Blind Dating (2006) Script

There's no doubt that when I was a kid...

Always was called...


Yeah. That's me, Danny Waldesakee the second...

...followed by my loving family.

They're always trying to help.

Always trying to save me from myself.


Are you alright?

Honey, are you ok?

Sweety, talk to me, Are you alright?

I'm ok.

Way to go, asshole. Lorenzo!

My mother was a kind of person, who's love could kill you if you weren't careful.

Guess she blamed herself for I was born 3 months premature.

I was just in a hurry to get out!

I'm always in a hurry.

Hey, Danny. Hi

.. put your hands. Daddy, can I hit?

No,it's Danny's turn. Here we go.

I am gonna pull this thing right at the ball, it's gonna make that noise.

When you hear it, wack it. swing..

You suck!

My dad was cool. He never were like my mom.

He knew that I didn't wanna go to blind school So he sent me to normal school.

And he let me and my brother visit him at work.

Help! There two blind kids robbin a train, Help!

Larry, my brother.

Only two years elder than me, was a boy with a mission.

He took up by himself in an early age: teach me about life.

Come on, Danny, you will like it. Don't do that, remember Last time!

You keep out of this. This candy is not for little girls.

This candy's is only for men. Come on..

Danny take a piece.

Yeah, dog shit again!

As we grew up, Larry's life-lessons continue.

What's happening?

Is she dying?

In front of Danny!

What's the problem, he can't see nothin.

God can see!

Nedless to say that by the time I was a young man, I needed help.

Try to be more specific Danny.

Why do you think, you feel this way?

I guess i'm just curious? You know..

I run my fingers over my face, but...

But that tells me shit about how I look.

And that matters to you, does it?

Sure yeah, of course it does.

Even Maria has got these friends, and they come by. She's 14years old.

You know, these girls freak me out.

I wanna know that girls are attracted to me.

.. and don't feel just sorry for me, or give me pitty...

I feel like I'm 12year old, trapped in a 22year old body, you know?

It's perfect.

I am 22 year old blind virgin, who doesn't know anything about girls.

At least I want to know that I don't look like some kinda monster.

Believe me, Danny.

You don't look like a monster.

Doc, you naked again?

Sorry, Danny. Oh Doc!

You promised, you weren't gonna do that anymore!

It's Just that.. something... a little problem. I'm working on it.

Doc, you are the smartest people, I know. But I think.. might be crazier than most your patients. You know that?

Sometimes I just feel this need to break out. To be free, to be who I really am.

I am sorry Danny, it will never happen again. I promise.

You said that last time. I know, I know.

And I'll probably say it again.

You're a cook, you know?

But I love you.

So, where were we?

Ok, so apart from the fact that I got this problem with women, I'm handling things pretty well.

Hi, Danny. Hi girls.

So cute.

Danny, Danny!

Come on in, your father wants to talk to you.

Sit down.

Don't you wanna sit down?

No, what's up?

I'd say go for it, Danny. Go for what?

It's too dangerous.

How could you do this to me? how could I do what to you?

What are you talking about?

But It's Danny's big chance! It's out of the question!

Does somebody wanna fill me in what we're talking about?

You stay out of it! Shut up!

Danny, we got a call from a doctor.. ahh doctor... what was his name? Parkins.

That wasn't it. Yeah, It was, Parkins. - No, it was somethin..

You talked to him on the phone! No.. - It's Perkins!

A Doctor Perkins, he said you were maybe gonna volunteer for some

...sort of experimental operation.

Maybe he can make you see?

What's going on here? How come you ever said nothing?

I didn't say anything because I hadn't volunteer for anything yet.

You don't talk to me about these things anymore? It's not a big deal.

Yes,this is a very big deal, what's going on?

It's not gonna happen, there are risks!

You don't know, there could be problems.

Hey Mom, you wanna let him make up his mind once in his life?

Mom, what if he could see? Exactly, what if can see?

You are a guinea, not a guinea pig!

Oh where are you going? Come back here!

This is exactly why I dont say anything!

I don't wanna worry you Ma, I don't wanna give everybodies hopes up either.

I mean,.. I don't wanna go through this yet..

Danny, it's your call, Whatever you decide to do...

We're all behind you. I know, Iknow. -He?

I am hungry, ma, how about some dinner?

*Where I'm going you can't come, *What I've got to do you can't be any the part of it.

*He's looking at you, kid. *

Hey D! Yo Danny boy

Jo, What's up? Hey man.

I've got some balls down the court, who swe-ne-ga-geng.

So what do you think, we make some bucks? Yeah. Let's do it.

Danny, are you nuts! Danny will you... Yeooow

That's it, I'm convinced, you are the Batman.

How's your sonar? OK. Lets do it.

For money?

Hey, you guys.

This is the guy I was telling you about.

Llike I said, he wins, you guys gonna pay 5 to 1. That's only fair.

How's he gonna know where the loop is?

What, are you the handicap police?

Take a shot, show 'em.

Ehmm Wait it fella, listen. Let's try 2 $

2$? Thats 50$ if he wins.

Hey man, he's blind as a pebble, godness.

Ready? Shoot the ball.

Steven's wanna shoot first.

Follow my voice.


Gotta follow voice, good boy.

Oh godness, three times.

That was a net but it's still good.

You guys gotta ache.

Poetry in motion.

Oh yeah, got it all.

Blackboard.. You got it on. Common.

You guys got an ass.

You guys loose, pay up. Here we go Now we are talking.

What is it? -50 Bucks. -50 bucks?

You are amazing, you know that right?

Way, this is going to help most of my tuition fee.

Yeah, looks like a basket-ball scout to me.

And how about you, what's going on with that law-school thing?

I've got my first class coming up. Really? -Yeah!

Ready? Of course I am man.

I am here to eat please.

Gina said that if you'd ask her out, that she'd say yes.

Hit me, hit me..

You're so strange. How come you never wanna go out with one of my friends?

Leave your brother alone. Because they're 14 Maria.

Besides, what could these girls offer him?

Look,the time of his life ma, that's what they could offer him.

Not everyone is like you Lorenzo. That's what you think.

At least you're in your own apartment, you don't bring them here anymore.

Thanks to God. See, this is why I love coming over here.

Danny, do you remember that girl?

Ass like a coconut?

She is laying in the bathtub, he has no idea he turns on the water, She almost has a heart att... OK! OK!

Maria is here!

You're right. Sorry.. Maria forgive me.

So Danny, can you tell us more about this operation?

There'll be volounteers much papa, so what's the hurry?

The doctor said that family is Important.

Yeah Mama. It's important to stay out of it. To give support.

Maybe tomorrow we can drive you there? No it's alright, Jay's given me a ride.

Ohhh, Jay's gotta wheels now,he?

Let go my ears.

Ohh shit!

Danny, what are you doing?!

In which way, man?

Man. That's wheels.

Hey you don't need a ride to make it home? Yeah.

Alright buddy, have it going alright?! I'll do.

*I thought you told mom that you'll gonna be here watching her... *


Are you ok? I'm fine.


Where is Doris?

Hey, where is Doris?

Look, what do you want, can't you see I'm busy? No, I can't see that you're busy Can't you see that I'm fucking blind?

He said the B-word! He said the B-word.

What happened to Doris? She's on vacation.

It's too bad, I liked her.

What're you staring at?

The signal from the camera which is mounted on the glasses...

.. goes directly to a chip, which is implanted in the visual cortex of the brain.

So my eyes are not part of the process then? Absolutely, the camera bypasses them.

But Danny remember. We don't see with our eyes.

We see with our brains.

Now, I'd like to tell you that if the operation is successfull, .. you would be able to see like everyone else.

But that's not going to happen.

The best you can hope for... a fuzzy black and white image...

.. may it'll be good enough to keep from bumping into things..

.. may be it'll be enough to see your face.

Yea? Oh, thank you.. Yes, please

It's doctor Evans. I'd asked her to join us.

I know you know her. You'll feel comfortable with her She's going to be a vital member of the team.

Doctor Evans.

Ohh, Doctor Perkins.


Yes, Danny that's right.

That's my new set.

Do you like it? Yeah.. yeah it suits you.

What do you think doc?

It smells good.

Doctor Evans is going to be responsible for putting together the psychological reports..

.. of all the potential candidates for this operation.

I'd have no problem with that. Good.

So all we really need to know, that if the FDA gives us green light.

Can we put you down as a potential candidate?

Oh, you can take your time, Danny.

This is a... very important decision.

So, do you have someone leading you?

No, I'll get a cab, if you can put me in the right direction.

You know how to get out of the building,right?

Hang to the left, go about 15 paces you should reach the street...

...and a cab should be waiting there.

Sounds good. -Ok. I can take him Doctor Perkins.

I'm leaving now. I think I can manage, Doris.

The name is Lisa.

Why doesn't he use his cane?

Because he doesn't think himself as blind.

Good night, Doris. Good night, Danny.


Lisa, you're late, they are waiting for you.

Arvind is here? And Mr. Bhat.

I'm sorry, I forgot.

I think you shouldn't say that to your future husband.

Go go go You are in big trouble. Take a hike Ravi, or I tell them what I found under your bed.

Hey - I'm sorry I'm late. It's ok.

I apologize for keeping you waiting.

Why? Do you not speak English?

Of course I speak English.

I see your daughter does not forward traditions or respect to elders.. well as punctuality.

For my daughter, punctuality is an aspiration..

.and respect has to be earned.

Nice pal! That's my computer.

I'm sorry, I didn't see it. Just pick it up and give it to me.

Relax, I'm looking for it.

Just give it back.

So they know you're blind, They'd find out sooner or later.

It's none of their business.

Besides, in fact he was rude. I should've smacked his face.

You didn't tell me that he was rude to you. Yeah, he was rude.

You wanna turn around by now? I would beat the shit out of him.

No, killerman, may be later.

Is there something in the back? Yeah.

Suzie is in the back.

Suzie? -Suzie Who's Suzie?

Ehmm, Danny... Suzie is a hooker.

And she's in the back with someone? Yes she is.

Oh Jesus, what's going on?

Look I haven't got a booking.

I've been running out the car for my lady friends...

.. and they take care of the business in the back with their Johns... the Johns, they have to pay an extra 50$ cause thats classified as kinky sex.

That extra 50$ goes to the house.

Your's truly.

Hey you wanna go something to eat man? These soundstracks make me hungry.

So you gonna through with this surgery or operation or what? -I don't know.

What do you have to lose? Half my brain?

Half your brain? What do you mean? I told you, ...they have to implant this chip in my brain.

This is like brain surgery? Yes genius, like brain surgery.

You are a slap.

What 're you doing? You're making a mess.

Look at you face!

This may have like a significant "oops" factor?


"oops" we lost your the half of your childhood memories. Sorry!


What's the opposite?

Well they said if it works, they set the mother of this I can get a... fuzzy, black and white image.

No no no, we don't want anything less than full blure HD colour, you know?


Denver It was in Dallas, killed the man in there...

And looked still alive. Watching him die..

Excuse me..

This gentleman has a favour to ask you.

Yes, picture.

Oh you wanna take a picture? Sure, alright.

Here we go. Ready?

Don't press the babes, sweety. -1,2,3..

Here we go. Thank you. - Thank you.

Aregato! - Aregato Arregatoo!

Thank you! Thank you, sweetheart.

Who is your friend? Oh, Suzie, This my brother Danny Get out!

That's him!

Have you told your brother how hansome he is? Not today! -Well tell him!

Hey Danny, you're gorgeous.

Well you are. Thank you.

Hey, Danny...

.. anytime you wanna go in the back of your brother's limo with me...

.. you just let me know. OK?

No charge of course.

Ok you boys. You little sexy thing.

Have a great night. Hey, I'll see you tomorrow.

I see you! Alright.

What a woman.

She just made you an offer you can't refuse.

Oh stop it!

Danny, what top top bullshit means? Watch your step. You know, we both know you haven't done it!

In your age, it's not natural man!

That could stop to build up all kind of pressure and..

.. let's not forget about your prostate.

No, no, no,hold on, hold on.

This is why all guys have all those problems! No sex.

You think having a relationship, hasn't been on my mind?

I'm not talking about a relationship.

I'm talking about sex.

You know, Danny, You do wanna do it with a women? Right?!

Yes, of course I do.

I just had a kind of headaches, you know?

You gave me kind of a heart stop for a second.

Look, you don't understand Larry, I don't want something cheap..

I'm looking for the real thing.

Fine, so you hook up with one nice girl.

I don't want anything arranged, neither a hooker.

OK, no hookers. I'll find a good girl for you.

No I don't think so, we've been through this before.

You know what I think? I think you're scared.


Credible with a vagina? Shut your mouth!

Scared of a vagina!

It's gonna be a real date. You know, dinner and everything. -Yeah You know, take her back to my placet.

If we feel something for eachother, she wants to do it..

Then we'll do it, only if she want's to do it.

Yeah yeah Danny, that's how it usually works.

Otherwise they arrest you and charge you with rape.

Why you laugh? What?

I was just thinking that It'll be a real blind date! After 22 years you just thought of that joke?

Open the window down, please. You still wearing that cologne?

You don't like that? Truly!

You've breaking my balls, you would have liked that!

So who she is? I don't know, Mandy so far.

Do you trust Larry? What if she's like a dog?

Ok, It's good.

You look good! I like the hair. Oh, what is this now?

How does he look? How do I look?

You look ike a jackass Danny. What? He looks good.

Did you do this? Yes.


Let's gonna change that shirt. What's wrong with the shirt?

Nothings wrong with the shirt!

A lot is wrong with that shirt.

We don't need another Tony Soprano in our house.

Do not say anything bad about Tony Soprano. Larry you can leave now.

Guys, guys! The shirt, the shirt. What's wrong?

Larry? - Out! I was just trying to help.

Larry what is it? What's wrong with it?

Very loud! OK, pick another one.

Nice shirt! I bought you this shirt.

Come on, come one.

So how do you know her? She's a friend of a friend.

Incredible. I'm not done yet Danny.

You make a blood-off that she's no dog. Or I stay.

Are you kiddin me? No.

You don't trust me anymore? In one word, no.

And why not? Are you forgetting Gracia Moreno in 10th grade?

Gorilla Moreno? Yeah.

Some people thought that girl was hot.

She smelled like a shaggy carpet. You make yours or I stay!

Fine. I make your stupid cut.

Oh, god that hurts! Sharp edge, Larry. -I'm on it.

A blood-off is when we both cut ourselfs. No.

Yes,it's what it is. -No. You cut yourself!

You do it first. Do it. -No!

Cut yourself. Are you gonna do?

No. So let's get out of here.

Fine, fine.

Ok, Mandy my pleasure to introduce you to my brother Danny.

Very nice to meet you.

After you.

Oh you poor made it.



I'm so sorry! No.. -I'm really sorry.

You'll feel much better after we get some food. Ok..

So you're really blind?


Here you go!

Please, stop crying. Stop it!

You don't.. just think I'm this intelligent born, I don't know it differently.

Oh, brave.

We will talk about you, how is that? Tell me something about yourself?

There's not much to talk really, I'm 25 yearsold...

...I work as secretary...

.. people think I that look like Meryl Streep...

But you never know what Meryl Streep looks like!

I think the next one should not be so sensitive.

Evening. Get out of my way, asshole!.

Can't you see he's blind?

Look what you did? Danny, come here honey Let me help you.

Alright -Oki, put me down. Put me down. Put me down!

I can walk.

Just trying to help.

You gonna get the door open bigbutt? Let's go!

Larry, Larry.

Here you go. Thank you.


Lady's first.

I'm sorry. Really, no problem.

Cheers baby.

So Danny, tell me..

.. your physical guard? Like to do some working-out?

Sure. What you press?

50pounds maybe. I like that..

I like a man with sense of humor.

Mummy's gonna help you out.

I can eat on my own. It's fine.

Hey, I'm just trying to create some chemistry baby. I gotta go to the bathroom.

I'll take you. I can walk.

Mama hasn't have action like this for weeks, I'am hungry, let's go.

Danny boy?! Mama is here, Danny?

Pick up, pick up, pick up!

You better get your ass here. She's crazy.

Danny, open the door.

Signora, I must ask you to leave. Don't Signora me Pablo.

Better hold on to your squirrel, Before he loses his nuts.

Signora, take your time. Can I get you something to Drink?

An expresso perhaps? Out!

Oh God, get out of here! Have you ever done it in the bathroom Danny?

I just wanna meet a normal woman.

*I will tear you out *... big mama...

I have been looking so forward to this night, that I.. brought a little something along with me as a suprise.

Danny, I wanna feel the way that you feel, I wanna see the things that you see.

I wanna be as one with you Danny. Look!

I have a blindfold, I can see the blackness! Larry!

Doris still on vacation? You're bright good at this, aren't you?

I've got good instinct.

I will tell him you're here.

This is a very big decision Danny.

You're sure you wanna do it? Yeah, sure I am.

That's very brave of you Danny. You sound like I'm volounteering for a...

.. suicide mission? Is it?

No, no.

What I ment to say was, neurosurgery is never without risks...

.. and it would be wrong to say otherwise. What are the risks?

We really don't know.


I.. I think what Doctor Perkins is trying to sayv is that...

.. you're very couriagous... try something, that has not been done, very often.

I can take Mr. Waldesakee to a cab Doctor. If he wants.


They told me...

.. there's allways risks with brain surgery, but what the hell, you gotta be brave sometime.

Sure you gotta be brave, but it's not so smart to walk around without a cane.. Step!

Thanks Mom.

You're welcome. You're in luck, here is the cab.

I gotta confess something, I don't really need a cab...

.. I just kinda wanted to talk.

Oh, well, that is very sweet.

My brother Larry is gonna pick me up. He uh...

.. runs a Limo Service.

He's not here yet. How can you tell?

If he were here, trust me, you'd know it.

But when he allready comes, can we give you a ride?

Oh, thanks but I better not, my bus is here..

.. so I better go. Yea. -OK..

Bye. -Ok. See you soon!

Thanks mom. Thank you.

If she brings us any more food, we could open our own restaurant.

We don't have to. After we get married, we're gonna take over this one.

It's all been discussed.

Oh and what else has been discussed? That you will run this place..

.. until we start having kids. And have you discussed when that's gonna be?

The sooner the better. And eh...

I think we start practising now.

Arvind. What if I don't want to run this restaurant?

What if want to go to Medical School?



The final choice isn't going to be made on abthomal criteria.

It's probably going to be made on a candidate's personality.

His ability to cope with the...

...success or failure of the operation.

Danny! Do you wanna join me for lunch? I got to the Park across the road.

I got turkey and cheese You have any shrimp?

No. Allright. brother Larry, when I was a kid, old me thats a kid supposed to run free, in a park.

That's what parks are for. But he didn't tell me about trees.

I really hate trees. Like a lot.

Can we take a walk? Wait a minute.

You want me to follow you?

No, you lead. I just give you a shoulder.

Rights Lead.

Where are we going? Do you like baseball?

I don't know, I've never been. You've never been? -No.

You'll love it. It's a beautiful game.

You got the smell of the grass...

.. the sound of the ball when it gets crushed.

There is nothing like it. Maybe I should go sometime?

Does Doctor Perkins talk to you about the operation?

Yeah, he said the final choice will be based on personality.

You're not gonna have a problem there.

I am not so sure about that. Danny, I've worked with a lot of visiually impaired people...

.. and I can honestly say, I've never met anyone like you.

What do you mean? Well...

.. it's this feeling oyu give to other people.

And you don't use your cane.. I use my cane.

Not always! And that's supid and dangerous and...

...also kind of brave.

You thought about a guide dog? Oh yeah, walk dogs.

Just got this little problem with dog shit.

I guess what I wanna tell you is, you're ok.

Think I'm ok enough that you have dinner with me?


Who are these friends you're going out with? Just friends from the hospital mom. Bye!

Thank you. Thanks. I mean I like to read..

...but I love to watch movies, because movies...

.. they don't not describe the trees, the sky..

...and the birds and all that stuff, in movies they just talk.

They just talk.

And when I hear someones voice, it tells me so much about people.

Like your voice. Your voice tells me that..

.. ahh, wait. You have short black hair...

.. and..

.. you have these big, beautiful, dark eyes.

Doctor Perkins could have tell you that. No, it's your voice. I'm telling you..

And your hair, I can tell it is short, because I can hear it's rushling around.

Altough I did take a chance in your eyes, but now I know it's true..

.. they are big and beautiful.

I'll figure a lawyer, you now has got to read people's minds..

.. and when you're blind that's mostly what you do.

And are you reading my mind? Yes, sure. -And?

I can tell that you wanna be here...

.. but there's also something holding you back..

.. and I don't know what this is.

I think you're gonna be a very good lawyer.

What I'd really like to do is...

.. go to medical school.

And then join Doctor Perkins' research team.

Why don't you? It's not that simple.

I am a woman. I noticed.

And one day I'd like to get married have a family..

Can't you do both? No.

Not without an understanding husband.

So you just gonna have to choose the right one.

That is one fine lady Mr. Waldesakee. Thank you, James.

I can smell when Mrs. Luciano makes fettucini food 3 blocks away...

.. or they cut grass on the baseball field...

.. I love your perfume..

.. and your smile.

You smell that the blossoms are out earlier this year!?

Now you show out.

Is anybody else around? No, we are alone.

I had the best night I've ever had.

I just hope it's been half as good for you.

I've had a wonderful time.

Alright, thanks.

An oil leak now.

So will you tell me about it?

She is the most natural person on the whole world.

She's got the most beautiful smile.

How do you know, what her smile looks like?

You don't understand, It's the sound of it.

I love the sound of her smile.

So why did you not take her back to my place last night?

Look it's not everything coming down to sex.

That's true, money and looks are important too.

Hey Mike. Don't forget to clean those footprints of my ceiling.

Unbelievable. What's so unbelievable?

Your face. It's hot.

Hi! Hey.

They're gorgeous, thank you.

Do you like Humphrey Bogart? I like Humphrey Bogart.

Let's go, kid.

*- And what about us? *- Always have Paris.

*We lost him, until you came to Casablanca?*

*We got him back last night*

*I said I would never leave you. *

*You never will. *

*I gotta job to do too. *

Danny, I've gotto go. No, don't go.

Lisa, I never felt this way for any other woman before.

I'll see you soon, ok? Yeah.

Bye. Bye!

Arvind will take over the business in a few years, when I retire.

And with a loyal wife by his side, he will be well able to provide for his family.

Arvinds I believe will provide for his future family are no doubt because he's Indian.

And there should be no doubt of the loyalty of his future wife either.

I want to tell you how proud we are all of you Danny.

First for getting chosen for this operation, and..

.. second, for having pale to go through it.

What does "pale" mean? Balls! -Stop corrupting me common, please.

Thank you, pop. Thank you, Larry. I would just like to say that..

...If this thing does workout...

.. and I can see your faces for the first time..

.. and I find out that you're all too ugly, I'm moving out! -Heyyy Chinchin Salut -salut -salut!

Doctor Perkins says if it's succesfull..

.. I might be able to see enough to..

.. get around, even identify faces.

I might be able to see your face.

And know what you look like.

Only a man can cause joy one day and tears the next.

What has Arvind done?

Mom it isn't not Arvind.

Is he Hindu? He's not Indian.

A few years after I came to this country, I met this man.

An american. He was very handsome like a moviestar.

Everytime I saw him my heart jumped.

Mom, what happened? He met a beautiful American girl.

Nothing to be sad about, just thankful.

I met your father just after that.

You are my only daughter, and I love you very much.

But, you made a promise to Arvind.

And only you can decide, if you can honor that promise or not.

I'm sorry, I should have told you earlier.

What are you talking? What does that suppose to mean?

Danny, I've had a wonderful time with you.. and...

.. no one's ever made me feel this way..

.. but I'm engaged to be married.

Engaged to be married?

What is that supposed to mean?

It means I can't see you anymore.

Am I missing something here?! I don't understand.

I'm sorry. I've should have told you earlier.

Do you love this guy?

Do you!?!

He's a nice guy Danny. That doen'tanswer my question!

Do you love him? It's not that simple!

There's a lot more to it than that!

Just be honest with me.

At the end of the day, you'd rather be with someone who can see..

.. instead of some asshole blind guy.

Danny, I know what it's like to get dumped. I understand.

What you've got to do is look at it like you're one of the ten guys. OK?

For every 10 "no"'s that you get you gonna get 1 "yes", ok? So..

.. this "no" is really just bringing you that much closer to a "yes".

Trust me on this Danny, It's all mathematics.

Ready, set, pitch! Wow!

Elbony double for sure.

I smell money man..

Hey, hey hey. What's up?

It doesn't bother you? That I can't see, does it?


Even when we were at school and you helped me all the time?

Ohh, wait a second. It's those girls you've been dating?

I just don't get it man! Look Danny boy..

Girls are something you can not figure out. Alright?

But if they can't realize that you're a good guy go around, srew 'em.

You're high man, common, next pitch.

So where we're going?

I just wanted to get some air.

And so does your familiy!

It's ok, Its ok.

You look so beautiful tonight I just wanted a little bit of time alone with you.

They are crying up to me all night, "Alvind"...

Stop! stop it! Soon we will be married. After all.

Arvind, Arvind..






Help out.

I'm sorry, fella.

Here you go.

Need some help? No, no. I've got his.

Got it?

Per stick, you got it? Yes.

One That's it.

Two. Good.

Three. Four.

Good. Five.

I'm done! What about the upshaper?

Very very impressive.

Hey Danny, let's go. To the showers. -Yeah

Alright, pick something cool. Think James Dean.

Did you mess up my hair?

Looks fine.

So, who'd Larry fix you up with this time?

Pick it up, thank you...

So, Larry tells me you're in the service industry, that's correct? What do you do exactly?

Service industry, I like that.

It's a good one.

This is Dolores.

Yes, its $500. Not including healthfare.

Call me like, hmm...

Two hours.

No, I don't do seniors. Ohh Come on!

.. she was cute, we had a good time.


Where is Dolores?

What did I say! What did I say?!

No hookers, right!?

Danny get in the car man. Get in the car..

Larry, are you alright? No. - Get in the car Larry.

You dont touch like a... Bitch.

Get in the car and stop bleeding you pussy.

Danny, I was hopin' to kinda help you.

And I figured maybe, you know, you could use a little push

There's one other girl I was thinking about setting you up with.

And this girl...

She's a real bomb-shop man, new client of mine.

Top class actually. No.

Fine - Fine Fine - Fine - Fine

She's top class? As I said.

Alright, but under one condition. What?

She can't know I'm blind. Are you nuts?

Too risky man. I don't see the point in it.

You don't see the point? The point is crystal-clear. - Alright I made sure the dates, they weren't dating me, they were dating some blind guy.

I don't want their pitty. You're saying you don't won't it sympathily?


At least you are on the right track.

How do you think you pull this on? he?


Step there! I know the step.

Hold on, tell me what's to your left?

Thank you, Larry.

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Good evening, Mr. Waldesakee. Thank you very much James.

Ah senior! The corner table as usual? Grazia, Pedro.

.. eight... two, three, four.


Thank you Pedro.

Bottle of your Souvenir du Syhra.

Same, something „earthy and jammy. Earthy and jammy Well done.

To loud, not to loud. That's good right?

This is a 6 CD changer, reset this button here, it changes the CD.

Just be careful.

That's FM radio Danny!

No no no. Don't push anthing else. All you gotta do is push "play".

Very careful.

This is not funny.

Alright Danny, look. Now..

If you ever get this far, you will gonna need one of these.

That's a condom. It's for safe sex.

Is there any worse than a bling guy who'd gender the woods? -squiggly.

Yes Daniel. It is squiggly.

This is what you have to to on your own. I can not help you with this.

But think of it like homework.

Not now.

You like that condom, don't you?

Larry, no one fit.

They are to big, they keep on falling off! That's impossible Danny, you are a Waldesakee.

I tried for at last 2 hours. You stayed up for two hours?

What do youmean "up"? Daniel you can't put the condom on unless you..

"stiff" you know?

You haven't told me that!

Danny, what is that? I'm swallowing and will se if one fit.

Are you chewing on the condoms?

They taste like haven man.

What 're you putting me on here? You know I'm busy right now?

Good evening, Mr. Waldesakee. Thank you, James.

I really need a moment of your time sir. I sorry.

It's gonna be about an hour.

Thank you.

Bonasera segnor. You have a reservation?

Yes, where is Pedro? He's out. Little dray for flours...

What was the name on the reservation? Waldesakee.

Right, this way.

Excusi signore! Your table is this way.

Corner table right? No, as you an see, this table is occupied.


Yes Sir?

I wished corner table with Piedro. He did not tell me.

Please this way.

Sir, is everything alright?

Tell me. How far is the table from here? I beg your pardon?

Listen, carefully. From where I'm standing now, how many steps to the table?

I'd say about 20.

In which direction, clockwise?

In 9 o'clock. Anything in the way? -No!

Now! You're gonna walk in front of me, walk slowly.

Keep on talking! I don't know what's going on...

Tell me you're stopping! I did not know!

It won't happen again.

This way Sir. You table.

What took you so long? I was just saying hi to some friends..

.from Japan.

This is my good side.

You want some wine, I would like some wine!

Oh yes. Waiter.

Wine Sir?

Perfect, I will take the bottle of your Souvenir Du Syhra.

Thhat's earthy and jammy, right?

Let's order, I'm starving. Oh yeah.

Danny, you have some chocolate sauce on your chin.

You're not very good at your job cleaning that up. Let me.

You're so different from the other men I date.

You're just like a little boy.

You know, what I like most about you?

Your eyes. And the way you look at me.

We will go back to your place now!


Here you go.

You silly boy.

Who needs ice cream, when you've got desert? - Yes.

Such a sexy night.

Don't you think Yes it is!

Here you go.

Oh my God! I'm so sorry.

Oh my God, are you alright? The bathrooms over here.

It's ok. It's my friends dress. So...

Guess I'm gonna have to get out of this. Yes, certainly.

I'll take you to the bathroom. It's over there. Let me change the music.

I'm so sorry about... Sit back!

Enjoy the show, Mr. Blue Eyes.

*.. cutie boy... *I will shake my little...

*.. and look at the share.. *.. now I'm shaking my sexy hair...

*.. do yu like what you see? Yeah, you do... *

Never seen better. Yeah, baby!

Now you like what you see, now like me see,right?

You like it?

You certainly like it!

Now let's see...

...the desire?

I knew something is wrong. Why didn't you tell me?

No, no, look. I just thought that may be I could go out with someone..

Who didn't first have to come with the terms with the fact that am blind.


I thought that you're gay!

*Mrs. Waldesakee, if Danny misses any more tests,*

*we won't be able to proceed with the operation*

Thank you for calling, Doctor.

Mama relax, I'll find him. OK?

Let's play some balls.

You're OK boss? Yep!

Check it out.

Blind guys shoot first, you understand?

How do I know he's blind? Because you...

.. low boy, all the world knows he's blind.

And what are you, an eye specialist or something?

What are you talking about boy?

Give me that!

Hej, J! You smell that?

Smells like ass man! What!?

Hey! Big man!

Like into blind kid?

Endow him, Larry.

Let it go! Let go!

Why haven't you going to the Doctor?

Danny, just tell me what the problem is..

.. I promise you, It's not as bad as you think.

I don't understand you anymore man.

This operation is something for you, You understand that?

It's gonna make you life better.

Why would you wanna ruin that?

I'm gonna be right by the car, making calls.

If you need me right?

Danny, hi. Hi.

I'ill tell Doctor Perkins you're here. Yeah, do that, just...

.. tell him I'm here. Because I'm here.

Danny, I need to know that you still feel positive about this operation.

I tell you what..

Why don't you see Doctor Evans one more time...

She give's us her assessment, we take it from there?

Danny, wait.

Look, can we go to the park and talk?

I never really explain myself too well.

What's to explain? You're getting married!

Danny, please.


Danny, please.

Danny, there is something else I should have told you before.

Oh Jesus, You're carrying his child? No!

I haven't even slept with him.

I haven't slept with anyone, ever!

Join the club!

Danny, I'm Indian.

It's hard to explain..

...what that means, to someone, who isn't Indian.

It's a different world.

It's a different culture.

This guy is Indian too, right? Yes, he is.

When I asked you if you'd love him you couldn't answer me.

My family's concept of love isn't what you think it is.

It's gotta do with duty..

...and loyalty and responsibility.. To who?

Danny. I can't go against my family.

I can't break a promise I'd made.

I'm sorry.

And It's got nothing to do with you beeing blind.

Who knows..

.. when you can see..

.. you might not like me anyway.

I'm not an american beauty.

I've gotta go.

Did I do something wrong? No Danny Falling in love with someone, who is really engaged is not a crime.

But it's a crime for her falling in love with me?

Is that what it is?

No, falling in love is completely natural.

I mean, we even don't have control over it.

Then maybe it's like men slaughter? I don't understand?

When you do something, and you don't really mean it.


No falling in love is..

.. is the most beautiful thing in the whole world!


Yeah I guess so.

Are you naked today Doc? No.

No, but I'd like to be.

Doctor Sato, we can do this. I think it's impossible, He's missed too many tests, he's obviously not comitted.

We have enough time to finish those tests before the operation, I promise you this boy is comitted.

Most of us live our lifes..

.. viewing it from the outside-in.

Danny experiences his world from the inside-out.

And that's his strenght.

He is more than capable of dealing traumatic change.

And with coping with the outcome of operation, whatever that may be.

I'm here, if you need me. Thank you.


Is my baby gonna be alright?

He's going to be just fine.

'Cause if anything should happen to him there's gonna be a lot of shouting.

Down here and in heaven.

You are a good mother.

And you gotta good boy.

Nothing's gonna happen to.

No one's gonna have to shout.


I'll be there like 9:30.


The lead? Ready.

*Activities normal*

*All readings stable*

*Automatic pressure up*

Mr. Waldesakee. Excuse me..

Danny came through surgery beautifully.

He's doing very very well.

So when can we see him? When he wake's up.

And we start our tests..

.. as soon as he's strong enough.

How are you? Let's do this. -Alright.

You're going to feel a little pressure.

You all right? Fine.

I'm putting on the glasses.

And when the time is right..

.. take all the time you need..

I'm going to turn on the power, to the camera.

You let me know.

I'm ready. Good man.

We're gonna do this on the count of 3. Alright?



And three.

Right, tell me what's happening.

What's happening? What is it Danny?

Hurts a little bit.

There is some...

There's... There's something here there.

Things... Things?

Probably fuzz leads..

This is an indication that the visiual cortex is beeing simulated.

It's not all black anymore, it's...

Is there...

Something here like a...

.. square, Square? Danny, that's a window!

Something moved! something moved. That's me!

That's me, you saw me in front of the window!

It's a good start.

It is like a older person...

Let's get you out. Well done.

You OK? Yes, yes.

Hi baby. Mom.

Guess who.

What's up ugly?

Where is Jay? I'm here, man.

You rock, man.

I am proud of you, man.

I am so proud of you, Danny.

Guess it works.

This is Tweet,yeah.

*Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow* *But soon, and for the rest of your life. *

*What about us?*

*We'll always have Paris. *

Danny Yes?

You're OK? Yea.

Common, I wanna show you something.

It's you.




That's alright.

Good construction. It's good.

Shoulders to your ears. Fine


It doesn't sound Indian. No.

You really like her? Don't you?

You're in love with her!


Guess though. Have you told her?

No, I haven't got a chance.

This is the date chosen by the astrologer.. as the most auspicous day for the wedding.

To avoid any calamity. Are you agreed with that?

Sure. The 28th is a as good a date as any.

*It's a new procedure* *Everyone had to learn this.. *

*But remember, you and I wouldn't be* *standing here talking*

*right now, If it wasn't for* *a brave man like Danny*

*Who take on the risks* *of experimental surgerie*

* and paid the way for* *all those who follow*

Is there a camera here? Yea.

Close in thight, I smell an Emmy.

Hi Danny, thanks for taking an interview today.

How you doing? Danny, why don't you..

.. take a walk down the street..

.. and throw a ball or something? Yeah, ehmm I've that tried out for... Ohh no no no.

Ok stop, you're not gonna do any action until not without a contract.

Ok people? I'm sorry, who are you?

I'm Lorenzo Waldesakee. I'm his brother and his manager and..

...and I run "Lorenzo's Limos" and...

.. if any of you people wants the ride of a lifetime..

...just call Lorenzo...

Call an ambulance!

*We gave it our best shot..

...but it's obviously effecting his brain and...

...we can't take any chances.

*So the prosthesis must come out first thing tomorrow*

Now, there is a chance..

.. that the prosthesis might have moved.

So Danny must lie very still.

And he must not use these glasses anymore.

*Hi Danny, thanks for taking our interview. *

Lisa, the Bacha gonna be here any minute.

Lisa?! Lisa!

*call an ambulance!*

Danny how you doing?

Not good.

Got another headache?

It's another one or the same one that hasn't gone away.

It's gonna be just a headache for the operation, ain't it?

It's a girl!?

I tought that I'd be so busy seeing the world..

.. you know, that I forget about her?

.. but I just can't get her out of my mind pap.

That what Mimi sings in "La Boheme"

"Love only you alone guide us"

I guess you just gonna give it some time.

How much time? Don't ask me.

I only ever loved your mother,..

.. would've waited a 1000 years for her.

To family!

Hope it fits.

*This is "Lorenzo's Limos"* *Best limo service in town. *

Doctor Perkins, this is Lisa.

When is the next bus to north central?

You're looking at it.

I'm sorry, but I had some bad news about a friend.

Well we mustn't intend to stop the festivities.

To wonderful food and beautiful people.

Buddy, we're here. Welcome to downtown north central.

Do you know where the "Crimson Elephant" is?

Oh, never heard. Which street is it? -Lowstreet.

Alright. Just go around this corner over here..

.. turn the block..

Just straight to the right and you'll be right there.

Ok, thank you. Watch your step!

What's the matter with you kid? I'm sorry.

I'm trying to sleep, get the hell outa here!

Please dude, Do you know where the Crimson Elephant is?

Somethings gonna be wrong with you kid, .. it's right across the street!

Is this the Crimson Elephant? Yes it is.

Is Lisa here? She's right there.

Are you OK? Can I help you?

I need to see Lisa. Danny?

Do you know this of man?



You're not supposed to be here.

I had to see you..

.. it's my last chance to see you! But..

.. it's not good working anyway.

It doesn't matter, because..

I've already seen you..

I've seen your face, I've seen your eyes, I've seen..

.. your lips, your hair I've seen everything in you..

.. are beautiful.

This is not good. Shhh!

You remember when you tried to tell me what.. your family thought about love?

Let me tell, what I think about love.

Love is how you speak to me.

You have a softness in your voice,that..

And love is how you touch me.

And guide me, showing me the way to go.

And when we kiss..

.. when we kiss...

.. it moves me to my soul.


Let's calm down right now.


I'm Danny's brother.


I would love if you'd...

.. come and meet my family.

Is it OK?

This is Lisa.

She's Danny's friend.

This my mother Lucia.

My father Angelo and my kid sister Maria.

What do you say, Danny?

Who are this people Danny?

Kids from my first grade class.

Why are you calling up their names?

Just checking my childhood memories.

You're an asshole. Hey, stop...!

Morning ugly. They are not like this all the time.

Is Lisa here? I'm right here, Danny.

She's so beautiful!


So I just wanted to tell you, that...

.. i'm sorry about what I'd said the other day.

You chosen the other guy because I'm blind. I mean...

.. that came out of totally... It's ok, it's ok.

You know I'm also sorry, that you split up and you probably not gonna see him again.

I'm.. I'm aware of all that.. Stop!

Stop apologizing.

Are you wearing jasmine?

*So like I said* *Things are going pretty well for me. *

*Lisa and I are finding out about* *eachother and our different cultures*

*So are our families. *

You think you can do that? Maybe? -God!

You are like a really pretty sunshine..

Hey, Larry, Suzie, what's going on?

We're looking at Kamasutra.

Jay, these Indians.. they know how to party man.

Get real!

In my life I've always needed the help of..

.. dear friends and dear family.

My brother Larry has been always be my...

.. best friend and my brother.

But this is a joke and everything he's...

.. done for me over the years, I wanna give him this.

Thank you, love you bro. Love you too.

Looks like a new limousine.

Alright, dancing part everybody. Come on!

Shake it, here we go.

*So I managed the alltime world record*

*going blind twice in one lifetime!*

*But come on!*

* I got the girl! *

Hey, look out!

There's a blind guy driving this train!

Everybody out of the way!