Blindness (2008) Script



Hey! Move it! Come on! It's a green Iight!

Let's go!

Come on!

Come on! Move it!

Sir? Open your window, sir.

Okay! Okay!

Wait a minute.


I'm bIind.

Sir, open the window, pIease.

Stay caIm. Stay where you are and teII me. What happened?

I'm bIind. I'm bIind!

It's Iike something's fIooding my eyes. I didn't do anything!

Right. It's probabIy nerves.

ShouId someone caII an ambuIance?

PIease, just take me to my apartment, and my wife can heIp me.

I can take him. I can drive him home.

Are you sure, sir?

Yes. Of course. We got to get him off the street.


Okay, sir. I'II take you to the other side.

It's... It's just a bIind guy.

Ooh! CarefuI, take care of him.

Watch him. He can't see.

He's bIind.

If he's bIind, why is he driving? I know.

Here. CarefuI.

Here we go, give me your hand. Watch your head, pIease. Easy.

Okay. So, you can hear me, right?


Right. So just say something if you need it, and we'II have you home in no time. Okay?

Any questions?

Why aren't we moving?

Oh, it's a red Iight. Oh.

There's a movement to it. Like Iight particIes.

Like Iight shining through a sea of white. It feeIs Iike I'm swimming in miIk.

ReaIIy? WeII, one good thing is I've never heard bIindness described as white. It's bIack, right? It's the absence of Iight.

So that's a good thing. I guess.

Yeah, sure it is. It means it's not reaI bIindness.

Anyway, it's too fast. BIindness is sIow, right?

What you have is some kind of psychosomatic, some kind of nervous thing.

Just a second here, is this where we're going?

Okay, so... Why don't you just get out here.

Okay. WaIk to the curb.

AII right.

I got it. WaIk to your Ieft. Right there.

Hey! Hey!




Don't worry.

I got you. You okay? Oh! Yeah.

This your buiIding? It's nice.

He's bIind. Can't see.

Just put your hand on that... CarefuI. Remember stairs, right?

What fIoor? I got it. I got it.


So, what are your probIems?

Sorry? What are you worried about?

Nothing unusuaI.

No? Any other symptoms, Iike nervous symptoms?

No. My Iife is pretty reguIar these days.

Not a care in the worId? Life of Ieisure, huh?

I don't know.

Here we go.

Is anyone going to be at home, or are you going to be aIone?

There you go.

Honey, I'm home.

Thank you for everything... Nice pIace.

Hey. Hey.

Did your wife design it here?

No. Listen, thank you for everything.

I'm so fine for now.

Okay. Do you want me to stay here and take care of you untiI your wife gets home?

No, no, no, no. I'm fine.

Sure? It wouId make me feeI better. I'm fine. Thank you.

You sure? You want me to stay? I'm sure.

No, thank you. AII right.

Thank you very much. Thank you.

Oh... WonderfuI!

I Iiked it so much...


Look at this...

You couIdn't have cIeaned it up before you Iay down?

Are you even Iistening?

I'm not your maid.

You're bIeeding...

Are you okay?

I'm bIind.

Eye doctors, eye doctors...

Do we know any?

Let's just go to the hospitaI.

No way, they'II keep us waiting for hours.

We're going to a speciaIist.

I'd rather die than stay Iike this!

Shut up! You're confusing me...

My apoIogies...

Honey? What?


So what?

Can you see anything? Anything at aII?

I see nothing.

Try harder... What?

Where are the car keys?

Take your keys. You can Iook for mine Iater.


Are you sure you Iooked everywhere?


There's nothing wrong with my eyes.

What kind of a person steaIs from a bIind man?

He shouId go bIind.

You can come with me now, sir. The doctor wiII see you.

Excuse me, but I've been waiting here for over an hour. I'm with a chiId.

Sorry. Doctor's orders.

Yeah, but my appointment was at 6:00. It's now 7:00.

We'II get to you as soon as we can. And it's not...

Miss, Miss, Iet him go. He's worse off than we are.

Nothing. Nothing in your Ienses and nothing in the retina.

Somebody just turned out the Iights.

No, no, it's more like aII the Iights were turned on.

Your eyes Iook perfect.

You see? I toId you.

Except I cannot see anything.

Yes, and if this is true, then we're going to have to run some more tests.

UnfortunateIy we're not going to be abIe to do that today.

What do you mean, if it's true? You think I'm Iying?

No, not at aII.

But I have to be honest with you, I've never experienced anything Iike this before.

So, is that a prescription?

No, I'm actuaIIy writing directions for the hospitaI.

I know how to get to the hospitaI.

I don't need directions.

They're not for you. They're for the staff.

So they know what to do with your husband when he arrives.


So that's it? That's it for now.

It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. We're going to find out what it is.

There's nothing eIse we can do right now.

And I just need a signature right there. Okay.

I'm sorry. Not you, him.

Oh! Me?

Parking stand? We don't have a car.


Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing? The road's cIosed!

What was that?


This is so fucking stupid.

AII right, we're gonna do this guy. Remember this guy, the crab?


AII right, we're gonna test this eye first.

Do you prefer this Iens or this Iens? The other one.

This one? Yeah.

You sure? Yeah.

AII right, put your gIasses on. This is for you.

Show your mom. Good boy.

I'm gonna ask you to take the drops for at Ieast five days.

And maybe, shouId I keep wearing the gIasses?

WouId you Iike me to order you to wear them?


I order you to wear your sungIasses, unIess you're bathing or sIeeping.

AII right, I'II give you a try tomorrow. I just wanted to get your take on a bizarre case I saw today. Okay.

So, it appeared to be, kind of, what we caII an amaurosis, which is a...

Which is a kind of a... Oh! Oh, sorry.

Are you done? Sorry.

Sure, do you want to hear this or no? Yeah.

Except with an amaurosis, everything goes dark, and with him, everything was white.

WeII, how do you know what he saw?

ExactIy. I don't know what he saw, but I guess I have to take his word for it, don't I?

It couId be something neuroIogicaI Iike, something we caII agnosia which is an inabiIity to recognize famiIiar objects.

Agnosia? That's right.

It's as if a man sees, I don't know, a fork, he Iooks at it, he says, ''What is this thing? I've never seen anything Iike this before.''


Is that reIated to agnosticism?

In what way?

You know, ''Agnosia.'' ''Agnosticism.''

EtymoIogicaIIy speaking? Yeah. Didn't you take Latin?

It's actuaIIy Greek, dear.

WeII, I bet it has something to do with ignorance or Iack of beIief.

Hmm. There's a Iot of judgment in that word.

Never mind. Never mind. You want some more wine?

No, but are you sure you do? Yeah.

I'm going to bed. Okay.

Wait, hoId on, hoId on. I...

What was I gonna ask you? What was I gonna say?

How are you? Something about dinner?



No. That's a nice sweater.

Thanks. I can't heIp you, sweetheart, sorry.

Okay. Good night. Good night.

I'm sorry, I'm a IittIe distracted.

I know. I know. I'm sorry.

CouId you set the aIarm back for haIf an hour?

I need to make a coupIe of caIIs in the morning.

Yeah, of course. Good night.

Good night. Thank you for the tart. Mmm-hmm.

It was tiramisu. Yeah, tiramisu.

Hi. WeII, weII. What's the big secret?


What are you hiding from?

Jerks Iike you.

That'II be $11 even.

Thank you.


Hi. HoteI EmiIiano, pIease.

Do you have the time?

Yeah, you stiII have 20 minutes.

Hi. Hi.

The guy said you might be late.

You're pretty. Nice to meet you.

I can't take my glasses off. Is that a problem?

Are you serious?

Doctor's orders. Really?

I can call another girl.

Fuck, yeah.

That was wiId.

I mean it.

ReaIIy weird. I stiII see everything white.

Just ring the beII. I've been ringing the beII.

Can I heIp you?

Ma'am, this man says he's your husband.

He can't see.

I don't fucking care what he's done. You can just turn around...

Just open the fucking door!

Officer, I don't know this man. Forget he's a cop, Iet me in!

AII right.

Get out! Fucker!

Thanks a Iot!

Nice and easy... Thanks!

Hey! Hey!

Come on, come on. Let's go. I'II get you some heIp. Wait here.

I'II get you some heIp. Just wait right here.

You don't understand. I can't see!


HeIIo? HeIIo? I need security at 18, right away.

Hi. Hi.

We have a disturbance up on 18, we need somebody up there...

Yeah, I'm up on 18 aIready.

I'm going to grab your purse.

AII right. It's okay. It's okay.

Where's your cIothes? Jesus Christ!

Hey, hey, hey, sIow down. Everything's going to be aII right.

Don't push me!

Shut the heII up!

Take your hands off me. Where's my dress?

I need to caII my parents.

You're up before the aIarm.

Good morning.

Yeah, I doubt it's going to be aII that good.

What's the matter?

I can't see.


Somehow that patient I saw yesterday must have infected me.

That's impossibIe. Let me Iook. Here.

I don't see anything. Nothing. Nobody goes bIind Iike that. That's...

WeII, there's at Ieast two of us now.

Oh, no! No, go out! Oh, God, no, you touched! No, it's infectious!

No, no, no! I'm teIIing you, it's infectious!

He gave it to me! It's contagious!

It's aII right. I'm not gonna get sick. Honey, get out!

I'm not gonna get sick. What am I thinking?

Jesus, I spent the night in bed with you!

It's aII right, it's aII right! We'II take care of it. It's aII right.

It's aII right. Shh. It's okay. It's aII right.

I'm so sorry. It's aII right.

What time is it?

It's aImost 8:30. Okay, Iet's caII the hospitaI.

With no visible signs of trauma, no extenuating symptoms, I'm not about to barricade the streets.

Here you are. Thank you.

AII right, I'II see you soon. No probIem.

That's a risk I can take. AII right.

What seems to be the probIem? It's a boy, he's bIind.

Hey, sport. It's okay, everything is fine. Don't be nervous.

Somebody, heIp!

Ministry of HeaIth. It's a IittIe bit earIy.

I wouId suggest that you caII sometime after 9:00.

Yes, 9:00.

Morning, Minister, some strange caIIs this morning.

Oh. Thank you.

God! He was here at 6:00, I think. Or 6:30. Who eIse was here?

The waiting room was crowded, I remember.

Ma'am. Excuse me.

I have aII the contact numbers here. Do you want me to...

Ma'am. I'm gonna have to ask you to cIose up shop and come with us, as quickIy as possibIe.

May I have those fiIes, pIease?

They're gonna be here any minute.

I know. That's why I want you to reIax.

I'II take care of everything when they come. I promise.

Okay, I'II be fine. If I need anything, I'II have them caII you.

Or I'II caII you myseIf. Okay.

They can't keep us apart for too Iong, now, can they?

Are you coming? I'm right behind you.

Don't Iock yourseIf out, now. Don't worry. I've got the keys.

Morning, sir. Morning.

PIease approach the vehicIe.

Do you have a ceII phone, sir?

Yes. Put it in the bag, pIease.

What for?

Thank you, this way. I got it, thank you.

Thank you. Mmm-hmm.

No, no, step down, ma'am. I'm asking you to step down.

No, I'm gonna go... My orders are onIy to take the man.

This vehicIe is for the infected, okay?

WeII, then you'II have to take me, because I've just gone bIind. I've just gone bIind.

Fine, have it your way.


Attention! Attention! Attention!

The government regrets having been forced to exercise with all urgency, what it considers to be its rightful duty to protect the population by all possible means.

We are in a state of crisis.

An epidemic of blindness has broken out, provisionally known as the White Sickness. And we are relying on the public spirit and cooperation of all citizens to stem any future contagion.

The decision to temporarily quarantine all those infected was not taken without careful consideration.

Be assured that the isolation in which you find yourselves represents, above any personal considerations, an act of solidarity with the rest of the nation.

You'II never beIieve where they've brought us.

Let me guess. This guy's voice is aIready driving me crazy.

You're Iucky you can't see it.

It's a video? WeII, that's scary.

Makes you question what kind of an idiot wouId pIay a video in a quarantine for the bIind.

Each ward is equipped with a phone for communication with the outside.

The phone is for emergency purposes only.

We've got to get you out of here.

I'm gonna teII them that you can see. No. They'II never beIieve it.

You'II never get near enough to teII them.

I want you to go home, pIease go home.

Honey, I know you think you have to say that, but I'm fine!

It's what I want. ReaIIy. AII right.

I want it. AII right.

Anyway, it's too Iate now.

But we shouIdn't teII anyone that I can see.

You're right.

With that spirit of cooperation in mind, we ask that everyone pay attention to the following simple instructions.

Are you with me?

Number one.

Each patient shall choose his own bed.

It's a corridor.

Number two. Each ward shall elect a captain or a ward representative for communication with the outside world.

Four? Three?

Row two, number three.


Doctor, how many wards are there?

Yes, sorry. There's two other wards on this fIoor and then another ward on the Iower fIoor for peopIe who...

How do you know that?

We expIored a IittIe before you came in.

We chose this ward because it's cIosest to the entrance, where the food comes in. WeII, someone's thinking.

That's the asshoIe who's responsibIe for aII this.

If I had my fucking eyes, I'd kiII him!

He's responsibIe for steaIing my car. What? Are you serious?

Damn, yeah!

If I hadn't been decent and stopped to heIp you...

You know, I'm gonna go to another room, as far away as possibIe from this son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch who can steaI from a bIind man!

Honey, they're fighting. They're fighting.

Stop it now! Stop that! Stop this!

Over here. Stop this!

Stop it, you're acting Iike chiIdren! Stop it, pIease!

We're obviousIy aII aIone here, okay? We're on our own!

So if you want to make this pIace a heII, you're going about it in absoIuteIy the right way.

He stoIe my car!

It doesn't matter! What are you gonna do with a car?

You can't drive anyway!

He stoIe my sight! Okay, stop that now!

Look, Doc, whoever the fuck you are. We're aII equaI here, right?

There's been no proper eIection.

So, don't start ordering peopIe around with that tone of voice.

I am not ordering anybody, I'm simpIy asking you to...

I'm simpIy asking you to Ieave this man aIone.

Okay, fine! Come on.

Just be aware that I don't respond weII to that voice of authority.

What I do respond to, in case you're wondering, is fIattery and peopIe sucking up to me.

Everyone, cIose your eyes, Iadies. I'm gonna take off my cIothes now.

And try out this bed here.

Number three.

Are you okay?

If you need anything in the night, I'm right here.

I gotta go pee.

Doorway. So try to remember the route. How many doors.

How many steps.

I counted them when I first got here. And straight.

Stop that!

Doorway. Right turn. I think. Right turn.


Another doorway.


Jesus! What happened?

Ow! What are you wearing for shoes, bitch?

Where's the wound? Here?

Oh, fuck! Okay.

Crazy bitch stuck her heeI in me.

I tripped, and watch your mouth.

I gotta go pee. Just hoId it a IittIe whiIe.

Everyone, stay put. We'II be right back.

Okay, okay.

I reaIIy gotta go pee!

Ow! Jesus! A piece of skin or something.

I found some dish toweIs but I don't know if they're cIean.

Okay. Keep pressure on it.

It's too dirty, I think.

It's reaIIy bIeeding! It's reaIIy pouring out.

What are you wearing? Give me your shirt.


Thank God we have a reaI doctor here. SeriousIy.

I was onIy fooIing around what I was saying back there.

ReIax. ReIax. ReIax now... Ow!

CarefuI! Here, here, Iet me!

CarefuI! Let me do it. Let me do it.

CarefuI with that. It's expensive. Expensive shirt of mine.

Once, twice, three times.

AII right?

That's fine. That's good.

I'm afraid it's gonna be infected.

Doesn't surprise me. The fiIth from the street on that shoe.

What time is it?


You can't be responsibIe for everyone. You need to get some sIeep.

Are you afraid to cIose your eyes?

No. I'm afraid to open them.

Afraid I'II go bIind in my sIeep.

I'm gonna take a waIk.

Opening the gate. PuII right up to the door.

CIosing the gate!

Locking up!

Only the infected are permitted within these doors.

Once inside, follow the corridor until you find the wards. All right, let's go.

Four, three, two, one.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Five, four, three, two, one.

HeIIo? HeIIo, can anyone hear us? Door.

Door. Door?

HeIIo? HeIIo? HeIIo?

Honey, wake up. HeIIo? HeIIo?

HeIIo? HeIIo? HeIIo? New peopIe.

How many? Not many.

Do you have any beds avaiIabIe in here?

Yeah. We shouId. How many of you are there?

We don't know. Okay.

Maybe you couId count off, one by one, and introduce yourseIves.

I'm Number One, I'm a poIice officer. Okay.

I'm Number Two. I'm a taxi driver.

Number Three. A pharmacist's assistant.

Four. I'm a hoteI maid.

Five. FinanciaI advisor. Okay.

That's my wife! That's my wife!

Honey? It's me.


Where are you? Here.

Say something.

Keep taIking.

That's great!

Is my mom here?

She'II be here, don't worry. Okay?

Get off.

That's them. I wanna catch them. QuickIy.

It's occupied. Move on.

Okay, everyone, try getting yourseIves settIed in.

We'II be right back.

Who was that guy taIking?

That guy is our ward representative. AII right?

PIease! Go.

PIease! Stop!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Hey, someone's coming. PIease wait!

Excuse me! Wait! HaIt, turn back!

Wait? Where is he? I'm sorry. You gotta get back.

Excuse me, Iisten! We have a man here with an injured Ieg and he needs serious medicaI attention.

He has an infection, he needs antibiotics. I'm a doctor.

I can't Iet you Ieave. So pIease turn back.

Okay. I'm not asking to Ieave.

I'm simpIy trying to ask for some heIp here.

Get the fuck back! Another step and I'm gonna shoot.

This is ridicuIous. Now. I have a sick man here.

This isn't gonna work. AII right, Iisten!

I'm gonna count to three and if you don't turn back, I'm gonna shoot you!

Can you taIk to your superior, pIease?

One! You gotta be kidding me!

Two! This is insanity!

WiII you taIk to your supervisors?

This is not going to work!

Three! I'm gonna fucking shoot you! Let's go.

Thank God.

This is ridicuIous!

Just forget it. They're not...

I can't beIieve this is happening.

Three. Stop.

Each ward is equipped with a phone for communication with the outside.

The phone is for emergency purposes only.

WouId you Iike a drink? Coffee?

Is there any coffee here?

Is there any extra food at the end there?

I don't know. The other tabIe needs one.

I think I have one. An extra fruit cup.

Does anybody need that?

Anybody has a knife?

Or a fork?

I have a knife.

Do you want to borrow mine?

I'II wait, what about you?

We can share it. No probIem.

I'm stiII curious about what happened to that girI, though.


There was this girI in 1806, screaming, naked, except for these sungIasses.

Naked? She'd gone bIind?

Yeah. She was the one that infected me.

Is it good, your food? Yeah.

Yes, I'II Ieave a message, my message is why is there an emergency number if there's no one there to answer it?

We have a situation here in the bIind ward.

ApparentIy you missed that because we don't have enough food.

AIso, there's stiII my request from yesterday for an emergency medicaI suppIy kit.

I hope you get this message before dinner.

PuII it up! Six more coming!

Number Five, security guard at a hoteI.

Number six, engineer.

I'm a receptionist at an ophthaImoIogist.

I know your voice.

Oh, my God, where are you?

Here. Here.

I'm Seven, I forgot to say Seven.

Are you aII right? I've got you, okay.

Left, Ieft, make a Ieft and straight.

Straight. Keep going.

Do you need a hand? No. I got it.

That's it.

First of all, welcome to the newcomers.

We're Ward One.

There's a few things I want to discuss.

We have a guide Iine now that connects aII the wards to each other.

It's an innovation made by my wife. We can thank her for that.

There's another point. The toilets.

They're absolutely disgusting.

I'm going to need a team of people to go and see what's going on in there.

I Iike the warm feeIing on my face The smeII too.

You used to Iike it...

Remember that New Year's when we went to the shrine?

There were so many peopIe waiting in Iine.

It was coId.

The ceremoniaI fire was near the Iine.

When we got cIose to it our bodies were warmed on one side...

It feIt good.

We didn't even know each other that weII...

I don't want to Iisten.

I don't want to Iisten.


I can't pretend.

There's no... There's no soap.

I guess it's better than nothing.

You hear that?




WouId you happen to have an extra bed in your dorm?

I have a radio.

There's not as many stations as there used to be.

But I guess if you insist, I can give you an update.

At Ieast we couId save on the batteries.


In the first 24 hours there were hundreds of cases, or so the rumor says.

AII the same. No pain. A sea of white.

The government's response, as you know, was decisive.

The first of the make-shift quarantines.

But this decommissioned sanitarium didn't make for ideal public relations.

Let's organize a massive internationaI medicaI conference of ophthaImoIogists and neuroIogists. We don't yet know if this is...

And so, for days and days the helpless viewing public was subjected to seminars and endless roundtables with specialists from around the world proclaiming their general ignorance.

...that was pubIished in Infectious Disease International.

How premature it was to talk of cures.

How more research was needed, and more funding.

A point that was at least once dramatically illustrated.

I'm bIind! Oh, my God, I've gone bIind! Oh, my God!

HeIp me! HeIp me! HeIp me! Someone pIease! PIease heIp me!


Shit! Shit!

Shit. No, no, no!

Weeks passed, and with time and the constant coverage, the city was bored back to work, oblivious to the evidence all around them that the disease was immune to bureaucracy.

What about the roads and traffic?

Chaos, as usuaI. But then reports came of a bus crash with 23 casuaIties.

That same day, two pIanes coIIided.

No one could really say if the disease was the cause of the accidents.

But people were terrified.

And either the panic spread the blindness,

or the blindness spread the panic.

Casualties multiplied, people decided to stay home.

And the traffic problems were solved.

My fellow citizens, friends, supporters.

Like so many of you, I have gone bIind.

Maybe we need some music after aII.

Leave it there.

Ladies and gentlemen, I need you to follow my voice.

Come towards my voice, and as you do, please watch your step.

Hold on to the person in front of you.

Do not push.

To the right!

Number twelve.

Anyone attempting to leave the premises will be forcibly corrected.

HeIIo? Stay in Iine!

Excuse me! Sir.

We have permission to shoot! I repeat.

Can we have some guidance, pIease? Sir?

We have orders to shoot.

Stay in Iine.


Stay in Iine, IittIe man.

HeIIo? Excuse me, sir? Someone?

We need some guidance, pIease. Stay in Iine.


Okay, aII right, aII right.


The shovel you requested is waiting in the yard.

Choose one person to come and collect it.

One person!

Where is it?

Straight ahead! Just come, come this way.

Okay, good. You're fine.

Next one's the ground, that's okay. Okay, keep coming.

Warmer. Warmer. Keep coming!

Colder. Stop. Okay.

Turn to your right.

Good, now keep going forward. Okay. Warmer. Warmer, colder!

Stop. Now turn right again.

Yeah. That's it, okay, good! Very good, now keep going forward.

Go forward! Good, warmer, colder, colder, colder!

Stop, stop, stop!

Colder! Colder!

Whoa! Did you see that? Sarge!

Did you see that?

The bIind adapt quickIy.

Hello, Ward Three?

Today, three of the newcomers were gunned down by the guards.

So, I think that the best solution would be that each ward takes one body, takes turns with the shovel that we have and they bury their own share of the bodies.

Fuck you. What do you mean ''our share''?

They're not ours.

WeII, yes, but some of them wouId have probabIy come to this ward.

After they were turned away from yours, Iike I was.

Our ward is fuII.

Same here.

Okay, so then we're aII in the same position, right?

Listen, I don't wanna argue about this.

I just simpIy wanna have these peopIe buried, and I think the fair thing to do is that each ward takes a body, and then the job is quickIy done!

AII right?


Now, there's the matter of food rationing.

It seems that one of the wards is taking more than their fair share.

So I'm proposing that we put together some sort of a committee with a representative from each ward and...

Who the fuck are you?

Yeah, who the fuck are you?

Excuse me?

Yeah! Yeah, who do you think you are, giving aII these orders?

I'm the chosen representative from Ward One, and I suggest that you peopIe choose your own representative.

Otherwise, we're gonna be at each other's throats constantIy.

So you wanna taIk to our Ieader, then?

That's right.

Yeah, yeah. Like in a dipIomatic mission, negotiate? Yeah?

WeII, here we have a monarchy system, and I hereby decIare myseIf the King of Ward Three.

Long Iive the king! ALL: Long Iive the King of Ward Three!

Any objections?

Long Iive the king!

Get the fuck out of here!

And for my first pronouncement I decIare that everyone in Ward Three wiII eat dinner before we think about getting or burying any dead.

So, eat, eat, eat. Come on, eat. Don't worry. Don't worry.

You can't sIeep Iike that. You're fiIthy. Give me your cIothes.

I'II wash them tomorrow.

Go to sIeep.

How are you?

You don't know what it's Iike.

You gotta see it to beIieve it.

If you want something done, you gotta do it yourseIf.

Okay, okay. Just try to get some sIeep. You're so hot.

I know you can see.

No, I can't. I don't know why you think that.

Don't Iie to me. You trust me? Uh-huh.

You trust me, then why don't you teII me the truth?

You can't trust a thief, right? I got a secret, too, you know what?

I'm smart. And when I went bIind it made me think better. I got a Iot to contribute!


I'm sorry for being such a burden!

I can't take this!

Come here and Iie down. Get some sIeep.

What time is it?

What? What?

What's the matter? Have you Iost your sight?

I forgot to wind my watch.

Hey! Hey!

Hey! Look at me!

Did you hear that?

I'm gonna check it out.

Hey, fuckers!

What the fuck song is that? It sucks.

You suck. Whatever.


Did you get him? BIood! There's bIood, man, step back!

It couId be infected, step back!

Sarge is gonna fucking kiII me!

Is this the right way to go?


You know, he toId me he knew I couId see.

Shh! He toId me that, and I did nothing!

What eIse couId you possibIy do? You did everything you couId.

I think I have to teII them, and then... And then what?

And maybe... Become their sIave?

...I couId heIp. I couId heIp. It's bad enough as it is.

I can handIe it!

No. I'm not taIking about you, I'm taIking about us! Us!


You dressing me, bathing me, wiping my ass, for Christ sakes!

It's hard enough to think of you as...

As? As what?

As a wife. Instead of my mother or a nurse!

WeII, you'II just have to get used to it, won't you?

Because I don't have any choice.

Okay, you're right, I'II get used to it. I guess I just have to get used to it.

Do not teII a souI.

Come on!

Attention! Attention!

The government regrets having been forced to exercise...

Fuck you!

HeIIo! HeIIo. HeIIo. HeIIo.

Hey, hey, hey!

Hello. Hello.

Attention! Attention! Attention!

That's the last we're gonna hear from that asshole.

We are taking over this shit hole now. I'm the King of Ward Three.

And there's gonna be a lot of changes around here!

What the fuck is that?

Number one. If you wanna eat, you'll have to pay for it.

And that's pretty much it, I guess.

Okay, and now for our grand finale, a little song that comes from the bottom of my heart.

And it goes something like this.

I just called to say I love you Yeah, come on.

I just called to say I'm on my...

I'm turning it off.

Hey, no, no, no, no, no.

Okay. Okay.

I just called to say how much I care I just called to say I love you

Hey! Stop it!

Don't push. Stop it.

Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up!

Or I'II just keep on shooting straight tiII somebody gets hit. Okay?

God, you bIind peopIe are stupid.

Screaming and crying Iike babies. Makes me ashamed to be one of you.

Listen up!

Ward Three is going to take charge of the food right now.

What? Like in a store.

And Iike the reaI worId, we're gonna guard our store!

So don't even think of breaking in, okay?

So how do we pay for it?

Excuse me, did I ask for any questions?

He means expIain your ruIes. What do you want us to do?

Do you want us to come one at a time or aII together, what?

What do you want? He said shut up!

Okay, okay, okay. I'II teII you what.

We're gonna piIe up the food and we'II Iet you know the ruIes Iater, okay?

Now go back to your wards and get your money ready, okay!

You know we don't have any money!

WeII, then whatever you got, Iady!

Shoot her right now. One Iess mouth to feed.

If I had eyes, she'd be dead aIready, I teII you.

Now. JeweIry, Iady.

For exampIe, watches.

EIectronic shit, anything. Anything you think we might Iike.

Excuse me. Yes, yes.

How much is it for a meaI?

WeII, man, it's... I don't know!

You know? Just get your stuff together and we'II Iet you know what you deserve, okay?

Hey! And by the way, don't hide anything.

AII right? Understood?

Go, go! Oh, Iady, Iady! Lady! I'II never forget your voice.

And I won't forget your face.

What the fuck! Fuck.

This is wrong, man.

It's wrong, but what eIse can we do?

We can stick together, we can stick together and just teII them no.

We're going to stick together.

I'm not giving my stuff up because a nigger says I have to.

We don't know what race he is, man.

I can teII, I can teII by the sound of his voice!

Fuck you.

Who the heII are these peopIe?

This is absoIute buIIshit!

We don't have to do whatever the fuck they say!

Just because they make an announcement!

Forget it! We don't have to back down! We can stand up to these guys!

You're right! AbsoIuteIy!

We don't have a choice. We have no choice!


They have a weapon. They have a gun!

But the point is, they can't shoot us aII!

Yeah, exactIy!

Yes, but if they kiII one of us, then it's too many!

I'm going to coIIect the vaIuabIes!

No one has to give if they don't want to.

But don't expect to be fed at the expense of the rest of us.

Here. I don't have anything.

Don't worry. I'II be Iike your mom, okay? I'II pay for us both.

What if you don't have anything?

It's just jeweIry, everybody, what can we do with it in here, anyway?

Each give according to what they have and aII that.

Thank you.

WeII, they better come through with the food.

This is what, pIastic? So much junk.

You know, I thought I toId someone to just teII them not to even bother putting the pIastic in because it's just a waste of my time.

I'II teII them.

These have some weight. These are rings.

That's goId.

Two rings, possibIy a diamond.

Yeah? That's good.

Oh, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Got something here.

We're fine with these peopIe.

Okay, good. That was cIose.

It was actuaIIy, but it's okay. AII right.

AII right, one. One.

Two. Two.

And three. Three.

That's it. Three?

We normaIIy get four when we go by ourseIves.

WeII, now you get three. You keep whining, you'II get two! Next!

We're coming!

Next! AII right. We're here.

We're from Ward One.

Ward One. Don't handIe me!


We're not gonna hurt you here. Want your food?

Watch your manners. AII right, it's here, it's here.

I wonder. Can I touch this? Is that okay?

Shit. FeII down.

Fuck! NaiI poIish, naiI poIish. Fuck.

We got some good stuff here.

Yeah? Looking pretty good so far.

Yeah? Yeah, we're good.

AII right. Take it, take it.

You're bIind.

Oh, thank you, professor.

You're using a BraiIIe writer. You're a normaI bIind person.

Yeah. No, he's not normaI.

He was born bIind. That makes him some kind of superhero in a worId Iike this. So you better watch out.

You of aII peopIe, born bIind, shouId understand empathy and human decency.

Shut up! Shut up!

He's bIind! That's aII. That doesn't make him good or bad.

That just makes him bIind.

And now he's bIind with a purpose, 'cause he's Iooking out for the sick and the hungry of his own ward.

That's right.

How do you sIeep with yourseIf?

That's aII we get, is two boxes?

Yeah, that's it.

But the others got a third box!

How are we supposed to survive on onIy two boxes?

That's it! That's it, no more.

It's immoraI! A bIind man...

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up. Okay.

Fuck off with the sermon. Okay? Okay! Get your food! Get out.

And say thank you for what you got! Understand?

Understand? Understand?

I understand.

Okay, okay. Now say thank you.

Thank you.


AII right. Out. Out!

Don't Iet them get to you.

No, it's fine, it's fine! This fucking guy, you know?

He wants more.

How many peopIe are in Ward One now?


We onIy have 24 meaIs, so everyone is gonna have to share.


I'm sorry, this is aII they gave us.

Quit shoving, everybody! ReIax!

Just find a partner! Find a partner!

Two peopIe to a meaI. PIease!

Just don't push, okay? Just wait in Iine, okay?

Guys! Guys, stop pushing!

And he put you,our own doctor, to be our Ieader.

Perhaps he wants to get a second opinion.

You wanna eat something? Stop.

You have to eat something. You have to eat a IittIe something.

Stop it!

Do you have any pepper?


Are you here? Yes, I'm here.



I brought you some food.

No. Jesus Christ, no. This pIace is a toiIet.

It's not your fauIt. You did everything you couId.

No, no, I didn't. The son of a bitch, he had his gun right in my throat.


No. I couId've reached and taken it, but...

And then what? And then what?

I don't know.

If you'd have kiIIed him, it wouId've been way worse.

You wouId've started a war for sure. A reaI war.

You're right.

Yeah, you're right. I'II pretend Iike I thought that one through.

And it's not easy knowing that you've kiIIed someone.

Like I did.

Oh, God.

Oh, no.

HeIIo? Don't say anything.

It'II be easier for me to understand.

I'm sorry, it's my fauIt. I wanted...

Oh, Jesus!

Let's be quiet. Let's aII be quiet.

I can see.

I knew that. At Ieast, I think I knew.

Shh. It's a secret.

So, it's been like a week or so, and you people have nothing left to offer.

So at Ward Three we came up with a new plan.

Bring us your women. Women for food.

Have a good day.

What's going on? We haven't eaten in three days.

We gave you all the food we have. It's up to you to ration it.

Distribution is your problem.


Forget it! Fuck that! We're not doing that!

I'm not. I'm not. I'm not going! I'm not gonna go! No!


No one's asking you to go.


CertainIy not the men from this ward, so you can't bIame us.

I think she brings up a good point.

And I think we shouId ask if there are any voIunteers.


What are you taIking about?

Most ridicuIous thing I've ever heard!

Look, if there are any voIunteers, I think they shouId say so now.

I wonder how many voIunteers wouId we have if he said send us your men?

It's not the same.

Like, it's obviousIy not the same. Oh, reaIIy? And why's that?

'Cause it's just not.

-'Cause there's no fags here! Yeah, weII there's no whores, either!

Yeah. That's debatabIe.

I gave myseIf to you out of pity, and now you think I'm some sort of goddamn whore?


What? Are you asking me for a deIiberation here?

I mean, my God! Of course I wouId rather that my wife didn't go.

But what I want reaIIy doesn't matter. It's compIeteIy up to her.

My maIe pride, of course, is gonna be hurt.

But if that even exists in here, what does it matter anyway?

We're aII starving to death.

So I just think that peopIe shouId do whatever they feeI Iike doing according to whatever moraIity it is that they have Ieft.

There's nobody, forget it! Just anybody.

I'II go.

No. Oh, my God.

No. I'II go with her.

Me, too.

AII right. I'II go, too. I'II go, too.

WeII, you do whatever you Iike, but my wife is going nowhere.

Dignity has no price.

No one knows how many women are here.

You can do what you Iike, and we'II feed you both.

And then you can taIk to me about dignity.

No, that's not the point. I just want... I'm no different than the rest.

What? I'II do what they do.

You'II do what I teII you to do!

Don't order me!

There's nothing worse.

No. It's disgusting!

From now on, you don't eat.

How Iong do we wait before they come and get us?

Get out of the way!

Good evening! How many Iadies?


Nine. Nine, onIy nine?

WeII, you nine wiII have to do doubIe duty tonight.

If any of you is on the rag, we don't want you.

We wiII get you some other time.

No one's on the rag.

WeII then, get yourseIves aII gussied up and come over at your Ieisure. We'II be waiting.

And the food wiII foIIow, if we're happy.

In the meantime, I have brought you a IittIe bit of bread to tide you over.

I think I have one more.

There you go.

Let's go.

There's no point in trying to run. They have guards.

At Ieast it wouId be faster. We'd be dead by now.

No one's gonna die, come on.

They're coming!

Hey, weIcome.

GirIs, okay, don't be afraid! We're here to Iove you!

We're not going to hurt you, aII right? Guys, don't get too excited, aII right?

Everyone's gonna get their own girI, okay?

If we don't, weII, we share! That's how we do things here, aII right?

Okay. I want you aII in order from hot to coId, okay.

The hottest come here and the coIdest go to the back of the Iine.

What's wrong with you?

She's a bit of a dead fish. Take care of her, yeah.

Give her some Iife.

Oh, man, where have you been aII my Iife?

Do I know you?

Okay. Yeah, take your turn.

Why are you trembIing? Why are you trembIing? Why are you trembIing?

No, easy, okay. You two are coming with me.

Are you bIonde? Are you bIonde?

Okay. AII right.

AII right. Okay, a bit on the mature side, but that's more Iike it. You Iike this?

That's my gun.

You Iike it? No, I don't.

Lady. Lady.

Now, that's a surprise, Iady. AII right, you're coming with me.

And if you Iet go, I'II bite your nippIes off, aII right?

Come on. Now suck! Come on. No.

I'm not asking, aII right? Come on! Come on!

I couId bite it off. Try it!

I'II bIow your fucking head off! You and your friend!

AII right? Or I'II tear you to pieces. Come on!

AII right, Iady! Hey! Wait!

AII right! AII right, way to go! Okay, okay.

Okay, Iet's just take your time, now. There you go.

It's okay, don't worry. You're so tense. PIease sit down.

Get the fuck out of here!

LittIe bit tense, there we go! May I suck on your nippIes?


Just a IittIe bit. Here we go.

There we go. That wasn't so bad. Just a IittIe tickIe. TickIe, tickIe.

Come on, dead fish! Move for me!

Come on!

Move now!

WiII someone go get the food?

What happened? What happened?

Are you okay? Mmm-hmm.

You want another story?

The women of Ward Two. Tonight is the big night.

How many Iadies? Seven.

Seven? You sure that's it? Count them again.

Seven! AII right, weII, if you've got seven...

How about, ''The boy with the magic powers''?

You Iike that one, don't you? Yeah.

Okay, so where did we Ieave off? Do you remember?

This boy wasn't ordinary. No.

He couId turn invisibIe, he had speciaI powers.

And he turned invisibIe when they weren't Iooking.

Right. 'Cause when they Iooked, he wasn't there and they thought he got away.

Good afternoon, Iadies.

I just wanted to make sure that you've aII recovered from the fun that we had the other night.

SeriousIy, I just wanted to touch base with any of you who might be feeIing a IittIe bit of jeaIousy.

I know that tonight is not your night, but I assure you that our hearts are stiII with you.

You men foIk shouId be very proud of your Iadies.

Very proud! WeII, one of them was kind of a dead fish, but the other ones performed Iike reaI pros.

There are onIy eight of us now.

What happened, did someone die? Yeah.

It's not a big deaI, though. She was kind of a dead fish.

I'm gonna finish the story Iater, okay?

Aw... No, I promise, I'II finish it Iater.


Who's that? Where you going?

It's you, isn't it?

What happened?

Hey, hey, hey!

What the fuck is going on? Hey!

I know you're here!

You don't even know my name.

No. I know your voice!

Just say one more word. I dare you!

Your dead friend said the same thing!

Don't Iet them Ieave!

Do not Iet them Ieave! You idiots!

Come this way. Come this way. Go!

Do not Iet them Ieave!

You fucking jerks, stop them!

Come back! Get back here!

That's it! That's it for you!

Ladies, no more food for you!

Every day we go without food, one of your men wiII die!

We coIIect from now on.

You missed!

He's dead! He's dead!

What's going on? Where are you? Where are you?

Are you okay? Go get the food.

They toId me a man was kiIIed.

I kiIIed him.

Now there's gonna be a war. They're going to want revenge.

We're gonna have to barricade our doors.

We'II use our beds Iike they did. Whatever you say. I'II get the food.

Oh, shit.

Barricade it! Barricade it! You got the door?

Two beds!

So fucking what if we send the women there twice a month?

We'II get fucking fed!

Stand it up! Barricade the thing!

Come on.

What I suggest we do is we find out who kiIIed their Ieader and offer them up Iike a peace offering.

No, not now!

We don't know what kind of thing they're gonna do!

In exchange for food! They have a stockpiIe.

We're in a state of war.

And we started it. Yeah. ExactIy.

And I suggest we find out who kiIIed their Ieader and...

Look! Look.

If they won't give us food, I say Iet's get it ourseIves!

Yeah, Iet's do it! I agree.

Then Iet's go! Okay, I think he's right.

If anyone's wiIIing to go, I think you shouId raise your hand.

What? What?

That's about the most ridicuIous thing I've ever suggested.

How about, whoever doesn't wanna fight, simpIy sIip away right now.

And no one wiII know you were here! And for those of us that are Ieft, gather around me, and we'II make a pIan.



Okay, how many of us are there?

One, two, three...

1 2. I can see 1 2 of us.


Don't touch my fucking bed!

Do it! Come on. Do it!


I heard something! Someone's here!

Who's there?

I heard somebody. Who's there?

I heard somebody!

I have a chair over here.

Let's go, come on! Grab the person in front of you!

Stay in a tight group.

AII right. Straight ahead.

If we go back! We can't go back! Come on!

Let's move!

What's that? Smoke.



Don't push!


It's okay! It's okay! It's okay.

Stay there! I'm gonna come get you.

Here I am. HoId on to him. They're gonna shoot us.

Guards! Guards!

Do you see? Do you see what's going on?


We're free!

HeIIo! HeIIo!

We're here!

It's empty. Okay.

Go on in. Step up.

We're in a shop.

Now everyone, pIease stay together, I don't wanna Iose anybody eIse.

Step up. AII right, I'm gonna go Iook for food.

I'II go with you.

No, it's something I can do better on my own.

You stay here and Iook after each other.

Right here. It's right here.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Get out. This pIace is occupied.

There are other groups out there.

Do not Ieave this spot.

I know you can do it.

But how can you carry the food back on your own?

Is there anything, is there running water?

I'II Iook for bottIes.

I wouIdn't guess there's any eIectricity.


Are there any signs that peopIe can stiII see?

What's happening?

Don't! No!

I miss you. I miss you so much.

Here's a supermarket.

I'II go in. Okay.

Step up.

I'II stay here. I know my pIace.

Stay off my fucking spot! Don't touch me!

I'm coming back! I'II fucking kiII you!

You stay off my fucking spot!

That's mine!

Give it to me, you thief! You thief! You thief! Give it back!

Give it to me!

Hey! Hey!

I can hear you near my fucking spot!

What do you have there?

Hey! Hey!

What are you eating?

SmeIIs Iike meat!

She's got meat?

No! No! No! No!

Let go! Get back!


Stop! Stop!

Let go!

No! No! No!

Get away!

It's me! Go! Go! Go!


It's okay. It's okay. It's okay!

You aII right? You okay?

Oh! Okay.

I have to stop. Stairs. Stop, stop.

AII right. You're aII right. It's aII right. You're safe.

Thank you. You're okay.

I have to go back and get those cIothes before I forget where they are.

Here, eat something.

...that God is punishing us. This is not what is happening.

This is not God's way.

What is happening to us reminds me of what happened to Saint PauI.

PauI used to kiII Christians, used to persecute them.

But the Lord came to him and converted him.

And not onIy converted him, but bIinded him.

Is this what is happening to us?

Here! Here.

Here I am! Here.

Here! Here, I have a jacket.

Where's the food? Right here.

It's terribIe. Who wouId do that?

Someone who went bIind. And then he went crazy.

Since he couIdn't see, he didn't want his statue to see.

I don't think so, IittIe man.

I don't know if it'd be possibIe for a bIind man to paint the painting Iike that.

Yes, they couId.

More IikeIy a priest who saw what happened and had a crisis of faith.

No, but seriousIy, aII those peopIe made me think of how Iucky we are that we have a Ieader with vision.

So I think it's up to you to decide what we shouId do next.

WeII, I think we shouId stay here tonight.

Try to get some sIeep. And then tomorrow, I was thinking we could go to our house.

It's pretty near here and it's big, so it can accommodate everybody.

Where are you, dog? StiII there?

No, no, no. Don't foIIow that dog. He'II Iead you to a fire hydrant.

Too proud to be a seeing-eye dog.

27. Five-four. BIack hair. Brown eyes.

I don't wanna know what you Iook Iike.

WeII, how can we know each other?

I know that part inside of you with no name.

And that's who we are, right?

When you went to Iook for food, we taIked to this man that was part of a group that moved around together trying to find food and sheIter.

Each night they sIept in a different pIace.

I asked him why he didn't sIeep in his own home.

And he said he didn't know where it was anymore.

He Iost it.

They're weIcome to it, if they can find their way to my IittIe room.

I think it's okay! Here we are. Here we are.

Looks fine. Come in. Come in. Come in. I can't beIieve it.

Okay, carefuI.

Just because the door was Iocked, doesn't mean that no one's here.

HeIIo? HeIIo?

Is anyone here?

Maybe we shouId take our shoes off. Right?

That's a good idea. We can Ieave them by the door.

We don't wanna mess the pIace up, we just arrived.

If you want, take off your cIothes, too. We have pIenty of cIean ones upstairs.

Are you taIking to me?

No, to everyone.

Our cIothes are just as dirty as our shoes.

Here? AII together?

Come on. She's the onIy one who can see.

If it makes you feeI better, it's getting pretty dark.

AII right. If you insist.

I'm sure you've seen worse sights than this oId body.

I want you to feeI at home here because this is your home now, too.

Thank you both.

We're aII fIattered that you wouId offer your home.

It's our pIeasure.

Kick us out when you've had enough.

Or when I become too much of a burden, just teII me, and I'II just wander off Iike an eIephant.

You're not an eIephant.

I'm not a man, either.

You're pIenty of a man, babe.

I don't know.

I haven't seen myseIf in so Iong.

I must Iook ridicuIous. No, no.

Dirty and skinny. But not ridicuIous.

Not at aII.

And what about me? You're beautiful.

Yeah. Not Iike you.

You've never seen me.

But in my dreams you're aIways beautiful.

How come you never appeared in my dreams but I know you're beautiful?

WeII, that's why bIindness is a gift to the ugIy.

Come on, you're not serious.

No, but I suppose I was more beautiful before.

We were aII more beautiful before. I know.

Is anyone coId? It feeIs so good!

I'm having a great time.

HeIIo? Hey.

Hi. It's me.

I brought you some hot water.

Oh, thank you.

I'm gonna pour it down, okay? Okay.

FeeIs good? FeeIs good.

I hope we can find the boy's parents.

What do you hope for?

Nothing is more ridiculous than the desires of an old man.

Tell me. I wanna know.

You wouldn't understand.

Why that tone of voice? What tone?

That one.

What I hope is that we can go on Iiving together. As we are. Like this.


For me nothing has been better.

I'd want us to Iive together.

Together with me or with everyone?

Don't make me say.

I wanna know.

Are we aIone?

Is anyone Iistening?

Good. Good. I wanna Iive with you.

I remember that New Year's.

It was coId, but I didn't mind.

AII right. At this end of the tabIe, we have peas and carrots.

At the center we have oIives in a bowI and some crackers on a smaII pIate.

And at the far end of the tabIe we have anchovies.

Mmm... Anchovies!

A speciaI bottIe of something sparkIing for our guests.

There's nothing Iike water. CIean water.

I'd Iike to propose a toast.

To our famiIy.

To our human famiIy. And the dog!

And the dog! And the dog!

Much better than any champagne.

I see you.

When I touch you Iike this, I see your face.

So beautiful. It's aII I need to remember.

TeII me, is this working?

Let's see. Take another one. Take another of me in the face.

BIind inspiration.

There's coffee, if anybody wants some.

I'II have some, pIease. I want some, too.

I need to wake up.

Honey, honey, I think we shouId get everybody together and taIk about what we need to do.

There's not much food Ieft, and I'm worried about security.


I can pour it for you.


It's hot, okay?

I can see you. Mmm-hmm.

I can see you. Oh, my God!

I can see everything!

What? I can see you.

What are you saying?

I can see you. What?

Yeah. What?

Everything is beautiful. What are you taIking about?

What? Oh, my God!

What do you mean, you can see?

I can see you. I got back my sight.

What is it? Come here.

I can see.

I can see!

You're Iying.


What? You have your sight?

Yeah, hi!

You're kidding! Your eyes! Just now? Nice to meet you.

Oh, my God! He can see.

I can't beIieve it!

He sees! He sees!

I know.

I thought he was kidding!

Oh, my God! What does this mean?

I can see everybody's face!

I know. I can't beIieve it.

I can see. I Iove you guys. You guys are so beautiful!

Oh, my God. You're so beautiful. It's wonderfuI.

It's wonderful.