Border (2018) Script

You there with the cap.


May I have your bag?

Liquor. Three or four litres.

But I bought them. Yeah.

But you're too young, and it's illegal.

Or do you want to be arrested for smuggling?

No. No.

Good. Pick your bag up downstairs. Sorry.


Ugly bitch.

I can't stand that kind.


Hi! Hi Tina!

No, no! Stay! Dammit!

I didn't know you'd be home this early.

She needs a bath. Yes, we've got scabies, sweetheart.

Good dog. Yes, good dog.

How was your day?


I'm going for a walk. Great, okay.

Sweetheart... sweetheart.

Are you the star of this house? Good dog.


Hi there.

Argh. They're calling muscular dogs fighting dogs again.

How many dog fights have you seen around here, huh?

Fucking pussies.

Aren't you gonna eat anything?

Chinchillas, fuck that. They're taking over.

Prey animals.

What did you get up to today?


Excuse me.


Everything's in order. Thank you. No problem.

Your phone, please.

I have people waiting. Put your phone on the counter.

Why? Do it. It'll only take a minute.

What are you doing?

Robert! Robert!

In his mouth. His mouth.


I'm calling the police.

Excuse me.

What is this?


Answer the question.

A larvae hatcher.

Do you like insects?

You can go.

See you.

Is that it?

And a pack of John Silver. Yes.

Hi. Hi.


Hi Dad.

What are you eating?


Tina! How wonderful to see you.

I called you yesterday and told you I would come.

Do you remember?

Yes... Yes, maybe.

Now that you mention it.

How are you, sweetie?

Just busy with work.

You can have one.

Two. Well, then...

Three, then.

Long John Silver cigarettes.

So how are things with the hustler?


The same.

He was at a dog show last week in Umeå.

But how are the two of you doing?

We're fine. We're...

The same. But do you sleep together?


I do not plan on talking with you about that.

Sweetie, I just don't want him to take advantage of you.

It's your house!

I just like having someone around.

He's actually...

...a nice guy.

C'mon eleven.

I went to see Dad today.

Does he still love me?

The old fart...

Soon, he won't even remember you.

Is he getting worse?

It comes and goes.

I'm sorry to hear that.

No, no, no!



Use your whip on the sucker!

Hi there.

Hi. I'm Agneta. Tina.

So you find a memory card filled with child pornography on someone you've never seen before.

How did that happen?

I didn't know what was on the card, but...

But what?

I smelled it on him.

How so?

I can just sense these things.

I can just sense these things.

Shame, guilt, rage.

And other things as well. And then I just put two and two together.

The guy denies everything, of course.

We've got him on possession, but we suspect he knows the ones who makes the films.

We analysed his phone.

It revealed repeated visits to an area in Svaneholm, outside the city.

We've had it under surveillance for a while now, but we're stuck.

What would you like me to do?

I can't get a search warrant without any leads.

I don't even know what apartment it is.

Is it really possible to smell what people are feeling?


Sounds very nice.

Nah, I figured we'll do the same as last time.


Excuse me. The food is supposed to be for everyone.

Excuse me.

Hello again.

He seems clean.

He's got something on him.

Are you sure? Yes.

Come with me, please.


Nothing that's any of our business anyway.

You should've been the one doing it, not me.

To put it in scientific terms, she... he...

She has a vagina, not a penis.

And it was rather embarrassing.

I see.

But... so...

Has she had an operation? I really didn't ask.

She has a scar on her tailbone, but it's pretty far up, so...

What? A scar?

A scar! Back here!


I owe you an apology.

You have every right to submit a formal complaint.

No need.

Anything else?

This may be a bit too personal... Yes?

Who are you?

We're done. You can go.

I'm in no hurry.

What can I say?

I travel.

I stay in a place for a short while.

And then I move on.

To study insects?

Among other things, yes. And you?

Do you live around here?

Yes... in Skogsnäs.

Near the archipelago.

The hostel at Riddersborg...

Is it any good? Yes.

Are you thinking of staying there?


My name is Vore.


I've been wondering about something.

My scar... Yes?

When did I get it? Well, you...

You fell on something sharp as a little girl.

A rock if I remember correctly.

How little?


Three years old, maybe.

I had stitches?


They sewed you up, needle, thread and all.

Was I in hospital?

I ought to remember it.

You were three years old.

How could you remember it?


Tina, I'm so glad to see you. She's in labour! Can you drive us?

Uhm, Tina... we're kind of in a hurry.

Hang on a second.

Thank you so much for driving us, Tina. It's very kind of you.

Be careful.

I don't want to.

Just let me lie here with you. No. Why?

Are you drunk? Me... no...

I just like you so much... Can't we just try?

Roland, I can't.

But we can try... No.

No, it hurts. Roland, I can't. I'll be gentle.

What the hell...

What the f...

There's always something with you.

You should consider my needs, too.


What a surprise.

I happened to be passing by.

"Happened to..."

What are you doing? Collecting maggots, as you can see.

Would you like to try one?



You shouldn't do that. It's gross.

Says who?

Says everyone.

You know you want to.

Go on.


Not too bad, right?

How is the hostel working out?

It's a gloomy place, but it'll do.

I don't have much of a choice.

Do I?

Peaceful, you said?

I forgot about them.

I'm sorry. It's okay.

Hello. I'm watching TV.

What was that sound? I brought a guest.

A guest? He's renting the guest house.



Vore. What?

Vore. Oh.


Nice to meet you.

Does the fridge work?


How did you get that? This?


I was struck by lightning as a child.



Lightning is no laughing matter.

You can touch it if you want to.

I'm tired. I think I'll go back. Yes.

Who is that? Some fucking serial killer?

An old acquaintance. Oh?

You didn't think to check with me first?

Sleep tight.

What's with him? He's going to do something awful.

He smells of shame. And sex.

He's probably just going home to watch some porn.

Tina! You're drawing attention to us.

Let's go back to the car.

We have to find the apartment.

Wasn't that the point of all this? Okay.

But be discreet.

Come on. What are you doing?

There's a baby in there. What are you doing?

Wrong apartment... Who is it?

They were looking in through the letter flap.

I apologise. She's so confused. This is the wrong building...

Come on.

Should we call the police? No, no. I apologise. Come on.

With an investigation this sensitive we must be extra cautious.

They're doing something to a child, I'm 100% sure of it.

I see. You have to get in there.

They're doing horrible things in there. I know it.

I thought I heard a baby, too.

If there was a baby, it's not registered anywhere.

Are you sure? Yes. I checked.

What a beautiful spot.

Like in the fairy tales. Yes.

I used to fantasise about fairies dancing here.

They probably did.


I don't really believe in stuff like that.

You want it to be true. It would be great, but...


As a child, I thought I was special.

I had all these ideas about myself.

But then I grew up and realised I was just a human being.

An ugly, strange human with a chromosome flaw.

A chromosome flaw?

There's no flaw in you.

It involves...

...down here.

Among other things.

They say it's pretty uncommon...

If you're different than others, it's because you're better than them.

You don't have to say that.

I can't have children.

You shouldn't listen to what humans say.

Will you... Want me to take her? Come, come.

Stefan? Hi.


I'm Tina's lodger. I see.

Tina mentioned it.

Hi. I'm Esther.


I just came to see if I could borrow a saucepan.

Tina wasn't in, so...


What a sweetie pie.

Is there a name? Elsa... or so we think.


Congratulations are in order, then.

Congratulations once more.


They usually hang out in the bar on the corner at night.

We've got about an hour.

They've been here recently.

The baby, too.

What the hell are you doing? Be careful!

It reeks.

God, no!

The baby cot in your apartment puzzles me.

Oh, the baby cot?

We've had it since we had a one-year-old in our care.

You can check with Social Services. It's no secret.

I'd like to show you something.

That's disgusting. Turn it off. But didn't you tape it?

Absolutely not! Patrick...

Your fingerprints are on the camera.

Your DNA is all over it.

Who is that little girl? No idea.

How old is she? But have a look.

Aren't they your shoes?

Uhm, no.

Lots of people have black sneakers.

You can take the exit after the tunnel.

That guy is sick.

Tina. Come.

What are you doing? Come and look at that guy.

He keeps walking in and out.


Tara and her daughter have been acting strange ever since he came.

Something about him makes them uneasy.

Why the fuck did you let him stay here?

Can you turn it down a bit?

This time it's a long ride.

That's a good girl. Good luck.

Maybe I'll win Best in Show this time.

Call me if anything happens, okay?

Sure, but what might happen? No...

Just a second.


Did you miss me?

I said: Did you miss me?

I'm deformed.

Shut up.

You're perfect.

Who am I?

You're a troll.

Like me.

You're crazy.

A troll? Yes.

The chromosome change that gave you a tail enables you to smell what people feel and makes lightning chase you.

Tail? Yes.

A tail.

Cut off. Discarded.

Poor little tail.

Are there more?

I know of a small group in Finland.

They stay on the move.

To find them, you have to let them find you.

I'd like to let them find me one fine day.

Maybe you'd like to come along?


So, how do you two know each other?

I'm an old friend of the family.

Oh, I see.

And you work with the dogs? Yes, I have three now.

Tara and her daughters.

We just went to a dog show in Gävle.

I hear it, too.

Let her pass.

15 bottles of liquor can be "for personal use", too.

Hey, you look a little tired.

When was the last time you took a holiday?

Why didn't you say anything? Why did you wait so long?

You've adapted to the human world. You have a job. A house.

There's a lot you don't know about.

Humans are afraid of us.

And they should be.

They know vengeance is coming.


I don't know what happened to your parents.

They performed medical experiments on mine in the '70s.

They managed to keep them alive for 10 years while they tortured them.

Meanwhile, I was moved from one orphanage to another.

Strangely enough I didn't do so well in them.

You were abused?

It didn't bother me much.

I'm not weak like them.

I just helped the police catch paedophiles.

Disgusting, depraved humans.


A perfectly ordinary couple.

In a perfectly ordinary IKEA apartment.

Humans are parasites that use everything on earth for their own amusement.

Even their own offspring.

The entire human race is a disease, I'm telling you.

Not all humans are evil.

My dad for instance...

He's been lying to you your entire life.

Goodness, you startled me.

Do you remember me?

What do you mean? Of course I remember my own daughter.

Who's that?

What are you talking about?

All my life I've felt ugly.

A freak. I don't understand a word of this.

They've bullied me for as long as I can remember.

And you never said anything!

You should be nice to people! You're not being nice!

You're angry and evil. I don't like you!

Listen to me. Yes.

I'll listen if you speak nicely, not angrily!

Daddy! Daddy...

Daddy is dead!

And Mommy is dead, too!

This is outside visiting hours and you're upsetting the other residents.

She isn't being nice. Who are my real parents?

You'd better come back tomorrow. Where are they?

Daddy, don't run from this! Don't run!

A short nap and then it's coffee time.

I must ask you to leave now. Daddy?

You'll have to come back tomorrow, okay?

No. No.

Keep your distance.

Tara's sensitive after the competition.

It's not good for her to get so excited.

Where have you been?

What's up?

Have you lost your mind? What the hell's up with you?

What's going on with you? What did I do?

What are you... What the hell?

You're moving out, Roland.

What? Now?!

Please. Not the TV. No...

What the hell?

Are you joking?

Do I look like I'm joking?


I'm going to bed.

When I wake up tomorrow...

...I want you gone.

Did you make my bed?

What did you do to the fridge?

Sometimes you need your privacy.

I kicked Roland out.

I see.

I don't wanna live like I did before.

Are you sure? I have nothing to lose.

You have to think it through.

Our way of life. It's not an easy life.

It's hard.

But it can be beautiful. Very beautiful.

They didn't hurt them.

They just filmed them.

And took pictures.

Where do the children come from?

I don't know.

You're lying.

I can't... You're afraid of someone.

I've only seen him once.

Patrick knows him.

So, it's a man. Do you know his name?


This result of this investigation was quite expected.

You'd have done the same. Shut up, pigs.

I hope they lock you up and throw away the key.

Shut up, fucking pig!

Watch out!

You missed it.

Run it down, for fuck's sake. Shut up.

Should I go out? What are you waiting for? Pansy cop.


Get out there!

Stop. Police!

What the hell! Follow him, god damn it. Follow him!

Do you smell anything?



I had to do it before he started talking.

So you're with them? Yes.

It's disgusting.

Disgusting humans cannot keep their hands off their own offspring.

But you're helping them. I help them hurt themselves.

But they don't need much help.

Is that why you have that baby in the fridge or whatever it is?

It's not a baby.

It's a hiisit.

And don't worry. It's doing fine in the fridge.

What is it? As I said, it's a hiisit.

An unfertilised egg.

Did you give birth to it? Yes.

They come out of me regularly.

It may look like a human child but a hiisit isn't a child.

Its body is soft like clay.

They don't feel anything.

They can only eat and sleep.

They don't live for long. What do you do with them?

You've heard of changelings, haven't you?

They took us.

I take their children.

What do you do with them?

I sell them.

Why? They must suffer as we've suffered.

You're sick...

You're sick!

I would be if I were human, but I'm not, thankfully.

What happened?

I just went to get the mail.

And when I came back...


"You're not human! Meet me on the ferry?"

I didn't think you would come.

I'm sorry.

It's not too late.

We have an obligation.

We can carry on our kind.

You and I.

We'll be many again.

I can't.

I don't see the point of evil.

So you want to be human?

I don't want to hurt anyone.

Is it human to think that way?

Maybe we'll meet again.


He jumped!

I can't see him anywhere.

He fell into the water.

I'll wait in the car.

So you're not so helpless after all.

Tina, sweetie...

All we wanted was a little girl to care for.

I worked at...

...Saint Jörgen back then.

Saint Jörgen? Yes.

The psychiatric hospital.

Were my parents kept there? Yes.

There were a lot of them... that time.

For how long? They...

They didn't survive for very long.

I was just the caretaker.

But I offered to care for you.

Did they have a name for me?





They're buried in the old cemetery behind the main building.


I'm so sorry...