Bloody Birthday (1981) Script




How are you?

Well, but we two other giving birth.

There we can see the eclipse.

He'd better go.

Mrs. Brody, I have told to wait for another week.

Tell the child.

How is Mrs. Seton? I have a few minutes.

It is the first time that women line up for me.

They could not be more appropriate.

Three births, eh. Bid!

It's a boy, Mrs. Taylor. A child, how beautiful!

Do what I say, not incorporated.


It's a girl, Mrs. Brody. I thought not even a name!

He has had a child, Mrs. Seton.


You want to play to the ambulance?

What is that??

Okay ...

This is ... the ambulance.

I do not want to stop at the red light.

Red light!

I remember seeing an ambulance stopping at the red light.

What if someone sees us? We did not see anyone.

Would not be right, because They will bury someone here.

Worried about sins?

We will.

Willard, if you, I'll kick your ass!

Hi there.

What do you do??

She fed the dog.

Why do not you walk in the door like a normal person?

It was locked inside.

Okay, Birdman, to bed.

You're lucky dad and Mom are not home.

Do you understand why it is important cooperate with the police?


The job of the police is protect and help people.

You're late, Joyce.

The police need the collaboration of all.

If you want recognition for helping here, you have to be on time.

That's it.


Does anyone know what it means the word 'murder'?


It is when a person kills someone, like on TV.

No, dear. Not like on TV.

On TV, everything is a lie.

Do people think that we are a bunch of babies?

Anybody lost or found a jump rope with a handle that?

Surely they know that Annie Smith Duke and Benson were killed.

Have any of you been last night in the cemetery?

If you remember seeing something strange, Ms. Davis tell him or me.

That ring does not mean they can go.

It's just a sign that I tell them they can go.

Thank you, Commissioner Brody.

To you, Miss Davis.

Bye, Dad. Goodbye, my dear.

When they are all seated and silent, I'll let go.

Even they are not rights.

Very well ...

I do not want that ... go running like thugs.

They can ...

... Leave.

Where were you last night? Giving feed the dog.

So you're lying?

No. You sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

If they call Mom and Dad, do not tell him and Annie Duke.

Why not??

Daddy do not want you to worry. It's bad for your heart.

Ms. Davis can take away Monday's homework?

No, dear.

But it's our birthday and everyone will be at the party.

The duties are important than the holidays.

And having a birthday on the same day, not mean that they are special.

Well, having a good day, Miss Davis.

Thank you, dear.

Hurry up or we lose!

Come on, we pay.

What if we find?

Impossible, the brain have it in your bra.

Worth 25 cents. If you want keep looking, is overtime.

Well, well.

Hey, Joyce, wait!

Hi there. Hi there.

It was horrible and Annie Duke.

Yes, it was very strange. It is terrible, terrible.

Willard and I are going much to the cemetery.


To bury us no, that's for sure.

Have you done your horoscope?


So what?

Willard must be crazy so sexy like you Scorpio.


What do you call Paul lately?

No, he is very busy with their exams.

Are you sure that's it what have you taken?

Paul and I are confident into each other.

Because I do not think he likes knowing that spend so much time with Mr. Harding.

Beverly, Mr. Harding is married.

Yes, but he is very handsome and likes you a lot.

Your brain looks like something out an erotic telenovela.

Yes, but you seem handsome. Come on, admit it, I know.

Hello, Dad. Hi there.

Hi, Joyce.

Beverly where are you going?

A buy candles for the cake and a movie with Willard.

No, you're not. Why?

Do not ask. I want you in home before dark.

A crime in 20 years and is believed to Kojak.

Hi there. Hi there.

What we spend on security is not work if you leave the door open ...

And ... there's a madman I am sorry.

I was in and out for prepare the birthday party.

Everyone here knows you.

Dad, come here. I want to show you something.

What is it, honey?

What happen??

Where did you get this?

Debbie what happens?

Hey, what happened?

Mom, Dad has fallen!

Dad has fallen!

Out of the way.

Jimmy, Jim ...

Jimmy. Jimmy!

The Brody Commissioner, was a man good, honest and hardworking.

Let me remind you the words Jesus Christ our Lord.

'Let not your hearts be troubled ...

At home ... because my parent, there are many mansions.

I will prepare a place for you, in the Lord's house.

Where I am going, may not follow ...

But ... who believes in me have eternal life.


Our Father, who you're in heaven ...

... Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom.

Thy will be done on earth as in heaven.

Forgive us our trespasses ...

As we forgive ... those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation ...

... For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever. Amen.

One two three, four, five, six ...

Let's find a place to hide.

And you did not copy the hiding or I'll shoot.

Do not worry, it's toy.

Let's get us.

No, I do not go. He's a menace.

Ya I figured you were a chicken.

I will not close the two doors.

Chicken, chicken!


Join now if you do not want Discovered standing there.

Open up, let me out!

I want out of here!

It's not funny!

Open, I want out!


Did you know that the United States has a horoscope as a person?

Every 20 years, the planets line up really bad.

The presidents elected during that stage, died in office.

You should mention in your article.

It is strange ...

Da ... think if our lives are already designed.

It's an interesting idea.

What if we go for a drink and we still talking about this?

I'd love to, but my brother alone and I have to take care.

How do you do?

Reconnecting this and adding this to the circuit panel.

But look around. Where did you learn?

Let me out!


How are you Dad? Well, I'm fine.

Everything under control? Clear Can put Joyce Timmy on the phone?

No, he's playing outside.

Do you get a lot of work?

No more than usual.

Help, somebody help me!

I'm locked! Open up, please!

Somebody help me!

Dad and I will go few days of hiking.

Great, Dad, you will do well.

Can you fix alone for so long?

Take, for that you're on vacation.



Where were you?

In the landfill. Curtis I She locked herself in a refrigerator.

Timmy, you've come to the point that or not you know when you lie.

I'm not lying!

How did you hurt your hand?

I told you, in the refrigerator.

Like when you were feeding the dog.

Come on, I'll cleanse before it becomes infected.

What did you really Sunday night?

I was at Debbie.

At night??

Yes, but she was not home.

Then why did you go?

Timmy, I know you're lying. Tell the truth.

It's okay ...

Debbie has done a ... hole in the closet ...

And charges 25 cents ... to see Beverly ...

You know ... naked.

Wow, you're a voyeur.

I have not looked, really. Debbie also was not.

You will not tell dad right?

No, do not worry.

Do not want you back playing with Curtis ...

Not go to ... dump right?

All right.

Do you promise?


All right.

Here there is not enough silence. There is not enough silence.

That ring is just a sign to I tell you that you can go ...

But that does not ... say they can go.

Now she will be silent.


Curtis, do not spy on people.

Was not spying, Miss Davis.

If you ever bring that toy at school ...

I'll take it ... and do not give it back.

Okay, I will keep.

Why do not you do something useful?

Bring me some brushes.

Hey, Timmy!

Chicken, chicken!


You two, stop it!

Stop it!

Curtis are you okay?

Davis ...

Help. Help!

Are you really okay? Yes, I'll be fine.

Well, all right.

Thank you. Okay.

JOYCE: I'M PLAYING IN THE TRASH. TIMMY You can not fulfill your promise even a single day.

Hi Timmy what are you doing?



I have to go home and my sister kill me if I'm late.

Do not be late. Are only three.


Will you do your party birthday tomorrow?

Yes Have you ever played doctors?


Me neither. All Anyway, I have no desire.

How is it? I do not know.

I prefer baseball.

Bells Are Ringing Do you want to drop to reply?

It should not be for my sister silly.

Lives with the phone.

Whose is this book?


What's it about?

It is a secret book.

Like a diary? Yes

Well, goodbye.

Bye Bye.





Has anyone tried run me over with that car.

Okay, we're going to take a look.

There's nobody here.

Before anyone was wearing and a blanket over his head.

A blanket? Yes, I wanted to kill me!

Car number 10 ... Just a moment.


Damn, Duncan. Where have you been?

It's called Deirdre Wilson, who is near the cemetery.

Think you've seen the psychopath lurking.

Roger, Dave.

We received a call Cookie Lamar.

We have a suspect.

I repeat: we have a suspect.

Police believe the tragic death occurred today Ms. Davis ...

May be related ... with the two crimes ...

Occurred in the cemetery ... earlier this week.

Listen, Timmy, from tomorrow I'll walk you to school.

I do not want to go just anywhere.

Timmy, come home. It's too late.

The deviousness and deception are totally unrelated to your character.

Works precipitously and you worry too much.

Who do you remember?

A Dad? Exactly.

You are concerned about your physical appearance ...

Are you sure ... yourself ...

And ... you are very seductive.

You right? Wrong.

Beverly. Yup!

It's amazing how much you can a person wonder ...

I always though ... They are bugging ...

Prohibiéndote ... and stuff.

God, hard to believe. A type as hard as your father.

No wonder want to forget.


I think this time, that is, it happened.

You here??

They're all home. I do not care.

I want to forget.

This is Debbie's chart.

It is very strange.

The day he was born, there was an eclipse ...

And ... both the sun and the moon, tapaban Saturn.

You must be missing something in his personality.


Because Saturn controls his emotions.

By the way treats people.

I think someone out there.

No one, nothing happens.

Go look.

What was that??

Is anyone out there.

Do not!

Do not!

Happy Birthday


I can not believe I read this. It's all true.

Beverly ...


You know your sister is charging to see you naked?


A gap.

Oh, no! I can not believe.

Joyce knows not will stay quiet.

So what?

That they will believe.

If you think it is crazy, you will not believe.

What will you do? You'll see.

Got it? Yup

Here it is.




Now make a wish.

Three children are very special do not you think?

I want to tell everyone ...

As ... I appreciate you ...

... Have come to wish them a happy birthday children ...

There are ...

A person who ... is with us today.

And I would have loved to be here ...

... With us.

Come on, Madge.

Come on everybody, let's eat some cake.

It's great to see everyone having fun despite what is going on.

It is a relief to be here.

Lately I have afraid to leave home.

Will they soon catch that psycho?

We have clues, but we could concentrate on anything specific.

Well, Joyce, and can go get the cake.


You're making a mess.

We need another cake Can you go look?


What is it?

Look at that cake.

What are you hiding there?

What did you do? Nothing.

Oh, no.

God, do not touch that cake! Do not eat!

Do not eat that cake! Do not eat!

Curtis put poison. Do not eat the cake!

Curtis put poison ...

I did nothing.

The bottle of poison I was in the kitchen ...

I just ... I was keeping it.

Not true, liar!

Be careful what you say. Curtis has never lied.

One moment, Joyce. What did you see?

I went to the kitchen and Curtis I was decorating the cake ...

Had the manga ... in one hand and in the other hid the poison.

You're crazy. Give me a some of that cream.

What do you do? I'll eat ...

You are crazy!

I cheated on you?

Is not it? Leave him alone.

You made me believe ...

You were poisoned ... the cake is not it?

And you locked in fridge! Is it not?

Leave him alone!

He has been nervous since he found Miss Davis.

Curtis did not realize that what is wrong.

As if he had no feelings. This is Curtis, yes.

Maybe that's what's missing ...

... Consciousness.

Stay here.

Do you answer the door?


You left the door open yard?

Do not


What are you doing here??

What do you mean by that?

Are not you glad to see me?

Yes, I really am happy.

And your tests?

I decided to take a break. I missed you.

I love you too.


Dad told you to keep an eye on me right?


Me too me you said you watch.

Why not vigils me from your room with the door closed?

Are you sure everything will be fine?


Think so ...

Next year ... we will be two in college ...

And ... no longer have to worry about this.

I'm not going to college.

How do you mean?

I've been thinking ...

... What I really want, is a journalist ...

And that you learn ... better with practice.

I understand, but have time practice in college.

All that has happened ...

It ... made me think ...

That ... from now on, I'll do what I want ...

No ... plan it in advance.

Do you understand?


Debbie grabbed again? my nail polish?


Gruesome murder IN A CEMETERY



That is my private property!

You cut? Murders?

What are you, a monster?

I'll show it to mom.


Mom, look at this.

Not mine. Curtis forgot here.

I do not want Curtis return to this house.

And I want you back playing with it ever!

Sorry, Mom.

Take it and burn it.

Give me that!

Angel Face.

Hello there??

Come immediately and brings Steven.

What are you doing there? Monster!

Why do not you wait for us?

She asked.


Pick up the phone, please.

They had the wrong number and Beverly is out.

Ah, okay. Thank you.



What do you do??

You dropped me a little nail polish.

You know you should not play things with Beverly.

Sorry, Mom.

Okay, clean it.


Sorry I mad at you before.

He leads me ... paths righteousness, for His name's sake.


I never told you ...

As I never told ... I had searched.

I love U!

Even though I walk through the valley shadow of death ...

... I fear no evil; thou art with me.

Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

I'll be home in a couple of days, honey.

Okay. Okay.

Bye Bye.


Want me to take care sprinkler for you?

No, I will.

Are you okay?


Hard to believe ...

Beverly ... that does not appear at any time.

How will it be dead?

You should not think stuff like that.

Look ...

Why do not you bring the pruning shears ...

And managed before ... Mom and Dad come?

All right. Let Maggie!

Ready, I am.

One two three ...

It is closed.

Maybe Curtis does not know.

Curtis always knows everything.

... And ten.


I won!

My dad put a special glasses!

Let's get him!

No, you'll hurt! Let it go!

Release him now! We was throwing stones!

You wanted to drown! No, only joking.

Do not move. I'll call Commissioner to speak with you.

Well, after what happened in the party will think you're crazy.


My grandfather will arrest for assaulting a minor!

Hi there.

Mom has gone home.


It involves a psychologist tonight.

Can you come up with Timmy then to take care of?

Sure what time you want?

Seven. Okay.

It is a proof glass bulletproof, idiot.




Come, get down.

The system must be disconnected up out of here.

I will.

Help Joyce!


Timmy, get away!

Wait between.

I'll get the gun!

Toy is.

Now you have no one to help you!

Tie ends.

Timmy, go to the Wilson and call the police.

Let me out!

You will leave when the police arrive.

Mom, Curtis and Steven did things Joyce terrible and I blame me too.

Calm down, dear.

Tell me what happened.

Well ...



Come over.

What's your name?

Beth Simpson.

Very well.

And remember ...

... Nothing to talk to strangers.

I will not, Mom. From now on later I will be your good girl.