Bol Radha Bol (1992) Script

Come in, son. - Greetings, mother. - Bless you. Sit down.

Give it to me. Greetings, sir.

Keep them here. Greetings.

How is work in Kishan Nagar going on? - Very well.

You said brother Kishan will come to site. He didn't.

He has to get up before 12 noon to do any work isn't it?

Brother-in-law, when I look at your son Bhanu...

...his hardwork, dedication and sincerity, I feel happy.

Kishan is no less in good qualities.

But like little Krishna, he too is a bit naughty.

Your pampering has...

After your elder brother's death, I had only him.

Whom do I shower affection on if not him?

Greetings, Mrs. Sumitra.

Mr. Kesari, you! Kishan hasn't come.

I waited whole day for him.

Finally decided to come here, give money...

...and sign important documents.

Wait, Sevakram. I'll wake up the pampered son.

No, Radha. Don't go away.

Don't. How can you leave me?

Kishan! No, Radha, no.

I cannot live without you.

Oh Mother!

Who is it?

It was you! You don't know what dreams I see.

Radha's. How do you know?

I know of your dreams, facts and escapades.

Do you remember...

I gave you some important papers for Kesari's signatures?

What happened to it? I went to him.

But it's not done even after going so far. Ask me why?

Why? - When I reached there, he had a heart attack.

Like this. Really?

Fortunately I was there. I called their family doctor.

Else, he would have gone to heaven.

Mr. Kesari! Are the papers signed?

I've signed. I'll leave now.

I'll go feed the poor else heart attack might come true.

Be ashamed. Why do you waste time on dreaming for Radha?

When will you handle your responsibilities?

Leave it, sister-in-law. No. There is a limit.

You will go to office from today, with me.

Today I've a commitment to...

Okay. I felt you are the Radha I dreamed of.

I cannot wait much longer. Mother wants a daughter-in-law.

And I want my Radha.

Will you agree to become this Kishan's Radha?

Since how long are you working here? - Since the partition.

Haven't you not learnt still to knock before entering the room?

I'll knock henceforth.

What's your name? Narad.

How much coffee in sugar?

No need. I'll eat sugar and drink coffee.

I'll leave.

I came to tell you today's program.

Bankers meeting after lunch.

Meeting with Kishan nagar's contractors at 3.30.

At 5 pm. Mr. Kesari will come to talk about finance.

No. Your program is unexciting, Radha.

Radha! My name is Neeta. Neeta Lamba.

Lamba or Tamba, you are gorgeous.

Make the program interesting.

This is in your hands. It will be as you please.

What are you doing, sir? Let it go.

Someone might see.

Now I know how those work since morning to evening...

...enjoy life.

I keep searching outside when our office is, a heaven.

A heaven full of Radhas.

How is your 1st day in the office? Are you bored?

I'm regretting why I haven't come here earlier.

The work is so interesting! I'll...

What is it? - Food is served. - Come on, son.

Mother, stop worrying. You need not come to office now.

Your son will handle the entire business.

Really! - Do you think it's a lie? He held my hand.

Looked into my eyes with love and said I'm his Radha.

My life has changed, Sandra. I found my Kishan.

My foot! I found my Kishan, not you.

He said those things to me. What nonsense are you talking?

You talk nonsense, not me.

You always interfered whenever someone liked me.

And claim you are my best friend!

Better listen, that Kishan is mine only.

He is mine. He is mine.


Has he promised you to make you his Radha?

You may go. Okay.


Mother left without scolding me. Matter is serious.

It's your mistake, you stupid dog. Why did you catch...

Brother, you are under the table! Scolding the dog?

Get lost. Mother is right.

Sheru is my companion when I'm alone. - I know.

Sign these 2 cheques.

Cheques! - Listen. Anger is where love is.

What do you mean? I mean...

...elders have the right to be angry with you.

But when do we enjoy if not at this age?

Dear, you never told me where do you get so much money from.

I've a gold mine from which I remove little by little.

Soon, I'll be owner of that mine.

How? My brain is a computer.

That too of dishonesty and deception.

What's the matter? All of you look worried. Any problem?

Where are 5 lakh you withdrew through Bhanu, yesterday.

5 lakh! Me! I didn't withdraw any money, mother.

Remember you came to office yesterday and...

...gave me signed cheques saying you need 5 lakhs badly.

What nonsense, Bhanu! Why do I need that much money, mother...

Did you sign the cheques?

Yes. - Haven't you seen whose name it has and the amount?

Bhanu, tell the truth. Have I signed or you got me sign...

...saying it's for office.

I beg of you, don't say so. I'm already under suspicion.

Your lie might turn the suspicion into belief.

You are lying. I can be anything...

...but a thief and a traitor.

I cannot take it anymore. Yes, mother, I stole it.

I did the mischief. - Bhanu! What else can I say, daddy?

Perhaps, Kishan cannot tell mother where he spent the money.

I don't want mother disgraced in front of so many people.

Mother, I'm ready to take the blame.

I can say confidently that not only this 5 lakhs but...

...for all the defraud in the company, he is responsible.

Yes, I'm because I've no proof to prove my innocence.

I ask you. Do you have any proof of my crime?

What's this, Sheru?

Isn't this your bag, Bhanu? Yes, daddy.

Don't call me daddy with your dirty tongue.

You have ruined my years of loyality.

Sister-in-law, call the police.

Let him spend the youth behind bars as punishment.

Police had never stepped in here, neither will, in future.

I'll punish the rogue.

Those don't have father's name are called illegitimate.

I detach my name from your name from today.

I sever our relationship.

I disinherit you from my house and everything I have.

Get lost from here. Why are you still standing? Get lost.

Be brave, brother-in-law.

Whom I count on has deceived me.

My own son has done this to me.

You haven't eaten, mother. I'm not hungry.

I know you must be sad because of today's incident.

Such things, happen mother. A teacher's son remains illiterate.

Take me for example. Have I given you less trouble?

I haven't been upto your expectations till now.

But, I promise you mother that, from tomorrow...

...I'll work to make you happy.

Yes, mother.

What are these, mother? My dreams which...

...I couldn't fulfill.

These are letters from poor workers of Chandagaon...

...who are still hoping that...

...the factory in their village will reopen.

That factory was closed when your father died.

You were too young and I was alone.

I could not handle the big business alone.

Your uncle was there but without him... here would have collapsed.

I send this money every month to those workers.

So that, they won't be deprived of food atleast.

But they want their children earn their bread.

Every month letters come asking me when will the factory reopen.

When? - It will reopen very soon, mother.

I'll go there. Yes, mother.

I'll fulfill your dream.

I'll restart the factory at Chandagaon.

Sure, my son.

I'll leave, mother. Bless you. Take care. - Sure.

Bye, uncle. Bless you. - Come on, Sheru.

Get in. - Where is it going? With me, of course.

No. If he comes along, you will do the same mischief you do here.

What are you saying, mother! It is not going.

Have you heard what mother said? We have to oblige her.

Put the bag down. Good.

Anyway, mother will be lonely if you go with me.

Who will look after her? We're there to care mistress.

Tie this amulet. I prayed for you.

It'll protect you from evil.

You believe in these in this times too!

This is necessary. Let me tie. Come on, uncle.

Had my elder brother been alive he would have been happy... see you start off...

...from where he had started off his life too.

Bye, uncle. Bye, mother. Work sincerely. - Sure.

There is only one Radha.

You will recognise her when you find yourself overwhelmed by her.

I found her, mother.

You can see me now after I fell down!

Were you blind when you knocked me down?

I'm sorry, by mistake... I'm a bit...

A bit! Would you have crushed me under your car otherwise!

Are you hurt! Let me take you to a doctor.

Don't dare touch me. I know very well about city men.

First, knock down purposely.

Then, touch the girl with the ruse of taking her to doctor.

Then, make friendship with sweet talk.

Have enmity with friendship? No with men like you.

You caused me loss. My day's hardwork is gone waste.

Are you giving bad words in English!

No seeking forgiveness. I'll lift it.

Leave it. It's wet now.

How do I cook now with your tin car?

Excuse me... listen... Guide me to this address.

Stop O my Radha.

Father... father...

Father! What happened to her!

I'm telling the truth. That city man hit me with his car.

I fell down. He tried to touch me.

He tried to stop me.

He stopped you!

That's not all. That rogue knew my name too.

He called me by name. Called you Radha!

Called you Radha!

Being the head of the village...'s your duty to teach the rogue a lesson.

Lesson! You are Radha's father too.

He has to be sent away. You order me.

I'll see he dies here with my medicine.

No need of your herbal medicine. My sweep is enough.

You are right. Matter is grave.

He has to be brought here from wherever he is.

He has to be brought. Yes. He has to be brought.

Father. - Yes. He has come by himself. Look!

Look at him. Hit the rogue.



Come my master, it's evening already.

My real self will be exposed once it's dark.

What is your real self? What happens to you...

...when the night falls? You try to chase me away.

Girls find excuses to go home by evening.

You are the 1st man who locks himself up by evening.

What's the secret? I'll be ruined if I tell you.

Means. - My late father told me to be out only in the day.

Why? - Because darkness is a part of me.

Oh, I cannot understand a thing.

It's not the time to explain. Look.

Go. Your village is far. Go.

How do I tell her I've night blindness.

I cannot see! It's sun set already, I think.

I curse you for giving birth to me.

What sort of son have you sired? I feel like strangling you.

When parents die they leave assets, cash to their children.

Factories and business.

But you left me with blindness!

Look here, not there. Where?

You shameless, you scold me!

What sins you committed in the dark to make me blind?

Unfortunately! My girl friend's name is Bijlee. (light)

When she comes to meet me, I cannot see her.

I had only one advantage for being your son.

I haven't settled electricity bills in the last 30 years.

Jugnu... Where are you, Jugnu?

Where is he?

Jugnu. - Who is it? Here.

What's it? - Mother was right. You are a donkey.

Mother sent you my photograph. Yet you ask me who I am!

Kishanbahu! You! When did you come?

Whom are you talking to, there?

How can I face you? You're a prince...

...and I'm a pauper.

You are rich. I'm poor. You have status, I've...

Go and bring me warm salt water.

I'm beaten up as soon as I entered the village.

Is it the way they welcome?

Villagers! Beat you!


What a show of conduct!

Don't stand like drunken monkeys. Answer me.

Why did you beat up Kishanbabu? Gone blind, gone mad?

Are you out of your senses?

Couldn't you verify who he was before besting him up?

You beat him up as if you are taking out your frustration.

He came to help us.

To open the factory so that you...

...and your families can eat 2 times a day.

You will starve if this is the way you people behave.

You dare beat him! Why don't you talk, Banarasi uncle?

You take so long to speak! Talk.

Sorry, O head of the village. It's all Radha's mistake.

O yes, it's all Radha's mistake.

Did I tell you to beat him without enquiry?

I mean, you should have asked before beating him up...

...that, what's his name. He looks decent by looks.

What he is doing in the village etc.

They made the mistake and blame me.

We are at fault! Be ashamed of yourself.

There is a limit to lies.

Tulsi aunty is right. We are always fooled by her.

She exaggerates things so much that...

...people get enraged.

Yes. It enrages us.

Radha, he must not have hit you on purpose.

It must be by oversight.

What a way to scold her!

Why don't you tell her it's her mistake.

He'll go back and factory remains closed forever...

...if she doesn't apologize.

If you don't want it, tell her to touch his feet and say sorry.

Say it.

You say it. He cannot say it.

Say sorry.

Okay. If it's for the welfare of the village...

...and to restart the factory, I'll seek his forgiveness.

"Don't break my heart!"

"Don't break my heart!"

"We've come to tell you the truth...

...and convince you"

"Please forgive me!"

"I'm trapped"

"I'm trapped"

"I swear, my dear...

...not to take your name"

"Please pardon me!"

"Don't break my heart!"

"I'm trapped"

"Let me come"

"Admit that you fear me!"

"Let me go...

...please don't trouble me!"

"Beautiful maidens seek your company"

"I fear the consequences!"

"Come close and face me, and pardon me too"

"Please pardon me"

"I'm trapped"

"Don't break my heart"

"Do not tease me!"

"Why are you so adamant?"

"Fear not, come closer"

"How will I escape"

"He fails to understand"

"Please don't trouble me"

"Please forgive me"

"Don't break my heart"

"I am trapped"

"I swear, my dear...

...not to take your name"

"Please pardon me!"

"Don't break my heart!"

"I am trapped"

That girl's mad!

You! Here again!

I came to tell you we have forgotten what happened.

You too please forget it.

They will blame me if you go back without starting the factory.

They will make Radha's life miserable.

Radha! - Yes. I'm intelligent and know you have forgiven me.

But don't know if you will reopen the factor or not.

See, you have scolded me in English again.

No. I said I came here to start the factory.

For that, I... Factory will be opened when I recover.

It's my duty to treat you. I'll bring medicine from the doctor.

Tell me, how do you know my name?

Kishan recognise Radha, in every birth of his.


Who is it?

Who is it?

Jugnu! - Yes, master. Who is there?

What does he want in the middle of night!

Jugnu. - Yes. Come out fast.

Come out!! May God save me.

Coming, master.

Someone was here. Entering my room. Ran away just now.

You must have seen a bad dream. Spoiled my sleep.

I've seen with my own eyes that...

Window glass is broken.

Can you see the blood stains? I can see.

Where are you looking? Blood stains are here!

I know. I cannot see blood. So, I turned away.

Who could it be? I don't know.

I never heard about thieves enter anyone's house here.

Don't know who came.

Whoever had come, got injured.

How did you get hurt, Radha? While cutting vegetables.

We heard that a thief intruded in Kishen's house.

He got hurt too while braking the window glass.

So? Was it you by any chance?

Hope you haven't gone there to steal his heart.

Banu, where are you going? Come here. - Coming.

Did you eat food? - I'm not hungry. My beau's coming today.

It's time. I've to get ready. I'm going.

I'm going. My beau is coming.

Poor girl.

Place is in bad condition. Machines are down, I presume.

How can they work? Factory is closed for years.

Don't worry. After servicing oiling them... can start in a week or 10 days.

Shall we go? - Wait. Start the work as early as possible.

Sure. - I would like to check machines condition before that.

I don't want someone get injured because of hurried job.

Shall we go?

Shall we leave? Let's go.

Let's go. We are getting late. I'm coming. - Oh God!

Everyone here! Is everything fine?

You have come here like a god.

It's like a festival for villagers.

Isn't it? - Yes. Shall we leave? - Shut up.

You are doing so much for us.

Ask us if you need anything here. Don't hesitate.

I'll surely ask but after the work starts in the factory.

Shall we go? What's the hurry?

I've to go to Bijlee's village. Why? - To talk to her father.

About what? My marriage.

Your marriage! What is wrong with me?

Okay. But return before evening.

I have to. I'll never get married if I stay there after dark.


He is asking me why?

Son, Bijlee is my only daughter.

She is the light of my life. Take good care of her.

He is talking of eyes. What!

I'm talking to myself. You can talk.

You won't look at other girls after marriage.

Cannot you talk other than, eyes, sight, looking etc?

Don't get angry, it concern my daughter's life.

I cannot handover her to anyone blindly.

It's again about sight!

Your daughter has come.

I won't eat. I'm late. I'll leave.

Don't make fuss. You behave well during day time.

Wonder what happens to you by evening! Sit down.

See, what a delicious meal my daughter cooked for you.

What do I see? Start. I'll wash my hands.

Okay. You wash your hands. I'll start eating.

Dog snatched a pancake and you said nothing! - Dog!

What have you done! Why did you hit my father?

I felt bad when he showed hatred for dog.

Dog is more faithful than humans.

We can stay hungry but not dogs.

So, I slapped him.

What noble thoughts! What a noble man!

You have a human brain but have a dog's heart.

Like you.

Bijlee. - Yes. - Give me a room. I'll sleep here tonight.

Who will take care of master if you don't go back?

Forget him. What will happen to me if I leave now!

Why did you come here? It's girls bathing place. Go away.

I came searching for Jugnu.

He said he will return by evening.

It's morning but no trace of him.

Do I lookafter factory or the house?

Don't worry about the palace. I'll manage till Jugnu returns.

You concentrate on factory.

Uncle! If they see me here with you, they will brake my legs.

Go under water!

You are here! Your father is searching for you.

Your buffalo is sick. Refuses to give milk.

Go to vet and bring medicine.

I'll go right now. You may go.

We are leaving.

Good that you let me out, and they left.

Else I would have suffocated to death.

You should get some punishment for coming here anyway.

Cannot you hear? Listen to me, Shanu, Manu.

Oh my friends are here. What to do?

What else? It's your turn. Go down.

You here!

I'm sun bathing. No, I'm bathing.

With clothes on!

Water is cold.

You must be feeling shy. Where is Radha? Have you seen her?

She is here. What!!

I mean she was here. Went home. Her buffalo is sick.

Okay. We will leave. Shall we go? - Go... go.

Where did she go?

Are you mad?

Is it a way to joke? Why do you laugh?

Look at my heart beat.

Why are you sneezing continuously?

What did you bring at this time?

This is food and this is 'kada'.

What is 'Kada'?

Drink it after meals. It relieves you of cold.

I don't understand you. You push me into water first.

Then, bring kada.

I brought kada since I knew Jugnu mustn't have returned.

Brought food because... guest of the village can sleep on empty stomach.

I wanted one thing in life.

For the 1st time... What is that?

I'll tell you after the factory starts working.

Start the factory first.

What did you say again?

Sure means, certainly.

Talk to me in our language. I don't understand English.

Why don't you learn?

Me! Of course.

Some literate person is needed once the factory starts working.

Oh, yes. I never thought of it.

I'll learn English.

"I am a village belle, you are a city guy"

"Please teach me to read and write"

"I am a village belle, you are a city guy"

"Please teach me to read and write"

"Sit here my dear, I'll tutor you today"

"I'll teach you the Alphabet today"

"Let me make you literate and up-to-date!"

"I am a village belle" you are a city guy"

"Please teach me to read and write"

"I am a village belle" you are a city guy"

"Please teach me to read and write"

"Don't walk with that gait"

"Learn to walk like a well heeled Indian woman"

"Don't walk with that gait"

"Learn to walk like a well heeled Indian woman"

"I am a dumb illiterate girl"

"O city guy, teach me to walk"

"I am a village belle, you are a city guy"

"Please teach me to read and write"

"Putting your arms around me, what are you teaching me"

"Why are you touching me all over"

"Putting your arms around me, what are you teaching me"

"Why are you touching me all over"

"I am crazy about you, you are crazy about me"

"Come, I'll teach you to love"

"I am crazy about you, you are crazy about me"

"Come, I'll teach you to love"

"Sit here, O foreigner, I'll tell you what I learnt"

"I'll say the Alphabet for you"

"I'll become up-to-date and show you"

"You are a village belle, I am a city guy"

"Come, I'll teach you to read and write"

"You are a village belle, I am a city guy"

"Come, I'll teach you to read and write"

Jugnu where are you going? I cannot see through veil.

Your eyes are open! - I see! Why are your eyes look cross?

Because I'm happy. Okay. Move. Good.

Jugnu, go this way. Go around the holy fire.

Now, both of you garland each other.

Garland your would be wife.

Oh, I thought I've to garland the pundit.

Why do you stand there? Come closer.

Come closer.

I think this is the cot.

Drink it. - What? Milk, what else?

I'm here. Where are you going? I see you everywhere.

I missed you.

Why are your hands shaking?

I'm scared as it's my first time here.

What is there to be scared? This night doesn't come again.

Why does it come in the first place?

What do you mean? I mean the wedding night.

Cannot it be during day time. Old custom cannot be changed.

Why not? Custom of 'sati' and 'swayamwar' changed.

Government changed many times.

Why not the night of consummation?

I understood. What?

May I put off the light?

Keep it on or off, what difference it will make to me!

Did you keep it on? No. I put it off.

Brother, Jugnu...

Do some other job, if you cannot ride cycle. What is it?

The brakes are loose. I brought a letter for you.

Are you drunk? Who writes to me?

Parents died when I was born. No friends no enemies.

Has it come from heaven? It could be my letter.

This letter is for Kishanbabu.

Jugnu. - Coming. Get me hot water for bath.

I'm brining.

Take it. - What's this? I asked for hot water.

You are useless. You are always dreaming of wife.

I went to take letter from postman.

Must be from mother. Give me.

Left it there. I'll get it. He is strange!

Where is it gone? I kept it here. Bijlee, have you seen it?

No. Bt I kept it here.

Give to me. Must be from mother.

What happened? - I kept it here. Don't know where it's gone You are a fool. Why did you keep here. Must have fallen down.

I'll find it. But don't scold me in front of her. - Why?

She will also begin.

Go to factory. People are waiting for you. I'll bring the letter.

Okay. - You won't scold me. I know. Keep searching.

What are you doing? No work?

This happiness is because of you.

But we, poor have nothing to give you.

We can only pray to god to bless you.

We have nothing to reciprocate your favour.

This happiness is because of your hardwork.

You can give me something in return. - Me! - Yes.

You told me to ask for anything in Chamba.

I said I'll ask on the day the factory restarts.

Ask. Ask.

Babuji, Radha!

Yes, Radha. I love her. I want to marry her.

What are you saying? What's your status and ours!

We consider stepping into your house, a privilege.

You want to make Radha owner of that house!

We cannot dream of such a thing even in dreams!

Love can see only love, not the status.

Yes. Have you heard?

Your fate has changed. Babuji want to marry you.

But I don't want to marry him.

Are you mad? The sky wants to touch the earth.

And you... I refuse, papa.

I don't love him. I never thought of it.

Forgive me, but what made you think I love you?

Why did you assume that I love you?

I didn't realise your real intentions.

Shut up. - Why did you go close to him if you did love him Why were you worried about his food and cooked for him?

Why did you serve him? Because of you people.

Because of us! - Yes, for the welfare of the village.

You people have beaten him up on the 1st day, because of me.

You were afraid he'll return without starting the factory.

I went to say sorry on your orders.

I took care of his wounds.

Ask him, if I have talked anything else...

...than factory whenever I met him.

I'll be blamed if you leave without starting the factory.

I don't know if you will start the factory or not.

You concentrate on the factory.

Shut up.

It is not justice... punish someone when mistake is someone else.

Radha is not at fault. I made the mistake.

I misunderstood.

I've no complaints. Bye.

Going, Babuji?

Yes, Jugnu. I'm defeated.

I used to make girls fall for me in town by the snap of my finger When I'm truly in love...

...I learnt how difficult it is to win a heart.

More difficult than a war.

That's why you are running away like a...

...defeated soldier even before the war started.

People give up lives for love. You give up by just one refusal?

Please don't go away like this.

It will be like abusing the love.

If your love is turned down... one will ever fall in love here.

What can I do?

Don't give up on your love.

Ask her what is the reason for refusal?

What bad qualities has she seen in you.

What does your love lack?

Whether she just said it or from the heart. If it is so, why?

Heart is not a toy to play and discard whenever you want.

It's a God's gift given only once.

Go and ask her. Yes, Jugnu.

You turn down my love. Insulted me in front of all.

I kept quiet. But you have to tell me what's wrong with me...

...because of which you turn down my love.

Tell me, Radha. Father...

You want to know the reason! Look there.

See her. The mad girl is chasing the car.

She was my friend Banno. She was not like this.

Two years ago, a city man like you, had come to our village.

Banno fell in love with him.

Both vowed to live together for life.

But that dishonest man spoiled her & went back never to return.

This poor girl became mad waiting for him.

Every car that comes here gives her the hope his return.

I don't want to become another Banno.

You blame all men dishonest just because of one man's dishonesty!

That's not right.

The world has all kinds of people, the good and the bad.

It is sad that you think I'm bad.

My heart fell in love for the 1st time. Longed for someone.

It's a great reward for my love.

I want to hear once again from you if you love me or not.

Tell me whether you love me. I want an answer.

Your silence gave me the answer. Okay.

O God, what is this!

What do you say? - Better to call a doctor from nearby city.

Life will be at risk if he doesn't regain consciousness.

Go fast and bring the doctor.

How will I face mistress if something happens to him?

What will I tell her?

She sent her lone son to provide livelihood for...

...villagers and their families and they...

Be optimistic. God will take care.

I brought 'prasad' for Babuji.

Aunty, Banarasi babu, Jugnu, Babuji regained consciousness.

He regained consciousness! Let's go.

I'm grateful to you O God. You have saved Babuji.

I made a big mistake unknowingly.

A big mistake.

Send it to quarters. - What do I do with accounts books?

I'll check, then...

What is all this?

These are customary gifts. Radha agreed to marry you.

Enough of it.

Radha played with my emotions. Now, you too?

Enough of jokes.

It's not a joke. Radha said yes to marry you.

Why this sudden change of mind?

There can be only 2 reasons for it.

You must have threatened her or she is feeling pity for me.

I don't need anyone's pity or charity. You may go.

No one threatened me nor I pity you.

Today, I've not come for the sake of factory...

...or welfare of the village.

Nor because of any purpose.

Today Radha is here to express her feelings.

Accept the gifts please.

Accept it.

"What have you done, O Radha"

"What have you done, O Radha"

"I surrendered my heart to my Kishen"

"You used to fight with him earlier"

"You used to act so haughty"

"You never came close"

"You kept a distance"

"You made excuses"

"You tormented him"

"You made excuses"

"You tormented him"

"You had an attitude"

"You always harassed him"

"You always harassed him"

"What have you done, O Radha"

"What have you done, O Radha"

"What have you done, O Radha"

"I surrendered my...

...heart to my Kishen"

"Tell me... O Radha"

"What have you done, O Radha?"

"What have you done. O Radha?"

"O Kishen, do justice"

"I harassed you, please forgive me"

"O Kishen, do justice"

"I harassed you, please forgive me"

"Come here to me, let me punish you"

"Let me forget all the world in my love for you"

"I forgot even myself for a moment..."

"...when you took me in your arms"

"O Radha..."

"What have you done, O Radha?"

"What have you done, O Radha?"

"I surrendered my heart... '

" my Kishen"

"What have you done, O Radha"

"What have you done, O Radha?"

"Our love is age old"

"Our love is age old"

"O Kishen, don't forget me ever now"

"Come, I'll even take an oath"

"Come, I'll even take an oath"

"I'll belong to you, whenever I'm born"

"May this bond never break"

"May we never part"

"May this bond never break"

"May we never part"

"Until we live..."

"...we will never part"

"O Radha..."

"What have you done, O Radha?"

"What have you done, O Radha?"

"I've surrendered my heart..."

" my Kishen"

"Tell me, O Radha..."

"O Radha..."

Okay, bye. Take care of yourself. - Sure.

Jugnu, bye. Okay.

You are crying!

I'm not going forever. It's only for a week or so.

Come back with my mother and marry you with band.

Don't cry.

Kishan, please come back soon.

Bye, see you.

Mother!! That's not possible!


Uncle, how did this happen so suddenly?

Why didn't you inform me?

Why are you quiet? Why don't you talk?


Daddu, what happened to uncle?

You tell me what happened to mother?

What's wrong with you all?

Narad, why is everyone staring at me?

Why don't you tell me what happened to mother?

Mr. Kesari, you tell me for God's sake...

...what happened to my mother.

What happened to you all?

Who are you?

Commissioner uncle... He asked who are you.

What's wrong with you, uncle? I'm Kishan, Kishan Malhotra.

If you are Kishan Malhotra, who is he?

Who are you?

I'm Kishan Malhotra. Who are you?

Who is he? Uncle, it's a conspiracy.

I want to know how mother died.

Not your mother, but my mother.

I'll kill you if you say one word about mother or... yourself Kishan Malhotra.

Don't shout.

Today is mourning for us. We are here to mourn.

I don't know who you are or what do you want.

I beg of you, don't say anything to disturb her soul.

He is calling my mother his mother and shedding false tears.

Do you think you can take my place because of resemblance.

Uncle, ask him what proof does he have to prove he is Kishan.

Why don't you say something?

How can he. He doesn't have proof to show.

I've returned from Chamba.

If he is Kishan, what's he doing here? He should be in Chamba.

Where should a son be when he hears about death of his mother.

In Chamba or here? You decide.

So, you were in Chamba. What do you know about Chamba?

You can fool these people. But, can you face the people of Chamba?

Whom do you want to bring for me to face?

Sarpanch? Banarasi uncle?

The postman? Tulsi Kaki, Jugnu?

Or Radha?

Uncle, he is a big cheater.

He must have followed me every where! Hence knows everything.


Daddu, isn't it the amulet you gave me? - Yes.

Inspector ask him if he has such an amulet.

I don't have because I lost it in Chambagaon.

He is lying!

Do you have any proof for it?

What are you asking me uncle!

I'm dishonest just because of an amulet!

I've a better proof, this letter...

...which mother wrote and sent to me. Look at it, uncle.

Now don't tell me your letter was lost too like the amulet.

Don't look at me suspiciously. I'm Kishan Malhotra.

What do I do!

My dog! Sheru!

He can fool the men but not an animal.

You call my dog. Sheru...

Come to me, Sheru.

What happened to you, Sheru?

As you rightly said, it's easy to fool men.

But not animals.

Uncle, I... - Anything more is left to prove?

I had thrown out my lone son for the sake of peace in this house.

Inspector, take him. - Come on. Uncle you are being cheated.

I'm Kishan Malhotra, believe me. He is an impostor, a cheat.

Where is my car!

What is the matter? You look worried.

My mind and heart say 2 different things.

My heart says the one thrown out of the house... our real Kishanbabu. What!!


Look into my eyes. What do you see? Cheating, deception?

Or a son's helplessness?

I could not see my mother for the last time.

I'm not sad for being thrown out of the house.

I'm not sad that uncle and others didn't recognize me.

What I feel sorry about is...

...that I don't even know what happened to my mother.

You must know how she died.

They say her vehicle fell down from here.

Her body isn't found. They say, brakes failed.

Brakes didn't fail but sabotaged.

She has been killed.

I swear on my dead mother, that I won't leave her culprit.

For wealth these people killed our goddess like mistress.

We must see that they don't get their hands on it.

Else, they will get everything.

You know everything that happened.

Before they get their hands on my wealth...

...I want to withdraw all my money.

But you have found the solution to that.

You have changed your old signature yesterday.

That impostor cannot withdraw a single rupee from this bank.

He will be behind bars if he even tries.

Mr. Shantiprasad, Kishan is sitting in front of me.

He is the impostor! - No. I'm the real Kishan Malhotra.

Believe me, Sir! You take my specimen signature.

Throw him out. Be grateful that I didn't call the police.

I'm really in trouble. All the doors of hope are closed on me.

Only you can help me. Please.

Will you leave or shall I phone up police?

Believe me Mr. Kesari, I'm the real Kishan Malhotra.

Raghu, Bheena, Birju, throw out this rogue.

Wait. Believe me I'm Kishan Malhotra.

Believe me, I'm Kishen Malhotra.

Sir, here is the 2 lakhs you asked to withdraw yesterday.

Why do you knock? Why cannot you just walk in?

You only told me to knock before entering.

How much sugar? 11/2. - Yes, sir.

No need. I'll eat sugar and then drink coffee.

What are you looking at? Put. Nothing. - Come on, put it.

I'm Bhanu speaking. What's the need to call?

I'm in dire need of money It is arranged. You will get by evening.

Real Malhotra is trying hard to prove his identity.

He went to bank and to Mr. Kesari too.

Get lost. Else, I'll hit you. How can you push children?

Doesn't have money but want food. Take it.

You have food. I'll pay.

Give him.

Look at the car!

My money!

What happened? My time is bad.

That rascal tried to kill me.

Who? The same rascal.

I had a 100 rupee note. I don't know where...

I'm tired! Sometimes, I feel I'm really not Kishan Malhotra.

I'll try my best. Give me just 2 days time.

I'll expose the impostor.

Do it fast. My beloved must be waiting for me in Chamba.

I lost my mother. I don't want to lose Radha.

Even the path is tired of waiting for him, dear.

When will you tire waiting for him?

Those who trust false promises don't get anything but tears.

In my 30 years career, this is the first time I realized...

...the value of a letter costing only 30p.

This postman who delivers letters to the entire village...

...wants to sit waiting in the post office for your letter.

Even this physician does not have a cure to your illness.

Radha, Kishen will not return.

If he had to return, why would he shut down the factory...

...the moment he reached the city?

Tell me.

You are right, Uncle Benarasi.

But my heart is not convinced. What do I do about it?

It keeps telling me that Kishen is in big trouble.

Tony, you did not tell us one thing.

How did you succeed in fooling this dog?

How did he bark at his own master that day?

Inspector, when Tony can become Kishen...

...why cannot a Moti become Sheru? Even he is fake.

If he had been Sheru, he would have gnawed me to tithers.

Don't commit any unlawful act with your official gun.

Right. Come.

Sevakram, you have served this family wholeheartedly, right?

You should get some rest now.

Those who don't know to swim should not go near water.

I will not let your sacrifice go waste!

Manjeet, accounts books in my office right now!

Here, sir.

What are you doing, Narad?

Won't you ask me how much coffee in sugar?

Sir, you! Sir, there is a lot of chaos going on here.

Instead of you, your lookalike...

I know, Narad.

I have come to know the rest from this account book That bastard is looting my wealth.

Not only that sir...

...he's preparing to sell all your properties & factories.

What? Yes, sir.

And that factory you started in Chamba...

...he has closed down even that.

Narad, listen carefully.

Don't ever let my lookalike know that you know the truth.

Or like Sevakram, they will...

Sevakram? Yes, he has been murdered.

This lookalike of me is very dangerous.

I don't understand what made you take such a decision.

And that too, without asking me?

Why do you want to sell all the lands and properties?

After mummy's death, I cannot handle such a vast empire alone.

I only want to consolidate a little.


Two Kishens?

You! You reached here too! You dare...

Uncle, why don't you believe me, I am Kishen, your Kishen.

This bastard is an impostor.

I did not do anything until today.

I kept forgiving you for being a helpless man.

But you are going beyond limit now!

What are you waiting for? Call the police!

This impostor has cheated us all.

Uncle... - Wonder what he was doing in the cabin.

It is good we reached in time, or else this rogue...

You scoundrel! I will not spare you!

Uncle, believe me, he is an impostor!

He will spend the rest of his life in jail.

Say that you are not Kishen Malhotra. - No. - Say it. - No.

Say you are not Kishen Malhotra! - I will not!

The bastard!

"Please come, my crazy heart is restless without you"

"Please come, my crazy heart is restless without you"

"No one can understand how I am surviving"

"Death is better than living like this"

"Darling, you don't know my helplessness"

"Darling, you don't know my helplessness"

"I've no way, nor a destination, life has become difficult"

"Now how will we meet"

"Come O darling, see what condition I am in"

"Life without you is impossible"

"Come O darling, see what condition I am in"

"Life without you is impossible"

"Our courtship, or conversations..."

"...the memory of our meetings make me cry"

"I have no news of you, I don't know where you are"

"Where do I look for you"

"I have no idea"

"Darling, you don't know my helplessness"

"Darling, you don't know my helplessness"

"I've no way, nor a destination, life has become difficult"

"Now how will we meet"

"Please come, my crazy heart is restless without you"

"Please come, my crazy heart is restless without you"

"No one can understand how I am surviving"

"Death is better than living like this"

Don't worry about that imposter, Mr. Shanti Prasad.

He is in our custody now.

Who knows who cast an evil eye on us after sister-in-law's death.

An incident occurs everyday.

Like that day when our old servant, Sevakram...

...drowned in the swimming pool and died.

Don't feel dejected. Who can stall what is destined?

You? How could you dare!

I have brought Bhanu.

You? Despite knowing I have disowned him?

Trust me, uncle.

He is like me now. He has changed.

Or I wouldn't have brought him here.

Man is like time, he keeps changing.

And then, I need Bhanu.

Why do you need him? - Not only me, all of us need him.

Just think, if Bhanu was with us...

...would what happened in office that day happened?

That imposter wants to take advantage of this fact...

...that we don't unite. Right, commissioner?

But... - Uncle, even God has punished him already.

Look at his face. You are his elder, forgive his first mistake.

Please, for my sake. Hey, apologise!

Alright. Go after him.

You truly are Sumitra's son.

After mother's death, for the first time I realised... difficult it is to live without your dear ones.

Friend, if you want to get out of here, then there's only one way.


Who is he?

Lock up or jail, everything is like a guest house for him.

He is excellent at opening locks.

But he does anything only for money.


Brother, I don't have money right now.

But once you help me get out of here...

...I will give you as much as you want.

You will help me, won't you, brother?

He is dumb. He only understands the language of money.

Friend, you will have to pay him for his job once you are free.

Will you be able to pay him? Yes.

What are you saying? That you will go to the city, alone?

To meet that Kishen?

No, I cannot let you go to the city to die.

As if she will remain alive even if she stays here.

There is a limit to waiting for someone.

Atleast if she goes to the city she will know...

...why Kishen did not return as promised.

But... Once! Let her go.

Chief, we'll not send her alone. We will send someone with her.

We'll send Jugnu with her. Okay, Jugnu? - Me?

Yes. You are right.

Jugnu is the most intelligent man of our village.

He will take good care of Radha. Right, Jugnu?

I cannot take care of myself, how will I take care of her?

Do you know, when it is night...

Forget about night and day. Be of some use to someone.

But... - Yes Chief, Radha will go to the city with Jugnu.

This is the decision of all of us.

Jugnu, give your consent.

But listen to my problem too.

Jugnu, please come with me.



Watchman! Is this the residence of Kishen?


Jugnu, go and check if Kishen is at home or not.

I go and check? At this hour?

Please go, Jugnu. Why do you behave like this?

Radha, actually, when we were leaving the village...

...a priest told me not to look at anything after sunset...

...or that thing will disappear.

So I keep my eyes open, but don't see anything.

Alright, I'll go and check. Hold this.

Hey! Where are you going?

Leave my hand!

Do you know who I am? No.

Your Kishen is going to marry me.

If he comes to know that you did not let me in...

...he will dismiss you.

Oh, I made a mistake. Forgive me. You may go.

Is he in? Yes. - Great!

Marry? My boss marries every night.

Hey! Radha!

Where did she go?

Turn around! Police!

Radha, stop!

What are you doing! Don't touch me! Leave me!

What's wrong with you? Have you lost your senses?

I was not in my senses until today.

Realisation has dawned only today.

I have seen your true facet today.

How many promises you made me.

How many dreams you made me believe in.

Hadn't you told me that every city dweller is not the same?

The whole village told me that you had changed...

...but my heart refused to believe.

I came looking for you to the city.

But today I saw you enjoying yourself in your house...

...I saw the truth for myself.

No, Radha. Even you have misunderstood.

The whole world did not recognise me...

...but how could you not recognise me?

I have escaped from police custody after so many days today.

The one you saw in my house was not me but my lookalike.

Look, was his condition like mine?

He is an imposter who is cheating us all.

Come, Radha!

"We met each other..."

" this today"

"Now I hope..."

"...we never separate"

"Tell me Radha..."

" did we meet"

"God heard..."

" prayers"

"Kishen, my prayers were answered"

"Tell me Radha..."

Wonder what inauspicious moment I left the village, ...l've been left alone.

Wonder when I will return to my village, meet my Bijlee.

I almost missed being run over six times.

If I am really run over, I will die.

Who was that? Can't you see? Are you blind?

Don't you feel ashamed that despite being sighted... dash against a blind man and call him blind?

Humanity does not exist anymore.

What are you waiting for? Help the poor man up.

How can I? I am myself blind.

What a shameless man!

He has such huge eyes and calls himself blind.

Such a man should be thrashed!

Go home. Leave him. Forgive him.

Forgive me, brother. You got beaten because of me.

But you should not lie that you are blind.

Alright, tell me, what work do you do?

Nothing. I have come from the village. I am unemployed.

Unemployed? Doesn't matter, I'll get you a job.

We'll discuss the rest in my house. Give me your hand.

Where is your hand? Here.

What are you doing! This is my leg.

I told you to hold my hand. Be careful.

Keep your hand on my shoulder. Cross the road carefully.

Hey, Mr. Tony! Good morning!

Where were you for so many days? Had you gone to Dubai?

I'll get your special tea right away.

The trouble you'd created hasn't been solved yet.

There is a lot of tension here.

Do one thing, go away from here for a few days.

If anyone sees me with you, even I will be in trouble.

What is all this about?

I think your lookalike is a resident of this place.

His name must be Tony.

Where had you gone leaving your Sonia alone?

Who is she? She...

I understand! First Kamla, then Rosy, then me.

And now it's her. Right?

That is what I like about you.

Where? Three Ace club, where else?

It was so dull without you.

But today, we'll have a celebration there.

If we want to know about Tony, let's do what she is saying.


"My heart was restless..."

" whom I was waiting for..."

"My heart was restless..."

" whom I was waiting for..."

"...has come, has come, has come!"

"I am a lover, I am crazy"

"I am a hostage to beauty"

"I am a lover, I am crazy"

"I am a hostage to beauty"

"My heart was restless..."

" whom I was waiting for..."

"My heart was restless..."

" whom I was waiting for..."

"...has come, has come, has come!"

"I am a lover, I am crazy"

"I am a hostage to beauty"

"I am a lover, I am crazy"

"I am a hostage to beauty"

Hello Michael? Tony has come.

"I have never seen such an ambience ever before"

"No one knows this love story"

"I have never seen such an ambience ever before"

"No one knows this love story"

"I am yours, you are mine..."

"...the whole world is unknown"

"Just listen..."

" my heart"

"I will be in your every heartbeat"

"Come close to me"

"My heart was restless..."

" whom I was waiting for..."

"My heart was restless..."

" whom I was waiting for..."

"...has come, has come, has come!"

I cannot stop. You jump off.


No! What are you doing!

Tony, only the police can help you now.

Because they are sure you have murdered Ronnie's sister.

But I know that my Tony can steal, can embezzle...

...but cannot kill anybody.

Tell me the truth Tony, Ronnie is wrong, isn't he?

You didn't commit that murder, did you? - No.

But if you were innocent, why did you run away from here?


Tony, they have reached here. You escape through the back door.

But even you... They are after you.

I'll manage, you'll go!

Where is Tony?


I suppose they left. Let's go.

It's you!

Here we are trying to save our lives...

...and you are worried about your money.

Why do you have to pay him?

In the lock up... Take it! Spare me!

Shut up! Let us think what we have to do next.

Shut-up! I'll pay you the balance later.

What do we do now? Let's go and inform the police.

We know everything about him now.

He will fall in his own trap.

No Radha, he has proved to the world that he is Kishen.

He is so smart that he will even prove that I am Tony, not him.

I will be held guilty of all his crimes.

There is only one solution.

We also play the same trick he played on me.

And make his life miserable.

Even I will help you.

He is a lecher. It is not difficult to trap such a man.

What if I make him crazy about me?

You spoke such fluent English?

After you left, what else did I have to do...

...apart from remembering you and learning English?

But I had never expected it would come in so handy one day.

What do you mean?

Watch how Radha becomes Rita and makes Tony dance to her tunes.

Do you know Tina darling, an astrologer saw my horsoscope...

...and told me I'll get married this year.

And I will be marrying a girl whose name begins with 'T'.

He did not know that I loved you.

Excuse me, I'll just be back.

Mr. Kishen, instead of drinking yourself...'re making the table drink?

She is so beautiful!

I am not so beautiful, sir.

Not you, you stupid bugger! The one there!

Oh! You are talking about Rita madam.

Rita madam? You know her? What do you know about her?

I know a lot, but...

Now tell me.

She is a spoilt brat of a rich father.

I like spoilt brats.

Tell me more. She has run away from home.

I will give her shelter. Tell me more.

Dancing is her weakness. You know to dance, don't you?

I was born dancing, you stupid bugger. Tell me more.

What more do I say? You have to say now.

Who are you? My bodyguard, Gunga.

Do you know, an astrologer told me just today...

...that I am going to marry this year.

And the girl I will marry, her name will begin with 'R'.

Oh wow! My name begins with 'R'. Rita!

Feel at home here. This is Kishen Malhotra's modest house.

He is my uncle's son, Bhanu.

And he is my friend, inspector TT Dholak.

And she is Miss... Rita.

And we have decided on our first meeting that we will get married.

Dholak, I know this rogue very well.

He will take her to bed today itself.

I know how he shows his girlfriends his bedroom.

Don't be jealous. Tony and we are partners.

And maybe, even we can use the girl.

The girl's beautiful.

But we'll have to do something about her bodyguard.

We will.

"The breeze is chilly, close the window"

"The breeze is chilly, close the window"

"Let our love blossom behind closed doors"

"Let our love blossom behind closed doors"

"Sit close to me, and lets talk a little"

"Sit close to me, and lets talk a little"

"Let our love blossom behind closed doors"

"Let our love blossom behind closed doors"

"This mystic ambience"

"My heart desires, my heart beats faster"

"This mystic ambience"

"My heart desires, my heart beats faster"

"If that is so, why should we stay apart"

"Why do we together suffer this separation"

"Touching your rosy lips makes me euphoric"

"Why am I enjoying coming in your arms"

"Entrance me with your beautiful eyes"

"Sit close to me, and lets talk a little"

"Sit close to me, and lets talk a little"

"Let our love blossom behind closed doors"

"Let our love blossom behind closed doors"

"Just the two of us, there is no one else"

"May this glorious times never pass away"

"Just the two of us, there is no one else"

"May this glorious times never pass away"

"There is nothing separating us"

"We are lucky to get this chance"

"I wish that you hug me"

"You will be in every breath I take, come into my arms"

"You accept this beauty"

"The breeze is chilly, close the window"

"The breeze is chilly, close the window"

"Let our love blossom behind closed doors"

"Let our love blossom behind closed doors"

"The breeze is chilly, close the window"

"The breeze is chilly, close the window"

"Let our love blossom behind closed doors"

"Let our love blossom behind closed doors"

Bhanu and Dholak are outside. You are drunk.

Kish darling, tell me something. - Yes?

This bungalow, the office, is all yours, isn't it?

Yes, only mine, and it will belong to you after marriage.

Why did you ask?

That uncle's son, what's his name? - That idiot Bhanu.

And that TT Dholak. The ass! Both are dogs!

They keep wagging their tails like dogs.

That Bhanu is a scoundrel, a cheat, a rogue!

He bites the hand that feeds him. The idiot!

And Dholak is the meanest of them all.

He is worst than Bhanu.

He is a greedy man who accepts bribes.

He is a black spot on police integrity.

Not now, Dholak. Let him talk nonsense in his drunken state.

Let us know what poison he has in his heart against us.

Just wait.

Now that I have got you...

...I will sell the properties, this house, the factory...

...and go far away from here.

Then I will marry you.

We will have a home in every city of the world.

One in London. One in Paris.

Yes, one in Paris too. One in New York.

I am feeling very sleepy now. Good night, go to sleep.

Did you hear what his feelings are about us?

Doesn't matter. He is drunk now.

We'll talk to him in the morning. Let's go.

God! My head! Make black coffee!

What are you'll doing here early in the morning?

Where is that girl? She must be in the room.

Why Tony, am I mean? Am I a cheat? A scoundrel?

Am I a man who bites the hand that feeds him?

And am I the meanest of all?

I am mean, a dog, a greedy man?

I am a black spot on police integrity?

What are you'll talking about early in the morning?

The same words that you were telling your darling at night.

You want to sell everything and escape with Rita?

Tony, even we have worked hard to get this wealth.

If you try to double cross us, I'll do what I did to Sevakram.

Dholak, put that in.

You will need it to scare some decent man like Sevakram, not me.

And get this clear. Don't ever try to threaten or scare Tony.

Or what will you do?

I have an ace up my sleeve which can put you'll into trouble.


Where has Gunga gone?

I don't have money, write it in my account, I'll pay tomorrow.

Oh really?

Don't bark. I'll pay. Here, take.

Thank you.

Friend, I don't know your name, but since I have found you...

...I'm making money!

He has paid his bill. Why are you barking at him?

I am paying you double fare.

Even if you pay me Rs.100,000, I will not take you.

I don't ferry people after sunset. Go away.

Didn't you hear me drive her away? Get lost!

Which language is this?

It seems a dog is out in human clothes. Get out!

He's running towards us?

Why did you have to go to his street?

It is natural for a dog to bark at a dog from another street.


Please leave us alone. The sun will soon set & I'll turn blind.

What do I do? It's going to be evening.

It's evening.

I've turned blind! What will happen now?

What are you doing?

What happened?

You blind fellow! Must you have to die under my truck?

Truck? Is this a truck?

I thought they were two scooters and I could drive between them.

If you had, you'd have landed in the crematorium.

Move your rickshaw! - How can I? I cannot pick it up.

Wait a minute. Excuse me.

He didn't even pay the fare! The dog!

Let me have tea atleast.

Why have you come here? Go to that fake master of yours.

It is because of you I lost my home. Go away!

You will not go? Let me see how you don't!

You betrayed the master with whom you lived for so many years.

You barked at him!

Kishen, our first move hit the mark.

We succeeded in breaking up their unity.

Do you know, they even fought for the first time today.

But Tony threatened both of them about some ace up his sleeve.

Ace? What can that...

How come he is with you?

I came here with the excuse of taking him for a walk.

Oh no! That means...

Sheru, forgive me for misunderstanding you.

I beat you so much. I did not know that scoundrel has played...

...the same trick with you that he has played with me.

Please forgive me, friend.

Even with him...

What are you doing?

Darling, I think your dog has gone mad.

He troubled me so much.

He broke his collar & ran away. I've run all the way after him.

I'm sorry about the dog, he's gone mad.

Yes... so? In which language... wrong number...

Speak in Hindi, in English...

No Gunga, I told you, it is not possible today.

You can come tomorrow. What is wrong with you?

Don't trouble me.

I lost my purse because of your dog.

And he is asking for his salary.

How do I pay him? I don't have money.

Why make an issue of such a small matter?

How much? For just Rs.500...

What is he saying? I don't understand him.

He is asking for Rs.5000, not Rs.500.

Rs.5000? Is he worth Rs.5000?

I will have to pay in cheque. I don't have that much cash.

This is a self cheque of Rs.5000.

Go and withdraw from the bank.

What is in that sack?

There are empty bottles in it.

You drink so much. There were so many bottles at home.

I only told him to throw them all out.

You take such good care of me.

What is that?

It's you who is panting! You see money and start panting.

Gunga, don't forget to withdraw money from the bank tomorrow.

That cheat Tony has changed my signature.

I'll try once more.

Let me try once again.

What is this, Mr. Kishen?

Except for Rs.51, you withdrew all money from your account?

Why, doesn't the bank have money?

It does, I have called money from the head office.

Can I use your phone?

Hello, uncle? Uncle?

Uncle, I am Kishen speaking. Yes son, tell me.

Have those people who want to buy our property come? - Yes.

Make them comfortable. Tell them I'll join them soon.

Yes, I am calling from the bank. I'm bringing the money.

They have come.

What is the matter, manager? You look worried.

Are you wondering that I am not Kishen but the imposter?

No, it is nothing of the sort. Your money has come.

The account which had millions of rupees until yesterday... you know how much credit it has today? - How much?

Rs.51. What? Show me.

Why did you leave this much? For your wreath?

TT, I don't know anything about this.

Bhanu, I did not withdraw this money. - Oh shut-up!

Dholak, matters have gone beyond limit.

Now boss will get the truth out of him.

Let's go. Come on.

We'll now know the mastermind behind this conspiracy.

We tried our best, but this idiot did not tell us anything.

There is an old saying that beggars cannot live in mansions.

We made him a king. Naturally, so he was bound to betray us.

Tony, this is called chess. It is a very strange game.

Sometimes, even a pawn defeats the bishop.

But I am not the bishop which can be defeated by a pawn.

Because when I play a game, I straight go for check and mate!

You'll are unnecessarily suspecting me.

I did not withdraw money from the bank. I was...

This is a game played by Kishen Malhotra.

Oh really? That is possible.

But Tony, you had changed your signatures with the bank.

Then how can Kishen withdraw money from the bank?

Is this why I picked you from the club and brought you here?

Gave you this lavish lifestyle?

So that you betray even us? No, Mr. Shanti Prasad...

If you love your life, hand over that money to me.

Tell me where that money is, you bastard!

It is you, your father, your son, who is a bastard, Next time you even try to raise your hand on me...'ll spend the rest of your life behind bars.

What did you assume, a man who can kill his sister-in-law...

...who ruins his nephew's life...

...who pretends to be a decent guy in the eyes of society...

...I will blindly trust such a man?

Oh no! Do you remember my ace?

So you remember I had told you I've an ace up my sleeve? - Yes.

It is now time to use that ace. Look!

I atleast go once in a day to meet this old woman.

So that my men are assured that I am alive.

And I have told them that the day I don't come...

...they should take this woman to the police station.

Someone has rightly said that chess is a strange game.

And even I am not that pawn whom the bishop can defeat.

Oh God, you made me half blind.

You should also have made me half educated.

How do I send a message to the village that I have lost Radha?

Excuse me. - What is it? Are you educated?

You know English. Will you write a letter for me?

Will you pay me? - Pay? - I've spent money to get an education.

So you want to claim all that money from me?

The time I'll take to write your letter I can go to 2-3 offices.

I have only Rs.10.

Keep Rs.5, I'll eat my lunch with the balance Rs.5.

I will write only one line for Rs.5. - One line?

Tell me. - Respected Chief ...No, don't write that.

It is sad... no, don't write that either.

Radha is lost. What? - Radha is lost.

Radha is lost.

Give it to me! Hey, listen! Come here.

This letter won't reach your village. - Why?

There is no address on it. Then please write it.

Pay me Rs.5 to write the address.

Looks like you will recover all your education expense from me.

Tell me. Chief, Gangapur, Chamba.

Take. - You have looted Rs. 10 from a poor man.

You will not get a job for 10 years.

What nonsense are you talking!

I was joking, God. Give him a job.

But please let this message reach the village...

...that Radha is lost.

Radha is lost. Radha is lost!!

Yes, Radha is lost.

But Jugnu has not mentioned how it happened.

The idiot has sent a letter like it was a telegram.

Radha is the daughter of our village.

Chief, we will have to go to the city to find Radha.

What do you say? Yes, we will go.

Have milk. - I didn't drink milk even when I was small.

As it is, you have lost your senses drinking all day.

I mean, you are always under some tension.

Please have it. ...For my sake!

It is good for your health. You'll also also cool down.

By the way, what's wrong with you?

Is there some problem?

Hello, Mr. Kishen. Who are you all?

What do you'll want? How did you'll come in?

You are forgetting. Today is 15th August.

So? - You'd promised to vacate this house today.

We have paid you all the money. Here are the possession papers.

Thank you very much.

We've already taken possession of the factory & office.

Vacate the house too by evening. We'll take your leave.

Th... this... this is my signature.

Kish darling, what is all this about?

What're you talking about?

What I had feared has happened. That rogue sold this office...

...factory, everything. He did not leave a penny.

And now, Bhanu and Dholak will assume I have sold all this.

Yes you scoundrel, you sold everything!

You'll are mistaken. Shut-up!

You have ruined us. Where is all the money?

I did not take any money. These are fake signatures.

Kishen has done all this. Yes, he has!

He is telling the truth, Dholak. Kishen sold all this.

You?! - Yes. Why? Surprised to see me alive?

What did you assume? That you can kill me so easily?

But Tony will not die so easily.

This man who is living with you since 2 days as Tony is not Tony.

He's Kishen.

And it's proof is this.

What nonsense are you talking? What is in these bags?

All the money from the sale of property.

Which this cheat had kept hidden with his loyal servant, Narad.

He is lying. Dholak, Bhanu, he is trying to deceive you.

I am lying? I am lying??

Gunga, show them the truth.

Forgive me, Mr. Kishen. I am not disloyal.

But he beat me up so much that I'd to give him your money.

He is some crazy man. I don't... Hey, move!

If you don't believe me, ask Rita.

I am Tony.

Then I am Kishen? Foolish man, if I was Kishen...

...why would I bring all my money here?

Dholak, I've come here to prove to you that Tony is not a cheat.

I have brought all the money.

But he still has the money withdrawn from the bank.

Don't believe him, Dholak.

He is playing the same trick I played on him.

Give me two minutes to prove this. - Given!

If you are Tony, you must know something about Tony's life?

About where he lived, what he did, who he met.

What do you want to know? About Goa?

About Three Aces Club, Tony Montannas band or about Sonia?

He is playing my every trick on me. How does he know...

Give me just one minute. I'll prove who Kishen Malhotra is.

Who drank this milk? He did.

Since when did the drunkard Tony start drinking milk?

Rita forced me... - Tony being forced? Unbelievable!

Where is my dog, Moti? This drama will be over now!

Come, Moti.

This dog has gone crazy!

It is you who has gone mad.

The scoundrel escaped.

The bastard!

Michael, Jagga, beat me so much that the old woman inside...

...believes I am her son Kishen who has come to save her.

What are you saying, sir?

Hit my face.


You are alive! Yes, she is until now.

But now, neither will she survive, nor you.

The son who has his mother's blessings...

...forget fiends like you, even God cannot kill him.

Do you see what I have come to after your departure?

I had to pretend to be an imposter in my own house.

When this house is your son, Kishen Malhotra's.

But no one recognises me here.

Uncle. Forgive me, son.

You finally recognised me, uncle.

What happened to you? Where? - Over here.

This was a fake injury to fool them.

I could not recognise you until today.

But the true facet of Bhanu...

Tony and inspector Dholak has been exposed.

But don't worry, I will not spare them.

Uncle, this is all the wealth of my late parents...

...which I saved from those scoundrels.

Now keep this is your safe custody. - I'll keep it?

Sheru, what is this?

Uncle, I had sent Sheru after Tony.

I am sure he must have found where Tony is.

Do one thing. Inform the police while I go and end this game.

Come, Sheru. - I will take care of everything.

Daddy, where did Tony go with the dog?

Stupid, idiot! That wasn't Tony, he was Kishen.

What?? - Tony was the one...

...who you all beat & threw out of the house.

It is good that Kishen didn't come to know anything about me.

Or our plan of years would have flopped.

Hey! Mr. Kishen!

Sheru, where are you taking me?

Come mother, let's go to the police station.

It's time to teach those a lesson...

...who kept you confined here to acquire our wealth.

Let's go, mother.

Sheru, where are...

Mother! Mother, you are alive!

Stop, you imposter! You cannot deceive me any more.

Move! Even you are a fake like him.

What are you saying, mother? Don't you dare call me mother!

Kishen, I am aware of how he has tortured you.

Mother, you are mistaken, I am Kishen.

No, you are not Kishen.

You are the one who kept me away from Kishen.

Take, son.

This... Don't be shocked, Tony.

If you were Kishen, you wouldn't shoot even if I told you to.

Son! Mother.

Stupid fellow! A mother knows even the shadow of her son.

And you were trying to deceive a mother?

Great, sister-in-law! You recognised Tony!

You proved that you are my sister-in-law.

But you failed to recognise your brother-in-law.

It was I who conspired to kill you by tampering with the brakes.

But this Tony turned out to be smarter.

He saved you so that he could blackmail me.

Or I had succeeded in my mission.


Brother-in-law, I have no complaints against Tony.

He is a stranger, but you are my kin.

Then why did you deceive us?

What enmity did you have with us?

This enmity began the day brother died.

And all his property came to you instead of me.

Since that day, I pretended to be a good man...

...but kept swindling money from your business.

And so that you don't suspect anything, I disowned Bhanu...

...on his theft being caught.

But you are aware of the craving of being away from your child.

Even I was a shattered man after Bhanu's departure.

I looked for him everywhere with inspector Dholak's help.

And then, I looking for him, I reached Goa's Three Ace Club.

And there I found my way of acquiring your entire property.

On seeing Kishen's lookalike, I thought of a plan.

And everyone knows what happened after that.

Nephew, I have never come across a more stupid man than you.

You yourself handed over all your wealth to me...

...telling me that it is your dear parents property.

Your plan was great uncle, but even I am your nephew after all.

How could you assume your nephew to be so stupid?

The day you accepted Bhanu again, I knew there was something wrong.

Just open the bag and see. Maybe the notes below are all fake.

Dad, all the notes inside are fake.

You scoundrel! Tell me where the money is.

Or I will kill you!

No Shanti Prasad, you cannot kill him.

Because you want his money.

If you kill him, all your effort of years will go waste.

So, no...

Even we are not foolish, Tony.

Here is all the wealth which Kishen had kept with Radha.

Oh, I'm sorry. I mean, with your Rita.

The ball is in our court again.

Why don't I kill her before I kill you two.

Her death will hurt both of you.

Because she is your Rita, and Kishen's Radha.

Gunga, you!

I'm not dumb!

There is no need to be surprised.

Inspector Bhende has arrived with handcuffs!

The police cannot be fooled so easily.

The commissioner suspected you...

...when you'll put on an act on the mourning day.

He made me pose as a criminal in Inspector Dholak's cell.

Gunga, I mean, inspector Bhende, stop talking...

...or the ball will be in their court again.

Right! One last dialogue.

This bag...

I will not mouth any dialogue, inspector Bhende, just shoot you!

Mr. Kishen, I was looking...

Two Kishens?

Sometimes I don't even see one, and sometimes I see two!

What new ailment is this?

Radha, where had you gone? I kept looking for you everywhere.

You hit Jugnu!

Why did he hit me? I did not do anything.

Hey, that rickshaw is mine!

He's that dumb man who did not pay me.

Talk straight! Dumb people don't speak!

You called me dumb!

What kind of a city is this? Everyone is beating me!

A dumb man speaks.

There's Radha!

Arrest him!

Inspector Bhende has arrived with handcuffs!

Fulfill your last duty. Arrest your colleagues.

Bless you, dear.

Two Kishens? Radha, who is the real Kishen?

He is Kishen. I'm Tony...

...the criminal who wanted to take Kishen's place.

But the Kishen who has a mother like her...

...and a girlfriend like Radha... one can take his place.

Alright friend, I'll take your leave.

Come. Yes.

Come on, you stupid bugger!

It's six! I can see!

Listen, it's six! So?

I can see! So?

There is a secret I never told you all.

I used to turn blind after 6 pm.

That is why I never ventured out after dark. You'll say something.

Why are you'll just moving your lips, I cannot hear you all.

Speak louder. You should not...

What does this mean?

I got my sight but lost my hearing?

"What have you done Radha"

"What have you done Radha"

"To my Kishen..."

"...I have given my heart"

"What have you done Radha"

"What have you done Radha"