Bolgen (2015) Script

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The rock slide on January 15, 1905, surprised the villagers while they were sound asleep.

The rock slide occurred in Lodalen in Nordfjord.

The result was a massive tsunami that killed 63 people.

The wave swept across Lake Loen and was 40 meters high when it hit land.

It's been 58 years since the Tafjord rock slide.

40 people were killed when the side of a mountain crashed into the fjord.

We have registered 300 unstable mountainsides in Norway today.

It's only a matter of time before the next big rock slide.

Geiranger is now threatened by what could be a new Tafjord disaster.

Out along the fjord lies Ã…kerneset.

A gigantic, unstable mountainside that will fall someday.

Seven million cubic meters of rock will crash into the fjord creating a massive tsunami.

Nowhere are the crevices as active as at Ã…kerneset.

The question is: Can people in the area be warned in time?


Give me a break! I'm 40!

Hello? Hi, Dad.

Hello. Hi.

What's going on? Mom's fixing the sink.

Kristian, can you hand me a wrench?

Why don't you call a plumber instead?

I don't need a plumber, but I wouldn't mind a plumber wrench.

It's in there.

Here, Mom.

You know what a plumber wrench is? Who doesn't?

There. Our new place won't have this problem.

But this place has soul.

What's soul? Soul?

Soul is some nonsense your mother believes in.

What did you say? Nothing.

The apartment is brand-new. The view is amazing.

The whole city is right there.

And everything is run by remote control.

The lights, the music, the blinds...

But what I really liked best, is that you can lock and unlock the door with your phone.

There's a key app.

And you trusted that? No, I had to double-check.

I'd never seen a key app before in my life. I mean, come on!

Hey, what do you think?

Should I throw these away?

Throw your shirts away? I don't know.

A new place, new job...

OK, you know what?

I think you're going to need a suit. It's suit and tie from now on.

And you'll need a proper haircut. This will be great.

Let's forget about it and just stay here.

No, we've made up our minds. Don't worry.

Maybe I'll finally get more attention than that mountain.

You want attention?

Want me to give you some attention? No tickling!

Hey, not on the kitchen counter!

We have to make food on that!

Early Warning Center 102.1 meters above sea level.

The six goes on the seven.

Everything normal here?

0.3 mm in the last 24 hours. Within the norm.


How were things in the good old oil capital?

Same old, same old. Lots of suits.

That's how capitalists always dress.

How old is this?

Hear that, Georg? Two days in the city, and he's a gourmet.

That's what happens.

"Thanks for everything." Sounds like a funeral.

I'll let you bake next time.

Hope that won't be anytime soon. It looks delicious, Margot.


Dear Kristian, imagine that this... is your last day with us.

Now you're sounding like a funeral.

Unfortunately, we don't only have mountains here, but in the North Sea too.

So I understand why the oil industry is interested in a man like you.

You're truly dedicated.

I speak for everyone here when I say you'll be sorely missed.

It will be sad. Thank you.

But it will be an incredible relief not to constantly have to triple-check everything.

Hear, hear! Cheers!


Number five, too? Looks like it.

What's going on?

The ground water suddenly sank in four and five.

Then we lost contact.

Could you show me?

Bring up a camera. Two seconds.

Zoom in.

Was there any other movement? No. None at all.

Could be a bad connection. It looks stable.

We'll check the next time we're up there. Turn off that damn alarm!

Kristian? Kristian!

The mountain is quiet.

Don't worry. Go pack. We have it under control.

Look, Mom, I made them all fit! Good job, honey.

Mom, should I take these? Sure, those boxes are ready.

Isn't he going to help?

You know what? He is, actually.

Hi. How's the packing going?

Good. Really?

That furrow, Kristian...

I thought it would be gone by now.

Something strange happened with the groundwater today.

That's no longer your job.

That mountain will be there for another thousand years.

Now finish packing, so the moving truck can leave tomorrow.

And pack that furrow too. Get moving!

See how she pushes me around?

Everyone has to contribute, Dad.

How's it going, boss?

I like it here.

I know Geiranger isn't the center of the universe.

But it's safe.

It's home.

Sondre, I know this is hard.

But Mom and I made the decision we believe is best for this family.

It isn't always easy having to make the tough calls.

But that's life. But... what will be next?

After a couple of years in Stavanger.

Will we pack up and move again?

I mean, this whole damn country is made of rock.

What's this? Are you moving?

Come here!

You too! And me.

Hi, Sondre.

You may not last long, with all that pavement...

And Kristian in a tie...

You like ties! It'll sure be different.

A definite change. They strangle me.

Are you ready? More or less.

They're leaving on the ferry now. I have to work a couple more days.

You aren't leaving now? You aren't rid of me yet.

Dad, it's our turn.

Dad, it's our turn!

Are you going to drive?

Wait here. This won't take long.

Hi. I have to show you something.

HOTEL GEIRANGER, Downtown, 1.7 meters above sea level.

Hi, Vibeke. You took your sweet time.

I thought I'd give you a hand.

Hi, welcome to Geiranger! Sorry for the wait.

May I have your name? Maria and Phillip Poulsen.

Let me find your room.

Are the others gone? They're on the ferry.

Imagine if the problem isn't with the sensors, but with the wires down to the sensors.

All mountains consist of plates. Including ours.

Our bore holes pass through all the plates.

You said the groundwater disappeared right before we lost contact.

Groundwater doesn't disappear. Water doesn't just disappear.

It finds new ways, new layers.

And that creates friction, which causes the layers to move.

If that movement was big enough, it may have severed our wires.

Then we'll dig some new holes and put in new sensors. What's the big deal?

If the weight of the mountain and the displacement is big enough...

There'll be no expansion prior to the rock slide.

There'll be no warning.


874.1 meters above sea level.

Hey, be careful!

That's Geiranger's biggest tourist attraction.

In a beautiful place like this, you always want a view.

Of course you do. Let me know if you need anything else. Bye!

Hi, Sondre.


Where are you now?

Do you have contact? Can you see us?

Yes, we see you.

That's good to know.

You check four, I'll take five.


This is not natural wear and tear.

No, something's going on.

There's all kinds of movement up there.

We'll look into it. We'll figure it out.

What do you mean? Take more tests. Drill more holes.

More holes? Have you lost your mind?

Do I really have to remind you of what might happen?

We're talking an 80 meter high wave.

After ten minutes, Geiranger is gone!

We are aware of the consequences.

It doesn't seem like it! What the hell do you want me to do?

Do you want me to push this?

Create total panic? Cancel the tourist season?

When did you start caring about how many souvenirs we sold?

We can't cry wolf every time we suspect something up there.

What do we do the day it really happens?

Then please tell me: What do we do now?

Go to Yellow Alert.

Full crew on all shifts, 24-hour watch on the mountain.

What about you guys? What do you think?

Hm? Are you just going to watch this happen?


Kristian, listen...

I realize you're upset and that you mean well.

But you need to calm down now, OK?

We found some torn wires.

Nothing else indicates anything is about to happen.

The mountain is quiet, Kristian.



I don't know what came over me.

I won't.


You are so screwed.

You have a visitor.

Have you lost your mind?

You can't leave the kids in the car and go work for hours.

I know. I'm sorry.

You don't even work there anymore.

I screwed up. Yes, you did.

I got this bad feeling, and...

Well, no Stavanger today.


I guess you guys are staying at the hotel tonight.

Cool. Is that a plan?

And you can try again tomorrow.

I want to sleep at home.

The house is empty now. It wouldn't be nice.

But I want to say bye to the house.

If you want to say bye to the house, we'll do that.


Let's go back to the house.

Do you want to join us? No.

I'll get you a hotel room, Sondre. Thanks.

Say bye from me too. Good night, honey.

Bye, boss. See you tomorrow.

Let's go pack.

And your name? My name is Sondre Eikjord.

Dad, can I sit up front? Of course you can sit up front!

Buckle up. Yup.

And tighten it. Yup.

We're ready.

. Dad? ' Yes?

Are you and Mom getting divorced?


No, we are not getting divorced.

We had a little argument, and then we'll be friends.

And everything will be OK.

I hope.

That's life. That's life!

Here's your room.


I hope it meets your expectations.

Have fun.

I will.

I have to get back to work.

You know which bottles not to touch in the minibar, right?

And which channels not to watch? Mom...

Watch out.

Where are you going to sleep, Dad?

Guess I'll take this.

It looks comfy.


You OK?

We don't need a hotel.

No, this place has more soul.


It does, actually.

Dear Kristian, thanks for good years. Good luck in Stavanger.

Kristian: I was an idiot today.

I was an idiot today. Sorry.

I was an idiot today. Sorry.

God, these beds are horrible!


Too bad it had to end like this. With Kristian.

Think he'll stay in the oil industry long?

He'll probably be back within a year.

I'll bet.

These mountains... Once they grab hold of you, they never let go.

What the hell, Arvid?

I read it in a book.

I'll bet you did.

they do work on it at the gym, but... gorgeous Voyage,.

Hurtigruten is vital to people along the coast.

And it is an amazingly beautiful journey.

Some call it the world's most beautiful.

Hi! Hi.



Damn it!


Margot? Yeah?




Can you hear me?


Arvid here. Hi.

We're getting some weird data. It looks like the crevice, has contracted.

That can't be right.

Several sensors indicate that it's contracting.

Recalibrate the entire row and take another reading.

Ready for an evening hike?

You bet.

We'll go have a look.

- What, now? Yeah, just to check it out.

Almost down.



Sure, hang on.

It's Kristian.

Hi. Miss us already?

Not at all. We leave tomorrow.

- Everything OK up there? Sure.

Just some sensors that are acting a little strange.

They indicate that the crevice is contracting.


I know. It's probably just an error.

Arvid and Jacob are down there checking now.

We'll have it figured out soon.

Don't worry. I'll keep you posted. Thanks. Talk to you later.

- Bye. Bye.

What was that?

The geophones are picking up seismic activity.

Yeah, we felt it here too.

Another 0.8 minus on C6.

Give me the data on C6.

1.72. Minus 2.6 over the last hour.


The same here. Confirm contraction.

OK, eh... Should we check number seven, too?

I'll do it.

Yes? Are they still down there?

Yes. And the data was correct.

Listen to me: Get them out now!

What do you mean? Put Arvid on!



Roger. Hang on.

OK, Kristian. Arvid, can you hear me?



Get the hell out of there. Drop whatever you're doing!

We just want to finish up.

I checked Vaiont and Randa.

They both registered contractions before the rock slides.

The same thing happened there.

Arvid, they didn't expand.

They contracted.

What was that? What's going on?

I'm stuck! I'll get you loose.

What's going on? Arvid?

Jacob's foot is stuck!

Don't worry. I'll get you loose.

What do the sensors say?

Hang on.

The groundwater is sinking. In several places.

I'm losing contact. They're all dropping out.

Jacob, don't worry.

Margot, sound the alarm.

But... Margot!

Go to Red Alert.

Go to Red Alert!

Sound the alarm!

What the hell are you doing?

It won't hold both of us.





Dad, what's going on?

Hi. What's happening?


Ten minutes.

We have ten minutes. Get the guests out!

Vibeke, try to find the bus driver!

Come on!

Get in.

Buckle up.

For Christ's sake, answer!

This is the voice-mail for...

Wake up! Come on! You have to get out!

Everyone out of the hotel now! Everyone out!

Hurry! Everyone out of the hotel!

Excuse me, is this a drill? No! There's been a rock slide!

Get out! Wake up! Everyone up!

- Where are you? At the hotel.

Getting people out. Is Julia there?

Yes, I have Julia. We're in the car.


Don't bring anything! Get out!

You don't have time! Get up in the hills!

Wake up!

Get in the car!

- We're on our way. What?

- We can make it. No, get to safety.

Idun, listen. We can make it. No!

Just get Julia to safety, OK?

Promise? What about you and Sondre?

We have a bus here. We'll be fine.


Are you on your way up?



Yes, I'll do it.


Get to higher ground. I'll see you soon.

We're leaving soon too. Get out!

Everybody get out now!

Please, listen to me! What about their bags?

Screw their bags! What's going on?

He refuses to get the bus. A tsunami is coming.

We have a few minutes to get 80 meters above sea level.

We need to get everyone out now. Come on, everyone on the bus!

Sondre... Sondre?

Sondre! Hurry.

Come, Julia. Now what?

Now we're going to run.

What are you doing? We don't have time. Get up higher!




The subscriber cannot be reached.


Come on!

Get moving!

Out of the car!


Up to higher ground!

Hey! Get higher!


What's going on? Run!

Get on the bus. We don't have time for that!

Come on.

Come on!


Have you seen Sondre out here?

No. I saw him earlier tonight, in the hall.

We have to go now! I can't leave without Sondre.

Idun! I can't leave without my son!

Come on!

Where are you going? To find her son.

We have to get on the bus. Come on!

We won't make it out!

Thomas, listen to me. Get out and run.

Come on! Teresa, get out!

Run, run, run! Come on!

Anna! Mom!

Get the kids to higher ground! Run, Thomas!

Run as fast as you can! Hurry! Dad!


We won't make it.

Kristian, you have to run!

Seat belt.

Sondre! Sondre?

Sondre! We have to get back.

Listen to me, dammit! We're going back to that bus now.

Quiet! I hear something.


Someone is down there. Sondre?



What's going on? Come! Run!

There's a bomb shelter in the basement. Come on!


Come on!

Maria! Run!






Close the door!


Close the door! She's out there!


We have to close the door or we'll all die!

She's gone.

She's gone.

Phillip, she's gone. We have to close the door!






Are you OK?

Is Arvid OK?


Jacob, is Arvid there?






Dad! Julia?



Let me look at you.

Are you all right? Come here.

Are you OK?

The subscriber cannot be reached.

I see.

No, a lot of people don't have coverage up here.


Where are those people? On a hill above Geiranger.

Many people are up there by the cabins.

May I please borrow that?

I was wondering...

There was a tourist bus from the hotel...

There's no bus up where you are?

Are you sure?

Thank you.

Hi. Where are Mom and Sondre?

Dad's going to go find them now. I don't want you to leave.

I understand that.

But Mom is very worried about us right now.

So I have to find her. Tell her we're OK.

You want me to stay here alone? No, you won't be alone.

You'll be with Teresa and Thomas.

Know what I think?

Thomas would be very happy if you could help take care of Teresa.

Think you could do that?

You're a brave little girl. And so amazing.

You stay here...

And I'll go find Mom. And Sondre.

And Sondre, of course.

Good girl.

The door, Sondre.

Wait, wait!

Now push!

Come on!

Give me that lamp.

Help me up.

Take off your coat.

Take off your coat!

Fuck this! Come on!

It's hopeless! Would you rather be out there?

Calm down. Let's wait till the water is above the door.

When the pressure is lower, we'll try again.

If we wait down here any longer, we'll die!

If we wait down here, we'll die!







Let's try now.

Get over to the shaft.

Phillip, are you OK?

You can hold onto the ceiling.

Calm down.

Hey! What are you doing?

Calm down! Let go of him! I'm not dying in here!

Phillip, calm down.

Let go of me, dammit! Phillip, don't panic now.

I'm not dying in here! You won't!

Calm down! Shut up!


Let him go!

Shut up!

Let 90!

Don't look.







I'm so sorry.


Hang on.

Hang on.

We're down here! Hello?

We're here!

Wait here.


We're here!


Wait here.

Hi! Oh, God!

I'm here now.

Everything will be fine, Sondre. Are you hurt?

Can you move?

You'll be OK.

Mom is waiting for us outside.

We just have to take one last swim.

Yes, we do. Dad, please!

Listen to me. The water is rising in here.

Soon we'll run out of air. And then we'll die.

And I can't allow that. Mom and I need you.

And Julia needs you.

Look at me! We all need you.

I'll swim first.

You swim right after me.

I'll keep an eye on you the entire way. Ready?

Let's do it.





Where is Dad? He was right behind me.

No way...


Dad, please!

Come on!