Bobby Z (2007) Script

Welcome to the California Gold Coast!

A magical land where the sun always shines and the surf always rolls.

A place where $1 million might buy you a view of another guy's view.

Once upon a time this was the home of the legendary Bobby Z.

You see that out there, folks? That's Bobby Z's territory, my friends.

He ruled those waters. He was Poseidon. He was Neptune.

His heart beat with the rhythm of those waves.

And when the sun set, Z blessed this land with the most amazing weed known to man!

In those days, if five yuppies smoked a bowl after their poached salmon, well, it was Z's weed, guaranteed.

Z's gone now.

Six years, maybe more.

Some say he's in Europe.

Some say even Thailand, maybe Japan.

And the doubters, the non-believers, they all say, "Of course, he's dead."

But he's coming back.

I know it.

Water is life.

From it he sprang and to it he shall return!

Bobby Z is gonna be rebirthed.

Bobby Z is gonna be resurrected.

He's coming back.

The great Bobby Z is coming back!

This guy's perfect.

His name is Tim Kearney, three-time loser from Palmdale.

There's definitely a resemblance.

-Family? -Mom's dead, Dad split.

Uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters?

Tim's an only child, on his own since he was 15.

First gets busted, when he was a kid, for breaking and entering when he trips over a lawn sprinkler on the way out the door, carrying his stash.

Goes to juvie, comes out, does it again.

Right? This time, he gets a court-mandated stint in the Marines.

Gets his ass sent to Iraq.

All right? Well, he wins the Navy Cross, and then gets a dishonorable discharge.

-For what? -Beating up an Iraqi colonel.

Should have given him a medal.

So he comes back to the States, where he commits assault and battery, strong-arm, on a convenience store clerk, for raising the price on an ice cream bar.

-I thought it was 85 cents. -$1 .15.

Strike one.

And now, get this, he gets paroled. Right?

His dipshit buddy, Wayne, picks him up.

On the way home, they stop at a gas station.

Tim's waiting in the car, Wayne goes in. Okay? He was a dupe.

Wayne robs the gas station. Tim takes the rap.

Open the door! Go! Oh, shit, there's a cop!

There's a cop! Open the door! Go, man!

Strike two.

Which leads us to our dead biker friend, Mad Dog.

Been here six months now, boy.

You need protection and we're it.

-Just wanna do my time, man. -Don't work like that, soldier boy.

Strike three.

-Heartbreaking. -Yeah.

Yeah, he's fucked.

Brotherhood will get him no matter what prison yard he ends up on.

Shit, the Brotherhood will kill you no matter where you end up, period.

How'd you get to be such a loser, convict?

What is it, low self-esteem?

Lack of impulse control?

Man, I can't remember what they decided.

Well, I see you had a lot of practice from your file here.


You know why you're here?

Probably 'cause you want me to roll over on somebody, right?

Wrong, we don't want you to roll over on somebody.

We want you to be somebody.

That's what my mom used to say.

Now, why don't you stop fooling around?

And maybe, just maybe, if you do like I say you do, you can walk away from here and keep walking.

Would you like that, convict?


Look at him.

Look at him!

Who does he look like?

-Does he look like anybody you know? -Well, he kind of looks like me.

You know who that is? That is Bobby Z.

Robert James Zacharias, man. He grew up in Laguna Beach.

While you were shitting your life down the toilet, he was the dude.

-The man. -Oh, he had it all, man.

The hottest women, the finest clothes, the best dope.

He was living the life, man.

But he had another talent.

See, Bobby was also a very accomplished drug dealer.

Matter of fact, he was a legend at 16. Couldn't even get a driver's license.

He hitchhiked to and from his first weed buy.

Two Nike bags, 8 ki's of Maui Wowee.

Z turns two gym bags into four, four into 16, 16 into 32.

Unlike you, convict, he figures it all out.

'Cause he never puts his own ass on the line.

But he's getting some unwanted attention, not from the cops but from some other businessmen, some rivals.

Two of his best runners end up face-down in a drainage ditch out there in Riverside.

So what does Z do?

He disappears like the morning mist.

Now the dope still keeps coming.

And we're wondering how.

Turns out Bobby Z's got a marketing system.

Yeah, it's genius.

Cutouts, bonuses, agents. Profit-sharing.

All kinds of shit.

I mean, he's bringing in boatloads of the best weed from all over the world.

Bringing it in electronically, running his empire from afar, like he's a goddamn wizard of weed or some shit.

So, what do you want me to do?

Don Huertero.

Biggest drug dealer in northern Mexico. Runs Tijuana, runs Baja, runs San Diego.

He wants to partner up with Bobby Z and start marching north to Los Angeles.

Now, this Don Huertero is holding a man in Mexico.

His name is Art Moreno. He's my partner.

He's a good man. He's got five kids, and I'm godfather to all of them.

I'd like to see my partner come home alive.

Don Huertero has agreed to make an exchange, Art Moreno for Bobby Z, but only for Bobby Z.

-So why don't you find him? -We had him.

Turned himself in in the embassy in Thailand, sick as a dog.

Got bit by some Asian bug.

Walks in to the embassy, says his name is Robert James Zacharias, says he's dying, says he needs to speak with somebody.

So I'm on a plane, pronto.

But I'm too late.

Kaboom, heart attack. Drops dead right there in the embassy.

Goddamn bug killed him.

So listen up. This is where you come in.

Look, Don Huertero's got no sense of humor about this shit.

If he finds out that the real Z is dead, he will kill my partner.

Dead for dead.

You pretend to be Z.

We make the trade with you at the border, and if you walk away, well, you walk away.

Man, the second I walk in there, Don Huertero's gonna know I'm not Bobby Z.

Huertero and Z have never met. It's up to you.

You take your chances on the border, pretending to be Bobby Z, or we leave you here at the Hotel California.

-Perfect. -I'll be damned.

-Tell me how you got that scar again. -I...


I was surfing and my head bounced off a rock when I wiped out.

-Where? -Three Arch Bay.

-What kind of car do you drive? -A '66 Mustang.

-Favorite color? -Yellow.

-Favorite football team? -He hates football.

-I hate football. -I hate football.

Favorite meal?

Come on! Vegetarian chili. How many times we gotta go over this?

Lunchtime, Z.

-Chew up. -Come on, man, can I get some real food, -like a cheeseburger or something? -No, Z was a vegetarian.

And a leftie.

You make one mistake like that with Don Huertero, you're a dead man, okay?

-Remember her? -That's Audrey.

No. Not Audrey, Olivia! Olivia!


Oh, yeah, you remember her name, don't you?

How long was I with her for?

I don't know.

I thought you guys knew everything.

Why would I wanna be with anybody else?

Shut up and get up.

Wait, one last thing.

If Huertero mentions the Monk, he was your chief of operations.

The Monk? You're just telling me about this now?

-They won't ask you. -In case it comes up, he should know.

You guys went to high school together.

The Monk went to Notre Dame, then joined a Franciscan order.

He has some serious math skills.

Started putting the monastery's books on Quicken.

Fell in love with the Internet.

Discovered he loved it more than he loved God.

So he quits the Church, helps you make your business electronic.

Without the Monk, Z wouldn't be Z.

Here's the Monk's number and address, in case you need it.

You got another vest for me?

Hey, you just relax. You stand over there for a minute.

I sent that recommendation for your promotion upstairs, Escobar.

-I wanna get your partner back for you, sir. -I appreciate it.

Let's go.

Good luck.

Okay, cowboy.

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

Don't move.

No, dear God, don't shoot.

-I'm here for the exchange! -Hey!

I'm supposed to be exchanged, not...

Shut up! Shut up!

Get up! Clear the tracks! Move!

Señor Z?

That's me.

Mr. Z?

Mr. Z?

I brought you clothes.

The bathroom's right there. You can shave.

I brought you a new toothbrush.


Mr. Z? Mr. Z? Hi.

Mr. Brian would like to see you right now, if it's convenient.

-Come on. -Sure.

Hey, the legend that is Bobby Z.

Well, it's an honor, my friend.

-Brian. Brian Cervier. -Good to see you.

Well, welcome to my humble abode.

Get him a glass of wine.

Squeezed from my own grapes.

Don Huertero apologizes for not being here to greet you personally, but he'll be up over the weekend, so until then you just chill and enjoy the oasis.

Bobby Z.

Bobby Z!

At my hacienda.

Who'd have thought?

A hundred acres of vineyards, dating back to the 1500s.

So, what happened out there last night?

Cops started shooting, man, so I hit the dirt.

It's a dangerous place, the border.

Get some towels.

So, what are your plans?

-Man, I don't make plans. Just... -Really?

I'm only asking because Don Huertero has a proposition for you.

A serious one.

Well, then, I'll talk about that with the don when he gets here.

-Well, I won't take that as an insult. -Don't.

Now, this is a beauty.

A horse in England called Great Run, won the National a couple of times.

And this, this is its foal.

Unfortunately, it broke its leg.

It's fucking useless, and I haven't got the heart to shoot it.

This is my most valuable product.

You got connections in Thailand, right? Come here.

Thais. I get a lot of money for Thais.

Give you massage and then cook you a nice green chicken curry afterwards.

-Hurry up. -Hey, hey, what are you doing?

Dumbo, don't bruise the fruit. It's a product.

If you bruise it, then no one will want it, okay?

Bill, just get your men in order, will you?

You give me some decent money to pay for help, I wouldn't have morons working for me.

Right. So.

Massage parlor. Massage parlor. Massage parlor.

You, massage parlor.

These ugly ones over here, send them to the sweatshop.

And this, this is Bobby Z.

-Pleasure. -Likewise.

Used to herd cattle.

Jules, wait a minute.

Who are these people?

You know, Eurotrash, crazy Russians, friends from the import-export business.

And, of course, the lovely Elizabeth. I trust you slept well?

-Yeah. -And alone.

Is that... Is that her boy?

Oh, no, that's Olivia's beautiful, beautiful boy.

-Where is Olivia? -She's at Betty Ford.

This time for speed.

She asked Elizabeth to look after the kid six months ago.

Mr. Brian.

Your gear.

Whenever two or more are gathered in my name...

Shut up.

Oleg. Oleg. Come on.

Mind your own business, bitch.



He's gonna be dead in a minute.

-Hi. -Hey.

You know, Bobby, I have never seen you stick up for anyone but yourself before.

I have to admit the kid was pretty impressed, too.

-I don't know much about kids. -That's too bad 'cause he's yours.

Big, bad Boom Boom.

-How's the meth business? -This is my business.

Maybe you didn't see the sign on your way in.

I'm a tattoo artist.

Easy, baby.

Don't go nowhere. I'm not gonna bite you.

I got a tip for you.

About the guy that did Mad Dog.

Tim Kearney.

Yeah, you and your brothers been looking for him, but you can't find him, can you?

He'll turn up. The Feds still got him in protective custody.

Oh, no.

He's out.

If I was you, I'd start looking down around the border.

Excuse me?

What's your play in this?

Didn't I tell you?

I'm the one that turned him loose.

I could do a car bomb, take your legs off, right at the knees.

I bet you could.

Just 'cause we doing business don't mean you got rights.

Come on. Come on, please.

What the hell do you want, Gruz?

Let's just say Kearney being released is a case of misplaced trust.

Drop him off in a body bag, I'll pretend it was Santa Claus, that'll be that.


So, the boy's mine?

That's right.

She never told me about him.

Yeah, well, you'd have to be around for that.

So, does everybody know?

Just Olivia and me. Now you.

Olivia asked me not to tell you.

-So why did you? -'Cause you should know.

It's been a long time, Bobby.

-Yeah, too long. -Yeah.

So, what brought you back?

Was it the money?

Still want my share.

I haven't forgotten about you.

You'll give me what's mine?

Yeah, of course.

You really have changed, Bobby.


Well, in the old days, you would have definitely had me in bed by now.

Let's do it my way.

You haven't forgotten my favorite position, have you?

-No. -No?

Do you remember our first time?

In my old trailer at El Morro Beach?

It's still there, if you need it.


Noncommittal as ever.

Was I bad to you?


Yeah, Bobby, you were.

You talked to Monk lately?



Once in a while.

He still dreams of having me someday.

So long as that dream is alive, I'll get what I want.

You need his number?

No, I have it.

You better get going.


'Cause when Don Huertero gets here, he's gonna kill you.

How do you know that?

You know Brian. Yap, yap, yap.

Can I come with you? Please?


-Look, go back in your bedroom. -Please? Can I come with you?

-I don't know much about kids. -That's too bad 'cause he's yours.

Beautiful, beautiful boy.

Where do you think you're going, son?

I'm leaving.

What, you gonna shoot me? You're not the type.

Stop him! Bring him back!

Come on!

He's getting away!

After him!

Get him!

All right, get off. Hide.

You came back! You came back!

Yeah, I'm not too bright.

He's heading south by southwest, Mr. Johnson.

Let's go.

Are we out of gas?

Yeah, we're out of gas. Son of a bitch.

All right.

Now what?

What are we gonna do?

All right. All right, we're gonna play a game now.

What game?

-You know what a Marine is? -Kind of soldier?

No. Marine is a bad ass.

-You wanna play that game? -No.

-Why not? -Navy SEALs are tougher.


So, we're gonna play Navy SEALs, and we're going on a secret mission.

And we're gonna go up over that mountain over there.

That's so gay.

You know, the truth of the matter is, man, I don't really give a shit what we play right now, but if we don't play something, they're gonna shoot you...

Don't scream at me.

You know, forget about it. Let's just go.

I was stupid. Let's go. Come on, move it.

What, we're gonna walk?

No, I just called for a limousine, man, it's gonna be here in 15 minutes.

-Move out! -God.


See, you wouldn't have made a very good Marine anyhow.


Why are you doing this to me?

We were friends.

You've ruined everything. You've put my job in jeopardy.

-Where was Bobby going? -I don't know.

You know what? I almost believe you. But Don Huertero won't.

He might.

You know what?

He won't.

And it's gonna be better for me if it looks like I tried harder to find out.

Just not my face, okay?

What's that?

-What? -Listen.


Can you hear it?

Run! Run!

I got them, Johnson.

They're a half a mile due west heading into Table Rock.

Come on, go! Run! Run! Run!

Come on! Stop looking!

Don't slow down.

Go! Go! Go!

Come on. Go!

They're all yours, boys. Bring him back alive.

Stay out of sight.

We're all right.

-You miss your mom? -Yeah.

But I like it better with Elizabeth.

-And why's that? -She's not a drug addict.

That's good.

That's real good.

All right, kid, I'm proud of you, but this is go-time right now.

This is serious, and I need you to listen to me, all right?

Those bad guys, they're right behind us. They're gonna be here any minute.

So when they get here, I'm gonna signal you, and I want you to hide behind those two rocks right there.

All right, you see those rocks?


There is no way some candy-ass surfer from Laguna Beach knows his way around a desert like this.


Get behind the rock. Hide behind that rock.

I'm gonna cut you up, boy.

Come on, cowboy.

Come on.


Come on! Go! Go! Go!

Come on, go, run! Run, come on!

Come on, go. Don't look back! Come on!

-I got you now, you son of a bitch. -Run!


Run your ass off. Come on! Come on, come on!

Goddamn horse.


I know this looks bad, but I can explain everything.

He killed your men and escaped, even from you, Mr. Johnson.

Let Brian cook in the sun for a while.

Mr. Johnson, follow me.

Brian is a cowardly degenerate who gallantly seeks to place the blame on sweet Elizabeth.

He tells me that she warned Mr. Z about my plans for him.

If that's true, and perhaps it is, then Brian was negligent in sharing my plans with her.

Stand up, my dear.

Turn around.

The robe.

Elizabeth, Mr. Johnson, was my late daughter's best friend.

I've known her since she was 16 years old.

Her beauty is a blessing and also a curse.

Turn around, dear.

What Brian fails to understand is that such a woman does not fear pain.

She doesn't like pain but she does not fear it.

-May I put the robe back on? -Go ahead.

What such a woman fears is disfigurement.

Look at this face.

What Elizabeth fears is to be ugly.

A deep scar from here to here, perhaps with the blade of a dull knife that no surgeon, however skilful, could repair.

You fear ugliness.

Am I right, Elizabeth?


With a man such as you, Mr. Johnson, it's simpler.

You want to live. Yes?


So, for your betrayal, and your failure,

I sentence you to disfigurement, and you, Mr. Johnson, to death.

But I suspend my sentence.

You are both on parole.

How do we get off parole, Don Huertero?

You bring me Z, alive.

You have three days.

How'd his daughter die?

She killed herself.

Hi, fellas.

If only you were as competent in other areas as you are with your wine, Brian.

I cannot tolerate a man who raises his hand to a woman.

There is just no excuse.


How long you think that body's been there?

Oh, two, three hours.

-You thirsty? -Sí, por favor.


Don't suppose any of your men saw who dumped the body here, huh?

They were all on their coffee break.

This is Mexico.

-This looks like the work of Don Huertero. -Yeah.

That's his style. He's got a temper, that one.

So, are you sure your Bobby Z was at the hacienda?

Yeah, I think so.

Well, maybe he's somewhere here in the dump.

I don't think I'm that lucky.

What if I was to find him for you?

Well, I would appreciate that very much, Jorge.

How much very?

5 grand, U.S.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say 5? I meant to say 10.

I got bosses.


You think he made it to the mountainside?

Well, he was a Marine.

Big, bad Boom Boom.

Where are you?

We're having a wake for Mad Dog. What do you want?

I want Kearney dead. Every day without a body costs me money.

Now, pay attention.

Are you listening to me, Boom Boom?

I'm listening.

Gruz, if you're lying to me, I'll kill you.

Just talked to Gruz.

Did he find Kearney?

He says Kearney's headed for the San Diego mountains.

I want him in pieces.

Tiny little pieces.

I got a beautiful package all ready for delivery.

But there ain't gonna be much of him left.

Do it.

Now you're moving too fast for me, kid.

Does it hurt?


Hey, good afternoon.

What it is.

This your place?


Yeah? You...

Excuse me, you got a first-aid kit, by chance?

-Yeah. -Yeah?

And I'd like to get one of these cabins for the night.

60 bucks.

What happened to your foot?

-And this old car right here, is that yours? -Yeah.

-Does it run? -It's all right.

You wanna sell it?

All right, I'm gonna get some shoes and some food and make a phone call, and I'll be right back, okay?

You're dumping me?

No, I'm not dumping you.

I just don't know who's out there.

I don't want you to be in any more jeopardy than you have to be, all right?

I'm not scared of jeopardy.

-What are you doing? Get back in the cabin. -No.

Do what I say and get back in the damn cabin.

You're not the boss of me.

-Get back in the cabin, Kit! -Oh, so you do know my name.

-Of course, I know... -This is the first time you've ever used it.

Shall we?

I'm going with you!

What grade are you in?

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?

Well, my mom was always going back and forth across the border.

She was either drunk or stoned, so I haven't been going to school.

How old are you right now?

I'm gonna be 12 the day after tomorrow.

You have any friends?

Do you?

You wanna be friends?


Okay, maybe.

-Is it okay? -Yeah, it'll be fine.

I got two different size boots.

One pair is a couple of sizes bigger than the other, so it'll work.

-Yeah. -Hey, it's me.

-Bobby. -Z?


-Who the hell is this? -It's me.

Where you been?

Hey, where haven't I been?

You sound different.

Yeah, I am different.

You haven't seen the inside of a Thai prison.

Yeah, I heard.


Where are you? I'll have someone get you.

How about... Let's meet somewhere in public.

I can't, bro, I'm on my boat.

I need a passport and some cash.

-Come over to my house tomorrow at 1:00. -Yeah, that's fine.

I'm looking for a man.

Short hair, blue eyes, with a kid, about 11, 12 years old.

Hadn't seen him.

Yep, they're here.

So, who taught you how to fight like that?

I knew different guys who fought different styles and I just trained real hard.

Can you teach me how to fight like you?

Man, the best thing to do is just walk away from that stuff.

Come on. You know. Guy offers me candy.

All right, man, if somebody offers you candy, this is what you're gonna do.

You want to square up with him as best as you can, all right?

-Square up. -Yeah. And you...

Idea is you wanna drive this knee into his sack about as hard as you can.

Catch him off guard. Yeah, right in the sack.

Square with him like this and just drive it home.

Just drive it home.

-Like that. -Do it again, do it again, do it again.

That's it.

-That's it, that's perfect. Yeah. -I like that.

Kit, get away from the door.

Get away from the door, Kit!

Down. Get down!

No! Don't kill me! Don't kill me!

Don't! Don't! Please don't kill me.

Don't you do it! Don't kill me, man.

Please! Please don't kill me!

Please don't kill me, man, please. Please.


Hey, give me the keys to your bike.

What do you want?

Girl, where you been? I've been trying to reach you.

-Been busy. -Oh, they got phones in Mexico.

Bobby's back, you know.

-I heard. -I need a line on Z.

I need to know what he's doing, what he's thinking, hear?

-I don't even know where he is. -Oh, he'll find you.

And when he does, you're gonna play it exactly like I tell you.

You understand?


If I deliver Bobby, I'm off the hook.

I never hear from you again.

I'll be waiting for your call, sugar.

-When did you get back? -This morning.

Sorry I wasn't here. I was out on the boat.

-So, who were you talking to? -Oh, I was just checking on Kit.

I left him with some friends so we could be alone.

How is he?

He's growing up.

You're never gonna believe who I got a call from today.


I thought he was in Thailand.

Well, I guess he's back.

Said he needed some cash and a passport.

I told him to come by tomorrow, we'd work something out.

Maybe it's time we just get out of here.

You know, take the boat, just disappear.

That'd be nice.

Hey, you Bobby Z?

Yeah, man, I am Bobby Z.

Go big or go home.

Drop it in, balls deep. Balls deep.

You want some of this, friend?

Nice bike, man.

-Thank you. -I'll take it.

Keep that... Keep that up front for me, all right?

You got it, I'll put it over there.

-Enjoy the party. -Thanks.

-Go! Go! Go! -Stupid shit.

How you doing?

-Good. -Bobby Zacharias.

-Bobby Z? -Yeah, that's me, man.

Yo, Tim, what's up, man?

No, man, you got me messed up with somebody else.

Tim, stop playing. It's me, Wayne, all right? Dude, I know this cat, man.

-What's up? -I gotta talk to you over here, man.

-What's up, man? -I'm Bobby Z.

-You're who? -Man, today... Today I'm Bobby Z.

-I'm Bobby Z today. -Oh, right.

Oh, okay, all right. You Bobby Z, all right.

Well, feel me on this. If you Bobby Z, I want that watch.

The watch.

All right.

Nice seeing you, Bobby.

Real nice seeing you.

This shit real?

Have a good time.

Where's Kit?

He's at your place.

He's okay.

So, who are you?

How long have you known?

Please. A woman knows who she's making love to.

Why didn't you bust me?

I almost did.

Then you stuck up for Kit.

And you're good in bed.

Better than Bobby?

He's dead.

Heart attack.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

He never cared about anyone but himself.

I'm Tim Kearney.


So, are we good?

Bobby Z.

-Bobby Z. -Yeah, it's me, buddy.

I heard you were in... Thailand.

Yeah, I was.



So, what was the coolest thing about that?

-About Thailand? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.


-Where's... Where's Monk? -He's upstairs.

Yeah, you know, he has a boat.

Is it big?

He sells great weed for cash. What do you think?

He ripped off Don Huertero and blamed it on me.

-I mean, Bobby Z. I gotta talk to him. -Not a good idea.

Why, he won't believe that I'm Bobby?

No, he's not usually that fucked up this early in the day.


What do you want?

Don't that look like Boom Boom's bike over there?

Son of a bitch.

-Kearney in there? -Yeah, hold on, cowboy.

Wrong time, wrong place.

I just wanted to let you know Kearney was here.

Now, you be careful about how you take him out, hear?

I don't wanna see you end up like your brother Mad Dog.

Oh, thank you.

Thank you for the concern, Officer.

But Kearney ain't slitting my throat with no license plate and neither are you.

Yeah, I heard about your young partner getting his head blown off at the border.

-You heard about that? -I heard about that.

-Terrible thing. -Yeah.

You wanted to get rid of all the eyewitnesses, didn't you?

You're a typical cop. No honor. No loyalty.

You scum-sucking pig.

Who's paying you?

You really do have a vivid imagination, don't you, Duke?

Yeah. I imagine that when I'm done with Kearney,

I'm coming for you.

Well, you come on now.

I will be anxiously awaiting you.

So, who's that asshole?

Some clown pretending to be Bobby.

That's just the kind of shit that drives Z crazy.


Bobby's dead.

-He is? -Yeah.

That's cool.

So, what're we gonna do about this wannabe?


We'll be gone before it matters.

What about Monk?

Took care of it. Come on, I wanna go to the beach.

-I need to see Kit. -Okay.

Why don't you just tell Don Huertero that it was all a setup and that Bobby's dead?

No, he wouldn't believe me. There's been too much spilled blood.

Besides, I got DEA and bikers on my ass, not to mention Monk.

I just gotta get the hell out of the damn country.

How are you gonna do that?

Bobby Z enemies, Bobby Z problems, I need Bobby Z cash.

The great Bobby Z, the legend.

Come in.

Your son?


Did you think you could just take my millions and get away?

You and your friend, Monk?

Let's go get your money. Doesn't involve them. Let them go.

Let's go down to the marina right now. It's on the boat...

Shut up! Don't try to be brave.

You steal from me, you destroy my daughter.

You are a pig.

You used her like a whore and tossed her aside.

She killed herself after that.


-No! -Shut up!

A child for a child.

-He's not my kid. -Yes, I am!

-No, he's not my kid. -Yes, I am!

-He's not my kid! -You don't deserve to have a kid this brave.


No, don't. Don't.

Don't do it! Don't do it!

He's your grandson!

Look at him!

Look at him!

Look at his eyes! Look at his skin! Look at his mouth!

Don't you see Angelica?

She was pregnant!

That's why she ran. She was afraid of you!

She ran away to have that baby.

And Olivia was supposed to take him, but Olivia couldn't take care of herself, so the poor kid came to me.

And when I saw a chance for him to get away, I let him go, so he wouldn't end up like his mother!

My grandson?

Nico, get him inside the car.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

You let him go or I'll kill every man in this room.

The great Bobby Z, the legend.


Where the hell you been?

-I'm going ape-shit in this place. -Whoa, partner, I've been busy.

-You've been busy? -Yeah.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck in this hole where room service is the Burger King on the corner.

I'm a vegan, Gruz.

Relax, Bobby.

-Relax? -Relax.

This place doesn't even have cable, man. I'm missing volleyball.

Well, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, Mr. Zacharias, but like I say, I've been busy.

Dealing with cops, handling the Monk.

I got Tim Kearney out there, leaving a trail of bodies behind him like Little Johnny Stiff-seed.

I got motorheads blowing things sky high, not to mention Don Huertero's people.

Man, I don't give a shit about inconvenience, I don't give a shit about Don Huertero's people, or Monk, or the cops, or motorheads.

I just care that all these guys think I'm dead. And you're past due, Gruz.

-Do you want your money? -Oh, hell, yeah, I want my money.

I wanna give you your money.

But you gotta show me a body that these guys think is me, man.

I'm working on it.

-You're working on it. -Yeah.

All you had to do was kill Kearney at the border like we planned.

It would've been so simple.

Look, I had him in my sights. The son of a bitch tripped.

-What do you want me to tell you? -I want you to tell me Kearney is dead.

Monk's girlfriend is taking care of it tonight.

No shit?

No shit.

And she'll have Monk on the boat in the morning if you wanna settle that score.

Did you know you had a kid?

-No shit? -No shit.

-With who? -Does it matter?

Not really.

Happy birthday.

-Hey. You're here early. -I'm anxious.

No, you mean eager. Anxious implies anxiety.

-Nervousness. -I'm anxious.

Why? I've got plenty of cash.

Going some place even Huertero can't find us.

Huertero's dead.

This week just keeps getting better and better.


Wait, if Huertero's dead and Bobby's dead, why are we running?

You're not.

We are.

Now, get out of here.

Come on, man.

Let me have my cash.

I worked damn hard to steal that money.

Seriously, dude, you're just gonna let me walk out of here?

I've got everything I want.

Definitely not Bobby Z.

Not even close.

-Just take care of her, would you? -Don't worry, he will.

I was talking about my boat.

-What're you doing? -I'm rehabilitated.

Hey, Kearney!

Go downstairs.

-There? -No, go downstairs.

-What about you? -I'll be right back.

-Hey! Hey! Hey! -Put it to the side!

-Kearney! -Put it to the side!

Go up there and get him! I'll block him off!

-Don't move, Kearney! -Look, man, I'm Bobby Z.

I don't have any beef with you guys. I don't know why you're shooting at me.

-Look, man, I'm Bobby Z. -You're not Bobby Z, you're Kearney, punk.

Shut up.

-Would you put your gun down? -Shut your mouth.

Wait a minute. We can work this out.

That bitch lied to me.

Oh, I see what the mix-up is. You're looking for Kearney.

Oh, well, shit, that's him right there, in the back of the car with Gruz.

-Hey, Kearney! -What'd he just say?

He said he's you. God damn.

Come on out from behind that backseat.

Hello, Tim?

Someone's in the backseat of that car.

There's your friend right there.

Get out of the car, both of you! Now!

Hey, I'm sorry, Tim!

What do we do?

Get out of the car, do like the man says, but be cool, Bobby.

Just be cool.


That's Kearney!

Oh, wait. Wait, wait, wait.

-Shoot him! -That's Tim Kearney right there!

-That's Kearney! -That's Kearney!

No, I'm Bobby Z! That's Kearney!

Shoot his ass!

-I'm Bobby Z! -Oh, nice try, Tim!

See, he's a terrible liar, so shoot him.

I'm me! Come on, shoot him!

That's Kearney! Hey, my favorite color’s yellow.

-That's Kearney right there! -I hate football!

Gruz! You shut up! Who is this?

I'm the real Bobby Z! I'm the legend!



Jump, Dad, jump!

Hey, son!

Shoot him!

-Shoot him! -Come on, you idiots, shoot him!

Jump! Come on!

Wait a minute, Kearney doesn't have any kids.

Kearney doesn't have a kid!

Hey, hey, don't shoot me, don't... I'm a federal agent, God damn it!

Beat by a loser.

Jump, hurry up! Jump!

Jump, Dad, jump!

Go-time, baby!

Jump, Dad, hurry!

And that's how Tim Kearney, a three-time loser from Palmdale, came to the Gold Coast and became Bobby Z.

I know. I know, give me a break.

I mean, the man is not Poseidon and he's not Neptune.

But I'll tell you something else.

He's got the boat, he's got the girl, and he's got a big bag full of cash!

And down here along the Gold Coast, folks, that's what we call a legend.