Blood and Chocolate (2007) Script

When we are children, we believe the world is full of magic.

We believe in myths and legends, and that destiny awaits.

That is the world I remember

and the one I wish I'd never known.

-Someone's there. -Back in the house.



Vivian, run!

Running. Always running.

Never know when you're gonna need it.

Vivian, when he comes, he'll expect you to be here.

Well, l won't be. lt's an honor to be chosen, if it is you.

And when he leaves you, is that an honor, too?

These are the ways of our people. l don't need your advice today, Aunt Astrid.

Oh, baby, you need something. l remember being 19, you know.

You're still 19.


When l was 19, l was pregnant. lt was my choice.

And what l found was it's best to stay where you belong. lf you know where you belong.

We have a home here, Vivian, a safe one. Thanks to Gabriel.

Your parents would have wanted you safe. And you are. lt's only you you're running from.

Are you sure this is the right address?

Yes, it has to be.

Vivian. Do you see anything you like?

-Just here to drink, Drago. -That's what they all say.

ln your dreams.

She's shy.

Don't give up, cousin. l think she likes you. l see a real future there.

Sweet of you to say.

A ring, a church wedding, all her family would show.

And then for the reception, you'd kill them all. l know. lt'd be magical.

You know what we are, Vivian? We're romantics.

''We'' are nothing.

And the thing about romantics is

they never give up.


Yes, on top is how l imagine you.

That looks fun. Can l be next?

Absinthe all around. Her, too.

Well. Out from their caves, if it isn't the Fortunate Five.

We're in luck, gents.

My cousin deigns to honor us with her presence.

-Are you here to dance, Vivian? -Dance. Yeah. Shake your pretty tail. l'd like to see how you'll dance for Gabriel.

My cousin, you know you will.

Seven years, it's almost time.

He has other girls to choose from.

None like you.

To darling Vivian. Pride of the pack.

-And her bright future. -Vivian!


Hello? ls there somebody in here? ls there somebody in here? You're asking me?

Since when do they lock churches in this country, huh?

This is a sacred place. Protected.

Well, l didn't steal anything.

You an American?

Look, l don't need any trouble. l heard about this place. l had to find a way in.

What is this?

They're figure studies for a graphic novel.


Like these.

-Which one has the wolves? -The next one.

My name's Aiden. Aiden Galvin. l'm here for research.

And trespassing.

Look. Bucharest is a treasure trove. l'd heard there were places that wolves were almost, like, worshipped.

But l didn't think they meant it literally.

Strictly speaking, they're not actually wolves.

They were called loup-garous.

You mean werewolves.

Not as you and l think of them.

They weren't monsters, not in the legends here.

-What were they, then? -They were revered.

They were the best of man, the best of beast.

Kind of shape-shifters, l guess. Until they were wiped out. ln the legends.

-So your comic book... -Graphic novel. lt's not about monsters?

Just us humans, right?

Hey, were you hiding or something? What are you doing here?

Wait, wait, wait, wait. l'm leaving, all right, l'm outta here.

Just tell me your name.

You do have a name, right?

Do they have names?

Why should we? lt's bad luck to break into a church.

Hey, what's your name?

l don't want to come.

Go. Go, go, go!

Let me in! Help! Please!

Get out of here.

Oh, come on now, cousin. lt's not like we were going to hurt her.

You have to let the boys have their fun.

You know the law.

The law.

What's one girl, right? And another.

When they come, they'll come in numbers with guns.

And not just for you. They'll come for all of us.

Spoken like a bitch who's been there.

We weren't gonna hurt her, Vivian. We were just playing games.

We know the risks, Vivian, same as you.

Yes, see, we all know Gabriel's law.

-''Hunt as a pack or not at all.'' -''Hunt as a pack or not at all.''

And the laws he'll have for you.

She's asleep.

Gabriel, she stayed home waiting for you.

Are you afraid of me?


You know about our tradition.

Every seven years, the leader of the pack takes a new wife.

Don't you mean mate?

Should show more respect for the rules. Without them we cannot survive.

There are prophecies about girls like you.

You come from a long line of leaders, you know.

Women in your family were legends in this city.

Your father should never have gone to America. l knew how he would end. l told him.

You must have hated him very much.

No. But you know why we have survived here? lt's because we stand together.

Your father thought of himself first.

Don't insult my family.

You have no family. You have heritage.

lf you're the one from the prophesy, soon l will ask you to be my wife.

l see what you did to Astrid.

You come for one night, she cries for a month.

You want to be ordinary? You're not ordinary.

Ask the animal who is inside you. She will teach you.


Was l not worthy of your respect?

No trace of admiration?

That's because you don't know the real me.

Hey, scumbag, you are free to go.

Detectives? Where are you taking me? Huh?

What is this? Where are you taking me?

My friend, your arrest has made the paper.

You must be very proud.

What is this? And who are you?

Please, have a drink with me.

Absinthe, it's an old ritual of mine.

Why did you pay to get me out?


You know, there are countries where they call this poison.

Of course, it doesn't come in a dirty needle. And it's not sold to children.

What you want? You want a cut?

You want in?

My friend, you have escaped the law till now.

But in this city, we are the law.

As we have been for 5,000 years.

We'll find out who you've been selling your poison to.

For tomorrow, tradition reigns.

Well, that makes all the difference.

-Your chocolates. -That's so nice. Thanks.

Hey! Hey, Wolf-Girl!

Hello, sweet tooth. Ready to hunt?

All hail the queen of the night, the beauty of Bucharest!

She will hunt and hunt supreme.


Willem, so he's chasing the meat, right?

Lands on it, turns it around, it's Gregor.

-Did l tell you? -No, l had no idea. l had no idea.

Hell of a night.

''ln fear l hurried this way and that.

''l had the taste of blood and chocolate in my mouth, ''the one as hateful as the other.'' Remember that?


We're all lost souls, Vivian.

At least we're lost together.

My lords and ladies, we gather tonight as our ancestors did for all time.

The first night of the full moon when we gather as one.

For we are one.

And we hunt as one.

We have survived for 5,000 years by hiding who we are.

We have been chased from everywhere, England, France, America, but not here.

Never here.

This thing before you

is called man.

But l call it menace.

The race of man is corrupt at its core.

The only thing it's good at is destruction!

And so, once in a while, we must make an example to show this menace that we may be outnumbered, but we will never be outhunted.

So on this night,

let nature grace us to return to who we truly are in the wild where we once lived.

Please. l swear...

There is a river within those woods. lf you reach the other side, you win your life.

And if not, glory to the loup-garou who takes it.

Run free.

No one ever reaches the river.

Help me!

lt's who you are and always will be.

Help! Help!

Bunв, any mail for me? Letters, packages? l'm in 204.

No mail today.

Did you even check?

No mail for nobody.

Where'd you get this?

Yes, l am being careful. Thank you.

Why don't you go sell something for a change?

lt's not gonna taste any better with you standing there watching me.

Hey, Wolf-Girl.

Don't ever call me that.

So give me something else to call you.

How did you find me?

Find who?


Look, l'm working. l can't talk.

And l really don't think you should be back here.

So ask me to leave.


Now ask me like you mean it.

What's it been, two, three weeks?

What are you still doing in Romania?

Trying to work.

-Don't you have a home to go back to? -No, l don't.

But l do have a train ticket in a few days.

And l was hoping to spend some of them with you.

Yeah, well, that wouldn't make my boyfriend really happy.


Would you be at a church at 2:00 in the morning if you had a boyfriend?

Why do you always run from me? That's twice now, you've run from me.

Are my drawings that bad?

-You have to go. -That is starting to sound like you mean it.

What do you want with me? l wanna know who you are and what you love and what you dream. l want to know what you were doing there that night.

And l should just tell you?

This coming from a guy who doesn't even put his name on his comic books?

You read my books? l guess the library is out of everything else, huh?

You need to leave now.

One night. That's all l'm asking.

Otherwise, l will be here, all day, every day, buying chocolates.

Piata Romana. Tomorrow night, 7:00.

7:00. lt's for you, Wolf-Girl.

Hi. Health inspector.

-What's that? -Trash.

Give me that.

What, your trash? Your human trash? Now, why would...

-Oh, well, now. -He doesn't know.

Well, that much seems obvious.

He's drawing pictures for a book on loup-garous. l showed interest.

-Did you? -Not like that.

No? Didn't model your tail for him?

He doesn't know, Rafe. Leave him alone.

Now, cousin, why wouldn't l?

You want to have a meat-boy, l don't care. l don't care if you have 100.

Just don't tell any stories that you shouldn't.

They're good for fun, you know, pretty ones.

They just never let us be ourselves.

Like that girl you killed? lf he finds out it was you...

This will be my pack one day.

My rules, my law. So l will do what l want, when l want.

And your pretty mouth will stay shut.

Now, run along, little Vivian. The world must have its sweets.


-You did it again. -That's the second time.

You're too good at this.

You, we need to talk.

How are you, Gabriel? Business good?

How's the bitch-du-jour you left my mother for?

Have you and your friends been hunting on your own?


There are rumors. You were seen with her.

-Did Vivian say this? -You didn't track her?

-Well, not to hunt. lt was a game. -A game?

Rafe, you are my son.

But if it's true, l can't protect you.

-l won't. -Vivian's a liar.

This has nothing to do with her. Did you hunt that girl or not? l didn't touch a hair on her pretty head.

lf man suspects we are still here, he will exterminate us.

-We must rule this city from the shadows. -Because we fear them.

We are millions no more.

Please, hear my warning.

Because the day you hunt outside your pack, you are dead to it.

l got it. l got it.

How's an American girl end up in Romania anyhow? l was born here in a community of expatriates from all over.

And my parents moved to the States when l was little, and then l moved back.

Without your parents?

They died in the States when l was little. l've lived with my aunt ever since.

-Do you remember them? -Every day.

My aunt says that they used to take me to that church all the time.

Do you always act like you're being watched?

You're not allowed to take a walk with a handsome starving artist?

Who only puts his initials on his books.

What's he hiding from?

Well, l could tell you, but l would have to kill you.

So, how's your book coming? l mean, what's the city taught you?

That the werewolf stories have got it all wrong. ln the loup-garou legend, they're not cursed, they're blessed.

Like the moon turning them into wolves. That's all how it was twisted later.

The loup-garous can change whenever they want. lt's mind over matter. Transcendence.

You know, they believe they will change, and in that moment they do.

Can you imagine that? From a man to a wolf.

-lt sounds beautiful. -lt is.

Supposedly, you could kill them with silver but also with fire.


And you couldn't become one. You know, be bitten or whatever.

You're either born a loup-garou or you're not.

And in the stories they say that if you harm a loup-garou, if they bleed, that they show you just a glimpse of what they really are. lt's all in the eyes, apparently.

Oh, no, what, this place is closed? l can't believe it.

They have this fantastic cafк on the roof. Got the best views of the whole city.

Not the whole city.

How about l take you somewhere?

Vivian! This is private property.

Never stopped you before.

l have a great feeling about this.

One of the richest men in the city lives here.

He's an art collector.

This is so much better than the date l had planned.

When l say run, run.

-You never said run. -Run.

Now, this is the best view of the whole city.

They're all that's left of Bucharest castle.

Built by the Magyar princes in the 10th century. lt was said that the princes' bloodline was loup-garou.

So when the Magyars lost the throne, it was said that the wolves' reign was over.

How'd you know they were here? l thought you'd like to see them.

You're full of secrets, aren't you?

Don't you want to draw them or something?

Whenever l'm with you l get the feeling you're hiding.

My family has plans for me.

Expectations. Where l go, who l'm with.

But your future is your own, isn't it?

Let me tell you something.

My old man was an ex-Army Ranger and an addict.

And he told me that l was gonna learn to defend myself whether l wanted to or not.

Truth is, all l really wanted to do was draw, but that wasn't exactly on the agenda.

So one day we had it out, you know. l was 1 7, said l was leaving, the whole thing.

And he said he would kill me if l tried.

And l tried.

What happened?

Turns out l knew how to defend myself better than l thought.

Which is why my name is not on my books. lf he finds me, he'll follow through.

There's an assault warrant out on me in the States.

So now l write from wherever l travel, send it in to my publisher.

Since you were 1 7?

But my point is, l know what it feels like not to want what they want for you.

But it's your life. You don't get another.

And in any other, l wouldn't be here.

So am l going to see you again?

-No. -Never?

-Ever. -So l guess this is goodbye then.

Your family don't have to know. lf that's the way you want it.

lt's the way you should want it, too.

So what's your train ticket say? l'm mean, what's the date on it? l tore it up. l'm inspired now. l'm starting over with the book.

All over? lt's going to be about the Magyar princes and Bucharest castle.

Back in the loup-garou glory days, when they ran the city.

And their rise and fall.

Why do they have to fall?

What? People who can turn themselves into animals?

How could we not be threatened by that?

Hey, if you don't want me to let them fall...

-Hey, what's the matter? -Nothing, l cut myself.

-You did? Let me see. -No! l have to get home.

-You don't have to go home. -Yes, she does.

Caution with my cousin, meat.

Many men have courted her, none have survived to tell the tale.

Leave him alone, Rafe.

Some girls will steal your heart, this bitch'll eat it.

Take your hands off her.

What? Didn't she tell you?

She's promised to someone. A man. An important man.

Leave him alone!

The man who brought her home after she got her parents killed.

She told you that, right?

That they were slaughtered and it was her fault?

What's he talking about?

She's taken, friend. She owes a man.

She's not for you.

He's a rare find, isn't he? Medium rare.

Go to hell.

Yes, l probably will.

What's he talking about, ''taken''?

We can't meet again.

We can do whatever we want. What the hell is wrong, Vivian? l told you about my family from the start.

The hell with your family, right? What, do they own you?

Are you gonna let them own you? l won't let you be my fault.

They talk of secrets, our secrets.

These four heard her themselves. ls she protecting the pack?

Who is he?

He's meat.

American brand.

She talks to him of loup-garous, Gabriel.

Or is Vivian above our law?

She has grown feelings for him?

Then you will take care of that for me.

-Me? -Yes. l'm sure you'll know what to do.

Bribe him, threaten him. Whatever it takes.

He spends not one more night in this city.

He stays, he dies.

''Forgive me. I've so much to say and so little time.

''Meet me at Silestru Chapel north of the city tonight at 6.:*00.

''Vivian. ''

How is this for a resting place?

lt was built in the 13th century, supposedly on soil brought from the Holy Land.

So many people wanted to be buried here that the cemetery overflowed.

So they improvised.

Where's Vivian? l like to think they're saying, ''Come on, it's not so bad.'' l asked where's Vivian.

Not with you.

Little Vivian, she's like a wounded animal, you see:*

She's had her heart broken one too many times.

You're here to protect her?

Merely from herself. So, when's your train?

-What if l'm not on it? -Then what's left of you will be.

Unless, of course, you'd rather be buried here, you know.

-As a ceiling fan or something. -Why am l such a threat?

She's a fragile girl.

No, no, why am l such a threat to you?

Oh, no, my friend. You're not a threat.

This is a threat.

You'll leave Romania on the next train.

You won't write to her, talk to her, or come looking for her ever again.

Because if you so much as breathe her name...

Do you hear me breathing?

Yes, look! Look what you've done!

You stupid meat, l was here to save you, to warn you.

But now, now you're mine.

Bless this food for our use and us to thy service.

l'll take the train, l swear it. l'm gone. l'm on that train. l am the train.

Oh, my God, it's silver.

So your playmate's home tonight. You should come see me.

Not tonight, Astrid.

These old laws, you can change them.

Seven years, why seven? Real wolves mate for life.

Not another word.

Come on. We used to set this place on fire.

We all grow old, Astrid. We have to do it with dignity.

Aiden? What...

Aiden, what happened?

Your cousin.

-Rafe? What are you... -Stay back.

Why do you know so much about wolves, Vivian?

What are you talking about? How badly are you hurt? ls it 'cause you knew he was one, huh?

Loup-garou. Like the legend. Like a comic book.

Where is he?


Take it.

Go on, take it. lt's silver.

-l wanted to protect you. -Protect me from who? From you?

You're not possible.

Get out of town. Get out of Romania. Get out and never come back. lf they find you, they'll kill you.

Oh, it's ''they'' now, huh?

What did you want from me, the truth?

Listen, my life is over. l just killed someone!

They're gonna find my prints, my blood. What am l gonna tell them?

What will you tell them? lt's just too much to ask, l guess, just a human girl.

-Aiden, l never wanted... -lt's too late for that. lf you cared a goddamn thing about me, you would've left me before we ever met.


May l help you, sir?

Yes, as a matter of fact you can.

Are these real silver?

Of course.

Thank you.

We went to find him.

He'd been gone for so long.

What is it, Vivian?

His car's outside.

What's happened?

Our son is dead.

He will be avenged.

Do you need some help?

No. No, thank you, Officers. l'm just waiting for my train.

The correct answer is yes.

My lords and ladies.

Man has forced us to hide our true nature.

He has persecuted us for centuries.

Last night, he took yet another life.

The life of my son.

But we will have vengeance, for his murderer is here.



Rafe went to kill him.

This man knew our secret because one of us let him get too near.

And how would you know that?

Did Rafe hunt him down on his own, or did you send him?

He killed my son. He must pay with his blood.

You sent your own son to his death over me?


lf he lives, he will bring the hunters in the night.

Just like the ones who killed your parents. And it will be all your fault again.

There's a river within those woods. lf you reach the other side, you win your life.


Wish your enemy well.

Wish him well.


You say man is a heartless killer. How are we any different?

We only kill to survive.

Take her to the car till l come back.

Stupid girl. You are loup-garou.

Creeks lead to rivers.

But l crossed the river.

The river.

What about your goddamn river, huh?

Oh, Jesus, no.

l'm sorry, l...

Please don't kill me.

Hold on, there's a road ahead. We have to get you to a hospital.

No, hospitals only make it worse.

Then where?

There's a place.

Vivian! You home, little girl?

They won't look for us here. This is a film company.

Do you know what makes photographs work?


They say, even now, it'll kill you to breathe it.

Will it? lt's already in my bloodstream.

Once it's in, it stays in, unless it's treated.

Treated how?

There's an anti-serum for silver called Antigen-AG. l know where l can find some but not until dark.

Come on.


You didn't leave. l'm running out of people to trust. l've never killed anyone.

At the hunts. Please believe me.

Why do you even go? lt's not the hunt l live for. lt's the running.

The being free.

They were my tracks the hunters followed back to our house.

That doesn't make it your fault.

Men kill us. We kill men.

Because anything we're not is a thing we're taught to fear.

So is that fear you're feeling right now? Or is that something else?

lt's fear.

Of what you'll do?

Of what you think of me.

When l draw you, loup-garou, l'd wish that you were real.

So what right do l have to wish you away now?

You can control it. l can control it.

Where would she hide, l asked.

Where else but where l told her not to?

-Don't, Astrid. -He's not one of us.

Astrid, don't. There is another way. lt was man who killed my sister. lt was man who killed my son. lt was Gabriel that killed Rafe.

Just like he'll kill me. lt's the only justice he knows. l'll protect you. l'll make him see.

Just like you'll make him see who he really belongs with?

Your first love all went wrong.

Please don't take mine from me.

ls that silver?

We're going to the pharmacist's. We're getting antigen, and then we're leaving the city.

He can't love you if he fears you.

Tell me not to fall in love, Astrid.

Tell me how much more to life there is.

Run, my little girl. Run free.


Hands on the counter. Gabriel owns this guy.

You must be in some kind hairy situation?

Got some splinter in your paw?

Like lemonade on a hot day.

Stop! Drop the gun.

Sorry, my furry friend. Drop the gun.

Watch out!


How many of us have to die for your happiness? l can smell him on you.

You try to run a simple business...

My new best customer. l want your antigen, your bullets and your dust.

How does it feel to be in a cage the way man would have you?

You could have been a great inspiration to your people.

But look at you now. Our greatest shame.

When you put your trust in man, you condemn us all.

We condemn ourselves.

Aren't we half-human?

Don't you see that what you denounce is a part of you?

lt's not part of me. lt's part of you. l know what l am.

You and your traditions can go to hell.

Well, you are the future of this pack. l'll let you name her fate.

What have you ever loved, Gabriel?

Power, hate, fear? You're the most human of us all.

You never understood.

The ancient prophecy said a girl from the bloodline of leaders would one day command us and lead us into a new age of hope and glory. l thought that girl was you.

And what will the new age of hope look like?

How much blood will there be?

Let's find out tonight.

We hunt, you and l.

Quick, he's there!

Drink up.

For you and all mankind.

You want to shoot your own family?

You want to be that hunter on that snowy night?

Then l give you my back.

That's all you deserve.

Shoot him. l can't.

Shoot him.

l can't.

Hey, Vivian! Vivian, help.

May you know the age of hope when you see it.

So how are we going to get out of the city if they're watching everywhere?

There's one place they won't be.

This is my world. These are my people.

They believe in prophecies and destinies.

I believe we make our own.

Where are we headed?

How about the age of hope?

Either that or Paris.