Blood (2012) Script

The wind out here, out there on the islands.

I remember when we were kids, Dad would tell us that if we didn't fasten up our coats, we'd get blown off our feet and out to sea.

And we believed him.

Come on. Get 'em out. Right, keep moving, folks. Keep moving.

It's one of the Drinkle girls. Little Angela.

I used to see her mum down the school gates.

She'd always ask after Dad.

Wounds like that, it's pretty frenzied.

We should start...



Who is this? Hello?

What'd they say?

It was mumbling, not words.

More like... Like you don't know.

Come on, Abby! Go on, Abby!

Not bad. Excellent. 14.20. Excellent time today, Maria. Well done.

Good girls.

What are you doing here?

Any girls not with their parents in the minibus, please.

You must have a parent with you if you're not coming back to the school.

They closed the junior school, sent them all home.

Everyone keeps crying.

I didn't know Angela.

I saw her around sometimes, but...

It's stupid. It hurts like I knew her.

It's not stupid.

She was a girl like you. That's enough.

Can Dominic come and stay at the weekend?

Oh, absolutely. I'll bake a cake.

Everyone keeps asking me, "Is your dad gonna catch the guy who did it?"

I keep telling them I don't know.

I'll catch him, I promise.

Hey, Joe. Yeah?

This anniversary party of yours...

It's not a party. It's just a couple of drinks.

It's not my idea. It's Lily's idea.

Hang on. Your brother just told us there's 100 people coming.

Ask him how much it cost.

It's costing me a bloody fortune. Detective Fairburn.

I thought it was more like an endurance award for Lily.

Been married for 20 years, Saddler.

Last time you were in bed with a woman, you were being born.

20 years, eh? Poor Lily.

Well, at least I found a woman to say yes to me when I asked.

I heard the only reason Lily said yes was because she got the Fairburn treatment in the interrogation room.

OK, victim was often seen in the company of one Jason Buliegh, a man with form.

He did... He did 8 weeks of a 9-month sentence.

Indecent exposure. Fourth offence. He got out 6 years ago.

And get this. He's since found Jesus.

Or Jesus found him. That's a long time for him to be quiet.

Speak to me now, Lord, and I will listen. I will hear you.

Show me the way out of this darkness.

Show me the light. Lead me out of this darkness.

I know that you are with me. You will not abandon me.

What's all the praying about, Jason? Little Angela.

Blood alcohol way up there.

The bruising on her lip is at least 12 hours older than the stab wounds.

Take him into holding.

No traces of semen. No signs of a sexual attack.

Maria, Jason Buliegh on a 420.

She's not a virgin. Tattoo next to her pubic bone done fairly recently.

Number "4", word "Real".

4Real. What does it mean?

I don't know. Some kind of hopeless attempt at youth rebellion?

Maybe not so hopeless if you're 12.

This case, little Angela.

It's gonna be a black hole, this one.

Oh, no.

Next time Dad has one of his days when he's back with us...

... we can tell him about Buliegh.

Who are you?

Where's my son?

Jason is being questioned.

It's that girl in the news, isn't it?

Little Angela.

Oh, Jesus. She's been here every day.

I took it.

After you killed her? No.

No, 3 weeks ago.

You'll have to speak up, Jason. 3 weeks ago.

She was playing with it in her hand.

She put it down, so I... took it.


Hmm? Why would you take a girl's bangle?

I wanted to help her.

I wanted to pray with it.


She wanted to talk to me.

Why would Angela need your prayers?

She kept... She kept talking about 2 boys.

Guilty kind of talk.

You see, because they took her to the cinema, and so...

She wasn't going to school.

It was closed.

And so... so I think... I...

I think that she might have been having sex with these boys.

Jason, we're not here to listen to your fantasies.

Angel's mother told us she was wearing it the day she died.

And now you have it.

Along with photographs of Angela and 43 other girls.

5 o'clock. I'll call you later. OK.

Well done, Joe. He's not exactly hiding it.

Are we gonna celebrate or are we gonna celebrate?

I'm even looking forward to the hangover. We'll need a psychiatric evaluation.

If I asked you now, I bet you could remember what the caller said on Angela's phone.

He said, "I thought you were dead."

Nice. Wait, Robert. Robert, wait.

How did you do that? He was mumbling.

I didn't hear what he said. I didn't do anything.

You heard him. All I did was wait till you felt good about yourself.

Well done, Joe. Thanks, mate.

Cheers, Joe. Good job.

Now will you marry me?

I'll sodding finish with you. Glad I didn't buy proper champagne.

Come in.

It's a stretch to think we can take this to court on the strength of a bangle.

He had evidence hidden at his flat. He lied to us yesterday about seeing her.

Let's keep this specific. Angela's mother says she thought Angela saw him.

His mother admits he was obsessed with the girl.

A witness saw them talking to each other.

Days ago! It's how we have to do things now.

I need a witness that saw them together hours before she went missing.

That or a full confession. So we squeeze him until he gives it up.

But you can't just let him back out there. Come on!

4Real. She didn't do that to herself.

And Buliegh does have homemade tattoos of his own.

We release, give you a chance to gather more evidence.

We've all known you a long time, Joe. We know what's behind this.

This is Marie Dinning all over again.

Think you're the only one round here with a conscience? Stop being so hard on yourself.

What's all this crap on my desk?

Who are you? It's...

It's a whole new world here, Dad.

Are we gonna get some fucking work done round here or what?

Come on, Dad. Let's get you home, eh?

Fix you up a bacon sandwich.

It's good to see you, Lenny.


Go on, Dad, get in the car. Chrissie's gonna come and stay at yours for a little bit.

Why am I wearing old man's clothes?

Come on, Dad. Let's get you a bacon sandwich.

Is that who I am? Dad?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you're Dad.

Did you fuck it up?

No. It'll all get sorted.

It'll all come right. Don't fuck it up.

They depend on us.

You fuck up, it should hurt.

When it stops hurting, get out.

Go and be a window cleaner. Come on, Dad.

See you at the party, Joe.

I wasn't smart and I lost my heart under Paris skies Don't ever be a heartbroken stranger like me

She likes you. Natalie.

Lily's sister, well, half-sister. Excuse me. Can I get a red, please?

Sure thing, Joe. Actually and a little Scotch as well.

Yeah, no problem. She's really nice.

Yes. But I'm retired.

Go on. Go on. She's keen, I can tell.

You'd almost be a Fairburn.

I kind of like things the way they are.

Go on. A honeymoon's a holiday.

I like the idea of the honeymoon, just not the wedding.

And then I go and spoil it all By saying something stupid like I love you I can see it in your eyes That you despise the same old lies you heard the night before

And though it's just a line to you To me it's true and never seemed so right before I practise every day to find some clever lines to say To make the meaning come true

All right, Dominic. All right, mate.

Listen, mate...

You know, it's difficult and I understand how we all have to be, you know, grown-up and... About...

...young people and sex and whatnot.

Well, thanks, Joe. Can't say I've ever had a father's permission before.

I don't think I've ever needed it.

Well, let me make my feelings clear.


Leave it, Dave. Leave it.

She's hardly past 15. Joe!

I think we have an understanding.

Get off me! I'll tell him I'm sorry.

Get off! Dominic, I'm sorry!


You think you did that for her?

You think that makes you some kind of great father?

I'm going home.

He's not there any more either. Moved, retired...

One crazy bastard I worked with used to hide up in cupboards, jump out in the middle of an interview, whack the fuckers with a stick.

That made 'em talk.

Yeah, we'd all like to hear that tape played out in court, Lenny.

We didn't fuck about. We'd take the bastards out to the islands.

They'd... They'd be begging to talk.

We'd drive them straight out there when the tide was out.

They'd... They'd admit to shagging their own mothers.

Well, you had it easier in your day, Dad.


Fuck, no.

We had this.

Yeah, we know, Dad, we know.

We had Sol Winters.

Raped Marie Dinning. Marie Dinning, four times in her own kitchen.

We had him. Then some fuckwit ballsed up the evidence.

We had to let him go. What happened?

Went right out, killed poor Marie. Killed her.

We all know the story, Dad.

We've heard that story a thousand times.

Everyone knows who's to blame.

Did I say something? No.

What? It's OK, Dad.

Go home, Joe, while you still can, eh?


Shall we go home? I'm hungry.

Bacon sandwich? Bacon sandwich. Let's get a bacon sandwich.

Look at him out here at night.

It's a church, Joe. It's where he goes.

We've seen him now. Let's go home, get Dad to bed.

No, he's laughing at us.

Are you smiling? Are you smiling?

Are you smiling? Hmm?

Come on.

Oh, God. Guide me, Lord. Show me the way out of the darkness. Show me the light.

Don't abandon me, Lord. I know that you are here with me.

Oh, thank you, God. Thank you, thank you.

Chrissie. Chrissie.

Hey, where d'you think you're going, eh?


OK, here's how it works.

You tell us you did it and we'll take you in.

How can you? You can't prove I laid a finger on her.


The pipes, the pipes are calling From ground to ground And down the mountain side

All right.

That's enough now.

Lie down.

Lie down.

Lie down!

Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. You did it.

Let me not be lost in this darkness.

Say you did it. Let me see your light.

You make your confession. Joe.

Let me feel your presence. Come in tomorrow.

And make your confession. Let me feel your presence.

Say it. Joe.

Say it. Let me feel your presence.

Say it! Say it! Let me know you're there.

Joe! Say it! Say it! Say it!

I did it! I did it!

I did it!

I love her. She was sinful, but I love her.

I love her! I love... Joe!


Leave it!


I love you.


This is what's gonna happen.

We'll bury him out here and you'll go home and you'll put Dad to bed.

Then you take off all your clothes, your shirt, your shoes, everything.

And you burn them all tonight.

I'll do the same.

Make it look like I fell asleep in front of the TV.

And you talk to no one.

- Jemma? Chrissie.

I'm too tired for pranks tonight.

Jem, I can't be on my own tonight.

Get the spade.

I know I... I mess about and I turn everything between us into a joke.

But, Jemma...

...I love you.

I love you so much.

I really want you to know that.


I will marry you.

Andy, 10-19, 10-51, to station.

MP, MP, from Victor 2.

Battalion 1. Central. Go ahead and send me another DLS ambulance.

Message received. We'll be there in about 3 minutes. 1-1 over.


Morning, boys.

You burnt your clothes, yeah?

Chrissie, don't you dare mess this up, you hear me?

Do you hear me, Chrissie? Joe, I won't.

It's just... Jemma said she wants to get married.

It threw me, that's all.

You're getting married? No way. Chrissie.

Jemma's finally given up fighting you off? Chrissie's getting married!

Yeah, thanks. It only happened last night, so I'm a little bit... all over the place.

Yeah. Yeah, thanks.

The CCTV stuff. Oh, cheers.

You spoke to Jemma last night. Why?

What's the first thing I told you? Talk to no one.

- What did you say to her? Nothing, Joe. I wouldn't.

Why does she suddenly wanna get married? How's the hangover?



Chrissie, how many stab wounds were in that little girl's body?

- 12. 12.

He did it. He said, "4Real."

Buliegh's where he belongs.

And he's not the first to meet with a bit of justice out there on the islands.

You know the stories. Come on.



Got him.

Pulling up flowers there, Dad?

Too many weeds. Not weeds. Flowers.

The... The... The colourful ones are the flowers.

Hell of a night last night, eh? The anniversary party.

We had to take you home, Dad. You were drinking like the old days.


What party?

I didn't go to no party.

Tomorrow I want your clothes. I'll burn 'em myself.

You hear me, Chrissie?

What's that?

It's Buliegh the night Angela was killed.

About an hour before she died he was in a drunken stupor 4 miles away near his mother's house.

That can't be him.

No, look. Look at that jumper.


Yeah, it's Buliegh.

Huh. His lawyers are gonna love this.

Joe. Yeah.

It's all right, Chrissie. The tape has to be wrong. It has to be.

I mean, he did it.

He couldn't have known about Angela's tattoo unless he'd had her pants off.



When we were on the islands and I caught him...

Shh, shh. Come on.

When... When we were on the island and I caught him, I was wired.

I was gonna tell you. I was gonna tell you. What?

I asked him what it meant.

What does it mean? What does it mean?

I asked him what "4Real" meant.

That's what put me over the edge, him saying "4Real".

What have you done? What have you done?

What have you done? Joe, I'm sorry.

No, no, no.

No, please, Joe. Please, Joe.

Oh, God, Chrissie.

Excuse me. Detective?

It's... It's my Jason again. He's gone missing.

He's not answering his phone.

Please, could you help me find him?

So many people out there, they hate him.

Something must have happened to him.

Please, can you help me?

Come on.

Thank you.

I think that she might have been having sex with these boys.

I wanted to help her.

I wanted to pray with it. She kept talking to me.

What are you doing? Buliegh. Listen to this.

Why would Angela need your prayers?

She kept... She kept talking about 2 boys.

Guilty kind of talk.

You see, because they took her to the cinema, and so...

She wasn't going to school.

It was closed.

We didn't hear him. It wasn't the school that was closed.

Robert... We didn't hear what he was giving us.

Robert, who cares if he gets confused? It's a diversion.

I wanted to help her.

I... I saw the guilt.

It's a lie.

You know, Joe, sometimes we make the mistake of confusing anger with caring.

Maybe the most useful thing for us to investigate is ourselves.

Yeah? Really? If anyone needs investigating round here, pal, it's you.

You should hear what people say about you.

They call you loner, saddo, Obi-Wan.

To pray with it. Talking about 2 boy...

They took her to the cinema, and so...

She wasn't going to school. It was closed.

It wasn't the school that was closed.

Yeah? Come on. Come on.

We thought he was rambling. But Buliegh isn't confused.

He said cinema.

I think he followed Angela here.

Somebody call the police.

I've been a very naughty boy. Why don't you come and arrest me?

Detective Fairburn.

Send out the women and children first.

We've got you surrounded.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Detective Fairburn.



Detective Fairburn.

We know you're in there.

We know you're in there.

I notice you've been living here.

Where else am I gonna go?

You might have cleaned it up.

Why are you saying this?

Because there'll be evidence.

I didn't do it.

You were here when it happened, though.

Yeah. Your friend did it.



Fucking get in trouble all the time, eh? D'you hear me?

Look at me when I speak to you, you little git. Look at me.

D'you hear what I'm saying?

Darrell was drunk. He had the knife.

Just to scare her, that's all.

She started to cry, like, you know, panicked sort of crying.

So everything just got worse. She was sort of screaming.

So he just stuck the knife in her arm, to warn her sort of thing, that's all.

But then she was screaming even more.

So then Darrell says, "We'll have to now."

Like that.

And kept stabbing her.

Then she was sort of dying.

And what about you, Sammy?

Hmm? Why didn't you run away?

Or why didn't you try to protect Angela?

'Cause... he's my friend.

You phoned her, didn't you?

Why did you call her?

Sort of hoping she wasn't dead.

Got them. Got the fuckers. Superb, Joe.

How good is that? Bloody magic, is that!

Why do they take it so personally?


OK, chaps, we need to talk about the Renton case and what's happening Thursday.

Well, I'll be seeing the DI in charge of it.



Sandra Buliegh just rang. Jason still isn't home.

Hasn't been seen for 3 days. He's not our problem any more.

We caught the boys. It's done.

Yeah. It is done.

Those boys, getting caught, maybe it's the best thing that'll ever happen to them.

The ones I feel sorry for are the ones that get away with it.

You're not what your friends and family think you are.

So every moment of love they give you must be agony.

I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Getting away with it.

Natalie's been asking Lily about you.

Honest, she's keen.

I've been married and I've been lonely.

I'd rather be lonely.

What about when you get old? On your own? Is that the plan?

Wrapping your arms around a woman.

Don't you miss that? Don't you want that?

I can give you her number.

Will I give her your number?




Jason, is that you?


I know you will show me the lighted path in my hour of need.

Dad, what are you doing? What?

It sounded like you were saying a prayer.

No. Yeah, you were. The lighted path?

You're not OK, are you?

You're up late.


And what was the score? I'm not telling them.

Tell everyone. Why? Because he always cheats.

I do not cheat. I don't cheat. He always cheats.

Paul, do I cheat? Don't get me involved.

I'm not even asking you. Joe, Yeah? Have you got a moment?


So, I'm finally getting this man to move in with me.

I went to see Buliegh's mother.

She said Jason called her.

Well, good. Though he didn't say anything apparently.

Just thought you'd wanna know.

Do you want a drink? Come on. Come and have a drink.

Come on. Paul's here. Paul.

Ah, Robert.

Hey. All right?

Who was that man?

That's Robert, Dad. You remember Robert, the Zen detective.

No, not him. Hello.

The other one.

The one out on the islands. Dad?

The one who fell over. Dad, keep your voice down.

We can't talk about the islands any more.

Well, you wanted me to remember.

Now I want you to forget, d'you hear me?

I want you to forget. Understand me?

Jemma and Chrissie, happy ever after.

Jemma and Chrissie. Cheers, Dad.

Hello. My son is missing.

Excuse me. Have you seen my son?

Thank you. Thank you very much.

When I first heard that this boy I had held and was part of me, that he could do this, expose himself to girls, it broke my heart.

And when this poor child was killed, I doubted Jason.

I've got to put that right.

I can never give up, not for one day, until I find out what happened.

It's just not knowing, it's killing me.

What's that, winter jasmine?


You look older.

I am older.

The world is older.

It happens.

This is peaceful.

I sometimes think to... sit in a garden, nothing else...

... I'd miss the work.

I realise I need the work. I don't know why.

You were always too quiet.

Outside. Looking, watching, thinking.

Never trusted you. No one did.

I just didn't wanna join in your way of doing things, Lenny, that's all.

Why not? It works. We didn't fanny about.

You fuck up, it should hurt. When it stops hurting, get out.

Go and become a window cleaner.

All that stuff you talk about, beating the truth out of them, all that stuff you told your boys, that's not true, you never did any of that.

We used to take the bastards out to the islands.

They'd admit to shagging their own... No, no.

I've been told not to talk about the islands. I'm supposed to forget.

What is it I'm supposed to forget about the islands?

I don't know, Lenny. What is it you're supposed to forget?

Fuck you. Coming here, winter jasmine.

Who do you think I am? Old? Gone?

I can make you sorry your mother ever opened her legs.


I was quiet because I was scared of you. You made sure of that.

Made sure everybody knew whose kingdom it was, even your boys.

Well, I'm not afraid of you Fairburns any more.

Hey, Chrissie's found a new witness.

Some guy that lives near the church.

Thought he might have seen something the night Buliegh disappeared.

Joe. Joe. What are you fucking doing?

Sandra Buliegh. What are you doing?

I saw her suffering, Joe. What are you doing?

I had to give her some hope.

Who's this witness?

He's this weird bloke.

He's just a harmless bloke, Joe. He lives there.

Near the church. His window looks over...

Get in the car and follow me.

You saw a dark car? I think it was dark.

You think it was a dark car? So what else might it have been?

It was dark. The car?

No, it was dark. Darkness.

So it wasn't a dark car? How many people?

One man got out of the car.

One man?

There might have been another man in the car.

So now you're saying there were two men?

I think.

And, um... the man in the church.

OK, so three men.

Blue car, brown car, a grey car.

These your pills, Mr Tiernan?

I have, um... obsessive com...

Do you get lonely, Mr Tiernan?

Do you get lonely? Do you find yourself looking out the window?

Is it this window? Is this the window you saw them from?

Oh, yeah. You could see anything from out here.

In your head. You are messing with people's lives here.

I'm sorry.

All right.

All right.

Why did you destroy him? You didn't have to do that.

I can't let you bring me down, Chrissie.

Chrissie. Get away from me.

- Yeah? It's me. Where the hell are you?

You've gotta get here now.

Daniel's called in a tech unit and a team from Brazen Gate.


Joe? Joe, this is serious. They're searching the isl...

Why did you move him?

So you couldn't tell 'em where he was.

Where is he now?

Chrissie, if they catch me... Go on, go on. Say it. Go on.


The wind out here.

I remember when we were little, Dad would tell us to button up our coats or we'd...

It's history, Joe.

That's all.

How did Robert know to come here, Chrissie?

You keep telling me "family" and you can still ask me a question like that?

Table three away.

One braise, one bass, yeah?

Service. All right, Chrissie. How you doing?

I've been looking for rings.

Not for me. For you.

You are gonna wear a ring, aren't you?


You're too late. We ate yours.

Doesn't matter. I'll just have a drink.

Where's your suit?

Which suit? The one you wore to our party.

I'll take it, get it cleaned.

I took it in already. Give me the ticket. I'll collect it.

I think I lost it. Come on, what happened to it?

I was in such a state that night with the drink, I just binned it.

You binned your best suit? Yeah, it was in a state, so I binned it.

No, it was you that was in a state.

Lily, leave it. I told you, I'm telling you now, I binned it.

Do you have no idea how pathetic that is?

It's my suit. You're not 19, Joe.

And you're not my fucking mother! Now get off my back!

When you're done shouting. I'm not shouting.

That isn't shouting. I'm trying to get you to listen, get you to hear.

When you've calmed down. Don't...

You burnt it, didn't you?

What? I saw you from the window.

What was that about?

I was just... I was drunk, baby. I was really drunk.

Don't worry, I won't tell Mum.


Talk to me! Chrissie!

Did I treat your mother badly?

Chrissie, please! I can't remember.

Chrissie, open the door! Why's she left me?

She hasn't left you, Dad.

Mum died. Remember?

She died.

God! Chrissie!

Stop hiding from me. What's going on?

I can't marry you, Jemma, not now.

No, no, no. I know you. I know this isn't right.

Look, you've gotta go! No! No! You love me!


Stop it, stop it, stop it. Look, look, stop it, stop it.

Look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me.

Look at me. Tell me. Shh, shh.


Tell me. We did it.


We did it. What?

Me and Joe. What?

We... We killed Jason Buliegh.

We killed Jason Buliegh.

I'm sorry.

What are you gonna do with it?

I don't know.

It was pretty stupid to dig it up.

I panicked. I thought Chrissie would crack.

You need to think.

Slow down.

No more stupid moves.


Robert. Hi.

Hello. How are you?

Well. You? Good.

Natalie said she spoke to you.

Have you come for a reference? To check her out?

Not quite, no.

I don't wanna put a curse on it, but I have a feeling about it, you and Natalie.

I think it could be good for you.

Am I allowed to say this? You just did.


I enjoyed your anniversary, especially Joe's routine with Miriam's boyfriend.

Well, Joe's made it up with her and they're back together, so it's sorted.

Did you... Did you get him home, give him a blasting?

I left early. You know that, Robert.

Of course you did.

He stayed, had plenty more to drink with you lot.

Chrissie brought him home. I put him to bed.

He got the blasting in the morning.

He's lucky to have you.

And he knows it.

If you could sit there, Tom, please.

Can we turn the audio link off? I wanna show you some...

The clothes you wore that night...

I bought them all again.

You can wash them, make them look worn.

No. No.

We killed a man, Jem.

Not you. Joe.

Joe did this. Tell them Joe did it. Joe bullies you. Everyone know...

I can't let my wife and my daughter know it was me.

What if you're making things worse?

Robert brought Tiernan into the station.

Why? For you to see.

Why? So I would react.

What are you even doing here?

You're not going to hurt Tiernan.

You know what you need to do.

Is this a coincidence?

Robert, what did Tom Tiernan tell you?

What did he see?

I've been married, I've been lonely.

Thought it was time to get back in the ring.

Robert... Tom Tiernan's no kind of witness.

But you didn't come here to ask me about Tiernan.

You came here to tell me something. You followed me.

Chrissie, if you know something about your brother...

I know...

...that he's prepared to go to hell for the people he loves.

He's been looking after me every day.

Every single day.

When I was 18, I met this woman.

I knew she'd break me, but I did it anyway.

Why do we do that?

Why do we let people break us?


She's waiting.


Was it a long time ago?

Was what a long time ago?

Or was it... Yesterday?

It was him I took out on the islands.

You listen to me, Dad. You didn't do it.

It was me and Joe.

We took him out there.

You understand?

It was you?

And if anyone asks, that's what you tell 'em.

It was you.

Love you, Dad.

Miriam, go to bed.

Mum, what's he done? Go to bed, Miriam.


Dad's not here. He's... He's working.

Mum, what has he done? He's different. Something's happened.

Let me not curse this darkness but let me be light.

Let me take that.

You have to try to understand that what Dad does is not like other jobs.

Why are you talking like this? He promised me.

I know you will show me the lighted path in my hour of need.

Let me not curse this darkness but let me be the light.

Something's happened and you know and you have to tell me.

I don't know. You do know. I know you know.

And you have to tell me. It's not fair!

I was wrong! I was wrong! How would it be if I was sorry?

If I was... If I... If I changed my mind and I...

Yes, I know.


That's a pretty vicious way of making sure we haven't got anything to go on.

OK, ladies and gentlemen, you're going to have to move back for me. Move back.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

You did it, Joe.

You got away with it.

Move behind the barrier.

If I could stop my head.

Bye, Joe.


What you doing here, Dad?

I told 'em... what happened.

I told 'em it was me.

I did it.

I took him out there.


I smashed his head in with a shovel.

That's enough, now, Dad. Hey, I told 'em all.

Yeah, but everybody knows you're full of shit, Dad.

It wasn't you.

You know I did it.

You know it was me.

And I don't want you to do this for me.

D'you hear, Dad?

Are you in there?

I fucked up, Dad.

Not yet.

When we were kids, Dad would tell us that if we didn't fasten up our coats, we'd get blown off our feet and out to sea.

We believed him.

At least until we realised he was only human and he made up stuff like that,