Blue Crush (2002) Script

I'm gonna be the best surfer in the world.

I'm gonna be the best surfer in the world, not you.

She's just sliding in there. Look at that wave.

Anne Marie Chadwick getting the best wave of the day.

Anne Marie, I’m leaving you!

Hey, how's it, wave riders? It’s hump day. Wednesday, February 3rd.

Waves are averaging 14 feet in 18 seconds, so there's definitely some size out there in the water, and it's moving our way.

There's a little bit of morning sickness out right now, but it should clean up as the winds pick up.

It's flat.

Yeah, right. I’m looking at it.

-Anne Marie? -What's up, JJ?

Tell Eden she's a hottie. Hook me up.

Tell her yourself. How's Pipe looking?

Whoa! It's going off! It's at least double overhead.

You better get down here.

Okay. Thanks, JJ.

-Pen. Pen, come on. Get up. Penny. Get up. -Mmm.

It's double overhead.

-Lena. Hey, Lena. -What?

-It's double overhead. -What?

How's it coming?

I can't get the rails right. They're too pinched.

-You want to get wet? -I gotta glass before work.

It's perfect Pipe.

-For real? -For real.

Let's go! Okay, I'm coming. I'm coming.

Get a move on. Let's go. Let's go!

Okay, got my noodles. Let's go.

Turn it up.


It's going off!

-What's up, bro?

Great. The Rat Pack's here.

It's gonna be sick. Look, Kehau and Braden are going.

You know it's gonna be sick.

-Hey. What's up, guys? Hey, Rico, what's up?

Hey, girls.

What's up? How you living, man?

We should have been here at least an hour ago.

If you guys had gotten moving, maybe we would've been.

What's up, Tamayo? -Hey. How's it, girls?

How is it out there?

Oh, It's pretty nuts. Broke my board.

It's pretty heavy out there. Your girl got her head on straight this time?

-Does she? -You know it.

-Oh, look who's here. -Hey, what are you girls doing here?

Same thing you are. We came to surf Pipe.

Why don't you check out girlie bowls or something?

Why don't you crawl back into the cave you came from?

Why don't I knock you over the head and drag you in there with me, huh?

-You just try that. -I like girls that are rough and soft inside.

I'm gonna bury you, girl.

Let her go. Seriously, let her go. We're out of here.

So, what's this I hear about you surfing the Pipe Masters?

It's a surfing contest, -not a drowning contest.

Hey, why don't you stop hassling my girl? She's gonna dominate.

Let's see it. I don't mind girls that can charge Pipe.

Chick thinks she can charge Pipe. That's cool. You think she can surf it for real?

What, you think you can surf it for real?

Well, I dated you, Drew. I guess I can do anything, huh?

Let's see it. I'll get my boys out there. We'll block every single wave you want.

No matter how big it is, we want you on it. Let's see what's gonna happen.

-Let's do it. Let's do it.

Don't talk bubbles to me. Let's see it.

-So, meet us at the shower at 7:45? -Okay.

-And stay on the inside. -Okay.

-Be careful, Pen. -All right.

Looks like the reef's breaking down.

Ooh, he got shut down.

-Ooh! -It's heavy out there.

It's fierce.

He hit the reef.

That's gotta hurt.

I think we should start at the sandbar and work our way over.

I won't argue with that.




I want to get a boat so we can, like, go around the island and get some killer secret spots.

-Guaranteed, there's so many. -God, I know. I know.

Hey! What's this horseshit on-the-sandbar crap?

You're not gonna win the Masters surfing the sandbar.

Talking all this crap on the beach, like, "I dated you, Drew. I can do anything."

This isn't Pipe. Pipe's over there.

Let's go! Pipe's over there. The boys are gonna block for you.

--Let's do this. Let's go. Come on.

Whoo! Yeah!

Let's go, man.

Actions speak louder than words.

-Now, that's the view I remember. -What, the one of me leaving?

It's my favorite, too.

Come on. Pick it up.

Like that wave, huh? Next one's yours.

Welcome to the arena, girl. Let's get you into something big.

What's up, Anne Marie? Where you been?

I thought you were right behind us.

Today's your big day. Let's do it.

Right. Hey, everybody. This is my girl, Anne Marie. She's with the boys.

She's gonna get some waves out here.

Any of you get in her way, you're gonna have to deal with me.

-Come on. Let's go. Here it comes. Come on.

Paddle, paddle!

Hurry up. Come on!

Watch out, watch out! Spring girl’s wave.

Go, Anne Marie! Paddle in!

Come on! Paddle! Paddle! Paddle!

What the hell was that?


-You ain't even paddling. Girls can't surf Pipe.

What the hell was that?

What the hell is she afraid of?

This ain't a beauty pageant. You do that again, you're barred.

Come on, Anne Marie. You gotta do it this time. No fooling around.

Let's do it.

This one's yours, right here. Don't blow it, or I ain't gonna help you anymore.

Come on. Paddle, paddle! This one's yours now. Go! Go!


You were in the perfect spot. You were right where you needed to be.

Whatever. That thing was a beast.

-Just dropped out of nowhere. How big was it?

It was solid. It was, like, triple overhead.

She had that. Wow.

She totally had it.

Yeah, she just needed to paddle a little harder.

I don't know.

It's all in your head. It's all up here.

I'm telling you, if you just would have committed, you could have made that wave.

Whatever. At least she went. That wave was huge.

I wouldn't have gone.

She was perfectly positioned on the wave.

Why does the sun rise in If she had the balls to really charge it...

-What? -Hey, why does the sun rise in the east?

-'Cause it sets in the west. -Because that's the way the Earth rotates.

You remember that Supeman episode where he was, like, spinning around the Earth backwards, trying to rotate it in the other direction?

-Yeah. Yeah, yeah. -To bring back time?

Penny, I thought you finished your homework.

I did. I'm just checking it.

It doesn't look like you're finished.

Geez, stop picking on her, dude.

She's getting it done now.

Yeah, we're on our way to school.

No, I finished it.

She should've had it done by last night.

I'm checking it.

She's just checking it. I did it last night. I'm checking it.

Penny! Penny! -What?


No ditching.


-It sucks to be you! -Yeah, it does.

Someone's gotta go to college, honey. Not me.

Shit. It's Mr. Pukui.

Remember how he used to have pee stains all the time?

Looks like he learned how to shake right.

-Hi, Mr. Pukui. -Anne Marie, this is the eighth time your sister's been tardy in the last month.

-I know, traffic... -If you think surfing is more important than school, we gotta make other arrangements.

You know what, Mr. Pukui?

The only other arrangement I can think of right now is my mother, and she just so happens to be with her latest meal ticket in Vegas, who apparently isn't so cool with the kid's menu, you know what I mean?

So, right now, this is the best arrangement I can do.

-You know, Penny's a smart girl. -Yeah, she is.

-Just like her sister was. -Is. Present tense.

I learned that much while I was here.

You'd better watch it, girl.

You know, I'm doing the best I can do. That's all I can say.

You can do better.


He's so ripping in that aloha shirt anyway.

I thought he was hot.

-You did kind of peak in seventh grade. -Shut up, Lena.

-Sexually, she means. -All right.

-What is this, like, bag on Anne Marie?


-$1 7.53. -That's kamaaina price?

No kamaaina for candy.

-Aw! Come on, Leilani. It's breakfast. -Yeah.

-Breakfast? Right. Sorry, girls. $17.53. This has corn syrup in it.

-It's a vegetable. -It's nutritional.

No, I don't think so. It has sugar. Turns into fat, and fat comes out like me, okay?

-So, $1 7.53. -All right. I've got $5.

-I got some on me. -How much do you have?

-Yeah, I got some cash. -Hold on, I got like...

What is this? -I don't know, like, 70, 60...

That's pathetic. What is that?

I don't know. I didn't say I had a lot of cash. I just said I had some.

What happened to the five bucks I gave you yesterday?

I bought food for Sammi. -It's not even our dog, Lena.

-Dog's gotta eat. -Well, so do I. I'm hungry.

-Eat the rest of this Twinkie. -I don't want a Twinkie. I want breakfast.

Twinkie is breakfast.

It's Keala Kennelly. She's living the life.

She must be here for the contest.

-Check those Jet Skis out. -So fun.

All right, let's fill these bad boys up.

-It's gonna be a busy day. -She's with her Billabong sponsor.

-You should go introduce yourself. No.

-Why not? -Because it's weird.

It's not weird. You can go.

-Yes. No.

-Hi, can we have your autograph? -Yeah, sure.

-I'll get you a pen. -Thanks.

-Hey, I remember this shot. It's Backdoor. What a life.

She gets a grand every time she's in a magazine.

Five grand every time she's on the cover.

-So, you surf? -Yeah.

She gets free clothes, boards, watches, sunglasses.

The girl doesn't have to open her wallet.

You know, you score one good wave at Pipe Masters, and you'll get sponsored just like her.

You'll get flown all around the world, surf Indo, Australia, Tahiti. You name it.

Surf the world, baby.

And you'll get paid to surf uncrowded, perfect waves.

-We'll see you at the contest. -All right. Thanks. Bye.

All you need to do is get noticed.

Surfer girls.

Local girls!

You know, you're just as good as her.

We gotta go to work, guys. We're gonna be late again.

-Girls, you're late. -I know. Sorry.


As a reminder, our Pro Bowl guests are arriving today.

They are VIP return guests, and deserve the highest level of service.

We must remember, we depend on our guests for the survival of our business.


Look, this one packed for Vegas and landed in Hawaii instead.

I'm putting it on.

How hot am I!

I don't have any boobs.

Guys, guys. It's up. It's up.

Look, "Anne Marie Chadwick." Picture.

"Wild-card entry. This North Shore local first gained notice

"when she dominated in the junior NSSA."

-You dominated. -Nice! No.

You're wearing my bathing-suit bottoms in that.

-I know. -"She dropped out of the competitive circuit

-"after a near-drowning incident..." -Mmm.

-They love bringing that up, huh? -That was three years ago.

It's over with. You're gonna go pro, and you're gonna win this thing.

I want to be on the Internet.

Oh, crap!

Oh, my God. Hello? Is somebody in there?

Be there in... I'm stuck! -Put your shoes on.

-Help me. I'm stuck. Help me! Hello? Anyone in there?

Ow, ow!

-One second! One second! Can you open this door, please?

Be right with you.

Open this door right now. I'm not fooling around.

-My shoes. Why was this door locked?

I'm sorry. I know. It gets stuck.

Maintenance will come up and look at it in any second.

-What's going on in here? -Just cleaning up.

We're just picking up the clothes off the floor.

What happened to all the clothes that was on the floor?

We just folded them up and put them on the bed.

All right. I left the clothes on the floor so that you would know that they need to be dry-cleaned.

Okay, well, that's actually why we had the dry-cleaning bags, for that specific purpose.

Well, then, why don't you put them in the bag?

-No problem. -That's a cute top.

"Like, I need for you guys to put all of my crusty clothes inside of the bag."

What about the bags in her boobs?

-Her boobs are as big as my head.

And I have one big head.

-Excuse us, please. Excuse us.

Don't mind us.

Football players.

-Excuse us. -It's all right.



Paddle, paddle, paddle.

Look at that. They're beautiful.

All right. Next time, you're paddling.

How about you take a sweet, luscious run right about now?

Oh, yeah, I don't think so. You can go for it, though.

You're the one in training, not me.

Do you smell that?

Beer's gone.

Damn it. Penny?

Pen! Pen?


Freaking pain in my royal ass! God!

Stop it, stop!

Gotta go. I gotta go.

Where you going, Anne Marie? You too good for us?

Penny. Penny, get up. Get up! We're going home. Come on.

-I'm not going anywhere. -It's not a request. Get up!

-Go away. Leave me alone! -No. Get up. Penny, get up!

-Get out of my face. -I'm not kidding!

Stop! Leave me alone! Get off me!

-You're such a bitch! -What are you doing?

Get off me!

-Why can't you leave me alone? -'Cause I'm all you have, Penny!

I'm all you have right now!

I don't want you! I don't care!

You're the one who made Mom leave! You were screwing up all the time!

You know what? Fine.


We're over this. Turn the music up.

You all right?

Thanks for the ride.

You should just send her to military school.

You should just shave her head. That ought to send a message.

You guys are such hypocrites. We totally partied at her age.

-We did not. We were not 14. -More like 1 2.

Whose fault is that? You guys were supposed to be my examples.

-Oh, what? -Please!

Yeah, like we were the ones who forced you during freshman year to climb up the rain gutter at the Volcom House and steal their rum.

-Shit. -You remember that?

Ah, don't worry about it. I mean, we turned out fine, right?

Housekeeping. Housekeeping.

-Oh, shit. -God, that reeks. What is that?

-What is that smell? -I'm not doing this. Uh-uh.

-What is that smell? -Freaking nasty. That's what it is.

-It reeks in this room. -This really sucks, right here.

Oh, my God. -All right. Let's just get started.

-All right. Ew! Sick!


-Oh, my God! -Oh, my God, that...

-I'm not cleaning that up. -We have to do it.

-We have to get it done. -I'm not cleaning that up.

-We gotta get it done. It's just the way it is. -It's so sick.

-No-neck pigs. -Help me make the bed, Lena.


Football players are so nasty.

I mean, I don't even know where to start.

They think they can get away with anything.

This is ridiculous.

-Ugh! Sick! What?

-Get it off, Anne Marie! It's stuck! -What?

-It's not coming off! -What? What is it?

-It's a condom.

It's stuck! No, don't touch it!

-Get it off! Get it off! -Get it off.

Put some gloves on. -Get it off!

Just relax. I can't get it if you're frigging tossing around.

That's nasty. Oh, my God!


Oh, sick! Ugh!

You know what? That's it.

Wedding and honeymoon in the same place?

Girls, I'm hot. Come on. Let's go snorkeling or something.

I am not snorkeling with this hair. Give me a break.

I know! Those masks leave the worst marks on your face.

-There's, like, 1 00 people's spit in them. -Ooh!

Anybody in room 21 5?

-21 5? You ladies in 21 5? Gentlemen! 21 5?

Anybody in room 21 5?

-No? Anybody in room 21 5 out in the water? -What?

-Suite 21 5? Is it yours? -Oh.


I'm in 21 5.

-I swear to God, that's a condom. I think I won something.

-I'm in 21 5. What'd I win? -Hi. I'm Anne Marie.

I'm the housekeeper of your room.

-Leslie. O-line! -O-line!

-Do you have a sec, Leslie? -Sure, take all the time you want.

Sugar wugar.

Step one.


Step two.

And step three. You got it? Thanks for your time, guys.

-No problem. -Ooh! You got schooled by the maid, homie.

-I'm on vacation. -You still got schooled by the maid.

But you don't have to clean your room when you're on vacation.

-You got schooled by the maid. -But you don't have to clean your room when you're on vacation!

I'm on vacation.

It was gross! It was disgusting!

I don't care what they did.

They are VIP. Pay the highest rate.

They don't pay good money to be scolded by a housekeeper.

You can pick up your last check next week. Surf's up, Anne Marie.

-They peed on the floor. -There was puke all over the curtain.

Please don't suspend me. We need the money.

I'm not suspending you. I'm firing you.

-What? -Well, if she's fired, I quit.

-Me, too. -Fine.

-You're seriously gonna fire all of us? -No, I'm firing you.

They quit. So don't get any ideas about collecting unemployment.

You guys, don't quit. We need to make rent.

You could've stayed down longer than that.

I'm tired of holding my breath, Eden.

God, she just loves pissing me off.

Look at her. She's not even out here to get waves. She just wants to get attention.

What does she see in those guys anyway?

They're such burnouts.

-Same thing you did. -What?

Cut body and a nice cutback.

-She's right. She's got a bad attitude.

It's not who she is.

Inside! Got it! I'm on it!

Hey, hey, hey! Got it!


I'm on it! Get off!

Drew, I got it!


I had the section. What's your problem?

You need to grow up.

It's not my fault you broke your board, you stupid kook.

No, you're a kook! Don't ever drop down on me again!

Yeah, that's right. Go home. Beat it, blondie.

-Can you glue it back together? -No.

-I was just driving by. -Okay.

Well, actually, the guy at the hotel told me where I could find you.

So, that's pretty awesome, you know. Surfing.

-Right. -Hey, listen, I wanted to apologize for my friend back at the hotel.

You know, Leslie's kind of messy, but when your ass is hanging out in the pocket, he's the guy you want protecting your backside.

So, next time your ass is hanging back in the pocket, he's your guy.

-I'll remember that. Hey, what's up, Anne Marie?

-Hey, Ben. How're you doing? -You broke your board? That sucks.

-Yeah. -Bet you were charging, though.

-Something like that. -Hey, don't I know you?

-I don't know, maybe. -Yeah, you're that quarterback.

-Yeah, I play some football. -That's right, huh?

Nice shoes, bro.


Um, anyway, I was wondering if maybe you've taught anybody.

-Taught anybody? -Yeah, how to surf.

-No. -Well, you know, I've got some free time.

-That's nice. -Well, I'd love to learn.

-It's not easy. -I know, but it looks really fun out there.

You can get hurt. -I'm sure I could handle myself.

You know what? There's this guy Rick.

He'll set you up with a sponge board and some baby waves.

-He's gentle. -And you are?

-Not. -Right.

-Check it out. Who's GQ jock?

Hey. What was that all about?

I don't know. He wanted lessons or something.

Anne Marie! -What?

Lessons? Money? We're broke?

-Well, he didn't say anything about paying. -Well, did you ask?

-You guys are going tonight? No. What time? Go, go, go!

-I don't know. I'm kind of lost. Go get him, go get him!

-Hey! Hey! -I'll try to make it. Hang on.

-What? -How much?

-What? How much?

-I'll have to call you back. -Shit!

Hey! Watch where you're going!

Hurry up! Go get him. Come on.

Okay, hurry, hurry, hurry!

For lessons. How much?

I don't know. What's the going rate?

-Twenty bucks an hour. -$20?

-Too much? -$1 5?

-$1 5? -The hotel charges $1 50. I'll pay that.

150 bucks! For surf lessons? That's it, right?

-What else are we talking about? -Got any friends?

Sure I do.

Whoo! Yeah!

-What's with the face, Pen? -What face?

Don't worry, honey. It's just one afternoon.

You'll still have plenty of time to get pregnant and go on welfare.

-Good idea. It'll be fun, Pen.

-We'll play rip off the tourist. -We're not ripping anyone off.

Anyone who pays $1,000 a night for a room is just begging to be ripped off.

I saw those guys walk into Tommy Bahama yesterday and drop four Gs on silk boxers.

Yeah. How is that possible? It's underwear.

Yeah, those guys got money to burn. They play in the NFL. Are you kidding?

I don't care about the money. Anything is better than this.

-Oh, my God. Yeah, right.

Let me out here, you guys. -Penny.

I thought his friends would be hot at least.

-This is so embarrassing to be seen with you.

You gonna teach us how to surf?

Teach us how to surf.

I'm ready to go, baby.

Hey, guys, come on. It's $1 50 each.

What if we see people we know? God.

Whatever. It's surf lessons. So this is what jocks look like?

One hundred and fifty bucks. -Let's go surfing, big daddy.

What's up, girls?

This is Lena and Eden. I'm Anne Marie.

-Hi. -Hey.

If you don't watch out, I'll make sure you drown out there.

-Hey, how's it going? Matt. Nice to meet you. This is my little sister, Penny.

What's up, little mama? Little surf baby.

-You're gonna surf in that? -Hell, no. I'm gonna surf in my da-da-da-da's.

In your what? -My da-da-da-da's!

-You're wearing nut huggers. Some might call them that.

I call them nut containers. You're gonna teach me how to surf.

-On three? -One, two, three.

Snap up!

No duck butt.

Oh, yeah.

Oh! Hell, no!

Come on. Go! Paddle!

Come on! Come on, Leslie.

-Go! -Call me.

Whoo! Yeah!

-Whoa! -Ahh!


-Okay. Ready? -Okay.

All right. Start paddling! Paddle! Go! Go!

Yeah! Yes! Get up! Get up! Get up!

Put your head in the center. Lean forward. Hula hands! Come on! Go!



Come on. Get back out here! One more time!

Hey, I'm giving a lesson.

There you go. Come on. Paddle, paddle.



That was so good.

-That was so good. -That was incredible.


-Are you psyched? -Yeah, totally.

Let's go and catch one of those big ones.

-Out there? Okay, sure you can handle it? -Yeah. Definitely.

Come on, Matt. You got it, you got it. Paddle, paddle, paddle.

Harder. Come on. You gotta dig.

All right, Anne Marie, I'm right there with you.

Don't worry about me. I got this mastered.

I am a football player. Oh, shit!

A couple more. You got it. Just a couple more waves.

Dig! Turtle! Get under your board! Turn it over!

Don't give up. Come on. Paddle.

All right, here we go. Gotta make it over this wave. Here we go.

-Paddle, paddle. -Hey, get out of the way!

Harder. There you go.

-You okay? -Oh, man, that was intense.

I know. It's getting big out here. Sure you don't want to go in?

-No. I mean, are we safe out here?

That depends what you think is safe, but yeah, pretty much.

How about this one here? No, this one's not a wave.


We'll get you one, Matt. I promise. Come on back.

Oh, man. -Just be patient, Matt. We'll get you one.

Anne Marie! We're leaving!

Hey, sweetie. Why don't you come over here and help me out a little bit?

Gonna need two of us to carry this one.

Maybe we should go in. It's getting late.

I'm not leaving until I catch one of these things.

-How about this one? -Okay, yeah, turn around, quick. Egg beat.

There you go, Matt. This is it. Paddling. Start paddling. Go! Go! Paddle! Paddle!

Stand up. Stand up.




-Yes! Yeah! -There you go! Good job, Matt! Whoo!

-Yeah. -Yeah.

-Good job. -Yes.

Good evening.

Hi. Welcome to the Lanakai.

No, it's all right. I'm just dropping him off.

Wait. Why don't you come in for a drink?

-Yeah, no, I'd love to, but I... -But what?

I have to get back to my side of the island. You know what I mean?

-Uh, no. Why? -'Cause I'm in training.

-Pipe... Line. -Pipeline.

-Master. Pipe Masters, right. -Pipe Masters, right.

Well, I tell you what.

-Uh, I've only got 40 bucks. -For what?

For you. For the lesson.

But if you want to come up to my room, I'll give you the rest of the money.

I would really like to do that, but see those guys over there?

They see us heading up to your room, half the island's gonna have us sleeping together by tomorrow morning, -guaranteed. -Really?

It's the coconut wireless. Yeah.

-That's very serious. -It's great. Yeah.

All right. Well, in that case, you wait here. I'll come right back with your money.

All right. Wait.

-I'll come up. -You sure?

Okay. 'Cause I don't want to ruin your reputation or anything.

Thanks. I'll worry about that.

-All right. -Okay.

You go up the elevator. I'll go up the back way, so it's, like, inconspicuous.

-It's so sneaky. It's like James Bond. -Just shut up.

Excuse me.

What the hell is she doing?

-Hey. -Hey.

Where you going?

I just... I didn't know if that was your room or not.

-It's my room. -Yeah.

-Come in. -Okay. Thanks.


-Looks different at night. -Yeah, it's pretty nice.

-I'm just gonna go... -It's right there.

I know where it is. Thanks.

What are you doing?

I'm just trying to find the money that I hid.

-What, from the maid? -Yeah. Right.

Uh, let's see. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, -eight, nine... -Wait. That's way, way...

That's $1,000. I'll be here a week. That's $1 50 a day, so I gave myself a $50 discount for paying upfront.

-Are you trying to buy me? -No. No. I just don't want to lose you.

-Can I ask you a really weird question?

-Yeah. -Are you wearing my cologne?


It smells good on you.

-You should probably get that. -Yeah. Right.

Yeah? Hey. Hey, sweetheart.

Are you feeling better?

Yeah, no, I tried to call earlier, but no one was there.

Yeah, I miss you, too. I miss you, too.

-It's been hectic. -Matt, I'm gonna...

Listen, let me call you back, all right? All right.

I love you, too. All right. Bye.


I guess that's why they have that no-fraternization rule.

What do you mean?

Management gets call from irate wife wondering why maid is in husband's room at 2:00 in the morning.

-That's not my wife. -Wife, girlfriend, boyfriend.

No, really. It's not my wife. Look, it's my niece.

Actually, my sister's daughter, Rebecca. There she is.

I swear.

-She's beautiful. -Yeah, she is. She's a sweetheart.

Sorry about that. It's kind of strange with the time difference and all.

I should probably go. It's getting late.

All right. Do I have a surf lesson tomorrow?

-Definitely. -All right.


-Bye. -Bye.


I thought you were just giving him lessons.

-I did. Yeah, in what?

Penny didn't finish her homework.

-You weren't here to help me. -Guys, she's gotta do her homework.

Don't give us shit 'cause you were out there working it.

-Shut up. Don't deny it.

You were working it like a rib without the sauce.

-What happened? -Oh, my God. Nothing.

Oh, sure. Tell me what happened.

-No. -Did you get some play? Did you? Did you?

We kissed for, like, two seconds. It wasn't a big deal.

I'm sure you did. How much am I supposed to buy that for?

-God, what do you take me for? I don't know.

-Seriously. What else? Come on. -Here, this will pay the bills.

There's, like, $1,000 here. I feel like your pimp.

You must know how to kiss, huh? Or you must know how to do something else.

--Goodnight, Penny. You're going to bed now.

-Hey. -What's up?

Look, I hate to be the buzzkill here, but the contest is in a week, and I just don't think that it's time for...

I know. But I did promise him another lesson tomorrow.

-Can't you just blow him off? -No.

-Why not? -Because he already paid me.

-Exactly. -Eden.

Well, I wanted to rent a Jet Ski tomorrow.

Put you into some size. Get you ready for Pipe.

All right, well, I'll meet you at the launch at 4:00.

Why not earlier?

I'll meet you there as soon as I can.

Where are we going again?

A little spot the hotel does not tell the tourists about.

Oh, my God. You drive like you surf. I drive like I wish I surfed.

-Wow. This is beautiful. -Yeah, I used to come here when I was a kid.

I've been dreaming about surfing all night.

-Oh, Minnesota's got surf stoke, huh? -Oh, yeah.


Whoa! Hop on.

Watch out. Whoa.


How many sisters you got, Minnesota?

-Uh, five. -Five?

-Five. -Really? You're the only boy?

-Uh, yep. -That explains it, then.

Explains what?

That's why you're not intimidated by women.

-Yeah. -Why is that funny?

Because I'm scared shitless of women.

My sisters would beat me on a regular basis. See, look.

-See how I can't extend my finger? -Yes.

'Cause my sister Dana broke it when I was eight, just because I wouldn't get out of her room.

Because it's broken that way, when I throw the football, it gives it a nice little zip.

-A nice little touch? -Exactly.

Uh, I think we got company.

-Oh, great. -What's up?

-You know those guys? -Yeah, I do. We gotta go.

-Really? -Yeah.

Prepare to get vibed.

This place is kapu. That means off-limits to you, haole.

What's up, guys? -This is a local spot.

-Yeah, and I'm a local. -He's not.

-What's up, haole boy? -Drew, back off.

We grew here. You flew here.

It's not his fault. I'm sorry for bringing him.

What are you doing on our beach, haole boy?

You don't live here, you don't surf here.

Drew, we'll be out in five seconds.

This is a local spot. Hey. This place is for the boys.

You know not to bring this guy over here, Anne Marie. What's up with that?

Why don't you just relax, brah?

-"Brah?" You telling me "brah"? Drew.

-Where are you from, you honky? -Drew, stop it.

-You want some of this? -Drew, stop it.

-Don't even touch me. -Don't touch her.

-What are you gonna do? -Drew, grow up!

I've got his wallet. We're out of here. Let's go surf.

Stop, stop, stop. Drew, stop! Act like an adult.

Just get in the car. Seriously, stop it. Walk away.

Seriously, stop it. Why do you have to be like this?

-Right, get over there. -Don't touch her.

What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do?

Please! What are you doing? -You want some of this?


Both of you! Get off! That's enough! Stop! Get off!

Get in the car! Stop it! Stop. Get in the car.

Now, stop it. Get in the car. Just get in the car.

Walk away.

You're an asshole.

I do what I do best.

-Relax, bro. -You kicked his ass.

-What? -Kicked his ass.

Nice meeting you guys. -Beat it. Go back to the mainland.

This is bullshit.

Kawela's? And you expected to make it back in time?

-I rented a Jet Ski. -Eden, I know.

I'm sorry. I said I was sorry a hundred times.

-Whatever. -She's scared, man.


What'd she say?

She's messing up, man.

-Everything okay? -Oh, yeah. We'll be okay.

I can see why the tourists here never leave their hotels.

Oh! Don't say that. That's not real Hawaii. They're just... They're just crazy.

They're so protective of their land and their waves, especially.

-And their women?

-What? -I'm glad I'm here.

-I have to go to practice. -I'll get up.

-No, no, no, no. Sleep in. -Are you sure?

-Yeah, you sleep. -Okay.

-Bye. -Bye.

Shit. Shit.

-Hello? Lena, it's me.

-Hey. Where are you? -Don't worry about it.

-You're at his room, huh? -It's none of your business.

Listen, I just want to make sure Penny gets to school okay.

Yeah, yeah. Don't worry about it.

-What happened? -I will tell you everything.

Come on, little hooch.

Shut up. Oh, my God.

-All right. -Bye.

Room service. Can I help you?

Yes, I'd like to order some breakfast, please.

Of course, Mrs. Tollman. What can I get you?

Uh, the blueberry waffles.


Well, aloha! Look at you, little miss princess.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-So the glass slipper fit, huh? -I even went in the pool.

-Shut up! You're so irritating!

It's wasn't my fault. He abducted me and forced me to eat blueberry waffles.

-Blueberry waffles? Where? -Outside.


-What are you doing? -Helping.

-Why? You're not a maid anymore. -Come on, Eden. Don't be mad at me.

I'm not mad.

Mmm. These are so good. You didn't save me any whipped cream, though.

Some guy thinks you look hot in a bikini, and you forget all about the contest.

That's not fair, and you know it.

-Champagne? How cheesy are you? -Shut up!

I'm not mad.

It's just... I happen to know that you kick ass out there, and you worked very hard to get to where you are.

I know.

Pipe is in three days. Every single sponsor is here.

And it's just you and one other girl out there.

-I know. I got it. Okay? -People would kill to be in your shoes.

I got it!

Hey, listen to me. Contest comes first. Nothing changes that.

I'm gonna whip it around and put you into this left!




This is it. This is it, right there!



Anne Marie!

Where are you?

Anne Marie!

Eden, over here!

Get on! Get on! Come on. We gotta get out of here.

I got you! I got you! Hold on.

Move! What's wrong? Gun it!

-Eden, get out of here! -Oh, shit!

Bail, bail, bail!

-You all right? -Where were you?

I was right behind you. I couldn't get in without getting crushed.

You whipped me in way too deep, and you need to kick out earlier.

-Are you done with your excuses now? -I want to go in.

We'll rest for a minute.

I don't want to get some rest! I almost frigging died out there!

You did not almost die. You were under for, like, five seconds.

-Stop being such a Barbie. -What did you say to me? What?

A Barbie? What is your problem?

Look, all I'm saying is that if you can't handle this, there's no way you're gonna be ready for the Pipe Masters.

Then you go! You're so frigging ballsy, Eden, you go!

I can't. I wasn't invited.

-I don't know what the hell you want from me. -You know, what I want from you is to get your own life and stop living through me!

Get your own dreams!

So that's it? You gonna go run off and be a pro-ho, huh?

At least I have someone that's interested in me!

Why does this seem so familiar, huh? Run away when things get tough.

"I'm stressed out. I think I'm gonna ditch my kid

-"and run away with some guy I just met." -Shut up, Eden. I'm not kidding.

-Sounds a little bit too familiar. -Leave me alone!

-Like mother, like daughter. -Shut up!

That's what you're gonna do? You're just gonna quit?

-Get out of my face, Eden. -You gonna prove these guys right?

Assholes who think that you can't surf Pipe because you don't have the balls!

I guess so, then, 'cause I quit. I quit!

You're not a quitter. You're just scared.


Oh, my God. What's wrong?

-Are you okay? -No.

Wow, Rochelle Ballard rips!

You wiped out! Sorry, Rochelle.

-Where's Anne Marie? -Who cares? Let me play.

Hey, it's my turn. You got beat.

It's hump day. Wednesday, February 3.

We've got that high-surf advisory in effect for the north and northwest-facing shores.

There's definitely some size out there in the water.

Sounds a little bit too familiar.

Like mother, like daughter.

This is your dream. This is what you were born to do.

-Don't throw it away on this guy. Eden!

You're not a quitter. You're just scared.

I'm gonna be the best surfer in the world.

And it's just you and one other girl out there.

It’s just you and one other girl out there.

-Shit! -What are you doing?


-Wow. You look... -What?

-Where'd you get that? -What?

-The dress. -From a store.

-He bought it? -Yes, he bought it. So what?

-So, I can see your boobs! -Great.

-I think she looks beautiful. -Thank you.

-She looks the way he wants her to look. -Like Baywatch Barbie.

Penny, shut up.

-Is he gonna buy you implants, too? -Penny! I just can't do this right now, okay?

Man, that girl could rip.

-Who is that? -You.

That was the first time you beat me at the Menehune Contest in Haleiwa.

You were such a cocky little shit.

Always talking all that trash and how you would be number one.

I was so pissed at you, 'cause I knew you would be.

All talented and shit.

The boys were spinning. Remember that?

They had to throw up some bullshit rule barring you from the boys' contest.

-I'm gonna be late. -He's leaving in a few days with a tan.

And what are you gonna be left with? A pair of shoes?

-I wanted platinum, but... -At least it's an eight.

-It is? -It better be.

He said it was. One and a half.

-Everybody thinks I'm sexy. I'm the sexiest... -You ain't sexy!

He don't know anything.

-Very Tiffany's. -Then you always get to be at Tiffany's.

He likes your little some-some. A little loving one night...

-Maybe then, you know. -And then you get yourself a little upgrade.

Good evening, miss. Welcome to the Lanakai.

Jimmy, are you kidding me?

-It's me. It's Anne Marie. -Holy shit! You look insane!

-Thank you. -All right.

-Wow. You look... -Weird.

-No. No. Gorgeous. -Really?

Let's go show you off. Ah!

Okay, now it's time for a few of you lucky men to learn how to do the Tahitian hula.

-Do we have any volunteers? -Hell, yeah!

Some intelligent men. Some men of size.

Here I go. All right. Wish me luck.

Get those hands up in the air. Come on, now.

Come on. Let's go, everybody. Totally freaky!

Shake that thing. Come on!

Shake that thing. Come on! Show them what you're worth! Shake that thing!

How's it, wave riders? We got that high-surf advisory posted again.

Right now, it's a macking 15-to-20 feet.

Out at Pipeline tomorrow, the girls have the place all to themselves.

So, what are we supposed to talk about with her anyways?

Windex, I guess, or Comet.

The only person who knows anything about Windex or Comet

-in our house is Carmen, not me. -You're right.

Right. Seriously, you guys, I hope she doesn't think he's gonna marry her.

Of course she does. Prince Charming coming to save her from the toilets.

And get some of that $1 0 million a year.

Oh, God! Matt and the maid. It's classic.

Oh, my God. Did you guys check out that dress? Hello?

God, where does she think she's going, anyway? The prom?

You guys, I thought her shoes were totally cute.

Trust me on this. He made her up. The whole Matt Tollman makeover.

Did you see the shoes, the dress, the bracelet?

His classic line.

Oh, my God.

Do you guys remember the Denny's waitress?

That's right. I remember.

She was from Denny's. I knew she looked familiar.

Matt loves to slum. That's just how he is.

Come on. That's his style.

-He likes those cheap, little... -Cheap Barbie...

Here. They're all yours.

-Oh, my God! -Oh, my God. Was that just her?

-It was. -She was here.

Our dancer tonight is Chief... What's your name?

Leslie, but everybody calls me Poon Daddy!

Aloha, Chief Poon Daddy! -Aloha, Chief Poon Daddy!

Oh, yeah!

Baby, go!

Yeah. Shake it for us!

-You got milk in those coconuts? Shake it, shake it, shake it!

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Anne Marie. Where are you going? Anne Marie? Stop.

What the... Oh, man.

Ah, Anne Marie, what...

Anne Marie.

-What the hell are you doing? -I don't know, Matt. What am I doing?

The other day, when I was ordering room service, the guy on the phone called me "Mrs. Tollman," and I didn't correct him, 'cause for a minute, I liked the way it sounded.

And I was just wondering if the Denny's waitress felt the same way.

-Listen... -You know what? I'm fine, okay?

I know what I am, and I'm fine with it.

What? Who are you?

I'm the maid that you slept with on vacation. I'm the great story you tell when someone asks you how you learned how to surf.

-You don't trust anybody, do you? -Can I? Can I trust you?

To do what?

I mean...

-What do you want? -What do I want? Oh, my God.

I want Penny to quit smoking and to go to college.

I want...

I want to be able to pay the phone and the electricity and the rent all in the same month.

I want a girl to be on the cover of Surfmagazine, and that would be great if that girl were me, but any girl would do. And I want...

I mean, I wish my mom would come home.

And I really, really want to win Pipe Masters tomorrow.

-That's what I want. -Well, do it.

Matt, you don't understand, okay? Pipe... Pipe is the heaviest wave in the world, okay?

You don't just get worked there. You die.

People die there.

And what happens when I just paddle out and I don't take off in a single wave?

'Cause I don't care if I make a fool out of myself, but I do not want to embarrass my family, and that's what Lena and Eden and Penny are. They're my family.

Just tell me what to do, please.

-You want me to tell you what to do? -Yes.

-You know what to do. -No, Matt. I honestly don't.

Just be the girl I met on the beach.

Who? Who was she?

The girl who'd never ask a guy what to do.

Good morning, everybody. Welcome to the Pipe Masters here at Banzai Pipeline, on the North Shore of Oahu.

You're gonna be watching women's surfing history today, as these girls take on the deadliest waves in the world.

Imagine the Niagara Falls dumping into two feet of water over hard-rock lava with razor-sharp reef and underwater caves.

It’s gonna be a macking 20 feet, so good luck to all the ladies competing today at the Pipe Masters.

They may be the best in the world, but they're gonna have their hands full today.

If you're going down to watch, it's not a day for a dip in the water.

-Anne Marie. You all right? -Mmm-hmm.

You guys get out here. I'll go find some parking.

Pretty much an impossible score at this point.

She's way behind, but she's still gonna try to put it on the line.

Looks like she's going for this one.

Oh, and she broke her board.

You know, any day at Pipeline is critical, but today, one false move, and the consequences could be disastrous.

More surfers have died here than any other spot on the planet combined.

This is the first time the girls have gotten to compete at Pipeline.

The entire surf media's here today. Every sponsor, talent scout, the entire surf media, looking to find the next surf sensation.

You get one good ride here today, and you'll put yourself on the surfing map.

So out there by herself is Lynette MacKenzie, now that Megan's on the beach with a broken board.

She's in a nice one. She's coming in.

You really have to commit out here in order to get the wave.

But I'm sure it'll better the score she already has...

-Thanks, Cara. -Good luck, Layne.

Thanks. I could use it.

I'm here for the competition.

-Are you a volunteer? -She's a competitor.

Okay, you need to sign this release form.

"In case of death or dismemberment?"

Thank you. You'll be in heat four with Kate Skarratt.

You can go ahead and wait in the competitor's area.

-Thank you. -Good luck.

Oh, my gosh. There's Kate Skarratt.

She kills it at Pipe. And there's Rochelle Ballard.

She's queen of Backdoor.

-Oh, my gosh. Layne Beachley... -I know who they are.

What? I'm... You're good. I'm just saying they're, like, really good.



What's up? -What's up, man?

What up, girl? -Where's parking around here?

Anywhere, I guess. Whatever you can find.

Looks like she's going on this one.

Hey. Hey, Anne Marie. Look what I found.


-Just driving by. -What's up, surfer girl? Do the damn thing!


Be alert out there. It's a super-clean, west-northwest swell.

Pipe and Backdoor are both open.

Yeah. Just be patient. Don't get too anxious.

It's four-wave sets with 20-second intervals. Take your time.

Don't take the first wave of the set. Third wave looks the best.

Here comes Kennelly taking off. Steep drop.

-Takes the bottom turn. -She's fierce, man.

She's covered up.

She makes it out.

I'm way out of my league.

Hey, no worries. Just go out there and have fun.


Up next from Wollongong, Australia, we have Kate Skarratt in red.

She's a goofy foot, which favors her at Pipeline.

Loves charging big waves and has taken first place at Teahupoo, another barreling left-hander in Tahiti.

Surfing against her, we have wild-card entry Anne Marie Chadwick, a formerjunior NSSA champion who dropped out of the competitive circuit after a near-drowning incident at this very spot just three years ago.

Five, four, three, two, one.

We've got 20-minute heats today with the top four waves scoring.

Wave selection is critical.

If you pick the wrong wave, wipeout, get caught inside...

Well, the currents are fierce today, and you can spend the rest of your heat just trying to...

-How's it going? -Good.

Nice set approaching. We got good sets out the back.

We have really good consistency with the swell today.

It’s on the rise. It’s probably gonna get up to about 1 5-to-20 feet.

Kate Skarratt's going on this one. She's paddling. Gets to her feet.

Makes the drop. Solid bottom turn.

--Look at that pit!

She's setting her line. Breezing to make it out.

Trying to get in the shoulder.

Traveling, traveling... Oh! She didn't quite get around that last section.

She'll get some kind of score for it.

Looks like it's a 4.1 that came out on the board.

Water patrol’s checking on her. Looks like she's okay.

She doesn't need a ride. She's paddling back out.

So, Chadwick all alone by herself out there, yet to even score a ride.

-Go, go! Paddle! -Headed for her first ride.

-Backs out. -Shit!

No way. She's not gonna get any more like that.

-What a waste of wave. -Shoot! She should've gone.

-That would've opened up perfectly. -Shit!

-When you're out there all alone... -You can do it, girl. can psych yourself out.

Baby, what are you doing?

Kate Skarratt paddling into one of the best waves of the day.

Whoa! Look at this wave. It is the bomb.

Oh! A little overextended. Goes down.

-Getting sucked up and over the falls.

Hope she's okay out there.


Kate Skarratt down. Water patrol coming to pick her up.

Gets her on the sled and out of harm's way.

Hang on!

Okay, everybody. As the Ski comes up on the beach, please give them some room.

The water patrol needs some space to work on Kate Skarratt, who's gone down on that last wave.

They're carrying the backboard down. This isn't good.

We need Dr. Leland Dao to report to the medical tent.

Leland Dao, please report to the medical tent. We need you down here immediately.

Charge it!

-Go. -Go, go, go!

Go! Go!

She sets herrail. Makes the drop. Textbook.

Oh, it's setting up perfectly. Look at that beautiful wave.

-She should get a nice score for this one. -Oh, yes.

High enough to take her into the next round.

No, no, no.

Oh, she got so worked.

I don't see her. Where is she? Do you see her?

Man, is she all right?

-Where is she? -Come up, Anne Marie. Come up.

Anne Marie's taking a heavy beating out there.

Grab my hand!

I got you. Hang on.

Not that she probably cares right now, but the judges' score just came in and rewarded her a 4.6 for the last ride, which will move her into the next round over Skarratt.

Anne Marie. -Are you okay?

-Is she gonna be okay? -Yes. Just give us a moment.

Anne Marie, are you all right?

-Is she gonna be all right? -Is she gonna be all right?

-She'll be okay. Just give her some room here. -

-Is she gonna be okay? -I think so.


Gonna put some ice on it.

Lift your head.

Just lay there and relax for a minute.


If you tell me "be the girl on the beach" right now, -I'm gonna kick your ass.

-So how are you feeling? -I've been better.


My first NFL game, I got blindsided by Warren Sapp, and I'll tell you, I've never been hit so hard in my life.

I just lay there, praying that something was broken so I wouldn't have to get up and finish the game.

You think I'm faking it right now?

No, I know you got rocked out there, just like I did.

But Leslie sat me down and said that that was the hardest I'd ever be hit and that I would regret not going back in. So, I went back in.

And you won the game.

No, actually, we lost, and I got my ass kicked.

But there was this one beautiful pass, one perfect spiral right into Omar's fingertips, and a touchdown.

Look, I can't talk you into going back out there.

It seems crazy.

But I know how good you are, and I know how much this means to you.

I just don't want you to spend your life wondering what could've been.

Heads up on the beach, people. Big set approaching.

Hey, everybody, we have a set out the back.

Watch your kids, watch your belongings. The water is coming over the berm.

It’s dangerous out there. The water patrol already has their hands full, so we'd appreciate it if you'd just back up.

Here, today, we have a rising swell, so I wanted to give a little word of warning to everybody.

-Guys, look, this is really not a good time. -Can we get a picture?

-What? -Can we get a picture?

See, we're working these chicks over here.

They think you're some great hockey player or something like that.

-You're kidding. -No joke, man.

I want to get this thing done. Here you go, Kala.

Sorry, my pits stink, but that's just the way it goes.

Okay, let's go. Right here.

-Smile. You're on vacation. Over here. -This way.

Fluff your bangs up a little bit. Just a little bit more attitude in there.

-Beautiful. -All right. Great.

One more, one more. Come on.

-Hey. -Hi.

-You going back out there? -Yep.

It's just a stupid contest. Not worth getting hurt over.

-I'll be fine. -Hey.

-What? -Be careful.


That sounds the start of the next heat.

So, Chadwick's pretty much got her hands full with this next round.

We have Keala Kennelly from Kauai. She's a charger.

She goes on anything. And she goes like the men out here.

There's a bit of a paddle battle going on out there.

Looks like Chadwick and Kennelly are just paddling for the peak.

Chadwick's got the inside position as a big set approaches.

-Looks like she's gonna get the first wave. -Come on. Come on.

This paddle battle is really about who's gonna get the first wave.

Chadwick in position. Heading for the first wave.

Starts to paddle. She's going for it.

Oh, she pulls back. Kennelly's wide open. She catches the wave.

God! Time and time again, man.

She's out, making it look so easy.

But, folks, it's not easy out there. Chadwick's starting to paddle.

She paddles for it. Doesn't quite get it.

What a waste of wave.

That's gotta hurt, when you know you need a score, and you're going up against one of the best surfers in this event, and you don't go.

Plenty of time being allowed here for Kennelly to get back in position, and she's paddled right inside of Chadwick, and she's looking to catch her next wave.

Keala Kennelly. Hands together, ladies and gentlemen.

Keala Kennelly. A great tube ride out here at the Pipeline.

-Keala's pretty much got sack.

She goes like the men out here.

For some reason, Chadwick has yet to even ride a wave.

I don't know what's going on out there.

I don't know if she's just psyching herself out or if Keala's just putting it to her.

-What are you doing? -What?

You gonna take a wave, or are you just gonna sit there like a buoy?

Look, you're never gonna catch a wave sitting all the way over here in the channel.

Why don't you follow me over to the peak, actually get you into one.

Give the crowd something to cheer about. Let's get you a wave. Come on.

All right, follow me into the line-up, and I'm gonna tell you to go on a wave.

And when I tell you to go, you gotta go. You gotta paddle your little heart out.

You can't hesitate. You can't pull back. You can't hold back. No fear, all right?

Because if you hold back for a second, you're gonna eat shit.

So, come on. Follow me.

It looks like the next set's approaching.

Right. This is the one. Go!

Paddle, paddle! Go, girl! Paddle! Paddle! Go! Paddle!


Whoo! Go!

-Oh, my God!

-You all right? -I'm okay. I'm okay!

-You sure? -Yeah, I'm okay.

Get back out there, then.

With only two minutes left in her heat, Chadwick struggles to get back into the line-up so she can catch this one wave.

Chadwick yet to even score a good ride, a scoring ride.

She needs to redeem herself here. Keala is absolutely dominating this heat, and Chadwick needs to collect a scoring ride on this one.

Ouch. You all right?

-That was nasty. -It's okay. I want another one.

-You want another one? -Yep.

That's the spirit! Shake off that last wave and let's do this.

-Less than 20 seconds remaining... -Feel that adrenaline in you? Use it.

...Anne Marie Chadwick only has one more chance.

Paddle, girl.

On the outside, here comes one of the best sets of the whole day coming in.

We have lines stacked to the horizon.

Here comes the set.

This is the one. This is the one, right here. All right. Come on. Go! Come on. Go! Go!

Come on, girl. Go!

-Paddle hard! Paddle hard! -Go! Go!

-Go! Go! Go! Yeah. This is yours! Don't pull back!

-Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!





-She makes it! -That's my bitch!

That was insane!


Waiting on the judges' scores. They're coming in.

Looks like unanimous 10s across the board.

Not enough to overtake Kennelly and move into the next round, but she is a hero with the crowd here today.

That's my sister! Whoo!

That's my sister!

Just words don't explain it.

For Anne Marie Chadwick to get a ride like that with the entire North Shore surf community watching...

-That was insane! -Yeah!

I'm so proud of her.

-Can I have your autograph? -That was insane.

She's my bitch. I taught her everything she knows.

What's your name? -That's right. That's our girl.


-That was awesome. -Thank you.

Hey, you should check out the boards.

-Hey, Anne Marie. -Hi.

Excuse me, Anne Marie. I'm Jessica from Billabong.

I'd love to talk to you about being on our team.

-Wait your turn, honey. -Okay.

-Does she know she got beat? -Nice, isn't it?


-You did the damn thing, girl. -Thanks.

Thank you.

You were so amazing. Oh, my God, are you okay?

-Yes. -Oh, that was insane.

But I still think you owe me a few surf lessons.

-Oh, yeah? -Yeah.

You want to go out there?

Only if you're gentle.