Bone Breaker (2020) Script

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Come here, son.

That's a battleship.

You always wanted a battleship, didn't you?

Kev, you know where I keep my gun?

Yes, you do.

I want you go get my gun and bring it to me.

I can't.

No, I can't.

Mom's up there.

You can, Kev.

Be brave, listen to your father.

Don't point that at me.

Safety first.

Good boy.

♪ Well, my buckle Makes impressions ♪ Trading Places, Dan Aykroyd.

Coming to America, Eddie Murphy.

Ooh, uh, 48 Hrs.

Ah, what's the other guy?

Nick Nolte.

Farewell to the King.

What? No, what's that?

That's a Nick Nolte movie.

No, it is not!

That's not a movie at all!

That is too obscure!

Farewell to the King?

Babe, you're killing me.

I might not even survive this road trip.

Just wait till you meet my mom.

Oh, that's a 1977 Gremlin.

Man, that's a rare car.

Nice ride?

No, piece of shit, but, you know, it's beautiful.

Like my baby.

Oh! What, I'm a piece of shit, but beautiful?

♪ Hold me close, my dear ♪ Okay, start again.

Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Oh, shit.

♪ Softly in my ear ♪ This chocolate one's incredible.


So, when's the big date?

October... July.



♪ And how I can always Count on you ♪ Mm-hmm.

She caught us red-handed.

We better decide on an actual date before we get to Oregon.

What for? Let's just spring it on people.

Oh, man.

I'm really just not good at this.

What are you playing?

I was trying to play Neil Young.

You were? And apparently, I'm not Neil Young.

I love you so much.

I love you.

Who keeps calling?

The shop.

Doesn't Eddie know you're on vacation?

He does, yeah, but there's a... new caddy came in, and he doesn't know shit about caddies, so, I'll call him back.

Okay, in here.

And that.

Okay, and then your pinky in here.


Good job, and now your middle finger, the one I see most...

Oh, yeah. Oh, okay.

I was close that time.

You were, yeah, but that's it, peanut. That's, uh, that's the last time.

I can't do it.

Well, people with hooks for hands are better at that than you.

It's a useless skill and you know it.

You're just jealous.

Okay, I'm gonna go for a run.


You good? Yeah.

Yeah, we're just gonna eat and go to weird places and take our time, and.

I don't know, have an adventure.

So, flying in an airplane isn't enough of an adventure anymore?

Alex has this distant cousin who lives along the way. We're gonna visit him.

I thought he didn't have any living relatives.

Yeah, it was hard, but I managed to track one down.

I just really want Alex to have at least one blood relative at the wedding.

He's always been on his own.

Well, he's not anymore.

- He has you, and that's plenty. Thanks, Mom.

Okay, so, biggest lake in the country is...


No, wait, wait, Superior.


Greek goddess who married the god of love.


Come on, give me a hard one.

Show me your smile.

You'll have to do better.


Now go get dressed.

This chicken is amazing, Annie.

This is a real treat.

Thanks. Annie never disappoints.

So, Alex, Lisa mentioned you're still renting.

We are looking for a house, and, uh, I know you work in that field, so...

Oh, mostly I do commercial real estate. Right.

Industrial parks, stuff like that.

What about you, Alex, what do you do?

I got a little shop, and we restore old cars.

Classic stuff.


What about you, Lisa? What do you do?

I teach middle school English.

So does Annie, she teaches too.

No way.

Yeah, American history.

Don't all those kids make you want to have your own?

One day, maybe.

Sooner than that by the look in your eye.

You think about it, don't you?

I do.

What's holding you up?

I want to be good at it.

Aw, no waiting for that.

You just gotta wade in.

What's wrong, Alex?

You afraid?

I'm... I'm not ready. Neither of us are ready.

Oh, you're wrong, Alex.

She's ready.

She is ready.

Hey, here's to Alex and Lisa, and to the family chin and the dimple, I see you have that, too, you lucky so-and-so.


Thank you for coming.

These people are so weird.

I promised I'd have a drink with Glen.

Okay. I'm sorry.

It's fine.

You guys gonna do some man stuff?

Smoke some cigars?

Smoke cigars, be manly.

That's what you want for me though, right?

Of course. Okay.

Just don't come back with a mustache.

I won't.

You have no idea what it means to me, you two coming out and making the connection.


I love your home, Glen.

Cheers. Cheers.

Wish I had something like this.

Your beautiful wife and daughter?

Molly's not my daughter.


I thought I saw a resemblance.

No, she's not mine.


But we're trying.

Do you remember when your parents passed?

Uh, yeah, I was five.

I have one memory, I guess.

We were at the beach, building sand castles, and... and the tide came in, filled up the castle with all these tiny little crabs.


In case you get thirsty.

Thank you.

You're the one who looked up Glen, right?


Who's Kevin...?

Find him.

Is he a relative?


Lisa's quite the beauty.


How long you two been together?

Three years.

And you only just got engaged?

What were you waiting for?

I wasn't ready, you know, but now I am.

The wandering eye kept you from seeing what was right in front of you, huh?


I didn't mean to scare you.

He really snores like a freight train, doesn't he?

I'm... I'm used to it.

He'll be fine down there. I'll throw a blanket on him.

My gosh.

You really are a heartbreaker, aren't you?

You have to leave now.

Alex, Alex, Alex! Alex, Alex! Alex, baby, wake up.

Baby, wake up.

What's going on?

We're going.


Just come with me.

That guy was such a creep.

What were you guys even talking about all night?


You and Glen, when you were talking.

Macho crap, just nothing.

I don't know.

My mom is driving me crazy.

Ugh, she's organizing this barbecue for us.

I swear I'm gonna kill her.

I wish she would just stop.

Stop what? Everything.

You're being too hard on her, peanut.

You don't know her.

No, I don't.

I didn't meet her, and she hasn't come to see us, and you wouldn't let me Skype when we first met.

She's weird, but she seems nice.

I have my reasons.

It's fascinating to see you like this.


What am I, the Discovery Channel?

Wrong word.

Are you like Glen? If I get to know Glen, if I spend time with Glen what am I gonna learn about you?

Not much.

Then why do you think my parents are like some secret window into who I really am?

I'm just saying you're too hard on your mother.

Hi, John, I'm here outside the Hemming residence where authorities tell us that a father committed suicide after murdering his entire family.

The brutalized bodies of Glen Hemming, his wife Annie and their daughter Molly were discovered in their home this morning.

We will never truly know what happened inside the mind of Glen Hemming...

Thank you.

♪♪ Thank you so much.

♪ I'm dead and I'm gone ♪

♪ Go put me in a mountain song ♪

We're good to stay at Justin's in Idaho.

His place is huge.

Is this the, uh, the self-help book guy?

It made him a fortune.

You know, I've been meaning to tell you, but Justin was my first boyfriend.

Oh, really? In high school?

Ninth grade.

Okay. Is that gonna be strange for you?

No, I don't think so.

You know, about a year ago, I, uh, Googled my first girlfriend, Stephanie Lang.

She lives in Seattle now with her girlfriend.

Is that weird for you?

No, I mean, I had nothing to do with it.


Jesus, Alex.

Would it kill you to aim a little?


There's something we need to talk about.

Talking isn't what I had in mind.

I'm not feeling so good.



What is your problem?


Did you change deodorant?



We're using the same stuff.

Your smell.

I smell?

Your smell is different.

But I showered.

It's not dirty, it's... it's just

like some other man's smell.



You heard me, whatever.

Fuck this.

Do you know you stopped snoring?


Must be the climate.

My head aches, my muscles ache.

Everything just... everything just aches in new ways.

Sounds like being pregnant.

I doubt it's anything like being pregnant.

When I was pregnant, I got nosebleeds.

I've never had a nosebleed in my life.

After the miscarriage, they went away.

So, what I'm saying is, I think that you're pregnant.

We're making good time.

We should be in Grants Pass in five days, no problem.

Things have been strange between us, right?

Yeah, yeah.

We're not talking.

Let's talk then.

Are you having second thoughts?



Just tired.

What was the name of the first pope?

Do you know?

How about alpine flower?

I need to go for a drive.

A drive?

I need to clear my head.

But all we do all day is drive.

What's happening to me?

Hey, hey, buddy, what are you doing?

Well, look, I know it looks bad, but this is my car, okay?

What are you talking about? Dude, step away from...

Hold on a second, hold on a second now.

This is my car, okay? You'll see once I get the keys.

Uh, why don't you follow me? I'll show you my license and registration, okay?

New York plates, 1013.

The key, in my pocket, that opens the door.

What a coincidence.

Where'd you get those keys? Those are my keys.

See that right there?


Alex Ferry, that's me. Yeah.

You're Alex Ferry?

Yeah, I'm Alex Ferry, and this is my car.

Okay, you're just fucking with me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second now.

Driver's side seatbelt gets stuck.

Defroster's been broken since last Christmas.

Go ahead, check it out.

Go ahead.

How do you know about this car?

Because I bought this car from a dealership in Queens four years ago.

Yeah, that's... that's where I bought it.

You bought it?

Alex Ferry.

That's not my name.

Look, do you need some help, you need- you want me to call somebody or do something to help you out?

Give me the fucking keys.

You want my keys?

You want my keys?

We'll be there Thursday.

I wanted to warn you before we arrived so that you don't get the wrong impression.

Um, man, Alex is acting so weird lately like he's hiding something.

Lisa, now you have to stop believing you aren't worth loving.

Okay, Justin, let's not start doing your book.

Ah, shit, he's here.

Hey, I gotta go all right? I'll speak to you soon.

You asleep?


What happened to your hand?

I got locked out of my truck and I trapped my hand.

Oh, baby.

I think I'm cracking up.

Tell me about it.

Hey, come on.

Let's go out and do something fun.

♪ You caught my eye When you walked by ♪

♪ With your cotton candy And your head held high ♪

♪ I had to get my courage up ♪

♪ To ask you to join me On the tea cup ♪

♪ Now stuck on top Of the Ferris wheel ♪

♪ I wanted to tell you How I feel ♪

♪ When we climbed On the Tilt A-Whirl ♪

♪ I asked if you Would be my girl ♪

♪ Cause then I've Enjoyed the ride ♪

♪ Going up and down around And side by side ♪

♪ Love is the ticket ♪

♪ Hold on, don't you smile ♪

Come on, it's awesome!

What are you doing?

I'm not dressed for this.


Where are you?

Where are you?

Over here.

This way.

Keep talking.

Can we live here?

Alex, keep talking!

Oh shit, they have a Plymouth Road Runner!



There you are.


Why are you running?



Where are you?

Come here, peanut!


Where'd you go?

There's some crazy guy.


Over there. Let's go, come on.

They said they're gonna look for him, but they don't think they'll find him.

He had your voice.


He called me "peanut."

We'd had a lot to drink.


Somebody, help!


Do you know what's wrong with him?

Not sure yet.

How well do you know him?

Um, he had his tonsils out when he was a kid and he's allergic to aspirin, really allergic.


I dreamt I was you just now,

when you were a kid.

I was making a sand castle.

Isn't that strange?

Come back to me.

Kevin Lee?

We spoke on the phone.

You the reporter?


Well, it's about time one of you hacks finally came here.

I've been calling for a long time.

The website, I assume you saw, I know it needs updating, but I'm working on an app because I got a lot more information now, much more than I had before.

There's not a lot of us left, but I can take you to them all.

You can talk to them cause I've been interviewing them and they want to talk, they...

You want some coffee?

Um... Here.

Thank you.

You said... you said "talk." What do you mean?

Take a seat, I'll show you.

He looks at me with the same eyes, but they were wrong.

Something about them was wrong.

The first time he hit me, it was so sudden.

I was in shock.

And then he hit me again.

This is a man who wouldn't even kill a spider.

It was gradual.

- His tastes changed. Stop it.

I don't... I don't want... I don't want to watch this.

He had given each of our sons a knife.

Who are these people?

Survivors of the same crime.




To be clear, the man who murdered my mother was not my father.

He looked like him, he tried to talk like him, but it was not him because this thing has been active for centuries now.

That's why you're here.


Ms. Rebecca Horn.

Her husband strangled her seven children and thought he'd done the same thing to her.



So, you see why it's important.

Why aren't you taking notes? Where's your recorder?

I don't want to go over this again, there's a lot...

You're not a reporter.

Who are you?

My fiancé Alex and I are on a road trip to see my parents.

I don't give a...

We stopped in on a family. Please leave.

Glen and Annie Hemming.

I have asked you to leave, please leave.

Annie gave me a piece of paper with your name on it and then... and then she- she swallowed it and this place had the weirdest vibes, but then Alex is at the hospital...

I have asked you to... and he's acting weird and he wrote your he wrote your name down.

Why would he write your name down?

Just my name?

There's a few others.

You don't recognize any of the other names?


Here, please.

Who are they?

People who have had their lives destroyed.

Have you looked at all this?

Do you notice that his handwriting has changed?

Handwriting doesn't change.

It's in him like it was in my father.

What do you mean, in him?

It! It's a dark being that goes from host to host to host.

It's a spirit, an entity, the devil maybe.

I'm gonna go.

No, please, no. You have to listen to me.


You're in danger.

We're in danger.

He's been acting slightly different the last few days, right?

You've noticed it, I know you have.

You know, when someone telling his stories, maybe?

Someone has his quirks, maybe his dreams.

Someone says something that only you two know.



You see, the entity has to clear out the host so it can make room for itself.

Alex will become someone else.

Now you are gonna take me to him, and I'm gonna stop him from hurting anybody else.

You want to kill Alex?

No, no, no, no, no, no.

You see, when the host dies, that's a problem, because it just escapes into something else.

That's why all these murders end in suicide.

No, no, no.

I think I've come up with a solution.

I have become a bit of a pharmaceutical expert but if you take the proper dose of Phenobarbital and a little bit of.

Thiopental, you lace it with a few other things, and you give that shot

it stops all human motor function.


He'll be a cucumber.

No control over his mind.

No control over his body. He'll be alive, but not alive.

It's trapped, and that's what I want.

You're insane.

If you take one step closer to me, I swear I'm gonna fucking scream.

You can't trust him.

It's not him.

Alex? I've been calling and calling.

Are you mad at me or something, or are you avoiding me now? What... what is going on?

Hi, Michelle.


Oh, he... he said he told you.

He didn't.

Oh God, I'm... I'm so... I'm so sorry.

Mercy Hospital.

I just flew into town.

I heard my... my... my brother was... was taken in? I... I'm here in the hallways.

I don't know... is... is he at... - What's his name?

Alex Ferry is his name. Any chance that he's been admit...

- Please hold. Yes, please.

Good? Uh-hmm. Hmm. Yeah.

And it's too bad Alex couldn't join us.

I was looking forward to beating his ass in Scrabble.

I know.

He had this family emergency. He's gonna meet me later.


And eating this food.

She's organizing this barbecue for us.

I wish she would just stop.

Stop what?


You're being too hard on her, peanut.

I know.

It's fascinating to see you like this.

Too hard on her, peanut.

It's fascinating.

You're being too hard on her, peanut.

It's fascinating...

You're being too hard on her, peanut.

You're too hard on her, peanut. It's fascinating.

It's fascinating.

Hi, I'm Alex.

Hi, I'm Alex.



Be honest with me.

Where's Alex?

He had an affair.

You need to learn how to make better choices.

I'm pretty tired, Justin.

Okay, of course.

It happened over the summer.

Lasted a few... and then I...

It happened over the summer.

It lasted a few weeks and then I ended it.

It happened over the summer, Lisa.

It lasted a few weeks and

then I ended it.

Ooh, smells good in here.

Mm-hmm. How did you sleep last night?

Like a rock.

Yeah, you remember Stephanie Lang?

Stephanie who?

Stephanie Lang.

Remember she moved to Seattle with her girlfriend?


I don't.

Of course, you do.

Stephanie Lang.

Expecting someone?



Hey, man, you... you can't come in here.


She doesn't want to see you.

She doesn't want to see you, stop.

Lisa, can we talk?

She doesn't want to talk to you.


Talk then.

Can we talk alone?

Justin, can you give us a second?

No, no, come on.

Listen to me, he betrayed you.

I would never do that, Lisa.

If you were mine.


I don't belong to either of you.

So, you want to just go and teach middle school for the rest of your life?

You know you're better than that.

No, I'm not.

Let's get out of here.



What am I saying?

What am I saying?

Why are you in my head?

Why are you in...?

How did you even find me?

Your friend's famous.

Even the cab driver knew where he lived.

Lisa, I... I made a big mess.

I wanted to tell you, but.

I thought you'd never forgive me.

You were right.

I'm sorry.

I love you.

When did it happen?

Over the summer.

It lasted a few weeks.

Then I ended it.

I trusted you.

I'll never lie to you again.

Not ever.

Cause you're the only one for me, peanut.

Peanut, my ass.

Let's go.

The doctors just let you go?

I woke up feeling great.

Like a brand-new person.

I've got a room just down the hall.

If you need anything, call me.

We'll talk tomorrow.

You remember me?

Cause I'm not a little boy anymore.


You're here to kill me?

You know that's too easy.

Point that thing away from me, son.

This one's a battleship.

You've been wanting a battleship.

See, that's a battleship.

You always wanted a battleship, didn't you?

But you never could get that last fold right no matter how hard you tried.

You're not my father.

Always ended up looking like a hat.

You're not my father.

But your mom, she used to... She used to wear the hat

'cause she knew it would make you smile.

You're not my father!

Come on.

Give it to me.

Safety first.

Good boy.

Come on, son.

You're just like her, Kev.

Just like your mom.

You act like a woman.

Let me win you back, please.

If you'll still have me.

If you'll still marry me.

No secrets.

It's not just her.

I was lost for a while.

I'm back now.

I kept things from you too.

Like what?

When I'm good and ready.

And when we're back home.

I'm gonna need to take some time to think.

Of course.


Yes, ma'am.

Whatever you want.


Well, then let's finish what we started.

There you are.

Here you go. I bet you're thirsty.

Here, sweetie.

There you go. Thank you.

Now I got pizza. Are you all hungry too? Starving.

Yeah. Well, good. Lisa, I got your favorite.

Hawaiian with onions.

That's the only way she would eat it as a little girl.

It's true, she was a little angel, but she liked the nastiest God damned pizza.

Hey, maybe later you could take a look at my old Buick?

I can't get the damn thing started, and Lisa says you're the man.

I'd be happy to. Uh, I forgot all my tools.

I packed them, baby.

Probably not everything I need so...

I got tools.

I... I got tons of them. I don't use them anymore, but I've got them.

Oh, well, this.

That should not be there.

Yeah, well I think... I think it's the alternator, but I don't... I don't know.


Did you take the alternator out?

No, I can't do that. I don't... I don't...

Uh, well, I mean...

Uh, yeah, this is, uh, we gotta get this to a shop.

And... and remember, very important is that as much as it hates people, it also loves people.

Loves what people do.

Eating and touching and feeling.

It has desires.

Therefore, it has weaknesses.

Lisa, I know you believe me.

Your parents are fucking pushy.

No wonder you left.

You have any gum or mints or something? That pizza was disgusting.

This is what you've been hiding from me? You...

I'm just late.

I'm just late.

You're a liar.

You're precious to me.

You understand that?

Kevin was right.


What did Kevin say?

That you're changing.

I'm changed.

Stand up.

Who are you?

A man who loves you, Lisa.

If there's a baby in there, I'll cut it out.

I want my own children.

Not his.

Take the test.

Hurry up.

Lisa, you got some mail.


Careful what you say.

I'll skin them both.


We just need a second, Mom.

Well, your dad and I are going to the store, so just call us if you need us to pick you up anything.

If you leave, I'll kill them.

If you tell anyone, I'll kill them.

This is our special little secret, just for us.

You need to be more convincing.

No, you need to be more convincing.

They never met Alex before.

They're reading your face.

You love me, they love me.

Just don't hurt them.

Tidy my neck.

Death to me is like a door opening.

I'll come back for you and everyone you've ever known.

How many lives has it been?

Many hundreds.

I don't know.

How did we meet?

How do I dress? Do I put on my pants first or my shirt?

Do I leave the water running when I brush my teeth?

Am I grumpy in the morning? You see, people have patterns, Lisa.

People are in the details.

He and I met... There is no "he."

Only me.



You and I met at a party.

It was snowing.

I'm sorry, that was an accident. It was an accident!



Lisa. Alex?

How do I stop him? Please, just tell me.

He doesn't know me like you do.

Stay here.

No, wait.

Alex! Lisa.

Lisa, I love you.



No, he's long gone.

What did he come back to say, he loves you?


That's what he said.

How well do you know him?

He's allergic to aspirin.

Really allergic.


♪ When the truth Can change your mind ♪

♪ And the world is closing in ♪

♪ Drink away everything From this place ♪

♪ When the freaks Come out at night ♪

♪ And they leave Their hiding place ♪

♪ Was it me or was it you That walked away? ♪

♪ You can't hide ♪


There you are.

You look so handsome today.

Thank you.

Great party, great people.

We out of ice?


Is that why you just walk in their house?

I used to babysit their son.

It's like a second home.

What happened to all the ice I saw in the freezer?

I'd like to make a toast.

Greg, Angela, I want to thank you for accepting me so warmly into your family.

And, Lisa, the love of my life, to a long forever together.



Time for bed.

I thought we could work on making our own babies.

There's only one way to do that.


Oh, I haven't seen this side of you.

There's a lot of me you haven't seen.

Let me see your ears. Hmm.

Let me see your nose.

Your cheeks. Oh, yeah.

Let me see your ear.

Let me see your neck.

Oh, yeah.

Your lips.

Oh, I love you, Lisa.

I love you, Alex.

That's all I want.

Let me show you how much I love you.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, kinky.

Oh, yeah.

Hard enough?

Oh yeah, tighter.

Figured someone like you wouldn't have vanilla tastes.

Oh, you're so right.

You want to taste something new?

Yeah? Something different?

Yeah. I can give you that.

Oh, yeah what's that? Hmm.


Oh, yeah.

What is that?

Is that aspirin?

That's me saying goodbye.

What did you do?

You are pregnant!

You stupid girl, all I have to do is die.

What's going on? Mom, Dad, go to your room.

Lock the door. Go, go!

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Run baby girl, run! Daddy!



No, Greg! No!

An allergy?

You're so smart?


I control this body.

Don't hurt my mom.

Please, please.

You're a family of fucking idiots.

Please... It's a shame, Lisa.

You're one of the good ones.

Real keeper.

Mom, no.

No, don't shoot him!

Don't shoot him! Fuck you!

Mom, listen to me.

If you kill him, he wins right now.

I can't explain, but please just listen to me.

Do it, you old cow! You want to see your daughter die? Do it!

Mom, don't. Trust me, trust me.


I can't explain, but listen to me, if you kill him, he wins! Listen to me, please.

Trust me.

Ow, fuck.


Stand the fuck up!

Stand up!

You, stand up!

Get over there!

Fuck you.

You fucking... You fucking bitches.

Oh, fuck this.

I'll see you soon.

Fuck you.

Oh, fuck! Fuck.

Lisa, it's me, Alex! Please!

Please, it's me, Alex.

Fuck, please, please, peanut, please, it's me.

Baby. It's me.

I swear.

I'm here. It's me.

Fuck, motherfucker!

We know it isn't over.

We're only in the eye of the storm.

I'm a survivor.

And I'm not alone.

There are many others like me.

Scattered across the decades.

When Alex wakes

or dies,

it'll all begin again.

The past is full of death and suffering.

But who knows what the future will hold?

♪ Shh! ♪

♪ Magical ♪

♪ Magical ♪

♪ Shh! ♪

♪ Play back What you said to me ♪

♪ Making me the enemy, you ♪

♪ Cannibal tendencies Waiting to go down on me too ♪

♪ Never be the one to say ♪

♪ You fell from God ♪

♪ Gonna be the one to say ♪

♪ You fell from God ♪

♪ Never be the one to say ♪

♪ You fell from God ♪

♪ Never be the one ♪

♪ 'Cause you're playing God ♪

♪ Making me the enemy ♪

♪ This will be the end Of me now ♪

♪ Making me the enemy ♪

♪ This will be the end of me ♪

♪ Got up in the fantasy ♪

♪ Starting to believe in you ♪

♪ I'll do anything You want to do ♪

♪ Hide another body or two ♪

♪ Dress me up how you like ♪

♪ I'll be your little puppet That you take into the night ♪

♪ Tell me I'm the one Let you fuck me with your gun ♪

♪ Accomplice in your Butcher plans ♪

♪ Suck the blood Right off your hands ♪

♪ And when you say we're done ♪

♪ Kill me with your hard on ♪

♪ Make me numb, make me numb ♪

♪ Make me numb, make me numb ♪

♪ Make me numb, make me numb ♪

♪ Make me numb, make me numb ♪

♪ Pull the trigger as I cum ♪

♪ Never be the one to say You fell from God ♪

♪ Never be the one to say You fell from God ♪

♪ Never be the one to say You fell from God ♪

♪ Never be the one cause You're playing God ♪

♪ Making me the enemy ♪

♪ This will be the end Of me now ♪

♪ Making me the enemy ♪

♪ This will be the end Of me now ♪

♪ Making me the enemy ♪

♪ This will be the end Of me now ♪