Blood In, Blood Out (1993) Script

So what's the difference between East L.A. And L.A.?

It's a whole different country.

Hope it works out better for you here than in Vegas.

It's got to. It's home.

You're not gonna get anything like this in Las Vegas.

You got that right. I been dreamin'about these for 18 months.

- No, mi hijo. Como siempre. Gracias. Eighteen months.

Say hello to your mother. And stay outta trouble!


Hey, hey! Ç Cuidado, mi hijo!

Jesse! I'm gonna need a trim, homes. ¿Cuando?

- Manana a las once. Orale.

Miklo, tell those wetbacks to step on it, or they ain't gonna get paid.

Did you hear what I said? I heard you!

Get their asses movin'. I got two more trucks on the way.

I'm already humpin' and you ordered too much.

That's 1,500 bucks of mud. Tell them to get it down, or they can pay for it.

Your mistake. Tell 'em yourself.

Don't ever take the side of the Mexican over your father! Just tell 'em!

- Fuck you! You ungrateful little punk!

I'm the one that kept you out ofjail!

You love 'em so much, you can get the same thing they're gettin' paid.

- I'll get a man to run this group. You son-of-a-bitch!

Find yourself another slave, Dad!

- You're through! I'm goin'home!

You're fired! I'm telling your probation officer!

I wish I could have seen your father's face.

You beat him up.

Ay, Dios mio.

Ay, Miklo, he'll kill me if he finds you here!

Don't worry, Mama. He ain't never gonna touch you again.

- Not after what I done. I know that cabron. He'll turn you in.

Miklo, come. Help do me up.

You know, if the judge finds out you're here, he's gonna stop my check.

I need that money. Whoo, baby, cold hands!

Oye, mami. En seis días, just six little days, bingo, I'm home free.

Ay, bingo. What's this bingo? What are you gonna be doing in six days?

Mi cumpleanos. June 28th.

My birthday, remember? I'll be off probation.

A birthday. Ooh, eighteen.

Que macho. Que macho.

Mami, mami, mami.

But to me you're always gonna be my little chavalito, huh?

Oye, I'm late. Beto hates to wait.

Hey, Miklo. You can stay with your Aunt Dolores, huh?

Come on. We'll drop you.


Shh, shh, shh. Hola, Luisa. Shh.


Ç Dolores!

Ç Ay, nino! Oh, so good to see you!

Ay, Paco. Paco, venga aqui.

Ç Ooi, ya cha-chai, ya cha-chai!

You're so tall!

How long are you here? Uh, I'm back for good.

Your probation is over? No, no. Uh, he's got a birthday coming up.

Look, um, I gotta go.

Dolores, Miklo's gonna stay with you for a while, okay?

Why? Because you have so much more room.

- I love you, nino, huh?

Lupe, you may be my sister, but I'm tired of taking care of you. Grow up!

Look, I have tried to be like you. I can't.

- Your life would drive me crazy! Ooh, orale.

The Pillsbury doughboy's back in town. Back for good, homes.

- ¿Que tal? What's happening, man?

Thought you was never coming back, eh.

Hey, you know me. I always find my way back to East Los, homes.

You couldn't hang with your white boy daddy or what?

Paco, Miklo's gonna be staying with us for a while, huh? Make room for him.

Ain't no one share my bed and TV but a woman.

- This puto's staying in the garage, eh. Oh, yeah?

You're not the rooster here, huh? This is my house.

Miklo's your cousin.

Take this electric bill over to Mano and tell him it has to be paid this afternoon.


Better keep the blankets over your head, pendejo, so your fluorescent skin don't keep me awake all night. Come on.

Hey, check out this fucking "3 P", ese.

Since when do we let Tres Puntos get away with that shit, homes?

Big badass vato. 3 P ain't nothin'... but a bunch of fuckin' paint sniffers who sneak in here at night.

- They ain't about shit, ese. They are shit, ese.

Why the fuck do you come all the way back here?

'Cause you owe me five bucks, ese, and I came back to collect with this!

Fuck you! I'm gonna kick your ass, milkweed!

Come on, Jolly Green Giant!

I'm gonna kick your ass, milkweed!

Orale, mi hijo, this is Quetzalcoatl, the great Aztec poet king.

He ruled the kingdom of Aztlan... that was from Mexico all the way up here to Califas.

Sexy mamacita.

Pay attention, pelao. I'm gonna teach you all about Aztlan.

'Cause this vato's coming back some day to reclaim the raza's kingdom.

- Huacha! Eee! Ah, parece, pero... why do you put my initials on?

Because you help me, ese. We did it together, carnalito.

- Hijo.

- Hey, Paco, what's up? Chale, ese, you can't sneak up on us, not with Luis's feathered watchdogs on duty.

- Oye, el gallo negro looks pretty mean, ese.

I'd put some feria on him.

- Ç Orale! Ç Huacha! Cruzito!

El Miklo. El Miklo Velka.

What's happening, ese? When'd you parachute in, milkweed?

Today, from Vegas.

High roller, ¿o que? Mira, papa.

- Miklo. Ç Hola, Tio Mano!

- Miklo! What are you doing here? Nada.

How's your father? Oh, he's, he's okay.

- ¿Ytu jefita? My mom wants you to pay that.

No te tucha.

When you gonna pay your share?


I'm on the K-Mart pay as you can plan, eh.

- You done anything about the Corps?

I talked to the recruiter, Bentley. He's waiting for you.

And take orders from a jarhead like you?

Forget it. I ain't with that party.

You may be my stepfather, but you ain't my commanding officer.

You eat and you sleep in my house, and as long as you do, don't you talk to me like that!


Venga, hijo.

I wanna stay with Cruz.

Have you done your homework? Yeah.

In the truck.

Hey, take it easy on Mano, homes. He just wants you to work.

Hey, he's your dad, not mine. Let him tell you what to do, eh.

I'm just telling you, ese. You don't have to mad-dog me.

- Chale, it's a customer's ride. We can't use it. That's bullshit.

Where do you want to go, Vegas vato?

- Hey, Cruz!

Chale, I told you, we can't take that ride.

- Don't cry. All right, but this time we gotta go down Brooklyn and Whittier, ese.

Just like the old days, man. Remember when you were living at Paco's mom's house?

This dude was rotten, Holmes.

- He threw some mean bombs. Chale, that's bullshit, ese.

No, really. You woke up all the babies in the barrio, ese.

Chickens couldn't lay eggs for a month.

You're the one throwing bombs. Elephant farts.

Hey, do that baby on acid face that you do, man. Oh, that's stupid.

- Just do it, ese. All right.

That tree is East Los to me.

It's good to be home.

¿Que no? Hey, ¿sabes que, ese?

My paintings made it to the finals.

- ¿De veras, man? You really made it? Simon.

In all of Califas, I'm still in.

- Orale. Te aventaste.

They'll give the prize to you. You're the best.

- Not bad for a Chicano, eh? ¿Que no?

- Oye, Cruzito. ¿Que pasa?

- You still have your quills and inks? Simon. ¿Por que?

Get down, James Brown. Put the needle in, huh?

I want my V.L. Tattoo.

Hey, take a look in the mirror, guero.

Does it snow in L.A.?

Does a white boy get a V.L. placazo?

No, he don't!

I'd have my placa now if the judge hadn't thrown me outta East Los.

Chale, you wouldn't have shit, milkweed.

It's some serious shit, homes. It don't wash off.

First sign of trouble, you'll be running back to your white boy daddy in Las Vegas.

Oye, vato, dejalo. Oye, Miklo.

Just wait 'til your number's called, ese. You'll get one.

...Folsom and Indiana, possible vehicle violation.

Fuck, man. I'm on probation, man.

- No te tucha. Pinche jura. Always fuckin' with us.

- Cool it, ese! I got it.

Hello, officer.

What seems to be the problem, sir?

Bumper clearance has gotta be at least ten inches.

Oh, really? You, in the car.

Registration, license?

You do this to people in Beverly Hills, eh?

Take off the glasses, please.

You look familiar.

You got a record?

Yes, sir, he's got a record. He's got a great record.

"The Black Rooster." Thirteen K.O.'s.

He's got a great right uppercut.

You, uh, used to train at the Boys' Club, didn't you?

Two years, second division Golden Gloves, 'til, 'til he broke his wrist.

- Oh, yeah, I remember. See? Orale, vato.

This your car? Well, I just painted it, sir. What do you think?

It looks nice.

Listen, uh, just raise up the bumper a few inches, okay?

Like your uppercut, huh?

Thank you, officer. We will, sir.

Ah, it's all right, Joe. Let's go. Hey, you know who the kid was?

Pinche culero. Didn't have that fuckin' badge between us, we'd see who hassles who, eh.

Shut the fuck up, ese. Don't be using my boxing anymore, eh.

Oh... Don't be stupid. He's just trying to save our asses.

I let you put my hat off my head once, but you better keep your fuckin' face outta my business before I put you down, milkweed.

Ya. Ya, vato. Come on, let's get this ranfla back.

You know it.

- Hungry, Miklo? I got the munchies, man.

- We get back to the canton, we'll get some refino. See if Mama Dolores made some...

Even a white boy should like chocolate.

Hey. Pull it up on your end.

Come here.

¿Que paso?

Check it out, homies.

Who is it? Tres Puntos, ese.

Right in our own fuckin' alley, homes!

Ç Chingada! Tres Puntos, ese.

But those fuckers crossed the line, eh. Into dead man's land, ese.

Chale, just my dick in my pants. Don't fuck around, ese!

We gotta do something, man! Oh, we gotta do something?

Well, do something then, rooster. You're listo. You're ready.

Chale... Why do you always wanna fight raza?

Hey, shut the fuck up, eh.

You want your placazo so bad? Do something. Let me see the color inside you.

Leave it alone, ese. Come on!

What the fuck's wrong with you? That's what I thought.

- Leave it alone, carnal. Watch me, Jolly Green Giant!

Hey, fuckin' kamikaze!

Miklo, wait! Hey, pinche loco man!

This ain't no pinche card game, ese.

Hey, life's a risk, carnal.

What the fuck is he doin', ese?

He's locote, homes.

- Ç Huacha! Ç Huacha! Milkweed's got some balls, ese. Don't fuck him up, ese.

Oh, he's gonna start some pedo, homes.

Hey, hurry up, ese!

What are you in a hurry for? You got a date or something?

Let the homeboy get down.

Fuck these punks! I'll come in here day or night. I'm taking over this barrio.

Get down, Demon. Throw that puto sign on these punks.

They can't bust a grape, can't kick no dust. Shit!

Oh, no! Shit!

- Ç Chingao! Ç Viva Vatos Locos!

I'm gonna fuck you up, you bastard! Lucky motherfucker!

Get in the car, Demon! You crazy shit, you!

- Javier! Ç Ahi vienen! Ç Ahi vienen!

- Shit!

Fuck you, putos, ese!

You oughta be ridin' a tricycle, Spider!

Spider, puto, you paint our wall, we'll paint your ass!

Why you wanna bust up our ride around, punk?

Fuck you, Candelaria! We're taking over this barrio!

Try it, Spider! Now get outta here, punk!

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure... to announce the winners of the Los Angeles City Schools Annual Art Competition.

And the first one is from Lincoln High School, Cruz Candelaria.

- Come up here, Cruz.

Cruz! Cruz!

So, Cruz, here's your plaque. Your award of honor.

And much more important than this plaque, however, I want to give you this, which is your scholarship... from the Los Angeles College of Design.

May you have tremendous success in the future.

Ow! Cruz!


I, uh...

I first started painting when I used to draw... little cards for my mom when she was sick in the hospital.

Those little cards made her happy, and she told me then, "Mijo, tu eres un artista."

You are an artist.

I guess she was right.

I just wish that she was here to see it.

I want to thank especial mi... especially mi abuelito, my grandfather, my father, my stepmom, Dolores, who I love very much, y Los Vatos Locos.

Whoo! Viva Los Vatos Locos!

Poke him deeper, ese. Make it last.

You want me to hold you down, eh?

Miralo. Como crying!

* Ay, ay, ay, ay **

Hey, Cruzito, you almost done, man? I need you to stitch my khakis.

This afternoon I got my prize, ese, and now you get yours.

ç Orale!

- Hey, your blue eyes are turning brown, ese. Caquita brown.

Orale, carnal. This is it, ese.

No more going back to Fantasyland... and believing the cat never catches Tweety Bird.

Chale. Not here, ese.

Now you home with us, and defend the barrio.

- Ç Dale! Ç Dale, guero!

- Lleguele, cabron. Vatos Locos forever.

- Forever! Forever.

- Whoo! Orale.

Hey, baptize him.

Listen... No, no, no, no!

Just calm down. It don't hurt.

- Ah. Ç Ay! Looks good, eh.

- Yeah, homes. Echale. Echale.

Another one, another one.

Hey, that was cool what you did, jackin' up those jokers, eh.

Cool, eh. Orale.

...que me empinque la vida. Come and watch cartoons. It's really funny.


- Have some respect. Ow! ç Huacha!

Not bad for a loco from the barrio, eh?

Can you imagine? Nobody ever went to City Hall... except to pay fines or bail somebody out!

Si. Cruzito, you are a lone stallion among mules.

You're gonna become a legend, like Pancho Villa orJoaquin Murrieta!

To Cruz!

- Salud. Salud.

ç Arriba, arriba, arriba!

Ow! Ay.


* Who's that lady

* Who's that lady

- Beautiful lady Who's that lady

- Lovely lady Who's that lady

- Oh you're fine, lady Who's that lady

* Oh you can look, girl but don't touch, baby Huachalo, huachalo. Huacha, Chuey. Huacha, Chuey.

Huachalo Chuey.

Ow! Ow!

Go on, Chuey!

- Beautiful lady Who's that lady

- Oh you're fine, lady Who's that lady Hey, Frankie, let me borrow the keys to your brother's GTO.

Hey, what do you think I am, a pendejo?

Oh, culero, see how you are, ese?

See who paints that portrait of your girl like you wanted me to.

Oh, pinche Indian giver. Hey, you promised, eh!

- Chale, chale, ese. You're an Indian giver, ese.

Me la rayo, vato. I'll paint your ruca firme like that, all naked y todo.

Put some gas in it, ese. Hey, don't be putting stains on Frankie's backseat, homes!

Or the front seat or anywhere else, vato.

- Yes I am Searchin', searchin'for my baby

ç Orale, Cruzito!

*Searchin, searchin' for my love Mira. Huacha, huacha, huacha, Cruz.

- Orame. No! Ooh!

Hey. ¿Que paso, mi hija?

Thought you said you was gonna be at this thing.

Huh? Guess what? I got Frankie's brother's GT. Oh, you did?

Yeah, you know it, mi hija.

So what's up? I thought you was gonna be at this thing... and then you didn't show up. You didn't tell me what time.

Oh, well, let's dance, ruca.

Baila, bebe.

Ç Orale, Cruz! No te pincha.

*For my dream girl For my dream girl

*I'll never, never never have no peace

- Let's get outta here. No, no, no, no, no Hey, where's Cruz going? Hey, come here, homes! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

No, wait, homes. Where you goin'?

- Cruz's gonna open a present now, eh. ¿Que?

Oh, si, baboso. Like you don't know.

- Come on. Orale, I'm gonna take you out with a knockout, homes.

- Horale, Juanito. Put up your dukes, eh. What do you think I'm doin'?

- Guard yourself. Hit him with a right!

Oooh! - Oooh! - You gotta finish him!

But Bobby Chacon rises and dusts Chucho Castillo.

Pa-pa-pa pow-pow. Picks him up...

Come on, let me go! Spins him around!


Your skin's so soft, mi hijita.

Tus labios, tus ojos.


Will you paint my picture?

Te voy a pintar, m'hija.

I'm gonna paint you like an Aztec princess.

Tocame, suavecito.

- Hold me, hold me

- Hold me - I want you... - Ooh, looky, looky. Can I have some?

- I like mine rare. Ye-pa, ye-pa, ye-pa!

What door do I pick?

Chingalos, putos. This ain't your turf, ese!

Get him out! Get him out, guero!

Ç Dejalo! Ç No!

Let's give this Vato Loco a joyride!

We gotta teach these putos a lesson! They ain't gonna fuck with us no more!

I'm taking his V.L. placa! It's mine forever, ese!

- What are you kids doin' up there?

Get your old man ass back inside now, punk, before I put you to sleep!

Let's get the fuck outta here! Let's party!

Tres Puntos own this barrio now!

Ç Ay! My back, my back!

He's still under the anesthetic. I gotta go back in.

Your son has multiple contusions. The thoracic vertebrae in his back is broken.

- It's very serious. When will we know if he'll be okay?

His spleen is injured, so I gotta go back in and stop the bleeding.

If he gets an abdominal infection, he might be in for a prolonged stay.

I'm sorry. That's all I gotta say right now.

- ¿Que paso? We got the vatos here.


- Orale, vatos, that rocho... Get the door!

Tres Puntos are gonna pay big time, homes!

- Big time! Shut up!

Shut up! We ain't gonna be hitting 'em tonight, eh.

They're gonna be waiting for us tonight. We're gonna get 'em tomorrow morning.

In the daylight? It's Sunday, ese.

They ain't gonna be going to Mass, pendejo.

Gimme that! You don't think I want 'em, eh? You don't think I want 'em?

I got some poison for a spider, eh, but for tomorrow.

- Paco! Paco!

Hey, hey, cool it, ese!

- What are you doing? We can't let those punks come into our barrio...

Get out, all of you! Just get out of here! Start pushing us around.

Who are you fighting? Tres Puntos!

- Chuey, who are you fighting, pendejos? Yourselves! What are you doing?

- Don't talk to him like that. Just fighting yourselves!

- Those are mi carnales. They're my family. I'm your family!

We should be taking care of each other, not fighting on the street!

Hey, we do nothing and we are nothing!

- Fuck that! Come on! Yeah, homes, chale!

- Paco! Paco, mi hijo! No, Miklo. I'm sorry, Tia.

Ooh! I like the country, ese!

Hey, Kool-Aid, put that little jalapeno back in your pants, ese.

Hey, homey, I was just marking our new territory!

That's right. We're the new landlords. Vato Locos are finished.

Check out the new view, homies!

I'm gonna build myself a righteous pad here.

Swimming pool, white picket fence and shit.

Hey, Joker, you got a fine mamacita, homes! Mwa!

- Save me some. Come here, baby.

Don't, they're watching. Come here. Gimme some.

- No. Woo-hoo-hoo-hooey! Yeah!


Hey. Check it out, Spider.

*I don't know why you treat me so bad

*And of all the things we could have had

*Love and emotion I can't forget

*My sweet 16 now I'll never regret

- It's that punk from the alley. Hey, Spider!

Vato loco must be on medication to come here.

You cut my carnal! I'm here to jack you up, puto!


Hey, Spider!

Hey, let's cut the motherfucker!

- What do you vatos wanna do, ese? Cale, homies.

You gotta pay your dues to me, pinche mamon.

You wanna throw down, puto? Come and get some?

- Chale, motherfucker! Hey, fuck you!

You want another placazo, badass! Come and get it, motherfucker!

Ç Chinga tu madre! I'm gonna cut your fuckin' eye out, punk, - and kill you! Fuck these other vatos, ese!

Get up, Chuckie! Get up!

You fuck with my familia, eh, you gotta answer to me here and now.

Come on, toe to toe.

Let's go, motherfucker!

Let's see what kind of man you are in daylight!

What's the matter, Spider, you a-scared of me?

I'm gonna catch you on the fuckin' rebound, punk!

I'm gonna squash you like the pinche bug you are. Come on, motherfucker!

Ç Vamonos!

Fuck! Die, motherfucker!

Where you goin'? Get up.

My rib's broken. You ain't talkin' so bad now, ese.

- Oh, my rib! You wanna know how it feels like?

You wanna know how it feels like to get stuck, puto? Come on, get up.

Get up! Fuckin' punk!

What are you runnin' for, bitch?

You should not have done that to my brother Cruzito, ese.

You know what I mean, jellybean?

Fuck! You wanna dance?

I know a tune that's called "Stick and cut."

You like that shit, stick and cut, ese?

- Aaah! Puto.

Miklo, hold him down!

Ç Ay!

Ç Cabron! Aaah!

Property of Vatos Locos.

In case the dogcatcher wants to know.

- Motherfucker! Let him up, milkweed!

Hey, Jorge. We got him for Cruzito, ese! He's marked for life!

- ç Hijo de la chingada! Paco, no!

Cruz is alive, ese! Besides, when a dog goes belly up, he's finished. ç Chale!

Yeah, look at him. The dog is belly up!

- Whoo! ç Viva Los Vatos Locos! Ç Viva Vatos Locos!

Ah-ha-ha-hi-hi! Yeah!

Ç Viva Los Vatos Locos!

Let's go, homes!

Die, pinche puto!


He's dead!

Come on, let's go, homes! No!

Shit! Where's he hit, man? Where's he hit?

Chuey, get his shirt off, homes!

Take it easy, Miklo! There's blood everywhere!

He's hurt bad.

What the fuck are you doing, pendejo? Watch the corner!

You're gonna kill us! You're gonna kill us, Paco!

Shut up, Frankie! I gotta get him to the hospital, homes!

No, I don't wanna go to no hospital! People die there!

Man, you're shot! What are you worried about, ese? I'm taking you to County!

No! Let me out!

- I ain't going to no hospital! Get your ass back in here!

Watch the van!

- Let's get outta here, Paco! Step on it, Paco!

Oh, shit!

Watch it, Paco!

Oh, hang on!

Ç Hijole! He's still there, vato!

Ya, ya, ese. You cry, we die! Shut up, homes!

Come on, homes! Step on it, man!

He's gaining on us! Ç No van a chingar!

They ain't gonna do shit, vato! ç Huacha!

Huacha, homes, huacha!

Ç Hijo de puta! Chicano U-turn, homey!

- Puro ricochet! There's no fucking jura in this town, ese, - can do a Chicano U-turn! De veras.

Right on, carnal!

Hey, you just hang on tight, Miklo.

You're gonna be as free as a bird, vato.

- They're down on Floral!

- This is your papi's shotgun, homes! Throw it out the pinche window!

Relax, homes! Es mi barrio. Those are the pinche tourists! They ain't gonna get nobody!

... right down here on Indiana Street, homes.

Me la pelan, tourists!

Look out!


Come on, Miklo! We gotta go, homes!

- Come on, eh! Paco, come on!

- Run, carnal, run! Vatos Locos forever, carnal. Let's go!

Come on!



Show me your hands!

- My cousin is shot, homes. Put 'em up!

- Get against the car! Get against the car! You gotta help my cousin, homes.

- He's hurt. Get 'em up!

My cousin's been shot, homes.

Get up against the car! Go, move!

Cuff him! Hey! Hey, help out my cousin.

He's been sh... Shut up and get against the car!

Pac... Ah! Paco!


Another fish tank in from L.A.

Two down and one to go.

Feel the pain, man. Come on, keep it going. Keep it going. Come on.

Some fresh meat just come in, carnal.

Come on, Ryder, one more time, man.

Come on, man. Come on, Ryder.

What the fuck we got here?

Fuckin' fresh fish, man. Can you believe that shit?


- Okay, come on. Pick it up. Let's go! - Velka, B69-345.

Pick it up. What you strollin' for? Move it along. Let's go!

Hey, baby, long time since I had a West Texas ballroom bitch. How 'bout you bein'my lady?

Say, you, black baby. This bull been corralled up for a long time.

I got what you need. Put that punk in a cell with me.

Orale, blue eyes. Mamacita, look over here. I got something for you.

You don't listen to anybody but me. Do you understand that?

I'm The Man. I'm the boss. Do you understand?

Now, walk!

Go to the door. White sign over the door.

Your chains will come off. You'll drop your drawers and you'll be home.

Welcome to San Quentin.

...515, you got visitors. Name?


- What's your number? Um, I don't remember, sir.

Learn it.

Sweeney, B56-212.

Robinson, B28-398.

Move it out. Let's go.

What the fuck you lookin' at?

Hey, smells like fish!

Come on. Get it in.

I'm the interior officer. You got any problems, you gotta see me.

Do what you wanna do. Look who's there.

Hey, Cruz, look what Grandpa got you.

Juanito, doesn't he look good? Yeah, homes.

How you doing? El palo del abuelito. Mira.

Hey, homes, that operation you got? It makes you look good as new, homes.

Wait 'til you see your surprise.

- Simon. - Surprise? - Just around the corner.

Huacha, eh?

Can you believe this?

The Corps is making a man of him.

- Hey, carnal. Qu'iubo, champ.

I'll walk from here.

Oh, no, no. Cruz, no.

- Mi hijo, do you think you should? Oh, yeah, I'm...

- Ama. ¿Me hacen un favor? Si.

- Let me and Paco walk by ourselves to the car. Si, si. That's fine.

Can I go with you guys? We'll go.

- Can I go with you? I'll see you in a minute, mocoso. Go with mama.

We'll get the car. Vengan, niños. Dolores.

- Bye, mi hijo. Hey, Cruzito, see you at the car, huh?

- Andale, andale, Juanito. Later, homey.

He doesn't look so good.

Look at me. Look it.

You all right, man?

Ç Ay! Pinche pierna, homes.

Let me get 'em.

More, more.

There we go. Those help you?

They don't do shit. Morphine's the ticket, though.

Can't run, can't sleep.

Can't play the accordion.

- Hope I can still paint, carnal. You will, carnal, you will.

Mira, vato. A fuckin' Marine, ese.

- Chingao. It was either this or jail, right?

But after boot camp, I ain't so sure it was such a good deal.

A lot better than Miklo, homes.

Pobre milkweed.

Wanna buy some cigarettes?

What's happenin'? How are you?

- Hey, baby. Hola, pretty.

Are you blond all over?

Get your hands off of me, faggot!

Ooh, how his blue eyes just light right up when he get mad.

Leave me alone, man!

I'll kill you, bitch!

Oh! You will?

Where the fuck you get that placa, Little Bo Peep?

Hey, Cinderella, go find yourself a fella.

You're on the clock, bitch, and midnight is comin'.

You got the wrong man. ¿Como te llamas?

Miklo Velka.

Ç Orale, vato!

There's some vatos you should meet.

Most of these cons don't clique. They just fill in space, doin' time.

It's the gangs that run this place.

See a black dude with a comb over there?

That's Bonafide. He runs the B.G.A., the Black Guerilla Army.

Don't take nothin' from him, or you'll end up with a Black Power comb through your heart.

What's your problem, man? Hey, I got no problem, brother.

That's a fuckin' fine comb you got.

You should give it to one of my bitches. Watch your mouth, sucker.

- Put your spear down. Don't you know this comb has power?

Black power. Yeah.

- Right on. Power to give a fool like you nightmares, but see, you wouldn't understand that. Ain't nothing to me, ese.

Yeah, I know it.

Those polar bears over in the corner, that's Aryan Vanguard, the AV-ers.

Those white boys control the dope trade, do free-lance killings, anything... for the right price. I'm about finished waitin' for my money, punk.

Hey, why not take it out in trade? You always liked Tinkerbell. She's fine.

You bet cash, you lose cash, you pay cash, pimpmobile.

Soon, or I'll have to hire Red Ryder here and his A. V. Boys... to cut some fat off that tongue of yours!

Or maybe you'd like to swap for some of that tender white meat.

You can pay your bets with that.

Suave, Al.

I'll pay you what I owe, but don't try scaring me with your A.V. Insurance policy...

'cause remember, I got a policy with Ryder too.

He knows better than to mess with a good customer.

Since business is so good, I suppose I'm gonna have to raise the rents on both you lame-ass fucks!

What's the matter? You never heard of rent control?

Easy on the threats, Ryder.

You got the vatos back there. You don't want to do anything in public.


We're talking business here.

Fuck him.

Just tuvo, Beto. It's over.

¿Ese pues que chinga trae?

Why the fuck you let these putos disrespect you like that for?

- Take it easy, carnal. You're wrecking it for the rest of the homeboys.

I'm just showing this homeboy around, okay?

It's Miklo, from el barrio.

You're the sucker that dusted Spider?

Well, if a rep is what you're lookin' for, killer... then I'm the man you want.

Mira. Tres Puntos, like Spider.

- Ooh! I'm the bogeyman! He pissed in his pants.

- ç Pinche Vato Loco! Come on, carnal.

Get the fuck outta here before I make you my bitch.

He's Tres Puntos, ese. Hey!

That's street bullshit, ese.

It's different in the joint.

We clique together. Power, to protect ourselves.

So Tres Puntos or anybody strong enough to stand with La Onda is okay.

- What's La Onda? Some questions you don't ask.

Escort! Move it over!

Dead man walking.

Back up!

Back it up.

Escort! Back it up!

Death row's over there. For all of California.


Got some smokes for you. I don't smoke cigarettes.

Got a little something else.

Some juju weed. I smoke that now, vato.

You don't mind if I keep you under my wing for a little while?

I mean, I gotta take care of you, huh? Okay, vato.

Hey, we homeboys, right? Fuckin' A. East Los rules, vato.

- Gracias, carnal, okay? Orale. Simon.

All right, you white bitch. Gimme some chon-chon!

Get away from me. You get nothing for free in here, punk.

- Ç Chinga tu madre! Ah?

Okay. Ah?

That's right, give it up. Oh, shit! Yii!

Ç Pinche puta!

You want me to take it? Huh? You want me to rape you, eh, puto?

- Aaah! Let's see the color of your blood, gabacho.

I'm gonna cut that fucking placa off of you. You ain't no Vato Loco!

Keep your business off this tier.

Simon. Ese, Pepe don't belong in La Onda.

It's low class. We're better than that.

Chale. My business has nothing to do with La Onda.

- Ç Madera! You're part of the clica. I was Onda before you were.

Keep your whores in the rec room.

Keep that fuckin' thing in there!

Orale, carnales.

Popeye's getting on my nerves.

Come on, you debutantes!

Got a once-a-year special on pork chops!

Sweet thing! This shit will make a man impotent, but you ain't goin' to no prom soon.

Eat up, folks, eat up.

Shit, man, ain't nothin' but fat on that bone. Gimme another chop.

Hate like hell to disappoint your gods, bro, but unless you got a carton of smokes, no seconds. Motherfucker!

Our Lord is blushing!

I ain't no Moslem, man. All right.

How about a little wager on this weekend's game? Your odds stink... and I ain't movin' 'til I get another chop.

Move on, nigger, before I carpet my cell with your black skin.

- Hey, mother... All right, what's the holdup?

Johnson, move it.

Punk-ass motherfucker!

All right, all the rest of you hungry bunnies, get 'em while we got 'em.

There's your chop. You happy now?

All right, now for my brown brothers.

Sorry, no tortilla. Wait a minute.

There's a ray of sunshine in all that darkness down there.

Come up here, sweetness.

Come on, muevete.

You're keepin' all these hungry beaners waitin', baby.

Move on down! What are you doin'? What's the holdup?

It's okay, Sarge. He was outta line. He was in here before.

Gimme your tray, homes.

You're catchin' a ride on the wrong train.

You oughta be at the front of the line, ahead of those jungle bunnies.

I don't take no free tickets on no one's train!

Now you take a ticket, or you get run over.

It's better to ride up front, first class, and eat with the white folks.

Know what I mean?

Flirt on your own time, Albert. Ooh-hoo-hoo, she's jealous!

Hey, where's my chop? That was the last one.

- I want my fuckin' chop, puerco. Please be courteous to the help. We've run out.

We only get pork once a year. I know you got more back there.

Only for the kitchen detail. Perhaps one of them might sell you one.

I ain't buyin' what's mine! You know the fuckin' trip. No freebies.

- Your mama was a freebie! Ç Calmala!

Hey, tough guy. You want a write-up?

Maybe you wanna go to lockup, huh?

Calmala, carnal.

Move it! Come on, we got ten minutes here. Let's eat.

You sold our meat, Al. You been gettin' by with that shit too long.

We ran out. It happens. Now move on, flycatcher. Got hungry men behind ya.

I'm gonna fold your bluffing hand some day, you chicken-shit motherfucker.

In your dreams, Pedro. In your dreams.

- A la chingadita. Chale. Calmala.

Where the fuck do you think you're trespassing into?

Orale, calmala. Calmala.

- Clavate. What do you want?

I thought you wanted it. What?

My chop.

I don't want his pork chop.

I want his life.

- ¿Que quieres, vato? Oye, why don't you go play with the polar bears... or the mayates?

What's Toluca? That's the Aztec ball court.

Where you lose... you die.

I'm gonna drop you, white boy!

Go ahead, drop me. I ain't afraid to die. Come on!

Come on! Come on!

Hey, boy. That shit wouldn't happen if you're up here with Daddy.



Andale, andale.

You speak Spanish, guero. So do parrots.

I'm in here for backing up a carnal.

I killed a Tres Puntos 'cause he was gonna take out my partner. Soy chicano.

Chicanos killing Chicanos is what they want.

Blacks and Chicanos killing each other is what they want.

That's how they run this place.

Once we get together, they don't run shit.

You got a lot to learn about being Chicano, guero.

I'm no lightweight, and the color of my skin shouldn't keep me out.

White is the enemy.

White's the system.

You're stuck in the middle.

All my fuckin' life I've been kept out.

You know what that feels like?

Knowing you're a Chicano and no one accepts you 'cause your skin came out white?

My mom's as brown as you are, and my white dad tried to beat every ounce of her outta me.

But you know what? He couldn't do it.

Chicano's not a color. It's the way you think and the way you live.

And if you're willing to give your life up for a carnal.

I'm here to do that. Use me. Use this.


You said it. Everything's based on color, right?

I can get places you can't 'cause my skin's white on the outside.

But I'm brown on the inside. To the bones.

The only way into La Onda is to take down one of our enemies.

In your case, it would have to be somebody big.

Someone we can't hit without losing a lot of carnales.

- Chale. Gimme a chance!

Trust me. Just one chance!

Estoy listo.

Respect is everything, guero. You ready to die for it?

Vamos a ver.

Blood in, blood out.

- Entiendes? Todo.

We start cookin' breakfast at 4:30 a.m.

Start dinner at 2:00. I'm startin' you on pots and pans, with the niggers.

Thanks for nothin'. I'll take whatever I can get, Al.

Whatever you say. That's right, baby-cake.

I knew you'd wise up, sunshine.

That greaser pimp can't do half what I can do for you.

Sounds nice. Hey, Gil. Tell Red Ryder I got that protein powder he wanted.

See that? You learn to treat me right and you get it all.

Food, coffee, sex, drugs.

Hell, the works. Come on over here.

Hey, clear outta here.

It's off-limits to everybody but me and the staff.

Go on in. Hey... you like that?

Oh, that's nice.

Yeah, so's this.

So this is where you keep all the goodies, huh?

Some of'em.

Pinto beans? No pintos for you, baby.

Nothin' but Texas barbecue.

How 'bout it, sweet teeth?

Just remember, Al.

I fuck who I want, when I want.

All right. It's all right. Take it easy. It's all right.

You treat me right, everything's gonna be all crimson and clover.

Popeye tried to take it. Almost cut his dick off!

Well, I can wait, baby.

That spic's a pig. Got no class.

Just don't make Daddy wait too long.

Come on, now. Come on.

You wild little bitch. This is just a sample.

- I'm gonna fuck your brains out! When I'm ready, Al.

When I'm ready.


ç Ay, mi hijo! The prices, they're so high.

The prices don't mean nothing unless they sell that much.

Cruz, I've been looking everywhere for you.

I'm saying good-bye to my family. We were just leaving.

Hey, Cruz, can you buy me a low-rider when you get rich?

- ¿Que low-rider? Ç Andale! Usted tambien, senorita. - I wanna stay with Cruz.

Bye, Alicia. Come with me, Cruz.

People want to meet you. You've got to circulate. You're the artist.

Janis! Oh, God.

Janis, what a find. Cruz, say hello to Lois and Jared Levinson.

Cruz Candelaria. Mucho gusto.

You, uh, make them look so noble. So, uh... fuerte.

I paint what I see. So you really like it, huh?

- Oh, yes. I'm sorry, but I've gotta take him to a press photo.

- We'll bring him back in a few minutes. All right.

Janis, what are you doing?

They were gonna buy something. Oh, they're looky-loos.

Window-shoppers. How do you know that, Janis?

I thought we agreed to keep tonight strictly business.

Yeah. So?

They went in. How come they went in?

We both have a lot at stake, Cruz.

Don't let them blow it.


Gentlemen, your names are not on the list, and if you don't have an invitation, you can't come in here.

Look, we don't need our names on the list, ruca.

You see that face up there? That's me.

Whether that's you or not, it doesn't matter.

Miss Weinstock needs to say that it's okay for you to come in.

Orale. Have yourselves a good time. Enjoy yourselves. There, there's my invitation.

- Okay? Gracias. Hey, hey, hey. It's okay, Belinda. It's all right.

- It's okay, Belinda. ¿Que paso, locos?

Hey, Cruzito. Congratulations.

Orale, Gilbert. In a minute, homes.

Come check out the carrucha, carnal.

- Orale. Orale, Cruzito.

"Cruz Candelaria," vato. This is big time, homes.

Oye, it's too bright in here, ese. Too much white.

Hey, Cruzito, homes.

What happened to our invitation?

What, are you ashamed of Frankie?

- Are you ashamed of me? Si, babosos. I'm glad you came.

But why'd you have to bring Gilbert, that culero.

You know Gilbert can smell money from across town, homes.

- No shit. He came to help you spend that plata.

Oh, shit, I can't pay him now, ese.

No mas tengo diez bolas. I've only got ten bucks to my name.

What, with those prices? Hey, shit, I ain't sold nothing, ese.

Well, maybe if we jack up a few of these maricones, vato.

I got the guy in the bell-bottoms.

And I'll take everyone without a bra, vato. Be cool, ese.

I'm trying to hold it together. Gilbert wants his full payback... before he's gonna give me some new credit. Shh. Quiet.

- No, you fu... Shh. Calmate, vato. Relax.

Here, have some pisto.

I'll see what I can do, all right?

He says he'll take this price. Tell him I'm not negotiating.

- The price is so low now, it's a steal. He'll probably pass.

That'll be his loss.

Listen, Janis, I need a cash advance. Can you help me?

I've already given you three advances.

I need some money, Janis. What good is it to have a show if I don't sell anything?

Cruz, most of your paintings are already spoken for by important collectors.

What? You'll be completely sold out by the end of the night.

Sold out? All of it?

Then why can't I get some money tonight?

It doesn't work that way. The checks go to the accountant to be processed.

No, I need some money now! Do you understand me? Tonight.

Come on. I sold out, so I deserve some, right?

You've got a brilliant career ahead of you, Cruz.

But all that talent can go right in the garbage.

Think about that when you're getting high with your friends tonight.

Please, no Baptist sermons, okay, Janis? Strictly business, remember?

Thank you.

You know, he really is a genius, though.

And the amazing thing... he's never even been...

Hey, Belinda, Belinda.

Here's my ticket.

Belinda, you're too uptight. Come on, this is my show.

Hey, hey.

I want to present you my friends.

This is Lois and Jerry. Jared.

You had a good time tonight, huh?

Hey, Cruzito! Cruzito!

Cruz! Hey, homes, homes.

Hey, you made me look like a cholo, ese.

Daniel. Mm-hmm.

Get them on their feet and out the door.

Artists, folks. Just artists being artists.

Drink up, enjoy yourselves. We got art on the walls, on the floor.

This is a happening. We are going to read about this tomorrow in the paper.

Let's celebrate artistic freedom.

You had all this planned, didn't you? It's part of the exhibit.

I got a hot tip, Al. How's my credit?

Ryder, your credit's as tight and firm as...

Oh, come on. Don't be that-a-way.

Nothin' like poppin' a cherry, huh, Al?

Red Ryder, your mouth, your mouth.

Lakers won in overtime, Al.

Oh! Give him a green one. No, the other green one.

Why do you keep bettin' on them L.A. Teams, Lightning?

You just keep payin' up, Al, and everything's gonna be just fine.

She looks a little bowlegged to me, Al.

You're gonna always be runner-up, punk.

I'm still gonna cut that V.L. placa off of you, sissy.

Hey, Pancho, don't be a sore loser. Get the fuck outta here.

I don't want that greaser pimp even talkin' to you. Understand me?

Tomorrow is your day, guero.

Tonight, you must read the black book.

These are the killing points.

The arrows show where a man can be killed.

Hit a man here or here, and he dies slowly and painfully.

Hit a man here... or here, and he dies instantly.

When you get to the kitchen in the morning, look in the largest stock pot.

Geronimo will be watching.

If you're successful tomorrow, you'll become one of us.

If you fail, you die.

Hey, no, I got that, Howie.

Let a real man do the job. It's all yours.

All right, you slaves! I want them things clean in one hour. Now move it!

You, get to work.

Now you heard the man. Let's do it.

That stuff's burnin' my back! Oh!

- It hurts! I know it hurts. I can't do nothin'!

Hey! What the fuck are you doing in here?

I'm sorry. Excuse me. I didn't know.

What are you doing in here? I didn't do anything!

This room is off-limits. You shouldn't be in here, baby-cakes.

What do you want? I'm sorry, I just wanted some more steel wool.

You are fuckin' up, Al, lettin' this kid in here.

It's okay, Bob, he's cool. Bullshit! Nobody else is supposed to know...

I won't say anything. - Shut up! - It's all right, Sergeant.

He does what I say. I am not risking everything for some piece of ass!

Just a goddamn minute. You get paid plenty for your risk, right? Am I right?


Yeah, right. Well, all right, then. Now get movin'.

We got plenty of trips for you to make.

Remember, I got a receipt for every dollar you got in that money belt.

Hey, what the fuck you lookin' at?

Get your ass right there and stand there and don't move!

Bob, cover that money up! How long will it take you to get back here from the parking lot?

Fifteen minutes. All right, I expect you back here in ten.

- Keep this damn door closed. Don't give me orders!

Just make sure nobody sees you leaving here.

Goddamn you, you little bastard!

Don't you ever do that again or I'll kill you! Now get the fuck outta here!

You little prick tease! I'm tired of you swingin'your precious little ass around... like you own the joint!

- You haven't put out worth shit! I'm sorry, Al.

I fucked up. I know.

Forgive me. I thought you were alone.

- Get out! Please don't hold it against me.

Shut up! Please?

Let me make it up to you.

I know I've held back, but I'm not gonna do it anymore.

We don't have a lotta time! Come on.

Let's get to it.

Hurry up! Hurry up!

I'm gonna lick you clean.

Do it, bitch. Lay back and enjoy it.

I'm all right, I'm tellin' you. It was an accident. Shit!

Hey, I'm tellin' you... Let's cut the shit.

You're affiliated with La Onda, aren't you?

Lieutenant, I don't know what you're talking about.

You tryin' to insult my intelligence? You're Onda, he's B.G.A.

Look, I know you're the gang coordinator, but you side on the wolf ticket.

Shit! Don't bullshit me.

I wanna get outta here. I can make something of my life.

Hell, I told you to keep the door...

Fuckin' little shit!

Okay, gentlemen, it was just an accident.

Get back to work. You got breakfast to make.

Man down! Let's go! Storage room! Man down! Let's go!

Goddamn it! You all wanna fuck with me?

Sergeant, I want you to shake this place down!

I want the I.D. And background on every man in here.

All right, I wanna know who did it.

Somebody in here gets 25 years or you're all dead. Take your pick.

You shut up! I wanna know who did it!

Everybody in here goes into lock-down!

No exercise, no rec room, no sunshine!

Get outta there! No nothin' until I get some answers!

And until I do, you're not gonna see the light of day!

Sergeant Devereaux!

Sergeant Devereaux, I want you to strip-search these men.

Everyone here is gonna do time in the hole.

- Hey, big fella! You'll get it.

- Sarge, where's the food? You'll get it. It's on its way.

Come on with the damn food, man!

If I don't get that damn book and money back, you're not gonna walk off this cell block alive!

You understand what I'm saying? Your name's in that book, Bob.

If I don't stay real healthy, the warden's gonna find it in the suggestion box.

Hey, Bob. What?

Can I get an extra dessert tomorrow?

Just push this cart over here! Let's move, man!

I'm gettin'hungry up here!

Shut the fuck up!

- Whose are they? They're a friend of my brother's, homes.

But he won't say shit. He's asleep anyway.

You're gonna get in trouble if he wakes up. Nah, fuck that.

All right, eh! See you later, homes.

He's gonna get pissed at you. Nah, I'll kick his ass.


Hey, Cruz! I thought Chuey... Hey, man. This ain't no playground.

- Damn! Oye, pendejo, you don't know how to knock?

I'm sorry, eh. But it's cool. I know what's up.

Chale, it ain't cool, and you don't know what's up.

But ¿sabes que, homes? You better learn, or else you can't come here no more.

You understand? I'm sorry.

Your place is great, and I wanna come back.

Okay, carnalito, but be cool. You can't just barge in anywhere you want.

All right. Go upstairs and watch TV until Mom comes.

Simon. I took his shoes and threw them.

Pendejo. Go on.

Go upstairs and practice so you can be a badass like Bobby Chacon.

- Simon, eh. Hey, hey, hey.

Tell Mom that my back was hurting, so I had to take a nap, all right?

- Yeah. Ya, lepe.

Oye, baboso. What the fuck's wrong with you?

You can't fuckin'be sonando yourself when my carnalito's around.

It's cool, homes. It ain't cool, homes.

Come on, Cruzito.

Come on, eh. Come on down.

This will cure your back pain, homes.

Oh! Painting those 22 masks is a drag, homes.

I'm tired of this assembly-line shit!

It's money in the bank, Cruzito.


*It's all right She said it's all right

- Take anything you want... Take the pain away.

Hey, paint some rucas naked.

- Oh, man! Ese, I don't wanna spend the rest of my life... decorating rich people's fucking living rooms.

I wanna do something different, ese.

¿Tu sabes?

You know, the way that I see it, Cruzito...

You know, homes, you take the money and you run, vato.

- ¿Que no? Yeah.

I'll peddle for you, eh.

Fuck 'em, man. I'll paint what I feel. Hmm.

*Fly on, little wing

This is your bautismo, guero.

We created La Onda, the seven of us.

This is the inner circle.

Every one is a capitan and commands his own soldiers.

We all have an equal vote, but I am the elected spokesman.

This is the last time you will ever sit in the circle.

You've proven yourself, so we're admitting you into Onda.

It's a commitment for life.

As a soldier, you will answer to this council and carry out our orders without question.

Failure to do so is death.

Blood in... blood out.

Hijo, te traje la...

ç Ay, no!

Ç Ay, Dios mio, no!

Ç Ay, mi hijo! Please, somebody!

Juanito? No!


Help! Somebody, please, help!


Ç Juanito! Ç Por favor, Juanito!

- Ç Ay, mi hijo! Mom, ¿que paso?

Don't touch him! Don't touch him! Leave him alone!

Ç Oh, mi hijo!

Oh! Stop it! You... You did this, you bastard!

We gotta get outta here, Cruzito! Juanito!

- There's nothing left! - Cruz! - Ç Chale!

Please bring my baby back. Please.

There's nothing we can do! If we don't get outta here, we're fucked!

Okay? Come on, please.

Juanito! Come on!

Ç Ama!

Please get up. You can do it. Get up, Juanito. Get up!

Oh, God, no!

The Lord is my shepherd, There is nothing I shall want.

Fresh and green are the pastures where He gives me repose,:

Near restful waters He leads me to revive my drooping spirit.

Surely goodness and kindness shall follow me all the days of my life, and in the Lord's own house shall I dwell.

Let us begin. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


- This is a reading from the first letter ofJohn. Forgive me.

Perdoname, apa.

Not now! Not ever!

You are dead to me, likeJuanito.

Let us pray.

LordJesus Christ, by Your own three days in the tomb, You allowed the graves of all who believe in You to be made holy, so You made the grave a sign of hope that promises resurrection, even as it claims our mortal bodies.

Grant that our brother, Juanito, may sleep here in peace... until You awaken him to glory.

Then he will see You face to face, and in Your light, we shall see life... and know the splendor of God, for You live forever and ever. Amen.

It's okay, jefito.

You can cry if you want.

The Aryan Vanguard's been insulted.

You spics knew Big Al had an insurance policy with the A.V.

So when your little lamb strays from the flock... I'm gonna kill the boy!

I heard that.

Al deserved to die.

Besides, your AV-ers owed him more money than anybody else.

So you made out fine.

He still dies.

The council has authorized me to make a substantial cash offer... to assure nothing happens to Miklo.

I'm listenin'.

Half of Al's cash. $8,000.

We're now open for business.

We'll give you personally 25% of every bet we collect from one of your members.

You don't give me squat!

You don't even do business unless I say you can.

You understand?


So, what are you givin' on the Lakers-76ers?

Give the puto four on 76.

The 76ers... and four points.

Gimme the Lakers for a hundred.

I'll take some of that action myself.

Miklo, if Onda's going into business, carnal, people have to know they can trust us.

So treat everybody the same.

The AV-ers control the dope and the BGA-ers are trying to move in on them.

Let 'em fight it out while we build our bank account.

We'll do business with both of them.

Money knows no color, carnal. Everybody likes to gamble.

All right, all you little old ladies! It's the milkman!

Come on. It's time to collect all that milk money!

It's all I can do. I'll give you a half a point.

That's the point spread. Gotta be cool, bro. Be cool.

Jefe, here's some produce, freshly picked right outta the fields.

Ç Ay! Christmastime! Pancho Villa, Virgen de Guadalupe, gracias.

Huacha, from now on I want 40% of everything we make set aside for legal fees.

We gotta start helping our gente get outta here.

Use 20% for Christmas presents for the carnales.

You should be ashamed! Quit looking at boobs.

Look at a boob tube, compliments from El Mero Mero.

My B.G.A. Brothers! Pockets! Gotta get rid of that natural look.

Go back to processing.

Look like me, vato, huh? Hey, how 'about those Raiders, chump?

Heh-heh! B.G.A. Is always right.

Got a special sale for tomorrow night's fight. It's gonna be two-for-one, bro.

Two for me and one for you!

Hey, man, don't talk to me about credit. I got debts as thick as a phone book.

Now that Mosca and Flaco are getting transferred to Chino, we'll have a base close to the courts in Los Angeles.

Give 'em some money so they can set up a legal fund, recruit some soldiers.

You got it, Jefe.

Hey, milkweed.

My plan to join our business and share profits, I like it, ese.

I don't. Where you goin', ese?

Hey, hey, hey, homes. Hey, I'm sorry.

Hey, hey, mira. Look, uh, it's about that little debt, you know?

Not so little. Hey, I'm booking next week, homes.

I got my parole, you know? I need my cash for the streets.

It's hard to get set up out there, you know? Gotta pay part of it.

I can do better than that. Put you on the council.

You could be one of the seven. Motada's been wenting you in.

He needs my vote. Erase my debt, and you're in.

Okay, Popeye.

There'll be a blank space next to your name in my book.

I'll keep it up here in my memory.

Orale, carnales. You'll be tied in good when you get out. Whatever you want, just ask.

Come on. This is my parole picture.

Hey, you only get paroled once.

Magic, something to remember you by.

All right, okay. Here we are now.

All right, vato, take a picture.

Oh, come on. Hey, I got people waiting.

- Ready? Andale.

Uno, dos, tres.

You know, I grew up about ten blocks from here, but this place blows my mind, Carmen.

Looks like Hawaii, man.

My father planted this 40 years ago.

Created the whole Yucatan right here.

Carmen's the best chef in all of East Los.

That right? Uh-huh.

Suck on this licorice stick.

It's been dipped 20 times to make you hump all night long, Paco.

With you two around, I ain't gonna need no marriage counselor. ¿Que no?

I like your style, Paquito.

I'll check it out. I know this shit is good, 'cause like the last batch you made, was dynamite, man.

But the only trip is, I'm wondering if you could supply the quantity that I'll need.

See, um... First the money... then the honey.

All right, look. You see my homey out there?

You got nine more grand.

Now show me yours.

Get him a caja.

Okay. Make sure not to shake the baby food.

PCP is very explosive.


I'd hate to lose such a handsome customer.

Ooh, mami.

That feels good.

I might need it for later.

- So did you really make this stuff? You a chemist? I worked in a medical lab. Simon.

Hey, baby... have you ever had a threesome?

Hey, baby, let's take care of the deal first, okay?

What's the matter? Too much for you?

No, I just like business before pleasure.

He's a fucking cop! Rollie, get in here now!

Get him!

You son-of-a-bitch!



- Ç Pinche perro! Aaah!

You killed my baby! My baby!

- It's PCP! Don't breathe! Get this shit off me!

Oh, shit! We gotta get you to the hospital! No, no, no!

Get me a hose! We're gonna wash this stuff off! Don't breathe!

- It's a bust, ese.

Goddamn it! We lost the fuckin' lab and Clavo's money!

That pinche loan shark's gonna shit!

How we gonna pay him back now?

- We lost everything. Ç Mira, mira! There's Carmen, eh.

Come on, man, turn around.

Who's that? Hey, she's signalling someone, man!

Paco, come back here! We gotta wash that stuff off you!

Draw in the perimeter! Wilson, call it in!

Police! Stop the car!

Pull over the fucking car!

Stop the car!

Put your hands on the steering wheel! Get your hands up!

Let's go. Outta the car.

Careful, careful, we're taxpayers, Officer McCann.

You turn around. You two, outta the car!

Orale, that's a nice placa you got there, ese.

You should be riding with me, not fucking with me, carnal.

Don't you call me carnal, you piece of shit. I'm not your brother.

Scumbags like you are killing off our kids.

You should get some clothes on, officer, before you get arrested for indecent exposure.

What an example to set for the kids. Listen, motherfuckin' rat punk.

I'm gonna put you and your rat clica back in the joint. You keep talkin'!

All right, all right, Paco, let's go.

Check the trunk. Put some clothes on.

You got a warrant? Check that trunk!

What do you think you are, bulletproof? Check the trunk. Goddamn it, check it, Rollie.

So? You think I never seen an O.D. Before?

What's the matter? You don't recognize your own son?

Hey, fuck you. That ain't Hector.

No, Hector's only 11. That boy's 13.

If your boss Savedra keeps manufacturing that shit, it'll put Hector in a cemetery too.

¿Sabes que, homes? You may grow that long hair and try to act like a vato, - but you still smell like chorizo, pig! This pig... is the only thing standing between you and them, but you ain't gonna get through me, punk.

Smokey, don't say nothing! Get him out of here, Rollie!

Your boss is a punk. He's gonna throw you out with yesterday's coffee grounds.

- I ain't no rata. Yeah, you're a rat.

Get up! Go!

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe my time here in this institution has turned me completely around, and I'm very grateful.

Now I think I can make it as a productive member of society.

Mr. Velka, isn't it true that you clique with La Onda, a group whose motto is: "Blood in, blood out," meaning you have to kill someone in order to become a member?

I hung out with a group who are my friends from my old neighborhood.

Our reputation grew out of defense of each other. That's a... That's it, nothing more.

They didn't even listen! They fucked me!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Miklo, and make something of your life.

I don't ever wanna see you in here again. ¿Me entiendes?

This is my daughter. Look at her.

Look at her! She was only six months old when I came here.

She grew up without me. I don't even know her.

- That ain't right, carnal. No, it's not, but it's that way for too many of us.

That's why your parole is so important.

You've gotta prove there's another way.

You got a chance to do it, I don't.

Right on, carnal.

Right on.

Thank you.

You gotta start acting like somebody who deserves parole, carnal.

Put it on the record. Earn your freedom on paper, ese.

All they got in front of them is yourjacket.

You are yourjacket, 'cause to them, you're just a number.

Everyone who enters the joint thinks he's a man, but you know what he really is?

A number, worth 30 grand a year.

They want us to come back.

And what's worse, they have us lining up to get in, ese.

We gotta turn the system around.

We gotta outthink them.

Now concentrate. Why do you deserve parole, Mr. Velka?

Sir, I been in prison almost a third of my life.

I've grown up here. I've learned to read and write here.

I earned my G.E.D.

Mr. Velka, this board's only concern... is to find evidence of your rehabilitation.

- That's all. Sir, with all due respect, look at my record.

I've worked hard to prove I deserve another chance. It's in there in black and white.

Please give me another chance.

- ¿Que paso? I got it! I got my parole!


They're gonna throw a parade for me in Hollywood.

Hey, vato, the only parade they're gonna throw for you is on Halloween.

Ç Simon que si!

Damn, ese, they're not that good, homes.

That's the best thing I've tasted in nine years, vato loco.


- Good to be home, carnal. Right on, cacheton. Right on.

Cuidado, Cruzito.

That rose won't bloom in the spring.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. No Baptist sermons, okay, homey?

Takes away the pain in my back.

The Lord can't. I tried praying.

You better still be painting. You know it, homes. You know it.

But it's different than before.

More real.

No, hombre. Famous apartments?

They ain't famous no more, ese.

Orale, come stay with me, homes. I got a studio.

Nah, I gotta stay here. Frank got me a place.

And besides, the parole board checks my address.

- Simon. Thanks, Cruzito.

Anytime, carnal, tu sabes.

You don't know how good it is to see you, vato.

Vato Loco forever, carnal.

Nobody home!

What the fuck's up with you?

Oh, milkweed. I made it.

Entra. Hey, welcome to the barrio, homes.

Hey, Smokey!

Apache! Mudo!

Hey, homes.

Yeah, Carlos. Yeah, he told me to tell your mom to send more coffee.

And make sure it's, um, T.C.

Shit, she never sent me nothin'.

Chata, some coffee!

Ay. She's fucked up.

We had a party last night, ese.

So, uh, you got a place for me in this building, huh?


Hey, you know, that didn't work out, homes.

This whole fuckin' building is filled up.

So what am I gonna tell my parole officer?

Hey... tell him to suck his pipi.

Simon, ese.

You can stay here, ese.

It's the same address.

I even got you a good job. You're supposed to have an apartment for me!

Hey, just a fuckin' minute, Your Majesty!

This ain't the joint with three hots and a cot!

This is the streets, homey. You got no choice!

The parole board calls the shots here! This is your address for at least three months!

Ç Chinga! La Onda could do better than this!

Yeah, Rico and Luis split after a month, man.

I'm just hanging for my old lady and my kid.

- What about Popeye? Popeye's docking me for a third of my check, man.

Everybody's getting clipped, man, to pay that loan shark, Clavo.

That's the dude that fronted the bread for the PCPlab.

That's not the way it's supposed to be!


Son las once treinta y siete y seguimos escuchando...

Io mas romantico de nuestra musica.

I burnt you on that one. Truck's loaded. Can I get my check?

No, Larry. No, no. Don't be that way.

Larry, pettiness is an ugly thing.

Won't be able to cash that 'til Monday. Company'll do it for ten bucks.

All right. So, Larry, what do you give me on the Lakers and Golden State?

Three points?

Come on, Larry. Kareem is crippled.

Gimme six points and Golden State. Come on.


Barry's hand's hurt. He's Golden State's whole offense.

Hang on, Larry. So?

Kareem is injured. So's Nixon.

Lakers got lots of firepower, but without Barry, Golden State's nothin'.

Six points ain't enough.

Listen. Six points or no bet.

Sorry, Larry. Sorry, Larry.

All right. Who made you the expert?

Put me down for 1,200.

Yeah, 1,200, Larry.

Chingao, East Los has gotten really crowded.

It is, man. Illegals pouring in from everywhere, homes.

Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, Panama. Donde sea, homes.

Crossroads of the world, ese. A Latino world.

- Simon, ese. You seen Paco?

What? You seen Paco?

No, not since Juanito died.

They don't wanna keep the wound open, man. They don't want me around.

That's cold-blooded, carnal.

Paco's a narc, homes. Probably bust my ass someday.

Man, that's fucked up!

- Detective Aguilar.

Detective! Big time!

- ¿Qu'iubo, champ? Miklo?

Good guess. Oh, man, are you out?

Yeah, two weeks. Well, why didn't you let me know, man?

Hey, after nine years in the joint, it ain't easy to call a cop, ese.

Listen. It's not me I'm calling about anyway. It's Cruz.

He's hurtin', man. He needs his familia.

He has no family. That ain't right, Paco. Vatos Locos forever, remember?

No, you know what I remember? The day they lowered my little brother into the ground.

That changed me forever.

Every time I see a junkie on the street... it reminds me how Cruzito pissed away his life and his talent.

Yeah, well, think about it. I gotta get back to work. Hey, hey, carnal.

How you doing, man? Anything I can do to help?

Nah. If I'm gonna make it outta here, it's gonna be me who does it.

And I really want to, carnal. There's lots of chances to go the other way, believe me.

- But I'm gonna make it, Paco. Well, that's great, carnal. That's... That's great.

I need the keys to move the trucks.

Wait a minute. Make sure all the tires are out of'em and they're washed down.

So you know your hoops.

Oye, cholos, alla arriba.

Eh, cortense sus pedos alla arriba.

Ç Oye, tu! Dile a tus camaradas que llamare a la policia.

What the fuck?

Hey, guero. Fuck the world.

Would you please get outta my bed? I gotta go to sleep.

Later, ese.

Get the fuck outta my bed! I gotta go to work in the morning, man!

- What the fuck you on, ese? Hey, relax!

What's up with you? That's my space, man! That's all I have!

Aaah! You pinche mamon!

Hey, Gil, there's been some sorta mistake on my check.

I'm $150 short. I worked 20 hours overtime last week.

That's right. I'm gonna do you a favor and take 150 out seven more times...

'til you pay back the money you stole.

What? I been totally straight with you, man. What are you talkin' about?

You know, I try to give you cons a break.

You see money and you can't resist stealing it.

That's a lie, man! I never stole from you, Gil! It wasn't me!

You had the keys. You knew where the money was.


I didn't... I didn't do anything.

Wait a minute.

150 times eight is 1,200.



You use my money to pay back your gambling debts? Huh?

That's a cute story.

Tell you what. I'm gonna call the cops.

I'll tell 'em my version, and you can tell 'em yours, convict.

Hey. I'll get you some extra overtime.

Yeah, right.

So much for the straight world! Fucker's got me by the balls!

He can call my parole officer anytime and get me revoked.

No llores, vato. This is just to get you on your feet, ese.

- You know, later on you'll get something better, tu sabes. Yeah, right.

Maybe I can join the priesthood and get some of that tax-free Sunday money, huh?

Ah, I was doin' better than this in the joint.

This just ain't worth it, ese. Don't bother, milkweed.

There's no respect. Oye, open up!

- ¿Quien es? Ronald Reagan, asshole. Open up.

- Who the fuck are you, pendejo? Who the fuck are you? I live here, pinche huey!

My house!

Hey, hey, hey, it's cool, it's cool. He's crashing here.

- Entrale. Tu tambien. Oye, Popeye. I told you no artillery in this place.

- You wanna get these people outta here now? Go change a tire, guero.

We're talking some heavy business here.

You ain't gonna make no deals in this place. You're gonna fuck up my parole.

Come on, let's go. No, Cruzito, this is my house, damn it!


Hey, Cruz. Where you been, ese?

Hey, Clavo. ¿Que paso, homes?

Man, you a tough mama to find.

Where are those little four G's that you owe me?

Oh, look, homes. I just gotta sell a couple of my paintings, ese.

Paintings, that's right. At least you gave me some paintings, ese.

This baboso still hasn't given me dick. Can you believe that?

What about the 30% you been cutting out of the carnales checks at the retread shop?

That's not what Onda's about. I ain't payin' you shit!

Shut the fuck up, guero! I represent Onda here!

You represent yourself. You always did.

Hey, Popeye, you been collecting?

- What about our share, homes? Fuck, Popi, me too!

You told me you were broke. You told me you were fuckin' broke!

I don't come here to listen to you chumps whine about nickels and dimes.

I'm talkin'about coppin' a hundred grand.

In Nueva York, I mean, shit, that wakes people up.

Anybody got a problem with that?

Heh-heh, no, no. We got no problem with that, ese. - Then what's the bullshit?

I'll do it. We'll do it.

I got... I got Mudo out on the street right now. He's coppin' some wheels.

And, uh... and, uh, we got the muscle.

You just give us the plan.

You got the muscle to jack yourself off.

- That's it. You better watch your back, Mr. Retread Man!

I'm gonna put you in fuckin' high heels again!

Go ahead and make your move, motherfucker! I'll send you to hell with Big Al!

Ah... I ain't got no time to waste on you.

Wolf ticket's chump.

You're right, kid.

This chump can't even change his socks.

He can't, but I can.

Hey, Clavo. Hey, hey, wait a second.

What's the scam?

I need a triggerman, white boy, not someone who just punches a clock.

- You wanna see who I am? Huh? Ç Calmala!

- Ç Calmala, calmala! I don't give warning shots, cabron!

We can do the money truck, or we can off each other.

M- M-Miklo, don't fuck around, ese.


Miklo, this vato's big trouble!

- Ç Callate! You bluff in this game, gabacho, you better be holding five aces.

In the joint, I was hustling more money than that punk ever dreamed of.

He was punchin' my time clock every day. What's the gig?

- Ç Aguila! Ç Aguila! The armored truck at the Zody's Saturday night. Lotta cash.

Popeye cleans his debt and gets ten percent.

Ç Chale! Armored truck's a dumb deal. It's too dangerous.

Not this one, smart boy.

The driver's in on it. He's a customer.

Okay, we'll do it.

But it's fifty-fifty, and you wipe out Cruz's debt.

Ç Chale, homes! Don't get fucked up in this bullshit! Stay straight, pendejo!

No sermons, ese, remember?

This is who I am.

So, do we gift wrap this sucker for you, or do you walk away empty-handed?

Sixty-forty. Realthing handles the cash.

You come up with the guns and the car. Apache's drivin'.

Me and Smokes will back up Realthing.

Okay. I can deal with that. You're gonna have to.

Hey, hey, hey! What about me, fucker?

You're out of it, asshole!

It's payback time, Popeye.

I'm gonna take back my rent money, with interest.

Orale. Let's have a drink, ese.

Detective Aguilar? Delivery from El Tepeyac?

I got you, man. I got you. No way.

Once... I did. I did so. No way, man. I knew it was you.

Check this out. Check this out. "Manuel's Special."

Is this a nuclear accident burrito or what?

Something to tide us over 'til lunch. Us? You mean you. Two of you.

Hey, I'm an undercover cop, all right?

I'm working on my character look. You're a fat undercover cop.

Does this look real or fake? Real, right? McCann.

Oye, narco. You like busting dope dealers?

Oye, pendejo. This is my lunch hour.

Big deal going down tomorrow, the Zody's on Whittier. Who is this?

Look for a blue Econoline van with 20 kis of coke inside.

You'll be on the six o'clock news.

Oh, yeah. Who is this?

All I gotta say is, shit goes down... and we're sittin'here without backup, we're gonna be two sorry assholes.

How many times we done this and nothing's happened, huh?

A lot. Relax. H- Have a doughnut.

I already have one.

Have another doughnut. Look at these.

What a dick.

Dick and asshole. That's all you call me.

What is my name? Dick Asshole?

Hey, hey. Blue Econoline van.

- Is that your guy? I don't know.

Do you see a connection anywhere? No.

Looks like two Latino males in front.

Some more in back. I don't know how many.

That's a lot of people for a dope deal.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Shit! They're rippin'off the connection! They're gonna take the money and the dope!

No, there's an armored truck!

This ain't a buy. This is a heist! Call it in!

211 in progress, Zody's on Whittier. Look up!

Look up!

Come on!

Smokey, I got you covered! Let's go!

Shit! Apache, cover me!

- Apache, wait! Shit!

They're headin' south on Whittier! There's two of'em!

Call it in! Roger!

- It's me, carnal! Miklo? What the fuck are you doing, man?

- Gimme the gun, carnal. No fuckin' way, ese!

Miklo, I can help you. Gimme the fuckin' gun!

I ain't goin' back, Paco! You owe me this one, vato loco!

No! Miklo, wait! I can't!

Stop! Police! Fuck you, detective!

Stop or I'll shoot!


Hey... Cruz, man.

When you gonna finish messin' with that shit, homes?

Huh? You painted it about 20 times. Hey, come on, tecato.

- Let's ride the horse. Chale, Chuey. We got an intruder.

Oh, shit, homes.

It's John Wayne.

Uh, well, you're just a bunch of little chavalas... and I can whip the whole bunch of ya chicanos.

So what you want, man?

Not much, carnalito.

Uh, " Hey, how are you? How you doin'?"

- You know, things people usually say who care about each other. Oh, si.

After seven years of nothing, man?

Not even a fucking greeting card.

You want hospitality, homes? Hey, pues...

There's a can of chinga tu madre... on the table, man.

Why don't you help yourself. Hey, homes?

Did you say "Hey, homes" to Miklo, homes, before you shot him?

Hey, chill out, Chuey! He was a shooter in a robbery. I was doing my job.

Nobody has the right to kill innocent people.

No, you're a pinche vato vendido, puto!

- Fucker! Hey! ç Calmala!

Hey, fuckin' relax! Ow! Ow! Ow!

Fuck you! Fuck you, wimp!

Hey, homes, you can't come here anymore unless you're gonna bust me!

Who the fuck gave you permission to use my little brother in your paintings?

I don't need permission from you. He's my carnalito too!

Don't you useJuanito as an excuse to wreck your life. You don't have that right!

Si, culero.

I don't have the right, huh? Fuckin' right I don't.

You're fuckin' right I don't have the right.

I don't... I don't have that fuckin'right.

You want him outta my painting, joto? All right.

All right. There he is! Ç Ahi esta! Ç Toma!

Take it, man! Come on!

Juanito always loved me more than you, homes.

Ç Tu te creias muy chingon! You were always too much of a badass to love the little vato!

Just like you are now. So much of a fucking badass you kill your own people!


Don't you ever say that to me again, Cruzito. I let you say that once...

¿Que, puto? What the fuck?

You gonna kick my ass? Well, ç caiga! Let's get down.

Come on! You the badass! I don't wanna fight with you, little brother.

To what, bust me? Well, come on, gabacho. You the law. Do your job.

Do your fucking job!

Look at this.

Look at that.

Must be from Quentin, huh?

Hey. Hey, he's the guy... PCP bust. That's Popeye Savedra.

Miklo's connected to him.

"La Onda a toda madre o un desmadre. "

What's "Onda"?

No, La Onda. It's your destiny, man.

It's... It's like a wave nothing can stop.

Uh, "madre" means mother. So...

No, no, it's a lot more complicated than that.

This is some heavy shit, all right? "A toda madre".

Everything is perfect. It's like... your mother's love.

And "un desmadre"... is like you have no mother.

It's absolute hatred. Complete destruction.

In other words, you win it all or lose everything.

Sweet bunch of guys.

This big fat pig, Popeye, right here in the center? He's gotta be their leader.

- Hey, Aguilar? Look at the way they're all grouped around him.

Hey, Aguilar, that con you blasted just got outta surgery.

He's gonna be a whole lot easier to catch from now on.

Nurse, could you give me a minute, please?


Por la Virgen, Miklo, I did not know that it would...

Don't talk to me about the Virgen. Vatos Locos forever.

That all died when you pulled the trigger.

How did everything get so fucked up, man?

The pinche badge, ese.

You owe me, vendido!

Who's the sellout?

You're tellin' me you're workin' hard, goin' straight.

The next thing I know, you're pointin' a.357 at me... and there's two guys dead on the ground.

I would have given you anything, Miklo.

But you can't just take away what I am.

You chose the wrong side, ese.

There's too many of us. You're gonna lose.

No, uh-uh. I don't forget where I come from or who I am.

That's what keeps me goin' every day.

You don't wanna hear the truth, Paco. What truth?

This? La Onda. Is this your truth?

Two-bit punks like Popeye Savedra with their PCPlabs?

Or you, robbing Zody's and killing innocent people?

If that's your truth, then you're right. I don't wanna hear it.

Get out, puto! You're not my blood!

I'm cutting you off like they did my leg.

You don't exist for me anymore.

Miklo! Orale, carnalito. What's up, ese?

You're looking good, homey.

- Hey, Hopalong!

You better tell Carlos he better stop fucking with my business!

Pockets, not in public!

I ain't gonna let no junkie rip-off my customers!

Velka, time to lock up!

Mira, mira. It's the Bionic Man.

Hey, Carlos, what's with the B.G.A.?

Pay no mind to cheap conversation. They're just sore losers, ese.

They're just flapping their crow wings. Pockets is on the warpath.

I can't help it if the customers know where the quality is.

He's been selling 'em baby powder.

I don't have all day, man. Let's take it in.

Hey, Majito. Gonna be cellies, huh?

- Orale. Move over here. Let me get these cuffs.

Ç Orale! That's a badass pano, homeboy.

You been burnin' them quills, huh?

You're getting good. It's yours.

My "Home Sweet Home" picture, huh?

At least this bum leg got me something.

I get to work at the law library.

What's all that mad-dogging between Carlos and the B.G.A.?

The vato's got one sweet cocaine connection.

Hmm. And he's moving in on Pockets' customers.

How did he connect?

Nobody knows. But it's dynamite shit. Pure Bolivian flake.

And Montana, he just stood by and watched Carlos jump in?

Plata talks.

Carlos is recruiting lots of soldiers... and buying influence on the council to try to neutralize Montana.

Says it's his own personal trip, not Onda's!

That's bullshit! Personal trips is what's fucking Onda up!

I saw that out on the streets.

We're cutting our own throats.

It's too soon to be walking on it.

It's a long way up.

But there's no way they're gonna stick me down there on the first tier without... ah, my carnales.


Your own cousin did that.

- We should put a hit on that puto. No, he's mine.

His payback's gonna take time.

I'm gonna make him sorry he ever fucked with my business.

Hey, puto.

What the fuck do you think you're doing, chorizo?

Trying to jump-start your memory, punk.

Turn your ass around. Where the fuck is Popeye Savedra?

I ain't seen the vato. He took off.

Yeah? Right after Zody's, right?

You were in on that too, weren't you, Smokey?

- How 'bout these putos? You know 'em, don't you? No. No way.

La Onda? Isn't that what that snake tattoo means?

Isn't that what that snake tattoo means?

I don't know what the fuck you're talkin' about, ese.

I'll tell you what I'm talking about, pendejo.

You're a two-time loser, Smokey. One more, they're gonna lock you up for good.

So you better tell me about Onda, or I'm gonna strap you down with a bitch.

You'll never see the streets again!

If I say anything, I'm dead meat. I ain't gonna tell you shit, ese!

It's baby powder, baboso!

You write down every word I say.

Anything you don't understand, you ask. I will answer just once, so write it down.

Precedents for habeas corpus, cruel and unusual punishment here.

You're also allowed to help on Durham decree.

How much can you charge for this?

You gotta know what you're talkin' about first.

You do your homework, jailhouse lawyer... can make as much as any mid-level attorney on the street.

I'm gonna live in here.

Jerry, I don't mean to be nosy, but l... Then don't be.

All right, what? What is it?

I'm just wonderin', uh...

You own all those hardware stores.

How come you're in here?

Eleven tons of Colombian weed, twelve keys of heroin... and a pilot that turned state's evidence.

Ç Chingao! Big time.

Hey, Jer, I just want you to handle my ca... Hurry up, Jerry.

Charlie. I didn't see your jacket here. You got an appointment?

The name's Carlos. Remember, I'm paying you lot of feria, ese.

Make an appointment, Charlie. You should be working on my case overtime.

Charlie, cool out or get out. George? Table.

Oye, Miklo. You could take your leg off and hook down some of the books from up top, ese.

Hey, I'm just kidding, ese. Come here. Oye, come here, man.

Hey, relax. I got the medicine to make you well, vato. Mira.

If you're ever in any pain, homey, you just come talk to me. ¿Me entiendes?

- You should talk to El Mero Mero. Chale.

Think about the future, not the past. Montana's not God.

Tomorrow at the council I'm giving Onda a chance to move into the driver's seat.

Don't be left behind, eh?

Mira. I cut a sweet deal with the AV-ers.

They'll supply me with all the dope I can move... just as long as I sell only to the blacks and the browns.

What do you have to give in return to the polar bears?

I gotta plug up the B.G.A. Pipeline.

Take 'em outta the dope business.

It's simple. Me and my soldados can take care of Pockets in here.

My brother Smokey can take out Cheap Times, their main supply joint in L.A.

All I need from the council is backup.

In return, I'm prepared to give Onda a third of my profit. It's a sucker's deal, ese.

The only thing the Aryans want is to start a war between black and brown.

Chale. We've got a truce with the B.G.A.

Why do you wanna play the chimp with these mayates?

The market is there.

Cocaine is America's cup of coffee.

Oye, check it out.

I'm making so much feria right now, it's making Miklo's gambling book look like bubble gum change!

We don't start wars to become dope pushers.

You even addicted some of our own soldados to coca.

We're supposed to protect our people, not destroy them.

Look at his arms. He loves that shit more than he loves us.

- He'll destroy La Onda. Ç Ya! Enough words.

We've come all this way. You wanna go back to bumming cigarettes, ese?

- Oye, you wanna shine shoes? Ese, La Onda don't shine shoes.

That's right, but that's what's gonna happen if we don't make our move now.

I wanna own the whole fuckin' store! Now are you with me?

I say chale. You're not the leader here.

I say Onda's not with you.

You do what you have to do without us.

'Cause I ain't goin' back.

I don't need Onda for this.

Money buys my backup.

I'll get the polar bears to back my play.

- Oye, ¿adonde vas, Jose? I split, eh.

- Hey, carnal. No, ese.

Carlos, come back! Jefe, we can't let him go.

We can't let him split up Onda. Carlos!

Can't you see Montana's stupid for letting Charlie walk?

- Onda's committing suicide. Fuck you, Jerry!

Fine. I thought you wanted to learn something.

Listen, Charlie's a businessman.

He broke some serious business rules.

Not only did he get strung out on his own shit, but he moved on B.G.A. Clients when he didn't have to.

Is that right? Yeah, that's right.

I see the jackets of most of the cons that come in here.

Eighty percent of them... eighty percent of them are drug cases.

You know why? Because everybody out there's doin' it.

Doctors, lawyers, housewives.

Cocaine is America's cup of coffee.

You were Carlos' connection.

He said the same "cup of coffee"line exactly. You were supplying him.

You're pissed 'cause he's doing business with AV-ers now.

Last year, California passed a flat-time law for drug offenders.

You know what that means? That means they have it worse than anybody... murderers, rapists, anybody.

There's no parole, no good time.

That's a lot of guys that are gonna be here for a real long time, all drug users.

Can you see the potential?

Can you? Yeah.

Anyone who can accommodate that appetite... can control this joint and every other joint.

Dwell on it.

Drive it. Drive it, Ryder.

Here's your pill briefs.

Jerry said it will take at least three months for the court to respond.

Well, well, well, Lightning.

Our favorite spic lover has come home. I knew he'd be back.

Here's your file. Magic said to remind you about Lightning's account. It's overdue.

You hear that, Lightning? The cripple here wants to collect your gambling debts.

Yeah, well, I might think about it, if he'll show me his falsie.

Come on, cripple, show me your stump.

Little white Mexican boy... came all the way back just to show us his stump.

Hold his fuckin' leg! Come on. Stand still. Get off me, motherfuckers!

Too many britches on. Stay still, goddamn it, I said!

You gotta be crazy to pull this shit, Lightning!

Ooh, I'm scared, punk.

I'll bet you didn't fight so hard when Big Al used to do this, did you?

He must be laughin' in his grave, cripple.

Get off, you fuck... No, leave it alone!

Stay still, goddamn it.

- Oh! There she is. Fucking puto!

You ever heard that old saying, "Put your foot in your mouth"?

Spit-shine that shoe, boy.

You fuckin' polar bears are gonna pay, believe me!

Look around you, half-breed. Onda's finished!

Carlos works for us now, and every day he brings more Onda soldiers with him.

You greasers better wise up. It's a white world.

The coloreds are here to serve us.

From now on, you're gonna be my personal errand boy.

You motherfucker! Fuckin' punk!

Go out for a pass, cripple. Come on, go deep.

Now you're back to your true nature, boy.

- Crawling on your belly like a worm. They put it in my face!

You have to understand. Your leg is gone, Miklo. You can no longer be a soldier.

That's why I put you in the library.

It's not what they did to me. They got no respect for Onda.

We should never have given up Carlos.

You think I wanted to? Carlos fucked up, bad!

I'm not saying he didn't, but he was right about the drugs.

Whoever controls them controls everything.

You ever seen an old drug dealer, Miklo? They don't exist.

Look, all we have to do is wait.

In five years, Chicanos are gonna be the majority in the pintas in the Southwest.

This is now, not five years from now!

What good is it if we're a bunch of fuckin' slaves workin' for the B.G.A. And AV-ers?

We gotta attack now! We gotta take power!

All we ever been doing is fighting each other! And for what?

The best of us ending up in pools of blood... for a pinche pack of smokes and a snort of coca!

Ç Chale!

I don't know where you're comin' from, bro.

¿Que es eso?

A Chicana from Cal State got them to publish my essay on prison reform.

They want me to write a book on the Chicano in prison.

You better lift your eyes outta this book, Jefe.

You better see what's goin' on around us now.

Wind it up, gentlemen. Take it to your houses. Let's go, move it.

Hey, Bonafide! When's the B.G.A. Gonna take care of its tab?

No can do, carnal.

Quarter of the bill I can take care of, maybe.

Indugu. You forgot your comb, man.


Thinks he's getting away with something. He's holding on to a fairy tale.

- Ç Pinche mayate! Hey, Magic.

Help me out.

You mad-dog me, you better watch your back, homes!

Now the fuckin' AV-ers won't pay on their bets either.

Why pay? They were testing us with Carlos and we folded.

Now they're gonna take us apart piece by piece.

Whether we like it or not, the dope business is where it's at, Magic.

If the AV-ers and the BGA-ers control it, they control everything, including us.

Fuckin' A, ese. Carlitos was right.

No, he was stupid... for sellin' out to the AV-ers.

Onda should take the money left in the gambling book and make a buy.


I know a connection.

But the council won't approve it. We should do it anyway.

You wanna die, ese? If I have to, I will!

I lost my fucking leg, my family back home.

This is all I got left.

If we don't do something now, Onda dies. Do you want that?

Magic. I love Montana too.

But I'm not gonna stand by and watch them destroy us.

Will you stand with me, carnal?

Right now there's only two of us, so we gotta lay back and wait for an opening.

The Aryan Vanguard's gonna force Carlos to make his move soon on the B.G.A.

His first target will be Pockets.

I told you to stop branchin', punk!

Better watch your back 'cause I'm gonna ride you.

Orale, ese. You're right. I don't want any trouble.

I've changed my ways.

Now I'm takin' all your customers.

Say anything and you're dead!

At the same time he hits Pockets, his brother Smokey will move on Cheap Times, the B.G.A. 's drugstore down in L.A.

*Hey, hey, hey, hey

*She's a super freak Super freak

- She's su... Brought you monkeys some coconuts... from Quentin!

The only problem is, Carlos is so strung out... he can't see the wolf in the henhouse.

If I know Red Ryder, as soon as Carlos does the AV-ers'dirty work, they'll pull his protection, and it'll be open season on Carlos Zuniga.



- If I'm right, all hell's gonna break loose.

That's our chance, Magic.

Where there's war, there's opportunity.

What we gotta do is wake Montana up and move Onda into power.

No, listen! Before we fuck up everything we built, I have to have a meeting with the B.G.A.

- Ç Vamos ahorita! Ç Chingao!

We're making a horrible mistake. Can't you understand that?

Are you blind or what? Wait a minute! I said I want you ready!

I'm not gonna waste the lives of our soldados for nothing!

First we talk. We fight only if we have to!

The time to strike is now! We wait, they'll destroy us! No, Magic!

We gotta back El Mero Mero. If he says meet with the B.G.A., we gotta do it.

What are you talkin' about? If we stand by, we're gonna watch Onda go down in flames!


I want you to hit Smokey. I want him dead by tomorrow.

- Orale. And you set up a meeting with Bonafide.

- Simon, Jefe. Geronimo, dile a tus soldados que se calmen.


Thought I was off your list, ese.

No, Smokes. We straight.

That heist was the huevo's fuckup.

So, what do you want? Think you can move 300?

Easy as mantequilla on a hot tortilla.


Go make yourself some planta.

Orale. Gracias, carnal.

Por nada. I owe you.


Get him around the park!

Three more California prison inmates have been killed in gang violence, bringing the tally of fatalities this week to eleven.



Hey, chorizo. You still want Popeye Savedra?

Zuniga? They got a hit on me.

I need protection or I'm dead.

Listen, Smokey. If you want protection, you're gonna have to give me more than Popeye.

I want everything on Onda. Who they are and where they are.

Hey, no way. Forget about it.

Hey, don't talk shit, Smokey. You stay out there alone, you're dead. You said so yourself.

All right. All right! I'll give it to you.

The whole layout. Capitanes, soldados.

But I gotta be outta state first. We'll talk about it.

Where can we meet? St. Mary's Church, Fourth and Chicago.

I know it. Be there in 15 minutes, chorizo, or forget about it.

I'll be there.


This is Lieutenant Ivan Burnett. He's from San Quentin.

Detective Paco Aguilar. How ya doin'? Yeah. This the victim?

Paco, we just heard from Sacramento.

We are to "cooperate" with Corrections on this.

That means Burnett's bringing down his entire team.

What does that mean? I'm out of it? You heard me.

Well, this is bullshit, Captain. Come on, I've been working on this case for months.

This vato was about to give me the full lowdown on Onda.

What do you know about Onda?

I had a run-in with a couple of these guys here.

The whole council. Captain, I'll need this picture. Fine.

- My chief investigator will debrief him tomorrow. Wait a minute, man.

That's my evidence. This is an East L.A. Case.

Look, I appreciate your interest, but this is much bigger than East L.A.

Things are poppin' up all over the state.

You hear about the grenade... that was thrown into the Cheap Times Social Club in Wilmington last night?

I'm betting that Zuniga here was the quarterback.

Part of a plot started by his brother in Quentin. It all comes outta Q.

All right, all right, Lieutenant. Let's get inside.

This is happening here, not in San Quentin.

It's all tied up to prison gangs now. It's very complicated.

That's why we're takin' over.

Do you speak Spanish? You ever been in a street gang?

No, but my warden has and he's Chicano.

Well, is your warden related to someone on the Onda council?

Miklo Velka is my... is my cousin.

I am related to him by blood and by this.

Look, Lieutenant, I don't mean any disrespect, but I think I can get further on this thing than you can.

All I'm asking is that I'm involved.

Thank you.

There is no war here, Bonafide. This was a personal thing between Carlos and Pockets.

Carlos and Pockets were loose cannons. That was business.

But what you all did in L.A. Night before last was bullshit.

There's gonna be more blood on blades than broken bones...

'cause we ain't lettin' y'all hit us in the back no more.

You wanna powwow? You wanna talk? Go ahead, talk.

Onda had nothing to do with Cheap Times.

Carlos' brother, Smokey, acted on his orders, not Onda's, and he's paid the price with his life.

Cheap Times make for cheap lives. Lots of'em.

You want a war? We're ready. Believe me, we'll win.

We've got more soldiers and they'll go all the way... to the death if they have to.

I got soldiers. My soldiers are ready to die. We can prove that.

Is that what you want? I guarantee that's what the Aryans want.

We can stop the killing now, you and me, right here.

Now your word means something here. What about Folsom and Chino?

I speak for them too. Uh-uh.

Maybe for Soto at Folsom, but your word ain't reachin' to Chino right now.

Mosca Lopez is crazy. I done lost three people down there.

I can ask the warden for a temporary transfer.

- He might agree if you guarantee peace while I'm gone. Fuck a truce!

We cannot...

Man, you got five days.

I'm gonna hold my side up for five days, man.

Five days.

Miklo will coordinate Onda business in my absence.

You can trust he'll make sure nothing happens while I'm away.

So do we have a truce?

- Right on. Well, well, well.

Wetbacks and Bonafide porch monkeys holdin' hands.

You now have a combined I.Q. Of two.

You're a dead man, Wonder Bread!

Why don't you kiss my enriched white ass, motherfucker?

This here's my coon dog. Get them coons, boy.

Hey, Ryder! What's goin' on?

Don't ask me what's goin' on! Ask, "What are we doin' here? Is there a war?"

Run 'em outta the goddamn banks! Save the taxpayers some money!

All right, gentlemen, let's clear the yard!

It's between the niggers and the spics!

We're white, white, white, you motherfuckers!

Jefe, will Bonafide listen to me?

Magic and the others are warriors.

If I put one of them in charge, Bonafide would never trust me.

You're a jailhouse lawyer, a counselor.

He knows you'll follow my wishes. But what if he's lying?

What if the B.G.A. Doesn't want peace?

Nobody in here knows what peace is. They've never had it.

I'm talking about power, carnal.

The only way for us to gain real power is for black and brown to come together.

¿Me entiendes?

Huh. And I thought Popeye Savedra was the leader of Onda.

It's hard to buy it's that little guy down there.

You better believe it.

He's got what you call "charisma."

You really think he can do something to stop the violence?

Montana's got something that makes you wanna listen to him. He's got a lot of heart.

If anybody can stop this war, it's him.

I can always bring in the guns, but I'd rather it be him.

I don't like you traveling alone.

I don't trust the administration. I don't trust anybody.

Don't worry. The warden's guaranteeing my passage.

Top secret route. Oye.

I made a deal with the vato.

I get to spend the night in Delano, see my daughter.

After 14 years. Can you believe it?

Come on, Segura.

Move it.


Huacha. You tell those vatos... to find some shade and chill out 'til I get back, eh?

You got it.

What time's my daughter coming?

She'll be here about 7:00 sharp.

We'll rack you at 6:00 tomorrow for a shower. I'll be waiting.

- Psst! Name's Wallace. Montana.

Say, amigo, you ain't got no street smokes, do ya?

This state tobacco, man, it'll kill ya.

I don't smoke.

You don't smoke, huh?

Man, I can't wait for these son-of-a-bitches to let me outta here... so I can find me a field crew.

Do me some pickin' so I can send my old lady some money back in Louisiana.

- Yeah, I used to pick a little when I was a kid. Huh.

Me, I been followin' this crop all my life.

If it ain't that, I takes me a little drink.

If it ain't that, they got me behind bars tryin'to dry out.

You ever pick any grapes, Wallace?

No, I ain't never picked no grapes. But I done cut me a bunch.


Here. Oh, man, thank you.

Is it... Say, amigo, d-do you mind any if I have two?

Ah, keep the pack. They're only for trade. Oh, man.

Lights out.

You know, when I was a kid, I used to love to pick.

Nothing like fresh vegetables and fruit right from the vine.

Yeah. Hmm.

Okay, the escort's on his way. You'll have one hour with your father.

Let's go. I'd like a couple of seconds to straighten up.

I don't care who you are in San Quentin. You're nobody here in Kern County.

Look, officer. I haven't seen my daughter in 14 years.

Could I just take a couple of seconds to straighten up?


I'm gonna put your daughter in the visiting room. You've got one hour.

The clock is ticking. One hour. Be right back.

Mornin', Montana.

Morning, Wallace.

See they botherin' with ya early in the mornin', huh?

No. It's a good day.

I'm not gonna let anything ruin it.

Aaah! Ooh, them damn short-handle holes!

Yeah, I used to feel those myself.

Oh... Oh!

Here, amigo. Why don't you use this?

Yeah, well, I'll hold it for you.

Thank you.

Yeah, chingo de tiempo since I felt this good.

My daughter's coming today. Mi hijita.

Oh, man, today is gonna be such a good day for you. Yeah.

Your daughter's gonna be so proud of you.



Now this is what they call "a change of plans."

For Cheap Times! For Cheap Times!

- Son-of-a-bitch!

Motherfucker, think you can blow up my brother! Uh-uh!

- Daaah! You can go join your maker now.

For what falls to the floor is his.

Don't forget your smokes.

You want a war? I'll give you a fuckin' war! No! Stop him!

No! They're waiting for us to run in blind!

They'll cut us down! We gotta think like Mero Mero.

- You're not Mero Mero! No, I'm not! But I'm alive!

And I'm gonna stay that way! And I want mi familia to stay that way too!

We gotta plan like men, not get shot down like dogs!

Wait and be ready, Magic!

Again. How'd you know he was in Delano?

How'd you know the head of La Onda was there?

Man, I do not give a good goddamn... who that taco-eatin' motherfucker was.

Oh, who that taco-eatin' motherfucker was!

Do you know who you killed, asshole? Your mama!

- We're gonna stay here all day until you... He won't crack.

Nope. He's been in for 30 years.

He's as tough as three-inch steel.

- When I get back, I'm gonna bust your ass.

I'll be here.

Come in here.

Yeah, that's the man. That's the one who ordered it. Bring him in here.

Tell him what you told me. I didn't order no hit on nobody.

That'd be like throwin' gasoline on fire right now.

Don't bullshit me, man. I ain't no sucker.

He's B.G.A. He made the hit. He's your man.

I ain't tryin' to play you for no sucker, brother.

I'm just tellin' you, if I wanted to hit Montana, I'd have used a free-lancer.

An AV-er, so it couldn't be traced.

I'm not a stupid man, sir.

That's enough. Come on over here with me.

- Is that your man? Yeah, that's him.

Why don't you let me talk to him? No way!

He ain't gonna tell you nothin'.

You wanna get to the bottom of this problem? You wanna deal with it?

Now, I know he'll talk to me.

Your call.

Goddamn. The Man got you down here too? Yeah.

Look here.

Why you hit Montana?

Oh, I dig. The Man got his eyes and ears in the wall.

Don't sweat, brother. I'm gonna maintain.

Who ordered the hit?

You did.

Come here.


You did, man!

You did. I got your kite, man. I didn't send you nothin'.

- Ow! Ow! Fuck! Who ordered it?

You did, man. You did. I got your comb.

- I know your design. You got my comb?

Yeah, I got your comb. I opened it up. I read the message, I burned it.

It was your comb, man!

Listen, man, we've got five minutes.

The warden let me come in here to talk to you about Montana's murder.

Who the fuck are you to come here like this?

Montana's none of your fucking business!

You gotta listen to me, Miklo.

Bonafide says somebody counterfeited his comb... and put a phony message in it to hit Montana.

The B.G.A. Didn't do it. That's bullshit!

We know the fuckin' B.G.A. Killed him.

Yeah? Well, the administration doesn't think so. And what if they're right?

You wanna be responsible for starting a fucking war against the wrong people? Huh?

Listen, man, I know you hate me.

I shot your leg off, and that's something I'm gonna have to live with for the rest of my life.

But you're still my blood, and I'm not gonna stand here and watch you destroy yourself.

If you start this war, you and your vatos will be committing suicide.

Now look over there. You see the warden?

He's got all the firepower he needs, and he ain't afraid to use it, believe me.

Do you want that?

Oh, you're The Man now, aren't you?

Look, Montana left you in charge, right?

Be a real leader, man. Protect your people.

Meet with Bonafide. What do you got to lose?

I'll meet him in the yard.

One lieutenant each. No guards around.

That's far enough. Let 'em go on their own.

I swear to you, it wasn't the B.G.A.

Montana was a stand-up dude. We were set up!

That old man was no jive-ass punk. He was hard-core B.G.A.

That's right. That's why it don't make no sense.

I take out Montana with my own man? That's suicide.

Now you do what you wanna do, but think about this:

Who you think stands to gain if B.G.A. And Onda war?

The fuckin' A.V.!

Oh, yeah, they want us to take each other out.

Then they step in and take over everything. We go back to bein' slaves.

The AV-ers.

They're the only ones who could've gotten Montana's route from the white guards. Right?

I work with Lightning in the wood shop.

He gets my comb, he counterfeits it, he sends it to Wallace.

- It's possible. And now that motherfucker Red Ryder... sittin' in a front-row seat just waitin' on us to take each other out.

So what do you propose? I say whip those motherfuckers together.

We do to them what they tryin' to do to us.

You see those pinche vultures?

They're watchin' us with a magnifying glass right now.

So for the next six months, we'll practice a good-neighbor policy.

So we got a deal? We join forces?


And we'll celebrate a big Mexican holiday together.

Now which one you talkin' about?

Dia de los muertos.

That means what now?

Day of the Dead.

All right. Right.

In six months.

My man.

They're shakin' hands. We got a truce.

We won't congratulate ourselves too soon. We'll wait and see.

I don't trust that dude.

No, no, no. This boy's in way over his head.

He ain't got no choice but to go with us right now.

We help them take out the AV-ers, we're making the mayates stronger, ese.

It's okay, carnal.

When you expect nothing and you get everything, that's destiny.

The B.G.A. Wants to help us take out the AV-ers? All right.

We'll throw a little white meat to the dogs.

Then we'll rob the house.

Ç Orale!

Gracias, carnal. You were right.

You did the right thing, Miklo.

Tell your mom I love her, okay?

Take care of yourself, all right? Yeah.



Juanito, Juanito.

Hey, homes, if anybody messes with you, ese.

I'm sorry, ama.

Ç Perdoname!

- I loved Juanito. I know, mi hijo.

I loved him, ama.

... carnalito, familia.

I'm sorry.

I missed you.

Mi familia.


...she put the handcuffs on, two days later, I come back.

She's got eye hooks drilled in the door. She's got thongs.

I swear to God, she absolutely loved it! She became or...



You got it. One more.

Come on, one more.

Hey, hey, hey. No more. No more, man.

I'm through, okay? That's it.

Ten cents a fuckin'hour.

That spic warden ain't gettin' a nickel's worth of overtime outta me.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey!

What the fuck is wrong with you goddamn people! Are you...

Goddamn it! You stupid fuckin' asshole! You got it in my eyes!

Lousy... Aaah!

Now everybody keeps their mouth shut, you understand me?

This way, won't be no problem with nobody when the shit go down.

The plan's gonna work, Bonafide.

I'm telling you, man, we keep our stake together.

That way we control the whole joint, right? All right.

You want some of this? You want some of this?

Who do these punks think they are? Look at this!

It's unbelievable. Every hit was strategic.

First they knocked off most of the A.V. Leadership, and then they finished off the B.G.A.

I don't like being lied to. I want the Onda council broken up.

Use interstate compact. I want 'em outta here. Get 'em outta here before the end of the week.

Taxpayers just saved another three million bucks.

Everything's a fuckin'joke to you, man. What's your problem?

- What's my problem? You got a problem! No, you don't understand, man.

That little bastard's up there playing God and he's got an army to back him up.

Yeah, I don't understand, right? I don't ever understand, right?

Well, as long as he's doing it behind bars, it's not gonna affect you or me, is it?

- Is it? Oh, it's not gonna affect us?

Won't affect any of us, will it?

You used me.

I tried to save your life and you used me to set up the B.G.A.

They would've come after us if we hadn't got them first.

- I did what I had to for my brothers to survive. Your brothers?

And what am I, Miklo? Man, you grew up with me.

You slept in my room. You wore my fuckin' clothes!

How could you use your own flesh and blood to help massacre all those people?

I didn't wanna hurt you, Paco. In here, you use what you've got.

Without your help, a lot of carnales would've died.

Gracias... Don't you thank me.

I hate what you did.

I hate what you stand for.

You know, Paquito, for a long time I hated you.

I blamed you for everything.

But then I realized something that changed my life.

Everything you did... even shooting my leg off... forced me into my destiny.

Made me discover myself.

Find my real family, my home.


Inside these walls, I found the strength of La Raza.

You got no fuckin' idea what La Raza means.

It's about our people out there, working, surviving, with pride and dignity. That's raza.

Not lying and murdering.

All you got is your white father's hate.

Still hung up on my fluorescent skin, vato? Hmm?

He wasn't my real father.

Montana was. He taught me about respect.

You gotta be willing to die for it.

Like you. Like you not deserting me after the car crash at El Pino.

That was real respect for a brother.

And I'll always love you for it, carnal.

Miklo, it's not about drive-bys and gang fights anymore.

- It's about... Let's stop fighting, carnal! We're family.

We should help each other, not cut each other's throats.

Let's be brothers again.

Just because you're a cop and I'm a con doesn't mean we can't cooperate.

I can give you tips from inside that could really help you out on the street.

You got a lot of power out there, man.

Your guidance and advice would be invaluable to me.

What are you asking me? To be a member of your gang?

Are you outta your fuckin' mind?

Do you remember how we took out Spider for Cruz?

Together, Paco. We're unbeatable.

Your Onda's not my onda, and it never will be.


I'll always be your brother, vato loco.


- Orale, Chivito. Tucha, carnal. They're watching, homes.

I know they are. Let 'em watch.

The show's just beginning and they don't even know it.

This will probably be our last meeting together, carnales.

They're trying to break Onda up. But you know what?

They're only helping us grow.

They're using the interstate compact... to exchange each of you who's from out of state for cons from Califas.

So, Chivo, they're sending you back to Arizona.

- ¿Como dices? Hey, man, we can't do nothin' about it.

You gotta go. But at least you'll be back to your mom, man.

She needs anything, let me know. I'll take care of her.

Orale, homes. Simon que si.

Geronimo goes back to Texas.

- You straighten your son out, ¿que no? Simon.

They're trying to break up La Onda!

But we're gonna turn it on 'em!

And you know how we're gonna do that?

Each of you is gonna establish your own chapters.

La Onda has $15,000 for each of you so you can start things out strong.

We're gonna spread La Onda gospel Billy Graham style!

Yeah. Say it, homey.

El Mero Mero had a dream.

We are that dream.

We're gonna multiply in numbers undreamed of.

In every pinta, every barrio.

Every southwestern state.

La Onda has a destiny... and no one can stop us.

Ç Eso!

Ç Orale!

Ç Viva La Onda!

- Tocale, carnal. Orale. Viva.

What about me, carnal?

Where do I go?

You stay with me, carnal.

You're the eyes behind my back.

The leg I don't have.

The other half of mi corazon.

You ordered me to destroy this mold.

But I kept it for protection... from you.

Now I want you to destroy it.

I loved him. We both loved him.

But we did what we had to do for Onda!

You were right.

I give my life to you.

Ç Jefe!


- What are we doing here? No llores, vato.

No mas ven.

Come on, man. Man, you got me outta bed to come down here?

Think you lost more than your hair, vato.

Ha! Don't believe all that shit you hear about Samson, ese.

I'm just strippin' myself down to the bone, homes.

- What if I said I wouldn't come? Shit, I knew you would come.

Shee... Huacha.

Come look at yourself in the mirror, ese.

Oh, man.

It's not all marked up, man.

It's a sign of respect.

For ten years, man, I've been Star Trekking in the Twilight Zone.

Thought if I came and looked at this, I might find my way back, ¿que no?

Damn! We were all innocent, eh.

That's all gone, Cruzito. It ain't like that anymore.

What, not even a little carnalismo left in there, ese?

What, you think you use brotherhood up like a shot of tequila?

You just drink it down, it burns, makes you feel good, ya?

And you're left with a hangover the rest of your life?

Look, man, you showed me your mural.

You're a good artist. I think you're the best.

Now come on. Let's go.

Just 'cause you wear sunglasses don't mean you're blind, ese.

Oh, shit! You wanna know what I see up there?

A fantasy, man. A dream.

Three vatos looking for something that wasn't there.

Loco, we stood by each other. We trusted each other.

Ç Orale! That's worth believing in!

Shit, we were familia, homes.

And never again, Cruzito. Miklo and I are finished, man.

He ain't my family! I hate that fuckin' puto!

You oughta scrape his ass off the wall like dirt.

Chale, vato. No matter how much hate there is between you and him, you're still connected.

You got the same blood pumping through both your hearts, ese.

That's a bond you can never break.

Neither can Miklo.

He's still just trying to be like you!

- That's bullshit! Ç Simon, ese! Come on!

Ç El Gallo Negro! The baddest Chicano in the barrio!

Yeah, well, that ain't me! Not anymore.

You ain't changed a bit, ese.

Oh, so what? What are you saying?

It's all my fault the way everything turned out?

Oh, I see.


What, you think you got so much fucking power, huh?

You control everybody's destiny? Chale.

No, you're right, man. I set Miklo up. No, I'm not.

I made him go after Spider. I started the whole fuckin' thing.

Relax, ese.

Your back wouldn't be all fucked up.

Miklo wouldn't be in prison. He'd still have his leg. Hey, I forgive you, ese.

I don't want your forgiveness, man!

You know, that's your fuckin' problem, ese. You can't forgive yourself.

You need that guilt. It's what keeps you going.

Hey, I know, bro. I fed mine through a needle for ten years.

And that guero up there, hating his own fuckin' white skin?

Shit, he's got it worse than both of us.

You gotta cut it loose, carnal. It's fucking poison!

That's who we are.

Three vatos locos full of carnalismo, trying to survive in a fuckin' war zone.

But what I know now, bro, is that I need my familia to do it. We all do.

Even you, ç pinche jura! Badass cop.

Hey, don't back away, vato.

Life's a risk, carnal. Remember? You said it yourself.

Ç Pues orale! Step into the ring and throw down, ese.

You a badass? Take care of business, homes.

Ç Caiga, puto!

'Cause we're from East Los, ese!

We come out chased by hounds! Huh?

Round and round we go, wearing a pinche rabbit's foot for luck.

Just ahead of the fuckin' hounds. ç Qu'iubo!

Ow! Yeah!

Ç Que vida es! Que loca vida, homes.

¿Pero sabes que, ese?

- Hey.

We got something better than a rabbit's foot, homes.

We've got familia!

Raza, huey.

Hmm? You know what I'm saying, ese?

Crees mucho, Gallo Negro.

You may be bad, but you can't dance like Smooth Cruz.

Ç Orale! Yo y tu, ese.

Oh, I see now. I remember you, vato.

- Ç Ah! Ç Ay, ay, ay! El Gallo Negro, vato.

- I'm a lover, not a fighter, man. Oh, si.

Simon. El merengue at the Tender Trap '72.

- Rucas got their hearts broke and I kicked your ass. Pow! Pow! Shit!

Shit, man, I was breakin' hearts and faces, vato.

ç Oh, si! Bullshit! You still can't dance, ese!

You still can't dance. ¿Yque, loco?

Yeah, but you can learn, ese. I'll teach you. Simon.

'Cause it ain't ever over, homes. Never!

Bailamos hasta que nos morimos, ese.

Ow! Ow!