♪

♪ Help me, tiger ♪

♪ I don't know what to do ♪

♪ Mwah-wah-wah-wah-wah ♪

♪ I know that you ♪

♪ Could love me, too ♪

♪ But show me first ♪

♪ Show me what to do ♪

♪ This is the first love ♪

♪ That I have ever known ♪

♪ What must I do ♪

♪ To make you my very own? ♪

♪ Teach me, tiger ♪

♪ How to tease you ♪

♪ Mwah-wah-wah-wah-wah ♪

♪ Tiger, tiger ♪

♪ I want to squeeze you ♪

♪ Mwah-wah-wah-wah-wah ♪

♪ All of my love ♪

♪ I will give to you ♪

♪ But teach me, tiger ♪

♪ Or I'll teach you ♪

♪ Tiger ♪

♪ Ti-i-i-ger ♪

♪ Tiger ♪