Bob Dylan: 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration (1993) Script

Do you think of yourself primarily as a singer or as a poet?

I think of myself more as a song and dance man, you know?

Do you think you'll stick with folk rock, or are you going on into more writing?

I don't play folk rock.

Mr. Dylan, I know you dislike labels, and probably rightly so, but for those of us who are well over 30, could you label yourself?

No. I'm just a guitar player. That's all.

That's pretty standard for the kinds of guitars the drummer's channeling.

Still good in 20 years.


Bob called me himself way early and asked me if I wanted to do it, and I said, "Of course."

How are you? Good, good.

All of the people there I know, and we all know each other.

We hardly get to see each other.


You'll sort it out with him.

Rachel wants to talk but she's on the phone.

This is the law stuff.

Lou, what's your extension?


It's the first time that an event has taken place about an artist.

Normally, events take place about events.

I remember meeting him one morning on the street.

He lived down on Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village.

And I was rushing off to rehearsal.

I was getting the subway, we were meeting uptown.

And he stopped me on the street, and he said, "Hey, man.

"Hey, Liam, wrote a song to Brennan on the Moor last night."

And he said, "I want to sing it for you."

Right there in the street, he starts singing this song, which went on for about nine or 10 verses.

I remember saying to him, "You've got a fantastic talent and fantastic imagery.

"If you could squeeze it all in together and make the songs a bit shorter..."

I'd never showed any interest in anything outside of the blues until, maybe, I heard Bob, and that sort of converted me.

The only way you can do it, explain his contribution, is by playing his songs.

Can you do something real quick?

I was at rehearsal, and there I was playing guitar, and I look to my left, and there's Steve Cropper, to my right is "Duck" Dunn, Booker T. is on the keyboard, I got G.E. Smith.

We had so much fun... it was one of those things where it was so much fun, how could it be legal?

Any song you get a chance to sing, it's gonna be great.

It's gonna be fun, you know?

You just look at the running order list, and you see all these songs, and, yeah, there's a lot of songs that aren't on there.

But I think we'd be here for five years if we did all of them.

Drop with the other color, the opposite end.

How much would you pay for front seats? -$150.

You came from Dublin.

Dublin, Ireland. Yeah.

I'm sharing a dressing room with The Clancy Brothers and stuff.

I mean, it's great.

Who's got tickets? Hey, over here.

Program here.

You don't play the solo. I play the solo.

I came from Virginia.

I had a problem finding a ticket out here today.

Evening. Nice to meet you.

I was just fooling around, getting the idea.

I love you, Bob. Want to act?

What do you have like, large, medium?

Only large in white, extra-large.

Large or extra-large, large in white.

Enjoy the show.

All these big, famous guys, they're all nervous, you know?

They're all going...

There's so many artists, and to go out and sing a song I've never sung before...

Even if I wasn't here, I'd be watching it on TV.

Here we go. Let's do it.

Ladies and gentlemen, John Mellencamp