Blood Shed (2014) Script




What is this?

Gabe, thought you'd want a memento of our loving family.

I'm talking about the key.

There's some crap in that shed from the state, let it explain why you're so well adjusted.

Fuck you, Tom.

Hey, head case, who's the one living in their fucking car?

Ever think about seeing a shrink, before they find you talking to a lamppost?

I know, I know, I know.

I can't wait to get inside. I know. Don't worry.

Oh, nice.

For you, dear.

So good.

Here it go.

Alright. So good to be home.

Let's get you some food. Yeah, like an entire Thanksgiving meal.

Turkey, fixins, all that.

Long day.


Mi baby.

Your gazpacho, madam.

Oh my, is that fresh cilantro on top?

Ay, yes it is.

I'm sure your baby will delight in our tomatoes, organically grown, of course.

Boy, oh boy. You French sure know how to please a lady.

Jeb, is that you?


Welcome to Arat Storage. Can I help you?

Uh, just wondering if you could show me where this unit is?

You find this?

No. Where'd you get them?


They give them to you?

Nah, they're dead. My brother did.

644. Look up on computer.

Your parents paid five years in advance.

They receive excellent discount.


Can you show me where it is?

I can take you.

No. I show.

You go wash toilet.

Office closes at six.

Facility closes at nine.

We have people who try to leave their shit.


Maggots. The floors.

You get caught leaving shit, it's a violation of lease.

That means I seize all property, you understand?

Come on, second floor.

This used to be orange factory.

My father converted it into a storage facility.

Unit must be locked at all times when not using.

You Mexican?


Oh... no family?

Maybe you be interested in, uh, selling some of this, no?

No, I don't think so.

Maybe you change your mind, you know, I can buy it from you.

Don't you fucking ever touch me again.

Why, you crazy homeless, huh?

I call police.

Touch me again, I press charges for assault.



He's not gonna call the police.

He's just gonna cut off your locks and put new ones on.

Why would you tell me that?

I have been wanting to push him into a wall for months.

That dude sucks.

You know, I'm the one who's putting the new locks on.

I'll leave the keys for you on the windowsill past the gate.

You can come pick them up any time after eight.

You're welcome.

Pieces of shit.


Why'd you send me that key?

Fuck. This Gabe?


You off your meds again?

Why did you send me that key?

Huh? What's in that black box?

What's in that box?

Gabe, I haven't talked to you in over a year.

Seriously, get some fucking help.

What ya lookin' at?

That an antique?

You wouldn't happen to have a bigger saw in there would you?

I'm not gonna bust you.

What the fuck are you doing?

Did you sleep in here?

Fucking Christ, man. Did you?

Just don't sleep past nine.


All I really want is to make love with you.

Don't run away.

Do not. Don't.

No more. Don't run away.

You're an artist. Just like I knew.

You slept in shed.

You violate lease.

Maybe you pay me $300, and I'll forget about it.

You just make that shit up?


Maybe I start eviction process now.

I was changing my shirt.

Clean your shed or I confiscate everything.

You touch my shit and I'll burn your fucking place down.

You can't burn this place down.

I have sprinkler in every unit.


Okay, well, I swept the hallways, I emptied the trash, so if there's nothing else to do, I guess I'm just gonna go.

I need you to re-lock 644.

I thought it was relocked?

Then how did that piece of shit get back inside?

Maybe you gave him key?

Maybe you wanna lose your job, as well?

Maybe I hire exterminator?

Get rid of all the cockroaches in my building.

Give me keys when you're done.

Hey, you're not supposed to be here after nine p.m.

Yeah, well, my watch says 8:50, baby.

This is not a hotel.

You need some company, little man?

You're fucking repulsive.

Yeah, and you need a bath.

Pink goddess.

Girl, more like a pink eye.

What's your deal?

Where the fuck you been?

I've been workin' for mines. Bring yo ass inside.

Bring yo ass in.

The good shit, but that's for my pussy.

Go ahead.


My show is on.

You see the newlyweds?

No ma'am. Last time I checked, they was out, pulled a Houdini, everything gone.

Just gone.

You think the fuckface busted them?

Or he put they ass in the baba ganoush for the last course.

You think he got it in him?

Do I think he has it in him?

That motherfucker has more shit in him than I can even imagine.

Okay? But let me tell you what I wanna focus on right now, I wanna get good and high till I touch the motherfucking sky.

I wanna watch my show.

Come tomorrow, I'ma find me some more of those rich daddies, who swear up and down they're straight, and earn my livin'.

Mm, just keep dreaming.

Ooh girl, you're on my weave, baby.


Fuckin' prick!

I told you not to sleep past nine.

He comes by after nine to check for locks.

That means I fucked up.

You know the ceilings are covered in chicken wire.

It's pretty easy to cut through.

Yeah, if I was eight feet tall.

Or if your friend had a ladder.

Alright, can I pull you the ladder later.

It'll cost you a dollar rental.

Here, let's make it an even two.

You see that new boy movin' in?

Oh, yes indeed.

Ah, sexy, sexy, sexy.

The fuck is he doing?

I'm thirsty.

Girl, you didn't.

You didn't.

You didn't just fuck up my monitor.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry?

Bitch, I'm sorry?

Girl, does it look like I got 200 channels of DirecTV in this mug?

All I had was the Arsen TV, and you just fucked up my shit.

You shut up. It's just a fucking monitor.

You spend the whole day looking at people's ass.

Have a good night, fuckhead.

Enjoy the show.



Piece of shit.

You wanna sleep in shed?

Now you can stay.

All night.

Fucking kidding me?!

The door is locked!

No fucking way!

How are we supposed to fucking piss?



Are you serious?

What? Are you afraid?

Uh, no.

Where the fuck did you bring me?

Where did you get that?

I helped someone.

What did I tell you about staying invisible?

Do you wanna get us kicked outta here?

I just wanted to help us get out.

Goodnight, baby.

Okay, so I'll be back in like 20 minutes.


You're actually going to go hook up with a homeless guy?

And leave me here?

He's just down on his luck, you know?

Maybe his girlfriend threw him out.

And there is like a million other guys, that actually have their own place.

Oh, you mean like Gary?

With his shitty one bedroom apartment, and his mattress on the floor, and he's like, "I don't do condoms, babe."

He says he can't feel anything.

What's the latest you've ever been?

Are you late?

Just like... four weeks.

I'll see you in 20 minutes.

You owe me.

Big time.

Does that make you happy?

Watching our child?

Why do you feel the need to push me, Jezebel?

I am becoming whole.

Take it off.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

What is wrong with you?

We're having a boy, David, and he will grow to loathe your name.

You're sick.

My child will not be part of this sickness, This santeria voodoo. My child.

You know my culture.

If I have to take him to Mexico and raise him alone, I will.

Jezebel Zavala, 23, has been missing for several days...

Family and friends fear that Zavala may have been the victim of homicide, at the hands of her lover, Dr. David J. Mathias.

Mathias is believed to be the father of the newborn infant.

Abandoned outside a Glendale residence...

Police have been unable to locate Mathias for questioning.


I can hear you in there.

What're you doing?

I was helping you out.

You don't think that opened up by itself, right?

Guess not.

Could you try not to get caught this time?

Home movies?

Sort of.

Could I watch one?

Our David, you are fucking insane.

The board is not gonna take that tat.

Well, you think this is nuts, when Pedro here's finished, I'm scoring me a mamacita.

You think you can handle that, old man?

Trust me, every mamacita in this town, wants a free trip to the States with a blue-eyed devil.


Get that fucking thing off me.

You said you loved me, baby.

I do love you, and I will take care of our child.

Unless I leave you.

I love you, Jezebel.

You don't leave the man who loves you.

Even when he treats me no better than the dogs outside, roaming the streets.

Roaming like dogs in the street.

Yeah, bitch. You gonna leave me?


Tell me you gonna leave me now.

Yeah. What you gonna say now?

Come on.

You gonna leave me?

You don't fucking leave me.

I'll fucking kill you before you leave me.

I'll fucking kill you, do you hear me?

You fucking bitch.


That's not your fault.

You shouldn't have seen that.

You don't like me.

I do like you.

So what, are you... born again?

Do you have a girlfriend?

Born again?

No. I'm just fucked up.

That's perfect.

I'm fucked up, too.


I can't.

You gay?

No, I'm not gay.

I just can't.

You know, just because I walk around all day smiling like an idiot, doesn't mean that I'm happy.

Samira, I never said you were happy.

Five more minutes, I'm coming for your horny ass.




Evette, what the hell? I told you to stay in the shed.

Oh, I'm sorry, some fucking old man just tried to rape me, while you're down there with loverboy.

You're bleeding.

No, there's blood dripping from the shed.

Can we get the fuck outta here?

What're you doing?

Where did he go?

I don't fucking know.

Told you.

Ew! What the fuck is that?


I can't find my mom.

You try calling her?

You can't get cell phone service in here.

You'll find her.

Please, help me find my mom.

I'm leaving.

You can't. All the doors are locked.

You know the way out?

Only if you help me.

Fine. Come on.

Lead the way.

Why isn't the unit key working?

The deadbolts are locked.

So, you don't have keys to those?

Only Arsen does.

So, he locked us in here?

I don't know.

Why would he lock us in here? I don't know, Evette.

I think Arsen locked us in.

Yeah. I know he did.

This is the guy you were hooking up with?

You don't have a set of keys?

Not to the deadbolt, and we tried all of these.

Guess he taught us scumbags a lesson, huh?

You're really living in here?


Try this.

Where are you going?

Be careful with that.

The fuck you doin' in my shed, boy?

You workin' for Arsen?


I was helping Trace find his mom.

Shit, Trace's mama?

She's probably still out.

She stay leaving that boy alone, by himself.

How's about giving me a name, brown eyes?


Gabriel. The archangel?

You know Arsen locked all the doors?

And that means, all of us fixin' to be cooped up in here, till he gets back, first thing in the morning.

No, there has to be another way out of here.

The only other way outta here is through the looney bin, and everything down there is boarded up, and you don't know nothin' about that, right?



You don't know that bitch?

She'll cut your fucking tongue out.

How do you know Jezebel Zavala?

'Cause I see things, boy.

I know whatever that bitch is looking for, it got a lot to do with yo ass.

She's alive?

Depends on your definition of "alive."

Okay, can you help us get out of here or not?

Help you?

Fuck no.

Me and my girl, Lucy, are gonna lock this shed, we gon' get good and high, and when Arsen brings his ass back first thing in the morning, I'ma kick his skull in.

Come on, bud. Let's go.

Come on.

I hope you both get real high.

Yes, we will.



Let's go. Go, go, go, go, go!


What're we gonna do?

This sucks.

We should've just stayed inside.

Why? So you can fuck him again?

I didn't fuck anyone.

So, you know there's a psych ward, in the basement, right?

No, that is an urban legend, and you know what?

That old man, he's lived here forever.

He has to know a way out.

Oh, the one who tried to rape me?

He was probably trying to tell you something.

What about my mom? Okay.

Let's just go to the top, and work our way down.


I see you, Devon.

Stop being a cunt.

It's you.

I'm not afraid of you.

I've been waiting for you.

Let's do this.

Either I, uh, fuck you, or cut you in 30 different ways.

It's your choice.


Be gentle.



Stay here.


Did you find her?

What's in there?

Nobody. Come on.

She's gone, Trace.


Come on.

Let's go. No.

Stop, no. Will you please shut this.

Stop. Now what?

The basement, or the old man.

Come on.

Fuck my ass.

Goddamn you, girl.


Witch! You don' mess with the wrong motherfucker.

Did you guys know there are over 4,000 units in here?

All this stuff that people can't let go of, but they can just so easily forget about.

It's like, why not just bring it all to Goodwill?

At least someone will get some use out of it.

Will you shut up.

Who gives a fuck about Goodwill?

I'm just tryna' get outta here.

Really? It was your stupid fucking idea to come drinking, in this creepy ass shed to begin with.

Knock it off.

What's it say? That we should leave.

Isn't that just fucking genius.

Unfortunately, we're locked in for the night.


We can't leave.

The doors are locked. The deadbolts are locked.

By who? By you?

By Jezebel?

What is this?

What the fuck?




Open up!

What have you done, huh? Where's Samira? Where's Trace?

And his name... is Gabriel.

You piece of shit.

I'm not your blood.

If you don't tell me where Samira and Trace are in the next five seconds, I'll cut your head off.

She seeks what she lost.

Where is she?

She wants the child... child, one of you holds.

Is Samira pregnant?


Are you?

How do we get out of here?

You will find passage underneath.

The psych ward?

If I don't find her, or that little boy, I will find you, and I will kill you.

You the puta that killed my Lucy?

I ain't afraid of you, you shape-shifting cunt.

That 'sposed to scare me?

Come on out here, you fucking witch!

Evette, will you wait up?

I don't have time to wait.

I'm getting the fuck outta here.


Mi Gabriel.

This isn't the way out.

The elevator doesn't work.

I thought you were dead.

I walk these hallways everyday.

I know all the good spots to hide from Arsen.

Where's Trace?

He died quick.


I will do whatever you want.

I'll go wherever you wanna go.

I just don't wanna be alone.

Neither do I.





Mi Gabriel.

I've been waiting so long to see you.

My handsome boy.

So how do you think this was started?

Probably somebody smoking and shit.

We have problem with homeless.

Where ya headin' darlin'?