Bob le Flambeur (1956) Script

This, as you'd hear it in Montmartre, is the curious story of...


The story begins in the few minutes between night and day, in the twilight of the morning.

Montmartre is both heaven and...


Soon the signs will flicker off.

People of different destinies will cross paths.

Those, like this cleaning lady, who are late for work, and those with nothing to do, like this girl, up very early... and far too young.

But let's get to Bob.

Bob the gambler, both young and old, and already a legend.

To the Carpeaux?

Taxi, sir?

Sorry, Monsieur Bob. Didn't recognise you.

I look like a proper crook!

A ride on my bike?

Morning, Monsieur Bob.

Seven, eight, nine... And that makes ten.

Thanks, Monsieur Bob. My lucky day!

See you, pops.

How are you?


Get in.



Don't you cops ever sleep?

What will people think if they see me?

Where to? The Carpeaux.

More gambling? No, just to say hello.

Go to the Carpeaux, will you?


Stop before. I care about my reputation.

Here, something to read.


A Chip.

Go ahead, gentlemen.

This Bob... Is he one of your informers?

An informer? If he heard you... No, he's an old pal.

Never heard of the Triomphe case?

No, that was before your time.

La Ficelle fired at me. Bob was there and deflected the shot.


Maybe because I was unarmed, or because he wanted to save La Ficelle getting the chop.

I never really knew.

But that's the day we became friends.

But he's a crook.

Yes, but he's mellowed with age.

And the Rimbault Bank job, 20 years ago?

Yeah, that was him.

But he paid for that.


I'm on a roll here, Roger.

So I see, "Bob"!

Why "Bob"?

He's right. You model yourself on him.

Kids always model themselves on someone.

You'll be late for your appointment.


See you around, eh?

As gallant as ever!

Never after sunrise.

Morning, Bob.

Skint again?

Shouldn't you have gone straight home after the dice?

How much? Two hundred grand.

That calls for a drink. What you having?

Nothing, I'm going home to bed.

A pastis, Yvonne.

He strung me along.

I thought he was bluffing.

I turned up my three aces, and he had a full house!

Oh, shit!

You can say that again.

Not coming in? No, meeting my fiancée.

The one earlier?

No, another.

Go on, then. A fiancée is sacred.

A drink later?

Madame Régnier, Don't do the cleaning today, let me sleep.

I got in very late.

Monsieur Bob, So as not to bother you I put the washing in the kitchen.

I made you some coffee.

See you tomorrow.


I need cash to go and hide out in the country.

I phoned but no answer. Come in.

How much?

A hundred grand.

I worked Lydia over a bit too strong.

She's in the hospital and might shop me.

I've already done time for pimping.

Get out.


You heard me. Get out!

I don't mind helping people out, but not your type.

Bob, what's wrong?

I don't like pimps.

I thought you'd packed that business in.

You have the nerve to ask me for cash!

Get out!

Right away!

This is the telephone company. A problem has been reported.

You don't fool me, kid!

I told you before, use a hankie to disguise your voice.

What do you want? Our drink?

On my way.

It's getting late.

You'd better get home.

When Bob shows up, nothing else matters!

See you tomorrow.

I'll call you.


No luck at the moment.

If I played hopscotch, I'd lose!

Excuse me.

Looking to replace Lydia?

I don't need a minder.

No, just a good spanking!

Don't you know these pavement Romeos are dangerous?

Do you protect widows and kiddies?

One more joke and you'll get that spanking!

I dare you!

You've got some lip for your age.

Night classes.

Leave that Sandwich.

Set a place at our table. Come on, kid.

What's your name?


Paulo, Anne.

A dream! Say the word and your fortune's assured!

Don't Start! She's hungry.

Yvonne, didn't you hear? The kid's hungry!

I'm a good-locker, eh?

Have you finished?

How can you be hungry with eyes like that?

Just look at them!

Pretty girls always find a sugar daddy.

Exactly, I've just found one!

Why are you hanging around Montmartre?

Don't you have a job?

I did. Not any more.


The boss wasn't my type.

But I am, eh?

What do you live on?

Do you always sleep alone?

Almost always.

You shouldn't stay in Montmartre.

You'll end up walking the streets.

You shouldn't be hanging around at five a.m.

I saw you the other morning, eating chips.

I like chips.

What is there around here to interest you?

That's obvious! The lights, the big cars, the music, the nightclubs, the champagne... Right?

Ten! I have to get to the Gavarni.

See you again?

Why not?

Later, at my place?

He's nice.

He's a good lad.

Yvonne, the bill!

How much is that?

Three thousand.

What do we do now?


It's late. Time for bed.

At your place?

Got any money?

Loads. Three hundred francs.

For a hotel room.

Goodnight, kid.


Come on.

You, wait outside.

Come in.

Ah, there you are!

Sit down.

I'm listening. I've nothing to say.


Then you'll go down for pimping, pal.

You know what you'll get as a repeat offender?

But I work! The rag trade.

Lydia too?

She's just a friend.

You have an odd way of treating friends.

That won't happen again.

Not for a good long time, anyway!

Here are my tax returns, commissaire.

You can see I have a job.

You can't do me as a pimp!

Anyone living with a prostitute is living off immoral earnings.

That's the new law.

But, commissaire... Unless...


Unless I fix things. Yes!

Not so fast.

Lucky for you, Lydia's decided not to press charges.

She's getting out tomorrow.

So I'll let you go... on one condition.

Anything, commissaire.

Give me a lead. Something serious.

I don't know anything, I swear.

Just some of my pals who're pimps.

I don't care about pimps! I want something serious.

Too bad for you!

No, don't do that!

I'll find something out for you.

I swear!

You promise?

I swear, commissaire.

You can go.

And don't forget.



They admitted their mistake.

Good. I won't have to visit.

The red is the winning card. You have to find it.

This one.

I'd have won, for once!

I used to do this number.

Look at that.

What a dive!

This place is depressing. Let's go.

Not everyone can live in an artist's studio.

Not you!

Is something wrong?

With me? You're joking, aren't you?

Do I look like it? You're mad.

Not yet. But if this goes on...

The kid from earlier? She dump you?

You think that's her style?

Come on. I'll buy us a bottle. And I'll buy another.

Heads or tails for both. Heads!

My luck's returning.

My car ready? Yes, Monsieur Bob.

Petrol, oil?

All done.

Rue Pigalle, please.


Get in.

What's with the suitcase?

Selling shoelaces?

No, I'm moving.

The landlady has ridiculous demands, like being paid!

People you owe money to always have ridiculous demands.

What about the five grand I gave you?

I owed that to the landlady.

I was able to get my stuff back.

Is your whole life in there?

Where will you sleep tonight?

Here or there.

Want to come to my place?


Don't worry, then. You've got a home now.

You can't forget. Number 36, like the Quai.

What Quai? Des Orfèvres.

Hello, Monsieur Bob, mademoiselle.

Make yourself at home.

You must have rich parents.

Can't complain.

What line are you in? At the ministry of agriculture.

Protecting the equine race! I love horses.

I've given them my money, my life...

A loyal friend!

Is it profitable?

I'll end up penniless.

You don't look it.

Never lose hope!

Are you that addicted to gambling?

What do you mean?

This is just for fun.

Do you win?


You sleep here, I'll sleep in the little room upstairs.

Put your stuff in the cupboard. Won't take long!

Then we'll go for a drive.

Do you like car rides?

Yes, especially in a big car.

That's where I was born.

It wasn't so dilapidated back then.

I set out from there to conquer the world.

I was 14 when I walked out on my old dear.

Did you go far?

As far as the Porte de Saint-Ouen.

And your father?

My name's Montagné, like my mum.

She was unlucky with you both.

I came back ten years later.

It was very early and I hadn't been to bed.

I nearly fell over an old woman scrubbing the floor.

That's how I'd remembered her, that's how I recognised her.

I scarpered without a word.

But I sent her money every month.

One day it came back.

She'd stopped scrubbing for good.

He was one of the first to imitate American crooks?

To tell the truth, it was the Yanks who copied the Bonnet gang!

The fast Citroëns were Bob's idea. This was before the war.

No one ever got hurt. And then...

The Rimbault Bank?

He and your dad were caught. You know the rest.

Not coming in? Can't. Got to work.

I thought she'd dumped you the other night.

Hey there, gorgeous!

So, is it love?

Keep this one.

Not coming home? I never sleep before 6 a.m.

I'm going to the Carpeaux.

I thought...

You should never think.

I heard you were setting something up with Marc?

Yeah, shifting some gear. Should be an earner.

You'll end up inside!

Keep out of it.

Keep out of it! You hear me?

You know what I think of Marc.

In future, keep me informed.

How about "goodnight"?


A drink?

If you like.

Morning, Monsieur Bob. Up already?

It happens.

Leave that and come back tomorrow.

But the cleaning?

Just do as I say.

Prince of Orange, number eight.

How much?

All I've got: 700 grand.

What if you lose?

You ever seen me lose?

Risking all you've got left on one race!

Fortune favours the brave.

"Who dares wins!" In the words of...

Why didn't Paulo come?

He's busy in Paris, betting on a filly.

Good odds?

No. But a dead cert!

Prince of Orange... The name rings a bell. How about you?

All I remember is Fred the Oranges.

He made it big in Buenos Aires.

I hope I make it big here!

Let's go to the Casino in Deauville.

You're not serious. I'm on a roll.

You shouldn't...

That's what you said about Prince of Orange. You'll see!

What are you doing here?

Working as a croupier.

How did you swing that?

Contacts, no police record...

What are you up to?

Still wheeling and dealing. Not here?

No Chance! Too many cops, no ready cash.

I'm with Bob.

Bob the gambler?

Yes. He's being taught a lesson.

The lessons here are expensive and the pupils never learn.

The teacher always ends up richer.

Last year, the night before the Grand Prix race, there was 800 million in the safe at five a.m.

Get your stuff and come to my place.

But Bob?

What about Bob?

He left us alone last night on purpose.

But I thought...



Are you regretting it?

What are you looking at?

OK, I'm cleaned out. So?

You're pitiful! The biggest sucker going!

What did you say?

You heard. Aren't you ashamed?

I've messed up all my life.

As a kid, I had excuses.

You're not a kid any more.

You declared hearts. I was confident with my two jacks.

I didn't have the jack, but 50 in the suit.

If you'd led with your ace...

Haven't you had enough of cards for today?

You're completely crazy!

Isn't it a lovely game, "all trumps"?

You'll end up selling France Soir.

If I have to sell newspapers, it'll be the racing ones.

Yeah, laugh if off!

What will you do with your last two hundred grand?

Bet it at the Carpeaux.

And tomorrow you'll be totally skint.

I was born with the ace of diamonds in my hand.

Luckily for André at the casino!

He needs money to pay his taxes with.

I helped him out.

He doffed his hat to you.

He owed me that at least!

You're right.

Guess how much there was in his safe last year, before the Grand Prix.

A guessing game?

That's a new one...

Don't bother, you'd only lose! Eight hundred million.

Do you realise?

And there you are, with your couple of hundred grand!

How much?

Eight hundred million?

Hey, I'm over here!

Anything, gentlemen?

Who told you that?

Jean de Lisieux. He's a croupier.

Used to be a small-time crook? His wife clipped his wings.

Women have to get their revenge now and then.

This Jean...

Was he on the level?

Why not? He told me without me asking.

800 million.

800 big ones!

The job of my life.


What if we set it up?

You mean Deauville?

Yes, the 800 million.

You're mad! No one's ever...

Thought about it. Well, I am!

I reckon it's doable.

It just needs setting up, that's all.

Are you serious? Do you have any idea?

Do I look like I'm joking?

Are you in or not?

Let me think it over.

It's not a game of dominoes. You fling it at me...

Yes or no?

800 million! You realise how hard it'll be?

All the people, the cops, the safe to break into...

It's no, then?

It's yes.

Bingo! The two of us can pull it off.

I'm off to bed now.

Not to the Carpeaux?

No more gambling till I've pulled this off.

I'll keep you to that, pal!

Monsieur Montagné, your key. The young girl...

That's fine, Madame Régnier. Thank you.

I thought it over all night.

It'll be hard... but doable.

We need someone to put up the money to finance the job.

Remember McKimmie?

The Jock?

You still see him?

Not for years. But we talk on the phone.

I barely knew him.

Didn't I hear he'd retired?

Ages ago.

Bought a huge place in the Eure.

He loves nature. Can't blame him.

He's spent half his life in the nick.

The sight of a park fence makes him claustrophobic.

Will he go for it?

We have to sell it to him. He's expecting us.

You phoned him?

What do you think?

You seem keener than yesterday.

In for a penny...

I've drawn the ground floor from memory.

But it's a bit rough.

We'll need the exact floor plan, but how?

I've thought about how to get that. It's not very pretty but...

The only pretty thing is the safe!


He'll be in. He has to earn a living!

Want to play, Bob?

No, thanks.

Not in the way, am I?

Why would you be?

Come on.

We're talking business.

I told you to keep out of my way!

I'll tell you something else.

Stay away from him! You and your iffy jobs!

What's got into you?

And another thing...

Weren't you supposed to be lying low?

I sorted that out.

You know how to take care of yourself.

How much was he touching you for?

500 grand. To pay the first bills with, and win the wholesalers' trust.

Yeah, right!

I won't tell you again, understand?

Come on.

Where are we going?

The seaside.

A third-rate hotel, meals in cheap bistros...

I bought you a Renault.

Yes, but I wanted a Peugeot 403!

Have a seat.

You know Suzanne, my wife?

Hello, madame.

I need a word.

Sorry, but...

It's OK, I get the picture!


Haven't seen you for ages.

Since before the war.

How are you?


What do you want?

We need you.

Can you get us a floor plan of the casino?

That's right.

And the make and number of the safe.


We're in charge... Of the security.

Come off it! What will you do with the plan?

Frame it!

Is it yes or no?

I can't get you that.

I want to keep my job.

You'll lose it if you don't help us.

Why? I'm well thought of.

Not when they find out you used to be a pimp.


There's no proof.

Oh, yeah? The files at vice squad?

You wouldn't!

Why not?

Your choice. Do it, and you get 500 grand.

If you don't...

If you put it like that...

It's been ages. Good to see you.

Don't you know Bob?

The face rings a bell, but it's all so long ago, isn't it?

To what do I owe the pleasure?

My friend has an idea.

But we'd need money up front.

All my cash is tied up in my business.

We need 500 grand just to start with, and a lot more than that.

I'll recap, then...

You're going to hire some men and pay all their expenses, you need half a million for this croupier's information, you need two cars... How much do you want?

We thought... Eight million should cover it.

And how much will I get back?

I don't know... Ten?

You're joking. I want half of what you get.

You must be kidding! We're talking all the risks.

I'm not a philanthropist, gentlemen. Take it or leave it.

What do you think?

Why will we be packing heat but not shooting?

I know you. You've always had an itchy trigger finger.

All right, Luigi?

You pull your shooter, but not the trigger!

Don't worry. I'll bring a popgun!

Is Pablo here?

Still need money for your business in South America?

You got some for me?

And the recruitment waltz continues...

While Yvonne looks on, concern in her eyes.

What's that? Nothing. Go to bed.

It's nothing! I'm running an errand for someone.

I have to take this plan to an architect in Paris.

And that's why you're all jumpy?

Is that it?

And the safe?

The make is Fichet.

Made in 1923.

Four independent locks, each with a different combination.

The safe is on a hydraulic lift, which sinks into a reinforced concrete housing.

It'll be harder than we thought.

The piece of paper.


You'll get the same again if the lift is immobilised at about 5 a.m. on the day.

That could be done.

Do it and you'll get paid.

Can I trust you? You can.

Shall we go?

What's this?

For your birthday.

You remembered!

I'm amazed.

Where did you get it?

In Paris.

Thanks, but that's not what I want to know.

How did you pay for it?

Do you like it?

Where did you get the money?


What sort of business?

Four locks, four combinations, a hydraulic lift...

It won't be easy, eh?



So you're part of it, eh? The music, the champagne, the nightclub...

No change.

Never mind.

Thank you.

Pretty! Knows what she wants, but subtle.

Maybe the future Madame Paulo. Come on.

I have to keep watch. Let's leave him.

What do you want? I'm waiting for you.

Don't bother. I'll be a while yet.

I've known lots of girls, but never one like you.

It's like you don't care about anything in life.

Is that what you think?

Don't make fun.

Can't you see I love you?

No one's forcing you.

How can I prove it?

With something big.

Like what?

Give me the moon!

I can do better.

I'm going to knock off the safe of the Deauville casino.

Just for you.

How much is in it?

Is that all you have to say?

Yes, that's all.

Now leave me, I'm tired.

We've all done jobs in the past.

But little ones, without any preparation.

This is going to be different.

You've all heard of airmen studying in a classroom before being sent up to die.

That's what we're doing here.

We have to operate like a commando group.

Why are you standing up? Expecting a medal?

I'll already be there, upstairs with the gamblers, keeping a lookout on everything.

If something smells fishy, I'll come and tell you, and we'll put it off.

If you don't see me at 5 a.m. sharp, then we're on!

Little Louis and Bill... come in here, nice and natural.

They stand either side of the desk.

Come with me. This'll be clearer...

Bill, here.

Little Louis, there.

Pull your guns on the desk people and bring them here.

While Paulo sees to the doorman.

Luigi, Pablo and Jo, follow me.

Then it's up to you.

This is the room with the safe in.

That's the baby we're after!

Reinforced? No, made of wood!

You protect Roger while he opens the safe, then carry the money.

We have six minutes, not a second more.

Big Jo will wait here, just in case.

I'll be up the stairs.

If someone wants to come down, Dédé will take care of him.

Got it?

You're a right pea-brain!

You didn't do well at school, eh? I never went!

Exactly! Now follow me...

I'll show you what roads to take and where to hole up after.

And the phone? Cut! Come on.

According to Bob, it will all happen as follows...

But Roger has improved his system.

Was it hard to get the locks?

No. A former employee at the factory.

Will it take long?

I have to get to know them.

Far too long.

Locks are like pretty girls. You have to practise on them!

Four minutes 20.

By tomorrow it'll be under two minutes.

He was too drunk!

Goodbye, Yvonne.

Say when.

It's none of my business, but...

Rather than doing a job, if you need cash...

Who says I'm doing a job?

Do you think I was born yesterday? I see what you're up to.

The men meeting you here, the phone calls... and all the rest.

Don't be daft!

I got this bar going with loans from you.

So if you needed some...

You're mad. Where do you get these ideas?

If this job goes wrong and you get caught, you wouldn't be able to take it. You're too old for that.

Want to dance?

Excuse me.

The flowers didn't last long.

You've been promoted. Hostess now...

What will your rank be next time?

What does that mean?

Let's not argue. I don't see you much as it is.

Paulo keeps talking about you.

The poor thing! He'll end up believing the things he says.

If I don't have a bed one day, can I come to you?

Not while Paulo's still crazy about you.

I've got to go.

See you soon. Goodnight.

I'll leave you with your big oaf.

Offer me some champagne, then.

Garçon! Champagne!

The same again, monsieur?

Mein Gott, ja!

Come on.

Goodbye. Enjoy yourselves.

Hey there, gorgeous.

What an atmosphere! Whose funeral is it?


I just popped in for a last drink before bed.

I thought it'd be lively, but...

Shall we change the venue?

Why not?

I'll get changed.

You shouldn't be in a nightclub.

On the street, maybe? You'd earn a fortune.

For you?

For both of us.

You're nothing like Paulo.

You talk about making me work, while he just talks about giving me everything!

What with? He's skint!


Someone with 100 million?

You call that "skint"?

100 million? He doesn't even own a car!

Are you jealous?

He'd buy me ten if I wanted.

He's a real smooth talker!

What would he buy them with?

With the money from Deauville.

The money from Deauville?

He told me he's going to knock off the casino safe.

What are you on about?

It's the truth.

Well... Paulo's truth.

I'm thirsty.

I'll get you a glass of water.

What if Paulo's story is true?

You never know.

I know someone who'd be interested.

Nice of you to come.

I want a word.

Sit down.

No, thanks.

I want to prove I'm a good girl.

I told Marc...

What did you tell him?

What Paulo told me about the safe in Deauville.

I just thought he was showing off.

The bloody little fool!

And you repeated it?

To Marc, yes. But I didn't believe it.


Last night.

What did he say?

Nothing. But he looked pleased.

When did you leave him?

Five minutes ago.

Do you know where he was going?

He mentioned the Carpeaux.

Come on.

Give this key to the girl.

Is Marc here?

He just got picked up.


Leaving here. It was Ledru's boys.

What do you take me for?

My offer wasn't indefinite! I wanted a lead, I'm still waiting!

I've heard about one. Give me time to check it out.

For your sake.

Yeah, and then you'll disappear!

I'm not falling for that.

Just give me a few hours.

I think Bob Montagné's involved.

Bob? What are you talking about? Are you mad?

Just a few hours, commissaire.

500,000 francs?

For the risk you'll be running, it's not enough.

I'll go and talk to this Roger. This Bob too!

If they want the lift to break down, they have to pay up.

We'll ask for five million, not a penny less.

You're mad!

No, that's not enough. Ten million!

They won't agree.

We'll see! Let's go to Paris.

We can't. I have to be at the casino at 11.

We'll be back in time.

And in future, no more secrets!

Are you coming?

Hey there!

Is it still on, then?

No, it's not.

What's wrong? Why are you sulking?

Because of a bloody idiot. And a woman.

What's it to do with me?

You're the bloody idiot.

Hey, watch it!

It's in bed you should act tough!

I've told you: never confide in women.

Anne told me everything.

So that's it! But I don't see how...

Anne told Marc.

And he'll shop us.

Why did Anne tell him?

If you'd kept shtum, she couldn't have.

She repeated your pillow talk...

With more pillow talk!

You mean...?

Where are you going?

Monsieur Roger?

He's not here.

And Monsieur Bob?

Him neither.

Do you know where they are? Yvonne's maybe.

Thank you.

We're looking for Monsieur Roger. Or Bob.

They just left.

Where's the phone?

Over there.

Thank you.

Trace that call!

What now?

Nothing. You leave that lift alone.

But then it won't work. So?

We have to stop your bunch of crooks, but they mustn't know it was us.

If they don't know, they can't tell anyone.

We'll phone from the bar.

Montmartre 8888.

I want to talk to your chief.

The commissaire is out. I can give him a message.

It has to be him. When will he be back?

Call back in an hour.

Is it true what I hear?

What's that?

That you're working again.

Hey, copper! Is that why you invited me to dinner?


I wanted to stop you doing something silly.

What are you up to?

I'll only answer with my lawyer present.

And how's the gambling?

Never been so lucky.

That's not what I hear. Informers tell us everything.

No honour among thieves any more. It's a disgrace!

I heard you're totally skint.

I hope you're not planning to...

Is this a lecture?

Just a friendly chat.

It's more like an interrogation.

Anyway, don't worry about me.

I've been straight for 20 years.

I want you to stay that way.

I will.

I'm wondering.

Better get back. We've got a murder.

Anyone I know?

A bloke called Marc.

Did you hear about Marc?

Someone called Yvonne left this for you. Said you'd understand.

It's for you, guv'nor!

Go ahead.

What are you talking about?

Bob the gambler?

Yes, yes.

Who are you? A friend?


Tell the men I might need them. And fill the cars' tanks.

We going far?

Maybe to Deauville.

OK, guv'nor.

Now Bob will play his last hand.

And destiny will play out.

Know where I can find Bob?

I have to talk to him.

I'm his friend. If you know anything...

Is it that serious?

If he should phone, tell him to do nothing.

Tell him I was here and tell him one word... Deauville.


Do you know where I could find Robert Montagné?

No. You never know with him.

Thank you.

Who are you?

A friend.

Is everything ready? Men, cars...

Yes, guv'nor.

Get me Deauville casino.

And your pal Bob?

I think it's true.

Hello, mademoiselle. The police here.

Get me the Deauville casino.

Hold on... Deauville.

The Casino?

Monsieur Andre, please.

Commissaire Ledru of the Paris police. Yes, I'll hold.

What did you say? Commissaire Ledru?

Where are you? In Paris?

How do I know you're really a commissaire?

This is very confidential.

Give me your phone number.

I'll call you back.

Montmartre 8888. But quick!

Yes, I'll call you right back.

Thinking about your mink or your Cadillac?


Don't worry. We have a unique security system.

You can rest assured.

Well, guv?

The anonymous phone call got it right.

Did you know the safe's on a hydraulic lift?

And it sinks into a concrete housing?

Neither did I, until that phone call.

André just confirmed it.

Which means?

That it rings true.

If Bob's involved, what will you do?

Let's go!

At 1.30 in the morning, Bob enters the casino.

Place your bets.

The first thing Bob has to do is contact Jean to make sure everything is fine.

And that's when Bob places a bet, forgetting his promise to Roger.

2.10 a.m. The roulette is over, the chemin defer continues.



Card... Eight.

I pass the deal. Pass the deal.

For you.

2.45 a.m. Bob enters the private room.

Place your bets.

The bets are placed.

No more betting.

Card for the second.

Two for the bank.

Nine for the second. Pay all.


Place your bets.

The bets are placed.

No more betting.

Nine for the first, eight for the second.

Pay all.

Place your bets.

Change, please!

The bets are placed.

No more betting.

Eight for the first, card for the second.

Place your bets.

Mark your bets.

The bets are placed.

No more betting.

Nine for the first.

Eight for the second.

Pay all.

For you.

The hours pass, Bob is still winning.

Nine for the first.

Card for the second.

Six for the bank.

Pay the first, nothing else.

Your turn, sir.

And that's Bob the gambler as his mother made him!

Shouldn't we have informed the Sûreté?


Lady Luck, his old mistress, has made him forget the reason he came.

Change all this, now!

Five a.m. on the dot.

Go inside and close your window, please.

You too, monsieur.

I've known it was double-headed for ten years.

And I've known you knew for ten years.

Paulo knew too.

Well, you bloody fool?

Happy now?

You've won!

You can say that again!

And don't let any of it go missing!

Criminal intent to commit... You'll get five years.

But with a good lawyer, you might get away with three years.

With a very good lawyer, and no criminal intent, maybe an acquittal!

If I play my cards right, I might even be able to claim damages!

Subtitling: Eclair Media