Blood Stripe (2016) Script

[Sergeant Voiceover] Hey it's me.

So I'm catching transpo out of here at 0800 and then that's it, coming home.

(helicopter blades chopping)

(car horn honking)

♪ Watching money, watching sky

♪ Are you mine or are you wild

♪ Are you calling to the blur of man

[Sergeant] Thanks for the ride Barbie.

Oh sweetheart, I live to serve.

No Rusty don't get up, I got this.

Hey, you live here?

Yep, my wife and three kids.

What, they inside?

[Rusty] Mm, baseball.


How about the wife?

Getting her hair done.


Well, shit, I guess I got the wrong house.

Welcome home baby.

I didn't miss you for a second.

Yeah, me neither.

(calm banjo music)

Come Lord Jesus be our guest and let these gifts to us be blessed.



And thank you for bringing my girl home.

And in one piece.

I'll drink to that.

(glasses clinking)

Mm hmm.

Mm hmm.

Oh that's tender roast.

So, how long has it been since you got a steak?

Uh, Christmas.

Oh Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

And that Bon Jovi perm of his.

You're done, go home.

Thanks sis.

You did everything.

Well, okay.

I have got to go pick up Troy from work anyway.


I'll see ya.

Thank you for everything.

Welcome back. Thank you.



I'm gone!

Now you have to help, we're not done yet.

Uh uh.



No, tonight, let's finish.

The next day.

The next day?

I don't wanna.

You wanna do the next day?


It'll be three minutes, come on.

No, no, no.

Up, up.

Uh uh.


(lips smacking)

(heavy breathing)

(intense music)


You okay in there, babe?

Yeah, yeah, yeah babe, I'm good.

I'm good.

I think it was the steak.

Didn't agree with me.

There you are.



You ever gonna sleep in?


Is there coffee?


How are you feeling?


I'm feeling real good.

For you.




Um I've been meaning to tell you, uh, Barb did a run to True Value last week and ran into Frondoor.


How's he doing, how's Lynn doing?

Uh fine, I guess.

Says he never got over you leaving for the Corps.

Apparently he has a foreman position available.

Uh huh.

Yeah, apparently it pays pretty good.

Yeah, great, no, I was thinking I should line something up.


Okay, this is for you.

I'm out.

Hey, aren't we gonna eat?

Uh you eat, I'm going for a run.

(liquid pouring)

I'm going to bed, babe.

I'll be in, in a sec.

[TV Salesman] Rust, coffee, pop, you name it.

Anything you need, this stuff will remove.

We call it the miracle because it gets out the toughest stain with just a little bit of water.

Just add water to this brush, brush it for three seconds.

(lawnmower rumbling)

[Barb] Hey, can you take Rusty to his doctor's appointment tomorrow?

Uh, yeah, why?

[Barb] For his shots.

Is that okay?

Oh yeah, yep, I got it.

Anyway, I'm just one team member away and I hope to god I can get Carol Swanson on there, remember her?

She sells craft supply, put me right over the top.

Let me see.

You so needed this.


You have no idea, it looks gorgeous.

Thank you.


And they are redoing the roof on the house nextdoor, so I literally can't sleep.

You know I don't even want.


Good you're back, take this over for me.

Party's starting in half an hour.

How many people are coming?

I lost count, but it's gonna be fun.

Can you cut some of those for me?


I need 'em for the house.

Hey girl, don't drown 'em.

(upbeat rock music)

Okay so Lex has got the coals going and Carol's picking up the cake they got.

Hey, can you put that wine in the fridge for me?

Yeah, yeah.

I'm gonna get started on this potato salad.


Ah crap.

(doorbell ringing)

Russ can you get that?

Can you uh, can you run this under some water for me?

I have to get the door.

And uh, put the sour cream in the potato salad.


And uh, I'm coming.

Do you want to change your shirt?

Hey, I'm so glad to see you.

Hey, you remember Carol Swanson.


Just don't wanna drop this, let me, um yeah.

Okie dokie, now let me get a look at you.

Oh Carol, you can get a drink out back.


That red hair hasn't changed.


And the gravy will be ready in a sec and we'll do it right on this platter here.

Oh yeah.

So Barb told me that you were hurt, you would never know it.

You look fantastic, honey.

Thank you.

I bet Rusty missed you.

I hope so.

Yeah, sorry.

Hey Carol, you wanna put that outside for me.

Thank you so much.

And I bet you're ready to start that family now.

Almost, yeah almost, just got home.

[Carol] 10 pounds, 11 ounces.


That is a huge baby, you think she's okay?

(doorbell ringing)

Oh god that's Troy, I hope he's not too drunk from fantasy football draft.

I know.

[Barb] Troy.


My dad and my husband Gary are linemen, they worked with Russ.

I'm Janet.

And I just have to say that Rusty is just so proud of you.

Thank you, thank you Janet.

It's so good to see you, um.

We're all glad you're back.

I just have to get to the.

Can I help with that.

No, I think we're good, thank you Janet.

[Carol] Barb, you're gonna make me go off my diet.



It's okay, it's not a big deal.

It's okay, not a problem.

It's your house sweetheart.

(loud rock music)

There she is.

Welcome home, Tiger.

(loud thudding)

[Barb] Troy, Troy!

Get off of me.

Come here, come here.

Get off of me!

Get off of me!

Good aim, right?

The guy who did it was one of my regulars.

Said he just got sick and tired of looking at it.

Want another one, Nick?

(door creaking)

Next time you decide to go out and get shit faced, don't take my truck.

[Sergeant] I'm not shit faced.

Took you five minutes to get in the door.

What, were you timing me?


I just didn't feel like helping you.

Thanks a lot, Russ.

Going to bed.

[Rusty] Oh, you're sleeping in our bed tonight?


Where else would I sleep?

I dunno.

Every time I wake up, you're never there.

There's a brat in the fridge, you hungry?

No I'm not, thanks.

Right, 'cause you don't eat.

You don't sleep.

You just beat the shit out of people and run off.

Oh please, that guy's a fucking asshole.

[Rusty] That guy.

And I barely touched him.

That guy was a guest at your welcome home party.

Who's the asshole?

He put his hands on me, Russ.

He put his fucking hands all over me.

Okay so what?

So you bash his head in and disappear and leave me to clean up your mess?

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry you had to clean up my mess.

[Rusty] Oh watch it.

I'm real, oh I'm real fucking sorry about that, Rusty.

And I'm real fucking sorry that, that fucking asshole.

Hey watch yourself.

Put his fucking hands all over me and you don't give a shit.

I'm fucking sorry about that.

Real fucking sorry.

I think you need a good night's sleep.

I can't, I can't sleep.

God dammit.



Ah, my stomach's worth shit.


(water running)

[Rusty] Listen, baby, I don't know what happened over there this time around, but.




I think we need to get you to the VA.

There's a wait.

Okay, how long?

129 days.

(somber music)

(loud machinery)

You know why I like you in that uniform?

No, why?

'Cause I can see you coming.

You see me now?

There you are, the lioness.

You miss me today?


Yeah, me neither.

Mm hmm.

Hey, but the vest back on.

(water trickling)

[TV Salesman] The toughest stains you've got, bring 'em on.

This is why we call this stuff the miracle, it's the answer to all your problems.

So what I do is I add a little bit to this brush here and I scrub.

(machinery vibrating loudly)

(somber music)

♪ With silver arrow buried in my chest

♪ I fell asleep in the earliness

♪ And had the most vivid dream

♪ I was just a sailor and I was lost at sea

♪ All the waves crashed over me

♪ And I was lost

♪ I was lost but I was free

♪ All the while

(water lapping)

♪ She's a brave girl

♪ She sings as she flies

♪ But she never hollers cuckoo

♪ Until the fourth day of July

♪ I'm gonna build me a tiny castle

♪ On a mountain so high

♪ So that I can hear the cuckoo

♪ As she passes by Hey, are you lost?

No, no I was just driving.

I uh went to camp here once.

You staying on the lake?

I think so.

You think so?

Yes ma'am.

Well enjoy.

Thank you.


(calm piano music)

[Radio] And the first mosquito bite should be experienced.

Word of that got around town quickly.

Clarence Bunson was looking out his back window and he saw Mrs. Rasmussen hanging up the sheets on the clothes line.

Need a hand?


(cheerful music)

And after that, the court side cabins need to be scrubbed down real good.

That's where the little ones stay, lots of bed wetters, so half the mattresses are heading for the dump.

Oh and I hope you're good with an ax because Carl's useless with his back.

And we need to restack the wood piles for the fire in the saunas.

Got it.


Not much of a vacation for ya, huh?

No, it's good, I like the work.

Okay, so here's your cabin.

Thank you.

Don't thank me, you haven't seen it yet.

Oh and I thought you could use some things out of here.

Uh, what is it?

That's the lost and found.


Thanks Dorothy.


And people call me, Dot.


Yeah it's Rusty

[Sergeant] Hey it's me.

Hey, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

I'm feeling real good.

Okay where are you, where are you calling from?

I'm at camp.

I found the camp I went to when I was little.

It's right on a lake just south of the border.

I called the police.

I called all the hospitals.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I guess I just lost track of time.

I was just driving.

[Rusty] Okay, okay, where are you?

Barb and I will come get you.

No, um, there's a lot to do here and Dot wants me to stay.

The camp's out of session now and there's a lot to do before the winter so, I'm gonna stay here for a couple weeks and help her out.

Who the hell is Dot?

[Sergeant] She runs the place, she's in charge.

Okay honey, you just got home.

Alright, you have a job here, a good job.

What am I supposed to tell Frondoor?

Oh yeah, I didn't like that job.

[Rusty] What?

I didn't like that job, there was nothing for me to do.

[Rusty] Oh Jesus Christ.

[Sergeant] Russ.

I don't understand.

A couple days and I'll be home, okay?

Love you.

I brought you a blanket.

It gets pretty cold at night.

I'll just leave it here then.

I'm Carl.

Okay, here's directions to the dump.

Hustle back, I got a retreat coming in three days.

There's people coming?

(upbeat rock music)

(serene music)

Here, have another.

Oh thank you, yeah.

Sorry, I can eat.

No, no, no, there's nothing to be sorry about.

You're a hard worker.

You're the hardest worker I've had up here, you don't stop.

We used to say nobody every drowned in sweat, so.


Who's we?

The Corps, Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps?

A girl Marine, I didn't know that they had those.

Yep, they do.

So, what do I call you?

Marine, I mean I'm a Sergeant.


You don't have to call me that.

No, I like that, I like that.


So uh, what'd you do over there?

Lots of things.


In Iraq I was a lioness.

Lioness, what's that?

We were female troops attached to combat units.

And then in Afghanistan I was part of an FET.

We were assigned to checkpoints and there to support civil affairs and clearing operations.

How'd you get that job?

I volunteered.

What'd you do everyday, day to day.

Checkpoints by day, house raids by night.

Pretty much.

I uh, I was given a rifle when I was six.

I used to shoot squirrels and wood chucks in the back yard.

I got mine when I was seven.

Yeah, my uncle.

So there's people coming?

Oh yeah, it's like eight, 10, 12.

Church retreat, minister likes to bring up a few folks from the board.

Last year I was overrun.

Oh, that reminds me, I need you to pick up some fish for me tomorrow.

Carl usually comes up short on the walleye and you know how to drive a boat, right?



Alright, enough chit chat, we gotta get back to it, okay?

You know it's an honor to have you here on the camp, lioness sergeant.

You're damn strong.

(boat motor rumbling)

How are you doing?


Uh, I came for the walleye.

Yeah, well, lake's got plenty of 'em.

Need a guide?

Oh, no, no, I'm here for Dot, for the camp.

Oh, for the retreat, right?


Hold on a second, I'll gram 'em for ya.

Okay, thank you.

I'll be right back, Jeremy.

[Jeremy] Yeah.

Here are your fish.

Got something?

Uh, maybe.


Got away.

Oh well, live to fight another day, right?


Thank you.

You bet.

And uh, tell Dot we got plenty more where that came from, alright?

Okay, thanks.


(boat motor rumbling)

There you are.

Come on and meet these folks, help with the bags.

That's our sarge.

(saw rumbling)

(phone ringing)

God dammit.

This is Rusty, leave a message, I'll get back to you.

Grab a refill on that rice, would ya?

Yes ma'am.

Is that enough for ya Earl?

Oh Dot, you know I can never get enough of what you're serving.

Well you'll have to settle for the walleye tonight.

If you say so.

Dot, my dear, I hope I am the last in line.

And Art, why is that?

Because I am going to take all that is left.

I know you enjoy the fish dinner, Art.

Like coming home.

Ah, you must be Dot's lioness.

You keeping her in line?

Yes sir.

[Art] How'd you come to find us?

I went to camp here one summer.

Oh, must've been before my time.

I'd remember that red hair, yes I would.

Well that's why I hired her, you know.

We give thanks for being.

We give thanks for being here.

We give thanks for being here together.


Now you newcomers consider yourselves warned.

Tonight, you will be subjected to a literal trial by fire in the hottest sauna in the Northwoods.

Surviving it is a traditional rite of passage.

Those who haven't been able to withstand the heat have never been seen again.

Now I have been waiting for this all year.

Dig in.

(people chattering)

Let's have a hand for Dot, she has outdone herself.


Now I have a special treat for you, I have asked our oldest living board member to give us this evening's meditation.

Take it away, Earl.

Thanks Art.

And Art also forgot to mention that the best part of your sauna experience is gonna be when you run down to the lake and jump in.

This is a poem called Fisherman Stony Point.

"Here's an old guy talking to himself.

"He reels in his bait and says, "son you've got to go out there again.

"I know the rocks are treacherous, the water is deep, "the winds can come up suddenly

"and there's no more than the thinnest line ties you to me.

"This is the way your life is going to be.

"Out and back, again and again, partly in this world, "partly in the other and never at home in either.

"Still it's what you were born to do.

"You are young and strong, all steel and hooks.

"You know I'll do everything I can to bring you back safely.

"Go out there boy and bring home

"a big fish for your old father to eat."

There you go Art, catch 'em.

Yes, yes.

Thank you, thank you, Earl.

Hey, hi.

Sit, sit, sit.

(serene guitar music)

(people shouting)

I can't see him yet.

You know I haven't seen him since his birthday in February.

But the hearing's coming up, right?

Yeah, end of September.

You know I'll be there.

Thanks, Art.

You got money in your pocket?

I got enough.

Going to meetings?


When I'm struggling.

You know what I mean?



Couple more paddles.

[Barb] It is a perfect day.

[Sergeant] So what's next?

I'm good 'til dinner.

Go out on the lake.

I'm gonna get more stuff.

How are you doing?



There you go.


My son would love it out here.

I oughta bring him out, teach him how to fish.

Yeah, how old is he?

He's eight.

Yeah, that's a good age to learn.

That's about when I learned.

You got kids?


Don't have the courage.

It's you and me, lioness.

(calm music)

(heavy breathing)

(intense rock music)

What the fuck are you looking at!?

(intense rock music)

I fixed that latch.


I saw your door wasn't closing properly, so I put that good latch on there for you.

Wish me luck.

(boat motor rumbling)

(loud thudding)


Hey, do you need a hand?

Um, no thanks, I got it.

Are you taking it out?

Um, no, it's for the retreat.

There's a uh, there's an eagles nest up in that red pine up there.

You see that?

Oh yeah.

Keep an eye out.

Will do.

Ah, this is the day the Lord hath made.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

And you, my trusty guide, shall we set forth to see what bounty the lake has to offer today?

Where's your rod, Art?

Oh, oh, oh shit.

I got one, don't worry.

Ah ha ha.

Will you join us?

Um, no I have too much to do here, gotta help Dot.

So be it, our loss.

Be not deceived by calm exteriors, beneath this placid surface lie depths teaming with life and we too know the dark and secret ways which we will plumb in spite of weeds.

Anchors away!

Sit down, Art.

Oh, right.


(boat motor rumbling)

(intense rock music)

♪ These are the eyes that can't see me

♪ These are the hands that dropped your trust

♪ These are the boots that kicked you around

♪ This is the tongue that pitched on the inside

♪ These are the ears that rain with hate

♪ This is the bass that levitate

♪ This is the beat that drives you down

♪ This is the voice of silence no more

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

(footsteps thudding)

(bugs buzzing)


You seen Art?

I'm supposed to take him out this morning, but uh, well he ain't coming.

Uh uh, haven't seen him.

You wanna go fishing?

(serene guitar music)

♪ Don't tell what we have done.

You hungry?

♪ Don't tell what it costs

♪ Keep another moment

♪ Now what we've lost

♪ Yes, yes, now hold me close

♪ Yes, yes, now hold me close

This is Wilderly.

How'd you find this place?

It's Art's.

But he lets you live here?


What's it like here in the winter?

It's beautiful.

You can walk across the lake.

Did you meet Art in church?

Uh, no I met Art in prison.

[Sergeant] Art was in prison?

No, I was.

Art was my counselor.

He counseled a lot of guys.

He'd always talk about Wilderly, you know.

He built this place.


Asked if I wanted to stay.

Why were you in prison?

For the safety of those around me and the people I love.

(hammer pounding)

I'm gonna get a glass of water, you want one?

Um, no thanks.

You have anything stronger?

No, there's no booze here.

(heavy breathing)

(intense music)

(distant boat motor rumbling)

(calm guitar music)

♪ Looking down from the apple tree

♪ My hands tied in back of me

♪ With this rope below my chin

♪ I don't fear death, my Adrian

♪ Trust me son that one day soon

♪ You'll be on the bottom when the boat breaks through

♪ To let our freedom in again

♪ We don't fear death, my Adrian

♪ From now on, I am part of you

♪ I am the story that you'll tell

♪ Let my life empower you

♪ Let my troubles teach you well

♪ Let your burning hatred go

[Barb] Hey Sarge, why don't you come and sit down beside me.

Yeah, here you go, let's sit, here you go.

♪ We don't fear death, my Adrian

♪ From now on I am part of you

♪ I am the story that you'll tell

♪ Let my life empower you

♪ Let my troubles teach you well

♪ And as they set my last breath free

♪ Turn your eyes but don't fail to see

♪ The love you feel inside your skin

♪ We don't fear death, my Adrian

♪ Don't fear death, my Adrian


Can I borrow those field glasses a second?

Oh yeah.



What do you see?

I saw a white pelican the other day.

Huge wingspan like an angel.


(dog barking)

(distant motor rumbling)

(intense rock music)

♪ Some kind of monster

♪ Some kind of monster

♪ Some kind of monster

(heavy breathing)


(intense music)


[Barb] Hey.


I hope those boys didn't keep you up all night.


Off Cross Island, shooting off those damn fireworks.


[Barb] Hey I've got an errand for you to run.

I can't, got something to do.

What do you mean can't?

Hey I forgot, somebody called and left a message for ya.

(intense music)

[Barb] Sarge.

[Art] Knock knock.

[Barb] Get up, you gotta drink something, come on.

[Art] There we go.

Drink this, there you go.


A little bit more.

There's something here I wanna show you.

[Barb] A little more.

There you go, a little bit more.


There you go, there you go.

There you go.

I wrote this years ago.

There was an all time fastest record set on the ropes course this year.

That proud happy camper was the recipient of the Molter Plaque in recognition of her grit and perseverance.

And it's you.

Consider this, not 'til we are completely lost

and turned around do we begin to find ourselves.

[Rusty] This is Rusty, leave a message, I'll get back to you.


Where'd you go?

Are you out in the wood shop?

I'm good.

Pretty tired.

I was won, I was wondering,

could you come get me?

Can you come get me?

[Operator] We did not get your message, either because you were not speaking or because of a bad connection.

To disconnect, press one.

I wanna come home.

I wanna come home.

I wanna come home.

[Operator] Are you still there?

To disconnect, press one.

Please try again later, goodbye.


(piano music)

(people chattering)

Hey buddy.

Um, it's fine, thanks Scotty.


Okay, come on.

I got ya.


[Sergeant] You can walk across the lake?


[Sergeant] You can just walk across it?

Come on, let's get you home.


(metal clanking)

(serene music)

Today I will walk out.

Today everything unnecessary will leave me.

I will be as I was before.

I will have a cool breeze over my body, I will have a light body, nothing will hinder me.

I will be happy forever.

I walk with beauty before me.

I walk with beauty behind me.

I walk with beauty below me.

I walk with beauty above me.

I walk with beauty around me.

It has become beauty again.

(peaceful guitar music)

♪ Climb the stairs to the moon, to the moon, to the moon

♪ Climb the stairs to the moon, ♪ I'll be back soon, I'll be back soon

♪ Daddy said go to bed, go to bed, go to bed

♪ Daddy said go to bed, ♪ I'll climb the stars to the moon instead

♪ Mama said now close your eyes, ♪ Close your eyes, close your eyes

♪ Mama said close your eyes

♪ Oh when I do, I'll reach the sky

♪ Through the willow over the trees

♪ Over the trees, over the trees

♪ Through the willow, over the trees, ♪ Climb the stars and ride the breeze

♪ All I got is all I need

♪ All I need, all I need

♪ All I need is all I got

♪ To make it to the mount, believe it or not

♪ Oh will I miss you, I ask the moon

♪ Ask the moon, ask the moon

♪ Will I miss you, I ask the moon

♪ Do you miss me too, will you be back soon

♪ Climb the stairs to the moon, ♪ To the moon, to the moon

♪ Climb the stairs to the moon, ♪ I'll be back soon, I'll be back soon

(upbeat guitar music)

♪ We've been gone for such a long time

♪ That I'm almost afraid to go home

♪ A long road is a long dragged out

♪ Imagination where things can go wrong

♪ But we keep rolling on

♪ If we skipped ahead to our pre-fulfilled dreams

♪ We'd be lost without our own advice

♪ We'll be alright

♪ We'll be alright

♪ Dusty trails can lead you to a golden road

♪ I've been told

♪ Can't remember who it was or all he spoke

♪ With a penny for his thoughts, leave me broke

♪ 'Cause with everyone around, I'm still alone

♪ Everyone's around now and I'm still alone

♪ I'm halfway to misery

♪ Some say when you go halfway

♪ There's still plenty of time to return

♪ Oh am I

♪ Halfway to heaven here

♪ Some may say when you go halfway

♪ You only have halfway to go

♪ Dusty trails can lead you to a golden road

♪ I've been told

♪ Can't remember who it was or all he spoke

♪ With a penny for his thoughts, leave me broke

♪ 'Cause everyone's around and I'm still alone

♪ Everyone's around right now and I'm still alone