Boggy Creek (2010) Script

Stop! God damn it!

Dumb ass, you pulls up your crime scene like that you're gonna contaminate the damn evidence.

Oh my God!

Oh yeah!

Looks like the kid is ripped ... apart.

It's Casey Gotrea and his daddy.

You know what did this, don't you?

You don't want to hear that ignorant shit, Mark.

I mean you and me both of us know what did this, Sheriff I'm out .....

When you finished with what you're doing there, call the Coroner's office and get him out here.

I forgot to take, Sheriff.

You still don't believe how many dead bodies ...


We're all packed. Do you want to know where? Here we come.

Let's go to my home. I've got to shower.

Um Jen. -Yeah.

I have a little confession to make.

What did you do this time?

Remember when I told you my father's godson was staying with us for a few weeks?

Yeah, Dave or something ... you said your dad was like helping him with career planning stuff.


I invited him to stay with us at the cabin for a couple of nights.

But only for a couple of nights.

And then the rest of the week, it'll just be me and you, and we'll just hang and do girl's stuff.

You know. Have fun.

Maya. This isn't supposed to be a party.

I know. And I know I should have asked you first.

But he really needs some time away.

He's been through some shitty stuff.

He's just as confused as you are, But he doesn't have a mom like you, to attend to, you know.

He's pretty lost.

You think I can talk to my mom. Yeah. Why not?

Mom's great, Jen. I don't understand why you hate her so much.

Are you mad? Shit! You're mad.


I'm not mad. You know I can't be mad at you.

You're going to love him. He's really cool.

And he's smart like you, not to mention he's smokin' hot.

Maybe the two of you could, you know ... hang out.

I don't think so.

Well, he is cute.

If he wasn't in fact my brother, I'll probably do him.

I'm sure you will, Maya.

Bitch. Slut.

Hey ya, the way I see it ... it will be good for you.

You've always been such a loner.

Plus, with me going away to school next month.

Anyway, being around someone besides me might help draw you out of your funk.

It's only a couple of days. Cause you are cute.

Who's that girl?

I have no clue.

Hey sweetie. How you guys doing? Okay.

Guess we beat you here. Guess so.

Jen, this is Dave. Dave, this is Jennifer.

Hey Jen, how are you doing? Good. Okay.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah, and I brought my friend, Brook.

Who is she? You never mentioned a girl.

This is the girl I'm seeing. You won't even know she is here.

It is okay, right? Oh, the more the merrier.

So. What is there to do around here?

Uhh, there's canoeing, we can rent a bike.

Skinny dip, You can bake in the sun.

Just saying it's quicker. Good work.

Want to do it again? Ok, to the tree and back.

Okay, on your mark, get set, go.

Same time if you're tired. We'll do more once your breath pick up a bit.

Jen, I have to be going. You want to come say bye to me?

Troy, just still take good care of her.

Yes, I will.

I'll be back on Sunday, okay?

I want you to call me every night before you go to sleep, alright sweetie.

Want to give me a hug?

Jen, why don't you want to give me a hug? Come here.

You won't forget to call? No, I won't forget.

Have fun. I will.

Be seeing you. I love you, okay.


Yeah. What was that for?

I just missed you. I just miss you so much.

Oohh. Princess.

Are you there Jen? Hello.

Jen, you okay?

Oh, I'm great. I'm not paying attention. Fine.

Excuse me.

Home sweet home. Oh, my God.

Oh, Gods.

It's nice. Very nice.

Is there a hotel around here?

Don't let the door hit you in the ass, ok, Hon.

She's kidding, right?

Of course, she is ...duh. Come on, let's go see the bedrooms.

Let's go, pick out our room.

That one is a bedrooms? Yeah, you guys can have this one.

A twin bed?

I'm sure you guys could figure it out.

Hell, there is always a porch you can sleep in next.

It is cool, my gal. How?

God, .. please make daddy and mommy in case I do make up for dad to come back home again ... is that ......


If we're staying late, maybe we should go in town and get some supplies.

I'll make a list for you and Brenda to take to town.

It's Brook. What?

You just called me Brenda, and my name is Brook.

Hey Maya, why don't you just go with them.

You know I'm going to stay here with you?

Actually, I'd rather be alone with me, myself.

Sure. I mean, you are okay being here, right?

Yeah, I'm sure. I'm fine really, sorry just...

Really, it's cool.

Okay. All right guys, let's go.

Welcome, all you in. For whatever you want.

You kids just passing through?

No, we're staying at the cabin on the lake, for a week.

Ma'am I'm sorry but there's something in this water.

Oh dear!

There you go, Hon. All gone.

Our dinner special tonight is fried catfish, french fries and hash browns.

And your choice of large beverage, orange soda, iced tea and beer.

Of course, if you all ask for beer, I'm going have to see what I do.

Um, I guess hush puppies are like fries.

You aren't from around here, are you? -No, not even close.

Of course they're fried, honey. Did you ever hear of baked tush puppies?

I'll just have a cheeseburger and fries. Yeah, me too.

Ahh, make it three cheeseburgers and fries.

All right. Coming up.

I mean, is it just me, or just everyone here seem weird?

No, it's not just you.

Do you think that it's best that we get out, quietly.

Hello, mum.

Well, we're here

I tried to, but

No, it's dead.


Everything but the phone.

That was supposed to be the idea.

No, you don't. You want me to meet you, and I don't.

And I am safe here.

You know what. I have to go. I'll call you when I get some ......

Hello. It's okay.

I'm Dustin. I live in the cabin next door to where you're staying.

Well, you scared the shit out of me. That's right.

Sure you don't want anything? No thank you.

You don't seem like a local. I'm not.

You live here now, though. For now.

Did you realise you're over 10 miles from town, right?

Yah, I remember that. We drove here.

You carry that shotgun with you, everywhere you go?

If you've seen what I've seen, you'd understand.

And what have you seen?

Long story.

Well, I got time. I'm gonna be here all week.

I brought my wife Kay out here, about a year ago.


That was the last time I saw her.

Oh God.

That's horrible.

Did they ever catch him? And it wasn't a man that took her.

Well, if it wasn't a human, then what was it?

Your dad ... never tell you about this place?

You mean like, any other American folklore, right?

If you want to call it that.

Well, I mean, I read up on some of it when as was trying to find out more about the place.

You believe in all that, don't you?

Like I said before Jeniffer, this place isn't safe.

I am really sorry about what happened to your wife.

I really am.

Don't you think ... I don't know ... it's the kind of stuff that people make up in small towns, cut through the bottom .. monsters and stuff.

Let me put it to you like this.

For about 30 years, people in this town, pets, wild animals have been mutilated in these woods.

That's your pattern.

It seems that he mutilates and kills the males and females, it seems he abducts.

Every abduction, every murder has gone unsolved ..

And believe this.

They will continue to go unsolved, as long as it is still out there.

But why just abduct the females?

The creature is very human like us.

Anatomy is very similar to that of a male human.

Very similar.

Close enough that it can breed with the human female.

So yer maybe this small town folks could do even this.

But no one's gonna do anything about that.

There's something in these woods ... that's pure evil.

How do you even want to say that.

All I'm trying to say is ... maybe you should leave, Jennifer.

Okay, it's official. Boggy Creek is a 10.0 on a Creepy Scale.

This place is weird.

That Dustin guy sounds just as weird as those freaks we saw in town today.

Who isn't weird, Bud?

He does think there's something out there in the woods.

Oooohh. Is he hot?


This mysterious cabin guy, Dustin.

I don't know, I have no idea.

He is.

I knew it. Oh, Jen. You have a crush.

He's okay. He's so, so.

You should hook up with him.

If that ... guys I will march right out there and do that.

What? You my pimp?

Jen, I just want you to have some fun. You know ... smile more.

Alright, you guys brought the tent, right?

Mmm hmm.


Look, I got a portable stove, propane, matches. I got everything.

So I think we're good.

You guys aren't going to be all scared and shit out on the woods, will you.

Please I'm just saying, you know ...

I don't want to be the one doing all the work.

We do for an all rough and rough a bit, right?

I like it scared.

But if were up to me, I would just stay here, where there is running water, bath, nice comfortable bed.

How could driving be so damn tiring. I'm exhausted.

I hear that.

Well, you'll sleep like a baby tonight. It is so peaceful out here.

You've got to be kidding me.

You guys mind? We're trying to sleep in here.

Hey, what are you doing? Oh, nothing. Just writing.

So is it sad being here?

Ummm ... yeah.

But it's a good sign.

Good sign?

Yeah like ... I don't know. I missed him so much and while I'm here eventhough he is not here anymore I feel like I'm more near him than I have been in along time...

like that I could ever be. I don't know. It's weird.

Surrounded by his stuff.

I feel like I'm home.

Isn't that crazy?

I feel a little crazy, do you know?

You're not crazy.

You know Jen, I kind of envy what you have with your dad.

I mean, I know he died and all, but you guys were really connected.

That's something I never will and never have with my parents.

We're just, we're just so different.


You know. In a way you're lucky.

Yeah. Maybe.

You know, I don't know how your rotten parents got such a wonderful daughter.

They are crazy. I know, that's why I have you.

That's right. You know that's true.

I love you, girl. -I love you too, Maya.

Thanks for coming with me. Of course.

Even if you had to bring a circus. I'm sorry.

It'll get better, I promise.

You always got to bring a party with you ....

I know right. Hey it's all your .... Good night.

Good night.

Were you just in the woods?

I don't want you in the woods, ever. You understand me young lady?

Cause the woods are very dangerous, sweetie.

No one should go in there.

It's best you don't ... don't go.

What's wrong? I just ... I thought ...

I thought I heard something. I guess ...

You didn't hear anything? No, I didn't hear anything.

Well, I'll just go back to sleep.

Yah ... Just look at their faces.

That was like "Aaahh, Aaahh"

That was a shitty thing to do, Tommy.

Oh, come on, man. Hey, we're on vaca... Remember? Chill!

Now look, if everything is okay, we will go back to bed.

Yah, everything's fine. My boyfriend just has a sick sense of humour.

He is a bit challenged in the maturity department.

Come on, hey. What? Oh, come on babe.

Look, it was just a joke, all right. That's all it was.

You all, two just make the ... have some fun, and loosen up a little bit man, for real.

But you should have seen your faces, Blehhh, Aaahhh.

Behave! I'll be right back.

I'm just getting started. What I need to do is just live a little bit. That's all.

Come on.

Life's too short.

Jen. I am so sorry he did that.

Why, oh, why is he even here?

I wasn't sure he'd come, or else I would have told you.

He had a job just a couple of hours away, and is off work tomorrow, so he want to come and hang out.

But I promise, he's gone by Monday morning.

Cross my heart. Hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye.


Just don't wake me with anymore of your surprises, Maya.

Okay. Good night.


Somebody there? Who is it?

If I could see somebody out there, you think I'll be asking if there's anybody out there.

Don't talk to me like that.

Like what? Like an asshole.


You know, I didn't realize that my fantasy of sleeping with 2 beautiful women will end up like this.


I mean that floor is hard as hell.

Where's Jennifer?

She's probably out running. She does it every morning.

Doesn't she know that leaving us alone like this is dangerous?


Come here, girl.

Klein, call the coroner. Tell him you got another one.

When you're done, just get your pussy ass over here and help me.

Don't be such a scaredy-cat. Get in.

Hey, hey. Stop playing.

I'm not getting in there. Look at it.

Look at all the green stuff floating around.

Like fish poop or something.

Far as I know it can be some green, flesh eating bacterial disease or something like that.

Like you even know what bacteria is. It's just dousy, dumb-ass.

Come on. Jump in.

No, I don't look like I'll ... You can chill black ass ...You gonna jump.

Fine Tommy. ...get even worse. Whatever.

Well, I guess I better just get it over with.

Get it over with.

I can't do it.

I can't. I told you ... It's nasty, huh.

Yeah .... Could not do it.

Watch out.

Do you mind? What's up, baby?

Morning -Morning What you guy's doing, man.

Oh, she thought she was about to get me in that nasty ass water, man.

No, she didn't get it neither, though.

No, it was .....

No, we are not at the beach, guys. I'm not getting in.

Hey, so did she tell to you about that interesting experience at the diner?

Yah, yah. She told me that. That was classic.

Yeah, oh my God. The people in this town are so spooky.

I mean, we walk in the diner, from the moment we walked in, they just stared at us, the whole time.

Yeah. Yeah.

And this old guy was on the porch, I expected him to take out his banjo and just go to work when we walked out.

Hey, I can't do this anymore, Troy.

I can't be doing this.

Remember I said I got to discuss my .....

You made that painfully obvious, girl.

Well, I'm done. I'm finished and mean at this time, I'm going back.

Do you have anything to say?

Well, goodbye baby.

So Jen is pretty bent out of shape about us being here, huh?

No, she's fine.

She doesn't seem fine.

Well, it's kind of my fault. I kind of put her on the spot.

She's just really been a mess after her father dying and all, and I didn't realize she wanted to be here alone.

Now look. Jen is a sweet girl.

She's just got a lot of things she's gonna do right now, that's all.

She'll be all right.

Well, maybe but ...

I'm sorry. That doesn't give you the excuse to be just so bad.

Hey! Watch it girl. That's my best friend you're talking about.

Now you know what?

I actually think it's great that she's actually around people, you know.

I mean, being alone by yourself, being a hermit like that.

That can't be good for nobody.

What happened to her dad, anyway?

He was found on the side of the highway up there. In his running clothes.

They think it was a hit-and-run. Some sort of large vehicle.

When they found him, he was almost unrecognizable.

Shit, that's awful.

I've heard worse. I mean, at least he didn't suffer, right?


All I meant was that some people suffered.

He was lucky in like a weird sort of way.

Hey. Hey.

So you all want to take the boat out or something?

I'm so hungry. I'll go make sandwiches.

You know, actually I'll go with you.

No, no. Stay here. It'll only take me a few minutes.

All right.

I got you. Only landing bush.

Here you go. Now, work Buddy.

Hey. So what are you writing about?

Nothing. Nothing, huh.

Hey look, I'm sorry for imposing by being out here.

It's okay.

It's a great place. Yeah, I like it.

Dave .. can you come here for a second?

Just hold on. Give me a minute.

So how long did your dad live out here? 11 years.

And this is the first time that I've been back in a while.

Aren't you guys in a fight or something? No.

No fight. My dad he just had some issues with people.

That sucks. Yeah.


Can you put some sunscreen on my back?

Oh, damn.

Don't leave me out here.

Nolan, what the hell! My car!

Don't act like you didn't do that.

How the hell did you get that on the car?

Dude, why in the heat hell, would I drive all the way out here from butt fucked Egypt, to decapitate piggy and then sit around and just look this nasty ass shit on my car, huh?

Why would I do something like that, Dave?

We should call the cops.

There are cops around here, right? -No.

Right. Just hold off on calling the cops.

You two try not to kill each other.

I'm going to handle this. I'll be right back. Wait. Jen, where are you going?

We'll be right back.

I'm not the only one to be digging this grave. You gotta to digging that.

You're gonna be helping to dig this, too.

Shut up, white boy!

Dustin, it's Jennifer from next door.

If you're in there, please open up.

I'm not in there.

Someone threw a mutilated hog on the hood of my friend's car, and I want to know if it was you.

It wasn't me.

By the way, I'm Maya.

So wait. We're suppose to just believe that it magically appeared there.

I don't care what you believe. I told you I didn't do it.

Look, you're in a swamp surrounded by deep woods, there are dead animals everywhere.

Just like I told you last night, there's something out there.

It's been mutilating animals for years, even worse, sometimes it mutilates people ... who happen to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Aw come on, you're not talking about the bigfoot. Shit .. again.

I'm really sorry about what happened to your wife, and I think that you know that.

But I'm not going to be scared off.

My father, he left me that cabin and I intend to stay there as long as I want.

Hey look, if you're so convinced that there is something out here.

Why are you here?

Did you here anything about these girls getting out of here?

Well. Was that supposed to be a threat or something? Huh.

You two, chill.

You I'm just saying, he's got a gun.

Well I just saying, if he was a threat or something, then maybe we should do something about it, you know.

Well, that's just great!

We've got dead pigs, man with a gun, Bigfoot. You 2 morons, in your car.

Hey. Hey.

Damn. Well, that's done with.

I love Texas thunderstorms. Yeah, me too.

I love it, like, just like this white one I saw at the pool.

Where's Brook?

She had to sleep for a little bit. Said she feels nauseous.

She's pregnant.

She got an IV.

So what was that all about earlier. What do you mean?

The conversation with your neighbour.

Think he's the one that threw the pig on Tommy's car?

I think he really doesn't want us to be here and it make sense that it would be him.

Right, Tommy's afraid of aussie, I don't see him killing a pig, dragging it through the woods. You know what I mean?

I guess you're right.

Like if it's him, our neighbour and us out here. You know what I'm saying like ...

Yah, I think it's him.

What do you think about this whole Bigfoot thing? Do you think that's real?

Where are you offing toward that?

I have never been one for fantasy. No.

Even if I was, I would be a lot more terrified with some psychotic human being, like, going after people with a machete.

You know what I mean, like not some big scary ape, please.


What the hell! What you doing?

Babe, do this. Come here and do it.

Let me show you how you do it. Watch the man how he did...

Ahh, you suck. Let me show you.

No, no, no. I was going to do that high school though.

Where's Dave? He's out on the porch with Jennifer.


Can you come inside? I'm scared.

One second.

No. Now.

Look. Just give me a minute.

You know .... getting a little sick of this shit.

What shit? You two flirting.

What the hell!

I get it. Do you want to bang her or something?

Do you Dave? Huh?


Nothing man. Nothing at all. I'm just saying.

Hey, you know what?

Why don't you come on over here by our side. Come here. Come on girl.

Alright. Let me help you out.

Fine, sorts.

That's a double for ... you drink it kind of real slow.

That's done it.

Can you help her, I got something for you ...

I just ... You know what ...just

You guys are so great. I love you so much.

It's good.

Maybe I'd better ...

That's fine. I'll catch you later.

What exactly do you find so interesting about her?


I see the way you look at her. What are you talking about, Brook?

I can get any guy I want, and I chose to be with you.

So don't pull this shit on me now.

Anyone? Yeah, anyone.

Okay, then be with anyone.

Thanks, bitch.

Hey, maybe you can hook up with Dave now.

Guys, I'm sorry. Don't be. It's not your fault.

Hey, you you not going to ... chase your girl, man?

No, that's what she expects me to do. She's not going anywhere.

She's just a little bit high maintenance, huh?

Uh, no. She thinks...

Yeah, a little.

So how many drinks did you make for her, anyway?

Oh, I only gave her two of mine.


Then she took the whole bottle. Oh, shit.

Alright, time I boo-boo. I know.

I'm pretty tired, lady.

I hear you all. I'm exhausted myself.

You know, you all can actually take the bed if you want.

No, Jen. It's alright.

No, seriously. It's fine.

I don't even have the energy to get off this couch.

So go right ahead.

Yeah, you sure about that?

I'm sure. You have to change the sheets.

Thanks, girl.

Sorry about the mess.

Are you sure you don't want to go after her?

No, she's done this before. Trust me.

She'll be back once she calms down.

Fucking asshole.

Should have never come here with him anyway.

I mean, who does he think he is, right?

What a prick.



Where am I? Please, just me.


Jesus Christ!

Thanks for looking for me, asshole. I could have been killed out there.

...tried to pull this crap on me.

... fucking asshole. You think you can get back at me. I don't think so.


Somebody's there.

..enough of this car being shit!

Bloody Jen. I can't take this lying down.


Good morning, sunshine. How are you?

Damn. Do you have to be so loud?


I got this. I got it.

Hey also. Where's your girl, man?

I don't know.

She up yet? Is she coming, or?

You see, dude. She jacked my truck last night.

Went to some motel.

Yeah, stupid.

I guess the way she was acting, she felt, hey I don't want to show my face again.


I'm gonna check on her tomorrow afternoon.

Okay guys, I got the waters. Here.

Hey, bro. Are these yours?

Yah, alright man. Very funny

Why so much food? You'd think we won't be coming back or something.

Well, that's because my girl's on her ass.

You see, when she is on a rag like that, she gets very hungry.

Ah, asshole. I'm just saying it.

Did you know that it's not such a good idea to be out in the woods with a bleeder.

What? Yeah.


It just, attracts the wild animals, they can smell the blood from miles away.


Aw, what's wrong man. Does this make you miss your girl?

Well, hell no, man. As soon as we get back, it's over. That was a mistake.

Really. So what do you think she is doing all alone by herself in the hotel?

Probably sticking little needles in a Voodoo doll that looks just like me.

Wow. This is lovers lane, huh, Jen?

You know what. Your dad can definitely pick up till midnight..

Listen. I'm going to finish up. So as I was saying.

So tell us like, this guy with a hockey mask on, right.

He comes over to the cabin, he just starts, going at him, and slashing this guy, just picking him up and put him in the back pack and store him just to choose him, everything like that.

Dude, we heard that one before.

Fine, why, you got a better one you can tell?

Campfire stories are lame.

Well, this sucks right, man, whatever. You got one better?

Okay, baby. Thank you.

So when you get back, how long are you going to be staying in .....?

Well, actually, that was supposed to be a surprise.

What surprise?

In two weeks, I'm off to boot camp.

Are you serious? Yup. Time to cut the hair.

Does my dad know?

He's actually the one that got me in.

Now, we don't want to say anything till we knew for sure.

But I didn't think I had a chance till now.

If I play my cards right, in a few years, I can apply to become an officer.

Maybe fly helicopters or shit. How cool would that be?

That'll be cool man.

Oh, that's great Dave. I'm so glad of you.


Well, congratulations.


I'm gonna go to bed, guys. We got a long hike tomorrow.

Yeah, me too. I'm getting pretty sleepy.

All right. I'll put out the fire.

You having fun. I am.

You forgive now for inviting Davies? I guess I have to ...

I'm glad Tommy and Dave were here .... not so much Brook.

Yeah, I know. Tell me about it.

I'm so happy she didn't come. That girl has a couple of screws loose.

Are you girls decent?

Aren't you suppose to ask that question before you poke your head in?

No, what would be the fun in that?

Hey, where's Tommy? Using the boy's room.

So, where is it going to sleep?

Well I'm here, and the 2 lovebirds are over there, and you are here.


Ten kids. Hey what you think my battles are doing?

Ten. Maybe one or two, but ten, no.


Come on man, this shit ain't funny.

What the hell is going on?

I'm tripping man.

It's probably some small ... animal.

A teenie tiny, squirrel, aren't you?

Come on, Tommy man.

Oh me, a grown man from Texas. Get it together.

Alright, Okay, I'm scared okay. You win.

Hey guys, Tommy's been gone for a while.

I'm going to go see if I could find him. I'll be right back.



Tommy, if this is another one of your jokes, stop now.

I'm not in the mood.

Tommy, I mean it, stop.

Hey guys. He's not answering. I'm getting really worried.

I'm sure his fine, Maya. It's probably just another one of his jokey jokes.

And look, we're camping in this farm under the full moon, this is perfect material for him.

Yeah, he's right. He's fine. Just lay down. He'll be here in a second.

Yeah, you're right. He surprises being a critic.

Goodnight. Goodnight.


I don't know why you apologized?

If it was up to me, I'd be sleeping right here.

Hey, I'm really worried.

Something just doesn't feel right.

I'm going to see if I could find him again.

No.., I got him.

I'll find him. Probably constipating or something.


Come on Tommy, enough is enough already, man.

You gonna make me come find you.

That's a long shit, Tommy.

I just wish sometimes he'll grow the hell up. You know what I mean?

Tommy is Tommy. He is always been this way. You always love him.

Love him, yes. But love him right now? Hell no.

Tommy, come on, man. This is stupid.

I hate you, Tom.


Tommy! Tommy! Fuck!

What was that? Was it Dave?

He's been gone now for 20 minutes.

I'm gonna see him.

No. You're not leaving me in here alone. I'm not going out there.

Well seriously, I'm sure that everything is fine, I mean, Tommy probably just talked Dave into one of his little pranks or something.

No. Something is wrong, Jen. Very, very wrong.

I'm scared. Okay, just take a deep breath.

And, I'm sure everything gonna be fine.

And I'll go out there and I'll check and I'll be right back.

I know. It's no. Don't go out there. Please.

What are you doing?

Looking for something to use as a weapon. Shit, we don't have anything.

What is that?


Oh my God! Shhhh.

Don't move, ......

What do you mean?

I think it's a bear. We have to stay quite still.

After a while it would just go away ...

Well, it came looking for me, remember?

Oh my God! I'm scared.

Shhhh.. You gotta stay quiet.

Okay. Shhhh.

Where the hell is the boat? Where's the boat?

Maya, run.



Maya, we have to go now. We can't stay here.

No, I can't leave.

I know. Listen to me, you can't help him now.

We can't help him now. We have to go. We have to save ourselves.

No, I can't.

I'll help you away. We can't stay here.

Listen .. I need you to stay here.

Whatever happens, you're gonna be safe here, okay.

We have to fix this ....

Maya, look at me.

Trust me.

Come on Jen! Help! No, no....

Listen, listen to me. You can't help her now.

You gotta run to the highway.

Listen. Damn it. Jen, you run!

Now. Get moving.

Come on... Come on ...

I need help, I need you to call somebody.

I need help. Something ... Something is chasing me.



Come on. Come on... No...