Bon voyage (2003) Script

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Forgive me.

I'm falling at your feet, blinded by admiration!

Mr Minister...

I mean it. I'm pleased to meet you.

I can't say I saw the film.


I only saw you. The film can wait.

You light up troubled times.

Did it shock you?

Lord, no! It's what we need.

A little escapism...

And with you around, all our worries fade.

Will there be a war?

Please! People ask me that 100 times a day!

Not you...

Not tonight!

See you Thursday!


Go away!


You can tell them what you like!

Mr Auger! Phone!

It's you!

How did you get my number?

You called her in Dijon?

She must have wondered...

Can I what?

Slow down, I don't understand.

It's late. Why not tomorrow morning?

I am pleased. What's going on?

I'm pleased, I said. Just calm down.

I don't have your address.

Just a second...

Let me note it.

Where have you been? I was worried. Come in.

Are you cold? You're shivering.

It's emotion.

At seeing me again?

It's been a long time.

Nice place...

It's not finished.

I saw it in a magazine but...

Keep it on.

We're not staying in?

What then?

Come on.

What's wrong, Viviane? What's happened?


Is he... Yes, he fell.

From up there?

You were down here? No, up there.

Did you...

No, I didn't! He slipped.

He just fell?

I slapped him.


He was drunk. He pounced on me.

What can we do?

What do you mean?


Don't touch anything!

I'll call the police.

Not the police!

Let me handle it.

It's an accident. Who'd believe that?

It was self-defence. He slipped.

Honestly, Frédéric, can't you imagine the scandal?

The papers will only hound me with it.

Think of my new film!

Try to calm down. Leave me.

I was wrong. I thought you could... I don't know... that you'd help me...

What did he do? Who?



What kind? All kinds.

He backed Midnight Ball. You saw it?

Of course. Put him down.

Did you like it? What?

The film!

Sort of.

Did I sing well?

Very well.

I was dubbed. I'm so pleased you couldn't tell!

What do you want? His car keys.

He's bleeding. He fell.

Come on.

It's a river? No, a canal.

Is it deep? Don't worry.

Want me to come? No, go back inside.

Clean everything up.

I'll call you tomorrow.

I knew it.


That you'd help.

You'd forgotten me.

You never got in touch!

Your life was too crowded.

War or peace?

Peace at stake

The mysterious death of André Arpel

Please, don't get up!

Forgive me.

It's hard to reach you.

Yes, these days...

What is it?

You seem tired. Are events worrying you?

No, it's not that.

Can I confide in you?

You said such kind things to me.

Please do.

Did you know André Arpel? He's dead.

I know.

I knew him, long ago. Perhaps you heard?

I'd stopped seeing him.

Now the police want to see me next week but I won't go.

Are you listening?

Why won't you go?

Can you imagine the papers?

They have bigger concerns.

You don't know them!

I don't?

Why are you here?

I refuse to see the police!

I'm not the police chief!

You could call him.

Perhaps. I'll think about it.

Jeanne Lanvin.

I'm sorry?

Your perfume...

Yes, "Scandale".

I'm very fond of it.

You could call him now.

Who? The police chief.

I can't just now but I will, I promise.

I don't know why you're so worried over nothing.

Didn't they arrest his killer?

Mr Auger? I'm Vouriot, your court-appointed lawyer.

I can't take care of you now, I've been called up.

I leave tomorrow. But who...

I'll be back soon.

It'll all be over in three weeks. Not even Hitler wants war.

He'll make peace, you'll see.

So behave. You're better off here.

Seen the magistrate?

Of course. Things are all over the place.

I've read your statement.

We'll see about that later. So you stole the car?

Not knowing the owner was in the boot?

Tell the police what you like but be straight with me or get another lawyer.

What did you do with the gun?

What gun?

That fellow, Arpel, had been shot.

You didn't know that?

A few months later...

Everybody out!

What's up? We're leaving!

What's going on? The Germans are coming!

Where are they? A day away. Want to wait?

Cut it out! Do you mind?

Any idea where they're taking us?

Down South. Where else?

We won't be alone on the roads. This'll be fun.

Come on.

What are you doing?

Shut up!

Your turn.

Don't stay here!

Bloody thing!

Francœur Studios.


Viviane Denvert? No, she's not here.

There's no one left, no films, nothing.


I don't know, sir, probably in Bordeaux.

They've all fled there, all the upper crust.

I'm staying here.

I'm learning German.

Your papers!

Are you crazy?

Just a bit of fun. How come you're here?

I got the last train too.

Going to Bordeaux? You too?

You bet, that's where it's all happening.

How did you get away?

I'll tell you later. Come on...

Here. I couldn't find a glass.

That's all right.

Blimey! You needed that!

This is a friend, Mr...


Mr Auger.

She's at the Collège de France!

Don't say that! It's not true?

Look, no one cares.

What did I say?

She gets off in Angoulême. Too bad.

You'll catch your death here!

I'm all right.

The nuns can give you a seat. I'll say you're ill.

I'm not ill.

It's absurd. I'll be back.

Is your friend always like that?

You know him well?

Not very well. He did me a favour.

Must be a habit!

He just can't help himself.

Do you want to sit down?

You're at the Collège de France?

I'm just an assistant.

In a physics lab.

What do you do?

I've done a lot of things.

Like what?

I started out as a...

Well, I was in a...

But that didn't last long. Then I...

You weren't called up?

No, I was... I was away, that's why.

Where were you?

Abroad? Abroad, yes.

It took a while to get back.

I had to find a boat...



You'll hurt yourself.

Camille! We thought you'd never get here!

It kept stopping. I almost went mad!

How are you, Mr Girard? I'm all right.

We'll meet again?

Where's the Collège de France?

You have all the papers?

I took everything I found in the lab.

Your attention, please! Following an air-raid, traffic is suspended until further notice.

Would all passengers please leave the train.

My case! Get my case!

How will you manage in England? I'll see.

No one's expecting you.

I have friends there.

I must leave France, Camille my dear.

The Germans will be here in a week or even sooner.


You took them?

Yes, it was safer that way.

But the trucks...

I didn't quite trust them.

When does the boat leave? Tomorrow.

Are you going too?

No, I can't. Because of mother.

Broken hips are tricky.

I haven't heard from her.

Going to Bordeaux by any chance?

Don't worry. They've been so helpful.

Where are they from? Paris?

I think so.

Don't touch, gentlemen!

She's asleep, sir.

Oh, no! For pity's sake!

It's late, you have to get up.

I didn't sleep a wink. This place is so noisy.

I know. No one slept a wink.

The President and the government have arrived.

I had to work all night.

Poor Jean-Etienne...

I have to go.

Go later. Get some sleep now.

The cabinet's convening.

Think of an excuse. Send a note.

You can barely stand.

I saw the De Lusses. They're here?

They had to sleep in their car.

You're joking!

Go and see. They're parked outside.

127, please.

Beaufort here.

Did you reach the command? Who?


Jacqueline, sleeping in the street! I must tell everybody!

I'm on my way.

What's wrong?

They've reached Orléans.



I'm half-dead!

You've no idea what Albert and I have been through!

Not just the exhaustion but the humiliation!

They're monsters here!

Know where I slept?

Not in the car?

Still, it's good to know you have a room.

Want to take a bath? Later.

I have to eat something or I'm going to faint.

Shall I come with you?

Twin beds, remember.

Look, it's not a travel agency.

Albert claims I'm restless but no man ever complained before.

What is it?



Did they give you my note last night?

Yes, but I can't.

You're not free? Not for dinner.

Lunch then?

It's not easy.

Surely we can have a drink?

Maybe. I'll let you know.

I hoped it would be easier to see you down here.

I'm not a minister.

But that could be a blessing right now.

Still following you. His paper sent him!

He's mad about you. Honestly!

He even said so at the Gramonts'.

That you embodied French grace. His meaning was clear.

We have to leave.

For the colonies?

Why not? We're trapped here.

Move the government to Senegal?

Be reasonable, Brémond.

The war is lost.

Not yet.

I'm afraid it is.

All we can do is ask for an armistice.

Reynaud won't.

Let him resign. The Marshal's ready.

It will take a vote. Who'd oppose it?

Two men will.


Oh, yes, of course. Who?

Mandel and that De Gaulle.

Turn left!

We're already late!

Watch it!

Did you see that?

There's nothing on Monnet.

Where are you going? It's not that way!

Weygand should change points six and nine.

Let me out!

What's wrong?

I have to buy something. Not now!

I won't be long.

Can I help you?

Do you have any... I'd like some gloves.

Leather or wool?

I don't know... Leather.

What size?

Could I see your hand?

That looks like a seven. What colour?

The same.

White? That's right.

They freed you? I escaped.

They emptied all the prisons.

You have to hide.

Why? No one cares now.

I have these. I'll take them.

Which ones?

You shot him!

Arpel. You shot him. Stop it!

What did you lie to me for?

Shut up! I'll explain.

Don't move!

Viviane, what are you doing?

It's not bad, is it?

Not bad. Let's go! How much do I owe you?

With the hat as well?

Sometimes I wonder if you realize.

Isn't that... What's her name again?

Viviane Denvert.

That's it, Viviane Denvert.

You know her?

You know her so-so or you know her?

I know her, okay.

You devil! I get it now.

Why you came all this way.

So who's he?

Don't you recognize him? Mr Beaufort, the minister.

They make a lovely couple, don't they?

Calm down, children! Not in the house!

The town hall's sending more mattresses.

We're used to refugees in Bordeaux.

First in 1870, then in 1914...

I only have my son's room left.

He's on the roads somewhere.

My bedspread! Sorry!

Can I make a call? Locally?

Yes, I'll pay. Don't worry.

The phone's in my room.

Maurice, it's me!

Yes, pal, I'm here!

I'll tell you all about it.


Really? When did they get here?


Hold on, Maurice.

Wait! What's the big rush?

You don't know where she is!

I'll find the place.

What are you after?

The government!

We're jam-packed! That's all there is to it!

I wired you two days ago!

Me too, three days ago!

I'm the Countess Roberti.

I'm sorry.

Get me the manager. He's ill.

You have 5th floor rooms.

They're staff rooms. They'll do!

They're for the senators.

Miss Denvert. She's out.

Will she... I can't say, sir.

It's all the Leftists' fault.

I knew the whole thing would end in disaster.

Russians in the German army raped women in Belgium.

Why are you here?

For the professor.

He hasn't left?

But the boat...

He needs official papers to get on board.

Where is he? Upstairs.

Caught up in all their red tape.

A genius like him! It's maddening!

Are you staying here?


After an hour here, I'm ashamed.

Have you heard these people?

The Germans are in Paris and it hardly bothers them!

Don't you care? I do...

No, you don't.

I have other worries, I'm sorry.

At a time like this?

You have yours: the professor, heavy water...

You know?

You told me.

I did?

You talked about it in the car.

Weren't you asleep? Not all the time.

Is it a secret? What is it exactly?

A special chemical compound. That's all I can say.

All right.

It's the world's only heavy water. It must reach England.

If the Germans get it, it'll be a disaster.

Really? Why?

Am I boring you? Excuse me.

What's happening?

I can't say.

We can't go on. I know.

Is the war still on? We're deliberating.

It must end. Sue for peace!

You have a room.

Wonderful. In which hotel?

A girl's high school actually.


I hear it's very comfortable.

That's it!

Albert, if I don't like it, I'm off to Nice.

Thank you anyway.

May I have a word? Do you mind?

You're crazy! Someone might recognize you!

Can't we talk? Not now!

Jean-Etienne, meet Frédéric.

He knew my brothers in Dijon.

He lived next door.

"Our little neighbour"...

How long has it been now?

You haven't changed! How do you do it?

Viviane, let's have lunch.

I'll be down in five minutes.

The military situation looks bad.

We need to talk.


Do you have the papers?


They don't seem to understand. They're too wary to sign anything.

They'll be the death of me...

The death of me.

I know, I told you a pack of lies...

Let me speak.

He'd been harassing me.


He'd threatened to write to the press about me.

What for?

Some business about jewels I borrowed once.

Who from? People.

You gave them back? Most of them.

Really, it was so long ago!

So you shot him?

He scared me. The gun went off in my hand.

Whose was it? Mine.

And then?

I put it away.

When I saw your photo in the paper, I almost fainted.

I couldn't even write to you. They open prisoners' mail.

I cried and cried.

You don't believe me?

I can see you don't.

What will become of us?

Don't be afraid.

Tell them to start without me.

I have to go.

Shall I wait?

No, go! All of Paris is here!

You have a room in town?

Stay in. I'll come over. Give me the address.

When? When I can. I'm not totally free.

I noticed. Is that new? What?

Beaufort. Your role supporting the Republic.

Please. It's not easy. Without Jean-Etienne...

Wait! Don't get angry. I'm sorry.

I'll come to see you. At Christmas?

Why are you like this? I was in jail!

And for whom? I never shot anyone!

Shut up!

Mr Beaufort would like a word.

You left in such a rush. Join us for lunch.

Come along, Viviane will be delighted.

She hasn't seen you in so long.

I had a few questions for you.

Viviane can be so nebulous. It's hard to know anything.

Was she married in Dijon?

Married? No.

She drove boys wild?

I imagine so.

What do you mean? You lived next door!

Sit down.

Put yourself here.

We have quail today...

No, grilled fish. I don't have much time.

Turbot? Perfect.

And for you, sir? The same.

You don't mind turbot? Turbot all round.

I invited him.

You lived it up in the provinces!

What did you tell him?

Don't worry!

He's almost as discreet as you.

For you, miss?

You knew her father, the hero?

She talks about him. Don't you?

Your father.

Enlisted in 1914, wounded twice, escaped three times...

He'd be surprised to see her here.


The atmosphere.

What does that mean?

Excuse me, I think someone...

She's looking for me.

What's the matter?

The professor needs to speak to your friend the minister.

He's not my friend. Oh, come on!

You even know the government.

No, I don't.

You have to help us. No one else can.


My secretary...

Sit down. I'm all right.

Take my place, I'm leaving.

You are? Good luck.

Are you friends?

No, not at all.

Your turbot, miss.

Mr Auger?

You are Frédéric Auger? I'm André Arpel's nephew.

Does André Arpel ring a bell?

You were found with his body in the boot of his car. Aren't you in jail?

Get off my back!

Help! He's a criminal!

He killed my uncle!


I'm all right!

Viviane, wait!

Professor, give me a few hours.

It sails tonight. We have time.

I need to speak to my colleagues. Don't worry.

Brémond, my secretary, will stay with you.

Marseilles called...


Your little neighbour!

Bravo! A killer!

And I eat with him!

With France's future at stake!

It's outrageous!

I didn't know.

That he killed Arpel? That he was here.

You didn't know about Arpel? No, I thought...

You knew and you hid it from me!

Cut the lies, Viviane!


The car's downstairs.

Send it up!

No, tell the driver to come up for the files.

How can I possibly trust you?

If only you'd tell me the truth.

Just once.

I'm sure he did it for me, to protect me.

He probably went to see Arpel and they must have fought.

He won't let anyone hurt me.

Has he killed other men?

He used to box critics who gave me bad reviews.

He got beaten up once too.

Very touching, but this is no time for tears.

Where is he staying?

I have no idea.

I'll get the police to find him.

Did you find her? Who?


Maurice, let me introduce you. This is Auger.

You didn't find her? I did.

Can you get her autograph next time?

Not for me, for Maurice. He's wild about actresses.

What have you told him? You can trust him.

Was her minister there?

Is he going to give her back?

No? I admire you! I'd have settled it by now.

You know, stars are special... Shut your mouth.

Don't give up! You've got the looks!

Is the whole stock here?

Is it safe?

How do you mean?

It won't explode?

It's no use at all in this state. You need uranium.

And you can't get anywhere without heavy water.

It slows the neutrons and creates the chain reaction.

A chain reaction?

Mr Girard...


Be there at five. The place is a school.

Find a garage. You can't leave the car here.

Mr Girard's guarding it.

The city's teeming with spies. I'll send you someone.

Make yourself useful and speed things up!

It can't take long to draft an order.

Shall I do a rough copy?

"Issued in Paris..."

Excuse me, but...

Do you need it back?

We're sorry. It's for our visas for Portugal.

My pages...

They're just here.

I put them here...


No! It's interesting!

It belongs to this gentleman!

Sorry! You're the... Forgive me, I took the liberty...

A novel, isn't it?

I hope so. It needs work but it's all there.

May I make some remarks?

They could help this young man!

You use vague words.

For instance: "One could hear the audience..."

Who is "one"? You? Someone passing by?

I'll bear it in mind.

"One" isn't anybody, you see?

Going somewhere?


You left the hotel alone. And you followed me?

Really! Am I like that?

Can I drop you off somewhere?

I have my car here.

There's no need. Be reasonable.

All these refugees... It's not safe for you.

I'll get the car. Don't!

Why not? Are you scared of me?

You avoid me.

It's not that but...

You have problems, I know.

I could help if you didn't keep spurning me.

That boy, for instance... Frédéric...

If he talks, you've had it. Shall I see to him?

There's a lady here for you.

I gave her some water, she feels faint.

Come on, don't stay here.

Everyone saw me with you! The whole city knows now!

Calm down. They know! I'm finished...

I've brought your typewriter back.

I'm so angry at granddad.

It's okay.

He liked your book. He'd love to read the rest.

My head's spinning...

Can I help?

Here, take it. But I want it back!

He'll be so... My grandfather is...

Are you all right?

Some of us want to fight but others don't!

We're all French here! Spare me your lectures!

Our duty is to leave! To go where?

North Africa, Algiers, Tunis...

Go then and good luck to you!

If you go, you'll go for good.



We must fight the invader. With our allies.

National legitimacy is on our side!

If you abandon the French to their fate, they won't forget.

You'll be deserters, emigrants, traitors!


The traitors are those who leave to save our homeland or who stay to bargain with the enemy.

Professor Kopolski? Excuse me...

You may not remember me. Alex Winckler.

I interviewed you in Geneva, after that conference.

Yes, that's right.

Are you here for a few days?

Don't worry, it's not for my paper!

I'm prying.

Forgive me.

When it comes to war, all that counts is the word of great military men.

If Marshal Pétain tells us to lay down our arms, we have to surrender!

Who's this with me?

Your brother.


That's our garden! Where was this taken from?

My window.

I don't believe it! You were spying on me!

You knew I was.

You have to leave, Frédéric. They'll soon find you here.

You have to leave too. I can't.

You're in danger now.

You said you were.

Come with me. We'll leave together.

To go where?

I don't know... Far away.

Far away...

To Portugal.

We can get visas. Other people have.

What will we do?

We could move on to South America.


Mexico if you want.

They've offered me films.

You see! Imagine the riot if you turn up!

What will you do?

I'll give classes, I'll finish my book...

Your book? Don't tell me it's still the same one.

It is.

It's finished now! I just need to tidy up a few loose ends.

Did you see that publisher?

Which one?

The one I found for you.

He's a crook.


If you become famous, I could publish your poems.

What poems?

The ones you slipped through my shutters.

You've forgotten?

You kept them?

Of course.

I'm going to disappoint you but try to understand.

My colleagues and I can't let you take the heavy water to England.

But you said...

I was wrong. It must stay here, in the national interest.

The Germans will take it to Germany.

We'll put it in a safe place.

Everyone knows we have to negotiate.

Within hours even...

With the Germans? Not the Chinese!

We can't compromise the truce.

That's the cost of peace.


It could be a bargaining chip for us.

The heavy water as a gesture of goodwill?

I told you, we'll put it in a safe place.

They'll find it. They're not idiots.

Oh, please!

What about the professor?

Is "a stateless Jew" part of the package?

Be quiet!

That's complicity with the enemy!

Stand aside!

Shame on you!

You know what the Germans will do!

They'll make a bomb! An atom bomb!

They're confused. They don't know what to do.

Don't be so indulgent! They know you're at risk!

Yes, maybe...

It's too late to bother with people's motives now.

Leave us alone.

Listen, I never expected it to come to this.

They're capitulating. I'm ashamed too.

About that boat...

It's too late now!

Where will you go? Bayonne.

There are roadblocks. Don't bring your car out.

You found a garage?

It's in the street?

What's wrong?

It's going to be impounded.

Hey, don't smash everything!

Just looking.

What is it? Pichon-Longueville.

What vintage? '28.


Let me see!

Who'll buy that now?

You're crazy! We hold onto it.

If the war lasts, we'll be rolling in it!

What are you doing? Raoul!

Come over here.

I'll fetch her.

No, I'm all right.

Where are you going? Stay here.

Who is he? A scientist.

Excuse me...

Can you see my hat anywhere?

It's broken down.

That's right.

We can't move it.

That's enough, miss.

No! That's second gear! You'll stall it!

First gear's at the top.

You'll stall it!

What's going on?

Professor Kopolski, Collège de France.

Where are you taking my car?

To police HQ.

Let me see a written order.

Stop! You'll wreck the gears!

They've lost them.

We have to let Berlin know.

You're in physics?

I'd have liked that.

Those little tubes, the bubbles, water turning red...

That's more like chemistry.

It's not the same?

Here they come!

My friends!

Are you all right, Camille? You're not hurt?

No, I'm all right.

You too, Mr Girard?

No, look what he's done!

Who's going to mend this?


Time to go, Raoul.

Just a second!

Madame Arbesault!

Can you send my pal down?

He went out.

For long?

I don't know. He was with a lady.

An actress?

I think so.

He's here too?

Auger? Yes, we stick together.

Guess who was here!

Who? Her! Auger's girl!

No kidding!

His ex. She's with a minister now.

I know, they were having lunch together earlier.

All three of them?

Would you credit it!

Poor Auger, she's pulling all his strings.

She has done for years.

Did he tell you how he was almost arrested?

He was?

You knew he was in jail?

And escaped? Sure, I was with him. Lucky for him I was!

That's how it goes. We're outlaws.

So are you now.

Mr Girard and the professor too.

It's best to stick together.

It'll make it easier for the police.

I'll be back later.

We'll have dinner, okay?

The consulate opens at eight. I'll be there.

I know who did their visas. He can help me.

I'll call you after.

I'd best keep away from the hotel.

Fetch me your passport.

You want me to come?

What is it?

I can't leave. You know I can't. We're dreaming.

I can't leave. You have no choice.

You forget whom I live with.

You're counting on him? He'll protect me.

You must go though! You can't live in hiding.

Wire me from Lisbon. Don't sign, I'll know it's you.

Do you have money?

I'll fetch some. Where are you going?

Leave me be!

Is it because of Jean-Etienne?

Forget him. You'll dump him after using him, like every other man in your life!

You don't even love yourself.

You'll end up alone with your mirror!

Miss Denvert!

I'm Thierry Arpel.

Sorry about that fuss earlier: I had no choice.

Weren't you surprised to see Frédéric Auger here?

Everyone's here. But he should be in jail.

So I heard. You heard?

I don't have time now.

Is Mr Beaufort here?

He's at the prefecture. Again? Why?

The Premier resigned.

Who's replacing him?

Marshal Pétain.

What's happening? An air-raid.

My uncle's love of actresses killed him!

Leave me alone.

What a beautiful way to die!

I wouldn't mind it either. I love actresses too.

Dying in a star's arms...

My uncle's mistress... Why not mine?

Excuse me...

I'm looking for a friend who might be staying here.

His name's Kopolski. Professor Kopolski.

He's with a young woman, a brunette, 25...

Let go!

How did he seduce you all? Aren't I just as good?

Do you mind!

Thank you, Alex! What a horrible man!

Who is he?

Some maniac who's obsessed about me.

Don't worry, we'll see to him.

He'll stay away now.

Coming back?

I'll wait for you!

You're here?

It was your friend Raoul who...

Who what?

Who saved our hides. So to speak. You were no use.


You said you'd help.

That minister of yours was supposed to help but we almost got arrested and had to run like common crooks! All because of you, thanks a lot!

What can I say? I'm devastated.

It's all my fault!

Why did I listen to you? That bastard!

What bastard?


I should've refused! Now you're mad at me.

I can tell. You couldn't know.

It was obvious. Look at his career.

He changes sides all the time.

I ask him to help you and he sends the police!

What can you do now?

I don't know.

You can't give up!

The professor needs to rest.

Not forever! Don't say that!

I'm sorry.

He still wants to leave?

There must be a way. Shall I see to it?

No, thank you. Let me! I know I can.

There's no need.

See, you are mad at me. You don't trust me now!

You've lied a lot.

When? All the time.

Starting on the train.

Should I have said I was in jail?

I always prefer the truth.

What do you want to know?

Nothing. Not now.

You call me a liar. Let me explain.

All right but later. My head aches. You keep shouting.

I don't like liars or drunks.

Nor crooks? They said I killed a man?

You believed it?

Well, you were in jail!

That's too easy!

Let me tell you the whole story.

Should I try calling Bayonne?

Sure, call Bayonne!

What's wrong with you?

Marshal, your nomination was applauded by most of our embassies on hearing the news.

We have received telegrams of support...

Excuse me...

Are you totally witless?

I had to see you. Not now!

I had to. It's about Frédéric Auger.

What now? He didn't do anything.

Call the police off. Why?

Because it was me. I killed Arpel.

You really think I'm a killer?

That woman...

Is it all to do with her?

What woman?

You know who...

You've known her for years.

Forever even. Who said that?

Your friend. Raoul?

What a nerve! What has he told you?

It's not a secret.

It can't be easy... What?

Loving a woman like her.

What about you? Ever loved anyone?


That's my business.

You won't answer my questions?

Not about myself. I noticed.

This young man... Which one?

The one you love. Says who?

An older man then.

The professor!

You're mad!

Don't go. Forgive me. I'm stupid.

Stay! I'll stop pestering you.

Why? Why tonight?

The night of decision. War or peace!

The world's eyes are on us and I'm caught up in a crime!

Not a crime! It was self-defence!

People won't call it that!

No one knows!

Four people do! You, me, Auger and young Arpel!

Frédéric won't talk. Arpel could!

Actually, I thought... What?

That you could have him arrested.

What for?

He's a sex maniac. Like his uncle!

You're insane!

As Interior Minister...

I should pervert justice? You're raving mad!

Don't cry.

Don't cry. Nothing will happen to you.

I'll close the case. No one will suspect you.

And Frédéric?

Oh, really!

All right, I'll try.

May I?

Get Bayonne?

Yes, but no one knows anything there.

Why Bayonne? To find an English boat.

Why go so far? There are none here.

No, but I'm sure that...

Hold on...


Come on.

You see these serious faces? France is vanquished but perhaps she deserved it for her laxity.

We must build a new France.

Is this your next speech?

Don't mock. I'm worried.

Worried about us...

We're moving toward a new age and I fear it won't suit you. There have been hints.

Hints about what?

You can guess.

People disapprove of our affair.

It will become impossible.

It tears me apart to say it...

I'll never forget our happy times.


They're waiting.

I'm coming.

The English?

They just left, round the corner.

Mr Brémond!

Can you give me a lift?

Actually, I have to... It's not far.

Please... Look at the state I'm in!

We called the airfield again.

Take off's at seven, General.

You'll reach London by noon.

Come on, Albert! I'm ready.

Any news?

The Marshal has capitulated.

Thank God. At last! Hear that?

The armistice...

We'll soon be back in Paris! With the Germans.

We'll make do.

Make do without us. We're off to Nice.

Darling, you'll catch your death!

You're leaving tomorrow? No, now.

Can you take me? To Nice?

You have a room for me there. I can't stay here.

I'll have my bags sent down.

But the car's full. I have five cases, plus a trunk on the roof.

Doesn't the government have any drivers left?

Thanks a lot.

I totally approve. Let her manage.

See, I didn't break anything.

The reverse gear keeps jamming after your acrobatics!

The professor has to leave.

For where?

Soulac, at the end of the estuary. He leaves at dawn to catch a boat.

Is it far? 70 miles.

You'll make it.

I can't go with them. I'm waiting for mother to call.

So who's driving?

Mr Auger.

Le Taillan is here. There's only one road.

From there, follow the signs to Castelnau...

I can't turn my back on you!

After Castelnau, head for Lesparre, through the forest.

At St Vivien, make sure you take the right road to Soulac.

All right.

Let me drive them.

It's okay. Do you know how to drive?

70 miles in the dark, for God's sake! He'll wrap you around a tree.

Do you even have the right papers for the boat?

It's English, not French.

Time to go. I'm ready.

Children, come here!

Camille, my briefcase!

Where? In the hallway.

You'd have left without saying goodbye? I'm hurt.

Weren't we having dinner?

I brought this.


Thanks but...

Let me take them. I'm not asking much.

I saved the girl's life.

She's not even your type.

Get off my back!

Need them all, do you? Where would you be without me?

Is that your truck?

You'll have to move it.

Lower! That's the heating!

You're leaving? Here's your manuscript.

I made some notes.

I hope they're clear. They're mostly about syntax. It's a beautiful book.

Especially the last part. The theatre, the actress...

The woman trapped by her lies.

She's a fascinating character. How can I put it...

This is absurd. What's the big rush?

What will you do in Nice? I told you.

It will all be over soon. I can take you back to Paris.

Come on, come on...

Stop, perfect.

You're leaving?

I'm going too. Where?

To stay with friends in Nice. But their car's full.

And Alex has to work.

Could you take me?

To Nice?

It's out of your way?

Where are you going?

Perhaps I'm prying?

On holiday.

Really? Where?

Listen to me. I've left Jean-Etienne. I told him everything.

I told him I did it. You're safe now.

Do you know where they're going?

To Soulac, to catch a boat.

Excuse me... Is there a telephone here?

Don't leave me. I don't know what to do.

I'm totally lost. Can't you see that?

I'm tired, Frédéric.

This will make your day: you can drive them.

Whatever you say.

You're not coming?

She needs you, is that it?

Yes, I have to help her. I have no choice.

Oh, sorry.

I won't be long.

I hope not. This isn't the telephone exchange!

Mr Girard! Can you understand German?

A bit.

Come here!

You can write in the garden in Nice.

They have a big place.

They won't bother us. A writer will make them look good.

I won't be staying. Why?

Because it's over. The house, the garden...

You don't believe it yourself.

I'll take you there.

That's the last thing I'll do for you.

You no longer love me.

It's my fault.

My dreams have ruined your life.

Mr Auger!


Hurry! He'll kill him!


He's a spy!

Hold it!

You're not in Nice yet?


Yes, he's right here...

It's your mother.

Hello, mother...

I'm all right.

What's the book about?

Is it about her?

I'm just reading the notes.

You're being indiscreet.

It's interesting. Listen.

"These notes cannot disguise one basic fact:

"you're going to take your place among the writers who matter.

"There aren't that many."

How about that!

They know everything! Soulac, the boat, the car.

Even the professor's name!

What's going on?

The police!


Where are they? Over there. Come on.

Are you all right?

Camille my dear...

Here we are.

We'll talk about this one day, I hope.

Why not come too?

What? You're going as well?

When did you decide that?

Just now.

I can't. It's impossible. My life is here.

What life?

What will you do?

Whatever I can.

Goodbye, Camille.

Can you imagine life in Nice? With all those old ladies?


In Paris, things will soon be back to normal.

You think so?

Of course!

Trust me.

Don't worry.

Not here.

Read it later.

There's a note for Mr Girard too.

You saw him? The professor?

Last Monday, in Cambridge. In his lab.

Is this your first time back?

Were you...

Were you parachuted in?

Near Chartres?

How do you know?

I just know.


Are you staying long?

I have to go soon.

You've no time to write?

Not really.

Too bad.

I have your manuscript.

If you want, I could...

Don't turn round.

Sir! Just a second!


Subtitles: Ian Burley Processed by Eclair Media