Blood Shot (2013) Script

What I miss most is his smile.

The truth is that it is my fault that everything ended well .


Most people do not know that there are things monsters.

I dread.

The evil is out there, and I'll find , and I'll put it in the place that corresponds , but do it alone.

The Devil's pay.

Know what I'm doing.

I believe.

These terrorists really believe that away with it.

All know that in reality there is no evil.

Allah Akbar .

Allah Akbar. Here it is! Come!

Here it is!

I just received a vision sent by Allah, bless his mercy.

No more warnings.

Dogs and pigs just ignore them, and are not worthy to survive to divine wrath of Allah.

Therefore, prepare to enter paradise.

Allah Akbar. Praise be to Allah.

- Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar Tell my mother not to cry, for I will go to paradise..

May your grief become anger, Because I give my life on by Jihad for Allah.

Use it only once. Do not forget. Do not worry about me, friend.

If you have a concern, if ever you betray our trust, I have to tell you what you'll , right?

Hey, I spent far all your trials.

I am the good, brother.

Spend this test and get everything you want.

I have a face only.

Is the best we could do.

Is just the tip of the iceberg. You're working with someone else,

Someone of great concern.

Your mission is to find and eliminate , with whoever you're with him.

And as always, do not let evidence or witnesses.

Find out what you can and kill all.

If you fail at something, deny our participation , etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Want you to know you're the only... we trust you will do this job well.

Only you.

Where is?

The Great Satan!

Your mother would be proud.

A steel balls. Thanks for the message.

This time I catch you.

How is the environment up there?

Do not want to go, buddy. Why? What do you expect me?

Bite me!

In your dreams, garbage. Be what you are.

Your powers of genius belong to us.

Your breath is already warped. You make me nauseous.

Now shut up!


Here's the problem.

Now is a little better.


You give me information ?

You must bite!

For the glory of Allah, bite me!

Okay, get ready. Are you ready?

A bloodbath.


You again.

Seems that this time grabbed me with his hands in the dough.

Do not move.

Do not move!

Will you let me? These guys bleed much.

I'm serious.

This is the last time.


What is this? Silver.

Not for werewolves?


I never shot with a silver bullet.

I have a magazine full of them.

Yes? If you ever shoot me, will you do me angry .


Let me guess. Holy Water?

Please. Affect me more water sewer.

Come on, get up.

Is this everything you got for me?


It seems you were studying... but the wrong books.



Grab knives and arrójamelos.

Good shot.

Not the face.

My turn.

You know what happens when kill a cop?

I have to kill a couple more?

I am so eager to kill you.

Going to say the same.

What's stopping you?

I'm not the one who is immortal. I'm recovering.

Awaits only.

Yes? I'm just resting so come anytime.

You're lucky Only.

Although you're persistent. I'll get you whatever happens.

All time're killing people. It's... is twisted.

'm A murderer. What do you want? How to get a job?

Addition, these guys are trash.

Only clean the place before you arrive.

They do a favor. Toma.

Make me another and clavate this stake through the heart Sorry. Have to keep trying.

Tell me. Except I want to kill me, why are so right? Presumption of innocence.

I must arrest these guys, not let mates.

What about me?

You never saw me kill anyone. You're guilty.

Look, look what you are. 're Not even human.

Deserve to burn in hell.

Possibly true.

But if you knew what these dirty thought cockroaches do...

The system will deal with them. The system is a joke.

Were guilty. Believe me.

My solution was much faster and cheaper than yours.

And still justice.

What gives you the right to be judge and jury ?

Can not know everything.

'll Tell you what I know.

There are terrorists invading the city. Something big is going to happen.

I'm evil, but there are worse. The arrest you.

You will not.

I must go.

By the way, you have ten seconds to cut and run.

The building will explode.

Do not you had said?

What can you tell us about what happened here?

You see... this building here... exploded.

Is on fire.

And possibly the temperature is high.

Did you hear the thunder last night? It was crazy.

Well, friend. Not again slept?

Ticked my work.

Does your job? What the hell is this?

As I said... my job.

I have the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, National Security and above your fault.

Do you know...

Coffee I like women. Do not say it.

Come to my office now!

Bitter and dark.

Want explanations.

Tell me what you omitted in the report.

All I know is there.

I swear. Really?

A single suspect. No forced entry.

More than 100 shots were fired, but a drop of his blood was not found.

Ni there is minimal evidence have been there.

Doubt this man even exist.

Not know what can I say.

's In the report.

Mr. President, we caught one. We gave incomplete information... on a meeting between major terrorist in Manyak Akbar.

Apparently is also a Soviet expert on weapons.

Let me guess.

We will not tell you the date of this meeting ... until you get to New York with your attorney.

Request permission to proceed with enhanced interrogation, sir.

Forward, heck!


Welcome, brother.

'm Zubri.

Hope your trip was enjoyable.

Come with me. I'll show you the place.

You'll love.

What does the fetus?

Is Marud. Is our expert in explosives.

But... No one better.

Please our servants will take you to your room.

'll Call for the meeting.


Master, have returned! They have returned!

They have returned!

Brother, have returned!

Where are the others?

I'm the only one left. Yes, you've done well.

I have completed my search.

Definitely. Tráiganle drink.


Take this box to my room and prepare a toast!

Celebrating our unit drink for Jihad.

Life is in the blood.

This... is our Jihad bomb.

Will exploit an entire city.

Just need to insert nuclear material here, and a detonator anger there.

A common nuclear bomb would destroy this area.

Y blast... come here.

But the experimental material that will bring cause a big harm... we can only assume its magnitude.

Nobody has seen its effects.

But should do this.

What would we do without the Russians?


But where will that get nuclear material?


Concerned by entering enemy territory undetected.

I have studied all possible ways to enter the US Found more easily and safely as possible, without the slightest chance of being caught .

Got student visas for all.

Something called racial profiling and political correctness , which basically means that no chances are requisitioned us Exactly as we see them as terrorists.


All out.


Get out!

Yes, sir.

Find them where they hide is .

And... I want to be extensive.


Any particular method?

Something... style. OK.

Do your worst, unrestricted. Do not want to hear.

No problem. I will do it.

Yes Thank you Mr. Chairman..

Security did not stop.

Our facial recognition system detected it a few hours ago.

His name is. Fatah Muhammad Bin Akeem...

Kalahmi Ahkbah Salim Fatan...

Fahid Hasan Yasin Abdulla Kwanii.

To hell. Will tell Bob.

Not know exactly to plan.

Always seems to be a few steps ahead.

But has eliminated best agents in the world.

What suspicions?

I can not even imagine. But whatever it is, be catastrophic.

Why we need to stop him.

This is one of his last atrocities.

His men were mixed with children carrying explosives.

This guy is totally evil. Is an outcast.

Must die. Any clues?

Yeah, just a narcotics officer.

Looked for sellers and found a terrorist group.

Now directly responds to the NSA.

Is too much for him.

Does that police are still following you? Not for much longer.

Want us to handle? No, I can handle it.

Keep saying that. Why do not you remove it?

Have the authority to do so.

Look at that. It's worse than we thought.

They call Verdugo.

Loves decapitation.

Possibly hooded several videos of beheadings man.

It's explosives expert dangerous world and perhaps the best.

His name is Marud.

What size do not be fooled.

Al¡ loves dealing with chemical weapons!

Create new drugs for the enemy.

Is a way to finance the Jihad.

According to our informant, are gone... to an unknown location.

We can not stand still.

You must go to that deposit.

Kill these cockroaches and see what happens.

And if you start looking at Bob...

The errand boy. Have stupid face.

Press it. Something will escape.

Sounds like fun.

Do not underestimate these guys.

Train hard.

Are you ready for everything. Possibly up to you.

Maybe you have agree a plan this time.

You know what my plan?

Back to the desert All in body bags, where Allah will not recognize or by their dental records.


What is this Bags for corpses

Did you go into them, or I'll have to put them?

I thought we talked about this.

Right. Toma.

Half the house is still mine, right?

'll Have your half.

Come on, do you really want to sell the house ?

Do we want to?


Look at your face!

Again vampires?

I can not see well.

Not just for me. I chase the bad, dear.

Look, I'm trying to do something useful .

Can not we try again?

I mean we love.

You can quit your day job.

Do not ask me that. You can start again.

We can start over.



I must go.

I told them they get in the bags!

Help! What's up?

The great Satan, who has powers genius.


Is he here?


Where is your boss?

I can not tell you. I start marcarte.

Pain is temporary compared with what will happen to me if I speak.

We have prepared to ask... you to bite us if you were, so... bite me.

Why do I always think I'll turn ?

You want to blow themselves again and again?


I can not believe you did that. Yup?

It hurt?


You Punch skin.

What is your problem?

What I have to shoot you?

Now I have to stand the smell of garlic as you kick your ass.

Come on, get up.

Are we done? Yeah yeah.


You know, when you finish rest, 'll throw you against the wall , among other things.

Maybe you lose that arm.

I will not give up.

Yes, that thought. How can you look in the mirror?

Want to know how it is, right?

There are demons. Thousands of demons.

I owned, and I became. Only a demon is pretty bad.

Yes, you think so?

Although I make the decisions.

How much willpower is needed for that?

Know how many.

So if you changed so much... Look at it like this... all have a dark side.

Portas a cross and see it as sin. Others see it as evil.

For me it is more literal, but...

The key is how you recognize and keep control.

And if you're so good, why you can not look a cross?

A kind of biochemical reaction...

Hell, I do not know. Do not just talk of demons?

They can not tolerate it.

They are the problem, not me.

Yes, but you get all your strength.

Yes, and I will not waste it.

If I can master them, I can use this power in pursuit of the truth, justice and way of life US.

're A vampire possessed by demons.

It is my duty to eliminate you. I'll tell you something.

If you stop sinning, I'll let eliminate me. OK?


Is it a sin... or place an order?

Do not bite me!

Rip . Come over.

Are you okay?

Going to ruin my work. You have to turn away.

Okay, listen. We can handle it.

Look, I'm not in this.

I'm something else.

Obviously, you need help with whatever it is.

Hey, Rip. You need to go to hospital.

Just wanted you to know that I'm not following you .

Stay safe, okay?

Everyone is dead.

Who did it? What did you see?

I asked him to bite me.

Something is coming.

For all of us.

No more mistakes! Not be tolerated!

Give ten lashes. That will cure your fear.

Thank you! Thank you, Master! Whatever it is, we'll be ready.

Tonight you were very close.

Do not tell me was another time that police .

're Too valuable to let a guy like keep you busy.

Both know that can happen. Do not worry about me.

Had to kill time.

Why not think about killing more than the time...?

When you see him again?

We raised some rumors and confirmed... ruined it completely.

Zubri saw you.

How serious is it?

May be too severe.

This time may be prepared for you.

Hey, I can talk to you a minute?


I think I found evidence makes no sense.

Wanted to ask about it.

What is it?


What? Come on, fuck! No, no. I'm serious.

I... I think. I think I can help you prove it.

Okay. So... tell me about the vampire.

What do you know? Who is it? What it does

Can you see what it does.

Is a sadistic murderer.

You read the reports, right? It was always him.

Is he alone? Are you serious?

No. Intense, right? How do you do?

Dodge the bullets? No, do not.

Not your style. Receives and keeps smiling.

What happens?

Sana instantly.

Yes, and another thing: is huge and strong.

Can throw you farther than you expect .

Go! What else can you do?

When enraged and has sufficient strength, You can hear your heart beating strong before killing.

And the weirdest part is... can interfere with electronic equipment... frequency radio signals television, and other things.

Is serious. Can you fly? Yes. I asked him once.

I explained that fly all the time consuming him much strength.

Can you run your maximum speed all the time?

Yes, makes sense.

What else? Garlic?

No, just annoyed.

Silver Bullets?

I used them. They did not work. Bite?

No, of course not. Will not bite anyone.

It seems the last vampire. And it will not become anyone else.

And not turn to anyone else.

You whole Van Helsing, Rip.

Son of... I came to suck your blood.


Come to my office now!

The rest back to work!

Want to tell me was that all about?

Okay, so tell me what this is.

I told you, everything is there.

Yes, but what you omitted on monsters.

Internal Affairs wants a psychological test.


His word is law. If you approve, will have a 30-day suspension.


Sorry, it's out of my hands.

Nobody does the amount of hours I do.

I dedication to my work, you know.

Well, convince.

Talk about vampires and see what they say .

Is this because...? Come on.

Only joking. We do it all the time.

How long have not you rest?

A while.

Go home. Get some sleep.

Retrasaré your assessment until tonight.

If I had a house.

Sorry, I will not disrespect , but when we complete the tunnel, how do we cross?

We take a year and nobody could survive inside.

Do not worry, brother.

Allah will provide.

Soon opacaremos both the attack on Manhattan the world to forget completely.

There is new information about some kind of genius.

A species of goat-god.

Yes, of course.

Do not take it so lightly.

Yes? Why not?

Me breakfast geniuses. Say it's a Marid, The most dangerous kind of genius.

Is not a fairy tale.


You expect me to believe that?

You exist, right?

Look, I've been thinking.

And maybe not have to resign.

I think they'll fire me.

Nor trust you?

Yes, also believe 'm crazy.

Well, you're wrong.

Look, I just want to know if happens, we'll have a chance.

What can I say, Rip?

Yes Not if you're so broke.! What do you want me to do?

What would you like to do? What you show the vampire?

Do you really think that is what I ?


I must go.


Cursed vampire.

First my wife, then my job .

Who is that?

Our new distributor. Already investigated.

I have the report you requested situation.

The project will be complete and ready for Friday night.

Excellent, excellent.

The crawler our informant stopped working.

Know why.


Must be somewhere... underground lair?

Yes We receive all kinds of readings seismic in this area.

How safe do you feel in the streets of his city knowing that the same officers are to protect, use their power to harm?

's Edition tonight show you evidence... pest of government corruption.

Public employees infecting our city and our nation.

An officer intentionally does exploit a crime scene.

We also know that the same official was involved... in the recent slaughter of deposit where 58 innocent people were killed .

I got it.

Why can not reveal his identity?

By government regulations that limit the freedom of this program.

These images were taken minutes after the incident.

What kind of clandestine business happened here?

By this should worry.

Allah Akbar.

Allah Akbar.

Allah Akbar. It's my favorite part.

This will be recorded.

Case Number 1156743, Rip Lancaster.

The questions cover all their cases in the last 18 months.

State your name, please.

Thanks for joining us.

Let's talk business.


We would like to give us details... on officer mentioned in your program.

Your name, where you work, where you live .

What do I get?

This. $ 2 million.

And the story of his career.

Up will tell where to park his truck.

Come to the point.

Do you believe in vampires?

Yes. I mean, no. Look, it's just a hobby.

Hunt vampires?

No, of course not. Look, I only read about them.

Just that.



Allah Akbar.

This is my favorite part.

Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar.



Already isolated background sound.

Much excavation is heard.

This confirms the seismic readings.

Any time will determine your location.

Sorry, Rip.


Will you be okay?

At least I know who to call if ever encounter a vampire.

Thank you.

I do not believe in vampires.

Bob must eliminate as soon as possible.

Go to detonate a nuclear bomb. I will not let that happen.

And remember, this genius is not like enemies you fought in the past.

Not sure I understand the dangers .

From what I read in the file, think I can remove it with a bit weapons.

'll Have all the weapons you want.

Your main objective is a command.

You can do whatever you feel necessary , to remove the dung ball long name and blue eyes.

's Him.

Do my wife?

Yes, have your girl.

Is on the way.

Show me.


Just killed the guy knows where my wife.

I did you a big favor. Going to take you into a trap.

Now is your turn to do me a favor.

Yes? And what do I get? You help me regain my wife?

'll Let you live.

Still not sure which side are you on?

Not yours. Of this I am sure.

Know that for me, only need two things: a cross and a wooden stake.

But you brought much more. Makes me feel comfortable.

Are you still comfortable?

What do you want from me? Rather than get in my way, why this might not help me? Do we have a deal?

No, these guys have my wife. I want your help.

No, you help me. No, you help me.

Do not move!

I heard that you're taking the credit for my work .

Did it help your career? Then talk about it.

You know I had nothing to do, right? Yes, of course.

I know you're obsessed. Stop talking crap.

Should see the last came for me in this way.

Finished a psychiatric institute.

To you it is much better.

Equal will not help until help me first.

Seems that you're doing a pretty good job.

I know.

Do you still think we should arrest these guys?

Is in self defense. Fully justified.

Good job.

Thank you.

How long?

How long? Two minutes.

That is one and a half.

All! Hurry, hurry.

His name is...

Akeem Muhammad Bin Ahmed Fatah Ulama Fahid Salim Abdulla Hasan No matter. 'll Call Bob.

Are the worst thing. Matan children for fun.

If you have your wife, I have high hopes .

Going to do something great.

We have to stop them.


For what?

To kill Bob and his henchmen. Perhaps not understand me.

I will not help. Listen To Me.

Have a nuclear bomb. You Here?

Yes I need your help, Rip. No, no. Wait.

I will not go there with you.

Is too intense. Rip if I go out and kill me, will be only and the obligation to save the world... and your wife on your own.

Do you want that?

Okay, fine. Let's do it my way.

's Hide and try to find my wife first.

Better do things my way.

No, no. My way.

With pride and noise, friend. As in the United States.

That sound violins.

Hurry. I escóndanlo.


This is your virgin, Bob.

Still a virgin, right?

I ran out of bullets.

You've got a trick up his sleeve?

Only one...

Kicking ass.

I ran out of bullets.

The exact amount of bullets.

Finally, for the first time in more than six thousand years, I brought you here for a great purpose . Get Up.

Lots to do.

Save it and close it well.


Where? Where?

Do not see anything wrong?

Let me, let me.

Get out.


It's about time you want me nearby.

Genius Has the material.

I distracted Jihad!

Bring the chest!

I got it.

Now that he is free, genius that was inside...

We will use unthinkable ways. How do I stop?

Must pour the fresh blood of a virgin mouth of the skull, and recite an ancient passage Arab call , for the genie back the skull , and salves the life of your friend.

Okay. Who is virgin?


All right. You know what I say?

Know exactly what to say, word for word. Well, come on.

Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar.

Wait, sorry. How was it?

No. Okay.

Watch my lips.

I can not do it.

're Wrong.

You have not said good once. I'm sorry, is rare.

Few more times and I'll say it smoothly.

Maybe you have only one chance to say .

Come on, motherfucker!

Bob, it's gone!

Grab the bomb! Carefully! I do not know how.

Slip back in the fucking skull!


Run! Come on!

You did.

In Spanish.

What's wrong?

By shedding the blood of a virgin, she lost her life in the skull.

Do not you commented.

I knew you would not do if I would have told you.

Why? This is my fault. No. I did, I cut myself.

I did it to save others. By Aisha.

Do you see what this girl did for you?

You hope you realize...

Hey, are you okay?

Is that you?

I feel so dirty.

I outraged.

It is as if you went to prison

Thank you, friend. I owe you one.

Okay, let save my wife.

Sino detonation stop and pump, All die.

Okay. Hasten.

Follow me! Yes For this site.

're Close, but maybe still need the policy.

Bring her.

're Locked.

First pump, then your wife.

Do not look great, man.

Know, I was thinking...

If sees you, believe me and love me again.

Yes, and maybe get lucky, right?

Come on, get up.

I want my life back.

And my job.

If everyone could see you're real , give me back my job.

You can not want to return to that job, right?

I like to go after the bad guys.

So get up and go get them.

Come on, what's all you got?

Get up.

Use me as a shield. It will be fun.

Allah! Carrie!


Hey, buddy. Can I ask you a favor?

Could you save my wife, please?

Wish I could, friend, but this time you have to do it alone.

As? Can not heal?

Not this time.

By God, I'll die.

Hey, look on the bright side.

You got rid of me.

This hurts.

Tell me.

Also hurts, despite being a bloodsucker?

Hey, Rip.


I have a stake in the heart .


What is your name?

Who will protect me?

Maybe you want to come over close friend.

Can not you see we're dying?

Nobody has protected because angels are on my side.

I know these angels.

They encourage sulfur.

Just got lucky.

There was no luck!

The pious Allah takes care of me and guide me Jihad.

So why are you not a bit kind to my wife?

Let her go.

'll Tell you what I'll do with your dirty wife.

Le off his head slowly.

If still alive, I'll give her head.

Maybe even record it so you can view.

Hey, dog, tell you where you can get you that knife.

I know where.

Yes? Come and show me.

Do not be silly. 's A trap.

Come on, hen.

Do not go. I'll be here.

Do not touch it!

Or what?

What will you do?

Listen carefully.

I want you to cut the head with a sword.

Then I want you to take off your fangs and bring me.

And then put his head on a mirror and bury box.

Do you understand?

We have seen the last of your kind .

Enjoy your pain.

Allah Akbar.

Allah Akbar.

Please, no!

No, please! Allah Akbar.

I would be dead not hear this.

Alto! No! Do Not! Let me go!

Bastard, you bit me!

Just saved your life. No, you killed me!

Whatever. You said you wanted to be dead.

So it still being a genius?

Also you were going to die.

Now you'll still here.

So I can still save her?

Yes, but you'll be back with her.

But my wife. I did not make the rules. Trust me.

In addition, surely said: "till death do us part".

You're dead, breakaway. OK. Listen, We can summarize this for you can get back there?

Quiet. Time is not happening.

We are in a spiritual reality.

When you return, better hurry.

Throughout the centuries, passed the baton.

When we get tired, seek a replacement.

Sorry. I must go.

Will you be okay?

You used me, you deceived me.

Would you have given if you would have told you?

I was training, Rip.

Come on, get up.

Come on, get up.

Good job.

'll Let you live.

Do not bite me! I gave you a gift.

A gift?

Have a commitment to justice I never saw anyone.

're Strong, determined, everything you need to be.

Can I still be good?

Count on that.

So get up and go get them.

A good vampire.

I think it might.

You start now. The barracks are in the basement of taxes.

Death and taxes.

Save the world, Rip.

Save your wife. The rules are simple.

Drink his blood after killing them, or return.

Oh, and... stay the night shift.

And almost forgot. My name is...

Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar.

Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar.

What were you going to do to my wife?


Look at me.

I'm so sorry. If only I would have listened.

If only you had been my priority.

Stay with me.


I must go.

Opens big mouth and say "Allah".

No, no! Zubri, no!


No! No!


Zubri, no!

No! Zubri, Zubri!



Do it and kill me.

I will go to paradise to enjoy my virgin ... and pleasures that only could imagine.

No, you will not go to paradise.

This is a preview of what to expect.

And where you're going, you're the virgin .

What I miss most is his smile.

The truth is that it is my fault that everything ended well .

Sorry he's gone, but you must have chosen for some reason.

Welcome aboard.

Is an honor to have you.

Gone, sir. Is gone, but found his replacement.

Make it investigated.

Be sure to follow safe.


Most people do not know that there are things monsters.

I dread.

The evil is out there and I'll find , and I'll put it in the place that corresponds , but do it alone.

The Devil's pay.

I know what I'm doing.

I believe.