Bone Tomahawk (2015) Script

Why do they always wet themselves?

Just get on with the task.

-They got books. -Well, shake 'em out.

See if money comes out the pages.

It won't be in the table of contents.

Save them jokes that nobody likes for the campfire.

You didn't cut him deep enough.

He had a lot of blood. An unusual amount.

He has the same as every other.

Help me up.

There are 16 major veins in the neck and you have to cut through 'em all.

There ain't 16.

My uncle had an acquaintance with a man who used to be a doctor and that's what he said.

Now you get on with the task.


Don't throw no Bibles in there.

I know it's bad luck.

Besides you can always sell them to some idiot.


I hear horses.

Are you certain?


Damn! It was that gun shot.

A bat in China could've heard that.

That's a full gallop.

We're gonna have to get up there in them rocks and hide.

Fifteen minutes 'til they get there.


You hear that?

It was a gust.

That's a real musical gust.


It's ominous.

This is not the time for womanly imaginings.


What's that? A wolf?

Bear, looks like.

Is this some kind of sign? "Keep Out" or something.

We got permission.

Was that us?

I thought the sun was in the other direction.

Well, it's here now.


That's where we're goin'.

Straight through this place and deeper in.

Maybe we shouldn't be going some place that looks like a burial ground.

To a bunch of godless savages.

Ain't no concern of the civilized man.

A jail on fire is safer than a place like this.

It's better than sittin' in that damn gulch, riders comin' in from one way and savages the other.

You want to go back there, go.

If that was a gust, then it learned an instrument!

Listen clear!

We're comin' through here, like it or not!


Oh, Je--

Would you like some coffee?

No reason to stay up.

More sleeping I do, quicker Autumn'll get here.


Arthur O'Dwyer!

You look real pretty when you're upset.

Do you intend to sit and sulk for the next 12 weeks?

Well, what do you want me to do?

I advised you not to work on the roof during the storm, but you went up regardless, because you had "a notion to get things done".

But there's no reason to go over that again.

Didn't you just?

So is this your intention?

Is what my intention?

To sulk for 12 weeks?

I'm not sulking, I'm sour.

-Don't dodge. -What do you want me to say?

I moved beeves all over the map, with all sorts of crews from terrible to worse to get this position.

You know all that I've done.

This was the big payoff and now I'm stuck.

I understand how disappointing this is.

Lot of guys never get to be a foreman.

And when I finally do, this happens.

They'll be gone until autumn. And you're here--

I know my situation.

You're here with me.

You're here with me for a longer duration than any time since we were married.

Can't you see it's not all bad?

Of course I can.

And not just 'cause you're prettier than most cows.


You never saw Jessica.

Why so quiet?

They rode out the beeves yesterday.

Like I told you yesterday.

Nobody left here but wives, kids and dead-enders.

Good evening, Mr. Brooder.

Good evening.

It's like a church in here though it lacks even pious women.

Well, why don't you patronage the man over there by the pianoforte?

It might enliven things a bit.

Pardon me.

Good evening.

If one song costs three cents, why do three songs cost a dime?

That's the rate.

Shouldn't the price per song get cheaper when more are commissioned?

Well, I get tired after two, so the third costs extra.

Do four songs cost a dollar?

Buy a song or depart.

That was a dime.

I know the sound of Lady Liberty.

I'll have whisky.



Good evening, sheriff.


I was out for a ramble and...

Oh, that tea smells gruesome.

It's soup.


You... You think I could have some?

I haven't had a good meal today. Maybe not anything.

Nab that chair and sit.

I forgot the spoons.

You think you can drink this without burnin' your mouth?

Oh, I like challenges.

Oh, boy, that smells good.

Now that I know it's not supposed to be tea.

You need to make sure you have a couple of good meals every day.

Can't have my backup deputy pass out

'cause he forgot to eat.

No, no, sir. That would be shameful.

-No, sir. -Let it cool.


You were gonna tell me about your ramble.

Oh, yeah. Glad you reminded me.

I was out on a ramble, a night ramble.

You know, just to get some clean air and put some fresh flowers on Nadine's grave.

You know...

And, when I do, I decided to go the long way.

You know, like the Serrano does on patrol over in Spain.

And when I do, I see this fella on the perimeter.

Sheriff, I don't know him.

This tastes like corn.

It's corn chowder.

Oh, then things are lining up.

So, did he do anything?

The stranger?

Take your time.

He changed his clothes, and he took some luggage and he threw it in a hole and covered it up.

He went to town.

It is the official opinion of the backup deputy that his manner was suspicious.

Where is he?


The stranger.

Oh, he's over at the Learned Goat.

Let's go make a survey.

How's your tibia?

Not thinking about tibias right now.


Did I hurt you?

Let's do this the right way.

Is that supposed to be a criticism?

It's instinct.

Yeah. Careful.

Are you sure you're able to--

Please continue.

What's your predilection, mister?

You look like you could use something potent.

Or omnipotent.

My brother makes this.

It's like a tree fell on you.


Sheriff, it's quiet enough in here without the two of you comin' in here and scarin' everybody off.

-We got business. -Important.

Good evening.

You aren't mute, are you?


In civilized towns, places like Bright Hope, you look a man direct in the face when you talk to him.

I didn't do nothing wrong.

I'm just sat in here having a drink.

I didn't say you did anything wrong.

What's your name?


Took a moment to recall that, didn't it?

My name is Buddy.

Why are you here?

I'm going to meet someone.

What's today's date?

It seems like if you had a rendezvous scheduled you'd know what day it was.

Let me give you an easier question.

Who did you steal those clothes from?

I ain't stole nothing!

Why, you're pretty angry for a guy named "Buddy".

You've been squirting lemon juice in my eye since you came in here.

I didn't commit no crime.

And why are you talkin' about crime now?

Are you carrying a weapon?

A gun, knife, a letter opener with a sharp point?



-Deputy. -Raise your hands.

If you move in a hasty manner, I'll put a bullet in you.

That's the only thing.

Like I just told you, I ain't got no weapon.

Because you put 'em in that hole you dug?

-You alright, old man? -Oh, yeah.

Oh, I thought I had him.

Grab an arm.

Brooder, rouse Doc Taylor.

Put coffee in him if he's liquored.

It's supposed to be elevated above your heart.

Is this why you buy so many pillows?

I buy pillows because they're pretty.

This isn't comfortable.

Well, it's not supposed to be.

So it's correct.

How does it look?

The same.

You know, once the hellish burnin' stops feels almost nice. Thank you.

You are very welcome.

You're takin' good care of me. Anything I can do for you?


Would you read this out loud?

It's the poem that you wrote in Wyoming.

Oh, it ain't a poem.

It's just some things I was thinking and some emotions.

Would you read it to me?


Feel stupid if I read it out loud.

It will not. It's beautiful.

Whenever I was alone I would read it and I would feel better.


I can't think of a polite way out of this.

That's because there isn't--

What time is it?

Half past ten.

Mr. and Mrs. O'Dwyer. It's John Brooder.

I'm here regarding a medical matter.

Good evening, Mrs. O'Dwyer.

Are you hurt?

Oh, I'm not the injured party, there was...

A drifter that got quick with the sheriff.

Shot in the leg?

Shot in the leg.

And, Doc Taylor's in his cups?

Deep. I took his equipment.

I have my own.

Does yours contain two bottles of vodka?

Where's the drifter?

He's in jail.



I need to extract a bullet. Mr. Brooder shall escort me.

Okay. John?


If you make any flirtatious remarks

in my wife's presence

there'll be a reckoning.

I'll behave, cowboy.

Please keep your leg elevated.

I'll do it.



You have a gift.

I have four brothers and grew up in cold weather.

Checkers is all we did.

You ever beat Nick in a checkers match?

Nope. Though we only played twice.

I haven't had a different result in a 100 games.

Maybe I shouldn't bet.

What's that?

A blonde hair.

Looks like from a woman.

I told you his manner was suspicious.

That's you, Doc?

It's John Brooder. I brought Mrs. O'Dwyer.

Good evening, Mrs. O'Dwyer.


Thank you for comin'.

Happy to help.

You can go.

You're welcome.

Fling the gate.

What do you need from us?

-A pot of boiling water. -I'll get it.

Can you remove his chains?

No, ma'am.

He's that dangerous?

He buried that stuff outside of town.

It's not his, and it's got bloodstains all over it.

He's boiling.

I only shot him in the leg.

-Well, that's his hobby. -Deputy.

Not every man who leaps in front of your pistol is hale.

Do what you can for him.

Very likely he's gonna get hanged but it'd be nice if the families of the people he bushwhacked could come to town and watch him go purple on the rope.

Well, that should inspire her.


I want you to stay here tonight.

Help Mrs. O'Dwyer with whatever she needs.

Lock everything up and escort her home when she's done.

Isn't that why we have a backup deputy for?

Oh, no, I'll take care of things.

I don't sleep few hours, anyway.

Nick stays.

I want you to get some rest.

You did real good tonight.


Does he have a name?

He proffered "Buddy" but that's probably somebody he hates or who's dead.

Very well. Please let my husband know not to wait up.

I'll need to stay and monitor the patient's fever after the surgery.

Yes, ma'am.


Wait a minute.

Hey, I'm doin' lot better than I thought.

Much better.

You're looking at my side of the board.

Good night.

Good night, Mrs. O'Dwyer.

Good night.

Good night, ma'am.

It's heating up.

Please don't stick your fingers in the water.

Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry.

Thanks for lettin' me know.

Thanks for loanin' her out.

So, Deputy Nick's gonna bring her back?

He will.

How's your wife doing?

Better. Thought maybe it was pneumonia but seems like it was just a bad cold.

Good to hear. Give her my regards.

I will.

Good night.

Dear Samantha, I hope things are going good for you back in Bright Hope.

And that Doc Taylor is drinking less.

I am in Wyoming now.

The ride here was long and difficult and the foreman had to discipline a lot of men and let some go which made things harder for the rest of us, especially in this cold weather.

I've been in charge of the night round-up for a while and I've organized it pretty good.

Sometimes when I'm working long I look at the faces of the other cowboys and I can see that they're miserable all the way through.

But since I met you I don't get that feeling anymore like I used to.

You give me this warmth in my direct center that won't turn cold no matter what happens out here.

The other day I saw these hills on the border and the shapes of them reminded me of you when you are next to me in bed on your side.

Sometimes I see you in the waterfalls and the clouds and always you have that real happy look on your face like when I come back from being away and we are about to kiss for the first time in months.

That ain't a poem.

No, ma'am.

My body feels like cotton.

I gave you some tincture of opium.

Are you done?

I need to clean the wound and sew it shut.

I'm coming, ladies. Don't fret.

Mr. Wallington?

Is that you?

Samantha, you back yet?


Told you last night I'd make breakfast.

-Why don't you go back to bed? -I'd like to do it, Franklin.

I'm feeling better today.

You were feelin' better last night.

You're a remedy.

And you're makin' fry bread.

Well, that's my intention.

But where'd you put the spoons? They're no place logical.

I thought you'd explain that enigma.

Sheriff Hunt?

Is that you, Clarence?

It's me.

The door is open.

Why are you in my breakfast?

There's a situation.


I'll leave you two.


This morning I went out to tend to my colt, needed a new shoe and when I got there...

I saw Buford, the stable boy, he was lying there dead, he was all torn up.

An animal got to him?

I don't know. I couldn't say. I just...

I didn't care to linger.

You know, I just went down to the office to try and get a deputy but when I went inside there was nobody in there.


Not even in the jail cell?

No, sir, completely empty.

Go up the street, fetch Chicory and meet me in front of the stable.

Yes, sir.

Get some distance.

Listen Up! This is Sheriff Franklin Hunt.

If anybody is in there, identify yourself right now or I'll shoot you dead.

Poor kid.

How many horses does Wallington usually keep in here?

Well, there was my colt and he kept five.

Let's get to the jail.



Looks like it, but I...

I don't reckon.

Fetch the professor and bring him to The Learned Goat.

Show him that.

I'll be there in about 20 minutes.

Are you going to talk to Mr. O'Dwyer?


Sheriff, is my wife still at the jail?

Let's talk inside, Mr. O'Dwyer.

Did something happen?

Let's talk where you can sit.

Tell me here and tell me plain.

Mrs. O'Dwyer was abducted.

I think you should go back inside and sit down.

-We can talk-- -Who took her?

Looks like Indians.

Got Nick, too.

We're meeting at The Learned Goat to talk about what can be done.


Mr. O'Dwyer, please sit.

Gizzard, can you brew some coffee?

Is something amiss?


Put some whisky in his.

Sheriff Hunt, what do you intend to do about my horses?

They are not my priority right now.

-Those are my finest-- -Quiet!

Ask about horses again I'll slap you red!

You come along with me, Mr. Wallington and I'm going to retrieve your special bottle from the bar.

I retrieved our expert.

You know who did this?

Only one group that hunts with these.

-Who? -They don't have a name.

What kind of tribe doesn't have a name?

One that doesn't have a language.

Cave dwellers.

You know where they are?

I have a general idea.

-You'll take us to them? -I won't.

'Cause you're an Indian?

Because I don't want to get killed.

You're afraid of your own kind?

They're not my kind.

They are a spoiled bloodline of inbred animals who rape and eat their own mothers.

Well, what are they?


What do they look like?

Man like you would not distinguish them from Indians.

Even though they are something else entirely.

Why would they tear that stable boy up leave him but take the others away?

They don't eat Negroes.

Do they think they're poisonous?


You'll show us where they are at?

You'll be killed if you enter their territory--

--That wasn't the question!

Show us where they are at.

We won't be dissuaded.

Bring me a map of the western range.

We got an old survey map.

You know where it is, Gizzard?

Why was my husband, the mayor, not informed of this situation immediately?

Well, the sheriff, he told me to go get him but I'm old and I forgot.

Do you expect me to believe that?

I'm hoping.

Was it Indians?


This empty area is a mountain range.

Forbidden territory, it has been for centuries.

And somewhere in the northwestern part of it is a place my people call the Valley of the Starving Men.

Troglodytes are said to live there.

That's days from here.

How many of them do you think there are?

Well, it won't matter.

You have no chance against any number of them.

I'm riding out with Mr. O'Dwyer because there isn't a choice for either of us.

The rest of you can stay.

You'll be killed.

I'm coming with you.

No, I need you here, I need you to keep an eye--

No, I'm coming, I'm coming.

Nick's gone and this is what a backup is for.

To help in an emergency, not stay back. I'm coming.

Alright, old man.

This is suicide.

I'll get packed and meet you in front of the jail in 15 minutes.

As will I.

I'm the one who fetched your wife and got her involved.

I've got a responsibility to you both.

And I've killed more Indians than everyone here put together.

Well, that's an ugly boast.

It isn't a boast but a fact.

Telegraph Gatesville. Let 'em know what happened here.

Have 'em send a couple deputies to watch over things while I'm gone.

You should address the mayor directly.

-Yes, you should-- -Somebody should bury Buford.

He's got no kin in Bright Hope.

I'll have him blessed and put underground.

Appreciate it.

Does anybody know how to spell "Troglodytes"?

For the telegram.

You'll hear it soon.

I hope that this doesn't sound callous but do you truly believe they're still alive?

I'm not gonna speculate on that.

There are limits to the responsibilities of a town sheriff.

-Riding out into the terri-- -Lorna. I'm going.

There isn't an option.

Let's not have words on this.


Please come back.

Hey, Greg.

Here. I got some fresh wilds.

Oh, there's some good people in trouble.

And I got to do what I can for 'em.


I'll see you back here.

They're way up high.

Is that my wife's kit?

It is.

I'll carry it.

If we don't find Wallington's stock can your stallion carry both you and Mrs. O'Dwyer?

I'm carrying her.

Good. Nick can ride with me if he has to this animal's strong.

Mr. O'Dwyer, I need to say this to you and I don't want you to get sore.

We're making a five day journey in three days.

Ridin' long and sleepin' the bare minimum.

We need to take care of these animals and ourselves.

I ain't thinkin' about myself right now.

I know you're not which is why I'm puttin' this to you direct.

If our horses die before we get there or we go into hostile territory weak and foggy with exhaustion, we won't rescue anybody.

The only advantage we have over these cave dwellers is bein' smarter. So, let's not lose that.

It ain't gonna be easy makin' camp while these savages--

I know it won't. But we need to keep ourselves collected.

Well, it ain't gonna be easy.

I got the dynamite.

How many?


Now, that is not a handsome horse.

Come on, come on!

Let me help you down.

I can do it.

Not gracefully.

Pain is how your body talks to you.

You'd do well to listen to it.

-Mr. O'Dwyer. -Yeah?

Are we gonna come across any more ponds before dark?

I don't know what's west of here.

No cattle trail or anything else goes in that direction.

Let's fill up here.

That reminds me I forgot to pack the Yule tree.

Are any of you somnambulists?

That's private.

He means sleepwalk.

Oh. No, I don't.

Me neither. -Nope.


Sleep with your guns nearby and shoot anything that rings a bell.

Could be an innocent animal or somebody lost.

Our horses are hobbled.

Any animal that comes at us is a predator.

Any person that approaches a camp in the dark without identifying himself is a criminal or a savage.

If you hear a jingle, point your gun and shoot.

I'll probably beat you to the draw but don't count on me to save you.

Let it go.

I can't.

Hey, hey!

You watch how you speak to the law the sheriff especially. You aren't the captain.


But I'm the most intelligent man here and I intend to keep us alive.

You're the most intelligent here. Is that a fact?

It is.

Sheriff Hunt has a wife, so does Mr. O'Dwyer.

And you're a widower.

Yeah, what does that got to do with anything?

Smart men don't get married.


That's because no woman would want you.

Many women invite me over for dessert.

Eleven in Bright Hope.

John, enough with that kind of talk.

Alright, cowboy.

You got enough? Oh, there's plenty.

Sure? Yeah.

Blow on it first.

Right. Yes, sir.

Let us pray.

Bless us, O Lord, and these, thy gifts

which we are about to receive


When do we leave?

I'll rouse everyone when I wake up.

I don't sleep more than about four hours a night.



Can... Can you read a book in the bath?

I don't understand what you're askin'.

What I'm asking is, can you sit in a bathtub full of hot water and read a book?

I've never tried.

Well, I hear about people doing it all the time but every time I try, I ruin the book.

I splash water on it or I get it wet turning the pages.

I've even dropped some in.

Why are you so determined to read literature while takin' a bath?

Well, it's just...

It's just nothing feels better than sitting in that tub but it just gets so dull looking at your toes all the time.

Why don't you get a music stand?

Like the kind an orchestra fellow uses or the choirmaster?

Now that's an idea.

You put your book on that. Right next to the tub.

Keep a towel near, so you can...

You can dry your fingers, you know, before you turn the pages.

First thing I'm gonna do when I get back is I'm gonna go get me one of those stands.


I bet you Mr. Brooder couldn't have thought of that solution.

Good night, old man.

Good night.

Here is the official opinion of the backup deputy of Mr. O'Dwyer's behavior.


He's got a lot on his mind.

Could I borrow the German?

If you broke it, would you go to Hamburg and purchase a replacement?

Oh, of course I would.

Peter loved schnitzel.

I'll look myself.

What do you see?

A snake in a tree.

What kind?


Oh, Jesus, goddamn!


Damn, damn, damn!

You know when?

Yes, sir.

Brooder, don't step in the middle.

I shan't.

How's the leg?


Any signs of infection?

I don't think so.

Chicory should look at it tonight when we've camped.

He did some surgery in the war.

I'll mind it myself.

With that tincture of opium?

You went through my things? My wife's possessions?

-I did. -Well, you shouldn't have!

Give it back, you dumb imbecile!

Don't hurl insults at Chicory, he's followin' orders.

Now give over that bottle.

It ain't yours to claim.

If you use that stuff, you'll spill from the saddle.

I'm tryin' to prevent that accident.

I ain't had any.

I apologize for goin' in your wife's things.

Will you yield it?

Mr. O'Dwyer rides vanguard.

Mr. Kory.

Call me Chicory.


I'm sorry for hollerin' at you.

My wife used to call me a dumb imbecile all the time.

Felt kinda nice.


Take a look with the German. We need to put in soon.

I'll make a survey.

-Sheriff. -Old man?

You know, I know that the world's supposed to be round but I'm not so sure about this part.

He's all the way empty.

You think that infection could turn to gangrene?

It could go either way.

Have you ever performed an amputation?


In the war.

But even done correctly chances aren't good.

That seems like an especially miserable way to spend your final days.

The worst.

Relax, gentleman, relax.

Don't be scared. I am a friend.

You aren't.

You're a stranger and a sneak.

I was about to announce myself.

Strike a match so we can see you clear or we'll light things up with our guns. Mind our backs.

One moment, por favor.

My name's Ramiro.

You got any companeros?

I have an associate.

Tell him to strike a match.

Do what they ask.

Just him? Just him.

If we see any others lurkin' around, we'll execute you.

I speak the truth. I was going to announce myself--

Be quiet and toss your guns.

My associate is unarmed.

Come forward. Don't drop those matches.

See if you can salvage the fire.

Damn you!

Deputy, hold.

Holster your gun.

You had no cause.

Those men were scouts for a raiding party.

-Or thieves. -You don't know that.

And I wanted to get information from 'em in any case.

They wouldn't have told you the correct year much less anything else.

I know how to interrogate a man.

He's got a system.

We need to pack up and make a cold camp somewhere else some place defensible.

If you want to question my morals, do it later.

There aren't any to question.

What transpired?

Mr. Brooder just educated two Mexicans on the meaning of manifest destiny.

They deserve it?

I don't know.

Are we breakin' camp?

No, you go back to sleep. I'll wake you when we're...

Unless you want to eat dinner.

Here, we saved some for you. Pork and beans.

Thank you.

Well, were they armed?

Sort of.

What time is it?

It's about nine, but it feels like next week.

I see a spot. Shielded on one side.

Good enough.

You shouldn't have shot those Mexicans.

You hear me, Brooder?

It was wrong.

Go to sleep, ol' timer.

One of 'em was wearing a crucifix.

Then Jesus should've helped them.

You shouldn't call for the Lord's attention right now.

I'm not overly concerned.


We need to sleep every minute we can.

The situation is bad enough already.

Well, he was wrong-- Deputy!

Yes, sir.



They got the horses!

Save your bullets.

They're beyond.

I don't understand how they got them all.

Saucy would never allow some greaser on her back.

You trained her in bigotry?

She's smart and she's loyal.


Looks like she resisted.

I'm coming.

Thank you for your services.

We need to compact our gear and bury the remainder.

If we sleep, it should be in hot daylight, not now.

Mr. O'Dwyer, that valley is at least a two day walk--

I'll try to match your pace.

If I fall behind, I'll catch up when you sleep.


Brooder, compact your gear to the essentials.

I shall.

Sorry about Saucy.

Yes, sir. She was top quality.

Thank you.

We'll carry your stuff.

Go on, get ahead of us.

When you pack, don't forget her medical kit.

We won't.

You watch the terrain now.

One bad fall, you could lose that leg.

Watch out for those brigands.

Over in Mississippi, Nadine and I saw a cripple on crutches, with one leg race a normal man and win.

He took these huge strides kind of a back and forth motion like a pendulum.

He's uncommonly hasty, yeah.

It isn't the same with a hurt leg.

I was just pointing out the possibilities.

Mr. O'Dwyer!

Are you well?

I'm fine!

I wonder if Peter will enjoy Mexican food.

I imagine he'll like tamales.

If somebody gives him a hot pepper they'll get a hoof in the face.

Aren't you tired?

Oh, no! Out on the plain here just pretending to be a pack mule.

That in no way affects the endeavors of your mouth?

Well, would you prefer the sound of trudging footsteps and men breathing?

That makes it worse.


Just keep on. I'll catch up.

You sure?

I don't have a choice.

Just mark the route with four stones every so often.

We will.


You take this if you're gonna trail.

We'll use Brooder's German.

I believe Peter will learn to appreciate Mexican women.

I'm starting to envy that horse.

It's Arthur O'Dwyer!

I'm comin' into camp!

We won't shoot, almost certainly.

Mind the trip line.

We've been here a couple of hours.

We're leavin' at twilight.

Wake me then.

Time to go.

Oh, Mr. Brooder...

Mr. Brooder found a pond and we filled your canteens.

And, we put some provisions in your squirrel bag.

Lots of things with food energy like cheese and nuts and some beef cobs.

I appreciate it.

Mr. O'Dwyer. -Sheriff?

We'll mark our route with the four rocks so you can see it.

No, no...

I'm comin' with you.

Follow after at your own pace.

If we get there before you catch up, I'll try to refrain from flirting with Mrs. O'Dwyer.


Don't you talk that way about my wife!

I know you had designs!

That was years ago.

And she refused me.

And now I'm out here risking my life for both of you perhaps that entitles me to an occasional innuendo.

Well, it doesn't! She's my whole everything and those savages have got her and...

God knows what they're doing to her and every second

that we delay, we--

Remove yourself.



Will you unearth my medical kit?

Hold still. Let me examine you.

How bad?

Mr. O'Dwyer, you're stayin' behind.

No, I'm comin' with you.

-You can't. -Yes, I can.

You go and get me back my crutch.

That leg can't be disregarded. Now you're stayin' put.

To hell with your authority and the way you've been doin' things!

You shouldn't have shot that drifter back in Bright Hope and got my wife involved.

And Brooder shouldn't have executed them Mexicans and made it all worse.

I can't honestly say I know which way it would've gone with the Mexicans or if I had left that drifter go.

But this is where we are.

You can't go anywhere on that leg.

It needs to be operated on.

Mr. O'Dwyer.

Look at it.

Chicory's gonna...

He's gonna have to take that leg.

No, no, no--

If we don't gangrene will set in and--

No, you can't, no, this is my choice, not yours!

And I'm saying no! No!



Can you set it?

I can set it.

If that's your choice, so be it.

Will you leave some stones so I can follow?

In case something happens to you.

I'll mark the route.

Thank you.

Just give me enough so you can operate.

I don't wanna wake up next month.

And take the rest in case my wife needs it or Deputy Nick.

I'll put some in a whisky flask and I'll leave the remainder for you.

But you don't take more than a spoonful a day.

I don't know if I'll be awake when you go so I want to apologize to you now for gettin' hot at you.

I don't lose my temper most times.

We know you don't.

Don't concern yourself over it.

I thought it made things interesting.

I appreciate what you are doin'.

Don't think I ain't appreciative.

Just please keep her safe.

We won't leave without Mrs. O'Dwyer in our care.

Feel the medicine?

My hands got tingles.

Lean back.

Put your head right there.

Brace him.

The tincture will help

but this is gonna penetrate.

So long, cowboy.

Will he survive?

Oh, he has a chance.

You hear that?

What are you hearing?

It stopped. Just wait a second--

I thought I was imagining that.

Oh, I am fairly certain I heard that sound back in Bright Hope, on the night of the kidnapping.

It feels like a signal.

Maybe an alarm.

Inspect your firearms. We've been spotted.

It is the official opinion of the backup deputy that leaving a trail of rocks is a job for the backup deputy.

I told him I'd do it.

Was that it?


Sounds further than before.

Maybe they're frightened?

Of us? No.

How many of them did you kill?

They were all, what do you call 'em, warriors and braves?


Oh, some weren't braves?

Some weren't men.


An Indian woman is still an Indian.

She knows how to use a bow and a spear, and so do her children.

Why do you hate them so much?

You should ask my mother and my sisters.

I never met 'em.

That's correct. You never did.


Indians got them, huh?

Let him alone, old man.

A thing like that makes a considerable impression upon a ten-year old boy.

I'm awfully sorry for what happened to them but I don't think I could ever kill a woman or a child, -not even-- -Deputy.

Is it possible for you to close that aperture?

Do you see it?

I see several.

Can you tell which one's the Valley of the Starving Men?

I cannot.

Oh, you trust me with the German?

I've seen you operate.

Oh, I...

-Oh, my Lord! -What?

-Oh! -What?

Oh, I wish I had this with me when I went to the rodeo.

-The clarity and-- -Do you see the valleys?

I see a few of them.

They all look the same.

May Sheriff Hunt try the German?

He may.

I think we should start with the nearest one.

I'll take the vanguard.

One of you two should monitor the rear with the German.

If you see anything or hear anything point it out for us before you shoot.

I shall.

As long as it doesn't forfeit my opportunity.

Brooder, we're here for a rescue, not a massacre.

Horse tracks.

Mr. Wallington's or ours?

See if you can find a set where one horse, a smaller one is missing a hind shoe.

Right here.

Think that's Clarence's colt?

Almost certainly.

It means we change direction.

-Here we go. -Yeah.

Tracks to your west lead to it. Their flaw.

So, this is it?

I'll signal once I've made a determination.

If you haven't heard from me in 30 seconds, go.

What's the signal?

You see any activity in there?


Tie this off.

I need the repeater.

Supply me with dynamite and don't return until I've used it.

I am far too vain to ever live as a cripple.

This is my spot.

I'd like a cigar.

The answer to your question is 116.

You killed a 116 Indians, huh?

Goodbye, Mr. Brooder.

We'll make sure all this has value.

Please do.

I shall kill as many as I can.

We need to get--

Sheriff Hunt? Mr. Kory?

Mrs. O'Dwyer, are yo--

Go in or they'll kill you.


Mrs. O'Dwyer...

Are you hurt?

I'm alive.

Is Nick with you?

He's not well.

And the drifter?

They ate him.

No, not him.

We're in hell.

Don't take him!

Nick! Wake up!

Don't do this. Don't do this. Please!

Nick! Wake up!

God damn it, Nick! Wake up!

Damn savages.

Come on, old man!

We've gotta break through here. Come on!


Harder! Harder, old man!

Chicory, tie it off.

Sheriff Hunt, are you there?

I'm here, Nick. I'm right here.

You were right about that drifter.

He killed a lot of people.

He butchered them in their sleep and he robbed them. His name was Purvis.

And then he desecrated the burial ground of these things.

These Indians or whatever they are.

He raved about it all in the end.

Thanks for telling me.

That man deserved to die.


Will you send my possessions back to Michigan?

Most of that stuff belonged to my brothers.

I'll send it.

Thank you.

No, no, no...

Nick, Nick, listen to me. I want you to know that all these savages are gonna be massacred.

The cavalry is riding right now from Gatesville.

And they're gonna butcher every last one of these godless beings.

It ain't true then?

What you said?


About the cavalry.

No. It wasn't.

Well, I thought it might be possible that you had a secret backup plan.

I'm sorry, old man.

Well, why did you say it?

If they were doin' that to me it's the only thing I'd want to hear.

That you'd be avenged?

What happened to my husband?

Is he dead?

He's alive.

Arthur wouldn't have allowed you to attempt this rescue without him.

He came along, but he got injured a day ago.

He's... He's convalescing.

But we... We put a trail for him.

Why did you do that?

-So he could follow us. -Chicory!


To this place?

We didn't know what it was like.

This is why frontier life is so difficult.

Not because of the Indians or the elements but because of the idiots!

I'm sorry, ma'am.

We're sorry.

You are idiots!

And Arthur's no better.

I told him not to go up on that roof, but he--

I implored him not to follow, but he's...

He's determined. We need to do what we can before he gets here so he has a chance against them.

We already killed two.

-Brooder got one. -Three then.

Mrs. O'Dwyer,

do you know how many there are in this clan?

Mrs. O'Dwyer?

Twelve males, maybe more.

And two pregnant females who are blind cripples.


Do you still have that whisky flask?



But it's got tincture in it.

You have tincture of opium?

We do.

How many of them can we poison with two fingers worth?

Big James, check and see if any calves went astray.

Ah! Son of a bitch slope.

You won't stop me.

Son of a bitch tincture.

You watchin'? You seein' all this?

This is what I've prayed my whole life for.

For help right now.


Just let me, just let me have one drink.

Just give me a little bit. Give me a taste.

Alright, here.

No, no...

Drink it.

It got to taste better than people.


The one with the wolf skull will lose consciousness for a long period of time, but may live.

The second one will die and the third one will not be affected.

-Alright. -Well, two more is respectable.

So my husband will have to face seven of them, at least.

Including the one with the boar tusks.

Well, Arthur O'Dwyer is a very determined man.

And crippled.

Is that jewelry?

Goddamn abomination.

This is where it capsized.

Back way.

You seein' this?

Mrs. O'Dwyer?


Have you eaten anything since they took you?

A little.

If it's been more than a couple of days you should try to eat some of that bird they gave you.


Your body needs sustenance.

They wouldn't want us to grow lean.

I've been thinking a lot about that flea circus.

Remember the one that had come in to Bright Hope?

-I remember. -Did you go?

I wasn't able to.

I went with Nadine.

It was run by these two European men.

They were brothers, possibly identical twins but one was a foot taller than the other, that might disqualify them.

But I don't remember their name.

The Sanderson's.

Did you see it?

Arthur wanted to go.

Oh, I don't know what your opinion is, but my wife said it was all a trick.

Even when those brothers gave us those magnifying glasses and we saw those fleas pull that little stagecoach right into the depot or roll those cannons, those tiny little cannons onto the battlefield.

She said those fleas are dead.

They're just glued to some mechanical contraption, you know, that moves on its own like a timepiece or a windup.

Still, I thought it was real and I told her, I said, "Don't talk so loud. The performers will hear you."

Because I don't know what kind of hearing fleas have or if they can sense kindness in a voice the way a dog can.

They drink dog's blood, so maybe.

I think it was real.

I believe those fleas were alive and talented.

Most flea circuses employ tricks but the Sanderson's use real living fleas.

I knew it was authentic! I just felt it.

Thank you, thank you for verifying that.

You're welcome.

I think they figured it out.

Appears so.


Wake up!

Wake up! Sheriff!

Sheriff, get up, get up!

I'll make sure you're avenged! I'll make sure!

Sheriff, I'll make sure you're avenged.

I will. I'll make sure.

That dumb imbecile, he doesn't know how to reload!


Arthur! There's one in here wi--


How many did you get?

Three others.

Then there are three more, at least somewhere.



You gonna make it, Sheriff?


You positive?

I am.


Yes, sir?

I'm stayin' here.

I intend to finish off the males since they know about Bright Hope.

I want you to escort the O'Dwyer's home.

Make sure they get there safe.

Yes, sir.

How's your leg?

Help Chicory. Sheriff...

Anything I can do for you?

Put that repeater in my hand.

Go out the way you came in. Don't dawdle.

Thank you.

Mrs. O'Dwyer.

Have a talk with Mr. O'Dwyer.

Yes, sir.

It is the official opinion of the backup deputy that a talk with him is a good idea.

Say goodbye to my wife.

I'll say hello to yours.

Yes, sir.

Let's keep going.

Are you alright?


I'd love a proper kiss, but those things that you've been putting in your mouth...

-Good? -Yeah.

Were those gunshots?

They were.

Let's go.

Can you keep going? Yeah. Come on.