BloodRayne (2005) Script

What do you have for us?

I think I may have found something of interest.

Look at this.

Some say she is an abomination of nature.

Carnival freaks?

Julius, donít waste our time.

Yes, sir. What can I get for you?

A glass of absinthe.

Right away, sir.

Flame it, and make sure the glass is clean.

Yes, sir.

I like you Brimstone people.

You never make a mess of the place.

This woman-What have you heard?

What might only be the tall tales of drunks.

This person has tricks that go beyond the things... normal people can do.

Come on, folks! Come on!

The amazing Amanda!


Step right up!

See the freak of all freaks!

Ladies and gentlemen...

I give you the beautiful Rayne!

A creature so sensitive to water... the very touch of it... burns her skin!



So look on.

You are about to witness a horrifying spectacle!

Look! Look at that! Look at that!

Her skin is healed!

Look! The miracle!

Look! The monster!


Your fee.

How long do you think it will take to get there?

Rayne, are you all right?

Iím working on a plan to get us out of here.

My uncle-Heís a sailor... and he once told me of a place where people play all day... and the trees grow fruits in every color of the rainbow... and the sunsets set the whole sky on fire.

Doesnít it sound wonderful, Rayne?

Heíll send for us soon. I know it.

Until then, keep this close to you...

for protection.

Good night, my friend.

Good evening, Master Kagan.

Domastir, how does the night find you?

I have some disconcerting news.

Out with it.

There was an incident of blood rage at the Sherban Carnival.

A dhamphir. Ayoung woman.

Where is the girl?

There is no girl.

- Weíll find her. No.

Then she is alive, the little one who slipped through my fingers.

You must find her. She poses a threat to my plans.

Send out your best spies, Domastir.

Master Kagan.

Lay still.

Get away!

Kagan is building an army of thralls, and weíre on our way to a carnival.

Am I the only one who thinks this is madness? Katarin?

Then how do you suggest we deal with this army, Sebastian?

Brimstone is a shadow of its former self.

I have yet to see the point in finding this carnival.

Listen, you two, when has a vampire ever been held in captivity... let alone by a circus troupe?

- She may be the one. Youíre focusing your energies on Kagan.

This is what Iíve decided to do.

Havenít we wasted enough time with fairy tales?

This is the work of a young vampire out of control.

- Blood rage. Or, perhaps, a young dhamphir.

We have work to do.

Sit still.

Did you see who it was that bit you?

Rayne, take my sword.

I didnít see anything. I donít even remember what happened.

You were bitten by a vampire, and you donít remember anything that happened?

- We should kill her now. Please.

She didnít mean to bite me. Sheís not a vampire.

She was wearing a crucifix I gave her when it happened.

She is my friend.

We have more work to do.

We passed a small village not too far back.

I will see if I can find her hiding there. With your permission.


If sheís what I think she is, weíre likely not the only ones looking for her.

You requested me, Viscount.

I have a message for my daughter.

Dearest Katarin-

All right, Katarin.

Although weíve had our differences in the past...

I beseech you now to put away all grudges... for the good of humanity.

It pains me to admit... that our beloved but weakened Brimstone Society... can no longer defeat Kagan... yet he must not be allowed to acquire Beliarís artifacts nor legacy.

Thus I turn to you, my daughter... to help me protect... the souls of this land.

You and I are the only ones who know what is hidden... in Brimstone Fortress- its value, its importance.

I need you to bring this artifact to me.

It must be protected from those who wish to use it to undermine me.

Scratch that.

To undermine freedom and humanity.

And together we will stop this madness... and bring peace to these lands.

Your beloved father, et cetera, et cetera.

What do you think?

A very compelling argument, master.

Youíre such a suck-up.

Find your own meal.

Keep away from us.

I will not harm you. I only wish to kill vampires.

- Iím sorry about your friend. He was my brother.

Iím sorry that we had to leave him there.

- Why did you save us? I donít know.

- Where is your family? I donít have a family.

Dhamphir, Dhamphir.

Follow me. Follow me.

- Got it. Come on.

I see a journey in your future.

Ajourney, perhaps, to within.

Dhamphir, you donít know, do you?

- I will stand. I was expecting you.

- Thereís a reason youíre here. What did you call me?

Most believe that your kind are merely legends.

It is rare to see a live dhamphir.

Part vampire, part human.

Mostly they die at birth. Generally they are exterminated.

Youíve hidden well.

My tales hold some truth, I see.

- There was a man. A man? Kagan?

Kaganís not a man. Heís a vampire. And you are his creation.

He killed my mother.

Dhamphirs are rarely a product of a happy union between a vampire and a human.

You lie.

Your poor mother.

I will kill him.

Listen to me, Dhamphir- and this is not easy to tell you... and will likely result in great danger for all involved-

Kagan has become the most powerful vampire... taking advantage of a land with no law.

I do not care. How do I find him?

- You are naive. Tell me.

He resides in a guarded castle beyond the dark mountains... but there are no safe entrances.

But... there is an ancient talisman... an eye that Kagan seeks.

If you possess it, you will certainly get an audience.

- Why do you tell me this? Because itís my purpose... and the prophecy.

They say this Talisman of the Eye... is kept in the Solambria Monastery to the south.

Be careful, my child. The Eye is far more than a mere trinket.

The talisman holds great power... but itís important that you move quickly.

You will be doing the entire world a great service keeping this from Kagan.

Iím not interested in the world. Only in Kagan.

I thank you.

The fortune-teller had a visitor. This dhamphir is now in search of the Eye.

Good. She can lead us to it.

I highly doubt that her intent is to deliver it to her long-lost father.

Kill her. Let her find the Eye or let her try, then kill her.

A dhamphir should be no match for you.

Your suspicion was correct. Domastirís on the move.

What is it, my child?

I have been separated from my family... and have been traveling for three days and nights without food or sleep.

May I seek solace in your monastery for a nightís rest?

Please come in, my child. Welcome to the Solambria Monastery.

Enjoy your food, and then you may rest.

Thank you.

I suggest you follow me.

Youíre not one of Kaganís, are you?

No. I mean you no harm... but I must leave now.

Iím sorry. You cannot leave.

It seems that you absorbed the Eye.

Our order has been guarding it for centuries.

Why do you protect it?

Because the Eye holds powers.

Why do you think water no longer burns you?

There are three talismans- an eye, a rib and a heart.

They all belonged to a long-dead vampire named Beliar.

He discovered a method to defy those elements that destroy vampires- water, sunlight and a cross.

When he was finally defeated... his body was quickly dismembered... and parts of it were hidden all over the lands... out of the reach of vampires.

If they become united again... they could make a vampire powerful enough to control the world.

Beliarís not my concern.

My mission is my own and not of evil intent.

You are a vampire... yet you are immune to the cross.

I am a dhamphir.

So Kaganís own offspring is his enemy?

How is it you know about me?

There has been talk for years that Kagan was in search... of a prodigious child.

His bloodline is strong enough to produce one.

He is our biggest threat.

He has an army of thralls- humans who choose to work for him rather than die.

And they can do things vampires cannot.

Now you understand why I cannot let you leave with the Eye.

Father! Father! The monasteryís being attacked!

Donít let Kagan get the Eye.

Whereís the Eye?

You fool.

Kill her.

Hurry! Letís go!

Heís taking her to Kaganís. You must go back to Brimstone.

Put them on full alert that the monastery has been attacked... and the Eye is gone.


Come closer.

Donít be afraid.

- Leonidís lair. Why would Domastir bring her here?

Perhaps she needs to feed, or the sun.

Now that she has the Eye, we must capture her.

Bring her back to Brimstone before itís too late.

Domastir, Domastir, why do you come here... and insult my palace with your stench?

I need shelter till nightfall.

Is that a gift youíve laid at my feet, Domastir?

How delightful.

No, Leonid, she is Kaganís.

Kagan, the mightiest... of all vampires.

Funny, Domastir.

I do not see him.


Sheíll make a fine addition to my collection.

Touch her and your fingers are gone!

Such a dedicated peon.

Fine. Take her, then.

I have more than enough... to satisfy my needs.

But none with an eye like that.

She stays.

Remove him.

Help me.

Cut it.

Where did you acquire such a gem?

Give it to me... and I will let you live.

Give it to me.

You have the Eye! You give it to me!

Give it to me, or Iíll rip it out of your face!

So we meet again.

Vladimir, Iíve always admired your spirit. Itís a shame you must die.

You fool, Vladimir!

The Eye. The Eye!

Letís get her out.

How can you be certain sheíll be useful to us?

She has already been useful. She stopped Kagan from getting the Eye.

- Yes, Vladimir, but- Listen.

Iíve been hunting vampires since before you were born... and there was always one that I suspected, or hoped, existed.

We have to consider what she is, Vladimir.

If she was simply a vampire, crossing the water would kill her.

And thereís also that... which most vampires are not fond of having.

Where are you taking me?

You should be grateful youíre still alive.

We helped each other. I do not need you anymore.

I should skin you and hang you on display.

- Whereís the Eye? It has somehow become a part of her.

It has assimilated.

She must be brought to me alive.

Leave me. Iíll send further instructions.

Does she have a name, the dhamphir?

I have heard she is called Rayne.


What is this place?

Welcome to the headquarters of the Brimstone Society.

All in good reason, I hope.

There was a messenger killed in the monastery.

Master, the talisman has arrived.


This dhamphirís inconsequential.

Itís Kagan you should be interested in.

There was a Brimstone in Rome.

It has been completely annihilated.

And thatís not all.

Kagan has the Rib.

Release me.

What would make us think that you wonít attack?

I told you...

I do not thirst for human blood.

If you have live animals here- rats, even-

I will regain my strength quickly and be on my way.

I donít trust her.

I want what you want- to bring Kagan to ruin.

I speak the truth. He raped my mother... and murdered her in front of my own eyes.

Where is she?

- Where is the girl? There is no girl.

I will find her.

Sometimes we must have faith in others.

I believe you know that itís useless to fight Kagan alone.

If you wish, youíre welcome to stay here and train with us.

Thank you.

May I have my swords?

All in good time.

Give her what she needs.

Yes, Katarin?

What lies ahead? Will you be opening up the gates to the thralls?

Thatís ridiculous.

I am loyal to you, Vladimir... yet youíre breaking the very laws and teachings you swore by.

Your newfound faith scares me.

What will happen to Brimstone in the event of battle?

I donít have all the answers.

Weíre growing weak.

Come on!


Physical strength without control means nothing.

Once again, from the beginning.

They belonged to a friend.

I know someone that might be able to help.

Our seamstress has prepared some clothing.

I hope theyíre to your liking.

Are you all right?

Ever since I got here, there are these noises that persist in my head.

Iím sure thereís some reason for that.

I donít know.

If youíre feeling up to it... youíre more than welcome to join us for dinner.

I donít think the food you have there will be of interest to me.

You act as though youíre the only one who feels pain.

What do you know of pain?

My fatherís Kagan.

My mother was killed before my own eyes.

My mother and father were both killed... by Vladimir.

They had turned, and I was to be slaughtered.

Had he not arrived, I would not be here today.

Your food.

What, are we sitting at the table of the children?

Weíre running out of food.

We have to go to the mainland and get supplies.

No. Itís not a good idea.

- Weíll have to make do with what we have. We have to eat.

Perhaps your savior can multiply our supplies.

Welcome. Wonít you come sit with us?

It seems youíve become very popular.

I think youíve breathed some new hope into the Society.

- This surprises you? I thought they would be afraid of me.

They only fear what they do not know.

Can I see your teeth?


So youíre satisfied with your new clothing?

Yes. Thank you.

Father... in the days since I received your letter...

I have come to see certain truths that now give me pause.

I believe that you are right.

Brimstone is lost.

Be sure this message arrives.

- It is of grave importance. Yes, Katarin.

The spoils of Rome.

Only one Brimstone remains.

Bring me my thralls.

The time has come to fulfiill your oaths, my loyal thralls.

Scour the land. Find Brimstone and destroy it.

Bring the dhamphir to me. Leave no human alive that crosses you.

The promise of eternal life awaits those who succeed.

Those who fail will find only death.

- Nice form. Finally we agree on something.

Vladimir needs you. Heís in the courtyard.

Good match.

Until we duel again.

You duel?

A little.

Your form is weak. Youíre lacking passion.

Itís part of my plan. I am tiring you out.

Your plan is lacking passion as well.

I see they have taught you well.

Hardly. I was trained in battle by a great warrior... one whom has long disappeared fighting alongside Brimstone.

My father.

- Where is this warrior now? He is now a cursed enemy.

A vampire. My loyalties lie with Vladimir... and the Brimstone my father protected as a human.

And what do your loyalties consist of?

Youíre a curious one. My purpose is to fulfill my fatherís will- killing the very thing heís become.

It seems all this chatter has veered me from the task at hand.

You should pay more attention.

Keep your friends close, enemies even closer.

Vladimir taught me that.

We shall continue this later.

Good evening, Viscount. Kagan sends his regards.

I assume you were expecting this message from Brimstone from Katarin?

Would you stop throwing things at me?

You know, Elrick, Kagan has little patience for ambitious vampires... especially those that were once Brimstone.

Can a vampire not receive word from his own daughter... without being cast as a rebel in search of power?

- Is that the plan? Plans are for humans.

I think destiny is a more appropriate term.

Where is Brimstone? Tell me now, or suffer the consequences.

Even you must sense that change is upon us.

This land has become unsettled.

The future must be held in the hands of human-born... and vampire-perfected.

That is an invitation, by the way.

Spare Katarin, unseat Kagan... and join me in a, shall we say, more colorful reign.

Kaganís gratitude or Kaganís wrath.

Now, whereís Brimstone?

You honestly expect me... to betray my daughter?

You know, itís funny.

You never struck me as the paternal type.

Now, get me the map.

Give us our destiny.

We leave now, and that will be the end of it.

You should travel with Sebastian.

Is there something you want to speak about?

You should not travel with her.

Sheís a danger to you. Kagan is surely out looking for her.

Youíre an important part of the Brimstone Society.

Your work defending the fortress... is essential to our struggle and survival.

And no one has ever questioned that.

I am not seeking praises.

- I seek to feel secure. You are a leader.

Rayne is a fighter.

I will take Sebastian if it pleases you.

Iancuís been a friend for many years... and a defender of the Society.

Weíre very fortunate to have him.

Iancu has visitors.

Come for some chops, have you?

Weíll be downstairs.

Watch your step. Itís a long way down.

Your kind of place.


We must move quickly.

What are those?

Black powder from China.

We will take them.

Is everything ready?

Take anything else you need.

Holy water.

- A gift from Brimstone. Thank you.

Brimstoneís attacked. Theyíre all dead.

- Thatís not possible. It was Domastir and the thralls.

Are there any survivors?

You canít go back. Thereís too many.

- They came looking for you. How did they find us?

I have dressings for his wounds.

This doesnít feel right.

- How would they know? This is what Kagan wants.

To lure back whatís left of Brimstone to him... so he can destroy us once and for all.

Domastir will pay with his life for this.

If they want a fight, a fight they will get.

It was Katarin.

You must choose. Bargain for freedom... or leave your children motherless as a Brimstone martyr.


Sheís turned.

Heís dead.

- Just let me go. I canít.

- You will. Where are you going?

Iím going on my own.

Everyone who comes near me dies.

They came looking for me and the Eye.

None of those people had to die. You too will be dead if I stay with you.

- You donít have to do this. Iím going to find the Heart.

With two of the talismans, I will stand a chance against Kagan.

How do you expect to find the Heart?

I can hear it.

Good-bye, Sebastian.

Just wait. Wait. Stop. Here.

You can wear this with pride.


And here.

This will protect you.

Sir, weíve searched the entire grounds. Thereís no sign of the dhamphir.

She is not amongst the dead either, sir.

Perhaps she was never here.

We must return to Kagan. She could be on her way there now.

- Prepare the boats! Yes, sir.

The Heart.

Perhaps thereís some truth to this prophecy after all.

Even if she has the Heart, she canít face Kagan alone.

Nothing yet.

- Are you certain that itís down there? Are you questioning me?

My grandfather placed it there.

I would not risk all on folktales.

Why did we let the others die?

It was them or all of us.

We sacrifice animals to survive. Brimstone is no different.

I will kneel before no one... nor will I sit here under Vladimirís command and await death.

I will not allow Kagan to take away our freedom.

The Heart will go to my father.

And if you want to live, you will secure the entrance until I return.

Yes, Katarin.

Sheís not coming. Itís too late.

Have faith, Sebastian. She will be here.

I am here for Kagan.

What is she doing?

I have brought the Heart for my father.

Give it to me. Come on.

You have what you want. Now take me to Kagan.

All in good time. Take her.

Well, Sebastian...

Iím afraid thereís only one way in.

Get in!


The dhamphir has come to her senses and delivered the Heart.


- Shall I bring her in? No, not yet.

An historic night.

Prepare to witness the beginning of a new era.

Clear the room.

- Clear the room! Thralls! Forward!


Capture them alive. Take them to the dungeon.

To the dungeon!

There may be more. Leave them in the cell for now and scour the castle.

The rats will be eating well tonight.

Enjoy your stay.

And you, my dear, you will stay here until the ceremony.

- I know nothing of a ceremony. The Eye, dhamphir.

The ceremony to extract the Eye.

- Are you all right? Yes.

It is good to know that you are both alive.

- I fear weíre the only ones. What of Katarin? Is she still alive?

If not, then she died with honor... fighting for her people.

What do you know of this ceremony?

Itís an ancient vampire ritual created to protect the talismans... in case they fall into the wrong hands.

What will come of me?

It is only a legend said to remove the soul.


I do not know what is going to happen to me now.

I hope that you know that I am not foolish enough... to think that Iím going to prevail against him.

But I do not intend to stop fighting for a second.

Nor will we.

Open up.

And bind her hands.

It is time for the ceremony.


- Weíve got to find a way out of here. Well, letís get out then.

Even in absolute defeat, youíre still not humble.

If Iím defeated and youíre so powerful... then why must I be shackled when surrounded by your thralls?

Youíre still a risk. I should thank you now that Brimstone is eradicated... and you have so kindly handed me the Heart.

I would never have believed it would have been so easy.

If you live through this, which is unlikely... you may remain here in my castle.

I would sooner rot in your dungeon than sit at your table.

So be it.

Let us begin.

Thrall, my companion is gone.

I donít know whatís become of him.

Stand back.

Canít believe that worked.


Please continue.

This is the end of Brimstone.

You have the Heart. Give it to me.

You will have to cut it from me.

So be it.

Youíre strong, Rayne, but not skilled enough.

Give me the Heart, and I shall spare your life.

I would choose death over seeing you as my ruler.

Youíre interfering with fate. With the talismans joined... vampires shall rule the earth.

As if your interests are noble.

For centuries, weíve been cursed to the shadows, slaughtered by the fearful.

Have you not always longed for freedom?

You condemned me the day you raped my mother.

I will see she has vengeance.

Ungrateful bitch.

Choose to be human and die like one.

I will find her.

- The talismans. I donít care. Kagan is dead.

But what about you?

No! No, no.

Please. Please.

Please, you donít have to leave me.

Itís my time.

Kaganís finished.