Blood Orange (2016) Script

Adiós, Miss Isabelle. I finish now.

Have I distracted you, David? - No... No Miss.

The pool clean. I see you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow David. - Hasta luego.

The dinner is ready.

You look lovely tonight.

It's a shame you can not see, because I'm actually pretty tonight.

I know. You smell ready for mating.

Bill ... - You probably have no panties at you.

You'll have to wait and see. - Why wait?

I have not finished eating yet.

Chicken stew was very good.

It was a rabbit. - Rabbit? Hell.

You liked it, you can access the all up. - You bought a fucking rabbit.

Do not be silly. - Never buy rabbit.

Take no shit boot, Bill. - Soon I shoot a rabbit motherfucker.

Kiss Me.

Well ... Would you fuck him?

Do you want that?


Should not I? - Sure.

Nice body.

He jerks safely in front of the mirror.


Are you jealous?

Not an idiot with stylish magrutor. I have to.

You're jealous.

I'm not jealous, but I do not like the handsome hell.

I just want to play with him.

You'll do better next time.


I forgot sunglasses and book there. Can you get them for me?

Sí.Dina sunglasses and your book.


It will eachother.

Hit? - Are you expecting?

I'm not here.

I wish you could change your mind.

It will shine brightly, baby. That is what counts.


What do you want? - A cup of tea would be nice.

I have traveled far.

Have you lived here long? You have not put your mark on the place.

Are you moving soon? - This is my home.

How much longer? He feels apparently not so good.

What is it you want, Lucas?

You should go. - But I just got here.

When he comes back, you can say that I stay for a few days.

Tell me I'm an old friend.

It may sound a little too unbelievable. How about ... a former lover?

Well, then maybe it gets a little strange.

Slaughter. Yes, genealogy!

You choose -bror, cousin, in-law ...

You will probably think of something.


Read it.

And this.

What does it say?

The Testament was illegal.

Where's decision to seize property.

And this is a request to open the investigation again.

Not so accurate after all. You will not escape.

Right. And this ... is a gift to your current one.

He probably wants to see you in action. Or is he svartis?

It would be pure evil.

He knows I have a past. We do not make a deal out of it.

Did you want to just tell you this, or are you hoping for an agreement?

I'm looking for so much more than an agreement.

I'm ready now, Miss Isabelle.

Okay, David.

Could I have some water?

Is everything okay? - Yes. Thanks.

See you tomorrow.

Say what you want, Lucas. Take only.

I was honest from the beginning, and then it was no problem.

Your father was a nice man.

You were just a fuck like everybody else.

I did not come here because I like you.

You must be Lucas.

We've been waiting for you.

Can not you stay for dinner. Like the rabbit?

Isabelle laws of a sovereign stew.

Crushed her your heart?

What makes you think that?

You've traveled all this way, so she must be important to you.

Have you known her long? - For a few years.

Long enough, that is. - Do you wonder if we've been intimate?

Yes we have.

I know you've been intimate with my wife.

I was wondering if you knew her, if you knew you on her.

She may be many things to many people.

But she is honest.

Sincere. No bullshit.

So either you're an asshole, or just downright stupid.

You have drawn hasty conclusions about me.

Either she fucked you sexets sake -

Or because she liked you.

If she liked you, and you lost her so quickly -

Then you're a real asshole.

It was enough for sexets sake, and you thought: "It might be something more."

Thus, you are stupid.

Here I sit with my preconceptions -

When I really should give you a chance.

So ... which is it? Swine or stupid?

Why can not I be both?

I like you. Though I should not.

You've come all this way to fuck with my wife.

Probably for revenge. It is not very friendly.

The first thing I do is give you a knife.

How do you know why I'm here?

Because I can smell your idiocy.

She will trick you into everything you own.

You know that, right?

Do not worry about me. I'm an adult.

I do not think he stops, Bill.

We must behave civilized.

Talk rebuke him and send him home on a full stomach.

He has come a long way to meet you.

You're pretty adept with the knife. - I have skinned animals before.

I am you? - No.

Do you only dirty work?

Everyone should know what it's like to hunt, to wait out their prey -

To feel the connection with nature and the animal in sight.

And then decide whether to take its life. To award death. Fundamentally.

Is not it dangerous to walk in the mountains and shoot when you are half blind?

Not for me. It's my fucking mountain.

Enough with the small talk. You said you came to collect a debt.

Tell us what you think she owes you.

That was what I wanted to discuss.

Go ahead and discuss.

You took everything my father would have left me.

I want the money back.

All I inherited from him was his, not yours.

He came from nothing. He inherited nothing.

Unearned wealth is a burden he wanted you to avoid carrying.

So damn thoughtful.

And what you deserved my legacy really?

By letting an old man fuck you and believe that you were in love with him?

Han var min make.

And he was ten times more man than you. He left you nothing -

Because he felt it was the only way for you to change your life.

He wanted you to succeed on your own, just like him.

With that bullshit you explain why my mother did not get anything?

His wife for 37 years.

Why is a year with you is worth more than 37 with the woman who gave him a son?

Your mother got a good deal through the divorce.

There he left me was his. - Okay, we probably will not get anywhere here.

You got a good education and you have had many wonderful opportunities.

What is your point? - What do you do after all the possibilities?

Bitterly clinging you stick to this girl -

In the hope that she will give you -

It is not your father wanted you to have.

Were it not for her money would have been mine.

I hardly believe that they had ever fallen to you.

What can you do about it now? Nothing.

Does it bother you that she does not only want to access your money?

She's richer than I am.

She's beautiful, she's smart and she's genuine.

Do you know how hard it is to find someone who loves you when you are rich?

Imagine yourself in her shoes together with someone pauper ...

She buys his clothes, inviting him at the restaurant, paying the bills ...

Whilst his balls shrink because he can not support her.

He is not her equal.

And all he could give her, she can pay for.

So when he stops feeling like a man, for he does ...

Money kills, golden boy. Believe me.

Now that I've made that clear to you, you understand -

That you can not threaten our relationship -

By drawing up shit from the past.

With that said maybe we can go out tomorrow and see what Lucas is a man.

Until then ... Now it's time to sleep for me.


How are you? - I'm thinking.

If? - Idiot visit.

Do you feel sorry? - Not at all.

He deserves everything he will be subjected to.

You did not think I managed to shoot those rabbits?

Make it Isabelle? - Maybe.

Good morning, miss. Should I continue with the wall?

There are three.

Are you sure?

Not directly, but it sounded like five or six when they fell to the ground.

Yes, but there are three. - So keep looking.

Do you see it?

Feel how you have his life in your hands.

Why you said so?

So that you are aware that you take a life.

Just as I thought. You are a spoiled rich man's kid -

Who are too cowardly to kill the food you eat.

There you go, prove me wrong.

I am known for my misjudgment of people.

It can be my two previous wives happily testify.

It must have been a crazy experience to have sex with his stepmother.

You thought of course that it was wrong that she was an old man.

I do not think she ever loved him.

Being deceived by a beautiful girl.

Any old fool he was.

What kind of a girl who behaves like that?

She does not even know what love is. - But you do?

It would be more honest if you paid her a daily fee.

It's a little too unsophisticated for my taste.

What did you feel for her while you fucked with each other?

I know what she went for.

A dishonest business deal.

You offered never paying her?

Did she ever she loved you?


She never said "I love you"?


She lay with you more than three times?

No, only three.

Did it that you felt exploited?

Behave more like a man next time.

Bring something to drink, bathe and relax.

Feel at home. We eat dinner later.

I'm doing fine. It is good.

They behave strangely. Invited me to dinner.

Still, I have not said how much I want, but ...

Come on, it was ages ago.

It meant nothing then, and nothing has happened since.

Obviously, I just came here to make money and take care of us.

How many times must I repeat the same damn thing?

I know, I hear it.

Yes ... It is best that you go and give her food.

I'll let you know if anything changes.

I love you too.

Yes? - May I speak with you?

Yes. - I do not want to lose the job.

I need money ... - Calm, you do not lose the job.

He understands me.

Does not he ... angry?

You do not get fired because I choose to be with you.


One more time?

Last time? - Make sure that it will be good.

What is required for you to leave us alone?

Give me what belongs to me. - Do we have to go through this again?

Then we'll see you in court.

We have been very accommodating and fair means. Where no pig.

Are you threatening me? Or is it just your cheap jaw that makes it sound like that?

Go to hell. - You do not let urbane when you are angry.

You fucking snob. - Our conversation always ends in quarrels -

Because you can not stand to be called simple.

You need not be so mean.

This is surely no discussion.

It's so fucking obvious. You stole my heritage, I want it back.

You really should go now.

This will never end well.

Bill want us to sort it out. He wants me to stop.

Okay then. Stay.

He can not get to you. It told the lawyer.

Not a hundred percent. - You're safe.

The letters are just wishes and challenges.

They have no evidence, nothing to go on. It's a scam.

He has traveled a long way just a scam.

I have a plan. Trust me.

Are you okay? You look tired. - I'll be fine.

What about Bill?

He comes up a little later. It's not a good day today.

He is old.

You ... I know you hate me.

I know you feel betrayed by your father and me -

And I'm sorry it hurts you.

Will this from Bill?

Bill thinks I'll give you half. I assumed it would not be enough.

Am I right? - Give me an offer and see.

We can not forget the past and talk like adults?

I'm here because I think of the future, not the past.

You have married you.

Do you love her? - Do you care?

Is she pregnant?

And this is how you are going to support them?

Do not you think that he wanted to provide their grandchildren?

I think he wanted you to get a job.

Would not you make an offer?

You should be grateful to Bill because he likes you.

For some reason. I would not even look at you.

You liked me too once.

Until we started to fuck.

Until we ended fuck.

Stay a while and let us settle this like adults.

I'm not going to give me. I came here to get what belongs to me.

Not that you still want me?

You are a married woman. Act like one of those.

The faithful wife. Have children, manage a household.

Is that what you want?

Even a fantasy you fail to realize?


I have a message for you.

I know what's going on between you and Isabelle.

She has not told me anything.

You know that crap about once, twice, three times?

If you do, she will like it as many times as you want.

Hello Darling.

She's a bitch, and do not deserve to keep a cent.

I told you that everything will be fine when I'm back.

I promised you.

David! No!

It is my turn. - No! No!


Hold on, honey ...

No! No!

Not now!

What have you done? What have you done?

It is okay.

It's better than okay.

Where are you going? What will you do?

It's going to be alright.

Isabelle ... Release me.

Let go of me, Isabelle. - It is not, then call the police.

Of course I do! There's a dead man out there!

He tried to rape me.

What are you doing? Hell!

You came to my rescue and killed him for me.

Your word against ours. - You set me up.

It need not be like this. Think of our security.

What do you want? What do you, Isabelle?

What are you going to do?


Can you tell us what you intend to do?

There I let Bill explain.

Would you like some water?

Okay. Try to sleep now. I check to you in a moment.

You can not run the whole way. You will crash.

I'll be fine. - Please, let me go.

It is not, they do not trust you. It is I who must go.

I go with. I can drive.

I look better than you think.

Believe me. You must stay here with him.

You can plan.

I do not want you to do this.

I have no choice.

You knew it would be like this.

For how long will you be gone? - I'll be back tomorrow.

Loose him not. We can not trust him yet.

I love you.

You should have something ready for you.

If you stand, you have a chance.

No money, no passport.

When you are stuck in a foreign country, and you do not speak Spanish.

I say this because I do not want you to be tied.

But I do not want you dash off.

I need your help.

I did not want it to be like this.

It does not matter if you believe me, just you understand the situation.

If you flee, we will find you, and then convicted of murder.

I want the body out of the pool.

Do you help me?

Do not you think that your behavior can be hard to deal with sometimes?

Are you saying that it was my fault that he tried to rape me?

No. - What do you mean then?

Most people may not be able to relate to a woman like you.

So I am a bad woman?

It makes you dangerous. Dangerous.

What will you do with me?

Does money really that much to you?

I barely got inherit anything.

Do you think you deserved his money just by his son?

Do not you care about how much pain you caused him?

It does not matter that I loved him and he loved me?

He died happy. - He died in an intoxication of drugs.

You were not there. He died happy.

How much do you want, Lucas?

Wondering it seriously? - I wonder.

I want everything he gave you.

It is a question of principle. - Are you principled?


How it fits with you fucked me while I was married to your father?

Does no sex for you?

Most men think they can keep emotions out.

The problem is that most men overestimate themselves.

Or you fall in love themselves only.

Is that what you think love is? It's just desire.

Love is not about fucking, you idiot.

Fuck is not the same as love. - As said...

... Your behavior might be a little hard to handle.

Why I bear the responsibility for how men behave around me?

Sure, I should have been a little better judgment.

I guess I'm just in shock. - It's okay with you.

Okay. You need a way out of this.

We can give you. Money ... a new identity ...

Leave your old life behind you.

Allow it to Lucas, who came here to take the blame for the murder, and let him disappear.

If I refuse ...

If I instead wait for the police and tell the truth ...

... When is your word against mine. - Two to one.

And Bill has very good reputation.

In addition, it is you who has a motive. The police will come when we are ready.

Everything is being sorted out. In this now.

Is that Bill? He takes care of it?

Think, Lucas. What have you got to lose?

It's rude to go through other people's possessions.

We are well beyond the usual social rules, right?

Do not you get bored here?

What do you do all day? Swimming, sunbathing and eating ...

He has in all cases a hobby. - It's not a hobby.

What is it then? His great masterpiece?

A little serious music after having ridden the commercial scale for so long?

And your contribution to civilization ...?

Sure, I'm a nobody.

I'm no great artist, or known musicians ...

I had no chance from the beginning, right?

Have you been drinking all day?

What else is there to do this than to drink ...

... Bathe and fuck?

It is literally the only thing you do here. And ruining people's lives!

Did he have a family? A father? A mother? Girlfriend?

You never think of the consequences. - But you do?

I? No...

I'm just a spoiled little pigs had all served.

And then it was stolen from me again!

You've already ruined my life once, and now you want to do it again!

I give you a new life! A new start!

If I let you set me up for murder.

I could kill you now ...

... And the world would be infinitely better.

You would have said yes, while you had the chance.

Get up.

Come on.

You need to think through your situation. You are smoked.

There you have a way out, just as she offered you.

Why did you no? - I was waiting for the catch.

Okay, we will not disappoint you.

Tie him.

You would have said yes. I have a plan here.

We took the body out of the pool. - Damn!

The body must remain in the pool. It's part of the plan.

Loose him. He'll put it back in the pool.

Be careful. Do not harm him. Use your hands.

It is time for you to dirty your hands.

I must rinse him.

Later tonight, the police here.

Then they will find two bodies.

The only question is -who two?

Pick him.

Keep him still.

The problem with you, Lucas, is you're no good real killer.

We saw this when you could not kill a rabbit.

It was a disappointment.

Now I had to motivate you.

If you intend to kill me ... just do it.

No, Lucas. You have not listened. You'll have to kill again.

You see, I'm dying.

I'm not going to fade away like an old man, and suffer in the end.

You have arrived at a very appropriate time.

Given the situation you are in ...

... You get permission to tighten up to you, if you want to be the one who survives.

Now put the body back in the pool.

Can not we wait at least until tomorrow?

It must be done tonight. It does not work if it goes too long.

I'm not ready. - But it is me.

So ... here comes the offer.

If you kill me, you get the passport, money ...

... And you can start again.

A whole new life. With or without his wife and children.

And if I refuse?

When I shoot you, you stupid bastard.

Go get the gun. He must do it with the same weapon.

What do you suffer from? - Leukemia. Including.

Why do not you shoot yourself?

It would ruin the insurance, right?

With that, I leave to her she will be unimaginably rich.

She need not worry.

But I want to assure me that she is safe from you.

You do not disturb her again.

I can promise you ... but you're still dead then.

I doubt that you would trust me.

Damn it. It's true.

My name is Lucas Carver, and this is my confession.

I came here to take revenge on the bitch who stole my heritage.

When I came here, she was having an affair with another man -

So I killed them both, and I would have killed her too ...

Are you going to show the gun you hold to my head?

Works a confession at gunpoint?

Yes, when I show them this.

You came here with a new passport, ready to escape the new identity.

You came here prepared. - Is it enough?

That means your new identity is botched -

Isabelle ever choose to show this recording.

You two are really sick.

Is it we who are sick?

The lawyer where the letters I gave you had sufficed.

Why were you also had to pull out a little stale sex tape?

It was pure evil.

What, the letters you gave me?

There was nothing wrong in the survey.

Nothing in the will was invalid.

Those letters you received was concocted.

You probably thought it was pure luck that the letters suddenly appeared.

No. It was I who arranged it.

It was just a scam, a way to get you to come here.

But you had to add it here.

In a way, I'm glad for that, because I have got to know you better.

And I know that the money you receive will hang up heavy on his neck -

The rest of your life.

I could not leave her with the knowledge -

That a vengeful madman is on the loose ...

... Which is still obsessed with her.

Lucas, what did you think would happen when you came here?

Did you think she would leave me for you?

It had been a perfect solution -

If you were a man she could love.

But it is not, and never will be.

Now you can not try to mess with her anymore.

She is safe from you. So, have you decided?

Are you going to kill me, take the money and disappear forever?

Or do I have to kill you?

There is not much to choose from, I know, but still ...

Which do you choose?

Give me the fucking gun.


Not yet.

Please, wait.

Now its time.

I need more time.

I love you.

And I love you.

You have made me a happy man.

You are a good soul.

Everything aches. I can not stand anymore.

I have to leave.

Will you miss me?

One should be enough.

Detach one hand.

Well, then the moment of truth is finally here.

It's time to kill me.

Tell me, Lucas. Do you have what it takes?

Do you have...

How long do I have before you call the police?

It was not included in Bill's plan.

Fucking bitch, this is your plan.

You deserve no better.

Come closer, you tremble course.

Yes. Police ...

My husband has been murdered. Yes...

Now it is done.