Boca do Lixo (2010) Script

King of Boca?


No, never.

Boca has no king.

Boca never had a king.

And if it ever did, it's me.


Hiroito, open up.

Come on, open up.

Hiroito. Hiroito. Hiroito, open up.

Let's go, kid. Let him be.

Bom Retiro Red Light District, Sao Paulo, 1 952

My first encounter with a prostitute happened when l was in year 8.

Osmar, my best friend at the time, was the one who took me there.

My first visit with a whore, when the red-light district was still open, took place without the police interfering with my intentions.

And I liked it.

I mean, I Iiked it a Iot.

From that day on, if l had the necessary 5 bucks, l would immediately go to Itaboca and Aimorés Streets and stroll past those window displays where a multitude of women of all kinds offered themselves.

It's true that the act of Iove there, in the condition of a paying customer, was nothing more than a mechanical act, without any trace of romance.

ln those horrible days, the bachelors did not have access to the enormous variety of women that are out there today.

Those were difficult times.

The closing of the red-light district and the relocation of all the women to the hotel area of Campos Elíseos did not appease my young male instincts, it just changed my direction.

Come here, darling.

How much do you charge?

Nothing. l don't take customers at this hour.

What do you mean?

Are you going to turn me down? Look, l pay well. l said it's not business hours.

Excuse me, l have a lot of things to do.

-You playing hard to get? -Hey! What the hell?

Hey, beautiful, you playing hard to get?

Leave me alone, you pig!

Let go of me! Get away!

-Let me go! Get away! -Are you nervous? Shameless whore.

Let me go!

-Let me go, you wretch! -Shameless whore.

-You nervous, fucking whore? -Get away!

l'm going to shoot. l'm going to shoot!

No, l've had enough.

You eat. You're so skinny.

No, this is it. This is my thing.

Not for me.

That's enough drinking.

Six drinks.

Six drinks in less than one hour!

Listen to me, Hiroito. lf your mother is patient and treats you well, that's her problem, but l'm watching you.

You don't do anything.

You just eat, drink and sleep!

And read!

Read to cure the hangover!

Listen to me.

Tell me something.

How do you get so much money for your parties?

Well... l work, at night.

You work? At night?

l work in the same line of business as you, beverages. l'm just starting.

Actually, l control the menu of some downtown restaurants. l wanted to talk to you about that later.

What restaurant, for example?

We'll talk about that later, Dad. ln private, at your office, l'll take an appointment with you. l haven't got the time now.

-Excuse me, Mom. -Take care, my son.

How much is it?

One hour, 1 ,000 bucks, plus 300 for the room.

1 ,000 plus 300.

Too expensive.

Can you give me a discount?

There is no discount. l'll tell you what, then.

Everybody in the same room, right, Osmar?

Yeah, we're old friends.

We've known each other since we were kids. Come on.

No way. Who do you think we are?

And now, the police news.

Today, July 8, 1957, the body of Greek entrepreneur Dr Gilberto Joanides was found.

He was brutally murdered with a knife.

The scene of the crime was the victim's office, on Andradas Street at the corner of Timbiras Street.

The deputy in charge of the police department's newly created homicide unit promised the public the case would be solved as soon as possible.

Amaral, l want you to bring me this son of a bitch.

We are going to inaugurate this place in style.

All right.


Your turn.

Where were you when your father was murdered?

Why? Am l a suspect now? l'm the one asking questions here! l was at home, reading. ls it true that you've killed someone else before your father? l didn't kill my father!

l'm talking about the other homicide, two months ago.

l was acquitted. lt was self-defence.


Do you know how many bullets you shot at the guy in self-defence?



Good morning, my name is Péricles, l'm a reporter for the Diário da Noite.

Can l talk to you? l can't now.

The police are talking about patricide.

What do you have to say? l would never kill my father.

We can talk later.

Look, here's my card, give me a call. l really want to hear your version of the facts.

Thank God!

What did they do to you? You're all bruised, my son! What happened? lt's all right, Mom. lt's all right.

The killer is going to show up and everybody will shut up.

Don't you worry.

-lt's nothing to me. -Hiroito.


You're coming home now, aren't you? l don't know, Dolores.

We need you here.

Who knows?

Some journalists called looking for you.

How absurd!

That's disrespectful.

Mrs Yuki, please.

Okay, l'll go get her.

You can come in.

Chubby, bring bag.

May l?

Good one.

Here, look.


Fucking hell, Jap, you really suck.

Here, look. Like this.

Do you really suck or are you blind?


l said l'm not Japanese, you son of a bitch!

Come on, shoot!

Shoot, son of a bitch!

But don't hit the lamp!

Come here with us.

What's up?

Put that down, kid. l'm going to pretend l didn't see that.

My name is Hiroito. What's yours?


Cool name.

Listen, Vicente, where's your mother? l don't have a mother.

What do you mean? Everybody's got a mother. l ran away. She beat me too much.

l'm going to be nice to you. l don't know why, but l like you.

-You're hungry? -Yeah. l'll tell you what, come with me and l'll give you some food, and you need to take a bath too.

You stink. Looks like you fell in a shithole.

Come with me.

-You thirsty, kid? -Yeah.

That's good.

You have an ugly face.

Do you know that song they play on the radio?

-Which one? -This one.

l do.

Let's go.

Telma, where's Suely?

She's not coming.


That girl never shows up! l'll tell you what, if she doesn't show up tomorrow, fire her.

Actually, even better, fire her anyway.

She's not even a good fuck!

Well, that l don't know.

Listen, have the goods arrived?

Everything is downstairs.

Come on, kid.

lt's early. Get up.

Put that box away.

You make little bundles, like this.

Wrap that with paper. That's all.

Let me know when you finish.

Zé, a double espresso, please.

Coming up.

New girl on the block?

What's your name, darling?


Nice to meet you. l'm Hiroito.

Have you heard about me?

You work for Telma, right?

No, Telma works for me.

You should do the same, if you're smart.

lt's a safe business.

Women who work here without security or protection don't get anywhere.

Boca do Lixo will swallow you really fast.

Are you done for the day?

Who knows?

Do you want to get out of the streets?

What are you talking about?

Now that you'd put me on the streets?

Do you want to marry me?

Long live the groom!

Buddy, tell Nelsinho that Hiroito is here.

That way, please.

Hiroito de Moraes Joanides.

l'm curious to know why l deserve the honour of your visit.

Business, my friend, excellent business! l believe that, in some circumstances, joining together can be convenient, even for competitors. l like your bar.

Nice establishment. l like the girls too.


Tell me what this is about.

Toxics, in great quantity.

Actually, a lot of marijuana.

A friend of mine, a police detective, told me when and where someone is buying all that stuff.

The idea is to strike and rob the wretch. l need your help. l want back-up, people who know how to shoot, like you and your guys. lsn't that right, Osmar? l'll tell you one thing. lf all goes well, it's going to be great, guaranteed. l don't know.

l need to talk to that policeman. l'll bring him here.

Now, after the conversation, please be so kind as to offer him a really hot girl so he can leave this place happy.

Thinking of the stars.

Stars and cash!

-How much have you got there? -Three hundred kilos.

Write that down and l will weigh some more.

lt's you!

l brought you a gift.


lt's so beautiful.

lt fits perfectly.

How many kids do you want to have with me?


You better watch out.

Yeah, right.

What, then, is commonly understood by "truth"?

This word that is so sublime and yet so worn out and wasted refers to what constitutes the true while being true.

What does it mean to be true? l feel like a pirate. lt's all ours.

-Look at this, Alaíde. -How much is this worth?

You look ridiculous.

No way, you're cute.

-Thanks. -Come here, my delicious, come, give me a kiss, Queen of Boca!

Turn it up.

Here, look. Here's some meat.

Let's go.


Hey, kid, wait there.

-Stop, kid! -Come, Honório, run!

Stop there, kid. Stop!

-Come on, Honório. -Stop there, kid!

Stop there, kid!

Everything all right, Dr Honório?

Thank God.

You can open the briefcase and check it out, Chief.

Apparently, it's all good.

There is something else l wanted to talk to you about.

Something happened?

You're taking care of a boy, right?

What did he get into?

Get up, you brat.

Get up, you little delinquent. Get up.

Listen to me, do you want to end up in juvie?

-l didn't do anything. -That's bullshit, kid!

Next time you call that dog Honório, l'll beat you up, you hear me?

You hear me?

Get away!

Listen, go ahead upstairs. l'm going to the ladies' room, okay?

Do you have a piece of paper?

Tell me, what do you want?

Come here, l wanna kiss you, come.

Kiss? Kissing is hard.

-Come here. -Then kiss me, you crazy, kiss me.

Kiss your man, kiss.

What a delicious kiss.

Now l want to see cash.

-l want to see a lot of cash. -You want money, huh?

-l do. -Want money?

Then here you go. Money! Money! Money!

Come here.


Where the hell have you been, you dog?

What a shitty friend. lt had to be you?

You son of a bitch.

Damn you.

Wake up.

Unbelievable. There was a litre of lavender.


-Who is it? -That cop, Ari.

Come, Nair.


How are you?

We are going to make little incursions in other zones, also with cocaine.

We'll see if it's lucrative.

Not many people have tried it around here.

And people who try it won't stop any more.

We will be very discreet about it.

We'll only use the veteran girls. You got it?

Even Nelsinho's area, Hiroito?

All of them, no exceptions.

The ends justify the means.

You really don't want to stay for dinner, Son?

No, Mom, l have to go.

Are you sure you don't need money?

No, my son, l'm all right.

What l really want is to stop seeing your face in the papers.

That's absurd, Mom. lt's all lies!

That's just to sell more newspapers!

You can't have a profitable business or everybody calls it dirty.

You know very well the quiet life l have with Alaíde.

The police have nothing better to do than use me as a scapegoat.

You have no idea how that pisses me off, Mom.

l have to go.

The gangster Hiroito de Moraes Joanides, known as King of Boca do Lixo, has just been accused of stealing an enormous shipment of marijuana that was under police custody.

That means even the police in this country fall prey to thugs.

In a few moments, we wiII have an interview with the police chief who is investigating the crime.

Stay tuned.

Hi, honey!

Get in!


l have 50 joints here.


Beginning of next week, l'll come back and you'll pay me.

All right, but l might need more before then. lt's been busy here. lf you need more, let me know.

And this is a little gift for you.

Enjoy it, because this pot is the best!


Talk to Hiroito, Telma.

We've been friends since we were little.

The spot is great, the business is worth it.

Ask him for a vote of confidence. l'll see what l can do, but l won't promise you anything, Osmar.

He's pissed off with you.

Where is Hiroito? l haven't seen him in a while.

That's bullshit! lt will be better and faster if you talk. l didn't do anything. l'm a customer, so what? l'm just hanging out, enjoying the girls. ls there a problem?

Don't be so cynical!

You are going to be arrested for drug trafficking and procuring.

But before that, l'm going to ask again, where is Hiroito? l don't know, l swear.

You swear?

Take this lesbian straight to jail.

What about you? You also know nothing, saw nothing, know nobody... l was just passing by and decided to drop in. This isn't fair.

-l'm not even a customer... -Listen to me, Osmar, l know your police record very well, my friend. l know that you've been doing business with Hiroito.

Anyway, what are you doing here?

Exactly, l...

l just came by to say hello.

To say hello, huh?

You're going to say hello to your lawyer at the police station. Let's go.



Honestly, l think you should get out of town, spend some time away.

Look, have you seen the size of your police record?

No kidding, it must be 1 0 metres long, at least!

Things are heating up.

Soon they're going to be all over me.

They're going to investigate me and all that. l'd like to see you get away with it then. lt's just for some time, until things calm down. l don't know. lt's a lot to leave behind.

What guarantee do l have that some son of a bitch won't mess with me, take my dealing locations, my girls, everything?

Do you have a choice?

Come here, give me a kiss, come.

lt's just for a little while. l already made contacts here.

What contacts, Hiroito?

Look, l don't want to go to jail.

Me neither!

What do you think?

That's why we're taking time off.

Don't you think l wanna get a job?

Alemão even got me some papers, a work registration card already signed and registered. You know?

Registered where?

Everything is going to be fine, my love.

Come here.

Curitiba, damn!

No, Telma, screw him!

Am l going to have scruples now with competitors?

You can sell the stuff there, yeah, just don't let them know that it's mine.

Tell everyone that if someone is arrested and talks, he dies!

All right, call me tomorrow.


-How are you? -l'm good.

And Hiroito, where is he? ln the Curitiba Detention Centre, but he will be transferred to São Paulo soon.

So, that's the honest life you were going to have in Curitiba?

About the apartment, what happened?

You know what? lt's really busy, believe it or not!

Shall we go?

You can come back in half an hour. We're not open yet.

Give me that gun, you prick!

Tell your fucking husband that l know that he's invading my area and bribing my women!

Tell him that he won't live very long when he comes out ofjail, you hear me?

What's going on?

Nothing, Nair, go back inside. This is my business!

No, l'm gonna stay! l'm telling you to go, Nair!

You must be confused, that's it. l'm confused, you dirty whore?

Get up! What the hell are you thinking?

You and your whores have 1 0 minutes to clear the area!

You hear me? Go. Move!

This whorehouse is mine now!

And the girls' apartment?

How's it going?

What happened?

What's that face?


Don't be so neurotic.

Something happened. l know you.

What's going on? Tell me.

What happened, Alaíde? Tell me.

Tell me, Alaíde!

Hello, Carlito? lt's me.

l know.

All right. Do what l'm telling you.

Take that friend of yours...

The Miss Petrópolis, whatever, ex-Miss Petrópolis.

Okay, l'll see you at Dad's.

One more thing, tell Osmar to be there too. l have an interesting business proposal for him.

All right, l'll see you there.

There she comes.

Here you are. l can finally introduce you to my friend who came to live in São Paulo.

Silvia, Hiroito, Osmar. lt's a pleasure to meet you.

The pleasure is mine. Please.


So, what made you move to another city?

Money, of course.

Then we're going to get along very well.

Especially if it's true that you never miss your target.

What will you have to drink?

A dry martini.

Hiroito. Easy, man. l'm not armed, look. l just want to talk.

Do l know you? l'm Robertinho. Telma told me to come talk to you.

What do you want, kid? l want to work for you. l'm a driver and, honestly, the best out there.

That's his car.

That's him. Stop the car!

Stop the car, fuck! Stop the car!

Let's go, this guy's crazy!

Let's go!

The mayor wants me to stop this shit!

And me, what do l do?

Look, Doctor, l'm not giving up on catching Nelsinho!

Not even if my mother begs me on her knees!

Things are getting complicated, and it's gonna get ugly for you!

You're so intelligent and you behave like a moron!

What makes you think he won't kill you first?

Things are changing around here, Boca is changing, and it will change even more!

Things will get tough, my friend.

The no man's land is long gone!

Get that in your head!

Sit down, Chief.

-Do you like my new business? -Beautiful.

Neusa, go get the scotch for us.

Go take a little walk.

Here is half of the money. l'll give you the rest when we set up the trap.

To peace in Boca!


And love!

...through the left side. He tries to go in.

He tries to pass to Manuelzinho and then passes to Da Silva.

From Da Silva to Beirute. Beirute advances, aImost inside the area. the crossbar and it goes...

Police, hands up!

Get out of the car.

Hands on the car.

Spread your legs.

Go, Andrade, search the car!

Laércio saved it because he was well-positioned and in great shape.

Joaquinzinho, number 3, will take a corner kick.

And Mignon Alva gives the go-ahead. He kicks. Dangerous ball...

There must be 20 kilos here, Sergeant.

Beautiful, huh? That's a lot of pot.

Take them, Valdeci.

lt's unbelievable.

Who was the animal that snitched this time? l don't know, but with the amount they found, we're going to rot here.

Sit down.

How is Alaíde doing?

Very well.

l'm nice today, l'm going to let you go, but on one condition.

How much?

This, and another thing.


You have to leave Nelsinho alone.

He promised to give you the apartment back.

How much did Nelsinho pay you?

Nothing, not one cent.

-That's a lie! -This is between you and me. lt's very simple, Emperor.

You take it or leave it.

No way. lt's the money or the peace deal, you choose! l'm letting you get away with a huge offence and you want to dictate the terms!

Look, if l could choose, l would rather pay you and kill that nigger son of a bitch. ls that so?

Then l'm gonna go for peace.

Do you know why?

Because l'm good man.

When were you released?

Just now.

You have no shame.

Look at you, Hiroito.

You are never satisfied.

l think we can have about 1 0 girls working here if we divide the rooms.

Yes, but we will have only new people, pretty girls, well-groomed.

Silvinha knows where to find them.

That's easy. lf they have potential, l'll take care of them. l want to show you something.



Wait. Just a moment.

-What happened? -Wait.

You're joking.

l have to go.

lf you leave, you don't have to come back.

Actually, you can go live there with Rosana.

That's nonsense.

And now the police news.

An arrest warrant was issued for the delinquent Hiroito Joanides de Moraes...

Wait. one of the countless cases in which he is involved.

The population demands the immediate arrest of the famous gangster.

-The judiciary has done its part... -l've got to disappear.

...issuing the arrest warrant.

-l have to disappear. -Now it is in the hands of the police.

We now return to our regular programme, Music for Listening and Dreaming.

Alaíde is going to help you.

Give me that shit.


l'm done. l'll get a cab and meet you in half an hour.




Not one letter, one note, nothing!


Wow! lt's been a while, good-looking.

You're famous now, huh?

-We got a new shipment... -l'm not here for that. l'm in a hurry, the police are after me.

-Where is Alaíde? -l don't know.

You're hanging out with Nair, right?

Tell your little friend that l'm gonna fill her with bullets if she doesn't tell me where Alaíde is. l'm not gonna say that again, you know me.

Calm down, big boy. l swear l don't know, but maybe l can find out for you.

You have just one day.

One day.

You're screwed, Hiroito.

You're screwed!

Fucking shit, you're screwed, and my building is surrounded by cops.

What are you going to do now?

What are we going to do? l'm going to tell you just one thing. lf l go to jail because of you, l'll kill you!

Be quiet, otherwise l can't think, shit!

Drink your whisky and leave me alone.

How abusive. Son of a bitch.

You're really cunning, huh?

You're really cunning, it's unbelievable.

And l always fall in that trap.

Silvia, my darling, l need your help.

The police are here downstairs. l'll tell you what, send a car over with three girls and one of our drivers.

Okay, all right!

-Good evening. -Good evening.

Hey, you! Stop there.

Against the wall. Against the wall!

Against the wall!

Search him.

Let's go, hurry.

Get this car out of here.

Here you go, my little doll.

To Silvia, forever our Miss Petrópolis!

Give me a cigarette.

What time is it?


Turn the radio on, will you?

That music sucks. Turn it off.

-Who's that? -Relax, Hiroito, she's a good friend of mine. She's going to help us, trust me.

Help us?

Help us how, exactly?

Show him, Clarinha.

Hi, how are you?

Check this out.

l need to get away for some time, too. lf l go with you, it's ours.

Listen up, girl.

Are you a minor, by any chance?

No, l'm not. Here.

lt looks like l have to refer you to a better forger.

How old are you?

Age is a matter of perspective.

Can we have a drink now, or are you going to tell the judge?

Let's get out of here, quick. And you, get ready.

That's a treasure.

The two months that these two kids and I spent together on the run was the craziest time of my life.

The absurd became routine. lt was perhaps the beginning of the end of my rule in Boca do Lixo.


Hiroito, open up.

Come on, open up.

Hiroito, Hiroito, open up.

Let's go, kid. Let him be.

l was outside calling you for ages.

Gosh, you are really pale!

You should take a break from that shit.

Where is Robertinho?

-Our vacation is over. -Yeah.

Now that it has gotten better.

You're not a bad driver, are you?

Wait, we're not going to have a last drink?

l know, l know. You don't have to say that.

Let me tell you something. l will sit here quiet, hiding, not doing anything, and you promise me they'll go easy on my arrest warrant.

All right. l'll call you tomorrow.

Who is it? lt's me.

l heard that you were looking for me.

What's that?

Now you can leave.

What? lsn't that what you wanted?

Get ready while l call a cab for you.

When will they let you go?

l'm going to let myself go today.

You're crazy.

You have to wait more. You still look sick.

Right, Clarinha?


What happened?

What's that face?

Tell me, damn it!

l'm going to tell you the truth, Hiroito.

While you were on the run, Osmar was stealing money from that new whorehouse of yours.

We know that for sure.

Lowlife son of a bitch!

l was an idiot.

-Give me a cigarette. -No way.

Give me that shit!

Son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch!

What is it?

Get out!

Is it better to be Ioved than feared, or vice versa?

We wish to be both, but how difficult it is to muster the qualities to achieve that.

It's much safer to be feared than Ioved, should you have to fail at one of them.

lt's Osmar.

Let's go upstairs.

What a screw-up, Hiroito.

Why did you do that? l already know.

You think you're above everything and everyone.

Above the law!

And you're gonna get me like this, behind my back?

What are you going to do now?

Go on the run again? lt would be the same as suicide.

What do you want from me?

Nothing. l pity you.

But you are still going to continue feeding on this contaminated blood. lt was this same blood that fed you for so many years. lt was this carcass that paid for your grand private party.

You parasite.

How disgusting.

How arrogant you are. l don't give a damn what you think of me.

This time not even a miracle will get you out ofjail.

Enough with this bullshit.

What are you waiting for to handcuff the guy?

lt's not going to end like this.

It was coId, and not the kind of cold from which flesh can give us relief.

lt cut like the cold, sharp blades of knives in a butcher shop.

But you didn't come to see my downfall.

And l went out as if rejecting everything, an old casket carrying remains, taking to the tomb only the carcass, the unique parchment of the skin, and the fateful rattle of the bones.

Hiroito spent 7 years in jail and was released on parole in 1 970.

He wrote the book this film is based on.

He died in São Paulo in 1 992.