Boh lei chun (1999) Script

100 years ago, this island in Taiwan...

...had nothing Only romance Legend has it There were two lovers And one day, the man was fishing His boat sank The woman saw it onshore She swam out No one ever saw them again Some say they became dolphins All dolphins around this island...

...came from them


They all make "Bu...Bu" noises

Nice story?

So snooty You told a horror story Don't get involved Have some melon No You're like those dolphins So picky You named me Bu I've told you so often Don't mix Mandarin with Cantonese Bu's Mandarin and Cantonese... are now both accented That's awful You teach her Mandarin then Get off my case That's Mandarin again Which I don't speak What did you say?

Tell me!

"Skipper Restaurant"

"Strangers are not, gather around"

"Drink, toast a glass of wine"

Open bar, folks One more round

One more round Not tonight Can't afford it On the house!

Bu, 6 beers, on me They come everyday Never pay Add water to the beer That trick again?

Bu Yes?

Hurry Here Bu, did you add water?

No Great C'mon Cheers Cheers!

Why, Bu?

You could've spared me

They sing Watch TV Or pick fights This island Has no room... for romance

Done Beautiful!

I learned it from a magazine


I brought you something I've never seen... an oyster this big Any pearls?


Must be expensive NT $3,000

Thanks And this It's my friend's shop He'll give us a discount I'm...


No, I just want to...

Yes, I'm proposing With a big oyster?

Of course not The oyster's not...

Marry me


I'll consider it

Poor Longyi This oyster's not cheap He proposed to me Really?

You love him?

Well, he's actually...

Not bad Your answer Shouldn't be over 4 words You love him, or you don't

You left Hong Kong to marry dad, why?

He was quite a hunk A good cook too You're a good cook He's better He cooks with love

What's loving someone like?

You miss him The sight of him thrills you You ache When he's gone

You could watch him forever Even when he's sleeping You're in love If you feel like that Okay

You miss Hong Kong?

Yes, especially its Chinese pot rice I see You don't love Longyi

Take mama's advice Trust your heart Do what you have to do


Hey, kid Got some news Longyi proposed Don't laugh!

Somebody said Men and women... exist in pairs Till separated on earth Then they go through life Searching for one another


Where are you going?


"I'm waiting for you!"

I'm waiting for you!

Hong Kong, Albert?

How romantic!

"You and I are not meant for each other"

"Maybe we should call it quits"

"The wind outside is cold but lonely"

You're telling me something?

You choose for me

You just decided my future

Excuse me...

You know a good cafe?


Typical Taiwanese!

Pardon me?

You speak Cantonese?


Never flown before?

It shows?

Yes You can get lost in Hong Kong I'll show you around I know...all the trendy spots I've fans everywhere I'm a fun guy Okay?


Are you twins?

Please forgive me Excuse me

"Gangster's girlfriend disappears"

Morning, sir, working out?

No time

Bill, are you ready?

Good Let's start

Morning, Mr. Chan Any news from Wall Street?

Lion Fund is borrowing heavily Even at a 20% interbank rate

Check the following How many Nikkei Futures did they short?

Is the Yen appreciating?

Is the lease for the US base in Japan expiring?

If both answers are affirmative Buy whatever they sell But this hedge fund is run by 2 Nobel Prize economists Should be invincible They're too greedy on margin trading Leveraging 10 times their worth. They're doomed So go ahead Yes, Mr. Chan Thank you

Send this with 100 roses to Carman During office hours Didn't you break up?

We're still friends

Fine someone and settle down Like who?

Those women around you All so beautiful and elegant Too elegant for me What do you want?

Someone amusing

Make yourself at home

That bottle floated to Taiwan! Wow!

Incredible And you came all that way How brave and romantic



I... I...

No Yes Really?

Really No Yes Really... Really

The bottle's for your boyfriend?

Ex-boyfriend What?

Ex-boyfriend Such a waste.


You're a hunk I'm not

That's stunning!

"I'm waiting for you!"

That's what inspired you I moved here because of it

Find a motel tonight Fly home tomorrow No! I've never traveled This is a first, think I'll stay a while But Hong Kong is boring Fly back tomorrow No. My friends said...

Hong Kong's fun...

Great restaurants too I'll find you a motel No, I can't afford one Hands off! Wait...

Let me stay here Women can't stay here I'll go nuts Please... No Please No!

I came all this way... such a big letdown I don't deserve this



Your suitcase

Your bag

I can't stand crying Makes me feel so guilty Okay, stay I'll be your aide in whatever you do I'm a makeup artist Best in Hong Kong Albert the Great

I'm starving We'll wrap soon How much longer?

6 hours What?

Hey Keep that door shut!

We're reloading You'll fog the film

You sound so nervous on the phone What's the emergency? emergency I just miss you. You don't miss me?

Sit down, I'll get you a drink

Tell me, what's going on?

Maybe you'd better go

C.N., you're cruising and didn't invite me?

Why bother, here you are The press says you're romancing my girl You believe them?

Grow up, L.W.

It's true?


We've been competing since grade school


You've been interested in our stock lately I'm interested in all stocks, not just yours My associates and I...

...hold a majority of the shares You can't touch my company We'll see!

You're on my yacht Dating my girl And you talk to me like this?

Why did you want me here?

For an apology To make it easier on you I'm leaving now Call me to apologize in...

5 minutes What time is it?

05:30 Why wear a watch?

That can't tell time.

I like the diamonds.

Watch him If he doesn't call me in five, throw him overboard But give him a buoy Yes, boss Call me!

Bye,boss Bye Call my boss Or you'll get wet Make it snappy I've got a hot date Right Don't force us to do it Get a buoy Right Jump Hands off!



Bye Here comes the buoy.

What are you doing? It's Fatty!


Fatty can't swim!

Don't go!

Help him up!...


My eyes!

Scared me

Are you okay?

I'm fine

Call you

Where is he?

Where is he?


Don't fall over again.

You! He's here!

In the rear!


Hold tight

You see him?


Look again!

Over there!

He got away Wait The boss wanted him...

...overboard with a buoy Job's done, right?

Right Okay. It's a wrap Yeah!

Thanks You okay?


Name's Bu Bu...

You're a refugee?

Yes From Vietnam?

Right again How many of you?

Just me, why?

Who's driving?

Give me a hand I can't. I'm starving Aren't you?

No But I could use a snack

Let's talk... so I forget the hunger About what?

What do you like?


Not even cars and women?

Don't just smile Okay. What don't you like?

Nosy people?

What don't you like?

Growing up I like being naughty...



Naughty? Naughty And no one pampers you anymore What do you like?

A shower when I'm sweaty Snap out of bed to a cup of coffee

I'd like one now

Hong Kong stars are lovely Stars are... the same everywhere If you care to look at them

What's up?

Shooting star!


Mom said when you see one, touch your pocket and make a wish And it'll come true But I'm out of luck, no pocket Another one!

What's your wish?

Can't tell you!

Or it won't come true

I'm so sleepy

A boat!

A boat!


Hey! Help!

Over here! Help!

The Silicon Valley stocks?

They'll go even higher

Check one thing Does L.W. control his company's shares?

Buy me a new mobile It drowned!

There's no transport around here I'll give you a ride Just tell me where I am And I'll walk back We're out in the boonies You'll be stranded Name's Bu Boo...

Bu! All right, Boo Just get in

Not you This lady here

There are only 2 seats I know Here's 20 bucks Around the corner Are buses and cabs

Compulsive liar

Come in

Huge place, you live alone?

There's a butler Must get crowded Wait here Can I look around?

Help yourself Thanks

I'm starving

Some food please

Need something?

Fish food The fish are not real Come over here Why electronic fish?

I never change the water Fish never die, it's perfect And if the power's out?

You invite friends over?

Don't have any So boring, and lonely

Now what?

You like to fight?

Some golf, some race horses I box and work out What's the octopus for?

You're so nosy

This should fit, change in there

Betty, call me a cab

20 minutes? Great

There's a room behind the mirrors

How would I've known?


Starving Me too Any Chinese Pot Rice?


Best take out food ever My favorite A fancy kitchen and you don't cook?

I hate the smell

Don't stare. Eat up.


Now what?

You're amusing when you eat

Are you rich?

I guess so What do you do?

I'm into trash C'mon No, I sell trash Be that way

Can I have a soda?

Juice is better for you

Bu took the lift down

What's wrong?

Stop moaning

You know, that bottle's very special Of course So special that all of a sudden I'm feeding and sheltering you Just like that Remember I told you about...

C.N.? More than once Last night...

You told me that too I think he's...nice Nice?

These magazines are published weekly And he changes girlfriends just as often He's not nice, he's a playboy An ex-girlfriend says...

He doesn't say sweet words But he's a romantic man He appears stern and talks tough Inside he's like a kid He's competitive and chases novelty Never regrets any decision With him...

You feel insecure Meaning?

Chases novelty, so he fools around No regrets, so he enjoys dumping women Maybe those women deserved it.

They were insecure to begin with Spare me

Hong Kong's boring anyway Going home?

No, C.N. is fun You've to hook him first Can't just walk up And take off your clothes That sure won't work!

But you never know He's competitive and chases novelty I've a plan, I need your help No way Please Sorry

Please tell me where your daughter is?

She found a bottle She's in Hong Kong I've to get Bu back Chow Yun Fat!

Mr. Chow!

Wrong guy You speak Mandarin?

I'm not Chow Yun Fat Don't try to fool me Sir, is he Chow Yun Fat?

Mr. Chow! You're back!

Fresh form Hollywood?

Can I take a picture?


Ready? 1,2, 3!

Great My turn, miss Point a gun at me Ready?

Thank you Thank you, Mr. Chow Give me a hug Yeah. Give me too

Thank you Mr. Chow I'll send you the photos. Goodbye You're so sweet. Same as the photo.

Print me a copy Goodbye! Bye!

My bag!

Open the door...

We checked L.W.'s company Last year, turnover grew 13%

Profit: over HK$1 billion Stock price is undervalued by 30%

We've acquired 16% of the company L.W. and his associates still hold 65%

But they're not selling Dump all my stocks If we dump them, the price will plunge We bought high, we'll take a huge loss Just do it

I need do see K.K.

Yes, Sir Who's K.K.?

Head of Environmental Protection

"You're a dead man"

Going up or down?

I was seeing friends upstairs There's no upstairs Really?

Yes Actually they live downstairs Names?

I forgot

So quiet here Can you get an 80% mortgage?

You messed up my wall Excuse me?


Easy there Let go!

Who sent you?

Let go first!

Like my writing?

Enough! I don't know kung fu!

I'm just a messenger Message?

My back pocket

Bully. You messed up my arm Happy reading

"Gangster's girlfriend disappears"

What happened?

Fell down some stairs You okay?

I'll live Will he believe I'm a gangster's girlfriend?

How should I know?

Will it work?

Of course!

What's next?


Where are your pals?

Speak up...

You know we're bad We're here to waste you!

React! My boyfriend...

Speak Mandarin Is a Taiwanese gangster The sworn enemy of our boss He wants you defaced Frog, your turn...

Believe it or not. You're front page news Everyone's looking for you now

Yes. Looking awesome

You okay?

Yes. And you?

It's you!

You okay? Yes.

I don't know these goons What?


You can't be ID'ed They're damn good actors

Back off!

Or I'll kill myself You're bleeding We'll spare you today Don't provoke him Let's go Cops will go after them. Not us Guys! Sunny, sit Sunny, sit Sunny! Sit!

Thanks Someone reported a fight We were attacked They leave any evidence?

Baseball bats Sunny, smell Any clues?

Sunny, you're clueless...

Let's get help

My site, very safe It's so trashy I told you I sell trash Expensive stuff too Expensive? Trash is trash Before you were a Vietnamese refugee Now you're...

A Taiwanese gangster's girlfriend So who are you, really?

A dangerous woman. Scared?

Never Thrilled to be with me?

How'd you land the girlfriend's part?

I lived near a police station With posters of wanted criminals One of them...

Was a hunk I saw his poster everyday And I fell in love And?

I found him, stole his heart How was he?

Cute, a great dancer Really romantic For being a dancer?

You dance?

Of course


Sure Tango?

That too So common, nothing more exciting?

Sure Really? Teach me You'll be scared No way Give me your legs Right Ready?


Exciting enough? Yes No more?

You aren't scared?

Never, more moves?

Come Just hold tight and stay still Enjoy the variations Really? There Run, 1, 2, 3

You're heavy Wow! This is fun Help!

Man's so busy Making trash The recycling business is a gold mine They say...

What others abandon, I take You did well last time Slapped Lion Fund in the face They all know you're my protege I'm flattered Thank you Don't thank me, thank yourself AW new plans?

I heard you're buying L.W.'s company You know what's the best win?

Winning one's battle With the enemy's respect

Stock Exchange's closed And?

Our stock dropped 20%

Closed at $6.50

Our drop in asset value?

Over 200 million It's Chan, he's dumping our shares What's the news on him?

Rumors are he wants to buy our company Then why dump his shares?

After buying them so high?

What's he up to?


What happened to you?

We wanted to get even We ambushed Chan Was he hurt?

Not a scratch Thank God Else I'd blame myself And if...

Well, you actually were hurt And see, I feel guilty It was your dad's idea He screwed up Ordering an ambush Why not shoot Chan in the back?

That's much faster Let's do it No, it's wrong, it's cowardly Challenge him openly Right Yes!

Let's hire a fighter from overseas Tougher Smaller And handsomer than Chan He'll be devastated

What's that?

The signal means "Dismissed"

Beat it Tricky signals

Have you seen her?

That's Mary No, that's Bunny No, that's Mary That's Bunny That's Bunny, come with me No, that way No Another Bunny?

A masseuse A masseuse?

Why not

Oh my god, what's he doing?


Call 911.

Let's go Help


Do I look pretty?



Your outfit...

My Sunday best Go to Jean-Luc's Boutique I'll call him, let him dress you You feed, shelter, and clothe me You're my guardian angel Your wish is my command Bye What?

How should I behave at dinner?

You're playing a gangster's lady Use method acting


Teach me Just act snooty I'm an angel

She forgot something?



It's you Stop it Where's Bu?

Please tell me where she is

Where's Bu? Please tell me

Mr. Chan Thanks

Mr. Chan

What's this?

The lady's so lovely She deserves some wind effect You look gorgeous I know


A vintage wine, from '82

But I can also tell The grape-picker was born in '60

Let's order

You order You do Chinese Pot Rice?

Just kidding Thank God

You got a thing about people watching you eat?

We don't want to be crowded

Excuse me You booked the whole place?

Just you and me I was hoping to run into celebrities My friend said there're celebrities here You must really hate crowds What about your friends?

Here comes one Mr. Lo!

Mr. Lo, you can't go in Mr. Lo!

Why'd you do it?

Dump my company's shares?

I'm at dinner, call me tomorrow You're hurting me And yourself too Mr. Lo, please leave Sir You look intelligent I am intelligent Then stay home and think Devise a way to save your company Who are you?

C.N.'s friend He booked the whole place for me You're disturbing us That's so rude

Let's talk outside We've talked enough See you outside

That signal means "Follow me"

Wrong again?

You're snooty.

So are my friends, it rubs off

You have to go?

Yes It'll just take a minute


Take care

Take care I called...

Cleared it with your boss I'm meeting Mr. Chan Close the parking lot for us Relax, I'm footing the bill Yes You heard Mr. Lo, move out Have fun, Mr. Chan L.W., what's up?

I want you to meet someone I hired him from overseas Ladies and gentleman Alan!

An undefeated light-weight champion He'll fight you one-on-one But I'm a middle-weight Too much of an edge But if you lose Think of the disgrace Grow up Nuts!

Play this for me No problem

You have no choice

Why the gloves?

This is a boxing match I'm not into crippling people With gloves, it won't hurt?

Sure it'll hurt But much less

Watch your head Music Knock me down anyway you can But no dirty tricks

They say you're a great fighter. Come on

They won't let you leave without a fight

You ask for it Are you ready?

Of course

Alan's losing bigtime No Alan's just testing him He's wearing Chan down

Wait Good

Changing gloves, why?

Even the odds Bigger the glove, bigger the handicap Chan's punches are soft

I've come a long way, I don't want a short game

Every boxer trains to his own music When he fights, it gives him rhythm And rhythm paces his steps

Chan has no rhythm He's controlled by Alan You're an expert. You should be fighting Right C.N. and I used to box But I always lost So I quit and became a commentator Wow?

You like that better?

Sure. I sound so invincible But I'm just like you guys Helpless

Chan used to have brilliant moves. Now he's a mess

Buying companies instead of training Loser!

Chan's nervous. It's over

Good hit But not enough power

Come on!

You okay?

You win Yeah!

We won!

Let's kick him while he's down

I have told you so many times Don't be such cowards Ganging up on a downed man There's no honor in that

You're good

Get the car

My job is done. He's good

C.N., you okay?

You must be delighted No, but I thought I would be

You need help?

Boss Damnit

C.N., call me

You didn't leave?

You asked me to wait I came to find you

Did they gang up on you?

No, one-on-one, I lost You'll get used to it Just kidding Start training tomorrow, you'll beat them I'll train, but not for them For what then?

A strong body, a quick mind I haven't trained in ages Your huge gym, what a waste I hate training alone

I'll join you

Why be so nice to me?

You're rich

You're cute when you smile You looked grouchy just now That's why you lost Stick with smiling These clothes and makeup don't fit you

Take tomorrow off Why?

Say yes first Why?

Say yes first!

Yes, now why?


You love me?

I think you're quite...

Answer the question The fact is...

C'mon Answer in 4 words or less I love you Or I don't

When did you slip in?

I'm in love Love's a dream...

That leaves only emptiness So don't get fooled by love You're such an optimist

I have news for you What?

Longyi's here

He almost strangled me But I calmed him down He's been drunk ever since My fault No way Listen, love is not sympathy You're tangled up with Chan Don't let Longyi see you


Wait Let go No Kitchen time Kitchen!

I need...


I need a glass...

I'll get it Go inside No pushing


C'mon Where's the opener? Albert...

Smooth move!

So cold!

Now what?

Opener I need the opener

Where is it?


What's that?

The family above us Has a brat It's from above us?

Where else?

It's from above us It's that brat again Opener Forget it Drink it this way Wait Come, drink with me, Albert...

You Okay?

I must tell C.N.

A game is fun Till its secret is revealed I know he loves me He skips work to be with me I miss him day and night I'm like a child again Getting so attached to him I see something beautiful, I want it for him Something happens, I want to tell him I'm so happy cold!

You're in love

Need something?

Sake Finish your wine first I want sake Just wait outside Sake Hang on

Excuse me Sake... It's coming

Sake Let's sing This is not a karaoke bar We don't have time We'll split this Too much Not at all Enough Cheers You'll get drunk

Drink it

1, 2, 3...Down!

Still kicking. Thank God

She's safe here

Here she is

Gloria, Bu Gloria's a good friend She's the one impersonating me Not bad

You knew all along

Why con me?

You started it

All the love...

I felt between us That was just an act?

Our happiness was no act If you like, stay in Hong Kong What am I?

One of your women?

The bottle sent me to you A fairy tale becomes... a nightmare

My big mouth No Get her back No

Weren't we on the same plane?

Back to Taiwan?

Yes You had fun?

It was okay I bought a lot, what about you?


I bought a story A story! Is it in an office building?

This lady bought a story!

The government passed a law prohibiting the use... of non-bio-degradable styrofoam L.W.'s stock dropped drastically From $6.80 to $1.20 a share Major stockholders are dumping them You knew the law would be passed?

It was only a matter of time Should we borrow money?

Up to you guys Mr. Chan, you shouldn't buy a company...

That's going down the drain Just to...get even I know what I'm doing That's all for today The acquisition is a go?

I'll let you know

Love is like falling maples Like what?

Like falling maples What does that mean?

I don't know I've never seen you like this Paper everywhere Just do what you have to do Again?

Forget it What?

Nothing Leave me alone Fine, you're the boss Be that way

You broke in?

Good guess Sir Call 911 They'll stop me Just call

See What do you want?

You ruined our boss, lost us our jobs We came for payback!

Mr. Chan I heard you're back in training Yes, I am Rematch?

Mr. Lo sent you?

Mr. Lo is broke It's not about money Not now You got no choice

You really enjoy fighting, don't you?

Only with the best

What are they talking about?

You never learned English in school?

C'mon, you know No



No rules Anything goes, but no dirty tricks

You like white?

Are you sure?

I'm sure

Good training


Now what?

"What's you okay?" In English?

Are you okay?

Are you okay?


Pretty good I'm coming


Come on!

"Don't worry, be happy"


Come on

Don't worry, be happy

Let's dance

Let's finish

Get up...

On your feet

You okay?


Okay You won I lost Why Pound for pound, He'd have beaten me in no time See if he's all right It's bad!

You smell turpentine?

The boss is setting a fire Fantastic!

But we'll go to jail!

This is nuts Watch it No sweat Hey, jail sucks, boss You Yes Come...

You checked there's nobody inside?

Sure did Give this to dad Tell him I love him Give this to C.N.

Tell him I hate him Okay This is for the cops I'm claiming all responsibility Really?

You're going to jail, not us?

Me neither Stand aside C.N. and I go down together!

Don't do it, boss!

My eyes hurt But so what?

I'm going to die anyway Bye, Mary

Calm down, L.W.

C.N. Chan It's all your fault You took it too far Dad kicked me off the board I've nothing now I'm finished What about us, boss?

Are we finished too?

You're asking me? Yes Shut up!

Boss Okay now?

Warmer still How's that?

Just right Your eyes still hurt?

Why be so nice to me?

You wanted to ruin me Styrofoam's bad for environment It needs to be regulated That motivated my acquisition Let's be partners In recycling paper That's not like you Ever since grade school, you've had to beat me In whatever we do You stole my girlfriends And then dumped them Never really loved them I hated you so I hated you too Really? What for?

For always laughing For being born so rich For your name Low Wow is a stupid name I hated you most for stealing my puppy love, Ann So it boils down to Ann

But she dumped me She married that...

Andy Law Andy Law.

That nerd so dull

We fought for so many years But we each haven't committed To loving only one woman But you yelled "Bye Mary" just now She's nothing Don't lie Weren't you engaged?

What happened?

I copped out

But she's one great dame We were so happy together Laughing all day long So happy

Wish I could turn the clock back But she moved overseas I lost track of her

What's wrong?

See you later What?

Did I say something?

Skipper Your Bu is back Yes, she is. Cheers Cheers!


What's that?

Going to college?

Considering it

You've changed Love changes people

Don't rush... to forget him Or it'll get worse One day, you take a shower, listen to music And suddenly remember him Then you've forgotten him

You're pretty when you smile

Bu Bu!


Where have you been?

I was so worried

You're not really my type

I like older men I'm older than you I mean here Here?

If I were your girl We'd break up in 3 days, tops But I...

You'll get it I miss you so. I was so worried about you This must be your mother This is...

Albert, my pal

Can you be my adopted brother?

Good idea I'm the adopted mother?

Wait Why not? Mom Son Mom My Albert Mom!

Bu! Bu!

You miss me?

I missed you.

Come back Bu!


"I miss you - C.N."


It's you who bullied my daughter No, I didn't You did too She used to laugh all the time Now she hardly smiles My heart aches for her What did you do to her?

Nothing Then why is she like this?

Please let me talk to her Leave her alone!

Just leave her alone!

I don't speak Taiwanese He said leave her alone!

Beat it!


Bu Get lost Bu!

Hit the road!


Beat it!

It's all right

You bullied my niece!


I'll just sit here Don't walk past me You dad's a cool dude

Sir Sir...Sir, you okay?

Leave us alone Just 5 seconds with her, okay?

Waste of time!

Bu, I...

Shut up!


Shut up!


Shut up!


I'm warning you Either you kill me Or let me talk to her

All right, come Come...

Speak up Now or never Speak up...

It's her life But she needs help

Why bother?

You left these

I have plenty

I brought Chinese pot rice It's cold, but it's your favorite

Some old clothes and a pot of rice?

There's more

I put a note in each one Saying what?

I love you. I miss you Never over 4 words Took me hours Too much work Just put $1,000 in each and you have me

So do you love me?

I love you Since when?

Since you stole my name-card

What wish did you make on the boat?

It's already come true

Stop crying

Kiss her!

I'll say it in Cantonese Kiss her!


Xiaojun Do I know you?

I'm your neighbor Wow, fantastic!



Look at them

The women here are gorgeous I should have... Go to hell!

I want you to meet my dolphin Really? Bu!