Blame (2017) Script

So, Abigail, your parents and I, feel like it would be better if you started school with the rest of your class this year.


Honey, we just think that the more time that goes by, the harder it will be for you to go back.

This way you can start off the year just like everyone else.

Exactly, it'll certainly make the, transition easier if... if you're ready.

She's ready.

Okay. Great.



Come on.

Shuttle leaves in 20 minutes, all right?

Listen, you're not in that bathroom in a minute, I'm taking a shower, so... move it or lose it, let's go.

You're not wearing that to school.

These are pajamas, Robert. All right.

Oh my God, these are precious! Yeah, right?

Do you remember when you wore that boa?

Every day. Every single day.

I... I still would, honestly.

Aw, man.

Dude, so I'm makin' a... Nice skirt, slut!

Ellie, you know Melissa, right?

Oh... yeah, Sophie told me you guys had a lot of fun at cheer camp.

Oh shit, Armani texted me last night.

No! Yeah.

What'd he say?

I shit you not, he invited me to an art gallery.

Oh my God, are you gonna go? Fuck, no!


Oh my God.

My God, she's back. What?

We were in her psych class last year.

Oh, shit, that girl.

Hey, what was that name everybody kept calling her last year?

Sybil. Oh my God, she's coming right over here, her locker's right next to mine.


What is she doing?

Melissa, what the fuck? Stop!


Welcome back, Sybil.


She loves it, trust me.

"I do, as I said... have my glass collection.

Most of them are little animals made out of glass.

Tiniest little animals in the world.

Mother calls them the glass menagerie.

This is one of the oldest, he's nearly 13."

What the fuck is she talking about?

"Be careful, if you breathe, it breaks."

Nice job.

I'm glad somebody read the play this summer.

Who is next?



He's just so gross.

Like disgusting. He's just like a dog.

Oh, look, it's Laura Wingfield.



Laura's this character from this play we were supposed to read over the summer.

See the limp?

Wait, she has a limp? Well, Laura has a limp.

Oh my...

You know she was in a psych ward for like six months, right?

No, wait, what?

Where did you hear that?

Fuck, I need a cigarette.

Oh my God, the first day back always kills me.

You don't understand! I have a business and I have a personal account.

Why you'd get in my personal account I...

This has gone on for two weeks now.

I'm... I'm so tired of this guy.

No, hey, no.

Sorry, that was not for you.

That's better.



We took psych together last year... remember, yeah?

But hey listen, I just wanted...

I just wanted to come over and tell you that...

I think it's really brave that you came back.

I mean, I think you're pretty cool.

So, I was just wondering... if it was okay with you... maybe I could give you a call sometime?

You got a number?

So, do I get to request which personality I take out?

Hey, guys, my name is Jeremy Woods and I'm filling in for Mrs. Howell till the end of October.

Now, I know she went into labor a few weeks early.

Excuse me.

But don't worry, she left me with her syllabus and... there you go.

There you go. What's your name?

Sybil. Sybil.


Hi Abigail, I'm Jeremy.

You're late, do you have a pass?

You always gotta get the pass, Schue.

Okay, you're gonna have to head back to guidance and get one.

I'm only joking, though.

Yeah, I'm joking around with you, come on have a seat.

Got to come in, Choker. Sorry about the Choker.

There you go. Just like that.


All right, now I know you guys were working on "The Glass Menagerie" for the showcase but I... I don't know, "Glass Menagerie", I'd like to change it up a bit.

Anybody here ever read "The Crucible?"

...Funny how she's allergic to cats, yeah.

She's fucking... Guys in the back?

You guys ever read "The Crucible?"

Arthur Miller?

I do not recall... Maybe.

Reading that actually.

You guys ever read any Arthur Miller in here, at all?

Death of a Salesman, All My Sons, no?

Well, he's a great playwright and you should be studying him.

Let's read, guys!

Okay, I see how it's gonna go.

So, anyway, "The Crucible" is a great play.

Salem witch trials... I think you're gonna like it a lot.

So, work was good, huh?


Yeah, it was fun.

That's great.

Nice kids.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole teaching thing.

Well, it's not really about the teaching, you know.

It's like, it's more about... being back in the theater, and...

Directing. Directing.

Well, that's great. Yeah.

You want a beer or something before you go? Oh, no. I have this, conference call in twenty minutes, so I should really... go. Okay.

Oh, right, I wanted to talk to you, I was talking to Michael and he has a new opening at his office and I was thinking... it would be great if you guys met, you know?

Maybe we could have drinks or dinner sometime next week?

Yeah, I'd love to meet him.

I... I'm not gonna be available till the end of October because of, you know, the play and everything.

Right, I know.

But this is... this would be a more... permanent kind of... thing, you know?

It's a great company, it's a great position.

You guys would really dig each other. I'm just, it's a meeting and...

Can we not do this right now? 'Cause we do it like, everyday and like, I'm... I'm actually happy.

I'm sweaty, 'cause it's hot in here, but I'm happy. I know.

All right, I should go.

Thanks for dinner. Thanks for nothing.

I'm joking.

Thanks for coming over. You're welcome.

All right, guys.

I'm sure. Guys?

Do you see nail polish?

Hello, guys! Guys.

Turn around, c'mon, class has started.

I wanna kind of talk more about

"The Crucible" and the showcase and how this is all gonna work, so... we're obviously not gonna be able to do the whole play in one period. So, today, what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna assign some roles, assign some scenes, and then I'm gonna put you guys into groups.

Okay? Here's how it's gonna work.

The groups that are the most rehearsed, That care the most, those are the scenes we're gonna pick to do the showcase.

So, I don't know you guys that well, but I wanna... I wanna get to know you.

So, I'm just gonna start assigning roles based on who wants to play what.

Let's start with Elizabeth Proctor.

This is the wife of the protagonist.

She's accused of witchcraft. any seniors wanna maybe give this a shot?

Okay, you're... what's your name?

Lily. Lily, want to give it a shot?

Sure. Great, thank you.

All right, moving down.

Abigail Williams.

Now, this is the villain of the play, okay?

It's, it's... it's a great role.

She starts having an affair with John Proctor and then, when he wants to stop it, she... she seeks revenge on him, okay?

It's a great, great, great part. It's a difficult part.

Anyone wanna try to tackle that?

You have somebody in mind, over there?

Well, she should raise her hand.

Put your fucking hand down, bitch.

I'm gonna...

I'm gonna have to go with the namesake...

Here Abigail.

Oh, snap! How's that feel, Mel? And... what's your name?

Melissa. Melissa.

Why don't you understudy Abigail for now, and we'll keep looking for something else.

Okay, let's move down to...

John Proctor, okay?

Any of the fellas? John Proctor?

Nobody wants to try?

Okay, Eric, right?

Great, Eric as John Proctor, Lily as Elizabeth.

Melissa, you'll be Abigail's understudy, and Abigail is Abigail.

Wait, what? Yeah.

That is so weird. I know.

Why would she volunteer to read with Eric, she doesn't even know him.

Why do you think?

But you don't think he likes her, right?

He didn't seem to like... I dunno.

I'd just keep an eye on her, you know?


'Only this consider, the world goes mad, and it profit nothing you should lay the cause to the vengeance of a little girl."

Come on.

Is that good?

It's great. Yeah?

You guys are really, you're doing the work.

All right, good.

Lily, I love what you're doing down there with the blocking, I really like it.

Let's revisit this tomorrow, but I'm... I'm really happy.

Thank you, Mr. Woods.

Thank you.

Abigail and Eric are up next.

Eric is sick, so he can't make it.

Well, that's okay; Abigail, why don't you come up?

Come on up, yeah.

Yeah, you can play both parts, Sybil.

This is act two, scene two?


I'll read it with you.

This should be good. What a gentleman.


I must speak with you, Abigail.

Will you sit?

How do you come?


I don't like the woods at night.

Pray you, stand closer.

Oh, she wants it. Oh my God, stand closer.

I knew it must be you.

When I heard the pebbles on my window, before I opened up my eyes, I knew.

I thought you would come a good time sooner.

I had thought to come many times.

Then why didn't you?

I am so alone in the world now. Are you?

I heard that people ride a hundred mile to see your face these days.

My face.

Do you see my face?

All right everyone, great day today.

Thank you, Jeremy.

Abigail, that was... that was really great!


You definitely... you worked on this.

Well, you, too.

Well, I... I had practice.

I played the part in college.

Yeah? Yeah, at Mason-Gross?

Yeah, it's a great part. It's a great play.

Where you headed right now?


What happened in class?

Were you guys hooking up?

Fuck you. You were!

Fuck you! What happened?

Jeremy read it with her.

That's weird.

Yeah, I thought so too.

Hey, did you see Eric this morning?

Not yet. Oh.

I talked to him, and I told him how you felt about everything.

What? No, just... like just that you were a little bit jealous that he was working with Abigail.

He didn't even go to class today.


Yeah, seriously. He stood her up.

Apparently, Jeremy had to read the scene with her.

My God, that's so weird!

And Jeremy actually acted with her?

Yeah, that's what I said.

So why are you guys mad at Abigail again?

'Cause she's a slut.

Oh... thought she was a psycho.

Why are you taking her side? I'm not, I just...

Yeah Ellie like what's... what's going on? Why are you being such a bitch?


I gotta go.

Great day everyone, thank you.

See you tomorrow.

Found that paper.

Oh, thank you Melissa. No problem.


Just one quick question?

Thank you.

I was wondering if maybe you'd be interested in... helping me out with the showcase?

Yeah. Yeah?

Yeah, I'd love to. It... it's just a lot of work and I... I'd love your help.

Looks great.

Come back here, check it out.

Were you ever like a... professional actor?

No, no.


I did plays in school and then I...

I did...

I did 'Romeo and Juliet' at Bucks County.

That was fun.

And then I just...

I just stopped, you know?

I don't know, life just gets in the way.


You shouldn't have stopped, because I bet you'd be really famous right now.


But I mean, I didn't... I wasn't nearly... as good as you are.

I mean, when I was your age, like... you're really good.

Seriously. You're really good.

All right, the lighting board.

Okay, I'm ready to learn.

So, does Eric still have to work with Sybil?

After that one day?

Fuck if I know.

I've been thinking of texting him something but, I don't know.

Actually, I had a really good idea of something funny we could do.

Let's go Bulldogs! Come on, girls.

I'll tell ya after the game.

You are one hot bitch! Let's slaughter!

Yeah, send it.

That Beatle guy? Yeah.

That was very precise.

Hey, so...

I feel like I owe you an apology for standing you up in class the other day.

It's okay.

No, I... come on, I fucked up.

I... I honestly was sick, but I should've told you.

And I was thinking to, maybe, just to make it up to you, like we could... we could go to the auditorium after school.


You want to practice after school?


I mean like, all the other kids are meeting up and, like...

I just feel bad that we didn't get a chance to perform.

Dude, I'm trying... can you not, right now?

Dude, no okay, I... look, I know...

I was a dick to you, okay? I'm sorry.

But, if I flunk this class, I'm gonna get kicked off the team.

So, help a guy out?


I'll be... we'll be great.

We're gonna break people's hearts.

All right?

I think it's just... which scenes best tell the story?


I've... you know look, we have to start with act one, scene one. I want someone to read, 'Salem, Massachusetts in the spring of the year 1692', but...

Can I see? Yeah, I just... not sure where to cut it.

How's the scene coming with Eric?

He asked me to... practice in here after school.


Good for him, he needs it.

He's got a lot of catching up to do.

You know, if you want... we can just meet up after and keep working on this.

Yeah sure, I mean... that'd be really helpful.


Thanks for... for doing this, by the way.

For doing what?

Letting me help you out with the showcase and everything.

Thanks for helping me out.

I didn't realize how much work it was gonna be.

It's a big play, I just, you know, don't... we'll figure it out.

It's... it's just nice to...

I don't know, to get to come in here and... have someone to talk to.

There's not really anyone else that I'm close to.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

I don't have anyone that I'm really close to either.

I'll see you after school?

Yeah. Okay.

Thanks for the help.


Oh, my goodness.


Ready to laugh your fucking ass off? Yeah.

I'll catch up with you later.

Later? She's not coming?

Coming to what?

Nothing. Don't worry about it.

Is this about Abigail again?


Look, I told you guys, I don't wanna do anything...

Do you have a crush on her or something?

What? Not judging, just curious.

I think you guys would make a cute couple.

Come on.

I'm done.

Come on, let's go.

'It were a fire you walked me through, And all my ignorance was burned away.

It were a fire John, we lay in fire.

And from that night no woman dare call me wicked any...'

Oh, shit!

You want me to give you a ride?


Here, take this.

Thanks. Yeah, no problem.

Warm you up.

Where do you live?

Over by the library.

Oh, great. That's... that's right by me, we're practically neighbors.

You know what?

I'm gonna... I'm gonna talk to Eric tomorrow.

This is... It's bullshit.

It wasn't just him.

While I was waiting in the auditorium, I've decided to run through my monologue.

And I heard a girl laughing in the wings.

You know what? Fuck them.


I'll do the scene with you.

Really? Yeah.

I'll do the scene with you for the showcase.


Is anyone home?

Not 'til late.

Is it okay if I just sit here for a bit?


You want... turn on the radio?

Where have you been?

I've been calling you.

You scared the shit out of me. You were supposed to meet Michael... about the job.


That was today? Fuck.

Yeah. Fuck.

That was today. I just got caught up at school.

You know what? Let me...

I mean just... you know just, change out of the wet clothes, I'll be two seconds.

I already canceled, it's fucked, okay?


It's not a big deal Jen, I'll just...

I don't know what's going on with you.

Do you think you're blowing this a little out of proportion?

Look, I have been trying to help you. I have been patient with you.

I have been so fucking patient with you.

I've been supportive of all of your shit.

This is really unfair to me.

What, you're mad because I'm...

I got... I'm teaching?

No, this isn't. Is that what this is about?

You're just, it's...

you don't know what you want.

You quit one job, I'm supportive of that.

You take time off to figure out what you want.

Don't be passive aggressive to me.

That's passive aggres... Look, you either want this or you don't.

See this is the problem. This is... this is...

I don't want to get into this with you, okay?

I'm sorry I was late...

I'm just gonna let you figure this out, okay?

All right?

To Abigail.

To Abigail.

Oh, to dear Abigail!

Hey, guys. Hold on... hold the work for a second.

I have a couple changesto make... in the groups.

Eric, I'm gonna move you to group four.

Oh, hey.

So, does that mean I get to work with Abby?

No, I am.

You okay, now? Screw that.

You could be my understudy.

Thanks, man. No problem.

Okay... and then...

I think what I wanna do here is I should cross... into here, and I hold the lantern to your face.

I'm gonna hold it really close to your face!

But, this is gonna be the only light at this point, this is the first time the audience really sees your face.

You don't like this? Then that's what I say, 'Can you see my face?'

Yeah, that's why. We'll ask the audience...

You gonna ask? 'Can you see my face?'

'Can you see my face?' 'Can you see my...'



Yeah, yeah.

Dude puff, pass.

Two puffs.

Do I hear little girls?

Hi, boys. They brought the party with them.

My goodness, what is this?

Hello. Hello.

Let's get fucked up! Yes, please.

Sorry. Oh my God!

Oh my God! Fuckin' careful!

Hey, you can come sit down, here.

You can take... here's a beer.

I got you this.

Look at these fucking swords you've got on your foot.

Here, give me that bottle.

You're gonna drink it from the bottle?

Yeah. Like a real man.


Here's to...

These fucking uniforms, man!

Dude, dude, do you have your phone?

It's upstairs, no!

Can you guys kiss?

Oh, c'mon, be good cheerleaders!

Fuck you!

Don't do that!

Try again. We were so close.

Oh, shit!

Oh, shit.

These should be the cheer uniforms.

Guys, I'm so drunk.

That's good. That's the way we like you.

Come here.

Do you think I'm hot?

I think you're the hottest girl in school.

Do you... do you have a condom?

I can pull out.

Do you mind just putting one on?

I want you.

No, no, don't... don't worry about. Oh, fuck.


Oh, gosh.

I got it, I got it, I got it.

Hey, it's okay.

Okay, come on, honey.

Get it out, okay?

Oh, honey.

Here, let's... come on.

Can we... go to the bathroom or something?

Yeah, of course, of course. I'll get you cleaned up, come on.

Two coffees?

It's not hard. If it hadn't taken her so long, we definitely would've been on time.



I can't fucking believe it's Monday already.

I know.

Oh, Sophie Grant.

Listen to this.

All right guys, just stop the work for a second.

I picked the scenes for the showcase.

I think I picked the scenes that best tell the story of 'The Crucible', as well as picking the scenes of the groups that were most involved.

If you don't hear your name called, I don't want you to stop working, 'cause you will present on Wednesday in front of the class.


We're gonna start with excerpts of act one, scene one, Sherilyn and Gina. Yes.

And then we move to act two, scene two, Abigail.

And then act two, scene three, Lily, Phe, and Jack.

So, I'm really proud of you guys, it was some great work.

Hey, sorry to interrupt. You got a sec, Jeremy?

You guys keep working, I'll be right back.

Hey, Abby.

You think you can still act with our teacher's dick in your mouth?

Weren't you in Abby's psych class last year?


Yeah, what exactly happened?

I never heard the full story. Shut up.

He doesn't know, does he?

Wanna tell him together, Sybil?

I said, 'Shut up'.

What the fuck, psycho bitch! Get away from me!

Hey, what's going on in here? Leave me alone!

She, like, fucking attacked me!

Okay, Melissa, grab your stuff and head to guidance.

No, no, she came... What?

Go to guidance. She didn't even do anything!

She came at her! It was completely Abby!

Are you shitting me, Jeremy? Hey! Don't talk to me that way.

You know what? Don't fucking tell me how to talk to you!

You all right?

I'm sorry.

There you go, let's go outside, let's go outside and talk.

'It were a fire you walked me through.

And all my ignorance was burned away.

It were a fire, John.

We lay in fire.

And from that moment no woman dare call me wicked anymore but I knew my answer.

I used to weep for my sins when the wind lifted up my skirts, and blushed for shame because some old Rebecca called me loose.

And then you...

you burned my ignorance away.'

I've been looking all over for you.

You haven't been at lunch.

Yeah I... didn't realize I was welcome.

Do you maybe wanna study for the chem test later?


I know, I'm sorry. And...

I know you're really mad at me. I just...

I really have to talk to you about something.


There's... there's no one here.


I had sex with Eric.

Congrats. Yeah.

How was it? Good, it was good.

What happened?

He's been ignoring me.

He won't even look at me since Monday, and... so I finally texted him today and I saw that he read it, but yeah, he... hasn't texted me back.

I just don't understand.

Can I come to your house later tonight?

Yeah, sure.

I'd love to talk to you, if you... have some time.

You think you could come over?

I wanna do this.

With you.

I can't.


I can't.

I can't.

Come here. I can't.

Come here.

Okay, it's still very hot, but a cocoa, your favorite.

Thank you.


I think we're pretty much done, we just... El?

I'm really sorry that I've been such a bitch lately.

Could you just find the next... the next topic? I'm gonna go to the bathroom.

Hey, what's up?

Oh, my God. Melissa, you are not going to believe this.


All right, so... did you find that last page about buffer zones?

Couldn't find it.


Nothing, I'm just super stressed-out about this test.

Oh, yeah. Tell me about it.

Fuck! Fuck!

All right so... I think we cross, cross stage left here.

Oh, I'm crossing there?

Yeah, I think...

I think that will be right for the moment, right after that.

Should we go over that after school today?

No, no.

I got a lot of stuff going on today.

Swamped, you know at... at home.

You want help? Oh, no, thank you.

That's very nice of you, Abigail.

But, I'm... I'm fine.

I got it covered.

You think Kennelly's throwing a quiz?


Hey. I altered my costume.

Figured I could try it on when we rehearsed today.

I... I can't today, Abigail, I'm really swamped at home.

Hey, you've reached Jeremy Woods, leave a message.

Hey, you've reached Jeremy Woods...

So, homecoming's tomorrow.

I guess, I'm not going with Eric.

That sucks, babe.

Hey, how's it goin'?

So I was wondering what time we were getting together tonight?

To get ready for homecoming?

Yeah, of course, I still wanna go.

I thought you were gonna be my date.

No, she's gonna meet us there.

So I'll just like, bring my makeup and my stuff over to your house at, like, sixish?

Okay... awesome! I'll see you then.

I'm excited! Okay, bye, Ellie!


Just a second! I need to find my necklace!

Sophie! Yeah, coming!


All right.

I feel like if we have a positive attitude, this could be a lot of fun.

Yes, here we are. Yes, of course.

Thank you. Thank you.

Have a good night.

The sign looks so good! Who drew this?

Before you say anything, I did, okay.

No! Oh, I'm so... Does this one look like an ac...

It was going so well. Okay.

Did you get my text? No.

Oh, shit. Okay. Did you get the paper?

The one we talked about? Did you get the paper or not?

Sophie? No.

What? I checked in her notebook, but she tore it out. What? Fuck!

Shit. We have to get that. You have to talk to her.

Oh my God!

How're you? Good.

What do you wanna do? Around back?

Do you have? - I brought some.

Round back?

Yeah, I'm just gonna... grab Ellie.

Yeah, good.

Do we have to wait for her? Yeah.

Sorry... we're just gonna go around back if you wanna come?

Yeah? Yeah.

Melissa's just in a mood.

Never happens. All right, all right.

Makes it easier to drink! You don't li... lick, you do it...

I'm... I know what I'm talking about!

Maybe you... What are you talking about?

You're full of shit! I'm saying, you know... that maybe... maybe you know... Okay, thanks.

You're drunk already. No.

Look at you.

I actually wanted to talk to you about something.

Are you done? Are you done?

Now? Yes Are you done?

Yeah... I just like feel really bad about what's been going on with us.

I know I've been a really shitty friend to you lately.

Thanks. I just... can we wait?

Oh my God! Put me down! Put me down!

Ask nicely. Ask nicely. Stop.

I just wanna say that I'm trying to do the right thing here, like, morally.

All right look, I read your diary the other night and I know what you saw, and I think we should report it to the school.


I know. I'm sorry, but... No, God!

I knew you were looking! Sophie! Look, look, look.

He's taking advantage of her and we need to tell someone!

Please don't pretend you actually care, okay?

Melissa's obviously putting you up to this.

This isn't even about her!

Sophie, do you not realize she's literally right behind you, like, on top of the guy that you've been scheming for like three years.

My God, Ellie! This isn't even about her!

Whatever, Sophie. You do whatever you want.

Like, at least she's not obsessed with some pedophile and his freaking... Oh my God!

You really not see that she's just jealous?

How 'bout you shut the fuck up!!!



Fuck that cunt.


What're you doing? Nothing.

Get out! What is this?

Get out! What is that?

Get out. Get out of my room. What is that? Let me see, give it here.

It's mine! Give it back...

Give me the computer!

What is this? What are you doing?

Shit! Fuck! Hey!

Don't you walk out on me!

Jesus! Oh, my goodness.

Can I... keep this?

What the fuck?

Oh Jesus, Mel.

Slow down, slow down! Next one. Do you...


Fuck off. They're not actually for you.

Please? Who're they for?

Stop, God.

Mel, I need to make a phone call.

Mel, I need to use your phone.

Melissa, I have to use your phone. Can I?

No! No! Oh my God!


Enough with the phone. Bring it up here.

Gimme it.

Sit down please.


Sorry I didn't get back to you. Listen, I need to ask you something.

My necklace is gone.

My cross?

I think maybe it came off in your car?

I don't... I don't think so.

So, I was thinking maybe later I could... come by and look for it?

Well... today's really not a good day.

I'll walk home.

You can pick me up tonight.

Can we talk about this tomorrow?

You don't wanna see me?

I just... I have a lot going on and let's talk about this tomorrow.

Hey, you've reached Jeremy Woods...

What's going on guys? What're you working on?

We're trying to figure out what we're going to be wearing?

Yeah, when do we rehearse in costume?

That's a great question. 'When are we gonna rehearse in costumes?'

Are you guys starting to think about costumes and wardrobe?

Here's the name of that book you were asking me about.

I want you guys to design it.

I want you to look at the tape and bring it in so we can show these guys, okay?

Yeah, thanks. Good, good.

The fuck!


What's going on?

Can we talk?

Ah, I have a meeting in here in a minute.

It's not a good time.

With Abigail?

What do you wanna talk about, Melissa?

Abigail, slow up.

What's the rush, Abigail? Come on, come on, come on.

There's something Eric really wants to ask you.

All right, here we go.

Wait, please, I...

I really need somebody to talk to right now.

We were wondering if... if you just, if you ever wanted to chill with us.

Like, we got a basement, and beer and stuff.

I guess you haven't heard.

I'm not really into little boys.

What's going on?

Why didn't you pick me for that part?

Melissa... Why did you pick her?


You didn't know us.

What? Did you feel sorry for her?


I just wanted you to notice me.


Where did you get that?


Where did you get that?

I don't know what your talkin... This is mine!

Hey, get the fuck off me!

What're you doing?

With Jeremy?

God, he is a great kisser, don't you think?

You fucking whore!

What was that?

Help me go over my lines.


Come on.

'It were a fire, John. We lay in fire.'

After the bell, all grades please report... Have you seen Abigail?


She's not backstage?

I haven't seen her, no.

Hey, you guys have seen Abigail? Anybody?

No. Sorry.

Well, it looks like the understudy is saving the day.

Only this consider, the world goes mad, and it profit nothing.

You should lay the cause to the vengeance of a little girl.

Okay, this is you.

Blackout for scene three.

I must speak with you, Abigail.

Will you sit?

How do you come?


You were no hypocrite!

I will prove you for the fraud you are!

Oh, and if they ask you why Abigail would ever do so murderous a deed, what will you tell them?

I will tell them why.



Okay, so she gives birth to a huge baby, which is bad enough and then she comes home and...

Ms. Cohen? Yeah?

I need to report an incident.

Abigail! Abigail! What's going on?

Tell me what's going on with you?

You're not looking at me. You're not talking to me.

You're ignoring my calls, no! Listen, listen to me, no, no, no, no! What is going on with Melissa?

Nothing's going... We... we... we can't do this right here.

Please don't yell... Why?

Why did you kiss me... if you don't wanna be with me?

Oh, I just...

I just wanna know.

I just wanna... Okay, okay...

I can't do this anymore. Look at me. Look at me and just calm... take a deep breath.

Could we just... can I talk to you in the...

Hey, let me just talk to you in the car, okay?

You okay?

Look, I'm really sorry.

I have something to give you.

How're you feeling?

Fine. Okay.

Do I just start talking?

Officer Dolan is just gonna ask you some questions.

As... as soon as you're ready.

I'm ready. Okay. Go ahead.

Miss Bowman, did your substitute drama teacher, Jeremy Woods... engage in a sexual relationship with you?




And he asked you for these?

Oh hi, thank you for coming in, Mr. McCarthy.

My pleasure. Why're you...

What... what is he doing here?

Oh, we need a parent present while you speak with the police.

He's not my father.

He... Well, parent or guardian.

Please, sit. Thank you.

How you doing, honey? You all right?

I... I came just as soon as I... I could. I...

Okay... so we can continue.

You mentioned something about pictures?


He asked me for pictures after class one day.

I was too nervous to send them, so I... I brought them in to my phone, and he asked if he could keep them for a few days.

You know, to look at them.

And, has he returned the phone to you? No.

It's probably still in his desk.

Now the last incident, you said, occurred in the school auditorium?




And what time of day was this? This was just after school.

He left a note in my locker asking me to practice for the showcase with him.

I was... I was the understudy for the scene from 'The Crucible'.

And what happened when you went to meet with him?

We were rehearsing.

It's... yeah, it's a really intimate scene.

We'd done it together before but... this time it just, it felt different, you know?

He kept, he kept looking at me, he wouldn't look away.

And then... he kissed me.

And did he threaten you?

Say, he was going to hit you or, try and restrain you in any kind of...

He said...

He said: 'You wanted this'.

'Remember that'.

And what happened after that?

He touched me.

He asked me to take off my shirt and he looked at me in my bra, and he... he felt me up.

And he asked if I wanted to see him.

And what did you say?

I said yes.

But I didn't mean it, you know?

I was just...

I was just scared.

And I... and I thought... maybe if I did this, he would stop hitting me.

So, he asked me to take off my bra while...

and then he... he looked at me... and he said...

'How many boys have seen you like this?'

You just think that you matter, you know?

The first time you think...

that even if it makes you sick that at least you matter to somebody.

And then you realize that you don't.

You don't matter. You don't matter.

I'm really sorry, but I... I need you to just go back a bit.

You mentioned that he hit you?


You just said that...

That you thought if you did this, he would stop hitting you.

So when did this all start?

A couple of years ago.

All right, we need to go. Don't touch me!

Hey! She's coming with me!

Calm down. She needs a lawyer!

I have every right to be here! Please don't let him touch me!

Step out of the room. Get out! Get out!

Out of the room! Just give her a minute.

I.. I.... I'm so sorry.

Thank you.

Thank you.

It's okay.

You're gonna be okay.

Okay? Yeah.

Here, I want you to...

I want you to have this. You keep it, okay?

It looks better on you than it does on me.

Melissa Bowman.