Blue Sky (1994) Script

Well, now, it takes more than a Robin to make the winter go and it takes two lips of fire to melt away the snow well, it takes two hearts a-cookin' to make a fire grow and, baby you've got what it takes you know it takes a lot of kissing to make a romance sweet ooh, it takes a lot of lovin' to make my life complete and it takes a lot of woman to knock me off my feet and, baby you've got what it takes I said hmm

uh-huh hmm you know you've got just what it takes because it takes more than an effort to stay away from you it'd take more than a lifetime to prove that I'll be true but it takes somebody special to make me say I do and, baby you've got what it takes

what's down there?

Probably just whales, sir.

Take it down. But, sir- take it down! Yes, major Marshall.

Uh, sir, isn't that your-

yeah. Beautiful, isn't she?


Major Marshall.


B44682, Bradford.

B11567, hall.


Over here.

What the hell are you gonna do about your wife?

Is the colonel concerned about my wife, sir?

She's a disgrace to the army and she's endangering your job.

My job, sir, is to evaluate radiation hazards to United States army personnel.

My wife's not enlisted. Why doesn't the colonel concern himself with the men who are...

Rather than the mammaries of women who are not?

That's very close to insubordination, Marshall.

It'll be noted along with all the other incidents. Very good, sir. don't make any waves, Marshall. I don't like waves. Very good, sir.

The guest officers from NATO are visiting, sir.

Caro, caro.

Hello, baby.

This is yves. Yves is from France.

This is my husband.

Bonjour, major.

You have a very lovely home and a very beautiful mademoiselle.

Thank you. I'm glad you have a chance to see the average American housewife in action.

Gentlemen, I think we must go now and prepare for dinner.

No, don't go. Senorita.

Make them stay.

Please stay. Really, we must go.

Bonsoir, monsieur. Enchante. Bonsoir.

Hasta LA vista. Hasta LA vista.

Au revoir. Ciao. Auf wiedersehen.

Arrivederci. Ciao. Au revoir.


Why you want to spoil my party?

You went too far today. Half the people on this base saw you at the beach.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Brigitte bardot strips for millions, she's a goddess.

I sunbathe topless and I'm a scandal.

You're not brigitte bardot, remember?

What's the matter? I don't make you happy?

Come on, have a drink. You'll feel better.

I'd feel better if I didn't have to worry about you screwing around.

I've been good for two years.

That's not what it seemed like this afternoon.

I've got a severe radiation leak on site.

The colonel is looking for any excuse to discredit me.


I sure gave him two good ones today, didn't I?

Well, yes, you did.

Where are the children? At the cinema, mi amore.

Well, pack up your old kit bag, pal. You're alabamy bound. don't worry about it, Bob. I'm tired of paradise.

You know, this transfer didn't come out of nowhere.

Anawalt was not happy you filed that report with the a.E.C.

Neither was I, but so it goes in this man's army.

Uh, carly's from somewhere down South, isn't she?

Yes. Virginia.

Well, maybe she'd be a little happier closer to home.

She ran away from home, Bob. She likes paradise.

Mom will never make it.

Oh, yes, of course she will.

It's her, daddy.


What do you think?

Of course you'll make new friends, honey. You always do.

As soon as we get there, we'll go looking...

For the most beautiful Southern belle doll.

Maybe we'll find a Scarlet O'Hara.

She's too old for dolls. I am not.

Not everybody spends every waking minute buried in a book.

It's good to read.

Alex might just wind up a famous writer like her aunt Gail.

She's not famous.

She writes obituaries for her church bulletin.

You know, I got a good feeling about fort Matthews.

I think we're going to be very happy here.

'Cause I'm goin' to Alabama with a banjo on my knee I don't think I've got the words right.

Camptown ladies sing this song do dah do dah camptown race track's five Miles long oh do dah day g'wine to run all night g'wine to run all day bet my money on a bobtailed nag come on, girls. Oh, the do dah day no, not "all the do dah day." It's "somebody bet on the bay."

G'wine to run all night g'wine to run all day bet my money on a bobtail nag somebody bet on the bay

come on, girls. I wished I was in the land of cotton old times there are not forgotten look away, look away look away

dixieland I wished I was in Dixie away the ball was out of bounds. I'll get it.

I said come in here right now.

God, what a dump.

Is this the best we could do?

We have lived in worse, and your mother has always made it your home.

Oh, they had cats.

We'll have this place in "a" number one condition...

In no time at all.

Our own furniture is not even gonna be here for six weeks, Hank.

What are we supposed to do in the mean time?

Mom, why don't you come and help us make the beds?

No, you girls do it, okay? You make the beds.

First dibs on beds. It's yours.

Look at this, Hank. It's all clawed to bits, like a- people live like animals and then they just leave their shit behind them...

For everybody else to take care of. Honey, you're tired.

You're exhausted. Why don't you lie down?

In what? In a litter box like some stray cat? It's starting again.

I'm not gonna live here, Hank! I hate this place!

Carly, cut it out. You're a big girl. This isn't the end of the world.

No, it's just the same goddamn world we had in Washington, only it's worse.

Look, everything that was on the right is on the left.

Right and left and right and left and right and left!

Only it's worse and we're all ten years older!

These rooms are smaller!

Get me out of here!

Carly, it's okay. We were okay in Germany. We were okay in Washington.

We're gonna be okay in Alabama. don't talk to me so carefully. I hate it when you talk to me like this.

Stop it right now! Stop it! No!

No, I'm not gonna live here!

I won't live in this fleabag!

Carly! Carly!

Where the hell are you going?


Get out of the jeep.

God damn you! I hate you! Carly!

I hate you. I hate you.

Well. May I help you?

Eighteen years of shitboxes and...

Packing and moving and...

New neighbors and ugly bases and...

Now this cat piss.

Have you seen that place?

Are you okay, dear?

You get out of here! don't worry about it. I'll handle this.

- I hope so. Get him out of here.


Nobody's gonna hurt you.

don't you touch me. I wouldn't let anybody hurt you.

I can see it.

I can see that radiation just coming off of you.

No. No, you get your goddamn contaminated hands off me.

Carly, do you trust me?

Do you think I know you? Do you? Hmm?

Well, listen to me then.

You have nothing to be afraid of.

Do you want to go home?


So, come on.

Let's go home.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

The car.

Is she okay? What happened?

Mom's fine. She's... tired.

She needs a little rest, that's all.

Do you still love me, daddy?


Do you love me? Oh, yeah.

Do you love me? Yes.

Do you love me? Yes, I do.

Do you love me? Yes, yes.

Do you love me? Oh, yeah. Yes.

She's got to see somebody.

You can't keep running after her and playing baby-sitter.

Your mom's fine. She's spirited, she's energetic.

Sometimes she wears herself out with all the traveling and moving. don't worry about it. I can handle your mom.

We can all handle each other's problems.

Dad, we didn't move here just because of the project you're working on.

You don't know what project I'm working on. That's classified. You don't know a thing about it.

Maybe you and mom want to live in your own little world of make-believe and secrets, but we don't.

Her famous aunt Gail we're always hearing about Alex.

Well, you heard mom yesterday. The most popular girl in Richmond?

She grew up on a chicken farm outside of Norfolk. She needs help.

She needs help arranging the furniture and unpacking the suitcases, miss Freud.

Sit down there.

The perfect pancake. Perfect.

Girls, I know it's hard on you, but your mother loves you very much.

And I know you love her.

Through all the ups and downs I've come to realize...

That what we call love is really the exchange of energy over time.

It's simple quantum mechanics.

You take water, for example. Sometimes it's water, sometimes it's ice, sometimes it's steam or vapor- it's always the same old h2o. It only changes it's properties.

Your mother's like that.

She's like water.

I made a decision a long time ago just to love her basic properties.

Little did I realize, I'd gone nuclear fission in that water.

Get it?

Get it?

I made a pun.

I went nuclear fishin'. It's a pun.

You're a riot, dad.

And we both know a lot more about love now.

See you later, ladies.

He's blind and she's crazy. They're perfect for each other.

Nobody woke me up.

You know how I always like to make breakfast the first morning in a new house.

How are the beds?


I'm sorry.

You're always sorry.

Well, I guess they add up, don't they?

I'm just a sorry, sorry excuse for a mother.

If you say so, mom.

No, you're a good mother.

You know, life hands you a lot of surprises, Alex.

I guess I must be one of yours.

Good morning, sir. Colonel Johnson?

Yes, sir. End of the corridor.

Major Henry t. Marshall reporting for duty, sir.

Major Marshall, good to have you here. Thank you, sir.

This is my executive officer, lt. Colonel George land.

Major, we've heard good things about your work. Thank you, sir.

I'll let you two get down to business.

Sit down, sit down, major.

Your trip go okay? Your family settling in?

Yes, sir. They're professionals. Good, good.

Hi there, I'm vera Johnson.

And on behalf of the fort Matthews women's welcoming committee, I would like to welcome you to our little community.

Thank you. I'm carly Marshall.

Thank you so much.


Oh, come in. I'm sorry. You just come right on in.

Oh, what a beautiful doll collection. Thank you.

So, you've been stationed in Hawaii?

For two years, the last two years.

Have you ever been in Mexico or South America?


See, my father was in the diplomatic corps...

And of course we traveled extensively all over the world.

My lord, when I was growing up I don't think I was in the same place...

For more than six months at a time.

Well, the officer's wives, we're doing a show. Ooh.

It's sort of a musical revue. Do you need any dancers?

Thank you. Cream and sugar? No, thank you.

You see, we're on point here.

We've got a nuclear test program that's become something of a political football.

And I just don't like to see us getting kicked around.

Yes, sir. I appreciate that.

I mean, if this damn test ban is ratified, major, you and me are slated to be among the first to get our butts kicked.

As I understand it, if the test ban is ratified, we simply abandon atmospheric tests and go underground.

Given some of the test results I've been looking at, I think that's the way to go.

Well, I can appreciate that.

But we're a team here. We have to present one consistent point of view.

You understand that. You're a soldier.

Yes, sir. I am a soldier and my duty is science.

Well, I'm just reminding you that we work for the army, not the a.E.C., congress, or popular science.

You understand? Yes, sir.

Good. That will be all, major.

If I hadn't gotten married, I was going to Hollywood for a screen test.

Well, you sure are pretty enough to be in the movies.

I took ballet too. Did I tell you?

I just love getting the flowers after a performance.

Carly, these are just the greatest bunch of gals you'd ever want to know.

Now, they're just all gonna make you feel real at home. Come on.

Ladies, help has arrived.

Mom's gonna kill you. No, she won't.

Let's play a joke on her. What kind of joke?

We'll both go and lay down on the living room floor and pretend we're dead or sick.

Hello. I'm home.

Where's mom?

I don't know. Probably at the movies. She didn't leave a note?

Actually, school was pretty good.

The principal and his custodial staff took turns raping me, while governor Wallace himself stood there and watched and welcomed us to Alabama.

I guess that's what you'd call Southern hospitality.

Oh, daddy's home.

I missed you. I'm glad to see you.

Sorry I'm late. Hello, girls.

Ta da I've decided to become a makeup artist. My face is my easel.

Honey, you're much too fair to wear that dark eye shadow and much too young to wear makeup.

I told you.

Wife, I hope you got food in those bags.

Oh, I got that and more.

We are gonna have a party tonight.

Lookee here.

That, my dear, is for you.


And for my sweet man.

To replace the one that was lost in that move to Japan or Germany or Alaska.

Thanks, mom.

Will you teach me?

As soon as you wash your pretty little face.

A selmer. Thank you, sweetheart, I've been missing a clarinet.

Did you know that your daddy worked his way through college playing in a band?

My daddy? No. Major squarehead?

Oh, yeah. I found that in a pawn shop along with- for Alexandra.

It's 'cause you're so smart and you see things so clearly and- well, you can be the family historian. Thank you, mom.

It's got film and flashbulbs and- well, you just pose us and shoot away.

Mom, what did you get?

I get to make us a indoor picnic.

All right, now we'll see who's hot and who's not.

Play us some old bop, pop.

Come on, honey. Dance with me.

I'll teach you how, okay?

Try this.

Everybody, say "shit."


Enjoy your drinks.

Alex, I've told you young ladies do not chew gum in public.

I am not a lady, I'm a teenager.

Teenagers keep wrigley's in business. Spit it out.

Carly. A double vodka Martini on the rocks, two Shirley temples and vermouth.

So, where's our host? Right over there.

Oh, at ease, major. This is a party.

Colonel Johnson, I'd like you to meet my wife carly.

Pleased to meet you.

How do you do, colonel?

Carly, hi. Vera, hi.

Major Marshall, it's so good to meet you at last.

Mrs. Johnson, carly's told me how kind you've been to her.

Oh, we've been having so much fun at rehearsals, haven't we?

I'd like you to meet my son Glenn.

This is Mrs. Marshall. Mrs. Marshall, how do you do?

Rebecca and Alexandra.

You're going to west point in the fall? Yes, ma'am, if they'll have me.

They haven't turned down a Johnson in five generations. They'll be lucky to get you.

I've always said that Vince was born to command and I was born to demand.

It's lucky you two found each other.

Would you two like to play some croquet? Go on.

Go on, go play. Okay.

You've got a real bevy of beauties here, major. I envy you.

And you are a flatterer, colonel.

The kids seem to hit it off real good.

Alex isn't very shy. No, you know she gets that quality from me.

Lord, you should have seen when I was pursuing the major.

I just ran him ragged till I finally let him catch me.

- Hi, girls. Hi.

I thought you and mom were going to another party. We are.

Mom went over to help Mrs. Johnson with her makeup.

What are you doing? Probably stay home and watch TV.

Why don't you go check out the teen center?

'Cause any place that calls itself the teen center...

Is probably full of people who can't make friends.

We've been here two months and neither one of you has brought home a friend.

Dad, most of your colleagues around here...

Are dedicated to a program of armed nuclear destruction.

I think they're cretins and that makes their offspring sub-cretins.

If you have a problem with sub-cretins, don't sit at home and complain about it.

Go forth and enlighten them.

Yeah, maybe I'll start the first teens for test ban club.

That should make me real popular around here.

Run away from home and change your name first.

I really appreciate this, carly.

Oh, I like to do it.

You always look so stylish.

Women like you are the reason that men like women in the first place.


A woman's charm is mostly illusion after all.

I suppose we all have to grow old some day.

I just don't think you gotta look bad in the process.

I see these fine little lines in my face.

They're called wrinkles, honey. You might as well get used to it now.

I look in the mirror sometimes and I see this old woman lurking there...

Just waiting to grab me.

Oh, I just get so frightened.

Carly, you have such an active imagination.

I've seen you in those rehearsals.

Come on, don't you think that good posture and keeping fit and keeping active...

Is all a part of keeping young too?

Maybe if you're a woodpecker.

Welcome to the fort Matthews hail and farewell dance.

Come on and dance with me. No.

Yes. Yes, you can. I can't dance.

Major, I'm glad you could make it. Yes, sir.

This is ray Stevens from the atomic energy commission.

I have heard that gentlemen from the a.E.C. Are much better dancers than military men.

Is that true? My husband won't dance with me.

The only time I really enjoyed dancing was when I was in the service.

That was years ago. Hmm.

It's left up to me to uphold the honor of the military on the dance floor.

Shall we?

You two just share some atomic secrets or something.

I don't know if I can take this.

Oh, yeah, you can.

You like it.

I didn't risk my ass in Guam so some damn Harvard boy...

Could run this country into the toilet.

If he can't stand up to the damn communists, let us do our jobs.

To hell with Nevada, we'll use havana for a test site.

I know you're a strong supporter of underground testing.

Hell, that's only my stated position in about 30 extremely obscure reports.

You guys must be burying those reports deeper than the moscow subway.

Do you have any children, Mr. Stevens?

Four. I know what you're thinking.

My oldest daughter wants to form a test ban club right here on the base.

Sometimes I feel that way myself.

Think we ought to join? No.

You sure? No.

Let me have another one.

My heart I can't control you're, oh, my very soul my only prayer will be someday you'll care for me but it's only make believe

Uh-oh, here comes a stop sign.

Time to go, carly.

I want to stay.

This gal's a real dynamo, major. If we harness her energy, we won't need reactors.

Come on, daddy. Dance with me.

Time to go. Now. Let's go.

Then I'll dance by myself.

That is an exceptional woman.


Something should be done about this.

Yeah, well, I can always requisition another one.

You're a pig.

Well, you know, when you're just sitting around and you're not doing anything- a moment of time when nothing's happening.


Well, I call that a "noment."

And then when it's really hot and you're too lazy to get up and do anything, well, I call that a "sloment."

A "sloment," huh? What do you call this?

A tongue kiss.

People were laughing at you.

Oh, just because you never have any fun doesn't mean...

You have to spend your entire life ruining mine.

Son of a bitch.

Why is mom all wet? She had an accident.

Hi, daddy.

Ten hut.

Ten hut. As you were.

How's it going, Hank? Busy, sir.

Well, you're going to be a lot busier.

We just got word that some seismologists in Finland have detected evidence...

That the Soviets have detonated an above-ground device.

The brass must be thrilled. We're off the bench and back in the ball game.

You bet your ass we are.

Everything we do from now on becomes that much more vital.

Those bastards push in a pile of chips, we better be able to raise the bet, right? Right.

We can maximize our opportunities real quick, especially you.

As of 0800 hours Friday, 4, 28, you are t.D.Y. To operations h.Q...

At the Nevada test site in Mercury.

To what do I owe this honor, sir?

Stevens from the a.E.C. He was real impressed with you.

You get a clean slate to start with this time.

I knew Vince Johnson wasn't such a bad guy.

This is a real vote of confidence in your- carly, do you remember your Bible?

Of course I remember my Bible. You know grandpa was a preacher.

All right. How did David steal bathsheba away from her husband?

He bought her a drink. No, silly.

He sent her husband away into battle where he was killed. Second Samuel, verse 15.

Monsieur, your car is waiting.

Tell him I'll be right right there.

I don't want anything to happen to you.

The only thing that ever happens to me is that I just-

I miss you too much.

Do you really have to be gone for two whole weeks?

Yes, I do, baby.

Well, that's enough time for you to convince them to abandon nuclear weapons.

Yes, it is. You bet.

Ooh, daddy. What?

Will you call me every night just before I go to bed?

No, it's too expensive.

Of course, I will.

I love you. I love you too.

Bye, daddy, bye. Be good.

Hundred sixty millimeter mortars...

About the strength of two hand grenades. don't worry though. They're all spent.

They used to train g.I.S back here in the second world war.

You can't tell anybody about this place.


I like it.

I wouldn't want to live here, but...

It's nice.

It's private.

Let's get hitched and live here forever.

To an army man? They're too weird.

Last year, colonel Harris took his family to Nevada to watch the a-bomb go off.

That was their vacation.

Look, I'm not ashamed of what they're doing.

I mean, the Manhattan project ended the last war.

Maybe project blue sky will prevent the next one.

Do you know why they call it blue sky?

They're gonna detonate a big one underground to track radiation.

But you can't see radiation, you can't feel it or taste it or smell it.

So only a handful of people will actually know where it is...

And the rest of the country could be swimming in the stuff, but for all they know the sky is just as blue as ever.

Yeah, well, what they don't know won't hurt them.

No wonder west point snapped you up.

And if I married you, I'd end up just like my mom.

Yeah, you talk gibberish sometimes, Alex.

Catch. No!

What the hell was that?

They weren't supposed to start maneuvers for another two weeks.

Well, maybe them Cubans sprung a sneak attack.

Jesus. Let's get the hell out of here.

What in the hell are you doing here, mister?

What do you know? What's happening?

Calm down, calm down. Everything's under control. It's all right.

Alex, honey, are you okay?

Vince, I think we gotta take him to the hospital it looks like he needs stitches.

Let's see. And he needs a swift kick in the butt even more.

Are you hurt? No.

Excuse me, I'd like to apologize for my son.

I'm afraid he was off-limits with your daughter.

Well, boys will be boys.

Yeah. I'd like this area secured now. Nobody goes in or out.

Go home, everybody. The show's over.

I want to know what you were doing up there.

Just what you told me to do. Making friends with Glenn.

I want to know exactly what the two of you were doing up there.

What do you mean by "exactly"?

Well, was an old grenade the only thing that went off?

I can't believe you. You don't even care about me.

You just want to know about all the sex stuff! don't you sass me, sister! I am not your sister!

Well, if I had a sister, I would tell her everything!

Especially... about boys.

Ew, boys.

What are you what are you doing here?

I've come to kidnap you and take you to the woods. I left my knife at the bungalow.

Will you come with? Glenn, that place is dangerous.

- Not anymore. My dad had it cleaned up. - If my mom finds out- she's gonna be at rehearsal for hours. Come on.

I've gotta finish up my chores.

All right, but I gotta help. That's what I'm here for.

Okay, come in. All right.

Wait. Come back here.

Come in, rad two. Over.

Base station, this is rad site two. Over.

Rad two, hold your place.

This underground stuff is not like the old days.

Look at all this junk.

Hell, at bikini, you could feel the wind from the blast through the atmosphere.

Flying particles as big as corn flakes.

We're coming up on 60 seconds, sir.

All cameras report. Ground cameras, report. Over.

Camera one ready.

Camera two ready.

Camera three ready.

- Camera four ready. Camera five ready.

...forty-seven, forty-six forty-five, forty-four- nuclear underground test number 001, clear and counting.

All systems green. All safeties are off and ready.

All personnel in position and holding. Standing by.

Final lock position procedure complete.

What the hell is that? Let's take a peek.

...twenty, nineteen, eighteen, base station, this is rad site two, we have two civilians on horseback heading right towards site.

- Punch up a camera on those cowboys. Base station, base station.

We gotta get them out of there. Please advise.

We cannot detonate. Abort the test!

- It's too late. ...Three, two, detonation.

It's venting!

Radiation's right off the scale.

Base station, this is rad site two.

We have massive radiation venting in sector four.

Rad two, return to base. Rad two, return to base.

General, sir, we gotta find those guys.

The fox has left the henhouse, major.

I beg the general's pardon, we are not talking about chickens, sir.

We're talking about human lives.

These things happen, major. Every TV station and every radio station in this state...

Was notified of this test. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I beg the general's pardon, but that is bullshit. Those men have been cooked.

There's ways to handle it, major.

We'll be notifying the local medical authorities.

These men will come in for treatment. They'll be taken care of.

- Very good, if they're alive. Goddamn it, Marshall. We've gotta keep a lid on it.

There will be no talk about this, major. You can't even tell your dog.

Back away from the door, Hank.

Let's go have a drink.

It's criminal. They should be found. Right.

No, it's a crime. Right, they should, but we can't.

So forget it. They're exposed.

It's too late to do anything for them, pal. It's too damn late.

Jimmy, I have dedicated my life to counting Alpha particles...

And beta particles and gamma rays.

I monitor radio iodine levels, I calculate isotopic half-lives- things you can't see or hear or feel, things unknowable to the common man...

Who winds up dead as shit.

It's a crime.

Your work's done here. Forget about it.

It's a goddamn crime, and I am going to forget precisely nothing...

And no one.

Fayrene, two more.

Bravo. Good night, ladies.

Good night. Good night.

Good night, girls. I am so hot.

Uh-oh, here she goes.

Oh, next year we should do gypsy.

Yeah, wouldn't our husbands just love that.

God, I could never do that. Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

You know, I bet you really could have been in movies.

I wanted that. I really did.

You know, sometimes I think I could just disappear...

And no one would ever know I'd been here.

That's why we have children, and mine need tucking up about now.

You want a ride?

No. Okay.

If the show is as good as the rehearsal, you got a hit.

How's Glenn?

He's okay.

You know, that routine might be a little risque for the base.

It might overexcite some of the men.

I thought men joined the army looking for adventure.

You've been watching too many war movies.

I hate war movies.

I need your help.

Zip me up.

You know, zipping you up...

Is not exactly what I had in mind.




Meet me outside.

Glenn, maybe this isn't such a good idea.

It's all right.

Come on, let's go. Let's just go.

Oh, my God. Oh, don't you- come on, let's go. Get away from me!

Alex, open the door. I'm gonna tell him.

Alex, please.

Please what? Please talk to me or please don't tell daddy?

You're not even sorry for what you did, are you?

You're just afraid of getting caught!

That's not true.

How could you do this to him?

Everybody's gonna find out.

If I don't tell him, they're all gonna laugh at him behind his back.

I hate you!

I'm gonna tell him.



Long distance, please. city and state, please.

Mercury, Nevada. 7458.

One moment, please.

A.E.C., Mercury.

Major Hank Marshall, please.

Call for major Marshall, line one.

Line one, major Marshall.

This is Hank Marshall!


Daddy, when are you coming home?

Sweetheart, you're gonna have to speak up! I can barely hear ya!

I have to-

I have to tell you something, and it's hard for me to- what is it, baby? I can't hear!

After rehearsal... tonight, Vince Johnson drove me home.


I can't hear you, baby! I'm sorry! You're gonna have to speak up now really loud!

Wait a minute! I'll try to find a different line!

I said...

After rehearsal tonight, Vince Johnson drove me home!

Vince Johnson drove me home.

Just a mistake, daddy.


I-I- I can't-

hi, daddy! Hello, baby!

She's at the officers' club.

Tonight's the show.

Oh, lord, where is she?

Check the motels.

Ah, here she comes. Lock up your husbands, girls.

Hello. Boy, am I nervous.

I just hope I don't trip or something. don't' worry.

We've been practicing for weeks. You'll be fine.

What have you got to be worried about? I'm the one with two left feet.

Hey, why don't you girls come over to my house for some dinner after the show?

Sounds great. I could use a break from the kids.

Can I talk with you, vera?

Why? Sit down and have a drink...

And go over the gory details?

The things you like to share with friends.

People like you come and go, carly.

You mean just one less Christmas card to me.

Five minutes, ladies.

Can I still do my number?

Oh, my God. Is that all you can think of?

Musicians, places, please.

All my life, people have told lies about me.

Even when I was little, other girls used to make up stories.

Fernando's hideaway

Fernando's hideaway

at least one of them's got nice legs.

Fernando's hideaway

I need to talk to you.

Later, Marshall. Now. I need to talk to you right now.

- It's not the time to- - I need to talk to you right fucking now.

This is a personal matter. don't you think we oughta discuss this- it's not personal. It has to do with blue sky.

Fernando's hideaway ole

look, I'm not gonna talk about this shit...

With you now or any other time, all right?

Colonel Johnson, 48 hours ago, we irradiated 2 people in Mercury, Nevada, who are now facing blindness, leukemia and bone cancer.

One more word, mister, and I'll see you court-martialed.

Hank! Hank! You don't have the balls for that.

You're just jealous because you can't satisfy that nympho.



Oh, God.

I just hurt all over.

Maybe we can call it even, daddy.

I doubt it.

We've done too much damage to each other.

I'm the one all bandaged up.

I can't even imagine what it's gonna look like.

I always loved looking at you.

I even enjoyed other men looking at you.

But you always take everything right over the edge, don't you?

It didn't mean anything. You know that.

Oh, I know it didn't mean anything.

Just like all the other times.

But it meant a lot to me.

I don't know how much longer I can go on. I'm tired.

I'm real tired.

I gotta go see about the girls.

She's gonna be fine. Doctor says she can come home in two days.

Lydia, will you take the girls home, please?

Go on.

At ease.

Mrs. Marshall, this can't come off for another week, and it'll heal up just fine.

In a few weeks, you'll need a magnifying glass just to see it.

I'm gonna need dark makeup and heavy lisle stockings for the rest of my life.

Now, now, you just relax.

You've got a visitor coming up.

Who? I don't know.

Brought you some flowers.


Hank's in big trouble.

You should know that, carly.

Well, this whole thing, it doesn't... look good for anyone.

It's real... messy, and I like to keep a clean base.

Besides, I-

well, I feel... personally responsible.

We're both responsible.

You don't know...

How much I need him.

Nobody understands that.

Well, there is...

One way we could get him out.


Daddy, I brought some good news.

Vince Johnson has figured out a way to help us out of all this.

He had me sign some papers...

To put you in the hospital for just a couple weeks, just for observation, and then the whole thing is written off to stress.

You've had me committed?

No! No! It's not as bad as it sounds.

It's hardly gonna affect your record at all.

Is that what he told you? Yes. That's what he told me.

He also told me...

That the only other alternative would be a court-martial.

A court-martial is what I wanted. It's my only chance to tell what really happened.

A court-martial would mean eight years in prison, he said.

It would mean a dishonorable discharge.

No pension, no transfer, no nothing.

Darling, this is a setup.

We've been set up.

Major, we have orders remanding you to base hospital. Let me see them.

This was a verbal authorization from colonel Johnson, sir.

All right. Get me somebody from adjutant general's office.

Our orders are to remove you from base stockade and remand you to b.G.H.

Get me somebody from the adjutant general's office, then I'll consider moving.

Consider this, sir. You either stand up now, or we'll drag your ass out of here so fast your butt won't say good-bye to your shorts.

Do I make myself clear, sir?

Major Hank Marshall. Which room is he in?

I'm sorry, ma'am. He's not allowed visitors. No. I'm his wife.

I'm Mrs. Marshall. Of course I can see him.

Mrs. Marshall, there are procedures to be followed in the hospital.

Well, how long do those procedures take?

About two weeks.

Two weeks? For what?

We're doing everything we possibly can for major Marshall. Right.

And I'm Jackie Kennedy, and flying saucers just stole my dog.

But I don't want to see him there.

Daddy will be home soon.

It's taken me two weeks to get permission to visit him.

Now, he's gonna need a hug from his little baby.

Besides, there's nothing to be scared of.

It's a hospital, but he's not sick or anything like that.

Besides, we're gonna have a- we're gonna have a picnic. Now- you're not even dressed! Go on! Get dressed!

I don't want to be late.

You want me to fix your hair? I can do it myself.

Okay. Daddy likes mayonnaise.

Daddy likes a little pepper.

Now, everyone here is under temporary sedation, so don't be alarmed, Mrs. Marshall.

His condition can change instantly.


I ma- I ma- I ma- I ma-

I made- made these for us?

They Al-almost...


Alex, you go after your sister.

Hi, daddy.

I brought you a picnic.

I bet you could use some good coffee, huh?

Excuse me, ma'am.

Uh! Damn!

He's a nuclear engineer, for Christ's sake!

They got him making wallets! How can they do this to him? They?

You! You did this!

Stop it! It's your fault!

What are you doing?

Just wiping off the ice cream.

Welcome to the fort Matthews Memorial Day parade.

Participating in our Memorial Day parade...

Is the Maxwell air force base drill team and color guard.

Fort Matthews is under the command of colonel Vincent p. Johnson.

Joining the military band, we have the Selma high drum and bugle corps.

Today we are honored to have...

Local veterans of the first world war on hand.

Let's have a big round of applause for our patriotic doughboys.

Coming onto the parade ground next...

Is our fine pratville high marching band, playing "host of freedom."

They can't do this to daddy.

Mom, what are you doing?

You will burn in hell, you lying son of a bitch!

You lying son of a bitch!

You think craziness is hereditary?

I don't know, but it's not exactly something we could ask either one of them.

Mommy, what are we gonna do?

Here's yesterday's mail.

There's a letter here for dad from Nevada.


Alex! Alex! Alex, wake up.

Becky! Becky, get up.

Quickly! Come on, girls.

Get up. We're going on a trip. Hurry up. Pack a bag.

Help your sister. Get up!

It's the middle of the night. We'll beat the traffic.

Thank you.

Girls, wake up! I got some breakfast.

Eat up.

Oh sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah something's got a hold on me, yeah oh, it must be love oh, something's got a hold on me right now, child oh, it must be love let me tell you now I've got a feeling I feel so strange everything about me seems to have changed step by step mom, let's stop. Please?

No, baby. We're not gonna stop.

We haven't slept in two days.

I just can't sleep till I get daddy out.

Oh, hey, hey, yeah oh, it must be love you know it must be love let me tell you now something's got a hold on me, yeah oh, it must be love oh, something's got a hold on me right now, child oh, it must be love what are you gonna say to 'em?

You can't just walk up and say, "hello. My name is carly Marshall, and you've been contaminated."

How about, "howdy, howdy. Sure is nice to meet some real cowboys."

Didn't think there were any of them left. Maybe there aren't.

Maybe they're already dead.

Oh, shut up.

Hello there?

There's a lady out there. She wants to talk to you.

My wife tells me you're concerned with our health.

Well, yes, I am. Of course I am, but mostly it's my husband.

You see, he was in a helicopter that day. He saw it.

He tried to stop the test, but it was too late. What's done is done.

The army, they're drugging him and holding him against his will in some mental hospital.

But you can help me.

How can we do that?

I was just hoping that you would come with me to the newspapers.

You see, you could tell them just how sick you've been...

And how nobody, nobody even bothered to come by here...

And explain to you what had happened.

They would have to understand that my husband's not crazy.

He's not crazy at all. don't believe we could do that.

It's true. She's telling you the truth.

It ain't our way. We don't like to make a fuss.

That's right. 'Sides, there's gonna be another one tomorrow.

For tomorrow morning, about 10:00, 10:30, right?

I'll tell you what. We're gonna be out here working, right, Nick?

If my government tells me there's no danger, then, by God, I got to believe them.

Why, that I don't mean to be rude, but that is so stupid.

That is just plain stupid.

Mom, why don't we go?

Take this lady back to the house and tell her good-bye.

Come on, sweetie.

He's the boss.

Good luck.

We've got the pilot's letter and we've got dad's reports.

Why don't we go to the newspapers without the cowboys?

That's all we really need, isn't it?




Alex. Alex, wake up.

Alex, mom's gone.

Welcome to our underground bunker.

This is our test site today.

The tower is used to drill deep enough...

To place the device securely underground.

The cables you see are linked to monitor and record...

Every reaction the material may provoke.

In this way, we can assure...

Our full strength and your full safety.

Excuse me, general. Who's that?

Not again.

Abort detonation!

Get a squad out there immediately.

Get off your horse. You're under arrest.


Aside from almost blowing yourself sky high, what the hell were you doing?

General, I am simply trying to get my husband out of a mental hospital.

You are well on your way to going there yourself.

Did you know that my father is a very prominent businessman?

In fact, he owns...

Several television stations back home in Virginia.

He has copies of those reports, those classified reports, and if he doesn't hear from me by noon today, he's gonna release them...

To the, uh, New York times. Mrs. Marshall, please.

Threats and fantasies don't help.

The army knows exactly who you are.

I know who you are.

And you know my husband.

You know that there is not a crazy bone in his body.

Not as crazy as his wife.

You know, I've been called that all my life.

That and a lot worse, and it doesn't bother me in the least.

You can tell people whatever you want about me.

Just release my husband.

Mrs. Marshall, we're not here to make deals.

We can have you arrested on 20 violations and throw away the key.

And what are you gonna tell those reporters?

Hmm? What are you gonna tell those reporters and their cameras?

I'm their story.

Today's newspaper is tomorrow's trash.

- And I don't give a goddamn- - general. General.

Mr. Stevens.

My husband said that you were a fair man.

Won't you help him?

Authorities at a nuclear test site in Mercury, Nevada, arrested an unidentified woman this morning...

Who was attempting to interfere with a scheduled weapons test.

Hey, look!

That's Mrs. Marshall! That's Mrs. Marshall!

Mom, come here! Mrs. Marshall's on TV! Mom!

According to the army, the woman was carrying literature linking her to the communist party.

The army also claimed...

The woman is a member of a fundamentalist religious sect.

Officials refuse to disclose the identity of the woman...

Goddamn bitch. Pending further investigation.

The test has been postponed due to weather conditions.

Also in the news, members of the naacp-

Ben, this is the game plan. Prepare discharge papers for Hank Marshall right away.

We could be in deep shit.

What are you doing, dad?

I've gotta go to the base.

You're gonna discharge major Marshall?

You said he was dangerous.

You said he was crazy, he was mentally ill.

He is, but it's a little more complicated than that, Glenn.

It's a military matter, okay? I thought this was a matter of justice.

That's what I told Alex when she said her dad was framed.

I've got to go.

This doesn't concern you, son.

I used to be proud when you called me your son.

All my life, you've lectured me about honor and justice...

And the Johnson tradition.

I believed all that.

Those words lost their meaning for your father a while ago.

This is a personal war between a man and a woman that he wanted to screw.

It's as simple as that, Glenn.

Just get me out of here. Glenn!

Dr. vankay's waiting for you, colonel.

Vince. Ben, is everything okay?

What the hell are you doing here, George?

I was ordered here, Vince, by general nieremberg.

To do what? I was ordered...

To provide for the safe treatment and the discharge of Hank Marshall.

I was also ordered to relieve you as commanding officer, pending further orders, effective immediately.

Ohh. You just sleep, babies.



What's wrong?

My leg fell asleep.

We've been driving for two days.

I wanted to get here as fast as I could.

I didn't know if you would be waiting.

Next base, I'll be different, I promise.

There won't be a next base. I've quit the army.

Oh, the girls are gonna be real...

happy to hear that.

What about you, Mrs. Marshall?

Are you happy?

Only if you still want me.

Come here.

Sir, aren't you gonna find teaching to be a little bit tame?

When I was in Nevada, son, I decided I could no longer contribute...

In any manner to nuclear warfare.

I think the university is a perfectly fine place...

To twist innocent young minds over to my point of view, don't you agree?

- Oh! Can you see mom as a Professor's wife?

It is California. Maybe things are a little looser there.

Daddy, I want a shot of you and Glenn. What?

I want a shot of you and Glenn.

Come on. Get closer.



Great car, mom! What have you done?

We're going to California, daddy.

We can't drive up in front of the brown derby in that old jalopy.

I liked that old jalopy.

Now, nobody has said anything about my hair.

You look like Elizabeth Taylor. There.

You have said the secret word, and you qualify for a ride in my new convertible.

Come on, sweet boy.

Well, let's go. Come on, daddy. You drive.

ΒΆ well, now, it takes more than a Robin to make the winter go and it takes two lips of fire to melt away the snow well, it takes two hearts a-cookin' to make a fire grow and, baby you've got what it takes oh, yeah you know it takes a lot of kissin' tell me about it. To make a romance sweet aha. Ooh, it takes a lot of lovin' to make my life complete mmm, and it takes a lot of woman to knock me off my feet and, baby you've got what it takes I said mmm hmm hmm mmm uh-huh, mmm you know you've got just what it takes because it takes more than an effort to stay away from you it'd take more than a lifetime to prove that I'll be true but it takes somebody special to make me say, "I do" oh, yeah?

And, baby you've got what it takes uh-huh mmm hmm hmm mmm

mmm you know you've got just what it takes because you're back in my spot again, honey. I like your spot.

To stay away from you I can't stay away. Let's do it again.

It takes more than a lifetime, daddy oh, yeah.

To prove that I'll be true now it's you.

But it takes somebody special like me, baby.

To make me say I do and, baby you've got what it takes say it again. Come on. Let's do it one more time, all right?

And, baby you've got what it takes one more time, brook. All right, okay.