Blame It on Rio (1984) Script

Might've been the free and easy laughter in the air Might've been the moonlight on the sea Might've been the warm and friendly feeling everywhere but something wild came over you and me And we felt our inhibitions melt away in snow though we tried to fight it, you and I Just about the time discretion should have said hello we watched our good intentions wave goodbye

What if we both went a little bit crazy?

Blame it on Rio What if our hearts got a little bit hazy?

Blame it on Rio What if we acted like fools broke a few rules?

What do we care?

Blame it on Rio

What if we both went a little bit crazy?

Blame it on Rio What if our hearts got a little bit hazy?

Blame it on Rio What if we acted like fools broke a few rules?

What do we care?

Blame it on Rio Rio de Janeiro bum bum bum bum bum bum bum la da da da da da da bum bum bum bum What happened happened.

You just never know.

One time, the company I work for transferred me to an island in the Pacific.

Fantastic place.

I invited my girl to visit me.

I sent her a postcard every day with a single word on each card.

I wrote...

"found a virgin paradise...

"it's yours-Matthew."

Naturally, they were delivered in the wrong order.

The message she got was...

"found a virgin.

"It's paradise. Yours, Matthew."

I never heard from her again.

Vacations are full of surprises, to say nothing of virgins, which brings me to last year.

It had been a really mixed-up time.

Just when I got to wear a smaller retainer, my parents filed for divorce.

Kinda took the fun out of smiling.

I'd been working in brazil out of Sao Paulo, the New York of Brazil.

Sao Paulo is where all the work gets done.

Where all the fun gets done is in Rio, which is where my wife Karen and I decided to spend our last vacation.

Somehow I'd never made it there- by all accounts, the most exciting, the most sensuous city in the world.

I didn't know if this was actually true, but after 20 years of marriage, any fantasy helps.

Victor was coming along, of course.

That's my friend Victor Lyons.

He was going through a bad patch at the time.

This divorce is gonna kill me.

Phone calls, letters.

Look at this. From her lawyers.

Every day something.

If I don't get a letter, I get a telegram.

We're in more contact apart than we ever were together.

Who knows, maybe the divorce will save the marriage.

Bite your tongue.

Just one day in Rio, you'll forget all about it.

I promise you.

Tell you the truth, if it wasn't for Jennifer, I wouldn't even go.

I don't have to leave town to be miserable.

It's much cheaper doing it at home.

When does she get in?

She's on a 3:00 flight.

Imagine what all this is doing to the kid.

She'll be all right. Kids are survivors.

Pays to survive, huh?

Half. That's all she wants.

Wish I had herpes.

I say to myself she likes 'em handsome and tall I had to admit that I'm not like that at all I still don't know what drew her to me overnight?



Let me look at you.

You-you're gorgeous.

So are you.


Well, what happened? You're almost a woman.

I'm strong, too, daddy. I won't break.

Oh, yeah. Right. Sure.

Look, let me take your things.

Did they feed you?

You must be beat.

Here. Give me your purse this is some radio you can get a hernia from rock and roll.

Poor daddy.

I wanted to tell him he didn't have to feel so guilty, but I just couldn't take that happiness away from him.

My folks were married almost 50 years.

Never said a harsh word.

Never said a kind word.

They just didn't speak is what is was.

And I swore it would be different for Karen and me.

But something was happening to our marriage.

Nothing earth-shattering.

Just small signs that a husband can detect.


Karen, what's wrong?

Nothing is wrong.

Read your book.

But you're crying.

I'll try to do it softly.

Is it something I did?

It's nothing you did.

You would have to do something for it to be something you did.

Hold it, hold it.

Do you have room for these, mom?

Put them in dad's.

Wait a minute.

You've got more room than I.

Don't be such a baby.

Nicole is my daughter.

She also acts as a sort of branch wife.

This bag's a mess.

Thank you, darling.

Would you like me to teach you how?


Can I put these in one of yours?

Better not no problem. They're perfectly flat.

Then put them in yours.

I can't. Nicky's gear is in there.

Matthew, if you want to use them, don't put them in here you mean, if I put these in your bag, you won't let me use them in Rio?

No, Matthew.

I mean, you won't get to use them, because you and I are not going to Rio.

What do you mean?

Exactly what I said.

But we're packing for Rio.

You're packing for Rio.

I'm packing for Bahia.


How we doing?


Aunt Karen.

Aw, you look marvelous.

How's school?

How's Connecticut?

Nice. Tiny.

Hi, Uncle Matthew.


You want some help?

I got 2 taxis downstairs.

Well, I'll be right with you everything ok?

Yeah. Just give us a few minutes.

Help Nicky take her bags downstairs.

What do you mean, Bahia?

Club Med. For a month.

When did you decide all this?

Weeks ago.

And you didn't tell me?

I didn't want to upset you.

Oh, not until just the right moment, eh?

When you're gonna upset someone, you're gonna do a proper job of it, right?

This is exactly what I was afraid of.

What do you expect?

We're supposed to be going on vacation.

We are going on vacation. Just 2 different ones.

But why?

You haven't a clue?

Why, am I boring when we're together?


I'm boring when we're together.

Who said? You.


Haven't you said there were times you'd rather be without me?

Ah, that's only when I'm with you.

Most of the time, we're too together.

Sometimes we're so us, I forget what it's like just to be me.

But when we're apart, I miss you terribly.

Karen... the truth.

Is there someone in your life?

There's no one in my life.

No one.

Well, I thought I was.

Barely, Matthew.

Just a little bit more than I'm in yours.

Look, I'm sorry.

I-I know I was wrong.

About what about whatever you think I was wrong about.

I admit it.

I didn't say you'd done anything wrong.

All right. Then I deny it.

Whatever works here.

Please, darling. Victor's waiting.

The hell with Victor.

Hey, guys, we got a plane to catch.

She's not going.

What do you mean you're not going?

What happened?

What, did you have a fight? What?

I don't have to answer to you, too, Victor.

I don't get it. Who packs not to leave?

She's going to Bahia.

But we're going to Rio. Didn't we say Rio?

Victor, this is between me and Matthew.

We did say Rio, didn't we?

We did.

Then what the hell is in Bahía?

Not me. That's the big attraction.

That's not fair.

What's going on?

Matthew will explain it all what do I tell Nicky?

I'll talk to Nicky.

She's serious.

We're not going until I change her mind.

The flight without her was awful.

She was all I could think about.

I was up to my ears in my marriage.

Victor was up to my ears in his divorce.

How you doing?

It's the lawyers.

You'd think I cheated on them.

They feed on misery.

Show me 2 people breaking up, and I'll show you lawyers flying lazy circles.

Thank God for Rio just the thought of it.

My Rio Rio by the sea-o flying down to Rio where there's rhythm and rhyme say, feller twirl that ol' propeller we've got to get to Rio, and we've got to make time you'll love it soaring high above it looking down on Rio from a heaven up above send a radio to Rio de Janeiro with a big hello just so they'll know and stand by there, we'll fly there my Rio everything will be ok we're singing and winging our way to you?

Please, could you fasten the seat belts and observe the no smoking sign.

In a few minutes, we are going to land in Rio.

He's gorgeous!

I saw him first.

How'd you like to lose about 2 feet off your nose?

You creep!

That's the temper we all know and love.

I don't have a temper.

You'd kill anyone who says so.

Maybe we ought to talk about boys.


Ground rules.

That's if we get any boys on the ground.

Come on. He's talking.

I think we should all agree on what time you come home if you're on a date.

How does 11:00 sound, Victor?

11:00 sounds good.

I think 11:00 is sensible.


The next morning, right?

I'm sure.

I don't get made up till 11:00.

How about midn-



Midnight. What do you think?

No later. Midnight's plenty.

Mother lets me come home at 1:00.

Oh, yeah?

Well, I don't know if, uh... well, let's see. We'll talk.


I didn't say anything.

I'm just thinking it.

Are we almost there?

I don't know. Soon I think.

You rented a house, you don't know where it is?

It's soon.

Soon is all you know?

That's better than later.

Look at this. It's fabulous.

It's beautiful.

It's awfully high up, isn't it?

Why does a house have to be so high up?

I won't let you fall, daddy.

Come on, let's go see our room.


It's only an iguana.

I hate lizards.

Lizards hate lizards.

Ah. Boa tarde.

Eu sou Matthew Hollis.

She's crazy about you.

Hey! Look at this.

It's an egg.

That's a sign.

It's still warm. What's it a sign of?


Or an omelet. Whichever comes first.

Come on, Nicky.

Matthew, promise me something.

Promise you'll try to have a good time.

I say to myself she likes 'em handsome and tall

I had to admit that I'm not like that at all

I still don't know what drew her to me overnight

I must be doing something right?


Time to get up, you lot.

Jennifer... mmm?

We want to get to the beach early.

Come on, Nicky.

Are you up?


Your father's so sweet.

I used to have a crush on him.

Me, too.

Good morning, senhora... or not.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

I'm sorry. I don't understand any- oh, forgive me.

You don't speak Portuguese.

Only enough to get my face slapped.

I'm your neighbor. Eduardo Marques.

Victor Lyons. Nice to meet you.

Does she ever speak?

Never. It is a blessing.

How about some coffee?

I will. Thank you.

You are here with your family?

My friend and I. And our daughters.

And your wives I'm split up with mine.


Uh, should I be sorry?

It isn't final yet. We're in the process.

She wants a June divorce.

She's very sentimental.

Do you miss me at all?

At all?

Yes, dear, I miss you at all.

How much is that?

How's Nicky, Jennifer?

They're fine.

What are you doing there?


It's lovely.

Can you take a month of that?

It'll give me a good chance to think now, what's all this thinking that you have to do?

I don't want to shock you, Matthew but I have been thinking for years.

We miss you here.

The girls. Victor, too.

Tell Victor to play with his settlement papers I miss you, Karen.

A lot more than "at all."

Take care, Matthew you, too.


This is our neighbor.

Uh, Eduardo Marques.


This is Matthew Hollish.


Eduardo owns a restaurant.

I said we'll try it.

You ok yeah. I just spoke to Karen.

Everything, uh, all right?

I guess so. She seems fine.

What the hell's she doing there?


That's exactly how I lost my wife.

Uh, no offense.

Thinking about what?

What's there to think about listen, we came here for a good time.

Let's have a good time.

I'm gonna forget about your wife.

I'm gonna forget about my wife.

And you can forget about my wife, if you like.

What do you say, Matthew?

I'll try.

What do you mean, you'll try?

This is all your idea. This is Rio, remember?

I don't know if I can take a week of this.



Hello, Peter. Helaine.

What a nice surprise.

Where are you staying?

We're at the Verde Oro.

The Oro Verde.

We've got a house.

Oh. Lovely.

We'll give you a call.



I've always had a feeling about her.

You've got a feeling about everybody.

I didn't know they were back together.

He had a thing with his secretary.

Looks like he brought his thing back home.

They smiled.

Maybe we should talk to them.

We can't.

They're practically naked.

Try to picture them with clothes on.

I hope I don't step on anything.

I've always had a problem handling nudity.

I like it, mind you, but it is troubling.

Anybody's. Even my own.

Sometimes, when I'm getting undressed, I almost wish I could leave the room.

You know what I mean?

This place can make you crazy.

I think the monkey likes you.

Hey, those are the girls.


Isn't it a fabulous day?


Aren't you a little chilly, Jennifer?


I am.

I feel a little chill no, really why don't we all get dressed and go in for a swim?

You're embarrassed.

No, I'm not embarrassed.

Oh, daddy. Help me, Nicky.

Come on, come on. Hey!

Come on, don't push me.

Hey, what are you looking at? Hey!

Come on. Stop. Whoa!


Come on in, Uncle Matthew!

Poor Uncle Matthew.

I don't know why some people can't get older without getting old.

Didn't dry your hair.

It'll dry.

Sure, it will, but if you dry it, you won't have to wait for it to dry.

Where's your towel?

I don't need it. Daddy.

You need a cold, right?


Don't "ow" me.

You catch a cold, your mother's lawyers will turn it into double pneumonia.


Let's take some time out time out party time is waiting...?

Hurry up, daddy. Catch them.

What's wrong?

Follow them!

Let's see them get married.

We don't even know them.

So? That doesn't matter.

It's Brazilian.

It's a different kind of wedding.

I'll wait and catch the divorce.

Come on, Nicky!

What about dinner?

They'll have lots of food.

Remember, 1:00!

2:00 the latest!

They'll be all right.

They're good girls.


Let's go find some bad ones.

They're alone.

There's probably a reason.

They keep looking over at me.

Maybe they're lawyers.

My luck... waiter.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna send them a drink.

Think they'll be easier to get than the waiter uh, Victor, let's not start something here.

A drink is fine, but after that, you're on your own.

I didn't come to Rio to cheat.

Don't ever use that word.

Is tasting life, creating a little magic- is that cheating?

We're a long time dead.

And being unfaithful will get me that way fast.

You're faithful out of fear, is that it maybe out of fear, maybe out of habit, but it's been so long, I'm definitely out of practice.

Look at that.

The one with the cigar you like that?

That lady is my kinda guy.

Don't wait up.

Reckless, impulsive, unthinking... not Victor. Me... as I was about to find out.

I'm on the groom's side.

Hi, Uncle Matthew!



Where's daddy?

Uh, he's-he's not here.

He's, uh, making a friend.

That's my dad. Want to dance?

No, thank you. It's not my kind of music.

But listening is fine.

Aw, come on. The beat's wonderful.

No, it's just that I can't do any kind of dancing where you have to use your body.

I'll wait here.

No, you've got to see the newlyweds.

Her mother's a macumba lady.

May I kiss the bride no.

She says if anyone deserves a kiss, it's her, because her prayers are responsible for this marriage.

Let's go in.

Go in. Are you kidding?

I bet that water's freezing.

This is crazy.

Crazy's wonderful.

Crazy's the best.

I'm too old for crazy. Can't we settle for silly?

It's too cold!

No, it's not.

It's not too cold, and you're not too old

it's-it's warmer than I thought it was going to be







A shell.

Make love to me.

I'm 20 years older than you.



I was wrong.

You're never too old to be crazy.

I loved that ceremony.

I'm so glad I thought it was super, much better than the royal wedding.


I think we're having just about the best holiday we've ever had.

I think I love this place.

It's so different from Brighton.

Oh, look at these rocks.

Talking about Brighton, look at these rocks.

Oh, yes, they're extremely craggy, aren't they?

This is a craggy place.

It is. Matthew! Is that you?

That's right. This is me.

I-it's Peter and Helaine.

Yes, yes. Of course. I know.

Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine, thank you.

How are you?

Here for the month uh, what month is that?

This month.

Oh. Oh, this month. Yes, yes.

This is the month that I'm here for.

We were just at the ceremony.

Delightful, wasn't it?

Is that, uh, Karen over there?


That's not Karen. Karen couldn't come.

She's dead.

Not really.

No, no. She's not really dead.

Not in the sense that she's not alive.

Matthew, you are all right?

Yeah. Yes, I'm fine. Fine, thank you.

I-I just came out for a walk.

And to bury yourself in the sand?

Yeah. Ha. Yes, I did, didn't I?

Well, do give us a call if you like.

Yeah, we're at the, uh, Verde Oro.

Oro Verde, dear.

Yes. Yes, of course.

Wherever. Ha.

God bless.

Jennifer, wake up.

Wake up, Jennifer.

You fell asleep.

You've been dreaming.

You had a very bad dream.

That we were making love.

Probably. Yes. Probably that was it.

How would you know?


I-I must've had the same dream, too.

Don't feel guilty.

I don't know what to feel.

I'm ready for another dream if you are.



My ex-husband, he hated the smell of cigars.

My wife couldn't stand them.

So, uh... how long have you and your husband been split up?

12 days.

Can I tell you something?

You are my 12th lover in 12 days.


I don't hurt your feelings?

Nah. I've always been a team player.

It is better making love to someone when you're not married.

Let's you be a little kinky.

What is kinky?

I'll show you in a minute... well, or 2.

Those are the guys I knew were standing in line who would've guessed that she was already mine?

Though I don't dance and heaven knows I'm not that bright but still I'm doing something right yeah, baby?

Ba dap bap buh dappa dap?

Jennifer. You're up. Did I wake you?

I had to do something.

You're not sick, are you?

What is it, your stomach?

Did you eat something?

You caught a cold, didn't you?

I told you your hair was wet.

Daddy, did you have a good time?




Well, good night, sweetheart.

Good night.

Why in the world she chose me I'll never know now every guy who knows me envies me so...?

I'll never forget the way he felt.

The way we felt.

Nothing's perfect, though.

It'll take a month To get all the sand Out of my bellybutton.


Ready to hear about last night?


First of all, her name is Isabella, which has to be Portuguese for "perpetual motion."

It was fantastic.

Where'd you wind up?

Aha. You got milk all over your whiskers, pussycat.

Who was the lucky girl? Where'd you meet her?

I didn't meet anybody.

Ok, ok. We'll talk at breakfast.

I want to know all the details about her.

You can start at the bottom if you like.

So did you kids have fun at the wedding?

Oh, yeah. Us kids had fun at the wedding.


Let me kiss it.

Are you crazy?

They're outside having breakfast.

Kiss me.

Jennifer, about last night- kiss me first.

Kiss you? I ought to spank you.

Oh, please, and bite me, too.

Now stop that.

Did you get my sand flower?

Oh, was that yours? I did.

It was lovely. Thank you.

You're lovely.

No, I'm not.

You're a fantastic lover.

Don't talk like that.

Why? Will you tell my father on me?

There's nothing to tell. Last night never happened.

I know. I was there when it didn't.

No, I mean it. It was just one wild moment.

That's all it was. You've got to forget it.

We've both got to forget it.

I was just a one-night stand?

No, no, no, no. You're more than that.

Am I?

Jennifer, don't.

What's the matter?

You're too next to me.

You want me to go?

You'd better.

One kiss, and I will.

All right.

A little one.

Good morning, daddy.

What happened to my coffee in bed this morning?

I forgot.

We're here one night, and already I've lost you.

Maybe you've gained a son.

What does that mean?

Should I know what that means?

That's just Nicky.

"Just Nicky" what?

Being Nicky.

What's on your face?

Whipped cream.

Tell me the truth, Jennifer.

Are you having fun so far?

I want this to be the best time we ever had together.

I love you no matter what rotten things your mother says about me.

She doesn't say anything bad about you yeah, but you can't always believe her.

Hey, not too many grapes. They're hard to digest.

Good morning, everyone.

Sleep well, Uncle Matthew?

Yes, I slept fine, thank you.

Hey, another egg.

We really struck fertility around here.

Must be something in the water.

Nicky tells me the wedding was fun.

It seemed all right the few minutes I-

I was there.

You meet any nice boys?

I wasn't there long enough.

I asked Jennifer.



One. One nice boy.

Ah, terrific.

What the hell's the matter with you?

I'm sorry. I'm just a little jumpy.

What are you jumpy about?

I don't know.

I didn't sleep very well.

You said you slept fine.

Then that must be it.

You started smoking again, too.

Me? No.

I think I'll make a fresh watercress salad pick me out a couple of nice bunches.

No droopy ones right.

You sure you won't change your mind about after dinner I'm sure.

Isabella's friend's just been separated, too.

You can't miss Victor, I am not looking not to miss.

You know what these are?

Fruta de caja.

Supposed to be an aphrodisiac.

It's all in the mind.

Want to find out?

No, thanks you're not seeing that little lady from last night again?

No, no, no I won't be seeing Karen for a month.

Just eat one and put yourself on hold.

Hello, hello.


How nice. You are buying groceries together.

You are, how you say, the queer couple?

Odd couple, odd.

Yes. May I present senhor Hollis, senhor Lyons.


Shopping for the restaurant?

No. Just a few things for myself.

Good day, my friends.

I wonder if you can freeze these.

I love doing this.

I haven't fixed dinner for Jennifer in years.


Gonna put some meat on her bones this trip I think she's too thin, don't you?


Don't you think Jennifer's too skinny?

She looks just fine to me.

You think maybe that's why Karen backed out, so you and Nicky could spend some time together I don't think so.

I don't know.

Maybe, huh?

I bet a son's easier.

Do you really know what's going on with Nicky?

I mean, like, with boys.

She did ask permission to go on the pill.

Oh, yeah? What did you say?

We said yes.

Think of the possible consequences otherwise.

Not me what?

I said no.


Jennifer asked me last summer.

She asked you about the pill?


And you said no?

I told her it's up to her whether she takes it or not.

Oh, I see.

If she does, it's without my blessing.

All I care is that she tell me.

Tell you what?

Well, we have a pact.


What sort of pact?

Well, if she and some boy are at that point in their relationship where they're gonna-you know- she's gonna tell me first.


Well, before, really.

How the hell is she gonna do that?

She'll give me a call.

You're not serious you don't really think she's gonna stop right in the middle of whatever it is they're doing and give you a call?

Not in the middle. Before.

But suppose there's no phone on the beach.

What beach?

Any beach.

If, by chance, it happened on a beach happens on a beach and I don't say that it did or will.



We made a pact.

I trust her not to break it.

What's all this?



So romantic.

No, it's not. We're just loving fathers.

I love loving fathers.

Ah, good evening, mademoiselle.

Dinner is served.

Oh, I don't want any.

It's chateaubriand no steak for me. I'm a vegetarian.

Since when?

I am no longer a carnivore.

I don't eat anything that's ever had parents.

We have artichokes. They're orphans.

Where are you going?

Out. I need my sweater.

With him?


What's his name?


You're not going anywhere till I meet him.

You, come here.

Diego, this is my father.

Does he speak?

He's a drummer.

Can he beat out hello on the table?

Daddy, he's an artist.

He's also a carnivore.

Come on.

Good. I have you both to myself.

Whisper low how you feel let your eyes speak your mind search your heart am I right?

Is it love that you find?

Did you know it could be a new world in the making

tonight alone with me?

I could shout how I feel but the truth still must hide so for now...?

To, uh... the 2 people closest to my heart.

2 people who make me feel that, uh... well, I must be worth something, because if they love me, then I, uh can't be as bad as someone who's the mother of one of those 2 people thinks I am.

Worthy or not, I love you both.

I gotta run.


I'm late already.

You're not gonna leave Jennifer here alone, are you?


You coming with me no.

Well, then you'll baby-sit.

If she misbehaves, I want you to put her over your knee, ok?

Good night, sweetheart good night, daddy. Have fun.

Ok. You, too.

There's nothing to smile about.

This will give us a chance to straighten this thing between us out once and for all.


Are you listening to me?


G I was just rememberin' the first time I kissed you.

It was at your christening.

Your mother was powdering your bottom, and I said I wanted to be the first man to kiss it.

And I leaned over, and I did.

How dare you drive a tiny baby wild with desire.


They happen to use these for birth control.

Which one of us wears it?

I must be doing something right

you should wear your hair like this.

What time is it?

About 1:00. I like it like this.

It makes you look older.

It's almost 3:00.

Pretend it's 1:00.

We've done too much pretending lately.

You have to go let me stay.

We don't have to make love again.

I promise not to get you excited.

I'll just bite your neck a little.



I've never spent the whole night Nicky must be home by now.

You always have to worry about something.

Your father told me about your pact.

Which pact? My father just loves pacts.

He said you'd tell him that if you and a boy ever, um...

"ever, um?"

Do you think I'd "um" with a boy?

Do you think I'm that kind of girl?

I just promised daddy to make him feel better.

I never meant to really tell him.

You've got us both wrapped round your little finger, haven't you?

I love you.

I can't think of a time when I ever didn't.

Jennifer, it's late.

I love it when your glasses steam up.

Only when I'm with you you know what I used to pretend when I was little?

I'm afraid to guess.

That we were married.

You and me when I was 10.

And I was only 90.

It would be lovely, being married.

Jennifer, married people do not go around getting married.

Then maybe just a honeymoon.

Off you go off to bed it took whatever strength I had to send her away.

That's not altogether true.

If I really had any strength, she never would've been there at all.


You all right?

I'm fine, daddy.

How come you're up so late?

How come you are?


Good night, sweetheart good night, daddy.



Nicky, do you hate me?

No him.

Does he tell you he loves you?


You'll get used to it.

If you want a man to love you, you must light many, many candles and give gifts to the goddess Amana.

The goddess Amana?

Throw flowers into the sea.

White ones.

If they come back, it means she has rejected them.

If not, she has listened to your prayer.

I'll do it.

And here... have him wear this always.

You love me!

The flowers didn't come back.

You love me.

I want to tell the whole world!

I'm so happy. The flowers didn't come back.

You love me!

You love me! You love me!

Jennifer, for God's sake.


What's this?

It means you're mine.

You know what love really is?

It's like you swallowed a great big secret.

A warm, wonderful secret that nobody else knows about.

And that's how it should be.

Other times, though, it's more like a song.

A song you want to sing at the top of your voice for everyone to hear.

Uh, no, no, no. It's more like a secret.

Believe me, it is better as a secret than a song.

Matthew... yes?

I've never called you Matthew before.

No uncle.

Just plain Matthew do you love me, Matthew?

I do.



Secretly but honestly.

No more secrets.

You have t o tell daddy I can't! It would kill him if he didn't kill me first.

What's killing is you can feel one way and love another.

There is just no way we can bring this out into the open.

Who would understand?

I'm not sure I do.

It's over, Jennifer.

It has to be.

I won't let it be.

Lunch, everyone!

It was just what I needed- a one-inch god with a 2-inch penis.



Are you all right?

Somebody has put these candles outside my-

Jennifer, I don't know what witchcraft brought us together, but it won't keep us that way.

Can't you give it a little time?

I'm lying to enough people now.

I don't want you to be one of them.

It's not easy for me, either so, please, let us both accept that it's over before you set fire to me misunderstood we're hurtin' love was our crime fixed what we could but it takes time?


What's wrong?

Where are you going?


For all the wounds heal when we just speak?

Thank you sweetheart.

Hmm... why does coffee always taste better when somebody else makes it?

Daddy... that's me.

You always said we could talk about anything.

Anything and everything what is it is it a boy?

Sort of.

Hey, that's nothing to cry about.

I'm trying not to.

Oh, daddy.

Something happened something happened?

With a boy?

Sort of.

What do you mean, sort of?

Sort of a boy or something sort of happened?

What are you saying?

More than sort of.

How much more?

I slept with him.

You slept with someone?

Why didn't you tell me?

I just did now you tell me?

What good does it do me now?

What good is it supposed to do you Jennifer, we had a pact.

You were gonna tell me first.

At least call.

I know, daddy.

Don't cry. I'm sorry. Please don't cry.

I couldn't call you first.

He took you by surprise?

I didn't have the money.

You didn't have the money.

What about collect?

You ever hear of calling a person collect?

We were on the beach.

On the beach.

Is that where he, uh... forced himself on you?

I wanted him, daddy.

Where on the beach?


I want to know everything.

The other night.

After the wedding.

There was a wedding?

Whose wedding?

Those people the other night.

Oh, those people's wedding.

There's something else.

You're pregnant.

Illegitimate pregnancy.

It's something you think only happens to the other guy.

I'm not pregnant.

I'm on the pill.

I thought I told you not to use the pill.

Is that how you listen to me?!

Thank God you don't listen to me.

Well, look, what's done is done, right?

So, uh... tell me about him.

What's his name?

Who is he, um, some kid like you just out of diapers?

He's older oh, an older guy.

What, 19, 20?





You made love to a man of 43?

It's not that old.

It's obscene. Believe me.

I'm that old, and it's obscene!

It was beautiful!

Oh, yeah?

And now what... what's the next beautiful thing that happens?



You go right from beautiful to nothing.

Now why is that?

Because he's married.

Close, you bastard, close.

He's married?

I'll tell you what else he is.

He's dead!

I love him, daddy!

My poor baby.

Just tell me who he is.

That's all I want to know.

Who is he, Jennifer?

It doesn't matter. It's over.



Where are you going?

Sao Paulo.


I-I have to. Something came up.

You can't.

I'll be back, but I have to go first.


I need you.

I couldn't refuse.

I-I was his best friend, and he needed my help.

My help.

It was like asking an arsonist to become the fire chief.

It's my fault.

The whole thing.

If I'd been around more, if not for the divorce, it never would've happened.

The guy's a father figure, it's classic. You know what I'm talking about?


The kid's got such good instincts.

She feels she's gonna protect the son of a bitch.

Oh, I have to admire that.


But I can't leave it like this.

I've gotta know who he is.

It's gotta be you, Matthew.


She loves you. She trusts you.

Take her out, will ya?

Maybe she'll tell you something.

This was it.

The moment had come.

I summoned all my courage.

Victor... what?

Where shall I take her?

First he said it was over, then he asked me to lunch.

It was like taking crazy 1 and 2.

But I didn't care.

I was so happy, I wanted to give him a present something no one else in the world could give him.

What if we both went a little bit crazy?

Blame it on Rio what if our hearts got a little bit hazy?

Blame it on Rio what if we acted like fools?

Broke a few rules what do we care

blame it on Rio?

It's for you.

Are you mad? I can't keep this.

Don't you like it?

I think it's pretty.

Get outta there.

Maybe I'll sell it at school.

Better put it away before they're selling it all over Tokyo.

Yes, Uncle Matthew.

I wish that's all I was again.

I truly do.

No, you don't, or you would've never asked me out for lunch do you know why we're here?

I'm supposed to find out who your lover is before it drives your father crazy.

Poor daddy.

Yours or Nicole's?


That poor daddy. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a poor daddy.

What are you going to tell him?

He's my friend.

I'll have to lie.

I'll say that you wouldn't tell me who your decrepit married old man is, but you promised it was all over between you.

Then you would be lying.

It's never going to be over.

Can't you understand?

I'm going to love you forever.

You have got to stop using words like "forever" and "married."


Because I happen to be one, and we can never be the other.

Jennifer, darling, even if it was possible for us-

I mean, everyone else aside- you keep forgetting the difference-

I know, you're a thousand years old.

It doesn't matter.

Jennifer- you can call me darling if you like.

It doesn't matter now, but when you're my age, do you know what I'll be?

Dead, I suppose.

Dead and a half.

Chaplin and Picasso married much younger women.

Who, in turn, became much younger widows.

I'd rather spend a few years with the man I love than a lifetime with someone I don't.

Well, if you're going to use logic I'll lose my advantage I like it when you treat me like a woman.

I mean, outside of bed.

Eat your meat.

So much for that treatment.

Don't you know any boys your own age you like?

I don't like boys.

You would if you gave them a chance you said hello to him before.

He looks a decent sort.


The kind that calls your father "sir" and tries to chew the rivets off your jeans?

Age doesn't matter. I'm going to die young anyway.

Look how short my life line is.

That's all rubbish I practically don't have one at all.

That's not your life line.

That's your heart line.

Teeny little thing, isn't it?

You used to hold my hand before we were lovers.

See how it works?


He's 19. is that what you had in mind?

19 is perfect.

I've been 19 a couple of times myself.

Do you really want me to?

Go ahead.

He was just what I said she needed.

Young, uninvolved, uncomplicated.

I couldn't have been happier.

Except for a sudden throb in my temple that went all the way down to my heart.

She wouldn't tell you anything about him?

I'm sorry, Victor.

Not a hint not a clue to who the guy might be?

All she said was that he was confused.

About what?

Between his feelings for Jennifer and his feelings for his wife.

Now he thinks of his wife, right?

I don't think the poor bastard ever thought he'd get so emotionally involved.

Poor bastard, huh?

If I get my hands on him, I'll beat him to death that'll unconfuse him.

A beating is not the way, my friend.

He's right, you know.

Personally, I prefer torture.

What's the matter?

I think I'm getting strep throat.

I have to get in early. Thanks for tonight.

Did you tell him?


Well, good night.

Is that Jennifer?

Uh, yeah.

Is she all right? How'd she look?

Quite beautiful, actually.

She is, isn't she?

I think so just like her mother.

Another one of my screw ups.

It takes two, Victor.

Not to screw up.

First my marriage, now my kid.

What do I blow next, our friendship?

If I ever lost that-

I mean, if I ever blew it between you and me, that'd be it.

Victor, there's something I've got to tell you.

I can't bear to see you this way.

Me, neither.

No, let me finish.

We came here to have a good time, and all I've done is burden you with my problems.

That's not true.

You're a rock. My whole crappy life is in chaos.

A storm... and you're the one rock right in the middle of it I can cling to.

You're a rock.

Not entirely, Victor.

I mean, I'm not all rock.

I'm not worthy of you.

I'm not worthy of anybody.

Victor, Victor, you can't.

This isn't for me.

What do you think, I'm crazy?

This is for him.

I'm gonna find him, and whoever he is, he's gonna get this right up the doodah.


Nicky? Nicky?

Where have you been tonight? Last night?

What do you care?

I'm your father.

Do I ask where you go?

I have been here.

Sure. This is where the action is.

I've played dumb so often with you, I know when you're playing dumb with me.

I hope I'm as smart as you are when I get to be your age.

You always said that honesty should never be painful.

I was wrong.

She's in love, you know.

She thinks so.

If you think so, you are.

The first is always the hardest.

You're not the first.

Well, I know.

They're all hard in a way.

She'll get over you. Just be yourself.

I had to admit Jennifer had gotten under my skin.

I had no one to turn to for advice.

What I needed was objective professional help.

The more trouble in heart and mind, the more candles you must burn for the help of the gods.

How young is the girl?

Uh, she's quite young.

Half your age?

Less than half how many do I take take the whole box.


Matthew! What?

In here.

Come in here!

What's wrong?

Close the door.


Quiet. Wait.

Shit! What's going on?

Jennifer's diary.

Her diary?

That's not all. Look at this.

You can't look at that. He took pictures of her.

Oh, I'm sure he wouldn't.

He wouldn't, huh?

He forced himself on her at the beach, didn't he?



You can't read that. That is someone's private personal property.

Are you nuts? Whose side are you on?

Listen to this.

"Last night it finally happened.

"We lay in the sand together, my body next to his.

"My legs, his legs, each of us the other."


She said that?

I said that.

It goes on and on.

Come on, Jennifer, what's his name?


Victor, I can explain.

"He's all I ever dreamed of.

"He's a much better lover than moose."


Who the hell is moose?

Must be some kid at school.

She never told me about him, either.

How can you send her to a school where the guys are called "moose" explain what?


You said you could explain something.

I can. Yes.

This-this. I can explain this it's youth. That's all kids exaggerate.

They make things up. They make people up.

Oh, yeah?

Did she make this up?

"I go to sleep with his smile on my lips.

"I love his sweet mouth. His funny little teeth.

"I love looking deep into his soul

"through his lovely blue eyes, "eyes that seem to see the real me

"for the very first time."

Why are you wearing those?

I'm getting a sty.

Just like that?

How else?

I don't believe it.

She doesn't say who he is anywhere.


The hell with it.

We got enough clues.

Come on.


You and I are gonna find that bastard.

Wings to the sky floats easy and free there?

Try to think. Didn't she tell you anything?

You're her best friend.

Sometimes even best friends keep secrets from each other.

A nickname, a pet name. Where he lives.

Who can remember everyone she goes out with?

There's more than one?

Well, there's the dancer at the club we were at.

The singer, too.

She's seeing all of them?

You know how it is, dad.

When you're hot, you're hot.

Any of these guys own a Polaroid?


Never mind. Let's go.

Be careful, Nicky.

You're not really gonna go up on that, are you I like to live dangerously. Runs in the family.

Days of your life these wings to the sky?

I really appreciate you not saying anything.

My father's had a lot of experience, but he'd never understand this.

I wish he knew, though.

Why don't you tell him I want your dad to.

He won't. He's a coward.

Mine's blind.

I'll trade you I sort of have.

Who'd you send him to look for?

Just a couple of guys to throw them off the track.

That's hysterical. Who?

Like the singer at the club.

He's gross that's why I picked him.

You think your dad'll get jealous?

It's the least I could do for him.

Come up and dance! Somebody! Anybody!

Don't be shy! Come up and dance!

Uh, no. No. No.

Not me. I'm with my friend.

No, I-I can't dance.

I can't!

I can't. I-I don't know how to dance.

Hi, Uncle Matthew.

It won't work, you know.

Trying to make me jealous.

You think you're playing with a kid.

You think you are.

Please, I'm getting over a bereavement

your father is out of his mind what else is new?

And I'm not much better.


I need time to think things over.

You don't have much time at your age, do you?

Did you really go out with this android?

I think he likes you better.

See you later.

Well, what do you think? Is he the guy?

I don't know.

You don't know?

You want one more dance with him?

That guy's singing right to her.

It doesn't mean anything.

What are the words? What's he singing?

He says...

"his love is the sea

"that goes on forever more."


"He lives to return to her

"again and again..." yeah?

"And-and beat against her shore.

I'll give him "beat against her shore."

Victor Victor, don't!



Victor, stop it!

Victor, don't!

Victor, stop!



He's got brown eyes.

Welcome, my friends.

It's all yours- the night, the sky, my city, my restaurant Claudio, champagne this is not a night to celebrate.

You did not find him?

Not yet... but he can't hide forever.

Give it a rest, Victor.

You can make yourself sick over this.

Gold. The man is gold.

As a friend should be.

Now we look at the menu, yes?

The stomach also has a heart.


I've gotta talk to you.

Of course, sweetheart. You want to be alone?

This is fine.

I love you, daddy, very much.

I can't let you go around beating people up... getting hurt yourself...

what happened... happened out of tenderness out of beautiful feelings.

Don't think of it as ugly.

I don't want to.

Just tell me who it is, sweetheart.

Just tell me so we can get this all behind us.


Eu? Ela louca!

I'll give you louca! Come here!

Why didn't you tell him?

You wanted me to.


Then you'll tell him.

You'll speak for both of us.

It could not be me.

No, huh?

I am impotent.

I've seen you in the market with young women.

Shopping is no problem.

Victor, does he look 43 to you I am 57!


All right. 61.

He's too old. He's not married.

He's not anything that diary said.

You said kids invent things.

And you saw her.

She stared right at him.

It's him!

It's not anyone we've seen!

How do you know?

Because it's me.



Say something, Victor.

Hit me.

Hit him.

Not hitting me feels worse than if you did.

How'd it happen?

It was my fault.

I take full responsibility.

That's big of you.

It was the night of the wedding.

Ah, romance was in the air.

Birds, music, dancing, drums.

Everything at once.

Blame it on Rio, eh?

I wasn't thinking what I was doing.

You understand.

It's only when a man is not thinking of what he's doing that you can be sure he's doing what he's thinking.


You were by my side the whole time we were looking for him.

What a horse's ass you must have thought I was.

I didn't have the courage.

Who asked you for the courage now?

Why'd you have to tell me?

In spite of it all, I'm your friend.

If you were really my friend, you would've kept quiet about what you did.

Which you never would've done if you were really my friend.

Hit me.


Will you really feel worse if I don't?


Good night, Matthew.

Wrong is the urge that I feel to be simple when the light falls just right and her eyes are inviting me and who in the world is immune to the sensual moon

chills up my spine tell me I'm just the victim without hope to resist it's a fever that tears me down and if by some chance they should happen to stumble on a cure don't tell me once temptation gets the best of me will these restless feelings stir there's trouble once temptation gets the best of me

then I'm helpless next to her

chills up my spine tell me I'm just the victim...?



I want to talk to you.

Did you tell him?


Why aren't you in bed?

I was just going.

Go to sleep.

Come on.

Come on down!

Careful! Careful!

Quick, get in the car. Come on.

Where are we going?

Nowhere. Get in.

You really told him? I'm so proud of you.

You're probably the only one who is.

Oh, Matthew.

Wait, wait it's got to stop. Really.

We can't go on. Not a minute longer.

But now that he knows- it makes our relationship even more impossible.

Stop hiding behind words like "relationship."

We're in love. You said.

I was hoping, in my usual dumb fashion that whenever it ended it would be without your father ever knowing.

But now he does- must be Nicky.

I'm too old for this.

Hiding in front seats like a teenager.

Next thing you know, my skin'll be breaking out if this doesn't kill your respect for me- nothing can.

You didn't really mean what you said.

Please don't.

That's only going to work... and it can't.

Matthew- good night!


I love you so.

Jennifer... you know you love me.

Don't you understand?

That doesn't matter.

That's all that matters.

I just think you ought to come right away.

Are you all right?


Dad needs you. He's in real trouble.

What's happened? Is he hurt?

He's going to be, mom, and not just him.

Jennifer! Get your stuff out here!

10 minutes!

We're getting the hell out of this goddamn paradise!

Up yours!

Jennifer! Let's go

Victor- out of my way, blue eyes. You think I'm leaving my share of the groceries here, you're nuts.

Give me a minute.

A minute? I'd like to give you life!

Stop shouting!

I just want you to know that I'm not somebody who hangs around schoolyards in a raincoat.

Try it. You'd be very good I'll give you a letter of recommendation.

I felt very deeply for Jennifer.

Real affection.


Even so, I made up my mind to give her up I told her I was giving her up.

You bet your ass you are!

But I can't.

I care for her too much.

Why the hell wouldn't you?

She's adorable, sweet, smart, innocent.

Mostly! You'd have to be even more senile than you are not to care for her.

I am not senile.

I'm crazy about her.

What the hell are you doing, asking for her hand?

With this teething ring, I thee wed?

Is that it?

You want permission to marry?

Ask your wife first. That's better manners.

Hey, but wait a minute, if she says no, maybe you and Karen could adopt Jennifer.

I could still see her. I could baby-sit.

She is a woman, Victor. She's very mature.

Too bad we can't say the same thing about you!

I love her. It's as simple as that sure, you do! What else can you say?

I'm serious!

I never thought I could care this much again!

You say that one more time, I'll take your head off!


Karen. What are you doing here?

Let Matthew go.

Why did you leave Bahia? Are you all right?

Nicky called. She said you were in trouble.

Me, in trouble?

There's no trouble here?

Is that what you're telling me?

Victor is choking you just for laughs?

Victor, stop it! Stop acting like a maniac!

Me? You want to hear maniac?

Ok, here you go. Tell her!

Hold it!

It's tough for you. I'll tell her.

Tell me what? Wait!

Brace yourself stop preparing me!

Karen, I've been unfaithful.


Is this a joke?

Wait'll you hear the punch line.


It's true.

Ask him with who.

Shut up, Victor!

Karen, can we be alone?

I think you have been alone long enough.

Who is she?


Jennifer who?


Cute little sweet little Jennifer?


That little bitch.

Wait a minute. Jennifer's my daughter.

Exactly! How could you let this happen?

Me? How could I let it happen?

He had no idea.

Does Nicky know?

Nicky who? You bastard.

I didn't mean to be a bastard.

Oh, I know. It's just a gift.

Is that your composition, dear?

"What I did on my summer vacation."

I came here as fast as I could because I thought you needed me.

You didn't need me. You were fine.

A fantasy come true.

Gidget goes to Rio and what the hell is wrong with you?

Were you blind?

I had no idea. They were alone. I was out every night.

Oh, really?

No big deal. Just for dinner.

I'm sure.

Why do you have to explain to her?

I don't. Really.

Exactly. What you do is none of my business.

What you do is.

But it's important that you understand-

Victor, this is between Matthew and me.

I'm not just an outsider here.

Right now you are.

Victor, you have every right to be hurt.

I know how much you love her.

Who said I love her?


Are you saying you don't love Jennifer?

Of course I love her. What do you take me for?

Who did you think I meant?

What's going on here?

I've wanted to tell you, Matthew.

It's what I went away to think about.

Tell me what?

We're in love. No, we're not!

What do you mean, "we're in love"?

What do you mean we're not?

Quiet, both of you! I can't lead a double life.

You had that kind of marriage. I don't.

Are you two having an affair?


Were having an affair?

You and Victor?

What's even worse, Victor and you?

He's offended, Mr. Clean.

No wonder you were so upset she wasn't coming.

More upset than you.

So preoccupied all the time. So injured. So self-righteous.

Sleeping with someone else's wife doesn't count?

At least your wife isn't anybody's daughter how could you?

How could I?


Nicky, darling.

How could you?

We were in love. That makes a difference. love?

We weren't just looking for a thrill.

Is that why you did it?

Listen to this...

"Matthew dearest, I don't want to go on without you.

"I'll dream of you eternally."

The last time we were together like this, we were waiting for her to be born.


As strange as it may sound, I love you.

Senhor Lyons?


We've done all we can.

She's out of danger.

Thank God.

I had no idea she had any sleeping pills.

How many did she take?



Your daughter took an overdose of birth control pills.

That's not a problem, is it?

She's not gonna grow a beard or anything like that?


Is she allowed visitors, doctor?

One, perhaps, and... for just a moment.

Hello, Aunt Karen.

The doctor said you're going to be fine.

They pumped my stomach mmm.

I'm not on any kind of machine, am I?

Believe me, Jennifer, there's not a plug in here worth pulling.

All you need is rest.

I've got some sleeping pills if you'd like.

You're angry.

No. It'll take a while to be angry.

I've got to get over furious first, you little shit.

When you get older, and obviously you're going to get a second chance at that, you'll find you can't have whatever you want, and there's a price for everything you get and sometimes other people have to pay it.

He loves you.

He told me.

That you talked together bothers me more than anything.

It's all my fault, really.

He never had a chance.

Men seldom do.

Please... don't hate me.

It's more like envy.


Go away.


Go away. This is a recording.

What do you want?

There's no other bed.



And to think I said I love you.

To who? To you you love anything that stands still.

Unlike some people I know.

Screw you.

Bloody hypocrite.

I used to feel guilty about me and Karen.

Just don't think that my being with Jennifer lets you off the hook.

Move over.

You don't deserve her, you know that?

Which one?

Both. Either.

Neither do you.

Tough. Karen's not going back.

Like hell she isn't!

I thought you wanted Jennifer!

Give me some! Give me half!

Half? You want half? Who are you, my goddamn wife?

You want to be Jennifer's mother, too?

Stop throwing Jennifer up to me!

And you can stop pretending you've got some kind of moral superiority because you are a fraud!

No wonder you wouldn't hit me when you found out!

Still want me to hit you? Huh?

Yeah? How about now?


Get up so I can kill you!


No biting!

Hey! Come here!


Jeez! No kicking!

You can't get rabies from kicking!


Let go!

I'll kill you!

Shut up!


Watch it! Those are my balls are you kidding?

I couldn't find them with a magnifying glass!

It was quite simply the worst night of my life.

My embarrassment compounded by the fact that Victor had now slept with

2 out of the 3 members of my family.

Jennifer, I was just gonna pick you up.

I got a ride. Lorenzo drove me.

You all right? How do you feel?


Where'd you meet Lorenzo?

At the hospital. Lorenzo!

He took wonderful care of me.

He's studying to be a doctor.

I want you to meet my father.


It's a great pleasure, sir.


Get your stuff. We're going.

That's what I wanted to ask you.


Can I stay?

Stay where?

Here. We still have the house for another week.

Nicky'll stay with me, wouldn't you?

Could I?

Are you staying?


Then you can stay.

You don't mind leaving them alone?

You mean they might not behave as well as we did?

Lorenzo will look out for us.

He said he would.

What the hell do I know about Lorenzo?

He's 21.

He's perfect. I love him.

Ok, I better go call the airlines and tell them.


Come see the house. It's beautiful. Nicky?

It all worked out very neatly... except for me, the odd man out.

Well, no complaints. I made my own bed.

I just never thought I'd wind up in it alone.

Uncle Matthew, you were right, you know.

I can't imagine about what.

That was a dream I had on the beach a beautiful dream.

Will you forget me the minute I die.

I'm serious. I don't know when.

Your own divorce and you don't know when?

I can get it tomorrow if I want to cave in to her lawyers.

Otherwise, it's gonna take months.


At least.

And then?

It'll be over. I'll be free.


Just about the time I could be.


Careful, Victor.

Don't let your enthusiasm run away with you.

Karen, we don't want to rush into anything.

Not a second time, certainly.

Don't panic, Victor, I have no demands.

We helped each other through a bad time.

Can I still see you?

I don't think so, Victor.

Why not?

Your fly is open.

Not now.

Just most of the time.

You going to Sao Paulo I guess.

I'm going to Bahia it figures.

My hotel room's paid for the month.

Right. What's Victor up to?

He's packing.


Have you got room in your bag for these?

Don't you want them in Bahia?

They're going to Bahia.

I don't understand.

You're going to Bahia.

We've got a lot to talk about, Matthew.

Do you want to talk?

You think I want to throw 20 years away just because of your foolishness?

Or mine?

Karen- it's going to be a long haul, Matthew.

There's an awful lot for both of us to forget.

Let alone forgive.


No more "mmms," Matthew.

I want you to talk to me.

Reach down in your feelings and tell me what you're thinking, what you're afraid of.

I want you to stop bottling it all up.

I'll do my best.

I'll take your worst, too. Just share with me.

I'll do my worst.

We better hurry.

Victor... wait.

Come on.

I'm so glad we got to stay.

They're coming. I'm gonna talk to my mom.

What's happening?

We're leaving.

You and mom, as in together?

We'll be at Club Med in Bahia.

Goodbye, Jennifer.

Goodbye, Uncle Matthew.

Nicky, uh...

I love you, too.

We've got a lot to talk about.

I know.

I'm so glad you're leaving I'll see you back in Sao Paulo.

Goodbye, Uncle Victor.

Goodbye, Nick.

And thanks for whatever you did.

I didn't do anything.

Thank God somebody didn't.

Goodbye, Aunt Karen.

Goodbye, Jennifer. Take care of yourself.

Try not to play with anything sharp.

We gotta move.

What's that?


The other thing.

Uh, I-I don't know.


And I've heard all I want out of you.


Terrific. I wind up being your driver.

I hope you're better at that than being a friend.

You're kidding. After what you've done I don't know how you can look me in the face.

Which one, Victor?

Which face did you have in mind?

It's hard to realize a whole year has gone by since then.

Victor finally got his divorce, then he and his wife turned around and married each other again.

Victor said it's because she wanted to get the other half of everything he owned.

With Karen and me, it wasn't really a case of happily ever after.

We were lucky to get any kind of ever after at all.

I figure we're a few months away from happily.

But we'll make it.

You only live once, but it does help if you get to be young twice.

...moonlight on the sea Might have been the warm and friendly feeling everywhere but something wild came over you and me And we felt our inhibitions melt away in snow Though we tried to fight it you and I Just about the time discretion should have said hello we watched our good intentions wave goodbye What if we both went a little bit crazy?

Blame it on Rio What if our hearts got a little bit hazy?

Blame it on Rio What if we acted like fools broke a few rules?

What do we care?

Blame it on Rio

What if we both went a little bit crazy?

Blame it on Rio What if our hearts got a little bit hazy?

Blame it on Rio What if we acted like fools broke a few rules?

What do we care?

Blame it on Rio.