Bloodshot (2020) Script

Go for comms, Delta Two. Sitrep.

Ain't looking good, LT. Soup sandwich in here.

Four hostages down.

Looks like they interrogated them and dumped the bodies here.

Echo Two, give me a sitrep.

No sign of alpha target. Moving location.

Contact, building two, ground floor.

Bravo Six, hold on breach.

Roger that. Breaching now.

Delta, Echo, hustle. Double time.

Bravo's on location. Goddamn it, Bravo Six, I said, hold on breach!

Drop your gun.

I said, drop your gun!

All right.

Take it easy.

What do you want?

Helicopter. Now!

On location. Building two.

And tell them to back off!

Alpha One, stand down. We got this situation handled.

Roger that. Holding.

If you want a helicopter, you gotta give me a phone.

There. Where?


Bravo Six in sight. Alpha target secure.

Why do these flights always feel so long?

That's what we fight for, guys.

Oh, man, I need to get home.

No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great!

Duty first!

That's it! To the hangar.

Boss, I'll take that for you.

You think someday... just once, you could come back in the same shape you left?

You don't like my scars?

I don't mind the scars.

I just don't like the stories they tell.

You know the funny thing about the stories they tell?

Is they all end the same.

I always come home.

Just saying, at some point, your body can't do this forever.

Are you questioning what my body can and can't do?

Well, maybe I just need a little reeducation.


Oh, shit.


What's your problem?

You all right, mate?


Never gets old.

Who are you? Who am I?

I'm the bloke that ruined your vacation.

Name's Martin Axe.

So that's one for you. Now one for me.

Who tipped you off about the hostages in Mombasa?

Right, yeah.

I thought you might clam up.

That's why I brought a little extra motivation.

Look who it is.

Who's that? Gina.


She has nothing to do with this.

Once again, then.

Who tipped you off?

I don't know, man.

That's not my job. I go where they point me.

Can she handle all six inches?

Why am I asking you, eh?

Hey, look at me.

Look at me!

I don't... I can't answer because I don't know.

If I knew, I would tell you!

I don't know!

You could ask me anything, anything else, but this I can't tell you because I don't know.

Yeah, I believe you.

Ray. Ray. Ray.

Ray. It's gonna be okay.

Bad news, baby.

It's not gonna be okay.

No! No! No, no, no.

Oh, you're nothing.

You don't even exist anymore.

I swear, I will find you and end you!

You should kill me now because you won't have a second chance.

I promise you.

Thanks for the advice.

Commence bioelectrical charge.

Seventy-five percent.

Full cycle.

Project Bloodshot procedure log, transfusion complete.

Subject awake and is stable.

Hey. Hey, look at me.

Hey, hey, hey, look at me. You're okay.

It's gonna be fine. It's okay.

Where am I?

Awake and cognitive.

This is... This is phenomenal.

Do I know you guys?

I don't think so. Welcome to RST, Rising Spirit Technologies. I'm Dr. Emil Harting.

This is my facility and my colleague, KT.

Katie. Initials, KT.

Will you look at me, please?

Dilation looks good. No sign of sub-macular hemorrhaging.

There's no redness. Very clear.

All right, what happened to me? What am I doing here?

Tell me, do you remember anything?

Anything's kind of broad, don't you think?

Of course. Let's keep it simple.

What about your name, rank, serial number?

Of course.

My name is...

Rank, serial number?

Yes, your body was donated by the U.S. military.

My body?

It was either us or Arlington, I'm afraid.

Arlington, doc?

I got some scars, but I'm not ready for the cemetery.

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you got yourself killed.


I'll play along.

But if I died... somebody's waiting for me to call them.

Somebody must be waiting for me to come home.


It's difficult for me to tell you this. Um...

More difficult than telling someone they died?

Um... Well, the military only anonymously donates remains of soldiers who weren't claimed by family.

Sorry. Sometimes you just gotta rip off the Band-Aid.

Helps to get through the pain a bit quicker.

But you don't need a history to have a future.

Listen to me. You're the first we've successfully managed to bring back.

And it has worked beautifully.

You have been given something that nobody else has.

A second chance.

A second chance.

Whoa. Heh.

Ain't what I was expecting.

What are we doing all the way out here, doc?

RST focuses on rebuilding the most important asset in the U.S. military, soldiers just like yourself.

We are explorers on a new frontier.

We develop everything from exoskeletal reconstruction, which makes soldiers faster and stronger, to neural prosthetics, which enhance the way they react.

But you, my friend, you are the proof that we are leading the way in the greatest human advancement of all time.

Come, I'll show you.

May I? Yeah, sure.

The hell, doc?

Holy shit.

Let me explain.

If you would place your hand here, please.

Now, look at this.

Now, what the hell are those things?

Biomechanical constructs.

We call them "nanites."

They intuitively enhance your biology.

Most notably, they react very quickly to catastrophic injury, rebuilding damaged tissue.

So those are in my blood? They are your blood.

We had some success applying them to single organ systems.

We thought it was time to try a full-body transfusion. Of course you did.

Just like our own bodies need calories, the nanites need their own energy.

And this lab supplies that.

The more effort they make, the more energy they consume.

What's that glow? That's heat being generated by the nanites battling malignant cancer, trying to save that mouse.

The mouse that just died?

Admittedly, some of the early results were suboptimal.

Maybe we should fast-forward to the optimal part.

That's you. You're the optimal part.

Because now we have the ability to recharge when they're running low.

Why can't I remember anything about me?

Because of who you were and what you did.

Sadly, everything about you is classified.

And that was all in your past. This is your future.

Listen, when I was a boy, I was a tennis champion.

And then when I was 15, I got cancer.

They took my arm within six months.

Instead of dwelling on what I'd lost, I chose to focus on who I could become.

And so now, when a soldier loses his arm, he gets a better one.

This is our rehab facility, where patients come to test the limits of their augmentations.

You've already met KT, ex-Navy swimmer.

She was part of a rescue deployment in Syria during a chemical attack.

One laryngeal tracheal reconstruction later and she now breathes through a clavicle-mounted respirator.

Makes her totally immune to inhalants.

Tibbs here graduated from Fort Benning, top of his class.

He became one of the Army's most successful marksmen until an Iraqi mortar took his sight.

We've since remedied that with ocular prosthetics.

Gear-mounted camera arrays feed directly into his optic nerves.

Which means now he sees... Everything.

Welcome to the circus.

And finally, Jimmy Dalton, ex-Navy SEAL.

Jimmy lost both his feet to an Afghan IED, so we engineered him a new set.

Part of Team Six. Took out bin Laden.

You and every other Navy SEAL.

So we're wounded warriors.

Not wounded.

Improved. Enhanced.

Sounds cool. Yeah.


Where you going? Oh, I'm gonna go back to sleep.

Or maybe I'm just gonna wake up.

So, what are we supposed to do now?

I think we just let him recover.

Jimmy, will you walk him to his room, please?

Wow, they spared every expense. When you're done with your nap, we'll be downstairs doing our jobs.

Yeah, I don't even know what my job is.

You'll find out. When you're ready, I'll tell you everything.


You're up late.

Yeah, I couldn't sleep.

You know, if I was dead yesterday, I wouldn't be able to sleep either.

Nah, I had a nightmare. Which doesn't make any sense.

How can you have a nightmare if you have no memories?

Trust me.

Soon, you'll remember enough to wish you could forget it again.

That was pretty amazing in there.

A kata underwater.

You know...

we're all damaged goods here.

But this is who I am now.

I've embraced it.

Hey, there's something I want you to have.

I carry it with me all the time.

First time I served on that ship, I was the only woman there.

Master chief knew that I had nobody... so he wanted to make a point that I belong.

I'm sure there's someone out there who cares about you a great deal.

You just don't know it yet.

I hope so.

You look like you could use a drink.

I already know what I like, so I guess it's time for you to find out what you like.

Okay, go easy on me.

To new beginnings.

I feel like I've been... Ray.

Ray. Ray. Ray.

Are you okay? Ray.



Name's Martin Axe.

She has nothing to do with this. Who?

If I knew, I would tell you!

Look at me.

I will find you!

I need medical in here now! Listen to me.

Kill me now!

Kill me! Because you won't get a second chance!

Thanks for the advice.

Hey. It's okay.

I'm sorry. Listen.

Whatever it is, it's not worth it.

You don't understand, KT.

I know why I'm alone.

Where are you going?

Where are you go...? Can he hear me?

Is the channel open?

Eric, open a channel.

And we're live.

Where are you going?

Doc, how are you talking to me?

You have a billion wireless microprocessors in your brain.

I need you to come back here right now.

I've got unfinished business.

What are you waiting for? Go and get him.

We're your only business. We are the only people you know.

That's what you told me. But I had a wife.

And he took her from me.

What are you talking about? Who did?

Martin Axe.

Eric, get me a terminal window.

His nanites are scanning the global search platforms.

Wait, wait. Hold on a second.

You used my tech and scraped a criminal database.

That is beyond illegal. I need you to come back now.

This isn't about what you need.

I'm sending Tibbs and Dalton after you.

They won't stop me.

This is not a-a-a hit job.

It's... It's a salvage operation, and you are a multibillion-dollar prototype.

You're my multibillion-dollar prototype.

I can't just have you... Doc! I'm not yours.

Besides, I always come home.

You always come home? What?

Look, we don't know what you're capable of.

We don't even know what you can take yet.

Time for a live-fire test.

Hold on. Hold on. Let's just take a minute.

Think about this. You don't have money.

You don't have a passport. Flying private.

One second. He's...

I got him at the hangar. The Gulfstream?

No, no, no. I mean, do you even know how to fly?

I'll find a way.

You'll find a way? What does that...?

All clear. Time to move.

All right. Radio it in.

Let's go.

ETA 20 minutes.

So how is he tracking him?

Well, it appears he cross-referenced every available auto manufacturing database with live GPS data to identify all the cars in the area.

And then he pinged them one at a time, all 9000 of them.


To find the five moving in a convoy.

What the hell's going on? Team One, check ahead.

Was that on purpose?

It's blocked. Really?

Guys, was that on purpose?

Team Two, take a look. See if we can push through.


Team One's down.

What about the truck driver?

Driver is...

He's gone. Dead?

No, gone. He's not here.

Oh, that's not good.

He's down, boss.

Thermite. Engine's gone. This is not good.

All teams, full sweep. Eyes on everything.

See if there are more out there. We gotta get out of here.

Sit down. My men will handle it.

No, no, no, guys. You're not listening!

I need to get out of this car now!

First, we sweep, then we switch cars!

Let's take their car.

Oh, man.


Wait, what's that?

Oh, man, it is him.

Shit. Come on, come on, come on.

What? He's here!

They finished it, and he's right bloody here!

We all knew he wasn't gonna let us walk away.

Just let the professionals we hired handle it.

Oh, sure. Small problem there. Your guys suck!

Check on Wigans. See where he is with that thing.

Find out how much longer.

No, no, no. Don't hang up. Don't...

Oh, I'm screwed!

You see him? He's in the trailer.


Cease fire!

Bugger me.

Shh, shh. Listen.

He can't get in, can he? Not a chance.


Don't, please.

Whatever Harting told you, it's not true.

No, wait. Don't. You don't understand.

He's lying to you. I can help you.

You're making a mistake.

Thanks for the advice. No!

It's about time.


Look what they did to him.

Gotta hand it to him. The guy does damage.

Are you okay? How you feeling?

I just saw the man who murdered my wife.

Looked him dead in the eyes and killed him.

It won't change a thing because, no matter what, my wife isn't coming back.

Makes you wonder if it's all worth it.

Yeah, well, I'm done.

Yeah, I'm done too.

What does that mean? She means we're all tired, bub.

Gotta get you back to RST, get you plugged in.

Let's go.

No one needed to come collect me.

I told Harting I'd come back.

He sent us to make sure you get back in one piece.

Looks like we were almost late.

What are you doing here, Dal...?

That's right.

You can't talk.

Truth is...

you aren't at the wheel of your own body.

We just shoved you aside to watch as we shut down your motor functions.

Look at you.

So angry.

So driven.

You think you're the good guy?

That's a goddamn joke.

You're an exhausting shit bird with a revenge button we keep pushing.

Much as I hate babysitting you, cleaning up after you, this little moment... this small part right here, makes it all worthwhile.


Sweet Gina.

You really believe she's dead.

Every goddamn time.

There it is.

That look.

The dumbass catches on too late.

Well, I may be an asshole, but you're the toy soldier.

We wind you up, point you at the next victim, put you back in here and then push this button.

Ready to forget?

Told you I'd tell you everything.

Drop your gun.

Delta Two. Sitrep.

Contact. Building two.

Thanks for the advice.

Ain't looking good, LT. LT. Hostages down.

Delta Two. Sitrep. Delta Two. Sitrep. Go for comms.

And initiate sequence.

Go for comms, Delta Two. Sitrep.

Four hostages down.

Contact, building two, ground floor.

"I'm done too"? I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish.

Why does it matter if you're gonna wipe his memory again?

It's not him I'm worried about. It's you.

Everything we do here specifically serves a purpose.

The training, the alcohol, the nightmare.

I know the script. Well, would you stick to it?

You know that we're compromised.

It doesn't work if we don't check every box.

What you're doing to him is not fair and you know it.

If you don't like it, you're welcome to leave.

Bullshit. Just like your partners when they had a problem with it? Like Baris?

You know the moment I walk out that door...

I can't breathe. That's the deal you agreed to.

That's the choice that you made. Well, he deserves to make his.

What he deserves is a military funeral.

I'm sure that's what he's gonna get.

Jesus. You're just gonna get rid of him?

He's a soldier. You can't do that.

He's a dead soldier.

He's a dead soldier.

America makes new ones every day.

Listen, I will let you in on a little secret.

This is our last one, okay?

And then we go to market with a technology that will redefine warfare for the highest bidder and then we're done.

You're still gonna kill innocent people.

The only thing more important than the weapon that I have created is being the only one who knows how.

Do you understand?

Now, this is the point in the script where you reset his bunk room, please.

Can you bring that up?

Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for the advice.

Goodbye, old friend.

I love this part.

Look at him.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

He's almost done. KT's up next.

How'd you find Baris?

Oh, Axe called his cell while the big guy was... doing what he does. Really?

What story should I try next?

Should I stick with tennis or...?

Or cricket, maybe.

I'm from Jersey, but if you're asking, I got script ideas.

I'll pass. Seriously?

You've already ripped off every movie cliché.

I think "Psycho Killer" and a dancing lunatic in a slaughterhouse is plenty.

No more ideas from you.

Remember what we talked about.

Hey, KT.

What'd you guys talk about?

It's none of your business, Eric.

Everybody knows. Know what else everyone knows?

Six inches is not a lot.

Wait, it... That's not...? That's not...? That's not a lot?

We call them nanites.

Those are in my blood? No. They are your blood.

Hey, uh, so... do you think I could get some kind of RST tech installed on my body?

Why? Is there a particular part that needs augmentation?

Hey, Eric.

No, never mind.


Let's go.


Ops ready. Comms ready.

Nanite systems ready.

Where are you going?

Doc, how are you talking to me?

Oh, my God, this guy.

You have millions of wireless microprocessors in your brain.

We need you to come back now. I've got unfinished business.

Such a relentless dick.

It's because he's relentless, he would literally die for her.

I don't imagine you've ever cared for anybody that much.


Would you please...? Don't you have somewhere to be?

We are your only business.

We're the only people you know. That's what you told me.

But I had a wife. And he took her from me.

What are you talking about? Who did?

Nick Baris.

Okay. I can see him.

Hey, boss. Check this out.

We traced the call to Baris here two days ago.

He hasn't moved since.

And security?

I hacked their camera feeds.

The place is a fortress. But if he finds a way in, the 18 men they have ain't gonna stop him.

Well, he wanted the tech all to himself.

Now it's coming right for him.

And what's our man found? Exactly what we want him to.

Let me know when he's on final approach, okay?

Pulling up satellite feed.

Acquiring surveillance target.

He's approaching Baris' compound.

See if you can clear that up.

He's at the gate now.

American? Yeah.

Are you sure it's him?

Well, yeah, he... Never mind. Get Wigans.

Tell him to bring it. Got it.

Private property.

I'm here to see Nick Baris.

Nature of your business?

Oh, I'm here to kill him.

Oh, shit! What the...?


Multiple ballistic impacts.

Abdominal nanite clusters active.

Uh, why is he down? He only took, like, four rounds.


Hm. He's Trojan-horsing it.

Pretty clever, actually.

Why is it always right when the food arrives?

Baris' office. Now.

Bring the case.

Don't look at my ass.


Time for a better view.

Energy level's stable, and...

Okay, there's Baris. Yep.

Whoa, someone's been stress-eating.

We've got him in the cellar, boss.

What took you so long?

Just chatting about life.

Oh, shit.

What? Who is that, Eric? He's a techie, just like me.

Here she is.

Okay, it's time.

So he's an IT guy.

We're not IT guys, man.

He's the real deal. He's a legend.

Yeah. He's the first guy to figure out a stable bidirectional neural interface.

He's so good, I used some of his open-source code in this program. Wait, you used open-source code in my billion-dollar prototype?

Jesus, Eric. He's really smart.

If he's so smart, what's he doing with Baris?

And why didn't we hire him?

We tried.

You're absolutely sure that's him, yeah?

Because this little beauty only works once, and I don't want it... Uh-oh.

Oh, shit!

He just put a hole in his chest with his hand. That is...

Why didn't you leave him at the gate?


It's him. Do it now.

Now? You want me to do it now? You should've told me that five minutes ago. Yes, now.

I'm seeing CNS trauma.

Left lung is collapsing.

Heart rate's at 143.

Look, mate, there's a laundry list of things I have to get done.

What is that thing? I don't know.

Can you find out, please?

I have to charge it, and... So charge it.

Rerouting nanite power.

Look how much this means to him.

It's remarkable, isn't it? His...

His need to get even, to get revenge.

Do it. Make it work.

Do it now. Do it! Okay. Okay, okay.

What is that, Eric? Just give me one second.

That. Put that on my screen.

When it reaches 100 percent...

Oh, that's not good.

That button right there. Which one? This one?

Not that one. That one.

Get out! It's one of the two.

Take him away!

Get out! Put him back in his box.


Close the door and stand outside!

Um, guys?

That thing might be an EMP. What?

An EMP, an electromagnetic pulse. It'll...

I know what an EMP is. What the hell is it doing there?

Shit. He planned this. Switch me on.

I need you to get out of there.

All right, hurry up.

Come on, come on, come on.

I need you to get out of...

We have a prob... Can he hear me?

He's muting you. How is he muting me?

Come on, come on. Wigans, you piece of shit!

If that goes off, we're screwed. Eric, fix this, please.

I don't know how he's doing this.

Something's intercepting our signal.

You murdered my wife.

Your wife? What are you even talking about?

They're lying to you. You understand?

I told you I'd find you.

Okay, that solves that.

Shit. Okay, we've lost picture. Who the hell pushed that button?

Now we've lost his signal. Come on.

Where's the signal? One sec.

Switching to satellite. Uh, what?

Can you get something on the screen, please?

I've got nothing on the screen, Eric.

There's no signal.

Not a light on for miles. Eric, I have nothing!


Ray. Hello?

Hello? You still with me? Wake up.

Ray. No!

Okay, perhaps a bit more voltage, then.

Now, believe me, this is going to hurt you a lot more than it's gonna... Ah, whatever.

No, it's okay. It's okay. I'm a friendly.

I'm a friendly. I'm on your side.

I'm on your side. Yeah.

Yeah. Look.

Look at me letting you go.

Look at that. Freedom.

And Wigans said, "Let there be light," and there was light. Look at that.

Whoo! Still warm.

Who the hell are you?

Mm! Goodness gracious, how rude of me.

The name's Wilfred Wigans.

I know. Bit of a superhero-type name.

Heh, heh. And I suppose my superpower could be...


You work for Baris?

Oh, yeah, no.

Listen, define "work for."

It's more like indentured servitude, heh.

I've been looking for a way out of here.

I really have. And I tried up there.

There's a guy with a gun up there.

I'm sure you killed him, right?

You're like a knight in shining armor. Yeah.

Except for you don't really wear any armor, now, do you?

You sort of, like, let yourself get shot, like, a lot.

Because that's tough to watch, actually. It's rough stuff.

Particularly the part where they walked up to you and, boom, clipped you right in your head, and then your brains just, pfft... all over the floor. Wicked, man. Wicked.

I feel like I died.

My apologies. I am terribly sorry about that.

You know, Baris wanted me to take you out, but I had plans of my own.

I waited until you did your... business, which you most certainly did.

Now I'm done with that bloody piece of shit telling me what to do and how to do it.

You all right?

Thanks for the advice.

Are you all right?

I saw my wife in a dream.

Well, good.

I saw her murdered right in front of me.

Each time, the murderer was... a different person.

Holy shit.

So that's how they did it.

Did what?

Okay, okay, um...

I heard them talking.

There have been these rumors of a hired killer wiping out every defector of RST.

Baris worked for RST?

Well, they all did.

And no one could figure out why each kill was like a vendetta.

You know, like it was really, really personal.

They filled my head with nightmares and sent me on a suicide mission.

Yeah, it certainly seems that way.

I mean, they've been clearly manipulating you.

It's likely that what you think is real... sometimes ain't.

Harting just used me.

Just lied to my face over and over again.

Yeah. He seems to be remarkably convincing.

Told me my wife...


I never even looked for her.

But what if...?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Look, they're not gonna just let you walk away.

They'll come for you. They'll come for me too.

I'm looking forward to it. I'm not.

Why do you think I went biblical and brought you back?

Think I'm running around, resurrecting people from the dead?

If they plug you back in, it's going to be me in your head killing that lovely wife of yours.

And I've seen what you've done to those people.

Just gonna walk away from me, innit?

My God, what are you...? What are you doing?

You could figure out how these work.

So just reverse engineer the work of dozens of scientists, billions of dollars and a decade of genetic coding?

Well, that's your superpower.

I mean, yeah, I'll be done by dinner, so it's not a big deal.

That is absolutely amazing.

You know, I've heard the stories, but your entire system is completely programmable.

A program they no longer control.

It's my army now.

And your job to keep it that way.

Okay. I believe the words you were searching for were:

"Thank you, Wigans.

Thank you for resurrecting me from the dead."

Wait. I've got something for you.

It should be right here in my trusty lead-lined fridge.

Oh, I am so clever. I don't want that.

Right. Oh, here it is. Bingo.

No! No! Not that one. That won't work.

Trust me. Here, follow me. And take this.

I don't need it. The nanites will connect me to the Web.

No, the nanites will connect you to an RST server.

They can track you that way, fill your head with bullshit.

You don't want that. Here, take it.

It'll connect you directly to a satellite.

Vintage. No electronic parts.

Thank you, Wigans.

We've got movement.

Is it him?

I mean, it has to be.

We still have no connection?

The network's still not responding.

Okay, well, get Tibbs and Dalton there now.

You guys are a go.

Let's roll. We've only got satellite tracking on him, so reel him in fast before we lose visual.

Now, remember, he's one of us. He was.

Now he's a problem.


Now we finally get to use all this shit.



What are you doing here? Hm?


Heh, you'll never believe what I just went through. Well, knowing you, it's classified, huh? Heh.

This has been crazy.

I mean...

I can't even...

That doesn't matter.

Because I'm home.



I came back home.

Ray, come on.

I've moved on.

Moved on? What are you talking about?

We settled this.

Ray, are you okay?

What...? I mean, what's going on?

I came home as I promised, didn't I?

I always come home.

Yes, I know, but I didn't want you to come home.

I wanted you to stay home.

Remember? Mommy.


Daisy, go back inside, darling.

Ray, I have a family now.

When's the last time you saw me?

I don't know. It's been a long time.

When was it, Gina?

Five years ago.

Five years?

Mommy. One... One minute.

Are you okay, Ray? Can I...? Mommy, come and play.

One... Can I call someone?

Mommy! Ray...

Daisy, go and play with your brother. Good girl.

Go find Daddy.

You think someday you could come back in the same shape you left?

They all end the same.

Ray. I always come home.


How's that shit feel, old man, huh?

Tibbs! Get a tracker on him!

Coming up.

Eyes are in the sky.

There he is.

On my way.

Tibbs! I can't see him!

On the run, two blocks west.

Hey, whoa, whoa, mate! Hey. Get back!


You're kidding me! Aah!

What the...?

I've still got him. Head south.


Jesus, man, right or left? Left.

Left again. Move, move!

You'll get him at the corner.

Dalton, look out!

Come on! Stop!

Bloody hell, mate. You okay?

I'm not sure you should be getting up. Maybe we can...


Tagged him. Jackknives are in.

Connection's reestablishing.

You'll have signal in three, two, one.

All right, shut him down.


Power systems online.

Full control established.

All right. Where are you going?

You know where. No chance. I need you on Wigans.

Wigans? He clearly knows too much.

I need him out of the picture. No.

You get your hands dirty this time.

You'll remember that I don't need to ask you.

I do it out of respect.

And that respect needs to be reciprocated.

Good girl.

Wigans has been holed up at the Monteverde.

He's ordered $812 of room service and has watched 17 hours of something called Ladies...

Not helpful, Eric. Sorry, yeah. Okay.

He's got a six-man security detail, four in the cars and two escorting him out the back entrance.

Excuse me. Do you have a lighter?

Sir, we should really get you in the car.

A gentleman abides.

Allow me. Thank you.

The name's Wigans.



It's not good for you.




What is this place?

This is a neural space, where we can talk in private.

Let me make this easier.

This is all for you.

You used me.

You made me kill.

I didn't make you kill, Ray.

You've always done that.

I just cleared the path. I freed you to be your best.

My best?! Yes.

By making me watch them kill my wife over and over and over again?

Revenge is what makes a man like you exceptional, Ray.

You know nothing about men like me!

You sure about that?

You chose war because you love it. That's who you are.

You don't know what I love.

Or why I did what I did.

People like you break people like me into pieces.

And you put us into these little boxes so you can understand us and you can control us.

But you can't control us.

People like boxes, Ray.

They need structure. They need guidance.

That's just a reality.

Says the man who puts the shadows on the wall.

There's nothing left for you out there.

Nothing. In here, you get to be the best version of yourself.

You rescue the hostage.

You get to spend the night with a woman who loves you.

And you wake up in the morning with a new body and a defined purpose.

What more could you ask for?

Your best version of me!

Not mine!

Don't you get it?

Life is about not knowing what's coming.

What, like when it's taken away from you?

Not knowing when it's gonna be taken away from you, is that what you mean, Ray?

You did this to me.

You made me.

But you can't control me forever.

I will find you, and I will end...

No, you won't.

Just in time to say goodbye.

He's back?

For the time being.

Harting's pulling the nanites?

On the table now.

Show's about to start.

Wigans got away.

What? He knew I was coming.

Eric was sloppy tracking him down.

Okay, stop the extraction.

Prep the sim. Rebuild the target package for Wigans.

One more run. Again?

Yes, again.

I wouldn't have to send him after Wigans if you had done your job.

Do it quickly.

Okay, start the sequence. We'll alter it real-time.

No sign of alpha target. Moving location.

Okay. That should do it.

It's not my best work, but...

Is it ever?


He's peaking way too early. Why is that?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. His vitals are all over the place.

Pull... Pull that up.

Why is this happening?

Someone's altering the sim.

Well, who is altering it?!


Call Tibbs and Dalton to command.

Armed. And fix that sim!

All right, I got this, I got this. Come on.

I know you.


KT, open the door.

KT, what are you doing here?

What I should have done a long time ago.

I'm in. I'm in.

Son of a virgin.


Heh, you thought you could lock old Wigans out of his own code?

Wait. Wait, what? What the hell is happening?

No, no, no.

How...? How is she doing this?

What? Ha!

I said, drop your gun! You got this.

Okay, my son, if you're gonna come for the king, you'd best not miss.

KT! Open this goddamn door!

That should do it.

Um, okay.

Oh, Jesus.

Oh, Jesus.

Twenty quid he just said, "Oh, Jesus." Twenty quid...

I need real friends! Or a therapist.

Why are you doing this?

Because he deserves the truth.

The truth is, nobody wants to make real decisions anymore.

They just wanna feel like they have.

Goodbye, KT.

Like I would let you do that again.

KT's gone rogue. Garrison is awake and offline.

Find him and shut him down. Kill him if you have to.

Headed to the 74th floor.

Morning, sunshine. Remember me?


"No, it is I, King Jaffe Joffer, ruler of Zamunda."

Of course it's Wigans.

Who else would it be? Listen, mate, uh...

I'm sending you coordinates to my van.

I realize that sounded a lot creepier than I meant it.

I've got unfinished business.

Oh, great.

Wait. Come again. Wigans, where's Garrison?

Uh, I don't know. Apparently, doing whatever he wants.

It's about time. Phase two. Coming up on the server room.

Okay, there you are.

Which means it's time for me to walk you through a low-level data erase.

Now, obviously, I've got about 1000 years of coding experience.

I'm literally a genius. You're so very welcome.

So it is vital you do exactly what it is I tell you.

Step one. Find the sysop terminal.

It should be somewhere near...

Step 36. This one is absolutely vital.

Type control, command...

What the...?

I thought I'd do it the old-fashioned way.

Oh, really?

It's good to know literally no one is listening to me.

Why didn't I think of that?

Control, command, "burn the building down."



That one was my idea.

Right behind you. Dropping in!

On my way. Keep him busy!

Let it go, Tibbs.

I'll be on you in three, two...

Get clear!

Let's see him survive that.

Oh, goddamn it. This guy just won't fucking die.

Hang on, Tibbs!


Dalton! What are you doing? Help me!


I did say hang on!

No, no, no. Oh, no. Oh, shit.

Oh, that's not good. What the hell was that?

It felt like a bomb went off. Oh, bloody hell.

Yeah. It's a... It's a problem.

Go. Go, go, go. Come on. Start the car. We're leaving.


Goddamn it.

Talk to me, Wigans. Where's Garrison?

Uh, hang on. Ground floor, east side, headed for Harting.

You just don't get it, do you?

I can rebuild all of this.

And I am the only one who can rebuild you.

You cannot survive without me.

Okay, fine.

Holy shit. Oh, no.

Bloody hell. Um, um, um, mate?

What are you doing? You have to stop.

KT, he's almost down to nothing.

That's impossible. He's overclocking the nanites.

If he doesn't stop, I won't be able to bring him back.


Don't make me do this.

I told you I'd find you.

Oh, man. He's done.

It's over, KT.

Yes, you did.

But all that's now left is Ray Garrison.

And that's enough.

How much longer, Wigans?

Don't, don't, don't rush me.

Is this going to work? It always works.

Well, it did last time. All right, A over B reattached. There we go.

Should you be eating while you're doing that?

Yeah. There we go.

It's okay. It's okay. We've got you.

Are you all right?

Are you with me?

Take it easy.

Where am I?


Relax. Take it easy.

No car batteries this time.

It's good to see you, man. How you feeling?

It's good to see you, Wigans.

You don't know how glad I am to hear that.

I wasn't sure you'd remember anything.

I thought you'd wake up like a gorilla in a cage and rip me apart. That is absolutely fantastic.

But what you probably don't remember is that I also made some adjustments to increase your stamina.

You know, your stamina? I don't know why I done that.

But what I mean is, you don't gotta keep refilling the tank.

Not at all. Get what I mean?

If you were a three before, you're now an 18.

Heh, and I done that.

Well, we did.



Um, he's awake, and he remembers everything.

Hopefully not everything-everything.

You know, because if you recall, KT, how we found him, his face was smooshed up against his own...

Thank you, Wigans.


You're welcome.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

It's like a dream. It is.

Ray, I... Don't.

You don't have to.

Who we were, what we did?

That was the past.

You know, Harting was wrong about a lot of it, but, uh... he did get one thing right.

Who we were doesn't have to define who we're gonna be.

We can choose. We all can.

So where to now?

I have no idea.


A little too perfect, if you ask me.

Are you serious?

Ride into the sunset? Are we sure this ain't all a simu...?