Blood Brothers (2015) Script

Oh no.

Oh fuck.


Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking shit!

Relax druggie Dougie.

Don't fucking call me that.

My name is Doug, or Douglas.

I'm a fucking adult!

I believe he's trying to assert his authority.

Are you trying to assert your authority?

Maybe he thinks he's in charge here.

Do you think you're in charge here, druggie Dougie?

Don't fuckin'...

What did I say?

He said to relax druggie Dougie.

I did.

I said to relax.


What do you want from me?

We want to see how much you love your new God?

Are you familiar with Yubitsume?

Yeah, it's that brown chicken dish at fucking Benihana.

No Doug, it's a ritual practiced by the Yakuza.

Yubitsume is a form of apology.

If a member of the Yakuza were to dishonor himself or one of his bosses he'd be required to perform it.

Perform what?

He'd be asked to use this.

To cut the tip of his pinky finger off.

Fuck, fuck you guys.

I'm not cutting the fucking tip of my finger off!

Oh that's up to you druggie Dougie.

Yes, we're not the low life drug addicts here.

This stuff, this means nothing to us.

We just as soon flush it down the toilet.

We would.

But we know you wouldn't like that.

You're what they call a super addict.

And besides we're only asking for a pinky you big baby.

It's gonna hurt like fucking shit!


It really only tickles a little.

And you'll have that sweet, sweet crack to take the edge off.

And then we'll drive you to a hospital, they'll patch you up neat and tidy.

This is, this is fucking fucked.

So is chemical dependance, but here we are.

And you've certainly dishonored yourself.

So I can't think of a more apropos way to atone.

Just the tip, right?

That's all.

So what do you say druggie Dougie, pinky or no pinky?

And you fuckers are going to take me to the hospital right afterwards, right?

My golden word of honor.

Let's up the ante a little bit, shall we?

Odds are you've never seen a kilo of cocaine before, so feast your eyes.

It's still Yubitsume.


You do have to use this.


Oh and how the fuck am I supposed to cut my finger off with a rock!?

Figure it out.

That's your problem druggie Dougie.

Or you can go for the small package instead and just use the knife like a little bitch.

Shall we count?

Fuck it!

You got this Doug!

It hurts!

Go, go, go!

It fucking hurts!

It hurts!

Just severe the bone and you're all free!

Oh do it Doug!

One more!


Oh my God!

Douglas, I am impressed.


You were right.

See I told you, drug addicts will do anything.


Well I am a man of my word, you won fair and square.

Thank you.

What the fuck is that about?

Oh you see, I bet a dollar that you would use the rock, but Charles here, he thought you'd puss out and go for the knife.

You bet on me you yuppie assholes!

What's so funny!?

It's powdered sugar druggie Dougie.

And the packet was rock salt.

You fucking dick holes.

Fuck you.

Just take me to the hospital please.

Now where are our keys druggie Dougie?

If they've been snakes...

They would've bitten me, I know.

You can't walk away from me.

Have to dash druggie Dougie, it's been fun.

Don't you fucking leave me here!

Fucking help me!

Mother, are you decent?

When am I ever not decent?

Are you trying to imply I'm not a lady, Charlie?

Of course not mother.

How did you sleep?


Oh, if I could move without pain,

I would've tossed and turned all night.

I'm sorry to hear that.

You are still beautiful though.

Yeah? Mhm.

Am I still your favorite girl?

Forever and ever.

You sure got that look sweetheart.

Thank you mother.

What time is it?

Oh, would you get my medicine for me baby.

I'd be glad to sweets.

Thank you.

I had the weirdest dream last night.

You don't say.

Yeah, I was standing in the middle of the road watching this horribly disfigured man being pulled out of a car wreck.

And guess what?


It started to rain rose petals.

Isn't that the damnedest thing?

And to top it off the police and the paramedics around the wreck stopped pulling the guy out and started dancing around like it was a Broadway musical.

Then what?

Then my son called me indecent and here we are.

Oh hush.

Do you know what Freud would say?

Oh who gives two wooden nickels what Freud would say.

That's all psychobabble anyway.

Probably true.

It's all just a series of dreamed up notions.

Barely 11 am, and Freud is the topic of discussion.

I'm missing out.

Good morning, Thomas.

Good morning mumsie.

You two were out late last night.

I hope you weren't getting into any trouble.

Not in the least.

Is that true?

Yes, of course.




Have a good day.

You too mother.


Is there anything in there?

About what?

About last night.

Oh I'm sure our friend Dougie either bled to death in a gutter somewhere or he patched himself up.

Also, do me a favor.

Never bring up Doug again.

Better for all of us.

Of course.

I'm sorry.

No, never be sorry.

You know that.

Sorry is a sign of weakness Charles, and that is one thing we cannot afford to be.

More coffee guys?

Please. Please.

Genevieve, what a pretty name.

Thank you.

I actually pronounce it Genevieve, sounds fancier.

You're new here.

Yeah, just started yesterday actually.

Well we're a couple of regulars, so we'll be seeing lots of each other.

Oh, great.

I'm Thomas, and this less handsome devil with the pancake in his mouth is my brother Charles.

Oh, I'm sorry, hello.

Hi, I'm Genevieve, again.


And that's my daughter, Maddie.

Well you guys need a fill up just give a shout.

Now that's a kind of woman man was made to ruin.


You look like you could use a fill up.

You could.




You're creaming all over the place.

Did you go away for a moment?

She's got some big hips.

It's a good sign of a healthy uterus.

Can we please go one day without you using the word uterus?

It's my very favorite word, Charles, can't help myself.

I'm in the mood for a movie today.


We should get a hooker.


Did you put salt in this?

A little.

Doesn't taste like a little.

What about the hooker?

Oh, we should get one.


Because it's time.

So, so we're really going to do it?

You think we're ready?

You're not chickening out on me, are you?


I just didn't think we were ready, that's all.

We're ready.

We've tested ourselves, and we've tested others.

I say we just push forward.

So what do we do, just call up an escort service?

And then what?

No, no you idiot, we don't just call up an escort service.

That leaves a paper trail.

You're supposed to have the higher IQ here, right?

So what, we just pick up a girl off of the street?

Yes, we just pick up a girl off the street, take her to a motel.

Oh, motel?

Isn't that leaving a trail?

We pay cash, she books the room, no one sees us with her.

All right.

Also we should rent a car, so their hooker...


I don't leave paper.

We'll borrow our mother's car.

She won't be needing it anyway.

What kind of girl should we get then?

Any kind, doesn't matter to me.

It's all the same meat in the end anyway.

Would you two dick holes please shut the fuck up!?

I'm trying to watch the film.

Just shut up!

We're not animals, Charles.

Though he is on the list.

It shouldn't just be any kind of girl though.

She should be special.


So you pick.

It really doesn't matter to me.

Your indifference is suffocating.

My indifference is justifiable.

No one's gonna care one eye about any of these girls.

Pretty or not.

That one.

That gaudy one?

She's decrepit Charles.

Why her?

She's beautiful.

She looks like mother.

All right.


Evening boys.

How can I help you?

Well my brother and I have carefully selected you for tonight's indulgence.

Selected me?

Both of ya?

You wouldn't happen to be cops, would ya?

Oh no ma'am, just regular red blooded American horn dogs.

Yeah, I can see that.

I'm Drew, and this is Hank.

Nice to meet ya, Drew and Hank.

I'm Vanity.

Is that your real name?

No, of course it's not my real fuckin' name.

So are we gonna party or what?

I'll just get my purse.

We could've gone some place nice, you know?

Dirty places for dirty things, I always say.

I'm gonna go freshen up.

How should we do it?

You wanna sleep with her, don't you?

We can't rape her Charles, it'll leave semen behind.

Even with a condom it wouldn't be safe.

Did you smell her?

Her scent, she stinks off cooked meat.

That's because it's not meat brother, that is the smell of impurity.

So how should we do it then?

Let's just roll with the punches and see what develops.

So what do you two little pervs wanna do with me tonight?

A great many things.

You don't have to call me ma'am.

I'm your whore, not your librarian.

Now I can be if you want to.

So we ridin' solo or tag team?

I don't do anal, usually.

Though I can be financially coerced.

I don't swallow...

This is a nonsmoking room.


Cigarettes are the leading cause of death in the United States.

Okie doke.

Well you boys are in charge, so let's...

Oh no, no.

You're in charge tonight.

We want you to take the reigns.

I like your style Blondie.

You can come first.

Do you like what you see?

I've always wanted to be a ballet dancer.

Yet you became a prostitute.

Well life's what happens when you're busy making other plans.

Isn't that the bullshit saying.

Like God works in mysterious ways, whatever.

How many sexual partners have you had Vanity?


Too many.

What would your mother think about all this Vanity?

She'd say I hope those two sexy brothers tip well dear.

You know what's funny?

This is actually my biggest fantasy.

Well not exactly, but close enough.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna suck your cock, is that okay with you?

Gimme a chance to warm up!

Get off me!

You disgust me.

You fucker!

Thomas what are you doing!?

She's not the one!

Not the one, what, what do you mean!?

She's so impure, she's rotten!

She can't be our first.

I'm your first?

Thomas wait up!


Get away from me Charles.


Hey, I'm talking to you.

Hey, what happened!?

She wasn't pure!

She wasn't pure, Charles.

She was a piece of garbage nothing.

It was all wrong.

All wrong?

How is it all wrong?

We knew what she was before we ever walked into that room.

No, no.

You see, it's the wrong tack.

We're going about it all wrong.

Are we?

Or did you just lose your spine?

What did you to say to me?

What the hell did you say to me?

Don't you ever!

I'm sorry.

Don't you ever say that to me again!

I did not lose my spine you idiot!

How could you not see that she wasn't right?

Or you're too stupid to understand?

How wasn't she right?

We were supposed to kill her, not put her on a pedestal.

That's exactly my point Charles.

We should put them on a pedestal.

At least our first one.

It shouldn't be some thrown away street trash tramp, it should be someone who's death would mean something.

Hookers get killed all the time.

Life goes on.

We need them to remember what we do and who we do it to.

Well, we could've just strung her up and made it look like Jack the Ripper got to her and that would've made ink.


Keep in mind this is an experiment, a test of the superior intellect versus the weak minded cattle.

For it to lead to transcendence it's got to mean something!

But for it to mean something we must also make it art.

It must be a defiant act of our above all else.

The victims are as much part of it as we are.

They are the canvas Charles.

Don't worry.

And we...

You will live.

Are the goddamn paintbrushes.

I saw the light coming out from underneath the door and figured you were awake.

Yeah, I'm having trouble sleeping.

Anything I can do?

Tuck me in, sing me a song?


You look worried.

Is everything all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Just got a lot on my mind.

You know I can read you like a book.

Something isn't right.

There's nothing.

We're supposed to tell each other everything.

No secrets.

Is it Thomas?

He's weak and...

No mother.

Everything is fine.

Hmm, boy wasn't that the look you got.

Let's see, what song would you like to hear?

Well I could use a little sunshine.

You got it.

♪ Sunshine baby ♪

♪ It's sunshine ♪

♪ Time to wake up baby ♪

♪ Oh it's sunshine baby ♪

♪ All for you ♪

Good evening stranger.

Hey Genevieve.

You remembered?

Sit wherever, it's super dead tonight.

I will if you join me.


Cookie dough's my favorite, but we don't carry it.

I've never really been a big fan of cookie dough.

Most guys aren't.

Maybe it's a girl thing.

So I guess your husband doesn't mind you working the graveyard shift.

I'm not married.

Oh, I figured since.

Getting pregnant and getting married can be mutually exclusive.

It was just a stupid time in my life.

I don't regret having my daughter.

I love my little Maddie.

You have a tattoo.

Oh yeah.

Souvenir from the old days.

It's beautiful.


Maddie likes it.

So tell me about yourself.

What do you do?

What do you like?

You okay?

Yeah, nervous twitch I guess.

Are you nervous?

Well yes.

After all I am all alone with a very strange woman and there's no telling what you'll do to me.

You're safe in my hands.

Good to know.

So what about your brother, what does he do?

He's a writer.

He wants to write true crime books, he's fascinated by death.

Oh, I couldn't do that.

There's enough ugliness in the world to go digging for more.

Back to work.

Grab a seat, I'll be right with you.

Are you seeing anyone?

I am sorry.

I didn't mean to blurt that out just then, it's just I was wondering if maybe you'd like to go with me to the movies sometime.

Are you into chick flicks?

Not particularly, no.

Too bad, you'll learn.

That was funny.

You're glowing.

I am?

It's blinding.


May I?


I want to hold your hand.

Oh, sure.

I can feel it.

What did you say?

Oh, nothing.

I'm sorry.

You have any cocoa chocolates?

We got movie shit.

That was actually really good.

I would go with the definition of trite.

You're kidding, it was so sweet.

Oh hey, you two!


I didn't know you were seeing this movie.

Wasn't it good?

I know, and the ending.

Who would've thought he'd make it to the altar after all those mishaps?



It was so good.

What did you think Charles?

Um, I thought it was okay.


This is the man who'd argue the merits of Bela Tarr's films versus Bergman's work and all he can say is it was okay.

Some films only deserve an okay.

Can't like all art, it would defeat the purpose of personal intent and free will.

Well put sir.

Ugh, goddamn battery.

Charles do you mind if I borrow your phone?

My mom's watching Maddie.

I didn't really tell her I was gonna be.

He doesn't have a cell phone actually.

It can lead to brain cancer.

Though we do have a phone at home just right around the corner from here.

Oh, maybe I should just go home.

I gotta work tonight.

Don't be a silly goose, come on over for lunch.

I'm an excellent cook.

Hey, you like pasta, huh?

I love pasta.


Stay for an hour, Charles here, he'll take you home.

You know what, call Maddie, call your mom, bring the whole clan over.

I'm part Italian, we love big gatherings.

What do you say?



Welcome to our home.


Just make yourself at home.

Phone has been on the fritz.

I'm just gonna go get my cell phone, I don't really care about brain cancer.


What were you doing at the theater?

Spying on us?

She's perfect.

What are you talking about?

Don't play dumb Charles.

She's beautiful, she's kind, she's loved by those around her she even is a mother.

She's so bloody perfect.


No, I don't think so.

You don't think so?

Then why were you going out with her today if you weren't testing the waters?

I'll be a monkey's uncle, you like this girl.

You honest to God and the baby angels actually like this girl!?

She glows.

What about me?

What about your big brother?

What am I supposed to do when you kick me to the curb for this, for this woman!?

What do you even know about her?


You know she's probably as loose as Vanity?

All women are the same Charles.

You and I need to remain pure.

Have you forgotten that!?

Okay, okay.

What do you want me to do?

You're breaking my heart here Charles.

Am I supposed to just give up on you?

Because I won't.

You're my baby brother and it's my job to keep you safe.

I said okay.

Atta boy.

You know...

She is a pretty little thing, isn't she?

Maybe it wouldn't be a half bad idea to marry a gal like that.

Kill her Thomas.

Who needs the headache?

If she glows like you say, she's the one.

She's our canvas.

Okay fine.

So how do we do...

Follow my lead.

Well as luck would have it,

I can't really seem to find the damn thing.

Oh, okay well that's all right.

They can do without me for an hour or so.

Atta girl.

Now let me occupy your mind with some fettuccine of the gods.

How does that sound?



Shall we shrimp?

You allergic?


Let's shrimp.


Charles, mother beckons.

Is your mom here?


Yeah, she's, she's sick.

I'll be right back.

Old lady problems.

You're not being a bad boy are you?

No, no mother.

Thomas isn't doing things he shouldn't be doing, is he?

Putting ideas in your head that shouldn't be put there.

No mother, I promise.

He's like a canker sore, that boy.

Always trying to be the big man.

Oh, I'm sure glad you got that look.

Top me off, will you honey bunch?

Of course mother.

I want to try and get some sleep so you can have a little peace and quiet with your friend.

So Charles tells me you're into serial killers and things like that.


I like the obscure ones, Earl Nelson, Henri Landru.

To a degree I consider them artists, geniuses.


I don't know.

I mean what would possess someone to want to kill another human being?

I don't consider that genius, I consider it insanity.

There are Neanderthals everywhere, Genevieve.

There are predators and there are prey.

The trick is to eat before you're eaten.

Well maybe that's true to a degree, but I don't think killing should be admired.

I certainly wouldn't wanna live that way.

Then you will be swallowed up.

Survival of the fittest.

Wow, life's already swallowed me up.

Best I can do now is teach my daughter to be bigger and better than mommy.

All parents want that, most of them fail.

Has anyone ever told you you sound like an asshole?

Not to my face, no.

Thank you.

Oh my God.

You are radiant.

Way to cover for your brother.

I mean it.

You're glorious.

Okay, okay.

Let's get this over with.

What are you doing?

We have been waiting for this for a very long time.

For what?


You, young lady, are gonna be our masterpiece.

Charles, tell him to back off.

This shit ain't funny.


You think I'm playing around, Miss Genevieve?

What kind of hoity-toity shitty name is that?

Stuck up bitches like you are better off dead, I say.

Charles, it's here...


Thomas, Thomas, are you okay?

Are you okay?


She's getting away.

She's getting away, Thomas.

Come on!

Someone help me, please.

She's suffering.

It's so beautiful.


Help me, help me.

Look at her, Thomas.

Go away.

Look at her.


Charles, please.

Why are you doing this to me?

I'm not doing this to you.

I'm doing this for you, because you're beautiful.

I didn't do anything to you.

You glowed.

Because you are glorious.



God damn it, Charles, stop it.

Leave her alone.

She's dead.

We took her face off.

We took her God damn face off.

What should we do?

Oh Jesus.

It's beautiful.


It was a divine act.

It was divine.

The universe approves.

Did you see when I told her it was because she was glorious?

She smiled.

Like she was giving me permission.

She didn't fucking smile.

Why did you keep that damn thing?

It's one of my souvenirs.

What's wrong with you?

You're shaking.


Forget it.

Thomas, I know you.

What's wrong?

I mean...

We pulled it off.

We did it, you know?


We did it.

The problem is...

I didn't like it.

It shouldn't have been like that.

What should it have been like?

I don't know.

I don't fucking know.

You don't have to curse, Thomas, there's not need for that.

I don't have to fucking curse?

Fuck you, Charles.

It shouldn't have felt like that.

Like what?


I felt, sorry for her.


I'm sorry to hear you say that.

Swinberg, long time no see.


How are the kids.

I don't have children.

I meant you're balls, pal.

You have testicle cancer, right?

Yeah, how did you...


They're fine.

They're in remission.

So, I'm coming in late here.

Fill me in.

Female, age 26.

Jesus, what is this, man?

We found her off the side of the road, off Cold Water Canyon.

Someone took a rock to her face, multiple times.

Rock for sure?

Well, we couldn't find it.

But, all the rock debris in her wounds is consistent with a rock as the murder weapon.

No prints on her?

No, she was clean.

We're still waiting on fibers, but the site wasn't exactly pristine, so it may take a while.

Also, we found a patch of skin missing behind her right ear.

It looks hastily removed.

Probably a trophy piece.

Of course it was.

He probably framed it too.

Okay, darling.

Let's see if we can't find out who did this to you.

Up for a movie?

I'm in the mood.

I'm not.

You can have it.

I wasn't going to eat it anyway.

How did you know?

I saw it.

I think I can see everything now.

Sorry, boys.

Didn't mean to startle you.

May I cop a squat?

Pun intended.

Of course, Officer.

It's Detective.

Detective Homer Gaul.

As long as we've got that clear, you can call me Homer, we're pals.

Well, how can we help you, Homer?

Not sure if you boys have heard the bad news, but one of the waitresses that worked here was found murdered late last night.

Oh no.

My goodness, who?

Oh, pretty little thing.

Named Genevieve Du Bois.

You boys know her.

We knew her somewhat, yes.

She would wait on us whenever we came in here.

Well, that's the reason I'm bugging you folks.

You see, I asked Angelo, the owner here, to pick out for me a few of the regulars, and he fingered you two, among a few others.

Well, we are certainly regulars, aren't we Thomas?

Uh, yes.

And, you two are what friends?


Nothing unsavory or illegal going on under this table is there?

No, Homer, we're brothers.

I'm Charles Brubaker, and this is Thomas Lo Bianco.

Different dads?

You got it.

You must be really good at what you do.

You flatter me.

It's a gift.

Here you go, Detective.

Ah, Homer, please, we're pals, remember?

Now, lemme...



Oh, Angelo, Angelo, Angelo, Angelo.

This is the first time I've actually tasted coffee the way it was meant to be made.


Have you tried this coffee?


It's like cinnamon and Jesus had a baby.

Don't trust him, Charles.

Kill him.

You boys ever chat with Genevieve?

See her at all outside this place?

I can't say we have.

Wanted to though.

She sure was a pretty young little thing, like you said.


Of course, I was going off pictures.

Whoever killed her...

Man, those twisted bastards really did a number on her.

How was she killed?


It really wouldn't help the investigation if I started running my mouth about the sensitive details of the case, now would it?

Turn on the local news.

I imagine all the gory details will be in the 6 o'clock.

Now, if I wanted to reach you fellas again, how would I do that?

Well, this is our home number.

And that's in gold leaf too, FYI.

Pals, I wanna thank you.

Ah, ah, ah, Thomas, manners, please.

Is it something I said?

My aunt always told me to modulate my tone.

I hope I haven't been...

No, it's just that we're sick.

Wouldn't want to spread it.

Besides, you have work to do, Homer.

Taking a sick day now would just slow you down.

That's really very thoughtful of you.

Talk soon, pals.

Hey, can I talk to you folks.

Did you see his cup?

He had the glow.

He came over to shake our hands.

How can you be sure?

How 'bout a foreign film?

Something long.

I'm not feeling well.

Take me home.

Suit yourself, party pooper.

Oh, let's take a picture.

That one's good.


Excuse me, old timer.

My God, you pervs.

Get out of here.

Out, out, out.

Hurry, move, move, move.

Have I seen you before?

Move, move, move.

Psychic cop.

You've gotta be fucking kidding me.

Mrs. Du Bois?

Oh, hello, Detective.

How we doin'?

Well, we're just...

Trying to stay strong.

For her.

Hey there, Maddie.

Honey, this is the man that I was telling you about.

Can I shake your hand?

Well, if you guys need a fill up, just let me know.

Thank you for that, Sweetie.

Oh, I'm so sorry, honey.

You know, you're kind of her hero.

She's kind of mine.

I promise on my life that I will find the bad people who did this to your wonderful beautiful mommy.

It's my job, to make sure little girls don't cry.

You can count on me.


I'm the axe, and they're the big bad wolves.

Who is that?

Who the fuck is that?

Here we go.

Ham and cheese.

Mmm, extra mayo?

Extra extra mayo, my dear.

Now, I have to dash, but Thomas will be here if...


I'm turning in early tonight.


Oh, okay.

Down the hatch.

Over the lips and through the gums.

Sleep well.

Be a good boy.

I'll be the very best, mother.

What are you gonna do tonight?

Just drive.

We'll see what develops.

You're not going to...

If the spirit moves me, I shall allow it to.

You remember that cop from this morning?

Who, Homer?

He's supposed to be psychic.

I knew it!

Something told me to keep you away from his hand.

That's why his drink had the glow.

He's got a 98% conviction record, Charles.


All we can do is hope.


That we fall within that golden 2%.

He knows.

I'm sure he knows.

Thomas, psychic intuition is not evidence.

Even if he's really really good at it.

He may know, but he still has to prove it.

We are above this, and we always have been.

Do you know where the keys are.

Um, no.

How should I know?

Thomas, are you lying to me?

What do you say we just stay home tonight, get drunk, and watch some reality TV crap?

Oh, but that's boring, Thomas.

And if there's one things I hate, it's boredom.


That bulge in your right pocket wouldn't happen to be the keys, would it?

Thank you.

What would I do without you, big brother?

Well, hello gorgeous.

Well, well.

Where's Tweedledum?

He's at home.

He's a little shy.

Doesn't know how to treat a lady.

But you do?

Only one way to find out.

Same room, huh?

Maybe you should rent it by the month.

It's not going to be very clean after tonight.

Things gonna get dirty, are they?

You could say that.


You look like a nasty little boy.

I have no intention of kissing you or the 1000 cocks you've sucked.

Well, fuck.

Tell me how you really feel about me.

I'm gonna go freshen up.

Take a shower.

With soap and hot water.

I want you to be clean.

Put this on.

You see, I'm going to eat you, from head to toe.

Sounds like a Saturday night to me.

Okay, you no-faced bitch.

Come and get me.

Come out, Come out, Wherever you are.

Oh shit!

Oh fuck!

Oh Jesus.

No, no, no, no.

No, no, no, Genevieve.


I'm sorry.

I'm so fucking sorry.

I'm so sorry.

No, no, no, no, no.

Please, please, please.

I'm sorry.

I'm so fucking sorry.

No, no.

Please, please, please.

No, fuck.


I'm sorry.

I'm so fucking sorry.

No, no, no.


You see, my brother and I have a theory.

We once saw a cat get run over by a car when we were 6.

A week later the carcass hadn't been picked up yet, but where it laid in the grass, a patch of daisies just sprung up.

That's where we first saw it.

Saw what?

The divine tragedies of life.

God's love in death.

Beauty amongst ugliness and rot.

Are you a bible thumper or something?


No, we haven't written our bible.

Not yet.

But you.

You're very lucky.

Oh yeah?

Why's that?

You will be our second step toward divinity.

You see, when I said that I was going to eat you from head to toe, I meant that I was going to eat all of you.

Your skin.

Your heart.

Your liver.

Your pancreas.

Your spleen.

Your ovaries.

Your everything.

What the fuck do you...

This is one of my favorites.

I can kill you first if you like, but you have to promise to be quiet, my dear.

Vanity, come on.

Fuck you.

What did you do, you bitch?

You fucking bitch.

What the fuck?

What the hell?

Oh Jesus.

What the hell?

Oh, Jesus Christ.

What the fuck?

Oh, Jesus.

Oh my God.

So how long does something like this usually take?

Depends on how willing the spirit is.

Sometimes a day or two, sometimes instantly.

And, what do you see?

Is it like pictures, or what?


Sometimes the last images, sometimes bits and pieces, voices,

and it completely takes me in.

I see all of it.

And with her?

With her...

I'm with you now.

I'm here.

Talk to me.

Talk to me.

Did you know them.


That's good, sweetheart.

You have to tell me their names, Genevieve.

Don't worry.

They can't hurt you anymore.

Talk to me, so I can make sure they don't get away with it.

They'll hurt Maddie.

She's safe.

I sent her away with your mother.

I won't let anything happen to her.

I promise.

Now, talk to me, please.

She's being stubborn because she's scared.

But I know there were two of them.

One did all the killing and the other watched.


Yes, that's it.

Hi, how's it goin'?

Shut up, bro.

Hey, hey, I caught you.

I tried the door, no one answered.

Figured you were out, figured I would wait.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, my boy, what happened to you?

I fell down the stairs, Detective.

It's Homer, we're pals, please.

Does it hurt much.

My wife always says onion...

How can I help you, Homer?

Well, I wanted to ask a few followup questions if you have a spare second or three.

Alright, okay, yeah, okay, sure.

Is this about the whole waitress thing?

Yeah, pal.

I'm afraid it's about the whole waitress thing.


Here's your water.

Oh, thank you.


So, where's your brother?

He's around somewhere.

I don't really keep tabs on him.

That's curious.

I figured you two for being very close.

Well, we are.

Sort of.

Sort of?

Well now.

Probably off with his girlfriend.

Charles doesn't have a girlfriend.

He doesn't?

Well, no dancing car for him then.

You're the lady killer in the family, huh?

I don't know about that.

I'd say Charles has more to account for in that department.

So, both your dad and Charles' dad are dead?

Yes, sir.

Heart attack for one, drunk driving for the other, tragic.

It happens.

It does.

Doesn't make it any less tragic.




Nice place.

Good use of space.

Thank you.

What do you call this style of architecture?

Oh, I don't really know.

I guess it would be a...

I don't know.

So, where were you the night Genevieve Du Bois died, Thomas?


What night was that again?

Two nights ago.

Oh, gee, let me think.

No, I can't remember.

You know who I am.

I looked you up.

I figured you would.

So you know what I can do, right?

You're not stupid, Mr. 160 IQ.

Best to be honest with me, alright?

I know about the...

Charles took it, not me.

I've got you, pal.

Let's make it easy.


I should've seen that coming.


He talked too much.

Mother, are you okay?

Come on.

You're okay.

Here's the bed.

Hop up.

Okay. Okay.

Here you are.

Can I get you anything.

I'm fine.

If there's anything, I'd be happy to.

No, I'm fine.

I just, I feel like I should probably explain a few...

Just send Charles in when he arrives.

Why do you hate me?

With every word you say to me, you spit poison.

You hate my fucking guts.

Thomas, language!

I try to be the good son for you, but you always want Charles.

Why is that?



Could you get mumsie some of her medicine, please?

Of course, mother.


Can I...

Can we talk about what just happened?

Best to forget it, I think.

There's a police officer bleeding to death in our living room, we can't just forget it.

The thing is, mother,

Charles and I,


Killed someone.

I know.

You what?

It's called guilt, you big pussy.

That's what you're feeling.

And you wonder why I favor Charles.

He told you.

Charles, he told you?

Of course he told me.

He told me the night it happened.

Especially how you started acting like a colicky little baby about it.

You're just like your mewling father.


If I hadn't killed him when I did, he would've impregnated that stupid secretary of his for sure, spreading more of his garbage seed around.

What are you saying, mother?

Your father was a drunk.

It was easy to fake.

And Charles' father was a genius, but...

He couldn't fuck to save his life.

Oh my God.

Do you know how easy it is to fake a heart attack, Thomas?

You could even pull it off.




They weren't worthy, that's why.

I know the two of you have been paying attention to me over the years.

But somehow, somehow I knew I'd go wrong with you.

You had garbage genetics.

You've been my canker sore ever since.

Jesus Christ.

Oh, look at you.

Acting like one of them even now.

You may have come out of my cunt, but you came out wrong.

You killed my father?

And I was happy to do it.

But he loved me.

Love isn't real.

Respect and fear, that's it.

Charles respects me because he fears me.

But you...

You're different.

You're weak and powerless and you yearn for things that don't exist.

You may have acted like Mr. Big and Bad, but when the world opened up and showed itself to you, you shit your pants or ran away like a little baby.

You should just kill yourself and be done with it.

Save us the trouble of having to deal with you.

Oh good.

Shoot yourself in the head.

Pull a Hemingway.

Smartest thing you could ever do.

I've been pushing Charles for years to kill you, but he wouldn't do it.

Damn idiot.

I should've aborted you when I had the chance.

Really, Thomas?

You don't have the balls.

You can't run away from what you did, mother.

Hey, fat guy.

Hold this.

Thank you.

You like me.

You really like me.

I want to thank my mother, and Thomas, and most of all, I want to thank God.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Where were you?

Where was I?

Oh, yeah.

I was turning water into wine.

You're really the king of the fucking idiots, aren't you?

It's nice to see you too.

You framed it?


I had to go to three separate craft stores just to find the right size too.

And you told mother.

What the hell were you thinking?

What did you do?








No, no, no, no.

What did you do?

You didn't have to kill her.

Don't you see what she did to us?

We're like this because of her.

Like what?





She wasn't crazy.

You're crazy!

You're crazy!

You're the crazy one!

What happened to us?

What the hell happened to us?


Everything happened to us, Thomas!

We were made for this!

Because we're smarter.

We're better.

All this other garbage and conventional thinking, we're beyond that.

We have the look.

What look?

I have the look!

Jeffrey Dahmer had it.

Ted Bundy had it.

And now, I do too.

The look of a confident and untouchable being.

We've touched hands with the divine, Thomas.

Our eyes have been opened by God.

We were wrong.

We were so fucking wrong.

There is no regret.

Not for us.

Not anymore.

Once you're born, you can't go back.

Stop talking, you're crazy.

You don't get to talk.

Where are you going?

Get off, Charles.

You're telling on us?


You're gonna tell on us like a little snot-nosed tattle tale?


You big mongoloid baby.

I swear to God, I could just kill you right now, Thomas.


Let's turn ourselves in.

Stop this, Thomas.

We can bury mother and go back to the way things were.

Nothing has to change.

We can't run away from what we did.

They're waiting for our call.


We can ask for a cell together.

They should be able to grant that if we cooperate.

Don't call them, Thomas.

It'll be okay, baby brother.

Thomas, put the phone down.

They said they'd go easy on us if we confessed.

Everybody makes mistakes.

Thomas, put down the fucking phone.

Language, Charles.


Oh shit.

Oh shit.


Oh my God.


Are you okay?

I could use some sunshine right about now.



♪ Sunshine, baby ♪

♪ It's sunshine ♪

♪ Time to wake up, baby ♪

♪ Open those pretty little eyes ♪

♪ Oh, it's sunshine, baby ♪

♪ All for you, sunshine ♪♪

I love that song.


It's okay, Charlie.

I can see her.

See who?


She's there.

I can see her.

She says she forgives me.



Oh my God.


I'm so sorry.

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me.

I love you so much, Tommy.

Please don't go.

Please don't go.

Sorry, Charles.



♪ This ordeal will seal your fate ♪

It's over, pal.

You can come back to reality now.

♪ After the storm ♪

♪ You'll transform ♪

♪ As the warm blood coats your face ♪

♪ Just comply ♪♪