Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius (2004) Script

Hello, angus.

Is that really you, bobby jones?

Where is everybody?

My lord.

How have you been?

Oh, fine, bobby. Just fine.

We're on our way to the olympics in berlin, And i couldn't be this close to the old course...

Good lord.

I only told one person there was a reservation for an r. Jones.

Angus, my game is...

Your game is always fine here.

Welcome back, bobby.

Great to see you, bobby.

Smile for the front page.

You were terrific.

Thank you, bobby.

You're my hero, bobby

Watch this one, boy.

Shit fire!

You lookin' for this?

I'm sorry, camilla, i hooked it.

Well, you best take care you don't hook None of these windows in this house, young man, Or your daddy will tan your hide.

How is your tummy today?

It's ok.

Think you can eat some lunch for me?

I got some leftover chicken and biscuits.

I was gonna make a pie.


Robert, are you all right?

Yes, mama.

Come on in. I want to see how much you weigh.

Look at you. You've gained another pound.

Can i play baseball with frank and perry now?



Hey! There he is.


I have something in my pocket.

And i wonder what it could be?

You got it. Come here.

Let's go see your mama.

Why did you tell camilla this is monkey year?

Not monkey year, honey.

I said it was the year of the monkey.

In the chinese zodiac, Each of the 12 years is named for a different animal.

So each animal contributes its own characteristics to that year.

So if you are born in that year, You take on those traits.

Like a monkey or a horse or an ox.

What animal am i?

You, my dearest, are a tiger.

Tigers are born leaders. They are loners.

They have a short temper, But they go after their ambitions No matter how hard the opposition.

What animal are you, mama?

I'm a dragon.

Oh. Can you breathe fire?

Oh, yes, i can.

Especially if i find out You've been playin' with frank meador while he's still coughing.

You are my little man.

I don't want anything bad to happen to you.

Don't worry, mama. I'm a tiger.

Good night.

Good night, dear.

You're a frightful long ways from carnoustie.

Aye, and my ass is painful to prove it.

It's a beautiful course.

And some nice people, too.

Free with their money.

Can any of them play?

Nah. Not really.

If they could, they wouldn't need you, would they?

They make their whiskey out of corn here.

You're joking.

No, i'm not.

We're gonna miss you, jimmy.

But it's great that your brother could take your place.

It's an honor to have him here.

So, stewart, what do you think about my stance?


Go on.

Yo-You cannot keep it in the policies, You're craving for the byre.

Come more down on the left hand.

Shit fire!

Show him, stewy.

Baseball was my game.

I had a contract after i graduated from georgia With the brooklyn trolley dodgers.

But my father put the quietus on it.

Threatened to disown me.

I went to law school instead.

Good idea.


Is that lad touched in the head?

Who, wee bobby?


No, no, he's just sickly.

He nearly died as a baby.

Couldn't eat, he's allergic to everything.

They just bring him along for the exercise.

Dirty rotten bastard!

Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear.


Good afternoon, camilla.

Are you here by yourself?

Yes, sir, mr. Jones, they are all yonder playing golf.

Ought to be back directly.

Playing golf on the sabbath. Blasphemous.

Won't you have a seat and wait?

Let me get you a coca-Cola.

There's nothin' in the bible about coca-Cola.

And i will not permit it in my house.

Just bring me a glass of cold water, please.

Yes, sir. Coming right up.


Big bob. Those cost 20 cents apiece.

Great round, stewart. Terrific.

Thank you. Mmm-Hmm.

Well done.

Tell me, mr. Maiden, how did they decide That there should be 18 holes in a round of golf?

Well, ma'am, a long time ago at st. Andrew's, They had a meeting to try and figure that out.

And one of the clan stood up and said:

"There's 18 shots in a bottle of whiskey, And i reckon when the bottle's empty, the round is done."


Be careful.

Hello, bobby.

Oh, son, you are growing like a weed.

Boy, you get bigger every time i see you.

Papa, how nice of you to visit.

Well, i had to come up on business.

Meetin' some buyers here from new york in the morning.

Is this the way you spend your sabbath?

Settin' a bad example for your son?

Well, getting little bob outdoors Has done wonders for his health.

Excuse me, papa, i have to go inside and change.

Come along, robert.

Go upstairs and dress for dinner.

You spend so much time playing golf out there, I can't help but wonder if it's for your son's health Or your own amusement.

Papa, i meet my biggest clients here.

The coca-Cola people are keeping me so busy I'm lookin' to take in a new partner.

And why?

Because i play golf with asa kindler and bob woodruff.

So you're tellin' me that it's not your merit as a lawyer That's advancing your career?

How encouraging.

Grandpa, look at my windmill.

I built it myself.

That's just fine, bobby. That's fine.

Maybe you'll grow up to be an engineer And not fritter away your time playin' worthless ball games.

Son of a bitch!

Isn't that your house over there?

I bet your poor mother's missing you.

Don't you think?

Go on, now. Go home.

Red, do you have to play golf?

What about me?

Take 2 weeks off from the game.

And then give it up altogether.

What can i do for you, laddie?

What are those?

20 cents apiece.

You didn't get any of them while they were still rolling, did you?

No, sir.

Cheeky wee rascal, right enough.

Good mornin'.

Aye, it is.

You know, i was thinkin', If wee bobby's gonna be taggin' about, He may as well play a bit, if he can keep up, that is.

I made him a few clubs.

Wee bobby, Hit the hell out of it.

Hey, bobby.

Bobby. Hey, bobby, wake up.

Come on, bobby, he started at 6.

That's him, that's harry vardon.

5 british opens.

Did you see that?

Aren't you children supposed to be in school?

It has been my impression If you shoot over 100, you have no business playin'.

If you shoot under 80, you have no business.

Hey, rob, why don't you show us all How stewart maiden hits the ball?

Go ahead, son.

Yeah, pretty good, huh?

Now why don't you show us how judge broyles swings?

Son of a bitch!

Hey, little bob.

You want to play with us? We tee off in 10 minutes.

You go ahead, son.

Be careful out there, now.


You see, colonel?

Thank you. Keep the change.

How you doin', milt?

O.B. How are you, sir?

Who's your opponent?

Oh, my.

He's just a boy.

It's embarrassing, o.B.

They shouldn't let children play in adult tournaments.

Now on the tee, mr. Milt saul, And mr. Robert tyre jones, jr.

Mr. Jones, you have honors.

Would you like to go first?

Ah, no, you go ahead, son.

Good grief. What a swing.

Little bob jones, a tow-Headed boy From east lake golf club was born on st. Patrick's day.

But luck is not an issue When you have a golf swing that can only be described as heavenly.

I'm going on record.

Bobby jones is destined for greatness.

"Dixie whiz kid lights up georgia amateur."

By o.B. Keeler.

Sheer delicatessen.

The winner Of the georgia state amateur championship Is mr. Bobby jones.

Congratulations, bobby.


Congratulations, bob.

Gentlemen, from what i've seen today, I believe your boys are ready to play in the u.S. Amateur.

The u.S. Amateur?

Play, colonel, i didn't say i expected them to win.

"Half a league, half a league, half a league onward Forward, the light brigade"

"Was there a man dismay'd

"Not tho' the soldier knew some one had blunder'd Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do or die"

He gets that from his mother.

What are you doin'? You gonna play in those?

I thought your dad bought you new shoes.

These are my lucky ones. I have my 4-Leaf clover, too.

We're gonna need some luck.

Look who's in this field. The current u.S. Open champ, 3 former amateur champs, 2 n.C.A.A. Champs, And us.

I heard the greens were like billiard tables.

Bent grass. It's like puttin' on ice.

You try to just tap your ball in And it slides all the way across the green.

It's 18 holes, boys, just like home.

Come on, now. Let's go get registered.

Excuse me. Thank you.

Oh. Why, of course.

Now on the tee, Former amateur champion mr. Eben byers.

Hey, remember what old bob fitzsimmons used to say?

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

Next up, Georgia state champion mr. Robert tyre jones, jr.


Damn! Son of a bitch!

Damn. Damn it to hell!

Bobby jones.

Shit fire! God!

Son of a bitch!

What a kid.

Face of an angel.

The temper of a timber wolf.


Leave the damn thing.

Would you like some gum, mr. Byers?


That was quite a match, son.

Mr. Byers and i both played terribly.

He just ran out of clubs before i did.

Come on, let's call your dad.

If he keeps playin' like this, I'm tellin' you, he could win this thing.

I've never seen anyone putt like this.

That was quite a round you played this morning, son.

You have a beautiful swing.

Thank you.

You like ice cream, huh?

Yes, sir. They give you as much as you want.

Have a good time this afternoon.

Oh, i will, sir. This is really fun.

Good morning.

Bob, that gentleman you were just talking to, That's grantland rice, the sportswriter.

He writes for american golfer.

He likes my swing.

Hey, bobby, come on.

Go get him.

You have quite a following.

I can't help it.

Well, good luck to you.

Good luck to you, sir.

And now on the tee, Mr. Robert tyre jones, jr.

Next on the tee, mr. Robert gardner.

"All square at the 10th.

"There came 3 holes in succession that broke the kid's heart.

"But the georgia schoolboy swung along in his worn shoes and dusty pants, "Whistling an air from a recent musical comedy, "As jaunty as if he had won his first national championship

"Instead of just having been beaten in the 3rd round.

He was thinking about his ice cream."

How you doin'?

Just fine, thank you, sir.

Mr. Keeler.

You can call me o.B.

What are you readin', son?

Just some stuff they wrote about me.

They make it sound like i didn't mind losin'.

I did mind. I was mad as hell.

I know you were mad. I was there, i saw it.

A will to win, that's very important.

Why do they care about what i wear?

They even made fun of my shoes.

Ah. That's the price of fame, son.

I'm afraid you're gonna have to get used to it.

I don't think i want to be famous.

It's too late now.


Rob, all these people, our club members, our friends, They expect a great deal of you now.

Everybody here will be watchin' every match you play.

But i lost.

In the future, you'll win.

You've shown everyone just what you're capable of.

You must not let us or yourself down. You understand?

Robert, he's just a child.

Yes, clara but he's our child.

Son of a bitching bastard.

I can't believe you just did that. You could have hurt someone.

I threw it over their heads.

It was a simple shot, i've done it a million times.

There are some emotions, alexa, That cannot be endured with a golf club still in your hands.

You know, that man paid $1,500 to caddy for you.

These people all paid good money to see you play.

They paid to see all of us play...

No, bob, they came to see you.

You're the star.

I'm not a star.

You're the u.S. Amateur champion. I haven't done anything.

Yeah, but you're gonna do something, and they know it.

Everybody knows it.

As soon as you get out of your own way.

Tough luck, sport.

This isn't our day, bob.

Mmm-Mmm, he'll never make it over that tree.


I told you, you were a star.

I don't want to be a star.

Hmm, tell them.

Way to go, bobby!

Here he comes.

Ah, sir walter has arrived.

I heard he's quite the raconteur.

Oh, and then some.

He's broken all 11 of the 10 commandments.

Mr. Hagen?

Mr. Hagen!

They are waiting for you.

Where is she?

I took her to her home of residence.

Where was i?

Right there where you are now sitting.

Hagen, let's go already.

Genius deserves patience, my friend.

I'm afraid i'm a trifle soft in the treasury.

In case you have not been hearing, So is most of this entire world.

You still owe me two 20's and one 10 from last week.

And you have not been paying rent on this motorcar.

This is a charity function.

If i don't make some side bets, we go broke.

Good man.

Morning, chick.

Where you been, walter? Practicing a few shots?

No, but i've been havin' a few.

Young mr. Jones, i presume.

I'm walter hagen.

I know who you are. How do you do?

Better than most, son. Better than most.

I assume i have the honors.

On the tee, Us open champion, walter hagen.

He swings like a wounded duck.

Just don't bet money with him.

They don't call him sir walter for nothin'.

Nice putt.

2 threes in a row.

18 threes make 54.

Next hole.

Shit fire and damnation!


I think we're in trouble.

I asked my wife what she wanted for christmas.

She said a divorce.

I said i wasn't thinking of anything that expensive.

Excuse me.

You have quite a game.

I played awful.

I never hit a good shot after you mentioned that 54.

All i made was 5s.

There's a lesson there.

You know, I don't care if i start out with 4 fives.

I simply figure i've used up my quota, and i forget about them.

And i go on.

I don't always hit the ball straight.

But you know what i've learned?

3 bad shots and one good one still make par.

Golf is a game of recovery.

You're gonna make one hell of a pro.

You got that swing, and you got the name.

Crowd loves you.

You know, with the war ending, The tournaments will start up again, and sky's the limit.

I'm not gonna turn pro.

I...i signed up for georgia tech this fall.


School is nice, i guess But isn't the point of it all to make a nice, big bag of money?

Not just. I want to get an education.

I think that's important.

Can i ask you a question?

Why do you play golf?

'Cause i love it. And i want to win.

Do you know why i play golf?

For the money.

I have to win.

Which is why, whenever you come up against me, I'm gonna beat you.

I'll beat you.

Thank you.

Hello, george. Good morning, mary.

May i have a coca-Cola, please?

You surely may.

Here you go.

Thank you.


These are the worst conditions i've ever seen.

Have some coffee.

Thanks. Brought some local papers there.

What are they sayin'?

Well, a lot of the folks are pickin' us to win Even though this herron fellow is a member here.

They say rob's strokes are absolutely brilliant.

They're still harpin' on his temper, though.

His, uh, "smoulderin' wrath," as one of 'em called it.

I don't know what i'm gonna do with him.

Maybe you could talk to him.

What am i gonna say to him?

The way i see it, he's tryin' to please you, his mother, And the whole damn city of atlanta.

I mean, throwing clubs may be the only thing he has To relieve the pressure.

Where is he now?

He's makin' a telephone call.

His mother?

Well, i don't think so.




It's a couple more days and then we'll take the train back home.


I can't wait to see you again.

Is your father still sittin' there?

Yes. I'm sorry, A-About your bad weather, that is.

I...i hope it changes soon.

Me, too.

When i get back i thought maybe you'd like to come to dinner.

Meet my folks.


Um, well, yes, That...that...that would be real nice.

I'd better go. Yes, you, too.

Yes, me, too.


Robert jones?

Yes, daddy.

I don't know him.

Well, he goes to tech. He knows matt and john.

Is he catholic?


Is he?

No, he isn't.

What have i told you about that?

You told me:

"Judge not, lest ye be judged."

And where is he that the weather is so bad?

You were listenin' to my conversation?

Well, i'm sittin' right here.

He's playin' a golf tournament.

In oakmont, pennsylvania, if you must know.

The u.S. Amateur?


That was bobby jones on the telephone?

He prefers bob.

Well, is he winnin'?

He's in the finals.


O.B., He's gonna win this damn thing.

I can feel it. A national championship.



What in the hell are you doin'?

Somebody moved.

Are you mad?

It's all right. It's all right.

Now boarding, track 3, local, homestead, Richvale, rankin, bradley.

Now departing on track 3, local, homestead, Richvale, rankin, bradley.

Just don't tell your old man.

Well, bob, i guess this is your runner-Up year.

You've come 2nd in 4 tournaments in a row.

That megaphone.

The megaphone didn't beat me.

Davey herron did.

I lost 13 pounds in that match, o.B.

13 pounds.

I can play 36 holes in the hot sun at home And never lose but a pound or 2.

I-I've just got to learn to manage it better.

I keep makin' stupid mistakes.

Well, you know what will rogers said:

"Good judgment comes from experience, And a lot of that comes from bad judgment."

It's true.

I never learned anything from a tournament i won.

"If you can keep your head when all about you

"Are losing theirs

"If you can meet with triumph and disaster And treat those 2 impostors just the same"

"If you can fill the unforgiving minute

"With 60 seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the earth and everything that's in it"

"And which is more You will be a man my son"

Ah, hell, just keep it.

Hi, bobby. Hello.

Who's that?

I have no idea.

Hello, everybody.

Hey, bobby.

This is mary malone. Hi.

Mary. Alexa.

Nice to meet you.

How do you do?

Do you play golf, mary?

Oh, no, i don't.

Well, gang, today is january 15, 1920.

Remember it well.

It is the last day we can drink legally.

There's no way prohibition can last.

I read an article in vanity fair.

It said we're goin' on "the gaudiest spree in history."

They call this the jazz age.

Here's to jazz, then.

And opera.

And georgia tech golf.

And friends.

Hi, bobby.


We're havin' a party at our house. You want to come by?

Uh, i'm...i'm with someone. Thank you.

Oh, what's your girlfriend's name?

We could call her marigold, because that's what she's tryin' to do.

Are you sure she's your type?

That's enough.

She doesn't drink, she doesn't pet, She hasn't been to college yet.

Bobby jones! I want to buy you a drink.

I have one, thank you.

What you drinkin'?

Well, it looks like beer.


Excuse me.

Waitress, 2 beers.

Mary. Mary!

Well, don't just sit there. Go after her.




Oh, let me go.

No. I'm goin' home.

I...i don't... i don't play golf.

And i... and i don't go to college And i don't drink.

And if that's what you want...

I don't care about any of that.

I didn't know you were famous when i met you.

I just knew that you were sweet.

Maybe you need to find somebody who can...

I have found somebody.

Bonny bobby, is it?


My name's angus.

I'll be your caddy.

It's a pleasure to meet you, angus.

That's harry vardon.

Uh, Vardon, i'm...i'm bob jones.

How do you do?

It's a dream come true, To play with you, uh, here-Here at the open.

I saw you an exhibition at the east lake golf club when i was a boy.



Now on the tee, From the united states amateur, Robert tyre jones, jr.


Mr. Vardon, you ever seen a worse shot than that?



Excellent match, mr. Vardon.

Well played.

Uh, would you like to have dinner tonight?

I'm sorry. I have a previous engagement.

He's on the verge.

I can feel it.

A putt here or there makes all the difference.

In a word...

The word is "vanity."

I have a grandson who is well-Equipped For the rigors of commerce, and yet you allow him To dissipate his powers in the presence of idle men.

My son is a grown man, papa.

I have never dictated to him the things that shall make him happy.

And i won't start now.

Why do you defy me And allow in your son what i wouldn't allow in you?

Because he is my son!

He is my only son, and there's greatness in him.

I can see it even if you can't.


Angus, this damn wind. I can't believe how hard it blows.

Aye. Even the crows are walking.

Who made this course?

A glacier, 15,000 years ago.

Oh, bob.

Do you know the definition of "insanity," laddie?

When you keep doing the same bloody thing And expect to get different results.

Angus, i hate this course.

It's a god-Forsaken cow patch.

An old woman with a croquet mallet could play this hole in 3.

I've done it in 2.

Laddie, you did wrong.

You can be forgiven for losing but not for quitting.

There won't come a day when it shall be forgotten That bonny bobby gave up.

Not by 'em, mind you. But by you!

Mr. Vardon.

I heard about what happened today.

The old course gave you a thrashing, did she?


That's her duty.

They were playing golf here When they still thought the world was flat, mr. Jones.

All i really want to say is, Don't give up on her.

She's the grandest course there is.

Hopefully, some day you'll see.

You know, i've been playing golf for 35 years, I've never seen anyone play it with more grace.

Whatever you do, don't stop hitting the ball.

He looks sluggish.

He played well this mornin'.

Don't worry, colonel. I think he's ready.

He learned his lesson at st. Andrews.

I'm pickin' him to win it all.

Oh, hell, grantland, everybody is.

Is it me, or does he look like he's limpin'?

Oh, god, no. He's gonna go for it.

Son of a bitch!

Are you ok?

Are you all right, ma'am?

I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that.

It's all right. I'm...i'm fine.

Really, i'm...i'm fine.

I'm...i'm sorry.

It is from george walker himself.

You want me to read it again?

"You will never play in another u.S.G.A. Event Until you can learn to control your temper."

Do you understand what this means?

Sit down! I'm not finished yet.

Son, i know how difficult this is for you.

The pressure.

I understand this entire town is rootin' for you.

Bettin' on me.

You have to forget about all that.

Forget about those other guys.

You have all the talent in the world.

It is time for you to step up and be a man!

If i win, does that make me a man? Is that what it takes?

Come back here.

What's the matter with your leg?

Robert, what's the matter?

Oh, my god. Robert, how long has it been like this?


Camilla, call the doctor!

Varicose veins. At his age.

I keep thinkin' back to merion, When he was 14.

There was so much promise.

You're disappointed in him.

I didn't say that.

You didn't have to.

Dear mr. Walker, i want to formally apologize to you And u.S.G.A. For my behavior in st. Louis this fall.

I want to assure you that in the future, I will act with all civility.

And that i will never again show ill temper In any way, shape, or form on a golf course.

You have my word on this.

Yours sincerely, robert tyre jones, jr.

He speaks 6 languages.

A little bit closer.

Smile, bob.

You know, i saw your son play baseball at georgia, r.T.

He was a terrific player.

That would be the poorest compliment you could pay him.

What are your plans, bob?

Will you take up golf professionally?

You should think about it.

Pros are makin' some big money nowadays.

Look at walter hagen.

You'd earn a lot more than any other professional golfer.

Well, i was thinkin' of enrolling in harvard this fall.

And my mother would like me to get a master's in literature.

But you are gonna play in the major tournaments this summer?

Well, isn't he, colonel?

That would be up to him.

Sir walter, I heard he's broken all 11 of the 10 commandments.

It's not true, perry.

He just can't bring himself to attempt more than 6 of them at a time.

Good morning. Good morning.

Which one of you boys is gonna be 2nd?

Proceed, my good man. I don't have all day.

After 4 rounds at the us open, Bobby jones and bob cruickshank are tied at 76.

Jones blew a 3-Stroke lead down the stretch Finishing, in his own words, "like a yellow dog."

Cruickshank made 2 crucial birdies As jones faltered in the 2nd playoff.

Bobby jones is the best shot-Maker in golf, But it seems, he just can't win.

The playoff tomorrow...

Idle hands are the devil's workshop.

Walter hagen finished 3 strokes back.


Did you get any sleep?

Did you?

The bettin' is 10-To-7 on cruickshank.

He's got the momentum, comin' from behind.

And they're sayin' that you're weak under the belt.

That's what they're sayin', huh?

This playoff, it means a fortune to cruickshank.

You'll just be playin' for pride.

This telegram came for you.

What's it say?

"Keep the ball in the fairway And make all the putts go down."

And it's signed, Robert tyre jones, sr.


In case you haven't realized it yet, You're the best golfer in the world.

Now, when you get that through your head, You're not just gonna win one tournament.

You're gonna win 'em all.

Ladies and gentlemen, The contest for the 1923 open championship Will continue with a playoff between mr. Robert tyre jones, jr., And mr. Robert cruickshank.

Stewart, how you doin'?

Good, thanks. Where's big bob at?

He thinks he's a jinx. He won't be comin'.

Good idea.

Mr. Jones has the honors.

Hey, bobby, hit hell out of it.

Jones birdied the 17th. They're even, with one to play.

Not good.

Well, he should lay up.

Well played, bobby.


I've finally won a championship.

I don't care what happens now.

...the goods, at all times, after delivery to coca-Cola Or a transportation company...

Yes, doris?

Sorry to interrupt, sir, But it's major cohen of the atlanta journal.

Excuse me.

Hello, major.

Hot damn and hi-Dee-Ho!

Boys, i think we have a champion.


Ho, ho, ho. Bobby!

How long you been selling real estate?

Just a couple of months now.

Wh-When's your next tournament?

Uh, the u.S. Open, next month.

But golf is not as important As findin' the right house for you and your wife.

Um, i...i think she wants a word with you.

I don't like this house!

But, honey, this is bobby jones.

Who's better than us, huh?

Oh, you better show me somethin' today, kid.

Anyone can win one open.

Shucks, shucks.

Official. Uh, official.

I caused my ball to move.

Y'all didn't see it move?


I'm happy i didn't see it move.


We've, uh, talked with walter, All the officials, and several people in the gallery...

Nobody saw your ball move.

It seems a matter for you to decide.

Are you sure you caused that ball to move?

I know i did.

You're to be congratulated, son.

Sir, that's like congratulating a man for not robbing a bank.

I don't know how else to play the game.

Bobby jones lost the u.S. Open by one stroke.

In calling a penalty on himself, He demonstrated for all of us the highest ideal of sportsmanship And personal honour.

I am prouder of him than if he'd won.

There are things finer than winning championships.

Nice shot, bob.


That was a beating i'll not soon forget.

Come on, let's go get drunk.

This was billed As the unofficial world championship of golf.

Why do you think it was so lopsided a victory?

Well, uh, When walter had to putt, He made it every time.

It's well documented that you shun the limelight.

How do you feel being the most famous golfer in the world?

I don't think i am. I think walter's much more famous than i am.

No, i-I'm infamous.

I...i, uh, I think fame's overrated, anyway.

You know, they asked enrico caruso what he thought of babe ruth.

He said, "i don't know, i never heard her sing."

What's your handicap coming into this season, sir walter?

Same as last year.

Drink and debauchery.

I just want to say one thing.

Even if he had won today, Bobby jones would've walked away without a dime, And i would've gotten the purse.

Now, bob realizes that a professional Makes his living out of the game.

And i want the world to know that i appreciate his immense generosity In coming here to play in this event.

This is a small token of my esteem.

Thank you, bob.

Huh, consolation prize.

Doesn't look like it's going to be a very promising year, does it, bobby?

Not a very promising year for bobby jones?

I'm here to eat my words, sports fans.

In what has been called the finest golf ever seen in the united kingdom, Bobby jones has won the british open.

This young man hasn't played as much golf as your average doctor, But with his trusty putter, calamity jane, and his driver, jeannie deans, He's quickly becoming the greatest to ever play the game.

If he can win the u.S. Open later this month, He'll be the only golfer in history to hold both world titles.

Can he do it?

Here's my advice, bet the ranch.

I won a fortune on you, son!

You're my hero!

I'm staying at this hotel.

I put a bundle down on you to win the open. Don't let me down.

Can i have your autograph, mr. Jones? Just sign my shirt.

We're gonna have a bigger party in atlanta!

I'm callin' the doctor!


He's holdin' in his temper And i think he's payin' the price for it.

He's wound up tighter than a drum.

All the celebrations, New york, then atlanta, all the travel...

Hell, he hasn't had any real time off since the british open.

And now, with all this pressure...

I don't think he should play.

Doctor, this is the u.S. Open final.

And there's another one next year.

He's exhausted, dehydrated.

And frankly, gentlemen, I believe he's suffering from a neurological disorder.

I'm going to run more tests.

Look, eh, he's not gonna win anyway.

He's, what, 6 strokes behind?

I'm goin' to play.

Just give me somethin' for my stomach.

Rob, the doctor thinks...

Just give me somethin' for my stomach.

Thank you, doctor.

I'm headin' back to the hotel.

There're still 2 or 3 men out there with a fair chance of catching you.

I know, but i've got to get away from here.




All i ever wanted to be was a normal person.

We can't undo what's done, bob.

You have to make a decision.

I did.

I came here to win.


Yes, would you hold one moment, please?

My love for you has nothin' to do With you winnin' any championships.


Yes, i'll tell him.

You just won the damn thing.

The judge predicted dire consequences If the plaintiffs were to prevail.

These were harsh words by the lower court.

Probably bluff.

The appeals court reversed, Demanding strict compliance with protective covenants.

Even in law, there is virtue in necessity.

Your assignment is on the board.

We will cover the common law principle of finds, Which expresses the ancient and honorable principle of finders keepers.

This is a beautiful course.

I don't know why i couldn't see it before.

Aye. It's the true test.

Nothin' would make me happier than to take home your trophy.

But i cannot.

Please honour me by allowin' it to be kept here, At the royal and ancient golf club, where it belongs.

Well said, bobby.

Well said.

Hip, hip, hurray!


How rare. A playoff.

This is grantland rice, bringing you up-To-The-Minute details Of the united states open golf tournament at winged foot.

With one hole to play in the 36-Hole playoff, Bobby jones leads a beleaguered al espinosa by 23 strokes.

I'll go ahead and say it.

This is the most crushing performance By a champion in a playoff in the history of golf.

Bobby jones has won his 3rd u.S. Open And his 9th major professional tournament in 6 years.

He's so far ahead, no one is 2nd.

And by the by, Lucky for all you professional golfers out there Bobby jones has passed the bar.

Come on, bobby.



Honey, can you just stop that for one second?


Hello, honey. I won.



That is, that is terrible.

Then...then what did mr. Grimes say to you?

He told me to go to hell.

You know, i think the best course of action for you Is just to forget about this whole thing.

Uh, but he told me to go to hell!

Yes, well, i've checked the law on that, and, uh, You don't have to go.

Hi, daddy.


Well, i've got somethin' in my pocket.

I wonder what it is.

Well, this, uh, Mulligan stew is fantastic.

Robert jones, what is on your mind?

Because we know it ain't my cookin'.

I talked to mike mcmahan today.

It would seem that The u.S.G.A. Wants me to captain the walker cup team.

The british amateur is at st. Andrews this year.



In 6 years, have we spent even one together?

Well, if you're gonna go, Then go.

The british amateur is the only major i haven't won.

This may be my last chance.

Mary, honey, i understand how you feel.

You do?

You know how i feel?

This time it's gonna be different.

The u.S.G.A. Is payin' for everythin'.

I'm...i'm takin' you with me.

Do you think i'm worried about myself?

I know what these tournaments do to you, I know how exhausted And tired and depressed and physically ill you get.

Even when you win. And when you lose...

We've been through this Over and over.

I can't stand by and watch you kill yourself Over a stupid trophy anymore.

Don't you have enough of them?

How many is enough, bob?

It's one of your favourites.

Puccini died before he finished it.

Sometimes i wonder if its beauty Was the very thing that killed him.

A slave girl loves a prince, But he cannot return her love.

He must not know.

Oh, he knows. Very well.

But there's an evil princess in the land, And he must solve a riddle she invented.

Then he'll be free of his desire for her.

She begs and pleads, the girl whose love is true, But he sends her away.

I've been selfish.

No, you haven't.

Mary, sometimes i feel like i'm in a cage.

Like a, Like a cage of championship.

First you're expected to get into it, And you're expected to stay there.

I can win all 4 of them.


I can win all 4 majors.


Mary, i can do it.

I can't get away from this idea of predestination.

I have to do it.

And then i'm gonna give it up.

I will have done everythin'.

No one can say a word.

But i can't do it without you.

Will you talk to the papers?

Mr. Jones, what do you think your chances are To win all 4 majors this year?

Lloyds of london have the odds of 120-To-1 against it.

No wonder. No one could do that.

I've put $500 on him.


Ladies and gentlemen, You gaze upon the winner of the 1930 amateur championship.

Said winner to be formally presented to you by myself At some juncture in this final round of match play.

Mr. Bobby jones Versus a champion of the united kingdom Mr. Roger wethered.

At your pleasure, gentlemen.

Good luck.

Thank you.

A 3-Footer, and the american is our champion.

On my signal, begin playing, And we escort the winner to the clubhouse.

After 6 gruelling and closely contested matches this week, Bobby jones emerged victorious today After beating roger wethered 5 and 4.

I told you not to worry.

His moon is in sagittarius. He's in a very powerful cycle.

With this victory, mr. Jones raises the question:

Can he win the remaining major contests this season?

Can he win the impregnable quadrilateral?

Yes, of course he can.

Get up, let's pour something for him.

Don't you start drinkin' till i'm there to supervise.

Yes, dear. Come along.


Good morning, sir. Sorry, you can't park here, sir.

Do you know who i am?

Yes, sir.

Then you know i'm the defending british open champion.

Yes, sir.

And you also know that for some archaic reason Professional golfers are not allowed to use The clubhouse facilities. Amateurs only.

Yes, sir.

Well, this automobile is my dressing room.

And this automobile is my wardrobe.

And these stay parked right here until the tournament is over.

You see, i'm here to beat bobby jones.

Hey, fellows.

I'm here to beat bobby jones.

How are we doin'?

Walter hagen shot a 68.

You only have one round to catch him.

Or him to sink to my level.

Careful, o.B.

You've got a big black thing on your head.

You're gonna kill me with those 40-Footers.

Mr. Ramsey, the putter please.

Thank you.

Your boy's finished.

I recognize you.

You're the british open champion.

Mary gave me your stomach medication.

I guess there'll be another parade in new york.

And the pros will be gunnin' for you at interlachen.

You know, o.B., The longer i play this game, The harder it gets.


It's 110 in the shade.

Thank goodness we don't have to play in the shade.

Hello, kid.

Hello, walter.

How's that swing?

You remember our match in '26?

I seem to remember you beat the livin' hell out of me.

Remember what the headlines said?

I think i tried to avoid the papers for a time.

"Jones loses to hagen."

That's what the papers said.

You were always the news.

Always the news, kid. Win or lose.

But you know this is, This is where it stops, don't you?

If you pull off this, uh, this grand slam thing, Then i am nothin' but a footnote.

I can't let that happen.

I know.


You know, it's kind of hot out there.

You might want to roll your sleeves up.

I can't.

Who's gonna be 2nd, walter?

Tell me somethin', fellows.

Why is it, whenever i fail to stop this amateur, The rest of you curl up and die, too?

All this damn part-Timer has to do is show up And the best, the best pros in the business drop dead.

One of you better step up in the final round, you hear me?

Go to hell, hagen.

He's the best there is, and you know it.

3 in a row, 1 to go! 3 in a row, 1 to go!

Well done, sir.

3 in a row, 1 to go!

Bobby, yeah!

Set 'em up.

Yes, sir.

Get this thing off me.

So, jones, when are you gonna cash in?

Hagen's pitchin' that hair tonic, Which is why you never see him wear a hat.

They pay a man not to wear a hat, can you believe that?

Hair tonic, shaving cream. All you've got to do Is sign your name and make a million bucks.

So, what's holdin' up your parade, sport?

I'm an amateur, mr. Mullen.

Do you know what the origin of that word is?

It's from the latin root, to love.

To be an amateur is to love the game.

Once you play for money, You can't call it love anymore.

But i guess you'd know all about that.

So, what are you, jones, some kind of idiot?

Don't think i don't read your crap, keeler.

And that's not the story we all want.

We want the one you'd print if you didn't have your nose stuck so far...

By golly, it's fisticuffs.

Bobby jones is a true amateur and a gentleman.

There'll never be another one like him.


It's gonna ruin sports.



Bob, he's got terrible stomach cramps.

I think it's his appendix.

Uh, well, we've run every test we know.

And we all agree that The cramps are being caused by a nervous disorder.

And all i can do is prescribe paregoric.

I'm o.B. Keeler, bringing you the first ever live radio broadcast Of the u.S. Amateur golf championship.

Mr. Bobby jones's quest for the grand slam.

"Does the road wind uphill all the way

"Yes, to the very end

"Will the journey take the whole day From noon till night, my friend"

...from the merion cricket club, Where bobby jones has defeated jess sweetser In the semi-Finals of the u.S. Amateur golf championship.

Gene homans is now the one man who stands between Mr. Jones and the grand slam.

Good luck, son.

Good luck.

Bobby jones wins the hole.

He's 8 up with 8 to play.

Bobby jones to putt.

He lines it up.

Now, the putt should break sharply to the left.


Jones just misses left, leaving him a 3-Footer.

Mr. Homans to putt.

He addresses the ball.

Now, this putt should break right.

Not even close.

Mr. Homans, He's conceding the hole and the match.

Bobby jones has won the grand slam!

Bobby jones has won the grand slam!

Bobby jones has won the grand slam!

He won!


Your dad won.

When do you turn pro?

Pardon me. Coming through.

Where is he?

Congratulations, son.

Thank you.

There are finer things than winning championships.

Could i interest you in a marriage to a full-Time atlanta man?

I think you'll like this fellow.

An obscure lawyer.

Dots "i's," crosses "t's" all day.

Home for dinner by 5:30.

It sounds like a dream.

It's our dream.

I'm finished, mary.

I'm retirin' from tournament golf.

You fulfill my heart, mary.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

You know, i love what grantland wrote:

"For when the one great scorer comes to write against your name

"He writes not that you won or lost But how you played the game"

You won all these tournaments for your dad and for me, And the people of atlanta.

You got 2 college degrees for your mother, Became a lawyer for your grandfather, And you retired from golf for your wife.

What are you gonna do for yourself?

We're standin' on the first tee.

I'm gonna call it augusta national.

It's gonna be my homage to st. Andrews.

Welcome back to the course at st. Andrews.

How are you? Fine.