Bleach (2018) Script


Are you okay?

Here you go.

Okay, much better.

Walk on this side.


I'll walk on this side so I can protect you.

You're my hero.


Can I hold your hand?

Of course!


Doesn't she have an umbrella?

I'll lend her mine.


It's cold.


Mom, I'm cold.




You punk!

What's your problem?

You three.

Look over there.


Question. What's that you see?

Answer me!

Flowers for a kid who got run over.


Question. Who knocked them over like that?

Us... on our skateboards.


You owe him an apology.



Just apologize!

Forgive us!

Not me, him!


We apologize!

We're really sorry!

I scared off those losers for good.

Thank you.

Don't hang around. Go to heaven.


You go to hell!


Ichigo, you better watch your back.

Thank you.

-I'm home. -Hi, Ichigo.

You're late. Dad!

Why are you so late?

It's still 7:00!

Don't talk back.

We eat dinner as a family, don't forget!

I guided a lost soul to heaven.

I didn't ask you to do that!

I can't help how I was born.

Lay off, you two.

Eat before it gets cold.

Forget them, Yuzu.

I've had it! Good night!

-How about dinner? -Wait!

I won't eat your food. That punk...


He's stressed. He's been seeing more ghosts lately.

You mean, he tells you those things?


He doesn't tell me his problems.

I wouldn't either, Dad.

Wait, Yuzu.

You communicate like a 14-year-old.

I wouldn't confide in you.

Come on, Karin.


The kids are disrespectful lately.

Masaki, where did I go wrong?

It's close.

What is? You...

You can see me?

What century did you die in? Just go.

No. I don't want to go to hell.

Have no fear. You're going to Soul Society.

It's a peaceful place.

What the hell was that?

Where did he go?

Grand Fisher?

No. It's Fishbone.

It's huge.

What's huge?

You feel at home, don't you, ghost?

Binding spell!

What's this, ghost?

I'm a soul reaper, not a ghost.

A reaper?



-It's here. -What's here?

A human... broke my spell.

-Yuzu. -You okay?

Why did you scream, Yuzu?

I heard a scary voice.

What voice?

Where from?


What the hell was that?

He saw the Hollow.

What is this thing?

Yuzu! Let her go!

I want your soul.

Don't move!

You must have high spiritual pressure to see a Hollow.


Hollows eat souls like yours.

That's what it wants.

I want your soul.


Give me your soul.

What's going on?

What is it?

-A Hollow. -Which is?

Look out!

I stepped in too far.

Get your hands off him!

Are you okay?

It got my good arm.

But if I don't fight, it'll devour our souls.

Isn't there a way?

Yes, there is.

Which is?

You become a reaper.


Only reapers can destroy Hollows.

So you have to become one. That's our only chance.


I'll stab you in the center of your chest, and inject my energy through my Zanpakuto.

If we fail, we'll...

both die.

-No way! -We must risk it!

The Hollow will do anything to get you.

Give me your soul.


I'm scared.



Do it!

His strong spiritual pressure... is making the sword huge!

Are you really... just a human?

What else?

I'm just a human.

Was it a dream?

That was intense.

Is this from... last night?

It was a truck.

A hit-and-run. The driver lost control.

What's going on?


What happened?

Yuzu, are you okay?


You don't remember last night?

What do you mean?

Dad, what happened here?

Quit it!

Thinking about Ichigo again?

No, I'm not!

What's good about him, Orihime?

He's grumpy, childish, and his hair's orange.

He's funny.

Is he?

You just don't get it, Tatsuki.

When I think about his grumpy face...

He's adorable!

It's beyond me.

A truck crashed into Ichigo's house last night.

A truck?

Is he okay?

He's dead. He died on the spot.

I'm alive.

You are, too!

Ichigo, are you okay?

Sure I am.

Nothing can kill his kind.

How about you, Chad?

-Thank God! -Calm down.

How did a truck crash into your house?

-It wasn't a truck. -What then?

A crane?

A creature put its huge hand through the wall.

You hit your head, Ichigo?

Sounds like it.

-I'm fine. -Good morning!

Rukia Kuchiki is our new classmate.

Meet Ichigo.

-You know her? -No.


Is this textbook okay?


You can't return?

Only reapers can travel to Soul Society.

I can't go back because I lost my reaper powers.

Where did your powers go?

I gave you more than I intended to.

Because of your high spiritual pressure.

I'm not a reaper, am I?

Your soul has turned into a reaper's soul.

So now you're not a reaper, people can see you?

No, I disguised as a human with a faux body.

Reapers, spirits, Hollows are invisible.

Anyway, I need my powers back.


Hey, that's me!

That's me! What's happening to me?

Stab me with this and reverse the powers.

-Wait! -Two hands!

-Ready? -No, please don't!


It's not working.


Your energy's too low.

What do we do now?


I know.

You can work with me as a substitute reaper.


Get this.

There are two kinds of souls.

One is Whole, the normal ones.

The ghosts you see are this type.

The others are Hollows that eat souls.

They're the souls of those who died with a grudge.

Reapers have two duties.

We guide the Wholes to Soul Society with a ritual.

It's called a Soul Burial.

I did this to the man in your bedroom.

Our other duty is to destroy Hollows with Zanpakuto.

You'll help me do the latter.

No, I won't!

The Hollows might harm innocent people!

So what? I only fought last night to protect my family.

I'll return your powers.

-Your energy's too low. -You said it was high yesterday!

It might work, but it will kill you.

Your soul has high pressure, but it's untrained.

Your body is too weak to survive it.

What should I do?

Destroy the Hollows to increase your energy.

But to endure the energy, you'll need training.


Just give in to your fate.

Forget it!

Screw fate! I want to be myself!

I'm home.


Have you seen my pajamas?

Why would I?

I can't find them.

Don't barge into my room!

It's my room.

Yuzu's pajamas!

I have no house or clothes, and you need my help to become a reaper.

Forget it.

Give in to your fate.


Who's there?


-What's up? -Nothing.


Don't try sneaking girls in here!

I am not.

Hey, reaper.

Rukia Kuchiki.

That's my name.

Get out of my sight right now.

You can't escape your fate to be a reaper's agent.

Comply with the rules of communal life.

What do you mean, communal...


Let's go.


Watch it!


What's this?

Reaper training.

This isn't training!

Stop it!

That does it!


Don't walk away.


-Hi. -You're dating the new girl?

Of course not!

Fast move.

You waste no time.

He's just showing the new girl around.

What have you shown her?

How rude!


We're just classmates.

-Can I speak to you? -Yes, Miss Kuchiki?

Is it a stomachache? Let's go to the nurse.

She hit him.

Did you see that?

No! Ouch!

I have better things to do!

I'm going.

Why you...

You're not a reaper now, so...

Damn it.

You have no friends... I can be your friend.

A reaper and a human can't be friends.

I'm kidding.

Don't be so serious.

I don't need friends. I live by the reaper codes.

Reaper codes?

Hi, Ichigo.


What's going on?

Well, we...


Greetings, Orihime.

That's old!

-It's in your book. -My manga?

-It's modern Japanese. -It's not.

Sorry to interrupt.

-See you. -But...

She completely misunderstands our relationship.


I'm done.

Reapers obey their superiors.

Since when am I inferior to you?

I need you to help me go back.

You can make it in this world.

You can be a swordsmanship coach.

See you.


How's your faux body?

You look all right as a human high school girl.

Don't be ridiculous.

I have no other choice.

I have a new battery for you.


You have a plan?

Reapers who give their powers to a human can be executed.

You had no choice, but you defied the reaper's code.

They might find out.

I can't locate her spiritual pressure.

Rukia wouldn't lose to a lesser Hollow like Fishbone.

Did she really... give her powers to a human?

Find her.

If she gave him her powers... detain her.

That's an order from above.

Who are you?


you can see me.

What do you want?

I sensed high spiritual pressure and found you.


You know her?

The reaper woman who visited you.

A reaper?

As if I do.

Don't play dumb!

She was after a Hollow known as Grand Fisher.

And she was attracted to your powers.

Grand Fisher?


Where's Rukia?

I don't know any reapers.

Don't lie to me.

The arrow...

It means... it's a Quincy.


Tell me why you are here.

What do you mean?

You see, I hate being the last one to know what's going on.

Like what?

You're lying.

Don't hide things from me.

I'm hiding nothing.

Then why did the red-haired reaper try to kill me?

I knew it.

Spill it out.

Then I'll tell you.

You came here chasing a Grand Hollow.

Now the red-haired reaper wants you.

And I almost got killed for hiding you.

Shut up and start training.

Is that a joke?

Don't get me involved!

You need to train!

What for?

I don't care if you're stuck here!

Who said you could live here...

Train or... you'll die.

Are you certain?

When a Hollow turns up, Rukia will emerge with that human.

Where do you think she lives?

-Maybe with Ichigo. -Really?

Relax. It's just a rumor.



You're... a reaper.

I thought so.

Are you an idiot?

Your spiritual pressure is high.

But it got higher in the last few days since the new girl came.

That girl... she looks human, so that's a faux body.

Who are you?

You've never noticed me, have you?

You transferred here a year ago, but we've never talked.

Who the hell are you?

My name is Uryu Ishida.

How do you know I have high spiritual pressure?

I'm from the Quincy tribe and reapers killed my people.

Is anyone sane around here?

Watch this.

The arrows yesterday...

That was you.

Are you convinced?

I'm a human, but I can destroy Hollows.

I live to exorcize Hollows and avenge my tribe.

A year ago, I sensed your power, so I came here.


I challenge you.


We share the world with other beings.

Humans... lost souls... and souls that became Hollows and reapers.

Plus, those who hate reapers.

There's a turbulent world that people can't see.

If you're a reaper, it's my fate to defeat you.

Wait! This is too complicated!

I'll prove that the Quincies are superior to the reapers.

Hey, don't!

Use your sword.


Well, then...

I'll have to force you to be a reaper.

What did you do?


Hollows are on the move!

Get to work!

What? Wait a minute!

-What? -Hollows!

So, what?

Exorcize them so your powers increase. Then, I can go back!

No way. Who cares about reapers and Hollows?

Someone help me, please!

That voice...


All these Hollows! Is someone baiting them?

They might attack people or spirits any time.

I'm scared.

He hasn't gone to heaven yet.


You must protect all people and spirits, not just him.


Reapers treat all spirits and people equally.

Take an oath if you want to save him.

Screw the reaper oath!

Go now.

I'm not so noble to risk my life for strangers... or so low to desert people in trouble!

I'm here! Watch it!


You're slow.

Don't mess with reapers.

That was easy.

Don't, Renji.

You didn't dodge that.

I went easy on you.

Why are you here?

You know why.

To take you in and kill the human with your powers.

What's that look on your face?

It's offensive that you look so human!

We were both born in Rukon District and adopted by the noble Kuchiki Clan.

You were groomed to become an elite soul reaper!

You shouldn't look like a human.

Right, Captain Kuchiki?


Why did you break the code?

I gave him my powers so I wouldn't be eaten.

I gave him all my powers by mistake.

That's an excuse.

What you did is a felony.

You'd be executed if you went back to Soul Society.

You have to get your powers back from him.

Then you will be pardoned.

He'd die if I did that now. His pressure is too low.


Let him die.

It was I who gave him my powers.

It wasn't his fault.

A reaper's job isn't to kill innocent men.

Why do you feel compassion for him?

I don't.

Retrieve your powers from him... and kill him.

Or else, Rukia... you'll die.

You have until the full moon.



Get the Hollow to the west, Renji.

Your wounds must heal before you return to your human self.

Or you might die, both body and soul.

What will we do?


Okay, much better.

Walk on this side. No.

I'll walk on this side so I can protect you.

You're my hero.

Is it okay if I hold your hand?

Of course!




Hey, you're awake.

That was some accident you had.

A classmate brought you here.

Bring her home some time!

I dreamed about Mom.

The anniversary of her death is soon.

I dream about her sometimes.

Me too. Every night.

I failed to protect her.

Mom died...

because of me.

It turns out...

I can't protect anyone.

You got that wrong, son.

The love of my life... died protecting you. I'm proud of her for that.


Apparently, Ichigo was in an accident!

Is he okay?

He's dead. He died on the spot.

I'm alive.

Good! Nothing kills his kind, right?


The bandage...

It's nothing.

Ichigo isn't himself.

Rukia ditched him?

You mean, they were dating?

You knew that!

This is your chance, Orihime.

ICHIGO KUROSAKI He's not ready.

Retrieve your powers from him... and kill him.

Or else, Rukia... you'll die.

You have until the full moon.

Look out!

Get your hands off him!

Hey, Rukia.

That night...

why did you save me?

I'm nobody, but you gave me your reaper powers... knowing it would incriminate you.

That night... we both could've died.


you saved me.

Risking your own life.

Rukia? Wait...

He'd know!

There he is!

Where's Soul Society?

You're so abrupt.

Rukia's gone. Did she go back?

How would I know?

You have to tell me where Soul Society is!

Then what? Will you bring her back?

What if I did?


The reaper who attacked you is a top combatant... named Renji Abarai.

Just tell me!

I don't know how to get there.

You don't?


I know someone who does.

A reaper was exiled from Soul Society and lives here.

What can I do?

I don't think Rukia has gone back to Soul Society.

She'd be executed if she did.

She wouldn't waste her life like that.

I think she's trying to protect you.


She'd risk her life by asking her brother to spare you.

To protect me.

That human will attract the Grand Fisher.

I'll exorcize it and redeem myself... and please the superiors.

So let him live.


you have a scheme?

If that's what Rukia does, she might get killed on the spot.

By her ruthless brother, Byakuya.

You can enter Soul Society from anywhere.

The reapers' favorite portal is near here.

You'd put yourself at risk for him?


You'd disobey your older brother?

You distrust me?

You'd defy me... to protect him?

Answer me, Rukia.

Answer me.

Hurry up and kill that human, Rukia.

That way... you'll be pardoned.


Why not kill him?

The Grand Fisher will eat him anyway!

He's just bait, a piece of garbage! Kill him!


You just sit and watch.

That Grand whatever-the-hell...

I'll destroy it!

Great timing.

I'll kill him for you!


Hold it.

Go on. Give it a try, human.

But, Captain...

Destroy the Grand Fisher.


On one condition.

If I succeed... you free Rukia.

Rukia... complete my reaper training... and I'll defeat the Grand Fisher.

And you'll get your powers back triple fold.

Us reapers have pursued the Grand Fisher for 54 years.

It's more powerful and agile than any Hollow we've encountered.

It uses a lure to attract those with strong spiritual pressure and preys on their souls.

As your powers increase... it will be drawn to you.



What's going on?

Ichigo was doing kendo by the river.

He was?

He's training with Rukia.

Ichigo? Why?

-To be slim? -An action star!

-Yeah. -Right?

An action star! Well, he has the body for it.

Way to go!

One thing about exorcism.

You're not killing the Hollow.

You're redeeming its sins.

Go for its forehead.

Even the Grand Fisher can't tolerate being hit there.

That's Grand Fisher?

Kind of.

I'm fighting this?

I'm sure it's huge.

You said it's been after me?

-Right. -Since when?

Probably since you were a kid.

You think I saw it?

Only you know that.

Grand Fisher sightings are rare.

Some say it's a great beast.

Others say it's like an evil flower.

What was it?

I mean, originally.

-Sorry? -Before it turned into a Hollow.

At first, it was a girl's spirit.

A girl...

What's wrong?

A girl's spirit...

You remember something?



it sounds like this is personal.

Ichigo beat up some thugs a while back.

They might show up.

Is he preparing for that?

Your friend's up against something bigger.

It might be too big for him to handle.

He might die, but he'll take up the challenge.

I did it!




-You did it! -Right?

-What's this? -High five.

There you go.

I like that.

Are you sure, Captain?

He won't make it anyway.

He's just bait to lure the Grand Fisher.

You'll destroy the Grand Fisher.

And you'll kill Rukia, too.

She won't be able to kill him.

She is attached to him.

That's as deadly as an ailment for a reaper.

It weakens a reaper... and if it is serious, it's lethal.

We're here to plan Mom's memorial ceremony.

Any ideas? Raise your hand!

Me, me!

Yuzu on lunch duty.

Karin on flowers, incense and offerings.

Don't ignore us!

I raised my hand!

I'm on beer duty.

-That's for you. -No way.

It's for me and your mother.

Bring other stuff, too.

You're going on a picnic?

A picnic...

I guess so.

We are visiting Mom's grave.

Of course, my dad and my sisters loved her.

They all loved her... and I took her away from them.

Is it so valuable... a family's bond?

Don't you have anyone back home?

I have no parents.

You could stay in our world.

I'll be your friend.

That's impossible.


It's against the codes.

The codes...

Reapers are so inflexible.


thank you.

When you say something like that...

I feel happy.

Up we go!

I get so tired climbing this hill every year.

Come on!

I'll go first.

Dad, you cheat!

Ichigo, can you please go down to the vending machine?

I'm so thirsty I could die.

-I want pineapple juice. -Why ask for it now?

I'm thirsty now!

Fine. Go on ahead.

Come on.

See anything?

Nothing yet.


Here's to you, Masaki.

About Ichigo...

Can't you tell him... that it's not his fault?

What's that girl doing there?

It's close.

What's wrong?

Are you okay?

What's taking them so long?

Grand Fisher!

I knew it was you.



You killed Mom!

Go behind it!




How I missed you.

It's an illusion!

How dare you bring Mom into our fight!

I've been waiting for you!

Where are you, Yuzu? Karin?

Sleep a while.

It's begun.

-What's that? -A tornado!

Run for it!

A tornado!

What the...

Is it a tornado?

Oh, my God!

It's here.



They can't see me.



Take care of them.


You felt him too, Chad?

-What? -Ichigo?

I'm sure it was him.

Everyone, out!

This way!



I have to win this battle no matter what!

That was close.


A Quincy.

Damn you!

I've got this covered.

I need you alive so I can challenge you some day.

You're finished!


The forehead!

Did I miss?

Mom, I'll protect you.


Are you okay?

Thank you.

Don't flatter yourself.

It was my chance.

You and your attitude.

I'm surprised. You destroyed Grand Fisher.

A Quincy will make my sword rusty.

Now, die.

No, Renji!


stop pretending to be a human.

What's wrong, Rukia?

Where's the reaper in you gone?

A human and a reaper shouldn't get emotionally involved.

Kill the man.

I order you to, for the last time.


You... can't be cured.


Kill... both of them.

Keep your word, asshole.


I'll protect you.

-No, run! -I won't.

You're slow.

You're dead.

Is that all?

That all you've got?

It's my turn.

You're 2,000 years too early to be my rival.

Hear the Zabimaru roar!


Looks like I killed your boyfriend.

No hard feelings, Rukia.

Something tells me...

that you won't defeat me.

Is he invincible?

Renji... step back.

Brace yourself.

You're slow.


Wait a minute.

If you can stand, run! You're no match for him!


it's time you woke up.

I'll... protect her.

I'm not done yet.


Not yet.

He won't give up.

We're not finished yet.

How dare you...

You lowly human!

How dare you grab my brother's cape?

Move any closer... and I'll destroy you!


I've awakened.

I, Rukia Kuchiki... beg for my sin to be redeemed.

Do you mean it?


Very well.

We'll return.


Return my powers to me.

And you'll get back the normal life you wanted.

As a result...

you'll forget everything.

Including me.


I've had enough of humans.

Especially you.

You're rowdy and ill-tempered... and irresponsible!


So long...


I was protected...


Good morning.

You slept so long.

You feeling okay?

I had a dream.

I don't remember the details... but it was long.

-You're up, Ichigo. -Yeah.

Eat well and live well.

Age well till you go bald.

And die smiling, son.

Make your life worth living.

The tornado at the train station was devastating!

Ichigo was there, too.

Is he okay?

-He's-- -I'm alive.

Good! I knew you'd be okay.


You look kind of different.

You look... taller?

No way.

You have my gratitude, Ichigo.

Nobody else has ever risked his life for me.

Good morning.


Have we ever talked?


Good to know you.


I'm back in Soul Society to redeem my sins, but I don't regret what I did.

I made a human friend.

But... everyone's memory of me... has been wiped clean.

Yours, too.

You won't remember me.