Blind Fury (1989) Script

Firebase Alpha, Firebase Alpha. This is Go North, come in.

Firebase Alpha, this is 6M, Go North. Come in, please.

Firebase Alpha, Firebase Alpha. This is Go North. Come in, please.

Firebase Alpha, this is the 6M, Go North. Come in, please.

This is Bronco One-Niner. I'm doing a fly-by over the Firebase Alpha.

Go ahead, Bronco.

Looks like Charlie broke through the perimeter last night.

Lots of KIA's, dead chopper at the tree line.

Roger, Bronco. What about medevacs?

Emergency routines for a sneak attack. Is Charlie still active in the area?

Negative. I don't see any activity.

Roger, Bronco. We'll get birds in the air. Tell them to come to the ex.

I can't see anything.

I can't see.


Buddy, where are you?




Nice doggie.

Hey, man. You got to have some salsa on your burrito.

What you want?

Mild or hot?

Mild, please.

Here you go.

This guy!

It's not bad. It's a little too mild for me.

How about something a little more macho?

Hey, baby.

Give me the purse, ciego.

Are you sure it goes with your dress?

Give me the purse.

Give him the purse, gringo.

Hey, man.

What's going on here? I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry. Oh, my God.

No, no, no!

That's a long way down. You son of a bitch.

Easy now. That's a hanging offence, partner.

Turn him over there to the right.

Real good view of Harrah's there.

You know, I sold Bill that place. Hell of a good deal for both of us.

You lost a lot of money downstairs, Mr Deveraux, and you can't pay it back.

You cheated me!

No! Please. No.

That is some view, I tell you. It sure is.

No, please.

Well, your luck ain't all bad, Mr Deveraux.

You're just the kind of chemist I need.

My last chemist had a little accident. Yeah, the "on purpose" kind.

Created a little job opening.

I'm not gonna make that shit for you! I'm not gonna, goddamn it!

Designer drugs, boy. Wave of the future.

And as legal as whores and lawyers in this state.

You know...

I heard your ex-wife and son are living down in Miami, Mr Deveraux.

No! You son of a bitch!


Please, please.

And at the beaches, a mild 85 degrees.

WSHE, the voice of Miami.




Is this 376 Ocean Way? Yes.

I'm looking for Frank Deveraux.

He doesn't live here anymore.

My name's Parker. Nick Parker. I'm an old friend of his.

We served in Vietnam together.

Come in, Mr Parker.

This is Mr Parker.

He's a friend of your father's. My son.

Hello, Billy.

How did you know his name? He signed the dinosaur.

Nice work.

Mum, this guy's a... Yes. Vision impaired.

Not to mention blind as a bat.

Mr Parker and I have some things to discuss.

Hint, hint.

The fresh air will do your allergies good, too.

Some coffee, Mr Parker?

Tea, please.

Later, Mum.

Goodbye, Mr Parker. See you later, Mr Parker.

Nice to meet you... Nice to meet you, too, Billy.

Nick Parker.

Your name is on the Memorial.

Yes, I've been there.

I was missing in action.

Thank you.

Frank never told you what happened?

No. He never even talked about the war.

Where is he now? Reno.

He's an organic chemist for Shields-Traeger. He...

Well, he left me.

We're divorced. I'm sorry.


Are you expecting someone? No.

Why? There's somebody at the door.

You should work up an act, Mr Parker. Thank you.

Morning, ma'am. We're looking for William Deveraux.

Billy? Why?

You his mother? Where is he?

Has he done something?

No, ma'am. We think he might be witness to a crime, that's all. Routine.

You scared me there for a moment.

Excuse me. He's not here, Officers.

Why don't you just leave us your number. We can call you when he gets back.

He upstairs? No. Wait a moment. Excuse me.

We need the kid right away.

Well, what crime is he supposed to have seen?

He hasn't said anything to me about it. Inspector, the kid ain't here.

Miss Deveraux, where's your boy?

Excuse me, Inspector. I think we're all a little confused.

Oh, boy.

I'm very sorry.

Of course, if you gentlemen have a warrant.

Warrant? Of course. Let me see.

Warrant. Hey, what are you doing to my mum?



This wasn't part of the deal, Slag. Shut up.

Step aside, blind man.


That's not bad for a blind man.

But that butter knife, it ain't gonna stop no bullet.

Mrs Deveraux?


Protect my son, Mr Parker.


Promise me.

Take him to his father.

Who are these men? What did he want?

I don't know. I don't know.

Promise me.

Okay, I promise.

I'm here.

You okay? My head hurts.

Yeah, I've had better days, too.

Where's Mum? Home.

I wanna see her.

You can't. Not right now. Come on.

Excuse me. Hey, watch out, sir.

Leave me alone.

We have to go.

I wanna call my mum.

I promised your mum I was gonna take you to Reno... and that's where we're going. Come on.

I can walk by myself.

Everything okay here?

Yes, thank you...


Come on, we don't wanna miss our bus.

This is the final call... for Trans Continental cross-country bus number 27.

Final boarding process, lane three. Tampa...

I get the window seat. You don't need it, you're blind.

You have me there, little prick.

Play blackjack at the solid oak table where famous Hollywood movie star Clark Gable...

Got your girlfriend here, Deveraux.

Hi, Frank.

Here. I brought some of your stuff.

Look, a whole box.

Does your boss know?

I do the inventory.

How'd you get into my apartment, Annie?

They let me in.

Did they tell you what they want me to do?

Did they tell you what they've already done?

No, and I don't wanna know.

Now, listen to me, Frank.

When people owe Claude MacCready, they pay... one way or the other.

So, just go along.

It's the best way.

You tell MacCready I'll talk to him.


It's coming down, huh? Yeah.

Come on, buddy. Come on. Watch your step out there.

Hey, it's still raining.

A little water never hurt anyone.

Oh, yeah? Well, if I catch pneumonia, it'll be all your fault.

I'll try and live with the guilt.

"A little water never hurt anyone."

Shit. Don't you laugh. Well, I can see where I'm going.

It's not funny. I hurt my knee.

It hurts. I can't move.

That's all right. Wait until the paramedics come.

Hey, wait up.

Don't be mad.

They gave me a piece of candy in the store. Want some?

I knew there was a nice little boy inside of you somewhere.

So, you're a thief, too, huh?

It fell out of your pocket. Bull.

So, you were with Dad in the war, huh? That's right.

Hey, you could see then.

Yes, I could see then. Now give me that.

Well, what happened?

Your daddy and I became friends in boot camp.

I figured we'd be pals for life.

He made me laugh and I kept him out of the stockade.

He was always clowning around with explosives and stuff... scaring the hell out of everybody.

Finally, our time in Vietnam was over and we were gonna go home.

Right in the middle of our celebration... the firebase got hit by a mortar attack.

Your dad and I were picked to take out the enemy.

The plan was that he would cover me... while I would get close enough to take them out.

We'd done it before.

This time, the other guys were waiting.


Come back!

That's where I lost my sight.

My dad... I mean, did he do okay or what?

Your dad was fine.

Just fine.

We'll be stopping for about 10 minutes. Whatever you have to do, do it real quick.

And wait for me at the outside.

Yes, Operator...

I'd like to place a collect call to my mum in Miami, Florida.

Her name is Lynn Deveraux. Yeah, D-e-v-e-r...

What's the big idea? I need to call my mum.

You can't.

Why not?

Why can't I?

Billy, there's something you gotta know.

What's that supposed to mean?




You lied to me!

You told me she was at home!

Shut up!


Don't! Stop!




What the hell is going on around here?



Come here.

Yeah, it's okay. Everything's gonna be all right.

Yeah, it's all right.

There they all go.

Headed for Harrah's.

Glitter and flash. Shit.

Do you remember when the Silver State was the place?

Sweet times.

Where'd we go wrong? Bank didn't give you the extension, huh?

If I don't come up with the green to retire those loans in two days... they're gonna retire us.

Ed, I'm not keen on that idea. Slag's on it, Mr MacCready, but this blind...

I don't wanna hear about this blind man!

What are you doing? Taking the stuff we're supposed to be selling?

No, I... Shut up, Ed.

If you can't handle it, get me somebody that can.

Get me Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee is dead. Then get his brother.

Do it, Ed. Goddamn it, just do it.

Nice head. Room for some brains in there.

I like that nose.

I don't. It's always plugged up.

Firm chin. All the makings of a strong man.



Because a strong man is never afraid to cry.

Did you ever cry?

I wish I could.

The place that makes tears inside my head doesn't work anymore.

I wish mine didn't.

We'll be at your father's tomorrow.

He doesn't want me.

Come on.

With talent like this...

any man would love to have a son like you.

You think so?


Did you see that?

We should get one of those, honey. Yeah.

Been a pleasure driving y'all. Take care now.

Come on.

He doesn't want me and I don't want him.

Billy, whatever happened before was in the past.

You got to learn how to forgive.

Come on.

Steps. One, two.

Hi, there, Billy. Who are you?

My name's Annie and I'm a friend of your daddy's.

Y'all come in. Come on in.


Nick, look out.


Kind of hard for a blind man to look out, ain't it, brother Lyle?

Sure is, brother Tector. Lights out.

Hold still, you little shit. Get your hands off of him.

Claude promised me there wasn't gonna be any violence.

Shut up, bitch.

Mr MacCready told us to get the job done and that's what we're gonna do.

Hold still.

I love it. Slag takes days. Can't even cut the mustard.

But we nail the brat and the bat. In two minutes flat.


Want some, girl? Look at the road, man!

Too much linguini?



I think I'm gonna throw up.


Before you do that...

I want you to get us out of here.

Me? Yeah.

How? I can't.

Just do as I tell you.

I can't.

Well, then... we're gonna die.

Give me a hit of that thing.

Want some?

What do you want me to do?

Okay. Crouch down like a frog.

Come on.

Put your hands on the floor.

Slide your butt through your arms.

Come on.

I can't. I just can't do that.

Yes, you can. Try. Try.

How's it going?

Pretty good. Almost there.

Got one leg through.

I did it! Great.

Get my lighter.

No, in my shirt.

Okay? Got it.

Light it.

Hold it steady.

Hey, Tector.

Look at this.

The blind Zorro.

Stupid thing's got a curse on it!

Start counting out loud.

One, two...

Don't stop until the van does. ...three, four...

Hey, baby, lick my wound.

I said, lick my wound.

Oh, yeah, baby. More.

Hey. Hey, Lyle. Something's burning, man.

And I think it's love. No, man. Something's burning!

Hell. Stop the van.

Come on.

Man, my head.

Who's gonna drive? Let's go, boys.

We gotta go back.

Can you turn it around?

Hold on.

How far did you count? Thirty-one.

Count backwards.

Thirty, twenty-nine, twenty-eight...

Stop. Help us. Help us, please.

Hey, hey. No!

...four, three, two, one.

Stop. What? Why?

Stop right here.

My cane must be out here somewhere.

Of course. Those two heathens wanna have us for lunch... but what's really important here is that you find your damn cane.

Yes, let's go.

Thank God you stopped.

We fell off a poultry truck.

We gotta get my brother to the hospital. I think he's a goner.

Get out.

I said, get out!

Come on, you battle-axe. Move your ass.


Kill them.

Jesus H. Christ.

Yeah. That's one reason I always vote for gun control.

I got it! I got it!

Thanks, Billy.

Well, hallelujah. Good work.


My glasses!

I think I just found them. I can't drive without my glasses!

Lucky for me. I'm blind.

Billy, navigate.

Nice going, Tector! What the hell were you doing?

I've had a really bad day!

Keep going straight. Going straight.

Go over to the right a little bit. Go back to the left.

Too much, too much. Keep going straight. Just stay right there.

You're going into the left lane. Look out!

What's your problem, jerk off? You blind?

Yeah, what's your excuse?

Holy shit.

Red light!

Slow down!

Tell me when we hit the next intersection. Now. Turn right.

Right? No, I mean left.

This is easy. Just like riding a bike.

Once you learn, you never forget.


Take that!

Are we in a tunnel? No, there ain't no tunnels in Reno.


Wow, that was fun.


Maybe I should get my licence again.


The first thing we do is karasan.

This is the basic posture in yoga... in between all standing positions...

Don't you worry, now, Annie. Y'all will be safe here.

Thanks, Colleen. I know I can always count on you.

Ain't no big thing, baby.

I used to bring Frank's drinks to the roulette wheel.

That's how we met.

He'd be at that table round the clock for days... and then he wouldn't show up for weeks.

Trying to be a good boy, I guess.

But you'd think a guy with Frank's brains would know better.

I guess we all got our weaknesses.


Just get Frank out of there.

Don't worry about it.

Uncle Nick, don't go.

That's nice. You're my nephew now, huh?

Don't leave me. Everybody leaves me.

Hold down the fort. Protect the women. I'll be back.


You gotta promise. I'm gonna get your dad.

Goodbye, Billy.

Come on.

Come on, baby, go. Give me that jack.

Hey, man. I want you to meet my new bride, Mindy... her folks. Hi, how are you?

Reception's gonna start in about 10 minutes.

Why don't you come in and join...

I want the eight. He's already got that, ma'am.

Thirty on double zero. Black, black.

Double zero. No more bets.


All right, I'm natural.

Good evening, Mr MacCready. Hi, Joey.

Anyway, after I've cleared that up, I'm off to see our production at the ski lodge.

Bring up that stuff when it's ready.

What about Deveraux? Keep him working?

I don't think he'll play along much longer unless we show him real proof... that we got his kid. Slag never fucked up before.

He'll turn up.

Besides, by midnight...

Deveraux will have made enough drugs to do the deal.

And this'll give me the cash I need to get my ass off the auction block.

And the time to find a chemist with a better attitude.

Like they say, Mr Cobb... the desert's filled with people that had bad attitudes.

Have them send me up some roast chicken and chocolate pudding.

No one else to the penthouse.

We have a winner. We have a winner in round one... of Cobb-MacCready's Silver State Million Dollar Slot Playoff.

$20 on red.

Red! Red! Red! Red!

Come on, red.

Yeah! Yeah! You got that!

One, red.

Did I win again? Yeah, it's red.


Excuse me. Excuse me.

Take those. Thanks.

There you go.

Bets down.

Twenty-six, black.

Hard luck, fellow.


See, everybody. Look at that!

Look at that!

You fat pig!

Look at this!

There he goes!


Out of my way, boy. The door's closing, man. Hurry up.

Damn. Shoot.

He's heading up, man.

Go! We got him. The blind guy's coming up the elevator.

Great. Who pushed basement?

Hold it right there. Freeze.

Guys, I'm here for Frank Deveraux.

Says who?

Says I.

Come on. Come on. Come on. He's dead. He is dead.




Shit, fuck. Shit, fuck.

Well, well.

If it ain't the walking chop-o-matic.

Where is Frank Deveraux?

F.O., Errol Flynn.

Do you know what that means?

Fuck off!

I also do circumcision.

He's across the hall. Across the hall.

I suggest aspirin for that headache.

What headache?



Just a second, I gotta test this stuff. If it's too hot, it'll kill somebody.


Hi, buddy.


Nick Parker?


My God.

Nick. What?

Nick, you're alive.

Yeah. And I'd like to keep it that way.

There are a lot of pissed-off guys after me.

I guess we changed, huh?


Come on.

Your son's waiting. Come on.

Nick, wait. Wait.

Come on!

Oh, yes.

Let's go.

Where is he?

I'm gonna put that blind man in a wheelchair.

The door. What?

Hold it.




Anybody home?

Now, reverse direction.


Are you in here?


Colleen, what's wrong?

Billy! Billy!

Nick! Find...

Frank, stay here.

They've got him, don't they? Don't they?


Hello? Mr Deveraux? That's you?

Yeah, MacCready, it's me.

Mr Deveraux, you've really chapped my ass and I've had just about enough.

Where's my son? He's here.

He's fine.

So's the girl.

Now, if you wanna keep them that way, well, you know, you just...

I wanna talk to my son! Shut up, boy!

I'll cut both their jugular veins!

How'd that be, huh? No.

You know Winterhaven?


Winterhaven. The ski resort. Donner Pass. Route 89.

Yeah. Just get up here... with the stuff at dawn.

It's on the way.

If you like this stuff... believe me, you will... maybe we can set up a regular pipeline.


Yeah. Maybe, yeah.

Gasoline mixed with detergent.

Bathtub napalm.

Guaranteed to get out the spots.

Damn it. It's okay, I got it. I got it.

Man, oh, man, Nicky.

All those years, man, I thought you were dead... and it was my fault.

I tried to...

I just couldn't.

Frank, my life changed... but it didn't stop.

But still, part of me was missing. I don't know.

Like there were two Nicks.

One before and one after that day.

I wanted to be... home.

To come home.

It's funny. I knew I had to find you so I could say:

"Hey, I forgive you. Move on."

But you know, it wasn't just for you... it was for me, too.


Goddamn, that thing's got more holes than my daddy's rubber.

I didn't know Daddy wore a rubber.


Come on!

Move over, will you? Jesus.

Where is the kid? In the man's suite.

He's in the man's suite.

Kill him!

Come on, shoot him! Okay!


Come on.

Nice shooting, Tector. Hey, now. Come on, brother Lyle.

Frank, behind you.


Shit! Where is he?

Stop! Stop that firing!

Do you see him?

I can't see a thing.

That's where I live.

Here, you sons of bitches!

Just wait a minute.

We cut a deal.

If you ever get that stuff away from the blind man... find yourself another buyer.

You're fixing to make a grievous error, sonny boy.

Do it.

Fire in the hole.

Knock, knock. Well, well, well. Mr Blind Man.

You're positively an incredible human being.

You're a walking advertisement for hiring the handicapped.


Why don't you drop the cane before you cut yourself?

Before I put this boy's brains in that lady's lap.

Drop it!

Now we can do some business.

That's right.

Now, just put that over here on the table.

Open it.

Mr Parker, there's someone I'd like you to meet.

Nice guy, I hope. Everybody's trying to kill me lately.

Nick, he's trying... Frank, shut up.

Relax, boy.

I paid a lot of money to see this.

Japanese, huh?

Not bad for a blind man.

Uncle Nick!

Unreasonable men make life so difficult.

Yeah. I told you that that butter knife wouldn't stop no bullet.

Uncle Nick, catch!

...a great Italian place in North Beach called Little Joe's.

Rain or shine there's always a line.

What do you want to see first when we get there, buddy?

Alcatraz. Alcatraz?

Hey, honey, what do you say we look for someplace with a great big old backyard?

There you go, Bill. You give him the tickets.

Going all the way? Yep. To San Francisco.

Great. All the way to Alcatraz.

Have a good trip. Thank you.

Trans Continental bus number 14 now boarding at kerb side... for Truckee, Tahoe City, Auburn, Carmichael, Sacramento, Napa Valley...

Uncle Nick, wait up!

Where're you going? We're about to leave.

Bill. You go ahead.

You're coming with.

Go back to your dad.

But I need you.


I'm very, very fond of you... but you gotta do me one favour.

Go back to your dad.

Now, come on.

Come on.

Come on.

You'll miss the bus.

Uncle Nick!

Uncle Nick!

I need you.

Uncle Nick...

I hate you!

I hate you.

I hate you.

Uncle Nick...

I'm gonna miss you.


Hi, Dad.