Bleed for This (2016) Script

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Vinny went to the wrong hotel.

The wrong hotel? Yeah.

Motherfucker, how many Caesar Palaces they got in Las Vegas?

He'll be here!

We are going to start the weigh-in.

If Pazienza is not here by 7:00, he will be disqualified.



Ash, answer the phone!


Tell Vinny they're going ahead.

They're going ahead.

Just hold them off. Tell them I'm coming.

He's coming.

Where's he at?

Where's he at? He's on the fucking bicycle.

No, dummy. His weight. What fuckin' weight's he at?

Where you at, Vinny? I'm coming!

He's coming.

139 pounds and three-quarters.


Tell Vinny that Roger made weight.

Where the fuck's your boy?

What are you so worried about? Where the hell you have to be, anyway?

Beating your pizza-faced, Liberace-son back to Boston.

Hey! Hey! We're from Providence!

He'll be here. He'll be here. He'll be here.

Don't you worry about that. He's gonna be here. He's gonna be here.

He gonna make it?

Got a little surprise for you.

Get your motherfucking dick out my face!

He can't take his eyes off me.

He still looks big.

This is gonna be close.

140 pounds even.


Behind me, the casino here at Caesar's, and, yes, the eve of the big fight.

Roger Mayweather defending against Vinny Pazienza.

For the WBC super lightweight championship...

Bottom line is that I'm willing to die in that ring tomorrow night.

I don't think he's ready to make that sacrifice.

Damn straight. 'Cause there ain 't no need to.

Boy thinking about dying instead of boxing.

That should tell you all you need to know.

Motherfucker, tomorrow night, you gone.

I'm gonna rain on you like a thunderstorm.

Be scared. Yeah.

Do me a favor though, tomorrow you get yourself a Tic Tac.

And if you're this close to me tomorrow, I'm gonna knock you the fuck out. Okay.

You all right, champ?

Yeah, yeah. I'm feeling good.


I know you are.

You need anything? Nah, I'm good.

What you doing? You going to bed? Yeah. Big day tomorrow.

Hey, you should hit the hay, too.

Yeah, definitely, Pop.

Okay, good night. Good night.

Ride the fever. Wally Cleaver loves the beaver!

Blow on those.


Baby. You're up 100K, all right?

Shouldn't you just call it quits?

Yeah, yeah. Just order another OJ.

I'm not thirsty.

What are you doing here? I'm splitting 10s.

I mean, don't you think you should be getting some rest for tomorrow?

It is tomorrow. Yeah, relax. Just go ahead.

Okay, yeah.

I don't like this.

Too many, too many! Yes!

Baby, come on! Yeah, baby! Vinny! Vinny!

God, Vinny!

Yeah. Yeah! Too many!


He's an animal.

Who splits 10s on a $20,000 hand?

You shut up.

Come on, Vinny! Come on!

Solid right hand inside by Mayweather.

Pazienza stopped in his tracks.

Got his attention pretty good right there.

What are you doing? Get in there.

Solid right hand right on the eye! That hurt him.

I question, though, whether we'll ever see Pazienza in the ring again after taking a beating like this.

That guy's got a lot of heart.

I'm telling you, he's got a lot of heart.

More action after the bell.

I can take that all day!

You got nothing! Come on! Come on!

I got it. I got it. I got it. I'm fine.

I got it. I got it.

I got this. I got it.

Darryl, give us your score.

Okay, I've got it to eight rounds to three.

107-101, favor Roger Mayweather.

I think he's winning the fight big, and certainly the night.

Good right hand right there.

That was the best right hand of the fight.

Why let it go any further?

Well, because he's a fighter.

Watch him finish the fight. Well, that's true.

What's going on?

Nothing, Ma. He's still in his corner.

I'm stopping that fight.

I'm not waiting for a doctor to make the decision.

You're not gonna win on points.

You gotta knock him out. Vinny, you gotta knock him out.

Hey, champ. Champ. You all right?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. You all right? Okay.

You got this. You got this. Now let's bury him!

Two hands, Vinny!

Oh, God.

Look at his arms.

You have ketosis.

What does that mean? I'm just dehydrated, Pop.

We're in the desert, Vinny.

I see a lot of dehydration cases. This isn't that.

Doc, I've been doing it this way forever. This is how it goes for me.

Well, you can't keep doing it like this.

Yeah. Thank you, Doc.

Appreciate it.

It's weird, Ma.

It's not weird. Don't put too much salt.

I'm not gonna put salt, I'm putting parsley.

If you hadn't knocked this thing over...

Would you stop crying about the fucking elephant already?

All right, there we go. Honest.

I'm just sayin', I'm not crying.

Hey, you want to set the table, Jon?


Hey, Ma. You watch the fight, yet?

No. I can't watch you get hurt.

Yeah, well, you know I don't get hurt.

Where's the tape at?

It's in the VCR.

Can you put that there, please?

Well, will you move this thing off the table?

I can't do two things at once, can I?

The WBC super lightweight title.

If "will" and "want to" alone was all that mattered, Pazienza could beat this guy, but "will" would only take you so far, unless you can bring some skill along with it.

That's called an old-fashioned paintjob in Philadelphia.

And for about the half-dozenth time, they scrimmage after the bell.

And Lou Duva goes after Roger Mayweather.

Now that's one of the silliest things he could ever have done.

Well, Mayweather punched him!

We're talking about a guy in his 60s...

Vinny, shut it off!

We're eating. Okay. I'm coming.

How'd it feel to take a shot from a world champ?

He hits like a altar boy.

What do you think will be the next move for Vinny after this fight?

Next. I don't know if there's gonna be a next.

Now's not the time for an announcement, but as far as I'm concerned, Vinny Pazienza shouldn't fight no more.

Now, boxing's been good to him and he's been good to boxing, and that's where it should end.

Excuse me, I'm sorry.

I'm good. Vinny, darling, come here.

I'll have more.


Just be happy with what you got.

It's gonna fall out of her head now, you know...

Pop, stay calm, all right?

I need them to set the next fight.

Vinny, Angelo, come on in.

Angelo. Uh...

What a surprise.

How you doing, Vinny?

They block the driveway?

We need to talk.

You should have called first.

You know I don't like to take meetings in the house.

Yeah, and you should have thought before opening your fucking mouth and telling the whole world my son should retire.

All right, all right, all right. Come on, now, Lou. Let's talk.

Come on. Fine. Let's talk.

Vinny ain't done, Lou.

And even if you think he is, you've got no business announcing it on HBO.

What the fuck.

Vinny'll decide when he's done.

Well, I wish we'd spoken first, but it's not a perfect world.

It's fine. It's all right. Lou, I need another fight.

What's with the deep fuckin' breath?

You owe him another fight on his contract.


Lookit, Vinny.

All I'm saying is that I think maybe you ought to start thinking about more important things.

Your sister's getting married. You should consider doing the same.

Start a family.

What the fuck does that have to do with him fighting?

Pop, please.

Even when you win, we end up in the hospital.

Who's "we"? I ain't never seen you there.


Lou, for fuck's sake, say something!

You got heart, kid, but you wear it on your fucking chin.

I seriously think you ought to consider hanging it up.

I'm not done yet, all right? I got more in me.

That's not the problem. You always got more.

I'm begging you here, Lou.

Give me another shot.

Just one more.

Fuck. Shit.

Rough night?

No. Great night.

Rough morning.

You're early.

You're drunk.

No, I'm hungover.

There's a huge difference.

Well, you smell like liquor.

And you smell like Rhode Island.

What? You've never had a big night before?

No. I don't drink.


Good for you.

Now, if we're done with the fucking introductions...

I can't see shit out here.

This is where you trained Tyson, huh?


That is crazy.

This your family?


You guys go to Disneyland?

World. In Orlando.

Oh... Not yet.

So, why did Tyson fire you?

What? Was it that DUI thing?

What are you, a newspaperman?

Nah, I'm just asking.

Do you not want to be here?

Yeah, I'm standing here, aren't I?

All right, listen. Let's get real, Vinny.


You lost three in a row, last one, a title fight, you got nothing lined up 'cause you're not a draw, your own manager, on fucking HBO, said you should hang it up.

The only reason you're standing in my gym is because Lou sent you here to put us both out to pasture.

So, if you want to get this over with, let's get it over with.

You all set? Yeah.

All right. This is Manny.

How we doing? How are you?

You'll be sparring with him today.


How much you weigh? 190.

You know that I fight at junior welter, right?

I know. Head-gear's in the locker by the wall.

Come on.

That's enough!

That's enough!

Get on. Why?

What, "why"? Why not? Gotta know where we're starting.

I'm not in camp or nothing.

I haven't been training.

Let's see.

All right.

There's no point.

I'm gonna be way over.

You just fought at 140 two weeks ago. What, did you eat a horse?

I told you, I haven't been training.

That's not what I usually weigh.

I'm not at my fight weight right now.

Hey, Vinny, I just saw you use your weight.

It wasn't slowing you down. At all.

Look, I don't need to cut corners, Kev. I can make weight.

No, maybe you're at your weight.

Cutting corners is what you've been doing.

I won my first world title...

As a lightweight, I know.

The first time I got laid was in my high school parking lot.

You see me taking my wife there every time I want to get my rocks off?

Look at you.

You're a different fighter, your body's changed.

You're bigger. You hit with more power.

You think I should move up?



Junior middle? Are you nuts?

You're outta your head, Kev. Come on. Nobody jumps two classes.

That's... No, no, that's a huge risk, which is the exact opposite of what everybody tells me I should be doing right now.

It's a risk.

This is The Clock.

He's gonna teach you how to move and time.

Jesus Christ, Kev! What's that thing made out of?

Rock maple.

And you don't get to hit The Clock back yet, neither. Not yet.

I only want you to avoid him for now, all right?

Bend your knees. Move your head.

Right, left. Move your head. Left, right.

Throw a punch, you move your head.

You look like a two-by-four.

No. Come on, Vinny. Move your head.

Come on. Look at it. Anticipate it.

No. Punch, move. Punch, move.

I got this. Come on.

Here we go.

That's it, that's it, that's it.

On the side, sit down on it.

Bad intentions.

Bad intentions.

Now you're moving. Bend your knees.

Keep your hands up. Keep your hands up.


You're looking good now. You're moving your head.

All right, stop. Okay, Vinny, that's good. Vinny, Vinny! Stop!

What? Stop.


What is that?



You fight the same way.

It's like if you're not completely spent, then you must not have tried hard enough.

Yeah. I don't mind the pain.

Good, 'cause it's comin'.

I'm sayin' you don't have to send out invitations, you know?

You can't brawl at this weight. You have to box.

You have to defend.

Yeah, my offense is my defense.

Yeah? Where'd you come up with that gem?

Don Shula's autobiography?

Listen to me, some hits you aren't being tough by taking.

So, when I say "stop," you stop.

You hear me? Yeah, I hear you.

Put the plate down there. You did a very good job.

Everything's fine. Everything's good.

I think it looks lovely, I do. I just...

Your ma religious, Vin?


What do you think, Kev?



Christ and elephants.

Honey, you did so perfect. The knife goes on that side.

You made it.

And honey, you look great. Great. Thank you. Thanks.

And, Ma, this is Kevin. Mrs. Pazienza.

Thank you for taking such good care of my boy.

Yeah. It's nothing. I like your elephants.

Oh, those are mine. Yeah, I love elephants.

Yeah. Hi, I'm Vinny's sister, Doreen.

And this is my retarded fiancé, Jon.

The fuck's wrong with you?

Be quiet, all right?

And this is... Oh, yeah, I remember.

Hi, Shelly.

Actually, it's Heather.

Oh, I'm sorry. Hey, how are you?

Hi, Mr. Pazienza.

No. Angelo.

Angelo. Nice to meet you.

Hey, sweetheart. Hey, Pop.

Champ. Hey, how you doing?

Jesus, you're huge.

What are you at, 150?


What are you doing? No, it's a good thing. Trust me.

Kevin knows what he's doing. Yeah.

What are we having for dinner? I'm starving.

All right, everybody sit down. Come on.

All right.

Doreen, serve the salad. Sorry. Sit down.

Darling, here you go. Yeah, there you go. That's right.

You sit down. No, I got it. I got it. Sit.

Babe, you good?

What else do you need? No, no. I think I'm good.

Everybody start with the salad. All right...

You settled in all right?

Oh, yeah. Thanks.

You got everything you need?

That mattress is brand new that we put in for you.

Oh, yeah?

I'm good.

So, let me ask you, who told you to come in here with your missionary bullshit and change the whole program?

Behind my back no less.

I mean, it wasn't a secret or nothin'. If Vinny didn't tell you...

I'll deal with Vinny.

I'm talking to you.

And I'm telling you that pushing him up two weight classes is a dangerous fucking move.

How do you expect the Duvas to find him a match?

That's their job.

Vinny made this decision, Mr. Pazienza.

I don't know why you're so worried 'cause he's a great fighter.

Yeah, I know he's a great fighter.

He was a great fighter before he met you.

All right, you be first. You be first.

There you go.

All right. That's enough.

That's enough. You tired?

No, no, I'm good.

Let's go one more round.

Vinny, Vinny, Vinny, that's enough.

Kev... Don't "Kev" me. Come on.

All right. See you tomorrow.

Hey, champ, Kev, my office. Both of youse.

All right.


The fight came in.


And it's a fucking title bout.

Are you serious? Yeah.

Who? It's the French guy. Deal.

Dele? Yeah, Dele. Whatever.

He's back in, with a title fight!

Kev, you hear that?

I got a title fight. I got a title fight, baby!

Are you kidding me? Come on! Hey, Vinny, Vinny.

Get back to work. Get back on your game!

Come on! Yeah!

It's bad enough that you're promoting both fighters, but I know you made a deal for Dele to fight Rossi in Europe in three months.


And we both know he's only worth that much if it's a unifying title fight.

You need Vinny to lose.

It's worth just as much to us if Vinny wins.

We'll make Dele-Rossi the under-card, put Vinny in the ring with Sugar Ray or Duran.

Duran! That's a big fucking "if".

Did you buy your tickets to Italy yet?


I bet you did.

Nah. It's too soon.

Forget using Vinny as a stepping stone.

You're making him a fucking doormat.

We had options at 140.

At 154, our hands are tied.

You said you wanted a fight.

Yeah, a fight. You're sending him to the lions.

And I thought he was coming here to bring us a bottle of champagne.

I just talked to Angelo.

It don't sound like nobody over there is too upset. Just you.

Go home, Kev. Relax. This is good. For who?

If you didn't finish his career in Vegas, you're doing it now.

We are?

We were the ones who asked for this?

We were the ones who bumped him up two weight classes?

We were the ones who wanted to make a big splash so that the world could know Rooney's back.

This is on you, Kev.

Vinnie Pazienza is hoping to find some stability and consistency at his new 154-pound home.

Vinnie Pazienza has perhaps one last shot to win a world championship when he takes on undefeated WBA junior middle weight champ, Gilbert Dele.

When Dele won the title in February, he cold-cocked a helpless opponent named Carlos Elliott.

Elliott left on a stretcher, face down, with a broken jaw.

Well, good news is, he hits like a girl.

The Providence Civic Center.

Fighting here has been one of Vinny Pazienza's greatest dreams since becoming a professional boxer.

Well, it's no longer a dream.

Coming up, Vinny Pazienza, the homecoming.

Gilbert is cool, nice.

Well, you know, he's a very fine guy.

He's a fine guy, but he's a rough, rough, rough guy.

What does that mean? Does he got rough hands?

T ell you what, my mom owns a salon in Cranston.

He can go get a manicure, if that's the problem.

Gilbert says he can kick your Italian ass in any country you like.

Yeah? Well, not this one, Gilbert, all right?

You're stepping in front of Providence, you're stepping in front of my people, I've worked really hard to get here.

I'm not going anywhere without that belt.

He wishes you the best of luck.

Come on.

Come on, Kev, turn the music up. I'm feeling good.

I want you fresh for tomorrow. Come on. All right. All right.

Come on, Jon!

What? He asked me to hold the bag. You want me to say no?

Come on, man.


This fight...

We gotta be careful.


Kev, you bumped me up two weight classes, it's the night before the fight, you're telling me to be careful?

No kidding.

Come on, what are you doing right now?

How is this supposed to help anybody?

I could ask you the same question. It's 9:30.

I mean, come on.

Kev, look. I get it. You need this win as much as I do.

You're damn right I need this win.

But this isn't about me. It's about you!

You're all in. All the time.

Scares the shit outta me.

What do you want me to do?

You want me to be half in? Want me to be a quarter in?

You want me to, like, smoke a cigarette between rounds? What?

I want you to understand the difference between a risk and a gamble.

Yeah. Risk, gambles, whatever.

No, not whatever.

This, what we do here, this is calculated, okay?

We weigh the odds. We make a choice.

This ain't blackjack, Vinny.

It ain't orange juice and tit-jobs and sunglasses.

This is it.

This is fucking it!

Do you think I'm going to lose this fight?


Good. Me neither.

They come from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Suave, smooth gentleman from Paris, the champion, Gilbert Dele.

Going up, the blue collar fighter from Providence, Rhode Island, Vinny Pazienza.

Sarah, come on, it's starting any minute!

Come on, champ!

You be first, Vinny. You be first!

He's got...

Go on, Vinny!

Come on, let's go.

Come on, Vin.

Twist off the ropes!

Dele nails Pazienza upstairs.

Again, again! Push off! Push off!

Get off the ropes! Twist off the ropes, Vinny!

Come on, Vinny! What are you doing?

There you go.


Doreen, why are you so quiet?

Come on! Come on! The fuck is he doing?

I've been here all day. I love it. I can do this all day, baby.

I'll see you right after this.

What are you doing, champ? Stop playing around!

Come on!

Give me water.

This wasn't the game plan, all right?

Why are you going toe-to-toe with this guy, huh?

Hey, Vinny, look at me.

You don't move and you're gonna get hurt. You're gonna get hurt!

Don't let the feelings get the better of you, okay?

You don't have to slug with this guy, all right?


What is it?

He doesn't hit like a girl at all.

Jesus Christ.

He actually hits pretty hard.

Vinny, move your head, all right? Come on!

You kick his fucking ass!

There you go!

There you go! There you go! Now you're moving!

Yes, baby! Yes!

Stay on him! That's it. Yes!

Come on!

What are you doing, Vinny? Come on!

Come on, Vinny! Come on, finish him off!

This could end in a knockout!

Go to your corner.

Ma! He did it! Ma! He just did it!

He knocked him out! He knocked him out?

Oh, my God!

What are you doing?


Oh, my God!


Oh, my God, he did it!

You stuck it out, Vinny.

I did it with dogged determination and persistent perseverance.

I'm back on top! How do you feel, champ?

I feel like I should be on a box of Wheaties, doing a Gatorade commercial.

I feel like I should be going to Disneyland or something, I'm just...

I'm so happy!

So what? You bulk up. No big deal.

It's Duran.

You'll have to fight him super middleweight.

Yeah, you think I can handle him?

I'd rather you fight where you naturally live.

I don't want you to have to starve yourself or bulk up.

But, yeah, you can handle him.

"Handle him"? He's gonna murder him.

You're too fucking nervous, Kevin. You know that?

Hey. You're not nervous enough.


Hey, you got it?

She's outside. Nice!

Where you going?

We're just going to Dunkin'. Grab some coffee.

All right.

You be back for dinner.

Yeah, well, he just got this new car, Pops.

So I might be a little late for dinner.

Does this mean we're not going to AC?

Nah. Gotta be back tonight. Let's just do Foxwoods.

All right.

Hey, so did you figure out your next fight?

We're gonna skip the rematch with Dele and go in straight to something bigger.

How big?

Like Duran big.

Holy shit. How much? Jimmy!

Vinny. Vinny. Vinny.




Hey! Call a fucking ambulance!

You see the way he hits now? Like a fucking bull.

Come on. Deal.

You're so quiet tonight, Anthony.

I almost forgot you were there.

I came to play cards, not to hear about your fucking kid all night.

Yeah. Fuck you.

Hey, Angelo, Vinny's on TV!

Jesus Christ already.

Good evening. Rhode Island's own Pazmanian Devil is in Kent County Memorial Hospital tonight with a fractured neck.

News Watch 10 has obtained these photographs taken at the accident scene not long after it happened.

They show the car in which Vinny Pazienza was riding as well as the other car... at Kent County Hospital as friends and family are gathering to see what actually happened in the accident.


Champ... No, honey, he can't.

They got him all drugged up because he couldn't breathe.

What happened to him?

He got hit by a car.

No, what happened to him?

Angelo, sit down.


Pop? Yeah, I'm here.

Pop? Champ.


Your breath is killing me. Oh!

Thank you, God.

How do you feel?

Like I should be on a box of Wheaties.

Why am I in this thing?


You were in an accident.

Your neck's broke.

What are you talking about?

No, it's not.

Pop, I...

What are you talking about? Ma, stop crying.

I'm gonna get the doctor.

I feel fine.

You're not fine, Vinny.

The break on the C3 is less than an eighth of an inch from your spinal cord.

You don't need to be a radiologist to see this is a problem.

Vinny, you're seriously injured.

This is going to be a long road to recovery.

How much time?

How much time, what?

How much time until I can fight again?



Doc, how much time until I can fight again?

Vinny, this is not the time to be talking about this...

Ma, please. Let him answer.

I can't say with any certainty you're going to walk again.

What are you talking about? I can feel everything.

I feel fine, look. Nurse...

I'm moving my toes. Look, I can feel that.

Vinny, calm down. Calm down.

I feel all this stuff. I can move everything.

What are you talking about? I can feel that.

I feel that! I feel fine! Vinny!

Vinny! Vinny! Vinny!

Vinny, it's all right. It's okay.

I feel fine, Doc. You don't know... Stop.

You got my arm right there. What are you talking about?

Okay. Kev, tell them I'm going to fight again.

You tell them!

Kevin, just tell them...

How you feeling, Vinny? Fine.

Listen, I want to talk to you one more time about your options before we proceed tomorrow.

No need. Well...

If I install the halo, there's no guarantee that it will work.

The halo relies solely on your body healing on its own.

Well, that's good, because I heal fast.

Not that fast.

It'll be six months until you're really out of danger.

Until then, one bump, one fall, any kind of movement and your spinal cord could sever.

Any doctor in the world would be telling you that spinal fusion is really the preferred procedure with this severe of an injury.

You already told me all this. You and my mom would get along great.

If you let me do the fusion, I can guarantee you'll be able to walk again.

That's not enough for me.

I need to be able to fight again.

I need you to understand the risks...

I understand.

I don't think you do.

You're not fusing my neck.

I want you to count backwards from 10, Vinny.

Didn't they tell you I'm a boxer?

Eight, seven... Not sure if you know this, but...

...six, five...

Have you ever been to Mexico...

...three, two...

Where's my mom?

Okay. Let's lift the head.

Careful. You okay?

Come on. Come on.

There he is. There he is. Get out of here.

Get out of here. Come on, come on, get out of here.

You're gonna get run over by the car, come on.

Nah, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine.


Christ, you okay?

Come on, let me help you! Let me help you, for Christ's sake!

Dad, get off me! Stop.

Come on. Come on.

All right.


Nah, I'm not getting in that thing again.

Come on... Nah. Put it away.

It's a... It's a Craftmatic.

We got your room all set up down here in the den.

Yeah, I saw that.

Brought your posters down and everything.

Thanks, Jon.

What do you need? Where's the parm?

I got it.

Look, I appreciate what you guys are doing, but I'm not a handicap.

We left the wheelchair in the car.

We just want to make sure that you don't hurt yourself, Vin.

What are you trying to prove getting up, anyways?

I'm not trying to prove anything, Doreen.

If I would have asked you to get me the parm a week ago, you would have told me to go fuck myself. Hey!

All right. Yeah, that's fair.

There's your parm.

Vinny, I got two color appointments, but I'm gonna come home and make you lunch, all right?

All right. Okay.

Get some rest, champ.

I thought the kids were gonna be...

Just curious. You know, you kind ofjust wonder about these things.

Time may be running out for the Red Sox. They may...

You like that? Mmm-hmm. Yeah, I do.

Yeah, it's like a little jungle gym.

Yeah, swing around on it. Yeah?

Go crazy. I don't wanna hurt you.

No, you're not gonna hurt me. Hey!

Give me a kiss. Ow!

What? Come on.

Vin. What?

My fuckin' hair's caught in your fuckin' thing! Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.


Yeah, I got you. It's fine.

Look at my hair now!

You look good. I'm sorry.

No. I can't do this.

Yeah, we don't have to kiss. We'll figure something else out.

Where you going? Come here.

Come here.

You see, that's not nice.

You can't just come over here and tease me like that.

Vinny... You know I'm right.

I gotta tell you... Let it go. What?

That thing, it's freaking me out. Yeah?

I don't know what you want me to do.

Call me when it's like a sweater.

Are you serious? Yeah.

You rest. You need to rest. Yeah.

Yeah, I know. I've rested plenty. I need to not rest.

Yeah, don't come back. All right.

You kiss me like that...


...for some time, Midnight Madness became March Madness.

Welcome to the Robin Hood Basketball Redemption Tour.

Hey, Kev. Hey.

This is how you're spending your birthday?

Yeah, you know.

Come on. Get dressed. I'm taking you out.

I don't wanna.

Come on.


Let's go. Come on.

Let's go, come on! We're gonna have fun tonight.

We'll do the Elevator. We'll do the Elevator.

Look at that. Come on.

God, Kev, you're scarring me. Sit down.

Come on. Come on.

I can't unsee what I just saw.

Get up. There you go.

Happy birthday, kid. Hey, good to see you. Thank you.

I almost forgot.

All right, now hold on. Yeah.

All right, come on.

There you go.

Kev, come on. What's with all the moping?

Kev, come on. Get me outta this thing!

Loosen up. My God.

Why couldn't you drive a minivan?


All right.

Hey, what... Why are we going here? What?

I'm gonna know everybody in here.

You're not gonna know anyone. It's a Tuesday.

Only skanks and hoes work Tuesdays.

Or you may know everyone.


Happy birthday!

He had no idea!

Then why is it called an island?

It's not an actual island, it's named after an island.

Rhodes. Yes. The island of Rhodes.

Yes. See? Cape Cod. Nantucket.

What are you talking about? It has nothing to do with...

Here you are, champ!

This is it.


This is it.



Yeah. Look at that.

Beautiful. Really nice.

"WBA, Junior Middleweight Champ."

You are.

All right.

Yeah, thanks, guys. It really means a lot to me.

Everybody showing up here and supporting me.

I just want to say thank you, it really means a lot.

To Vinny!


All right!

This whole thing's a machine.

When the machine runs, it feeds everybody.

When it's down, when it ain't running, nobody eats. You understand?

The machine, it don't stop for nobody.

Not for me, not for Don King, not even for you.

Now, we know you still have three months to defend your title...

We're asking you to give that up now, Vin.

Defending your title in March is just not a possibility.

Sometimes you gotta cut your losses to count your gains.

Am I right?

You got your belt. Everybody knows you're the champ.

It ain't personal.

Hey, happy birthday.


What'd those two dumdums want from you?

Eh, nothing.

Huh? Nothing.

You all right? Yeah, I'm fine.

What's up?

Hey, we're not done here, Vinny.

We're not? No.

We just need to figure out what's next for you.

There's a whole world outside the ring.

You know, Kev, I'm getting pretty sick of people talking about me like I'm dead.

Like I died in that car wreck.

Like it's just over for me.

Kev, I'm gonna fight again.

No, you ain't, Vinny.

That's what everybody here knows, but are afraid to say it to your face.

You're not gonna fight again. It's over.

You gotta let it go.

Make sure my folks get home all right.

Twin River.

Jesus, Vinny. Hey.

I know. And I can't even park in the handicap spot.

How you feeling, honey? Uh, I'm feelin' good. Yeah.

Thank you. You look good.

Good to have you back, Mr. Pazienza. Hey.


Hey, guys, how we doing?

Hey. How are you?

I'm Vinny Paz. Yeah. Oh, yeah?

Can you take this off the table?

Yeah. Sure.


Easy! Easy, Kev! Easy, easy, easy!

Your cab's coming. Stand right here.

I don't want a cab!

Yeah, I know you don't, but you're gonna get one.

Just stand right here. All right, all right!

I'm not gonna get in the car! Kevin!

Stay away from that car, Kevin!

Don't go in the car. Kevin, don't do it!

You're right. Come on back.

Ah, Jesus Christ.

Come on.

Hit me.

I'm sorry, Vinny.

Come on.

It's coming up right up here.

Vinny? What?

What are you doing down there?

I don't know.

Come on, Pazman.

Let's go.



Let's go. Come on.

Come on!

Come on, Vinny. Come on, Paz.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on. Yeah.

Come on, Paz. Let's go, baby. Come on.

Let him sleep. He was probably up reading.


Why are you this stupid?

Hey. Hey.

What you watching?

Just watching the fights a little bit.

So, you get any action at county or what?

Fuck off.

Jesus. When did you get out?

Nah, I never went in.

I got released after 12 hours.

I lost my license. On probation. It's fucking stupid.

Well, I'm glad you came over.

Nah. I should have come by sooner.

I'll be right back. I'm gonna say hi to your mom.

Yeah, hold on. Let me talk to you about something real quick.


I need your help.

What happened? You in trouble?

What, gambling? You need money? What? No, no.

No. None of that stuff.

Vinny, come on. What? Say it. Yeah, yeah.

I know, I know. I'm just going to show you.

Vin, come on.

What, did you buy a new jean jacket?

I need you to start training me again.

Fuck you.


Stop it.

I'm serious. I see that.

Vinny, come on. Sooner or later, you got to start accepting that maybe...

Look, I already started, Kev.

Started what? With just the bar.

Now, I've been going real slow, and I haven't rushed through anything, just like you taught me...

Vinny, Vinny, Vinny. Whoa! Vinny, no!

No! What?

What are you doing? This is insane.

You looked in the mirror lately?

You seen that thing on your head?

Come on, you heard what the doctor said. You're risking your life here.

What life?


No, I can't do it.

This is a fucking Hail Mary at best.

No it's... No it's not. It's a gamble.

Yeah, I know that.

But, look, if there was a time to roll the dice, this is it.

I mean, you just don't know how to give up.

No, I do. Trust me, I do. I know exactly how to give up.

You know what scares the shit out of me, Kev?

Is that it's easy.

Something goes wrong and I'm involved, I couldn't live with that.

Doreen, it's your play. Come on.

Doreen. What?

It's your turn.

I know it's my... Give me a second.

I gotta figure out what I'm doing.

Doreen. What?

Come on, you're up. Oh, my God.

I know it's me. I gotta figure out something to do.

Here, put this down there. You're awfully quiet tonight, Kevin.

I'm fine, Mrs. Pazienza.

It's your turn. Yup.

Isn't Vinny doing great?

He's doing great.

What's this?

Kev, you think drinking is such a good idea right now?

You're gonna lecture me on moderation?

The balls on this kid.

Yeah. Since forever.

All right, you know, Kevin, you're welcome to stay here on the couch.

You know, maybe you shouldn't be driving.

No, I'm fine.

Ma, he can't drive. He lost his license.



There we go. Okay, I got my card.

All right, Kevin, your turn. Come on.

Kevin, you're up.

Come on. I'm done.

What do you mean? No, no, no, no...

Kev, what are you doing?

Go upstairs.

I'd love to.

I don't think I can make it up the stairs.

Where's the bench press?

I threw it in the garbage.

Why would you do that?

Leave it.

You're a big dummy, you know that?

Bench pressing.

How is that a good idea? You should be doing shoulder work.

At least that will help with your injury.

This way, you're gonna just look like some I-Tal on Venice Beach.

You put me in a hell of a spot, you know that?

Had to decide if it'd be worse to watch you kill yourself or help you do it.

That's, like, the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.

Sit down, asshole.

There you go.

There you go. Straighten up the back.

You get cable with that thing? Yeah.

Is this making too much noise?

Nah. We're good.

Come on.

Vinny? Vinny, I got to get the Christmas box.

Kev, get that box right there. Yeah, Ma!

Kev's bringing it up to you.

There you go, Mrs. Pazienza. All right.

Yeah, he's got it. All right. Thank you.

What are you two doing down there?

We're just going through some of Vinny's old tapes.

Ten more.

Come on.

Come on, you're not even counting. Five.

There. How do you feel?

Good? All right.

Hey, what happened to you?

Oh, yeah, yeah, I slipped coming out of the bathroom yesterday.


Peppers are good. All right, darling.

One day you're fighting and calling each other names, now you're giggling like a bunch of school girls.

What the hell's the matter with you two?

I don't know. I don't know, Pops.

Just having a good day, I guess.

Yeah? Well, knock it off.

So, you don't mind the construction site on his face?

Construction doesn't last forever.

You know, I'm actually kind of into it.

It's like braces times 1,000.

I think this might be the one, Vin.

That's it. I told you.

Come on, do it again. Baby, come on.

Oh, my God.


Get out of my house.

You've been training under my roof without telling me.

Pop, listen... Right under my fucking nose.

You been doing this the whole time?


It's been the only thing that's kept me alive these last few months.

You lied to me, Vinny.

I lied to you? Where were you tonight?

The fuck did you just say to me?

I'm sorry, Pop. I didn't want you to worry.

Vinny. What are you doing?

We gotta get the show on the road.

Yeah, I know. I told her I'm good.

You have to be given a sedative for me to remove the screws.

Nah. Let's just do it.

Vinny. I can't do this without giving you an anesthetic.

Listen to me, Doc... It would be excruciatingly painful.

Okay, listen to me, Doc. I've never done drugs in my life, all right?

I've never taken a hit, not a bump, not a drag on a joint.

Nothing. So, I'm not gonna start now.

Just take 'em out.

You ready?

Yeah. Let's do it.

Holy shit, Doc. You're going the wrong way!

I'm not, Vinny.

Listen... Are you sure?

It feels like you're screwing it deeper!

What do you say we give you a sedative?

No, I'm good. Come on. I'm good.

Shit, Doc! It's leftie-loosey! Do you know what you're doing?

Yes. I know. Thank you.

It's the calcification around the threads breaking free.

It's like a rusty bolt with Loctite on it.


All right. Let's go.

Ah, fuck.

Okay. Breathe.


Okay, there we go. There we go. All right. Okay.

Piece of cake.


Okay. Got it.

There you go.

Come on.


I think I'm gonna be all right. Yeah?


Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Thank you so much for helping out. You're welcome.

Hey. I so appreciate it.

Thanks, Doc. Thank you. Yeah.

Thank you, Doc. Let's go.

Fuck me.

Good. Good.

How's that weight?

All right?

Sorry, Vinny, it's impossible.

I can't get anyone to issue a fight.

Listen to me, Lou. I've been busting my ass over here, all right?

Only one thing got me through that.

Come on.

I don't care who it's with, where it happens, how much money it's for.

None of that.

I made the calls, Vinny. No one will fight you.

No one wants to be the one to send you back to the hospital.

I don't want to be the one to say it...

Then don't.

Because I worked too hard to hear it.


...tonight, any shot of catching the Yankees, the Red Sox play three in Detroit starting tonight.

And let's face it, at six back, they need a minor miracle, probably a major miracle to win this wildcard race.

All right. Thanks, Jo.

The dream lives on, Vinny Paz anxiously awaiting the chance to once again pursue his boxing dream.

In the meantime, the Pazman is doing all he can to keep his body in shape as we discovered today.

There was always something ironic about seeing the Pazmanian Devil wearing a halo.

But the irony is gone, replaced by iron.

Vinny Pazienza is pumping iron again...

Hey. Hey.

What did you do?

Hey. I didn't know it was gonna get this crazy.

Come on. We'll make it work. Let's go.


Hey, everybody, how are we doing?

Vinny, how you feeling? Hey, Vinny.

Good to see you guys.

Getting that right there? All right, Vinny. Come on.

Okay, thank you, guys. Go get changed.

Really, really appreciate it.

Give them a little show. Okay.

All right. The champ is here.

Hey, Vinny, how you feeling?

How am I feeling? I'm feeling like a two-time world champion, Nicky.

I feel like I'm moving faster, hitting stronger.

Looking good. When's the next fight?

Uh, I don't know, but it's going to be... It's gonna be huge.

All right. What's your weight class gonna be?

Uh, super heavyweight.

I don't know. It's a good question. Kev keeps fattening me up.

Can we get some footage of you in the ring?

It'd be great for this piece. Yeah.

No. Hey, love to, guys, but we didn't set up a sparring partner for today's work, all right?

Kev, you guys wanna see me spar? Yeah!

You guys wanna see me spar? Come on.

Kev, seriously, find somebody. I'm fine.

And they said I'd never walk again, said I'd never box again.

Hey, Dino. Go a couple of rounds?

What do you mean "no"?

Here I am, six months later. Had screws in my head. I got these scars.

Chicks dig scars though, right, Cindy?


Hey, time flies. Jose, let's go. Get in the ring.

Coming at his head. Come on. Come on.

Kev, how we doing?

I don't know, Vinny.

Yeah. What?

What, nobody wants to spar with me?

Let's do it another day... No. Come on.

Hey, Tommy. Come here.

Tommy, I need you to spar with me.

Nah. I can't. Why?

I just can't.

Come on.


What, nobody wants to spar with me?

Hey. I'll spar with you.

Yeah? Good. You're doing a good thing. Yeah.

How tall are you? Like, six foot.

Oh, my God, you are huge.

Come on.

Wait. What are you doing, man? Let's go.

Come on.

Come on. What are you doing? Hit me!

I... I can't hit you, man.

Come on, we're not dancing, bitch!

Oh, shit. Whoa.


Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm good. Thank you.

Okay. All right, champ. Way to go.

If all goes well at the doctor's office on the 14th, it won't be long until Vinny's back here in the ring bobbing and weaving and sparring his way to fighting form.

As one of the most courageous comebacks in boxing history continues.

The familiar desire and determination are still there.

The halo that's got a whole new appreciation...

I can sell this.

Come on.

This is too soon.

Is this Ma? No.

I mean, yeah, we talked about it, but how many times you think we had that conversation?

No, this is different. This is me.

You don't think I'm ready?

I think you're in great shape.

Then what is it?

This whole thing.

The accident.

It woke me up.

I got a taste of what it'd be like if...

Yeah, Pop. That's what it did for me.

I got a taste.

When I was lying on the cot, that's all I was thinking about, was, "What am I gonna do after this?"

Am I gonna train kids at the gym?

You know, bartend at night?

Talk about how I used to be a fighter, used to be world champ?

No, this is what I do.

And I don't know how not to do it.


Look, I know you think I've been doing a bang-up job all these years, but that ain't exactly true.

I let you put yourself in harm's way.

I... I pushed you to it.

No, you didn't. No, I did.

No, you didn't do it. I did! All right?

And I know it's a little late to be making a change, but... What change?

I can't be in your corner for this one.

Or any of them.

I can't be part of you getting hurt no more.

Why are you doing this right now?

I should have done it a long time ago.

All right.

Vinny! You got a second?

Yeah. What's up, Lou?

I got a hell of an offer for you.

Look, I told you I don't need a hell of an offer, I just need a fight.

Under-promise, over-deliver.

Here comes the good news.

Okay, first off, we've been trying to get you a fight this whole time.

Obviously the recent press coverage...

Save it, Dan.

What are you bringing us, Lou? Roberto Duran.

IBC World Super Middleweight Title.

1.6 million dollars.

Biggest payday of your career.

So, we're good?

I mean, it's up to... You know, up to Kev.

1.6 million...

Let's get it on.

Yeah, let's get it on!

All right. Let's get a fight. Come on.

Come on.

Come on...

Vinny was the man, the junior middleweight champion of the world.

When a brutal car accident left him inches away from complete paralysis, doctors said he'd never box again.

And the doctors told him, "You'll never even walk again, let alone fight."

He said "No, Doc, I'm gonna fight!"

Doctor says, "You're crazy, you can't even walk."

It's a fascinating story. Vinny Pazienza.

Say hello to him.

Pazienza, Pazienza!

Oh, my God! Look at him.

Oh, he looks so handsome.

You broke your neck, obviously.

I see you wearing that brace there.

Then what? The doctors told you, what, you'd never even walk again, let alone fight again?

Never fight again, but now I'm about to fight Roberto Duran.

June 25th at the MGM on pay-per-view.

We're a little bit more than 48 hours away from the showdown in Las Vegas between Vinny Pazienza and Roberto Duran.

Duran's record, 93-9, 64 knockouts.

It's scheduled for 12 rounds, and it should be one heck of a fight.

Twelve rounds of boxing for the IBC Super Middleweight Title!

Tonight's main event is sanctioned by the Nevada Athletic Commission and the honorable Governor Bob Miller.

First, introducing the principals.

Boxing out of the blue corner, wearing the red trunks, weighing in at an even 165 pounds.

From Cranston, Rhode Island, this man is a former two-time world champion!

The Pazmanian Devil!

Vinny Pazienza!

And his opponent, boxing out of the red corner.

This man needs no introduction.

Wearing the black trunks with a solid gold trim, he weighed in at a fit and fighting-ready 165 and a half pounds.

93 wins with 64 coming by knockout.

He's a four-time world champion.

El hijo de la República de Panamá.

From Panama City, Panamá, Manos de Piedras, the Hands of Stone, Roberto Duran!

These are dramatic moments for Vinny Pazienza.

He has made it back from a broken neck.

Doctors telling him he might never walk again.

He wore the halo for six months.

The metal brace screwed into his skull in four spots.

That he's standing in this ring is a minor miracle in itself!

That and the fact that he's jumped three weight classes from where he won his first title.

That makes this a long shot at best.

All right, gentlemen, you know the rules. I'm addressing them.

I want a good, clean fight.

Obey my commands at all times and protect yourselves.

Now, tap gloves, and come out fighting.

And what is on everyone's mind is, "Will the neck of Pazienza hold up

"at a 12-round championship fight?"

He's only sparred up until now.

And these are, after all, the Hands of Stone coming at him tonight.

Angelo Pazienza is not in Vinny's corner tonight for the first time in his son's boxing career.

Come on.

And down goes Pazienza!

He took a huge shot on that damaged neck!

Duran putting Pazienza on the canvas in round one!

Four, five, six...

Pazienza refuses to take the entire count.

Not wise but certainly consistent.

How are you feeling? Huh?

You gave him a free shot.

How's the neck?

I'm good.

Every time he's looking at that left hook, you're under, back with a left one, okay?

Move! You're bigger, you're stronger, you're faster, all right?

The guy can't even move!

Everything off the jab. Everything off the jab, all right?

Put your punches together. Let's go! Okay.

All right.

Go kill him.

You can see it already.

Pazienza's moving well, but Duran's catching Vinny on the way in.

He can't even get close.

Combination by Duran!

Move your head, Vinny! Move your head!

Oh, God.

Vinny, what are you doing? Keep your hands up!

Give me defense!

Good combination by Pazienza!

Right hand from Duran!

Duran with the big right hand!

Come on, Vinny! Why are you going toe-to-toe with him?

And it's all Duran here in the early going.

Don't slug with this guy.

You're a better boxer. Everything off the jab.

On to round four.

It's been all Roberto Duran. Good right hand there by Pazienza.

There you go! Follow it up! Follow it up!

Keep moving! Keep moving! Keep moving!

Pazienza's shaken by the right hand delivered by Duran.

Use the ring! Use the ring, damn it!

What's he doing?

I can't watch this.

Come on! Jab!

Roberto Duran taking this fight over.

Watch out for the hook! Watch out for the hook!

Every single time, he's looking for that left hook, I told you.

I want you to move away from it, all right? Pazienza tries to get his rhythm going in this fight.

Call it.

Call the fight, for Christ's sake.

Not yet.

Come on! He's dyin' out there!

Go sit down.

Relax, relax, relax, relax. Huh?

Take a breath.

What'd my dad say?

It don't matter what he said, all right? I can't...

Hey, Vin, listen to me. Hey!

If he didn't think you could win this fight without him, he'd be here in the corner, okay?

Vinny, we started this in a basement.

In a fucking basement!

Now, go out there and show me how you do things.

Show me how you live.

Show me how you fight.

Want me to show you how I fight?


Show me who the fuck you are.

Again, Pazienza backed into the corner.

Duran misses!

Big overhand right from Pazienza!

There you go, there you go!

Move! Move! Move! You got him, Vinny!

There you go! Get him! Come on! Get him! Get him!

Through the body, Vinny.

Give him a 5-6, 5-6!

Pazienza turning things around... There you go. the 7th round.

5-5-1, Vinny. 5-5-1! Go big!

Come on, kid. Listen to me.

That's how you fight. Huh?

That's how you box!

You're a fucking animal, Vinny!

What a round for Vinny Pazienza!

And now, this is the Pazienza we've seen before!

The brawling, powerful Pazienza!

Pazienza laying through the pit of Duran.

You hear them? Yeah! Yeah.

You got him! Go!

Pazienza with a wicked shot to the side of Duran's head!

These are huge moments for Vinny Pazienza!

Lovely combinations!

Do the jab, nice, Vinny!

Pull it together! Pull it together!

Left hand planted by Pazienza!

Another left by Pazienza. And a win by Pazienza!

...I don't think any of us thought we were going to be here now.

A wild 11th round with Pazienza making what looks like an improbable comeback in this fight.

It is a street fight at this point.

Pazienza does not look good.

He is bleeding from everywhere.

If Vinny Pazienza came in with one plan, he's got another now.

Last round. All in, Vinny!

All fucking in, you hear me?

Now finish it!

That's what you do best. You finish, all right?

Three minutes, you're champion of the world.

Three minutes. Three minutes.

Let's go.

And here we go with the final round.

Round 12!

Come on, Vinny! You got this guy! Come on...

Beautiful combination by Pazienza. Come on!

Move your feet, Vinny! Move your feet! There you go!

Pazienza's stumbling following a right hand by Duran!

Vinny, Vinny, Vinny...

Come on!

This crowd that was booing Vinny Pazienza from moments early in the fight, on its feet!

Come on, this is it! This is it!

Come on!

I cannot believe they're both still standing!

Come on, Vinny!

And it's all over!

Goes the distance.

And it's in the hands of the judges.

Ladies and gentlemen, after 12 action-packed championship rounds of boxing, I give you the scoring by the judges as follows.

Judge Chuck Giampa scores the bout 114-114.

Judge Dave Moretti and Judge Jerry Roth both score the bout 115-113 for the winner, and IBC Super Middleweight Champion of the World, Vinny, the Pazmanian Devil!

Oh, my God!

People are calling this one of the most unlikely comebacks in sports history.

What do you attribute it to?


Yeah, I don't know. I had a lot of help.

But you've also had a lot of adversity.

You've had issues with management, conflicts of interest...

Yeah, well, the boxing world looks shiny from the outside.

It's filled with promises that...

Most of them turn out to be lies.

You can't rely on anyone.

So, what would you say the biggest deception was?

What was the biggest lie you were told?

It's not that simple.

Why not?

No, that's the biggest lie I was ever told.

"It's not that simple."

And it's a lie they tell you over and over again.

What's not simple?

Any of it.

All of it.

It's how they get you to give up.

They say, "It's not that simple, Vinny."

So, what's the truth?

That it is.

That if you just do the thing that they tell you, you can't, then it's done.

And you realize it is that simple.

And that it always was.

I feel like I should be on a box of Wheaties tomorrow, doing Gatorade commercials, going to Disneyland.

I'm just so happy!

'Cause no one in the history of sports, to my knowledge, has ever come back from this type of injury.

I didn't want him to box. I wanted him to be... Anything but boxing.

He's a fighter.

And a fighter, you don't make fighters.

Vinny's a born fighter.

Lou Duva's looking at suspension.

That's not professional.

And Dr. Cotter had a tear in his eye. I could tell he felt for me.

And he said, "Son, I'm sorry to say you're not gonna box again."

And I looked at him, and I said, "No, Dr. Cotter. You're wrong.

"I am gonna box again."

I said, "You don't understand what kind of man I am."

This halo portion goes around the person's head, and is placed much like this.

It's held in place by these rather medieval devices called screws...

This fight was for the people of Rhode Island, and it was for the believers that believed in me.

I think you all came out. For the believers, I want to thank you.

And I proved something to you. I wanted to make you people proud.

And for the non-believers, I just want to tell you, it's time to realize that the Pazmanian Devil is no fictitious character.